Big Brother 13: Shelly Moore & Jeff Schroeder are now BBF’s! Death threats have died down..

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Big Brother contestant Shelly Moore says she’s now best buds with former housemate Jeff Schroeder — despite last month’s feud that led some crazed fans to threaten to kill Shelly and her family.

In case you forgot, Shelly voted to evict the fan-favorite Jeff last month — and a handful of psychotic viewers REVOLTED … calling Shelly’s house and issuing DEATH THREATS.

But last night in L.A., Shelly said it’s all in the past — the threats have since died down … and she’s now on great terms with Jeff.

Shelly tells us, “This is a game … Some fans get really excited, some get really crazy. It is what it is. We are fine. We are wonderful … Jeff and Jordan and all of us, we’re all buddies … LIFE IS GOOD!”


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I’m just happy that Shelly voted for Rachel in the end…she sure did lie alot but I guess that was her game since she couldn’t win competitions….but now that she’s made amends with Jeff and Jordan…I’m glad they are all friends again…but pls dont be on BB in any future seasons…..once is enough 🙂 and the two finger kissy job was always gross to watch..sorry Shelly….but when you do get all dolled up…you look good 🙂 stay out of boys clothes…makes you look rugged, nicer to see a feminine looking Shelly 🙂


Wonder if she still has a job since her photo is no longer on the company’s website? I know they lie on BB but after her over the top lying and then claiming she was telling the truth not sure I would want to do business with any company that she is associated with. She just seems to have a lot of problems with HONESTY!!!


This doesnt surprise me that they all kissed and made up. Like I stated before, this game can be compared to trial lawyers in court representing their clients locked in a furious battle. Once it is all said and done, the lawyers walk away friends. No hard feelings because they know its part of their job. Just like BB, its a game and one does what they have to do to win. It was interesting how Dani pointed out that Rachel was a ‘floater’. I agreed with her. I always thought Rachel was a floater cause whomever was the HOH she approached and attempted to make a deal; just like the majority do. THAT is a floater. Shockingly, Brendon agreed with her and stated he would have been disappointed with her if she didnt. Yet, Shelly was bashed for pretty much doing the same thing. Now why would one person be condemned for doing the same thing that others werent condemned for? Interesting psychologically speaking. What it boils down to is whether or not you like the individual in question. If you like the person, they can do no wrong. If you dont like the person, they are damned to hell. hahahahaha People are so strange. LOLOLOLOL That old saying applies, “Do like I say. Not like I do”.


Your definition of floater doesnt work. A floater is someone who does not win competitions (on purpose or due to lack of ability) and shifts allegiances from week to week depending upon who is in power. They avoid being leaders or targets and use others as shields. I am not condeming the strategy, as it is valid. But rachel is certainly NOT a floater. Making deals when not in power and being a floater are 2 different things………..


Well Bone, the definition of ‘floater’ is moving from one to another, or from one place to another place. If the definition of floater is redefined for BB purposes, I suppose your explanation is correct. I believe a floater to be for whatever purpose to move from one to another. BUT, I do thank you for explaining.


MsNostradamus: a floater IS one that floats, a person without a permanent residence. If we go by your definition of floater, than everyone that plays the game is a floater. Everyone is expected to try to talk to the HOH and see what deal they can work out. Making a deal doesn’t mean they’re jumping ship, it only means they want to work with the HOH to ensure their safety for however long, 1, 2, weeks. That is normal and is part of the game.

Adam is a floater not because he would go from one alliance to the next and back, depending on who was in power, but because he did so BECAUSE he couldn’t win at comps and he did so knowing that he wouldn’t get blood on his hands because of the tension between members in the house. The floaters need some sort of life vest because they can’t save themselves in competitions. That’s a floater. They can’t win comps, so they use whomever is in power as their life vest or their alliance as their life vest and they shield themselves behind them, never ruffling feathers or making any moves, so as to get anyone angry at them. Winning at comps means, you’d probably win HOH and have to piss someone off by nominating ppl.

The key difference between floaters and non-floaters is that floaters do NOT win competitions and “float” along in the game, as no one sees them as a threat, since they cannot or they are not capable of winning COMPS, so they rely on their alliance to get them through to the next week or they shift from alliance to alliance to float by.They also achieve floaters status by not ruffling any feathers or as some would say, getting blood on their hands.

