Big Brother Spoilers: Adam laughs and says that he and Enzo are the stupid clowns from Jersey…

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12am – 1am Rachel, Adam and Porsche continue to play card games. The talk about past events of the house and other random things as they play cards. Adam heads inside and Rachel tells Porsche she feels so bad that she told Adam that she wouldn’t take him to the finals. Porsche asks why does he still joke about it. Rachel says that she told him that she is taking Porsche. Adam comes back outside. The card game continues. They finish up their card game and Porsche and Rachel head inside. Adam talks to himself saying that he made one stupid move in the game and it cost him half a million… Adam says its now down to Rachel and Porsche …who deserves winning it more… it all comes down to who wins the final part of the HOH. Adam says BLANK!

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1am In the kitchen Rachel and Porsche are talking. Rachel asks Porsche if she is glad that she didn’t have to work with Kalia at the end. Porsche says that she thinks everything worked out for the best. Rachel and Porsche head back into the backyard. Adam and Porsche are talk about the competition. Rachel says that no matter what happened today they should all be so proud they made it to final three. Rachel tells Adam that he beat out Brendon, Dani, Jeff, Dick.. Keith, Cassi… Porsche tells Adam that he beat her ass in the OTEV competition. Adam says that if this yard could tell stories. Rachel and Porsche say that it does and they are all recorded! Adam says on Big Brother! Adam talks about how there will be all new people coming into the house next summer. They try to figure how many days Rachel spent in the Big Brother house. They think Rachel has been in the house for 180 days out of the last 440 days. Rachel says that being on Big Brother was a very defining experience in her life, she met her fiancé here! Rachel says that she has seriously grown and changed. Adam says that even if I don’t win first or second place or America’s Choice, I have had the best summer. They all recount their time in the big brother house. Rachel asks them what they are going to do next summer. Porsche says that she will probably be back for all stars. Rachel says she will be married and then says maybe she will be trying to convince Brendon to have some Bookie Jr’s. They start talking about the fortune tellers predictions for the houseguests. Rachel says that Shelly’s book will never sell. Adam says that next year’s houseguests will be comparing themselves to the houseguests from this season. Adam laughs and says that him and Enzo are the stupid clowns from Jersey, Enzo is the Meow, Meow and he is the Growl, Growl. Porsche says that she can’t wait to watch their season when she gets out.

1:25am Rachel tells them that she wants to go out and have fun with everybody after the finale. Rachel says after she wants to go back to the hotel with Brendon and lock the door! Adam says that he will be doing the same thing with Fara. Porsche says this is all so weird that it’s all coming to the end. Adam says that it is like the end of summer camp. They talk about how they all want to exchanging numbers after the finale is over to keep in touch. Adam says that while we were all drinking the hater-aide, Kalia said that she is the same inside the house as she is outside of the house. Adam says that Kalia is such a liar… Adam says the first thing out of Kalia’s mouth was a lie. (She lied about her age.) Porsche says that Kalia looked good for 30. Rachel tells Adam and Porshce that on all the Big Brother fan sites the three of their faces aren’t x’d out and on the opening credits for the show their faces are still in colour. Rachel says that she wonders if people think she has changed a lot since last season. Adam says that she has changed for the good. Adam says that after Brendon left for the second time she became a totally different person, the first time he left she acted like it was the end of the world but the second time she had her head on straight. Rachel says that at the beginning of this season she had to stop herself from comparing this season to last season and thinking it would be the same thing because she said last season was really hard on herself but that this season she had fun. They start talking about past houseguests. They hope to see and hang out with Howie, Chelsia and Janelle at the finale night. Rachel and Porsche head inside to get ready for bed. Adam is alone in the backyard and keeps saying that he BLANK lost, I BLANK lost half a million dollars. Adam says that if he had made it to the final two he would have won. Adam heads inside.

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1:50am – 2:20am Adam, Rachel and Porsche are in the bathroom talking about what the finale night will be like. They all head into the candy room. Porsche says she is going to miss them. Rachel tells Porsche she will be living around the corner from her so she won’t miss her. Porsche talks about how it will be weird to live alone after getting out of the Big Brother house. They talk about who they will know at the finale night. Adam tells Porsche congrats for winning today. Porsche says the competition today will look really cool on TV. Adam says yeah watching him gasp for air and blowing snot out of his nose. Adam says yeah kids smoking kills! Porsche says that Big Brother kept asking her if she needed a medic during the competition. Adam says him too. They talk about all the cuts and the bleeding they suffered during the competition today. They get in trouble from production. Porsche asks them won’t it be weird when your house doesn’t talk to you. They stop talking and go to sleep…

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2:40am – 3:10am Adam gets up and heads back out into the backyard to smoke… Adam starts talking to himself about how he made it so close and has nothing to be ashamed of.. Adam sits in silence and smokes with his head in his hand. Adam says I BLANK blew it dude! Adam goes over to the pool table and takes off the cover and plays pool with himself.

3:20am – 3:35am Adam continues to play with himself in silence.. Adam gets tired of playing with himself and covers up the pool table. Adam goes over and sits on the couch.. after awhile he gets up and says so close …so dame close.. Adam then heads inside, goes to the bathroom and then gets back into bed.

9am All of the houseguests are still sleeping ..

10am No wakeup call yet.. They are all still fast asleep..

10:40am Still sleeping..

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ya u did blow it, worst cast EVER!!!!!!


I liked Enzo way better than this loser. I’m not from Jersey, but I know they don’t like asskissing pussies.


al 3 is the toughest place to lose……he really is a nice guy just didn’t work for big brother. He is one of those ppl who on TV is a bore but in real life u would love to be his friend.


