Big Brother 13 Spoilers Rachel tells Adam he has 50/50 chance if he brings J/R, Adam: “It’ll be a battle”

7:26pm Adam and Jordan They’re going over what if Jeff never left how would the game turn out.

Adam: “At this point of the game was saying no to the Vets since day one”
Adam goes over all the angles that Kalia is working him. He mentions that when Kalia voted to evict him last week that changed everything between them.

Jordan tells him that Shelly was trying to tell her that Adam was fliping.. Jordan was starting to doubt Adam.
Adam: “I wanted to go head to head with Jeff”
Jordan says that Jeff really liked Adam and thought highly of him. Adam wants to go final three with Jordan and Rachel and fight it out. Jordan is really excited hearing him say this she thinks it’s a great Idea for Adam. Adam mentions how entrenched he was with JJ for a long time and nobody knew it. Adam is worried about final 2 with R or J becuase they were popular in the house and people will vote for them. Jrodan thinks Jeff and Dani will vote on who played the best game. Jordan brings up that people change in the Jury. Adam says that is what he’s worried about becuase he really did nothing all year and game voters may not vote for him. Jordan thinks they all have a equal shot at winning. Adam mentions if he comes in second and he lost becuase of popularity then theres nothing he can do, so be it.

Kalia comes outside and Jordan strategically escapes traping Adam in what could be a painful time spent with Kalia

7:42pm rachel and Jordan They’re freaking out thinking Adam will not take them to final 2 he’ll take Porsche. They are running through the scenario if Adam wins HOH and POrsche Veto. Rachel thinks it would be her leaving. Rachel and Jordan both agree that Adam is starting to doubt he can beat JR in finals so he might take Porsche. Jordan: “I told Adam if it was him and POrsche final 2 I would Vote for him… ohh I guess I shouldn’t of said that.. oh well who remembers things like that” (out of everyone left in the house the only person that will catch and remember what Jordan said is Adam that guy remembers parts of conversations he had week 1 I shit you not, Still I doubt he’ll do anything)
Rachel says Adam needs to be convicned it’s 50/50 if he takes R or J to final 2.

Rachel is saying that Dani is not a person she will talk to outside of the house.. she’ll be civil but won’t be someone to hang out with.

Rachel talks about her and Ragan being friends after the show and she never thought she would. She talks about wanting to hang out more with KRisten (BB11). Jrodan mentions that Kristen leaves near Rachel. Rachel says she wants to do more things with Kristen but she always seems super busy.

8:00pm RJA in the hot tub rachel is listing all the things wrong with her body. She wants to build some definition in ther shoulders and arms, tighten up her tummy, lift her butt up a bit and get rid of the cellulite. Jordan in the background yelling “oh my god you look great”

8:06pm AR hottub chit chat..

8:33pm RA Rachel is telling Adam if he goes final 2 with her theres a 50/50 chance that he’ll win. Adam thinks if it’s him and her final 2 it will be a battle. Adam brings up it all depends if Rachel wins a majority of the last few comps. Adam thinks a lot of people in the Jury will vote for Rachel to win if she does that and if they don’t then they don’t respect and apreciate the game. Rachel says dani doesn’t apreciate the game she’ll never vote for Rachel.. she’ll vote personally.. Rachel doesn’t think Shelly will either or Kalia. Adam just shakes his head says it’ll be a close on. Rachel reminds Adam if Kalia doesn’t go home this week then she will win the Game and he needs to understand that. Adam agrees with her..

8:45pm PAK talking about the casting process.. Adam says there is 11 days left of Big BRother they all can’t believe it’s almost coming to a end.

8:46pm Adam heads to the hammock Rachel joins KP they all plan to play cards.

9:30pm Cards, smoking, drinking yo
10:04pn Chit Chat yo

10:40pm Chit chat

10:46pm kitchen Porshe and Kalia Porsche telling her that She doesn’t think Jordan has been workign Adam too much. She thinks Jordan was sayign she’s not going to bother Adam about it. Kalia says that is fine JOrdan can leave Adam alone. Kalia won’t though her ass is on the live Jordan’s not.
11:35pm chit chat now with cards

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Adam is the WORST player to ever play this game, doesn’t he realize everyone wants him in the end because they all know no one would vote for him, he sucks so bad!


adam is not the worst player shelHE was. if adam did so bad why is he still in the game?


