Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Poker tonight… Jeff: “POKE-HER I barely knew her” **updated**

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9:38pm Kalia/Porsche Kitchen

kalia says she never felt like her opinion counted in the house when she was hanging with JJ. Porsche agrees she felt the same way with BR. pOrsche thinks that she can have alliances with people and not be their friends. Kalia poitns out that JJBR can’t play that way that’s why they made such a big deal with people hanging out with the other side having fun.

kalia mentions that she’s tried to talk to Jeff today but he always seems to have something to do.. Porsche brings up that Dani tried earlier but they never answered the door in the HOH. Kalia hopes they are not trying to avoid them because she thinks that would be rude. (Kalia constant talking is rude to my brain)

Prosche says she got a chance to talk to him yesterday he asked her who she is targeting and she said Rachel..

10:04pm Kalia and Jordan hot tub Jordan is commenting how Porsche is really handling being on slop and on the block well. Kalia agrees reminds Jordan that this is Porsche’s first time on slop, “Porsche has really got into making the slop chips” Jordan: “That girl really likes to cook”
(Porsche has gravy reserves.. she gained the extra weight for when she was one slop and wasn’t eating)

JOrdan says after Dani’s birthday party everyone was sleeping but her and Rachel walked the backyard for 2 hours.. (Kalia is doing her thing were she talks about anything and everything it’s driving me crazy)

10:17pm Kitchen Dani and Porsche Briefly talk about how every time they go to talk to JEff Rachel is right there. Dani: “Shocker”. They start talking about making slop cookies. Porsche gives her some suggestions..

10:34 Backyard
Rachel sugests they play POker
Everyone wants to play except for Jordan she says she doesn’t like card games.
Jeff is excited about playing, “POKE-HER I barely knew her”

10:35HOH Kalia and Jeff
Jeff: “Whats up”
Kalia: “Obviously you won the Veto Congratz… ”
Kalia says she doesn’t know who Jeff’s target is she knows its one of the 3 girls.. She really doesn’t want to leave this week. She explains that she didn’t want him to get evicted when she put him on the block. Kalia brings up that she doesn’t want to leave the house when there’s people in the house that have floated on week to week. Kalia says there is players like Porsche, Adam and Shelly that are safe every week.

Kalia says she knows that DKP are known as “The other Side” but they have been clear what their goal is and who they want out of the house. Kalia says she is not against the idea
Jeff understands what she is saying… he also knows that everyone in her position would do the same but he’s cool with it. He doesn’t want to expose too much of his plan. Jeff knows what he’s going to do and he knows how to do it. He reminds her that the deal she had with Jordan does not mean it’s transferred to him. Jeff: “it was my decision to put you and Porsche up, not Jordan’s”

Kalia wants Jeff to know that she is not coming after JJ. Kalia warns Jeff that Rachel lies a lot. She wants to repair things with JJ and she’s been trying for awhile now.

Feeds cut for a minute

Jeff says he appreciates the talk, Says if he’s still in the house then she should still be in the house . (they head downstairs to play poker)

10:50pm Poker

11:28pm Still poker and DJ in the bathroom Dani telling Kalia how much her stomach hurts… Kalia says she talked to Jeff briefly. They decided to discus it all later tonight in the Hammock.

11:36pm Backyard couch Jordan and Shelly Jordan mentions that Rachel is pretty sure that Jordan and Shelly are close but she had a good talk with Rachel and she’s sure everything is good between them.

Jordan saying that she feels bad for Rachel. Shelly says you never know what type of baggage people have with them. Shelly admits to being hard on Rachel in the “Box” (DR). Jordan says that POrsche is handling the BLock and Slop well. Shelly

Shelly says that DKP want Shelly to join them but she won’t do it ever.
Shelly: “Jordan if we take out Dani we have a extraordinary chance at Final 3”
Jordan doesn’t want to get too confident but she’s feeling good about it.
Shelly: “I don’t think Prosche, Adam and Kalia are going to be a big threat.. I think ADam has a crush on Dani though..”
Jordan is worried he might flip.. Shelly: “Who is he going to flip to kalia and Porsche”. Shelly feels like Adam isn’t as good on questions as they all think she points out that Adam knows his dates but it takes him to long to remember them.

11:53pm Backyard JJRSA super alliance

Jeff saying he went to the casino and started playing blackjack and was betting hundreds and lost 3 grand…

(Rachel is cuddling close to Jordan)

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Am I the only one who has suicidial thoughts when listening to Rachel’s poker voice?

You’re not funny.


suicidal* ay yi yi

Boring Brother

I’m with you 100%… makes her terrible sounding voice 100000 times worse. Her presence in general just makes big brother hard to watch.


seriously. and that laugh… you’d think after 50 something days it would be tolerable but i’d love to hear some nails on a chalkboard over that. everything about her is pathetic IMO.


