Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff says that Shelly & Adam are a waste of space ..they can’t win anything and don’t have the stones to put up Dani..

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12:20am In the backyard, Porsche, Rachel, Shelly, Kalia and Jeff are talking about the HOH competition. Everyone is really surprised that Rachel has no idea that the competition was on an incline. They continue to talk about the HOH competition and about past competitions. The talk turns to random conversations. Adam tells Porsche that if the POV is a napping contest, she and Kalia would be neck and neck. Jordan gets called to the diary room to get to take off the humilitard. Everyone is happy that she gets to take it off. Jeff and Shelly talk about businesses. Shelly starts talking about books on business that he should read. Jeff tells Shelly that he started a business and incorporated it because he knew he could get a lot more tax breaks. Shelly tells Jeff about some tax breaks a business can get. Shelly talks about how she created some kids clothing.
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In the kitchen are Adam and Dani, Adam is asking Dani how her birthday cake turned out? Dani says that it didn’t turn out too well. Adam tries it and agrees that it’s not good. Dani and Adam start cleaning dishes. Adam tells Dani that Rachel is unhappy that she doesn’t get to play in the POV. Dani tells Adam that Rachel was telling her that Big Brother loves her and that’s why they gave them a bunch of alcohol tonight so that she could get drunk. Dani starts talking about the conversation that she had with Rachel for Adam. Dani then heads out into the backyard. The houseguests ask Dani why she isn’t wearing her birthday crown and sash. Dani says that she wants to wait till Sunday to celebrate her birthday and that tonight they can focus on Jordan and how she gets to take off the humilitard. The talk turns to talking to Adam about 90210. Jordan gets out of the diary room and comes out into the backyard still wearing the humilitard. Jordan says that she needs Adam to do their dance again before she takes it off. Jordan and Adam get up in the backyard and do their dance. Jordan takes off the unitard and goes to the diary room. Jordan then comes back and says that she forgot to ask them what the favourite part of her wearing it that they liked. The houseguests tell her some of their favourite things about her wearing the unitard. Adam says that he liked the kick me sign and wish he had take advantage of it. Jordan then tells them that she is going to bed. Jeff says that he will be up soon.
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1:15am Jeff tells the other houseguests that he is going to quit smoking. Jeff says that his smoking is out of control in the house. Kalia asks Jeff if it is the stress. Jeff says that it’s the stress and the routine. Jeff says that every time he comes over to the couches he wants to smoke. Shelly says that she doesn’t smoke this much in real life either. Rachel, Dani, Porsche and Kalia all decide to go to bed as well and head inside. Jeff, Shelly and Adam are still in the backyard talking about Rachel. They talk about how out of control Rachel is acting. Shelly says that Rachel was being mean. Adam says Jordan pulled Rachel aside and told her that she is being mean. Shelly says that it was obvious that Rachel was trying to push Dani’s buttons to start a fight. Shelly says that Rachel is a mean woman. Jeff says that he is okay with everyone being upset with Rachel because it keeps the target off of his back. Adam says that Jeff nominated two people today and no one hates him. Jeff says that he told Kalia that he was putting her up. Jeff says that he then told Porsche that it is now her chance to prove she is playing the game. Adam says that he is going to wait a few minutes before heading into bed because he wants to give Rachel a chance to fall asleep. Jeff says that he thinks Rachel will get up tomorrow and apologize for her behaviour tonight. Adam says that Rachel is in a bitter mood because she isn’t playing in the POV. Jeff and Adam talk about what they think the POV competition will be like. Adam says that he thinks it will be something that doesn’t take long to set up because they still aren’t on lockdown. Jeff says that it won’t be physical competition after the HOH competition because everyone is still hurting after that one. Jeff says that he thinks it’s going to be something brainy. Jeff then heads up to the HOH room. Jeff has a shower and then he and Jordan talk about how Rachel behaved tonight. Jordan tells Jeff about how Rachel was annoying Dani. Jeff says that Shelly was telling him that Rachel was eating all of Dani’s HOH food out of the fridge! Jordan laughs and says that Rachel was drunk tonight. Jordan says that Rachel is crazy! Jordan says oh my god that girl and her mouth… Jordan says that she wishes Rachel was playing in the Veto because she’s like a caged lion. Jeff says that he wishes she was playing in the veto too

