Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Kalia: “I voted to Evict Adam” Porsche: “Ohh Sh!t”

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7:35pm Feeds back everyone is getting cleaned up after the comp. Rachel win the HOH. Jordan, Rachel and Adam in the bathroom.

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7:43pm Kitchen Kalia and Porsche They are talking about who voted for Adam. Kalia says she did. Jordan: “ohh shit.. I’ve been telling him you did” (Seriously Kalia WTF award goes to you) Porsche says to Kalia she made a huge mistake voting adam out. Kalia defends her reasoning she says she was told right before from JR that they were keeping Shelly, “I wanted to vote with the house”

Adam joins them says that it will be a long time until they get to go back outside. Kalia tells Adam that 5 minutes before the show JR told her that they are voting Adam out so Kalia did that. Adam says he doesn’t care he’s happy he’s still in the house. Adam comments on how Sore his legs are from that comp. He grunts “Saturday is going to be a Battle”

7:59pm Porsche and Adam Porsche is telling Adam that dani talk her and Kalia “something” that will help them in the game. She’s going to show Adam later tonight. (it’s the strategy planning with the buttons)

Adam says that it’s going to feel lonely in the morning not having Shelly outside to talk to with the morning smoke. POsrche jokes that she will take up smoking and hang out with him. Adam: “No don’t don’t I would feel bad”

Adam: “One HOH and 2 vetos left.. I don’t even know what rachel is going to do”
Porsche doesn’t know.. Adam thinks it’s going to be Kalia and Adam. Porsche says if thats the case then she can win POV and take someone off forcing Rachel to put up Jordan. Adam says he wanted the game to play out like this POV is do or die for everyone.

Adam says he feels bad that Shelly is gone but she dug her ditch she really did and it was time for her to go. Adam: “If I go out now at least I go out fighting for myself” Porsche and Adam joke that hopefully Rachel opens pandora’s box this week and it’s a spa day with everybody. Adam adds “and Rachel gets to spend a hour with BRendon’s ex-fiancee”

8:25pm Jordan and Rachel in the storage room Jordan is saying she’s a bit down because she evicted Shelly.. Jordan feels like she may have made the wrong decision. Jordan also is upset because she hasn’t won anything since week 2 and she feels maybe it would of been better if she won HOH because next week will be questions and she’s horrible at those. rachel doesn’t care she’s happy they won, Rachel keeps reminding Jrodan that there is only 3 comps left until the finals.
Jordan starts pushing to get rid of POrsche because she really wants to break up the dreaded PA Alliance. Rachel: “no way I won’t do that.. Kalia will put her up in a second.”
Jordan says Kalia confronted her about her voting to evict Shelly when 5 minutes before the eviction Jordan told Kalia they were going to evict Adam. Jordan: “Oh I just told her I changed my mind at the last minute”
Jordan: “We have to split up Porsche and KAlia for sure”
Rachel agrees..

8:40pm Jordan cutting pizza… just chit chat going around.

9:15pm Cards yo

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310 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Kalia: “I voted to Evict Adam” Porsche: “Ohh Sh!t”

  1. Rachel got hoh what a joke and jordon wasn’t even trying she might as well sit around and eat cookie dough because working out is not doing anything for her and did you see the way she tried to make rachel look bad when julie asked her about rachel but rachel put her in check and said I saved us didn’t I lol

    1. I know, right! Rachel kept her in the game, basically saved her; and she was like making her sound like she has sooooo much to tolerate. Rachel deserves to win this. She works for EVERYTHING. I was laughing so hard at Kalia trying to get her butt through this last comp. Oh my, what a sight. I was surprised that ole Adam could keep up with Rachel there for a while. Very glad that Shelley is GONE. Good riddens Ms. Straightshooter!

      1. When will adam give his weekly “man, i gotta win a comp, i dont deserve to be here speech”, as he has lips firmly puckered and locked on the HOH’s buttocks?????

          1. Bone, I know you don’t think you are being racist, but you did only name as answers…Kahlia, and all black television characters or black female caricatures. (On a side note, Kahlia actually reminds me of one my childhood friends…who happens to be white. Her mannerisms, her facial expressions…everything.)

            I don’t offer this link to be rude, but to offer a different perspective on why the answers you provided “could” be considered offensive. Sadly these things have worked their way into our pancake products and television characters, and therefore have been mistakenly believed to be acceptable in society today. So, take it or leave it, but I think it’s important to always keep learning:

            I wish you the best.

            1. Yes, I did compare Kalia to 3 overweight, African american, women. As kalia is an overweight, African american, woman. that would be the point. It really wouldnt make sense if I compared her to 3 skinny, Caucasian, men now would it? Thats not racism, that is simply observation humor.

              Okay, let me be politically correct. Who is that in the above photo

              a- kalia
              b- Jim Carrey
              c-Tom Selleck
              d- Tom Cruise

              Do you see my point now?

          1. At this point I kinda want Rachel to win. I loved Dani but Kalia is so arrogant I can’t be in her side. Like it or not Rachel played the best game. Everyone was against her but she’s pulled out wins when she needed them. Adam will make final 2 no matter what. He’s gonna let the other 4 go after each other. He hasn’t done anything but ride coat tails. He doesn’t deserve $50 grand for sure. I like Por but she should’ve known not to open landless box and she will probably be going home but I would love to see Kalias arrogant butt go to jury.

            1. I know! Why does everything have to be RACIST? All of those characters are black, so what’s the big deal? Also, having a “dark personality” or ” the pot calling the kettle black” aren’t racist either. Geez!

            2. You know Ragan posted about people comparing Kalia to Aunt Jemima in his blog. I would post a link, but of course Simon won’t allow it, but Bone is allowed to post racist comments so I’ll do my best to talk about why it’s racist to make comparisons between Kalia and Aunt Jemima. Bone, you may not know this or know this history concerning stereotypical images of Blacks in America, but Aunt Jemima was a character that came from the minstrel show era pantheon of stereotypical African American stock characters that appeared in postbellum (e.g. Civil War) America. The insipiration for the character that appears on the box came from Pete Baker, a white man who made his living performing in blackface. Aunt Jemima was never intended to be a depiction of African Americans that was true to form. Instead, it was for quite sometime a depiction that served contemporary White interests in terms of how they wanted to see African Americans–in service roles. It was kind of like slavery without the slavery, you still get the service and to deny another’s dignity all at the same time. If you would like another contemporary example, look into “Rastas” who is featured prominently on the Cream of Wheat box. And now I retire from the blog site, possibly for good.

              1. BOTTOM LINE IS If you know it can offend someone, especially on an issue like this, why be stupid enough in taking the chance to say it? There are others ways to insult people without IMMEDIATELY making comparisons based on racial similarity.

                It’s bad enough when people play the race card at the most unnecessary times, but even worse is to play the “Oh I had NO idea that could be taken as a racial insult! I’m not racist!” card. You don’t have to be a full-fledged hateful racist individual to be ignorant enough to fall somewhere on the continuum.

                Get real.

              2. Accussing someone of being a racists when they are not is simply the last resort of an intellectual coward. My comments concerned her appearance only and had nothing to do with her character, intellect, or anything else. If I were to compare the APPEARANCE of Actor Frank Vincent to John Gotti, am I anti italian? Nope. Am i saying that Frank is a mobster or killer? Nope. It is simply a comment about APPEARANCE. Similiar to the “Separated at birth” columns you see in the newspaper or on this site. I suggest that if you are so offended by the aunt jemima character, you should start a petition and send it to Quaker oats, as it is they who are responsible for the trademark/image and not I. Oh, and you seem to gloss over Weezy and Florida. The Jefferson was one of the only shows in the history of TV (julia was another) that portrayed an upper middle class African American family (before Cosby). Weezy was also a strong role model for women of all colors who didnt take BS from anyone, including her husband. Florida from Good Times was part of a TV show that featured an all African American cast of characters. a First in tv history. This show portrayed the struggle of family in the ghetto, to stay together and deal with real life issues such as drugs, gangs, and poverty. Florida was the matriarch who struggled with her husband to keep the family together. But, you understand the comparison was appearance right? Doesnt sound like racism.

