Rachel: Porsche is figuring out that she’s playing Big Brother and she can’t just sit around and eat all day **updated

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4:45pm JRA backyard Adam folding laundry, rachel reading the bible and JOrdan exercising. Adam is starting to get pissed at Kalia he’s not sure if he can take her much longer. Adam points out that Kalia is using the exact same argument Dani was.. Saying that Adam is a fan of the game and Adam knows the fans want to see big moves. Adam: ‘Big moves that help them not me”. Jordan and rachel agree. Jordan tells Adam he’s got to keep his cool they don’t want any Drama. (Yes lets try hard to make this even more boring)

4:51pm Kitchen Porsche and Kalia Porsche is explaing what she’s been telling Adam. Basically she’s just pushing the askpect that none of them will win if they are against a VET. Porsche asks Kalia if she has a final 2 with Adam.
Kalia: “no”
Porsche: “Oh OK I didn’t think you did I just was asking” (Kalia offered Adam final 2 Adam has told everyone in the house)
Kalia thinks they need to push Adam harder.. Porsche is unsure if she should be doing it thinks Kalia should becuase she’s better with words. Kalia and POrsche are shocked that Adam is actualy thinking he has a chance to win 500K with Rachel or Jordan.

5:25pm Bathroom Adam and Jordan Adam is talking about casting and how they keep a list of promising cast members. Some times a player may not fit in a particular season but may in future season. He mentions Matt from BB12 was on a list and so was Adam. Adam says this will be a year to remember.. “My 40’s I’ll never forget”

5:34pm Adam and Rachel Backyard
Rachel saying that she found out that Jeff Schroeder and Jordan were going to be on the show. When they did their press they had to write on chalk boards and she saw on one of them it said “Jeff and Jordan we’re back”. Rachel says she was all excited and told BRendon but he didn’t seem to care. Rachel knew that she had to team up with JJ right from the begining. Adam knew something was up when he only saw 8 houseguests he was wondering.. whose in the HOH.. whose going to walk through the main door.

5:46pm Backyard JRA Adam talking about Shelly playing in 17 comps and not wining one of them. Rachel says she’s played in only 17 to.

6:00pm HOH Jordan and Rachel They both are laughing that Kalia and Porsche are now working out after sitting around all year. (actually Kalia and Porsche did work out all yaer but not nearly as much as rachel) Rachel says now Porsche is figuring out that she’s playing big brother and she can’t just sit around and eat all day. Jordan doesn’t want to be anywhere near them becuase if she’s not busy they Kalia starts talking to her and she can’t take it.

(Jordan is seriously rubbing her hair during this conversation. )

Jordan commenting on Prosche telling her that next week the HOH doesn’t matter only the POV does, “Uhh what leason was that” Rachel: “Yeah what leason did Dani teach her that”

They both agree it would be a tragedy if Porsche made it to the final 2. Rachel says it won’t be they can do it.

6:10pm Jordan listening to music in HOH everyone else working out

6:22pm PAR lifting weights, Kalia power walking around the back yard Jordna roaming around inside. POrsche makes a comments that they are doing prison worksouts

6:50pmJordan sleeping everyone else working out

6:54pm PAR working out.

7:20pm AP working out. Adam is asking if Kalia is cooking for votes (Kalia is cooking on cams 3-4) or is she just trying to keep busy. POrsche thinks she’s trying to stay busy.

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237 thoughts on “Rachel: Porsche is figuring out that she’s playing Big Brother and she can’t just sit around and eat all day **updated


      1. Why would AG not evict Porsche when she put stuff in the Muscle Milk to make Jordan sick. I mean there is something seriously wrong with this girl that she would intentionally do that to someone that has done nothing to her. Why was she not immediatedly evicted. Confused about that.

          1. I read that Jordan drank it and got sick, but whether it was lethal or not to put something in something that even might make someone sick is just evil. Porsche has been evil and vile all along so I guess I should not be surprised that she would do something quite so hateful, but surprised that they let her get by with something like that. Now, she needs to go after Kalia because they are beyond mean they are just evil!!!!!

        1. Agree, and if I remember correctly when they all thought Rachel was pregnant, it was porche who said they should hit Rachel in the stomach to end the pregnancy. That girl is a sicko and personally she should have been removed from the show. Would not put it past porche to hurt someone in real life with thoughts and comments like that one.

          1. PS: Porche was also the one who stole rachels duck and put in toilet. That is one evil girl. Rachel did nothing to these girls but call out Shelly in the beginning. Because of that Shelly went all vamp on her and the others joined in and it was a daily ritual about them picking on rachel. Dani is a sore loser and her actions proved it. She cried and felt sorry for herself the week she was on the block. Even watching her in the house with Brendan and Jeff proves what a loser she is.

    1. Wow Rachel and Jordan are really mad at Dani for being queen of Big Brother! The way those two talk about her makes me think that they really loved her too! Seriously Dani might be a B but come on what girl isn’t!

    2. Why would Julie read comments from here? It’s hardly representative of the fanbase as a whole. You see the anti-jj posts here, likely, because editorial has an negative view of Jordon. That is probably why more anti fans post here. You don’t see it as much at other bb sites…or certainly not so vulgar and cruel.