2am Up in the HOH room, Jordan is talking to Jeff and telling him that she forget to tell him about her conversation with Porsche about her being on the block. Jordan says that Porsche said she thought they were all together and they shook on it. Jordan says that she told her that after all that stuff happened a few weeks ago and everyone went their own ways they all didn’t really talk after that. Jordan says that Porsche brought up Dick and being with the vets. Jordan says that she thinks Porsche was shocked that she went up. Jeff agrees. Jordan says that she told Porsche that Jeff didn’t nominate her because he didn’t like her it was because they hadn’t talked and it seemed to them that she was on the other side. Jordan says that Porsche told her that she hangs out with the other side because she doesn’t always want to talk game and she was trying to get to know people. The conversation changes to talking about Dani. Jordan says that he doesn’t have to get rid of Dani this week. Jeff says that he wants to get Dani out this week. Jeff doesn’t see any reason to keep Dani around. Jeff and Jordan agree that if they can’t get Dani out then they will evict Kalia. They talk about not talking as much with Shelly. Jeff says that its bullshit that Adam and Shelly aren’t going to try for the veto. Jeff says that they are a waste of space because they don’t have the stones to use the veto because they know Dani would go up. Jeff says that he wishes Kalia had pulled Rachels name just to see her get pissed. Jeff says he worries that this season will be the same as their season where he made a big move and then was sent home because he didn’t have teammates that could step up and win. Jordan says that she thinks if Dani stays and wins HOH then she would put up Rachel and Jeff on the block and not her and Jeff. Jeff tells Jordan that he isn’t mad at her, but that he wishes she would win something. Jordan tells Jeff that she will try and win the POV tomorrow.
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2:30am – 3:25am Jeff and Jordan continue to talk in the HOH room. They talk about whether or not there will be a pandora’s box. Jordan says that she hopes they get it and says that it will be fun. Jordan mentions that they are the last of the couples. Jeff says that he wishes they could get a prize for that accomplishment. Jeff says that he always wants a prize.. They talk about what they think the competition will be like. Jordan says that Rachel thought it would be one where Big Brother wakes them up at 4am to spell words. Jeff and Jordan start talking about the days of the events in the house. Jeff says that if Kalia was HOH …she would put him and Rachel up on the block. Jordan says that in a perfect world she would want to evict Dani, Kalia and then Adam. Jeff is surprised that Jordan would keep Porsche over Adam. Jordan says that she thinks Adam could potentially win a lot near the end of the game. Jeff says that Dani will do anything to win the POV tomorrow. Jordan says that she doesn’t have the votes to stay. Jeff says that if they do get Dani then they have to tell Rachel to keep her mouth shut. They agree that Rachel will be so mean to Dani. Jeff and Jordan laugh about Brendon seeing Dani walk into the jury house. They talk about if Dick were still in the house. Jeff spots Dani on the spy screen pealing a hardboiled egg … and says that she’s up to something. Jeff talks about putting Dani, Kalia and Porsche on slop. Jeff says that he wanted to zing them but couldn’t just in case they stayed in the house. Jeff says that they just have to get through the double eviction and the next two weeks. Jeff is worried because he can’t play for HOH next week. Jordan says that she thinks after the POV Jeff needs to talk to Porsche. Jordan tells Jeff to bring her up here and tell her that she isn’t your target and try to make her comfortable. Jeff says that if he gets Dani out and they can’t win HOH next week ..he is going to be upset. Jordan says that if her and Jeff got put on the block ..she would want him to stay because she already won. They talk about what its like being in the big brother house. Jeff and Jordan decide to go to sleep…

6:20am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

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Rachel is a bitch. I wish she was going this week soooo bad. Shes very rude and i would have wanted to punch her. She just sits there and eats all of danis HOH food? She very immature for a 27 year old. Dani better win this pov or she is gone. Its very hard to find someone to cheer for this year. Not many likable people in this house. If dani goes i guess ill cheer for porsha. shit idk. God why does dani want to pull kalia off if she wins pov. i want her gone not porsha.


Megan, I like the way you think! We can take turns holding then punching her! Dani had better win POV or she’s gone and I may not watch anymore.


Dani has to win


And Dick with the pots was much better?


I agree Rachael is a total bitch she is very immature to be 27yrs old!!! J&J’s alliance want Dani gone because they know she can beat them all in the comps that’s why I hope she wins the POV & their plan blows up in their faces i hope she comes out on top like she always does when her back is against the wall!!! GO DANI!!

Midwest Fan


You’re FIRST!
: )


I think that is a very good question. I am thinking that Dani believes that if she wins POV that Porsche would stand a better chance against a replacement nominee (potentially Rachel) than Kalia would.


…..and you’re just coming to this conclusion now Jeff?!!! You and Jordum may be the right fit after all!

Midwest Fan

DR – Jeff was talking to the BB Cameras and the $howmance fans. lol

During their first season on BB, Jeff and Jordan showed a great deal of interest
and affection. (check out YouTube videos – Jeff straddling Jordan – Fun under the sheets –
Hugs – Kisses, etc. etc. etc.
Jeff and Jordan had the “possibility” for a romance when they left BB, except
the decision turned out to not be their own.
By the time BB11 was over, BB Production and BB Fans had already
put them together. No matter what!
J/J then understood that they had the opportunity to make money based upon
the BB $howmance and took it.

