Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Rachel spent 24 Nights in the HOH room Adam spent 2 **updated**

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5:06pm final 3 Chit chat chit chat and even more chit chat.
Adam is telling them, The first 14 days we lost 2 people in the last 14 days we lost 5. Adam adds that the last full week they had was Prosche, “I only got 2 days in my HOH room.. but Rachel you spent 24 nights in the HOH room”

Porsche working out… Rachel running laps.. and Adam just laying their soaking in all his awesomeness.

Adam brings up pre-quester when he brought “Flight 666” with him to watch and production took it away but later gave it back to him. He explains that Flight 666 is a documentary about Iron maidens first world tour. The singer was the pilot. Porsche starts talking about what she plans on doing when she gets out. She wants to get into helping the poor do some travelling maybe go to Cambodia. Adam says that people will like Porsche because she walked around in a bikini

Adam starts talking about the last endurance comp. He says he was close to puking at one point he burped and he could smell the puke. Porsche brings up that she thought she was going to drown in the endurance comp. She explains that her legs and arms were so stiff she was worried if she fell off like Adam did she would be in trouble. Rachel tells them there is no way Big BRother would let her drown.

Big Brother 13 Nudes

5:29pm Adam mentions that the “Bump” on the lawn is gone.. he adds that Tori spelling “Baby Bump was the cutest bump”

5:40pm Girls are getting ready for their special dinner tonight. Rachel has just cam out of the shower.

5:53pm Girls are trying to decide what to wear tonigt.

5:57pm Porsche is trying to figure out what to wear, her Butt has gotten bigger and some of her dresses are not fitting her. (Porsche said her butt is getting bigger not me)

6:06pm backyard The girls show Adam what they plan on wearing for dinner tonight. Adam says what they are wearing looks very pretty. He suggests that Rachel wear a bra though. Rachel agrees says she’s going to put one on. Porsche’s Dress is her Jury Dress, and Rachel is wearing one of the dresses Porsche got in the luxury comp. It’s a GUCCI, Adam calls it “the little black dress that isn’t black”. The girls head into the bathroom, their dinner party is at 7pm. Rachel asks Porsche if it’s OK she wears the Dress. Porsche says it’s OK she just doesn’t want Rachel to spill wine on it. Rachel assures her she will be extra careful.

6:39pm Getting their hair extensions ready for tonight.

7:03pm Girls are going out tonight

7:04pm He may have been a boring player but he sure cleaned himself up this season. He’s lost a ton of weight for Big Brother good for him.

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They been giving her the “good shit” this past 5-6 weeks. Just what she proboly used to taking to be stable, and not stab a bitch.


That’s what she said


I’m shocked he thinks he has a chance of winning against anyone not only just Porsche, and Rachel. For someone with a memory like his he must have forgotten how Dani, Kalia, and Shelly all felt about him not voting with the newbies or making big moves, and if rachel goes she will vote for porsche and if porsche goes, she will vote for rachel. I can’t understand why he played the way he did and kept saying he was doing things to further himself in the game, but he never seem to think while furthering himself he has been playing for second place for the longest. I can’t think of one person in the jury house Adam could or would win against less alone the two girls still in the game.


I know I heard him pitching that lame line to Porsche last night. Saying he feels whoever wins the final HOH deserves to win the money. I was like really what planet is this man really from. He is more naive than Jordan, or maybe he’s still in shocked he’s actually playing Big Brother, as if to say all the hard work and fighting to stay Rachel had to do or anyone else that has ever played the game should be reduced to whoever wins the final HOH. Seriously why even have a jury if that’s the case. I just listen to him talk, and believe what you said earlier. He’s getting a bit cocky with it now.


I can’t see how he can claim he never turned on an alliance. He turned on his newbie alliance. Then, when Jeff was evicted, he turned on Jordan and Rachel. He has been telling Jordan all allong that he was with her since the beginning and he would stick with her but, what does he do when he wins HOH? He puts her on the block. He’s not the innocent he is saying he is. I don’t like his cockiness and I did want him in the final 2. Now, especially since his plans upon winning the money is the lamest ever (if he wins $500K he will buy his girlfriend a PURSE?????), I hope he comes in 3rd.


i hear what you’re saying and i agree. however, whoever he put on the block didn’t matter because the pov was the most important thing.

