Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Rachel says Dominic is after Jeff. Jeff says he doesn’t think so because.. Cool you got Jeff out, then what, you’re next!

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10:40am – 11:10am Porsche, Rachel, Brendon and Shelly are in the kitchen talking and making breakfast. Shelly makes Rachel some slop pancakes. Porsche starts talking about the dream she had about Keith again, telling Shelly that she was moaning and everything. They continue telling about random stories about their lives. Rachel and Brendon talk about their dog Ben and how she is scared he’ll get attacked by a bear. Rachel says if that happened she would throw a rock at it. Brendon and Shelly talk about hunting bears, and other animals. Rachel comments asking how is everyone else still sleeping. Porsche is in the bathroom picking her zits.

11:25am Shelly, Porsche, Brendon and Rachel talk about bad winters and driving during the bad weather. They wonder how long they will be on the indoor lock down. Porsche decided to go back to bed. Rachel, Shelly and Brendon talk about how some people come on Big Brother to be famous ..but that’s not what happens. Shelly talks about how Adam already has an agent lined up and that she feels bad that he will be disappointed when he finds out you don’t become famous after being on Big Brother.

11:30am Rachel builds an element with the little plastic toys and asks Brendon what element it is? Brendon guess and then tells her then says that he doesn’t want to play that game. Rachel gives him a dirty look and says EWWW! Brendon says that hes just tired and doesn’t feel like playing that guessing game.

11:55am – 12:15pm Brendon and Shelly are in the kitchen talking about how Rachel doesn’t trust him. Brendon says that Rachel reads all the stuff on the internet and that it gets to her. Brendon says that Rachel has all his passwords and stuff so that she doesn’t have any doubt. Brendon says that he BLANK up once and now Rachel needs to get over it …we are getting married. Shelly tells him that a year isn’t very long to get to know someone ..and that there’s no need to rush into things. Brendon says that he and Rachel said they wouldn’t let that stuff get to them any more. Brendon says that he will make sure Rachel talks to the psychologist when they get out. Rachel comes back into the room and starts talking about the manipulative girls on the internet. Brendon tells her to stop talking about it …we talked about how we wouldn’t talk about that stuff any more. Rachel and Brendon start to get into each other. Rachel says she was just answering a question. Shelly leaves the room, as Brendon and Rachel continue to bicker. The live feeds go completely down for a few minutes and when they come back Jeff, Jordan and Adam are up.

12:15pm Jeff and Jordan are in the kitchen eating breakfast. Jordan complains about her teeth hurting. Jeff tells her to never tell him about her teeth again ..because he’s told her to use that toothpaste to fix it and she won’t do it. Rachel comes in and Rachel and Brendon start talking about this weeks votes. Rachel thinks that Dominic is after Jeff. Jeff says that he doesn’t think so because.. Cool you got Jeff out ..then what’re next! They talk about how once the golden key is done ..we are still in trouble. Rachel says that they need to win back to back to back.. Rachel says that she never talks to Adam. Jeff says I know ..and he already flipped once. Jeff says that Adam is smart ..he tells you what you want to hear. Jeff and Rachel talk about how the next HOH will be questions like which houseguest said what. Rachel says that they need to get Dominic on their side. They talk about how they should tell Kalia to throw the competition by picking A for all the questions till it is just down to the four of vets. Jeff says that we the endurance competition happens it will be down to him and Brendon. Jeff and Rachel head upstairs to the HOH room. They continue talking about what the competitions will be like. Jeff says that Dominic will probably stick around in the endurance too. Jeff says that he won’t make a deal with him either ..that he will tell him he’ll stick around all night so he might as well drop.

12:30pm – 12:45pm Jordan comes out of the HOH bathroom and Rachel and her talk about the competitions. They talk about how the HOH competition won’t be a skill one because they would have had something to practice already …so it must be a question comp. Jordan and Rachel talk about whether or not to get Kalia to throw the comp. Rachel says that they need her to throw it so that they can get Lawon out. Jordan says that she doesn’t trust Dominic.. and that if he wins he will probably put up Kalia and Lawon …then back door us. Jordan tells Rachel that if she wins HOH she should put up Kalia and Lawon ..then if they win POV use it to back door Dominic. They talk about how they don’t know for sure if the deal with Dominic is still good. They continue to guess what this weeks HOH competition will be … True or False …Questions …A or B. Rachel tells them how she has already counted everything in the house. Jeff says they won’t do that .. our season I counted everything and they didn’t ask one question about that. Jordan says not one! They talk about how if its an A or B comp. they will get Kalia to drop out and that Jeff will to so that she doesn’t think she is getting screwed over. Jeff says that way he can still play next week if it is an endurance competition. Rachel says that we just need to not lose control of the house cuz then we’ll get nominated. Rachel heads downstairs.. Jeff tells Jordan that he is so not dropping out …Im not giving them this thing.. this is the last week of the keys. Jeff says that he’s telling Kalia not to flop either … Jeff says what do you think Im a retard .. Im not stupid retard.

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I really doubt B/R would turn on JJ this early I think they like being part of a “team” They may be annoying but I think they really just want to be liked and included Jeff shouldnt worry so much


Alliances be damned – if a noob gets HOH this week, one of the couples has to go. If you wait one more week, they’re in the jury house. If Jeff gets evicted in a couple of weeks and Jordan gets to the final two, you know how he’s voting and vice versa. Ditto for Brendon and Rachel. It’s smart game play on a noob’s part to put up one of the couples and I keep hoping that they see that because they’ve been blinded by idiocy so far.

Perfect example: if they sat down and actually talked out the vote last week, it’d be obvious that it was Kalia and Shelly that flipped sides from the Newbies.


