Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Jordan doesn’t want to be carried through the game she wants a Pandora’s Box

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8:00pm Storage Room JR
Rachel says KP is going to tell them they threw the comp to them, “Let them think that” . Jordan doesn’t think they did. Rachel agrees, She says that now she’s the houses number one target they need to win HOH.
Rachel: “lets tell them that it’s final 4 but after we win the HOH we can do whatever we want”. Rachel: “It’s us against Adam and Kalia.. cmon we can do this.. We need to win HOH then POV”

Rachel says Adam will put them up if he wins HOH but she’s pretty sure he will only try if he feels he’s in trouble. She thinks they need to make him feel safe. Rachel: “A player like

Jordan we need to split Porsche and Kalia they’re a team they are good.. Rachel knows they need to split up KP she adds they need to win POV and HOH next week otherwise their done for.

Rachel starts doing a dance yelling team Rachel and Jordan.. Jordan is worried that people will say that Rachel carried Jordan along, Jordan wants to do something she doesn’t want to be dragged to the finals.

they head to the Bedroom

Jordan says she wants to put up adam and Kalia, rachel thinks it should be POrsche and Kalia then if POV is won Adam goes up and Kalia goes home. Jordan wishes she could open a Pandora’s box and get 5 grand. She thinks the next Pandora’s box will be a bad thing for the person and a good thing for the house.

8:25pm Jordan brings up how that comp was perfect for rachel.. Rachel is very ecstatic saying she has won 4 comps now. (there spirits have lifted no talk about quitting )

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8:13pm Kitchen KPSA Shelly is in a lot of pain from the comp (Her back is all messed up with metal rods) Kalia says she sorry about her being so hurt. Shelly tells her not to be she did the best she could she knew 10 minutes in her back would not be able to take it.
POrsche says she feels bad for Shelly
Shelly tells them not to mop around she knew coming into this game there will be comps that she sucks in..
Shelly: “Don’t be moping around at all .. get your next steps ready”
Porsche: “you don’t be moping around either”
Shelly: “I’m not… truly I’m fine I can handle this no problem”

Shelly says that Rachel has been saying side remarks..
Prosche: “I know” Shelly: “If she thinks that is going to get to me she’s got another thing coming”

8:22pm Kitchen SA Shelly tells him he needs to work his ass off cause he’s the second after her. Adam knows but if he can’t win a comp he deserves to go home. Shelly: “Don’t be so hard on yourself your doing fine” Adam that comp was not meant for a person with legs like he has..

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8:30pm Shelly and Kalia trying to get into the purple room. Shelly jokes: “That’s my last hope.. well at least no on else can get in” (they can’t get in.. Shelly’s back is buggered and I think she’s on pills)

Shelly says you guys (KP) need to rock it i’m gone this week. Kalia tells her to stop talking like that.
Shelly: “really it’s OK it’s just a game I’ll go home… Seriously lets have fun lets enjoy.. I’m not going to stoop to Rachel’s level”

Kalia is upset they had it made on Thursday and now look. Shelly: “Well she shouldn’t of opened the box” KAlia: “I know”

Shelly says JR are not smart enough to think through things they have made the game personal. Shelly thinks that Jeff and Jordan will probably vote for Rachel but nobody else will. She wants Adam, Porsche and Kalia to play smart and think about themselves.

Shelly: “I’ve had a great time.. except for this week It’s been a great run.. when Jordan goes back and watches the show she will know”

Shelly says they should take Rachel to the final 2 because otherwise JJBR will control who wins the game and they will vote based on emotion.

Shelly says Brendon is a Great guy nothing like rachel, “He’s got his issues I got mine but inside he’s a decent guy.. He should rethink the partner situation” Adam joins them and they start recapping the POV.. Shelly says she beat Jordan but had no chance (it was a endurance comp but is was very hard)

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344 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Jordan doesn’t want to be carried through the game she wants a Pandora’s Box

  1. Apparently the POV comp was like the first HOH comp, except they had to hang on to dummy versions of their evicted partners. From what I’ve heard, Cassie came back to post (I might be wrong about that though). Hopefully Kalia or Adam can beat out Rachel for HOH next week. If anyone other than Kalia or Porsche wins this season, it will be terrible.

    1. Shelly: “I’ve had a great time.. except for this week It’s been a great run.. when Jordan goes back and watches the show she will know”

      She will know what???? that u r a complete scumbag!!!

      Good grief enough is enough! Nobody is buying your rachel rants anymore….

      1. Shelly is a two-faced person. Even her own daughter is embarrassed with how much her mother lied and switched sides in this game

        1. I liked her in the beginning. But she can’t even be honest with herself! And I don’t care how she twists it, she f’d Jordan over. She’s floating right next to Adam.

        2. People !, people ! , people ! It is just a game my gosh .leave everybody alone …..every year people stress out over nothing.let them play thier game .I think they know what they were getting into when they decided to play bb.

      2. No shit Bone !! Shelly the stupid leatherfaced coca cola for breakfast chain smoking rat haired bitch is seriously delusional ! When Jordan looks back at this season she is gonna see one seriously habitual compulsive liar !! She lie’s so much, she doesn’t even think she’s lying anymore !! For someone who doesn’t know what hummus is and never heard of coconut water before, its not surprising, but REALLY what an embarrassment of a woman, her family must be so embarrassed and ashamed :(

        1. Shelly is scum…. How are we even to believe that she’s some sort of executive? For all we know she could be a greeter at WalMart…..

      3. Shelly “Straight=LOSER” can look back at her big move: She got Lawon out and saved Rachel. Then, voted out Jeff and SAVED Rachel. Rachel is kicking her butt and sending her to the DumbDom Dani Loser fan club. CBS must have told her when she flipped against JJ that if she didn’t win they would still pay her big bucks. I’m not a big Rachel fan, BUT if she wins the next HOH and sends “P” home then she should get the win. I take Adam or Jordan to the finals. P has won enough comps to gain votes and win. If Kalia wins the next HOH, then she should win. Going to be a fun finish even with this group of average players.

    2. Really? In the BB world Kahlua and Porshe are so unimpressive. What makes them memorable? Without a video, I can’t tell them apart. (BTW, I never drink & drive.)

        1. Jordon is so dumb, she calls everyone a floater when she floats every season with someone as her life jacket. She is not loyal with Kaliah neve put her up nd she want to put her up. I can’t wait until she goes to the jury house.

    3. I agree with you
      Only Kalia and Porshe deserver to win now…
      Shelly did a good game also…..she should stay and Jordan goes home
      but the production got control of the game again…it sucks.

    4. I agree. Unfortunately, if S leaves this week then only K & A will be competing against R (Jordumb is useless at comps, as even she has acknowledged. Next to S, A is the most pathetic at comps & player. So, in essence, it will be K & S competing for the next HoH. They’ve both won 2 HoH comps so, depending on the type of HoH comp, it could go either way. P was an total ass to open PB! Her own greed may very well cost her the game. After D left I was rooting for P (or if not P then K) to win but, only a naive (OK, moronic!) person would even consider opening PB at this late stage in the game.

      As many already know the story of Pandora’s box comes from Greek Mythology, whereby Pandora opened a jar (not actually a box), which contained all the evils of the world. Pandora opened the jar, all its contents except for one item (hope) were released into the world. The general understanding now a days of opening Pandora’s box is that something evil will happen or be created, which can’t be reversed. I’d say R remaining in the game and possibly winning the game meets that criteria!! I hate to say it but P, ya blew it!! You should have know that a PB couldn’t be opened without there being a negative consequence for you and your alliance.

      As for S (very likely) going home, good riddens!!! As the saying going S, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

      1. Typo! Meant to say K & R will, in essence, be the only two competing for next HoH ( not K & S …. as S is about to get her well eviction papers).

      2. Porsche was on a high from her recent good fortune and allowed greed, coupled with Production cajoling her, she changed her mind and opened that damn Pandora’s Box. This is a perfect example of how dangerous power can be when it falls in the hands of the wrong people!