The way that she elongates the last word of every sentence, is the most annoying sound on the planet. She does it in every DR session.


I don’t know if I’m obsessed, or a super fan, but I’ve been watching all the seasons from start to finish…


i have it on mute while waiting 4 the jeff and dani sit down


“oh my god ba-rendon is back”! I wanted to shoot myself in the face when she said that…it’s one freakin word


Exactly what I was talking about. But she does in with other words.

Most annoying shit ever.


Not thoughts of suicide but perhaps murder! ;-)…. Fortunately for R I’m a pacifist.


Exactly, all they have left to work with is trying to get him to get rid of Rachael but and I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this about Jeff, he’s too smart (gag) to do that, lol I love Rachael and think her haters are about as pathetic as pathetic can be but if anyone wants to win this money have Rachael in the final two with you because these sorry ass losers would never give her the money no matter how much she may deserve it if she gets to the end. Likable Jeff and hated Rachael, who do you think would get the money? He’s been hiding behind her and Brendan the whole show, don’t think he is ready to break out on his own yet.


OMG KALIA!!! Throwing Rachel under the bus…you know that Jeff is going to keep why dig your own grave? gahh…these ppl are stupid…




BB is making me feel sick


Then don’t watch!


Jeff can spill that to Rachel to make sure Rachel targets Kalia


JJ. R. SA. P. SAP vs. JJR or PR vs. SA vs. JJ


Hopefully Dani leaves with a bang and mixes up the game as much as she can before she leaves. We might as well enjoy these next 3-4 days of feeds/BBAD with Dani there because it’s all we’ve got left.

I see either Rachel or Porsche winning HoH this Thursday if it’s anything but questions. Porsche will put up J/J or Jeff/R with the ultimate goal of getting Jeff out. Rachel will put up P/K and if the veto is used Shelly will go up and Kalia will probably go home.

The only way I see the house shaking up is if:

a) a new power/twist is introduced
b) Porsche or Kalia wins HoH this Thursday


Of course it all depends on who wins that HOH, but I think Shelly & Adam realize they can’t win against JJ and are going to turn on them as soon as it is double eviction time. They’re going to end up split with whatever newbies are left against whatever vets are left. If they are thinking in terms of game at all, then Rachel is going to be safe until the end because everyone should want to be up against her in final 2 – she is so hated that she probably isn’t going to have the votes to win the money.


I’m not Rachel fan but I strongly suspect that if she makes it to final two she will win. Like always, everyone will say “I don’t like her but you gotta respect her game play” or something else equally annoying.


No, I think that they would resent her even getting the $50gs. She made for an unwelcome HG, pissed off too many people.


Jj vs PR vs SA or JJR vs. SPA or SPA vs R vs. JJ


I think Shelly and Adam should make a move, and they should do it now. Its seems like theyre playing to help Jeff and Jordon win. Why are they even there?Thats crazy.


IMO SA aren’t there to make a move or to help JJ win. They are there to ride the coat tails of JJ or whomever (notice they are very social with everyone lately…VERY social). If they didn’t admit to throwing every comp to allow someone else to take the bullet, I might have respect for them. I liked them both in the beginning. I just wish they would actually stop being scared to play. I know if I were in jury, I would not vote for someone who didn’t do jack shit but they let everyone else do their work. Adam seems like a decent person though; Shelly seems like a piece of crap – Idk maybe she is just acting like a POC for the show. Live feeds show a different side of Shelly than what the tv episodes show FOR SURE!


This is so true…their basically givein jj the money cause all they do is do what they want….this show is gona suck without dani cause everyone is basically playin for jj to win the maoney


He’s going to need an algae scraper to get them loose. I have been pulling for Dani but I am with you, I don’t think she is going to make it past this eviction. I’ll have to see who gets pass the double eviction to see who I will be pulling for next.


You think so? I think its going to be more of the same, as these HG’s are gutless. Shaping up to be the worst Final 5 in BB history.

Midwest Fan

Due to the numbers and the locked lips on butts, It will not
become Vets vs Newbies.
Honestly, it looks so boring that even a BB “special” twist or
power may not be able to resuscitate the show.
This is sooooooo bad that
Season #13 will never be recorded in BB’s History Book.

Erase – Drink!


I’ll be team Dani even after she is gone. I don’t even know who to root for – don’t really like anyone else


stop watching!


I agree. I can’t even watch this show anymore if they get rid of her this early. NO one else plays the game like her. Yes, she made some poor choices in the beginning and I was hoping she would get Rachel on her side to break up the boring JJSA but alas…it looks like a bust… Kalia is an idiot and it’s a shame that was all she had to draw from initially. I actually like Porsche so I will hang on until she goes because she tries in comps, has a great attitude toward everyone when she is put on the block/slop and she has proven to be loyal to people.