                1. If critical race theory and whiteness studies have taught us anything it’s that we are often quick to look at overt acts of racism (e.g. Klansmen walking down the street or lynchings). What we tend to overlook are the unconscious, dysconscious acts that in many forms perpetuate the logics of racism and deny others the dignity that they deserve. Now, I’m not really a betting man, but I would bet a million dollars that no African American woman wants to be compare to Aunt Jemima. And I am sure that you are aware of this. But who cares. The anonymity of the internet allows you to say whatever you want with little to no consequences. For all I know you could be a twelve year old kid who raided his grandma’s medicine cabinet and decided to go trolling online websites. It’s ok the grown-ups are here to keep you in line. Stay thirsty, my friend.

                  1. If critical race theory and blackneness studies have taught us anything it’s that we are often quick to look at
                    any act of non racism (e.g. Incompetent person of color getting fired). What we tend to overlook are the conscious, legitimate reasons or acts based on merit in which that person deserved to be fired and simply apply it to racism. That many people refuse to look at merit and simply ascribe a negative outcome to racism perpetuates the false logic that the overt act was due to racism and not some other quality lacking within the individual. Thus providing a dynamic whereby the person can look externally and ascribe all negative outcomes in their life to racism and the false idea the others have denied them dignity that they deserve. Now, I’m not really a betting man, but I would bet a million dollars that no Italian American man wants to be compare to John Gotti in character, but would have little problem with someone mentioning a physical resemblance. And I am sure that you are aware of this. But who cares. The anonymity of the internet allows you to say whatever you want with little to no consequences. For all I know you could be a twelve year old girl who raided his grandma’s medicine cabinet and decided to go trolling online websites. It’s ok the grown-ups are here to educate you on your pseudo socialogical theories. Stay thirsty, my friend.

                2. BTW I would also like you to know that I didn’t call you a racist in my initial post. What I said was that you did a racist thing. There is a huge difference between “being a racist” and “doing something that’s racist.” I think that your problem is that you are so much of an “intellectual coward” to admit that you did something that was in fact offensive and low, so you spend most of your time trying to defend a comment that most people would say is pretty indefensible. I wouldn’t call you a racist by any means, just stupid. Stay thirsty, my friend.

                  1. The issue seems to be you and others who wish to wallow in moral indignation and have arrogant sense of self importance seem to have little understanding of what constitutes racism, sarcam, or humor. So let me help you out. Enclosed is the World English Dictionary definition of “racism”:

                    “the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others”.

                    In no way did my comparison of Kalia to 3 African American characters even remotely rise to that level. Was it offensive. It depends on YOUR perspective. Are Don Rickles, Andrew Dice Clay, the late Sam Kinison offensive. Not to me, but I do remember all of them being called sexists, racists, and even homophobes during parts of their careers. Perhaps you should save your moral indignation for Eddie Murphy, who did a recurring parody of that great African American thespian Buckwheat. Either way I dont really care what you think. Oh and I am sure you would agree that comparing shelly to david spade is sexist and cruel……. Nah

                    1. Really? This is a stupid conversation. There is no racist comment being made here. I am a black women and I found the comment funny, not offensive. If i was walking down the street and saw a big white man with a long white beard, I would say, “wow, that guy looks like santa”. Is that a racist comment.

    2. I absolutely agree. Seriously, she was on TV sayig she is a pain in the butt and she is still there because Rahcel made it happen. I really like Jeff and he deserved to win but Jordan doesn’t. She wasn’t even trying at the HOH competition….I don’t really understand. Right now, I can’t believe I am sayign this, I believe Rachel deserves to win. She has calmed down, always gives her 100% at comps and became a better social player. When Rachel is without Brendon, she is way more confident and smart. Go Rachel…On a side note, I feel so bad for Jeff with the clown’s shoe thing…..poor guy. I can truly feel his pain.

      1. I so agree. The person who has really pulled it together is Rachael. At first I didn’t understand the Brendon, Rachael relationship
        But seeing her now, so strong & confident w/o him, I see the 2 as a wonderful pair. I do like Jordan, but Rachael deserves the win.
        The person I couldn’t stand was Danni, neither seasons. Why be on w/ your Dad if you’re not going to talk to him & talk about back-

    3. rachel got her game on! put up adam and kalia. She can get out porsche or kalia regardless of pov result. let someone else take out jordan later……….

      1. I am not a big rachel fan at all im all team dani but from what I saw of the HOH comp on the tv she totally deserved to win that since she was the only one trying and putting in an effort sooo never thought id say this but GOO rachel!!!!

    4. I adore Jordan, and clearly it wasn’t an easy compitition, but DANG! I couldn’t believe how slow she was doing. It think it was like only her 3rd donut down before she was literally WALKING. I’m like REALLY? I think she’s just one of those girls who just doesn’t know how to push herself to the next level in physical ways. Her mental desire to win just doesn’t connect with her body and the outcome is just plain pathetic!

      1. I didn’t see the full comp, but I doubted if it came out again as ever, RKJA. So, what’s the big deal to win, other than Rachel trying to fight? Everybody in the game just tried their best to be the least target, period! If there is no twist, no karma, so who should win? The biggest liar or the biggest floater? I really hate to see this. I hope Rachel wins to the final. She is the only hg who deserves to win, loyal and contributing!

    5. I know I don’t think Jordan even has done anything but win hoh once in the game to deserve 1/2 a million dollars.. She talks about everyone else she is no better at comps..

    6. PERFECT HOH!!!!! So happy Rachel won HOH and now if she can just get rid of animal abuser, Kalia, and Rachel hater, Porsche it will be PERFECTION!!! Hoping Jordan and Rachel final two but think Rachel deserves to win and Jordan $50,000 and Jeff America’s favorite. Sick of watching Kalia and Porsche do nothing but eat and sleep. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Allison Grodner poster this on her twitter 2 hours ago “If the new HOH opens Pandora’s Box, one House Guest in particular will be very happy….”#CBSBigBrother So we can assume that it’s something to keep JR in power

          1. julie said it involves a celebrity. So my two guesses are Tori Spelling for Adam (barf) or Janelle for Porsche, although I’m not sure Janelle qualifies as a “celebrity”.
            Probably Tori.
            I hate big brother.

            1. Two HGs will be VERY HAPPY if the celebrity is Tori Spelling.
              Adam will get to meet her AND
              Tori will tell Rachel that she will be Rachel and Brendon’s Wedding Planner.

              Tori will bring a Wedding Cake to the show and
              Kalia will get first dibs on which tier she wants to eat.

              Jordan will sit silently with her vacant stare, knowing her $howmance to Jeff is phony
              and R/B’s isn’t. A real BB Showmance is about to have a Wedding.

    7. Rachel is carrying Jordan, if she doesn’t detach from her J will take the 500K again! Btw, check @agrodner22 (tonight) “The fortune teller might not have spoken tonight but rest assured she will be in the near future”…

      1. Of course the FT will speak soon and she’ll give something to someone on the block, which will probably be Kalia and Porsche. That’s the way they manipulate the game. As soon as one side has power the other side gets a manipulated advantage tho you would never know it by the people here who think their favs are the ones getting screwed all the time.