Rachael is NOT a floater. She did try to get others to do her dirty work for her. She won comps and was therefore not a floater.


correction on that last sentence. Rachael did *not try to get others to do her dirty work for her.

Also, Porsche was a floater for _half of the game. She did get a golden key, but she then shifted alliances once her alliance was not as strong, with Brendan gone, and did so, without having one anything. Hense, floater!

Shelly: floater.
Adam: floater




Sorry, Porsche wasn’t a floater. She switched alliances, from the powerful vets, to the two girls fighting them all and helped them get Brendon, Jeff, and Jordan out of the house. She exposed herself as a target while doing so. That is not what a floater would do. Porsche is as much a competitor as Rachel, as she placed better in 8 of 11 comps.


Porsche may not have floated the whole game, but she did manage to float through during the first half with the golden key whether she wanted to or not. Golden key holders who didn’t make any moves = floater. Dani may have had a golden key, but she said her peace and did not care what others thought. Porsche got the golden key then slept. She did not talk to Jeff until day 69! Day 69!, why? because she was floooating!


Well, it’s possible that Porsche didn’t worship Jeff as much as you. It just means that Jeff didn’t talk to Porsche as well. It’s because she wasn’t on his side(ie. not a floater).


Sorry, but never believed there were any death threats and still do not. Think it was all made up by either TMZ or BB because if they had been Shelly would of left the game. Once again people not liking Shelly I do not think it has anything to do with evicting Jeff; it has to do with her claiming she was always telling the truth and claiming she was a “straight shooter” and then just lying at every chance she got. I think after people saw her little girl on BB and telling the entire world that she wanted her mom to stop lying and Shelly saying lying was not allowed in her house and that Josie had to write lines when she lied is what made people dislike this woman so much and hate to say it but the probably still do.It almost got to the point on the show that you really believed that Shelly was a sociopath because she at one point even in her DR sessions did not think she had lied. I think the dislike has to do more with her being a horrible role model for her child then it ever had to do with evicting Jeff, and I doubt that her and Jeff or any of the other house guests will ever be friends with Shelly because she is just not a likable individual. She is delusional.


Just like the biggest gossips in the house tagged Rachel as the biggest gossip in the house;
I never tagged Rachel as a gossip as she said stuff to people’s faces! But the bitter losers,
Dani & Kalia were always saying mean things about Rachel behind her back and they
call Rachel the gossip! I hope they learn something about themselves when they watch it
back, but people like that never do. As for Shelly, she acted like an idiot on the show & now
she wants to be BFF with JJ forever. Didn’t this woman have the greatest life ever before the
show according to her constant bragging about her family? Why does she need to be besties
with JJ? She’s more than a little whacked out. Her lies went beyond game play. And all
that crap about JJ standing between her and 1/2 million dollars, what a joke. She never had
a chance to win against anyone in the house and was the person that least needed the money.
If I ever see Shelly on BB again with that awful 2 fingered kiss I’ll do a death threat ON MYSELF
for watching!!!


Someone who ‘gossips’ is defined as a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts about others. The definition doesn’t include ‘behind someone’s back’. That particular part of ‘gossip’ was added by people not by the dictionary. All of them gossiped. No one was innocent of that. If a person shoots someone while facing them instead of from the back doesn’t excuse the fact that they shot someone. BB is a game. Its a performance. These people were going to be friends regardless. The viewing audience takes everything that happens much more personal then they do. I would never believe it is a joke if I were playing the game and I thought that someone in the house stood between me winning that money for my family. I would plan their eviction as well–no matter what it took. THAT is the game. One would be a FOOL to play the game to advance others to win the money before yourself. There is truly no honorable way of playing this game and winning. There is only one person that can claim that title and that person is Jordan. Her confusion and not understanding exactly how to play the game actually helped her to win. She herself admitted that her first time playing she absolutely didn’t have a clue. Her winning, to me, was a fluke and I don’t expect something like that to ever happen again. I think you should prepare to do a death threat to yourself. I do believe Shelly will return. She is one of the reasons why the ratings were so high this season. Like most politicians believe ‘It doesn’t matter why my name gets in the paper, as long as it gets there’. Bad publicity is better than none at all. I don’t approve of it, but it is what it is. Be well.