      Other than that, why not figure or how to turn your caps off?

  2. And day by day, my dislike grows.

    Here’s an idea Adam, if you want Kalia to stop pestering you how about you grow a pair and tell her straight out that you’re not using the veto and you’re sticking with Rachel and Jordan. What are you afraid of? Christ, be a man for once this season.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I remember he was doing that with Dani when she was campaigning (via Shelly) and Jeff told him to just tell her the truth. He did and they moved on and tried to get Rachel to flip instead. But I think Adam kind of likes the attention/feeling of power.

      1. If Kalia was smart, she isn’t so I do see her doing this, she should spell it out for Adam that he will not win the 500K if he gets her and Porsch voted out. Tell him if he is in the final 2 they will vote for whoever he is up with. Tell him they will get Dani to vote their way too. That would be 3 votes not for him and no way he would win….That would get his ATTENTION.

    2. He is not telling Kalia because he does not want her going crazy and having to deal with her major drama until Thursday. He wants to go off on her and tell her exactly what he thinks of her, but does not want have to deal with the crazy drama that will ensue. Have to say I do not blame him. Can totally see Adam winning this season by taking Jordan to finale because he is right she has won once and most of the house guests do not want her to win again. Smart move on Adam’s part.

      1. I could be wrong, but I thinks he wants Porsche in the final 2. He can’t win against Jordan, because the vets don’t respect his game. Jordan would have Rachel, Brendon,Jeff, Kalia, Shelly, and Dani said he was the worst player to ever play this game, so I doubt he’s getting her vote. Porsche might vote for him.

        And he should tell her that he’s not using the veto. Just shoot straight and tell her ‘I respect you enough to let you know that my mind is made up’, but he can’t because he’s spineless.

    3. Kalia is even making me crazy.. I just cant wait for her to be gone.. I dont like Porcsh, She thinks she already has it in the bag. She already conciders herself the big winner. I cant stand that she actually feels that she is better than Rachel and Jordon. She even thinks that she has Adam in her back pocket. Man I cant stand that bitch. Kalia and Porcsh needs to go.They need Dani to pat them on their heads and good girls. Now sit and shake hands…Good Girls.. Dani’s bitches are good girls..

      1. Their Dani’s pets just like Adam was Jeff’s pet he kept his nose up Jeff’s a**, it was so ridiculous. I not a fan of Kalia but at least she did win comps that counted and had the guts to make big moves. Adam is a gutless coward even Rachel called him the Ultimate Floater. I did more than him sitting on my couch he’s such a spineless goober.

      2. Totally agree. I can’t stand Kalia or Porsche. These two need to go. Kalia is such a pain in the ass. She thinks she so much better than anyone in the house. What a stupid idiot!!!!

    4. Because Kalia is driving folks crazy with trying to stay in the game….that’s why he’s not telling her. I would probably tell her to get her off my back but I can understand why he’s not telling her. I hope R/J stick with the plan to oust Kalia over Porshe. She is the one most likely to stand in the way of their being final two.

      BTW I LOVED the show tonight and how Adam was giddy with Tori Spellings appearance. That was too cute.
      Don’t give him such a hard time. Everybody knows when you ARE highly competitive people vote you out. Laying low IS a strategy and a valid one at that. Tho I DO hope Rachel takes the big prize and she has certainly earned the win.

      1. Adam should take Porsche down and put Jordan up. Then he can auction off his vote to whichever side will offer him the best deal. Period. He’ll never have this kind of power again.

      2. Ok….really?? You think that Rachel and Jordon deserve to win? I think that Dani was the only one in that house with a set of gonads. She was the one that was never afraid to make a big move. Adam is the very last person that deserves to win this….he has done SH*T all season.

      3. Yes, Rachel did. Hoping that she wins it and have a nice wedding and if it is televised and I will surely watch. She might be annoying but she has a good heart and surely entertaining and I think she carried this BB13 as people have this love hate relationship with her. I do like like her.

    5. Amen! I detest him more for stringing her along and not telling her. He’s done nothing all season and NOW he thinks he is the man? His “game play” has been pathetic. Also, I absolutely refuse to believe that these 8 were the best people casting could pick for this season. Casting should be fired!

    6. I think they are trying to limit the drama because they knew she will go off on all of them the same reason why adam stopped rachel and jordon from confronting her but i have to admit when he doesn’t use the veto the look on her face will be priceless and then what is she going to do try and convince jordon and adam not to evict her after she has spent days trying to thrown jordon under the bus

    7. adam should tell kaliah that yes he will use the veto to take her off the block then zing change his mind at the last minute. hahaha she will then leave him alone and the others in the house can observe how she acts when she thinks she is safe, don’t tell porche they will make plans but then they fall apart at the last minute, kaliah is sent packing and porche is out next with no allay’s.

  3. You mean I get the first comment? Nothing much to
    say except for Kalia, too little too late, as with everything. And talk about lying!! Not only is she lying to Adam, Jordan and Rachel, she is also lying to Porche. Way to stick to your priciples Kalia! I LOVE how she keeps saying she’s never lied, while she is actually lying by saying Jordan WANTS to go home? Really? Then why is she still playing the game instead of asking to go on the block or self-evicting so she can be with Jeff. I am certain she can’t even keep track of all of the crap she has said. Can’t STAND her in any way!