        1. porsche didn’t have to open pandora’s in fact she said she wouldn’t, and the girls still had to win veto.
          if the fortune teller simply gives someone a pass that would be funny

      1. You do realize why its called “Big Brother”, right? Its because “the man” or “Big Brother” is always in control. Its not screwing anyone around, its the nature of the game and how it always has been.

    8. I love Jordan but oh my gosh that was just plain pathetic. There wasnt even a hint of an effort. this whole season she has been dragging her feet actually. I have a feeling that she was not that interested in doing this season. I think Jeff was way more into it than her. It’s just weird. Rachel seriously deserves to win this year.

      1. At the beginning of the HOH comp, you can tell that Jordan was really trying, but I think once she saw that Rachel had a substantial lead and that Adam was ahead of her, I think that’s when her momentum went down.

        Although I don’t think people give Jordan enough credit for anything. She came in second place on the last two HOH competitions and who knows, she might be able to pull off what did on her last season and win when it really counts.

          1. No, Kalia and Porsche even said that they were looking at the distance of the eyes…..they studied the wall too! Adam stared at it too!

    1. they have to do the nominations first Simon, they have eviction next Weds, so they is no rush this week for anything except the POV

    2. Kalia should nail the face morphing POV as long as there is food hanging out of the HG mouth.

      Anyone else have trouble with Live Feeds audio when Kalia is singing or eating? It is so loud you would think giant squirrels are making their way through a nut farm.

      1. YES. YES YES.

        Kalia’s munching… and her lazy mouth talk when she’s lying down or eating…. her gross smacking while she talks.
        And then there’s the Mouth Breather Adam. The camera every single freaking night stays on him while he’s in the kitchen either in silence so we can hear every breath and movement of his gross nasal sounds… or while is microphone is up way too high over everyone else.
        I literally push fast forward until Kalia and Adam are out of view every night…. which is the whole 3 hours now since it’s Final 5.

        lol yes it’s irking me.

    3. If Kalia is the target, then how in hell would she ever know?

      Loved the look on her face when Shelly pretty much said her (1) vote means squat against RJ’s 2 votes. The dunce cap needs to be shared by Jordan and Kalueless. Now that is a tough battle. I could not wager on any of those 2…it’d be too close to call.

    4. Thank you for this site, I had no BB tonight because of FOOTBALL!! Does anyone know if Rachel can participate in the HOH comp next week? Usually they can’t, but I know that at the end the HOHs can. Does anybody know?

    5. If Kalia is the target, I don’t want her winning the POV, then Porsche will go home instead. Jordan needs to go, she does NOTHING, plus she’s won BEFORE. Jordan/Adam need to go after Kalia, Porsche/Rachel in final two!!

        1. Um, I think it’s a VERY good reason, she only won half a million dollars a few years ago, how selfish is she trying to win again? She’s clearly NOT trying, so give someone else a chance to win. Now IF she had played a good game, then MAYBE she’d deserve to win again, but she’s hasn’t.

          1. I don’t think because someone has “won something before” is a good reason to not give them a prize. It is almost as saying “the Steelers won the Superbowl a couple of years back so they don’t deserve to win again.” It is who wants the prize more, that is what competition is all about. Now, that being said, J has not really done much this season to impress me. I like both J and J but Jordan is just not bringing it at all. I personally want Rachel to win. I think she does deserve it. I did not like her goodbye message to Shelley, but that is her choice. (FYI So not a Shelley fan)

    6. I agree i think kalia is the bigger target because questions are next so i am guessin nom shouldn’t be a surpirse that she puts up kalia and porche. Porche thinks that she will put up adam and kalia and then she can win pov and take kalia off the block and rachel would be forced to put up jordon but rachel would never be that stupid

    1. For a minute there i thought it was a doughnut eating contest. Kalia the Hut would of had this in the bag yo.


      1. These are average, typical HOH competitions. Anyone could pull it off. Adam was right behind Rachel in the beginning even though people think that he doesn’t have a shot at all.

    2. Would’ve been too obvious, they wanted to make us think it wasn’t tailored for Rachel *wink*

      Rachel crawls through Brendon c*** on a daily bases, this was a cake walk for her….

      1. to Ill Will…wanted to complain about your language and attitude…and BOOM…hit in the face with your poster…I am so liking it…rude and crude…but honest to the bone…

    1. That was exactly my first impression when I saw that photo! Kalia got PLAYED!!! Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg!

        1. A few weeks ago someone said Kahlia looked like Janet Jackson. really?
          so then does Janet Jackson look like the pancake lady? I said weeks ago that Kalia did NOT look like Janet Jackson…but now suddenly she looks like the pancake lady.

          I’m not sure if the remarks are racists….I think it is because of the obesity.
          Portia was a probably a size 2 when she came into the house..she will probably end up a size 6; Kalia was a size 8…she will probably be a size 12 or 14 by the time she walks out the BB door……..everytime I see a photo of P or K…they are putting food in their mouth.

        2. I really fail to see how that could possibly be racist. Referencing a black woman to another black woman on syrup bottle.

          I bet you wouldn’t say shit to anyone that referred a White woman to another White woman on a bottle of dish washing soap
          or referred a Bald White Man to Mister Clean.

          Enough with the hyperbole.

          1. For your fricking enlightment…

            Just How Racist Was Aunt Jemima?

            If you go to the “Our History” section of the Aunt Jemima website, it gives a rather whitewashed rundown of key moment’s in the company’s long life. It was founded in 1889, and 100 years later, “the image of Aunt Jemima was updated by removing her headband and giving her pearl earrings and a lace collar.” But what about the image of Aunt Jemima, say, six or seven decades ago? Did she still “stand for warmth, nourishment and trust”? Well kind of, but it was more of a nourishment and trust of racism. Embrace your past, Quaker Oat Company! We dug through the archives for some classic Aunt Jemima ads from the 1940s, and it’s true what they say: “Happifyin’ Aunt Jemima Pancakes Sho’ Sets Folks Singin’!” About racism!:

            1. Nobody is being racist on here, get over yourself. They are making fun of her because she is always stuffing her face like a penned pig. This is a BB forum and somehow…. someone had to turn this into a racism thing. It’s people like you that help contribute and continue the racism debate and issues in our country. If someone was trying to be racist, I’m pretty darn sure they could do a better job then referring to Khalia as the new picture on a syrup bottle. Since you took offense to that, you probably need go on down to the store and get yourself some tissue and ice cream and have a pitty party on your couch. It is amazing that you took the time to research the story behind a picture of syrup bottle. Nobody gives a crap. Find better things to do with your time.

              Now, back to BB. Rachael is clearly the best player in the house hands down. Unfortunately she is playing with Jordan who I still have no idea won this game. I would go ahead and take her and that human boat Adam to the finals. It doesn’t really matter who goes to the finals with Rachael because she is going to win if she makes it that far. Peace

              Leroy Jenkins

        3. Did you also protest any time Rachel was referred to as Boy George or Shelly was called a shemale? If not, you really shouldn’t complain about this because calling Kalia Aunt Jemima is in the same league. Now if they started calling her that at the start of the season you’d have a point, but it wasn’t until she put on the turban that anyone mentioned it.

          Reminds me of Isaac Hayes never complaining once about the way South Park portrayed Jews, Muslims, Catholics or the Christian right but got his panties in a wad when they went after Scientologist’s. Makes the protest very transparent.

      1. Naw, I would say his/her mama deserves to be on a “Cracker Jack” box! And for any other neo-ofay who agreed with him/her.