Also, I saw the TMZ video with Shelley and her husband. I think he’s the spitting image of Forest Gump.


What does her husband looking like Forrest Gump (which I see no resemblance) have anything to do with BB?


Personally, I loved the way her husband moved as far away from her as possible and in no way did he want to be photographed beside her. LOL that was too funny. Does not seem like everything is sweet and wonderful in that family in that little video. Also, if my family would of had any type of “death threat” I would not be going in a restaurant to eat in LA I would of been flying back ASAP to see my child and reassure her everything was fine and that I loved her. There were never any death threats to her or her family I do not and did I ever believe. They were all made up for publicity guaranteed. Also, why would Jeff or Jordan want to associate with her or anyone in this season’s cast of BB. They probably want to get as far away from her as is humanly possible.


Know who Shelly’s husband reminded me of the first time I saw him on the BB show? Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory……….and mind you, I think Jim is kinda cute.


As your saying, should we redefine the word “the biggest floater” for BB as someone who floats the longest in water in BB and not drowned – “not voted out”. Obviously, either it is a CBS “rig” game or the winner is a floater, no one can keep playing comps every time, or one side of alliance can always win; so anyone making a side deal means floats. If they stayed the longest and are not drowned or get voted out, that are floaters no matter what. Then, CBS should rename the biggest player as the “biggest floater”, should they?


you ever consider, it’s they wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you do things? i can’t stand Rachel or Shelly! however, Shell’s game play was a hot ass mess! SOWI, but Rachels game play was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more better that Shelly’s…and at the end of the day!
Shelly saw that too… that’s why she voted for Rachel to win…

gota call a spade a spade dude…

BB King

For all you JJ fans this is what I want to know: What did you want Shelly to do? Take JJ to the final three and then sacrifice herself, sealing either Jeff or Jordan’s BB 13 win? That’s not how this game is played. In case you’ve forgotten the object of BB is to win for yourself and not your friends.

Brown Fat

wrongohhhh. aint it painfully obvious, either be a fan of jeff & jordon or your wrong, cross the alliance & your doubly wrong and we’ll kill you or at least scare the shit out of your family. my son no longer watches bb because of all the lying & the deceit masked as strategy. whats that say about his mom & dad who will burn in hell for being bb fans? it says we did a good job is what, he has ethics & thinks for himself.


It’s against the rules to go against Jeff and Jordan. They are god and we must worship them. Meow.


what Shelly was supposed to do, was win something on her own, and count on someone taking her to the final two.

Yes Jeff and Jordan would have taken each other, but IF Shelly had any worth as a player she could have tried win a comp and take herself and whoever she wanted to the end. It is called PLAYING the game, not riding coattails.


BB King, I agree with you 100%. It is the truth, but people will not recognize a ‘fact’ if the person the ‘fact’ is relevant to is a person they do not like. Be well.


I never had a problem with voting jeff out, thats part of the game, jeff was a big threat, but the way she did it was stupid if she would have waited another week or two someone else was going to evict him


well maybe that’s not how you would play it!
and once again, at the end of the day….she might as well have….
Shelly wasn’t gonna win if she took them!

and as you can see! she didn’t win or have a chance at winning, once she didn’t take them!
Shelly is a liar! She was and is, just plain old fucken stupid to me! with her old ass
i hope she did get fired….


Shelly is the biggest liar of all time by far. Even if I were a client to her business I would have a hard time believing anything she says. And Jeff is still a bully and douchebag. And I am not surprised they are BFF, they both suck.


people keep saying Jeff is a bully, how is that, what did he do to be called a bully, speak his mind?

Yes people followed him, but that was their choice.

do not be a Dani follower and use her stupid title.

Jeff is not perfect, who is, but I do not see how he could be classed as a bully.