Big Sister

Please let him come in third! I’m sorry–no matter what he thinks he has done that makes him so awesome–he has given superfans of the show a bad name. I will even suck it up and accept Rachel and Porsche in the final two. Never thought I would feel that way.


Got to admit you are correct, although I will miss the crazy Rachel because its so entertaining to watch, lol


i miss the vegas rachel


“5:53pm Girls are trying to decide what to wear tonight.”

I got an idea , VERY LITTLE ;-P


I believe the Rachel you are seeing now is the one that Matt and Ragan love. If you notice, in the JR. Brendan is very calm and relax, he is the nice guy that everyone saids he is, I believe if there is an all stars, that either Rachel or Brendan should play by themsleves, together they are this wacky couple that everyone hates, by themselves they are just nice people


I think this is one thing Jordan did very well. She calmed Rachel and taught her how to become more liked by the viewers.


“Rachel seems to be 100% normal it’s really strange to see after experiencing 2 seasons of her madness. ”

May I point out, she is a young woman and subject to the whim of her hormones. Brenden had not been around and this is what has made it easier for her to maintain composure. Add him back into the picture and she will be loony tunes again. That is the way some of us are made, she doesn’t choose to be like she is. With maturity, hopefully, she will learn to control her emotions. I believe if they are left to themselves they will work it out.

In the house there were too many other females around and it kept her on edge.

I think she has done a marvelous job with the material she had to work with. I hope she wins, she has earned it.


Jordan really helped calm down Rachel. She owes her a lot if she wins it all.

Midwest Fan

Jeff and Jordan helped to evict Brendon which caused Rachel to lose it.
They, also, needed Rachel to stay with them because she was then the target over them.
So yes, they helped Rachel so they could help themselves.
Forget the Good Samaritans logo for J/J.

IMO, Rachel is likely a very nice person outside of the BB House, whereas her
BB Gamer side is “Anything Goes!!”
When Brendon was evicted for the second time, she got herself together right away
and got down to the business of winning comps.


Yep, true dat. I also think that production goads them on and that part of what we saw Rachel do was based on their suggestions in the diary room. I really think they either backed off or she just started saying no to them once Brendan was evicted and she was having her melt down. It’s more likely that the psychiatrist advised them to just leave her be and stop pushing her into situations that would lead to more drama for her. She does seem completely different and far more likable than last year or earlier this year.




I see a R/P final 2 with RACHEL taking the big money! WooHoo! Go big Red!!!!!


Cannot believe Jordan is in 2nd place in the BB favorite poll.


I can. I think with her and Jeff like Brendan when he was voted back in the game by America, have more of a fan base by them playing before, plus JJ have had more exposure then any other house guest, they have been on Amazing Race and made fans, Jeff has been around the world and probably has people voting not only in America, but all over. And, people are prone to vote for people they know and are familiar with people that leave the game early really don’t have a chance to build up a fan base. I am shocked Dani is not as popular considering her Dad and his show, but again I think people just like the way JJ are being portrayed on the show of everyone there they are the only ones that don’t get much negative publicity, even when Jordan blew up at Shelly that didn’t make the show everything she said.

nice counts

I definitely can believe that Jordan is in 2nd place in the poll. Jordan is really liked because she is honest and real and not a lying snake like most of the house guests. Rachel will not vote for Porsche; she will vote for Adam guaranteed!!!

its because

there are way to many psychotic jeff jordan fans who ruin big brother.


Why thank you!! I was not aware that I have a problem. Maybe we can vist the skrink together because you have a heart filled with hate and can not see around your blinders.


Crazy cat ladies like Jeff more.


Simon, sorry, but what is IMOO?


I thought it was either ‘in my outstanding opinion’ or that you were admitting you were one of the cow people. You know…the people who like Cowlia? ; P


Porshit has gotten fat. When she wears those stupid pink sweats, she has a muffin top and a picture of her in her bikini, her thighs had deep dimples. So Porshit, not only has your butt gotten big, you’re developing thunder thighs. Go Rachel FTW


Guess she should get an eating disorder like the rest so she can be a size -6 get a life idiot porsche is perfectly a HEALTHY size and it’s morons like you that make young girls have eating disorder


It’s not that the other girls have a eating disorder, it’s that they actually workout and take care of themselves instead of sleeping allday like Porsche and kalia did up til about a week ago. That’s what happens if all you do is sleep and eat, your bound to gain some pounds!