Last night, while in bed, Jeff asked Jordan if she is a tuck in sheets kind of person?
He didn’t know after having a “LOVE” AFFAIR with her for over two years? Sure!!!
She then asked him if he could choose between eating Mexican or Chinese food, which
would he prefer? Huh?
These two are so NOT INTO EACH OTHER in a romantic way.


Absolutely Midwest Fan. You make a really good point about the reason for their acting as if they’re still romantically involved. I hope neither of them are interested in perusing a career in acting as their performances are anything but believable.


Yeah they should already kmow all that after 2 years together


That is the EXACT same thing, I was saying in the last spoiler. I know how couples talk to each other when they are a couple. They never discuss their family, friends, or future. I did not like seeing the mush between BR, but BR have met each other parents and family.

People think folks feel they are not a couple because there is not smoochinig between them….but it is deeper than that….not only is there no smooching….the key is there is no real conversation that couples have with each other.

These two are just friends and I bet they only see each other to (make money) during media events. I’m not mad at them for this…..but the truth is they probably had a little thing going in BB the last season; but outside of the house….things change…and they went their seperate ways….but CBS wanted to make money off this very popular America sweet heart couple…so hey if they ar getting paid why not. They not hurting nobody.

I think it all started when they were asked to be on the Great Race….and their popularity has spiraled since then. I like Jeff and Jordan…….but Dani is more deserving of win. ….even Rachael….although she might be crazy ….she came in the house with 2 big wins…and is trying to survive. Dani & Rachael are constat targets….and they deserve some money….just having to put up with all the stress. No one has a bigger target on their head but Dani and Rachael. If Kalia, Portia, or Adam win….I may puke. I’m not sure about how I feel about Shelly winning, but (not that this should matter); it really does not seem like she needs the money. Her house looked mega fab….and I’m really not sure why Shelly is on BB but to root for Jordan.


Oh, when I say “they” I mean Jeff & Jordan never discuss their family, future…or couple like things.

Come on now….we are adults on this site…..we know the conversations couples have…I’m not talking about smoochie smoochie conversations….but I just never hear Jeff or Jordan talk about anything SERIOUS.

It is either game talk or he is consoling her when she cries.


Hey, what is the (drink) after the word fiance all of a sudden? Are we now (drinking) after the word floater and fiance?




IDIOTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dani needs to tell Rachoe that if she (Dani) gets voted out this week
Brenden won’t even remember Rachoes name after a full week of Dani sex

remember the house guests don’t yet know that it is a double eviction week.


One flaw in your otherwise “perfect way to torment R” plan, the thought of Dani uttering any words regarding her and Brendum having sex (even in jest), is extremely repugnant to Dani, any rightly so. She could threaten to castrate him, that would freak R out and, threaten the very core of BR’s relationship. 😉


DR, I agree it would be hard for Dani to say anything about having a thing with Brendon. But, I do think if some of the others (maybe Shelly since she hates Rachel) were to put that out there for Rachel to hear, Rachel would go nuts. Shelly should also include Porcha in there, too. Say, “Boy, Brendon is going to have fun with either of those beauties in the house alone with him for a week! Maybe he can stand outside the window and pretend he is on internet and j-off to them.”


Hilarious! I would love to see R squirm. The thing with her is that she can dish it out, but she certainly can’t take it.

Midwest Fan

I agree.
If Dani just hints at this kind of situation to Rachel, then Rachel will keep Dani
in the BB House, no matter what Jeff says.


That’s right! Dani has a huge crush on Brendon. She was always afraid of how intelligent, athletic, and charming he is in the game. Sounds like a crush when she goes on and on about him.


LMAO…too funny, If Dani or Porsche got evicted part of my speech would be to Rachael if you vote to evict me remember I will be in the Jury house all alone with “YOUR MAN” for a wk…that would be classic that crazy bitch would probably self evict herself…LOL


I’ve been away for a week and a half, and I just watched the last 5 episodes on DVR to catch up. I know Brendon came back, got evicted again, and now I see Jeff ended up winning the HOH and Kalia/Porsche are the noms (although I wouldn’t have seen that until tomorrow night’s ep).

I just wanted to ask a question.

What are the alliances like now? Is it still JJSA, or is that being shaken up? Is Danielle in danger of being backdoored? What is Adam thinking with all of this?

Also, what is Rachel planning on doing? It seems like if she’s given the opportunity, she’d nominative Jeff/Jordan at this point.

So, I guess instead of be going back and reading the entries for the last 2 weeks, I’m just curious if someone can sum up exactly what is running through the houseguests’ minds. Thanks.


It’s still JJSA with R floating a bit in there too

If she doesn’t win veto dani is definitely going to be backdoored

Adam is thinking if he sucks up to the power alliance long enough he might be able to squeak through to the end somehow… though I don’t think he actually expects to win the money, I think he’s just trying to stay in the house as long as he can. He’s not playing to win, he’s playing to delay losing as long as possible.

