Big Brother Spoilers: Adam says Kalia’s desperation reeks.. it smells worse than the backyard. I am doing the right thing for me, NOT for fu*king you!

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11:50pm Out in the backyard, Kalia tells Adam that she has something very funny to show him, that no one else knows about. Adam asks Kalia for a hint and says that he may already know. Adam jokes and asks if it’s a secret room she knows about? Kalia jokes and says there’s a secret room behind a mirror, you tap it three times on the left… it rotates. Kalia tells Adam that she will show him later when it’s just the two of them.

12am – 1:15am Kalia, Porsche, Rachel and Adam are playing cards. Jordan is in bed sleeping. Big Brother cuts the live feeds and when they return Rachel is up in the HOH room feeding the fish. Rachel comes back outside and the card game continues. The houseguests talk about random stuff while they play cards. Rachel heads to bed first while the others continue their card game. Eventually the card game ends. Porsche heads inside.

Adam and Kalia are all alone in the backyard. Kalia asks Adam …so do you wanna know my surprise secret? Adam says yes. Kalia says that she is trying to show him… after you know this you will know every aspect of my game …and know how much you can trust me …and how badly I want you to use that veto to keep us here. Adam says okay. Kalia says because I want you to be my king…. you have the queen? Kalia says yeah. Adam asks who has the pawn? Kalia says who knows. Adam says see I told you were the black queen. Kalia says she took it to throw people off about the competition back then. Kalia explains how Shelly said she found them and how she was lying about where she found them. Adam asks where is the pawn? Kalia says that she honestly doesn’t know … maybe someone who went up as a pawn took it. Kalia says that if she ever found it …and she was going home she would set it down and say where it all begins ends. Adam says you’ve given me food for thought. Kalia says I know.. and I know they are telling you everything you want to hear.. why not take me who you can beat …instead of someone who you can’t beat. Adam high fives Kalia and says you’ve given me food for thought …thank you. Kalia tells Adam that if he tells anyone else she will kill him. Adam asks how does that help me to tell anyone… Adam and Kalia head inside.

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1:25am – 2:50am Kalia and Adam get ready for bed and then go to sleep. At 2am Kalia still can’t fall asleep. She gets up and goes out into the backyard. As she walks around the backyard she finds a hat and puts it on and then says ..Adam, please use this veto… Kalia says that Adam must have told Jordan that he would get rid of us. After pacing around the backyard for awhile she goes over to the backyard couch and sits down staring off into the distance. Kalia says that if he doesn’t use this veto …if he picks them over us …he will be the stupidest player in Big Brother history! Kalia says I swear, we’re his fricking alliance! Kalia sits in silence.. At 2:50am Kalia heads back inside and goes to bed.

3:15am – 3:35am Adam is laying in bed awake. Adam then gets up and heads out into the backyard. Adam starts talking to the cameras. Adam says I think the line of the weekend was when Kalia said if he really wanted to make her squirm to use the veto on Porsche. Adam says really Kalia like I would every use the veto on you, Kalia …Jesus Christ! How BLANK stupid are you? No, sorry that’s mean .. how caught up in your head are you? You thought for one second I was going to use the veto on you. You make a final deal with somebody, you tell everybody about it, you tell the people voting, tell me how you’re voting so I can vote with you, you vote against me, apologize and think I’m still going to honor my deal with you and pull you off the block. Adam laughs. Adam says that’s a good one Kalia, maybe when you get out of here, you can write a play where you take advantage of somebody and they do exactly what you say …you can even star in it. I just want to be there for the casting so I can see the person who will play me ..perfectly …Seth Rogen maybe? Judith Hill?

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Adam laughs.. how do people get through this game thinking you can make 100 deals and no one else will know about it. We’re playing with the vets.. the vets have told us whatever you say comes back around, so be careful what you say. You played with Dani, you used the exact same lines that Dani tried to use on me. The same exact  BLANK lines!!! Hey Adam’re a fan of Big Brother, make a huge game move… it would be a huge game move a huge dumb game move, you left that part out. Adam I guarantee Rachel won’t win the veto next week… Really you know this how??! You have the inside scoop of how the game is going to be and how Rachel is going to do? It’s three against one, hmmmm, how did that work before, you nominated Rachel and she stayed and Brendon came back. Rachel was on the block last week, and won the veto and stayed, huh, but you can guarantee me this time it’s going be different ….you can’t guarantee  BLANK. Adam you’re a good guy do the right thing. I am doing the right thing for me NOT for  BLANK you! Do the right thing Adam.. here let me show you the chess piece that I stole as a sign of good faith. Oh yeah that’s food for thought, you showed me a queen .. that you stole. Your desperation reeks, it smells worse than the backyard. Adam says this crazy house …these crazy people… I’m suppose to use the POV on Porsche so we can work together again, let’s see how that works? Day 1 lets stick together as one.. and as soon as you thought Lawon was more popular than you, you ran to the vets. Soon as the golden keys were done you ran to Dani, because she was smarter than everyone. Did Dani know she was going to be evicted? No, she sat there and made me and Shelly a final three deal. Day 55 hey.. let’s work together again and wipe the slate clean, I made a final deal with you and I’m going to tell everyone about it. Don’t try to take advantage of me Kalia. You were so caught up in your  BLANK head, that you really think you can tell me something and think I’ll believe. You tell me Jordan doesn’t want to be here, how do you know, how the  BLANK do you know what Jordan wants… she’s your BFF, you turned your back on her, you got her man out of the house! If Jordan doesn’t want to be there …she can press the button, hmmm I think Jordan’s sleeping in the back room right now… but she doesn’t want to be here..

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Adam says Rachel tried to make a final two deal with Kalia …hmmm thats interesting.. but if she did and he votes her out and she stays, then hey sorry Kalia you tried to get me out last week …let the best man win.. These people drive me  BLANK crazy… how can you be so god damn conceited ..that you know what is going to happen because Dani told you so… Adam says if Rachel and Jordan are playing him for a fool Kalia will be here and Porsche will be going home …sorry it’s a game, this game isn’t always fair. Adam says that he trusts Jordan and Rachel and they respect me back… if they play me for a fool …then you did a much better job than I did… goodnight everyone … Adam goes and gets back into bed to go to sleep…

6am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

9:15am Adam is awake laying in bed, all the others are still sleeping.. Big Brother then wakes up the houseguests…

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206 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Adam says Kalia’s desperation reeks.. it smells worse than the backyard. I am doing the right thing for me, NOT for fu*king you!

  1. Yeah Kaila & Porsche, Adam does make sense now. You two are bunch of fools and JR respect Adam. KP your going home. I can’t wait to see your face stunt. Hopefully, K have fun at the Jury House on Wednesday night and P on Thursday Night as well. We’re going to miss you both. See ya later. KP, don’t hit your door way out.

    1. Yeah, except Adam can’t be Rachel or Jordan in the final 2. I know you don’t care. You’ve yet to display unbiased judgment once on these boards, all you really want is for Jordan to win, or even Rachel, just as long as it’s anyone on “Team Jeff.” You could care less that Adam’s move makes no sense for his game and likely just cost him any chance at the money.

      Then again, I’m sure this type of scenario is exactly what production hoped for when they cast star struck saps like Adam.

      1. Dude, He needs to try his best okay. Don’t bring the production out of this and secondly did you understood of Past executive producer Arnold Shaprio given explaination of why this game is rigged? You probably don’t, AG don’t know about that either. Just listen to former Executive producer Arnold Shaprio was going to say: If you don’t agree on this one. That’s okay, you can tell everyone whatever you want about the show was rigged. Write FCC, talk to Congressman or Senators, or whatever. So, don’t bring this production out of it. Stop complaining and if you don’t like it well don’t watch it. You make every viewers look bad. I know you have entitled your opinion but sometimes if you see any production crew talking on this one. Post youtube on this one and I will take a look and I will see if you are telling a truth or not.