She is not really “fat” but she certainly has gained a lot of weight this season. She also has quite a bit of a belly in a couple of these pictures. If she wants to be an actress, that weight will need to come off pronto.


Who f’n cares if someone else is fat or skinny, just worry if YOU are fat or skinny.


Shocker!!!!! That’s what I’ve been saying and she finally admitted it! PORKER! And I’m not fat and saying it for that reason! I weigh 115!


IMO, Rachel is the only one left truly deserving of winning the $500K. She has had to fight from day one and won competitions early on when there were a lot of competitors. She managed to pull herself together when Brendon left and upped her social game 100%. She didn’t flip on her alliance (talking about it is not doing it). She didn’t spend huge amounts of time napping , instead she chose to work out as much as possible. She spent most of the game with a huge target on her back and was not carried by anyone. Adam’ big head just might explode before the finale if he doesn’t get his ego under control. His argument that he now has some credibility because he won a few competitions is a joke. He won OTEV against 4 girls (a comp that I believe favors guys) and wouldn’t have won it if P hadn’t made a mistake and had to go back down. He won HOH against JP – barely beating J.

On a side note, I found it very disturbing that, after losing the final veto, Rachel was crying about how Brendon would be so made at her for losing. I truly think that he is not good for her and, after watching the feeds this season, believe that he is a controlling ass. The latter part of this season is the first time we have been able to really see Rachel without him – and I like a Brendon-less Rachel. I hope she wins the $500K, comes to her senses and drops his ass.


I think they are co-dependant on each other. I remember from last season Brendan’s ex girlfriend interviewed for the show once when Brendand was HOH and was asked about Brendan and Rachel and she said Brendan was controlling and to quick to fall in love. She didn’t think it would last, but I think in a wierd way they fell each other is the best they can do, and are so happy that someone loves them they don’t bother looking anywhere else. Who knows maybe it will last and work, neither seems to be unhappy, she did leave him after his internet stunt, but decided to give him another chance so I don’t think he is as bossy as one think I think Rachel will only put up with but so much.


I do believe Rachel & Brendon are the best for each other, no matter if it works. Brendon was obviously very gullible to girls’ sweettalk. In season 12, even after Brittney has lied time & time again and voted Rachel out, Brendon could still became so goofy to make a deal with her when she was put on the block, and sealed his own fate. The same thing happened, and why Dani could have the chance to be his Judas. If not for Rachel’s persistence and determination, I really doubted whether the game / their relationship could last any longer. That is right where Adam got to be take credits. He can be so determined in every of his decision, even under so much pressure from the whole bunch of chicks around. Really hard for a guy, right? Good for Fara!


EXACTLY!!!! R/P final two and Rachel takes the big money!!!!


That’s a pretty dress on Rachel, I bet Adam is just dying to get his hands on that stupid elf costume for this dinner.

anon anon

Yap, it’s almost over. Next year it better be either all vets or all noobs. Big Brother All stars should have: Rachel, Shelly, Dan, Keesha, Brendon (more drama), Natalie (the one who stalked Matt), Evel Dick, Jen, Russell, Chima would have been good for drama if she hadn’t quit.
What do you guys think, who would you want in the game based on different factors, likeability, drama and conflict..etc…etc


dont forget britney


GOOD GOD?……..NO!!! Not her. She is a mean liitle snip. She’s even worse than Dani.


I’d actually like to see America’s player Eric back into the game! He was cool and Janelle…


I’d like to see a season where it’s something like the very first season where america voted on who they wanted to evict each week, even if they did it as a twist i would like to see a hoh nominate someone and then think they have the votes to evict only to find out on eviction night that it’s america’s vote that will be the one that counts. I think that would be great for tv.


I would like to see Kaysar come back and maybe Matt.


Britney was amazing.


Amazing? Yes you’re right, if your definition for amazing is nasty, stuck-up, and mean beyond words ( didn’t you watch the feeds? If you did, I’m flabbergasted you have one iota of like for someone without an ounce of compassion for another human!!!!!!! ) .


i didn’t like her at all. she was disgusting. most people found her humorous, but i don’t like women that talk under other women’s clothes.

Big Sister

Not unless Enzo could be taught how to eat with his mouth cloced!


