Big Brother 13 Spoilers, Porsche wins HOH

9:35pm Bedroom rachel and Jordan (they’re team is decimated so there very sad.. rachel is taking it the hardest)

Rachel says that Shelly is a fake liar. Jordan agrees, Jordan cannot handle another week in this house with those girls. She feels like they’re getting picked off one by one. Jordan seems to be taking it alright.. She says they will all be in the Jury house with Dani and we can tell her she should of stuck to the plan. Rachel bawling says she had it with this game and these stupid people.

Jordan tries to comfort her tells her they both know how this game works they’ll win again they just need to suck it up. Rachel says she really misses brendon.

Jordan: “Believe me Jeff is going to be tough this year on his voting”
Rachel says Porsche is just jealous because she’s never had a boyfriend

9:45pm Kitchen Adam has now surgically attached his lips to Porsche. He congratulates her on kicking ass in the HOH comp says this is a good day for her One POV and a HOH
Porsche goes to see Shelly in the bedroom. Shelly is pretty torn up about what happened today. Porsche tries to comfort her tells her everyone needs to realize it’s a game.

Porsche now sneaks in and listens in on JR’s sadness. They are calling Dani a bitter BLANKย in real life. They think all the people in the kitchen (newvs) Hate jeff and are jealous of him

Porsche tells Adam that last night she was practicing and before she went to bed she got 4 in a row in the hole. (The HOH comp was the snake they practiced last night)

(Adam is a BLANK… seriously what a disappointing player)

10:01pm Quad
Adam is kissing up to the newbs now telling them that he had a fake alliance with JJR.. JR are keeping to themselves but have at least stopped crying.. Shelly is broken up and laying in bed.

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Any of the three.. JRA have to go!!! They are so annoying!!!!


agreed. What is rachel talking about, saying ive had it with playing this game with these stupid people. Why are they stupid rachel??? because they’re winning?? Why didnt you win rachel? If you want to stay in the game maybe you should win something? Kinda like you told cassie huh?


Well said


You are so right ;!! Loved it when Jeff was evicted. What a self righteous moron.
And what a poor sport/big baby. Just think at the jury hous bren


How would you feel if you boyfriend or girlfriend left you in a house with those people. You thiink you would last this long.


Who’s laughing now though, Bye bye Kahlia and Porsche. =D


Jordan doesn’t even want to be in there…she would rather be in the jury house continuing her vacation. What a waste of a spot. Pathetic.


Dont worry Jordan had it right, thier side will win next week. BB productions will make sure that they have a comp where its a big gum ball machine with a ping pong ball and they will “magically” fill the tank from the bottom to ensure they win…. OH WAIT, they did that one already. No Worries, im sure they have other comps just like that rigged..i mean “randomly scheduled” for Jordan and Rachel, just you watch and see.


It is obvious that CBS and BB are manipulating the competitions to get more people agitated and tuning in..The Vets were never meant to win this game. Porche did not win the veto that got Jeff , they gave it to her .
The show use to be interesting until CBS started manipulating things so much.
The beginning was really dumb giving Porche a free ride for four weeks..Dani played a stupid game and showed her hand too quick but she did one thing and that was to aid Porche and take advantage of what Rachel started by giving Porche that key… Shelly is by far the lowest form of life ever to play that game..She didn’t play anyone but herself because there is no way she can win.. Even her friends in the house wouldn’t vote for her to get any money. I think Porche got more help then was fair but she is competing now and that counts even if BB is aiding and abetting her successes.


I agree. I believe they have had thier hands in both sides of the game playing (if want to call it that) going on in the house. I have to disagree with you about Shelly. If Shelly takes Kalia to F2, Shelly will win. ANYONE against Kalia will win, even ADumb.Shelly’s next best F2 would be ADumb, her worst F2 is Porsche. Dont get me wrong I would love to see Kalia win, out of the remaining “dumb players” she is by far my favorite Dummy. If F3 was Kalia, Adumb, and Jordumb, I would want Kalia-dumb to win. But I seriously doubt that would happen.


Of all of the people playing this game this year. None can hold a candle to the class and decency that is Jordan. If you can’t see that, then you are the biggest waste of space I’ve ever seen.


Uh – maybe you haven’t seen the feeds or read the updates tonight. Jordan has been “real classy”…


LOL, Class and Decency?? Ask her to spell it. Oh my goodness this infatuation with that idiot blond is unbelievable. Jeff you could do better but why would you? You don’t live in the same state and you can flirt with whomever you want and still get some free milk.


Dom can hold a candle to her. Dom never had a fit like that, never sulked, never complailned. His only complaining came in his eviction speech which was apparently designed to light a fire under the newbies and seems to have worked. When he knew he was going out, he was still smiling the whole time.