    5. If thats true, and the competition was about holding onto your dummie partners, then OBVIOUSLY Rachel would win.. “Brendonn woooot! Im going to hold on to you babbyyy”. And also if cassi hosted, then she would win just to rub it in cassi’s face.

    6. i thank the game is rigged production chooses who they want to win and if r or j win i will not watch again jordan is nice but dumb and racheal is just a b–ch and her voice and laugh gets under your skin cant stand to hear or see hear. she is a vry baby

      1. Yea cut just like my ball sack that you love jumping on every time I post, and I’m not a Dani fan you JJ Drone, I just call it the way I see it and it’s a FACT that this entire season was catered to the VETS(Including Dani), go head prove me wrong…I’ll wait

    1. Yeah Dumb A$$ production totally fixed it for Rachel to win they held her up the entire time! How do you fix a endurance comp? Its time for Rachel and Jordan to come and clean house! Take those arrogant losers out one by one! GO TEAM RAJO!

        1. What show are you watching. I hope Rachel wins after all the crap she has taken from people who think they are better than her. No one in that game is better than anyone else.

          1. Hi Kim, agreed. These girls have been so cruel to Rachel. Shelly making up lies back and forth and blames it on Rachel and she still does. Rachel might be annoying but she is true to her words because her actions show it all. Comments are thrown to each other by the house guest but the horrible things the mean women have said to Rachel have made me wish that Rachel win this game. Give credit to Rachel even thou annoying at times, she has won comps and figured out who is lying in the house and when Dani asked her to betray Jeff, she did not and that shows that she can be true to her words. In my opinion, Shelly has to go then it is Kalia. It seems that Dani left her personal vendetta to Kalia to finish the job on destroying Rachel.

            1. Couldn’t agree more. Rachel hasn’t stabbed anyone in the back, unlike every single other person in the house, including Jordan when JJ voted against Brendon. If JJ would have stuck by BR every time, they wouldn’t be in this position now. There is no way production is swaying things her way. People are mad because Brendon came back into the game. I think production wanted Rachel voted out and then she would have had to compete against Brendon to go back in. That would have made better TV, and I think that is what they were hoping for. Instead it was favorable for Rachel, but she had nothing to do with making it happen. She did her part to keep Jeff, despite the fact JJ voted twice to evict Brendon, but she stuck by them because they were her alliance and she gave her word. I have to respect that.

          2. the only crap r put up with is her on doing she cried the entire time except when her group won then she was talking trach to everyone. cant stand her

      1. Totally the Skelator club can go cry with (danidumbass)…. Nothing better than seeing the fury of team Jordachel asfter shellysheman scorned thier alliance…. Hugs to Rachel for being a compassionate friend to Jordy when she needed it the most and for keeping her head straight to help her…

        1. Agree 1,000%….

          Sure, Jordan is an air-head, however if everyone, male or female, were like her there would be less strife between the sexes… Rachael is a arrogant, semi air-head who makes everyone despise her through her dumb actions…..

          But no one beats Shelly, Kalia and Porsche…. They are the epitome of what’s wrong with a lot of women and that is they find fault with everyone but themselves, gossip about everything, can’t let “anything” go, seek revenge for minor things and most importantly “never forgive or forget”….

          …oh and thanks in advance for the verbal beating I’m about to receive !!!!!

      2. How boring would the rest of the season be if the final four was Kalia, Shelly, Porsche, and Adam. Kalia and Porsche are so full of themselves. They think that they are powerhouse players. Adam, well, he’s Adam, and Shelly……..she has not even come close to winning anything. True, Jordan has just won an HOH, but she’s also won Big Brother…

      3. Don’t you remember who won the first HOH?
        And who was the best at it? I love this show but now it becoming more fixed. Why use a past comp.? CBS knows’s who will most likely win.

      1. AGREE TEAM ROJO I hope they make it to final 2 and let KPSD have to vote for one of the them. All KPS do is sit around and talk about people all day in or out pf power. And Kalia had the nerve to say the vets thought they were better than them, at least they didn’t go around constantly bashing the other side. Jeff called them loosers, but BJR and even D talked about the newbies but they didn’t go on a constant rant.

      2. Porsche opened Pandoras Box…

        ….but the conspiracy theory types believe she was coerced into doing so, so that Rachael could step up her game play and win a competition tailor made for her….

        Just like the theory that production convinced Skeletor (that has got to be the best nickname given anyone ever in the history of BB) to believe Jeff in that he would “never” put her up…..

    2. This time it was CRYSTAL CLEAR that “endurance” was tailored to benefit Rachel, Production didn’t even bother to disguise their “goal”, but it isn’t Rachel’s fault, PKSA should stop EATING and GOSSIPING and start working out, there is one more endurance comp at the end. TD4ever!

      1. You are CORRECT. On the super spy cam 2 weeks ago: Porche to K: “Hey, in 2 weeks we might have another endurance comp, we better gain 54 pounds first.” Kalia, great idea. Hahahahahaha.

    3. LOL… Good call. BB really has jumped the shark this season.

      If Jordan somehow wins again it’s a good example ofnwhat America is becoming… A place were the dumb, lazy & useless get rewarded.

        1. Its called being honest, alot of people should get off of it and get out there and make this world a better place but unfortunately society caters to lazy asses that have been on welfare as a 3rd and 4th generation reciever…. so whomever didnt like the comment just back off back off… take your ass into the welfare office and you’ll see them there wearing leather jackets, gold jewelry, have three or four kids that are barely dressed, walking out with the aid check and getting into cars that most hard working americans cant even afford and then think before you comment..

          1. agree 1,000%…..

            Plus they have money for smokes, cab, liquor, satellite TV, etc. And some of them, still in their late teens, already have two or three kids and the father or fathers are nowhere to be seen….

            It’s a sad state of affairs and only going to get MUCH worse……

        2. NOT cool at all….25 years ago I was on Welfare when I was a single parent and going to college. Now I’ve been a teacher since then. Don’t generalize…..

    4. After 13 seasons, the BB producers finally figured out how to make the reality / soap opera enjoyable to watch. Even with the loss of Brendon, Dani, and Jeff, with all the ups and downs, this season was entertaining.

      1. Yes, hunter as I have never been glued to Big Brother the way I did this season. Good Job CBS. Just not right what these mean girls have done to Rachel.

      1. She only assumed that there was money according to what I heard her say online, she had no idea for sure there was money, or even how much, it was just in a hard brief case, so she assumed there was money. There is no way that BB would give $25k for opening Pandora’s Box. If she really cared about winning this game, opening the box was a huge mistake. She should have realized it. But I don’t think she really knows this game! She just knew Jennelle. All she cares about is Money. So she changed the game. Her Fault!
        No matter who’s side of the house your on, the decision was changed because of Porche’s actions.

        1. has it occured to anyone that on the live feeds we’re only hearing what P is telling the house she got? If you’re given a special power, you’re not allowed to tell, i’m assuming a 5k check is a good cover up!

        2. She’ll be remembered as the dumb, did-nothing cutie that saved Rachael from the grips of “Team STOOPID” …….

      2. TBH, I think it’s unfair to have pandora’s box so late in the game, I was expecting Dani to get one, they usually do 3 pandora’s box. However, they didn’t and I assumed they would not do it this year. It’s almost seem like they did it to save RJ.

        But at the same time no one deserve to win from this bunch aside from Rachel. Rachel is a great competitor but it hrad to support such a Bitch, yea Rachel, I called u a Bitch. If she would play strategically then she would go far, but she is to emotionally and way to catty. I AM TEAM PORSCHE, YO!

        Kalia is stupid, she is not fit for BB. Adam is such sad, I can’t stand him. Jordon is clueless. I will be pist if any of those 3 wins. NOT WORTHY!

        Shelly, I must say played the best game. She is BB! She was loyal to JJ, until she knew she had to split them.

        I miss Dani!

