Big Brother Spoilers: Adam starts screaming OH MY GOD ITS OPENING, I LOVE YOU BIG BROTHER! *Updated*

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11am – 11:30am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen to wake up the houseguests. When the live feeds come back, Adam is in the kitchen cutting up a pineapple. Rachel and Porsche are in the candy room. Rachel is unpacking her suit case. The backyard opens up from the lock down and Adam starts screaming OH MY GOD ITS OPENING … I LOVE YOU BIG BROTHER!! Adam heads outside. Porsche and Jordan are in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Porsche grabs the laundry to do out in the backyard. Adam gets called to the diary room.

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11:40am Porsche and Rachel are talking in the backyard. Porsche and Rachel are talking about the part 2 competition and how they need to study. Rachel says that Adam will probably do well at mash ups.. Rachel says that Porsche is faster than Adam. Porsche says that if she can’t do it Rachel will need to start thinking about EV. Rachel starts going through what the evicted houseguests would be asked. Rachel says Shelly ..what would be one thing that you would do over this summer? A) stuck with your alliance B) Not vote out Jeff. Rachel says that she doesn’t even know what Brendon would say either. Rachel says Dani what would you say would be the biggest move of the game? A) When Kalia got out Jeff out. b) When you got out Brendon twice. Porsche and Rachel debate whether of not Brendon could have made it this far in the game. Porsche thinks Brendon was the biggest threat but Rachel disagrees and thinks Jeff was a bigger threat. Adam comes back out into the yard. Porsche gets called to the diary room. Adam says that he was up for 27 minutes total and it lasted for 47 minutes. Adam tells Rachel that she is the endurance queen.

11:50am – 12pm Rachel and Adam are talking on the backyard couch. Adam says that he shouldn’t be bothered by Kalia’s comments to play like a player and not like a fan. Rachel and Adam discuss what the biggest game moves have been this season. Adam says that Kalia’s worst move was not putting you up against me. They talk about how Kalia took the easy way out by nominating Lawon that of the twist. Adam says that making a big move at the right time is the most important thing in this game….and that Dani’s move was a big move just not at that time. Rachel and Adam discuss the jury votes. Rachel tells Adam that she thinks he would win over either her or Porsche. Adam says really?! Porsche comes out to join them. Rachel gets called to the diary room. Porsche and Adam continue to talk about the events of the house. Adam says that the biggest mistake any of us made was trusting Shelly. Porsche says that no one really knew how much Adam was working with Jeff and Jordan until Adam and Jordan did that dance together.
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12pm – 12:25pm Adam tells Porsche that Jeff had talked to him about putting Jordan up. Porsche says that would have been awesome if he had and then she went home and he would have looked like the biggest asshole. Big Brother says remember houseguests if you win the half million dollar grand prize you will never have to eat peanut butter and jelly again. Adam and Porsche start talking about the possible final competitions and what they have been in previous years. Porsche heads inside and Rachel comes out. Adam and Rachel talk about part 2 of the HOH competition. Adam says that he wishes he had won the HOH last night so he could sit back and watch the next one. Adam says that he needs to win the next one because no one will vote for me if I get carried to the final 2. Rachel starts going through the votes ..she says that Adam has Dani, Shelly’s votes and maybe even Kalia’s … Adam tells he doesn’t know why he is telling her this but ..that she should tell Dani not to vote personal but vote game.

12:25pm – 12:45pm Adam and Rachel start to talk about from season 6 on …the most fierce girl competitors are … Adam says Rachel is definitely one. Rachel says really three?! Adam says that he is proud of his 27 minutes on the comp last night. He says that after 15 minutes he was feeling it. Rachel, Adam and Porsche talk about random stuff. Rachel talks about how she and Brendon used to talk every three hours and how they made a promise not to go this long without each other… but that obviously didn’t last. Porsche says that she thought about evicted Rachel just so she could be with Brendon …but figured she could wait a week. Adam says that everyone that wins Big Brother has a different game and no one will ever be able to use it again .. like no one will ever be able to be as mean as Dick.

12:45pm – 1pm Rachel says that the first thing she would do is to pay for her and Brendon’s wedding. Porsche says that she would set her dad up with an apartment and they get one for herself out here in LA… she says she wouldn’t buy …just rent. Adam says that he would buy Fara a hand bag and buy himself a Camaro. Adam says that he would also donate some to charities. Porsche says that if she won and her dad came out to visit she might just relocate him. Porsche says that she would buy a place right away but would invest some. Adam heads inside. Rachel and Porsche continue to talk about how Brendon still has another 4 or 5 years left in school. Rachel says that Brendon told her that if she wins they can have a baby in three years. She says that is her motivation to win.

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1:20pm – 1:45pm Adam goes to get into the hot tub and then jumps into the pool. Rachel and Porsche head inside to put on their bikini’s to suntan. Rachel and Porsche find a bug. Rachel stomps on it and then goes out to the backyard to tell Adam that he needs clean it up. Porsche says that it looked like a beetle and a spider mated and had a baby. Rachel and Porsche lay out on the loungers to suntan. They talk about what movies they love. They start playing the what Disney character am I game…

2pm Disney guessing game continues..

2:05pm – 2:35pm Adam heads inside and picks up the bug that Rachel and Porsche squashed earlier. Porsche asks Rachel if she thought she would make it to the final three? Rachel says no. Porsche says did you think you would be in final three with Adam? Rachel says no. Porsche asks did you think it will be a faces competition? Rachel says yeah. Porsche says that she thinks she will be okay at faces and that she looks at the eye brows to determine who it is .. Adam come back outside and the guessing game continues.. The guessing game comes to an end. Porsche gets into the pool. Rachel is laying out with her hat over her head. Adam is doing laundry. The backyard is quiet…

2:40pm – 2:45pm Rachel joins Porshce in the pool and they talk about LA and other random stuff.

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3:22pm Backyard Final 3 Adam is talking about the fight rachel had on Big BRother 11. Rachel remembers it tells them Ragan said “the only thing real about you is the zits in on your chin?

Adam you walked back into the house saying “I’m back bitches”
Rachel: “I was not expecting Ragan to act the way he did.. he hated me”
Rachel brings up that Ragan and her are very good friends now but they did not get along on the show. She remembers him telling her that America hates her. Rachel brings up Matt from her season and how she got in a huge fight with him.. she called him stupid. Adam mentions and talks about the “Live from the gremlin Cave” web show. Rachel explains the Gremlin cave. How Matt would make a little tent out of a blanket that covered hi face when he slept.

3:36pm They start talking about their house meeting and how Prosche and Adam were in the purple room when it started but then Jeff barged in and told them they better get out to the kitchen they are part of the house to.

Adam points out that Dom was the first one that started calling out Shelly and none of them listened. Rachel says she was on to Shelly before that.

Adam starts talking about what happened after Keith went home and the regulators where devastated. Rachel points out that it was her plan to get the vote to be 6-4 for the vets. Adam brings up after the eviction was over the newbs all went into the havenots room and Dom was super pissed. Rachel points out that her plan all along was to have the newbs fight each other.

Adam starts bringing up how the newbs couldn’t figure out who flipped their votes week on. Adam thought it was Lawon at first. He would never of guessed it was Kalia. Porsche brings up what Rachel told everyone after she survived week one, something along the lines ‘This might be a shock but some people in this house actually likes Porsche and now she’s here for a month’.

Adam starts explaining how close him and Shelly were in the game. They would go over the pros and cons and talked about every move. Adam had no idea early in the game that Shelly was playing almost everyone in the house. Adam started getting suspicious about Shelly when he found out she was telling people that she had Adam “In her back pocket”

(This is just a side observation and hopefully I can get a second opinion from some of the feed watchers. I’m finding Adam is really starting to get cocky.)

3:55pm Feeds are all about porsche right now

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268 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Adam starts screaming OH MY GOD ITS OPENING, I LOVE YOU BIG BROTHER! *Updated*

    1. Jordan wishes she was Porsche!
      Jordan was soooo jealous of Porsche!
      JJ fans are weirdo’s who threaten to kill children!!!!!
      Jordan is worthless and had to be carried the entire game!
      Jordan wishes she had the mind and looks of Dani, yo!!!!

      1. To SleepAwayHaveNOts: Why would a beautiful and sweet and kind girl or anyone else for that matter be jealous of: a zit picking, fat butt, snot eating, want to be baby murderer, milk poisoner like Porsche who could not think for herself and followed Dani’s stupid suggestions. This girl if anything people should feel sorry for her pitiful life and looks, but she is too evil for anyone to show her even one ounce of sympathy or compassion. She is nothing and will never be nothing but one of the most hated players in Big Brother History. GO RACHEL and KICK that evil girl out on her fat rear end. In every photo she gains more rolls of fat on her stomach.