        1. “but now suddenly she looks like the pancake lady.” ….what I was saying is that bloggers have went from saying she looked like Janet Jackson a few weeks ago to saying she looks like Aunt Jemina ….the pancake lady. Yes….the bloggers…NOT ME. I think it has already been covered weeks ago that some bloggers are racists (and their hate or dislike for Kalia is not about her game but it is about the color of her skin). If you have 100 people…. at least one of them will be ignorant. Although I’m not a Kalia fan…I think it woud be absolutely impossible for me to be racists towards her since I am a black female.

          …and I try to choose my battles wisely. I read these blogs and folks talk about everybody. Dani is a skelitore and other nasty stuff was said about her. Shelly has been talked about so much until ….it was almost like the fortune teller was a beauty queen standing next to Shelly; Portia was called poor trailer trash; and Adam…where do I begin with what people have said about him…and Jordan has been talked about like she is the most air headed blonde in the world…these are the types of comments people make….so then I’m not going to get bent out of shape that bloggers are saying that Kalia looks like Aunt Jemina, Florida Evans, Weezy from the Jeffersons or whatever. …now if someone makes a comment that I feel is purely racists….then I yea….I’m probably going to reply back…..but since the people on this site talk about ALL the house guest equally… is really hard to say that calling Kalia Aunt Jemina is being racists. so then, when you reply back about “someone’s mother belonging on a pancake box…cracker jack box, ect”….I don’t know if your reply was to the person who made the orginal post….or to me…but either way…that’s my two cents.

    1. Jordumb shouldn’t even win the 50K, let alone 5¢. The only thing she’s done this entire season is take up space in the house. Jordumb & Adumb are the two biggest floaters this season.

      1. Floater – someone who switches to the side that has power every week, or just switches sides in the house constantly.

        Jordan is not a floater. She has been on her team since the first day. She isn’t a good competitor. There is a difference. Just because someone doesn’t do anything does not make them a floater.

        Adam is the perfect definition of a floater.

        1. I agree, people are bashing Jordan for simply being down on her luck this time but she was honest and did not float back and forth from one side to another. I agree that she was acting slow in the HoH comp but maybe there was a reason. I am a fan of her and Jeff but was really wanting Jeff to win this time however since that is not going to happen now, I feel Jordan has already won once already so I would really like to see rachel win it this time.

          1. Honestly, watching the HOH comp tonight, I thought that everyone appeared to be moving in slow motion. Maybe the glaze was hard to get through, you gyus don’t know that, so you’re really not in a position to say whether or not the houseguests were moving up to speed.

          2. Yeah, but maybe Jordan didn’t float from one side to the other, but why would she need to? She was with some of the stronger players and she let them just take her to the end…

        2. I’ve seen a few conveniently worded definitions of the term “floater”. The word “floater” is derived from the root word “float”, which means “to rest or move on or near the surface of a liquid without sinking: “she relaxed, floating gently in the water”. Make no mistake about it, Jordumb (& Adumb) are the definitive “floaters”! In fact, after BB13 ends, the revised edition of Webster’s dictionary will have a picture of these two under the definition of the word “floater”.

    2. Jordan is pretty useless, but let’s look at the others:

      Rachel aka the beast: Is she up to four or five now?
      Porsche: 2 wins
      Jordan: 2 wins
      Kalia aka the horse: 1 win
      Adam aka Snorty McSnort Snort: 0 wins

      Given the numbers, I think Kalia and Adam are the most useless, Jordan and Porsche have done okay and Rachel is killing the others in the competitions. Of course, that might be different if the strongest players hadn’t already been voted out.

      1. I think your numbers are off. Starting from when everyone could compete as individuals.
        Kalia 2 HOH
        Porche 1 HOH and 1 POV
        Rachel 1 HOH 1 POV
        Adam 1 POV – thrown to him
        Jordan – Zero

            1. Jordan still has one win if you start counting after the golden keys were removed – the David Hasselhoff luxury competition and you can’t really discredit her for that since she guessed first and got it right.

        1. Didn’t Rachel win HOH week 1 and week 3? I thought the veterans had absolute power the first 3 weeks. although if I am wrong then I am wrong.

        2. Kalia’s first HOH doesn’t mean anything because she screwed it up and evicted Lawon, and Porsche’s HOH doesn’t mean anything because she also screwed it up and evicted Shelly

        1. the hoh that jordan won may of looked like it was being thrown to her but i don’t think that either of them would of beaten her score. no one was even close to her score. she had a really good score in that one. now i don’t think she’s done anything else in the game besides that one competition but i think she won that one fair & square. in every other competition she competes in it looks like she doesn’t really even try at all. she seems to be real lazy when it comes to competitions. now rachel tries very hard at every competition. she’s a real competitor & i think she is the only one who deserves to win. at least out of who’s left in the game. i think i probably would want her to win even if the others were still in the game.. .

            1. jordan’s hoh counts because we don’t know how brendan and jeff would’ve done it that comp, and the luxury comp counts because no one else was even close

              1. Sure Jordan’s win counts but by Jeff and Brendon giving it to her
                they took away her bragging rights. They should have played since
                they were all on the same team.

        1. Kalia couldn’t win a competition that requires any physical activity if her life depended on it. And to think about it, the last HoH she won she even admitted that she guessed on the last question. She is just as useless as the other tards still in the house. Her only prayer is that any of the next competitions don’t require her to use her body. Remember the competition where her and her partner where in the suit together and she freaked out and started crying for the medic hahaha. She’s weak. At least Adam hang’s his sack out there…yeah the guy completely sucks but I admire him for giving it all during every comp. He’s still a floater though.

  2. This season is going downhill fast yo. Crown the winner already and get this shit over with. Thank god for football yo.


    1. Yep. Can’t wait for season 14. Please ….ALL NEW PEOPLE.
      If I see JJBRDD again ….especially at the same time in the BB house….I might get sick.

      …but maybe they could cast Keith, Cassi, and Dom for season 14 since they were direct casualties of the Vets.

    2. I’m with you James. BB draft sucked this year. I hope next year they do all villains, divas and nutcases. Let the house implode instead of just slowly deteriorating like they’re doing this season.

  3. My God is Cowlia stupid.Completely fell for it hook, line and sinker when Jordan hinted they “might “vote to keep Shelly just to use that to gain Adam the eternal floater’s vote. How has she gotten this far in the game ? It baffles me it really does. Anyone with half a brain knows that JR detest Leatherface and for good reason. Why would they ever have voted to keep such a disgusting backstabbing creature ?

    1. Since my gal Dani left, I was actually hoping either of the competing (and winning) newbies, P or K, would win the game. However, I have to agree with you, K is a pathetic strategist. It’s actually been painful to watch her make imbecilic move after move. She’s so eager to have people like her, to not offend anyone, that she has self-destructed time after time, taking anyone whose misfortune it has been to align with her, down with her each time. P hasn’t helped, as anyone with even the most elementary of educations would know that opening up a door entitled “Pandora’s Box” would bring disaster. Uggggg!

      1. The newbies are the dumbest team ever from putting up their own allience to opening pandor’s box they have made one mistake after another mistake. If porche leaves she is going to be kicking herself for that choice forever.

        1. EVERYBODY OPENS PANDORA”S BOX production knew that that’s why they put the twist in there, if Porsche had not opened it , a power would’ve been given to JR by the fortune teller, that’s way it turned on before the Box was opened they were going to use it had the box not been opened.

  4. I expect the noms to be porsche and kalia. I think kalia will win veto and Porsche will go home. I’m finding it difficult to give a shit at this point.