I am HOPING that CBS intervenes and throws a cou de tat or Diamond Power of Veto at Dani and/or the house flips on JJ and votes to KEEP Dani IF she is backdoored. If this does NOT happen, CBS ratings will TANK…Mark my words..all over the internet blogs everyone is complaining about this season and how Jordan is the most underserving BB winner in history and she is yet again riding the coattails of Jeff who is a smug SOB. Ugh…


lol it’s always funny to watch people whine and threaten to stop watching when the person they are rooting for is in danger. I think Big Brother has helped Danielle quite enough this season. Short of just handing her the money, they have helped her in every way they could and made it an easy skate for her so far.


Ok so a miracle is needed to keep Dani Soooooo… What if this whole thing about Rachel being two weeks late comes into play. DR makes her take a Pregnancy Test and its positive(i know, i know BR procreating is an awful thought, but stay with me) BB sends her home due to legal risks, Making Jeffs HOH void, no one is evicted. Due to Rachel’s exit BB allows ALL houseguest to play the next HOH (double eviction), now THAT would be worth watching, dont you think?


I’m not sure where this thing about Rachel’s period being late came from, but she can’t be two weeks late. She just had her period three weeks ago.


This week was double eviction. If they remove someone from the game, they will just remove the double eviction piece, they are not going to nullify the Golden Boy’s HOH so Dani can stay and Take jeff out next.


If Rachel had to be removed, they would still do the double eviction but mix it up in another week to bring back one of the three jury members.



No, as much as I hate to admit it, Dani’s days look pretty much numbered. Still holding out a modicum of hope but, it’s not looking good for my gal.



Surprise Suprise DKPS brings up rachel everytime they talk to someone!


I am so flippin tired of the quad bitches including Adam talking shit about her every DAMN time.
I would love to see Jeff, Jordan and Rachel over here those assholes talking game and talking crap about them.


Simon, who is the person w/ the red blanket?


Why does it seem that everyone in the house always bash my girl Rachel when she’s not around and then say she is the one spreading lies? I don’t agree with everything she does but they all spend too much time on their hate for her and not enough on their pathetic gameplay…don’t hate the player…hate the game…team rachel..bye dani


I agree with a lot of what you say……………….I don’t hear the petty comments coming from Rachel as I do from the “four meanies”……..She doesn’t mess with their personal property;……They set her up for bad behavior and then point it out to other house quests without stating their participation in it………. Danny has a sick sense of humor as does Porsche, Kalie and Shelly…… they never get off her………… Shelly showed her true colors when she spoke of cutting up Rachel’s toy dog and putting it piece by piece on her bed…….. That was sick not funny…..and the other three cackled away…………… I just don’t feel Rachel is ‘mean spirited’……she has problems with self esteem…… she gets hurt and then mad and all hell breaks loose…… she can fix that…….but you can’t fix a “mean spirit” as it comes from your inner being…………and it should not be part of the game…………………..


Yeah, I agree. Game play or even just saying that someone irritates you or that you don’t really like them is one thing, but taking and wanting to destroy peoples’ personal property and the constant bashing about absolutely everything is both immature and ugly. But I suppose all it does is make DPKS look bad.

….I wonder if Shelly’s employer will let her keep her job? I know if I acted like that on TV – especially stealing things from people – and people knew where I worked, I would be fired.


I also agree you. I can’t stand these people constantly bashing Rachel.
Crypt Keeper Shelly is a very nasty ugly person inside and out. How dare she call out Rachel in front of Jeff and Jordan saying that Rachel is giving her looks an talking about her when the BITCH had just got done talking horribly about her and can’t seem to shut her big fat yapper about it. Also bitch face made a comment about Rachel not being able to get a job. Crypt Keeper needs to watch her damn mouth because after her bosses and clients see this, she’ll be the one without a job and won’t be able to get one either……Then there twin towers bitch Kalia, thing that throwing Rachel under the bus with Jeff is going to get her brownie points. NOT! She is a stupid idiot and she is a total follow with no mind of her own to make decisions. She is what I call a YES MAN! Porsche has the NASTIEST look ass. She too is a very ugly person inside and out. The dumb ass can’t even talk game to save her ass but she can sure talk shit.
Then there’s Dani, This bitch is mean and crude to her own alliance to their faces and tries to play it off that she is kidding. When you know she isn’t. Talk about insecure she is like a rabid dog in heat.
I can’t stand of these people and hopefully, their words will come back to bit them all severely in the house as well as in really life or as Dani put it “Punch her in the face”. Rachel will have the last Laugh. I hope she wins!