As for Rachel, who the hell knows what’s going on in her head. I think she intends on being super-floater and just stick to whoever has power until she wins an HoH.


Rachel returned to being in alliance with JJSA. All that talk about hanging in the middle and befriending both Dani’s side and Jeff’s went out the door. Dani is in definite danger of being backdoored.:(
Don’t know who Rachel might put up. She tends to sway her decisions. Plus, she’s being a masty B**** towards Dani.


Who is NOT playing in the veto comp? Rachel and who???


I’m just guessing here, but I’d say she’s the only one not playing. I’m assuming Jordan, Adam, and Shelly’s names were drawn and Dani has the veto ticket, so she gets to play anyway.


Only Rachel isn’t playing.


Have any of the HG’s mentioned double eviction being this Thursday or are they all convinced it will be following week?


Simon Did they have the nom ceremony a day early?


Finally, Jordan is taking off the Humilitard. Jeff probably thinking that Dani has no chance of getting votes. JJSRA vs DKP. That will be an opportunity for Jeff to backdoor Dani and got evicted. Bye Bye Dani. Nice knowing you. Jeff, please make sure Rachel will keep her mouth shut. Rachel definitely wins HOH (Fast Forward) and put Kaila and Porsche on the block and Jeff wins POV third time.


I know that would be great, but I suspect that Allison Grodner will rig it so it’s Dani and Kalia running the house again.


Just wanting to emphasize that this post clearly has more close ups of Adam + Kalia than Porsche. I see that people would rahter see Adam and Kalia over Porsche, obviously.


I hope porsche wins pov! We need a kalia melt down


The biggest floater is def Adam, the smartest floater is a toss up between Porche and Adam with a slight edge to Porche cause she hasn’t made herself a threat, Adam is a threat when u get down to six n five HG’s. Worst floater was Lawon hands down, now Shelly n her stew of lies takes the cake. I hope Dani wins pov but they both want off the block, who does she choose. I say cut the xcess fat which Kahlia is ur weakest link. I know she will prolly chose Porche but I totally disagree.


The only thing adam threatens is my raging bile duct


I actually think Shelly’s the master floater this season over Porsche. She hasn’t won anything, actually straight-shot herself into being called out in front of everyone, yet she’s still there, not on the block this week, and Jordan still is campaigning for her to stay as long as possible every time she hears anyone knock Shelly, even when Jeff expresses his distrust of Shelly. Whether she meant to or not, Straight Shooter’s used her daughter to stay in the game as long as she has, and if she makes it to the end and wins either first or second, or if she goes out next week, every dime she earned from any scenario should go to Josie.

And I’m also forgetting the obvious… if her diary room sessions where she claims to feel so horrible about the lying and manipulating are really true, if she’s that intent on maintaining her moral ground, ashamed of the lessons she’s teaching her daughter to date by being in the BB house, why doesn’t she stop it now and hit the button? If she really did ‘go to the interview as a joke’, that means the money isn’t important. All of us who watch CBS saw her house, know her history, she doesn’t need the money. So why do the flood of tears never involve leaving the show?

I have a feeling Straight-Shootin’ Shelly has a universe of massive dysfunction going on under that overly-tanned, obsessively cleaning, and way too skinny shell of hers we haven’t even begun to really see, despite all those cameras and microphones, that ‘really’ explains why she came to this house, and why she hasn’t walked out yet.


Eripaul – you nailed it!! You and I are definitely simpatico on this one!


You know, I can forgive people for the lying, it is a game of strategy and not against the rules. The main problem I have with Shelly is the way she goes about it. She has by now pretty much interrogated/interviewed everyone in the house. They’ve told her personal things that they shouldn’t discuss with strangers, let alone on live TV. Shelly’s that good. What does Shelly do with this info? She waits til the HG is at a low point, then campaigns against them, throwing in the damaging/embarrassing personal item; it’s overkill on her part. She seems like a woman with a huge ego. I guess you could call her a gratuitous liar, always willing to take it farther than it needs to be.


does anyone know when the POV be played????


everyone is sleeping


FINALLY can we get Dani out of this game?!

And I swear.. Rachel has a different attitude and different emotions every ten minutes. BUT she’s really not annoying me as much as when Brendon left last time. At least she’s holding it together… even if she is getting drunk and yelling at Dani.

And finally at least Jeff sees that Shelly and Adam are NOTHING in this game. Neither one of them has won a thing except for Adam’s POV… that Jeff threw to him. So aside from 2 votes… those two are doing nothing for JJR’s game.

I think they need to get Dani out this week if she doesn’t win POV. Then next week if they are still in power focus on getting Kalia out and then Adam and Shelly.