        1. nice counts: porsche never did anything to you, so you can chill. i can’t believe you’re attacking her by calling her out on her picking zits. oh, and you must be size zero??

        2. nice counts: porsche never did anything to you, so you can chill. i can’t believe you attacking her by calling her out on picking zits. oh, you must be size zero???

          1. Stop making nasty comments about Jordan who actually is nice, sweet, kind, compassionate and beautiful. Porsche made horrible comments and did horrible things on National television so sorry but she deserves no sympathy.. The killing an unborn baby comment just did it for me because that type of comment comes from a really depraved individual so she deserves no compassion just as she did not give that unborn baby if in fact Rachel had been pregnant.

        3. if a person as kind hearted as jordan can think of NOTHING NICE to say about porsche, that says it all. The reason porsche was so upset by Jordan’s comments were because they rang so true… there is NOBODY home in Porsche/Nancy’s brain and she could never be anything near what Jordan is. You can’t buy class, even if you somehow wake up and find yourself in final 3 and somehow win some money this summer. She will still be too dumb to know the definition of the word “campaign”… HINT: it does NOT consist of offering people teeth whitener and whining about not getting to win a competition yet. What a joke. Hopefully we never hear from this white trash again.

      2. if a person as kind-hearted as jordan can think of NOTHING NICE to say about porsche, that says it all. The reason porsche was so upset by Jordan’s comments were because they rang so true… there is NOBODY home in Porsche/Nancy’s brain and she could never be anything near what Jordan is. You can’t buy class, even if you somehow wake up and find yourself in final 3 and somehow win some money this summer. She will still be too dumb to know the definition of the word “campaign”… HINT: it does NOT consist of offering people teeth whitener and whining about not getting to win a competition yet. What a joke. Hopefully we never hear from this white trash again.

      3. I haven’t treatened to kill anyone and I like Jordan. I don’t think she played the best game or deserved to win, necessarily, but don’t characterize me or others that way. You don’t know anything about me or any other fan. I am certain there are just as many rabid Dani fans out there too. Stop the personal attacks and comment on the show please.

        1. I have to agree with you BB. You guys don’t know these girls and I can’t believe the hurtful things that are be said. It’s just a game. There is no reason for the name calling. They both seem sweet to me!

  1. Production always has the evictee take a small duffel bag and put it in the hall near the door so they can dramatically pickup the bag and walk out.
    but it shows Rachael unpacking a giant suitcase. ROFML they are so cheezy, these women probably have 4 suitcases.

      1. Had to laugh and add this: The BB UK I’ve been watching (their final season, #11)…in one of the first few days they were there, they had each HG take their trunks (all same size, all containing all of their “stuff”) out into the yard, and they could only keep and wear what they could put on their bodies in a certain amount of time. Can’t remember the amount of time, but it was pretty funny. I’ve totally got a new obsession for the BB UK. Totally different, full of fun, all sleep in one big bedroom, no HOH, public votes people out after HGs nominate. OH, and they have punishments galore. Right now they are all being punished for talking about nominations amongst themselves…it’s costing them their entire food budget for the week, and all they have are the basics (kinda like “slop”). Sorry to rant…can’t say enough good things about this show. Over and out.

        1. The only thing I don’t like is that the public votes, so in the end it’s a popularity contest, but BBUK rocks. I heard it’s celebrity BB this year, so I’m not interested, but its fun. I like that BB punishes them and doesn’t coddle the HG so much.The HG are subjected to humilliation and an iron fist and I like how they enter the house live. For so long the HG in the US enter the house a week before the feeds go live and the supposed live premiere is pretaped. This year several competitions were taped, edited and then shown on TV. Those of us that watch the feeds have noticed that the sequence of events was not what it appeared to be on the episodes, which were fed to us as if they were live. If the show isn’t really live, don’t pretend it is. Back to BBUK, I also like that in DR sessions you get to hear production talking, not just contrived soundbites like on the US version. I watched last season and the only thing I didn’t like was that an undeserving HG won over some really great ones. Unfortunately if the public voted in the US, Jeff would win just for showing up and Dick, Jun, Maggie and anyone genuine and even unlikeable wouldn’t have a chance of winning. I like game play. Whether or not I like someone is irrelevant to who I think should win. Unfortunately, most people who vote are young girls and housewives living vicariously through their favorite contestant.

            1. I tried to answer with a link but it was removed for some reason.??????

              Try googling it like big brother uk or with a season number, etc. Good luck…it was tricky for me to find them. I hope Simon or someone will tell me if I mis-stepped.


  2. I cant believe these two, they are so into the celebrity of BB that they don’t even care about the final money. They are willing to just sit beside Rachel in the final two and know they aren’t going to be picked. These two are stupid with a capital Dumb!

    1. THEY, ALL, WANT the $$$$$$$.
      It is probably easier for them to talk about nonsensical topics.
      Expect to hear twaddle for the next 24 hours.

    2. they should be star struck Rachel is a star she’s a firework. she shines all her colors bright and she is Americas newest sweetheart. I hope she goes on to make movies. love to see her do a remake of pretty woman only call it gorgeous woman :)
      gotta love her as much as you don’t want to , move over Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker and Angelina Jolie there’s a new girl in town named Rachel and she’s kicking ass and taking numbers. :)

            1. no worries everyone has been hard on Rachel because of her beauty and brains. especially women. men like me see her as a hot tamale that is a good catch :)

              1. Donovan, I am a woman and I have absolutely no problem with saying that Rachel CAN be pretty when she primps herself up, but I wouldn’t call her “naturally” beautiful! The true natural “beauties” of this year wwere Jordan and Cassi, not Rachel. I find it’s hit or miss with her…sometimes I like her, sometimes I can’t stand her!! Do I think she deserves to win? Absolutely! She’s played the hardest and when she’s in trouble, she gets it done. However, I wish Adam would win cause I think he really needs the money more and he won’t be selfish with it.

                1. I hope Rachel wins as I think she both needs and deserves it more. Say what you will about her and Brendan he is going to school to make something of his life, she does try to get a job, but can’t since leaving Vegas. Adam on the other hand has a place and so does his girlfriend they just want to move in together. The amount of time he spends keeping up with all of the tv shows and memorizing them he doesn’t need the money more than the other two there. Porsche is still staying at home and need it too, but I don’t think any one of them played or fought as hard a s Rachel. Adam and Porsche both floated and went with the power in the house and only won in the end which of course it counts, but Rachel fought from day one and is still fighting. She deserves to win, what she or anyone of them ultimately do with the money is their business, but Rachel deserves it more than any of them.

                  1. i agree i have never been a fan of raghels but if i was on the kury i would choose her for the rweson she played the game from day 1

                2. How is adam not going to be selfish if he wins the money he wants to buy his wife a gucci hand bag and himself a camaro he will donate to charitey probably like the first adam who won said he would by buying illegal drugs

                3. Doesn’t Adam work for blockbuster video? I think he said he was asst manager for blockbuster so he probably makes min wage :)

                4. Adam not selfish? He said if he wins he’s buying his GF a pocketbook (wow r u serious) and himself a camaro car……then he realized what a turd he sounded like n said he’s give some to charity!!! Adam in no way should win……it’s sickning that him n that fatty mcfatty porscha are in the top 3.Ughhhhhhh!!!!!! Geeezzzee

      1. donavan…that sounds good to me…I think Rachel would be good as an actress , she has a great personality…so what if people call her catty or other things…all houseguests are the same…while they’re in big brother…but Rachel has the looks (no way does she look like Boy George as some describe her) google or look at her facebook…she’s got alot of beautiful pictures :) so…love that post of yours !

        1. I’ve seen Rachel’s portfolio and she looks alot like Angie everhart. she is a gorgeous redhead and deserves to win just because she is such a sweetheart. Brenden is one lucky man to have found such a beautiful soul ( and looker) the majority of negative posts on here about rach are from frumpy overweight women who are jealous of rach and all her magical beauty. shes the girl most guys would love to take home to mom. can’t wait to see what she does after this show. move over Katy perry a new firework is in town named Rachel and she’s about to explode with all her glory:)

          1. Agree Rachel is who she is, she doesn’t prented to be anything or anyone else. With her what you see is what you get. She doesn’t lie and backstab and pretend to be your friend if she likes you she likes you if she doesn’t she doesn’t. If catty and ugly is the worst quality some can give her than I am sure she’s fine with that, as long as she stays true to herself and what she believes. That’s why she deserves to win, and if she doesn’t win HOH and AP take her to final two she will win hands down. I hope Adam takes her because he really believes he has JJ vote against Rachel. I think Rachel is going to win by a landslide against either of those two If she is against Adam I think Adam won’t get a single vote, but if it’s against Porsche, I think she will get everyone’s vote accept maybe Kalia.