        1. Ok…i’m not going to try to decipher your posts. I can’t sit on the internet all day. I’ve gathered that you think I said production rigged this game. In the above post, I said no such thing. I merely implied production picked people this season that would be likely to put the vets game over their own. That’s not rigging exactly, as there’s no say to know for sure what a person will do in the game once you’ve cast them, but they had a good idea. As someone that works in the mental health field, I’d be stunned if the people applying to be on this show weren’t screened by a psychologist. I’m sure they had Adam pegged as a hopeless D-List celebrity lover within the first five minutes. He was perfect to assure the vets an ally in this game.

          I wouldn’t be so arrogant as to think production set out from the start to make sure any one person won this game…but they did take every precaution possible to assure that all the vets weren’t immediately picked off:

          -Vet lovers such as Adam, Shelly, Kalia were cast
          -America’s vote conveniently brought Brendon back just long enough to assure him a spot in the jury (and assuring production many consequential weeks of Brendon footage in the jury house)
          -Kalia’s HOH, the very first newbie HOH, conveniently corresponding with the America’s Vote.
          -Porsche’s Pandora’s box/Veto competition obviously tilting the odds in JR’s favor (hey, here’s an idea for the veto, let’s do something Rachel already proved she’s the best at: Wrapping her legs around a dummy!)

          Not saying it’s rigged, but it’s just like Vegas. Odds are always in the house’s favor, and in this case, the house is production, and ratings are how they win.

        2. And don’t talk to me about making viewers look bad. I’ve been watching this show for years, and I remember when the players played with integrity.

          Also, just like you and Jeff, I also received my education in the Midwest. Judging by your numerous grammar and spelling errors, not to mention your complete lack of logic, it’s people like you making me look bad.

      2. i don’t know why anyone is a Jeff fan seeing how he dis-respectable he is of woman and how he talk to Jordan he is a control idiot .Looks don’t make a man!

    1. I kinda get what he is saying it hard to knew who to trust but kaliah is being extremely arrogent that jordon doesn’t want to stay exactly when did she say that becasue she misses jeff. Pls Rachel misses brendon and think she says it more then jordon does that mean she wants to leave but i think her biggest downfall was repeating things dani said. Dumb play but i get where he is going he leaves kaliah on the block and if rachel really does have a deal with kaliah then porche goes becaus jordon will vote to kick her out and then rachel breaks the tie and he is wrong but i am prettty sure aint going to work that way RJ won’t keep kaliah in. Once adam doesn’t use the veto she will be back to working RJ

      1. he needs to realize at this point trust is moot. He knows that with Jordan gone he is in final 4. The only thing that matters next week is POV. HOH has no real power except the power to get auto to final 3 unless they happen to win the POV as well.

    2. I actually think Adam has it exactly figured out perfectly. Adam remembers everything and is doing what is best for him. I really like Adam!!

  2. I know kalia may be one of the most annoying houseguests ever, but you cant fault her for fighting to stay. Even though it would suck to have her up your ass all day. But i honestly would think it would more annoying for the people in this house who have to suck up to adam every week. Lately hes always been the deciding vote, and now he has the veto. If i was in this house and say was good at competitions and had played the game sense the beginging, i would be irritated that all my fate would fall in this dipshits hands. Adam acts like he is some god. He needs to get over himself.

    1. honestly Kalia is my fav player, she doesnt lie, like JR, they think that they r all that but what the hell is gonna happen when rachel cant play hoh, who is she gonna have 2 rely on, Jordan and Adam, i wouldnt want anything 2 do w/ then, Joradan had her hoh thrown and Adam a pov was thrown 2 him. And at the last hoh comp Jordan looked like she was barely tryin, when she saw Rachel pulling ahead, she kind of just gave up. It’s not fair that she gets to take a ride on all of Rachels victories to the end.

      1. No disrespect to anyone but it really bugs me when people get on these bb boards and let fandom over rule legitimate facts. Fact: EVERYONE in the house has lied. Some more and some less than others but everyone has lied. As for Kalia herself, she is owner to the silliest lie…telling people she was 28 (for what purpose?) and one of the biggest lies…denying the Big Jeff Back Door Plot. She also goes on and on to adam about her being honest and lies to him about rachel telling her they were voting for Shelly to stay.

        I expect her to fight so I don’t fault her for any of this but cmon facts are facts. None of these house guests are morally superior to each other…Shelly is probably the only one who’s morals I might question but even still it’s a different set of rules when you go inside that house. Lying is the norm and is to be expected.

  3. I am tired of Kahlia but atleast she is trying. Adam won’t make finals either way. I hope Porche wins hoh and pov, kicks Rachel to the curb. Adam will prolly throw the last comp.

  4. Is Adam the stupidest player to ever play? What has Jordon done? Anything? Rachel ,kalia and porshe deserve to go the final 3 as they tried to play the game.

    Has CBS ruin this year?

      1. If he took out Jordan he would only have the possibility to win second place. Adam can win hoh and/or pov next week and be the top dog. Everyone likes him and he has played a good social game.

        1. He really hasn’t played a good social game, there’s a reason he’s 3rd man out regardless of which side he’s with. Being useless and a zero-threat does not equal a ‘good social game’. His uselessness is the only reason he’s still in the house.

            1. I’m not sure why she would need to stick by him. If he chooses not to use the veto on Porsche then he’s very clearly showing he’s against her. At that point it’ll be Porsche against the rest of the house.

      2. Adam is too ignorant to take out Jordan. That would be his best move. Nobody can win in the finals against Jordan. If you count the numbers in the jury there is no way anyone can beat her! Anybody in that house is stupid to keep Jordan. There best bet is to take Rachel to the F2. The numbers don’t lie. At this point in the game you need to think about who you can win against, not just how to make F3. 3rd place gets what? S@*T!

      3. Taking out Jordon benefits all of them. Doubt Jordon would take him. If she did then she might win the $500,000. Doubt he will do it.

        1. Taking out Jordan AND Rachel guarantees Adam the money at the end. Yes, the vets might be a little bitter that he betrayed them at the end, but their egos (Jeff’s especially) will never allow any of them to vote a member of “Team Dani” the victor. They’ll lick their wounds and realize Adam made the right move for his game and vote him the victor-over Kalia or Porsche that is. If Adam takes Rachel or Jordan he’ll never get a vets vote, and he’s a sure lock to lose.

          1. I wonder if those in the jury house are given parameters on how to decide who to vote for. Are they told to keep your emotions and personal feeling out of the equaion, realize whos game play was most effective to get them to the final 2. How else would you ensure that Jeff not voting for Kalia or Porsche is legit? Anybody know?

            1. LOL, judging by how Jordan won her first season…I don’t think there are any parameters in place. Let the emotional voting run wild!

        2. Taking out Jordan would be stupid; she is the one you need to go to final 2 with because she has already won $500,000 and no one wants her to win again. She may win $50,000, but she will not win $500,000 again. That would be Adam’s smartest move.

          1. You’re wrong, Adam vs. Jordan at the end:

            Jordan’s votes: Jeff, Rachel, Brendon, Shelly, and likely Kalia

            Adam’s votes: Porsche, and maybe Dani

            Jordan gets Jeff because they’re a couple. She gets Rachel and Brendon because they can’t stand “floaters” and they’ve declared him the biggest one in the game, multiple times (Rachel more than Brendon obviously, but we all know Brendon votes the way Rachel tells him to). Shelly feels bad for evicting Jeff, so she’ll throw Jordan the vote to mend that bridge and appease her guilt. Kalia, especially after Adam sending her out the door this week, will also vote for Jordan.

            Think about the votes before you post.

            1. Did think about the votes and only think Jordan will get Rachel, Jeff and Brendon. Dani will not give Jordan her vote because Jeff is still I am sure angry at her and the newbies do not want a Vet to win. They have said as much over and over again on the live feeds. Adam vs. Jordan: Adam wins. Now, Adam vs. Rachel will be the most difficult scenario to guess. That would could go either way.