Come on I like Dani. In reality I do not want any of the vets to win. I don’t like Adam. Shelley is a liar. I hate to say it, but I rather see Porsche or Kalia win. Jordan has already won, Dani came in second, Rachel I cannot stand. Jeff has won $15,000.


It’s not that I don’t like Dani… it’s just that it would be so much easier for someone else to win if she was out of the house. And to be honest.. I’m tired of seeing her in power. She has basically been in power for three weeks. I’m just kinda over it. And is isn’t being the smartest player right now. IMO

BB production feeds

At first I thought I was waisting my money paying for the special production feeds but it finally has paid off. I know the people here who get the production feeds know what I am talking about.

The REAL twist of the season will be revealed after the double eviction…and everyone thought he was crazy but Lawon is coming back with SUPER POWERS!!! I can’t wait the house will once again be LAWONIFIED!! I just hope he aligns with not only the smartest player in the game but the hottest SSILF ever on BB…you guys can have Dani or Jordan there is nothing like a hot boney SSILF!!


Omg… I don’t even have the words…




Are you serious. Things are starting to get serious now. I cannot wait.


I don’t know what happened to my post about Rachael, Dani, and Brenden….my keyboard went cooky……But I don’t think Rachael feels that (her man) would touch Dani even if Dani got butt naked for him. Although people have said B cheated on R twice…..Rachael seems a bit delusional when it comes to Brenden. I think if Dani said that to her she would laugh it off and not believe it.

I don’t believe that any house guests are coming back. They can’t keep doing that. The season is about to end, and they have to start getting rid of people.

But bringing back Lawon would be class and wonderful. Brenden came back for JJSA and now Lawon can come back for DPK….but remember Lawon would come back with the knowledge that ALL the house guests voted to evict him. All of them. Who knows which side he would choose.


meant to say: class = classic
if he came back into the house


Whatever you’re smoking………………….. pass it here! ……..once they undue that straight jacket you’re in!


I actually like Jeff and Jordan. I’m not too sure why I think it has to with yes they aren’t in an alliance with the other side yet they can still be civil. Unlike Rachel. Dani would be my second favorite because she’s not afraid to do whats needed. She should have stuck with Jeff and Jordan instead of fat/ugly Kalia.


I like Jeff and Jordan but I get sick of them talking about floaters.. especially Jordan… all she won was HOH and that is because Jeff and Brendon gave it to her… instead of getting rid of Dani get rid of Rachel or Shelly the 2 big floaters in the game… I really hope Dani wins POV


I hope Dani wins POV too. Shelley and Adam both need to be evicted, but first get rid of Rachel.


Dani did not voluntarily choose Kalia. Remember when her plan to backdoor Jeff backfired & Dom was evicted she had noone else to turn to. Kalia just happened to have been isolated as well when Jeff accused her of not informing him of the backdoor plan. During the endurance HOH comp it was all the other hgs made it clear that they were not ready to align with Dani (if you remember how & who they were cheering). This left Dani with Kalia then Porsche came by after she fell out with Rachel.


Now this is the number one post that I agree with. How different Dani’s game would be if she had remained loyal to JJ until the end…and then split on them at the final 4. Even Dick said that Dani made a mistake trying to backdoor Jeff so soon. Dani admitted it too when Julie interviewed her right before the eviction…but she shrugged it off.

I want Dani to win. I hope she wins. But she created a uphill battle for herself that was not neccessary. She ended up with Kahlia by default because Dom was evicted. ….that episode was the saddest thing I ever saw in BB history. You betray a strong alliance to be with a weak alliance…..all because
1) Dani’s hormones; and 2) she wanted to play her on game and not her dad’s game.

but if playing the way dad would have played get you the money. WHO CARES.

I hope one day she can get past this thing with her dad….just in general.


I stand corrected, the saddest time in BB history was win Kaysar kept getting evicted and could never win….now that right there was some real good eye candy. Loved it! So cute.

I think CBS should have a all star game….bring back all the eye candy…Kaysar, Haden, Jeff
and bring back the real funny guy that went off on Rachael….I don’t know if he is eye candy…but it don’t matter because he was FUNNY….see these were the days when BB was funny….the stuff they said to each other….classic

I don’t know what this group of (groupies) is doing. …but I’m still a fan BB.

Go Dani!


Shelly better watch it. Jeff is getting tired of her bs. Like he cares if Rachel acts the fool!


You notice Shelley’s daughter Josie said Mommy lied. Shelley says in her house nobody lies, boy did she set a good example for her daughter.


Shelly lies because ITS A GAME! They ALL lie. I’m sure even Josie can tell the difference.


Josie is very bright girl. I could tell. She knows mommy is just playing a game.

As someone said…Shelly probably can’t compete phyiscally.


If her strategy is to lie her way to the end then there is no BB rule book that says she can’t.