          2. I agree with you 100% Donavan….people who hate her must be as you described…haha ….I think you really hit it right on the nail !
            I really hopes she wins…she so deserves it…worked so hard and she was awesome in caring for Jordan when Shelley was bugging her after Jeff got evicted. oh my gosh …Shelly…now she’s another story….egads !!! LOL

        2. Yes, she’d be a great actress! I mean, if you don’t count that she’s not very pretty, has a horrible speaking voice and has no charisma. other than that, she’s perfect.

            1. Rachel is a very pretty woman and she has a nice body – and when she is dressed with makeup and nice clothes – she is like a bombshell – and that is exactly why she got cast on the show

      2. Rachel Should win …I guess Lets See
        Jordan – Rachel
        Jeff – Rachel
        Brendon – Rachel
        Kalia -Porsche
        Dani -Porsche
        Adam – Rachel
        Shelly – Rachel

          1. No. I think she made an awesome social game move when she told Shelley that she played the best game of everyone. (Rachel told her this when Shelley was campaigning for Rachel’s vote). When Shelley went to Jury and Jeff started yelling at her she even quoted that Rachel had said this to her. I think Rachel stroked Shelley’s ego just right!

        1. Hi, Donovan, I have a crazy thought how about Rachel 7-0. I bet you if that happens this site will probably go boom boom people will say are you “Crazy”? LOL.

        2. I think Dani will vote for Rachel I think she was only using Porsche in the house for a vote. The way she looked at Porsche in the DVD in the jury house last week when Porsche said Dani wouldn’t want me to use the veto on you Jeff, and then when Shelly said Porsche won $5000 for Pandora’s box Dani said yeah right she probably got more sarcastically. I think she was just using Porsche and would not give Porsche a vote in the finals.

      3. America’s newest sweetheart? The girl can’t even get a job because of her televised behavior. The source of that tidbit of info is from Rachel herself. You and others may be rooting for her to win and that’s fine, but let’s stay grounded in reality here when it comes to how she is viewed in real life – ’cause it ain’t as a sweetheart.

  3. I think Porche only had a small bag, all she wore was a bikini and sweats. I think she started borrowing near the end or got alot on the shopping spree to look decent. She wears a uniform to waitress and has no other clothing.

  4. Big Brother HOH Record Watch(Quest to tied Janelle’s HOH wins): As right now, Rachel has automatic bye in RD3. Rachel is still thinking of winning the third & final RD of HOH competition. Today Rachel is relaxing and think positive of Adam & Porsche of RD 2. The winner will face Rachel in Final HOH competition. Porsche is still thinking of Porkchop & Adam is in the kitchen cutting pineapple and not worry about Bacon. Porsche says, “How can I stop from Preventing Rachel breaking my good old friend Janelle.” Adam,”hmmmmmmmmmmmm” ” nothing, just do your best.” Porsche,”Rats, I should evict Rachel instead of Jordan. How stupid I am?” “Now Rachel will beat me and I’m going to be evicted” “Think Porkchop Think, What should I do?” Rachel is still relax and thinking about what I’m suppose to do. Rachel says,”Hey Guys.” Adam says, “Yo!” “Porsche!” Porsche is still thinking about Porkchops and Lambchops. Porsche still in the bathroom thinking “Why should I evicted Rachel instead of Jordan” “I’m still an idiot” “I should evict Rachel because I am close friend of Janelle” “I should give up already” “WTF, Rachel should been evicted me and give Jordan to compete in 3 part HOH competition” “I should lose purposely and go to the Jury House with my girlfriend Kaila” “How stupid I am” “Jeff’s Right, I am an idiot” “I don’t deserve to win 500K, I already got 5G’s for open the pandora Box” “I should been get rid of Rachel Yesterday instead my useless brain told me to get rid of Jordan” Rachel walks in bathroom. She says,”Porsche, “what’s wrong?” Porsche says,”Nothing, I’m fine right now.” Rachel leaves. Porsche continue to talk to herself,”I should deserve to be kicked out.” DR called Porsche please come to the diary Room.” Porsche walks into the Diary room. The producers says,”Porsche what’s wrong.” She says, “I got confession I’m to make.” Producers says, “What’s is it?” Porsche says,”I did the stupid thing that America would like to hear.” Producers says,”Go on Spill it.” Porsche says, “I’m the one who spike the muscle milk” Producers shocked!!!!!! “Why did you do that?” Porsche says,”I want to make sure that Jordan is out the picture and DK and I are happy of pranking Jordan which intend to Brendon.” “I also stole a drug prescription from Rachel bag and looks like i stole something.” “And three of us, jacked up other HG’s with tempering products.” “I did it” “Yes, I did it.” “I should deserve to be kicked out!” Porsche cried! Producers says,”Don’t worry, we won’t tell everyone” Porsche says,”Thank you!” She leaves and the producers walks out and which holds the confession tape! Rachel walks out in the backyard still thinking of winning 500K, Tied with Janelle HOH record, My BFF Jordan, Jeff, & my pokie fiance Brendon. DR called Porsche again. She walked in the diary room again and she also have a confession that what’s America want to hear. Porsche says, “I confessed that I’m in love with Kalia, She is so beautiful and we both sleep together.” The producers left with the tape again and Porsche left also. Right now, Rachel is focus on tying 1 HOH win. So folks, keep the lookout to see if Rachel will pick up 1 more HOH win. Stay tuned!

    1. half to expect you to say “Everybody to get from street” like in “The Russians are Coming”. anyway leave the funny shit to squabble

      1. thought this clown would be on suicide watch seeing how people he has never met before are gone from the game. His post ae like Adam’s game, floating to whom ever has power

      1. Have you suffered a recent brain injury? I’m not the biggest fan of squabbles stuff (no offence squabble, just not my thing) but that’s like someone swallowed the English language and took a nice steaming crap on their keyboard.

          1. Yep Squabble! You wrote the Porsche & Kalia Failure Big Brother but mind is much better. So, you did wrote the PK Failure Big Brother. Do me a favor. come up the Porsche & Kalia Failure Big Brother concept and I will laugh with this okay. Squabble. Don’t be so hard for yourself. Beside. PK Failure Big Brother much better but my is Big Brother HOH record watch is much cooler. So, Squabble better come with Kalia and Porsche make out seen and I will agree with it. Okay. Thanks Squabble, your the best.

              1. That’s funny Squabble, but Jeff’s soul patch told me that you need to open the book and look at the proper sentence.Okay! your buddy Brown Fat,Stephiep says that your jokes are pretty lame which includes Porsche & Kalia making out! I think their right. You do need to change your diaper. Even, Not a PHD student,TheKid1414 & BBXposed told me that your comments needs understand your language okay buddy. Beside, Try to speak English so that everyone will understand you. Okay, Buddy! Oh I know that you hate Porsche,Dani & Kalia, I get you hate them and you like JJBR. I know I’m feeling you. Okay buddy!!! Let me know if you understand what you trying to say okay. Also, make more exciting about Porsche & Kalia okay!

            1. I didnt get what you were trying to write there…have you ever thought of opening a book so you can see how to right a proper sentence?

    2. Update on Big Brother HOH record watch(The Quest of tying Janelle’s HOH wins):Welcome back to BB HOH record watch. As right now, Rachel is still sitting relax and don’t get porsche through her head. Rachel says,”Hey Porsche!” Porsche says,”Hey,Congrats on Part 1 of HOH competition” Rachel says,”Thanks, Good luck in Part 2 of HOH competition.” Porsche says,”Hopefully, if you tie 1 more HOH win and you will gurarntee to make it to the final 2.” “Also, my good old friend Janelle is watching right now is hopefully to be there at the finale.” Rachel says,”Why” Porsche says,”So that I will stop preventing from breaking my friend HOH record.” Rachel says,”Not going to happen”. “Win or Not, I’m glad to be in the final 2 and also share Janelle’s HOH record which my pokie & my fiancee Brendon will be proud of me”. Prosche says,”Whatever good luck and congrats.” Porsche continue to talk to herself and says “If I get rid of Rachel once and for all”. “Janelle will be proud of me that I prevent Rachel tying Janelle’s HOH Record.” HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Rachel look at her strange but just ignore it. DR called Rachel please come to the Diary room. She walk in and the producers talks to her. Producers says,”Rachel how does it feel of one more HOH win and you will tied with Janelle.” Rachel says,”It feels great and I will be honor to share the HOH record with Janelle”. Producers continue to talk to her and said,”Rachel, What will going to do if you win 500K.” Rachel says,”my dream wedding with all my friends and especially Jeff & Jordan and my honeymoon with Brendon. Also, my dream house with Brendon.”(Feed cut) Meanwhile in the Jury House, Jeff is really pissed off that Jordan got the evicted. Jeff says,”WTF How would that floater idiot Porsche evicted Jordan?” Brendon says “Don’t worried Jeff, Rachel will take care of Porsche and which leave Adam all by himself.” “Oh yeah, I should deserve to tied Janelle as well on POV thanks to two dorks Dani and Kaila, we should got this and control the Big Brother House.” “I hope Rachel will dismantle Porsche.” Jeff says,”Thanks dude” “I got your back” Dani approach, “So, your girlfriend got evicted that’s good.” Jeff says,”Shut the (Bleep) up!” “I will come after you, you little (Bleep)!” Brendon says,”Jeff calm down, She not worth it. Beside her dad left because of certain reason and me, you, Jordan got Rachel Vote and already need to get Adam to help us. Jeff says,”No problem dude! Thanks man!” “We always be Bromance and friends stick together.” Stick around with the Quest of Tied Janelle’s HOH wins Record. Right now the recap for HOH wins:
      Janelle (BB6 & BB7):6 HOH’s wins
      Rachel (BB12 & BB13):5 HOH’s wins
      1 HOH win away till tied Janelle’s HOH record.