They had no problem picking off Dani and Dominic, isnt it supposed be a game? Why show up at all if it is supposed to be Jeff and Jordan winning.


Everything is okay and the game is not stupid when Rachel is winning. I still don’t get why Jordan is so bitter. It’s a game and when their side was picking the newbies off left and right…it was okay. I don’t get this entitlement with them supposedly just deserving to make it to the final two when in all actuality…they’re not there for the money…her and Jeff were there to spend the summer together since two grown people who’ve been together all this time can’t move to the same state…so glad Porsche won…but I kinda want Jordan or Rachel gone. Putting up Adam may not get Rachel out. Adam needs to go next. Dani is gone now so I don’t know why they keep bringing her up. At one point, Porsche was Rachel’s pawn until she turned on her when Brendan came back. At one point, Shelly was Jeff and Jordan’s pawn until she decided to stop “straight shooting” and play the game for herself. But now it’s a problem when they align themselves with someone else. The hypocrisy in this game is beyond belief. It’s a game. This isn’t real life so I’m not sure why Jordan and Rachel are judging people off game moves when they were in power they were doing the same thing.


U people think u can ,but I think Jeff should win the big brother game he was good play then everybody in there I want u to go and play the game let see who u play


Jeff is the best play n he do care about people just like jordan I hope they get something out of it good job guys


Agreed… she is a real disappointment in this game!


Yeah, like the other three (PAS) have done anything in this game either.


I say put up R & J and if one should win the POV, put up Adumb. R should be the first to go, followed by Jordumb. Dani will be stoked to see Jeff follow her to the jury and, to know the outcome of tonight’s events. Well done ladies!!


They’d probably be better getting Jordan out first

Roll Dog

I could not stop laughing about Adam being a fu**tard. He never won any game but he is still there.

Yeah, I am proud of Porsche. I really hope that she and Kalia will get rid of Rachel, for their sake and mines.


I have the feeling that BB might experience the first HOH comp in their future that no one can complete. Nice brotherly kiss on your girlfriends cheek as you left BB Jeffy.


P should send Shelly home and then P will WIN the game vs anyone else. Shelly lost 5 house votes (JJDRA) for jumping on Dani’s SINKING ship for no reason. Even, Dani will vote for K or P. Shelly and DumbDom fan club are winning the same amount of $$ (none). Jordan or Jeff still going to win America’s player money for sure. Jeff’s won 15K plus 50K for coming back, plus another 10K for making the jury. He’s not going to cry like Dani.


Shelly is the worst player in Big Brother history! she is a back stabbing , flip flopping, two-faced, smokaholic who blows fake kisses from her man lips , to a daughter that has no idea how skanky her mother really is!!!

She cries fake ass tears and is just plain gross!! All she did this season was teach her daughter how to walk like a man, smoke like a man, cheat and flip flop just like a man!!

Skanky skanky skanky!!! She needs to be voted out for flip flopping and lying, and just being over all skanky!


I SO AGREE!!! I CAN’T STAND SHELLY!!!! she is the most phoniest, biggest flip-flopper in big brother history. i hope she goes to jury soon, not that she even deserves to be there,(she didn’t win one thing, she rode on the coat tails of who-ever was HOH. she is a disgusting sad case liar and not worthy of being on jury to decide any-ones fate!!!


I agree with Eli 100%


Shelly is absolutely worthless


Adam has a great opportunity……. win POV, then take either Rachel or Jordan off……. Porsche will have to put up one of her own… Two to one vote keeps JRA in the game……… Adam must know he has no shot at the money….. HERE’S THE CATCH………….if he makes this deal and if Rachel or Jordan gets to the end they must take him……… at the very least he pockets 50000….. best move in the game….any other play gives all three zero cash……… NOW LETS WIN THAT POV ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!




If Adam wins or even gets to the final 2 it will be the biggest disappointment ever in bb. Shelly has at least done something by making lying and she did it really well. Adam swings to whoever is in power and that’s dangerous. He has no alliangce to anyone. I hope he feels like a loser after watching the show bc thats all he is, a bacon eating loser.

Roll Dog

Yeah, it would be ashamed that Adam’s family would be so embarrassed about being related to him.




lmao-bacon eating loser indeed! team kp! sajr are pathetic…its a game…and so many people in the game and on the board forget that!


