Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Kalia want’s the throw the next HOH, “It’s our best Chance to Get Rachel out” **updated**

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9:16pm HOH SKP

Shelly telling Kalia she is taking that Jordan thing a little but too far. (KP’s week one agreement that they would not put each other up) Kalia starts getting a bit irate, she says that it proves that her word is worth something, “the proof is in the pudding.. I’ve won 2 HOH’s and she’s won one .. I never put her up.. it shows I am trustworthy” Shelly: “Alright calm down.. I was in their group i’m telling you just don’t take it too seriously”
KP are doing their strategy talks using the buttons and jelly beans.
Shelly: “If you guys are thinking of getting rid of Jordan before Rachel you’re making a mistake.”

They cover every single permutation that could happen with whose left in the game.. Shelly jokes “I’ll leave all my class at the door and kick her right in the shins..”. Shelly reminds them they need to think about the Jury votes when they are planning things out.
Shelly leaves tells them she’ll be back later.
Porsche says adam and Jordan are still tight.. Kalia isn’t worried about Adam and Jordan they don’t have a deal but they still talk.

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Porsche: “I think opening Pandora’s box gave me second place”
Kalia tries to tell her everyone else has said they would of done the same thing. They are running through more scenarios Kalia is thinking they need to take JR to the final 4 they need to take Jordan to the final 3. Kalia proving she the worst player in big brother history says they need to throw the next HOH to Rachel so she will put up Porsche and Adam. Kalia Plans to win the POV and take Porsche down and Jordan goes up. Kalia: “the way I see it it’s our only way to get her (rachel) out the following week” (If rachel wins HOH on Thursday she can’t compete in the following HOH which would mean KP competes with J in it. If Kalia wins Thursday’s HOH then it’s JR Vs P in the following HOH… KAlia is completely retarded with this strategy what will happen when Rachel win HOH? KP will be up on the block and Kalia will be going home. If Kalia wins HOH then she can put JR up Rachel wins the Veto Adam goes up Jordan goes home then the following week it’s R Vs PA)

Kalia is saying they really need to talk JR to not vote Shelly out they need to get Adam out it makes there long term game more appealing. Kalia will use the argument that Shelly is very bad at comps, Adam is good with quizzes, lets have a all girls final 5.. Kalia adds that Jordan isn’t trying too hard in the game she’s acting like she really doesn’t want to be here.. she’s been that way since the beginning. Kalia: “although Jordan is still a recepsitst at a hair salon I think she wants the money”

Kalia tells Porsche about the Fortune teller moving. She explains all the that happened wit the fortune teller.

(one thing to note Kalia and Porsche talked about a lot of scenarios,, the only thing I know for certain is KP want Rachel gone)

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10:06pm adam and Prosche HOH
Adam tells her when she was up in the HOH opening pandora’s box he was at the door knocking and he heard them tell her the amount of money she won.

Porsche talking about the comp and how it was perfect for rachel she thinks it’s ironic how the comps are set up for people when they need it the most.

adam agress.. Feeds cut

Adam says that if he wins HOH he’ll put Rachel and Jordan up but if Rachel wins POV he’ll need to put either Kalia or Jordan up.

Adam: “Ok worst HOH of the season, Dani’s first one, Kalia’s second one or yours”
Porsche thinks it was Dani’s first HOH where Brendon came back. Adam brings up Kalia’s being pretty bad. Porsche: “Hmm yeah hers was pretty BLANK ”

Porsche telling him they need to get Rachel out next week. Adam agrees.. adds that Jordan must go after that.

Adam brings up how Jeff acted when he was up on the block and trying to get Adam’s vote, “He was all like.. Cmon man I need your BLANK vote man.. give me the BLANK vote”

10:40pm Adam says that the only way they can get rachel out is if they win HOH and POV next week. Adam says everyone will understand when they see the POV that it was made for Rachel. Porsche: “She locked her legs around it like it was Brendon” Adam: “She did pretty good for a pregnant women.. we don’t know for sure..” (feeds Cut)

11:09pm Kitchen Adam, Jordan and Shelly. Adam brings up that the POV comp really had nothing to do with “couple” they were holding onto their old pairs but other than that it had nothing to do with the Pandora’s box twist. Jordan tells them that production builds all those comps before time and they plan out their order early . Adam agrees, however he wonders if the Pandora Couples was added in at the last minute because it had nothing to do with the COMP. Jordan agrees she thinks the Pandora’s boxes are added into the house when they want them to be.

11:15pm HOH Bathroom KP Porsche telling Kalia she thinks she better win HOH next week otherwise she may not be safe. Porsche: “The only way we can guarantee a Power doesn’t take us out is if we win HOH” ..

Kalia is convinced it’s too late in the game for them to have given a power out.. but she does think it’s weird that the thing finally turned on. Porsche thinks the next HOH will have something to do with the FT.. Feeds cut.

11:45pm quad Shelly in pain. JRA talking about the season and what the houseguests actually did for a living.. The only one they don’t know for sure is Lawon.

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212 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Kalia want’s the throw the next HOH, “It’s our best Chance to Get Rachel out” **updated**

      1. And while she eats them she should reflect on how Shelley attack poor Jordan when she was cryying and minding her own bus. Shelley must really brow beat her hus and daughte the poor thing

      1. So let’s see, when you read these feeds you never really hear Rachel or Jordan personally attacking Porche, Kalia, Shelley or Adam. But you do here it constantly on the other side. More from Shelly and Porche, Kalia used to be big at it, but now not so much. Adam he is just a typical guy trying to stay afloat in an all female household. Too bad he does not realize PK are playing him.

  1. Kalia = Idiot. She will be gone next weekend. And if Rachel throws the HOH to Jordan than HA- even better. Hopefully Rachel realizes she needs to do this. Jordan takes Kalia out next week, Rachel takes Porsche out the week after, and they have a final 3 of RJA. LOL…how hilarious would THAT be?

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully Adam doesn’t do well at all at whatever it is (which is likely) and gets out, then Kalia drops out I guess (dumb move) and Rachel should then give it to Jordan. Then Kalia can scratch her head and wonder how her plan didn’t work.

