Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Grenades Dani Wins the HOH **Updated**

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10:23pm Bed room Adam, Jeff and Dani Jeff has his lips attached to dani making small talk about a pizzeria in Chicago Jeff leaves.
Adam has attached his lips to the HOH.. Pleading to Dani that he voted for Lawon to leave because he Knew Lawon Couldn’t be trusted.
Dani: “When has Rachel ever been Straight”
Adam stumbles says to her he hope the can remain friends outside the house. She tells him that it was just game she understands. Adam goes on and on chit chatting sounding very nervous. Dani is polite but stick up for Adam being a douche.

10:34pm Porsche and Dani Dani: “Welcome to the dark side” they both giggle

Dani is saying that she was telling Kalia before the comp that they need to be more optimistic she’s been here before. Porsche says she ready to win one she’s been second 2 times now. Dani smiles says she can do it next week stay positive.

Dani tells her that JJBRSA were all talking crap about BRP after the eviction, Dani and Kalia heard it in when they were in the purple room.
Dani tells Porsche there is a few things they will do different, “Number one we’re running off of GUT INSTINCTS… We made a mistake last week.. but thats ok we’ll get there”
Dani stresses the from now on “SHELLY IS CUT OUT” (Hurrah it finally happens)
Dani: “I Have a thing about turning a house against me.. but it works ”
Dani wants Prosche and Kalia to start exercising more becuase the next week might be endurance and it’s going to be a battle. Porsche is ready very excited says she’s going to do stretches in the HOH. Dani also says they need to make sure they are not on slop becuase they need their strength.
Dani: “You know production is dieing right now this is what they wanted”
Dani: “we start over now this time lets do it right.. tomorrow is a knew day”

10:45pm Jeff and Adam talking about if they are going up . Jeff isn’t worried if he goes up because he has the votes to stay.

10:55pm BR Purple Room rachel saying that she has a deal with Dani she thinks it’s still vaild. brendon goes on and on about school and how much he can’t stand being away from rachel.

(The 2 people that are taking it the hardest are Adam and Shelly BRJJ are being good sports about this)

11:11pm Shelly is crying in the havenots saying she misses jose and wishes she won HOH. Jordan says that Shelly will go far in the game because she’s friends with everyone and has a great social game (Apparently Jordan doesn’t know the Jig is up for Shelly)

Shelly is very sad feeling down on herself. jordan is upbeat.

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332 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Grenades Dani Wins the HOH **Updated**

    1. Okay, Porsche should learn from the previous weeks with the “third wheel” in the Dani + Kali train. Every person that has attached to dani and she told them “go spy” or “go listen to the others” or “go see what they are talking about” have ended up Chopped!! *Dom* and now *Lawon* pretty soon * porshe* haha. Skelator is gonna getcha! (dani) lol

  1. Just when everybody buried Team Dani………… KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Game????? Are you stupid? Have you not been watching this game. She is physical and can win a comp here ad there but she is far from having game. One of the worst to ever play in my opinion. She is gone the first time someone else wins HOH.

      1. are you a complete retard, the girl finished 2nd place, while you’re Brendan and Rachel finished 6th and 9th last year

        1. I like Dani and in no way think she’s a bad player but she finished in 2nd place because her dad carried her. She made two big mistakes in this game but she’s still playing it much better than any other Vet. Jeff/Jordan have done nothing but win an HOH that was handed to them and B/R make themselves a bigger target each week.