              1. Shelly wasn’t the one that was all crazy about a newbie winning, and the guilt over what she did to Jeff and Jordan is eating her up. She votes for Jordan.

              2. I don’t forsee any chance of Shelly voting for Adam over Jordan, and Kalia is 50/50 especially since Adam could’ve saved her this week and doesn’t.

          2. I disagree with you because Jordan already won 500k already, why even let her win 50k more. It will be very stupid to take her to final two. Give someone else a chance to win some money smh. Jordan doesn’t deserve to win nothing more. Just an opinion, I’m sure she’s a sweet person outside of the house but inside of the house she appears to be a whinny little brat and she needs to go to the jury to be with her Jeff.

      4. if he takes out kalia, porsche is still there, porsche has to take adam to final 2, the vets will probably vote for adam to win

        1. I wouldn’t say she has to. She could easily take Jordan or Rachel. She won’t have any loyalty to Adam after he aligns against her this week so she’ll have to pick on who she has the best chance to beat (if she makes it that far)

    1. In adam’s defence it is not who has done more or who played more his decision is about who can he trust more and he trust jordon more then Kaliah and when she is repeating things dani said it didn’t help her case. Kaliah would have been better served trying to appeal to adam on a game level then trying to throw jordon under the bus and saying she doesnn’t want to be here because she can’t posiable know that she used very dumb tactics not to mention for most of the game he has been with jj so why use jordon. Rachel can’t play hoh ya but he still has to go head to head with you and porche and no guarantee they won’t send him out they have had no loyalty in this game hasn’t been good they both have floated from one side of the house to another and all this newbie stuff well she did broke that week 1 when she sided with the vets the first 2 weeks of the competition. The final straw i think was when kaliah used the same tatics on him that dani did and it didn’t work for her why do you think it would work for you. In all fairness PK is unaware of the deal he made with RJ but if she wanted to stay she would have been pleading why she should stay not why others should go and stop bullying people even shelly didn’t work this hard

  5. HahA Im starting to somewhat like adam now and his crazy rants…atleast he tells us whats going on in his head even if sometimes its not much

    1. Adam know exactly what he’s doing he knows all about the live feeds he must know his plan is stupid thats why he’s trying to explain it

    2. BB14- Late Night Confessionals

      There will be a HG Sign-Up Sheet for late night BY confessions.
      Every HG will want to express their thoughts to BB fans, aka – “Adam Time”

  6. wow, Adam is pissed lol. But everything he’s saying is true. At least Adam knew he was kissing Jeff’s ass. Kalia’s still doing everything Dani wants her to do, saying everything Dani wants her to say, and Dani’s BEEN evicted lol! How could he ever trust K? she was the first to turn on the newbies, along with Dani the first to turn on the vets, and now the first to turn on Adam by trying to vote him out.

    Then she wants him to make a big game move. As I say all of the time, a game move doesn’t mean shit if it’s a STUPID game move.

    Adam’s getting smart. I like it. He needs to focus on himself, not on other ppl. He’s playing for himself, not Kalia, not Rachel, not Jordan, not Porsche, not the fans.

    Good job, Adam!

    1. Of COURSE Adumb is playing for someone else! He is playing for JJ! He is a 12 year old who just wants friends, but lives in a mans body. His game is not completely stupid, and it HAS worked so far….he kept the target off his back….however, if he continues to carry j, then he is hurting himself. I don’t think that any “MAN” who drinks appletinis and calls his gf Donna Martin to get his rocks off should win this game. I can’t stand Rachelle, and couldn’t last year…but she kept me watching and at this point, I think she deserves a win…even if she CANT drive. Porche also deserves it…she is still there. Jordan however, well, all she can do is pull her hair. She was riding Jeffs coattail first, now she survives by riding Rachelles….rach should get a clue and get rid of americans sweetheart (saying that makes me throw up in my mouth a little) …take a newbie to the end so she doesn’t end up splitting the Jury vote

    2. Adam is still doing what Jeff wants. Clearly evicting Jordan would be a huge game move, as it would eliminate someone that he stands no chance against at the end, but he won’t because he’s still hoping to bounce on Jeff’s nuts after this season is over.

      1. how is evicting Jordan a big game move? Take her out in final 3. get K out now because K has the chance to win this thing out since R cant compete.

        1. “Clearly evicting Jordan would be a huge game move, as it would eliminate someone that he stands no chance against at the end.”

          Can’t believe I wasted my time restating that.

    3. I love all the remnants of camp JJ being like “Stay strong Adam! Stay smart!” Smart? Really? What’s funny about such comments is no one ever follows up with why it’s smart to keep Jordan and Rachel in the game. Smart for production maybe, smart for ratings, but smart for Adam’s game? Really? Which one of them do you think he stands a chance to beat exactly? OH, WHAT’S THAT? You really just want Jordan and Rachel get to the end and you’re happy that Adam’s sacrificing his game to get them there? OHHHHHH. Now I understand.

      1. Here, I’ll tell you why it’s smart: Jordan’s the easiest to beat in F3 and Rachel’s the easiest person to win against in F2 (It’s Adams only chanch at half a mil, if hge still has one). Kalia and porsche are both storng competitors. Kalia will no doubt win question comps like the last HOHs and she’ll no doubt take porsche. THAT’S why. As for “remnants” from the JJ camp…check the polls man, if that’s what you call remnants…then they’re the majority.

        Just because Jeff would’ve wanted Jordan to stay, doesn’t mean Adam’s playing for Jeff. He was ready to align himself with the newbies, Kalia dug her own grave by voting to evict Adam.

        So, yeah, STAY STRONG Adam!

        1. Adam against Rachel: JJBK for Rachel, possibly Dani for Rachel (since she really doesn’t want Adam to win), and possibly Porsche for Rachel (if Adam sells them down the river in favour of the vets). Regardless I don’t see any chance of him getting 4 votes out of this group

          Adam against Jordan: JBRS for Jordan. possibly Dani for Rachel (since she really doesn’t want Adam to win), and possibly Porsche for Rachel (if Adam sells them down the river in favour of the vets). Regardless I don’t see any chance of him getting 4 votes out of this group

          Adam is guaranteed 2nd place against either of these two. Guaranteed.

          Against Porsche or Kalia things get a little more muddled (though his chances still aren’t good regardless, but a small chance is better than no chance)

          1. and DaybyDay, a single poll doesn’t speak for the entire Big Brother viewing community. Take an introductory statistics class sometime, I’m sure the professor will be happy to explain it to you.

            1. and nick, like I’ve said in plenty other posts, I’m not basing it on just this polls. I’m basing it on other polls I’ve seen as well. I know polls aren’t a guarantee of what’s going to happen, I’m not an idiot so don’t talk to me like one…

                1. ….me disagreeing with you doesn’t make me an idiot. It truly shows how weak your argument is when you have to resort to calling me names instead of proving your point.

          2. Let me rephrase because I knew you would say that, Jordan’s the easiest to beat compared to the rest of the houseguests left.

            I agree that the odds are slim for him to win 1st place, but at least with JR he has a higher chance of getting to the F2.

            1. Actually, given Rachel’s record, she’s going to slaughter in final three, and unless she wants to lose both Jeff and Jordan’s votes to Adam, she’ll take Jordan.

                1. Oh? So you know for a fact Rachel sucks at questions? Do you also know the kinds of questions they’ll ask. Hey, by the way, since you know it all, what’s Julie Chen wearing on finale night?

      2. There is no guarantee on anything, even if he takes a vet or a newbie sometimes good deeds are better because it is awarded in the end. Adam being true to his words on Rachel and Adam is mostly respectful. Rachel have saved him twice what have Kalia and Porsche done? Kalia tried to evict him and Kalia and Porsche would have taken Shelly not Adam.