    1. And even better is that Adam is telling Jordan, Rachel and Porsche everything that Kalia is telling him and that she is trying to throw all of them under the bus, and that Porsche even caught her in the lie because she asked Kalia if she promised Adam final two and Adam had already told Porsche she had and then Kalia like to Porsche and told her NO. Just keep shoveling that dirt on top of yourself and dig that grave with all four of them. Like Adam said earlier Kalia digging her own grave. HAHA

      1. Absoultely. Considering they have been talking all week how Kalia told everyone about their final 2 deal, she still thinks she can gaslight everyone, including Porsche. She obviously thinks everyone else is so stupid that they forgot this in the last 2 days. As the rambling goes on and on she is proving herself to be every bit the liar Shelly was while she rags on Shelly. And no, as the next poster thinks, Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon combined haven’t even come close to the number of lies that Kalia has told this week alone! And, guess what, 2 of them aren’t there anymore so why do you care if they lied or not? They were evicted.

    2. Kalia is definitely making it worse for her because she has not stop talking and not realizing that not only she is throwing Jordan under the bus but also throwing Porsche her only alliance under the bus.

  4. Can someone explain to me please, because i am confused. I thought that the VETO can only be used for one person. But that doesnt mean that the winner of it is protected as well. So, if Adam won the VETO and will use it on Kalia or Porshe, cant Rachel put him up?

    How can a single VETO protect two people?


      1. if both of you are saying that, how come it didn’t work when Brendon one the POV and removed Rachel. To keep both safe as you state.

          1. The winner of the POV is immune from being the HOH’s renom, not from being nominated in the first place. Because Brendon had already been nominated and sitting on the block, the POV could only be used to remove either him or Rachel, not both.

        1. Because Brendan was on the block too. He can only “save” one person and chose Rachel instead of saving himself. You can only be safe yourself if you are not on the block at that time. Usually someone on the block that wins Veto saves themselves because it’s stupid not too. (Think back to when Marcelles was on the block with Amy and he saved her, he was evicted due to his own stupidity!!)

        2. Brendon was on the block with Rachel. He could only save one person.

          If Adam takes Porsche off the block she is safe and so is Adam. Rachel(hoh) cannot not but him on the block she would be forced to put Jordan up.

          Go Rachel !!!!!!

        3. it’s a different situation when you are on the block. if you win the veto and you are on the block, you can remove yourself and the HOH will choose the replacement. if you are on the block and you want to use if for someone that is on the block, then you can. that person will be removed but you are still on the block and not safe.

    1. What kind of bullshit would that be? Negative, he won pov & whether he chooses to use it or not he’s safe. Thats why the house is kissing his ass. I think he should take Porsche (only because I like looking at her more than I do Kalia) off the block so Jordon goes up & hopefully is evicted.

    2. If you’re on the block you can only save yourself or the other person. If you’re not on the block you can take one off and both be safe.

    1. Between the incessant hair pulling and the completely delusional reality she seems to be inhabiting I’m starting to think the poor little hamster in her head has fallen off it’s wheel.

    2. She has fine hair and it isn’t really thick so I think that’s part of it. But her constant playing with it drives me freaking crazy. It’s not as bad as Kalia’s nonstop talking though. I can’t watch the feeds when Kalia’s on.

      1. i tape BBAD and fast forward when kalia is talking. I had to do the same thing last year when enzo was eating. i don’t know who’s worse, enzo or kalia

    3. Her hair looks thin period. It’s most likely from always pulling on it, and pulling out strands of hair without even knowing it.

    4. I remember on the show “NipTuck” they dealt with this addiction. The daughter of one of the two main characters developed an addiction to pulling at her hair and “eating it.” It got so bad she developed a human “hair ball” in her stomach! It grew to be the size of a ball of yarn. From what I remember, they couldn’t remove it surgically, so they had to remove it through her mouth! The name of the disease is from the fairytale “Rapunzel” Needless to say, it was one of my favorite shows because of the twisted storylines!

    5. Tori Spelling looked terrible! I have never seen a “more dumpier” looking expectant mother before in my life! I couldn’t tell what was sagging the most, “Adam’s mouth” or Tori’s ass! And what the hell was she wearing? Was she in labor when BB called and offered her tonight’s gig? Her eyes were slits and her makeup looked like it was applied with a spatula! The shot of her leaving through the front door made her look as though she was wearing a diaper (that needed to be changed)!

      Rachel! You should have gone “Vegas” on Jesse’s ass! Everyone knows he “plays for the other team” – no, he’s not a pitcher – he a catcher! He’s bottomed for some of gay porns’ biggest tops! Ironically, he was offered a part opposite Steven Daigle (the BB Guest Jesses voted out during his 1st HOH) by ChiChi LaRue to appear together in a gay porn parody of BB!

