Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Jordan has second thoughts, Kalia: “I Don’t think their is any more public enemy number one than rachel and Brendon”

3:42pm Living Room Jordan and rachel Rachel asks Jordan if Jeff would be cool if they played a practical joke on them. Jordan says it would be hilarious but right now Jeff would FLIP. (The picture above says it all). Rachel brings up the saran wrap on the toilet and Jrodan says it’ll be funny but Jeff might get mad, she suggests Dom does it when Jeff is on the elliptical.

3:44pm Backyard couch Porsche and Cassi Porsche loves charity and helping people out she’s allways wantted to do somehting with clean water.. Maybe a missoanry trip, “I’m not really part of any church but want to help people out”
Cassi talks about her friend in texas that does that… feeds cut..

3:50pm Bedroom Dom and Dani Dani asks him when he went to bed, Dom says 6am. dani is surprised he stayed up so late. He said he was chilling with Cassi, He explains that he was friends with her from the beginning and he still likes her as a friend. Dom brings up that Rachel really wants Cassi out. Dani says she doesn’t want Cassi gone as much as everyone thinks. dom doesn’t agree but says it doesn’t matter she’s going home either way. dani is “Bummed” the next couple days are going to be really boring for them (Flirty talk between these 2… whose playing who?) Racehl walks in the room tells him that she’s talked to Jordan and the saran wrap should be done later tonight.

4:00pm Jordan and Kalia Jordan is saying that the reason she wanted to keep Cassi was that Cassi and Rachel would go to war and take the heat of JJ.. But rachel doesn’t think that Getting rid of Lawon right now would benefit them and she’s sure that Cassi and Dom would be a dangerous couple to keep in the game. Kalia says she doesn’t trust Shelly and she doesn’t trust Rachel at all. Jordan is saying that her and Jeff are worried that Rachel will flip on them sooner than they planned (We can only hope 😉 ). Kalia says Rachel is going to flip maybe not next week but she will soon possibly before the twist is over. Jordan hopes Rachel sticks to the plan but they are getting worried. Kalia: “She’s playing a really sloppy game… Lawon is driving me CRAZY”
Jordan: “Do you think it’s bad my decision?”
Kalia: “No there was no other choice”
Jordan: “I think Rachel is starting to flip” Kalia agrees and says rachel is already starting to act like she did last year and other people int he house are noticing.
Kalia: “I Don’t think there is any more public enemy number one than rachel and Brendon”
Kalia says tells here that Jordan basically put cassi up for rachel and the alliance.
Jordan: “I know Cassi would of been with us 100%” (WTF THEN WHY DID YOU DO IT)
Kalia warns Jordan that ever since Dom won that POV him and Rachel are now Big buddies. Jordan is having second thoughts about putting up Cassi/Shelly she thinks that maybe they should of gotten rid of lawon. Jordan asks her if she thinks that it’s too early to flip next week. Kalia isn’t sure she points out that next week is the last gold key week. Jordan says that if Rachel and Brendon flip next week Jeff is going to go Ballistic! Jordan thinks that maybe she’s getting a little paranoid because they have nothing to do in the house all day. Kalia thinks that is most likely the case (is it me or is everyone playing JJ Shelly, Kalia, dani, Dom, and a bit rachel)

They start chit chating about boy, friends relationships.. etc etc.. Jordan says her and JEff want to get married but they both need to get their careers in line.

4:25pm Backyard couch POrsche, cassi and lawon talking about Fashion, spray on tans, hats, shoes, tanning beds, nails exciting stuff..

4:40pm A bunch of houseguests are setting up a prank for Adam. Adam thinks everything is “game” so they are messing around with the keys in the house. They plan on turning the lights out so that production yells at them which will wake Adam up he’ll see the keys have all been moved and will start to freak out that some twist is happening.

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I really hope that the veterans stay together till the end. Because if one of the newbies makes it to the finals the vets won’t win the game. However I like both BR and JJ. I wish Dick was still there but anyway. If anyone were to flip it might be Dani. Right now she is flying under the radar because of the key but in her season she was winning the POVs and HOH’s like crazy.