        1. So…you’re saying Jeff won’t vote for Jordan?

          You’re saying that Brendon and Rachel won’t vote for Jordan, and will instead award a floater 1/2 million dollars? You’re saying Rachel, who cares all about appearances, will allow herself and her bookie to go down in BB history as huge hypocrites?

          You’re saying Shelly, after all the guilt she feels for evicting Jeff, won’t vote for Jordan and try to make amends?

          You’re saying Kalia, who refuses to put Jordan up, EVER, will vote anyone over Jordan to win the 1/2 million?

          Anything’s possible, but you’re dreaming.

          1. I am not dreaming, you are because as I have stated before there is no guarantee on anything. There are only two and they are death and taxes.

                1. Well, my “opinion” is that the entire world is going to be out of oxygen by this time tomorrow. Hey, anything’s possible right? And we’re all entitled to our “opinions” Who needs logic anyway?

    4. I love when kaliah said the fans love a big game move but it is not a game move all it would do is help her stil don’t see how it would benifit him found it laughable when she was like why do you want to keep the strogest player in the house. I love jj but since when is jordon the strogest player she is by far esier to bet then kaliah. This isn’t about rachel she is safe and as adam said there is no guarantee becasue even if P or k win hoh and rachel wins veto that means he will probably go becasue no way rachel would trust him after that. Out of all of them jordon will be the easier player to beat. Shelly flipping tables on jeff big move maybe not the smartest at that time but a big move this wouldn’t be a big move but i think it would hurt him more. I can’t wait till the veto ceremony bet adam can’t either then he gets Kaliah off his back.

    5. These posts make no sense…In Big Brother everyone eventually lies to you and makes u think u cant trust them…Being a good player means setting that aside and making a game move that helps you..even if that means aligning yourself with someone that screwed u before…

      Example…Dani should have alighned with Bren and Rach instead of voting out Bren a sec time…those are the big chances you take tha twill help u win…
      Adam has the chance now…THis guy just was never in the in crowd and thinks he is now…

      Adam talks about pple conceited but thats exactly how he does with his late nite thought processes that are so so dumb…Cause hes not winning against JR…Nobody likes his gmaeplay and he doesnt have the charisma to sell it in his final speech…

  7. wow he is so dumb. it makes no sense not to stick with porsche and kalia. rachel would be able to compete and then it would be 3 aganist 1 instead of everyone for themselfs. what ever, if adam doesnt do the smart thing, hes just pushing jordan and rachel father. he has no shot of winning if he does stick with porsche and kalia

    1. Agree but do you think Kalia or Porsche will take him to go to final two? His Odds with Rachel and Jordan is better because if he takes one vets with him if he can going forward to final two, almost all house guest cannot stand Rachel and Jordan already won before. If he takes another newbie he has no chance.

        1. uhh…the only newbie in Jury right now is Shelly, the rest are all vets. Bottom line is no one’s taking Adam to the final 2. He’ll had to fend for himself in F3, it will be 2 against 1 no matter what side he’s on. So, his odds are better winning the last HOH with JR because Jordan isn’t that good and Rachel sucks at questions (which is the last HOH).

          1. Uhhh It will be shelly dani kalia porsche jeff or brendan votiing against him depending who adam brings (rachel or jordon) if he brings porsche thats the ONLY chance he has to win

        2. but with that theory he screwed either way if he screws RJ then the vets get the majority votes and they won’t vote with him either and since has been alliiened with them since week 3 he would have no come back to explain why he would side with KP when he was against them for the majority of the summer

      1. How are Adams odds with JR better? lmao he has to get to the final two…and if he was in final three with KP porsche would prolly take Adam…JR will take each other…Adams odds are not better with JR…Thats what you and he fail to see…

  8. hey Adam…. why don’t you go vent in the DR, you look like a crazy person talking to yourself at length in the BY.

    Have I said how much I can’t stand ADumb today? I can’t stand him.

    1. Adam isn’t only ranting to himself, he’s doing it for the live feed viewers. you did notice that he says “goodnight everyone” at the end? he’s just letting the fans know where he currently stands.

    2. Why do I think that BB has clued Adam in about his unpopularity with the live feed boards? I hope he doesn’t start doing it very night because I found it hard to watch. Utterly charmless.

  9. OMG, Kalia is desperate…thank god Adam has a head on his shoulders and doesn’t fall for her antics…yet, anyways, lol…stay smart Adam!!!

  10. Wow!!!! Adam isn’t going to break for Kalia. Wonder what she will try today???? And to think that offering up the stolen chess pieceswill in any way help her is STUPID. Adams loyalty is admirable.

    1. Yes, so I have no problem if he wins or Rachel wins but although I like Jordan, her place will be America;s player to have some cash prize. Kalia, Porsche and Jeff have already won something. Also, Jordan won before for 500,000 and there is no need to reward her again.

      1. I do think rachel deserves to but i will say it again the fact that jordon won before shouldn’t matter it is about this game not the game before and she should be judged how she played this game

    2. This isnt loyalty its a fat kid who was never with the in crowd trying to be accepted….Case Closed….WHo cares abut his late nite talking to feeds…All he has to say hes said…Hes not using Veto so therefore hes an idiot….

  11. I know its a bit strange, I like it when Adam talks to himself so we can understand what he is thinking. He has really never had any conversations with anyone in the house to give you any insight into his thought process. Obviously this is a game where you want to keep your thoughts close and Adam has done a good job doning that.

  12. Adam is trying to do some ‘damage control’, he probably knows he hasn’t done a good job as a guest/competitor…he seeems to have a crush on Jordan big time… btw. isn’t it strange that on Jeff’s exit interview she asked him if he was ready to propose, or something like that… His response was vague and elusive, I wonder why after two years he is still hesitate to make a formal commitment, weird…

      1. OMG you are almost as bad as Kaliah what are you in jeffs head lol i believe he told julie they were going to discuss what their next step is when they get out and they also live in different states which is another reason they haven’t gotten engaged or something but jeff usually plays it close to the chest. Jordon also said on bbad that her and jeff are not a mushy kind of couple. Just becasue they are not like Branchel doesn’t mean they are not together they seemed very together on the show I not sure what you expect them to do on live air to show they are together lol

        1. Hi Hallie, there is nothing wrong with them being just friend. Jordan might have think that Jeff is serious but really I cannot see that Jeff loves her but he likes her. They are a pretty and handsome couple but really I cannot see a love connection even in the first season.

        2. Young people IN LOVE are affectionate with each other and that doesn’t mean
          behaving like B/R.

          Jeff and Jordan act like friends, good friends and nothing more.
          Have you seen even one passionate kiss? No.
          Romance? lol
          No Way!!!

      2. I agree! such a HUGE difference in the affection he showed her in BB11, and now they show little to none.
        It makes me a little sad i guess :(

      3. I would like to see one passionate kiss….but its prolly not hard to really really like Jordan she did have a half million…

      4. I think Porsche will beat Adam in questions of events in the house….The way she has marks in the bible is way better than Adam being able to use his memory…Porsche is smart enough to learn with pictures and arrange events…Adam is sealing his fate this weak I hope..

        Porsche will win HOH…..

        Puts Adam and Jordan on block..

        Rachel wins PoV…but how can she use it would then leave Adam…This might be the end of the game here…I havent been watching on TV cause I hate the way its edited…Unless POV cant save themselves if they use POV?

    1. They agreed to discuss their future after the Summer ends (as Jeff stated in his exit interview), why is everyone in such a rush to see people paired off and married? It is their decision, and from what I have heard they are still living in separate states, making it a complicated situation.

  13. Haha … I actually love Adam’s little rant to the camera :) He isn’t my favorite player by far, but its interesting to see how he is thinking and that Kalia’s BS isn’t fooling him for a minute. Her big secret was that she stole a chess piece? Puhleese. Its crazy how she keeps acting like they were in a newbie alliance from day one when she voted against that alliance at the first opportunity, and then aligned herself with Dani.

