Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Adam about Dani on Thursday “As long as Rachel and Jordan aren’t flipping she gone”

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4:40pm Shelly, JJ backyard Couch

Shelly is saying had a good chat with Rachel this morning.. Shelly pushing the fact that everybody can beat rachel in the Final 2 and Rachel knows it. Shelly feels like she’s in good standing with Rachel now. JJ really act indifferent to Shelly alot of agreeing not sayign anything. Shelly leaves… Jeff lets out a giant SIGH tells Jordan he can’t wait for this week to be over.

5:15pm Jeff and Shelly Talk about Jeff’s jobs after Big Brother 11. He says he was blown away from how much of “Him” was on the internet after the show he never though Big BRother was as popular as it was. HE goes one to explain his acting job and some of his success and Failures. When Jeff left the Big BRother house during season 11 he swore never to do any more reality TV. Now he’s come to the conclusion that He’ll never get on Television so he’s open to reality show. Says he has a bunch of “Dot Com” type shows planned after BB13.

5:30pm Rachel and Jordan

Jrodan is sayign that Shelly and Adam need to go sooner than they thought. She thinks they need to keep Kalia this week then win HOH next week and put up Kalia and POrsche.

Rachel: “If it’s porsche and Kalia we need to get rid of POrsche” rachel is convinced that if Kalia wins HOH they can convince her to put up Porsche and maybe Adam. Rachel: “It’s obvious that Kalia is not taht smart she put up Lawon”

Jordan says she’s worried that Adam will make a deal tiwht Kalia, “Atcutllay I don’t really see him talking to Kalia either”

Jordan: “We have to get one of those 2 before the double eviction .. Thats what I am worried about”

Rachel: “We have no options we have to win this week”.

5:41pm Havenots POrsche and DAni Dani is saying she doesn’t want to push Adam too hard.. Porsche Agrees she thinks they need to take it easy then hit him hard on Thursday. Dani wonders if they should maybe say that the fans will absolutely got crazy if he votes to keep her.. Feeds cut..

Dani reminds Porsche that they need Adam to know if he’s going to flip the house they must keep it a secret until the eviction. He has to be aware if JJR find out that Dani is staying they will be so confused and surprised it’ll throw them off the HOH comp.

6:06pm POrsche is chomping on a pickle, “YEAH PICKLE”. Dani asks if Shelly has mentioned about both of them talking to Adam. Porsche thinks she’ll start tomorrow. Dani sometimes thinks time is on her side but every day that goes by is another day Jeff is talking in his ear. Dani: “He’s so in love with Jeff…”
Porsche wonders if Shelly will vote to Keep Dani even if Adam doesn’t. Dani doesn’t think theres a chance of that happening. Porsche: “She’s on my hit list to then.. .” (LOL Team Porsche yo.. seriously grab the feeds she’s hilarious) Dani laughs tells her you can only get one person out a week.

6:00pm Jeff and Adam working out Adam is giving a heavily edited version of Dani’s campaigning. Brings up some the weaker points of Dani’s pitch. Jeff says that he knew all along they needed to get Dani. Adam thinks that Dick and Dani still talk… he doesn’t buy their line that they don’t talk to each other. Jeff agrees says as soon as he saw Dick and Dani in the game he knew that was a pair that needed to be split up. Adam says that not much of what Dani says adds up he recaps the time him and Dom were on the block and Dani said he was the target but she was going to try and flip the house.. after that failed she told him he better win POV or he’s gone. Jeff warns him that Dani will tell him lies.

Adam says between Jeff and me he has made up my mind but to her i’m saying I Haven’t made up my mind.. “I just agree with them telling them they are making good points”.
Jeff: “Good keep the peace”
Adam says he’s thinking that about telling Dani that he’ll flip but in the end he won’t.. Jeff just thinks Adam should keep the peace at all costs.
Adam : “You gotta let them speak their piece it’s the honorable thing to do”.. Adam continues that he won’t tell Dani anything because int he end it might cost him a Jury vote.

Adam: “As long as Rachel and Jordan aren’t flipping she gone” Jeff says he isn’t worried about Shelly flipping. Adam asks him when do they get rid of Rachel. Jeff says once we can get rid of Kalia and Porsche.. “Those 2 don’t deserve to be here”. (LOL and Adam does”
Jeff says he’s going to take out the big player this week he thinks they least they can do is take out Kalia and POrsche then they worry about Rachel.

Jeff says he is sickened by the thought of Kalia and Porsche in the final 2. Jeff’s goal right now is to wipe out the other side then they can all battle it out. Adam agrees..

Adam calls Rachel a Floater.. “She’s become what she used to hate.. it scares me because it shows me she can play this game”.. Jeff: “DUDE DON”T worry Rachel is out target just not now”

Jeff says he wants final 2 with Adam after Jrodan get out. Adam is all excited say he knows that and he offers the same thing to Jeff.. Adam adds that if he’s buying what Dani is selling he’s at the bottom of their list but with Jeff he’s near the top.

