Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Cast Revealed in Commercial



Big Brother 14 Cast JOJO

Big Brother 14 Cast Jodi
Big Brother 14 Cast Jodi

AHHAHAHA the Big Brother 14 Newbie Cast has been spotted on a commercial this morning.. here is your first look.

What do you all think? Personally it doesn’t really matter to me what they look like as long as they bring some excitement into the BB14 house I’m all a go. I’m sure JoJo will bring us some nice pics this year and Will’s Avatar is already been set to be Shaggy from Scooby Doo.
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Big Brother 14 Cast Shane
Big Brother 14 Cast -willie hantz
willie hantz

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Newby cast? Does that mean there will be vets?


I don’t think this is all of the cast… the guy with the crazy curly hair’s name wasn’t revealed and so was the older lady with dark hair and the guy with the glasses. This probably just half of the cast.


I’m thinking sice the promos show new houseguests (the rock chick, the female eye candy guy, the mid-aged lady, “Carrot Top,” and supposidly the nerd) each time there will be 14 or more…
This doesn’t mean, however, that the mentor twist is out of the water.


Willie is the brother of Russell Hantz.


Maybe, but it could just be a coincidence.


Shane is the survivor connection. He is a “house flipper”. He is in the Hantz family….that is what they do. The fam even has a show on A and E called “flipped off” which is all about house flipping.


No Willy is he is Russell’s Brother


doesn’t seem very diverse, most them look like models


Yeah Hopefully Simon, I will update the stats for Big Brother 14 Cast! This will be changed and the favorites will bumped the standings including HOH, POV, and etc. Oh yeah! Simon, I will e-mail you the changes!


I thought there was someone named Jenn, Christine, Kyle, and Mike. I saw pictures on other sites, do you have them?


looks good so far. i just really want janelle. lol.

and who is this wil guy? im confused cause some people say he is linked to survivor and some say american idol??????? lol im so confused.


. I’ve been meaning to ask you,if the mentor twist ends up being true.Which pass house guests would you want to see play the game again,and why?

Big Brother's Big Brother

You’re killing me Simon. That’s who you would want back in the house?

Yikes. You’re very good at blogging about BB bud, but I don’t think you would pick a very entertaining cast considering that cure for insomnia group you’ve selected there.

I know Ronnie was the “evil genius”, but the rest of that list is horrid. Sorry guy, had to say something, almost spit out my coffee when I read that.

– BB’sBB


I kinda likes Willie it seems like he will stop at nothing to win.


So far looking pretty unexciting. Hope they get more goodlooking people in there because if I have to see Wil in an endurance competition with sweaty hair I will probably barf.


Hey Simon ! Will there be a BB After Dark this season ?


great news ! thank you very much


I don’t like Wil from what I’ve seen. Sometimes there’s these contestants that I HATE. I think I’ll be cheering on Jojo and Kara!


Are you serious! What a rip off. I won’t be watching then.


Wow, that’s a pisser, but then again ED don’t give a crap anyways yo. I might be team JoJo but I gotta see a little more.

Big Brother's Big Brother

I think someone is running out of wife beaters and bowling shirts.

Not A PH D Student

Dick can suck my …………..

Simon, Slice hs started airing commercials about BB after dark starting July 12th.


cmon janelle and dani donato. PLEASE CBS.


If no vets r coming this season i think jenn and jojo may just be my faves. i like the people who dont give a shart and they look like those kinda people 🙂


A bunch of pretty girls on the show, you know what that means?……………….DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA YO!!!


JoJo looks like a real bitch — I think I’ll like her.


i hope there will NOT be any vets . If thers is any vets I will Not be watching BIG BROTHER 14 this year

I am still pissed about Rachal and the made her win !!!!!


Did I miss some thing , I only counted 11 cast ????????????????


did i miss some thing i onle count 11 house guest ?????????????????/


I got my superpass today. I can tell right now that Jodi and Jenn will probably be my two girls.


I suppose there will be no question who the “token gay” will be this summer, lol… 🙂 ….

yes only 11 with names were shown but 14 all together so far….they showed 3 w/o names…. 🙂 ….

and we have a nudist in the house…Kara was 2006 Playboy Playmate… out for the BB cameraman when she takes a shower, lol…. 🙂 ….


If there is 14 new house guests and 4 mentors that still isn’t enough to have the season with the most guests…


Teehee Ashley looks like Emma stone.


After seeing Kara’s interview, I think I’ll cheer her on. [;


i am pretty sure kara monaco was a playboy playmate, maybe even playmate of the year


OMG I just noticed Danielle looks like Colleen on Young & The Restless, does anyone agree? ;o


Really sorry, but I definitely don’t think this is the most attractive bunch. Guess thats what we get for the “model” comments all these years. With all these crazy looking people, I am sure it’ll be a great season!


Are there any more interviews? I watched Kara and Willie and I want to see more! I liked WIllie, a little disappointed that they keep bringing the Hantz family on shows, but he could be very entertaining to watch, and if evil runs in the family I will love watching him as much as I loved watching Russell on his first try on Survivor. Kara will provide the guys with some good visuals, not so sure about her game though. She doesn’t seem to be the brightest light on the tree. It’s that time of year again. Lets hope no vets come to spoil the excitement.


Cool! Thanks Simon, I’ve logged in and am waiting for more. I hope you and Dawg get some good nip slips this season, an ex playmate of the year is probably not shy about showing the goodies. You two deserve a break after the last two seasons with Rachel, and there wasn’t really any eye candy for you last year after Cassie and Dani left.


Hmmm. Can’t get video to work on Chrome, but it works on Firefox, just in case someone else runs into the same problem.


Cbs just released players and bios there is 4 returning houseguests!!!!!


As we suspected. I hope it’s not Jessie, Brenchel or JJ, but I have a sinking feeling in my gut. If it has to be, then give us early boots. I could even enjoy ED again, but CBS needs to get over their obsession with these players and let new people have a fair kick at the can.


Watched Jo Jo and Wil. I think Jo Jo will stir things up, but she might be a talker like Kalia. Wil is kind of annoying, but he should be fun to watch. I’m just a few minutes into Ashley’s interview and already dislike her.


ph man!!! 4 of the most successful! Janelle <3 you! dani d ! Those are the only really successful people i can think about? lol.


And now we play the waiting game……….. ugh


What happened to Mike?


Where the hell is Mike on the cast list? And who the hell is Joe???


Just watched Ian, Jody and Shane. Ian is the nerd, Jody talks a lot, reminds me of Kalia, but smarter. I think those two will be early boots. I doubt they will fit in with the “in crowd” and they will be seen as threats because they are superfans and smart. Shane is like a bad rerun of Jeff. So far him and Ashley are my least favorites.


looks like they have the obligitory annoying black woman, the gay, and the girl with fake boobs casted again. all they’re missing is the annoying smoking mother figure. i started watching big brother at season 10. so i can’t name off cast members before that i’d like to see as mentors. definitely don’t want jessie, rachel, brendon, ronnie.. i’d love to see britney back, maybe with monet. casey would be a nice choice. dom was a good player too.


Jenn looks pretty cool, she kind of reminds me of Nakomis. The only ones that stood out for me were Hantz and Jo Jo. The rest look like the typical BB stereotypes, as Marty says. My least faves based on the interviews are Ashley (I couldn’t watch the whole thing – she is so annoying!) and Shane