Final three dinner party, Adam “Saying NO to the vets week one was by Best Move..Showed them I was here to PLAY” **updated

7:36pm Final three dinner party They got a bunch of food, champagne, wine and Beer. Some of the food is Calamari, edamame, cheese cake, Sauteed spinach, mashed potatoes, Steak..

Porsche: “Should we just put regular clothes on for this” Adam: “No”.. They all thanks Production for the food.

They start eating Adam says congratulations everyone final 3 we all sure deserve it. Rachel asks them what they all thought their best game move was.

Adam says his best game move was week one saying NO to the vets becuase it showed them he wasn’t here to be pushed around and bullied he was here to play. (He seriously said that… oh man and it gets better the more he talks. I’m pretty sure rachel is getting pretty annoyed at him but she holding it all in)

Porsche says her best game move was not picking sides and getting to know all of my castmates and getting to the final 3 with the 2 people she was close to in the game.

Rachel’s says her biggest thing was having to change her entire game after BRendon left. Adam brings up that Rachel changed as a person as well.

Rachel doesn’t think you can make it to the final 3 if you go balls to the walls the entire time.
Adam: “You have to know when to make your moves that was my best move… someone once told me to play my own game and I did.. It was Brendon he said CRUDDY PLAY YOUR OWN GAME.. and I did”

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8:01pm Adam is saying he got really close to being on BB11 so he felt confident that he was going to get on the show. He never thought he would make it to final 3. Adam: “We’ll in my dreams I made it to final 3” Rachel: “Is that the dream you met Tori Spelling”

8:25pm Talking about Dick and Jeff walking around the house like gangsters. Rachel says she told Brendon to not get too involved with JEff and Dick.. Rachel and Porsche joke that the first week they were the Black out Alliance, Wine alliance..

They toast to the wine alliance.. Rachel and Porsche are tipsy from the champagne. Porsche is trying to remember what they did that entire week. rachel says they talked around tanned and thought they had Mad Solid game. Adam: “you guys had no game rachel had HOH she was safe and Porsche was getting a gold key she was safe”

They start talking about Kalia not talking to Dom then all of a sudden she was campaigning like mad for him to stay. Porsche: “PT would joke.. Who is that..”

Porsche jokes with Adam “I want you to fail tomorrow”
Adam: “Same here”
They toast

(HOH part 2 is tomorrow?)


9:00pm Final 3 Chit chat..
Self proclaimed “mean girls” by Adam they go through the memory wall “Zinging” house guests.
Adam: Keith Too hard and too fast is that your big brother game or your sex life
Adam: Dani your a good player but not as good as your daddy.. Dani never got evicted when her father was here
Adam: first of all that wasn’t her name nothing about her was real not even the zits on her ass.
Adam: Brendon really needed to win the money because he needs to get a better barber
Adam: Kalia should not be waiting by the mail box for a Pulitzer prize she should be waiting to bet sued for plagiarism… Every single line she used she took from Dani.
Rachel says how about Jordan,
Adam: I cannot burn sweet Jordan
rachel: Neither can I
Porsche: she’s sweet and Innocent but she can’t talk game to save her from getting out the door.
Adam: Jeff you had more voices than game..
Adam: Lawon Whats behind the door ohh is Julie Chen.. (Joking about Lawon thinking he’ll get a power when he was evicted)
Rachel gets to cassi’s pitcure, “I can burn this bitch oh cassi cassi cassi you and your own manipulative lies.. she tried to come between me and my blondes and no nobody comes between me and my blonde” (that was lame rachel)
Adam about cassi: have a cheese burger and call me
Rachel comes up to ED.. Porsche and Rachel can’t think of anything.
Adam: I can’t burn ED he’s my man crush.
Adam then says something about him and ED facing off in the next allstars, “Let the best Dick win” (Ohh shit Adam is think allstars)

9:44pm Rachel and Prosche are talking about how good Jordan is at Big Brother and comparing her style of play to Dr. Will’s style. Rachel goes on to call Dani the DEVIL and Jordan a Angel. Rachel points out that Jordan may not be good at comps but she can sure last long in the house.

10:30pm Cards yo

10:52pm They are briefly talking about Kalia’s game. Adam thinks Kalia was trying to play Danis game but he still think she was a tough player. Porsche thinks Kalia was pretty shitty at the game. She mentions Kalia’s first HOH where she got rid of one of her own alliance members. POrsche thinks Kalia was good at some comps but her game was really bad.

11:03pm listing off the best “show times”
Hot dog eating contest
Garbage bag Wedding
The bachelor Party
Dom and Brendon’s hero battle

Adam brings up that they never had any good show time fights.

11:20pm Adam claims the best LIfe show was the one he did his cruddy elf dance in.. Porsche disagrees.

11:44pm rachel tells them that the one week she was so pissed off at KAlia for putting her up for eviction she was going to put one of her extensions in her pillow.

12:30AM everyone sleeping.. Adam had mentioned that the HOH part 2 is tomorrow.


9:20am ZZZZzzzz..

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253 thoughts on “Final three dinner party, Adam “Saying NO to the vets week one was by Best Move..Showed them I was here to PLAY” **updated

      1. I will never understand how some people waste comment space to proclaim they are “First” ! WTH???

        Anyways… I think last night was ‘cute’, Rachel’s bashing was getting a liitle too much, considering how much she has changed. Adam is definitely getting too cocky, Porsche very prudent when making comments on other HG’s. BTW I don’t get the “Jordan, angel sweet girl” ?????? She is one of the most manipulative, conniving, and revengeful HG I’ve seen. She is pretty dangerous because she sells herself well, she mastered the “sweet girl” BS and a bunch of people fall for it.

    1. Sooooo, glad Rachel made it to the final three. She is the one who really deserves to win this season. I hope it works out for her.

      1. i like rachel way better without brendon, jeff etc all in the house, shes more independent and focused on the game, but SERIOUSLY “i cant say a mean thing about jordan” really… come on guys seriously, jordan has her flaws too she isnt perfect, theres no need to put her on a pedestal that she would never put you on.

        i dont get why adam thinks hes the shit right now, does he actually think people are gonna remember a single vote he did week one and then floated the rest of the game and screwed like 10 people over for the sake of 2 to like him. adam sucks. I dont care how far u make it in this game if you dont win you dont win, and JUST because he made it to final 3 doesnt make him anygood. Wow, you won 2 comps when there were only 3 girls left…. so impressive *rolls eyes*

        i loved dani in season 8 but dick did deserve to win, and i wont take that away from him, but i will never support adam being where he is. He made bad tv for me, i didnt enjoy watching him, and he screwed over the alliance i like (clearly bitter about that) but above all i hate him most because he gives himself credit where its not due.

      1. Rachel should win, but WON”T. Adam will win if he takes Rachel to the final. Rachel will only get JJB votes. The rest HATE Rachel (Dani, Shelly, Kalia, and Porsche) will vote for Adam. Dani’s true colors will show how Petty she really is and then you Dani supporters will have to eat your words about Dani and Adam. Dani will not vote for game play vs Rachel. She’s more HATE than the HATERS on this comment board….Period.

        1. I disagree. Adam’s only chance at winning was if Jordan was still there, and even then the vote would have been for who sucked less. As it stands, I think Dani’s vote is inconsequential. Brendan, Jeff, Jordan and Shelly vote for Rachel. The rest don’t matter.

        2. Rachel should’ve toned down some of her goodbye comments. Now she needs a vote from Dani perhaps and she was so nasty, calling her a “bitch”! Even if she hated Dani she could’ve have made a strong goodbye comment and still gotten Dani’s respect and jury vote, because Dani respects strong players. I think Rachel gave Dani absolutely NO CHOICE but to vote against her, strictly based on her goodbye comments, and that makes Rachel this year’s over-emo “big dummy”.