        1. She is never honest to the JJRSA alliance, she was trying to make deals, lies, left and right. How is it honest to her Vet alliance when the time they needed her most, she betrayed them. Her vote should have made a difference on Jeff’s eviction.

      1. Exactly. They have counter-measures to make sure their precious J/R don’t get booted. And Jordan still wants more handouts.

        1. Jordumb’s not use to having to work this season …… for anything she’s received, so in her (so called) mind, she probably feels completely justified in asking for, and expecting, something for nothing. Get off your ass Jordumb and work for something you really want ……. for a change!

          1. You guys are pathetic I take it read the headlines but not the content. Jordan did not ask for Pandoras box she said if there was one it would be something bad for the house. Now I see were the Dani fans are they dont see deeper than the surface….

  2. Ok so if it was an endurance comp, how was it rigged? Oh because Rachel is the strongest girl there??? She works out everyday, while the rest sleep, eat and smoke. Good for her, she deserves it.

      1. That’s now true, what about the POV “Greek Theme” win Jeff won and Kahlia rooting him on, that was an endurance!

          1. Notice how some people are saying the show is interesting again now that Rachel won a POV that saved both her and Jordan. That’s the reaction CBS wanted. The twist and the pov comp were arguably tailored to favor the vets.

      2. what about the the veto puzzle up on the wall that was endurance … or are youjust upset that team danidumbasses screwed up….

    1. So right. everyone els just sucks obv thier not gonna win . Kalia has only.won questions shelly sucks at everything and porch is a dumb blonde. Adam no comment

    2. Never have been a team veto at the final 6 in history but there is no rigging? are you delusional?

      If rachel would have won a single veto, Adam would have replaced her against Jordan with a sure Jordan eviction. Now they are both safe and are going to chose who goes home?

      Now do you see how it’s rigged?

      1. Lol, Porsche chose to open the box because she thought that there would be money in there. It wasn’t rigged since the outcomes obviously would be different if she decided to leave things as they were and not take a chance with Pandora’s Box. Jordan would be going home right now, so it’s Porsche’s mistake.

    3. It wasn’t rigged, it was just geared towards her.
      However, I think 95% of competitions are geared towards someone. (Dani’s endurance hoh, Jeff’s physical POVs, etc). It’s obvious that certain hgs have an advantage in certain types of comps. If people are complaining about this POV, they might as well complain about every comp.

    4. Comp wasn’t rigged. This is Big Brother. Just odd to have an endurance comp.

      Just like the POV Jeff lost wasn’t rigged. He just lost a comp tailored toward a strong male.

      1. Season 11, the p.o.v at the final 5 that michele one. If it was rigged, it would have been geared towards jeff but it clearly wasn’t. It was a metamorphosis competition that involved brains/memory something that jeff hadn’t been proven to be good at~

    5. Agree. I mean Porsche is equally fit and so is Jordan and Shelly so why couldn’t they hang on. And why does Shelly keep lying on Rachel saying she keeps making smart comments. I have not heard Rachel say one thing about Shelly, and Shelly was no where near Rachel and Jordan when they were talking. It was Jordan saying they had to get Shelly out this week, and Shelly was no where near them, Rachel didn’t say anything about Shelly.

    6. It was rigged because it was a team pov, once Rachel & Jordan were on the block which, very conveniently, saved both of them. Lame

    7. The fix is in…It’s one thing for rachel to win because she is a good strong competitor(I still hate her but respect her athletic ability)…but for both of them to come off…blatant, CBS is getting like Congress not listening to the people…Dani had it right, but it’s CBS that wants to write Jordan another check for doing absolutely NOTHING again.

      Big Brother has officially “Jumped the Shark”…Congrats to Rachel, still hate her, but this twist this late is outrageous…One must ponder, would this twist have been put in-play if it wasn’t two vets on the block…Rachel earned the right to take herself off the block but Jordan too…Ridiculous!!!

      At this point, as long as Jordan does not in the top 2, I don’t care who wins…Didn’t know cbs was into Psycho, Racist, Homophobe, Stupid, Double Talking, knock knee’d do nothings like Jordan…Entitlement gone awry.

    8. I agree Neli! Rachel works out every single day. K, P and S sit around all day long, smoke, gossip, eat and sleep. They wonder why America doesn’t like them…Shocker!!!!!! (like Miss Donato would say – how sad that Daniele doesn’t have her dad’s witty mind! She is a great competitor, but thinks like a kid…..revenge, revenge, revenge)

        1. Sorry, but I disagree with you. It is Dani who played on a personal vendetta, when Rachel got Dominic evicted and Dani got Brendon evicted, it should have been even. Dani took it personally that she was so mad that all she wanted to do is to get revenge on Rachel. She should have thought of just playing the game and move on. Kalia seems to have drunk Dani’s Kool Aid that she continues what Dani did not accomplish to destroy Rachel which would apparently caused her Demise like Dani.

    1. Simon,

      How many pov comps have been endurance in the past seasons?

      I understand why production did it, but I just don’t remember pov ever being an endurance comp.

        1. There was an endurance competition last season (BB12) that involved the houseguests holding onto a briefcase for as long as possible. This isn’t the first time and it’s ridiculous that people are using that as an excuse.

          1. That wasn’t endurance. The goal of the comp was to hold on to the briefcase and let go of it after 1 hour. Whoever was closest to the 1 hour mark won. It was about estimating time.

        2. The one that comes to mind for me was in Dick’s season there was the mad hatter endurance POV where he threw to Jen because he was mad at Mike for screwing with him.

      1. I believe there was one last season, with the houseguests holding onto a briefcase while being hit in the face with a dollar bill.

        1. No that wasn’t an endurance comp, it was a timed comp. The objective of the game was to drop you box closest to one hour. The person closest won, I remember Enzo was off by 14 sec and Britney won!

    2. If Cowlia and Pinto didnt stuff their fat asses with junk food all season and if Shelly and Adam didnt smoke a carton a day, they might of had a chance

  3. Be quiet about the production thing. Production didn’t want Danielle and Jeff out the same night, jesus. Some of you think like everything is a soap opera. Their has been a pandoras box for a few years now. Get over it and enjoy the show for what it is. Jeez.

    1. Haha. Did Shelly actually say that JJ are the only ones who would vote for Rachel to win the game? Did she completely forget about Rachel’s FIANCEE?

  4. “I have my dignity, I have my grace, I have my integrity.” Shelly about how she played the game, BB 13.

    yeah, right.

    1. You mean team production? Jordan is staying this week because of production. She does not even count anymore in this game imo!

    1. People aren’t saying comp wasn’t rigged. It just wasn’t a coincidence it was endurance.

      Rachel won the comp Big Brother put out there. She saved her ass.

  5. How many days till Shelly is gone? I’m not going to celebrate till she’s out the door. How many people think
    she will go home to S.C. instead of to the jury house? I would love it if she did because it would be one less
    person to vote against Rachel if Rachel gets to the final 2. TEAM RACHEL!!!

  6. If it was rigged then production would have been out there holding Rachel up. Its not productions fault that Kalia, Adam and Porshe are fat and that Shelly is old… Production did not make Porshe open the box..

    1. Not taking anything away from rachel, but the duo thing…come on…Jordan has done nothing but posture and dictate policy and stand ready to obey her man…he left, she tried, literally, and CBS knew Porsche would open Pandora’s Box…Because she said she would early on…If Rachel(whom I hate dearly) makes it to the final 2, then she should win based on her abilities in comps(even though she was in a rutt), and the risks she takes. CBS better make this right, because this gamble can blow up in their face…

  7. The whole twist is dumb, and was clearly made just so rachel and jordan save their asses, like they just did, “winning” POV. But Im just glad Kalia and Porsche are in final 5 :3 They’re the only ones I want to win…

      1. Porsche did not ASK for JR to be safe. Yes, she opened the box, like everyone does. It was a dumb move to open the box when she was sitting pretty in the house, but she didn’t know what was in there. Production chose the twist, not Porsche. And production chose it to save JR’s asses because they knew more often that not, the box is opened.
        For all we know, the DR could’ve tried to persuade her into opening it. They try to influence everything else. What fun is it for viewers when there’s a Pandora’s Box and we can’t see what’s inside of it?
        Didn’t the DR have to convince Ragan to take the saboteur position last year?