    3. Big Brother HOH Record Watch(The quest of tying Janelle’s HOH record):
      CBS production crew & producers talks to Porsche:
      Producers:Hey Porsche!

      Producers:I have some question.

      Producers:Be honest and tell a truth!

      Producers:How would you do if you win 500K?
      Porsche:Honestly, the truth is that all the money will goes to my clothes. I just made up lie and also I don’t given a (Bleep) that I will buy the House with my Dad! However, I did embrassed Rachel & Jordan.

      Producers:Really, well will see how would react that the rest of the America are pissed off that your action of spiking the muscle milk and DR told you not do it again!
      Porsche:I don’t given a (Bleep)!!!!!!! I’m sure Brendon is watching right now that I embrassed your fiancee Rachel and she will never Tied Janelle Record again!!!

      Producers:Thanks for the time!!!
      Porsche:No problem!!!!!

      The producers left with the tape and give it to AG!!! Stick around folks to watch the Historical moment of Big Brother Watch(The quest of Tying Janelle’s HOH win) We will interview with Janelle on the phone!

    4. I am surprised that you aren’t set up outside the jury house stalking Jeff. Oh excuse me, I know how offended you get by the s word. Let me rephrase that…

      I am surprised that you aren’t set up outside the jury house over-obsessing about Jeff.

      You’d make a better stal…errrr I mean obsessor, than a comedian.

  5. If Rachel doesn’t win these season, then this has just been a giant bust! I never thought I’d root for her, but out of the 3, she deserves it most!

    1. I agree When I saw her walk back in the house, I was disgusted. But…..she kind of won me over and although I wanted JJ to win, she saved Jordan and changed my mind. She saved her butt so many times..she deserved to win

  6. Part 2 will be tomorrow afternoon and will be a timed event and bacon boy will come in 2nd just got the news from AG via twitter

  7. When will posters and players ever learn? Being an aggressive player (i.e. not a floater) is bad game strategy as you are putting a target on your back. It is better to be a jerk as a person and not aggressive as you then qualify as the person they want to sit next to at the end. Laying low, being sociable and not overtly committing to one alliance or another (emphasize overtly) is the best game strategy as you build freindships for soft alliances and votes at the end without putting a target on your back. Dani admittedly made a strong game move because that is how she had to play to be happy and look it where it got her. Brendon was known as a strong game player and could be a jerk when defending the nutbag with the big, fake funbags and look it where it got him. Jeff was the overt leader of his alliance and look where it got him.

    The base pattern has played out in BB and Survivor since early in both shows. “Floaters” get much further than “non-floaters’; if your objective is to win, as it should be, then float, float, float, float and then strike at around final 4 to 6.

    1. totally agree, its a great game move to those who will sit back and actually look at it from this perspective. but i see where it makes people think the floaters were cowards to not get any dirt on their hands but technically.. it makes sense cause look whose gonna be making the money.

        1. Being a floater means that the player simply floats to whoever has power without making any moves or game decisions on their own. They’re essentially a vote with legs to whoever’s in control. Dr Will wasn’t a vote with legs.

          1. all my point is that this post talks about laying low and not winning too many comps, and not outwardly being with one side. I just thought it was funny that they said Dr will doesn’t agree- since this was the exact same game play he had. How can you not like his game play though!

            1. The poster never said anything about winning comps, it was about being an aggressive player (i.e. not a floater) and not showing an obvious alliance. Will was aggressive in his manipulation and never hid his alliances. He never laid low or shifted sides, he just didn’t win comps on purpose.

              So I stand by my reasoning that Dr. Will was aggressive and did not float.

              1. “Laying low, being sociable and not overtly committing to one alliance or another (emphasize overtly”

                I give you he was a master manipulator, but that would fall in the social category, and he did it by laying low. All my point was according to that post- what a good game player is- which is part of being a good player, strategizing when to win/ loose, who to manipulate, etc.- will did play like this.

                If you really think about it- He was the ultimate floater- not winning anything, having everyone like him because he was so good at manipulating. He was just brilliant at it.

                1. Yes, Adam’s starting to get a big head. Maybe that’s how he naturally is when he doesn’t have to kiss ass. Or maybe he’s just very overwhelmed that he outlasted every vet except Rachel.

          2. Dr, Will never won a comp on purpose, he liked to manupilate the game, and quite frankly he did it better then anyone else, he was charming, and handsome, a combination hard to beat. He would tell you to your face he is going to lie and they never believed him. Him and Mike Boogie were hillarious, their telephone bits in the DR were priceless. I will also give him props for not leading Janelle on. Janelle was really into Dr. Will. Who wouldn’t be. I would of gladly watched the Evil Dr. Will work his magic.

      1. I didn’t watch BB when the doc played, but Evil Dick fell into the category of being so hated that players started to want to take him to the end and thus others keep getting evicted. He then cleaned up his social game near the end. Rachel is kind of following that method this year.

        Additionally, I did not state that playing the floater angle is the only way to succeed, but it increases your odds of success. Aggressive players can win, but it requires a very good social and strategic game and perhaps a bit of luck or good fortune at the right time (i.e. Rachel and the duo format for that one week and Russell, the weasily, hatted short stocky Texan from Survivor being good at finding the idols, but you saw what happened to him the second time he player.) Bullies usually don’t survive but it is certainly possible.

          1. He didn’t make anyone join his alliance. And they could have won comps anytime they wanted and call shots themselves. I didn’t see Shelly or Adam trying to win a comp because they wanted to float behind Jeff. B/R were the only two that were part of that alliance that tried to win anything. So as for him being a bully what did he do to make them do anything? Apparently not enough, because Shelly voted against him and voted for Dani to stay, voted him out, B/R tried to get him put on the block, and Adam went along with it to further his own game, so who and how did he bully anyone.

      2. For the record, Jordan was not a coat tail rider…. Before the golden key period, she won one of the few hoh before “the otherside” gained control of the house. Then, the newbies were either only going after Brendon or evicting themselves. To say she rode Jeff’s coat tail the entire game is a load of crap (and to say he was a threat to) because he didn’t win anything big until the week he got kicked out. Ok- she rode his coattails for one week. Seriously, this season everyone rode everyone else’s coattails while they sat back and let the big players take each other out. Even Dani tried to ride some— she had her little puppets doing work for her and still does.

        When Jordan needed to win- she did start riding Rachel’s coattails, and she knew it and humbly admitted it, and bowed out with grace. Nobody else in the game did, almost everyone made some smart little comments when they were evicted. Her little jab at por was nothing (if it was even a jab, you could also say she was just joking) compared to the way others left.

        It is a game- where you are locked away, with people that drive you crazy, for possibly an entire summer. It is basically one giant psych experiment. The worst in people will come out. Everyone acted a little crazy at times, but Jordan handled herself best.

        P.s- i don’t want to hear also that she came in with a sense of entitlement, everyone in the house was saying the same things that she was. She also played off that. No one ever said she was perfect- I don’t see the need to disect her every move just because your fav player lost. Just because Jeff and her have America’s vote doesn’t mean anyone said she was perfect. I just think some of the comments on here are ten times worse than what the “crazy cat people” have to say.

        Pps- Adam and por are the worst players, they are ten times worse with the entitlement than anyone else in the house ( i mean come on adam you just won a game literally the other day- and now you think you are the best player?) so rachel ftw!