    1. I am LIKE LITERALLY surprise Porshe is not wearing her purple sweatsuit for a “fancy” dinner!!! SHOCKER!!! ZINGGGGGGG!!!!!

  1. Yeah Adam you sure did show them.Very funny. Players like him are dangerous coz you never know where they stand or where their head’s at. Sucks he’s in the Final 3 and God I hope it’s between Porsche and Rachel even though I feel Porsche can beat him but she can’t beat Rachel.

    1. porsche can’t beat him he will have JJBR and SHELLY. porsche just may beat rachel if adam gives her his vote. Porsche will have dani, kalia, shelly, maybe adam. he is the swing vote

  2. He can’t be serious right?? He really tginks he DESERVES to be in f3? I really hope Porsche wins and takes Rachel or vis versa cause Adumbs ego is getting outta control! All he did was kiss Jeffs ass in the entire game! Last time I checked Jeff was a vet, so when EXACTLY did he say no to them? I can’t wait till he gets out and reads these blogs/comments about him!! P/R or R/P for f2! The only DESERVING ppl left in the BB housr! Porsche FTW!!

    1. only in his mind. because unless he is against porsche in the finals he will not get any votes. and if he is against porsche he will only get JJ votes. I hope he is against rachel, because no one will vote for him he won’t get one single vote.

    2. Adam is cracking me up. Dude only started winning stuff what two days ago? But he’s acting like he’s the shiz . His whole “you gotta earn it/ we earned” speech is hysterical.

        1. ROTFL. We could all takea shot at him by stringing his ass up like a pinata.

          He is the biggest Joke. It’s time to go bye bye ULTIMATE FLOATER!

    3. I think Porsche is taking this hosting gig a bit far. She’s walking around the house like Vanna White from the Wheel of Fortune. Who knows she may have a job waiting for her as a game show hosts. Who knew she was volunteering for a real life job. She has the talk and walk down pact acting as a host.

      1. She’ll have to get her dresses made with stretchy material in order for her growing evolving BIG ASS to fit in week by week or should I say day by day.

        1. yeah i like that fat ass i would smush p all night long she look good to me how bout you throwing a pic link up to see who looks better

    4. He really doesn’t deserve to be there! Come to think of it the only thing he deserves is a flaming bag of dog shit on his front door!

  3. This guy is really crazy. Does he really know what a big move is? Or better yet does he know what a move is? He played with Jeff pretty much from the beginning after he saw teh newbies were getting picked off one by one. He doesn’t even deserve to be in the final 3, but he’s there and should just remain quiet. I’m beginning to think he’s sucking up to the girls so one of them will at least take him to final two.

    1. She brings herself down when she is with Brendon. They both need to grow up emotionally but Rachel has impressed me since Brendon has left the house (and I was a huge rachoe hater)

    2. I agree. It’s like she became a different person after he left the second time. She seems way more normal and is finally thinking for herself.

    3. Exactly! Bredan makes her feel insecure. She changed in her first season once she got involved with him and it was worse this season. She was so insecure and its because Tthe way he talks to her. He treats her like a stupid cchild so he can control her. He is smart and He sensed the insecurIties in her which is probably one thing that made him go afTer her in the first place. THatT is the type of woMan a control freak picks. Plays on their weakness and maKes them think they can do nothing w/o him. I watched the way he talked to her Again this season and it made me sick. Shhe is mUch stronger w/o him and I wish she woiuld realize that.Excuse typo messes in this my black berrY is hiccupping.

        1. I was meaning socially & BB game. I already had the debate with someone here about chemistry degree doesn’t mean anything as far as smarts. Not a tough degree to get, it’s just like any other…psych, English, etc. Unless she was MCL then it’s nothing special. Just FTR.
          But yes, she is MANIPUTIVELY smart I will give her that.

          1. sorry, but your so wrong.. Unless this degree was online or something… A degree in chemistry is not easy to get. You need physics, calc… Lots of math… and chemistry is not an easy subject. I have taken a couple of chem classes and it take someone with an iq to do well. to compare a chem degree to an arts depgree is a joke. SCIENCE RULES.

            1. (sorry simon this was previously posted in the wrong place)
              Ok you’re missing my point. And not that I care at all but let me explain for shits & giggles.
              Bachelors in Chemistry. Do you have one? Because I do. And a BSN and an MSN. Just in case you want to think I don’t know what I’m talking about….
              So what I was saying is….
              She took BASICS for a bachelors (not hard) and around 60 hours of sciences/chems. Of these 60 hours, many can be upper level random sciences… zoo, a&p, etc. Only 5-6-7 chem classes are usually required, a couple of those being lower level. Has she bragged about her 4.0 or graduating with honors? No she hasn’t… because she did average. Being good in science doesn’t make someone SMARTER than someone that is good in other areas, it only means they are DIFFERENTLY SMART. When I took arts (stupid easy classes as you think) or humanities or English classes, I was horrible and felt like the dumbest person ever….Yet I graduated MCL in my SCIENCE BASED MSN program…. so apparently being good at Arts & Humanities isn’t as easy as you think huh
              MY POINT IS Just because Rachel did OKAY and made it through doesn’t make her this super smart genius girl y’all want her to be. She went to college and realized she liked science and ended up graduating after taking a ton of them. Big damn deal people do it every single day, and trust me I see all the time people that have the degree and shouldn’t even be allowed around a lab.
              Sooooooooo go ahead and crawl out, cat people…….

              1. Does she really have a BS.chem degree? from where?
                if so, why is she a cocktail waitress in Vegas?

                something is amiss ….. Like the collagen in her lips

            2. An arts degree can be hard too. For instance, if you are thinking art art, something like art history etc.. can be VERY hard. All those facts you have to learn? Or even a general art degree… art is so subjective, so to really be knowlegeable and be able to determine “what is art” (if you could even give it a definition with the subjectivity) there is soooo much have to learn with different styles, periods, etc/

              Now if you mean a liberal arts degree… that can be just as hard, if not harder, than a chemistry degree. My bachelors is in psych. Some of the upperlevel classes are hardcore science. Pharmacology, physiological psychology, any class that intenesly focuses on 1 view of psych. Just like any other science (because at the bottom of if psych is a science) you can spend an entire rigorous class on a specific category, these therapies or viewpoints go into so much detail and thought than your basic psych 101 class that every BA has. Atleast at my school- some of the higher level psych classes were easily master level- in fact they were. They were classes you could take in your masters, and there was always one or two students that had a different work load in the class because they were on a different path. Being that I actually wanted a career in psych, I took as many of these classes as I could to have a better education. So I know how hard it can be.

              However I am not an idiot- I know a lot of people take psych as a general degree, or take it just as a start to further education. This can be done because you can go through a course catalogue and pick completely random things and the degree you will be the closest to is a psych degree. So it also can be very easy if you take the most basic and really easy gen eds.

              Point being (sorry about the tangent, it just gets under my skin when people think psych is a bullshit degree) Depending on the classes you are taking, any degree can be really easy, or really hard! I am totally Rachel FTW, and while she does have her smart moments, I think for the most part she really isn’t the brightest crayon in the box.

      1. Sorry, but Rachel allows herself to be whatever she is. Brendon has no control over what she feels. They both have a lot to learn about being in a relationship… Anyway, I really hope Rachel wins this. Adam has kissed butt the entire game; maybe that was his strategy, I dunno, but regardless, he was a bore to watch. Porsche just started playing about 2-3 weeks ago. I think she could have been a really good competitor all the way through, but she was too busy taking naps with Kalia. Love BB and will continue to watch. Thanks for all the comments, I love seeing other peoples opinions. Thanks for the spoilers too. I will continue to support!