  5. I cant wait for cowila leaves, it sucks listening to hear on the feeds, I don’t know how you guys listen to her all day, I would pull my ears off and eat them.

    1. It’s literally like [shoves food in mouth] it’s gonna be like [passes gas] literally, like Team PorKa [pees in the hot tub] is literally gonna be like [shaves hoooohaaa for the umpteenth time] in big, like humongous, [farts again] trouble.

      Adam FTW, yo!

    1. Have no fear. We can always count on Production to steer Rachel in the right direction. All in the interest of fairness, of course.

      Go, Team Production, yo!

      1. All I can say is that I hope to hell that the camera and sound crew get a handsome bonus if R & J make it to the final two. Anyone who has to look at, and listen to so intently the mindless drivel from J and the rantings and ravings of R, deserves the 500K themselves or, at the very least, a generous bonus and a paid vacation to any place where intelligent beings can be found.

    2. Rachael will put up Kalia and Portia. If K or P win veto then Adam will be the replacement, but he will not be the target or voted out. If this happens(K or P win veto and Adam goes up)…then it will probably be a tie…which Rachael will cast her vote to send P or K home.

      BB has really gotten quite predictable at this point. If Adam is a replacement, BB will try to make viewers think that there is a possibility that he will be sent packing….but Adam will be in the final 3. ….that’s my prediction.

      —Season 14…yea!!!!! All New Cast
      and then All Star Cast for season 15

      & another request: ….men are always talking about which women are hot on BB.
      The female viewers only had the Jeff eye candy this season….can BB get some real cute men with a nice six pack; sexy legs, etc. in the house (at least 2 or 3)….personality counts a lot too…so the cuties don’t need to be a bone head like Brenden. If CBS don’t know what cute is…we can send some example photos. Thank you.

    1. I feel like Rachel does have a decent shot sitting next to Jordan in the final two. If they bring up gameplay, Rachel has definitely brought her A-game and she deserves to be sitting in the final two and I don’t think she’s been that bad of a person.

  6. She needs to put up Kalia and Porsche so even if Adam (what are the chances of that lol) Jordan won’t have to go on the block.

  7. Rachel should put up Adam this week, unless she’s a hypocrite. She hates floaters and this is her chance to get rid of a floater. Right? Sigh … another week of floating through for Adam. Good job Adam!!

    1. Agree but she is in fact a hypocrite and, she will take Jordumb & Adumb, the biggest floaters in the game, with her to the end if she gets the chance. Wasted space is all these two are, wasted space!

  8. UGH. I don’t get why people want the vets to win so badly!!! Jordan was a coattail rider this whole game and Rachel is annoying as hell. It’s funny that Jeff is winning fan favorite… can someone explain how this arrogant jerk is a ‘fan favorite’? Maybe a favorite of divorced cougars.

      1. That’s fine, but what does that have to do with Big Brother? They should be on ABC Family or Lifetime for you to enjoy. It’s not supposed to be a love cruise. It’s a mad scramble for $500,000.

    1. My sentiments exactly!!!!!!!!!! Having the vets return on a season with newbies was the first of many mistakes made by BB Productions. A useless season!

      1. Agree.

        No matter how BB Production chooses to spin the Vets vs Newbies, it has been
        a failure, and, IMO, one they knew about beforehand. They didn’t care.
        This was supposed to be “Big” Jeff’s win, a freebie. At least, that failed to happen.

        I still question the integrity of allowing Jeff to play BB given his previous and
        future employment with CBS.

      1. Don’t think Jeff was that upset when he first entered the house. It was Ds comments that put him in a very bad mood. About how proud she is on her alliance and how she was talking about “karma”, how she was smiling and clapping @ Jeff’s demise while watching the video, etc. Granted, he is not the best loser, but it was still a quick exit for him. Like he said, he had no idea that was going to happen, so he didnt have time to get “used to it” so to speak. I cant say I would not be a little irked over a few of her comments. What do ya’ll think? :D

        1. Dani seems to like making all kinds of rude, snide, catty and petty comments then saying kidding or joking to make it seem like she doesn’t actually mean it when it really seems like she does. She did this on her previous season too. I was a Dani fan until this season but now I just think she’s rude. She couldn’t even tell the truth once she was in the jury house, she still lied and told Jeff she wasn’t planning on going after him when she said multiple times in the house that he had to be the next one to go. It’s one thing to lie in the game but when you’re done why bother continuing the lies.

  9. Pinto looked good tonight. Im hoping to see her and Rachel in final 2 ( I know right?). So shes gotta win this veto.

  10. I’m calling it right now – Porsche and Rachel are in the final two… with Porsche winning. (MAYBE Kalia if she isn’t evicted this week) CBS will not allow the final two to be Jordan and Rachel … sorry vet fans! It wouldn’t even be worth watching. A newbie and a vet will definitely be in the final two.

      1. How loaded was Casey? I had to turn it off. He was dominating the conversation, but I couldn’t understand him cuz he was slurring his words so bad.

  11. Anyone as disgusted as I am with this seasons manipulation re:Allison Grodner please contact Arnold Shapiro/Endermol Entertainment 7800 Beverly Blvd,Los Angeles CA 90036.It is an insult to fans to watch an entire season when allison pulls the puppet strings of what will happen next.I enjoyed watching this show from the beginning,too bad she has ruined it for me……………

    1. Agree this jeff and jordan love fest and obsessive physco fans is sickening i cant even watch it anymore i come spoilers to see that i am totally right

  12. Why is it a joke that Rachel won HOH? She is by far the strongest competitor now. She has it in the bag. The only one who could beat her on final 2 would be… yes, Jordan. One more thing, was Dani a bi&ch at today or what? That girl don’t learn. She could still be in the house if she would have stayed with the original alliance. Sucks fo rher.

    1. I love Dani’s attitude in the Jury House. Looks like Jeff’s week is going to be hell with Dani in the house, not the other way around. Brendon seems like he is back to the old nice Brendon.

      1. Are you kidding?! Dani’s voice was like fingernails on a chalkboard. “Shocker”! “That’s my girl”. Blah!! She is so annoying. If you were such a master manipulator your minions would have been able to keep you in the house.
        Rachel and Porshe need to be in the final two. (sorry Jord but you have been about as interesting as watching grass grow)

      2. Brendon is a quite guy.
        Dani is a self conscious person.
        Jeff is the high/low kinda guy.
        They are going to have a blast. The best part of the show was the Jury House.
        I loved Brendon and Dani’s attitude, Jeff was sad because he was totally blindsided.

        How I called that!

        Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!

  13. smarter to get Porsche out so put Porsche up and Tell Adam he’s a pawn if Porsche get veto Kalia goes up Kalia goes home Jordan and whoever is not on block votes Rachel stills votes out whoever she wants or is Rachel win Veto backdoor Porsche

    1. The best idea would be to put up Kalia and Porsche. That way, if either of them win Veto, they can only save themselves. However, if she were to put up Adam and Kalia and Porsche won Veto, she would take Kalia off and Rachel would have to put up Jordan with Adam. Hopefully she will nominate Kalia and Porsche, because even if Adam wins Veto he wont use it (typical floating style).

      Team Rachel… never thought I would say that!

      1. That would be the smart thing for her to do, BUT I hope she doesn’t. I hope she puts up Adam/Kalia, with Porsche winning POV, taking Kalia off, then Rachel will have to put up Jordan. Kalia/Porsche only vote, then it’s BYE BYE Jordan! That’d be the second best move this season, after Jack Ass Jeff’s eviction!