But if we go by your argument, then that would make Adam and even Shelly better players than Brendon, Dani and Jeff because they lasted longer.


shelHE was a monster and got as far as she did by lying, backstabbing and playing both sides. adam at least has hurt no one and stayed out of all the drama whereas shelHE created all the drama. as for dani well she played the game stupidly and personal that’s why bren, her then jeff are there.

team rachel and jordan

no, brenden, jeff, and daniele are all in the jury house because they were to busy taking eachother out, and trying to protect their alliance that does shit until their leader is gone. the only person left who is a “leader” is rachel. jordan is a leader too, but she is horrible at comps. but i reallythink she will get HOH next week, cause when her ass is on the line, she saves it.


i don’t want to belabor this so we can agree to disagree. either way Adam got this far and looks like he’s in final 4. so who knows he might be a dark horse and win it all. 🙂


It makes me sick to my stomach to think that the worst player in big brother history (Adam) is going take home atleast 50 grand… He’s such a cocky sleeze bucket, walks around acting like he’s made big moves this summer and he ain’t done shit!!!!


Adam is not the worst player in this game. We should never forget that Lawon asked to be evicted after never winning anything.


That is the point! Adam and shelly are much better players the Brendon dani and jeff. You and others keep making the mistake that great competitiors are great gameplayers. It is the opposite. Great competitors are poor gaemplayers. They put targets on their backs, the function as shields, and they make enemies. The game is not about winning comps, it is about strategy, tactics, and social skills for survival.


I still think the only person Adam can beat in the end is Jordan, I don’t really think any of the jurors will give Jordan another half mil I wouldn’t if I was in the Jury house . Adam played just as good a social game as Jordan did if not better he didn’t piss anyone off I think in it were Jordan and Adam in the finale 2 Jeff would be the only person to vote for Jordan


Soooooooooooo, let me get this straight. Adam is basically guaranteeing himself at least 50 thousand and he is the dope? Hmm, Simon, please let this through, even though I am going to personally attack this poster. MORONNNNNNNNNNNNNN!


Yes he IS a doofus, and apparently so are you.. threatening others with violence… smh to stupidy…

Now on the to real stuff:

Adam is basically losing the game by doing this, Rachel and Jordan would throw him under the bus to save themselves and they would help each other do it, not saying that KP wouldn’t but he has to realize that he is dumb, in his mind if he goes and helps KP but rachel wins the Veto he is screwed, but if he goes against KP, then what if K/P win HoH… and Adam doesn’t win veto, he’s going to be sent packing, so his logic is stupid all together, because the risk is just as great on both sides. Team Bacon was funny while it lasted, but he’s a tool lets be real..


Whew! I am so glad you got that out of your system. Adam FTW, yo!

(P.S., there’s no $50k for 3rd place – there’s more games to be played)


I also think Adam would be the easiest to beat in the final 2.

And If he was sitting beside Rachel in the final 2, I think Dani would vote based on game play and give it to Rachel over Adam.


Its depressing seeing Adam play this way. He has all the potential because of his knowledge of the game but blindly follows the vets. He will make final 2 no matter what. I guess that he never had hopes of winng $500,000 because he would make game moves. You have to actually do something to win, oh wait no you don’t look at Jordan. Without Jeff that girl is lost. Yes she is sweet and pretty and when she cries she looks like a lost puppy but come on. If Adam was at home watching he prob would’ve been one of the people threatening Shellys family. Hes kinda creepy when it comes to Jeff/Jordan and Tori spelling. WEIRD.

adam is a bozo

Adam is really stupid to think he has a better shot at 500k against Rachel and Jordan. He doesn’t stand a chance against these 2, and I hope he gets what he deserve, RJ dumping his ass out of the house and winning nothing.


To all those who thinks Adam is not playing the game, I beg to differ. I believe he went in with a plan and is following it. Think about it. The power players, where are they? They won HOH, put targets on their backs and are in jury house. Shelly ran her mouth, and she’s in jury house. OK, when Adam was on the block, and was afraid he wasn’t the pawn, what did he do? He won POV. To me, this isn’t a floater, just a smart man not showing all his cards like the others. Now it’s final five, his time to shine, and start playing his cards. Hopefully, he plays his cards right. Tonight he needs to use his POV. Takes Porshe off the block. Puts Jordan up. This does 4 things for him. 1) Gets Kalia off his back, because she now thinks Jordan’s going home. 2) He tells JK not to sweat it, he’s still on their side. 3) He gets to find out what KP plans are, and 4) It gets him a jury vote if he makes it to the f2. He does this by P voting J out, and then he votes K out. That ties it. Meanwhile, K thinks P turned on her, so if P goes to F2 she’s not going to vote for her, A would get her vote. Now R has the deciding vote. Does she keep J or does she think hey, I’ll take A to F2 and beat him. If she votes off J, there’s another A vote from jury. A wins HOH he’s got it pretty much from there. Adam, Adam Adam. You are playing the game, now just pull it off. And I wasn’t a fan of yours, but if it plays out this way, you’ve got my vote.