          1. Everyone keeps talking about Jordan getting HOH handed to her, but it was only Jeff and Brendon left and they still needed to putt the ball in the #2 or better hole. She made the putt that put her ahead of Dom Juan. One of those 3 would have had head of household anyway, so I don’t get everyone saying they through it to her, they still had to make a better putt. Danielle does have some serious game, but once one of the others win HOH, they will put her up, or backdoor her and she will be voted out, not sure when that will happen, though? :-I

        2. I hate Dani her game play is so dumb…if she keeps playing this way a newbie is going to win…she should have stayed with BRJJ until final 5 then they could all turn on each other…she’s carrying dead weight with Kalia and Porsche…not to mention that she wanted Jeff gone so bad, which broke up her alliance to begin with and now she’s so scared to put him up so she goes after BR…she’s weak…I wish Dani left and Evil Dick stayed, the game would be so much better…enjoy your week Dani…you’ll be gone soon enough

        3. Danarexic is a sellout moron. Second place is first for losers. She is an ungrateful pig. She said she handed her dad 500k? What? It doesn’t matter that she’s hoh. She can’t win, she screwed herself and too many obstacles in her path. If you can’t see that…team dani yo grenades yo I have poor english and don’t know the difference between knew and new yo- c yai don’t know these ppl so I don’t really freak out about who wins- I just want dani gone- and she will be. Post away but she and KP can’t go through everybody. Just a matter of time whethrr its 1 or 3 weeks I don’t care” ill take solace in the fact it is impossible for her to win. The minute vet danarexic chose KL she showed how horrible of a social game she plays. She can win vetos but just like Janelle or crazy james or brendon if the target is there u will GO.the target is there. She is a ungrateful, miserable,C U Next Tues. She is a grenade.

      2. Stupid? No, I’m not. You are the one with the name that is in part ‘Spacey’. And if you re-read my comment, it clearly indicates I don’t care what you think. Dani most definitely has game. She’s the only one who has won 2 HOH comps so far. Rachel’s first one doesn’t count as a win based upon skill, since Dick and Dani gave it to her. As far as her skills in seeing where others are in the game-play, no-one there is any better at that either. The other side feels entitlement that is just bizarre. It’s unfortunate that all this week ended up doing was setting things back 2 weeks due to Kalia’s screw-ups.

      3. Ur an idiot Dani is so kicking ass and she’s my favorite player. She for sure is gonna win and even if someone else gets HOH she could win the Veto ia heartbeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Dani

    2. Dani is one tough chick! The thing that sucks for her is that her only options for an alliance are wishy washy people.

    1. Me as well. when is this girl going to get out. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee get her out. Then Kalia and Porsche will completely fall apart. Dani should truthfully team with Brendon and Rachel and get the whole house out and fight for final 3 because I think she would win in the final with Brendon or Rachel but if she goes to final 2 with anyone else, she is losing period.

    2. Not sure what you people are thinking. Dani is playing a great game and wins comps………has she been on slop for two weeks like Jordumb? Loved Rachel’s pouty face as Dani was showing off her HOH room. Go Dani. Not fond of her alliances, but she is a great competitor.

  2. Now everyone’s happy- Dani wins HOH, Brendon’s back in the house. I guess the hardcore Kalie haters won’t be happy, though.

  3. This a Absolutely sucks!!!!!!!!!!! I hope be catch a break !!!!!!! Get the floaters, followers out then take each other out ugh!!!!! Everyone still think this game is rigged lol!!!!!!!

      1. I agree – all you heard is cassie and dom winining the polls – then yesterday brendaon name is mention more. This is riduculous and so obvious.

  4. Watching BBAD and Jeff is being sooooo sweet to Kalia and Dani. I hope Dani puts up Jeff and Brenden for eviction. If any one of them wins POV , then Jordan should be the replacement.

    1. Jeff and Brendon then backdoor little “I am not so sweet anymore as americas couple” Jordan. DKP+A and the JJBRS will begin to implode.

    2. What are you gonna do nxt wk when Dani is sent to the jury house for her birthday??? You seriously can’t think lard ass or thunder thighs is actually gonna win HOH and save her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I’m, with you Chessie. Dani has to make up for Kalia’s and Ameria’s idiocy. (((( I’m not saying all America is stupid, just the million who voted Brenden back into the game and all those who voted for JEFF to win the Coup d’état – yah you))

    1. To be honest it is kinda annoying as a viewer.

      The twist was actually very unoriginal and a waste of time.

  5. “and she’s back in the game folks!”