      2. I hated Rachel early on..she got on my nerves, and really couldn’t stand her the first time Brendon left, but she did change after he left the second time. She has won more than any other house guest there this season. I believe she deserves to win if going by game play. she had target on her back from day one and managed to get to the final 3.. Porsche was crazy for kicking Jordan out and keeping Rachel, she knew she couldn’t beat Rachel in endurance, but i was glad jordan left she hadnt won anything except an hoh that was given to her… Adam is a floater that is all he did..FLOAT…he kissed butt when needed and went back and forth all the time..porsche isnt much better she didnt start to win till the last 2 weeks or so either…she had the first golden key and therefor diddnt have to do crap for 4 weeks..i think if there wasnt golden keys the floaters would of left sooner..they were only saved because their partner was worse!!!! I hope we dont have golden keys or safety for weeks on end next season!!!!!!!!

    4. Don’t forget BB12 HG was fine with Rachel…up until Brenchel formed! The HGs said that Rachel was normal, but once she met Brendon she started going crazy……Dump Him!!!!

    5. agree but revenge is sweet and looks whosr in the finale 3 and will probably win this whole thing. I was a jordan fan but I always liked Rachel I think she plays the game hard and is the only one left that deserves to win so GO RACHEL!!!!

      1. Porsche is fine and also pretty.. Rachel, Porsche and Jordan are nice looking girls. I thought Dani is but she did not look good in the jury house. She had the 70″s style and I could be wrong. Opinions please. Thanks.

      2. How is that? she is a fat ass,have you seen her cellulite legs and butt cheeks? she has cottage cheese for upper thighs and her ass is huge.Sure certain ppl like girls with big ass’s,but to say she isn’t a fatass is crazy.Even the Zing Bot zinged her for her ass!!!

  4. Adam says his best game move was week one saying NO to the vets becuase it showed them he wasn’t here to be pushed around and bullied he was here to play. Wow is Adam delusional…..he must have dreamt that…

    1. every night adam is giving shout outs farrah, and he talks about her a lot, but what I don’t understand is why does he always immediately corrects someone when they call farrah his fiance? It’s not a bad thing to say, he talks about her all the time, it’s almost like he corrects them not because she is not his fiance but because he doesn’t want her to be. If I was her I would be questioning that he’s not getting any youner and neither is she and he said they both want children, well he doesn’t seem to be willing to consider a commitment

      1. He could be correcting people out of respect for farah. She hasn’t accepted any proposal (whether he’s asked or not) so it would be presumptuous of Adam to assume she wanted to marry him.

      2. In the first epi we were told he and Farah just started seeing each other 4-5 weeks ago! A bit too soon to be engaged don’t you think?

      3. At least this season was far better than last year! That Bro-gade was just the worst and most boring group to ever be in the house! Speaking of delusional, Adam must be trying to emulate Enzo and company, since they also thought they were the greatest players to ever play the game! All they did was sit around all day talking about what BIG STARS they were going to be in the end! What a joke!! Everytime the Meow-Meow opened his mouth I just wanted to put my fist through the TV! Same with Adam-he is not only a terrible game player, he is just plain GROSS! He didn’t throw any comps, he just flat out stunk at them and got his ass kicked by chics half his size!I Often wonder if it is the DR that puts these delusional thoughts into their pea brained skulls? Hey Enzo, when is that big movie of yours coming out?

    1. Is it? Wow Happy Granparents day to all the Grandparents!! Thoughts are with you all and happy memories for those you are no longer with us!!


  5. adam is insane if he thinks his best move was saying no to the vets in week one… WEAK! how is saying no a big move when right afterwards you ran to the vets and attached yourself to jeff’s ass for the duration of your time in the house??

    1. Sad that Adam thinks that was his big move. He aligned with JJ but never publically – the other newbie’s thought he was sort of with them. Basically, he just went with the power and kept fingers crossed that he didn’t make anyone mad.

      Allowing Porche to cut your back hair was a pretty good move…be sure to add that to the resume.

    1. yes he is. he’s in final three looking at the memory wall with RP making fun of all the evicted houseguest and is still acting as if they can vote him out saying it’s all in good fun america it’s all in good fun we like our former cast mates. I mean really who is he campaining to and why.

  6. I like Adam, but I don’t think he is seeing his game play the same way others are seeing it.. Basically he had no game play for most of the game, and I am wondering how many comps he said he threw, is the truth. I can’t imagine him throwing any endurance comps, He just has no staminia. He really didn’t do anything until all the men were out of the house, and Dani, because he could not hang with the big boys. I am wondering by that statement if Rachel maybe didn’t give it her all, sometimes. Rache FTW.

    1. I can’t believe he’s saying he won that pov when he knows jeff threw it to him. if he’s that delusional to actually believe and repeat to people he won the pov when jeff offered to throw it when it got down to the two of them then he is just plain coo coo for coco puffs.

        1. When Jeff threw that corn comp I was really disappointed. He had the intention of taking out Brendon but you see it backfired him and Jordan are out but Jordan I like her. Jordan is really a nice girl and cannot understand why people are so hard on her for not winning. She tried and kept her alliance to Rachel. .

          1. Victoria, i don’t know if you have the feeds, but jordan was real bratty this season. She came in the house with a sense of entitlement. She didn’t want to win comps, she wanted people to hand it to her. she was also hypocritical saying porsche and kalia didn’t deserve to be there because they had not done anything which is totally untrue. she called shelly a c*nt because she betrayed their alliance, etc. i could go on.

  7. Wow to hear Adam talk, his game just keeps getting better and better, he really thinks he was one of the best players in this game. You know, I bet if he stayed in this house for another couple of weeks, he could probably find a cure for the common cold!!! Just saying!!

    1. Anonymous….LOLOLOL that was so funny about Adam finding a cure for the common cold …HAHAHAHA..good one..thanks for the good laugh tonight…ahhh loved it :)
      it’s so entertaining to read all the funny things being posted LOL

    1. Just be thankful that we don’t have to listen to Kalia munch down another meal in the BB house. Don’t mean to be rude but she was the noisiest HG ever (eating,talking,singing).

      Rachel for the WIN!

    1. I found Adumb repulsive from day one! The beard YUCK, the chin piercing double YUCK, the gut triple YUCK, the back hair quadruple YUCK. Adumb is life sized petri dish content i.e SCUM!

  8. Wow to listen to Adam speak, he really thinks he was one of the best players in this game!! You know, I bet if he stayed in the house for another couple of weeks, he would be telling everyone how he found a cure for the common cold!!! Just saying!!

      1. She really deserves it as well as Adam but both second place Rachel deserves to win the 1/2 million dollars. Rachel has been the target since she joined Big Brother and has survived two seasons of hate and betrayal, insults and horrible thoughts by mean people. She was picked on by mean girls this season including Porsche who seems to have been her friend in the beginning. Rachel carried Porsche in the beginning and she would have not reached this far if Rachel chose to evict her before. Adam was also carried that is why he is still here. No one carried Rachel and she did it on her own and fought hard to be the final 3. Let us give credit where it is due. She is also annoyingly entertaining at times and it would have been boring if was not cast this season. My opinion.