        1. DId I ever say production never helped Dani? They gave her that endurance HoH when they knew she needed it, there’s no denying that. They tried to keep her around for ratings, like they tried to keep around BRJJ. Way to generalize Dani fans, by the way, as if ALL JJ fans are a ray of sunshine. Seen those Facebook groups that are trying to get Shelly fired? The ones trying to get Josie taken away from her? The NUMEROUS people on twitter who threatened to stop watching the show after Jeff left? And a lot of them had no problem with Shelly when she was up JJ’s ass and helping them out. Every group of fans has some shitty people in it, so you may want to take your “all dani fans suck” bullshit elsewhere, because I don’t care.

          “Rigged 1-the clown comp was rigged,only PKSA had 2 matching shoes in their ball pit.” – this is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard, people SAW both of Jeff’s shoes, he was just stupid enough to throw one out without noticing.
          Rigged 2-Everytime it’s questions,they only ask the ones Kalia knows. — Huh? Kalia won because she answered the questions she knew? Way to go, this is a really strong argument.
          Rigged 3-Production hypnotised Kalia to put up and vote Lawon out — Shelly did that, not production. And this was in BRJJ’s favor, not Dani’s, so what the hell is your point?
          Rigged4-The fortune teller finally comes on,when Shelly was in the room — It didn’t do anything, but nice try.
          Rigged 5-Production held a gun to Porsche’s head and made her open Pandora’s Box — this probably didn’t happen, but production could have encouraged her to open it because Pandora’s Box is typically exciting. And most houseguests open it anyway, regardless of what production thinks. And again, this was in JORDAN’S favor. Without this twist her ass would’ve gone to jury. She lasted 9 minutes in POV and she doesn’t deserve to be taken off the block.
          Rigged 6-Rachel stood on Allison Groedners stomach to win the POV and save herself and Jordan. — People aren’t claiming this was rigged, their claiming the twist was rigged and this comp was the result of the twist. I don’t think anyone really cares that Rachel is coming off the block, it’s the fact that Jordan is coming down with her and once again being rewarded for doing absolutely nothing.

        2. I agree with you, username. People keep saying, “Well, Porsche opened the box, so its her fault”, but who DOESN’T open the box? Production could have very well chosen this twist knowing that most likely PB was going to be opened. I highly doubt the same twist would have been given as a result of Pandora’s Box if Rachel or Jordan won HOH. And I think it should be noted that Julie Chen didn’t say anything about Pandora’s box returning, when she has done so in past seasons. The twist itself just seems last minute and rigged just to save the last two vets.

      2. Again pandaros box never saved 2 people from eviction. man you retards are in such denial about this being rigged it’s disgusting. what cbs ( crooked bull shit) is doing with reality shows is equivelent to say, the NBA stopping a game at half time & just picking a winner!

  8. Oh please people. Can u guys stop saying its rigged. If the show was rigged Dani and Jeff would not have been evicted in 1 night. The 2 best players there. Come on. Go team RJ

    1. Not the two best players.

      Jodan even said Rachel won that. Jordan got REALLY lucky they are playing in duos.

    2. i think people been arguing that it rigged b/c dani and jeff left and there’s no one left on the show to make it interesting. so they need to keep rachel and jordan in the game to keep ratings up. which i believe that could be true. it would be boring with sa kissing pk asses if they won pov. then rachel be gone and jordan doesn’t have a good chance of winning anything. i’m not saying that b/c it’s big brother but i think it’s true for all reality shows that there is some level of rigging to keep rating up.

      1. well let me correct myself and say not rigged but in favor of a better outcome. since rachel did win it fair and square.

  9. its just sort of pathetic when shelly claims she wont stoop to rachel’s level…wont make it personal…and that “jordan will see”

    see what? that shelly is a liar and an awful person who claims otherwise even in the darn DR.?

    its funny that just NOW, they are realizing rachel to the final 2 makes sense for multiple reasons…if they werent playing an EMOTIONAL game as they accused JR of playing, they might have teamed with rachel earlier and made her feel a part of the group…its money…win the darn money, it doesnt matter if you cant stand rachel

    and adam is RIGHT. if he doesnt win a comp, he deserves to go home. period



    Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


    1. How this? Keep Porsche safe and then backdoor Porsche instead. I want to see her barbie doll face and going to the Jury House.

    1. Porsche was the idiot for opening the Pandora’s Box. That provided a convenient cover to save R/J in one fell swoop. It’s definitely silly season in this game at this point.

      1. yep. BB production knew that the SECOND porsche won HOH, they were doing a pandora’s box

        not even just because it could save JR, but because quite frankly only she and kalia are dumb enough to open that box when they HAD THE NUMBERS, and HAD THE POWER

        note to future players, dont open the box if you are in control

      2. she told house guests she got $5000, you never know maybe she got something else, matt said the same thing last year when he got D POV

    2. lol, I agree! This is just ridiculous. The twists seem to have a strange way of making the newbies waste their HOH’s somehow.

      1. Which is why I’ve hated this newbies/vets thing from the start. The newbies haven’t had a chance to make their own mistakes, learn the game on their own, and work through twists on their own. Every decision they’ve made has been hampered with the knowledge that someone else in the house has played before, is already acclimated to playing the game, and has lived through different twists before.

    3. Yeah,when Dani was put up as a replacement nominee,before that you bashed P/K on a daily basis…go back and read your comments!!!!!!!!!

  11. I gotta admit, this was too damned obvious who this ‘twist’ was designed to help. For everyone’s talk of production helping dani every twist this year has directly saved Rachel from going home. It’s not like they’re even trying to be subtle about it anymore. Just give her a goddamn golden key for the final two and be done with it

    1. X2

      No surprise coming back and reading the results. The Art of Subtleness has
      left the the BB House, thanks to BB Production.

  12. u guys are haters,rachel won that on her own, it was like week 1’s hoh and didn’t she win that one too.just saying..

    1. LOL! Rachel holding on to a big dummy not something she has alot of experience at…can you say “Skype”? Big shocker she won this challenge!
      Just saying…

  13. really? shamle shello???? what about ur kids deserving a better mom who is not a lezbo and a liar hm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go jordon rachel and baby big brother!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yay irene is close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Shelly being the victim is really annoying…””When I go home, I have a great life…when Rachel gets home, her reputation hasn’t changed.” umm, girl please. you are not exactly an angel. i can’t believe i’m standing up for Rachel but i think she’s fought hard to be here. i can’t deny her being a case…but as a player she’s fantastic!

  15. Go Rachel….I am soooo glad Shelly is going. I hope the duos split after the vote though becuz Rachel shouldn’t have to carry Jordan. No offense to Jordan, but she’s completely worthless.

  16. I am back to good with BB now. I can’t wait to see Shelly walk out the door after all the horrible stuff she has said and done. I am hoping JR make it to the end.

  17. Tell me what exactly does Shelly think Jordan will see when she watches the season….that she is a truely horrible person!

    1. Jordan will see from BB13 tapes that Shelley never said a bad word about Jeff or Jordan until
      they argued with her the other day, when she flipped sides. Shelley’s correct.

      Remember, Jeff and Jordan lied to Shelley and to Adam about the F3. Wait until Adam’s
      see the BB 13 tapes.

  18. Live feed or Showtime: Kalia says she’ll not keep her word to not put up Jordan and to no longer go with that deal of not putting her up, BUT SHE EXPECTS JORDAN TO KEEP THAT DEAL WITH HER!!

    1. Oh please, Jordan has been gunning for Kalia for weeks. She’ll stick it to Kalia faster than you can say knife fight.She clearly had no concerns about screwing Kalia over so I hope Kalia gets her first.