Jeff asks about Shelly..

Adam, “I’m looking for signs right now but I haven’t seen anything yet.. there’s a bit of a doubt”
Jeff: “Shelly gets confused right now because she’s talkign to both side”

(Adam isn’t flipping at this moment.. I’m starting to doubt he will, this guy is with Jeff will the end)

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LOL he thinks Jeff will take him to the end.


I actually believe taking Adam to final two is almost as good as taking Rachel. Who would actually vote Adam over Jeff, when all Adam has done is ride Jeff’s coattails the entire way? I suppose he could get a vote or two for playing a good social game. Rachel is disliked by the girls, but may still earn some votes if she manages to make it to final two. Seems like a toss up to me :)


In order for Jeff to take Adam to the final2. Jordon would have to be evicted, that’s not going to happen. Adam is too stupid.


Thank’s for the great recap, Simon. I’m so sick of this season now. Adam is the WORST; such a douche; he lost his balls to Jeff.


He really thinks Big Jeff would do that if Jordo got canned? I understand Adam sticking with the evil he knows versus the evil he doesn’t but mercy, he has to know if he doesn’t do something soon he won’t have any fans… Maybe he thinks he’ll take out Big Jeff(BJ lol) but he could make a move now and flip this mother…. Alas he’ll end up never doing anything and just be a blurb on someone’s blog about the most boring BB season/players ever…


******ATTENTION ALL & SIMON*******

We need to get a plane over the big brother backyard that reads: “Jeff & Jordan lying to Adam”. If we were to do that, then for sure he would flip and this show can finally get interesting.

Simon are you able to set that up somehow for Thursday? I will pitch in $20 through Paypal. I’m sure if we can get 20 people to pitch in we could do it. I’m being serious, it’s the only way we can shake this up. Who’s with me???


LOL I’m down


I so would help donate if I knew a plane would go over and say JJ are lying to Shelly and Adam. Keep Dani you fools!!!


So how do we get a plane to fly over?


Put me down for $40!


Simon? Are you able to
Set that up or know someone that can?


then in two weeks when dani starts going back on her word to Adam…are you going to fill them in on those lies? Get over it. It’s big brother. People lie. Jeff and Jordon aren’t neven doing the worst of it.

Tim (too)

I’d be happy to pitch in too — even if it’s more than $20.

But didn’t they take some kind of action after one season to prevent fly-overs?

“Jeff & Jordan lying to Adam; Shelly lying to everyone (including herself).”


How about a banner that says EVIL DICKLESS Danielle go home!


At least she is playing the game and most viewers are only watching until she is gone, then the show will suck again!


If that happened, I’d personally rent a plane and say ” Shelly is an old nicotine riddled lying sack of shit, Dani is the biggest liar, bullshitter, sell her own mother to advance in this game when she had the chance to coast through most of it bitch, and Porshe is simply dumb enough that you don’t need to worry, she could think her way outta a wet paper bag !! ”

I wonder what that would cost ? LOL


And what is Porsche to Dani? Do she really think Dani will take her to final two. She’s dumber than Adam.


I don’t have a problem with Dani because she’s fighting from the block and has actually made game moves that were entertaining.
Adam on the other hand acts like a guy who’s never had any male friends and is so enamored by his first real mancrush that he’s not doing anything, just hangin with his Bro for as long as the BB Gods let him. It’s almost depressing to look back at the Adam from episode 1 to Adam now… Even the Metal shit is an act.


Evil Dickless Dani is gone, get over it.


Entertaining? She got rid of Brendon… this was more annoying than entertaining. Watching Rachel after that almost made me turn off Big Brother. She then allowed Kalia to vote out someone from their own alliance. Sure this was entertaining, it’s funny watching someone do something so stupid. Then she got Brendon out again… this was expected, but not entertaining.


100% agree!!!


Dani would actually take Porsche to the final 2, if Dani stays.
No Kowlia, remember.


She’s dumb too, but definately has more guts then Adam.


Do I think BJeff made a good game move? Absolutely and I applaud him for it. Was it entertaining? Yup. But as a fan, I want more. More would be Adam flipping the plan and watching JJ and Dani scramble this Thursday with the fast forward.
Whomever wins doesn’t benefit me in any way, shape or form so I don’t really care. I just wanna b entertained and in my opinion, this would be awesome!


Adam WAKE UP & SMELL JEFF’S BULLSHIT!( final 2 over Jordan–does he truly believe this) YOU’RE ALREADY UP HIS ASS!


cmon man leave him alone, he’s in love.

Midwest Fan

The New BB Showmance


he said final 2 after jordan is evicted if she’s evicted. same thing jordan said to shelly.