    2. omg!! kalia sounds like an idiot, shes to wishy washy and over thinks and double guesses, porsche!! u have way more brains than her, the power can be yours

      1. Kalia is a total idiot if she throw HOH.

        This would be the 2nd time of total stupid moves.


      2. As much as I rag on Adam for being one of the worst contestants this year. Kalia continues to outdo herself with showing how she absolutely does not understand this game. She thinks herself in circles to the point where she feels she’s being clever. Being convoluted does not equal clever.

    3. I said before that Kalia’s stupidity was going to rear its ugly head again. There have been lots of bad moves this season but Kalia takes the prize. Her stratagies are crazy. Throwing a HOH at this point in the game is suicide. Everyone is a target. Everyone can flip. Roach might have the edge on the rest of these cast of charecters. She might be a whack job but she is the strongest competetor left.

      Now I want to go on a rant, Being a long time BB fan, I think I am comming to believe that BB is scripted. Some say “rigged”. Tell me what is the difference between this show and other soap opera shows…..General Hospital, All My Children? To many coinencedences for my liking. Even Jordan said the comp was set up for them to win…Feeds cut….Adam says that Production builds these sets ahead of time and already has a plan which ones will be played in order….How does he know that? Why did it take production so long to install the last comp. Feeds cut at the most unusaual times. Things they dont want the audience to hear. I think if its all legit they would let it all air. If its legit what do you have to hide? These HG’s might not be trained actors but it is clear that production is manipulateing what happens. If they have the smallest influence they might as well just have it completely set up.

      I have said all along that J/J will not win BB13…..Well it really dosnt matter. Its up to CBS I guess.
      Its no longer a competition…..its a prime time soap opera. *sigh*

      1. It wasn’t specifically rigged for Rachel. Porsche did well in the original hanging comp too. Might as well say any physical comp is rigged for younger, fit people. Any questions comp is rigged for whoever BB wants call into the DR and help cheat beforehand.

    4. K thinks she’s so smart because she’s got Dani’s magic power jelly beans. I hope Rachel calls Shelly out again this week for stealing her items and Jordan just gives her that “You won’t be getting any Christmas cards look”.

    5. I like the JRA final three because Adam is playing fair and since Jordan already won money before, she could be America’s favorite to get some money and Rachel and Adam final two. Hoping for this scenario.

    6. Kalia = Idiot

      She’s about as bright as Lawon was with him thinking that if he got voted out he’d be back with both a vengeance and some kind of “super” power.

  2. Can anyone explain to me how PK says it’s not personal but they want R out because they can’t stand her…..sounds personal right?

    1. totally PERSONAL all these people are personal inside and out
      are you kidding this whole game is personal
      personal mambo jambo!!!!

    2. Always remeber when they say; can’t stand her, they actually are saying “she has great game play and I cant stand it and don’t know how to compete. Leavee the game to the vets ops, I forgot the great game player DANI who will go down in BB history as the worst game player, even her dad said she play her cards to early. Oh HYEY SHE WAS TRYING SEDUCE pt.

  3. This is so great. Rachel is putting Judas to shame. Go ahead kalia throw the HOH. It’s your ass Kalia! GO BIG RED! WIN IT ALL!

  4. STFU Adam. I guess every comp is rigged against him then. There could be a comp where he has to eat bacon out of Tori Spelling’s freshly shaved (by Kalia) vajayjay and he’d still suck at it.

  5. So, they think that if Rachel is HOH next that she will put up Porche and Adam? I know her relationship with Adam isn’t the strongest, but wouldn’t she put up Porche and Kalia?

    1. I think she’d put up Porsche and Kalia. Jordan and Rachel would have all the power over who goes home. Only 2 people can vote and then Rachel’s the tiebreaker.

  6. I am sorry, but Kalia needs to go. She does not understand the game. She is still thinking about Jury votes (Bitch, u need to think about final two… she is retarded).

    1. Rachel makes this season rock, she’s a little up and down but unpredictable people are so entertaining and that’s why we keep watching.
      but heck

      I MISS JEFF and I bet Jordan had a very harsh wake up call to play the game… finally

      and people, who knows Rachel and Jordan may actually pull it off for their men-

      and just think about it if K wins – wastes the money on more cheetos/jelly beans while she’s on the Caribbean hot spot already won
      P wins – wastes the money on more parties and parties and booze and parties
      S wins -wastes the money on therapy (well actually that’s not a waste-but she needs therapy)
      A wins- wastes the money on devil’s rock
      what a heck that’s just a HUGE waste of money…..

      on the other hand if Jordan or Rachel wins they’ll just give the fortune to their men , and thus it’s official
      bb becomes the show about love- what? …. love and big brother – maybe so

    2. Yes, agreed, they took her dog, I would go up stairs and take Porsche dog. After the show they all think they atre going to hang out with each other. People Like Americass favorite JJ don’t hae the time to hang with these losers

  7. I used to take up for Kalia when people talked about her, but she is not very clever, but she thinks she is. Porsche is a wannabe Janelle, who is not near as pretty or smart.

    I think it would be best for Jordan and Rachel to vote Adam out, but if I were them, I would get pleasure out of sending Miss Integrity 2011 Shelly Leatherface Frankenstein rods-in-her-back home.

    And all of you people who keep calling Shelly a tranny, stop slandering the transgender community, they probably wouldn’t claim her either.

    1. KP only think right when
      1- they sleep
      2- eat
      3- tan
      Jeff said it right they are a bunch of bozos. Dani was right they are gonna hand a check straight to Rachel & Jordan. GO TEAM Jorchel.

      1. Ah, speaking of “bozos”, where is Jeff right now??????? Ah yes, that’s right, IN THE JURY HOUSE! I don’t think it’ll ever be wise to start any sentence off with “Jeff said it right ….”

          1. excuse me, but I would love to see YOU looking for two clown shoes under pressure
            leave Jeff alone JEFF IS AWESOME!!!

            you’re a BOZO!