Douchebag Adam doesn’t need to be comparing himself to Enzo.. that’s an insult to Enzo… Enzo isn’t as horrible as Adam…

Bubbly Pie

I kinda feel bad for Adam, he seems like a nice guy


me too 🙁 I feel bad for Adam……it’s fair tho, I know he deserves what spot he’s in….but he’s a gentle giant…you can tell he’s a nice guy and a gentleman….so I also feel bad for him…I wish others wouldn’t kick him when he’s already down…have some feelings 🙁


I feel sorry for Adam too. I hope Rachel win and changed her mind, take Adam to F2.


I hope so too. Actually I am hoping that Rachel is just telling him that so she covers her butt with Porsche just in case Porsche wins,she will take Rachel , but this whole time Rachel is going to take Adam. It would be a sure win for Rachel against adam. She would have, Jordan, Jeff , Brendan and Danielle for votes, but against Porsche, she would lose Danielle’s vote and Kalia, Shelley, Adam and Danny would give their vote to Porsche. , another comment, this is the BEST cast EVER to those that said otherwise. Not sure what show you were watching?????
Good Luck Rachel!!!!!


Adam might be a nice guy, but that doesn’t mean he should go to the final 2. Porsche deserves to go WAY more than Adam does and HE knows it! GO PORSCHE!!


a little compassion is a good thing. try it out.




you won’t go very far in this life without it.


i will


ok. well, good luck with that.




Rachel tells Adam and Porshce that on all the Big Brother fan sites the three of their faces aren’t x’d out and on the opening credits for the show their faces are still in colour.How does she know that????????????


the sites and opening credits for the show do that every season (Xout faces)


So,they are bashing Kahlia,and out of nowhere,Rachel makes that comment? Okay? So glad this season is almost over.Vets against newbies is like an NFL team against a High School Football team.


I hope these houseguests stop for a moment to pay tribute to those who lost their lives 10 years ago today, it would be a shame if they are so self consumed that they forget what is truely important.


thank you! I was thinking this as well…..


Ditto, I was also thinking the very same thing.

Not a PHD student

If adam if only going to vote for the winner of the last comp he eally is a idiot. R has been in a rock solid group from the beginning, P has been on the outs and up on the block many times and has fought to win the game. R had BJJ right off the bat, P had nobody. She has won comps and veto’s all on her own and I believe should win.

I certainly hope adam reads the blogs on this site. adam being an all star is like Rachel never cying into the trunk of a fake tree. I really can’t see adam being asked to do to much after the show, bck to NJ where you’ll be a nobody once again. Rachel is the same person as last year, she is a poor sport, crys when she loses, fake crys for no reason and believes she is the geatest player ever. P is kind of funny and witty. At the very least she is able to make fun of herself


Porsche played a good game, but she was not alone the entire season. She had Dani the puppet master,
Kalia the supposed brains and the other members of their ragtag alliance including the floaters Shelly
and Adam. Rachel was on the block more than Porsche and was the most hated cast member. Porsche
is a chameleon. She seemed like a nice girl at first and was picked on for no reason as far as I could
tell, but then she teamed up with Dani and became evil just like Dani. It was when she hung out with
that group that she put the benefiber in Jordan’s muscle milk which made Jordan sick. Plus she was
in on all the secrets regarding hiding stuff and laughing about Rachel’s possibly losing a baby when her
period was late, etc.

Now that she is BFF with Rachel again, Porsche is a completely different person. She is kind
and sweet and guess what, that reflects who Rachel is. If Rachel acted like a bitch so would Porsche.
Porsche is young and still has some growing up to do, so I am not saying she is a bad person and
doesn’t deserve to win. I think Adam will vote for her if she wins the final comp, otherwise he will vote
for Rachel. I think it’s fair but whether I think it’s fair or not doesn’t really matter, it’s Adam’s call.

Anyone who says well Rachel had all the vets on her side, that’s not really true. Not even mentioning
Dani, Jeff and Jordan were not solidly in Rachel’s corner. They kept her because she was the bigger
target and because they needed her vote. It wasn’t till the end of the season that Jordan and Rachel
became BFF.

I think the vets against the newbies was a lousy idea, also the golden key twist, but it is what it is
and now we have a vet and a newbie vying for the big prize. I’m hoping Rachel wins, but whatever
happens happens. At least she’ll get 50K and in the minds of most viewers proved herself to have
more to her than being an obnoxious redhead 🙂

Bubbly Pie

Wow one of the few sensible things I have read on the site. Everything you said is flat out true!


I dissagree Porche has always been this kind, the reason she switched to DK was of how Rachel was acting. Now I don’t think she should win, I think the win belongs to Rachel but I’ve always credited Porche for how she treated everyone in the house

Julia Christine

great perspective and ive never even been fond of rachel!


Very insightful post. Thanks for the playback because I forgot what a mean girl Porsche had become with the queen of the mean girls, Dani. You’re right, she changes according to who she’s with. Adam is a nice guy and Rachel has become much kinder. She’s gone from obnoxious redhead to a cross between Debra Messing and Lucille Ball. I’m still laughing about her time with Jessie.


BTW, Porsche whine & cry the first time she was put on the block, even when BR repeatedly trying to convince her she was safe. Rachel also became Porsche’s “best friend” for the 1st 4 wk when P had nobody in BB. Then, Jeff called out Dani’s plot to backdoor him. When Dani won HOH and gained power, P flipped sides and started trashing Rachel nonstop. Just for that, I hope Rachel would dump P and take A to F2 if R wins.


I stopped when I read that porsche became ”evil” when she aligned with Dani, LOL. I recall when Porsche was aligned with Rachel; Porsche AND rachel thinking about putting benefiber in Dani’s drink before one of the competitions but as rachel said, ”we don’t know what she’s going to have for lunch”.