Thank you! This is exactly what I said 3 days ago before Adam won in a if Adam wins POV scenario post. It would certainly turn this show around and make it more interesting. The look on Kalia’s face would be priceless and in a sense the ultimate back door. As Dani would say…let the games begin! Lol


no one is going to make a BIG move in this game they are take a good game but that is all it is talk!!! I say team JR all the way!!!! if adam was going to do something he would of already done it but he doesnt know WHAT to do but talk!!!!

Brown Fat

Took me long enough to figure this out but until tonight I had no idea that Adam was going on about T Spelling like he was. so magically Spelling becomes part of Rachels pandoras box & of course Rachel decides to use it…this is worse then the duo twist, this ensured Adams loyalty to Rachel & Jordon… check it out, i dont know these people well enought to hate any of the hg’s but in other words its painfully obvious that this show is rigged rigged rigged to the max in favor of the vets! Thank goodness Porsche looked hot in that tube top. So no one saw Jordon ask where Broadway is located last night?

kalia the hutt

you’re only saying that because he isn’t doing anything to help out your favourite players. if you weren’t so blinded by bias, you would agree that Lawon was the worst player to ever play the game.


He sucks whether he uses the veto or not. And Lawon sucks even more. And Jordan suck less than Lawon but more than Adam. No bias here, these three suck. If Lawon hadn’t thrown himself under the bus, he’d probably be here with these other two. Nowadays people who suck make it far.

Nicole - TEAM DANI

adam is becoming an enzo wannabe…. hes so stupid if he takes rachel or jordan, if he didnt he would have all 4 vets vote at the end against porsche or kalis, instead hes going to give all the votes to jordan/rach, adam is soooooooooooooooo stupid. and JEFF did NOT think that highly of adam, he made fun of him too.


agree,adam,do nothing except to save is self…
when he as to go….
stupid moove to not keep porsh and kalia…
they maybe winnnnnnnn (jordan and rachel)the game
jordan maybe win again sh’s do nothing..but sh’s americain sweatheart????


adam, is big dummmyyyyyyyyyy….
he as to use is to take kalia…and put jordan out…
after that put rachel…………….out
sh’i a strong player……………
and do final 3 with posh and kalia…
h’s better chance for him to win…………
because rachel and jordan are amerian sweatheart…not kalia and porsh???


When is the veto Ceremony?


simon didnt read capt post other than the pov winners in the past did he have any concerns?


I hate them ALL!!!!!!!
Rachel’s whiny annoying I look 45 years old but I have the thought process and voice of a 13 year old lameness!

Adam’s I chain smoke USA 100 Menthol Lights annoying raspy I will die of cancer sooner than later Voice & hairy Muffin Top!!!

Jordan I sit around all day pat & twirl my stringy lifeless bleach blonde hair and say “ummm, umm” all FREAKING DAY

Porsche doesn’t know how to talk game to save her effing LIFE! She’s so airheaded totally different from Jordan though who’s completely just plain dumb.



Lol. I’m surprised you have nothing to say about Kalia.


Lol again I’m with ya Giselle

No name

lol you are just a hater lol


then stop watching!! omg lol coming on here just to post that lol


It is just a game and I am sure that these house guest are different outside of the house. You have described and hate all of them, no offense but are you a hateful person? In the process of the game, there are good and bad qualities of each house guest that you should consider.


I think ADAM has a chance of winning in final 2.


Yes, he does and will probably either be with Rachel or Jordan. Hoping this would be the result of the final three and Adam and Rachel final two and I really like Jordan however she won before and 500,000 was a lot. Jordan can be America’s player for some cash prizes as she has not won any, also Rachel and Adam. Kalia , Porsche and Jeff have gotten some cash prizes.