Pot, meet kettle



I agree 🙂


But at the same time, there hasn’t been a lot of attention on Rachel this past week because she is not the target and also not in power. Her bitchy side will return soon.


I would pay for Vegas to come out full force on Leatherface.




Have fun in the jury house with Brandon Dani


Yeah, it looks to me they get along quite well. Maybe why Rachel doesn’t like Dani.


It seemed like Rachel didn’t like Dani just because Dani was trying to get Brendon out and Rachel took that personally. Dani and Brendon do seem to get along, they both seem to realize it is just a game and not take being on opposite sides of alliances so personally like a lot of the players do.


Well after Brendan tries to hook up with Dani in the Jury House, Rachell will really have reason to hate her. Seriously, this guy whacked off to a guy in drag over the internet, like he wouldn’t jump at the chance for real sex with a woman that isn’t a pyscopath. Either Porsche or Dani ends up in the Jury House, and BR won’t be hearing wedding bells. Maybe another pathetic video apology from Brendan, but that’d be about it.


Simon, I think they will get along unless Brendon asks Dani if she would like to see his hand puppet. I don’t think Dani would care to because she knows where that puppet has been.


I think for the most part people get along and just relax in the jury.


If I was dani I would let rachel know just how much fun I was going to have with brendon in the jury house…


I love Rachel. Shelly, on the other hand is barely tolerable. What a hateful human being!!!! Rachel tries to be nice, and Shelly always puts an ugly spin on it. What is wrong with Shelly? She’s always got her face screwed up. She runs from one camp to the other…talk about two-faced. Too bad they can’t send both Shelly AND Dani packing. She tries to pick fights with Rachel. I was so proud of Rachel. By not taking Shelly’s bait, Rachel was clearly the grown-up. What was BB thinking when they brought her into the house? What a looser!!!!! She can’t win a comp, and she just slithers around the house trying to be everyone’s friend. Someone should tell her that her behavior should have been over in grade school. When she starts raving to Kalia, she looks at Shelly like, “Is she nuts?” Same with Dani and Porche…they don’t think much of Shelly either. Someone on the staff should tell her to cool it.


How could anyone stand the sound of Rachels voice?


Rachel is one of the worst ppl ever seen on TV…PERIOD


Im so done with BBAD, still love watching the CBS shows and reading these great posts but this BBAD shit is just so mind numbing. I gotta stop watching or i might become brain dead…


Couldn’t agree with you more!! The endless drivel that I hear whenever I watch it, is painful to my ears and intellect. CBS shows I can tolerate but BBAD is a waste of my time. I feel for those who have invested in the Live Feeds!


I had the live feeds last season, soooo glad I didn’t piss away my money on that shit this year. I have BBAD, but I stopped DVRing it this week. It is usually the most boring 3 hours of my day, so its not really worth watching. I don’t know if its because, I only like 1 remaining HG (Dani) and can only tolerate another one (Porsche). Or that production isn’t giving them enough alcohol. But even the two I can stand are boring alot. The rest can go and F themselves. Bore me to sleep. Nothing remotely interesting about them.


Team Dani Yo should join Team Porsche Yo when/if Dani goes home… Yo!


I’ve wanted a final two of Dani and Porshe. I’ll settle for just Porshe. She could win too, hasn’t pissed people off as much as others


I know many of you hate on rachel for different reasons but put yourself in her shoes and after big brother ends and you sit down and rewatch the film what would you think about all the things DKPS have said behind your back and most of it being out of spite? DKPS after the show you better get body guards but I don’t think R would snoop to their level as you seen tonight when she said hardly anything to shelly when she confronted her in the HOH room.


Rachel is not a ‘mean’ gal……… she doesn’t hit them to the pit of their souls as they do to her……… I find it interesting that off the show Rachel has friends from Big Brother that went along with the gossip flow concerning her and later found her to be a good friend and fun person………..she truly does get hurt so easy and then she gets angry;……….its her way of coping I guess………… It must be hard to try and compete without a buddy or two in the game……………



If she’s really so much better off the show, then maybe, just MAYBE she shouldn’t have came back. Brendan can barely tolerate her while she is in the house, how the hell are the viewers supposed to tolerate her?

It was easier to feel sorry for her, before she came back for more, and acted like she did before.


For the record, I never found Rachel that intimidating. Shelly, however, I find really disgusting in so many ways..gosh that woman is full of crap.


EvilDick why did you leave the game?!?!?!?!?!?!

This season has sucked…..BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!


Agreed. The season would have been SO much better with him on – and I think the strategy would have been a lot better in general. …..Speaking of that, did anyone ever find out why he did end up leaving? ….I’d read somewhere that it was a family emergency but that was all. Just curious if there was ever other info that came out on that.