Rachel was the most hated member of the cast and the only person she had that she
could really count on was Brendon and of course he left and then all she had was
Jeff and Jordan.

Jeff and Jordan were not solidly in her corner. They helped evict Brendon and were only
putting up with her because 1. they needed her vote 2. she had a huge target on her
back and helped them dodge a few bullets. They had a secret alliance with Shelly and
Adam for final four. It was only at the end, after Jeff left, that Jordan and Rachel became

I think Rachel has proven herself this season and is not just an obnoxious redhead,
but a wonderful person who is much kinder than her enemies. Now that she is BFF
with Porsche, Porsche is much nicer. The brat who put benefiber in Jordan’s muscle
milk is gone. Dani and Kalia are the true bee-yatches and nobody is more of a sore
loser than Kalia. I am so glad DK are gone and Porsche is out of their clutches. If
Adam stays true to his word, whoever wins HOH gets his vote and that’s his call to
make, but I’m pulling for Rachel. Whoever wins, wins, I’m not going to lose any sleep
over it. I’ll be happy for Porsche if she wins.

Julia Christine

how ironic is it that adam is the deciding vote once again, even for the finale? its like its all he was on the show to do in the first place, other than that hes been a waste..


Did I choose the perfect name or what? *cracks knuckles* Yeah, I can predict the future. Wut of et?


I agree with you the Great One, Not a PHD student and Mr know it all! Worst cast ever! I would love to believe that they would all take time out to remember and Im hoping BB production will MAKE them remember if nothing else! Not a PHD, my sentiments exactly, R has had protection pretty much the entire game, P, none what so ever! SHE WORKED to be here!


I hope they never have another BB like this one…either make it all newbies or all vets ( let america choose which vets)
this season was stupid and BORING as H…


Porsche had a golden key!! 4 weeks of security was GIVEN to her so there’s no way she worked harder than Rachel. Rachel FTW!!!!


yea because a 4 week golden key isnt protection at all…


What are you guys smoking ?? P has done nothing this whole game without K&D telling her to and protecting her. R has been the target this whole season and has made it to the final 3 she deserves the money !!!


Yeah Rachel did it all by herself… No wait B took her off the block ( an advantage no other house guest had ). And then Shelly helped her by getting Lawan nominated. Then the sketchy Pandoras Box twist ahem. C’mon R played a good game but shoulda been gone three times, don’t make her out to be some great one woman wrecking ball.


Don’t forget the HG returning twist is the only reason she didn’t leave that week.


Kalia is one of her kind – very weird kind. A hg returning seemed to be a norm, the only hg that acted so weird is unbelievable. Should Rachel invited Kalia for a trip for that if R wins $500K?

Midwest Fan

Today is a Universal 911 Day of Remembrance.
BBP may have to remind the HGs of today’s date but in no way will BBP have to “MAKE” them
recollect 911 and its impact upon mankind.




I wrote a big long blurb and it disappeared so all I am going to say is Rachel FTW, but
if Porsche wins I’m okay with it. Adam did really well, but most of the comps are designed
for young bodies. Smoking didn’t seem to affect Jeff’s endurance, but give him a few
years. Does anybody else find it weird that the only place you see smoking on TV now
is Big Brother?


They smoke on Hell’s Kitchen alot


What about the first 4 weeks of safety? She didn’t have to make any enemies, she got to eat what she wanted, align with who she wanted.
Rachel had to fight, play, work and stress the first 4 weeks while porche packed on the lazy pounds!
I am not a Rachel fan but she deserves to win over porche ANY day!


Hopefully, RA would go to F2. R was always the biggest target. However, Adam was the biggest prawn and was put on the block the most times. Adam knew who was telling him lies and who was his alliance. Jeff won comps, but he was weak to read people that sealed his fate in BB. If Rachel appreciate loyalty, I hope R take A to F2.


Rachel had a target on her back and fought hard to get to the end, Porsche had a golden key for a month and was only a pawn when she did go up on the block, Porsche floated most of the way and only had to fight at the end. Everyone should stop hating on Rachel, she has changed a lot and she should win.


Growl, growl? What an idiot. How about Fool, fool?

Within 3 hours of Adam looking up the online opinions of himself, he will be on suicide watch.

Go Porsche!


So true…Adam believes he is a chosen one, and that if he had not lost this last challenge, he would have won. ?????…. I am have to root for Rachel. She has gotten through all the webs to get to the end. Never thought I would hear myself saying this though.


at least adam was joking about growl growl
enzo actually calls himself meow meow


Does this sound about right?

PR final if R wins final HoH: Jeff, Jordan, Brenden, and Adam vote for Rachel.
PR final if P wins final HoH: Jeff, Jordan, and Brenden vote for Rachel. Adam’s dumb logic might cost her the win, but who knows? Big Jeff can probably talk him into doing whatever Big Jeff wants.
RA final: If people can get over themselves, I would think they would ALL vote for Rachel. Shelly is incapable of this though and so will vote for Adam. Anyhow, she’ll get Brenden, Jordan, Dani, and I’m sure, one more — probably Kalia??
PA final: Porsche would be really dumb to not take Rachel at this point. Jeff and Jordan will not vote for her no matter what. If she doesn’t take Rachel, Rachel and Brenden won’t vote for her either.

Rachel’s chances definitely look the best. If she can play nice until the very end and say the right things in her final speech, she’s got this in the bag. Porsche is a really bad game talker and so I don’t see her answers to the jury questions working in her favor. Who knows though and, in the end, who really cares?