  5. Are they allowed to DEFINITIVELY say what they are going to do? I think they need to keep things so at least it can be edited to present some doubt in the viewer’s minds. If he says “You’re screwed, I’m not using the veto and you are going to jury” then where’s the suspense for the CBS broadcast. Quite often we”know” what is going to happen, but they always allow for that little bit of doubt to get people to tune in.

  6. Finally, Kaila Shut your freaky mouth and stop pestering Adam. Adam already pissed off right now. Don’t make this thing worst and cause more drama again. So, The Rock quote “Know your role, and shut your mouth.” Not even bacon will not help Adam of using the POV either. Just shut your mouth Koala.

  7. So this is the season of Adam being the biggest idiot of all time. He needs to grow some balls and make a power move or he mine as well hand over $500,000 to Jordon. They are going to toss him out so fast when it gets to only 3 left.

    1. Do you think Kalia and Porsche will not toss him either? Rachel and Jordan have saved him twice, what have Porsche and Kalia done except to try to evict him? Adam is playing fair, hes flip flopping is a part of strategic move but he had done it by not being mean. Adam, Jordan and Rachel final three.

  8. Well how fake was Rachel’s reason to open Pandora’s Box, She even says Adam meeting Tori would be awesome.
    Meanwhile Kalia last night (BBAD )crying was so pitiful. Like she thought since she was the deciding vote to evict Jeff and her voting to evict Brendon twice she was actually gonna be safe, talking to Adam she tried like hell last nigh.t I just laughed like see ya Either way Porsche or Kalia start packing don’t let the door hit you on way out. Way to go Adam you better get real this week. Porsche won’t help you so when and if you play Hoh you should throw Jordan a bone if its close let Jordan win Hoh, she’l put up Porsche and Adam and guarantee you safety so Rachel can vote them out

  9. with this season and last season i believe this show will be cancelled, after the shit i saw tonight i wonder why i even watch this, what happened to episodes where chilltown made people look like idiot, evil dick was yelling and banging pans, dan was playing the most picture perfect game ever, what happened to people actually having fights every couple of weeks, this show will be remebered for a fat old fan getting to meet some pregnant lady ive never heard of from a show i never heard of, this show will be remembered for things like the brigade and jeff and jordan, its soon fate will be cancellation and the fault lies with allison grodner

      1. i used to love this show so much but really i think ill finish this season and never watch it again, it gets worse and worse

      2. i only half watched. i’ve lost all of my intensity for the show since productioninterfered. i want people to win fair and square

        1. I only record BB now and FF through most of it, so boring. And Rachel’s first HOH was given to her by Dani. Dani could’ve easily won, but they decided Rachel would win it and Dani would be safe.

  10. Damn no dick at night again tonight :( I look more foward to it than the actual show. I guess it was a good thing for dick to leave at the beginning, it would suck ass for your gull bladder to bust at final 5 then have to leave.

      1. Simon- Concur & Concur.
        Plus, his season was so well played and unique that I think anything after that ran a risk of disappointment…. Leaving the show and then Dick at Night probably gave him more notoriety than he may have playing again.

        1. Yeah, but imagine him in the house with these bozos. He had already left his mark on the game by recruiting Porsche and Shelly over to the veteran alliance. With his social game, and Dani’s competitive skills, I think it would have been a big year for them.

      2. I know Dick is going to be talking a bunch of shit if he gets better to do another show before the finale. He hates Rachel and Jordan being on BB.

  11. It looks like Jordan’s part is getting bigger in her hair. She’s going to give herself a bald spot if she doesn’t quit messing with her head. I want Kalia to go, but I also want Jordan gone. Would like to see P & R as final two.

    1. That’s the F2 I’m hoping for as well :)

      I think Rachel deserves SOMETHING, just not first place. 50k will be plenty for a nice wedding

      1. I think she deserve’s the 500G’s – but 50G’s is nothing to sneeze at either…..too bad they don’t give anything to the 3rd place – then Adam could get say 5G’s or 1G’s.

        1. No he doesn’t he’s been playing for 3rd place since week 3 when he planted his lips on Jeff and Jordan’s ass, he got to meet Tori that’s all that girl man deserves…

      2. Hi Stephiep, I diagree with you. Rachel should win first place, among the house guest left she has won more comp, played harder and a survivor. If you have been watching the feeds, the disgusting comments, horrible thoughts, the bashing and constant picking on her, make up lies that was pinned on her which was far from the truth and she survived and won more comp. How is that not deserving to win first place? If you are a fair person and not heartless like those mean girls and give it some thoughts, she deserves to win this game.

    2. Rachel and Pprsche would be the best F2. As long as Kalia is gone Tuesday, I’ll be able to tolerate any possible scenario. I think it would be cool to see Rachel and Jordan buddy together and make it all the way to the end, but R and P is without a doubt the most intriguing F2.

  12. Is it only me that everytime this bitch Rachel comes on the tube I want to break it. That spastic and screeeeeechy voice enough already. Adam must be a groupie u know the one that gets invited to backstage from bands and gets banged all sorts because god forbid he grew a set of Adams apples and actually be like a Moses instead of like mother Theresa.

    1. Yeah, that would not happen. Kaila is out of picture. If it HOH-Questions Porsche has a weakness with Question. She is pretty dumb but she has no chance of break up J/R. Better luck next time.

