Big Brother 13 – Straight Shooter about Lawon, “right now he was totally stupidfied himself to a level I have never seen in this game”

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3:48pm Shelly and Kalia in the kitchen Shelly throwing Lawon under the bus saying he’s a idiot running his mouth off like he has been. Shelly asks Kalia if she told him to act this way because right now he’s doing some major acting, “He stormed out of the DR saying they had to re shoot his piece 8 times because of all the cussing”
Shelly: “right now he was totally stupidfied himself to a level I have never seen in this game”. Kalia agress says she’ll need to talk to him before he takes it too far. Shelly thinks Lawon is america’s player that he is making money by acting so crazy, she really doesn’t see any other reason why he would be doing this. Shelly adds that Lawon has been running around saying he’s going after Kalia and Dani next week. Shelly adds that it’s really coming across as acting

Shelly tells Kalia how good of a position she is in right now because rachel and JJ are happy a floater went up and Dani is happy because Porsche didn’t go up. Shelly thinks Kalia has made a great move and has ensured her safety for a long time. Shelly plans to vote out Lawon because she’s sure that lawon is not playing the game to win he’s playing the game to lay around the house and stir up BLANK. Shelly is convnce that Lawon is getting paid to cause drama and he’s not doing a very good job. Kalia tells her to not tell anyone that Lawon is going to probably go home she wants to sit back and see what he does. Shelly shoots straight says she’ll not say a word. Kalia is a bit worried they won’t be able to vote Lawon out (OMG Kalia really is the dumbest player in BB right now) Shelly thinks after today it’ll be easy for her.

4:13pm Kalia, Shelly, Jordan and rachel Kalia getting what she wanted all the “popular” girls are talkign to her about the movie Legally blonde. (Next week she’s on the block.. Dani is in the bedroom resting.. She better start thinking about reshuffling the deck)

4:30pm Porsche and dani HOH They’re talking about Lawon running around like a fool.. saying he volunteered to go up then saying he’s pissed that he’s on the block. Dani: “These people”

they are going over the nomination ceremony and how everyone looked so surprised. Porsche comments on how Shelly’s face looked during the POV, “Girl you like like that dog.. it was weird”

POsche brings up that it’s going to be Dani and her up on the block Kalia is outside chilling with Shelly, rachel and Jrodan outside. Porsche: “we have to win HOH” dani agrees. They are both shocked that Kalia told Shelly their entire plan. Dani thinks they might have to start watching each others back. Dani also adds that Kalia didn’t tell Shelly everything but she said enough to possibly BLANK them. Porsche: “If I win HOH jordan or shelly is my target.. ahh BLANK rachel is still here”.

Porsche points out that Rachel and Shelly are friends again.. Dani: “yes I know.. shelly does say some really mean things to rachel though” Porsche knows but she thinks they have something going on. Dani says that both Jordan and Shelly said some very mean things about Rachel last week but now they are all friends..

Porsche asks who she thinks will put up Rachel if they win HOH, Porsche thinks it would be her and Dani. Dani thinks Adam might but Porsche disagrees.

They wonder who Shelly will put up, Porsche thinks it’ll be her and Adam. Dani doesn’t know (Shelly has Porsche 100% fooled.. but at least DP know Shelly is a snake)

Porsche mentions how Kalia is getting through her HOH unscathed and now they are left if their 2 major targets still in the house. POrsche that side has Jeff and Rachel as their strong players and they have jordan whose attached to Jeff by default. (feeds keep cut in and out)

Porsche says Shelly has been going around trying to “get the girls together”, dani hasn’t heard that before. (Feeds keep cutting out because dunce, Jordan, rachel and Shelly conversation)

Dani: “rachel has to go next week if she stays” Porsche agrees… she thinks Adam will keep Lawon if they don’t tell him. Dani agrees.

Dani doesn’t trust shelly, she trust adam but doesn’t want to give him a reason to not trust her. dani asks if she will backdoor rachel. Porche says she won’t but she’s feeling like if Rachel wins HOH Prosche might get put up as a replacement nomination.
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A Nono Moose

Thank you for voting!


Share With Your Friends
I just voted for Cassi to come back into the game!


Vote Dom! Dani needs help…She’s in an alliance with morons


I’m with you there Unknown!


Dani started the moron brigade.. so that is what she gets.. Bring back CASSI.. help Shelly and JJ


Completely agree! Team dani all the way! Expose that leather face hag shelly too! If dani is voted out u won’t watch anymore


I feel so sorry for her. They just put her in the house with a bunch of J/J fans including production and said play!


Dani is an idiot who thought she could play the game better then daddy…made a HUGE goof move in forcing to backdoor Jeff, it backfired & her regroup effort was to chum up with Kalia…how the heck to you cheer for a moron?? Vote Casi or Brenden…THAT would be the drama

Team Bacon

I voted Cassi too=) *high five*

Nicki Minaj

gogogogogo rachel


gogogogogo, hmmh, I think you may be on to something.

gogo dancer. You know, Rachel might actually be able to get that job.