    1. i hope she is in final 2 because as usual the competitors or hoh are always so busy trying to get out someone that has won or someone they feel is a competitive threat that no one ever thinks about the floaters as a threat accept rachel and no one seems to pay her any attention because they are so busy trying to get her out. maybe if they play the game getting floaters out early and having the final 4 be strong competitors it would be better, but it hardly ever happens that way. because eventhough porsche has won and kalia has won i mean they really weren’t that strategic. they made nominations based on what dani or shelly in the case of kalia wanted instead of what was best for their game. But the one thing dani told them that they did not hear or either did not listen to eventhough she was saying rachel needed to go she also said if rachel was in final 2 against any of them they would win and rachel would be 2nd, but somehow porsche and kalia rather gamble with taking each other or even adam because they feel a newbie should win. Really these 2 are the worst players ever considering a newbie over $500,000, because if they take adam to final 2 adam is going to win and having never won anything because he has the argument of being on the block more than anyone and no one having the nerves to vote him out because they didn’t feel threaten by him, and plus every one knows how much of a fan he is of the game and want to by an apartment they would give it to him because unlike shelly although he played both sides he never made enemies with anyone he actually managed to get everyone to like him.

  14. lol rachel had the hoh completion won before it even started. hopefully rachel puts up adam and kalia. and hopefully porsche can win pov forcing rach to put jordan up like adam said. but thats a slim chance. its pretty much game over though rach and jordan most likely will make the final 2, or if rach really wants to win the whole thing she’ll bring one of the newbies to the final 2. I’m rooting for porsche to win it all though lol go porsche!

  15. If Rachael makes it to the final 2 which she probably will the way things are looking bcuz the players that’s left are whack, I hope she’s not dumb enough to take dumb ass Jordan with her!!!!

  16. Buh-bye Straight Shooter, you were fun while you lasted. I hate to say it, but I think Boy George is going to win this year. I gotta say, she has returned with a vengeance, played a much better social game, and if she gets to the end despite having the biggest target on her back, she earned it. Sheesh. That hurt to type.

  17. Just with Shelly’s speech alone that she was going to work with Rachel and Jordan should have made Kalia choose to keep Adam over Shelly, even if she did think her vote wouldnt matter since they said they were voting Adam out. I just dont understand Kalia’s mind sometimes.

  18. HAHAHAHAHA! J/R Just screwed P/K! Next up Porsche is next. After next special Eviction-Porsche is gone. Kaila will nowhere to go!
    Revenge List:Team JJBR,Team Jorchel (J/R),Team Brenchel, Team JJ
    Dom (PT)-Evited by Jeff/Brendon/Rachel-Convinced Dani to get rid of a strongest threat Jeff
    Dani-Evicted by HOH Jeff:Tried to Backdoored Jeff
    Shelly-Evicted by Rachel & Jordan:Payback for Backstabbing Jeff and think that Rachel lied but it’s not true.
    Porsche(?)-Backstabbing Rachel and go along w/Danielle
    Kaila (?)-Go along w/Dani plan to screw to get rid of Rachel instead of Jeff
    (3)-Got Got
    Final 3:Rachel vs Jordan vs Adam

    1. agree with everything and i hope your final 3 are accurate with JR in final 2 except rachel asked porsche last week why she stopped talking to her and porsche told her she went with the other side because when brandan left the first time rachel was acting crazy, and she felt she had no one so she went with dani and rachel agreed with her and said that she had been acting silly, plus she just told Jordan she don’t want to evict porsche. I think what JR are doing is if they win in the final hoh they will take each other, but incase adam wins the final hoh if he’s there he will take jordan because they are alligned, and if porshce wins final hoh if she’s still there then she will take R not because she’s alligned with R, but because she feels J won already and don’t need to win again, and plus she thinks she has a better chance with R. I think this season is going to be like allstars 2 former players are going to be in final 2, like will and boog. AT LEAST I HOPE SO

  19. i really hope kalia wins the veto which forces rache to put porsche up. she’s blinded by a friendship she made in the beginning of the game, but jordan is right she needs to seperate adam and porsche because at least this way with kalia having voted for adam tonight he may want a newbie to win, but he won’t trust kalia after that, and plus with her winning so many things he may think the odds of him winning against kalia aren’t that great. i hope porsche goes home next weds, with kalia out thurs. give dani a great gift send her her little minnions.

  20. Shocker! Rachel won HOH, like we all knew, she will nominate Porshe and Kalia for eviction, and Kalia will be the one to go…..CBS will bring back Pandora’s box to make sure Rachel and Jordan stay safe and make it to final 2 with no problems…

  21. Ok gotta ask, I’ve had an argument with a relative that when you are a HG that is not on the Block and win the Veto, if you save someone that is on the block that make you vulnerable to be picked to be on the block. Relative says “No, you are both safe if you use the Veto to save someone on the block with it”

    Which is it?

    1. If your on the block, win Veto and chose to save the other person sitting next to you, you are no longer safe by the POV, and you can be evicted,.Did you not watch this season? that’s now Brendumb got evicted, he chose to save Rachel. NOw if Your NOT on the block and you win Veto and choose to save one of the noms you are still safe…

      1. Erm, yeah, I’ve watched most seasons and I’m well aware that if you’re on the Block and win the veto and choose to use it to save the other that you can be voted out. That was not my question, but thanks for answering something anyway.

    2. You lose. Your relative is correct. If the Veto winner is NOT on the block, then they have the opportunity to take off someone that IS on the block and they are BOTH safe. Unless the veto winner is already on the block, then they can either use it to safe themselves or the other person on the block. :)

      1. Ok Thanks, looks like I’ve been wrong about it all these years. I always thought that if you weren’t on the block and won the POV and used it to save someone, you weren’t safe anymore and could unfortunately end up being chosen by the HOH as a replacement.

        Oh well, no biggy. I guess that’s fair. ;-)

    3. If you are on the block and win POV and do NOT use it on yourself, you can get voted out. If you are not on the block, you can not be put on the block if you have POV. Whoever is taken off the block is safe.

    4. If you are NOT on the block and you win Veto, you can choose to take someone off the block and you are BOTH safe. In that case HOH would have to choose someone to go on the block in their place other than you.

      If you ARE on the block and you win Veto, you can choose to give it to the other person on the block(like Brendon did with Rachel) but in that case, you are not safe.

  22. Yay, CBS got their way. Ginger Rachel or lazy Jordan will win. What a joke…..

    Jordan probably can’t even finish a BJ without complaining she’s tired.

    1. Wow thats rude. As Jeff said Jordan is underestimated in this game. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rachel gets evicted next week if Adam or Porsche win HOH. That means Jordan will make it to final 2. It is their fault for not evicting Jordan when they had the chance. This is how Kevin from BB11 got screwed because Jordan beat him in the final HOH and took Natalie. He lost 500K because of that. So who’s the dumb one now?

      1. What Jeff meant by Jordan being underestimated is in the game itself he knows she sucks ass in comps, and the ONLY reason she won those last comps in her season was because Natalie and Kevin sucked harder, she had no competition and when she does have competition she always loses, unless Rachel is stupid enough to take Jordan to final 2, Jordan had NO chance to win… she is USELESS in comps Rachel can’t depend on her next week, Kalia or Porsche will win HOH and J or R will be gone…

        1. I don’t think it’s true that she had “no competition” within the final three. At first glance, Kevin and Natalie obviously look like they were in better physical condition and that was proven when Kevin won the first part of the HOH comp. Everyone thought that Jordan was stupid, but she pulled off the second part of the HOH comp and the last one. And she did have competition, had Kevin been in the final two, he would’ve won, so Jordan’s win wasn’t secure.