When I watch live feeds and see a conversation unraveling before me that I feel bad for one player (while they are being yelled at by another) I see that as bullying and intimidation. Jeff is a man in his thirties yet at times he acted like a teenager. I am not saying always and I am not saying no one else did. But after watching this season I saw (not the CBS version) the way he talked to people and it made me sick. It made me sick because in my heart I felt bad for whomever was on the other end. Sometimes people are hysterical and act stupid it doesn’t mean you have to call them stupid to their faces. I know it’s not nice to talk about someone behind their back but honestly sometimes it is more tactful to do that if you need to vent. And yes after living with the same people for 3 months you need to vent. When I went through a three month bootcamp I lived with 40 other girls at any given moment. I had my close friends that I could b*tch to because sometimes you just gotta b*tch. The problem is that in the BB house you always have cameras on you. For goodness sakes they have one in the bathroom.


Oh, and I guess your hero Evil Dick didn’t do anything close to that . . . . . . RIGHT !!!!


exactly, no one had a problem when evil dick did the same thing


I think the point is that no one painted Evel Dick as an angel. Jeff gets no flak.


He raised his voice with the women and tried to intimidate them.I really don’t think he’s a bad guy but he needs to work on that.


oh my god, jeff raised his voice, how weak do you think women are?

hate BB13

Didn’t surprise me that Racheal won….she would have sued CBS if she didn’t!! Glad I DIDN’T WATCH IT!!!!!


Go back to bed Johnny Cochran.


Lucky.. she might be back for allstars! Now that the threats have dissipated.

BB King

Shelly is not all star material. She only had one strategy i.e., lying. But an alll star has to be a good liar like Dr. Will and Dan and not get busted. Shelly is the male version of Ronnie the Rat (he acts like a little girl) and both are bad liars because they got busted. So she wasn’t good enough at the only thing she had in the game.


If you murdered someone and you didn’t get caught, it still makes you a murderer. We just all have to be honest here. If you liked the person and they lied, you excuse their lies. If you didn’t like the person and they lied, you despise them. It is being a hypocrite and it’s due to human imperfection which is forgivable .

bbfan, lol

Everyone was upset at what Shelly did on BB, It wasnt that she played a game it was how she reacted when she was on the other side, she was trying to rub it in JJ’s face. Rachel played a game. Some things can be done with class and she had NONE. The threats were ridiculous, I feel bad for her family.


I think Shelly would of been fine, if she admitted to her lies in her DR sessions that were shown on TV. If she would of just laughed and said ,” boy am I pulling the wool over everyones eyes”, people would of been for her, she did own up to it in her interviews. Frankly, I think Shelly was very good at manupilating people {Kahlia’s HOH}


I agree Ladybug. She was good at manipulating people. People keep saying she was a bad liar, actually it’s the opposite. She had the ‘vets’ so buffaloed that she managed to get Jeff evicted. That was a great move. She just happened to get caught with her lies, and once that happens we all know it’s over for that person. Their game is exposed and no longer effective. Rachel caught on to Shelly at the beginning and that is because a good liar can spot another good liar instantly. Ya know, birds of a feather. The more I think about this season and everything that happened, it was a good season. The only time it became boring and extremely predictable was when there were 4 left. When the house gets down to 4 people, BB should allow people to view the Jury House, however I don’t think there should be cameras everywhere; especially not in the bathroom. I think in the BB House there should not be cameras in the bathroom. That should be the one room that they are allowed their privacy and perhaps maybe more people would apply to be on the program. If there are no cameras in the bathroom, BB should make it a rule that only one person at a time can be in the bathroom. That way no conversations are missed. I don’t know how cameras in the bathroom didn’t disrupt their, ut mmm—number 2 time.


I agree with you, I think the season was good.,{ last year was terrible}, and I must admit, I was shocked to see there were cameras in the commode area, any one remember the seaon when Adam won, didn’t Ryan and his girlfriend have sex in there??? I wonder if anyone remembers that Rachel told Shelly she was good at manupilating people, I believe Rachel was telling her the truth.


If Shelly had gone to final 3, she was not guaranteed that she would win part 1 or part 2 as she did not win anything all season.


So that was a very lame excuse. Naturally Jeff or Jordan would have taken each other to the finals, as would Shelly and Tony if he were in the house. There was no way Shelly would have won. Shelly never won a comp nor did she come close. Didn’t she tell JJ that her company was paying her while she was on BB and all of her BB money would go to her company?


Shelly was priceless. She is a role model for future contestants. It’s a shame she never won any cash. She exemplifies the (somewhat fixed) game of Big Brother. Everything about her was real, except her boobs, of course.