Vote for Dawg


When I voted, Dawg was beating 4 people… Pacer, and the 3 Afro’s


Hey you should name jj jack and jill


jethro and ellie mae


Hahaha..Good one. Or Sookie and Jason Stackhouse from ‘True Blood’ but even those two dummies are smarter than J/J.


That name fits them perfectly! 🙂


Just call them smarter than Dani and Kahlia…doh!!!!!!!!!!!


lol @ the dunce cap on kaka’s head


too funny


Looks like Kalia might be getting replaced by Porsche. That would be a smart move for Dani.

Now she just needs Dom back and it is game on.

3 team Dani in the hoh comp.


Yeah, Dani’s quick on her feet. I am curious about what she’s gonna say about Kalia trusting Shelly during the DR sessions. Kalia is a deadweight now so why drag her along? Time to move to Porsche who is way smarter, at least streets smart, than Kalia.


Agreed, it’s time to cut Kalia loose. She’ll be headed out the door next week anyway.


Too bad Porsche is a classic floater. She’ll go wherever the power is. If Rachel wins HOH, guess who her new best friend will be? I think Dani should try to get back in good graces with Rachel. Together they could do some damage.


Is it just me or is everyone in the house right now extremely DUMB. Dani thinks shes really smart but her already very weak alliance is shooting itself in the foot.


Hey, why isn’t dom in the poll??? Oh well, we all know Brendon is coming back, so it doesn’t matter.


to BRJJ fan, you are right, as soon as veto ceremony was over and Kalia got her dumb hat on. Dominic fell off the ratings and brenden went up. Whoo Hoo!!!




woohoo go Brendon and Rachel !!!!


Voted for Brendon…can’t wait to see Kaliha and Danis face


Porsche without a gallon of makeup – gross


Vote Dawg, no one can stop that beast.


The whole Straight Shooter thing cracks me up so hard… LOL

Gotta give credit where credit is due though, she worked Kowlia the Hut so beautifully

Hoping we see Lawon exit the game, and Cassi re-entering. It’d cause a new rift in the JJRS alliance, as Cassi will have nothing to do with Rachel.. ever.


I think she will let her ego get in the way and overplay (like dani)

kathie from canada

No question SS is on a roll right now but she could get too confident with the lies and implode. But in her favour is the fact that she is playing against some really thick people. Really sick of Dani aligning herself with weak players. I think she wants the glory of the win without sharing the spotlight and this continues to bite her in the ass. She was in such a great position and completely blew it.


Nah Cassi is still under the impression that Shelly is God so she will be an easily manipulated puppet for the straight shooting snake. That won’t be fun at all. Shelly would have Cassi eating off Rachel’s plate if she wanted her to. I thought Cassi was a great girl but she was stuck too far up Shelly’s ass to make any moves in the game. It’d be a waste to vote her back.


You have to hand it to Shelly, she’s in it to win it. I laugh about the whole “straight shooter” schtick, but Shelly is in a really good spot. I’m a little disgusted when I read comments slamming her as a mother; Shelly is playing a GAME, a game where you lie, manipulate, and backstab.


LOL at the dunce hat on kalia. Perfect 🙂 She has no idea how dumb of a move she made. Gonna go down as one of the most horrible move in BB history. Good job Kalia!!!


No Dom, btw


when I see straight shooter walking around, I feel like any minute she’s gonna grab her balls and adjust them! I guess she didn’t watch last season when gnat got bashed bc of all her lies??? these fools will never realize that the only thing out of straight shooters mouth is a bunch of shit!


Natalie’s lies did nothing to help her game. HUGE DIFFERENCE!


Right her lies is what head to Jordan winning, if she had not lied so much she would’ve won….


Her lies got her the final two, dumbass, so what are u talking about, fckhayden?


Which lies helped? The one that she was 13 years old? Or the one that she had a super duper veto and she could pick the final two? Or the other pointless ones? None of her lies helped her game. They were just pointless lies. Give me an example of one that worked. Maybe I’m wrong.

Monika Wu

I love the dunce caps…nice touch. I like that kalia uses a form of obtuse strategic thinking…She is my new hero!!!


Omg kalia is the dumbest player on any reality show ever!!!!!


Dani and Porsche are now public enemy #1 and 2 😀


Oh Gosh I hope Dani pieces this shit together! The fact that she is letting Kalia keep Rachel and seal her fate in this game was strike One. She’d better redeem herself!!!!!!!!

And now look at Kalia back on the couch chatting it up with the girls again, that’s ALLLLLL she ever wanted out of this game. I want Dani to send this bitch packing herself!