          2. If CBS wanted Jeff to win the veto then they would have had Jordan facing the way of the comp and there to tell Jeff his shoe flew out.

        1. So glad to see Jeff go. I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of him, they’ll bring him back to the house or do an afternoon special of him in the jury house; because he left like a little BITCH!!!!!!

  8. lol Kalia is a dumbass, she overthinks every situation. i want jordan to win the HOH next week so than Rachel can play in the next one. but i don’t think Jordan will win it.

  9. Porsche was just talking about how Dani had tons of books of notes about BB from every season with every fact of the game. Who won HOH, vetos, saboteur, America’s Player etc. Sounds like someone is just a little bit obsessed with getting out of daddy’s shadow. That makes it even more sweet that her skeletor ass went out the door.

  10. Jordan is cool

    Rachel is cool

    Kochliera is a snake

    Porch is a Dani twin

    Shelly is a unmothering freak

    and Adam is a who cares

    xoxoxoxo bb13

      1. I watched last season, and ya rach was a bit nuts but I still cheered for her. You can’t even compare rach from this season to last, ya she’s had a few moments but overall she has been totally different this year.

        I feel sorry for rach. She has been such great player this year and I think all the girls are jealous of her because she is such a good player.

        These girls pks are so childish saying nasty things behind rach’s back and stealing and hiding her things, there such a disgrace to BB, add dani to the list aswell.

        There families should be embarrassed to even know them.

        I don’t get how they can talk so much crap about her when they should be saying crap about themselves.

        Shelly is the worst. It all started when rach told porsche about shelly making a final 3 deal with bren/rach then shelly flipped out then started crying big time for everyone to feel sorry for her, what I don’t get is how shelly can go in the diary room and lie to the viewers about it, does she not know that we all saw her tell rach/bren she wanted a final 3 deal.

        This woman needs serious help and I don’t think there’s a doctor out there that can help her.

        Most evil people on bb13
        1 Shelly in bb history
        2 Porsche, rach had your back to the end your such an idiot.
        3 dani dumbest game player her so called big move lost her the game.
        4 kalia she’s so into dani
        5 adam well he’s not evil but he sure is a puss.

      2. Yes, I did watch Rachaels last season. I loved her then and I love her now. I thought she was horribly mistreated then and I think its even worse this year. I think people see that is really is a sweet person but yes like everyone of them and every single one of you she is flawed. No one is perfect and frankly no one even Shelly who I can’t stand deserves the childish personal attacks.

  11. “Kalia proving she the worst player in big brother history says they need to throw the next HOH to Rachel so she will put up Porsche and Adam. Kalia Plans to win the POV and take Porsche down and Jordan goes up”


    Does anyone know the internet addy for Kalia’s blog? I heard she wrote one and that’s her “profession”.

    1. i like how she mention she won 2 hoh and thinks she can win a pov. guess what you only won hoh on questions. you’re too fat to win anything physical.

    2. She trying to compete like the pros, she think everyone (america) will think she is this brillant player, actually Adam is the one who is playing smart, he will win in the end and pick who he wantss next to him, the last comp is the questions

    1. Ah, not so fast! Sharing it is more like it, with Jordumb wearing it 5 days a week and K wearing it the remaining 2! ….. Lest we forget: Jordon: ‘Was Jimmy Carter a president? ….. and far too many other LoL lines from her!

      1. According to another poster – Jordan said she never learned how to play
        Checkers because the game is for smart people.
        (Recommended age for the game is 6 – 14 years old.)

        1. Ah yes another classic line from Jordumb, not to mention, further evidence to support why she is, and should continue to be, the predominant wearer of the unitard & dunce cap!

    1. LMAO, though I don’t think you intended your comment to be humorous, …………………..cause I think Porcha is now asking herself the same question!

  12. Somrone please find a way to send SSTTUUPPIIDD Kalia Home /jury!!!!!!! ….. all of the twists have been designed to help the vets!!!!!!

    1. I dont agree at all with that statement. The golden keys are how shelly and porsche are even still in the game and america voted brendon over 3 of the beanies (the comp was between brendon and dom but bc cassie received more votes than people that she would this hurt dom’s chances) it was kalia not any of the vets that put up lawon (and lawon was evicted 6 to 0 and it was 3 newbies who helped vote him out psa) thus brendon vs. Lawon was obvious who would win. The comp was not tailored to brendon either anyone could have won that comp lawon just was horrible too slow! Double eviction took two vets out! Porsche chose to open the box she received something good which mean something bad would be released its not rachels fault porsche opened the box. Rachel would have won pov today no matter what. SA or PK could have won the comp but they didn’t!

      1. @Al, I have to disagree with your statement. The Golden Keys was set up from the beginning in case the Vets got put up, then they would be safe for a few weeks. It just so happened that the Vets won the first few HOH comps. 2 vets have not been evicted because of the double eviction, only one has, 2 should have been, but BB took care of that. BB can’t control the outcome of HOH’s comps but they do control the twist. How do we know for sure Breadon won America’s vote? We really don’t, we have to take their word on it. Why didn’t they have all the evicted HG be able to compete in a comp to see who would come back? Because they wanted to make sure Breandon came back for sure that is why! If Porchs didn’t open Pandora’s box you can bet the Fortuane Teller would have told the house that the next comp will be a duo. Thats why they brought out both P.B and F.T at the same time.

        1. Since it gotten down to 10 players and the golden key is no longer in play it has been the Vet players of JJBR. Dani went with the newbies the week before. SINCE then JJBR has won only ONE HOH and that was Jeff’s. Not even the newbies who went with JJBR won a HOH. Their team has won 1 freaking HOH but only 2 of them are gone. Had to vote one out twice. And now when it should have been at least 1 of them going home they both get to stay !!!!! BB production sucks !!!!!!!!

          1. To put it simple here is what happened. After the Golden Keys was not in effect it was DKPL against JJBR with Shelly and Adam floating around mostly with JJBR till the past week. I’m sure Adam still misses Jeff. Dani won HOH TWICE, Kalia won HOH TWICE, Porsche won ONCE. Jeff won only once, that’s it for team JJBR. That is 5-1 ! All of team JJBR should be gone. Yeah, Kalia screwed up her HOH but because of the BB twist that she knew of, but wasn’t for sure what would happen. Even with that screw-up JJBR should be down to one player after this week but they will not.