Between Porshe shaving his back, and Rachel in that swimsuit, I predict a battle of the VIP waitresses! My money is on Porshe, she looks less used. Adam needs to take that hat off, makes him look more pervy!


Please please please don’t let Adam be in final 2


Just give it up Kaila. Your going home on Wednesday. Porsche will be next on Thursday. Beside, PK going to the Jury House. This will be an epic, Rachel vs Jordan vs Adam. Definitely, will happen Final 3 and Porsche & Kaila will probably going home. That’s totally sucks doesn’t it. PK doesn’t do anything but sleep. That’s the reason why PK keeps on winning, eatting & sleeping. Too bad, PK probably be jealous right now that Jordan is pretty, sweet, innocent, honest & caring person and even won 500K. That why PK going around being totally fools to themselves.


Adam: “I wanted to go head to head with Jeff”
– are you sure that’s EXACTLY what he said? 🙂

“Adam mentions how entrenched he was with JJ for a long time and nobody knew it.”
– yeah, even JJ didn’t know it, how many times did they talk about getting rid of Adam or just straight up talk shit about him?

” Adam says that is what he’s worried about becuase he really did nothing all year….Adam mentions if he comes in second and he lost becuase of popularity then theres nothing he can do, so be it.”
– right on the first part, wrong on the second, if they don’t vote for you because they don’t like you it’s because you failed, it’s not an act of God

“Adam thinks a lot of people in the Jury will vote for Rachel to win if she does that and if they don’t then they don’t respect and apreciate the game.”
– I wish adam actually showed some respect for the game

” Rachel says dani doesn’t apreciate the game she’ll never vote for Rachel.. she’ll vote personally”
– yeah, and your little toxic good-bye message wouldn’t be a factor. You told her not to vote for you, but suddenly it’s because she doesn’t appreciate the game. Seriously?


Yes, she will, Rachel called her a bitch but Dani have said a lot of horrible disgusting comments together with the mean girls before and in the jury house they will realize that Shelly was doing all the lying and making up things that she made them believe that it was Rachel. This is a long shot analysis but I think that if Rachel reach final 2 it could be a land slide vote.


Adam FTW! I <3 bacon!

production rigged it

it’s official adam has took the title from lawon as the worst player this year if not in history, it’s mind boggling that he actually thinks he has a shot & that if he loses it might be based on popularity, no u idiot it will be based on the fact that u didn’t do jack shit in the game.

kalia the hutt

Adam has won 2 POVs…. that’s 2 more than Lawon ever won and at least Adam is smart enough not to ask to be put on the block to be evicted like Lawon did.


True, but his first POV was GIVEN to him by Jeff/Dani.


No Lawon is definately the worst. But Adam is definately the biggest pussy.


will there be 7 people in the jury house to vote for the winner?



worst season ever

Yawn! I’ve hated this season from the start. I’m not even DVR-ing it. I just read what’s happening on the net. The “vet/newby” season will be the death of BB. Stupid move. All the moves in this season are so scripted that it’s re-dunkulous!


I agree, it needs to be all vets or all newbies.


so is there no live eviction this week since they are doing it wednesday?

Only "rigged" for viewership

From what I understand, there will be an eviction episode to be aired on Wednesday and another live one Thursday. The final 3 will be determined on Thursday.


Oh ok. That makes sense. And then Jordan should be getting her check next wednesday. Cool.


I thought Wednesday’s eviction was going to be live.


theres a taped eviction on Wensday and a live one on Thursday,the th first of the 3 part HOH starts


lol this adam’s only chance for a big move, get porsche out of there and force rach to put up jordan. jordan vs kalia porsche and adam vote to evict jordan out and BOOM she goneeeee. but we all know adam is a pussy…….good luck in the final 3 with rach and jordan…………lmfaoooo


ever one calls adam an idiot, but they want him to possible go to the final 2 with someone who actually won comps. If he did that, then he would be an idiot. Adam should stick with jordan cause he can only win against her.


Kristen was in BB12 not 11


Why does everyone think Adam should use the veto? I will admit, at first glance, I thought so too. But lets look at reality. IF he uses veto, he loses JJRB votes in jury, and that is why he would use the veto. His hope would be to get rid of Jordan and then Rachel next! I actually don’t need to go any further. He HAS NO SHOT IF HE GOES WITH lets get rid and Jordan and Rachel plan you dopes.

production rigged it

if he sticks with them he won’t hav to worry about jury votes because he will be part of the jury when they vote his ass out & we’re the dopes think about that.