Love to have seen a final 3 of Shelly, Adam, and Lawon.


I don’t know what you are smoking but I could use some!


I think he/she is smoking SLOP.


(after taking a hard deep drag) Here, I will pass it to ya revcat cause I agree with jdoe. hehehehehehe


Simon, I am curious about something. The space that is identified as ‘Email’, do you have to type your email addy in that space every time you type a comment? Thank you


no leave it blank if you want..


Thank you Simon. 🙂

Dr. Bombay

The Doctor says
Kalia tried very hard to become Dani.
When Dani talked about Rachel she was actually talking about herself. It’s called Akko Otis Syndrome.


So, if Enzo is known as meow meow, how does this play into the cat lady scenario?


He’s the alley Tom Cat????


I think its odd that Jeff is so forgiving of Shelly who actually took him out of the game where as dani just tried to get him out and wasnt succesful yet he hates her. You could tell Shelly trully despised wasnt game. She truly disliked her and said she would never vote for her to win yet suddenly she votes Rachel and now is in Jordan and Jeffs good graces. Coinsidence I think not.

Midwest Fan



Wow, that’s really stranged!!!! Shelly making peace with Jeff, what’s next? Go after Rachel & Brendon!!!!! WTF!!!

Glad Rachel won!

I never saw the season Daniele played with her Dad the first time and he won BB. Daniele kept saying it’s a game and she wouldn’t take it “personal” and she’d vote for the best player in the end. Rachel BY FAR deserved the win between her and Porsche yet Daniele voted for Porsche PROVING she didn’t mean what she said herself. I have no respect for Daniele’s game at all and she ended up where she needed to be…in the jury house. I hope we never see her on BB again.


daniele did win comps in season 8 but when things did not go her way she cried and say I want to go home, she was really annoying


You’re right on there. She stayed in the bedroom crying how she hated everyone, and how they were so stupid. She wasn’t as bad this time because she had Kalia telling her how wonderful she was, between every bite of food.


Was in Hoboken last night. No banners welcoming Adam home. Surprise, surprise.


Hoboken voted to evict Adam.


Spicy, it’s a game show, kind of. The American Dream in one summer. What do you expect people to do when there is a half mil on the line? This was not a church picnic, and the fact that you knew what happened, and stuck it out to the end, means that you liked it exactly like that, too.

Welcome to the jungle.

Don’t be a hypocrite.

Porsche was harmless. She has a playful sense of humor. I would rather have her work in a daycare center than Rachel, the Psycho.
Shelly should be a role model for all future contestants. She played a type of game that was quite memorable.


Sorry, but Porsche is not as you say harmless. She has some real mental issues and should of been kicked off the show. Wanting to hit someone to kill an unborn baby is not a “harmless” prank as you seem to think it is, and to put something into people’s drinks to make them sick is not harmless, and in the real world it is criminal. BTW, I am not a Jeff/Jordan fan either.


I think you’d have to ingest something 3 tons of Benefiber for it to be toxic. It’s not even a laxative. The worst that would happen to Jordan would have been a looser turd, hahahaha.

Porsche reminds me of Mother Teresa, in her kindness. 🙂


Jdoe, I guess you are as sick a human as Porsche is to even compare that evil vile human being to Mother Teresa. It must of been a typo and you meant she compares to the devil.


Funny how much hate you get for expressing an opinion, you are only “normal or righteous” when you agree with them. I say hell no I won’t, no way I’m going to let a herd of cats over run my home.


Ain’t been on since finale, and cat people STILL posting… Ran out of catnip?


Ha, it’s just hate decompression. You can’t stop hating so abruptly, you’ll pull a muscle.


You know the show was entertaining at times, enough where you wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the next episode. However, it was a game show! Reading some messages you would think you all had family member in the show. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you are going through withdrawal. Ok it’s over go out and find a life.

Franky J

I’ve never posted on this website, but I have to say Adam is about as worthless as worthless can be! I hope he reads all the negative comments about his gameplay. He would act like a rough an tough metal head, but in actuality he was a douche. I guess he got to see Fara at some point in final three and she gave him his set back!!! I hope he never returns to BB what a joke he actually thinks he is an all-star!