      1. Your not psychic…. As we all saw when Big Jeff got the boot. So sorry captainwedgie, forgive me if I won’t be holding my breath on you your predictions! ;)

        1. That okay Stephiep you said:Your psychic…. As we all saw when Dani got the boot. So sorry squabble, forgive me if I will be holding my breath on my predictions! ;) Yes, I know Stephiep. Well I agree, Porsche will go home on Thursday. Yeah you should tell squabble about that he probably think that he hates Dani as well. You don’t want Porsche to win as well. Awesome. Your not Big Porsche Fan! I agreed as well. Thanks Stephiep. Rachel and Jordan Final 2. You rock!

  13. Thank you for the updates, i appreciate them a lot really, keep the great work coming

    Ps : Porsche does look like Katie cassidy, do you agree guys ?

    Team Rachel

    1. that’s what i said earlier. rachel has not taken the time to assess her situation because jordan is always there and she thinks that jordan is her friend. if she really look at things, she will find out that she is carrying jordan just like jeff did

  14. Have you forgotten that the last time Porsche won the POV, she stated not to use the veto because this is what Dani wanted. Is it not that the same?

    1. Agreed Awesome, Rachel deserves to win this game, she has been done a lot of wrong by the mean girls and watching the show tonight, Kalia confirmed she has done her a lot of wrong. The mean girls ostracized, bashed, make up lies ( Shelly) and disgusting comments but she has worked harder and she is a survivor. Final three Adam, Jordan and Rachel. Rachel first, Adam second and Jordan, America’s fan favorite for some cash prize.

      1. That’s what I thought. Dani was the leader of the mean girls and I don’t think it was strategy at all. A lot of their behavior and comments were behind closed doors and downright disgusting. I hate girls like that and I believe that DKP are like that in real life as it was incessant, even talking about each other behind their backs. I am so sick of the Dani worshipers. They act like Dani was the greatest player of all time that got a bad break. That’s not true. She put the target directly on her back week 2 and kept it there with her behavior. People keep commenting that Dani should have won. Get over her. She was so great that she got evicted. Why people still worship the catty ground she walks on, I don’t know.

    2. People seem to forget that the first HoH and Veto was thrown to Rachel. And her second HoH was bullshit. Who the hell would cheat off of Jordan. Any sane person would cheat off of Lawon!

  15. I wish asteroid or satellite just fall from the sky and land of the BB HOH room while JRA are in there talking shit. wasn’t it like a week ago, that Jordumb and Roach were crying and acting like sore losers. production immediately gift wrapped the duo veto so Roach can win it and save herself along with Jordumb.

  16. Yeah but Jordan won HOH. That a part of good player. JB didn’t hand it to her. She play good. But I don’t know about Porsche intelligence. I’m sure she is pretty dumb. She been working at the Hooters which she hooks up with her boyfriend.

      1. I’m not sure. Did you look at Jordan profile like I know she is a waitress but not pretty sure? I’m 100% sure that she not dumb.

  17. these 2 bishes Rachel and Jordan got the nerve enough to talk about anybody. just last week they were boohoooing and begging for special powers to same them and AG did. now, they are both egotistical and arrogant. one of them would have been out of the door if AG had not interfered. they are both beginning to disgust me

  18. Adam is so dumb for not using the veto. He has zero chance against Rachel or Jordan. If he used the veto then Jordan is gone next, then Rachel goes after Jordan. This big game move would possibly allow him to win against either Porche or Kalia in the end when the jury votes.

    But it he does nothing, he is guaranteed to lose all chance at $500k. He seems to focused on getting to the next week and isn’t seeing the end game is around the corner.

    1. He has no chance against either side. That’s not a big game move, it’s a stupid game move. He’s playing for 50 g’s right now.

      1. Yes, Adam is playing fair. Like him to go final three with Jordan and Rachel. He has a better chance of winning something rather than going with Kalia and Porsche.

  19. The only one who really deserves to win, is Rachel. Rachel has played the whole game, sometimes all by herself, sometimes having a major breakdown, but when she played at least she tried to win, this is more then I can say for the rest of them. She said last night she wanted to tie or beat Janelle, she has a lot of respect for Janelle {so do I} Also, she has remarked several times on BBD, that they {houseguests} are probably being so boring and pathetic and she has apologized to the viewers.

  20. them bishes make me sick . I have always been a fan of Rachel since last season, but now that she hanging with Jordan she is becoming just like her. arrogant, egotistical, self absorbent, self centered, snobbish and a sense of entitlement.

    1. are you for real..r and j are not acting that way. you must be brain washed by the dani gang. what a joke they and you are. rachel has been playing the game against the whole house all season. kp cant go to the bathroom without checking their notes from the loser dani.

        1. rachel says what she feels in the good buh-byes, she is not kissing someones butt, she is playing the game honestly, and has been even stronger without brendon, the real rachel comes out.

          1. Hey, more power to her. I’m not mad at Rachel. But, why would you work your ass off trying to stay in the game and then tell people you don’t want their vote with a really nasty message. It’s not smart gameplay.