The issue is when she starts screwing up the lies being told…and then becomes a target….when that happens your strategy is not working…..and when your lies stop working….you gotta win a comp.

Midwest Fan

It is interesting that the corporation Shelley works for has removed her photo and
biography from its website.

Amy Ruth

I love Jordan but have to admit she should get the All Star award for being the biggest floater for pretty much every season! She is lucky to have Jeff as a shield. She is floating so high above the other floaters that she isn’t even noticed.


I can’t stand J&J (liked them better on their season) who the hell do they think they are acting like they are entitled to win the game, Jeff the Jerk is an ass this season & who in the hell in their right mind would let Jordan’s dumb ass go to the final 2 possibly winning again except Shelly’s lying ass & Adam the ass kisser is really starting to bug me, him & Shelly are so far up J&J’s ass they can’t take it out long enough to realize they J&J are only using them for jury votes if they make it that far , Rachael… I can’t stand that annoying beast ,Dani is doing the right thing by ignorning her dumb ass she is so childish to be 27 yrs old!! I hope J&J’s plan to get rid of Dani blows up in their faces!! I can’t wait until they find out on thurs. that’s it’s a double eviction I hope Jeff’s or Jordan’s ass goes right behind whoever is evicted!!!


I could not put it any better myself. You are my type of person.


i think they already know it’s a double eviction


Amen, Amen, Amen, and Amen again!!!!!!


In all seriousness, are Annie and Dani in a monogamous relationship?

Ol Brother

Not good for JJ that Adam and Shelly are not gonna try in the POV so they do not get their hands dirty in a backdoor attempt. This leaves a better chance of DKP winning the veto. Jeff seems to be leaning towards getting rid of Kalia ahead of Porche. I do not agree with that. Porche and Dani are the only two girls that can keep up with him in a physical comp. Kalia is worthless and easy to beat in comps. Getting rid of Porche or Dani; gives Jordan, Rachel, Adam, and Shelly a better chance at winning the double eviction HOH Thursday and getting rid of a 2nd DKP member. Although, I could see Rachael turning on Jeff, but no Adam or Shelly.


kalia is not worthless and she won an HOH. she also was neck and neck with dani in the HOH comp that dani won; she decided to jump and let dani have the win. Jeff and Jordan hold grudges. his only reason for putting kalia up is because she didn’t inform him that others were trying to backdoor him. just because you don’t like kalia doesn’t mean that she is worthless.


now, if you want to call call somebody worthless, how about shelly and adam. no, you like them because you are a jj fan.


I’m really starting to hate adam he’s so annoying and dumb for kissing JJ ass


same here adam is really getting pathetic


I agree Adam is a butt kisser from way back, I have no respect for him at all.


Omg, just starting??? My hat goes off to you for sticking with him as long as you have, honey!!! I really rooted for him at first, too, but that love turned into ‘Really? Adam…sigh’, followed by pretty much starting to give up on him the night he went up to Kahlia’s HOH room, and she lectured him on not being a floater anymore, how he really needed to win, and instead of standing up for himself in any sort of way, he agreed with her, pretty much licking her feet. It’s been nothing but downhill ever since with him for me. And it would take an incredibly huge move on his part to even start to not look like a nutless wonder in my eyes from this point on.


Adam is so far up Jeff’s butt, that he is using Jeff’s belly button as a port hole.


Lmao!!! That was good Grandma


I do not like Jeff and Jordan this year. Especailly Jordan I don’t know who she think she is. She keeps calling everyone floaters, she is a floater her ownself. I hope Kalia gets to stay and I wnat Porsche to stay to which is impossible. I pray Dani wins the POV. Who does Jeff and Jordan think they are trying to tell Dani to vote Kalia out. They really think they are running something.


I’m with you Lee. JJ have done nothing but whined all season. Even when they were on the block and assured that they were not the target they whined. They should be grateful everyone had their back for this long.


And I hope that Rachel, Cassi, and Jordan knock Shelly, Kalia, and Dani out. Cassi, though “classy”, hates Shelly, but is too classy to say those words. Jordan and Rachel will too when they see the show.


Dani will win the POV (Dani getting the POV ticket was very convenient eh)

Just like Brenden getting voted back into the house, Dani will win the POV (think RATINGS folks)

When Dani uses the POV to take down one of her alliance, the replacement nominee will be very crucial.
If Jeff puts up Rachoe – Shelly most likely will vote her out.
If Jeff puts up Shelly – Rachoe most likely votes out Shelly
Since they hate eachother.


considering lockdown was only a half hour ago and veto starts soon from talk in the house, it will likely be the alien mashed face speed comp that is on video screens and both J&J lost miserably at it in bb11 and Dani knocked it out of the pack in bb8.

Only question is the floaters and how they might do!