Thank You!!! Enzo’s sloth-like “eating” noises were possibly the most vile sounds to ever exit my television speakers. I would literally FF right on through those nauseating examples of terrible behavior. He was most muted/most fast forwarded. I’ve never heard another human being (mic or not) make such sounds! Ugh!


as much as i like enzo, i say noooooooo. i can’t take him eating!!! he literally almost drove me insane last season


Too many people from the same season. They should have an “all winners” cast, but that wouldn’t work because one is in legal trouble and other have “retired” from reality TV.


I’d rather see an all losers edition. All HG’s that went out within the first 2 weeks of their season. It would be a special redemption season.


i LOVE this idea!!! Are you paying attention AG?


that would be cool or have all of America’s favorite play…


great minds think alike. i had already suggested that. i would love to see lawon get another chance he was so funny. every one that didn’t make it to jury should get another chance even the sab. annie


It might because they only have what 12 players, and they have already 13 seasons. Plus some may not want to return.

Br fan

I agree an all winners season would be awesome ! Jordan and Rachel would be there ! That would be the best ever


Britney should be on that list,too! She was so funny!


I would like to see all the winners from the seasons play against each other, or half and half in duos again with each seasons number 1 and number 2 playing against each other. Or maybe the winners versus the first ones voted out.


One idea I thought of that I haven’t seen is a close, but no cigar season, featuring primarily 3rd place houseguests. But going through them, it sounds kinda lame.

Monica, Jason, Robert, Diane, Janelle (has to be evicted twice since she finished 3rd twice?), Zach, Sheila, Jerry, Kevin, Enzo, and ???

It would likely be difficult, but I’d like to see a greater mix of really old seasons along with the more modern ones.


kevin is my fav from BB11


your list looks fine to me…I’m just happy you said the Natalie that was with Matt…..and not the Natalie that was with Jessie….I can’t take seeing Jessie’s Nat again.
I wouldn’t mind seeing Kaysar and Marcellas again. but it would be a lost cause because those two would probably be the 1st two they would try to evict (they have already been on BB twice).


I wouldn’t mind seeing kaysar get evicted for a 4th time


I don’t think Brendon, Jen, Russel or Chima are real all-star material. I don’t think Rachel is either for that matter, she’s only in the game right now because production gave her a pov comp that was the same as the first HOH she already won. All-star “drama cast” yes.


i hope sometimes they would have a double power of veto comp where 2 people can win it. it would be interesting to see how hoh nominates and how people allign themselves ad vote

anon anon

Or another coup d’etat but more like the All-Star season where there was a comp for it.


i think russell is all star material. i like keesha and Dan BB10


I think Michele BB11 is definitely all star worthy that hasn’t been mentioned yet. Looking back, BB11 had a lot of pretty good/dynamic players.

Laura, Ronnie, Jessie (gag), Russell, Jeff, Michele, Gnat (quadruple million gag), and I guess you have to throw Jordan in since she won. I could see any of them being all stars for one reason or another.


i forgot about michele, she was a very strong competitor. why isn’t hayden or lane on anyone’s list?


I would love to watch: Dan, Memphis, Keesha, James(BB9), Eric(BB8), ED, Dani, Janelle, Marcellus(for comedy), and Jun(BB2). I don’t think anyone from BB11-13 deserves to come back and this year BR/JJ really got on my nerves!! I also wouldn’t mind watching a new batch of HGs that have never watched BB or bringing back ppl from BB1 to see if they can play the game this way 🙂

season n shambles

Adam is beyond Cocky he talks about how people are going to recognize him from bb and call him cruddy and how foo fighters are gon call him on stage. Seriously?? Gimmie a fukin break. He also talks about how he such a competitor and won that Veto and all he did was begg Dani and Jeff to throw it to him. He is a pathetic. I hope he gets that surgery to take Jeffs dick out his mouth


adam is delusional. production must be feeding him a lot of lies to boost his ego.


YES! Seriously, who the eff does he think he is? Big fat floater who can only win when competing against two females. Idiot! I’m so happy other people are as disgusted with his arrogance as I am. Barf! Get over yourself loser. And really, a Camaro?!?! Ugh…Least deserving HG ever.


I like big butts


That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
And a round thing in your face


Deep in the jeans she’s wearing
I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring
Oh baby, I wanna get with you
And take your picture


My homeboys tried to warn me
But that butt you got DOESN’T MAKE JEFF horny
Ooh, Jeff likes dudes smooth skin
He’s doing Adam in the butt, if he wins

FTW REMIX YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


big butts>>> big tities

Newbie fan

Why would you guys like to see jeff brendon and rachel get another shot at the money. This is not survivor and it would be ridiculous to see them evicted for a 3rd and 4th time. There are plenty other players that they can choose from.