Yeah, at the same time though, if you evict half of a vet couple before the jury house, and you get to the final 2, you can be positive that you won’t get the remaining person’s vote either because you split them from their partner for the summer.


That’s when you appeal to their “nature of the game” line of bullshit that they’ve been feeding the newbies. If they truly believe it, then they’ll understand strategy.

But you’re right; it’s a very damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario. Which is why the producers have screwed the newbies from the word go.


They did have a conversation and both Shelly and Kalia lied with a straight face that it wasn’t them. Dominic was convinced it was Adam and Cassie thought it was Lawon. I’m clueless as to why no one suspects Kalia when she’s contantly around the repeats blowing smoke. If they all compare notes on Shelly they could figure it out. But Shelly has been more careful and playing an ego stroking game. In a house where people are paranoid, it’s smart. She deflects the convo away from herself. She is a sucessful business exec.


BB needs to stop letting them study everything in the goddamn house and make a comp on it, this is exactly how people won comps last year, BB watches them studying like Rachel did, and then bam they create a comp and they win it, that smells like a rig, everything should be random, don’t create a comp when you see the HGs talking about what comps they did this year and that year, then create a comp designed on what they were talking about. Everything about BB the past few years has been EXPECTED.


Last year I predicted the nature of each HOH and POV beforehand and was right most of the time. We will see a quiz this time around, then endurance and we can expect a morphed faces, OTEV and before and after competitions. For a show that uses “Expect the Unexpected” things are all too predictable and formula. Survivor comes up with new competitions. I guess AG and her staff are too lazy and afraid to take chances. That’s why they bring people back, because they know what they bring to the house. What they need to do is put 6 people in the jury house, in sequester from the start. If a HG doesn’t play the game or if they disobey or get called out by production too many times, they get yanked and replaced by someone else. If BB really was unexpected, a vet wouldn’t have much advantage over a newb, because anything could happen. One season shouldn’t be a blue print for all others.


I need to start reading evel’s tweets.. he’s totally right


When are these people gonna realize that Dom can NOT be trusted!? His entire focus from day one was to get rid of the veterans and run the house. Now he’s playing the sad lonely puppy routine and they think they can have him come to their side? Dudes, COME ON. Kalia won’t get any votes if she made it all the way, she’s also no threat at all. Same goes for Porsche. The veterans should keep them in as long as possible. The smart pecking order if I were J&J (whom I’m rooting for) would be Dom, Adam, then Lawon. Then Brendon, then Rachel. Then Shelly followed by Dani. And thus J&J would then battle it out with Kalia and Porsche, who would both lose in practically any competition, and even if by chance they won, they’d never get the jury votes to win the whole thing. J&J have to take Kalia and Porsche all the way, knocking out the untrustworthy newbies, then BR, then the most likable ones along the way.


I’d still trust Dom over Shelly at this point.


Once Dani is able to play in comps she will be a force to be reckoned with.


Isn’t it kinda funny that the means girls are getting constant zits??? I find that hilarious.


I love how these yahoos think the newbies should throw the competition and deny themselves the opportunity to get the HOH goods. I hope someone with some cajones wins and starts picking them off one by one, starting with Brendan. Rachel would be lost without him telling her what to do – she’d be her usual bitchy self and then she would be number 2. Then get rid of Dani and see where things are at that point.

Adam has already hired an agent? Um, for what? A cigarette print ad for some metalhead magazine?


Adam watches BB so religiously that he views everyone on it as celebrities, so he thinks he will now be one as well. I remember from day one when CBS launched the BB site with the newbies and you could “like” them, Adam already had like a dozen likes, so clearly he has his family really campaigning for him and he dreams of fame and fortune. Sad thing is, someone might recognize him once in awhile as that loud guy from Big Brother, but at the end of the day, he won’t make any money off this.


you’re right we won’t make a penny but he also knows not to expect anything from being on BB.


You never know. Remember BUNKYMANIA?


Simon was it cbs east omline where do you watch bog brother online i need it for tonight please


Thanks for all the time you spend with updates and this great site.

I’m having a difficult time watching this year because Rachel drives me crazy with her insecurities and constant whining. Don’t think it was fair to pit the newbies against the veterans, especially this particular group of newbies.

Shelly seems to be playing the best game so far, along with Dani but that could change when Shelly gets caught playing both sides. What can I say about Brendon??? He’s such a wimp and bullies Rachel constantly. They’re both like nails on a chalk board.

Thanks again for keeping those of us without live feeds informed. 🙂




Rachel needs to go. She is playing up the Drama for the cameras and the Viewers.. She is so irritating and the show should never have had her on. She is causing the ratings to drop. What a Drama WH_r_. Nothing worse than a fake, over Acting ditsy idiot. Save the shows reputation and ratings and get rid of the annoying bimbo..


To be honest, Big Brother is almost all about drama! The only good thing about BB12 was the Brigade and to be honest, Rachel. I mean Rachel caused the majority of the jokes told and all the fights and drama on the show!

I just think some people fail to realize the competitor Rachel is. I realize she does have a big mouth, but in reality most people have big mouths too every so often. In BB12 Rachel won a lot of HOH competitions and she mostly exchanged the HOH with Matt. This season, she already won an HOH and a Veto.

I just think most people likes Rachel as a person you love to hate. She seems normal, it’s just sometimes she can’t keep her emotions inside. It’s not always bad keeping your emotions out, but the time and place you execute them is where Rachel struggles to uphold in.


Rachel is pretty much anoying all together, she don’t like that you are better then her so she’ll hunt you down and try to turn everyone against you even if it’s all lies….its really sad that people can’t be real for once. Yah some house guest lied about what they do for a living or who they voted but they didn’t make up lies about others. pathetic.