        1. Evil Dick was the one that recruited Porsche. It was his idea to send Keith packing, because he knew about that Regulator alliance. Rachel had no opportunity to evit Porsche or to keep her safe, because after the golden key thing ended, and everone was allowed to compete, Rachel and the rest of her alliance did not win any comps. Rachel, both this season and last, was good at alienating people and painting herself into a corner. Rachel did it to herself. That being said, she is a great character on the show, and definately kept me entertained, which is all I ask for out of Big Brother.

  9. Adam isn’t so bad. He did make final 3. I like him. Let him enjoy his final three banquet. I hope Rachel takes him to final 2. Be happy Big Brother fans.

  10. Porsche slept the whole time! When Rachel was knocked down, she’d get back up with fire in her eyes, she has had to fight her way thru this game and deserves the win!!! Goooooooooo Rachel!

    1. I like her as well, but somewhere along the lines her self esteem was lowered. I hope she makes it to final 2 and I think she is going to be surprised by the number of jurors that are going to vote for her. She really thinks she can only beat adam, but I can’t wait for julie to ask if rachel was against whoever the third person out is how many would have voted for her, and she sees she would still won, I think will lift her self esteem, because she really believes no one likes her, and I can understand why people felt that way, but rachel has changed a lot since the first time we all saw her on this show. and I don’t think it has much to do with brendan, I think it has to do with her believing in herself and not always having to be reassured

      1. Honestly, I hope Rachel and Porcha go to the final 2, they deserve it more than bacon bastard. I’m almost positive Rachel will beat Porch if that happens. Adumb does not deserve a dime of the final 2 purses.

      2. I like Rachel and seems to have been trying to change. Rachel says whatever she thinks and does not hold back her emotions having said that she is just being true and honest not faking. She is trying and hoping that she wins the big prize. Good luck Rachel hopes you win.

  11. Steak, calamari, cheese cake….wtf, I thought they can have anything they want for the final dinner party and they have cheap shit like that.

    1. take out is kinda tacky……i thought their meal would already been on the table waiting for them……oh big brother……

      Rachel for the WIN!!!!!!

    1. Yes, all three deserve to be final three but in my opinion Rachel deserves to win the big prize as those two were carried by Rachel. Either{ Porsche or Adam could have been evicted but they were saved by Rachel. They were both saved by Rachel’s winning HOH and POV consecutively and also Rachel is a survivor aside from Adam and Jordan Porsche was bashing Rachel before but I have not heard Rachel bashes or give disgusting, horrible thoughts and comments about the mean girls. She just speaks her mind and display her emotions the way it really is but as of now seems to have control good for her. I like Jordan too, really seems to be a real nice girl and hoping she gets America’s favorite fan, if not either Porsche or Adam for have played the game and reached final three. Rachel for the win. My opinion.

      1. By that logic, Porsche saved Rachel first, by voting Jeff out instead. Rachel was saved in a big way by Shelly. And, Jordan was saved by production. I can’t recall anyone else who was the target of eviction being saved.

    1. Naw .. P didn’t ride any coat tails, she worked her ass off in comps and came in 2nd quite a few times and then POV and HOH in the same night and then veto when she needed it the most. She didn’t need to ride any coat tails, the vets were too busy going after eachother to see her as any type of threat and when she needed to she came through for herself.

  12. Adam is out of control.His game play wasnt that great and he is acting like he was the best player in the house.I actually liked him but he is just making me sick now.

  13. I thought Rachel was going to wear that cute pink dress ? she’s in something diff now ? guess she changed her mind…she looks great in anything anyway….
    does anyone know when part 2 starts ? this is exciting and nerve wracking !!!
    Thanks Simon for always keeping us up to date during this season….can’t wait for next season….you do such a great job with this site !!! Thank you so much :)

  14. Porsche + Rachel for final 2, please!

    If they’re truly all about having the best 2 competitors in the final, they should take each other. R and P are truly the strongest in the house (aside from Dani, who was nearly unbeatable competition-wise but made some bad strategic moves)…you go girls! Work hard and get Adam out…that’s a finale I’d love to watch.

  15. Simon- are you following the BBFT on twitter? So apparently it’s been a houseguest or CBS related person behindvthe Firtune Teller this whole time… And they’re going to tell it all on Wednesday ??…. She keeps giving hints but I’m terrible at HG facts/history… Just wondered who you think it is if you’ve been reading them.
    I’ve guessed Janelle or ED….

    1. I would guess Evel Dick too.
      Listen closely and you can hear it.
      It is done through some audio device that changes it to sound different, but it sounds like him to me.
      It would be really funny if it was Dani.

  16. Adam or Porsche do not deserve to be in final 3. Porsche didn’t start trying until day 55. They were both floaters until the end. I hope Rachel makes it to final 2 and gets every single vote.

  17. Rachel deserves the win! porka is a saboteur, Adam is just delusional. Rach was the only one who deserves the win. I don’t think Adam or porka will take rach to the end! They no they can’t win against her becuz she Played her heart out! But I think rachael will win the final hoh and take Adam! Go rachael!

  18. Rachel rocks! the girls got it all, looks, brains, common sense, a good soul, kind to a fault, patient, caring, looks after others, genuine, generous to a tee, she should run for president. this country needs a strong leader like her. a perfect 10. Rachel haters eat your heart out :)

  19. I do like the burn booking..its funny…the girls do look very pretty. Adam is enjoying the sound of his voice isnt he? i think they’re drunk! And i think i want a glass of wine myself :)

    1. Hey Simon, just wanted to give you for keeping me updated & entertained all season long. OBB is by far the best BB spoiler site out there! Thank you!!!

  20. I guess i was one of the few people who liked Rachael last year and love her this year. she has fire and spirit and says what ever she feels. i am glad for her sake that she learned some self control (maybe she should thank Jordan for that) but she has fought for her spot the entire season. Yes she thought about turning on jeff and jordan but didn’t even though we know they were going to turn on her. Gooooo Rachel!!!!! RFTW

    1. I also loved her last year too. You could definitely tell she was a whole different person outside of the house. And she has shown that more toward the end of this season. I think Jordan did calm her down a lot. But I also think she is SO much better without Brendon. Anyway, hoping she finally wins!

    2. i liked rachel last year and this year; i just don’t like brenden for her this year. she’s an emotional wreck when he’s around

  21. I know Adam gotta be aroused being around them fine bitches. I’d have to whip it out right quick, put it on the table like, lemme get in them drawls right quick.

  22. This is in relation to what CYCRU & STEPHIEP: RACHEL is soooo much better w/o Brendon…. The first time Brendon was voted out, BB had to just about call a shrink in and the Big Producer!!!! I believe Rachel was upset due to the fact, that Brendon got caught w/ his little muscle in his hand on the internet!!! At that time Brendon was going to go HOME, not to JURY..I believe that is why Rachel was freaking out so much, she wasn’t knowing what she would come home tooooo….If he was going to be a good boy, or out their “SKYPING” ON THE INTERNET! Any woman can play a better game if they know where there soon to be husband is at….They have no internet, no phones….in the jury house…I hope Rachel realizes that she is a much stronger, better person, and she deserves a better….And one more thing… I think our sweet lil Jordon helped her game play also….Just my opinion… Have a good one everyone… Who ever gets lucky and goes to Vegas Batch…See ya there….

  23. Update on Big Brother HOH Record watch (The Quest of tying Janelle’s All time Record):We will get the interview with Janelle outside BB House & Rachel Inside of Big Brother House.
    JC:Hi Janelle!
    JP:Hi Julie!

    JC:How does it feel of Rachel is 1 HOH win to tie your Record?
    JP:Well, It’s great of Rachel’s accomplishment but I hope she will share the BB History record books.