          1. Kevin and Natalie were level with Jordan as far as competion goes. This year she would only be able to beat Adam. Rachel, Porsche, and Kalia are all far more competitive than Jordan. Unless someone takes her, she’s not winning.

    2. For all the people who were shocked last time when Jordan one. They will be shocked when she wins again. Haven’t you all figure it out? Its not about ‘game play’ who wins, its about socialization. People want to see nice people win. 60% of our tally has JJ as favorites.. People!! This blog is in the minority. Jordan will win again. Being nice (while she has lied and has flaws) wins the hearts of people. Thats not just BB, thats life. I know Dani fans hate to hear this. but a good ‘game’ doesnt get you a game. It gets you this far.. but not a win. Again, thats life.

      1. She’s not targeted because she can’t win competitions. If she was as good at comps as Rachel is she wouldn’t last long. And walking around with a blank stare is not a social game.

  23. Jordan just doesn’t seem motivated when playing in the comps anymore. Perhaps because Jeff is gone and she wants to be in jury with him or cause she’s already got money. Still love her though just wish she could prove herself as a player.

    1. i hope so too. i think she got comfortable because jeff and brendan were better and more motivated competitors. I also think she played to personal and got hurt and just don’t care. she did however admitted to only coming back for jeff. i just hope that she puts that motivation to good use and win now that jeff is gone.

    2. Not Motivated? that’s your new excuse for Jordan? She sucks in comps this should be known by the world the only reason she won those last comps in her season was because natalie and kevin sucked

  24. I’m happy for Rachel but I’m worried for the next week when it’s down to the final 4.. she can’t win the HoH.. and if she doesn’t win the PoV she might be gone… I just really hope that she wins that F4 PoV!!

  25. rachel has won so much. As a bronze star winning IED clearance fan of the show just give her the money. She deserves it.

    1. Not to worry, if you’re in the West coast, you get to see it at 10pm Live! on CBS [LOL] And that’s the honest truth, as America is my witness.

  26. i wonder if the fortune teller has something to do with pandora’s box. I wonder if she’s going to grant adam his wish of meeting a 90210 cast member since Julie both mentioned 90210 to him tonight during the live show and plus she said it will be a celebrity pandora’s box. If adam gets his wish which is something good. I wonder what rachel will get? It seems like her and brendan have bad luck with pandora’s box.

  27. God damb kalia looks hilarious in that pic. Man I was watching old highlights from past big brothers the show has changed so much. I watched some
    If dr.will DR sessions the man was a genius. I watched Marcellus give a long ass speech with out that annoying biatch Julie interrupting. Double eviction with janelle was within 48 hours. Kaysers return. This show needs to simplify it
    Gimmicks celebrity guests, no pandoras box these things ruin the show come on! Why doesn’t big brother stop wasting time on bullshit ways to increase ratings and instead spend time finding good contestants and place them in this social experiment. Allstar season was good buy let some new personalities flourish. This show never had a chance. If dani didn’t turn on Jeff you would have seen a less cool versi

  28. geez what a shocker tonight huh! why don’t they just cancel the next 2 weeks & say that rachel & jordan r in the final 2 & not waste everybody’s time, i mean come on first the duos twist, then the endurance veto which from what i’ve heard they’ve never done before & now a physical hoh because they knew kalia would win if it was questions, it’s so obvious now they’re not even trying to hide it anymore, so they had to make sure it was made for rachel she probably just imagined brendon had ejaculated all over the place & that’s why she was crawling through it so fast to try & soak all of it up. jordan’s new job now, to say good job rachel because that’s all she does now what a waste of space.

  29. Best part of the show was Little Jeffy realizing that he evicted himself by throwing his clown shoe out–his shocked look watching his own screw up was priceless.

  30. Now that Rachel got her Swagger back…What’s next?

    One should hope she cuts Jordo the pig loose? She’s doing all the work, and Jordo is acting as if she is in charge. Rachel will get sick of that soon as in the next few days.

    Rachel’s dilemma: Best chance to win or not is finals with Jordo
    Next best: Taking Adam, she’ll win the votes
    3rd: Against Porsche, she might lose
    4th: Against Kalia, she will win.

    Rachel no longer needs Jordo…She can win this thing…and she deserves it because she has played hard and has used CBS’ “Help” to her advantage…lets hope she doesn’t open Pandora’s Box.

    For the record: Team Dani forever

    1. I’m not sure, Rachel taking one out of three floaters. Are you kidding me? Let’s see both floaters Kaila and porsche two Cocky idiots got lucky because of Dani. One thing why None of these three are going to the Final 2? 1)Porsche made more mistake because of open Pandora Box. Cost her and Kaila to lose the POV competition as a duo for one week. 2)Kaila been sleeping and eating which makes her useless. 3)Adam, well he tried his best but he hasn’t prove anything. He throw every competition till he gives up. Beside Rachel is better to keep Jordan all the way. We want to fight for the final 2. Fair and Square. Two Big Brother Alumni Rachel (BB12) vs Jordan (BB11)!!!!!!!!!
      Wanted:Nomination Evicted Floaters
      Porsche:Cocky and Aggrogance floater who is come up with a stupid plan from Dani which is still not work. Winning one HOH and one POV does not worth a dime. Does not deserve of going to the final 2 because of betrayal of Rachel. Also tried to suck up to Rachel to be her friend again and didn’t work out because of stabbing her right in her back and follow Danielle instead of being her supporter. She is Arm and Dangerous: Reward to Capture-Evicting Porsche on Wednesday Special Eviction
      Kaila:Hungry and Sleeping floater who talks alot and won’t shut up. Danielle help her of getting rid Rachel as a main target and her Fiance Brendon. Now, she hates Big Jeff as well for decided vote. She also have a Durcell in her back and never turns off. She also a cockiness Aggrogance floater to get rid of the Veterans and two Veteran survive in the House. Kaila and Porsche have a scheming planned to get rid of Rachel and Jordan to have three newbies floaters remain in the final 3. And didn’t go so well. Reward to capture-Kaila will be Evicted on Thursday for Eviction.
      Adam:Kissing Ass of Jordan/Rachel (J/R aka Jorchel or Rardon & Brendon/Jeff aka Breff or Jendon). He throw every competition. Flip flopping sides and needs to pick a side or being a fool. However, he needs to care about Rachel and Jordan not Kaila and Porsche. Reward to capture-Adam will be Evicted after the final 3.
      Capture Floaters
      DOM (PT)-Dani’s Boyfriend/Player Floater
      Shelly-Backstabbing Floater
      Cassi-Hot Model Floater
      Keith-Big Mouth Floater
      Lawon-Goofy Floater
      Danielle-Ring Leader of DKPS

  31. if rachel opens pandora’s box this week(if they decide to throw K and P a bone, doubt they will) she will lose ALL my support. Put up Kalia and Porsche, one is guarenteed to go home. period. worst case its a 1-1 tie and you take out who you want. K or P will be going to jury, period.

    so F4 will be either K/P then Adam,Rachel,Jordan. next week’s hoh could possibly be adam v jordan v porsche what a joke

    1. The chance of Rachel opening pandoras box is 100%. She’s always thinking camera time. For her, that’s more of a motivation than any prize. Anyway, the chance that it hurts her game is 0%, so she’ll be ok.

  32. I think Porsche would have given Rachel a run for her money, but Rachel earned it…I know they cast people of all walks of life, but let’s get more physical people next season bc this season you pretty much knew who’s gonna win what comps…the newbies this season were pathetic they gave them the numbers, but the vets were stacked physical wise…next comp I want a mix of physical/mental!