My gurl Big Booty won an HOH …

I guess she would be grinning for at least the next week …

But I am sad my Ultimate Player Dani got taken out all because of a maroon player called Rachel …




Gross… Dani is evil!! Porsha is just nasty! Jordan is the only genuine person!… and I’m still trying to figure out if shelly is a real man or woman. Either way she is gross and two faced!

bella sue

Amen I agree


Ridiculous. Jordan has done nothing..and back talked about everyone. Her southern drawl is mega annoying. She’s been bullyaching about jeff leaving and the games over in 3 weeks. She’s nothing but a spoiled crybaby do nothing FLOATER.


I think every body is forgetting what A PIECE OF SHIT Shelly is for Backstabbing Jeff and Jordan they have been nothing but nice to her. AND JORDAN gave up her phone call for her, is every one forgetting that, Jordan does that and look what Shelly does for her in return!!!!! I seriously hope Shelly’s daughter is watching, WOW what an amazing role model Shelly is for her daughter.


yes it is just a game but look at all of stuff that is so unbalanced in that game… it honestly would aweful if Porshe, Kalia or Adam or Shelly won because like Jeff said on his interview it is funny how some people just woke up… and if you all were watching the same show I was it was Kalia and Jordan the last and it was just 50/50 that it could have went either way… and really the only reason that Kalia and Porshe are winning now is look who they are playing against really… come on they may win but it will be because they got all the good players out are winning by default… I like when people are playing for the money for a reason like in season 1 when the three that one were playing for very good reasons, but now since big brother has decided to boost ratings not only does it make it hard for people in there not to argue… but it also makes people out here argue about stuff neither one has any control over… I personally would love to see Jordan and Rachel win because I think that they have competed at least Rachel has more so then Jordan but I think Jordan has the best to her ability… why wasn’t Porshe able to win before cause she was also riding on coat tails…. she slid though with the vets and then when she changed her mind she was sliding through with the newbies… GO JORDAN AND RACHEL GO…..


You can call someone a floater or a competitor but maybe that’s the way they simply chose to play the game. Remember Will “the doctor” who won BB by not winning a single competition. It worked for him. In Porsche’s case, she hasn’t won until recently, but in her defense, she was forced into a floater role by receiving the golden key early in the game. Maybe Shelly goes back and forth from one side to the other because she realizes she can’t win competitions and has to adjust her game to better herself in the game and flip-flopping is the best method for her. We don’t really know. I think we can all agree that Jordan can’t win a competition and her best chance (as it was two seasons ago) was to let Jeff do all the dirty work so that she can float and emerge victorious in the end. Kalia has won both of he HoH’s in competitions where quick thinking is key. That is her strength. Her weakness is physical competitions. No one can excel at everything. Some use salesmanship to move forward and some compete. It’s very fun to watch and if I were on the jury I would not necessarily reward someone for being a competitor and I likewise wouldn’t eliminate someone from winning by labeling them a ‘floater’ if it was floating that was the only way for a particular player to get to the end.


I agree with you! Jordan is the only player that really cares about people and the blogger got it wrong it was Jordan crying all night last night because she is heartbroken about Shelly flipping on her when she really cared about her. There is no way to tell if Shelly the She-Man is a man or a woman..she/he’s pathetic no matter what gender!


Shellys a dude.I don’t think her husband knows he is married to a man.Talks,walks,smokes and drinks like a man.If she wims the money she will need it for when she is spitting up a long.Or she might use it to get “add a dick to me.”


Jeff getting the boot, followed next by either R, J or A, is a small consolation for those of us who were rooting for Dani. I see Adumb is now attaching his lips to Porcha’s ass. This floater doesn’t waste a minute. LoL


What a EFFING nite: A thing of beauty: Lets Review

1st and foremost…Dani is absolutely the Hottest Piece of A…Period

2nd…Gave her girls and inspiring exit speech/pep rally

3rd…Rachel so brutal in her send off to Dani…to be continued below..see 9th

4th…JJRA sittin pretty…Then “The Empire Struck Back”

5th…Kalia wins HOH…Proving again 2 things: Jordan’s BB11 win was a fluke and Adam is absolutely useless(all his talk about when he wins HOH)

6th…R&J on the block…add insult to injury…the “stupid blond bimbo” from the sunshine state wins POV by a mile

7th…The Pinnacle of the night…Angry future wife beater and bully, everybody is dumber than me and the vets…The Mighty Big, I hate homo’s and they should not be around young children, ASSWIPE JEFF leaving the building with a mighty big crow sandwich hanging from his mouth….now thats some reality tv for your A$$

8th…America’s Sweetheart…The lovely and kind Jordan from NC…Dropping F Bombs, Yelling, Ranting but she was gonna screw SKPA anyway…Not so lovely…I was waiting for icing on the cake, calling Kalia a “N” but didn’t happen…Life is unfair but you reap what, in your case, what you Planned to Sow.