I’m going to feel bad for Adumb when he leaves the Jury and goes back home to get laughed at. What a joke. Casting this year could not have found 3 worse players.
Lavictme, Adumb, Kowlia. Where does production find these people? I hope they never do a vets vs newbies again. The newbies are star struck and stick their heads so far up the vets asses. I swear Adam eat up Jeff’s shit, because Adam’s head is so far up Jeff’s ass.


casting knew exactly what they were doing, casting people that were JJ lovers so that they will be too weak to put them up for eviction and thus giving JJ the win


Like I said before……it’s the Jeff & Jordan show. So sick of them and her “uh…uh…uh..” can’t complete a complete thought or sentence. The bleach has gone to her brain!


I don’t agree with that i just think that adam doesn’t see an advantage of keeping dani he doesn’t trust her and he thinks that is odds are better with Jeff. She isn’t really that trust worthy look how fast it took her to flip on kalia. I think adam thinks regardless he will get further in this game with jeff and i can’t disagree why would you turn on your allience unless it benifits you with dani it seems to only benifit dani. All it will due is put a target on his back with jeff,jordan and rachel and if dani doesn’t win hoh and rachel does he is in trouble and if dani wins and jeff wins pov he is in trouble. I honestly think adam trust jeff and he really doesn’t trust dani he has been wanting her out for awhile he hasn’t broken his word to adam so why would he switch. I really hope shelly gets busted for working every she sucks up to jj, she sucks up Kalia and she sucks up to dani all she has is accomplished is that adam doesn’t trust her anymore. He did up to this point

Shellys Cig

Hoping BB production brings tori spelling to meet Adam in the DR so she can tell him, he’s dumber than Donna Martin!


That’s the funniest thing I have heard so far! Lol…


You are so right! When he gets out the house and sees the blogs about hm he might go into seclusion lol


If Adam and Jeff were showering together, Adam would drop the soap on purpose


Thank Dani for backstabbing her alliance in week 3, it’s not easy to get people’s trust after you do something like that. Especially when you fail spectacularly at it.


I don’t call it back stabbing when they never fully trusted her to begin with. She was smart enough to know that if she didn’t try to get them out then, then they would make it to the end because Adumb is so far up Jeff’s as_!


as long as Dani is out this week, hey its fine lol


Simon scroll down, we can flip this thing. The fans have sent planes over the backyard before. I’m sure we can do it and convince Adam once he knows what America wants him to do. If we all chip in we can get it done, but we have to act fast and set this plan in motion.

Shellys Cig

Maybe Tori Spelling will helps us out and pay for the plan… because I’m sure she doesn’t like the fact that her super obsessed fan is dumber than donna


Toronto, speak for yourself, not ALL of America agrees with you. I wouldn ‘t trust Dani over JJ….Adam is playing very smart.


Wow Dani is pathetic.Calls out other people for sulking and EVERYTIME the cam is on puss face puss face.Her and her bla bla PERIOD bla bla SHOCKERRR well Dani SHOCKERRRR YOU PUT YOURSELF HERE SHOCKERRRR IT’S NOT PERSONAL IT’S GAME PLAY RIGHT….PERIOD!I’d respect her if she wasn’t the biggest hypocrite on the show.Loyal yet you offered Kalia to stay with Jeff and Jordan Loyal you kiss Shellys ass then talk about her with Porscha.All she does is tell people what and when to say things then she backpeddles an says “oh but you don’t have to oh but you can do what you want” I cant believe she had the audacity to say to kalia i want to be here more then anyone else in this house TRUST ME lol oooook Dani Bon voyage.


I quit watching bb because it seems to fake,all u hear is everyone talking about the DR telling then not o get rid of this person or that person


THen why has he not said anything about how hard shelly has been campaigning for dani to stay… He has not made up his mind or he would be saying something.


why is shelly so mad at rachel and why is she mad that adam said he would vote for rachel if she was in final two? At this point I think shelly is mad rachel called her out on her lies. It makes no since for her to hold that type of grudge against rachel just because rachel said shelly said something aout jordan. I mean get over it. you’re a grown woman mad because of a he said she said. really. grow up. and move on.


you’re exactly right, shelly is mad because rachel exposed her lies


Well, looks like adam is a lost cause. Hes so pussy whipped by jeff its not even funny. Well i guess im team Porsha!!! If she starts winning some shit i will for sure want her to win the whole thing. Im really starting to like her. Porsha FTW!!!


Adam is the village idiot. Surely he is playing dumb, surely.


Adam is not as dumb as people are saying. It was Dani just last week saying they need to get Jeff out this week and Adam next week during double eviction (not knowing double eviction is this week) Dani wants Adam out before a questions and memory quiz, because she feels those are kinds of comps he could win. Ao why is Adam dumb. He does stand a better chance with Jeff. At least Jeff is offering him two/three (if he takes out Rachel likes he says but guaranteed two after Porsche and Kalia) more weeks of safety where Danielle only offers him one after Jeff. Adam is smarter than you think.