Racheal protected porche since the beginning of the game, even after she turned on her and said and did hateful things to her she is willing to forgive her and is still genuinely happy for her and will take her to the end if she wins, I hope porche doesn’t screw her again and take Adam instead of her. If anything racheal should take Adam cause she will beat him hands down, wake up racheal porche will have three guaranteed votes dani, kaila, shelly, Adam has none of there except maybe the lier shelly. Racheal for the win !!!!! I really can’t wait to see dani face when it all goes down


I agree when Brendon said don’t trust Porsche, R would say she didn’t mean it, and protect her even from the newbs…


I also agree when Brendon said R go to A for F2 when he left BB for the jury house.

Nicki Minaj

Who is everyone going to vote for? I think:

Vote for Rachel Vote for Porsche

Jeff Danielle
Jordan Kalia
Brendon Shelly

I find that Rachel is better off taking Adam, because then she will have: Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Danielle, and Kalia’s votes.


Couldn’t agree more. R needs to take A, otherwise she might lose…


I just discovered dick at nite today.but there hasnt been an update since before shelly left. Anyone know why?


he had to have emergency gall bladder surgery. it was on his twitter.


Dick had to have emergency gall bladder surgery or something. He is ok now, but was not able to do his show.


Dick had surgery

Midwest Fan

Dick had Emergency Gall Bladder surgery.
I think he is going to be on BB for the Finale.


Dick had surgery


Adam got tired of playing with himself and covered the pool table….with jiz???


Well, this is it peeps. Nothing much left to say on this site. Simon….you guys did a great job. This site at times was better then the show. Some of the stuff on here was as memorable as the show it self. Some things surprised me….How fanatical the J/J fans were. How people would say crazy things about people they didnt really know….death threats against Shelly for voting out Jeff….really?

Some memorable posters on here…Squabble….Mel…..all the cat people….meow….lol The grenades being thrown all over the place. Its like this site was our BB house. Being stuck inside the cyber house with goof balls.
For us to cheap to buy the feeds Simon you gave us our BB fix. Thank you sooooo much.

I just wish people would have stuck to commenting on game play instead of hurling insults and wanting their favorite player to win and how everyone else sucked. I wish you all a safe and happy life. Remeber people it is just a TV show. It brought us together as fans. Team BB for life…..Yo!

I dont know why…I predicted all year J/J would not win BB 13…..remember…..take it to the bank! well for some reason. I am not happy about it. Why? because I am a J/J fan? HELL NO! cant stand them…I am just kind of sad its all over. Peace….Remember 9-11….God Bless


oh man. Adum just sucks. boring as hell


hope Rachael wins,,, not a big fan of hers but she is entertaining, Adam is funny but hasn’t done enough to win, Porsche, just plain boring to me.


Final HoH comp, part 2, was a water/breathing comp? I swear, even tho Adam is one of the crappiest players ever, AG needs to release a list of all the comps bc this shit is so rigged for Adam to lose. Chain smokers cannot beat non-smokers. Unless you’re that beast from Fear Factor that smokes a pack a day and still hold his breath for like ~7 minutes.


Who made him chain smoke? He knew he was coming on this show for weeks before he went in the house. He could’ve stocked up on nicotine chewing gum or patches–or better yet, quit.


Rachel FTW, i disagree with anyone who said,” Porshe had to work all season long to be here”. She went to Rachel and ask to be put up, so she could get rid of Keith. She then had the golden key for 4 weeks. She was never a target until the last HOH . Rachel on the other hand, when she wasn’t HOH she was the target. Her being protected by her alliance was like granny opening the door for the wolf and saying eat me. The only reason Rachel wasn’t the target during Jeff’s HOH was because of Dani, if Dani hadn’t of gone after Jeff, she would probably still be in the house. Look at Brendan, being in an alliance with Jeff {I happen to like Jeff and Jordan} he might as well of been in an alliance with an alligator, he would of probably gotten more loyalty. I love Jeff and Jordan, but frankly I wouldn’t want to be in alliance with them where money is concerned. If Jeff hadn’t thrown out his clown shoe Rachel would be gone and Jeff would still be here, in fact Jordan might of still been here. Porshe would never of won the veto, and she probably never would of won the HOH against both Jeff and Jordan. The only thing during the duo twist, it would of been Porshe and Kahlia, and Kahlia might of won that veto, with Adam and Shelly going up. Otherwise, Kahlia would of went out then, Porshe foillowing. So if Rachel can win the last comp, she deserves the victory. Yes, even through all of her hysteria, All of these people had their “moments” in the house .When Racherl sees some of the things that the other girls said, she might not want to be friends with them.


If…..If….If… please, you know better then that. You could say that about any of the Hg”s if Evel Dicks freind didnt get sick or whatever happened he would still be here. You cant play that game. If we didnt have the terrorist attacks ten years ago, today would just be another day….IF! sheeeesh


Tsk Tsk Tsk ADAM POCH, maybe you should go see the head doctor , as rachel did ..because you truly are delusional and I Believe the sooner you do ADAM POCH the sooner you will realize that you and your game play made you a laughing stock , you came in talking about how you wanted to confront people who wore there religion on the sleeves, well Porsche and Rachel read the bible about it ADAM POCH .do it say something.. Heavy Mertal ??? really meathead the only thing heavty I saw was you jeff must have had a sore back carrying you throughout the damn game .Tori spelling … my god ADAM POCH *shakes head*… Listen up you never had to throw a comeptionm although you claimed to .. and you know why ..because you blOW goats when it came right down to it ADAM POCH. As for trying to remember how truly ended up here .. well before the cruddy week I forgot you were in the house ..during cruddy .. well you tried to damn hard to get face time ..and Once again ADAM POCH . if you had removed your lips from jeffs ass long enoughto see what was going on around you ..maybe you could have made a damn move . Instead ADAM POCH you were more like ADAM COUCH.