  19. My best case scenario is Bye Bye Shelly since they have to choose from Adam or Shelly.
    Shelly, how’s it feel to be the VILLIAN this year EVEN over Rachel?

  20. If cbs was rigged don’t you think jeff would still be here?? Maybe it does seem rigged but if you think about it very hard there’s no possible way. Porsche is a strong girl as well as rachel and she could have easily won it too. I’m pretty sure anyone would have opened pamdoras box regardless of how great things were going in the house. I know I probably would’ve. So don’t blame it on cbs rigging bc its not true.

    1. No Jeff lost a comp that Big Brother put out there for him to win. He threw the shoe out of his bin.

      The POV Jeff lost, was a strong male tailored comp. They attempted to keep Jeff in the game.

      Jeff just failed big time.

    2. no, the rigged part was that both were safe…would not have been an option if non-vets or one vet and a newbee was on the block…I think it disgusting to the BB Franchise and to Rachel(whom I hate, but busted her ass and won POV, there is an “i” in team, because Jordo ain’t worth shit)

      1. How was that “made” for Rachel? They have that type of competition every season. These excuses are getting ridiculous.

          1. Correction…Rachel and Dani(they were the final 2 on the bananas) cut a deal that gave Rachel the 1st HOH…In that deal…Dick & Dani were safe for a week.

    3. Porsh came in like third in the first HoH she could of won the same way rachel won lets go JR P.S please jordan win something and show them your not useless!

    1. Thats what I am waiting for.

      They will show the jury house this weekend’s show. I want to see Dani’s reaction to Jeff coming in right after her.

  21. just get rid of the straight shooting snake for heaven’s sake. i hope she thinks of something that might help her so that she has to go and grovel to jordan and rachel. i just want to see her backtrack one more time and this will be a good one! i want to see this desperate, pathetic and very sick person do that just once more.

    1. Did you hear her tell all in the Dining Room that she will leave with her integrity intact. That she has played with grace and what ever else she said…
      I think she believes that it’s ok to lie and say that she’s not lying, even when confronted. Even Rachael admits to the lies once confronted. Shelly doesn’t realize that saying your part of a team and planning their demise at the same time is integrity? Give me a break… You haven’t won a thing, you have lied and backstabbed, your not leaving with your integrity intact… AND YOUR NOT GOING TO GET AMERICA’S FAVORITE PLAYER AFTER WHAT YOU DID TO JEFF AND JORDAN. At least not this vote.

  22. *Shocker!!* Dani would have so won.

    Also Rigged show, Jordan keeps hinting at rigging, so dumb.

    Team Dani 4 Life, Yo! All Stars season 14.

    1. I know, JorDUMB even admitted that the comp was tailor made for Raunchel, rigged much??? She’s the BIGGEST FLOATER of this season by far. How does”floating” into the final 2 sound, JorDUMB???

      1. People seriously need to stop calling Jordan the biggest floater. Most of you don’t even know the actual definition of a floater: someone who “floats” from one alliance to another based on who’s in power that week. Jordan has always been a clear veteran. Adam on the other hand, fits the definition of a floater perfectly.

        1. The “new” def. of floater is doing nothing and just floating around chit chatting. The old was for someone who moved from one alliance to another.

          But yes Jordumb has done squat and is still asking for gimmick tailored towards her. Such a shame.

    2. Yeah…caught that too…definitely rigged…Rachel won POV fair and square, no doubt…so, why does CBS love Jordo so much…She is an horrid person, everything from her personality to her bigotry and stupidity…CBS hates Rachel(as much as I do) but she won by herself so why make her share with the worst player this year.

    3. So, When does Adam switch back…I guess he faked the alliance with DKPS just like he faked JJR alliance. But still hunting for that elusive HOH…Newsflash…Adam is incapable of winning and he doesn’t have Jeff to throw him one.

  23. OK Folks! As I have stated before, rooting for Team JJ I did not like what Shelly did, but as a player I totally respect what she did, that took some “Nuts” to pull off. No hate for Shelly. However, Kahlia I cannot stand, she never has an original thought, and that pisses me off! at least Porsche, and Adam do, and quite logical to boot! Kahlia’s future now holds for her.. Sucking Donkey D*cks in TJ as a side job. What? ok that was mean! LoL

  24. i love how whenever rachel or a vet wins a contest all of a sudden it’s rigged big brother may of gave them a contest that helped rachel but they can’t force her to win or anyone else to fall off they do it every season when the numbers isn’t in someones favor they give them a contest that goes with their strengths but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll win its not rigged it’s good tv and never would of happened if it wasn’t for dumb ass porche

  25. Im loving this! The key word here is KARMA!

    1st Dani gets evicted after trying to backdoor Jeff and Jordan and turning on their original alliance.

    2nd Straight shooter turned on her alliance with Jeff and sends Jeff home after he backdoored Dani

    and now Shelley is gonna pay as she should for turning on her alliance.

    Shelley is such a hypocrit! She has been playing both sides and lying all game long. She wasn’t the target so she should have stayed put. ame thing with Dani early. Everyone plays all there cards way to early. People talk about Adam and minus all the ass kissing he is playing it right alligning with people who are bigger targets but when he votes he is staying true to his game and alliance and whats best for him. Adam is sitting in a good spot because Rachel and Kalia and porsche are the bigger targets in front of him. We all know the biggest HOH comp is the last one. Thats the only one anyone really needs to win especially if your Adam!

    One last thing… F*CK Straight shooter for not shootin straight and setting bad examples for her child! Shame on you! She keeps saying Jordan will see when she watches the show back? WTF? I think she is lying so much that she even believes the lies now. Early in show she was talking about integrity and honesty and Im with Jeff and Jordan til the end. YOU ARE A JOKE and lost $500k FOR YOUR FAMILY which is what you said why you voted Jeff off last week. LOL! I would rather watch the sequester house then the BB house right now after shelley leaves!

      1. production didn’t pull kalia, porsche, adam and shelly off so that Jordan and Rachel can win. Key word here is STOP EATING/FLOATING AND START WINNING STUFF.

  26. Does anyone else think the Jury House will be more interesting than the BB house for the last 3 weeks. Maybe CBS could set up shop in the Jury House for their TV shows and just show us a 10 minute clip of whats going on in the BB house and the rest of the time we can listen to Skeletor, Straight Shooter, Brenda and Big Jeff go at it. I for one would watch that more then watching the rest of this season. Just a thought..

  27. Rachel and Jordan have to win HOH next week. More importantly, Rachel HAS to throw the competition to Jordan if she can. That way Rachel can compete the 2nd week after that and the Vets can then have control of the house 2 weeks in a row.

  28. Wow, someone who knows they are not just on the block but are leaving not moping about it…WHAT A CONCEPT! Very classy and impressive.

    Oh and all of you JJ Koolaid kids that are inevitably going to spew some vitreous filth at this post, please note that “Saint Big Jeff” called Adam a “fu**ing bozo” while Adam was worshipping JJ like they were BB Gods. That is not class, that is pure unadulterated trash. Now please go feed your herd of cats, grab a dictionary, and find what all of those “big” words I wrote mean!

  29. It’s so obvious to everyone this pandora box and pov comp both rigged for Rachel to screw Porsche’s hoh. Just like when they brought Brendon back in the game to screw Dani’s hoh. When will BB stop interfering with the show and let the players play the game fairly?

  30. Does Pinto get to compete in the hoh comp on thursday since it’s down to 5 or does the outgoing hoh only compete when it’s down to 4 people?

  31. I really hope at the finale Julie ask Shelly why she hates rachel so much. She goes out of her way to talk about Rachel when no one else is talking about her. She even stoops to lying on Rachel. The other house guest bash Rachel but not to the extent like Shelly.

    1. Rachel doesn’t even compare to Brittany last season. Did you watch last season? Brittany absolutely killed Rachel to the cameras. Ragen destroyed Rachel to her face.