      2. The pandora’s consequences in the past have not affected the Big Brother game, they’ve just been annoying but minor, like the sock puppets, no silverware, or being locked in their Hoh room. This time, of course, the negative consequence effects the whole game to help out the vets so both of them have a better chance of staying!

  13. Is there any hope of BBAD airing an episode of the Jury House or at least go back and forth from the BB house and Jury house? That’ll be far more interesting to see than watching Kalia make up stupid strategies.

  14. You guys R too much. These boards have become more entertaining than the show in the last few days. You people take this stuff way too serious. Listen, its not like you guys know who any of these HGs are in the real world. All you see is what they do when they are completely cut off from their families and friends(well some of them), when they are stressed out, when they are sometimes starved, when they are in a constant state of competition, and oh ya, when $500,000 is on the line.
    There is not one person in the house who can honestly say that they have not lied or deceived. That is the game. So to say that someone is a horrible person or bad mother or bad future mother is ridiculous. Some of the comments on here, however entertaining, are horrible and say more about the character of the author than the HGs that they are insulting.

    1. so WHY ARE U READING THESE COMMENTS? why because for some reason u want to know what others think about the show-
      if u don’t agree don’t comment

      pure and simple.

      SHELLY IS ^*^*$gj*utjgj ri($(% FREAK
      AND ADAM who cares

      xoxoxoxoxxo BB13

      1. Because there’s some genuinely funny and insightful posts that are worth reading. It’s just unfortunate that one has to wade through a sewer of people projecting their baggage/mental problems onto the HG’s

  15. Any one else listening to Cowlia and Pinto, wow, not just the 2 dumbest ppl in BB and with Jordan in the house that is saying alot, but just clueless ppl in general. They really think they are BB geniuses, they slept and ate for the first 50 days…they are terrible BB players and so are Adam, Shelly and Jordon, thats why this game can suck sometimes cause all the worthless crap makes it to the end far too often…

  16. KALIA, are you stupid? you know if Rachel wins HOH, you & Porsche will be on the block, then if one of you win the veto, she will put Adam up, either way you lose, you are by far the WORST player in BB history! If you do throw the HOH, you’re gone, & I will laugh, & you just set up a JRPA final four, where you will see Rachel & Jordan in final! Porsche just needs to drop you, you just got lucky that you paired with Porsche and that you’re safe. you have no choice but to win HOH, i still say Rachel wins HOH & sends you packing, you’re a loser!!!!

    team Jordan & Rachel. <3

    1. think Dani would stop them from making stupid mistakes? before you answer that, think back to Kalia’s HOH week when Dani allowed her to put up Lawon.

      1. Dani said in an interview after her eviction, she told Kalia step by step what would happen, that Brenden was most likely coming back and would compete with the evicted housemate for a place in the house. Which would mean that both Brenden and Rachel would be in the house if Lawon went up. Kalia is the idiot who didnt listen and was scared of Jeff. Adam was once again the swing vote they couldnt convince to vote their way, resulting in Lawon eviction.

    2. I think Porsche still knows what’s up. Her conversation with Adam showed that. Kalia’s just lost in the wilderness at this point.

  17. Adam is talking about how the Foo Fighters are going to invite him up onstage. This fat bastard is delusional! Yeah, Grohl’s totally going to be your new BFF.

  18. Just as I had predicted yesterday: production would not get rid of Rachel as the house would become a snoozefest and a rating nightmare.

    Looking at the live feeds, it looks like production better put Shelly on suicide watch…

  19. Kalia is 100% right. She should throw it. And RaJo should send her home. I’ve wanted her gone since she sabotaged Dani during her (K) first HOH.

  20. Kalia, you need to be sent home for coming up with that dumb scenario, i DARE you to throw it to Rachel. I guarantee she will send you home. Rachel is the best player in BB history! GO RACHEL! beat everyone, take Jordan & Adam to final 3, then take Adam to final 2, & win BB for you & Brendon. (:


  21. Adam is just as useless as Shelly it’s ridiculous. im still laughing about how proud he was when he won that veto that everyone threw -_-

  22. Rachel HAS TO WIN HOH next and NOT throwing it to Jordan because…they will be down to final 5, If Somehow Rachel gives it to Jordan …Jordan gets HOH , Porsche/Kala are nominated and IF Adam wins POV Rachel goes on the block and evicted (Final 5 its where it gets tricky, your best ally could go home, just like what happened to Karen in Season 5)

      1. um okay so I made a comment about kalia eating like a monkey. and I was joking ( others have said it before me (check them out) I never used the N word or directly made a racist comment. if saying someone eats like a monkey is racist then I am sorry. I could have said that bout Adam and I and I am sure it would not have been a racist comment.I also said comments about shelly being a lesbian, porch being a crack hoe etc. so it’s okay for these but not the monkey comment? ( all jokes) I am far from racist. I just go with the flow on here. ( after all it is just big brother not a discussion about the state of the world).
        peace n carrots

      2. Simon thanks for listening. I will post clean and be more conscious of what I am posting. I mean it’s all fun and games as long as no one is offending anyone right :)
        and I love this site.
        peace out

    1. I feel somewhat sorry for Adam.
      He is BB star-struck and it has hurt his game, 100%.
      IMO, the Producers of BB 13 owe an apology to all of the newbies and BB fans for
      adding the Vets to the game. The CBS/BB employee responsible for the suggestion should be fired
      and exiled to the Jerry Springer Show.

      1. Bang on!! Adding the Vets to the mix was a colossal mistake on the part of production. What made BB interesting in the past was when HGs entered the house with no significant and/or obvious advantage over their fellow HGs and thus, the playing fields were, for all intensive purposes, leveled. Despite the periodic moments of excitement, this year has been THE most monotonous season in BB history.