This season needed vets I mean really of all the newbies I can only imagine Dom winning, I can’t picture any of them in final 2 with him. This was the worst newbie cast ever. Either they were fan struck or just dumb. They were not interesting at all. I mean Shelly made it interesting a little bit with her lies catching up with her, but imagine that cast of newbies with other newbies, it may have been boring. Either they need someone to do a better job at picking or yes bring the vets back.


I think the vets tainted the whole thing from the get go. Casting superfans didn’t help mind you but who knows what the dynamics would’ve been like if it was all newbies. Most of the newbs that had came in with a solid plan to play the game went out first because the vets recognized them as threats and neutralized them. The duos/golden key scenario allowed them to punt the more difficult newbies and keep the easier to beat/manipulate newbies in the game Whoever thought up this season didn’t really give much thought to how social dynamics work.


I think the newbies were their own demise. I don’t blame CBS the vets were out numbered. The newbies had the numbers and it was their game to win even if Rachel had won the first hoh. Kalia, and Porsche decided to go against their own alliance and side with the vets because they saw a chance to get a golden key and further their game eventhough only porsche got the key and not kalia, had they just stuck with their plan and vote out vets and worked together they may have stood a better chance, but the newbies were doomed from the beginning and it had nothing to do with the vets they did it to themselves.


I think that’s being disingenuous. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to foresee how placing a group of seasoned players that are paired up in unbreakable duos coupled with the incredible lever that was the golden keys would play out. The only thing that kept the newbies from being completely and utterly marginalized the entire season was Dick leaving and Dani jumping ship too early.

Big Sister

It was Shelly and Kalia who first went with the vets. Porsche was on the block with Keith if I recall correctly.


True. It was Shelly and Kalia that sided with the vets from the start.
Cassie was trying to hold the newbies together.


Jeff & crew were going to evict their boy Adam (when Adam & Dom were on the block)….but then in the middle of it; Dom connected with Dani to backdoor Jeff. This move changed the dynamics of the game.


don’t know if this is true, but someone said that CBS started picking models and wanna be actors.
If this is true, they need to go back to the traditional application process. When BB first started, you would hear about the casting and anyone could apply.

They probably get applications from all over, but then they shift through the applications & choose actors & models. Either way, the majority of the house guests just need to be regular every day people…..this is what made it interesting.


like Cassie. She said she didn’t know anything about the show she was approached and offered


so did Jordan.


I guess they do both, because some cast members say they were sought after, and others like Shelly and Adam say they went to casting calls with long lines and applied several times and finally got picked. I know they have casting calls where I live like the beginning of every spring because they announce it on the radio.


This season is really mindboggling. One after the other, the hgs threw their own OTEV. When Julie Chen told Keith, he was the only one in all seasons of BB that threw their own comps and got voted out…. Miraculously, Dorm, Shelly, Jeff… threw their comps one after the other. Maybe just because season 12 was so impressive. Even Rachel was such a competitor but worried her butt every wk, while Enzo such a floater could float to the F3. Can’t even imagined was Brittney be such a liar!

*Points to elbow* "My shoulder"

Oh WOW, they were giving out GUCCI dresses in that comp?!?! I wonder what else was there. Porche probably got all the most expensive and nice things she has good taste..Lucky girl 😀


I just realized that Sunday night’s show (if we get one on Sunday…not sure at this point), but if we do, it’s going to be the stupid “let’s have our final 3 dinner and pretend to reminisce about the past season while we read the scripts provided so production can show 2 seconds of new footage while advertising the show as Never Before Seen Footage.”

I hate those episodes. 🙁


I think that BB is not coming on Sunday as the nation honors 9/11.

The final show is Wednesday….which I’m thinking is a 2 hour show?? I want to see the Jury House when Kalia and Jordan walk through the door.

Rachael 1st place
Portia 2nd place

Yep. I flipped. Rachael has changed for the better; and she has conquered a uphill battle. Almost every single week, she was a major target…..and she survived. That gotta count for 500K.

I really feel bad for Adam, I wish I could root for him.
—but the entire season he was Jeff’s shadow…and as someone pointed out….he won HOH during a time when most of the heavy hitters are in the Jury House. He is a nice guy though. Jordan will try to influence the JH to vote for him.