I so agree, Adam is smarter than a 5th grader!!!! NO SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!


Are you crazy? Do you think jeff is really going to pck adam over jordan lmao come on surely you and adam are not that slow


jeff didn’t say he would take adam over jordan he said if jordan gets evicted he would take adam


dude, that guy would evict his own mother if it ment getting the 500 g’s. He knows how everyone loves jordon. He will take Rachel over both of them anyways, if he can.


They would take Adam out right after Kalia and Porscha


I agree. Adam is getting all kinds of hate but he is making the best decision. DKP do not care about him and neither does Shelly. If he flips, after Jeff is gone, they are getting rid of him next. DP are going to stick with Shelly and then go to final 3 and dump her. Because Dani knows she can since Shelly cannot compete for shit. Adam can at the very least make farther if he stays good with everyone. JJR will hate him and never give him a jury vote if he flips, neither will B.


jeff and jordon been saying they need to get rid of adam before questions too. either way he’s gone. i think the benefit of keep dani is that it will keep him safe for one more week and he still have the option to float around. since jordon won’t side with dani and the other side will still need swing voters like adam and shelly, assuming jeff gets knock out. even after that dani stills need to get rid of jordon and maybe rachel.
if dani goes this week i think jjr will only need to get rid of kalia b/c she did win her hoh on a question comp and jeff knows she will try to go after him. after that it really doesn’t matter who jj going try to get out b/c everyone be kissing their butts (well jeff’s jordon is kinda useless). the only way he will go further is if kalia or porcshe wins the next hoh. gets rid of jeff then they would have to go after jordan (but not likely b/c only p or k competing for hoh). rachel will go with whoever has hoh. plus, if jj makes it to the final 4 it be 3 vs 1 situation. if the final 4 is jjra or jjsa i think they would get rid of adam since nobody likes rachel so she won’t get any votes if she makes it to the final 2. they probably pick shelly over adam b/c she’s not good at anything and can easily knock her out in final 3. jeff’s ego won’t let him bring porcshe or kalia to the final 4. the benefit with dani is that you don’t need to trust her. you just need her to do her thing and get rid of jj. she has to get rid of jordon to win b/c she won’t get the votes. the only way dani could win if she’s in the final 2 with a floater like adam/kalia. none will have the balls to put up jordon other than dani and rachel. the newbies need her to stay.


LOL Jeff says he’s going to take Adam to the final 2 after Jordan leaves and Adam get’s excited. I think Fara is cringing right now watching her “man” being such a bitch.


Why is that funny? He’s blowing smoke just like jeff is blowing smoke. Adam said repeatedly he wants jeff out before final 4 just not now. And jeff said he wants adam out. I have not seen one person on this show tell anyone to their face they want to vote them out. That is the nature of the game, and I will say it again adam is being underestimated. Dani said it best, if adam makes it near the end he will start winning because he is good at questions.


Well I hope you are right, because from what I’ve seen so far he is a bitch.


What the he’ll is wrong with Adam? He thinks he’s at the top of the alliance. That’s a joke. Couples need to be broken up first and you would think Adam would know that. I hope Adam is sitting next week in jury, he sucks.


He doesn’t want to win BB.

He is attempting to create a persona. But he is failing, his personality is fake.


Shelly is so two-faced, both literally and metaphorically and I hope she gets called out Thursday and gets the shaft after Dani. That would be the best double eviction ever!


And last week everyone thought it was rachel. rachel has many faults, but being two faced and lieing like shelly isn’t one of them. if shelly makes it to final 2 i don’t care who she’s against she will not win, after jury gets through watching those tapes of all the lies and trouble she stirred up. and that’s the only way rachel will win is if she takes shelly.


thats something i dont get???? does the jury get to watch all of the tapes i thought they just got highlights like a 2 min video when the new member came into jury……… I hope in this case they do get to see it all day long so they can see how catty people where this season…….. UGH i am just so surprised at how people are so freaking stuck up about there beliefs but then do the complete opposite…. ( Hint hint shelly) I think the best speech to put shelly up would be “Im looking at you in your eyes and i can tell when you are lying, so i am straight shooting your ass to the block.”


1st..Dani needs to stay…Adam is an embarrassment to the Tri-State area and mainly NJ(remember funny ass enzo…what a contrast)…but all is not lost.

RACHEL…”Nobody comes between her and her man”…What if she is playing JJ. Case in point:

1. Jeff went off on her in the backyard…She did not cry nor whimper.
2. JJ gleefully voted Brendon out…true loyalty…She is like elephant and won’t forget
3. Revenge, Rachel is playing it up waiting for the right moment to strike. she wins HOH
4. If Rachel wins HOH, it is not too far fetched for her to put up JJ. Her only true obstacle if Dani is gone.
5. Could be swayed by SPDK, Would be a big move for her…turning against the tyrant couple is the only chance she has to win.