    He has a great chance of making the final 3, and even the final 2, which isn’t too shabby for the “worst player in BB history”

  14. Kalia needs to go, then the game gets good. Adam has no incentive to use the veto. He is clearly not the target and Shelly has proven what happens when you make a big move TOO EARLY.

    1. It’s not early and he hasn’t done shit the whole game he must know they all are not going to take him he mght as well make a big move but he’s more worried about being jeff’s and jordon’s friend after the show

  15. I think Adam should’ve realized that both sides of the house are just trying to use him to get to the final two. Since he truly has no one in the house, he has to play this game for himself but even if he miraculously makes it to the final two I still think he won’t win. Jordan will take Rachel to the final two and vice versa, so will Kalia and Porsche. As a fan of the BB game, I think no one can be a true fan of Adam because he’s the definition of a floater and he just hasn’t made any game moves the whole time he was in the house. He has gone to the power every single week but now it has come to the point in the game where you want him on your side because you just need the numbers. If he has any chance to make it to the final three he needs to win the next HOH to insure his spot, or else he has to win the POV which he will choose who he wants out of the house. In the end, this season was just a damn disappointment. It truly had potential with Keith, Cassi, and Dom, but the twist of the golden keys and duos really hurt this season. I could care less who wins this season, I just don’t want people to get all psycho because their favorite player didn’t win it. I’m hoping BB14 will be all new people with the motivation that they they would do anything to win the $500,000. I want people who lie, backstab, manipulate, and own it all in the diary room to get to the money in the BB house, it would definitely bring more viewers.

    1. What’s wrong with being a floater? The term floater has gotten such a negative connotation and i just don’t get it. Floating works.

      Adam, I think, has figured out that each side will not take him to F2 and that they’re just using him for numbers until F3. He knows JR, are more loyal and easier to beat in the last HOH.

      1. Actually adam isn’t a floater he has played with jj for most of the game so how is he a floater where K was with the newbies, then went to the vets, then went to dani and now she wants adam back if anyone one is a floater it is her. Porche did the same thing she was with the newbies and when the vets had power she floated to her then when dani gained the power she floated to her so how exactly is adam a floater

        1. Really? When Brendan came back he was in the jumpy circle of happiness, then after double eviction and Porsche was the new HoH he was in the ‘all-newbs alliance’ and high fiving them, and then after the duo twist he floated back was suddenly ‘I’ve been with you guys with the beginning!’.

      2. Kaliah may have won a lot of comps but she has done a lot of dumb moves i think there were more dumb moves in this season then in any other season. From opening pandor’s box to putting up your own allience. Kalliah especially makes really bad choices and she also doesn’t know when to just back off a little i don’t think adam ever intended to use it but her consistant hounding him got to a point where i am sure he wanted to yell at her. Not to mention her biggest argument is that jordon wanted to leave and she wanted to stay dumb argument for starters she really expected adam to buy that because they are so close not to mention wether you like it or not he has been with jj since near the beginning. Also she must realise if adam doesn’t use the veto she is going to have to get jordon to give her a vote and after her trying to throw her under the bus for days does she really think she is going to give her a vote. Forget Rachel right now she has to get jordon on board for rachel to even break the tie because i doubt adam will. Dumb strategty

  16. Kalia you are annoying your game is done, Adam is actually doing the right thing, he’s going crazy but I guess the house can do that to you, so go to the jury house and kiss you best friend Dani’s ass and she’ll tell you what you did wrong …. at least you got 5 g’s and a trip for doing absolutely nothing.

  17. Well ADAM has now fell into the pit, he is now saying LIKE LIKE LIKE, I am wactch after dark and Jordan, RAC and Adam ar all talking and in five mi nutes I counted over one hundred operative word LIKE being said. This is the result od listening to Jordan and the un-con mind has them saying this word. Its so bad for them no one will hierer them if they keep doing this

  18. Sounds like Adam needs to self-evict before he goes ballistic and knifes the rest of the house. Hopefully he’ll use the veto and get rid of Jordan. Sorry, but he has no chance against either Rachel or Jordan in the final 2. BTW, his obsession with Tori Spelling is just a tad on the creepy side as evidenced on the show last night. Not healthy for him or his relationship with Fara.

    1. Totally agree with you. Jordan lazy and sorry a** needs to go. She’s done nothing but complain and whine like a big a** baby. I don’t know her personally but I can’t stand looking at her on the show.

  19. adam dont own them anything, she is trying to lay the same trip on him that danni did, besides its really fricken lame of them to steal the chess peices when there isnt much to do in the house, and that speaks volumes of the type of person that does that.

  20. Good speech….now, say THAT to Kalia the Horrible….do it for me…I want you to show you have walnuts. No matter what you say, Adam really is a nice guy.

    1. If he is up against Jordan/Rachel in the final two, Kalia may still vote for him…. but if he explodes like how you want him to, he may very well kiss that vote good bye.

  21. Kalia! Just shut up! If the girl could keep her mouth closed Adam might reconsider but with her yapping in his ear every chance she gets she is just pushing to be voted out.

    The more Kalia talks the more I see how Adam not using the POV is smart! They have to get rid of Kalia even if it is just for their own sanity.. he keeps his handss clean so RJ are cool AND he still has the chance to do final two with Porche if that is his goal. Without knowing there will be evictions on Wednesday AND Thursday there is no way for him to know that he could take out Jordon and have Kalia or Rachel gone on Thursday.

    But in Adams brain Rachel doing Pandora’s box and giving him the chance to meet Tori Spelling scored big game points in her favor.

    But we could think of a billion scenarios but, sadly, Adam will be Adam and do nothing. Boring!

  22. it might not be a popular opinion on here but I agree with Adam. There is no reason to keep Kalia. With her gone, if there are questions for the next HOH he has a better chance against Jordan and Porsche than he does Kalia. Once Kalia is gone, he is sitting pretty because if he wins HOH then if Rachel wins POV its Jordan or Porsche gone, most likely Porsche. If Porsche wins POV it will most likely be Rachel gone. Either way that leaves Adam in Final 3.

    If it is R,J,A then it will most likely be R or A to win out (yes J may surprise us, she did beat out Kevin, but going against R and A would be harder than going against Kevin and Natalie). If A wins, he can take R or J and have a decent chance of winning against either, especially against Jordan. If R wins, she could very well take A because she has a better shot of winning. If J wins, she might surprise everyone and take A over R.

    If it is P,J,A in final 3 then it is a little more even on who could win the final HOH but I would think it would be Adam out of those 3. Then he can take P or J and I would bet he would take J thinking more people will vote for him rather than for her to win twice. If P wins, I can see her taking J as well because of the same reason, thinking more would vote for her as a vote against J winning twice. She could take A though, thinking that she won more things than A and thinking she would have D and K vote definitely and thinking she would have B,R vote as well. If J won, I think she would take A out of loyalty because she hasn’t worked with P at all through this competition.

    So again, why should he keep K? He keeps K then J goes. Next week K most likely wins HOH and R most likely wins POV. K puts up P and A. Rachel might keep A but she might make a final 2 with P and P is liable to take it cause she cant compete with K or R so she will most likely have a final 2 with K and R. If P wins POV she will probably get rid of R unless she makes a final 2 with R and K and lets them fight it out and she most likely slides in to final 2 with whoever wins. Regardless, lets say P or R is voted out, that still leaves A having to go up against K in final HOH and she has a great chance of winning it. If it is K,P,A in final 3 K would probably take P out of loyalty. If it is K,R,A then she might take A.

    So many what ifs, but coming to the end, K has a good chance of winning out and it is best for EVERYONE except maybe P if Kalia is gone.

    1. Agreed. I think there are too many Dani fans out there that could never accept anybody but someone from Dani’s army winning – like somehow that would vindicate Dani and make her early exit seem not quite so bad.