    JC:Anyway,I hope you and your family will watch the Part 3 HOH competition. What’s your perdiction of Final 3 part HOH competition?
    JP:I will say Porsche vs Rachel. But, I refer of congrats to Rachel of tying HOH win. Because Porsche been my friend and hopefully Rachel & Porsche final 2.

    JC:Okay, Thanks Janelle. Now with Rachel. Rachel does it feel of pick up the pace with Janelle.
    RR:It’s great and It’s been a honor of tied with Janelle. She been aspiring me and which I will continue to fight hard and win.

    JC:Okay, In a follow up question. Do you think of try to tie Janelle Record and next maybe of Allstars 2 to break Janelle Record?
    RR:I don’t know about that but I will keep focusing on winning challenge.

    JC:Alright, Do you think if Brendon vs Jeff next years BB will do the same as another concept of BB with 2 Veterans return and challenge each other?
    RR: Will see, I will talk to pokie and get back to you.

    JC:Okay, Brendon almost had 1 more POV win to tie with Janelle for all time POV wins. Should he redeem it again?
    RR:Again, will see.

    JC:Okay, Thanks for your time and good luck of tying Janelle Record.
    RR:No problem.

    Thanks for the exclusive interview of Rachel & Janelle of Big Brother HOH Record Watch (The quest of Janelle’s All time HOH wins). Stay tuned!

  24. Adam – ” So ladies do you think we should get out of our formal wear”
    Adam you look like Rocky Balboa with that hat, and not the rich Rocky from Rocky3, but like the skid Rocky from the original Rocky

  25. I never never talk shit about people on the internet like most people do, but I am shocked by Adams idiotic statements! That ho is going to need therapy after leaving the house!!! Can you even begin to imagine getting on the show you love and turning into THE BIGGEST WASTE OF SPACE EVER, BUT SAYING YOU HAD any game, or plan AT ALL??!?!?! ADAM IS A FREAKING MORON!!!

  26. Up untill the end Jordan kept saying Porsche does not desreve to be here, she hasn’t done anything! Jordan, that was you! I adore her, but she did absolutely nothing the entire summer….except for winning HOH which was handed to her. Adam is truly making me sick! He is the worst player in BB history, he should be ashamed and Kalia was absolutely on point when she said stop playing like a fan and play like an all star. Obviously he took it to heart since over the last couple days, he has decided he IS an all star! Big Dummy!

  27. and the fact that jordan is beating dani in fan favorite just proves that something is seriously wrong with amuricuh…merrrrr

  28. Did any one notice that when they were saying nice things about everyone on the wall and when they got to Dominick, Rachel let it slip that Dominick wasnt the target at first ” meaning it was adam’. You could see the look on adam’s face it was priceless. Didnt he vote out Danni because she told him that earlier and he thought she was lying.

    1. It’s not a terrible comparison. Both finished 1st, then 4th by using completely different strategies: One had a mastermind strategy, and one didn’t really have much of a strategy. But they had the same results.

      1. Are you serious?….really? Jordan did absolutely nothing this year. She rode the backs of jeff and Rachel. She did nothing. Because she made it as far as she did to get to this point in the game had nothing to do with her game play….social aspect of the game or anyhting to do with the game. Jeff and Rachel carried her as far as she went. I just dont get the Jordan fans who say she had a great social game.She basically isolated herself around her own aliance. She didnt connect with anybody.She really didnt need anyone else. She had Adam and Shelly holding her hand telling her how wonderful she was. A lot of times she avoided people. Yes I agree she is a sweetheart. Heck…I would date her. But she isnt the social butterfly a lot people claim her to be. Thinking she was just a nice sweet girl is how she made so far is just silly.

  29. see this is why you should of get rid of floaters( and ppl who sit back and dont do shit until the good players are gone)early in the game.
    You get stuck with the Adams and Porkas of BB game. It would have been a great final five with Jeff, Rach, Bren, Dani:( and whoever in the end.
    That would make good tv.

  30. Well it was funny for awhile ..but its late and this chic needs sleep….I think if Adam truely believes is own P.R….Hes in for a rough ride when he gets out….Adam earth to Adam your losing what little respect you gained over the last week! Better check yourself…..Nite Simon, Nite All.

  31. Pam Anderson is BB UK S12 gee wasn’t she on Baywatch too :) and David hasselhoffs x wife was just on celebrity BB UK s8 (she was also on Baywatch. wonder why all the Baywatch people on BB :).

  32. Help please — Question, after the show end –do I still need to cancel the feeds? or will it automatically stop charging me?

  33. You know, I really thought that Adam had a good shot at winning. But if he takes his ego with him to the final two, should he make it that far, he might shoot himself in the foot. I don’t think Jeff, Brendon, Shelly, and Rachel (if she is in the jury) will want to hear about how awesome he was. And how he played a hardcore game, and how he “stood up the the veterans from day one”. Say that and they might vote for Porsche.

    I don’t think she can pull it off, but damn I hope Porsche wins.

    Win it for the underdogs Porsche! Win it and shove it down the throat of Adam and his delusions of grander! shove it down the throat of Rachel and her undeserved All-Star attitude! And most of all, win it and shove it down the throat of production and their game rigging, veteran loving ass!

  34. id love racheal to win… i love adam. anyone that gets here played a good game and it seems social is more impotant until this point then the comps… they all did great obviously because they are here… that being said id like porch to be sitting next to rachael when she wins but i do love adam too and he would give her a better shot. kind of pissed that they havent showd the jury house yet with kalia entering but w/e. does bb13 come on sunday or not?

  35. I don’t understand why everyone thinks Adam is such a terrible game-player. Sure, he might be getting a little cocky, but he DID beat the vast majority of the house in the game. Maybe that just tells us that the REAL good game-players (those that make it far in the game) are those that keep the blood off of their own hands and float along with the power. Why is everyone defining “good game play” as being all about being a leader and winning competitions? That obviously didn’t work out very well for Brendan, Jeff, and Dani.

  36. Rachel ur the only hope the season has to not completely suck……does Adam really think “he’s played a mad game” …….like really u won HOH last week, that’s kinda it. You had the power to change the game and u were too chicken shit. And Porche……Kalia’s played a damn better game then you, ur only still here cause no one thinks ur a threat. God I hate this final 3!

    1. So far Porsche didn’t send an alliance member out the door on purpose. She’s totally right about Kalia, not a bad competitor but even with all the competitions that gave Kalia an advantage she couldn’t do well (donuts challenge, otev pie challenge, seriously how does that fat ass fail at those?)

  37. Ok you’re missing my point. And not that I care at all but let me explain for shits & giggles.
    Bachelors in Chemistry. Do you have one? Because I do. And a BSN and an MSN. Just in case you want to think I don’t know what I’m talking about….
    So what I was saying is….
    She took BASICS for a bachelors (not hard) and around 60 hours of sciences/chems. Of these 60 hours, many can be upper level random sciences… zoo, a&p, etc. Only 5-6-7 chem classes are usually required, a couple of those being lower level. Has she bragged about her 4.0 or graduating with honors? No she hasn’t… because she did average. Being good in science doesn’t make someone SMARTER than someone that is good in other areas, it only means they are DIFFERENTLY SMART. When I took arts (stupid easy classes as you think) or humanities or English classes, I was horrible and felt like the dumbest person ever….Yet I graduated MCL in my SCIENCE BASED MSN program…. so apparently being good at Arts & Humanities isn’t as easy as you think huh
    MY POINT IS Just because Rachel did OKAY and made it through doesn’t make her this super smart genius girl y’all want her to be. She went to college and realized she liked science and ended up graduating after taking a ton of them. Big damn deal people do it every single day, and trust me I see all the time people that have the degree and shouldn’t even be allowed around a lab.
    Sooooooooo go ahead and crawl out, cat people…….

