3 Reasons to watch Celebrity Big Brother 2012 (UK)

I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of Big Brother UK and even less of a Celebrity Reality Show fan but this year I might change and give Celebrity Big Brother 2012 another look. If you are new to the UK variety of Big Brother i’ll sum it up in 2 words NO FEEDS. Also BBUK has less strategy but generally more entertainment it’s like a giant popularity contest because the viewers opinions count the most. Not everyone’s cup of tea.

Celebrity BB started today you can watch the live streams from the show and check out the cast list here . There’s no Charlie Sheen or Lindsay lohan but there is still 3 very good reason to watch and they basically boil down to eye candy, Mr Blonde and a KICK ASS Diary Room Chair

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Weekly BB News and Links from the Internets (2011-11-28)

Biggest News to come out is Rachel and Brendon (aka BRenchel) being on THE AMAZING RACE, I predict breakdowns, tears, Brendon getting overly aggressive and Rachel saying “nobody comes between me and my man”.

One of the long standing rumors in the Big Brother world was partially debunked last week. Jordan and Jeff are planning to move in together this new year. It was long thought that these 2 were just using their “relationship” to further Jeff’s career as a reality TV star.

Big Brother 14 has been confirmed and the BB14 Application form and rules have been released. Big Brother 14 Casting Calls should be known in March. I was hoping for a Big Brother 14 Allstars but after last years dogs breakfast of a season I’m guessing (more like hoping) for a reboot season.. Either way if your an interesting person and do not see being on Big Brother as a way to further a acting/modelling career then PLEASE APPLY.

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