    …..for now. Let’s hope they play with an ounce of brains this week hahha

  6. Here’s Dani’s chance to etch her place in BB history. From here on out, if she can navigate her way deep into the game without numbers in a crappy alliance, that’ll be quite the accomplishment. She took a great first step tonight.

    1. A couple of seasons back Dan was basically on his own and came through with a win. If Dani can stay away from stupidity she has a shot.

        1. Thank you Simon… DRINK…. lol all my continuing posts are gonna be drink~ LMAO!!!!! I love you Simon! (just drink that purple stuff in all the dixie cups) We’re good! I promise!

  7. This is the dumbest season of Big brother ever. they basicaly just rewinded two weeks. Well one things for certain, Daniele has 0 chance of winning now that BRJJ control jury ;). Daniele is a witch and will never win this game.

  8. Helllllllllll Fffffffffffing! YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! Simon…Dawg…. if you had nothing to do with this.. (just lie to me) think that you did…. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  9. Now Dani needs to play it smart. Put Big Jerkoff and Brenda up for nomination. Tell them that if they, or anyone else, uses a POV on their asses, then their female partner replaces them on the chopping block. That takes out 2 votes, and guarantees one of them will go. Dani should not listen to Kalueless, or Fire Marshall Shelly. Adam needs to have his ovaries removed. Maybe get a spare set of balls from Shelly.

    1. JDoe? where have you been all my life? lol I would do the same…. scare the hell outta them all… and everything else I could think of. big cheshire grins~

    2. OMG….wouldn’t that be bullying??? and we know how all you Dani worshippers hate bullies.even the sun shines on a dogs ass once in awhile……Dani will have her birthday alone in the jury house!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. That’s OK, get ready to say goodbye to either Jordan or Jeff this week. FYI, I hate JJ, I find the both to be incredibly stupid and hollow people. No real substance to them whatsoever.

  10. I am SO happy that Dani won HOH. Everyone is going to be kissing her ass big time no doubt about it. This week is going to be interesting for sure.~

  11. And I second your FUUUUCK YES!! Can’t wait to see Brenden, Rachel or Jeff walk out the door next week! Dani rocks!

  12. Yes!!! This makes that farce of ‘America’s Player’ crap a bad memory. I’m ready for Dani to run the house and take out….. well, any of the JJBR alliance!

  13. Now I can continue watching!!! I hope she puts up Brendan and Jeff and if either of them win POV she should put his girlfriend!!!!!


    1. i love the ppl hatin’ on dani. based on what? that chick has outplayed everyone (with the exception of maybe shelly). everything interesting in this game has come from her. if it wasn’t for her the vets would be running roughshod through this house and it’d be boring as hell. she’s flipped the script on ’em twice now and sent them all cowering. and if kaloria had listened to dani’s advice in the first place rachel would have been evicted (and forced to face brendon – BB viewer GOLD!) instead of lawon. she figured out the twist, she figured out shelly, her instincts have been solid throughout, she doesn’t cry or whine or piss & moan or make excuses when she loses, she doesn’t have fake platypus botox lips & nasty zits, she can form a coherent sentence and she’s done everything she’s done in the game without any major alliance. next to the dummies left in that house, she’s a superior player in just about every way. if production gives her a double eviction this week (and they should), she’ll severely eff up the vets game – again. and, again, almost entirely on her own.

      1. Are you serious? no she locks herself up in the hoh room,what did she and her minions do all wk? hid upstairs whining and crying about the twist,wasted 2wks of hoh’s etc.She is a great player,can’t take that from her.but she has no social game at all,has aligned with 2 of the worst players in the history of this game,actually 3 and she power trips 100x worse than Rachel does “I’m gonna make them all shit thier pants this wk” ….her game is about over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Oh God. Dani won…Again? This disgusts me.

    I am hoping Brendan being back will somehow cause new drama. But we all know she will probably backdoor one of them(B/R).
    Putting both of them up is risky because she runs the risk of one of them winning POV and her nominating someone that gets
    voted out(i.e. Lawon/Rachel)

    I despise Dani. But this should be interesting.