      1. in my opinion they are acting like bishes. last week they were crying and begging for special powers. now that they got them, their whole attitudes have changed , especially Rachel’s. She’s acting egotistical and self centered just like jordan has been acting all season. this doesn’t have anything to do with being a dani fan. reachel’s whole persona has changed

      1. it’s cool. everyone has their own opinion. I just noticed that Rachel has gotten a little too full of her self and jordan has always in my opinion have a sense of entitlement

        1. Hi Chessie, actually Rachel has gotten better. It is just her personality that she says and shows her emotions. I think she really has a good heart and a hard worker. She survived until now after being picked on, bashed on, horrible thoughts and disgusting comments thrown at her. She is not a fake, you see her as she is as she acts it but definitely has not made horrible comments and disgusting thoughts on the mean girls. She should win this game.

          1. Hi Victoria, nice to talk to you. I have always liked rachel, but since she got back in power, she’s just getting a little cocky. i would love for her to win, but she better be cool in those eviction messages.

          2. Hi Victoria, this may double post, but I like Rachel and she is getting a little too cocky since the vets got back in control

  21. If you didn’t see and hear K and P saying THIS IS WHY DANI WOULD’VE WANTED last week, then you should take your blinders off.

    1. First off only Porsche said that, not Kalia so let’s stop making stuff up to make your point seem stronger. Plus one throwaway comment when taking out the person who just took out your strongest alliance member does not equal ‘playing the game for her’. Get some perspective.

      1. First off, Kalia said almost the same thing that Porsche did verbatim. Porsche basically regurgitated what Kalia had said 15 minutes prior. YOU need to stop making stuff up.

        And secondly, umm…. I guess there is no secondly. Oh yeah, wait! Get some perspective!

        1. ‘Get some perspective!’ – Wait, what’s this? An order, a directive? Seriously, I’m not mad, I just think that we may be more alike than you think.

  22. While I am not a Rachel fan … there are only 3 people in the house who have played the game, tried to win comps etc … should be RKP in F3

    1. did I just read you say only RKP have played the game? K/P have slept for the first 55 days of the game…man they have played,finally winning a comp with 6 ppl left in the house…oh boy look out Dick,Janelle and Dr.Will.

      1. Well, Jordan’s still sleeping. In fact she should be chilling in the jury house right now. She has earned nothin and done nothing for her team, meanwhile, Dani, Kalia, and Porsche teamed up against the house and kicked veteran ass. Kalia and Porsche were about to send sweet Jordan packing, but production saved her undeserving ass.

  23. That remark about Jordan is so ugly…she is a very pretty girl and she is not dumb, matter of a fact: she is smarter than most of us- she already won 500,000 dollars
    and can now possibly win more! (bet you can’t say that…zing !!!! )

  24. On this site’s poll, Jeff & Jordan together have 60% of the total votes. Is that true elsewhere? Is that an indication they actually WILL win America’s favorite despite all the negative comments here?

  25. I think adam should grow some balls and make a big move well he has the chance save porsche and backdoor jordan and then him or porsche could win HoH and hopefully take out the devil in extentions {rachel} well hopefully porsche will win HoH because u don’t know what adam will do if he wins HoH and kalia’s being evicted on wedsenday

  26. I’m not disliking the fact that Adam won’t use the Veto, I really can’t handle hearing Kalia any more on the feeds.

    I’m disliking the fact Adam wasn’t done ONE interesting thing this year.

    1. the only interesting thing he did was the other night was when he snotted in a paper towel and use that same paper towel to clean a bowl and wipe down the refrigerator and the counter. Disgusting Pig

        1. Sept 2 11:40 p.m. cam 3&4. I made a complaint to CBS about and it and I’m pretty sure others did too t and they edited that scene. So if you go to flash back, you might not see it.

    2. Adam acts like he’s been sandbagging all this time and now it’s time to play. He’ll come back to reality when he starts losing every comp again.

  27. everyone is talking about jordon not doing anything well it’s working for her because she has laid low just like last time and the jury house votes for her so apparantly she is smart enough to work her social game good enough to make it to the end so she is actually playing it pretty good from what i see.

    1. Well shes the one talking about others not doing anything all season when in fact she has done nothing but ride on Jeff and now Rachels back. Shes just lucky there has always been a bigger target around every week. Its not so much her social game as she is fake and a sore loser when the vets are not in power or get a special power. Thats not great social play if you ask me.

    2. she’s not smart. rachel and kalia just think that jordan is their friend. character flaws in the both of them(kalia and rachel)

    3. So wheres the twist for Porche and Kalia like there was for Jordan and Rachel. That pandoras duos twist was such a load of crap. If only Porsche didnt open Pandoras box. Oh wait they would have got something else like the fortune teller saving them. Ridiculous.

      1. Did Rachel get $10g’s for opening the box…no she got fuk’n pathetic Jessie…Porsche’s box at least gave her $10k which she found out had to be split with Kalia. It was both their choices to open them,nobody held a gun to their heads,so get off it already.

        1. Boo Hoo she got Jessie…maybe if her head wasnt stuck up her ass thinking Tori was for her since she does weddings knowing the eerie obsession Adam had with Tori then she wouldnt of been stuck. Still getting clothes from the girls as well as not affecting the game was not much a pandoras box as Porsche was. Give it up its rigged and she knew there was never any threat to her game thats why she opened.