Bored Brother

he posted a YouTube video, but it was very broad. He basically said he left cause a friend of his had an emergency. Didn’t really get into any details about it.


Ahh, gotcha. Thanks 🙂


Here’s a Theory: ED was never going to remain on the show, the stunt was orchestrated by CBS to create curiosity in the house and among viewers. They paid him to play along, had reasons for his early departure been serious, despite the his relationship w/Dani, they would have told her b4 HOH at time(Rachel). Unless Dani was in on it…

Not to far fetched…Remember out of two million votes, Brendon recieved over half that total. When clearly most ppl wanted Dom back in the house. No matter what, Brendon recieving over 50% of the vote is just not realistic.

Remember, Kalia becomes HOH, CBS needed to protect the vets, so they set it up for a evictee to return. If Rachel(plan “a”) had been evicted she would have gone up against Casi. Who she would have beaten easily. Lawon, who doesn’t strike me as that dumb or smart enough to come up with idea but was paid by CBS to volunteer to go up on the block. Opening the door for(plan “b”) Brendon to return, knowing the comp would favor him against the older out of shape Lawon.

CBS is getting like The Kardasians, everything is canned and planned


Of all the seasons that I’ve watched this one is the worst.


I’m liking this site better than the actual show. lol


Yup, haven’t even watched the last 4-5 episodes. Just come on this site, much better.

I can’t stand the people on this season.

Midwest Fan

GREAT site!!!!


much more entertaining than the show!!!!


Dani should at least try to throw Rachel under the bus, tell Jeff how all last week Rachel campaign for her to put Jeff up!


I heat ya but unfortunately for Dani, Jeff’s HUGE EGO won’t allow him to be talked out of evicting a woman, let alone who, despite her game play errors, has been a superior competitor than him.


just to let everyone let everyone know rachel said that she was not late with her period it was a lie


cowlia u stupid girl, this girl is so scared of JJ especially jeff, why wouldn’t u put up the only couple left why go after rachel who didn’t win this weeks HOH and pov, stupid stupid gameplay, i swear these ppl are going to let jj get to the end, grow some balls if u wanna win..


You would think that Adam and Shelly would realize that, too. I know they are holding their breath while up Jeff’s butt. However, they should see that they are going to be outnumbered real soon and a couple will stick to the end. Each thinks they will be final three but they will have to win something and final three will not get them to final two if Jeff and Jordon are still there.


This is something I have a problem with about the show, they have the same comps every year and these guys prepare for them. I think they need to come up with some new ones so people can’t prepare for them. I hope there is no questions about dates this season so they have all prepared for something that won’t come up.


Yeah, that has been annoying me too. At this point the contestants know when and how everything is going to happen. Production really needs to shake things up in terms of how the progression of the show works before it becomes even more boring and un-watchable.


BBGrandma – agree! I’m now certain how much they’re paying the BB staff but “loosen the purse strings” FGS, and invest in some new comps. The jig is up people, the loyal BB fans (some of whom are in your BB house) are on to you!!


She’d put herself up if it meant that JJ would like her


You all want to know the truth? The truth is this show is rigged for Jeff and Jordan to win. The HOH comp was set up for him to win. Then they let him choose the Have Nots without having a comp. And the POV win was bullsh*t because Jeff isn’t really good at puzzles, and even he himself admitted so.


Elaborate because as much as I’m a TEAM DANI FAN til the (soon-to-be it would seem) end, I missed watching this comp (vacation). Was it obvious that Jeff was way ahead? Do people really think that perhaps certain HGs have been fed info. in the DR to help them in comps?

Aqua Bernie

I think Pacer is trying to flirt with Jeff. She keeps giving him those eyes!


He isn’t interest in her big ugly blubber butt ass. She a stupid bitch.


I am soooo sick of listening to Kalia, Dany, Shelly and Porshe talk all day long about Rachel is like every conversation they have, they need to metion Rachael. God!! can they talk about anything else in the house!!!


They are stupid, ugly inside and out, hateful nasty snatches and I am glad the they are boohooing about being on slop especially Dani the ice queen. Too bad fossil face Crypt Keeper Shelly isn’t on it too. So they’d really have something to talk about. Two faced trouble making people. The world is now seeing who they really are.

Good thing Rachel doesn’t have a real pet there. The bitches of east wick would have sacrificed it by now.

The Bitches of East "Dick"

DKP & S <– All these girls do is bitch about Rachel. They don't talk to Rachel unless they end up in a "default" conversation with her. I don't think Rachel is nearly as bad as those four girls are in terms of talking behind other peoples' backs. At least I have noticed Jordan taking up for Rachel a little lately. I'm not a huge Rachel fan, but right now outside of Jeff, Jordan & Adam….I actually like Rachel more than the other 4 girls.