9th..Finally…P wins HOH: Rachel, reading the Bible? seriously? Looks like God had your Number

All in All a good day in the BB House…I Guess the Newbees had been playing the vets all along…a sweep of all comps….AND once again, they are not vets(only jordan, fluke winner) because they are all in the same place they were in the previous seasons…Evicted…except for Rachel….Let the saga continue


At least Dani is gone…lol.


@Caleb89–best post of the evening. Lmao


LMAO…love it.


Excellent recap! They certainly have run the gamut of emotions in the BB house tonight; anger, jubilation, panic, jubilation, sadness, anger, hopeful, dejected, sadness, anger jubilation…..and judging by the comments on this site, the viewers have ridden the rollercoaster of emotions with them. Great night all-in-all!!

JB Smooove

Caleb, this post is EPIC!


“The Empire struck back”?? You know how that whole thing turned out, right?


couldn’t agree with you more…awesome post…best I’ve heard all day…all is well in Big Brother land again…the vets have finally been put in their place!

kalia the hut

stupid statement. Dani getting kicked out is her own fault, she didn’t need to go against her vet alliance… they had the power to go final 5 and she’s good enough to beat brendon and jeff in comps, she should’ve stuck with them, her chances were better.

Infact, Dani is the reason why the Vet alliance is now failing. It would’ve been much more interesting to see the 5 vets last the whole game but instead look at the people we are now stuck watching. It’s almost unbearable.


Amen to that!!




Somewhat true about making it to the final five….Dani cant help that Brenden got a chance to come back or she would still be there she really had a wasted HOH….Or she woulda skated to the end…


Ahhh, sorry I believe that was all Jeff.


First!!!! What a disappointment! They carried Shelly to where she is, but she will never win! This year will have the most non deserving winner ever!!!!


Uhh oh. I think you meant most non deserving winner was season 11.


Ya just like season 11.


only if Jordan somehow wins…


Adam makes me sick i wish he could know how much he is hated.


Every time Adam is on screen, talking or not, I throw up a little bit in my mouth.


What A bummer. I have been rooting for the vets because I really dislike the newbs. Shelly is my least fav. She is soo. Annoying.


Shelley is pathetic! Lying, crybaby fool! She hasn’t done a thing but clean, smoke, and lie to everyone’s face. She deserves nothing!


porsche acts like a janelle wannabe…


Ur mad GET OVER it porsche and kalia prolly looks way better than ur ass


What kind of racist comment is that! What does her hair have to do with anything?


Nappy wig? Well the trailer trash will be taken out. You know porshe is going to get one of them out of the house so how is Rachel and Jordon going to stick it to them? You racist bitch!!


what a day. the vets have no one to blame but themselves. a bad move not getting that extra vote for brendon…and not winning hoh…or pov when it counted. dont really care who wins. only person i would care to be evicted would be barney fife (shelly)


Heath…..I love it!! Barney Fife……perfect!


*sigh* I hate Porsche, and now she’s HOH… YUCK


I hate her too! So annoying. She makes such stupid faces!!


Why? She’s funny, 100% loyal, and hot! Nd don’t bring up the brenchel alliance, cause they treated her like SHIT & drove her away.

Now that dani is gone i am TEAM PORSCHA!!! ALL THE F’KIN WAY!

BTW isn’t irritating how rachel blames ppls jealousy for evicting brendon, jeff, etc. I mean it’s a GAME. They only evict because it benefits their GAME. Honestly, the only person this season that evicted someone bcuz of jealous was rachel with cassi (JORDAN SAID IT TOO). She did the same thing with monet last season (nd she wasn’t even hot).


Monet was hotter than Rachel, hands down. Everyone who has ever played BB is hotter than Rachel. Rachel + Make Up = FUGLY!!!! Rachel + NO Make Up = A FUGLY Man.


When Rachel is 40+, compare her to Shelly and YES, hands down Shelly will be a better looking SheMan. Keep your change. Use it to tip your seeing eye dog, being that your such a “good person” and all im sure you will atleast tip the dog and let it wake up in a hotel with a paw full of hundreds. Wait! YOUR SEEING EYE DOG IS RACHEL??? No wonder you cant see the difference. Carry on. (puke)


I hate them all!

Casual Observer

Damn, it must really suck to be a floater (e.g. Rachel and Jordan). Now let’s see what the so-called BR & JJ fans have to say about the “Newbies” now.

Team Porsche, Kalia and Shelly have now shown they were and are not floaters. WTF! You girls rocked it.

We can say goodbye to Rachel next or maybe Jordan.