Aint over till it’s over!!! For now, this was the dumbest move Kalia made. However, if Dominic comes back, it was the brighest move she ever made. Don’t like her but I’m jsut saying. Let’s stop singing till it’s over!!!


Yes!!! I couldn’t agree more! Danis smart! She’s GOT to figure this out! I believe in her.


kaka is part of the in crowd now (so she thinks)

Floata Hata

I LOL every time Simon says “Shelly shoots straight and….”


I Would love shelly if she owned up to her shit in DR. But I think she does but it never airs


I too find it strange we never see her diary sessions but you hardly ever see anything outside of Rachel and Brendon or Rachel blabbering about Brendon.


I think Production may have something to do with Lawon going up, so they didn’t have to rig Brendon coming back to make it fair for the vets and now Dominic CAN come back because he is actually needed. If Rachel actually left this week It would be just Jeff capable of winning comps on the “vets” side.. so now they trade in Lawon for Dom & the real freakin’ game begins 🙂


Not only do I hope you are right, but I have a feeling that you are. It makes more sense for extended drama to bring back some help for the other side of the house.


I agree, shelly will likely win. I’m still blown away that Kalia fell for it. She has to be the moron of the over for her!!


Ahahahhah!! Looking at the feeds and noticed you went ahead with giving Kalia her new head gear!! Well played sirs!! And unfortunately for her well deserved!!


im just done talking about kalia, fricken idiot… anyways i just want to say this has been a pretty good seson so far… both “sides” have had power now everything is getting really mixed up, it sure has kept me on my toes and has made me want to check this site every 20 minutes so id say that its a success, obviously im upset dani’s work is getting screwed up and she is in a bad spot but really this season has been interesting both on tv and on the feeds and i think that is what everyone wants correct?


Agree! Both sides have had power so far, people are attempting to make new alliances, and things could be very unpredictable for the next couple weeks.
Dani will pull through. I don’t think she’s going anywhere for a while, or at least I hope not. TEAM DANNNNIIIIII.


disregarding my name this season is pretty good so far however it needs to get better by shelly being exposed after this eviction dani winning hoh (probably wont happen) and bringing in dom, cassi is a bust just another JJRS alliance member i think if dani gets dom it will make things more interesting, dom and dani were only exposed by shelly ratting to BRenchel and spooking them i dont think shelly has any idea what she caused if she did she would be bragging about it then like she is now in the way she played lil oprah, im no longer looking to be a part of team bacon he is a wuss to afraid to take a stand against the vets one more time as far as kalia goes for me i hope dani wins hoh and put up kalia it would be a good donkey punch


Lol you are killin me with the Dunce cap! Great job


Meir is going to turn the house upside down when he comes back.

Team Keith


*Keith* not Meir stupid autocorrect


I’m sooooo confused…. Are they seriously going to keep Rachel??? Why??? I don’t get it?? They have an opportunity to get rid of a strong competition winner… But they are going to keep her in??? Now all they need is Brendan to come back… And all the work that they’ve done in the past 2-3 weeks will all have been done for nothing??? Honestly… What’s wrong with them????


Oh, how I wish, Kalia had followed Dani’s gut instead of her own and NOT assumed she needed Rachel in order to secure her own safety. Dani initially said, “you’re giving them what they want, ” (meaning Jeff and Jordan). Jeff and Jordan have no intention of protecting Kalia. They can’t believe her gullability. Again, if it were a sure thing that Rachel is coming right back after her eviction, then why is she so afraid to leave??? (Dani’s own words!!!) Kalia is letting Jeff singlehandedly deplete the numbers on the side of the newbies. Call them floaters, or whatever, they have their uses. A part of me is still hoping that somehow, Rachel will experience the much maligned, but beloved, “double eviction,” and get the boot twice. Please, bring Dominic back into the game!!! Rachel needs a mental health break. It is sad to see her.

Jordan K.

Just for a laugh…………….. 😉

The Meow Meow

Its just coomon sense that when something seems to good to be true it probably IS!!!! Espcially in Big Brother…


Lol at Kalia and the popular girls comment


OH OH OH. Maybe, just Maybe Rachel will get wasted and bring back “VEGAS RACHEL”, piss off Jeff and Shelly so much that they decide to send Rachel out the door…. OR Adam will stop flyng under the radar and grow a pair (a tiny pair, but hey size doesn’t matter, right?!?) and make his move to keep the Newbs strong by evicting Rachel….. OR…Or…..or … we’ll just sit here and watch Jordan and Shelly coast to F2. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN.


“Vegas Rachel” would be awesome right about now!!!!!!! fingers crossed


how does Shelly have porsche 100% fooled?