    1. well shit why didnt you say so…i need to know about the depolarization of the cardiac cell asap & you could’ve helped but noo-oooo here you sit all educated up wasting your time blogging about a stupid reality show. its too late now i’m going to bed stephiep the bsn,msn. you should try out for the show. good night now miss. #$@!!!

  38. I say let them be cocky…Adam, Porsche & Rachel are the only 3 left in the house so that means they’re in the final 3 therefore they deserve their kudos so let them enjoy their moment. Either Adam dont like girls or production slipped him some saltpeter because to get to this point has got to be a turn on & if I’m Adam some asses is getting slapped…you gotta take a shot for the boys back home

  39. for rachel :) love ya girl
    To all your friends you’re delirious
    So consumed in all your doom
    Tryin’ hard to fill the emptiness, the piece is gone
    Left the puzzle undone, ain’t that the way it is?
    ‘Cause you are beautiful no matter what they say
    Words can’t bring you down, oh no
    You are beautiful in every single way
    Yes, words can’t bring you down, oh no
    So don’t let them bring you down today
    Every day is so wonderful
    And suddenly it’s hard for you to breathe
    Now and then you get insecure
    From all the pain, you feel so ashamed
    but you are beautiful no matter what they say
    Words can’t bring you down, oh no
    You are beautiful in every single way
    kisses girl xoxox

  40. Adam is like a little kid in Little League who sucked the whole season but his team got to the playoffs and he somehow happened to hit a homerun to push his team into the finals. It’s the only thing the kid has done all season but because it was seen as a big deal, the kid ends up remembering his season being a lot better than it actually was when he reflects on it.

    That exactly how Adam is acting after winning POV and HOH.

    I almost feel sorry for Adam. You know he’s going to come online and spend hours reading what other fans are saying about him and his feelings will be hurt. I’m sure $50k or $500k would make a hell of a handkerchief though.

  41. Obviously Rachel deserves first place even though she is a b****. Even though Porsche and Adam both tie in competitions. (2 vetoes and 1 HOH, I feel Porsche deserves 2nd place. It wasn’t her fault that production decided to do this stupid golden key crap, and in the first episode she lasted the longest of the newbies, and she said she wanted to compete. Adam’s first veto was handed to him by Jeff and Daniele. He pretty much kissed every HOH’s butt, floated to final 5 and said to himself, “Hey I’m the only dude, I can beat this girls! Let me compete now, since I’m too scared to compete with Danielle, Jeff and Brendon….Adam you are a f****** kiss a** and deserve s***!!!!

  42. Omg seriously? Comparing Jordan to Dr. Will is ridiculous. Jordan is a coat-tail rider, first Jeff, then Michelle, then Jeff again, then Rachel. Will is the greatest player ever, he manipulated, something you are actually supposed to do in the house. BB isn’t a game for charity or ethics. I’m sick of Jordan saying she deserved to be here more than others. Its ridiculous. I really liked her and Jeff earlier in the season but now, not so much because of her and Jeff’s behavior recently. As for Rachel almost tying Janelle, she will never be named the veto queen.
    Dani (BB 8, BB13) (especially), Dani (BB 3, BB 7), and Janelle (especially) (BB 7, BB 6) are and will always be the queens of BB. Keesha (BB 10), Diane (BB 5, BB7), Jun (BB 4), Alison (BB 4 and BB 7), Nakomis (BB 5, BB 7), and Brittany (BB 12) are also in that category. Rachel improved herself but she was still no wear near the level of any of those girls. Will (BB 2, BB 7), James (BB 6, BB 7), Kaysar (BB 6, BB 7), Dick (BB 8, BB 13), Dan (BB 10), and Memphis (BB 10) are obviously the greatest male players. The Brigade was impressive but certainly not the best alliance. Chilltown, Jason/Dani, Winelle or Blane (LOL, total joke right there), Renegades, Sov 6, the Donatos, the Six-Finger Plan Alliance, Legion of Doom, Girl Power. Jordan and Jeff are not on my list. Neither is Brenchel. Rachel could be if she wasn’t such an emotional jealous player all the time. I believe that if Cassi stayed long enough, she could have been added to my list. BB 13 house guests are nothing compared to the ppl I named. Rachel is okay. I’m rooting for her or Porsche, mostly Porsche on a personal level since I can’t handle Rachel and her constant crying, well not lately at least. However, Rachel does deserve to win, she is the best player. Go Rachel! Go Porsche! As for Adam, STFU already. seriously. Arrogance is only sexy on Dr. Delicious. Thinking that he’s making it on all-stars? Something needs to slap him with bacon. If they even put him in the line-up. Dear Christ, help us all. Adam has to lose or this show will die.

    1. Really? Not putting Rachel anywhere on that list is full of crap and hate. Rachel’s Multi seasonal wins are 5 HOHs and 2 POVS and probably going to be 6 HOHs and 2 Povs by the end of the season. Sure she might be emotional and catty, but Adam and Porsha combined will never be a better competitor than her. Brendon has 6 Multi seasonal Veto wins and the “Veto king” has what 5? Making him the TRUE veto king with James only winning 5 with season 6/7 combined. Brendon and James both won 1 Hoh in 2 seasons too so that’s that. You not recognizing the fact that they are competitors is beyond personal even though there’s no way you could of even met them in anyway.

      1. Im not giving credit to either Rachel or Brendon because things were thrown to them! THROWN? Do you know the meaning of that word? James won everything fair and square. Janelle/Danielle won everything fair and square. That is why they are the veto king and queens.

        In BB 13, the first HOH was thrown to Rachel. The second HOH 4 people couldn’t play including Dani. The first POV was thrown to B/R, the third POV was thrown to Brendon. All of that I removed from that. Leaving 3 vetos and one HOH for Brendon = making him worse than James. Also, you don’t think that production rigged the game? For god sakes, they made that HOH competition and the P.O.V. duo twist crap specifically for her and Jordan. James/Danielle/Janelle had none of that crap. They really fought and they really won everything. The only credit I will give Rachel is for last season, 2 HOH’s making her worse than Janelle and Danielle. Both Brenchel members are compared to all of them. They have been lucky in my opinion. Taking credit for that is ridiculous. Brendon and Rachel are horrible players, they play emotionally and all they do is get out Kathy and the girls that Rachel is jealous of: Monet, Kristen, Cassi, Dani. I like Rachel this season more than I did last but I don’t like her as a player. Frankly, they both suck as players.

  43. Sorry, Bitchel is a nasty, immature, piece of trash. Chemistry degree? Ha! A lot of good it’s doing her shaking her fake tits for tips as a cocktail waitress! I’ll be so glad when this is over so I don’t have to hear that whiny voice…it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

    BTW, anyone else notice that she’s starting to look like a skankier version of Wynonna Judd?

  44. I don’t get how Rachel is the only one who deserves to be there? Don’t get me wrong, Rachel has really grown on me the past couple weeks, and I would no longer scream if she won, but that doesn’t mean she automatically deserves to win. If Adam or Porsche happen to win this last HOH (Slim I know, but it could happen) then that only puts them one behind Rachel in wins for this season, as she has won 3 HOH and 2 POV, and that would put them at 2 HOH and 2 POV.
    I get that she has been through the most, seeing a she had a target on her back pretty much the entire season, but SHE is the one who put that target on her own back.