    Next eviction hopefully Kalia or Adam

    I like Jeff, but I don’t like he gets the satisfaction of seeing Shelly walk into the jury right after him..
    Being a game player I don’t think Rachel would take Pandora’s Box unless it was a honeymoon and dermatology appointments as well as some tequila!
    That being said at this point Rachel should be in the final 2!,

  33. let’s see if production throws the newbies a life life like they did the vets. highly unlikely. i’ve been reading on the different social medias about how people are upset that they are that this game is rigged for the favorites to win. a lot of people are disgruntled because they said that they just want to see somebody win fair and square without interferences. most people said that they are surprised that Allison Grodner would stoopthis low for ratings.

  34. man this whole show is fixed first of all Lawon looked like he threw that POV. Production must of paid him off and just when u think Jordan or Rachel might leave they magically get POV man I feel sorry for the newbies . The already lost

  35. Her name is kalia why the fat jokes somebody talk about how ugly Rachel is and ugly jordans nose is it looks like a beak why all the jokes about her voice Jordan’s is just as irritating and she eats all day too especially when Jeff was there she is such a floater talk about that

  36. let the rocket scientist K&P go play with there buttons, bunch of losers……. it was nice to see shelly classless to the end, glad she is gone…….

  37. I am losing interest in this show reaally fast. I am rooting for the underdogs (newbies) to win but apparently production wants to hand over checks to the vets. Ughh they piss me off..

  38. Jordan looks spent at this point. Jordan didn’t even come close to beating Shelly, a smoker who never works out, at the last pov. Rachel is gonna have to DRAG that dead weight across the finish line if she doesn’t cut her loose.

  39. kalia is so stupid. after shellys speech she voted to evict adam. thats out of this world…

    assume POV will be something kalia is good at. so the odds are high that porsche is going home and kalia is sleeping and guessing to final four.

  40. missed the program tonight ‘cuz of the 9er game. Too bad the newbies gave the game to the vets.
    porsche and kalia twice had rachel out the door and blew it. Had the newbies stuck to Dani’s game plan all the vets would have been eliminated before now. Hate to see either J or R win the $$

  41. i can’t wait to see Jeffs face when Shelly walks into the jury house!! mad props to rachel for winning hoh!! true fighter right there!! plus gotta love kalias face during shellys speech lmao

  42. I hope Rachel doesn’t drag that worthless POS Jordan to F2. What with Jeff trying to mold her, and Jordan saying she’s a handful; Rachel needs to realize these two have an offhand contempt for her. Poor Kalia,is she really that stupid? Sheesh. Hope Porshe doesn’t lose her mind, I like her; I’d have taken the money too.

  43. watching feeds, not sure if kalia is upset that she might go home, or that she missed out on eating all those yummy donuts

  44. so let me see the HOH was won by Rachel, I’m totally SHOCKED!!!! (sarcasm). she was up against an out of shape smoker by the name of Adam, an out of shape over eater name Kalia and a non-athletic lazy bimbo name Jordan. this is down right rigged. Rachel is gonna open pandora’s box and get $25.000 and have Brendon come in the house for 24 hrs. I’m done with this season. I already know Rachel is gonna win with production’s help. I’m not gonna waste any more time watching this garbage.

  45. So, is production going to to ruin Rachel’s hoh by saving Kalia and Porsche from the block. It’s time for a twist to be in the newb’s favor.

  46. Are you guys continue to bash Jordan? Come on, How Jordan is Useless? Really, did you watch her season? Does Jordan is pretty sucked? I’m not, she work hard, fight and fearless competitor. You guys need to look her season and deep inside of how Jordan is a strong competitor. How many times combine did Jordan win HOH and POV? Don’t tell me it was handed! I’m not buying it or tell me a whole truth. Because if you guys think She useless, your dead wrong. Rachel and Jordan will need each other to take out three more newbies. Because Rachel and Jordan aren’t scare of newbies. Both eat newbies (floaters) for lunch.

      1. Where did I trash Jordan? Oh because I’m calling out a fact the Jordan can’t win comps against competitors who can actually win competitions? and that she is useless to Rachel? Aww I know, I know the truth hurts. Here’s a tissue.

      2. all that class Jordan has won’t win her a competition, so unless Rachel takes her tin final 2 she won’t win.. Go Rachel the last competitor left who actually worked hard all season winning comps, and a pretty good social game deserves to win..

  47. Rachel will put up CowFart Kalia and Porka up. Jordumb & Adumb will float yet again to Final 5. CowFart will get evicted since Rachel sounds bent on evicting her. Because Rachel can’t compete for the next HOH and Jordumb is useless, Rachel will be put up on the block with Jordumb. Since no one except Jeff will vote for useless Jordumb in the jury house, they will try to evict Rachel. So JR MUST win the last POV to survive to Final 3. If she does make it to F3, she will no doubtedly win BB13!!!

  48. Julie Chen said that Pandora’s box will be back with a celebrity twist on Sunday. Hmmm, who will that celebrity be? She also said on Wednesday there will be a Special Eviction Episode where the final 4 will be decided and on Thursday,another houseguest will be evicted leaving the final 3 and the most important battle for the HOH

    1. 715 gallons equals 11,440 cups
      715 gallons equal 91,520 fluid ounces

      Allison Grodner was supposed to be giving BB Fans inside tips.
      Is this all we’re going to get? Corn Syrup!!!
      WOW!! lol

  49. jordan is so pretty and has long blond hair, and is happy for Rachel even though Rachel won HoH, Jordan has a big heart so she should win the $500,000.00 again.

    1. when you take out comps as a factor yes she is, Rachel will not take her to the finals, unless Rachel wants to lose? but then again Rachel or Jordan will be gone next week for sure, Adam or Jordan will not win HOH K or P will and that’s that for J or R

  50. Bye bye shelley the most vile disgusting player ever to play the game. Hope you learned some life lessons. Your actions disgraced your family. Next time, don’t steal other ppl’s precious belongings, joke about hitting a pregger in the stomach, and smoke like a chimney. What kind of example are you setting for your child? It’s just so horrible what you do. Now man-walk your way back home. The whole world hates you.

  51. lol… Adam is always switching sides. Its funny how he picks a side than the other side wins HoH, and he quickly switches sides. Adam is too funny how did he even get this far.

    1. He didn’t even had to wait for HOH to jump ships again. Right after Rachel won the veto, he went right back to JR after not talking gameplay with them for half a week.

  52. So, I was just thinking. Rachel was sooooo sick last week and she thought she was pregnant. the test was negative. now, all of a sudden she’s not sick. was this all for show? i’m not bashing rachel because i really like her, it just seems that she made a quick recovery

  53. You’ve used that joke like 10 times in this comment thread now, and while I admit I kinda chuckled the first time, it’s just sadly apparent how uncreative you are now.

    Find some new material, I WANT to laugh at your jokes.

  54. Rachel DOES deserve the big BB win this year. She improved her game immensely. I also don’t think Rachel will accept the Pandora’s box. She is smart enough to ignore it for the goal of winning BB 13. I still would like to see Rachel and Jordan as final two. The jury house will award it to Rachel who deserves it and Jordan will be happy with 2nd place money. Jeff to get bucks as America’s favorite. Happy Ending!

  55. ok haven’t been a Rachel fan..ever…but she is gonna win this game. She will get rid of Jordan and that will give her all the vets votes. I hope she takes Porsh or Adam with her to final 2 because I REALLY don’t want Kalia to even get second place money.

  56. i still think it will be jordan and adam in the final 2… rachel will open pandoras box this week but i think it will be something like she gets stuck in the hoh room while the others party with aston kutcher or something…

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