At least Dani has Porshe. I would like to see Kalia be put up against Jordan, that would be poetic justice.Kalia is such a disappointment, I thought she was going to redeem herself by getting some vets out of the house, especially after they’ve been so disdainful of her, if not outright contemptuous. Fool.


porche is the ultimate floater..has been since keith left…she was safe with her little golden key for 4 weeks, up rachel’s butt for those weeks, now up dani’s butt for now because kalia has HOH…porche will switch right back to the power after the HOH comp on thurs remember she voted to keep brenden along with rachel…


At the very least why didn’t K put up SS. Then JJ would have to show thier cards!


I stopped watching the live feeds because I couldn’t tolerate know-it-all Kalia sitting there thinking she’s safe because the girls are talking to her again.I hope Dani cuts ties with this idiot. Love the Dunce cap, now can we get a short yellow bus for Jordan?

Melissa S

You know, Kalia said that she didn’t want her HOH to be useless..What the hell does she think she’s doing now? Jeff won the veto and took himself off and she wanted Rachal out and now shes keeping her? Don’t you all say that her HOH is Useless?


wow, needle dick vs. lawon. any more obvious?


No we want Brendon to come back to have a exciting and drama game lets make this summer more intresting especially since Dani and Kailia do not get along with him with him coming back boy will they be scared. Since he did not make the deal to not put Dani and Kailia up he can . So lets have a good and fun summer bring back Brendon…………


I agree!!! It would be GREAT TV if Brenden came back!!!!!! Woo Hoo!! I am all in for Jeff to win it, but I LOVE the thoughts of the looks on people’s faces if Brenden came back in!!!


No, ….. we want Brendon to find a cure for cancer & then open a Mexican restaurant !


It will be great for a week and then boring as hell!! There will no longer be an antogonistic relationship in the house once Dani leaves. And don’t you get it folks?? That’s what creates the drama!! The vets will steamroll the newbie sheep and the game will be all but over. There’s still what 6 weeks left in the season? If you get what you want and Brendon comes back and Dani is gone next week it will be one long and BORING reaminder of the summer! In all honesty where do you think the drama that you crave will come from?? I’m not willing to forgo an exciting end to this game just to see the look on DK’s face when Brendon walks back in. That excitement will be so brief and will not carry me through to the end. There needs to be an adversary in this game in order to keep it interesting. I’m pretty sure CBS knows this and while bringing back Brendon would create drama for a week, they need to keep our attention through the rest of the season. IMO the only way to do that is to bring back Dom and even out the alliances. WIthout 2 or more alliances competing for power there is no drama and then the ratings plummet. If all you want is a love fest watch the Batchlor/Batchlorette. This game relies on DRAMA!! WIthout it you will all be bored outta your minds. Don’t you get it folks??

Seriously…. It’s not rocket science


Kalia is messing everything up! Ughhh she’s by far the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen. God I hope Dom comes back


Wow, talk about going from hero to zero in 3 days. From surprising HOH winner to dumbest BB move in years. If not all time.


I was telling my wife that Shelly might win. ” She might have even beat Dick … but not like Brendon”


Hahaha. Good one!


Why would you people vote in cassi now? There’s no point. She’s just going to run to the KALIA/Shelly/Jeff/jordon/Adam/Rachel vs Daniel and porshe. That seems boring.


Shelly is a straight shooter alright, everytime you tell her something she shoots straight to the other side of the house and tells them what you told her


Just sent you guys a nice tip.. Thanks for all the hard work so I don’t have to sit there all day and watch the feeds myself.. Xoxo Angela Melini


OMG. What a bizarre 24 hours. Either Kahlia is very stupid or Shelly is very smart. Crazy!!! She just blew her chance.


In that picture of Porsche she kinda looks like the monster from the goonies. Lol


SIMON or anyone else…..
UGH I’ve been absent for a bit….please fill me in (I tried to read all the posts but I still cannot stay on top of it)
Why did Kalia choose Lawon as replacement nom? He is harmless.
Why did the house flip from voting out Rachel to keeping her?
Who is controlling HOH right now (not Kalia evidently)?
Who is in Dani’s alliance?
Is Shelly in JJ’s alliance or in Dani’s? Is she betraying JJ?
Sorry, I just cannot decipher wtf is going on!!


brilliant, thanks simon xxoo


Vote Keith since he’s not aligned with anybody in the house?


Lawon offered to go up as pawn. They seem to think the twist is evicted hg will return as hoh. Yea i don’t get it either.


I love how Dani and Kahlia are now playing the we’re keeping Rachal card…uhm no your not,you have no choice in this matter dumba$$’s!!!!!!!!!!


Haha this is the first time I’ve seen this site and I could not stop lnhauigg at your recap! Well done, Matt!! I couldn’t have said it better myself (really).


I think Shelly is America’s player!


Shelly is the modern day incarnation of Jim Jones. All that’s missing is the Kool-Aid!


Duh, vote Jordan out. SHE ALREADY WON BEFORE!!