    But at least R/B can be in jury together.

    1. Drink another!!!!!!!! Funny how Brandon coming back was rigged,but Dani’s win wasn’t !!!!!!!!! Everyone knows if BR/JJ won HOH her ass was going up….maybe they rigged the comp for Dani to win,she said herself she didn’t even understand the rules of the game.Quit with the when things don’t go DKP’s way,it’s rigged,but when it does,it’s because their sooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. She’s crying for josie and toni/y… lol where do you think.. guys can’t handle the tears.. but us mean bitches know it’s an act. You’re going up floater.. lol I hate that word.. but I’m gonna use it for her. lol

    2. Drink… and all future posts tonight will contain it… Drink… DRINK>>> DRINK>>> DRINK!!!!!!!!! I’m backk bitchesssssssssssss~ even if it’s for a week.. suck it up.. lolol Dani~ team..

  16. Yay! Can’t help but root for the underdog! Especially when the underdog kicks @ss! I wish it had been Dom though. Wait, I mean I wish CBS had actually brought back the player America voted for.

  17. CBS most definetly rigged the poll. There is no way that brendon took over half the votes to win. Julie said that 2 million people voted and that Brenda had over 1 million. She also said that it was close between Dom and him. That would mean that Cassi and Keith got almost no votes. (Although I can believe Keith did not get many votes.

    1. If vote was legit…it makes sense Brenden came back…I think many J/J fans voted to help them and the non-Brenchal fans unfortunately split the vote between cassi and dom….sigh….so predictable it doesn’t need to be rigged.

  18. OH My GAHHHH!!!

    I feel like we rewinded again! It’s exhausting!! Dani is gonna get rid of Brendan (AGAIN)…. and why is Porshe way excited??? She is the ULTIMATE floater! (DRINK) She is the one that shifts from power to power. I’d love to see her gone cause I’m SICK of those jumpsuits and SICK of watching her eat! BUT she is a waste of an eviction!

      1. A DEFINITE floater! Not that I want her gone quite yet. She is easily swayed so keep her around for another 2 weeks!

        1. Tell me how she is a floater. I’ve heard people say floaters are bad at competitions. She’s no Dani/Brenchel in them but she is no pushover herself. I’ve heard people say floaters have no loyalties and sway with the power. She was 100% loyal to her friends and allies Brendon & Rachel even to the point of going against the house by voting for him to stay. She didn’t turn on JJR; they shunned her. If you remember it being any other way then you should put down the JJBR kool-aid and go re-read the updates from the beginning of last week. They didn’t want her near them and all they did was trash her. She is in no way a floater. She was burned by her allies and had to make new ones.

          Porsche Shall Save BB13! ‹3

          1. She is 1000% a floater,she does shit in this game but eat and wear the same clothes over and over,because her ass has gotten so big,she can’t fit in them.She goes with whoever has the power,eats non-stop,sucks in any comp,eats non-stop,laughs at anything the HOH says,eats non-stop,talks shit about everyone,eats non-stop.Maybe Dani/Kalia should tell her sttty fat ass that she doesn’t have the golden key anymore.oh did I mention eats non-stop?

  19. Haha look how happy Pinto and Dani are they have had the power for two weeks and they are an alliance member down and they are happy about it. Dani all smiles has no chance of winning this game everyone left in the house is a jury member and besides Kalia and Pinto she has no chance of getting any votes so keep smiling you moron…

      1. Probably just jealous women.

        Or guys that like pudgy girls, with overly pale skin, and a pepperoni pizza face.

      2. Nope, definitely not just you. Porsche is pretty hot too, but Dani is HOT for sure. Remember the HOH competition Dom lost when he was on the show that asked, “Who would america rather see in a bathing suit the entire time for this season:Porsche or Dani.” America definitely picked her for a reason, because she is drop dead gorgeous.

