Big Brother 14 Cast Take Their FIRST Steps Inside the BB House


Today the Big Brother 14 Cast took their first steps inside the big brother house! The house guests typically enter the house a few days prior to the première in order to compete in the first HOH competition. The producers then edit the footage of the first competition and use it for the first episode which will premiere on July 12th, 2012.

Also on the premiere night we will learn the results of which 4 returning big brother mentor’s will re-enter the Big Brother house.

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48 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Cast Take Their FIRST Steps Inside the BB House

    1. Allison Grodner didn’t take her first step until age seven when it got too hard to roll around. If only we could potty train her . . .

  1. I hope there is an alliance thats a great as chilltown and the brigade (even if you dont like them they ran shit with the help of rachel and brendon) last year alliance could have been great if keith wasnt such a dumbass

    1. Top 5 alliances (imo)
      5. The brigade
      4. Sov 6
      3. The Renegades
      2. The Donatos
      1. Chilltown

      Honorable mention: six finger/friendship/ JJ / BRenchel/


      1. I like the Brigade and Renegades but in honesty, the Brigade sort of fell into winning. Matt was the only one doing anything and he got KOed. To me Hayden is probably one of the most boring BB winners. Britney and obviously Brenchel were the only memorable HGs in a poor season. As for The Renegades, Memphis was a passenger all game. He coasted along and really the alliance wasn’t that important. Dan was the standout player from that season and duly won. The rest of your choices, 100% agree.

    1. It sounds like a crazy rumor that isn’t true. Just look at the photo above of the cast entering the house. The person behind Kara in the photo is Jojo, so unless she walked in and turned around to quit, I think that rumor is false.

  2. I hope it’s not true about Jo Jo quitting. The tweets are saying Jo Jo had a nuclear meltdown when the vet twist was revealed and supposedly Janelle won HOH. They are saying her exit was more explosive than Chima’s. Don’t really believe it, but it will be a premiere to remember if it’s true.

  3. Simon I agree with you.. the rumors are far worse this year than in the past.. although I enjoy all the conspiracy theories out there.. we will not know 100% until Thursday on how many of them are actually true..

  4. I have a question. How come mike is revealed in the commercial but not released as a cast mate on cbs. Who is this man?

  5. No more JoJo for me mojo yo. :(

    She must have seen last season how all the newbies were sucking veteran ball-sack. So when she saw the new cast of vets she said ok I got no chance, screw this I’m outta here yo. lol

  6. this seasons cast already looks like a bunch of bores. will still watch though and really dont want to see evil dick or jesse as mentors. dan would be a good choice though

  7. guys the rumor of JoJo quiting is false the rumor was started under a fake twitter account of her… Missyae the person who post accurate spoilers for survivor and BB said the rumor isn’t true don’t worry guys this rumor is all a hype and BS

      1. your welcome as far as what i see on other spoiler sites the rumor should be false we’ll see, but I’m pretty sure it is

  8. I’ll be honest to you that, i want to see britney to come back or even ragan. Ragan is a professor but he could be a choice as mentor.

    1. what did Jordum ever do her first year? She won floating on through, eating cookie dough and sitting on her butt.

  9. The rumor is false Hayden Moss is the one of the main people who spread it on twitter and he said he said someone tricked him and then called him back and said he was kidding the rumor is 100 % false.

  10. I just ordered the live feed for the first time and im a bit confused.. theyre in the house now but we cant watch until the 12th?

  11. Simon, I got rid of my tv years ago and watch everything on my computer. Do you know yet of a link where we can watch the premiere online? Thanks!

      1. Thanks Simon, I’ll give that a try. Just a few more days to enjoy the sunshine (finally) and stock the bar! Looking forward to some good drinking games and lots of drama on the feeds. Please BB don’t let us down (again). Oh, another thing I wanted to ask about. Last year or the year before I was using the BBLite viewer, but my old computer died a few months ago so I don’t have it anymore. Is there a new version?

        1. Been doing the same.. went to costco for all the supplies, stocked my cave for at least a month.

          I stopped using BBlite early last year it was too unstable for me. I haven’t heard anything about it this year, real networks probably doesn’t want them t be around because they take people away from the superpass website.

          Lots of crazyness this season 4 sure

    1. ohh you’re right he tweeted at 7 today.. It must be someone else tweeting for him.

      Has anyone seen a Renny tweet yet? LOL imagine if she was cast

      1. I have Renny as a friend on Facebook. The last time there was any action on her part was july 5th when she voted on CBS.after that it was just Fans writing to her.

  12. GOOD NEWS~ Evel Dick confirmed Rachel will not be on big brother he called her last night and she answerd

    1. i know! It’s kind of ridiculous that a major TV station is not doing what they are promising. I wonder if something huge is going down like perhaps someone scheduled to come back has dropped out??

  13. Last year Britney said she was approached to do the show and a fan saw her and she said she wanted to come back. Not sure if there is any truth to that but it is appearing more and more to be true.

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