        1. I get the impression that you don’t understand what a coat tail rider is. It’s allowing someone else to do ALL the work while you just coast along in their wake. She left Jeff do all the talking, deal making, alliance building and eventually comps That’s the definition of riding someone’s coattails. The fact that you say Dani was riding KP’s coattails proves you have no idea what you’re actually talking about, or your bias has blinded you to reality. Dani was doing most of the heavy lifting in that alliance much like Jeff was doing in his.

          And yeah, Adam’s sudden espousing of rightousness when he finally wins a few comps (but still first out on every other comp) is really annoying. I don’t see the Porsche entitlement you’re referring to though. Do you have some specific examples?

          1. Dani, just like at everyone at least at some point, did also do “coattailing” (realize I say at some point, I am not saying that was her entire game play) She admitted a couple times in DR that she would let Kahlia, Brenchel, etc. do the dirty work and her hands would be clean. All my point was is that everyone does it in the house- I am not the one that is blinded- there is so much Jordan bashing on here for her doing it- when she didn’t since she talked just as much as jeff did to her alliance- and sat back just as much as everyone else when the same people were targeted in the game by the exact same people. And that yes, eventually she did do it, and when she didn’t step up her game to save her ass, she left.
            Also, that she is a horrible person for having feelings and showing them when she lost a friend and boyfriend in one night unexpectedly, when she “talked” about everyone in the house (even though it was the exact opposite, Jeff did most of the bashing between the two, she actually stood up for a lot of people to him, check tape if need be) she was entitled for saying so and so doesn’t deserve to be here. But noooo….no one else cried or yelled, no one else talked about anyone else… especially mean personal things like killing babies and what not, and no one else said something about other people not deserving to be there. I just think there is a fair amount of Jordan bashing on here- I don’t understand why, her fans never said she was perfect, the flaws she has had everyone else in the game has also done, but she is probably the only one to do the kind things she has done.

            And Porsche has talked just as much as everyone else that “a floater shouldn’t win”, “only a competitor” when she hasn’t even won enough to count completely on one hand, and that was only when all the people who could win them were gone. Besides rachel- I think this final 3 is the worst possible players in the house.

            1. Again you show that you truly don’t grasp what coat tail riding is. Expecting your alliance members to do some of the work and get their hands dirty isn’t coat tail riding. Not by any stretch of the definition.

              And Porsche isn’t a floater. ‘Floating’ has absolutely zero to do with competitions.

              This is a difficult conversation because we’re using completely different dictionaries

    2. How many floaters have ever actually won the 500k? I’m not familiar with all the seasons but the ones I have seen the winner is usually someone who had a great social game (dr will), decent competitor or had a strong alliance. Or some combination thereof. How many floaters have actually won the game? Getting far isn’t enough. 3rd place is just 1st loser.

      1. Other than Mattie – the BROGAYDUH was a bunch of “super floaters” that teams up plus one with everyone else so that they were drug along to the finals.

  8. I live in the UK and have been watching big brother online (your version of big brother is so much better, than our UK version). I watched Rachel last year and couldn’t stand her, but I have to say watching her this time, my view of her has changed. she has clearly played the game and deserves to win. Adam and Jordumb are very weak players, none of them deserve to come second, let alone win. Despite what some people think of Rachel, put that aside and realise that she has played the game hard, and really does deserve to win the half million.

    1. I agree with the fact that Cry!chel has “played” the game the best of the 3 remaining.
      However, she is BIPOLAR in her emotions and for THAT reason I can’t get with her program.

    2. I’d still rather see the deviant Jedward twins come into big brother 13, just for a couple of days to liven this boring crap up. They could run around the house knocking shit over, making the houseguests life hell. Watching them is like watching sims characters come out of nowhere running around chanting words you can’t understand while causing utter chaos. I loved the kitchen scene with Jedward this year, and the toast tower. That’s what big Brother 13 needs, strong character. Rachel was the only one that gave any semblance of range of emotion this year.

    3. USA BB is better than UK BB????
      Are you, AG?

      I’ve read UK BB has much more thrown into the game which makes it
      more interesting.

      There are several Double Evictions.
      New players can be brought into the House even past the halfway mark.
      Just these two points could make the game more intriguing.

      Another poster on this site was watching the YouTube videos of UK BB and the
      the BY comp sets she described were incredible.

  9. adam will go home and it will be rp in the final 2 adma can only float so far then his ride will end and he will walk out more mad then jeff did. i dont care for any that are left but rachel will win it and when she comes ot of the house she will jump brendon and kiss me and tell let tie the knot now

  10. BIG HUGE game move would have been Porsche “I am voting for Jordon to stay”. “Sorry Rachel”. Game requires big moves. At least half jury would have been happy.

  11. Today on Rigged Brother
    Can’t tell if the feeds are on, camera’s look fuzzy. keeps changing colors…wait I think I can make out something now…
    CATS a lot of CATS they are everywhere in the diary room, HOH room, the purple room and even in the fridge, I have never seen this many cats. Also can hear someone with a southern accent laughing saying ” I tried to warn you what my fans will do” …feeds cut…
    Meanwhile in the Jury House Brendon, Jeff, Dani and Kalia are arguing who has played the best game so far Brendon says “Rachel is, since she is still in the house, can you imagine what those people are dealing with”. Dani says “either Adam or Porsche they weren’t sent in with a silver spoon in their mouths and aren’t mindless or psychotic “. Jeff says “I did” Kalia says “I’m hungry”..feeds cut…

    1. One of these two is going to be a jury vote if she gets in final 2, possibly even a swing vote with the divide between newbs and vets. Makes sense to play nice.

  12. Hey JJ fans,

    How do you justify:

    1. Jordan being such a sweet girl with all those full frontal nude pics of her on the Internet? (hummm, don’t see any of Dani) And to “She says” who doesn’t feel Porsche deserves to win cause she’ll spend it on plastic surgery…Sweet Jordan and others have breast implants too (hummm Dani doesn’t, cause she’s gorgeous and secure in who she is). Guess Jordan got the boobs before her last season and needed to be a tease and show them off.

    2. Jeff deserving America’s vote so he can brag about dropping more cash in Las Vegas? What was it, 3Gs? That’s a worthy investment.

    BTW I don’t begrudge either Jeff or Jordan their winnings, just irritated by their entitled attitude. It’s their blind pious stalker fans that hate all things not JJ that piss me off.

    1. I’m confused. How does someone showing skin suddenly not make them a sweet person? There are tons of women out there that has shown nudity in movies, magazines and on the internet but does that not make them a sweet person?

      1. And JJ never claimed to be America’s Sweetheart’s, and Jordan never claimed to be sweet and innocent. It were titles given to them by other people. They are the same before BB 11 and still the same now. I haven’t seen any change in them or the way they played the game. They can’t control how BB edits them. Regardless CBS has made them popular and making more money than before who cares what people say or think.

        1. But not until after sweet dear Dannyboy errr girl errr thing, wtfever skeletor is got evicted :)!!!! Oh and Jordan already has 500k unlike…DANI!!! hahaha…. GO RACHEL GO – show Dani how it’s done!

          1. And Jeff made more money on BB than Dani and never even made it to final 2. And JJ worked on other CBS shows still making money, and Dani well two BB shows and 2 BB stipends and one runner up. JJ still making more money and don’t even have to win.

      1. HAHAHAH you took the words right out of my mouth… no amount of biatching will bring skeletor back YO! She sucked herself right into second place… where is her dad’s shadow when she needs it?

    2. I’m happy to see Jordan in the jury house for a lot of reasons but regardless of what you found on the internet (and sorry maybe that stuff interests you but probably doesn’t interest most of us) she does have a sweet disposition. You can compare her to mean girl (I’m being nice) Dani but fake boobs and all (and who cares? are you from the 1800’s or something?) at least she never gave hand jobs under the blanket to Jeff the way Dani did with Nick. Dani is really no better than Rachel in the skank department.

      1. Exactly…

        and plus, Jordan did it because she knew the show wouldn’t show it, just to be funny, thats why she changed in front of them too. She STOPPED after one of the HGs told her about the live feeds

      2. Good grief lady. Only because you all are saying how amazing Jordan is and how horrid Dani is that I decided to search them and not take them on face value. All different, each girl is pretty in their own way. I find Jordan’s expressions quite funny and endearing at times but she’s two-faced, no better than any other girl there and was in the house for the wrong reasons, doing crap, yet thinking JJ should win.

        And about boob jobs. Again “She says” was saying Porsche didn’t deserve to win cause she would spend the money on plastic surgery. MAJORITY of them did!!! I’m only pointing out the hypocritical statements some people make.