If I was dani I wouldn’t talk to rachel either…she does stuff to dani that is so passive aggressive, it makes me want to punch her in her zit covered face


Someone should throw water on them and see if they melt. One can only hope.


Jeff is a man. He doesn’t get involve with all the gossip. I am proud for him sticking to who he thinks needs to go (Dani). Dani can try to throw Rachel under the bus, but Jeff understands that Brandon and Rachel needed to do what they needed to do to stay in the game just like Jordan and Jeff did what they felt was best for them. He doesn’t let emotions get in the way like others.

Also, Jeff knows that Dani has tried to make deals with everyone in the house and will sale her evil soul just to stay in the game.

BB you need to cast people that are very competitive. That hate losing.

What were you thinking when you casted Kalia, Porsche, Adam, Shelly,


I don’t know why people keep acting like this season is boring. This season has been great.

Time for Dani to go and no I doubt the ratings will change because of it.

Last season was boring. Seriously after Brenchel left, and the pandora box rip off w/ birgade controlling everything. That was boring…


To Paul: stop being ridiculous. This show was not only set up for Jeff and Jordan.

The 3 pathetic fark side alliance wasted their 3 HOH’s on Brandon and evicting their own alliance Lawon. They had plenty of chance to target JJ and their obsession with Rachel and Brandon put them in this spot.

They are BR haters because they are athletic and smart. At least those 2 can carry a conversation about other things then Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, Brandon, Brandon, Brandon.

I am pretty sure these 3 girls had no involvement in sports and were outsiders in school.


I totally agree with you. Especially black widow evil Dani.


Can’t stand Rachel, Jeff, Jordan and Shelly. I want all of them gone. Really hope Jeff goes on Thursday in DE.


After watching the show last night, I figured out who Kalia looks like:
The 1981 Janet Jackson!!


@Noelle: Why don’t you like Rachel, Jeff, or Jordan?

Is it because they are attractive people?

I am very surprise you like Kalia, Porshe, and Dani. They are negative people. Are you a negative person as well?

Then I can understand why you don’t like Jordan and Jeff.

Aqua Bernie

Rachel attractive are you on something Alas? My husband wants to throw up every time she shows up or speaks. he “literally changes the channel when she’s on! We both love JJ thay are playing the game.


Yeah, I guess I am. And I’m fine with that.. I’m Team Dani till she walks out the door on Thursday. And I hope J/J/R/S crumble and crack.


Rachel attractive???? Gag.


SIMON, Do you know the time maybe 3 hours ago when Kalia said that her boyfriend’s nickname for her is WHOPPER?


it’s all over twitter and everybody has been making jokes about it. i wanted to flashback and hear it for my self.


LOL. Oh my gosh you’re kidding me. Why does she remind him of the whopper from burger king?


Shouldn’t there be 2 options on the poll since it’s double eviction???


Yes, I would think so.
Do we have a say so in the polls? Sorry for the dumb question.


One of the worst big brother seasons ever! Boring!


As for Kalia and Porsche, they can each go suck an egg. They bring absolutely nothing to the game. Nominate your own alliance, really, or sit around all day eating and bashing people? Dan’s leaving (shocker), and Adam’s going to miss the opportunity to make his move as the season will be over before he can decide what to do. Shelly’s days are numbered as she’s starting to turn into Rachel. That leaves Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan…
Rachel has always been about people “playing” the game as she’s not afraid of competitions. She works very hard to stay, and has a hard time understanding anyone having a different perspective on how the game should be played. This causes her great frustration, and the acting out behavior, etc. People are turned off by her passion, and hate her. I used to think it was funny to watch the Rachel bashing, but it’s lately getting out of hand. People tend to “hate” in others what they “hate” about themselves. Example: Shelly getting so angry with Rachel when Rachel “lied”.
Shelly speaks so highly of Jordan,and what does Jordan do? She spends time with Rachel and feels compassion for her just like she did towards Shelly with the phone call. What does Shelly do? she joins the “I hate Rachel” club.
Jeff, Rachel and Jordan could make it to the final 3. They could learn a lot from each other. Jordan can stand to be a lot more competitive, and Rachel can stand to be friendlier with people who don’t share her opinions. Jeff just has to keep winning what and when he can.


Hey Banko,
I love what you said and I couldn’t agree with you more. I feel the same exact way.


I don’t know why, but I just keep seeing the final 4 as JJRS. Jeff will win HOH and put up R and S. R wins veto and gets to decide who goes home between Shelley and Jordan. If she’s smart, she will play strategically and vote out Jordan. If she plays on emotion, Shelley would be the one to go. The craziest thing would be if Jeff or Jordan had to vote out either Rachel or Shelley. Who would it be?