Everybody is forgetting about Rachel, remember she has said that she has no one in the house. She can be turned and america will love her for getting rid of Jeff, essentially leaving jordan like helpless prey on the Serengeti.

She could improve her chances of winning…She and Brendon live in a studio apt…I don’t think she wants to JJ another $550,000 in addition to $15,000 he already won.

Adam is a lost cause…Jeff’s D#ck is too far down his throat, and he’s loving it, for him to flip!


You make some good points. I’ve always hated Rachel, but wouldn’t mind seeing her destroy JJ. BOOM!


well said! Out with Dumber & Dumber….


yeah she can’t win anyone but her she can’t win anything so her only chance is to elimate dani, jeff and anyone else in front of her by lying and she is complaining about jeff i hope adam tells jeff


I don’t get why people keep calling adam dumb!!! because he won’t keep dani who is against him, who will get him out the first chance she gets why would he keep a strong player there is no benifit to him what so ever so i don’t get it. I get a lot people like her but i don’t get why you think someone who won’t keep her is dumb, who should betray someone in their allience that all it will do is come back to bite them makes no sense. If he does keep her then he is dumb and so is shelly for that matter is she really dumb enough not to think dani will come after her


Hey I never once called Adam dumb – a bitch yes – but not dumb.


to Hallie

Because JJ are taking him out sooner. He has a better chance with the Dark Side+freedom to move and speak his mind on his own. Right now he sits under totalitarian rule of Jeff el Qaddhafi and his hillbilly concubine.


I am watching now and Adam is sooo dumb! Jeff is totally bullying him into not getting rid of Rachel. Flip Adam, flip! Jeff and Jordan are coming after you and Porche next- Jordan (who bless her may be confused) is telling Rachel ASPK are done and JJR have final three. Wake up Adam-


what did jeff say that was so bullying? the only thing he said is adam should keep the piece at all cost. that’s not bullying. he talked about kalia and porsche, and that’s not bullying.


Talked? No bullied him into saying that is what was gonna happen- PK are going not R, like Adam wants. Jeff is a wanker. Adam needs to go on and tell him to kiss his @$s. Bottom line.


LOL yeah Adam it will cost you a jury vote? Cause Im sure youll make it that far. And final 2 with Jeff? This guy…terrible. Still the biggest player let down this season. Ugh. Dani is gone this week, unfortunately.

Team pinto, fo real yo.


Adam is a disgrace to New Jersey, Jews and White men everywhere across the planet, correction, a disgrace to every man across the planet. Dude, you don’t loose your balls until after married not to some random dude(Jeff).

If this guy is this gullible, then how in the hell is he in the Music Business, and in “management”.

Dumbest Jewish Guy Ever…Ban him from the Synagogue too…


Well, it was fun while it lasted. I’m done with BB after Thursday. Adam is such a bitch, seriously GROW A PAIR!!!


Bye now, you come back and visit from time to time.


wow just because one person leaves you are not watching it anymore? Perfect! see ya later. those of us that are fans of the actual game and not just one person will enjoy the show. I am assuming that you are going to be creating your new Dani fan page on the internet?? Oh maybe send her some fan mail!

Midwest Fan

You can skip BBAD and CBS, but stay here and keep on posting.


adumb is such a fan. he’s such a loser… team dani


Lol @adumb such an appropriate name for him


Why the hell isn’t he telling Jeff about Shelley. I bet it will bite him in the ass. Shelley will pin her vote to keep Dani on Adam and JJ will believe her.


I am not so sure she wants to keep dani, I think she is just sering her place incase adam does flip. she knows dani is an equal threat to her just as jeff is. I think she is trying to figure out which way everyone is voting she will be safe either way the votes go. No jeff won’t choose her over jordan and vice versa, and say what you want about rachel, dani knows the only way for her to win is to take rachel, because she knows in the jury it will be a three three vote and adam will be the tie breaker and she feels she can persue adam by saying she kept him safe, and never lied to him, and all that crap. She know shelly, kalia, and porsche would never vote for rachel to win and all have said that, and she feels jeff, jordan, and brendan will vote for rachel to win, but adam she’s almost sure will give her a vote. This girl has already counted jury votes. If she takes shelly, then she will only have kalia and porsche votes, if she takes adam she will only have kalia and porsche vote eventhough rachel said she would vote for her in the end I don’t think she will. porsche and kalia won’t make it that far so there’s no need to even mention the scenario with them. point being dani and jeff are both playing adam so no need to be mad at jeff or adam for that matter.

just me

Hi Anonymous,

I was thinking the same thing. He could let on to shelly that he was going to keep dani and when the extra vote for dani was revealed then he could prove to JJ that she is working against them and he could be final 3 for sure. Why isn’t he telling???