        And because I disagree with girls needing to do all types of things to themselves to feel attractive, I was born in the 1800’s? They do all that and still are insulted by posters because they have a little fat or cellulite or are to skinny or have a few pimples. It’s sad.

        Sorry if you have implants and I insulted you.

    3. But Daniele has nasty tats. That’s wayyyyy more demeaning and evil than having implants.

      * I don’t personally believe this. Just throwing it out there because I’m sure some are probably thinking this.

  13. say it aint sooo…but is that some lumpy cheese in the back of porsches thigh…need to work that girl a little harder shes too young to have that pixelated meat back there…cant have that on spank bank personel..she’ll have to drop 10-15lbs or shes gotta go.
    am i high but rach seems to be coaching porsche…but probably for 2nd place. anybody know the cost of liposuction

      1. Porche has more of a camel foot than a camel toe… it looks like baby pigs fighting in her pink sweatpants! At least Jordan had a cookie dough excuse. Rachel is SMOKIN hot as ALWAYS… maybe Porche can donate some fat to Dani???

        1. I think Dani’s body looked perfect this season. Sure, she’s still on the skinny side, but nowhere near as bad as in Season 8. She just needs to ditch the dark hair…

        2. Guess she should get an eating disorder like the rest so she can be a size -6 get a life porsche is perfectly a HEALTHY size and it’s morons like you that make young girls have eating disorders

        1. dude she probably looked at own thighs and saw the same…put down the eclair and hit the treadmill… its friday time to suck em down… uhhh that means drink alcohol to me,i dont know you so it could mean something entirely different and if it does i’d like to go on record and sayt not that theres anything wrong with that.

          1. well i am in my 30s and nowhere near fat and i still think you’re comment was insensitive and moronic – what the hell are you even talking about Porsche’s body fat for, this is BB, go watch the Biggest Loser, i am sure you will fit in better there

            1. well i guess you told me…but moronic? come on dont be so mean, i just lost 50lbs so only 500lbs to go & i’ll no longer be considered morbidly obese.

                  1. i never EVER make that mistake and i am the first to jump on people for egregious grammar errors…i know you won’t believe me but i went to an ivy league school and i am very smart but i deserve being called out on that:( however, no excuse for making fun of a woman for being fat

                    actually, it’s kind of fun to be the stupid one for once!

      1. Rachel is a natural beauty. the only plastic she has is her credit cards. don’t hate on rach she is Americas newest sweetheart and America has spoken and they all think she’s the next big thing :)

  14. Looks like Porche’s best chance to win the $500K may be to be in Final 2 with Adam.

    I think Porsche would get the following votes: Dani, Kalia, Shelly, Brendon and Rachel. Adam would get Jeff and Jordan.

    If she was in the final 2 with Rachel she would lose the $500K.

    Rachel would get the following votes: Brendon, Jeff, Jordan and Adam (Adam is so far up the vet’s asses, its not funny). Porsche would get Dani, Kalia and Shelly and $50K.

    If Adam is in the final 2 with Rachel he loses the 500K.

    Rachel would get the following votes: Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, Dani, Kalia and Porsche. Adam may get Shelly.

    1. After his eviction Brendan said he would like to see Adam win. Rachel would probably vote for Porsche but Brendan wouldn’t. And Shelly isn’t really a Porsche fan so I think she’ll probably vote for Adam.

  15. Ok, got my 20 votes in for America’s Favorite Player. 10 from home PC for Jeff and 10 from work PC for Rachel. Can’t see myself wasting money to send a text vote in.

    1. I voted 50 times – 20 for Jeff and 30 for Rachel. Work, pc, laptop, friend’s houses… GO RACHEL!!!! Boooo Dani Hag!!

  16. “Big Brother says remember houseguests if you win the half million dollar grand prize you will never have to eat peanut butter and jelly again.”

    Um I would still eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches only I’d have my naked female servants make it from scratch.

    SHUT UP, don’t hate on my dark twisted fantasies.

  17. Hmm Maybe Rachel is helping them study because she wants a true battle..last night was too easy for her…..OR is it so she gets another jury vote from one of them for being helpful…either way it makes her look good.

    1. maybe she is trying toi figure how how much they know about the season. Maybe she is thinking about govving them some wrong info for the last comp. Them maybe she is just plain bored.

        1. LOL thats ok ..ive got an 11 yr old an 8 yr old & an 11 month old ..half the time im typing with one hand and changing a diaper with the other …so no sweat ;) I think Rachel is in good enough position she doesnt mind helping…and im sure its something to do….i would be bored stiff in there at this point.

  18. Here’s my take on the ppl of BB, if anyone cares

    Let’s start with Big Jeff: I’m sorry, but I am a Jeff fan, plain, simple and to the point.
    Jordan: Didn’t care for her, she had nerve calling ppl floaters when she was the biggest one of the house. She was absolutely useless in competitions and at least she acknowledged that Rachel carried her throught the last few weeks. She also needs to stop pulling her hair!!!
    Rachel: aahhh Rachel, hated her last season, but I will say that this season I hated her less and am actually rooting for her to win.
    Brendon: I believe I hated him more then Rachel this season, what really got me was the fact that he’s all good and tough to yell at woman when protecting his beloved, but the minute Jeff yelled at Rachel, Brendan didn’t say boo. What a man!!
    Dani: Didn’t like, still don’t like her, her voice annoys me about as much as Rachel’s does. Her hands must stink from being up Porsche and Kalia’s ass controlling each of their moves.
    Kalia: Jeez, she thinks she made big moves and that she made them on her own. God she always cried!
    Porsche: Another of Dani’s puppets, that’s that.
    Shelly: I couldn’t bare to look at her! She literally made me gag! She wasted a perfectly good alliance.
    Adam: Oh god, I just can’t get on board with adam.

    that’s all, I’m done!

    1. I’m not a Jeff fan so time for a reality check.
      Jeff will throw any early competitions to avoid being a target, he had no problem with Dani Rachel or Brendon winning the early comps and get blood on their hands this happened in both seasons. Only after the best competitors are eliminated will he try to win a comp unless he has someone in his alliance he can throw it to. He preaches pick a side and lets roll but this is fatal to anyone aligned with Jeff, ask Brendon when someone from his alliance is on the block he wont vote for them because “it’s going against the house” and “will put a target on me”. When he wins a HOH no one has input but Jeff, but when Dani, Brendon or Rachel won, he feels like he should have some say in the nominations.
      Jeff is an idiot that thinks he can intimidate the others into doing as he says, he is very disrespectful to women. My favorite part of this year was when he didn’t win veto he needed, and starts begging for votes the whole lame a** plea to Porsche was priceless

      1. I honestly don’t know how you can claim to know Jeff’s intentions. Maybe Dionne Warwick could get you a job with Psychic Friends Network., since you can read minds. Also, saying he is disrespectful towards women is a bit of a stretch. Calling a woman out for bad behavior is not disrespect. If you consider women equal, holding them accountable for their actions is consistent with that. Jeff stood up to Russell, Brendon, and yes, women too.

        1. I don’t see them mentioning anything about Jeff’s intentions. Just providing anecdotal evidence of behavior they found distasteful.

        2. You thought it wasn’t arrogant of Jeff to tell Porsche she never came to HIM to talk game? Wish she told him he should of come to HER to talk game when he was on the block.

      2. oh… SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!! total loser….. i can’t believe people can’t see him for who he truly is… an a**hole!!!! so rude… talks down to everyone, even jordan calling her dumb.. like seriously.. and she wont’ stick up for herself probably because she’s afraid of him… like please people take your blinders off and see what a loser this guy is

  19. Porche was stupid for evicting Jordan and keeping Rachel. Jordan sucks at competitions and if its Porche and Rachel in the final two, Rachel would win hands down. What the heck is wrong with Porche?

    1. Agee, but maybe Porsche is thinking about Jordans season 11 of BB Jordan may have floated her way to the end, but she won the last HOH comp against Natalie, and Kevin during her season, that is how she ended up going to final two, so she won when she needed to. I can’t blame Prosche for not taking that chance. Everyone keeps saying Jordan wasn’t good at comps, but people forget she did the same thing in season 11, but won in the final three which led to her going to final 2 and winning.

  20. Rachel WTF is right! This chick is bananas when she starts to talk about Brendon. Really, if Brendon said you can have a baby if you win BB then by all means “Don’t Win”. How about he take that PHD he is working on, graduate, bet a job and then pay for the baby and your lifestyle ~ idiot! If RAC wins BB13 she needs the take the money and run as far away from Brendon as possible!!! Geesh ~ enough already!

  21. I love how Adam is so impressed with having one of the worst endurance competition times ever lol. I will lose all hope for this show if this guys wins.