  23. Dani leaving last week really screwed Porsche & Kalia. Jeff leaving only made Jordan & Rachel want to compete harder, & they know they are now the biggest targets, that’s why they are stepping up their game. Rachel won the POV fair & square & is sending Shelly home! next week Rachel or Jordan wins HOH, and they finally get rid of Kalia. last week really made it better for the vets than it did the newbies, Dani was the only person in her alliance doing anything, without her they are dead. Shelly is worthless, & shouldn’t have made it this far! she should have been gone when Dani nominated her! if Dani were still there, things would be completely different. if the final 6 was JJRDKP, things would be a whole lot different. I just hope Rachel & Jordan go to the final 2, & Rachel wins, she deserves it, she is the best. no offense to Jordan, but she hasn’t won anything, her HOH was handed to her, & if it wasn’t for Rachel today, they would still be on the block. I know if RJ are in the final 2, Jordan will win because no one will vote for Rachel, she will lose 6-1, but if she takes anyone else, she has a chance! i was team Dani, & wasn’t fond of Rachel, but now she has proven to be the best, & I am on the Rachel bandwagon, lets GO RACHEL!

      1. Nah. Fans of individuals never actually see the faults of their favourites regardless of how blatant they are. It’s an immovable blind spot.

      1. i have no problem with rachel either. I just don’t want jordan and adam in the final 2. neither on has done anything to deserve it in my opinion

        1. I’m with you on that 100% Adam wants to just float right into the finals. He really thinks he’s going to win when he’s done nothing.
          He’s so narcissistic it’s nauseating.
          All he can talk about are the fans he must have. Ugh

      2. If Rachel is up with Porshe, I want Porshe. If Rachel is up there with anyone else left? I sincerely wish she wins, and dumps her idiot boyfriend.

    1. Why thank you for rooting for me!! It’s nice to know BB has fans like you that don’t even care that me & Jordan gave the production team BJ’s so they would rig it for both of us to stay this week! You must be a cheating piece of shit just like the production team! We wanted the production team to make pandoras box give a card that reads: “Shelly is Evicted”, but they thought that would be too obvious =*( but Jordan thought it was a good idea! Anyway we have a 3-way scheduled with Mark Burnet so they will rig the next hoh for either me or Jordan to win! Toodles!

  24. Worst hoh kalia, not dani’s fault brendon came back. Kalia has to be stupid, throw the hoh this close to the end, get real! She really does want Lawon’s title of dumbest houseguest ever! Porsch might want to rethink her alliance to have any chance to win. Granted she doesnt have any choices so maybe an alliances by herself is better than one with kalia. Go make up with rachel and maybe she has a chance, not much of one, but a chance.

  25. honestly, I liked Kalia up until this point. This is honestly the dumbest thing she has ever said! Rachel is more powerful now than she was back in week 1 or 3. I am not a big fan of RacHELL, but she totally deserved to win that POV, & it wouldn’t surprise me if she works her ass off & wins HOH and nominated Adam & Porsche, then backdoors Kalia. Rachel, I may not like you, but I give you 100 % of the credit, & you are one of the top 5 best BB players ever! attitude needs an adjustment but that’s it, & I am kinda pissed that people are making fun of you if you are pregnant, anyway, I see Porsche or Adam winning this. I think the final four is JRPA, then they drop Jordan, & then Rachel. I am rooting for Porsche!

    1. I think that if Rachel wins HOH, she needs to nominate K&P as she needs to split them up. Adam would then have to win veto to force R to put up J. The chances of A winning veto are far less than K or P. If KP were nominated and one of them won veto, Adam would go up. Vote would be probably be a tie and R would be tiebreaker.

  26. wow!! I gave the big brother production team blowjobs in the DR & they rigged pandoras box for me to stay this week!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I can’t believe the stupidity of this House. I am with Kalia and Porche all the way. But I think Danielle was right when she said that they are ignorantly handing them a check. This week is so bogus. Rachel and Jorden have got to go…and damn that Pandora box, cause it favored them. I can’t even watch this show anymore…I just don’t know what’s worse, the bad game moves, or RJ and thier stupid crying.

      1. And some people still think Jordan deserves to win 500K, again? She’s done absolutely nothing this summer. I’d rather see Rachel be taken to F2, in order to control the jury votes, than Jordan

      2. Could Jordan suck anymore at comps? BB saved her ass with Duos.

        She will not make to final 2 like her original season. The people remaining are way more competitive than her.

        It will either be 2 newbies or Rachel and a newbie, in the final 2.

        If Rachel makes final 2, Adam will be the deciding vote.

  28. I don’t think big brother is rigged to have a particular player win .. I do think production wants to make the show more entertaining and they will employ whatever they can get away with to keep it entertaining. remember there’s nothing stopping CBS from bringing Jeff back with a gold key to final 2.. the only consequence is blacklash from the fans.. primarily feed fans that own less than 10 cats.

    I really have no problems with the outcome of this POV, like Adam has brought up on the feeds the Pandora’s box couples POV twist is what is Fishy. either way Rachel is a strong physical competitor any physical comps she’s in she has a decent chance to win it so for her to win a physical POV when it was all on the line is fine she probably busted ass to get it.

    In a twistless CBS world I think Rachel would of still won a POV and would be coming off the block. Shelly or Adam would of gone up against Jordan.

    1. I don’t think anything was rigged or predetermined. I do think that BB does try to send the game in certain directions, ie gear comps that favor certain players, insert twists, etc. Ultimately, the players have to perform. The DR sessions may try to steer the HGs in a certain discussion by providing them with different scenarios or stirring the pot, but I believe the final choices are the player’s alone.

    2. “primarily feed fans that own less than 10 cats.”

      I actually spit out my drink on that one. You sir owe me a new keyboard :)

  29. Im so ready for She Man to come out! she is dirt! I can stand her.. she dont need any money.. Anyone who is married to a man who a stay at home dad.. dont need money. likely She-man made him stay home… her husband is on lock down with her pimping their house

  30. nobody in that house deserves the half million. just torch the house while they’re sleeping and give the prize money to Brendon’s cancer research.