i think rachel is blowing smoke up adam’s ass i think she will take him to final 2 if she wins part 3 . i think she is trying to save face with porsche incase porsche wins she would have her back covered.

adam / rachel final two

dani = say’s she wont vote for adam he’s weak no big moves , i think personal feelings aside i think she will vote for = rachel

jeff= rachel

jordan= rachel
brendon= rachel

yes rachel i do believe u have changed for the best …the process of adjustment means changing your life style and that is painful for alot of people . yes rachel u reverse the outcome and other people’s perspective of how they view u …i tip my hat of to u your problem didnt came to stay it just was a passing stormy weather ….there are no perfect situations on earth sometimes u have to kiss ass and then u make money and then u can afford the most expensive toothpaste to wash ya mouth with fa the rest of ya life wish ya luck


So interesting fact. I’ve been reading a lot about how many times Rachel was on the block and is still there so I went back and looked at the weeks again. Rachel and Porsche have been on the block the exact same amount of times at 4 a piece. Just thought it was an interesting tidbit of information.

Rachel 4
Porsche 4


That may be true, BUT Porsche was nominated twice as a pawn and she knew it p once with Keith for which she got a golden key and once so they could backdoor Dani. Porsche has never been THE target in any of the nominations unlike Rachel.


Thank you for providing this example of why Porsche’s had a better social game than Rachel 🙂


The difference was, Rachel was always the target, the only time Porsche was the target was the last time.

BB Fan

I think it is really dumb how most people on this site.(I said most, not all) sit around saying so and so doesn’t deserve to be in the final 3. It doesn’t matter how they got there, the fact is they DID get there. Everyone else who is out, it is their own fault they are out. These 3 must of did something right to make it to the end. Who cares if this one floated and this one is a bad sport and this one looks fat in her bikini. Do you people have nothing better to do then sit around and make fun of these people. I give them props, they all did amazing. They all fought as hard as they could and did what they thought was best for THEIR game. I would love to see anyone of the name calling bashers go on this show and do even half as good as these people did this summer. If the show is so boring and you don’t like it then change the channel and the problem is solved. Good luck Rachel, Porsche and Adam. All 3 of you did amazing and no not everyone hates you. I say you ALL deserve to be there. And for all of you insulting Adam saying he sucks as a player. He played a very good social game and is well liked by all the other house guests. Winning comps isn’t the only way to make it to the end of this game and how do you all know who would vote for him in the finals and how can you speak for all of America and say he is “hated” by everyone. Simon and Dawg, this is an awesome site. You 2 do a great a job. I have been a fan of the site for the past 2-3 years and enjoy it very much. I hope to see the site back again next year. To everyone else have a great year and my thoughts go out to all of the people who suffered from 9/11. May god be with all of you today.




did u ppl watch the same show as i did?…GEEZ!!!…rofl!!!

VA Vet

I’m glad I found this site. For 12 seasons I never knew that the criteria for winning was being pretty, nice, big (fake) boobs, riding others coat tails, being an emotional basket case, and above all, whoever tingles my crotch.

Porsche should lose because she had to sit out the first four weeks—played it cool when she wasn’t a target—stepped up her game when necessary—-and was the least vindictive of all the house guests that lasted more than a few weeks.


Porsche the least vindictive? Hardly. Putting something in someone’s drink to make them feel sick is pretty vindictive. Taking things and badmouthing Rachel was pretty vindictive too. Shelly and Dani were also very vindictive – they wanted to throw Rachel’s dog away. If someone had taken Dani’s unicorn, you would have heard screaming for hours. They truly bullied Rachel and lied and made everyone else dislike her too even though she didn’t do/say the things they made up. This is mean girl behavior and has nothing to do with gameplay. Even last season, much of her bad behavior was in response to cruel bullying, which is why I was rooting for her. She can be her own worst enemy with her mouth sometimes but I think that is more a lack of maturity.

I hope Rachel continues to be more confident and less insecure. Unfortunately, I assume that when she is back with Brendon, he will keep her on an emotional roller coaster by putting her down and being too controlling.


Porsche was protected the whole game . first she had a golden key for 4 weeks then because she was teamed up with dani and kalia she was viewed as less of a threat so she was protected by them and when those 2 left yes then she was fighting for herself which was like a week ago so not much work there if u ask me. Rachel has been fighting the whole entire game, she was fighting before brendon left and she was fighting after brendon left. so in my opinion rachel deserves to be the winner over somebody who always said ” i dont wanna talk game” slept all season and when she woke up she found herself in final 5 and started working from there


PHD might just be right…..I never liked Porsche but she did kind of do it on her own PLUs I dont want to see Rachel and Brendon have 500,000…..50,000 minus Taxes plus ( There apperiance fee of 25,000 a piece like Jeff and Jordan and Danielle got is plenty)


Do it on her own???? She was given a golden key which kept her safe. Then she hooked up with Dani and Kalia – who kept her safe. She never even had to think to fight for survival until she was nominated with Kalia, and even then, she wasn’t the target. She only really started to play the game when she was lucky to find both clown shoes. After that, I do admit, she picked up her game. But she was pretty much carried through for a majority of the season, much like Adam.


So,on the feeds at 1:25am,it says: Rachel tells Adam and Porshce that on all the Big Brother fan sites the three of their faces aren’t x’d out and on the opening credits for the show their faces are still in colour. How does she know that?????? They don’t have Internet,right? HOW does she know that??????


Are you serious bro? Have you not seen the previous seasons bro? It’s the same thing each week and season bro. Look at previous seasons on YouTube bro. They’ve always done it that was bro.


Dang Broski,do you have to end EVERY sentence with “bro”? I’m not your bro.