I really hope that the veterans stay together till the end. Because if one of the newbies makes it to the finals the vets won’t win the game. However I like both BR and JJ. I wish Dick was still there but anyway. If anyone were to flip it might be Dani. Right now she is flying under the radar because of the key but in her season she was winning the POVs and HOH’s like crazy.


wow why was jordumb in the HOH bathtub taking a bubble bath with mr bubble whilst jerk was wiping her down with a cloth and saying “now now baby daddys gonna clean you all up? then jordumb said “weeeeeeeeee ga ga i ruv bubbles.


Jordan you just got screwed yo.


BR will turn on JJ, simply because they don’t need them, JJ needs BR

LMFAO @ Jordomb having 2nd thoughts, and so early too. Can’t wait til BR puts them up.

Simon please tell me this was an argument or something LOL

I wish BB aloud fighting


Jordan is already starting to regret her decision of nominating Cassi and shelly? Her and jeff are so clueless. I kinda hope Brendon and Rachel turn on them soon so i can just see the stupid looks on their faces(J/J). I feel like jordan would have kept cassi and nominated brendon and rachel if Jeff wasnt in her ear the whole time.




Could they make a Big Brother video game???


that would be awsome!!!


Kalia is a little too comfortable in the HOH room while they play this prank. She wants it to be known that she is in good with the repeats(Jordan only). I really hope they flip and keep Lawons sketchy ass over her!


I think Jordan made the right decision. If they flipped week 2, no one would ever trust JJ down the road. Brenchel would be STUPID to flip on them anytime soon. They are the only people they can really trust.


What move or story has j j been told to think b/ r want to flip on them, why is Jordan being so suspicious of rach Elle !


you all want the action, sorry folks, it makes no sense for JJ to take out “public enemy number one”….why? because once they leave, someone else becomes the target, that someone is J and J….its PERFECT for the game of any other vets for B and r to continue winning challenges and forcing attention on themselves…sure B and R will lose and be gone soon enough, but if they make it to jury it will be pretty funny


Hopefully Rachel gets evicted right before jury house and Brendon goes into the house. Rachel would spend the next two months completely freaked.


If she turned one there numbers would be screwed two they would be the next duo up on the block next week, still couples u idiots


I really don’t like Shelly she’s sneaky like a rat.


I think Shelly crying is fake! The woman is a schemer and knows exactly what she’s doing. She essentially backstabbed Cassi, lied to everyone as to how she voted, tries to be “momma” to everyone, and now is going for sympathy. The woman has claws, they may be hidden right now, but they’re there. The thing about BB is EVERYONE is a threat, and Shelly is no less threat than Cassi.


I wish Evel Dick comes back in some variety even if it obviously isn’t to play the game. Pandora’s Box, host, some other twist etc. He would have destroyed B/R if he had stayed. Sigh.


ED doesn’t need to come back, BB was poorly cast this season I don’t mind some of the vets coming back but the newbies
are just boring and old, they’re no edgy young people that like to have fun.

Cast better next season no oldies


Simon do you think there will be a twist this season and they will bring Cassi back?


simon i agree because dick left they have to fill that gap so i could see someone coming back and i also agree it wiill be one of the repeats (after they start getting knocked off) this show has become soooo predictable (yawn) I only watched 2 nights of after dark and that was enough. I just go on here for updates and watch the daily shows.
peace n carrots
D 🙂


are dom and dani playing each other, or do they actually like each other?


Simon, ur soo right, on all points the golden couple j.j. Have had the most flattering image of all houseguest ever! Having America vote on any prize they will win it. We all know they arnt always what they r made out to be. And thank you for everything you do every year I’m glued to ur site it’s the best I read and check in a hundred times a day. Thank you for all the work u put into it !!! 🙂


I’ll give anything to serve Dani breakfast and massage her feet…

Woo Woo Woo You Know It >:)

BB stalker

What a LOSER you must be!


If they are going to have one of the repeats return instead of one of the Newbies they should of called this Big Brother 13 repeats


I think the best move next week would be for someone to go after rachel and her hunchback, then backdoor rachel all the way back to her tiny rat whole in Las Vegas.

I am so sick of her annoying laugh, nasty pimply no ass face.

then portia and the hunchback can make babies together lol.


then should would go to jury house and be there all the rest of the show but that would not be bad because she has no place to go home to she does even have a place to live


I hope BR turn on JJ very soon because they were cowards not to backdoor them when they had the chance. JJ will use the excuse of “it’s too early” or “everyone will turn on us” forever and eventually get the boot.