Actually, he could have a chance of getting JJRB’s (and maybe even Dani’s and Shelly’s) votes by arguing that he made a big game move at just the right time. If it was Adam/Kalia in final 2 it’s doubtful that JJRB would vote for Kalia. If it was Adam/Porche in final 2 BR might vote Porche but doubtful JJ would. So either way if he takes either newbie with him he could split the JJRB vote, but if he goes up against Rachel or Jordan he won’t get any of the 3 other votes. His best move would be to use it although he would upset them now, they will have time to calm down and not be as mad at him come finale night.


How about this? Maybe, Adam is not that dumb and being a real BB fan, he knows he’s playing for 3rd whether he uses the veto or not. I think this is that point in the game where he decided that he would rather have J/R win, rather than P/K.

Who are we to say that it would be smart to use the veto when it is CONTINGENT upon a newbie winning the next HOH and POV? It’s hard to rule out Rachel winning the last POV of the season.

Worst case scenario that Adam doesn’t win the next HOH or POV, at least he gets the bragging rights as a fan that he decided the outcome of BB13.

Of course, Team Production will be winking in the background. Leave Adam alone and go to the casting calls yourself, yo!


Why would JJBR vote for Adam if he do not stick to the JRA deal?

He has a better shot getting rid of Kalia first and then either team with Porsche or JR depending on next competition. Why mess w/ the floating strategy?

Big Sister

I think it’s one eviction Wednesday and one again on Thursday.


Yes mamm the taped eviction is Wensday and the live show Thursday is the next eviction then they start the 3 part HOH


Simon, remind me again how these next few shows are going to work. What will be live?


I hope Adam is ready for the repercussions of not using the veto. Because if Adam doesn’t win HoH he better hope damn sure he wins the veto because if Rachel wins it, he’s getting voted out.


Maybe Cowlia self evicted, havent seen her gross ass or heard her annoying voice and im 40 minutes into BBAD. Usually by now Cowlia would have forced me to change the chanel.


Shit, I jinxed it…




go to hell Cowlia is Kalia she is awsome well she jeff and brendon out so

BB Baja Fan

Do the HG know there is an eviction on Wednesday???

Big Sister

I don’t think they do actually…


actually, the eviction will probably be Tuesday because it is taped and they will show it Wednesday


Glad to say I stuck to my word and haven’t watch BB the last 8 shows. Read the sites they’re much more entertaining

Midwest Fan

This site is the BEST and I spend my BB time here instead of watching BBAD.
I did watch tonight’s BB and really enjoyed watching Adam’s reaction
meeting Tori Spelling. Very funny.


Haters don’t you realize how petty and jealous you come off? How juvenile and even pathetic you appear? Do yourself a favor and stop typing!
Why do you sit around writing nasty, hateful things about people you don’t even know? Why do hate people you don’t even know? It just speaks volumes about you and your life, its sad.


And what you just said is any better? I think not. Look in the mirror, and what will you see? A fool looking back at you and not from me


LOL, good one!

Only "rigged" for viewership

At least Cyncru is standing up for people in the house and not attacking them. The thing about these forums is that we think we know so much better sometimes that we sometimes attack people for not making the right move. I think that Cyncru is trying to stand up against the people who always attack the houseguests when there’s really no valid reason especially since we’re not the ones fighting for the $500,000. And just for the record, what CynCru is saying is more human and compassionate than what other people in this board are saying.

Only "rigged" for viewership

Well said! I agree!

emax 2

2 evictions this week 1 eviction will be on Wednesday and the second will be Thursday.Finale 3 sunday. Season finale is Wednesday, Sept. 14.


How about we have no more returning “vets”……….I think it has backfired thus season big time! Adam is so clearly infatuated with Jeff and Jordan that he’s not playing the game. Doesn’t he want to win the money??? And PLEASE CBS……we have had enough of Jessie!!!


AMEN! No more Jessie, EVER! PLEASE!


I LUV Mr. Pectacular!!! Just kidding


And I miss Shelly, hey, what’s a few little white lies among friends!!!!! Lol Please never again Jessie he’s so obnoxious.


Wouldn’t it be fun on BB27 to have Jesse back and see where those pecs have fallen in wrinkles and clumps of skin. .