      Dani is gone folks. She made stupid moves and played what turns out to be a stupid game.

      Jeff, Brendon and the rest of the evictees are all gone as well for not making the right moves for this game. So many of you “BB experts” out there calling Adam’s moves stupid or echoing Dani’s comments that he isn’t “playing the game”, are simply wrong. Anybody who is still in the house with only five left and holding the POV is obviously playing the game, in their own way. This game changes each week with new HOH’s, POV’s and evictions. It all comes down to getting to the next week and that is something that Adam has been able to do in his way. There is not a game book of BB strategy that one must follow in this game and Adam has chosen what works for him, something that proven to be a better plan than those followed by experienced vets who now sit in the jury house.

      So chill out, sit back and just see what happens. There is still a game left to be played and each HG is going to do what they believe is best for them and nobody else. All the rest of the talk at this point is pure BS…

    2. I agree it is just this site has a lot of dani fans so regardless of the move it always has to be against RJ but yes he does have a better chance against RJ becasue he could win and then he could chose who he wants to take. Rachel is the only strong player rather then two strong players

      1. Let’s be honest. The JJ fanatics are just as prevalent. In fact I’d say there’s less ‘Dani supporters’ these days and more people that are simply against Rachel, Jordan, or both. I don’t want Adam to win, at all. And I don’t care if he uses the veto or not, it’s irrelevant to me. But it would be nice, just for once, for him to do something.

  23. it might not be a popular opinion on here but I agree with Adam. There is no reason to keep Kalia. With her gone, if there are questions for the next HOH he has a better chance against Jordan and Porsche than he does Kalia. Once Kalia is gone, he is sitting pretty because if he wins HOH then if Rachel wins POV its Jordan or Porsche gone, most likely Porsche. If Porsche wins POV it will most likely be Rachel gone. Either way that leaves Adam in Final 3.

    If it is R,J,A then it will most likely be R or A to win out (yes J may surprise us, she did beat out Kevin, but going against R and A would be harder than going against Kevin and Natalie). If A wins, he can take R or J and have a decent chance of winning against either, especially against Jordan. If R wins, she could very well take A because she has a better shot of winning. If J wins, she might surprise everyone and take A over R.

    If it is P,J,A in final 3 then it is a little more even on who could win the final HOH but I would think it would be Adam out of those 3. Then he can take P or J and I would bet he would take J thinking more people will vote for him rather than for her to win twice. If P wins, I can see her taking J as well because of the same reason, thinking more would vote for her as a vote against J winning twice. She could take A though, thinking that she won more things than A and thinking she would have D and K vote definitely and thinking she would have B,R vote as well. If J won, I think she would take A out of loyalty because she hasn’t worked with P at all through this competition.

    So again, why should he keep K? He keeps K then J goes. Next week K most likely wins HOH and R most likely wins POV. K puts up P and A. Rachel might keep A but she might make a final 2 with P and P is liable to take it cause she cant compete with K or R so she will most likely have a final 2 with K and R. If P wins POV she will probably get rid of R unless she makes a final 2 with R and K and lets them fight it out and she most likely slides in to final 2 with whoever wins. Regardless, lets say P or R is voted out, that still leaves A having to go up against K in final HOH and she has a great chance of winning it. If it is K,P,A in final 3 K would probably take P out of loyalty. If it is K,R,A then she might take A.

    So many what ifs, but coming to the end, K has a good chance of winning out and it is best for EVERYONE except maybe P if Kalia is gone.

    1. I don’t know this one. Mostly, if Jordan will win part 2 depending on the memory of winners of HOH each week. But in part 3, I agreed on this one of beating Kevin. However, that would be tough up against Rachel. Will see because Rachel probably know that stuff from left to right. Jordan have to do same thing. But will see.

      1. The first 2 parts is usually some kind of endurence and tha last is usually a quiz where julie gives a statement and she asks which two jury members said this

    2. Adam is pretty da** stupid if he doesn’t use the POV because I don’t believe he stands a chance against Jordan and Rachel. Jordan hasn’t done anything to stay in the game. She’s a sorry a** competitor who shouldn’t have won the money during her first season. Jordan just look for someone to carry her through the game. She’s talking about she don’t want someone who sleeps all day to win but she’s contradicting herself because that’s all that little skank does is eat, sleep, and sh**. Jeff and Rachel is the one who carry her lazy a** through the game. What a freaking waste smh. Give that girl a baby’s bottle because all she do is whine too da** much. Kalia may be an annoying person but I would rather see her in the game than Jordan, no one through Kalia a competition, she won fair and square.

      1. Adam is an idiot if he doesn’t use the veto. I know Kalia is an annoying a** person but she deserves to be in the game as much as stupid dumb a** Jordan. She won 2 HOH’s without anyone throwing it to her. Jordan is a waste in the game. Rachel is a competitior and I believe she deserves to be there but her freaking mouth is what gets her stupid dumb a** in trouble with the other houseguest. Rachel is playing the game too personal. I believe Adam stands a better chance with Kalia and Porsche because with Rachel and dumb a** Jordan, he don’t stand a chance unless he can win compettions. I believe that Adam should keep motor mouth Kalia to get farther in the game. If they get rid of Jordan, Rachel can’t compete and there’s a 50/50 chance of her winning the veto. Rachel is annoying to watch but I have to give her credit, the girl is a competitor and a strong one at that. Porsche has prove that she can win and no one threw a competition to her either so I have to give her her credit as well. In my opinion, I believe that Jordan should be evicted this week because she hasn’t proven or done anything in the game to win. Brendon and Jeff threw the HOH comp to her and she has the nerves to talk about who deserves to be there when her sorry lazy a** hasn’t did anything but cry and whine to anybody that would listen to her dumb a** whine. “House guess” give that baby her bottle. Jordan needs to go then Adam right behind her because he is so stupid. I use to like Adam in the game but now he’s making stupid choices just to please Jeff. Kalia also made some stupid dumb a** moves and now that’s why she’s in the situation she’s in now. Porsche made a dumb move by opening up Pandora’s box. Rachel or Jordan would have been evicted instead of Shelly. I guess some money is better than no money smh.

  24. I have to admit, Adam is a pretty interesting guy. Freakishly good memory… Odd use of soliloquy in the BB back yard. LOL, this is a strange season, so different from last year. A little boring. Good blog though, thanks!

  25. hopefully im first…but anyway, adam is letting his personal feelings get in the way of his decisions, he claims that porsche ran to dani bu thats becasue the vets shunned her like she had done something wrong when she hadn’t, i agree though, adam has no reason to trust kalia but he can trust porsche who has been his friend longer than freakin rachel and jordan like seriously!!..adam thinks he is so smart but he needs to know that JR dont respect him as a gameplayer they are just with him because they needed another weakling with them. adam says he wants it to be a battle…but dont jordan and rachel do better than him in almost every single competition? the only reason he is on JR’s side is because he is infautated with jordan and rachel. he honestly believes he has a real chance at beating one of them in the finals. he wanted to be this great bb player but really he is one of the worst. not worse than lawon or jesse but pretty damn close. and to all of the jordan fans out there, please directly respond to me with an answer to this question. Why does jordan deserve to win this more than rachel, porsche, or kalia. the reason she wants porsche out is because she cant beat her. sooo what has she done?…she won one comp because the hasslehoff one doesnt count. granted she did beat all the newbs so that is all i can give her. so please jordan fans, explain the intricacies behing her gameplay that go deeper than pulling her hair, saying they’ll get picked off, and thinking she is a deserving gamplayer when she is clearly not. thank you


    1. ok, Jordan’s tactics is strictly social game, if you don’t believe me, watch her entrance interview in BB11. She said her tactic is to lay low, attach herself to a strong person and make it to the end.