There is no show again until the finale on Wednesay night.
Sunday is reserved for the 9/11 special.


Ah…okay, thanks for the confirmation of no Sunday show folks. 🙂 (I hate those recap shows, so glad we won’t have to suffer thru one.)

Do we know for sure that Wed. will be 2 hours? I don’t think they’ve ever done a 2 hr. finale before…and I’d be surprised if they do one this year (pleasantly surprised.) 🙂

I wish they would do a 2 hr. finale every year, because I hate how they (obviously) rush thru things, and then the winner is announce and BOOM! It’s over. It’s always a bit of a let-down. I would prefer they do a Q & A session after the winner is announced, like they do on Survivor. Makes it feel more “finished”, like everything gets wrapped up nicely instead of “here’s the winner and bye.”


Finale is only 90 minutes this year. Subpar season, but sad it isn’t 2 hours again.


I love Dustin


Today on Rigged Brother
The cameras show people in white suits fumigating the house apparently the cats made a horrible mess.
Outside the house guests are talking about this years BB. Rachel says “it was harder than last year, last year it took about a month for people to realize how I am, this year everyone knew coming in” she explains “last year people realized I could cry for 24 hours straight without any tears and was a total bad sport, you know crying when I lose and rubbing in people’s faces when I won” Adam asks “so what did you do different”. Rachel explains “eye drops”. Porsche said for her the best move of the year was “Jeffs HOH and when he back doored Dani, too bad Big Jeff met BB Karma”. Rachel says “I agree, I’m glad he did it, that way I didn’t have to nominate Jeff, Jordan or Dani, he made this real easy for me he so deserves America’s favorite”. Porsche says “The biggest moves of the game were made by BB production but they ran out of ideas”. Adam says “My lips on whoever was in powers *ss, was the biggest move of the season”
The house guests are let back inside. Rachel asks “what was that smell” Adam says “it was Jordan’s litter box, when I told her she was going home she stopped cleaning it”. Porsche is puzzled by this and asks “did Jordan have a cat while she was in here”. Rachel says “no, it’s just a Jeff and Jordan thing” They talk about what they are going to do after they get out of the BB house Porsche says “I’m going to get a new sweat suit and try and forget this ever happened”. Adam says “move in with Jeff and Jordan” Rachel says “hopefully after our CBS wedding in October Brendon and I will be blessed with a child conceived through blood sacrifice on a full moon” Adam asks “what the hell are you talking about”. Rachel says “Brendon says I’m perfect and he wants our child to be just like me”…feeds cut





More than an Eviction, it’s GUCCI, might get stabbed in the eye…..


I watched the movie “Lolita” yesterday on TCM, and I have to say the character Lolita reminded me of Porsche. I don’t know anything about Porsche except that she likes to wear bikinis and host stuff, haha, but, I felt like I was watching Porsche’s life story. Stanley Kubrick directed it in 1962.


pinto reminds me of that chick that was on Saved by the Bell. The tallest chick with the big ass, after saved by the bell she was in that movie about strippers, i think it was called striptease or maybe showgirls. Anyway i dont know that chicks name but Pinto is a mirror image


The movie was Showgirls and her name is Elizabeth Berkley.


Hurry up and get that half million. I want my share.


Anyone notice that Rachel looks better with the makeup and Porche looks better with none.


adam dont know crap about maiden, the dvd is not about their first tour, he is a fraud…..


He didn’t just lose a ton of weight FOR BB he lost a ton while ON BB!


Porsche says me hot, what have you been drinking or do you just like a snot eating, zit picking an watching it pop on the mirror, greasy headed with rolls of fat hanging over my bathing suit, wanting to kill an unborn baby, and someone who “poisons” what other people are drinking to make them sick, lying piece of crap who does nothing but sleep and eat all day then hey I am your girl. Geez, I am so disgusting and just plain NASTY that I even make myself sick!!!


I have never in my life seen a place that equates goddamn fiber to poison. If I tell you I’m planning on making bran muffins tomorrow will you call the police?


Go newbies!!!


Friday night on the OBB!! Wahoo!! Hello Simon, hello fellow Big Brother nerds, hello hateful trolls! Grab your Funyuns and Reese’s…. there’s sure to be another update within the hour, beyotch!
Lol what has my life come to


I know. I will miss this place *sniff


This feels a little mean-spirited, but since Jeff’s nickname for Jordan is ‘stupid’ I feel there’s a little leeway here.