  22. I’m sitting here watching the After Dark from last night and I am to the point where I am so irritated and annoyed by Porsche I could scream. She makes me f-ing crazy!!! If she wins, I’ll just lose it! If I never have to watch her or Kalia again, it will not be a moment too soon!

  23. it is the funniest thing (and the most ironic) that Adam is saying how good of a competitor he is and has been – since I think more than anyone else people have been saying he is the worst person to ever be casted for BB and in truthfulness he has been one of the worst competitorsw this season (except for maybe Lawon and Shelly) —- he was saying a few days ago, really adamantly, “…and i won that first POV” and everyone just was looking at each around the table like “ummmmm”….who exactly is Adam trying to convince?

    but in another sense his self-delusion is probably what makes him such a positive, upbeat guy…too bad it also makes him crazy, completely irrational and a bald-faced liar

  24. I am in by no way means a fan of Jordan,however I noticed that In Jordan’s exit interview with Julie Chen, she wasn’t pulling her hair. This leads me to believe that her nerves of being in the game was getting the best of her. I guess in a way she was glad the pressure of winning was over. I felt a little bad for her because she felt like she had to win the money for her family and that she’s disappointed that she let them down. She also feels like she disappointed Jeff. She was trying to play the game for others and not herself. She didn’t even want to be in the game. Obviously, she’s the bread winner of the family and having people to depend on you and you can’t pull it out is depressing and heartbreaking. And, another thing: I’ve never said anything about her and Jeff’s romance being fake because i think that is is real. I have been following Jeff on Twitter for about a year and he always going to see Jordan and he also post pictures all the time of Jordan and her family when he visits them which is quite often. I don’t know why I’m posting this, I truly didn’t want her to win, but I felt bad for her because she had the weight of winning on her shoulder and she probably might feel that she’s a looser, which she is not.

    1. Jordan has a disorder (I forget what it’s called) but she pulls her hair then eats it cause of her low self-esteem. :) poor girl. that’s why she has bald patches on her skull :)

    1. OK Anonymous (creative name BTW). Without lying through your teeth, tell us how perfect you are…dare you to list five of your least attractive physical flaws.

  25. At this (sorry) point, I hope it’s anybody but Adam who wins the game. Very disappointing season in my opinion. It will be even more disappointing when America hands over another $25,000 to Big (Egomaniac) Jeff. BB, please don’t ever bring him and Jordan back again. PLEASE. I wouldn’t mind seeing Evel Dick and Daniele again, though, as long as Dick doesn’t bail. That was a let down. He’s entertaining as hell!

    1. what have you got against jeff -jord? I mean did they do something to offend you? just wondering. ( I agree though that Jeff is kinda a douche bag) but come on jord doesn’t even have a full adult sized brain that poor child (plus she eats her own hair cause she has no self -esteem :)

    2. You are pathetic, I’d rather see Jeff and Jordan on the show a million times more then that whiny self absorbed ego maniacal conceited brat Danielle any day of the week !! If I heard the words “genuinely” or “shocker” or watched her look at herself in a mirror or flip her hair back one more time, I think I’d throw myself through the closest window and end it all !! How anyone can stand watching that is obviously a complete loser and total moron !!

  26. Simon and Dawg, thank you for your efforts this season. You truly made lemonade out of lemons. I haven’t had to watch in a couple of weeks, but I can check here and get quickly caught up. Bless you.


    I will have to find the time to watch their evictions so I can laugh some more…

  27. Rachel should tell Pinto, that if she wins 3rd HOH she needs to take Rachel, because if not, she is automatically playing for 50k because Rachel, Brendon, Jeff and Jordan would be voting for Adam !! Rachel needs to tell Adam, that he needs to take her because if not, she will NOT vote for Adam, therefore Brendon won’t vote for Adam, and most likely JJ may not vote for him either !!

    This argument should get her to the finals and if she gets there, she wins hands down !!

    She should tell Pinto that she will get Dani, Kowlia The Hut, Shelly and Adam’s vote hands down, if she evicts Rachel, she doesn’t get Adam’s vote which is key !!

    She should tell Adam that he will get Dani, Shelly, Pinto and may The Hut’s vote, and she will only get Jordan and Brendon’s for sure, as Jeff may even vote for Adam, but if he’s sitting beside Pinto, she will get The Huts, Dani, and Shelly for sure and Pinto will prob vote for him as well, so Rachel is the obvious person for either of them to take, and if they do…..



    1. Whoops forgot to predict what votes Rachel gets……

      Rachel Gets Jordumb, Brendon, Jeff, and Shelly and The Huts vs Adam

      Rachel gets Jordumb’s, Jeff’s, Brendon, The Hutrs, and maybe Adam’s vs Pinto

    1. the lovely and amazing Rachel said that her and Jordan had a girlmance and they were BFF’s I tell ya doesn’t get much classier than that :)

      1. She’s only classy because Brendan isn’t there. Otherwise she would be there doing him under the covers for all the feeders to see. Yep, doesn’t get any classier than Rachole

    1. it is not a surprise to me. jordan has always been pinto’s target. she felt like jordan won once before and that she shouldn’t have the opportunity to win any amount of money not even $50 thou. jordan would have been gone if pinto hadn’t opened pandora’s box. plus pinto said that if jordan gets to the final 2, then there is no way she can beat her. Personally, i would have not given Jordan the opportunity to win any amount of money either.

      1. and another thing, the longer jordan stayed in this game, the more production would have helped her. in BB11, production helped her to win the final HOH by helping her to study and that came out of jordan’s mouth during her season. so, it’s best she’s gone so the game can be won fair and square.

  28. I was just rewatching last nights comp and and just have to comment on how worthless these guys are at competitions. A couple nights ago Porch was criticizing Jordan for only lasting 2 hours on their final 3 endurance comp. All these guys had to do was hold on and spin and could not last more than 47 minutes. Jordan had to hold onto a rope hanging overhead and walk on the spinning barrel that kept changing directions every few minutes all the while being rained on. Adam is acting like he just finished a triathalon and Porch complaining about having her feet in water for so long. She sent more time in the pool.

    1. I think those spinning comps are harder than they look. I can’t even go on those spinning kids rides because they make me want to vomit now that I am in my twenties. It’s a gross feeling and I think would be harder than the log competition which didn’t make them dizzy or nauseous.

      1. when i first saw the comp, i was disappointed, because i was expecting something more rigid and i said oh well, this will last all night. but when i read the site and found out they didn’t last long, i thought it was because they were sorry competitors. but i read this blog and they said they got sick. i guess i should be mad at production foe giving us this kind of comp

  29. I don’t care what anybody say about Porshe, I still find her very attractive with those few extra pounds on her. I can understand the jealous women out there calling her names, but any dude who has anything negative about her looks must be gay.

  30. Simon i agree adam is becoming really cocky and he is also acting like he deserves to win over porsha and rachel. When in reality, he shouldnt even be in final 3. or even on the show for that matter. He sucks ass and im really disappointed in how he turned out to be. I was honestly rooting for him in the beginning. He lasted 5 minutes in that one hoh(where they had to hold on to dummies of their partners) and that was just plain pathetic. And this just past hoh was a HUGE disappointment by both adam and porsha. Iv been wanting an absolute battle for hoh for a long time now, yet we havent had one of those in awhile. Rachel, dani, and dick would have been an awesome endurance to watch.

    1. Adumb was acting diva cocky when he got that HOH. when Jordan came up to HOH to talk to him he had that stupid smirk on his face while talking to her. that blender HOH was a total embarrassment and waste of a comp. production crew wasted a half a day setting up that comp for these losers to not even last a whole hour. Adumb on the feeds is full of himself trying to convince Rachel & Porshe he was competing from day one. only thing Adumb was competing for was jeff’s ass with jordan.

    2. I agree I would love to see another 17 hour endurance comp by people that do not give up just because their tummy gets a little queezy. The floater effect has affected the game so much that no one really wants to fight in the comps any more. They would rather make bullshit deals. I miss the seasons where they would not even consider discussing deals until after 7-8 hours of hanging on.

  31. Yes, Adam’s starting to get a big head. Maybe that’s how he naturally is when he doesn’t have to kiss ass. Or maybe he’s just very overwhelmed that he outlasted every vet except Rachel.

    Sorry, previous post wasn’t meant to be a reply.

  32. omg i love how in the beginning of the season everyone was like their best shot of winning is being against rachel in final 2. cause everyone hates rachel. but how the tables have turned

  33. YES! Adam is sounding cocky in the same delirious way that Kalia sounds in most of her DR interviews! He has “won” a few things and now he thinks he is better than most of HGs. Even competitions that he sucked in, (i.e. most of them), he seems to be starting to think he did really well in!