      1. Going out for a marlboro… then back to my mafia wars.. lmao! Time is up.. *shrugs* stilll thinking of Simon and Dawg evictions. giddy laughter~

  20. I didn’t even watch the end of the live show.. I was soooooo pissed! But seeing that Dani won HOH has resolved all of the wonder and delight I had hoped for. Extremely love the way that Team Dani.. misspelled LIE… LYE, is a terrible (FLESH EATING) dissolving solution that some serial killers might use in helping get rid of a body. LOVE It!!!!

    1. Same here I turned it off. CBS has got to to be kidding it they think anyone believes Brendan got over 1,000 000 votes. So how close could it have been if the other three split the remaining 50%. I give up BB I”ll read this for updates if interested again. FIXED

      1. I agree. first i am supposed to believe that America would rather look at Dani in a bikini than Porsche…. and now i am supposed to believe that Brendon got that many votes? No way. I know some fixing should go on for a show like this, but like Jeff’s luck a few years back, it’s just a freebie screw over. I honestly skipped through most of Wednesday’s show, and a good portion of last nights. if Sunday’s show is back to the old Brenchal crap… well i may just read about it all and remove the video portion from my DVR.

  21. This season Blows. BR nominated Brendon goes home and we’re back to square one. This is just so stupid. they just rewinded two weeks. The only changes are that Porshe has switched sides, Lawon is a moron and is gone home and Shelly is exposed for the not so straight shooter that she is. This is a terrible season. At least BRJJ control the jury~ 4 votes and Daniele won’t win for sure.

    1. You’re just as disgusting is they are. Jury votes shoud go to the deserving and right now Dani is taking the “mighty Brenchel” behind the woodshed. She’s competed for 3 weeks and won 2 HoHs. This should end the nonsense that Rachel is so much better than Dani in comps. Dani is kicking their asses. About to send Brendon RIGHT back out. CIAO!!!!!!!!!

      1. you said no more show if Brenda came back member what gives? RIGGED was what you said and you don’t think for a min that the HOH wasn’t rigged too ( think bout it was blocked out on live feeds and did not air live on TV)
        gee just hand the vets the whole show. i predict the final 5 Dani, J/J and brenchel :) kaboom ( BTW) that shit was cool last yr but has no bearing on this yr :)

      2. Well u never know if porscha makes it to the end with Danielle. The jury might let Danielle win because they’ll say to themselves who played the game well and porscha didn’t do shit but float. Remember when Danielle went against her dad Dick. Everyone in the jury hated dick but voted for him because they thought Danielle didn’t play. She was tagging underneath her dad because she knew everybody hated him

    2. Yea they control the jury votes, they’re gonna vote personally, just like they played in the house. 2 seasons not ONE strategic move LMFAO that’s pathetic.

    3. Agree with everything!! Except the Shelly part… I liked her game…but she got excited too quickly and now her cards are being shown. Dani won’t win against no one…maybe Porsche but no one will keep her around that long! Heck, maybe they will! Everyone always forgets about her!

  22. LMFAO @ Shelly whining….. and even before Brenchel starts up, their pathetic whining and excuses?

    I’m praying that shelly and Jordan are have nots again, that would be just heavenly.

    1. yes agreed no way brenda got those votes and the way lawon was moving so slow with those balls ( and they had HOH not live so they could edit that to make it look like dani won legit) it’s a total vet season and production is not having it any other way ( all evicts nkotb)

        1. I know.. and I believe you Sam. I voted for Dom myself.. .looked at the polls around the sites. He was completely in the lead cept for a certain bitch site.. lol and I loved her.. but go figure her fav to win was cassi. I think ppl saw that cassi would have been an aid to Shelly.. and completely dismissed that. But brendon.. omg.. I’ve watched the feeds in previous years.. watched bbad for so many… and because I watch here so intently.. Simon and Dawg’s opinion usually is just a repeat of what goes off in my brain.. I don’t have to question the integrity of anything they post.. it’s just their opinion and their resolve to inflict the pain they do… on themselves…. especially with all us opinionated bitches and celeb hounds.. etc. Dani.. just got called to DR.. betting its her HOH room Key.. with all the significant warnings.. lmao! Do you think Kalia will be a thought in this process? absolutely freaking NOT…. DRINK!!!!!