I didn’t know that Jeff is homophobic. Really Jeff? I am now rooting for Rachel, Jordan, or Adam. Although, I really think Jeff screwed himself over when he threw away the POV that could have kept Brandon in the game.

He will be the next main target.


I am with you all the way. GO RACHEL GO!


if dani goes home, i will forever hate jeff and jordan, they act like golden children people should bow too. I will take a stand by just downloading the show instead of watching it and giving cbs the ratings. LOL


i will be done.


As long as JJ are together – nobody else has a chance. If Dani goes out – Jeff and Jordon will succeed as the winners of BB13!

Nobody else will split them up or have the power to do it.


no one will vote out Jeff and Jordon. I’m convinced that Kalia, Shelly or Adam would nominate themselves before they nominated J or J.

Aqua Bernie

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Jordan, but she already says before each challenge , 1) Jeff needs to win. 2).Some one on her tem needs to win. 3). I’m not good at that! How did she win her season? She is so unsure of herself.


Has anyone else noticed that Brendon and Rachel’s friends and family weren’t shown on the TV episodes. Usually when a HG is on the block or HOH BB interviews their family. In Rachel’s case, Ragan and Matt were shown, but not her friends and family. Both times Brendon was on the block we didn’t see any cameos. I remember last year they showed the ex girlfriend and her mom, but not Brendons family and his HOH letter was from his sister. Not his mom or dad or best friend. Do their families disapprove of them being on BB and don’t want any part of it, or is Brenchel ashamed of their families. No big deal. Those HG family interviews nauseate me. Shelly’s phone call made me sick to my stomach. I wish they’d stop torturing us with the visit to the HOH room too. I don’t want to see them slobbering over pictures and sniffling while they read their letters to the other HG that can barely pretend they give a crap. I certainly don’t. There’s lots of good stuff on the feeds that they can’t fit on the shows because they fill it with so much recap and contrived material.


Yeah, I totally hate how some are overly fake when looking at the pictures and up in the HOH room. I thought Kalia and Rachel were the worst at butt kissing this week up in the HOH room. Oh and Shelly of course. Rachel saying things like yay because Jeff won HOH was super fake. And Kalia being overly interested in Jeff’s HOH letter. I can see being diplomatic and showing interest but some of them go obviously overboard.


Seeing that Brendan mentioned that Rachel’s Father is an alumna of Princeton, I’m inclined to think the families are distancing themselves from Rachel’s latest acting gig.


These 3 have not women are driving me crazy! Daniel is pathetic, whining about hunger and sleep depravation. How many days in are they? It’s amazing that there was absolutely no sympathy for anyone else being without and they have been complaining since the beginning. Well actually Porsche is handling it the best, surprisingly.
But all the bashing that they are doing is making me sick. They expect Jeff to keep his word but they are totally saying that they aren’t going to keep any deal that they are making at this time. It’s amazing what they expect in this house.
And Daniel says that she is going to go crazy if she goes up. Please, who does she think she is?


When Big Brother first started there was no slop. The Have Not Food was peanut and butter sandwiches. The house guest did not have a problem with it other than they really got tired of it at the end of the first day.The slop seems to cause digestive problems. It gives extremely bad gas and it bothers Jordan and Dani’s stomach. Not a Dani fan, but the girl is extremely skinny and now digestive problems. Same for Jordan, I think 14 days were too many.
Maybe AG should go ack to the way the show was in the beginning. Comps geared for everyone and PBJ sandwiches.


I wouldn’t fare well with the peanut butter since I’m allergic if I was in there. Which I would never But yeah, they definitely need to revamp the slop or go back to how it was. I thought they had to change the slop before because people were having allergic reactions to it and so they ended up with whatever this is now. But the slop isn’t the only thing that need to go back to or just completely change in my opinion. Maybe my memory is failing me but I also thought the food comps were more interesting than they are now.


kalia and porsche make me sick. they thought it was funny when everyone else was on slop and they kept there fat asses up in the HOH. i just wish BB would throw a twist on thursday that who ever is on the block on thursday will be leaving that would really stir things up. cause if porsche is the onlyone left she won’t have no one to run to ..that way jeff and jordan would be safe next week.i so want kalia and dani to go to jury house this week.


I can not understand all of the hate for people we don’t know . you guys start to scare me.

Midwest Fan

It is a good thing that none of us are BB HGs.
What would BB Fans say about us???????????

Team Dani

Big Brother will be so boring after Daniele leaves!I don’t even think I will watch it anymore after her eviction,and who to cheer for I don’t even now.


Shelly was a fan of JJ before coming into the BB house. More likely she will remain loyoal for a couple more weeks. But Adam was a fan of Evil Dick and Rachel. So who knows maybe Adam will create an alliance with Rachel after this coming eviction.