Because it is the same every year.


I assume she knows it from past seasons.


SHAUN- the reason they know their faces are still in color in the opening credits and on the fan sites is because the sites and the credits are the same every year and they have obviously seen the credits and fan sites in previous seasons.


Because they have watched the show before and have looked at the fan sites. Geez, it isn’t brain surgery.

Porsche is so arrogant. She thinks she will be competing in All Stars next season and that she is the hottest girl ever to be on the show. She needs to get over herself.

And Adam saying he just made one stupid move. No, he’s made several and he isn’t as good as he thinks he is. He assumes he would win over Porsche or Rachel but he wouldn’t stand a chance against Rachel in the final. I also don’t get why he thinks that whoever wins the last HOH should get the money. It’s like he is erasing the entire season of game play for the one HOH where there is little competition from the best players, who are in the jury house. He got so arrogant when he won the last HOH that I lost what little respect I had for him. He seems like a nice guy, but that doesn’t make him the best player.

Midwest Fan

Knowledge of BB History and Common Sense.


Shaun, really? HOW does she know that? Because she’s not an idiot? Because it’s the same every year? I’m not even going to go on because ur post was just ridiculous! No offensive, but really?


That’s funny.I have an ex named Jenny,she was a BITCH too.


That’s funny,I have an ex named Jenny,and she was a witch too.No offense.

Porshe's creamy bikini bottom

Luv u and ur creamy bikini Porshe. Win win win. Prove ur fans right.


(Dawg & Simon, I hope you don’t mind….)

My thoughts and prayers to all those who lost family, friends and colleagues 10yrs. ago today, and in the years that have followed fighting to secure a safer world for us all, and for future generations. To those whose life has been cut short as result of the 9/11 tragedy, words fail me, so instead I offer up this Irish Blessing to you:

“He put his arms around you, and lifted you to rest. God’s garden must be beautiful, He always takes the best. He saw the road was getting rough, and the hills were hard to climb. So He closed your weary eyelids, and whispered “Peace be thine”. It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn’t go alone. For part of us went with you, the day God called you home.”

God Bless

GOD Bless America

A Game of Chance and Quirky games… No true competitive talents. I Love The USA.


It’s strange to me how a lot of you think Porsche was such a great game player. Really, what did she do? She had immunity the first four weeks and, when she didn’t, was in an alliance with Dani and Kalia — both of whom were better players and bigger targets. Yes, Rachel was part of the Vets alliance but it was one that turned on itself and BR found themselves on the outside of a JJSA alliance. Yes, Porsche won a few competitions but it was mostly when all the big competitors were already out of the game. Besides, the four times that she WAS on the block she was always the pawn. Rachel won comps against good players and won big ones when she HAD to to save herself. She was on the block many times, too, and was always there with a huge target on her back. Love or hate Rachel, you have to admit she had arguably one of the best games this season.


Finally someone got it right! Anonymous…. Your statement, “Porsche won a few competitions but it was when all the big competitors were already out of the game”. Watching BBAD last night Porsche insisted to Adam that she and Rachel are equal regarding game moves and wins. Rachel sat quietly and did not respond has Porsche bragged on and on about her accomplishments in the game and how deserving she is to win. Rachel is playing very smart right now and has her eyes on the prize; I definitely could see it in her face last night on BBAD. If Rachel does win Final HOH she may take Adam, he has won less than Porsche in comps.


So Jeff and Rachel aren’t considered big competitors now?


The golden key wasn’t Porsche’s fault. If she hadn’t gotten the key she would have been gone first week. I think anyone would take the key over the boot. She played it smarter than Dani. She laid back and made friends and didn’t piss anyone off. She went out on a limb to give Brendon her vote and Rachel turned on her, not even a thank you for throwing her vote to Brendon and staying loyal when it could have made her a target. Of course she went with Dani’s crew, but as latecomer, she was bottom of the pecking order behind Kahlia. She still had to play for herself because of it. When the key twist ended she did well in competitions. And she beat Jeff, Rachel and Jordan in the clown shoe POV, which was the reason Jeff went out. Sure, Kahlia put him on the block and Kahlia broke the tie, but it would have ended very differently if Rachel, Jordan or Jeff had won the POV. Then she won HOH and if it hadn’t been for the twist which was unfair at final 6, Jordan would have been out and Shelly would still be there. At that point, Shelly would have been Rachels main target and with Jordan gone, Porsche would have taken Rachel out with the last POV. Personally, I think she should have taken Rachel out instead of Jordan, her trip to the money would have been easier, but I understand why she went for Jordan.


i still don’t understand that most people thinks it’s ok that porsche made people sick by spiking their food. I guess that’s the only way she thought she could win. Hopefully the other cast members find out. Is BB going to do anything about it ???

Midwest Fan

I doubt anyone thinks what Porsche did was okay. BBP sure didn’t. No one drank it.
BTW – the fiber in the milk was not going to make anyone ill.


Shit was thrown to Rachel a lot. Nearly half of her wins this season were thrown to her. First HOH = Dani and Dick threw it to her. First POV = thrown by Keith/Porsche. THIRD POV = thrown by Adam and Dominic. 3 HOH = 4 ppl weren’t playing, people were throwing it. The retarded duo twist that saved J/R. The competition that was catered to her.

She and Porsche are equal in game play and competitions. Porsche had a better social game.


Rachel for the WIN!!!!!!