  23. Question:
    How can CBS expect us to believe the competition between Lawon and Brendon
    was fair when Brendon had Rachel and others telling him which color balls to pick up?
    Granted someone could have called helpful tips to Lawon but no one could
    be heard over Rachel’s shouting. No Surprise there.
    The HGs should have been kept inside of the BB House and watched the competition from there and
    not been able to interact during the game.

    I’m assuming CBS wasn’t sure about Brendon winning on his own so they provided the TILT for him.


    IMO, BB/CBS has now decided to invest themselves in Rachel and Brendon’s real romance
    and stop scamming the public about Jeff and Jordan’s business $howmance.

    Rachel will probably get her Dream Wedding. CBS/BB will host it whether she
    and Brendon win BB or not.

    Rachel will get the Wedding Trousseau CBS had planned on giving to Jordan. What a hoot!

    Perhaps Jeff and Jordan will bring their REAL LIFE loves as their guests to
    Brendon’s and Rachel’s Wedding. lol

    Ending the Day on a HIGH – DANI IS THE NEW HOH!!!!!

    Good Night. Sweet Dreams BB Fans.

  24. haha. the whole twist originally was made for daniele to stay. NOONE could assume kalia winning HOH.

    now she has to rethink. she cant win everything plus now she has a huge amount of jury votes agaisnt her. but i assume she will go to war again, which will in the end will not take her to far….

  25. I knew when Dani saw Brendon come in that door she would be out to fight. Shelly is depressed because she didn’t win but I think it is because she has been found out. Poor Adam. He couldn’t have tried any harder to kiss up to Dani. And, Jeff, wow is he all nice. Well, what goes around, comes around and comes around and comes around. I hope Dani gets duct tape in her HOH basket so she can tape up Kali’s mouth.

  26. YES, DANI!!!!! Team Dani all the way man lol I was so pissed that Dom wasn’t voted back in because CBS rigged it. I was literally screaming at my t.v when he came back and I almost punched the screen when Rachel jumped on him. Smh lol this season sucks but ad long as Dani’s in the game, I’ll watch BB.

    1. I think it is rigged. Let’s say for instance Rachel got voted out to compete against the previous house guest. I bet production would of said Cassie or dominque was coming back with over a million votes. Production has their scenarios figured out already. Their a step ahead of the game

  27. Wow what night of BB13. So happy Dani won HOH to save the train wreck from her and Kahia. They should be able to get someone from Brenchel out next week for sure. Crazy! I watched the show early on Thanks for the tip from OBB. Couldn’t wait 2 hours to see it PT time. GO DANI!!!!

  28. Danielle is the best player to ever play big brother, she deserves to win the game right now for winning this HOH, I know she’ll make the right decision, I think she has to make the biggest move in the game and put up Jeff vs Brendon and start to destroy the other side of the house.

    STILL TEAM DANIELLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Me and my entire friends and family are disgusted with Brendon and Rachel crazies, why does CBS won’t to ruin their show! We have always been big fans and now we are staying so disgusted we have to consider our health now, because it has become a very unhealthy, stressful, and toxic show to watch! Making celebrities out of people so psychotic and self delusional like Rachel brendon jeff and Jordan. And to watch Kalia bend to their bullying was very unhealthy to show young people because they think that bullying can work, just sad. It’s time for a new reality show.

    1. Yeah, I’m getting sick of everyone going on about Brendon’s return and the comp with Lawon as being rigged. Everyone I know voted for B’s return to the house.