  34. hope rachel wins she has played her butt off all season when it came down to her going home she always talked her way out of it…go rachel

  35. I think Porsche is playing for second place either way it goes. she may have a chance to win if it’s her and rachel because adam will be the swing vote. if it’s her and adam, all the vets, except dani will vote for him. so if she wins final HOH, her best opportunity is to take rachel and adam will decide the final vote.

  36. If you would have told me a year ago, or even 2 months ago, that I would be rooting for Rachel to win, I would have told you- “You need to go to rehab!”. I did not like her at all last year. She came in wanting to be perceived in a different light this year, and at first I was rooting for her. But she returned to her old ways. But then, Brendon was gone for good, she befriended Jordan, and she started working on her social game- No more, “But I keep winning challenges! Why can’t you see I deserve this over you?” Brendon leaving was the #1 best thing for her game. This metamorphosis of Rachel has gained her many, many new fans who want to desperately see her win!!!

    1. Agree 100%. Never ever ever thought I’d want her for the win. Shows what a floater I am. Besides admiring her tenacity, I still laugh when I think of her reactions being stuck with Jessie after opening Pandora’s box. She’s tons better without Brendan.

    2. At this point, I don’t care who wins. I think Porita and Rachael deserve it.
      If Adam wins, then the Jury House must be holdinig some serious grudges.
      However, I do agree with your comment about Rachael. She became a different person after Brenden left the 2nd time. This is her 2nd time on BB, and she probably will not come back any time soon; so yea …..I can see her winning and I would he happy about it.

      I’m thinking she was annoying while Brenden was on the show because her protective mode went into high gear; but I hope Brenden is not using Rachael. She really seems to be a really nice person. If what they have is real love…then I wish them the best with that 500K….because it looks like Rachael just might win.

    3. While I was responding to Kat’s post, you (cruizin596) was probably typing your comment….but I totally feel the same way about Brenden. I try not to come on blogs judging people that I really don’t know. ….but there was such a positive change in Rachael after Brenden left; and Brenden does seem very controlling. Since Rachael really seems to love him, I try to make sense of it all (maybe he is not that bad??????)
      ….I really hope Brenden is not using Rachael. …and if he is; and she finds out —I hope she has the strenght to move on.

      She seems to be a beautiful person and can do better. I can almost say the same for Jordan….Jeff seemed a bit controlling with her too. What was wrong with these BB men season 13.
      and yea…..I’m leaning more toward Rachael than Portia at this point. Rachael has had a large target on her back from day one …yet she weathered every storm. ….but then I do feel Portia deserves the 2nd place money. I like Adam, but somebody must go to the Jury House….one of them is leaving.

  37. Lookin at Porsche’s cellulite…..I think I would go back to the velour running suits instead of the short shorts and
    bikini……………………….that girl has packed on some weight this summer !

  38. Meanwhile, back at bigbrotheronline…………..
    Guy: I thought Dani turning on the veteran’s alliance so early in the game hurt her.
    Ill Dill: Yeah well… you’re a cat person. Zing!!
    Finalmediator: lol, chill dill wins, let’s move around.
    Guy: Er…Ok, well, I thought Kalia weakened her alliance by putting up Lawon.
    Squibbie: Shutup, cat person!
    Finalmediator: Hillarious! Cat person, how origginal. Guy, You misspelllid Kalia you mooron! Squibbie wins. Let’s move about.
    Guy: Well I suppose I could concede that Kahlia was misspelled, but why did Porsche open Pandora’s box, she held all the cards that week.
    Ill Dill: Meow, meow, meow, meow.
    Squibbie: You sure told him, Ill Dill. Cats…geez..I prefer dogs, personally.
    Finalmediator: Guy, nobody cares if Porshes which play Pantera rock!! Ill Dill wins again, lets move up and down.

    Guy: ????????????????

    1. Every time someone says cat person (drink) drink.. All the real cat people (Drink) have left.. we’re down to the OBB core lets play nice with each other.

      1. OK. If you are sure they are gone.

        Maybe next season you can force people to read the definitions for floater vs coat-tailer when they login. Then zap em when they use them wrong.

        Just want to say I was a newbie to BB this year and to your site halfway through the season. Enjoyed the effort you and Dawg put into it. Plus first time blogging for fun. It was trip.


        ps. We had to put down our dog last month of 17 years. If I get a feline thingie, will it make me one of them?

  39. I just saw the update. Rachael has won HOH part I; so now Portia and Adam must compete.
    Something about the way Adam was holding on….I felt he would fall first….then Portia kept grabbing at her hoody or something….so I didn’t think she would make it.
    So then If Portia wins the 2nd part over Adam, then Rachael and Portia go toe to toe. If Portia wins, then she can either keep Adam or Rachael.
    I think either way, Portia might end up in 2nd place. The Jury House is stacked against her.
    If she chooses Adam, then JJ & Crew will say Adam played with the most intergrity.
    If she chooses Rachael, then JJ & Crew will say that Rachael had integrity and won comps.
    It is not that Portia does not have integrity…..the winner will probably be based upon the fact that Rachael and Adam have more friends in JH.
    The only secure votes Portia has is Dani, Shelly, and (maybe Kahlia)….but Kahlia might flip. You know how she starts crying….”I’m sorry Portia….boo hoo hoo…but I need to vote for” _____fill in the blank.
    I think Adam is a nice guy, but at this point either Portia or Rachael can win….they have both played about the same game.

  40. IMO, Rachel is the only one left truly deserving of winning the $500K. She has had to fight from day one and won competitions early on when there were a lot of competitors. She managed to pull herself together when Brendon left and upped her social game 100%. She didn’t flip on her alliance (talking about it is not doing it). She didn’t spend huge amounts of time napping , instead she chose to work out as much as possible. She spent most of the game with a huge target on her back and was not carried by anyone. Adam’ big head just might explode before the finale if he doesn’t get his ego under control. His argument that he now has some credibility because he won a few competitions is a joke. He won OTEV against 4 girls (a comp that I believe favors guys) and wouldn’t have won it if P hadn’t made a mistake and had to go back down. He won HOH against JP – barely beating J.

    On a side note, I found it very disturbing that, after losing the final veto, Rachel was crying about how Brendon would be so made at her for losing. I truly think that he is not good for her and, after watching the feeds this season, believe that he is a controlling ass. The latter part of this season is the first time we have been able to really see Rachel without him – and I like a Brendon-less Rachel. I hope she wins the $500K, comes to her senses and drops his ass.

    1. …oops, meant to reply …..right here

      While I was responding to Kat’s post, you (cruizin596) was probably typing your comment….but I totally feel the same way about Brenden. I try not to come on blogs judging people that I really don’t know. ….but there was such a positive change in Rachael after Brenden left; and Brenden does seem very controlling. Since Rachael really seems to love him, I try to make sense of it all (maybe he is not that bad??????)
      ….I really hope Brenden is not using Rachael. …and if he is; and she finds out —I hope she has the strenght to move on.

      She seems to be a beautiful person and can do better. I can almost say the same for Jordan….Jeff seemed a bit controlling with her too. What was wrong with these BB men season 13.
      and yea…..I’m leaning more toward Rachael than Portia at this point. Rachael has had a large target on her back from day one …yet she weathered every storm. ….but then I do feel Portia deserves the 2nd place money. I like Adam, but somebody must go to the Jury House….one of them is leaving.

    1. that comp had to of been rigged. how in the hell did jord guess from a bar of soap and glasses Baywatch? WTF! and Baywatch isn’t even a soap opera. plus she guessed it first try and the others were given more obvious clues and still did not guess. AG threw that 1 to jord cause it was a lux comp so couldn’t affect the game really :)

  41. Rachel is a completely different and better person without Brendon – actually night and day! Brendon in the jury house without Rachel seems (from the little we have seen of him), seems more relaxed, happier and at ease with Dani and Jeff – also a completely different person without Rachel. Someone like Dani would make a better parner for him – she would never take his crap and let him control her. Jordon who may be a sweet girl, is just a horrible no-personality misfit with Jeff controlling her. The moment he left, she stood up and was more vocal – still no personality and dumb as a rock. She has terribly low self esteem (same with Rachel), that is why they are with these controlling strong personalities. Jordon really emerged as a angry, bitter lonely girl with Jeff gone. I thought she was an ok girl, until her jealousy of Dani and Porsche emerged. She couldn’t stop talking about Dani after Jeff was gone, and those class-less remarks she made about Porsche at the end – how condesending. And to keep talking about how she never spoke to porsche for 69 days – that’s her fault! She stayed locked up in Jeff’s close watch and never bothered to get to know anyone well except for maybe Rachel and Shelly. i never even seen her have a 1-1 conversation with Brendon!

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