    1. You can’t just look at the number of wins. You also need to consider the odds of winning a competition. Rachel won early comps when there were many more competitors. Her odds of winning lower. Adam didn’t show up to play until all of the guys were gone. He a one in three shot to win his HOH and barely beat Jordan. He had a 20% shot of winning OTEV (which is actually geared toward a guy) against 4 girls and would have lost if Porsche hadn’t picked up the wrong plate and had to go back down to get a Shelly plate. Then there is the veto competition that they say was thrown to him. Porsche got a three week pass. The 1st veto that she won was purely luck – no skill involved. And don’t forget the bonehead move of choosing Pandora’s box which completely changed the game. IMO she traded $500K for $5K at that moment.

      Rachel, on the other hand, had a target on her back from day one. She won early and when she was at her lowest fought back to stay in the house. She carried Jordan through the latter part of the game and protected her. After having a complete meltdown when Brendon left (which I think was partially due to some trust issues related to his behavior), she managed to pick herself back up and actually developed quite a decent social game. She kept herself in shape for the physicial/endurance comps by working out and didn’t spend her days sleeping them away. So, for overall game from DAY ONE, yes Rachel deserves the win.

      1. The thing is you could spin Rachel’s wins as well.

        Her first HoH was thrown to her by Dick and Dani.
        Her first veto win was putting a puzzle together against a duo that was throwing the veto and Jeff and Jordan (who did worse than the people throwing the comp)
        Her second HoH was shenanigan free as far as I recall

        She didn’t have another win until the re-hash of the hanging competition.

        You can’t discount Porsche’s wins and turn a blind eye to the circumstances of Rachels.

        But to me the comps are only one facet of the game and shouldn’t be a standalone argument for winning. The game is about building alliances, social connections and winning comps that further your agenda in the game. Winning a comp and doing completely wasting it through (kalia) invalidates the win in my opinion. So, all things combined, Rachels been hit and miss this season, things like the week of crybernation, catty remarks and toxic good-bye messages to jury members lessen her game.

  45. All you Rachel lovers need not worry. She has it in the bag.

    Production went to great lengths to save her when Rachel and Jordan were on the block. Had production stayed out of it, Rachel would have won the POV and Jordan would have been evicted making it four newbies against Rachel which is an almost insurmountable hill to climb.

    With that much already invested, production has no choice but to justify their previous actions by giving Rachel final two and the win.

    I’m not a Rachel hater, although I think she is tantamount to an emotional can of worms. I actually feel sorry for her. Maybe the 500K will give her a different outlook on life.

  46. I don’t like Rachel. I think she’s childish and vindictive. BUT if she is in the final two, she should win. The Rachel we’ve seen since Brendon left is Rachel changing her game, doing and being what she needed to do to stay. That alone is her biggest game move ( she said it herself and I agree). I don’t think anyone standing beside her can win and I think it will be a sweep. Between Porsche and Adam.. it will be split but I think she will win with Adam getting only Jeff and Jordon, and possibly Shelly’s votes.

  47. adam is so full of himself. he acts like he is in the final 2 and won the game already. can’t wait for him tyo get out the house and read this site to find out what his “fans” really think of him. his biggest game move was being a floater and getting away with it.

  48. Adam is thier because he played the only game he could. He said many times he sucked and the only way for him to survive was to swing with the power. Lets face it hes there the others are gone. Shelly would be there but she listened to the ungrateful child. Shelly thought I cant win against JJ but are they there NO. She had no trust in herself. Adam should crow and be proud. P and R should also crow and be proud. They all deserve to be thier.
    Adam floated but was an expert at it. These next two comps are in his favor. I think the BB should give something to whoever makes it to final 3 this game is hard.
    Has anyone noticed they didnt give to much money away this year. Hell jeff should not be mad at all he threw a comp to get 10grand and then won another 5. They usally give more money away. And not one house quest was mad at people who won money. Previous years that alone made someone a target.

  49. Jordan played a lot like Dr. Will? HELL NO!!! Not even close. Will might have been playing dumb in the comps (wanted to throw them all) but Jordan actually tried and failed…there is a difference. Will was manipulative and lied all the time…Jordan didn’t. Jordan always had someone helping her…Will didn’t (he had chill town for a bit but he was always the biggest target and when Mike and Shannon left, he was on his own). The only thing they share is a BB win and a 4th place finish on their second run. I think Jordan is sweet and I hope she gets America’s player but she is no Dr.Will. So, I hope Porsche wins the second roun so Rachel can beat her in the part 3 quiz. If Adam makes it to part 3…he will win HOH.

  50. Today on Big Brother HOH Record Watch (The Quest of tying Janelle’s All-Time HOH Record): The season Finale will come to the end that all the HG’s to be supporting 3 Finalists including Rachel who wll tied with Janelle for most consecutive HOH wins. Porsche was still pissed that she and Adam will compete in Round 2. Porsche says,”WTF, Now I have to face Adam in Round 2. That would be piece of Cake and I will easily beat him to advance in Final round with Rachel which she will kick my (Bleep) in Question. Beside, she is really good in question which I have to know the Jury.” Rachel walk into the bathroom and see Porsche acting stranged, “Porsche, are you okay? You acting so strange and I’m to ask you what is going on?” Porsche says,”It’s nothing, I’m fine I am really focus in Round 2 vs Adam.” Rachel says,”Good Luck Porsche and good night.” Porsche says,”Thanks, Hopefully I will see you in Final Round in HOH competition.” Porsche still talking to herself says,”How would come up with the scheming plan to prevent Rachel to tied Janelle’s Record.” “Oh, I know I just Cheated my answer so that no one knows about it.” DR says,”PORSCHE,YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT THE PRODUCTION!” DR says,”PORSCHE, YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO CHEATED THE COMPETITION!” Porsche went to bet and sleep with finding her dream of making out with Cassi, Kalia & Dani. Adam’s dreaming of meeting with Tori Spelling & Bacon all over again and again. Rachel dream of tying Janelle’s HOH Record and next BB All-stars2 to break Janelle’s HOH record. Meanwhile in the Jury House,Jeff talk to Brendon about how did a useless floater Porsche going to the Final 3. Jeff says,”How did the useless Porsche evicted my love Jordan?” Brendon says,”Don’t worry, Porsche weakness is Question. She can’t win Final round of HOH. According to Jordan, Porsche has a weakness in Question so she has no Chance.” Jeff says,”Thanks Dude!, You know what we became a best of friends and better yet we became a bromance of Big Brother.” Dani & Kalia heard it but Jordan is right behind both of them. Jordan says,”You two idiots knock it off, Rachel will win and Porsche will be walk out the door.” DK Laughed! Then JB walked in,”You two have a problem of my fiancee Rachel don’t stand a chance.” “Guest what, Rachel will crush Porsche and she will be out of the door w/5Gs.” “So, Shut the (Bleep) up or me and Jeff make your lives more miserable. Do you understand.” DK runs and cries at the same time. Stay tuned for continue of Part 2 of HOH competition and see who will face Rachel in Final 3. BTW, if you get the T-Shirt says,”Rachel’s No.6 HOH win in Big Brother History.” and the back says,”Rachel Co-Record Holder of most HOH wins in Big Brother History” Same as a Hat,”Rachel’s No.6 HOH wins in Big Brother History” The towels of Rachel’s face with 6 HOH’s Keys. The DVD & Blu-ray says,”Rachel Reilly:Never give up without of the Fight:the Historical of Big Brother House.” w/all the former Houseguests and current Houseguests talks about Rachel’s Historical moment including winning 500K & 6 HOH’s wins. Let’s take a look at Brendon,Jeff and Jordan will say about Rachel.
    Exclusive of DVD & Blu-ray “Rachel Reilly:Never give up without of the Fight:the Historical of Big Brother House.”
    Brendon says:”Well I can believe that Rachel did something on her own without me. I know she can do it with confidence and strength which other Houseguests. But, she did it. Rachel overcome the odds of winning Big Brother of 500K and Tying Janelle’s HOH wins.” “I’m starting to cry.” Producers says,”Let it out Brendon”
    Jeff says:”I think I handle Rachel without butting heads. She is (Bleep) great and she deserve it to win 6 HOH’s wins.
    Jordan says:”I’m glad that I have a BFF to win final HOH competition w/6 HOH’s wins. I can believe Rachel will officially member of 500K winners club.”
    Regan (former BB12 HG’s):”Ummmmm! I know Rachel back in BB12 and She did a great job in BB13 for tying all time HOH wins.
    DVD includes memories from High School, College, Dance team, her family, Season 12 of Big Brother opening and Return in Big Brother 13. w/Delete scene and commentary from Rachel & AG.
    In Blu-ray, that includes former HG’s from BB1-12. Also, HG’s from BB13 speaks about Rachel’s Historical HOH wins Plus the Final Round of HOH competition with Rachel vs Porsche and the winner of 500K. Crying tears and also the After dark of Big Brother 13 w/Rachel. So, JJ Fans, JJBR Fans, JR Fans, JB Fans. Get your DVD & Blu-ray w/Copy on the go. Along with magazine of Rachel’s 6 HOH wins. Also, the replica of 6 HOH’s keys of Rachel winning moment.