  32. Come on people there is no “RIGGING.”
    I have noticed that competitions and “twists” sometimes give the UNDERDOG(S) an advantage.
    Whoever he, she, or they may be at the time. It keeps the show entertaining and the conversation going.
    Bottom line, it keeps us watching so their sponsors benefit from advertising on a good program.
    Quit bitching or quit watching. Either way, the BB train will keep rollin. So buckle up and enjoy the ride.

  33. That’s right shelly don’t stoop to trashbag rachels level oh wait… YOU ARE THE BIGGEST TRASHBAG IN THIS HOUSE.

  34. Productions thought process to keep Rachel and Jordan in the game….

    Crap Jeffs gone! Ok, Jordan and Rachel need to win HOH. Crap, Porsche won HOH, ok throw money in her face and let the veto be competed in pairs. Ohh, Rachel won the first endurance HOH, maybe we should do another one, just not with bananas….too suspicious. Ahaha we r so smarrt.


    1. Well, if Porsche was smart, she wouldn’t have risked a change in the game for a cash prize. Her alliance was golden until she did that.

  35. Here we go Production Here We go,

    Gimme a P, Gimme a R, Gimme and O, , Gimme a D, Gimme a U, Gimme a C, ,Gimme a T, Gimme an I, Gimme an O, Gimme an N WHAT’S THAT SPELL? PRODUCTION, YEAAAAAAAHHHHH PRODUCTION

  36. nobody would watch bb if jordumb or rachele were evicted because the others would sleep. How pathetic is Adam-I am convinced he can not win….

    1. I doubt Jordan throws competitions, she’s just naturally not made to compete in them. She admits it and she says that she doesn’t want to be carried through the game. I hope for her sake, she’ll win something else this season to get her self-confidence up.

      1. aww, she does try though lol. But she really does need to win something. I don’t want her to keep getting carried through the game.

      2. What do you mean “she’s just not naturally made to compete in them”?
        Please explain your brilliant comment.


        BTW – The correct answer regarding Jordan’s Comp Incompetence is: Laziness.

  37. I was totally team Porche before she made the dumbest move the entire season and opened the damn Pandora’s box!!!! They had it in the bag! WHY??? Didn’t Porche say she wasn’t going to open the box if she had the chance? Doesn’t 5K seem a little too low of an amount for her to take that kind of a risk? I’m praying that Porche actually got maybe a Diamond Power of Veto or something – but she can’t say anything or she can’t use it. Neither Rachel or Jordan deserve to stay in the game.

    1. Since Porsche likes her ego stroked,I’m sure Production whispered all kinds of sweet nothings in her ear to get her to open it. Initially she was dead set against opening, then suddenly she changed her mind. Winning $5K is only 10% of second place and 1% of first place,what a colossally dumb move.However, I suspect Production had another trick up their sleeves to save J/R anyway so I can’t totally blame Porsche.

  38. Watching BBAD & can someone PLEASE but a muzzle on Kalia-Icannotshutup! She thinks do so amazing… She is the most annoying BB player EVER!!!

  39. watching after dark … dang is the COW that stupid… telling everyone no way will Jorden put her up or vote her out cause they made a deal week two…. that thing is in one strange world… would be funny to see the COW go next .. after the SNAKE that is ..

  40. Watching BBAD; and watching the hut try to play out scenarios after this week. Just pathetic. This girl thinks that Jordan will keep thier final 2 deal. She is a terrible player, dumb as hell. I would like to see a rachel/porsche final two, both have different strengths and are deserving, plus 500g can pay for all the therapy Brenchals kid will need.

    And to all the conspiracy theorists out there, i got news for you, it is set up to favor certain players but in the end the players still decide the outcome because they are the ones competing. No reality gameshow is unbiased. If you watch the flash credits at the end of reality shows where judging eliminates people for instance, disclaimers state that decisions were made with input from producers and sponsers. Everything is about ratings and frankly Jordan and Rachel are the best rating draws left on the show. Get over it, it is the world of entertainment.

  41. Oh i would love to be in the jury house when Shelly walks in… that would be off the charts… BUT would love to hear those in the audience BOO her as she walks out the door …

    1. Dani will be sad/happy to see Shelley at the Jury House.

      BTW – I hope the BB13 Audience gives Shelley a Standing Ovation with
      the loudest applause heard so far.
      Like her or not – if she leaves on Thursday, a REAL BB GAMER is leaving. Have some respect.

          1. I wish I was a big Dani fan on here…I could always be right,be the smartest to post or comment,cut everyone down that didn’t agree with me or me them.Then I could claim rigged to everything that doesn’t help my team win,act like an asshole to everyone not Team Dani,then say I’m not waching it anymore because my idol Dani left,then switch and like other players and claim I liked them before.Oh how great it would be to be on Team Dani.Then again….I rather not,because I don’t want friends in production helping my team,I would never want to be associated with a team voting out it’s own alliance member or have a friend of my team,that has 3somes with old men for car rides.Lastly I sure as hell wouldn’t want to root for a team that thinks it’s funny to kill a unborn baby.Nope I’ll stick with cute,gullable,dumb,down to earth,airheaded,blonde country bumpkin Jordan….Go Team Dani…you have such high standards and morals!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Not sure if you watched Jordans original season.

      Jordan will not make final 2, the competitors left in the house are a lot stronger than her season.

      1. I’m thinking she will though, cuz if they don’t keep one of JR the vets will control the jury. Keeping J over R i smart because I think at the end of the day, R deserve it more and ppl would end up voting for her to win. So, keeping J helps out whoever’s next to her in F2 more than keeping R.

    1. NO, I was wrong, Cowlia looks more like a gorilla than Chimpa looked like a chimp, ( but she acted like one) Cowlia’s nasty lower lip hangs out like and injured animal who cant eat anymore……. But obviously Cowlia can eat….. in fact she eats quite well!

  42. is it me or is shelly a nasty lie that has no friends but a hubby thats a loser. i wish when she doing the please let me stay on thursdy rachel tell her tell your daughter y you stole my dog that my mom gave me. and your pk are play with botton wow simon so much to write about but they want to talk down to rachel,

  43. I am team JR but even I can tell that production was trying to do something to help them win this POV. Before the competition I thought of which comps Rachel could win without her nerves getting in the way. I immediately remembered the banana competition. She beat out both P&K (even though some ppl threw it). So I was hoping it would be something like similar. Clearly, production had the same idea.

    Coincidence? I think not. Good move by production? Definitely. They need to give the underdogs a chance. The Jury house can’t have all the vets. My guess is they want a vet and a newbie in final two. I don’t know if they can pull that off.

    Personally, I would love R&J in the final two. I am team Rachel all the way! She says and does the funniest things… like when she evicted Daniele LMAO. And I think she is more mature than most of the HGs still left.. except for Jordon who is really nice most of the time.

  44. I think this hatred of R by S is jealousy because R was more important in JJ’s plan than her. I think she can’t understand why J is now closer to R and she is burning with envy. Why else knowing she is going home is she still trying to stick it to them.

    1. I think this was a determining factor in Shelly voting Jeff out. As I have said before, Shelly should have not said she was content just seeing them win. I really think that when she saw that JJ were keeping R around, despite the dramatics, she felt like she was less important to them. If R is going to advance further, why would Shelly continue to help them out. It is sad that feelings were hurt…I wish she would have voted Rachel out first, but the doubts, along with Jeff yelling at her before having to make the decision had to have solidified her decision. If Jeff had not treated Shelly and Adam like “bozos”, he might have stayed around.

  45. OK last comment for now …. but have to say this …. only a thought …. would love to see Rachel get america’s choice… even those that hate here have to admit .. she has come along ways as a person and all here antics… if she stays focus she is good at comps… and the one bad mouthing her the most is the SNAKE…. the lier …. if she said shit and it came out of her mouth i wouldn’t believe her … .anyway America FOOD FOR THOUGHT .. and all the SHELLY THE SNAKE haters .. would be nice to see the look on her face …

  46. i love how kalia thinks she is safe with jordan. i wonder when the fortune teller is going to come into play.