Another dumb ass post,by another Dani fan…Rachel I believe won as many comps as Dani,Jordon that makes Dani a floater to? Plus learn what a floater ismbefore posting someone is a floater!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dude, Jeff is a homophobe remember….he wouldn’t like you.


H8TER – I have to say that I find your mindless drivel and rantings to be absolutely laughable. Are you related to Rachel? LMAO!!!!!!!!


Rachel is only good at HoH (non-skill) competitions when her man (Brendon) is there and thus has only won 4 competitions ever (the HoH in Week 6 was a skill competition). Now that Brendon is gone she’s a complete wreck and will be out the door this week. Porsche is going to nominate Adam and Rachel to ensure 100% that the person on the other side that’s not nominated (Jordan) will not win the veto and shift the power. As far as floaters, I would say Jordan (for being over-dependent on Jeff), Adam (for always siding with the majority) and Shelly (for never winning a competition and playing both both sides) qualify as such. Kalia and Porsche show they were not floaters by firmly siding with Dani despite possible consequences and Rachel (while her gameplay was not respectable) is not a flaoter since she constantly starts arguments and draws all the attention to herself. At this point it looks like Rachel is leaving this week, followed by Adam, Jordan, and Shelly. As far as who’s winning, it’s a toss-up between Kalia and Porsche and may come down to who wins more competitions.

Bakinda Game

Bottom line: Jeff secured his BB greatness tonite by adding skeletor to his scalps(Jesse n Russel). Team JJBR are still stars. J or R can still win. Otherwise, someone from team Lame will win jus like ssn 9.


R u freaking kidding? These 4 r the biggest tools!!! Gross


Jordan an all star?? Hell no. Even past BB greats think she is a joke.


Whatever helps you sleep at night honey pumpkin ๐Ÿ™‚
Just remember kalia with ‘the worst hoh’ got ‘big jeff’ out ๐Ÿ™‚


LMAO! BB greatness? it would of been greatness if he survived the move. both seasons he was on BB he was gone right behind the person he was responsible for taking out. the big jeff moves proved they were stupid moves.


So if we go by your logic…Kalia would be REALLY great because she sent Jeff packing


Jeff “GOT GOT”……. AGAIN. Time to quit, hang up your Reality TV Cape, and return to being “teeny tiny gay” Jeff working on your dot com business. And please put Jordan “the heifer” out of her misery and tell her you will never marry her because your the only pussy allowed in any relationship.


JJ are America’s dimwits

bella sue

you r to big ignorant mouth jordan is the nicest and best looking the rest are fugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


Ya it sucks to admit it but plain and simple. It was a good game move. Shelly would not win against JJ. Regardless, for someone that is supposed to be a BB expert, Adam is paralyzed from the neck up. Useless


Choked!!! He was supposed to be the Q&A expert. what the hell happened. I don’t think he can win anything. He probably would have been a good player if he wasn’t obsessed with Jeff’s balls. Now i don’t even know what his game plan is going to be since no one left has balls. should the POV be used i see his ASS up there and out, a great chance to link up with Jeff again.


who to root for now ppl???
This is going to be sad season for the next few weeks

Adam had have thrown the hoh.
Did anyone notice Jeff tossed a yellow shoe to left out of his lane??

Jordan almost won the hoh
I feel for the kid….


i saw that but i thought my mind was playing tricks on me.


Ya it sucks to admit it but plain and simple. It was a good game move. Shelly would not win against JJ. Regardless, for someone that is supposed to be a BB expert, Adam is paralyzed from the neck up.


Adam makes me throw up in my mouth a little. I laughed pretty hard tonight to the sight of him being first out in the live hoh…was like “shit! I don’t want all this pressure of making a move!”


Jordan is probably so worried that Jeff n Dani are going to hook up AGAIN!!!

Rachel's shrink

Jeff and Dani hooked up before?


they hooked up? where did u hear this?


What do you mean by “again”?


Good for Porsche, too bad Danis still not there though. Big Jeff had it coming and so will Rachel and Jordan soon. Shelly may be a snake, but at least she has more balls than Adam to make a big move.


Well said!!! Adam’s balls got evicted tonight! Now let’s see if he can find his. I don’t think he’d know what to do with them, even if he did locate his.

bella sue

That is because Shelly is a he-she that’s why she has balls. looks like a man talks like a man and smokes like a man


Ahhh that sucks. SUCKS!!! I really hate the mean girl alliance and adam can suck it. =(


I agree Adam can suck it. but this time he needs to lick it. Porsche should bully his Ass. and still throw him up there. if Rachel goes Jordan and Adam will never win a thing but shd be kicked out anyway.

Nikki Tomberlin

Maybe jrpk team up and get as out it’s a long shot bit Adam nor shelly deserve to be in the house

suq madiq

hi, I’m adam. May I kiss your ass?