  28. This guy makes me sick. He acts like a jerk, talks shit behind people’s backs, and now worst of all, has the nerve to say FU the BB fans. I hope when he gets fired from his job or gets hit by a truck when he gets out.






  30. Not to be rude, but Tori Spelling got on 90210 because it was her dad’s show. Why anyone would want to idolize her is beyond me. But then, I have never watched the show.

    1. I don’t think he actually does. The whole ‘metal guy who loves 90210 and tori spelling and appletinis’ seems like a very manufactured ‘wacky’ character in order to get on the show. I’m not buying what he’s selling

  31. What a ridiculous statement.. like it is anywhere near the same thing. You are talking about Rachel’s fiance in real life as opposed to Porsche saying, “this is what Dani would have wanted” during a Veto ceremony.. some dumbass she had never met who played the game so well she may as well have evicted herself. How you can compare the two is beyond me. There is a huge difference in pre-existing real life relationships. I hope that incessant chatterbox leaves next, and then with Kalia and Shelly gone, I wouldn’t absolutely die if any of the rest of those 4 win but I’d rather Adam win than Porsche and I’m 100% rooting for Jochel as F2.

    My eviction hopes are: Kalia then Porsche then Adam, leaving Jordan and Rachel as Final2. Jeff will likely win America’s money as even on these boards, he is a huge favorite in the Fan Favorite Polls. Personally, I have voted for Jordan but at this point it would be a toss-up for me and I could just as easily vote for Rachel. That girl has really stepped up and proven herself and she is so much more likeable when Brendan is not around.. she seems like a different person when she is around him. Go Jochel! =D

    I wonder who would win a Fan Least Favorite poll.. what do you all think?

    1. If it weren’t for the twist none of us would have to listen to Jordan’s arrogant ass anymore, because she would be in the jury house where she belongs.

      1. I am so tired of hearing people say that Jordan is arrogant maybe u are arrogant and you need to run your mouth about someone else so your life is complete

        Don’t worry Jordan if their talking about u they are leaving someone else alone

        1. Maybe I am arrogant. What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Why do you feel the need to defend Jordan, of all people? You don’t know her, and she could care less about you. I like the game of Big Brother and Jordan fans don’t. She should be in the jury house already. Doesn’t it bother you that she gets a free ride without earning something for herself? It Should. Stop worshipping her. She’s not worthy of it.

          1. Well, I think you make that person’s case about you pretty well considering how pretentious it is of you to say that any Jordan fan isn’t a “true fan of the game” like you supposedly are; and telling us it should bother us that she “got a free ride”; and ordering us to “stop worshiping her”.

            I won’t waste my time systematically deconstructing all of your proclamations because you obviously are an emotional arguer with an irrational, egocentric mindset. This is exhibited by your massively overgeneralized assumptions, all-or-nothing rationalism (if you’re not like me and hate Jordan then you don’t/can’t appreciate the game), and brute-force rhetoric (where one cannot back up one’s claims with logic so they resort to commands and insults – i.e. STOP worshiping her, it SHOULD bother you…., she doesn’t care about you, etc.)

            By the way, don’t feel too bad about all of this because folks exactly like you are on all sides of this thing, and you’re all DEFINITELY in the majority as far as commenters go.

            Cheers! :)

  32. Heavens…if Jordan doesnt stop talking about “others doing nothing, deserving nothing” I’m gonna implode! And for the love of all thats holy..House guest hold Kaila down and gag her! Today i couldnt stand the live feeds…this game was always my little escape..a break from mommy world..but this yr is just drudgery…Cant see investing my time another yr.

  33. Is anybody but me getting tired of Adam talking about himself so much? Jordan talking about K and P sleeping all the time. The only time jordan is alert is when she is in the dr. She lays around all the time.Porsche at least cooks all the time for everyone on late night. Jordan sits and waits for people to bring her food outside. Rarely does she even stay in the kitchen and talk to them. Last night she did wash some dishes.

  34. I know whats wrong………..Kalia and Porsche are soooooooooo jealous of Jordan…….she’s pretty, great figure,
    sweet and a really good person……………..plus she’s already won a 1/2 million………….They’re JEALOUS ! ! !

      1. sorry to bust your bubble, but Jordan is everything pattyboo is saying… she is very pretty and has a a real hotty for a boyfriend, so yes of course p/k is jealous.

  35. YES!! I can’t stand Rachel’s ass! She is NUTS and the boohooiest ass on this planet! All Jordon does is sit around and bout put me to sleep. Adam is only on the side that has power that week…..he should have been gone a loooooooong time ago. Dani is the one player that I would have loved to see make it. She wasn’t afraid to make big moves and shake that house up a little.

    1. My opinion is the moved that she wanted to do was with Dominic is a move to be with him and hopefully a love connection and that caused her demised.

  36. Don’t u remember Porcsh ( that pineapple head chick) said to Jeff I cant use the veto on u thats HOW DANI WOULD HAVE WANTED????
    Even Dani laughed about in the JH with Jeff when they watched the dvd together.

