big brother 13 twist

Big Brother 13 Spoilers “Dynamic Duos from the past play a significant roll this season”

Confirmed The Theme of the BIG BROTHER 13 House is Venice Beach Julie is interviewed by ET Canada:
Julie Chen “What do you think of when you go to venice beach… Tatoos, Tarot Cards, Palm readers” ..”There is a Bedroom that Julie Chen calls the “Katy Perry” bedroom”.
Julie Chen Spills some Twists saying it’s “Dynamic Duos From the Past that Play a significant roll this season” So it’s confirmed Jessie and Natalie are coming back. (JOKING)

everything is shaping up nicely for Big Brother 13

Here is a run down of all the stories we’ve had over the last couple days

1) Early Bird Special
2) BB13 House Pics Part 1
3) BB13 House Pics Part 2
4) BIG BROTHER 13 CAST Revealed Thursday 6am PST
5) Rumor control on superpass tells some rumors.

big brother 13 twist

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Jessie? Again? NO ONE LIKES HIM.


Jessie and Natalie top my list of past HG I never want to see again. I hope the duos from the past are new houseguests with a connection and not old showmances and alliances we have seen before. The theme explains that electric koolaid bedroom. LOL


If Jessie and Natalie are on again this season, I’ll catch it next year. The two of them are not worth my time and I cant stand to look at them for the next few months.


I would have to completely agree if they bring people back it needs to be a all-stars version. We saw what happened on the past season of survivor where they tried bringing 2 people back, the new players gets stars in they’re eyes and don’t play the game that they normally would have.

I can 100% say if there is any returning cast members that I will not be wathcing or buying the feeds.


As much as alot of people hate them i kind of wish that Rachel and Brendon come back..

Or bring back James and Chelsia from season 9.


I have been watching big brother since brittney and chicken George season 1! Huge FAN and am SO excited to have discovered your blog…looking forward to spending the summer with you and seeing what you have in store for me.


Simon! Jessie & Nathalie!? Don’t tease like that…they are awful!!! Lol I was just saying to my sis, “As long as Jessie doesn’t show up. we’ll be in for a better season then last year.” 😉

Looking forward to seeing how the fortune teller booth and the graffiti come into play, and what the “Dynamic Duos” thing is all about. One more week to go! Woo hoo! 😀


Hey Simon been reading the site for the last few seasons and I just downloaded the OBB toolbar and I had to come on here to tell you how ABSOLUTLY AWESOME that thing is! You just made my obsession so much easier to manage lol!

Thanks for doing this site and the updates, I cant wait to spend another season talking trash on people who have way more guts than me to go on national televison and make complete fools of themselves

One more night till I get to make complety wrong snap judgements based on a picture and fluff interviews!


I am anxious to see if the dynamic duo’s will be playing in pairs or as individuals. Also, will the houseguests be told that there are secret duo’s in the house. It’ll be interesting to see how they do this because BB9 played the game as couples for the first part of the game, so I don’t think it’d be much different. Can’t wait for the season to start!


maybe Evel Dick and Daniele. The key word is dynamic duo. Jeff and Jordan. Rachel and Brenden will definitely bring some ratings. Matt and Ragan perhaps?


Great new website design. I can’t wait for this thing to start. Bring back Dan & Memphis!


Hey BeauBeau.. Welcome back!


Thanks Rockstar. Its good to be back,isn’t it?


BeauBeau- I’m starting to prepare. I’ve got water, pop, chips, extra food rations, everything I’ll need for the next three months so I never have to leave the house or have a life outside of the BB. haha Even my toilet tv is hooked up again and ready to go.. I shall never miss a second while I pee.

I want see again Natalie!!!!!!!!! BEST PLAYER EVER!!!!!!!!


I agree with you!! She should have won!!!


All of you guys are trippin! Janelle was AND is the best player and everybody knows it. She’s the one who needs to be brought back cause she would kill it! Plz bring her back!