      She deserves to win because she is able to have everyone like her and not think she’s a threat, while at the same time minimizing the fact that the majority of the ppl in the jury would vote for her. Everyone in the house seems to have forgotten that she won her season because she downplays it. She is also able to downplay her strategy talk. For example, Porsche and Kalia don’t think Jordan’s working on Adam at all, they think Rachel is, when in fact Jordan has been doing most of the persuading to Adam. Everyone also trusts her because of her attitude as the nice girl, and never think she would lie or backstab.

      She is able to “coast” to the F2’s because everyone lets her, everyone forgets abt her. So, basically through her social game, she’s able to sit back and do nothing the entire time and win the money.

      An agressive win all competition tactic, a backstab tactic, a floater tactic…they’re all ways to win big brother. Just because her method is not appealing or seems “weak” doesn’t mean it’s not a method. And it certainly doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work.

  26. That is why I have been saying that final three Adam, Rachel and Adam. kalia really needs to go, she now becoming second Shelly.

    1. I think she is worse then shelly. Shelly at least at some relevent points and knew when to back off a bit she didn’t have really dumb reasons for staying or that she should stay because jordon wants to go to the jury to see jeff. Really is that really the best argument you have for him to use it

  27. this cat is either methodical…or completely insane. i think adam knows exactly what he’s doing!

    what was the big deal with stealing the black queen? i dont see how it means anything now?

    1. Not only did Kalia and Dani hurt the whole house by stealing the chess pieces, Kalia BELIEVES that she IS the black queen. That’s why it was so special to her. She has run around the house for weeks now like she already won and now the black queen is dead. Good for Adam and his rant. I did love having a true DR session that way. I think he just needed to say that stuff out loud because he was just so mad and frustrated, especially since they have been locked up with this ranting hyena braying away non-stop since the show began.

      Kalia stated once that she had the “gift of gab” and that would help her turn Adam. Girl, that’s not a gift, it’s a curse. You let you mouth run wild and that’s why you are going home because you can’t stop bragging about yourself and your game moves and how great you are. Just like Dani, your ego is your undoing. Good riddance.

      1. The chess piece thing was truly baffling. Who cares that you stole a chess piece?

        As for Adam’s ‘rant’. That man’s been trying to play for the camera all season. He didn’t come to play a game, he came to be on TV and that’s it.

  28. thats right adam, dont use the veto. u rachel and jordan battle in final 3 because porsche and kalia are not taking u to final three much less final 2. adam ur growing on me.

  29. As much as I don’t like Adam, I can understand his point of view coming from him. Us viewers have the benefit of seeing and knowing every houseguests game secrets because they confess in the diary room, so when they make a move, we see it as either smart or stupid. But for them, they are infact doing the best they can with the knowledge and awareness they have, since it’s like a pressure cooker in there and they don’t really know who’s telling them the truth or not. Adam has valid points. As much as I would want him to use the veto and have Jordan leave the house I understand it might not be a good thing for him. Everything is a gamble. If he goes to final 3 with JR and somehow wins final HOH, we’ll be saying he made the right decision NOT using the veto. On the other hand if he takes them (JR) and they evict him, we’ll be saying ”what if…. what if he had used it? Maybe ha had a better chance with KP….what if this…..what if that…”
    It’s all a gamble.

    1. I think is worry was more that he doesn’t use the veto and then RJ vote to keep kaliah then he knows he made the wrong choice but you have to go with your gut RJ had to make the right choice last week and adams decision will determin if they made the right choice by keeping him here

  30. Good for Adam…

    Kalia needs to be sent packing…she is good at questions competitions and it is very likely one is coming up.

    If I were him, I would leave all as is, then send her home.

    And, even if Porsche wins HOH, that means Jordan and Rachel are going up, but who goes up when 4 are left does not matter if you are not HOH because it is the POV that matters at that point.

    1. I do not think Adam is the worst player, so far he mostly stick to her alliance of JJRSA more than Shelly. He did not vote for Jeff during his eviction, yes he flips flops part of strategy but not in a mean way and so far he is good with Rachel and Jordan and nothing Kalia can do to change it. I do respect him for the statements he made because it is all true. Rachel, Adam and Jordan final three.

  31. Wow, Adam is a one act play. But he should cast Michael Chiklis (the commish, the thing in fantastic four) as himself.

    Bad game Adam and I was rooting for you in the beginning. You’ll be going to jury after Kalualua because, Sorry Adam, there is no Eve in the house, well maybe SUMMER’S EVE!

  32. I’m glad Adam is not using the Veto and Kalia’s going home. So Porsche, Adam, and Jordan are going to play for the HOH. The HOH power pretty much guarentees the person a final 3 spot, but the POV has all the power, it can pretty much let you decide who you are playing with in the final 3 competition. I’m pretty sure Rachel will win the final POV (it will most likely be questions).

    My prediction for the final 3 is Rachel, Jordan, and Adam.

  33. Why is everyone calling Adam “the worst player in BB history”? I understand that he flips back and forth and coasts through all the weeks but isn’t that a good thing for him though? He knows how to keep the targets off his back. He has a guarentee FINAL 4 spot… Come on fans!!! He made it to the final 4 so how is he the worst player again? I root for Rachel all the way!! I just think Adam’s strategy this season is incredibly good considering BOTH SIDES wanted to take him to the final 3.

    1. Both sides want to take him because they know he won’t get the jury votes. Big Brother has two main facets, competition and social.

      We all know his competition record has been horrible, not only has he only won only 1 comp legitimately (even with Jeff and Dani throwing the cornhole game he STILL almost lost) on most of the comps he lost in he was one of the first ones out. He gets no gameplay respect in that regards.

      His social game isn’t much better. Yes I know he’s still in the house, but attaching yourself to whoever has the power and letting them suck you along is NOT example of good social gameplay. Sure it might get you farther in the game than others, but the goal is to win 500k and in order to do that you have to have put yourself in a position where the evicted HG’s want to award you the money. Adam hasn’t done that, with the exception of maybe Jordan he hasn’t built any real strong relationships during this game. No one (with the exception of Jordan) is going to want to give this guy half a mil,

      So yeah, he IS playing a horrible game.

      1. I disagree. Competition and social are not the only factors in Big brother. The floater tactic is just as good as any tactic. It depends on how you carry it out. And Adam has done it almost flawlessly. He’s the best floater I’ve ever seen because everyone in the house sees he’s floating but won’t do anything abt it. He’s not anyone’s target right now. With Kalia gone, Porsche will want to reel Adam in and JR would want Adam to stay with them, so either side winning HOH is fine for him because they don’t want him gone. He’s put himself in the best position in the house. And I think it’s EVEN BETTER that he hasn’t had to lift a finger, win one competition, or build strong relationship to get himself in this position.

        1. By that logic Rachel’s stuffed dog is playing the best game in the house right now. Floating along not winning AND not building strong relationships and alliances may keep you in the game for a while, but it won’t win you the money and it won’t gain you any respect from true fans of the game. I’ll give Jordan some credit, she won her season by building those relationships with and through Jeff. Adam hasn’t even done that.

          1. lmao, Adams not there to gain the respect of true BB fans. He’s there to win the money. ppl who claim to vote based on strategy should be able to see that adam’s strategy is working.

    2. It’s because he’s a superfan, and many of us fellow superfans think we could have won 4 HOH’s and 7 POV’s if we were in the house, therefore Adam is lame and the worst player ever. Never mind the fact that there are so many useless players in Big Brothers past….

      BB3 – Lori and Tonya
      BB4- Michelle
      BB5- Mike, superfan who couldn’t make it past the first eviction
      BB6- Ashlea, Sarah, Michael, Cappy
      BB8- Wahhhhmber


  34. Preach on, ADAM….Amen! Thanks for the DR session outside for us to see. VETO today and then “K” will be a pest to Rachel and Jordan, while you get some rest for the next HOH. See ya, Kalia…tell Dani the magic buttons didn’t work.