Imagine they bring back JJ again next season


The best thing to happen this upcoming HoH is Porsche winning. Put up Rachel and Jordan. Rachel wins veto, which then puts Adam and Jordan on the block where Adam will be voted out. I would laugh so hard seeing Adam leave before final 3.

Aqua Bernie

Kahlia never shuts up!! AAGGHH!!


I just have to read what she says and it is giving me a headace i can’t image having to listen to her i bet adam can’t wait to get monday over with and kaliha will leave him alone


does anyone know when the veto ceremony is tomorrow

Aqua Bernie

Mondays are usually veto time, and I hope Adam doesn’t use it!


Adam: “I wanted to go head to head with Jeff”

in other words, Adumb wanted to give Jeff head.


“Jordan says that Jeff really liked Adam and thought highly of him”.

didn’t Jeff call him BOZO….LMAO.


But Jordan is sooo sweet and innocent and she never lies and backstabs!!(sarcasm). Adam is going to feel like a big doofus when he finds out how JJ really feels about him


Yea and Jordan is so smart too and such a great game player (sarcasm)


everyone seems to be hating adam now. did everyone forget what the monster shelHE did? she got the almighty Jeff evicted. and because of that she will burn in hell 🙂 shelHE got Jordon to swear and shelHE lied right to everyone’s faces. E V I L should be his name :0

Brown Fat

no more benny hinn or any other evangelists tv show for you my friend. now fix yourself some chamomille tea & think pleasant thoughts ok amigo


lol @ she will burn in hell. Well, if god is a Jeff fan then it’s possible.




What do you call the final trio left in the game? The Three Stoogies!!!


i went on CBS site to see if i could get info about this week’s episodes(didn’t find anything) and clicked on the forums and man, they got some mad rachel hating going on there. i was really shocked about the viciousness of the comments. i would think that they would somewhat kind of like her since she and jordan are pairs. Boy, Was I wrong


I cannot belive Adam is a superfan…..he knows more about this game than anyone and he is playing SOOO stupid….how does he think taking JR will get him anything….

He has done NOTHING in this game that made any sort of difference….If his is in the final 2 with a Vet they will vote the Vet hands down because they won things and made a diffrence and made game plays….if he is sitting next to a newbie then he has the chance of getting the vote that they cant stand Kalia or bitter about Porsche…

Adam siding with JR is his endgame….he is so clueless!

adam is a bozo

Deep down RJ do not like/trust Adam 100%, and it is pathetic to watch this fkg bozo kiss their ass, and being a big fkg jerk to not use the veto to save his own closest friend porsche.


it is funny how porche didn’t become his closest friend till about a week ago so why does he own her any allience but not to worry she isn’t the target


If Jordan and Rachel do not trust Adam why was he saved twice? All house guest will always have doubts on what they need to do to win the game. I believe that Jordan and Rachel respect Adam and like him.


Adam is in a no win situatuion, and I think he knows it. He has to hope he can make it in to the final 3 and then win, because none of the women will take him to the finals. yes, taking him would be their best move to win the big money, but they don’t realize it. Perhaps Rachel has a inkling that Adam is the one for her to take, but she has to drag Jordan into the final 3, unfortunately for Rachel if she throws the game for Adam he will take Jordan, and Jordan has told Adam she will take him. Rachel is going to have to play carefully. She has to realize she will never have Jeffs vote whether she takes Jordan or knocks her out.


100% agreed with you ladybug but who is to say that he cannot win any more comp? If he wins HOH this week and choose Rachel or Jordan he has a 50/50 chance just like Rachel stated.

Team 500 G's

See….this is the way I think. IMHO if Rachel really wanted to play hard and win she would get Adam to use the veto. Then Rachel would evict Jordan. Rachel would win the game against anybody left. If she took Jordan to final two she would probably lose. Sure she would lose J/J’s vote. But if she is in final two with Adam, even J/J would vote for her. They will vote for her game play. In her speech she could shed some tears…tell J/J that if ahe wanted to win she had to do it because she knew the jaordan would get a lot of votes. I think they would understand. How mad could they be…they already won it once.If she could instead of protecting Jordan she should focus on getting Kalia to final 2.