Once again Mr. Integrity:


ADAM IS AN IDIOT!!!! he is acting like an idiot when he claims he is a super fan, i can’t wait till he gets home and read all the blogs and see how much people think he sucks….. Adam really thinks America likes him, he thinks hes the shit because he screams all the time and eats bacon and likes 90210… were not buying what hes selling, can’t wait till they get him out it will be like his big brother lesson.


Screams, eats Bacon and likes 90210. That would make me a loser in my book. The fact that he is acting like Jeff’s little bitch, just reinforces that.

Tim (too)

I agree. Adam is so desperate to be famous, he came up with some kind of lame character to get onto the show. “I’m so interesting because I’m a metalhead who also loves Tori Spelling and appletinis!”

The bacon thing is pathetic, like he’s replacing “donut” and auditioning for the non-animated Homer Simpson role (complete with T-shirts). He was thrilled to wear that elf costume and get some attention, and he’s so starstruck, it’s humiliating.

He actually seems to me like a nice guy when he’s not putting on some contrived, phony shtick, but that is very rare. Nearly everything he does is forced and unfunny — he’s trying way too hard. He said to Jeff, “You know you’re doing good in the D.R. when production laughs,” but I think he’s going to be disappointed at how little they have shown of his diary room sessions. He’s just not entertaining.

Team Dani = NOT

Alright…make it happen Adam…send Dani out the door Thursday! Shelly will flip back the odds are against her!

Team DANI !!!

you should probably stop posting buddy. its embarrassing


I am hoping once Dani is gone Adam will flip and align with PKS. Team Newbie all the way


I totally agree with you on this one. Adam should go for gut and send Dani to the door. Kaila will be the next to go as well. We don’t want to see more floaters in Big Brother House. They floating and rafts.


being a double eviction week, i think it will be dani and porsche going home unles kalia or porsche win hoh. I don’t think they will keep porsche over kalia, and they have said as much because they think kalia can be persuaded, and do there dirty work. Which makes since. Jeff don’t want to get his hands dirty by putting up shelly and adam, who better to do it than kalia. they know porsche would never put up adam regardless of what she says, because if dani leaves who is she going to have?


Glad to see you want the ultimate floater Jordan out.


I’m looking forward to when Jeff cuts this bitch loose. Adam is going to be so heartbroken. :(


Adam lost all that weight to be on big brother and does nothing. LOL he thinks he’s gonna be sooooo popular when he gets out. If my predictions are correct both Dani and Jeff will leave on Thursday and BB13 will die. Casting needs to do a better job next year.


That sounds real good for drama on the show, and is possible, but I don’t see that happening, because unless there’s another twist the show will be boring without at least one big target in the game (meaning dani or jeff) the rest of them in there really suck at competitions, who will be there target? Rachel? I don’t think so. and even if it is.Imagine watching BB or reading these posts with Kalia (who eats all day) Porsche who doesn’t seem to have a mind of her own, Jordan who one can forget is even in the game unless you hear her talking because she is mostly off somewhere by herself, shelly straight shooter, who will she have to lie on and run to, and adam. REALLY! It’s possible Jeff will leave Thurs.I will even say highly possible, but I will say the odds of him leaving are the same as the odds of dani staying. I just think in my own personal opinion, the show with everyone else beside jeff or dani will be BORING.


Ok I do have to agree with this. Without Jeff OR Dani what would we watch?? Suntanning? Eating? Whining? Crying? Oh god. could you imagine??? I am not a fan of one or the other and I like the game as a whole but aw man I think I would rather watch paint dry!


So frustrating watching Adam when Dani could be saved & this season could get a lot more interesting. If only people thought with their heads out of Jeff’s ass..


either way dani is going, because even if adam did save her I don’t think shelly will and if by chance dani was to stay, as cocky as she is she won’t win hoh this week she would still get evicted, because rachel will probably win hoh and put her up anyways. cbs is not going to waist a double eviction week and not get a strong player out, and I don’t think it will be jeff beofre dani. dani caused this on herself leaving her alliance who did her nothing she keeps saying she was at the bottome of the totem poll being number 5 when they got down to the end, all she had to do was form am allieance with someone and make it a 6 person deal. she had dom until she wanted to backdoor jeff instead of keeping her mouth and alliance straight she could have had dom with her right now and adam would be home and with the streak she’s been on she would have been in a better position. I say like her father worst game move ever.


so what i dont get is double eviction…does it mean dani and kalia will go?? or what else i haven’t really watched the show before…but somehow got sucked in this season


no a double eviction is they play the hoh,nom, veto and eviction all in one night instead of over a week


I “think” what happens is that either Dani or KaLueless the Hutt get evicted, then they immediately have a (VERY QUICK) HOH comp, then immediately have nominations, THEN the (ALSO VERY QUICK) POV, THEN they vote again to send someone home. After all that, they have yet another HOH comp to see who the new HOH is for the coming week.




LOL Like!