But Production can rig things in it and they will to keep the good and growing ratings high and wiht Dani out of the house, BB13 will become a yawn fest with the remaining HG’s who have no balls at all including wonderboy Jeff who quite frankly is a lousy player, even having usless Jordo saying if need be she will swing herself out so Jeffy can win the 500k….what a joke….lol




I hope you are right.


I agree with you 100% per cent. If I was on the show they would evict me because the minute she touched my food I would have kicked her behind. Just like she open Porche’s beer the other day and thought it was funny.


Rachel and Brenden together were annoying mostly because Brenden bullied her which made her wonkie. If Dani knocked anyone out it should either be Jeff, Jordon, Brenden or Kalia. I’m all for that.


She will neverr vote out Kalia, she should get Jeff first.


Do you think Dani disliked Brenden because he is a bully even to women which reminded her of the reasons why she hates her father? Dick was a big bitch same as Brenden, did it rub her the wrong way ?


You could be on to something there. Jeff and him were very cocky and Jeff still is.


Evil Dick was not a bully on their season. I think his instincts as a father kicked in when Dani was being attacked by a lot of the girls in the house. There was a lot of hypocrisy, jealousy & hate during season 8. Dick was an upfront person, if you lie to him he confronts you. He’s the kind of guy that will not talk behind your back & would rather have everything out in the open.


I remember that. …the girls were hating on Dani….and Dick was always on her side.

It is blurry….but I think Dani and Dick were on the block. He won veto and took Dani off…and the HOH…was it Chima? can’t remember or Jen? but the HOH put Dick right back on the block (so he sacrificed for his daughter).

Dani loves her dad. I think the reason Dani stays away from him is because he is too over protective and she probably does this so Dick will not go to jail. Imagine Dick dropping in on Dani and she is crying over some man or whatever…Dick will find the person and hurt them….he looks like the type. …so finally to avoid all the drama…Dani decided to love Dick from afar. Dani does have a weakness for men…so I can imagine the drama everytime she had a break up. Dick probably insultd Dani’s female friends too when they made Dani mad.
Some parents are like this….they go too far when someone offends thier children …even adult children. Dani probably got tired of it. ….and Dick probably acts like this to over compensate for whatever he was not when she was a child.

….just guessing.

You can tell they love each other though.


Dani dislikes Brenda because she also knows him from outside the BB house and knows he is a liar in real life which is most likely why she wasn’t going to take the deal BR offered her.

As for Jeff, he is a pathetic egotistical A-HOLE, talking about floaters when he floats all the time, till it benefits him not too. As dumb as Jordo is, she has shown she has more brains that Jeffy boy does.


Can’t wait for the double eviction. How does this work? Will Jeff have a full week, we go through the normal eviction and then they do a quick HOH,name two to go up on the block and then vote right away???Do they then play for another HOH???


yes except they also do a quick POV comp before second eviction of the night


after Jeff’s nominee gets evicted Thursday, they have a quick hoh, nominations,quick pov, then eviction all in one hour. jeff as the outgoing HOH is not allowed to compete for HOH.


Are you sure?

For one of these HOH comps, the existing HOH can compete.

I thought it was the double eviction?

I could be wrong.

Or no, I think the HOH can compete when it is down to 3 people.

so then Jeff might get evicted during the 2nd eviction.


There’s a blind item out about “What former Hooters waitress currently flirting her way on a reality show was secretly married right before the competition began? Most of the guesses are about Dani and Rachel. Could be Dani, with ED finding out; and refusing to work with her? Any thoughts?


Jordan used to work at hooters when she was on BB11


I never heard of either Dani or Rachel working at Hooters. Did they? Dani and Rachel wouldn’t have had to flirt to get on because they were former HG’s and were called back. Porsche?


She’s just a classic example of how to not spoil your kids. They turn out that the world revolves around them & can do whatever they want. I’m proud that Dani is never catty with Rachel. Although I’m not sure if they were out that she would let Rachel walk right through her.


While I don’t believe that violence is the answer in any situation ……………….
In this case, it sure would feel good though! I’d pay good money to get a front row seat to that event!! 🙂


Ok I really could care less who wins as long as it is not Rachel or Kalia. What I don’t get is where everyone says Jordan was given the HOH. that was a game of little skill and mostly luck. All the people before her tried and the closest they got was a 5. There is no guarantee that brendon or Jeff would have got a 2 or 1. My guess is Jeff didn’t care cause Jordan getting HOH is like him getting it and Brendon threw it cause he didn’t want to risk getting beat by Jordan.

Everyone always talks about how big a threat Brendon is. I can’t even remember what he won this year? Rachels 2nd HOH could have went either way but it wasn’t a physical comp so that doesn’t make him a big physical threat. He went down early in endurance. So what elevated him to the status of biggest threat?


Rachel elevated Brendon to biggest threat. Most everything done to Brendon was to hurt Rachel, because Rachel could not support “her man”, only hurt him in this game.