In the Finale most jury members vote on who played the best game. If you go back and watch the finale’s of past seasons….time after time the jury mentions “game play” as a decideing factor. The problem with taking Jordan wont be game play but popularity. Jordan will have of course Jeff’s vote, She will have hands down Shelly’s vote. If Adam is on Jury….Adam votes for Jordan. Kalia will be evicted at the hands of Rachel. Kalia and Rachel have never gotten along. She would probably vote for Jordan. Porsche? who knows. Jordan would win for the same reasons she won in her last season. Because she is a house favorite. Rachel is making a huge mistake taking her to final 2. If Rachel wanted to seal her win she should take Kalia to the final two…..Kalia might only get one or two votes. Rachel taking Jordan could be a crucial mistake in the end.


kalia is pathetic i can not wait till she goes she is so annoying i can’t believe she still hasn’t figured out that JAR have a deal and isn’t wondering why jordon isn’t working him. Honestly it will so good to see her shock when he doesn’t use the veto


pinto changed her look up a little and is wearing a fedora. she looking gangstaaaa!!


kalia is going to offer Adam her $5,000 she got from PB. That’s the secret thing she wants to show Adam when it’s just the 2 of them. I guarantee it


it was nice hearing the ladies chit chat and talking about boyfriends and other things for a change.


I need to see some topless pictures of PORCHE before this season is over!!! GEt on that yo

Brown Fat

i’d be happy with more pics of porsche in a bikini, shorts, whatever stages of undress you can get gentlemen. thanks much for efforts so far.


Jeff is gone because he lost clown shoe. P would not use veto even though he just took her off block. Shelly voted out J even though she always wanted R out. K voted for J even though she too wanted R out and said she wanted to work with JJ. Adam deserves to win. At least he’s been a a consistent deciding vote


adam makes the show unbearable.


“Adam is worried about final 2 with R or J becuase they were popular in the house and people will vote for them.”

…Then get rid of Jordan NOW, Adumb! Take Porsche off and send Jordan to the jury house!

“Adam mentions if he comes in second and he lost becuase of popularity then theres nothing he can do, so be it.”

If he’s actually going to take someone to the end knowing they’re popular and knowing they will get a good share of the votes because of their popularity, then Danielle was right: Adam IS the worst BB player ever.


BB did such a good job with this cast … Not! Its funny how they got ass kisser adam, that I’m sure they knew loved JJ. Hell even kaliah was stuck on JJ for awhile tell Dani open her eyes. Shelly was so into Jj until she figured it out too. How crazy is it that soon they turn on JJ they got evicted. Maybe next year it’ll be fair. #just saying too obvious


Continued from above…love jeff and Jordan because they are an amazing team and are equally adorable. Liked Dani. However….. She always seemed jealous and wanting to take down ‘America’s sweehearts’. (she talked about that ALOT!!!)

Don’t really care so much but, I would like Kalia out because she is a decent player and has been instrumental all along BUT i am over the self-loathing attitude and pointed actions.

I just ReALLY do not want the smart car to win. She is the worst (but could also have been the best) player.


Adam is a floating wimpy poor excuse for a man player!.. and That’s why he is still in the game! .. plus, some rigging, manipulating and interference from BB!


I have to say Skulk couldn’t put it any better. Rachels gameplay I respect, esp not telling Kahlia who she was evicting last week, but when she opens her mouth I realize why most of America dislikes her. Great gameplay, but displays a total lack of maturity. Adam is really no better than Lawon, cause if Lawon didn’t basically self evict himself, lol, he would be in final 4 cause doing nothing in this game is how u make it to the end. Anyone see Porche try to lie to Rachel last night, it was epic, I love Porche in this game, shes never thrown a comp and she’s been pretty real throughout, shes very nieve but that’s expected with her age. I’m team Porche, but if Rachels win I won’t be mad…As long as she stops talking crap about every girl in the jury house. She actually said she doesn’t want to hang with Dani after the show, Lmao, shes stupid to think Danny would even fathom the thought.


OK, I have read all the comments but I think only one person got the point, K/P are tight with each other, JR are tight with each other, only chance Adam has getting to final two is against Jordan as she is a social player and horrible at comps. To use the veto and take her out will mean he will definitely lose. He will probably make final three no matter what, but if he is smart he needs Jordan in the game.


I think if Rach gets to the end Jeff would vote for her over Adam strictly on game-play.


I think Adam is cool. He is not different than how Jordan played when she won and how Jordan is playing now. If you love Jordan – I see no difference in how she and Adam are playing. Good Luck to Rachel, Adam and Jordan.