    1. Continue of Update of Big Brother HOH watch (The quest of Janelle’s All time HOH wins): Welcome back BB Fans right now not only Rachel’s will make History of 6 HOH’ wins but another BB’s History that Jeff can make it a repeat of winning BB America favorite HG’s. As right now looking at OBB polls that Jeff’s lead by most votes and we will update the CBS polls who got the most votes as soon as the production will tell them who is in the lead. That’s means in OBB polls that Jeff’s will secure the AFHG’s. Now back to HOH record chase!!! As right now, Rachel is really nervous but she needs to stay calm and don’t get distract. We will give you the updates for the Historical moment of HOH’s Record Chase. Let’s take a look at the board:
      Janelle 6 HOH wins 7 POV wins
      Rachel 5 HOH wins 2 POV wins
      Right now, Rachel is 1 HOH win away till tied of Janelle’s record. Stay tuned for the coverage of BB House the HOH Record Chase continues.

  51. Rachel against Adam

    I really don’t think anyone will vote to give Adam the big bucks
    Rachel against Porsche. Rachel 4-3. Vets and Adam for Rachel. Kalia, Dani and Shelly for Porsche.
    Adam against Porsche. Don’t really see that happening at this point. Because Rachel will win the HOH.

    1. shelly hates rachel , porsche and adam are close,rachel called kalia a cow, rachel said she didn’t need dani’s jury vote. i don’t think it’s going to be 7-0.

  52. People need to stop personally bashing everyone on the show. All of them did their best & whatever they thought they needed to do to stay in the game. (I do wish Adam would say his biggest game move was knowing when to float to another side & how he got that side to trust him. He really did that well.) But all of the personal comments on their looks or personal habits really needs to stop. It sounds like a bunch of adolescents.

  53. Ok so i have watched listened, and other then Adam really swapping a couple weeks ago then switching back he stayed with JJ. Yeah he talked shit to other players but always voted the way he said he would to JJ. Porshe was the worse floater the whole game, week 1 partnerned with Rachel who had chic crush on her, then didn’t do crap until Dani and Kali started getting their hands dirty then moved on over. The name of the game is to last and Adam did just that without throwing anyone under a bus and back stabbing anyone. Please go hate other places on Adam.

    He wasd a “Super Fan” got to play with people he admired and out lasted them all. He won when he needed to and didnt do shit when he didnt have to. Sounds to me he played a decent game.

  54. Porsche was NOT a floater, she switched sides ONCE, and that was after Rachel went completely bat shit crazy after Brendan was evicted… Hell I would’ve switched sides too.
    Then she was with Dani for all of 2 weeks before Dani got evicted. Since then she has pretty much been fighting for herself!

    As for calling her lazy, etc… It’s not her fault she was given a golden key. It was either Key or home, which one would you have picked? She wasn’t allowed to compete in competitions, so I don’t blame her for sleeping. What was she supossed to do? Work out 24/7?

    I honestly believe that the reason Porsche gets so much hate, is because her two Veto wins, is what got JJ out, and some of you just can’t handle it.

  55. I was a Rachel fan last year because she was treated like dirt by her fellow houseguest. They were horrible. I did not know that young people could be so cruel. This year started off kind of rough for Rachel. Dani was behind a lot of it, sad to say. But being a die hard Jeff and Jordan fan, I wanted them to be in the end, but it was not meant to be. So out of the three left you have, the mean girl who wants to harm Jordan and Rachel and to steal their things, the man who just sat back and did not try really hard to win anything, but also did not talk horrid about people or try to harm them, and the girl who had to fight every week to stay in the house against
    very strong odds. She had to over come the nasty, snide comments made to and about her. Of the three left
    Rachel is the only one who is playing the game. Porsche is very arrogant and confident that she has it in the bag. I truly hope that Adam kicks some car butt and goes to the end with Rachel. But I am afraid that she will pick Porsche if the decision is left up to Rachel.
    I do not know why CBS would want a person like Porsche to represent them. She is not a wholesome all American girl. She stole things, put benefiber in the Muscle Milk hoping to make Jordan sick and wanted to cause Rachel to have a miscarriage by pushing her down the stairs. Very bad, kind of like junior high school.
    Sad really.

    1. Why does everyone keep saying Porsche threatened Rachels potential baby? ADAM is the one that said they should slam a ball into her stomach… All Porsche said was, it would save her 400.00… Which yes was tactless, but no where near as bad as what adam said. Also get over the benefiber thing. Yeah it was childish but A. It wouldn’t of hurt anyone and B. BB made her dump it out before anyone drank it. AND they have ALL done crap to sabatage another persons game.

  56. Adam is so weird. If he would have won 1-2 competitions a few weeks ago I could understand his “we earned it” argument. He is and has always been a floater. But maybe that’s his game move, it got him this far anyhow. Jordan needed to be booted off a long time ago. Her true colors came out when her and shelly got into it, guess what Jordan… This isn’t real life. Stop playing personal. I used to hate Rachel. She has only gotten better since jeff and Brendan are gone, thank god, but she’s still not my choice for final 2. Porsche has definitely stepped it up the last few weeks, if she was to show this great competitiveness early in the game, she would have been booted out. I ultimately want porsche to win. I want Adam and Porsche to be final 2. I really want to see what the jury has been up to as well. Go porsche!!!

  57. I think Porsche is a idiot. If she was really smart she would of taken Jordan with her to the final three because Jordan sucks in all competions. She could of easily won the first comp. Then it would be Adam and Porsche in final 2 easily. I love Jordan though. But Porsche acts like she smart and when in reality she knows nothing about the game.

  58. Although they was some pretty epic dumb*** quotes this season. I think the best worst one by far is comparing Jordan’s gameplay to that of Dr. Will. I have never laugh so hard at Big Brother. I still can’t believe they casted these idiots. Someone deliver me from this season of stupidity.

  59. I’d LOVE to meet Adam…so I could throw up on him. How he could think he has game????? Allstars???? Is he crazy. A legend in his own mind perhaps???

    Thank you so much Simon. This is truly the best spoiler website on the planet. See you next year I hope. Take care!!!!

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