I actually think he WILL flip. Why else is he down playing Dani’s campaigning or not telling Jeff that Shelly has flipped. I also think production might be telling him to keep up the suspense.


no, i don’t think he flipped if you have noticed adam has been doing this all season he never tells anyone how he is voting he likes to string people along and make them think he hasn’t decided.


I totally agree. While I don’t actually like Team Bacon, and think he’s a huge waste of space, he would almost HAVE to be smart enough to realize that there is NO way that Jeff would keep him over Jordumb.

Team DANI !!!

Adam: an early congrats on making the second stupidest move on BB this season. idiot


The talk about Rachel being a floater is completely ridiculous. Say what you want about the girl but she is NOT a floater. She wins competitions. Jeff won shit after brendon left and if he was still there Jeff would have only won that single pov. Seriously Rachel is tue beat competitor in that house. Period. And everyone knows this. She doesn’t compete for a week because she couldn’t in two povs and now she’s a floater. Get outta here with all that shit. Hey big Jeff take a look at your girlfriend then well talk about floaters.


Adam is the dumbest bb superfan. if jeff…(and that is a huge if) takes him to f2…its for 2nd place. Dani will always be a better target than kalia..who will not win hoh. I see only 1 man left in the house JEFF…because adam is def jeffs biatch!


The best*


ive honestly never seen a grown man act the way adam does. he literally cannot disagree with one thing jeff says. he seems so nervous around jeff, pacing and mumbling and stuttering. i just dont get it; how can someone be so flawlessly passive?

R Daddy

After looking into CBS fortune teller tweets I’m starting to believe that Dani is the fortune teller(Crystal ball) and S is C Mom and D has S working for her. Also believe by the tweets that There will be Pandora box and of Jeff opens it he will win $ but D will get to stay. Interesting stuff check it out. The “rigging” of the show continues! LOL!


Ooooh! Link, please!!!


I don’t get the floaters logic to keep Dani at all! It is dumbfounding. Take out the strong player. They act like there choosing to vote Jeff out instead of Dani, but it’s not that way. It just means two strong players stay in the game, instead of one and if Jeff and Dani were on the block Dani should still go because she is a stronger player anyways.

It just makes no sense. Catching a big player by surprise by voting them out is a big move, surprising Kalia is not.


Goodbye Dani!


wow adam is the worst this season…… can’t make his own decisions….. wow, how sad…. if he was such a big fan of big brother he would know what it takes to make it to the end…… not hanging on to jeffs ass fur all the way to the end…


Production’s Team Ratings anything that will keep this season alive they’ll rig it.


Adam is not flipping. Dani is going to the Jury house! Yay!


Adam is a BITCH!

Shellys Cig

I feel horrible for Fara… Jeff owns her mans balls.


I hate it when JJ rant about floaters … Jeff, look who you’re dating. Weve seen a K or P in the final two. Thanks to you, bb, and america.


Adam is by far the dumbest player in the history of BB… His head is so far up Jeff’s ass Jeff is shitting Bacon… Really, when is he going to wake up and realize if he don’t flip the house he is definitely the next person out the house… I freaking hate dumb players.. Like really, why did he come on the show… to continue to tell people how much he loves Donna Martin… He is LAME!


Simon im new at big brother is this the worst season ever


which one was worse?


BB12 and BB8 was the best!


I meant to say BB12 was the worst (for me). BB8 was the best in my opinion.


Honestly, Adam is not seeing the forest because of the trees. Jeff is telling him he wants Porsche & Kalia gone basically because they don’t win anything and they suck. If Adam were smart, he’d realize that in Jeff’s mind, he feels the SAME WAY about Adam because he doesn’t win either! Jeff handed him the friggen veto so he wouldn’t get blood on his hands. He should also be able to spot Jeff’s hesitance about getting rid of Rachel and realize that Jeff will 100% take Rachel to the final two because he will 100% beat her. Unless Adam is just REALLY playing all his cards and plans on flipping, he’s being an idiot and is definitely whipped by Jeff. Adam will watch this season when he goes home with nothing and realize he should have kept Dani.


I don’t think Adam is with Jeff as much as people think. I mean he is riding his back like a star but if he was totally in Jeff’s pocket he would say something about Sheldon. Instead he is just riding Jeff’s junk and the middle of the house. It’s kinda smart really cause as long as everyone else is cutting each others throat Adam could slip by and I hate to say it but if it works out like that he has a chance to win.(that’s a big chance but it is there) Damn I really thought that Dani might pull it off and stay but it’s not looking good for team Dani.


hahahahhahhahahhahhahahha so funny sooo trueee


LOL Adam asks him when do they get rid of Rachel

Jeff’s thinking “right after we get rid of your fat ass you bitch”


hahahahhahahahhahhaa hilarity.. sooo true… adam is so dumb..