Midwest Fan

You’re right about Adam being a Dick Fan.
Perhaps Adam’s restless night is because he is wondering what
Dick will say to him if he votes Dick’s daughter out of the game?

Will Adam have an epiphany and vote to keep Dani instead
of back dooring her? It all depends upon Adam removing his
lips from Jeff’s butt long enough for him to think, GAME.

Seriously, Adam’s game play, so far, will bring him nothing
but derision from his friends back home.
Adam’s Welcome Home Gifts from his Pals:
A Pink Hoodie
An Orange Sippy Cup
Jeff Poster


I’m in a similar bag, except in the opposite manner, I’m not sure who to root against now that Dani is going. I don’t care enough to like or dislike anyone else on the show. Guess I’ll have to somehow stick with rooting against Dani after she leaves.

Perhaps Julie Chen will devour her during her exit interview.


I don’t know why people want JJ to win when j has already won a season, it makes for boring tv….. they need to keep daniele in there rachael, kalia, porsche jeff…. and the others can leave.. maybe keep shelley cause she plays both sides so much it’s pathetic.. but to have daniele leave it’s just going to be boring as hell!!!


The Rachael bashing reminds me of American high schools. You guys are all adults, get a life.
Thank God I live in a more mature country.


The real show is watching all of you fighting with each other over who you like or don’t like lol. None of you know any of these people personally and I’d imagine all of you would be different inside the bb house. Just wanted to let you all know that its just a show!


Seriously, Kaila. How dumb and stupid are you? First, you put Jeff and Rachel on the block for what? Get rid of Bigger Target. Also, you say about her friends in the picture or refer to Danielle that, “Jump and spread with Wings and fly”. How dumb and stupid are you Kaila? Now, you want to talk to Jeff about getting rid of Rachel. That’s Sucks, HUH!!!! Karma is a B$*tch. Told you once and told you twice, don’t put Jeff on the block. That’s payback. Now, you probably join by Dani as a replacement instead of Jeff saving Porsche. Your BFF, Dani is totally screwed. She will be gone and you and Porsche crying like a little B*$tch. Which makes you both Suffered. So, better beg for Mercy.


Regarding Rachel bring pregnant. Does anyone remember when Jordan thought she was pregnant during her season


IMO, This is the worst season ob BB ever. The newbies are like a bunch of fan boys and girls who are just happy to be around the vet couples. Kalia makes me sick. She talks way too much, makes the dumbest facial expressions and seems to be in love with Jeff.

I don’t think her terrible HOH move was about her fearing Jeff. Watch and listen to her carefully everyone! She has a school girl crush on him and he can’t even stand her. LMAO! Silly rabbit! Jeff is the real reason The Hut has always tried to play all “buddy buddy” with Jordan. She just wants to be close to Jeff. Poor Dani! Her whole game changed when Dick left, PT the genius tells Shelly of all people about his sub alliance with DBR, Shelly tells Jordan outside, and then they both go to the HOH room and lie to BR saying Dani is trying to come after all of them. BR actually believing that crap changed the game.

Honestly, I don’t know why it took so long for people to figure Shelly out. I would’ve known what was going on after Keith left and for sure after Cassie. People are throwing vetos left, right and center lol and JJ control the house. UNDERSTAND THIS… THERE WAS NEVER REALLY A DKP ALLIANCE! KALIA THE HUT HAS ALWAYS BEEN WITH JJ. SHE WOULD SELL OUT DANI ANY DAY JUST TO DRINK JEFF’S BATH WATER.


I agree. I think BB set this up with Jeff and Jordon super fans and wanted to watch Brenden, Rachel, Dani and Dick deal with it. No one has come to the conclusion yet that all the newbs were with JJ in some way

Midwest Fan

After Dani leaves
: (
I hope Kalia wins HOH and, with a surprise move, evicts Jordan.

Next HOH will hopefully be Porsche and she successfully evicts
Jeff and tells him that it is too bad HE never took the time to
talk Game with her. lol

Final Two: Porsche and Rachel ( One Newbie & One Vet )


Midwest – I would die. I know I would be ripped to shreds and even though I would be a little bit upset at the end of the day if I won the 500k, it would be worth it.
BB fans would say ————–> -She talks too loud, her laugh sounds like a duck mating call, what is going on with her hair, what is that scar from, she probably had lipo or a baby, maybe she had lipo after she had a baby because she is so vain from looking into the mirror every time she passes it. She is a bitch and a liar, she cheats on her husband, maybe that is why she had lipo, really what is going on with her hair. Her family hates her, she is too mean, that’s Rockstar from the BB site. What a bitch. I hate her. She was always making fun of everyone else. Geez she has a fat ass. hahahaha true story

Midwest Fan

You crack me up. lol
I would become your #1 BB Fan.