  47. Shelly , good bye. Sociopath and pathogical liar.
    Who is dumb enough to believe her own lies.
    I am surprised she knows the word integrity.
    It is a much complex word that peanut butter and

  48. Production rigged this like I posted earlier. It didn’t matter that the P’Box was opened. They would have announced duo’s at the POV start.
    Focus on the saving of Jordan, that was what this was all about. Sure an endurance comp for POV is giving that to Rachel but this is
    ‘C’ouldn’t ‘B’elieve (AG’s) ‘S’crewup people trying to save their asses from getting fired for an absolutely horrible cast BB13 season.

  49. Even JorDUMB admitted that the POV comp was MADE for Raunchel, RIGGED MUCH?? She also admitted that she only won because of Raunchel, so that just proves she’s the BIGGEST FLOATER of all. Just float on into the final 2 JorDUMB, why don’t ya????

  50. I’m so sick of Adam, What does he do? Seriously, He is the biggest floater of the all time. Shelly hasn’t won anything but you can’t call her a floated because she’s actually playing the game. Adam won one Veto and that’s it! He hardly talks game, Nothing…

  51. Porsche, officially the biggest idiot of the game. Really, you opened Pandora’s Box? Like I said, Rachel wins this and gets the wedding of her dreams. Porsche and Kalia will be nominated next week. Why-o-why did you open the box? She had to be desperate for that money.

    1. It didn’t matter, they would just announced it at the start of the POV. This was all about saving Jordan. RIGGED SHOCKER

      1. You don’t know that, and they wouldn’t have announced it at the veto because nominations were affected by the duo twist. And anyways, the veto was an individual competition. I’m starting to think that people are just throwing out the word “rigged” as an excuse for the newbies not winning.

        1. R and J were noms. So the pairing was already in place. And it was a comp Rachel won before. So, “rigged” is not out of the question.

  52. I am really tired of everyone bad mouthing Shelly. She is not the only one in this game that has made promises she didn’t keep. This is part of the game. I am actually feeling bad for her. She knew she wouldn’t be good at competitions so she had to use her social game.

  53. Listening to Kalia and Porsche talk about 1. throwing the HOH next week to Rachel and 2. telling R/J that they want Shelly to stay “since we’re all working to protect each other” on BBAD is like watching BeBop and Rocksteady w/out the Shredder. So clueless. I’m not team anyone, but these two are crazy. This brand of overthinking is what led Kalia to be convinced to put Lawon on the block and get everyone to vote him out…

    1. Agree. Everytime she talks I cringe. I loved when Porsche said they were going to tell Adam “worse case scenario Shelly goes home, and we’ll be final 3″…umm, he’s going to be on the block with her?!

      Great site, btw, Simon. I don’t have live feeds and come here to feed my addiction to BB! I’ve never commented, but watching these two tonight was too ridiculous not to say something about.

    2. Speaking of dumb things to say Simon, you hear Jordan saying earlier that she never learned how to play CHECKERS cuz that game is for smart people

    3. I think she’s caught up to Lawon in stupidity after that comment. There are no words that can describe the absurdity of that logic.

  54. That’s what I predicted Jeff wasn’t supposed to lose that POV but he accidentally threw the clown shoe out the bin, so Production had to do something, and Pandora’s Box came outta their asses, but that wasn’t enough they also made sure a comp was won by it’s original winner , Go Production

    Team Production 4 Life

  55. Lol I’m pretty sure there would be a law suit by now if the show was rigged! Y’all are seriously trippin me out…. haters everywhere we go! Why would you want a fat ass that sleeps all damn day to win half a million dollars kalia got lucky and won jordan was second after her so pretty sure she has some sense and isn’t as dumb as y’all think she is. Also BRING BACK MOBILE SITE!!!!

  56. did kalia say jordon dont know alot. what does kalia know how to eat and lay in bed and sleep and lay in bed and eat.

  57. how can u idiots say it’s not rigged there has never been an endurance comp for a veto and who else was the twist gonna help, yeah i know porsche didn’t hav to open pandora’s box but everybody does and cbs/production knew it too!

    1. If she didn’t open, they could have given a power to someone else in the house.

      Damned if you do damned if you don’t.

      This is a tv show. People jobs/careers depend on ratings. They will do what brings drama to tv.

  58. what i get a kick out of is that kalia keeps saying that jordan wont put her up ever and jordan wont vote her out. but when she was talking about her winning hoh, shes putting jordan up and saying oh ur just a pawn. hey dumbass!!!! u dont think jordan is thinking the same way.

    and patty mclean. i cant believe u would call this a social game that shelly is playing. maybe u meant to type lying game or flipping game. any of those would work i think

  59. Shelly only needs one vote to stay. If she could somehow get either R or J to vote out Adam, she deserves to win this season.

  60. Jordan is probably one of the most selfless people on here, and wouldn’t be surprised if she made it to the finals and deferred the prize to whomever is sitting next to her! i.e., her and Rachel, “vote for Rachel she needs it for her wedding”, I can see that actually happening! she’s phenomenal

    1. That’s what i was thinking, if TeamRaJo make it to finals, Jordan would probably tell everyone to vote for Rachel because she needs the monney and because she has already won before.

  61. How was that competition built for Jeff though? It wasn’t a physical challenge by any means. It was a quick, simple challenge that anyone could’ve won.

    1. Jeff pov he lost was easily geared toward quickness and agility.

      Jeff had the shoes within seconds. But he didn’t know he threw one of the shoes out of his bin.

      He choked big time.

      1. IMO, Dani’s brilliant good-bye speech threw Jeff for a loop
        and off of his game.

        Dani got Jeff and Jordan before she ever left the BB House. Loved it.

  62. jordan needs to leave the freegin game along with her weak dude i cant stand jeff nor jordan
    to tell you the truth i bet jordan should be gone and not “Big” jeff

  63. Sounds like you should actually try watching Survivor.

    The comps on that show no way are chosen to favor certain people. You have to work your ass off to win that show.

  64. Big Brother really tailored the comp to certain people like the first 3 week the comps were tailored to rachel brendon and jordan jeff and having brendon come back really? stack the odds against dani again.

  65. Omg season saved Rachel wins. Awesome I think they should try to get snake shelly back cuz how close porshe and Adam are. Next hoh Adam has better shot than shelly! Get rid of the last dude rachel! Go rojo

  66. Wow! Someone not only going on the block but also knowing they are going home not moping all week? WHAT A CONCEPT! And classy to boot! JR could learn from that.

    And all of you JJ Koolaid drinkers who inevitably spew some vitreous BS about this post, please note that “Saint Big Jeff” called Adam a f***ing bozo while Adam was worshipping the ground that JJ walked on. So much for their loyalty, trust, honesty, integrity, or any virtue. If that’s class, I would hate to see unadulterated trash.

    Now please before you post:
    1) Go feed your herd of cats.
    2) Go to
    3) Look up those “big ol’ words” I used.
    4) Take some aspirin for your head (I know it hurts your type to learn!)

  67. does anyone know if Porche got to pick the pairs? Would have been a wiser move to split the vets up between she and K. If she chose…. I am glad she only thinks she is a great player! Go RaJo!

  68. If Porsche wasn’t so dumb she would have paired Rachel with Shelly and Jordon with Adam then she would have guarenteed that one of them would be leaving.

  69. Damn this show to hell!!! STFU Adam, you fat bitch! None of this would be happeneing had Dick stayed. I keep wishing that Rachel would walk in the purple room and the fortune teller lady would be gone and Dani was dressed up like her, breaks out the machine and say’s “Bitch, you don’t have a future.”


  70. Well said Garden, even Hayden fought for the win last year with the Brigade. CBS wants a repeat winner. BS, they had to save Jordum!!

    1. i think she showered not too long ago. but i did hear big brother kick her out of the shower because she was using all the soap on her ass. damn that thing has blown up since she got here.