Can someone explain how the final comp determines who gets evicted, pls. R &P compete in 3/3, but how does the vote go? Does winner of 3/3 choose who gets evicted?


its best out of 3, whoever wins out of PR cast the last eviction vote,


Yes, the final HOH decides who goes home because the other 2 are automatically on the block.

team rachel all the way

i want rachel to win so bad, come on rachel win this u deserve it, i know u can do it, all u have to do is win the final part and take adam, than u have all the votes, pls pls rachel win this, u need it…


I actually liked this season, it for sure wasnt the worst for me. Im honestly ok with rachel winning. But when it comes down to it, i would really like porsha to win. If only rachel acted as normal as she has been lately she would have alot more fans. I still think the is pretty crazy around brendon though. Hell i guess he would drive me nuts too. Ughh i dont want the season to end lol, but i couldnt handle another winter BB. Im hoping next season isnt a all-star season. I want a whole NEW cast.


Porche does NOT Deserve to win. HECK NO! Adam deserves it just as much as her lol.

Oh and Rachel’s gonna win the hole thing. Knew it since Porche said “I have to evict Jordan.”

I hope it bites her in the butt. It will,


I can not believe Porche really thinks she is popular enough or played a strong enough game to deserve to be on an allstars season. By this time next year people will be saying Porche who. She slept for probably 70% of her time in the house.

Nick B

This is just really fitting. Adam is a nice guy for sure, but his gameplay was terrible, and I know I was not the only one that was charting his mistakes every week since about week 2. He did not deserve to get to the end, and now he won’t. Feel bad for the guy, but he never stood a chance against the vets, and he should have known that.


Like I said.. The Three Stooges
and Ho


I think every cast member made their contribution. Adam was great with his monologues telling us his thoughts. I LOVED THAT! And he’s a “good ole boy”. I would venture to say if you did the casting you wouldn’t do any better OR if you were in the BB house you might end up looking plain Jane or Joe yourself. Quit blasting the houseguests for how they played the game. The game changes its dynamics with each group of HG’s and again as each leaves the house. That’s the beauty of BB. It’s totally different from year to year because the group dynamics are.

I am praying Rachel wins. That girl earned every dollar of the 500K if she does. And Jeff will get America’s favorite if the polls are correct.


Great post. I don’t get all the Adam hate. While the cast as a whole turned out to be lackluster, the only person I came out hating this season is Kalia.


Why do you hate Kalia? I don’t understand why people hate people they don’t even know.


Why not just take Adam? No one respects his game play and P or R would have a better chance for the $500,000. I wouldn’t think twice about a bozo getting $50, 000 if it meant I’d get that ten times over.

clueless fools

I think both girls thinks Adam doesn’t deserve money and both would take a chance with each other since they are both waitresses and need the money I believe they think Adam doesn’t need money, could be the dumbess move for each of the girls. Adam against each one of the girls would guarantee Rachel or Porsche would win. Remember Jordan took the one that never won ( Natalie) and someone who rode coat tails smart mover there. I did enjoy most of the season but some of peoples comments made me laugh and made looking at the game through others eyes better. Big upset was Shelly though. She did go farther than I expected without winning crapola, she was suppose to win the unitard, Jordan won a phone call and purposely took the veto knowing someone would take it from her.


On behalf of all Canadians, and especially those in Eastern Canada who took so many US citizens into their homes when scores of planes landed there for days, we offer our deepest sympathies on those horrible acts that took place on September 11 2001. Our hearts broke. Know that we think of you often and especially today, September 11. You are in our thoughts and in our prayers. If only we could all live that day all over again with a different outcome.

clueless fools

We thank Canadians too. My question most of the deviastation that took place was New York if the twin towers was a target before when they ( Bin Laden) tried bombings the basement (Years earlier ) could that of weaken the structure so the weight when the planes hit the towers couldn’t handle the load? Most of the deaths happened trying to rescue everyone. I do think if the other tower wasn’t hit they could of put out the fire with less damage. Its such a tragedy so many people perished not realizing helping others (selfless acts) would be their unfortunate fate.


Whomever wins the final HOH really should take Adam to secure the win. He does not deserve $50K BUT if she wants to ensure that she wins the big money then she would be stupid not to take him, especially Porsche!

I don’t think Porsche can win against Rachel. Rachel has too much baggage and volatility for me to root for her yet. She has been great since the 2nd time Brendon left but I am not sure which part is the act and which is the real Rachel. She still has a lot to prove for me. My philosophy on winning includes more than being a physically competitive beast and emotional bully. In the opportunities given, Porsche has proven she is a competitor. She has been strategic while making moves for herself at the right time. She gets my vote!


Baggage and volitility have nothing to do with the game. Ask Evel Dick or Dani. They have TONS of baggage and are both very volitile. I don’t think Rachel could fake being less emotional. That’s the point. She couldn’t control her emotions the first time but she finally got a handle on them. I also think that she is better without Brendon, who hounds her and makes her feel insecure.

Porsche hasn’t been strategic at all. Dani and Kalia controlled her completely and she only began winning when all the real competitors were gone.

“winning includes more than being a physically competitive beast and emotional bully” Then what are you basing your choice on, personality? I don’t know who is the emotional bully here but what other criteria would you use other than competitions and game play? And Porsche is on of the most arrogant girls I have ever seen. She thinks she is the hottest ever on the show. NEVER. What an insult to her “best buddy” Janelle, who is adorable. So is Jordan.

VA Vet

Jordan is adorable???

Did you miss the part of BB11 where she admitted to being a druggie, or when she called Shelly a C***?

I dated a woman very much like Jordan for four years (except she had real boobs). Everyone thought she was sooooooo sweet, kind, gentle and all that other crap. Trouble was, it was all a deliberate attempt to “create” that image in public. People didn’t know her private side like all the affairs she had with other men while she was married or that she was hell on earth whenever she didn’t get her way. Just like Jordan’s reaction to Shelly voting out Jeff. Which Jordan apologized for because that kind of behavior doesn’t fit the image she is trying to portray.