  31. The next HOH winner is very interesting and has alot of complexity and dynamics associated with it. Either Adam or Kahlia need to win to ensure that AKP are apart of the final four. But one thing is for certain Adam appears to be the only one guarantee to be in the final four right now.

    Also was wondering if anyone caught what Porshe said to Adam (I believe it was him); something to the effect that she has a guarantee to the final two? Now I am wondering if she has the golden power of veto as a result of Pandora’s Box.

    Thoughts anyone? Simon what do you think?

    1. I was wondering the same thing about that comment! I don’t think she can get a power to send her to the final 2 though??? Maybe the final 3…….

  32. IT JUST HIT ME….THAt 2 out of 3 HOH’s for the brilliant combo of Porsche and Kalia will end in one of their own alliance going home…HHAHAHAHAHHA. HAHAHAHAHHAH!

  33. omggg, Kalia is so dumb!! Does she really think JR are going to honor their “deal?” Or that Jordan wouldn’t put her up in an instant despite their early promise?! I was 100% rooting for Team Dani + her alliance, but I can’t support anyone who’s this dumb in the game. Damn, why did Dani have to go….KP are so clueless without her. Their only good move was to put Jeff and Rachel on the block, and that was only because Dani drilled it into their heads before she left. If she hadn’t, who knows, Kalia would’ve probably put up Shelly and Adam in an attempt to get on JJ’s good side again. ughhhh

  34. Does Kalia ever shut up???? Stopped watching Showtime feed tonight because she was getting on my freakin nerves.

  35. I am at a complete loss that there is actually people that want Rachel to win.

    Did these people watch BB12? Do you have the ability to hear? Just the sound of her voice in DR makes me cringe.

    1. I sure did. Rachel all the way.
      You must be one of those people who can’t compartmentalize. Rachel plays the game and you know what. whe’s the most honest of them all.
      She is annoying and is so competitive she is irksome when she wins, but she isn’t a bad person, plus she always gets the end of the stick no matter what.
      It’s just not fair.

      Why should Jordan make it any further, and why should Adam- they do absolutely NOTHING. Rachel fights hard. Some of us respect that- plus she clearly needs the money for a new wardrobe. Portia doesn’t need anything. I have no words for Kalia who just seems to have dumb luck

  36. Odds are it will be Rachel and newbie in final 2.

    3 votes for Rachel – Brendon, Jeff, Jordan

    3 votes for Newbie – Dani, Shelly, Newbie

    Adam could be deciding the winner of BB13. Unbelievable!

  37. Kalia has a Historonic personality disorder, she had nothing and wants to be someone, thats why most of them come to be on BB, REALLY NOT TO PLAY. As Dani said about Porsche she is here to win a comp get some ait time make some connections and then never work again. One can onlt imagine what the house would be like if the five of them stay toghetr… Dani if you reead this leave pt alone don’t corrupt him you willow spider and by the way see ya Shelly Karma is a bitch, bitch.

  38. rachel deserves 2 win. People treats her so mean. She had people hide & steal her property! People talk crap about her all the time! Go Rachel kick sum @$$!

  39. You really need to understands Dani’s pain, she has no self esteem, she works at hooters and her resume is her name not even her …….other than that she needs to run the reality tv circut loser

  40. kalia is a dumb azz. if she throws the HOH this late in the game then she needs to go home. she tricked up her own HOH and i see that she is going to trick up in the future. the only thing she did right was getting rid of jeff and that’s because she didn’t have time to think. what an idiot.

  41. kalia is really stupid. she thinks jordan won’t put her up because they made a deal to never put each other up. jordan is very upset over jeff being evicted and she won’t waste any time putting kalia on the block if she becomes HOH. i don’t know what planet kalia is on or what she been smoking, but she doesn’t have a lick of common sense, and if she throws the HOH, then she deserves to go home.

  42. Everyone is speculating that next season will be ALL STARS.
    Do u think it will be from all seasons or season 8 onwards?
    Will people who have already competed twice be allowed back.
    Here are my choices
    1. Evel Dick 8+13
    2. James Rhine 6+7
    3. Annie Whittington 12
    4. Matt Hoffman 12
    5. Dani Donato 8 +13
    6. Michele Noonan 11
    7. Dan Gheesling 10
    8. Janelle Pierzina 6+7
    9. Jase Wirey 5+7
    10. James Michael Zinkand 9
    11. Jun Song 4
    12. Jeff Schroeder 11+13

    From my selection my 4 musts are: Dani, Dick, James and Dan
    I love Jannelle but she is pregnant so it is unlikely she would go in and Will is my ultimate fav but i dont think he would go back

    I will be pissed if Rachel goes in, i can not cope with 3 straight years of her in the BB house

    1. Don’t worry….Rachel is pregnant too so her return in unlikely :) I am convinced that the only reason production will not give her a pregnancy test is because they do not want to know the results. If they give her a test and it comes back positive, then by law they have to release her from the game. No choice. Chances of miscarriage are too great. But……if she is pregnant and miscarries they could still get in some trouble because she has told production she thinks she’s pregnant and they refuse to buy her a test…..

      1. I’ll bet Rachel has taken a pregnancy test. CBS would have
        insisted upon it.
        Rachel may not know the results.
        Will the Fortune Teller tell her?

    2. I dislike Jeff but would love to see him on All Stars because he
      would get pummeled.
      Can you imagine him talking about himself in the third person, “Big Jeff,” to
      the other All Stars?

      1. ‘Big Jeff’ became more annoying than ‘Fiance’, i’m so glad he is gone so i dont have to listen to his ridiculous nickname he gave himself of him talk in the 3rd person

    3. Where is Kalia she has made some of the best moves in BB history. I would say she is the best player this season. Actually she is the best player of all time.

  43. Know matter who you are going for Dani,Jeff,Brendan whom ever I think we could all agree production tailors the comps for whomever they want to stay in the house it just dont always work. I just think it was stupid to mix people that played before with people that did’nt. I think it is very disturbing how grown people on here can say so many awful things about people they dont even know. It is one thing to put there game play down but to say some nasty things about an individual is just wrong it really shows the posters true character. Everything they say about a person they dont know shows how much of a BULLY they must have been as a child and obviously have not grown up.