PLEASE EVICT ADAM and JORDON, they will tarnish the good name of BB is they win. Horrible gamers and 100% FLOATERS…. and Rachel is not as GREAT as she thinks she is…lol


jordon won a hoh, the worthless ones are adam and the shemale shelly, floating since day one.


Jeff and Brendon GAVE her that HOH, Jordan’s a lazy ass, all she does is stuff her fat face all day!


Hey Dr. Will never won a competition and he’s regarded the best to ever do it. I’m not comparing these two to him, but I’m just saying.

Team 500 G's

Exctly, Dr Will didnt win anything but the $500 G’s….You guys have got to stop with all this “floater” talk. I am amazed how many people are slamming Smelly. SHe made a big game move and now your pissed. ITS A GAME! The game is to get to the final two. These are not her freinds. She never knew any of them before she went into the house. These are all players. And the nerve for Jordan to bring up the phone call….By bringing it up and throwing it up in Smelly’s face shows that it wasnt genuine but just another game move….hopeing to buy Smelly’s vote later on. Smelly made the move that is best for her game….PUHLEASEEEE you guys are friggin whacked. Its a great game move. Everyone slams Adam, He is still in the house. If I was him I wouldnt care what anybody says if I made it to the end. Will he win the money …probably not. But who cares….he has to get there first. Everyone jumping on Porsche….seriously…..she won her comps when she needed to. Kalia….She made the big move by putting Jeff up…I mean these players made the moves needed to further their game.

And as far as production manipulateing the game….well there was very little they could do last night…..It was all game play. Smelly dosnt owe J/J a damm thing. ITS A GAME! Best she-man wins…LOL

BTW…..J/J will not win BB13….I am half way home with my prediction!

Team 500 G's



Team Porsche Yo!!!

B sleazy

It is official. This season is now completely worthless! I have nothing but disdain and contempt for everyone in that house. Jeff said it best” Day 55 and half the players in that house just woke up. “


Including his gf, no wait she is still asleep.


If the object of the game is to be the last man standing, then how is the guy who finishes 7th criticism all that relevant? Clearly Shelly made the right move (the target is so not on her right now) regardless how unpopular it was in the blogsphere. JRA are as worthless as she is at competitions, so she allied herself with the side of the house that will be making decisions.


Rachel thinks Porsche is jealous of her…what a joke. I’m glad Porsche won hoh. I think Jordan should go this week. I really want a newb to win but if it comes down to a vet I would prefer Rachel to win over Jordan. I think she deserves it more


Adam is so full of crap, he is the biggest floater in BB history and some how attaches himself to every HOH! I hope Porsche sees right through him and puts him and Rachel on the block! I am so proud of shelly she made a big move why would she keep Jeff and Jordan the strongest alliance in the house together! Say what you wBt about shelly but she is a great social player and cab possibly win! I’m team shelly Khalia Porsche let’s go girls get these newbies out! BTW Jeff got what he deserved he didn’t keep his word to Dani and Karma is always watching and Shelly didn’t keep her word to him! Team PKS


thats my girl i’ll be ur boyfriend baby and join ya in the house


I love it, karma is great Jeff is gone!!!! The newbies r back and thid a time to win!!Oh and look how J and R are acting (doesn”t feel good to be on the losinh side).Also glad yoo Shelly finally came to her sences,tobad ,Adam waited too late so he needs to go after Rachel and Jordan


First Dani, then Jeff, and now it’s likely Rachel is next to go…
That means the rest of the bb summer is going to be spent watching leatherface, muffintops, il grasso and miss piggy bumping into each other and dodging hohs like a hot potato so they can fumble thier way to the end with Jordan because ” no one will give her another 500k…..”
C’mon CBS. If you’re going to rig the show can you at least make it bearable to watch?


ha ha ha!!! bet bb sets a record for tie breakers in hoh’s after rachel leaves!!!


The smarts move for any newbie is to take Jordan or Raquel to the final because then the bets won’t control who wins.. Be it doubt they are smart enough to figure that out.




does it matter if they have control over the jury votes? they still have to give the money to a newbie, priceless…


Best case scenario, obviously Porsche will nominate Jordan and Rachel, then if Adam wins the veto and saves Jordan, Porsche will be forced to put Shelly on the block. Then Adam and Jordan will vote to evict Shelly, and straight shooter will be walking out the door and porsche’s hoh will be a waste.


Keep dreaming, Adam can’t win anything. GO PKS!!!