Even though the woman I dated was a great lay, four years of her was all I could take. Hmmmmmm, maybe that’s why Jeff likes being 600 miles away from Jordan.

Trust me, what you see is not necessarily what you get.


I don’t know about your ex, but you shouldn’t paint all women with the same brush just because you got a bad one. I assume a lot of young people experiment with drugs, including both Dani and Porsche. I have had my wild years too. That doesn’t make me a bad person. Just someone who made some mistakes. Jordan admitted that she was getting into a lot of trouble before she was on BB11 but has calmed down now.

As far as calling Shelly a c**t, I also might have done that in the heat of the moment because she felt so personally betrayed. And, remember, it was Shelly who attacked Jordan in the purple room and started screaming at her first, just moments after Jeff was evicted. If she had any heart at all, she should have at least waited until Jordan calmed down before she confronted her. But that’s Shelly. She goes on the attack when she is called out in any way so as not to have to accept responsiblity for her own actions. She is a classic deflector/projector who blames everyone else for their decisions. I believe, at her age, that is a personality issue and not just in the house. Jordan/Porsche/Rachel all can at least claim to be young and still learning. Shelly is mature enough to know better and I believe she is probably a bully a bit in her real life relationships as well.

VA Vet

One of the few logical voices in the wilderness!


Thanks for the compliment. I am so used to being blasted for anything, it’s nice to hear someone agree with me! 🙂

VA Vet

I hope Porsche wins the final comp and takes Adam to the final two. Not that Adam deserves so much as a dime for his crappy play but to stick it to production.

From the very beginning production was doing things to favor the vets.

For the first veto there were three newbies teams and one vet team illegible.
For the second veto it was two to one.
For the third veto it was one to one.

All three times the vets name was pulled.

For the second HOH, they let Rachel decide the order of participation giving the vets a chance to pick up pointers based on how the newbies were doing.

Thanks to the “twist” Brendon (a vet) ended up in the jury instead of going home. (How do you think the votes would go if Lawton was in the jury instead of Brendon?)

Production put a $10,000 carrot in front of Porsche to get her to do the dirty work of giving BOTH Rachel and Jordan a chance to come off the block thereby preventing the eviction of a vet and erasing what would have been a 4 to 1 advantage for the newbies.

So lets give production some of the credit for Rachel still being in the game.

And lets give Adam credit for unknowingly being the beneficiary of the above by virtue of having his lips firmly planted on the vets asses.

And lets give Porsche a little credit for being able to avoid and overcome the obstacles that production placed in the path of the newbies.

Poetic justice dictates that Porsche should be the winner.


Adam is basing his decision on who to vote for based on who wins the final part of the three part competition?!!! When he said that to Rachel my stomach dropped and when he said to Porsche while Rachel was in the DR and her response was, “Our games are pretty even” I wanted to hurl. Pretty even? She slept and ate until two weeks ago when she finally won something. Like her or not Rachel has been fierce and it took much more for her to survive than Porsche.

I’m not a Rachel fan but I’m even less of a Porsche fan. If P wins part three and Adam is the vote that gives her the win, then he’s the biggest pos to ever play BB.

clueless fools

Correct me if I’m wrong , when Porsche said I knew it was going to be a maze, do you think people in Production helped her out, they are not allowed to talk about production or diary room session with other house guest. Does that could mean they are clued in on what s coming up and how to play? Porsche was also the only person to put the blocks in the veto comp (against Jordan) on the ground and then stack them, to me it sounds as if they (production) were helping her with a technique. ( She mentions to Rachel her technique was better than everyone else) Remember Dani said if she is voted out 2 production people would quit so you know they talk to house guest beside I don’t see that Natalie name on credits anymore wonder if they got fired or really left. One more thing Porsche was a cook in the kitchen and believe me I noticed the camera person most of the time ( hard to not notice) had a crush on Porsche cause that’s all we saw and she Hammed it up knowing she was probably getting most of the attention. Porsche is a friend of Janielle wonder how and why she got on big brother?


P was a floater all this time, she deserves it more then A but not to Rachel, Rachel had to work hard, win more comps then this two floaters………..Rachel should win bb13!!!!


I don’t hate Adam he seems like a nice guy he is just a bad BB Player, which in itself isn’t a bad thing character wise. What I like about this final 3 is they are all good to each other, kind. No friction. Even still sharing the same room even though they can have different ones. I like that.


Adam is a total embarrasment and now he’s trying to start up a “cute” nick name for himself Growl Growl. He seems nice enough but he is a buffoon, a fool. Everyone is laughing at you man, don’t you get it? You will, when you get out of the house. Oh man I’m embarrased FOR him. You’re not witty, not funny at all! You’re not clever at all! Better get him some meds before he gets out…going to need them when he reads the posts everywhere, as he no doubt will, expecting to read how great he is. Painful.


what gets on my nerves about people saying Rachel is to mean to win and porsche should win is that Porsche spent most of the season sleeping, eating, and being a catty bitch. She talked about helping Rachel get a miscarriage by injuring her during a comp and also gossiped with Kalia, dani, and Shelly the whole time. Even though she had a golden key she still could of made alliances instead of eating and sleeping.


How stupid of Rachel to take Porshe to finals! That may be a big mistake considering the newbies are going to vote for her why who knows they all know the truth is Rachel played the best game and Adam def. should be second over Porshe what a shame….People should judge by game not by looks!!


I am a little confused.

When is the last playoff and

When do they announce the winner


To be honest Adam didn’t play a very good game this season in my opinion yo. He had so many chances to make moves but decided not to. From the sound of it Adam might have had a better chance going up against Kalia in the second part HOH. So close but yet so far yo.