I dont really want Adam to win, but he has played a hell of a social game,he has won what like 3 comps? And one was thrown to him and he’s in the final 3,I think he deserves it since he made it this far, he has played one of the most honest games ever! If Porsche had not come thru in the last week or 2 and won the comps she did, then she would have been long gone by now. So I think Adam does deserve to be in final 3, even though I don’t want him to win, he must have been doing something right to make it this far without winning shit!


I am really tired of Adam talking non stop about what a great player he is and talking to the camera like he is the announcer. He talks as much as Kalia!!!!!
Enough already.


Today on Big Brother HOH Record watch(The Quest of Tying Janelle’s All time HOH wins):Porsche’s dress doesn’t fit and It’s looks like I’ve been eating more Porkchops & lambchop in which Adam feeds me with Bacon. Porsche says,”Does my dress look fat?” Rachel says,”I don’t know but I would probably notice later.” Porsche went to the candy room and looking at the mirror. Porsche says,”I’m right, I’ve been eating more meat including Bacon, Kalia’s McDonalds meal, Box of Chocolate, Potato Chips, Chicken nuggets & Pizza.” “WTF, I should been gone to the Jury House with my girlfriend Kalia.” Rachel talks to Adam that says,”I can’t believe it that Final 3 and maybe I’ll be fine right now.” Adam says, “don’t worry you will be fine, I know I’ve been missing my GF Fara and I wish I could see her for 3 months. Hi Fara, I love you.” Rachel says,”Hi pokie, I love you and hopefully we will come out and talk about wedding stuff.” “Hi Janelle, I love to meet you and be honor to share the HOH win Record together.” Back to the Candy room, Porsche shoutout to her girlfriend Kalia,”Hi cutie I love you and hopefully I will get evicted because I’m scare of Rachel will beat the (Bleep) out of me and I’m a totally an idiot.” (Live feed cut). Meanwhile in the Jury House, Brendon & Jeff talk to Jordan about How the idiot floater Porsche screwed me of going for the second Half million dollars and Dani, Kalia & Shelly laughing at her. Suddenly Jordan is really pissed off and beat the daylight of her. Jordan says, “Are you happy now you (Bleep). Because I will beat the (Bleep) out of you.” “You just cost me a second half the million dollars which my mom and my brother bought the new house and now I got nothing.” “You piece of (Bleep), Get your (Bleep) over here you (Bleep), Jeff and Brendon hold her back, Jeff & Brendon says,”Jordan stop let it go, don’t listen to that piece of Garbage.” “DKS doesn’t worth it.” “She is manipulating you and you just ignore them, Beside two are floaters & one of them is a backstabber SOB.” Jordan says,”If Dani trying get into my head I will smack her inside your head.” Brendon says,”Just ignore her, Rachel will take care of Ms Porkchop Porsche.” “She will get hers.” Stay tuned Folk because we will have interview with Rachel & Janelle.


Ohhh, your Jordan sure has a potty mouth.


So what if Porsche gained a little weight, she still looks gorgeous, most women would die to have a body like hers. Rachel looks beautiful too. Adam does look better, he has lost a lot of weight, good for him!


I don’t like Porsche, but she has gained weight. It does not look bad, she had cruves. Which were desired a few years back. Not like today when skinny is in and your body is flat as a board and shaped like one. (no waist , just straight lines). Curves are sexy.


I would love to see a Redemption BB all the people that were voted out or left in the 12 seasons like in the BB


I know there’s a big turn for people liking Rachel, and Lord knows with who’s left, she deserves the money, but, let’s not forget she is a mean girl! If you watched the feeds and saw her “death stares” at people, or making fun of those who cry and complain when they’re on the block, while she is the queen of that, all her actions under pressure, where the truth comes out, shows that she is a bully! At her core, she is insecure and enjoys bullying people, it makes her feel better about herself in some sick way. Brendan likes to save Rachel and then she enjoys that drama of “her man” protecting her and the two of them become impossible to deal with! I hope they solve these issues before having children – I can’t imagine what it would be like to have Rachel in your family and she gets her feelings hurt….oh, the drama that would ensue! I hope she gets the money and spends it wisely on therapy!


What are they giving to Rachel? I want some.