Jeff got just what he deserved!! Jordan’s a little bitch too, everyone thinks she’s so sweet, well now she shows her true colors. She’s SO SELFISH, she’s already won half a million and Jeff won $10,000, what else does she want??? Shelly had more guts than wimp Adam, I have more respect for her now. So happy Porche won HOH, I hope she puts up Jordan/Rachel, I don’t care which witch leaves, then once they’re gone, get out usless Adam!!!

GO PKS!!!!


agree completely, but i think she should put up adam and rach, get rachel out, best to get rachel out first cos she’s the only one who could even possibly win a hoh and get to the end, that way she’ll definitely win.

Rachel's shrink

why would she put Jordan up? Jordan has almost zero chance of winning the veto.

best case is she puts up Adam and Rachel and uses Jordan for the alt.
Jordan is unlikely to win veto – Adam and Rachel have a good shot and they will save themselves leaving Jordan available to take their seat.

Big Bro Fan

The worst season ever! With Jeff and Dani what else do we have left to do stare at shelly’s mangina!!! Jeff at least played to win as much as I hate dani she played to win the others….mangina, muffin top, mcfatty float and only win because there are no more competitors in the game..Adam, rachel or jordan I hope win….the 3 m alliance need to be brought back to planet earth!!


what you talking about? Big jeff “the competitor” flat out choked in the POV that was custom made for him to win. Porshe destroyed him.


I agree with u

bella sue

I agree 100%


are you kidding, jordan’s done NOTHING. adam’s done NOTHING. rachel is the only person out of their little group that i wouldn’t mind winning, even if i hate her attitude she’s actually worked hard and done something in the house. and let’s rewind, jeff only won 1 hoh and what two vetos or something, dani deserved to stay in the game the most. and porsche and kalia have done way more than adam and jordan’s done at all, neither deserve to get to the final.


Shelly hasn’t done nothing but lie and used Jeff and Jordan.. With P winning the HOH big deal.. Come on Big Brother how are you going to make someone win who doesn’t do anything until the last wks.. Somehow have a twist n bring another vet back because 2 me all the ones was playing the game is in the Jury house..


JJ were the filthy liars!! BYE BYE JEFF, I hope Jordan’s next!!!

Rachel's shrink

yeah, Jordan did so much the year she won.


ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"


Shellys Cig

Wonder if Adam will ask the production team in DR if someone could drive over to Jury house and get his balls back from Jeff..haha


You sound like the best person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bakinda Game

Noone here can honestly say they Team Pacer, Cowlia, or straight shooter(yea right) fans in the beginning. So be careful those wheels on that bandwagon dont break.


So we’re supposed to quit and not watch anymore?


Ok where is that captaindouchebag?

Jeff is GONE!!!!!



LMAO! Crying, leave him in peace with his broken heart.

the truth is

oh boy. shelly i have zero compasion for her. she turned way to early. she should have waited till finally 5. but its really whatever now; at the end of the day; she has no chance in winning this game. no one in the jury is going to vote for her. only God knows what is wrong with adam! LOL. watch him win this season. i miss big jeff. jordan & rachel need to cry a little bit & now get off their asses and work for it you know?

Bakinda Game

Noone here can honestly say they were Team Pacer, Cowlia, or straight shooter(yea right) fans in the beginning. So be careful those wheels on that bandwagon dont break.


I kept telling people Porsche can win comps for weeks. She has been coming in second a lot.

Team Porsche YO!!!!

Teri b

SIMON (or anyone who can answer….I don’t have the feeds):

Can you shed some light about what happened (apparently some big blow up right before air time) between Jeff and Shelly? There’s a big blank space of time between 3ish and air time.



Yup according to Jeff, they had a big fight in the morning.

Teri b

I’d love to see that, or rather, READ about what happened.

Shelly finally exposed and Jeff blowing up at her. Too bad the updates didn’t have it. Must have been at a “trivia screen” time or something.


Shelly is not playing at all she hasn’t won or even gotten close to wining. This definitely the worst bb but shelly can’t win nobody would vote for her. I think Rachel is going next but after that not sure but as long as shelly doesn’t win I don’t care anymore


when Dani got evicted .. she did not make a big scene out of it .. but oh god don’t u dare go against JJ .. shelly is a genius and made a smart game move .. she would never had a chance against JJ .. it’s not like these people are there to hand JJ the $500,000 prize .. come on guys


It would have been a great game move but the reason shelly is such a biatch is because the whole time she has promised jj that she is not there to win the money but more so to make sure someone who deserves it does and kept telling them that she was going to help push them to the end. She talks about how she doesn’t lie and she not only lied she befriended someone and then crushed them with her lies. Her friends and family should hide their heads in shame. Kalia’s family should kill themselves. Its hillarious that she actually thinks she is some kind of mastermind when she is the laughing stock on the internet. Looks like she has fallen back to her roots cause she is/has been one of dani’s slaves. I was waiting for her to say “yes master”




F*** Kalia,Shelly,Porsche,Adam.. Get through this Rachael and Jordan..