Both Jeff and Dani work for CBS in some capacity. I am hoping that production pulls something to save Dani and get rid of Kalia at the sametime priceless. I would also like to see Dani, Rachel and Porche battle it out in an endurance comp. I think it would be EPIC! If Dani leaves i am Team Porche she is turning out to be a nice suprise.


i agree if dani goes im team prosche too


Why would you want that what is the fun in that then this game stops being a game, cbs is cheating and then we know that dani and jeff will be the final two and what is the point of the show. It becomes a soap opera and not a game show


They did it with Brendan and you all ate that up, like Brendan won that vote, let’s be real, he’s not that well recieved. And Kalia even made the comment that she was pissed at the DR for influencing her decision to not nominate Jordan. This show isn’t now, nor ever has been above production trying to influence its direction. But its not WWE either.


I totally believe Brendon won that vote. I know many people who voted for him and America loves drama so that could influence it. I would vote for him just to see the smirk on Dani’s face disappear, priceless! Plus, who else was there really to vote for? Everyone else was snoozeworthy, although I had high hopes for Cassi.


If Dani leaves, I’m team football season


Im tired of all these threats of not watching BB anymore. Don’t leave mad.. just leave already. This blog is starting to become a bit**ing session. You all cry more than Dani and Rachel.


I believe this is technically a botching session


I believe this is technically a bitching session


Wish Adam would tell smelly he is voting dani, the flip and leave her hanging.


This season has been shit yo. It had potential but since Dick left it’s been downhill. BB needs better casting next year.



Adam is such an idiot. Say Jordan wins HOH Thursday and nominates Kalia and Porsche, and one of them wins POV. Who is the first replacement nominee? Adam.

If he kept Dani and she wins HOH Thursday, she would nominate Jeff and Rachel. One of them go down, Jordan goes up. Adam would be safe.

Either Adam is madly in love with Jeff (which he is), or he thinks his gameplay has been superb and everyone views him as a target. Either way, I stand by my statement. Idiot.


adam is still in the house!!!!! people dom is gone dani will be soon and he is there so he is doing great


Rachel has signaled to Dani that she’s available for conference. She’s also showing signs of having caught onto Shelly’s plan to flip the house and/or turn it against Adam. Dani fans’ final hope: A deal between three she-devils. Shelly and Rachel continue to let Jeff believe they’re sticking by their alliance and voting to evict Dani. They also start laying (er, rather, already have started laying) the groundwork for the entire house suspecting Adam may flip in the first vote. Come thursday, S/R/P vote to evict Kalia. Kalia is evicted. Firsr HOH starts. The house thinks Adam has swung to Dani. If Shelly, Jordan or Rachel win the first HOH, Adam goes on the block and is voted out.


Really!?!?!?!??!!?!!! Oh yay!! 3 She-Devils, perfect!! I just posted that they need to stop wasting time with Adumb and work Rachel!! Fingers crossed!!!


Unfortunately, Daniele will be gone on Thursday. Jeff will be gone also.


Why would Jeff think Jordan would get evicted before him? O.o Even if they were both nominated at the same time, and Jeff won veto, don’t you think he would pull a Brendon and take her off with Veto?


Watch the New Dick at Nite episode


me too, I caught 2 live shows


instead of handing Jeff and Jordan another bullshit TV show, they need to give Dick a TV show


Dick’s show is great.


I think Adam knows exactly what he is doing! This ride or die thing he has with Jeff is a total sham!


There no way that Dani can stay the house. I be honest to you all, she is a bigger threat and target which she has to go. If Adam is dumb enough to keep Dani, Jeff will be pissed off. However, the only problem is that Dani is manuiplating, deceiveful, and better yet she has no heart. She won 2 HOH and 0 POVs. Please send her out of here. She evil and dangerous. I want to see Danielle and Kaila at the Jury House Crying and Whining in front of Brendon. In Next HOH, Rachel or Jordan definitely win HOH and put up Kaila and Porsche. Jeff will definitely win POV competition and send Kaila as well in Double eviction. The odds are favor of the Veterans.

R Daddy

The question is, why hasn’t A told Jeff about S trying to flip the house? If 1 vote doesn’t go their way, they are gonna blame A. He should know that. Just means he is still debating.


Adam has to be one of the worse players I have seen. He’s nothing but a waste of space a pie hole and a vote. And he thought if ED stayed in the game he would have slaughtered him What a joke He is an Old Fat Fan Boy attached to BIG JEFF”S ARSE and will soon he will be destroying all the Food in the Jury House. And sadly he will thinks it’s the best thing since his Bar Mitzvah and remember his 25 year anniversary is approaching. I done, looking forward to BB14


Jeff has now clue what is about to hit him Thursday. And I am not talking about Dani staying, she gone.


How is porsche eating a pickle,, she’s supposed to be a have not!!


They are allowed certain condiments with slop, pickles is one of them.


Simon what are the fortune teller tweets that everyone keeps talking about. Have they been going on all season or did they just start?