    1. some people do go to far. but then so do the houseguests. i mean if the houseguests are gonna make jokes about hitting rachel in the stomach (if she is prego) so she’ll miscarriage and won’t have a chance in the comp then quite frankly they deserve anything people have to say about them. there are certain lines people shouldn’t cross when they says things and even if it was a joke. NOT OKAY. who even thinks that way. and people do take this show way too seriously. i hated rachel last year and the first half of this year, but watching her console jordin showed me a different side, and i am now rooting for her. shelly is too much of a hypocrite for me though. it would be different if she spoke the truth in the dr, but she believes her own bs. and dani going on and on about writing jeff a check, adam said it right when he said but if i kept her i was writing her a check. she was just mad they didn’t. and i know that at least rachel wanted to be there as much as her. i know on bb they all lie and backstab it’s part of the game, but at least own it. dani acted like it was so wrong to be backdoored when she backdoored brendon the week before and so wrong for jeff to not keep his deal with her when she said herself she had no intention to do so. she said she kept jeff safe, no she just wanted brendon out first and if he hadn’t come back in, she would’ve gotten jeff out.

  44. If I was Rachel I would take Shelly’s cigarettes and tell her that they have 5 minutes to give back her stuff or she is flushing the cigs down the toilet.

    If I did business with Shell’s company, I would contact her boss and say I was dropping their company because he has an employee in the executive ranks that cannot be trusted and is a real snake!

  45. I’m going to just throw this out right now. Porsche, if you hated opening Pandora’s Box so much, why did you open it!?

    See, this is why it isn’t rigged, Porsche didn’t have to open that damn box, she did though knowing something she didn’t like would happen! And it did! God you are dumb.

  46. I think Kelia is saying she wants to throw the next HOH because she knows she will not win. She knows Rachel will beat her. Please somebody tell me this women is not that stupid to throw a comp this late in the game when she knows that her and Porscha will be the target. Poor Porscha and Dani picked one dummy to have an aliance with. Jury house here they come!

  47. I cannot wait for the sneaky skanky snake shelly to get sent packing on Thursday! Go team jordel! You know its a sucky cast When I’m rooting for rachel!

  48. I’m confused. Is Kalia safe because of the pandora’s box twist since they were pairs in the pov or could Porsche put Kalia up opposite Adam and get her voted out? I’m guessing that because they were part of the alliance first and are “tighter” then Porsche is supposed to put up Shelly?
    Screw that. If Kalia isn’t safe and I was Shelly I sure as hell wouldn’t be giving up now. I’d explain to Porsche that keeping me is way better than keeping Kalia

    A) Keeping Shelly keeps a huge target away from you when you can’t play the HOH. You’ll go up opposite somebody who never wins comps and Rachel and Jordan want out with every part of their being
    B) She’ll never beat Kalia in the final 2 because of Kalia and Jordan’s agreement. That’s a minimum 2 votes plus Dani, plus most likely Adam becuase JJ will talk Adam into it no matte what
    C) If Kalia happens to win HOH next week it’ll be Rachel and Adam going up. If Rachel wins POV due to her word to Jordan you would be going up as a replacement and you get voted out. Play the Jordan agreement to the hilt. Show Porsche how she put Lawon up a replacement instead of Jordan as she should’ve and her comment about keeping her word during the double eviction and putting Rachel up opposite even knowing it would cause a tie.

    If she can put Kalia up and she doesn’t she is a grade A moron but why should I expect anything different from a newbie from this cast. They are wretched game players. Don’t these people realize 500,000 grand can buy you friends and happily ever after and the unicorns pooping rainbows they all want. Pathetic

  49. Just want to say thanks again to BB Productions for the worst season ever.From the start with the duos to all the new “twists” that are introduced when needed to the players that AG would like to keep in the show. So much for expect the unexpected, what a laugh. I think this season should be renamed “As the stomach Churns” I am sick of all of them. Maybe after all the negative comments about this season, next year BB will actually try to give us a show to watch that will be with everyone on a level playing field and “no special favors” to keep the ratings up. Forget the unexpected and just give us some good game playing and entertainment. Excuse me now, I have to go puke.

  50. Shelly made these two statements to Kalia last night……. “Of all the people here, you’re the one I’d go to final 2 with. I know I can beat porsche, I can beat Adam, anyone can beat Rachel, Jordan already won, it’s just you” and “I can influence the jury. It’s what I do for a living.” (oh, is she an attorney now?)

    I don’t know what kind of drinks they serve on Planet Shelly, but what makes her think she can suddenly beat anyone??? And if anyone can beat Rachel, why didn’t Shelly win the POV last night?

    As for influencing people in jury, there are too many people who will no longer listen to her. She sounds like Kalia – another delusional person who plays the Wonder Woman card without anything to back it up.

    What is the line that Kalia said earlier this season? Oh yeah, don’t let your mouth write a check that your butt can’t cash.

    As for the game being rigged, CBS has manipulated the direction of the game all along. When one side is up, they do something to favor the other side. They favored Rachel and Jordan yesterday and they’ll do something to swing it back now to favor the other side. I think they’re pushing for a finale with a newbie and a vet going at it in the end. That’s how they keep the drama going and keep their audience. To quote “Brennan”, this isn’t rocket science.