No, F*** Jordan/Rachel, they deserve what they’re getting. What comes around goes around, BYE BYE JEFF!!!


I agree. I know this is just a game but there are some things that people just should not do. Shelly is no where near the people she thinks she is. Shelly could have played hard and won an Hoh and nominated Jeff, but the way she did it is horrible especially since she is SO worried about what she shows her daughter


* person


would of been nice if BB put two shoes in everyones bin…. give me a break… sure its hard enough being in that so called house without those idiots in production messing with certain things…. watching after dark… SAD SAD SAD …. time to tune out and hope next year will be better… what a gag and disappointed season … way too many CADDY CATS, and immature idiots..

Rachel's shrink

there were 2 shoes in Jeff’s bin – STUPID threw one out by accident. Check the tape, it went beside his bin.


That’s literally the funniest part about that POV.


Oh please, give me a break! You wouldn’t be saying that if JJR had won, but since Porche won, it was fixed! It doesn’t feel good to lose, but don’t be a sore loser!!!


Shelly is a low life! The only thing that would even make me stay to see the rest of this season is to see that they never give Shelly the liar $500,000. Adam is the only one I have any respect for. You may not like his game but he has play his game the way he wants and voted where he wants. I hope another kid steals Josie’s toys so Shelly can see how childish she was about Rachels stuffed animal.


whatever keeps u up. they will take it.


Can’t stand to hear Kalia talk, whisper, eat, breathe…she is the most disgusting person this season! Ugh!

Rachel's shrink

while it sucked losing Dani (it really looked like Adam was seriously considering voting for her to stay), seeing Jeff get his ass handed to him right behind her was priceless!!!!

Awesome that Porsche won HOH!!!

My guess is Rachel and Adam up first and Jordan as the alternate. I would really like to see Adam go next just because he doesn’t deserve to be there. As much as I dislike Rachel, at least she plays the game. I wonder if she wishes that she kept Dani now…probably not…too personal.

I was seriously considering ditching this season altogether, but now that Porsche has HOH…I just have to watch JAR squirm this week.

Team Porsche!!!


I agree, but I want to see Jordan go, she’s cry baby, bitter loser. She hasn’t done a thing and the HOH she did win was given to her. They can keep Adam for now and have him vote their way they have the numbers now. First get out Jordan, Rachel then Adam. I don’t care who wins then, they all deserve it!


Team bb

Yay!! So happy! Hope a newbie wins! That’s the way it should have been anyway, no more vets please they all had their chance already


Should have kept brenden jj..jeff talks
sh@t about Shelly and Adam and was planning ro get rid of one of them next so why does he expect them to be soo loyal? He’s a total douche and deserved to get evicted. Laughing at jjr


Shocker! I’m so happy Dani just totally destroyed Adam’s rep, if he had any. I loved her speech and how she talked about Adam with Julie.
Team Dani, Yo!
I would just like all of us to give one last Yo! for Dani, Yo!

Moving on to a positive note Porsche, you finally did it, twice in one night!!
Adam threw the HOH comps that would have saved Jeff haha.
I love how Porsche sealed Jeff’s fate and the speech she gave during the Veto ceremony.
I enjoyed how Jeff was all in Shelly’s face before the voting and she still gave him the boot.
I also love how lost Adam was in the DR when he knew Jeff was going home.

Then Porsche you did it, you got HOH!! No one can call you a floater now.
Team Porsche and Shelly, Yo! I didn’t know if you guys would earn a Yo from me but Shelly you get it for actually shooting straight and Porsche you get it for wining POV and HOH in one night.
I’m sad Dani left though. ๐Ÿ™ Atleast it’s good to know all the JJ fans are mad at Shelly all of a sudden. Haha bitches.


I have a feeling that production is now going to help rachel or jordan because they are the underdogs. I am still team JR and will always be. If they are evicted and do not go to finals, i will be so upset to have wasted an hour on certain days for nothing. GO TEAM JR!!!!


The only advantage they have is that porshe is HOH. otherwise their only chance(thru Rachel) is an endurance exercise without Porshe taking part. Otherwise they have had a poor run in form. their spirits are shattered and i don’t think they can easily reason out any strategy. Rachel would have had a chance but having back stabbed Dani i don’t think she will get any audience from anyone but possibly Adam. whose only hope is the jury vote should he get to top 2 and should be looking to send more and more vets to the jury house, in hope that they will root for him.