    P slept the first four weeks with a Golden Key and FLOATED from
    JJBR alliance to DKL alliance. She didnt do shit but listen to D lessons.
    She was a waste of space, it would have been better if Keith stayd.
    You guys cry about Adam but I think he played a better game then P.
    He stuck with JJ no floating and had a 48 hr alliance with SPK.

    1. Porsche got a free ride? Jordan got AG powers to stay as long as she likes. And yes, Adam he did stick to Jeffs ass like a spineless jellyfish. He should be very proud.

  37. I really hope Rachel wins so we don’t ever have to see her ever again! Win the money and go the hell away with your idiotic fiance!

  38. they should just give Jeff and Jordan their own show because they are so cute together! But besides that they really need to step it up with this casting BS. Also, yes. Twists do make it intresting but not when there is a different one every week. It makes the show way to confusing and hard to follow :( and if they wanted old players back so bbad they should have just done All Stars in Duos. You could’ve had Jeff and Jordan, Dick and Daniele, Brendan and Rachel, Mike and Will, Jessie and Natalie, and who ever else like America can figure this out but production can’t….?

  39. WOW! Really? This is how you address someone you disagree with? Assassinate their character because they don’t like who you like? Get a life, you loser. If this is how you react on a website, in real life, you must be a real disappointment to your mother. Where’s the moderator? People like you have no business commenting if you don’t have anything to say about the topic. And no, calling names is not commenting on anything other than your lack of intelligence and class.

  40. MOst of these comments are ridiculous. SOme people saying about “Jordan is just coasting along”….. If you dont like it stop watching. Then there are others saying about how “this season is soooo boring,” obviously you can’t stop watching and its entertaining enough for you to keep coming back to this website. I remember Dr Will’s coasting along in season 2 won him the game, and everyone thought it was brilliant.

    1. Are you really comparing Jordan to Dr. Will!

      You have really out done yourself. If I was Dr. Will I’d be offended.

      Jordan didn’t and hasn’t done jack shit, but be a coattail rider. When she is needed to win, she gives up. She doesn’t give a shit about winning. She was just there to add extra weight and a vote for Jeff.

      JJ fans are too much for me. Smh…

        1. Your comment makes no sense.

          Just because I don’t care for Jordan doesn’t mean I like Kalia or Porsche.

          Game play is what people should watch, and not have clouded judgement by picking favorites.

      1. yOU’RE AN IDIOT! I was just simply comparing both of them coasting along, and nothing else. Needless, to say they both walked away as winners.

    2. you can say that again, go rajo! for me Dr will is to date the king of big brother, no one has even come close to his game…
      and now Jordan is playing her game and i love her and hope she wins …yes AGAIN

  41. Exactly! The first question Julie should ask him if/when he gets evicted is “You said you wanted the newbies to go to the end, but yet you pushed for the the vets. Do you regret not taking the newbies to the end?”

    1. There is a 3 part HoH.

      For the first round, the three people compete in an endurance comp. And the person who wins that automatically goes to the third round.

      In the second round, the remaining two players compete in usually a physical and mental comp. The winner of this round competes against the person who won the first round. The person who lost this round sits out.

      In the third round, it is questions about former evicted jury members. The person who wins this round will be the final HoH and get to choose who they want to go to F2 with.

  42. THANK YOU! And Jordan for sure needs to shut up about about Porsche not doing anything and not deserving to win. Just because Porsche didn’t play the vet’s game like Adam doesn’t mean she didn’t play her own game.

  43. Simon/Dawg- or anyone else who knows

    Does anyone know what the schedule is for this week w/ the two evictions? Does anyone know when the first one is happening and when the next hoh/veto comps are supposed to happen? I’m trying to figure out how they’re going to squeeze an eviction and another hoh/veto all before thursday.

    1. Wednesday eviction will be taped. So, kalia might be evicted Tuesday and they show bits of it Wednesday and have an HOH Comp.. Then another eviction Thursday . After that the final 3 part HOH competition begins. Hope Rachel and Pinto makes it.

  44. Is Kalia now trying to pull a Shelly? Preach about how honest you are, that you have never lied to anyone in this game, tell them how your word is your bond, your word means everything to you, you never go back on it and so on and so on while your lying your ass off the entire time to every single person. Is she really that dumb that she thinks with so few people left that they aren’t going to talk to each other.

  45. Jordan’s sense of entitlement is getting pretty annoying. People keep saying that Jordan deserves to win because she has a great social game, and I admit, she’s a nice girl. But thats not why she made it this far. Jordan got this far because she generally sucks in everyone comp and no one sees her as a threat. People are letting her coast because they feel they can beat her in final two or get her out easily if they need to. When you have competitiors in the house like Danielle, Jeff, and Brendon, you’re not going to waste an HOH targetting someone like Jordan. It’s not that Jordan has the incomprabable ability to outlast everybody; its just nobody considers her worthy enough to eliminate.

  46. Really!? Winning a competition and saying it’s for your fiance is so much different. Porsche should’ve said she didn’t wan to use the veto. Instead, she says it’s what Dani would’ve wanted. Play your own f-ing game.

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