  51. well here’s my question?? When kalia had the hoh and porsha pov if they wanted Rachel out they should of gotten rachel out before Jeff THAT WAS A STUPID MOVE to get Jeff out I really love Jeff and Jordan they are America sweetharts and i would nevr stel Jeff away from jordan im so sorry jordan:(((

  52. Well I hope it will be arj finale three, Jordan needs to step up, POR is lost without Danis game plan, KALIA THINKS SHE IS dani. D=Shelly tells everyone she okay with going home. Yey right she just said last week I need to do this for my family, did she mean leave before the endhahahahahahaha

  53. Hello Shelly, sitting on your but, raising your voice avoiding ehe=ye contact when talking and yyelling I hate kliars did get you this far. You had a good game plan but you blew it when you flip, you SPENT TO MUCH TIME IN THE DR AND LISTEN TO THEM. But, you are a good mother, you came on the show to ashow your neighbors, co-workers, and your family your game play or your real personality. Do you think your boss will ever trust you again will the kids in scholl stop picking on your daughter, you know the parents will be talking and thier kids will pick up on this. Boy Shelly you and Kalia can hang out, beacuse Por AND Dani will be in Vegas 16-18th foor the reality bash with pt up stairs in the hotel room tied up

  54. Now Here’s a Shocker!

    Adam and Kalia final 2, who would win? I know it’s a sad day in hell if these two made it this far but really this would be Adams only chance of ever winning.

  55. Typo! If it wasn’t already obvious (i.e. the context within which the typo could be found), it was intended to be “Productions”. I tend to type fast when I’m frustrated and/or pissed off.

  56. I could not stand Rachel going into this season or for most of the season itself. It is testiment to just how awful these newbes are, that I am now rooting for her over any of them! I really want Shelly gone. I can agree that she made a game move when she switched sides, but she did not handle it with class, honesty, or friendship. She could have been sensitive and told Jordan straight up that she cared about their friendship but was making a move because she was playing for her family not her friends. Instead she lied, blamed, and was defensive about it. She did stab Jordan in the back, not because of the game move, but the cruel way that she made her move. She claimed to be her friend but all she does is bad mouth her and try to get others to attack her and vote her out. JR should keep Adam because there is a chance that he will work with them. It’s not a certainty, but he stayed loyal for a long time so he is the far better bet. Shelly is just a snake who wants to control others to make herself feel important/powerful since she cannot win anything on her own.

  57. Midwest – no, what are you trying to do to me? No more Jeff. It’s fun to see him get beaten but I have to put up with him being smug and Jordon looking dumb and sweet baby Jesus, no, no, no. I could not take another summer with those two. I would need to be medicated.

    1. Still laughing …..

      I didn’t include Jordan for All Stars (I’m not a masochist.) and only included Jeff so
      TEAM DANI 4 LIFE could enjoy watching him beaten by real BB Gamers.
      Jeff would be the first HG evicted from the game.

  58. The scenario for final 5,4,3,2
    Jordan wins HOH next week, Kaila and Porsche on the block. Rachel wins POV. Keep the nomination same. Kaila got evicted 2-0. Final 4 JR vs newbies. Rachel wins HOH & POV. Kaila and Adam on the block. Kaila got evicted 1-0. Final 3, Jordan vs Rachel vs Adam. Rachel wins part 1, Jordan wins part 2, Jordan wins part 3. Adam got evicted by (decided vote by HOH). Rachel vs Jordan Final 2
    Vote for the winner:
    Jordan to win:Jeff,Adam,Kaila,Dani
    Rachel to win:Shelly,Porsche,Brendon
    Jordan wins 4-3 wins 500k, Rachel runner-up 50K, Jeff or Adam wins America Favorite HGs.
    Rachel wins HOH next week, Kaila and Adam on the block. Adam wins POV and backdoor Porsche. Porsche got evicted 2-0. JR vs newbies. Jordan wins HOH & Rachel wins POV. Keep the nomination the same. Kaila got evicted 1-0. Jordan vs Adam vs Rachel Final 3. Rachel wins part 1, Jordan wins part 2, Jordan wins part 3. Evicted Adam 1-0 (decided vote by HOH).
    Vote for the Winner
    Jordan to win:Jeff,Adam,Kaila,Dani,Porsche
    Rachel to win:Shelly,Brendon
    Jordan wins 5-2 wins 500k, Rachel runner-up 50K, Jeff or Adam wins America Favorite HGs.
    Adam wins HOH next week, Kaila and Porsche on the block. Rachel wins POV and keep the nomination a same. Porsche got evicted 2-0. Rachel wins HOH, Adam vs Kaila on the block. Rachel wins POV, Keep the nomination the same. Kaila got evicted 1-0. Final 3, Jordan vs Rachel vs Adam. Rachel wins HOH part 1, Jordan wins HOH part 2, Jordan wins HOH part 3. take rachel final 2. Adam evicted (decided vote by HOH).
    Vote for the winner
    Jordan to win:Jeff,Adam,Kaila,Dani,Porsche,Shelly
    Rachel to win:Brendon
    Jordan wins 6-1 wins 500k, Rachel runner-up 50K, Jeff or Adam wins America Favorite HGs.

  59. Wow you guys are dumbasses. Simon puts the disclaimer in but I don’t think anybody read it. Kalia was going through about a THOUSAND different scenarios and that was just ONE of them. I highly doubt she has the intention of throwing the next HOH because she realizes how many things could go wrong with that. She’s nowhere close to being the worst player to ever play BB. May I remind you she hasn’t been evicted yet. I could actually make a pretty solid argument that she’s a better player than Dani and Jeff.

  60. People like Jordan scare me. She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and I am so sick of people passing off her stupidity as cute or innocent. JORDAN IS NOT A DAMN BABY!!!

    She is a grown woman who has told lies and has been talking trash about people since the beginning of the game. She floats around the house with that dumb dear caught in the headlights/ Duckman look, plays with her hair and for some reason so many people are in love with her. WOW AMERICA! The newbies were just a bunch of Fanboys and girls put in the game so I know they have their faults, but I really think Jordan and Rachel have so many fans because a lot of people actually relate to them. The thought of this makes me almost want to cry for your country.

    WTF? Is being either a bitch, a moron, a bigot, an attention seeking drama queen, or an emotional psycho the new pass to gain respect in America? Damn right the country is in crisis. I feel sorry for the remaining citizens who have to deal with it all.

  61. This is all so ridiculous. Shelly deserved to win for her seamless lying, and the fact that she didn’t get caught in a single one until late August, and until it was too late for Jeff. Now because production was worried about ratings, they rigged the game and Shelly is going home. Why do I still watch this stupid show?


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