  35. Is Adam channeling Shakespeare?

    Adam: Kalia’s desperation reeks, it smells worse than the backyard

    Shakespeare: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark


    1. I think the most annoying this she said was that if adam didn’t use the veto american will hate really how does she know how america feels. I am fan and i would hate it if he used it after swearing to RJ last week

    1. Yes. I think there are only three episodes left. Wednesday, Thursday and next Wednesday. 9/11 stuff is pre-empting the Sunday episode.

    2. if adam gets to the final 2 and he gets to choose who he wants with him, he would loose against them all. the only person he would win against would probably be kalia

  36. Adm is right about how stupid Kalia is. Sadly he doesnt see that he is as stupid. It doesnt matter who you can trust. It matters who you can beat. Lies dont matter, motives matter. Hes either going out third or not getting a single jury vote.

    Meanwhile he could have flipped werk to week, made a big stamp on the game, gotten all the vets out and still never been the target because they were after each other.

    Kalia thinking hed veto her is like him thinking he can win it all. Both dumb.

    Also if you eant them to stop bugging you tell them why youre not doing it. You just keep up this thinking nonsense and theyll keep at you.

  37. What a clueless bunch of HG. I guess the only way CBS could get Rachel and Jordan to the end was by picking the dumbest newbies ever to play against them. Adam is one of the dumbest of the lot. I hope he enjoys being the 7th member of the jury and watching Jordan and Rachel win the money, because that’s the most likely outcome. If somehow he manages to get to the end he has no chance of winning against Jordan or Rachel. Kahlia is the only one he could beat final 2, and he is putting her out of the game. He deserves to have gone home weeks ago. Sucks that Shelly went home first because she deserved to make it far. I would rather watch old seasons than this one. It’s even worse than season 11 and 12. I was watching a few episodes of season 6. Casting hit the ball out of the park that year. I hated the outcome, but CBS didn’t meddle to help the fan faves win. They let the players play the game. Season 6 was full of huge personalities and they all tried to play the game. During the pressure cooker competition the last 3 were in there for 17 hours. The past few seasons, endurance only lasts a couple of hours because nobody wants to win and become a target. That’s why the game is so boring, and when CBS helps their chosen ones to advance it makes it all pointless to watch because we already know how its going to end.

  38. Poor stupid Adam he claim to be so knowledgeble about the game. If that were true he would know he would never beat JR in final two EVER. He doesn’t have ther numbers and he has no game his best shot would be with a newbies. Is he blind or just stupid, I say stupid

  39. if adam were a man, everything he told to the camera, he would tell it to kalia. he just trying to be a celebrity. i wish he would tell her so she can shut up!!

  40. Adam is a fat, ugly, dumb, selfish, pompous ass who thinks he is higher than everybody else. He is really no better than Kalia, Shelly, Jordan or any other floaters in the house who talk shit but couldn’t do shit.

  41. heath, dbcooper & teardrinker, loved your comments, thank you.

    @Kellie: I think Keith was referring to Judith Hill the singer, part of the Michael Jackson crew.

  42. Adam and Jordan will go down as some of the biggest floaters ever along with Enzo and Erika. Adam is literally just a fanatic of BB on the actual show. Kalia is still going down as one of the dumbest person to have HoH. Shelly was almost the savior of this season. As much as I hated Rachel since last year. Out of all of them left, I want Rachel to win this season. Otherwise, it’s simply and floater or a dumba** that’s gonna be crowned the winner.

    Adam needs to realize that even if he makes it to the final 2 with Jordan or Rachel, everyone in the Jury will choose J/R before Adam. Only person he can beat in final 2 is Kalia. His chances of winning are so slim now because he played his cards wrong. This is going down as one of the worst seasons ever. CBS needs to take a year off and rethink their sh*t before the BB game gets tarnished.

    1. Jordan is not a floater…

      Floater’s not a bad term so hey, Adam should own it.

      Shelly sucked. Her lying was ok (although I believe that with a better cast she would have been caught way sooner), but her insulting other HGs and not owning up to it in the DR pissed me off

      Kalia VS. Adam, F2:
      Dani- Kalia
      Porsche- Kalia
      Rachel- Kalia (you know she’s not voting for a “floater”; FLOATERS GRAB YOUR LIFE VESTSSS!)
      Brendon- Kalia (he’ll go with whatever Rachel says..)
      Jeff- Adam
      Jordan- Adam

      Let’s face it, either team he goes with…he’s probably not getting first place so it’s better to roll with the easier team to beat in the last HOH and the more trustworthy team to get you in F3 which is JR.

      1. “Let’s face it, either team he goes with…he’s probably not getting first place”

        Right there. This is why, if your goal is to win the 500k, floating is NOT a good strategy.

        1. that’s right, but it SHOULDN’T be that way. That’s what I’m trying to say. Jury ppl, and fans shouldn’t consider floating as a bad thing. They shouldn’t be like “Oh, Adam’s a floater, so I’m not going to vote for him”. That’s the way it is, but it shouldn’t be that way. Whatever gets you to the end is good gameplay. So if floating gets you to the end it should be considered as such.

  43. adam has a better chance against P and J in hoh and a better chance against JRP in veto then against KPR and KP

  44. Adam has to use the veto and get rid of Jordan

    F4: KRAP <—– lol
    Then KAP win HOH
    If A wins HOH and KP wins veto R is gone
    If A wns HOH and R wins veto K/P is gone

    If K wins HOH and P wins veto R is gone
    If K wins HOH and R wins veto P is gone

    If P wins HOH and K wins veto R is gone
    If P wins HOH and R wins veto K is gone

    Adam has to throw the veto if he doesn't win HOH.
    Adam is guranteed final 3 if he uses the veto.

    R vs A
    R: BJJ
    A: DKPS
    Adam wins vs Rachel

    K vs A
    K: DP
    A: BRJJ
    I don't know how Shelly would vote
    Adam wins vs Kalia

    P vs A
    P: DK
    A: JJ
    BRS I don't know
    This all comes down to if R likes P enough to convince Brendon that P should win.
    Adam would probably lose against Kalia.

    Just my thoughts.

    Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!

  45. There is an old saying “you better dance with the one that brought you”, Adam knows this, how can he be in a newb alliance when he was never in it. Dom, Keith, Cassie and lawon, had their own secret newb alliance, Shelly, Porsche, and Kahlia were with the vets from week 1, Adam had no one {he didn’t even know it at the time} now Porsche and Kahlia want to be Newb, and for Adam to honor their alliance, they are pathetic if they think he is that dumb, which he is not. Rachel, yes even Jordan have had his back since he joined them. The problem for Rachel and Adam HOW TO GET RID OF JORDAN WITHOUT BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS, the only way is if Adam wins HOH puts up Porsche and Rachel, Porsche wins veto and votes out Jordan, which we know this is not going to happen. Porsche will take out Rachel for Dani, Remember Kahlia and Porsche swore they wouldn’t let Rachel near the money, which actually is going to be their downfall trying to do Dani’s work. You leave Jordan in the game she is going to win the comps, she did the last time and she will do it again, Joprdan is not stupid like a lot of you think, she lets you knock each other out and then she comes in for the kill. Game over Jordan has the big money.

    1. whoa whoa whoa. Jordan won the comps in her season against Kevin and Natalie, the only people in the entire game that were as bad at them as she was, it’s not like she suddenly morphed into some competition dynamo. She doesn’t have that kind of playing field this time around. If Porsche were to win POV Rachel should be the person she sends home, not because ‘it’s what Dani wanted’ but because Rachel has a much more accomplished competitive track record than Jordan or Adam.

  46. I think it is funny that people are saying that Adam is the worst player this season. NO folks, the worst players are no longer in the house. Stupid Dani said that the fans want the HGs to make big moves. That is just plain dumb. Big moves count ONLY if you win the game. Looks at Shelly, Dom and Dani….Big moves got them kicked out. There are Many ways to get to the end, it does matter how you play the game….If you can win the money in the end, you are a good player. Plain and Simple!!!!!!!

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