      1. yeah but her hair was like that lastnight too. It just wasn’t as bad. I hope you are right and she just got out of the shower.

  71. now wait. porshe may not be the brightest crayola in the box but even she wouldnt pair up the two noms for the comp. i think big brother put them like that because if the noms were put with anyone else then the others wouldnt even try in the comp. the two with the noms would just throw it so the two ppl that are paired together would win and keep noms the same

  72. I wish Dick was still in the game, would have made this season soooooo much more entertaining. I would have loved to see him do Kalia like he did Jameka, Porsche like he did Jen, and unleash a whole new level of “evel” on Shelly………gah it would have been so much fun to watch.

  73. i dont get why anyone would want porsche to win BB S she didnt win or DO anything until the last HOH..honestly..the Veto she won, consisted of finding 2 shoes in a ball pit…lamest veto competition ever…

    1. tell me about it. i think they forgot to put 2 shoes in jeffs ball pit. did u see how many balls he threw out of the pit????? there couldnt have been another shoe in there. unless rachael is collecting shoes for her baby. we all know it will come out a clown because she acts like 1 and brendon is a bozo.

      1. OK wise guy/ gal. I guess I’m slightly behind the curve here.
        Too bad – doesn’t look good for newbies. Didn’t want to see either J or R in the Final

        1. its not ur fault. u were standing behind the curve of porshe’s ass. u couldnt see anything from back there

  74. i dont get why anyone would want porcshe to win? she hadn’t won anything until now, and that’s likely because her chances are better with there being less people to compete against..she hasn’t even DONE anything most of the season..and the veto she won, all you had to do was find 2 shoes in a ball pit…lamest veto competition ever

    1. LOL
      Clown Shoe Comp – “lamest competition ever” yet Porsche won and Jeff didn’t, even though
      his BB Life was riding on a win in that “lame” competition.

      Also remember that Porsche had a Golden Key and couldn’t play in any comps for the
      first 4 weeks.

  75. You guys R too much. These boards have become more entertaining than the show in the last few days. You people take this stuff way too serious. Listen, its not like you guys know who any of these HGs are in the real world. All you see is what they do when they are completely cut off from their families and friends(well some of them), when they are stressed out, when they are sometimes starved, when they are in a constant state of competition, and oh ya, when $500,000 is on the line.
    There is not one person in the house who can honestly say that they have not lied or deceived. That is the game. So to say that someone is a horrible person or bad mother or bad future mother is ridiculous. Some of the comments on here, however entertaining, are horrible and say more about the character of the author than the HGs that they are insulting.

  76. as shellys shrink, i can honestly say no. shes not bipolar in real life. she in real life is a really nice man who takes her agression out on the animals she hunts. in here she has no animals to hunt legally so she does her best impression of a woman and hangs out with the animals like the laughing hiyenah (rachael)

  77. sorry if we are a littl too harsh h@2e. u see, we have to be like this to entertain ourselves. we r more entertaining than the show has been.

    now, if simon starts emailing us and telling us what to write or changing what we type before he puts it on the comments, then, and only then will we be as bad as the show. but until then, damn arent we some funny mo fo’s

  78. okay, im just putting this out there. shelly is HORRIBLE! i remember telling my mom right in the beginning i wanted jeff, jordan, shelly, cassie, or rachel/brenden
    to win this. & when rachel & brenden got rid of cassie i was all for jeff, jordan and shelly in thefinal 3. it bugs the heck out of me, knowing shed do that to jeff and jordan. and not long after jordan gave her the phone call. its ridiculous. and how can people possibly want kalia to win? she wasnt mentioned one time until she got HOH. im so pissed kalia, porsche, shelly, and adam are still here over jeff, brenden, dani, and evel dick. ik evel dick had to leave for personal reasons, but god damnnn. or at least dominic instead of dick. no one else played. and btw, floater means going from one alliance to another, which is completely shelly and adam. brenden comes back & theyre all jumping around, then they dont get HOH and they bow down to them? wow. it pisses me off. im glad shelly is leaving, jordan deserves to be here over shelly and adam. rachel over kalia, porsche, adam and shelly. kalia one both HOHs with LUCK. same with porsche, but i do think porsche is a better game player. i hope if any newbe wins, its her.

  79. You’re kidding, right?! Porche or Kaila?! They are both SO useless.

    The only one that is even close to deserving to win that is still in the house is Rachel. Let’s face the truth here people:

    Kaila: Major floater (doesn’t matter she won a couple comps). She is completely a floater who just followed whatever Danielle said and did. Let’s be serious.

    Porche: Could this broad be more vanilla? A little above average looking, dumb as eff, and the personality of a peice of bread. It’s awful what a waste of air time this chick is. If she wins, I may throw myself off a bridge. She just follows however is in power, no wonder her a Kalia are BFF’s after Dani got booted.

    Adam: Nice guy, but why the hell would he win this season?! He has done N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

    Shelly: Do I even have to state a reason why Shelly doesn’t deserve to win?q

    Jordan: Love Jordan, but to be fair, she already won, and truth be told, she is pretty useless. Cute, sweet, a heart of gold, but she is slightly …. ummm…. simple?

    Rachel had the odds stacked against her since last season. She’s the girl everyone loves to hate (for no reason that I can see). yes, she’s a bit dramatic at time, but she is a great player and a good hearted person that is very much in love with “her man”. F*ck it, she is who she is…people are just jealous. She deserves to win just based on the fact she made it this far and is still in the house.

    Plus, rachel and Brendon are the first couple from BB to get married…why not win and pay for thier wedding? All-in-all, they deserve it.

    Anyways…just my opinion.

  80. Porshe opening pandora’s box was not a stupid move. production would of found another way for somebody else to open pandora’s box. stop being naive people, it’s REALITY TELL A LIE VISION.

  81. This is totally not a “game” comment, but I have to say that either I’m really tired tonight or else some of your screen names are hilarious!

    Example: (some are paraphrased or spelled wrong)

    Shelly’s Cig
    Adam’s Nuts
    Brendan’s Cancer Research
    Shovel Face’s Shrink
    Big Brown Brother

    Just the names alone crack me up.

  82. You people bashing Jordan have obviously forgotten that she WON 2 HOH’s this season…..She has WON BB before, and you usually dont win by sitting on your butt doing nothing. Jordan HAS won, you just CHOOSE to forget because it doesn’t suite what you want! Get off the bashing band wagon, if you don’t like the show then DONT WATCH IT!!!!

  83. Did anyone else think it was pretty unusual the veto comp Porsche won over Jeff. Jeff was only person with over half of his balls on outside of his box and still could not find one shoe? But Porsche found hers quick in a box over flowing with balls? Something wrong there. If you people go back and look close to film it is plain to see comp was rigged. I have friends in production for another huge show that runs on CBS. In fact starting a new season in September. Inside word all comps are rigged for certain individuals to win to keep ratings and drama on show. There never really is a Real Reality t.v show. If there was they would not need Writers for Reality tv. Would be unscripted and as happens. Look at any Reality show you watch I guarantee they have Writers. Tv is so fake it is funny…

  84. porscha do you really think we believe you did a commercial with manning…they don’t take skanks for commercials. you have to be thin and pretty to which you are neither. you have a waist big as your ass. pitiful. i don’t for a minute believe you were ever a model just as i don’t believe cassie was or is a model. she like millions of young girls are here in nashville trying to get a singing break. never heard her but i wager she will never make it. kalia, i would wager you are living off are just a big fat boring broad. if i were in that house and you came up with your nasty fork and wanted to eat off my plate i would slap the hell out of you. shelly, you a lousy lying broad. you lie naturally. would you even know the truth or even how to speak in truth. hows that working at convenient store working out for you? the only people left that deserve to win is Jordan and Rachel. say what you want about Rachel. she has done far better than anyone else in the house. sorry Jordan. if it between the two I think Jordan will win. im happy if Rachel comes in second.

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