R Daddy

What started the R D problems last night. I think D wins POV. Want D or K gone!

BB No More

Why does everyone keep saying Brenden will get sex from Dani or Porsha in the Jury House…has anyone even thought of the face that NO ONE would want to be with him or find him attractive knowing he’s with someone like Rachael…even watching their public affection is disgusting. That’s why they always talking about STD’s right…lol no one in their right minds would give Brenden a second thought..


It is planting the thought into Rachel the insecure bimbo’s head in order for her to not vote to evict Dani or Porcha, if Dani wins POv and takes Kalia off, then Rachel is the swing vote unless Jeff throws her up as a replacement.


I think everyone is saying that they should act like that is possible but we know that no one but Rachel would go for Brendon. Those of us saying that is to make Rachel think about it happening and go nuts. Rachel does get jealous about other girls in the house and especially around “her man”.


Team Dani yo. For life. Porsche grew on me, so I hope she’s only shooting straight to the veterans to keep herself in the game. Honestly, if Dani goes, I want P to win the whole game.


Yea. but Rachael deserves something. She has been so stressed out and is not a floater.

She can use the money to hire the best pychiatrist money can buy.

She can come in 2nd place.

Dani 1st place!!!


same! Im Team Dani all the way, but my back up is porsche


Adam is a Big Brother “Poser” – he finally got on the show but lacks the social & physical skills to play the game. Go Team Dani !!


If you watch Dick at night you would know that in the jury house the evicted guests are kept away from each other and not able to talk about the game. They all have handlers and since Rachel has been in jury before she wouldn’t worry about Brenden doing anyone. They are only allowed to see each other when the next evicted player enters and brings the tape. As for R. in the kitchen last night D. S. and A. made it bigger than it was. She was initially being sincere about why was D. upset and then she reacted to D. being a bitch. I would say screw you too, I was just trying to make polite conversation bitch. Not a Rachel fan just trying to straight shoot you what I saw.


One more thing trust me Shelly is underhanded and a slimy snake in real life. You can’t be that good at lying or anything else without a great deal of practice.


“Jeff says that Shelly & Adam are a waste of space ..they can’t win anything and don’t have the stones to put up Dani..”

said the pot to the tea kettle


Rachel was obnoxious last night for no reason and it was stupid game play. Despite her and Brendon’s delusions, they are not good players of the game. Last year they won lots of competitions, but most of those competitions the Brigade wasn’t even trying to win. So really Brendon with all of his POV wins was really only beating a girl, a useless lady and a gay guy. Wow! What a super alpha male! They stayed in the game as long as they did only because they were together and taking care of each other. On their own they would have been gone early on. Their biggest mistake last year was putting the target on themselves from the very beginning by making sure everyone knew about their showmance. When they win they are arrogant bullies. When they lose they are mouthy idiots with a disproportional sense of entitlement and delusion about their own game play. If Rachel was as smart as she thinks she is, she would know that she is safe this week, but next week anyone who wins HOH except Jordan (and that’s a long shot) would send her home in a heartbeat. Instead of thinking ahead and realizing that she might need Dani and Porsche next week, she tries to pick a fight with Dani on her birthday. That girl has zero class and zero social game. The only way she will be safe next week is if she wins HOH herself, and she really isn’t as good at competitions as she thinks. Dani is a much more consistent winner of competitions. Last year Rachel won once on a guess a number tie breaker and once in a knock out competition that the Brigade threw and I think either Matt or Brit couldn’t play in. This year Dani threw the first competition and I think Dani would have stayed up there all week to win it, and the second one she won against Brendon. Really, she has won only 4 HOH and two of those were thrown to her. I want her to just go away and never come back with or without her man on any reality TV show. If they were playing against any previous HG I would root against them. Even against Cappy and Ivette who are the two I always hated the most. Go Dani!

Go Jeff&Jordan!

All of u guys who go for Dani are stupid…. u know that dani isnt gonna win, she is obviously goin home this week if jeff back doors her which he probably will… and even if dani doesnt go home this week and she gets to the final 2, she will have NO votes cuz everyone that would be in the jury house would HATE her & NOT vote for her!!! AND jordn isnt dumb!! if she was dumb then she wouldnt have won bb!! soo why dont all of u guys be smart and think about it!! ohh ya and u guys r saying that jordan and jeff arent ‘romantically’ in love?? HAHAHA!! u guys, guess what?!!! CBS isnt the ones who put them together ok??? they both liked each other soo they r kinda a good match!! gosh u guys needa grow up and grow some brains!! GO JEFF & JORDAN!!!!!!!! DANI IS A LESBIAN AND DOENT KNOW SHIT!!


So I read about how Jeff and Jordan don’t show eachother much affection, I don’t think they’re lying about still being together but it is a little weird. At night do they kiss each other goodnight or snuggle?