    2. Uh duh because it is. There is no way Brenda got over 50% of the votes. Viewers are so sick of the Brenchal that 1,000 000 votes to see it again IMPOSSIBLE’ Someone have Allisons number, we could flood her mailbox with 1,000 000 phone calls

  30. So Brenden coming back is rigged and Dani winning HOH is not rigged. I’m seriously sick of the rigged talk. I tried to post before tonights episode even started but it wouldn’t go through but what I tried to say is I would be shocked if Brenden was not America’s choice. Last time I checked, Simons own poll on this site was neck and neck between Brenden and Dom. Also, most people I know who watch BB voted for Brenden (except my sister who voted Cassi) probably because he would be the most entertaining return of the choices given.

    Good for Dani for winning HOH. My only concern now right out of the gate is she is already isolating (like she’s been doing the last 2 weeks) and just said to Porche “all we have to do it win comps the next couple weeks. Meanwhile, asking “Where is K?” Then saying she’s going to have to smack her because ::gasp:: she’s being SOCIAL with the other houseguests and baking a cake for the Have Nots coming off slop. You can’t win BB on comps alone, and this will be Dani’s demise in this game, mark my words!

  31. Dani may won HOH but this will be her last victory…she’s out next week… she has way too many people against her and she can’t count on Dumb Kalia to win hoh next week

    1. That’s what they said after her last HoH. Porsche ready to step up and Daniele is about to shuffle that deck and you know she’s goood for a couple of PoV’s. Not even Brendon can touch this girl’s competitiveness.

    2. funny how people think Dani is going home next week, they seem to forget that she’s the veto queen! only way they are getting her out is backdoor.

  32. This season blows. All that happened is a rewind two weeks back. The only changes are that Shelly is exposed for being a snake, Kalia is proven as a complete idiot and Lawon went home cause he’s an absoloute moron.

    1. Not Simon… but I think, Yes! they friggin rigged it for the drama.. and hate and bullshit that will ensue.
      Now the question becomes… who will Dani put up? Just a guess here.. but Shelly and cut deals with everyone else. That’s what I would do.. and no hearts and tear drops shed. : ) ~


    2. Not sure about it being rigged BUT logically it was so predictable that Brenden was coming back. First of all the J/J fans voted for Brenden to help them out. Also all the NON-Brenchal fans votes were split up between Cassi and Dom. Go Dani!

  33. Hm, or Big Brother is actually making this huge dramatic events for the sake of ratings.. Crazy events which includes bringing back Brendon (when it didnt seem likely) and then letting Dani get HoH.. Remember, this is a *scripted* Reality T.V show ;)

  34. Oh and Shelly’s crying and moaning in the havenot room with Jordan. I can’t wait until she gets called out. Her lies are being exposed faster and faster and she doesn’t even know it. She’s shooting left yall.

  35. I would just like to vent please.
    I am disappointed at the votes, and the boring ass new players that are scared to shake shit up.
    I didnt believe before that CBS altered voting results…. But I DO NOW.
    I am happy Dani won because if anyone else did in the house I wouldn’t have watched BB for the week.
    I am UNhappy that she won only because this means I have to listen to Motormouth blab about stupid shit.
    Is Porsche ever going to win anything?
    I am beginning to not like Adam, Shelly’s sneakiness and lack of integrity in the game is rubbing off on him. Plus, he breathes like a pig.
    That is all.

    1. I’m glad you got that out. I didn’t watch the CBS show tonight. And, I waited for BBAD and I started watching it with one eye closed until I saw that rope around Dani’s neck and the big smile. I knew I could open the other eye!!

    2. Rachel thinks she still has a deal with Dani???? Well, she better hope so because it sounds like Jordon is tried of babysitting. JJ said they keep Brendon next time not Rachel.

  36. All of you who were about to stop watching and never come back, remember BB is modeled after a very successful television franchise that has been around since the 1940s. It’s called professional wrestling. The villian and the hero are omnipresent. The villian and the hero are determined in the minds of the individual viewer. The battle ebbs and flows and the ratings go up if the show is properly orchestrated. I am of course on Team Dani. She has her faults, but she never comes emotionally ungled, and is playing the game to win. I will continue to watch no matter how production steers the outcome. It is addictive entertainment.

    1. You are so right! I don’t understand how more people don’t respect the crap out of her. People think doing the right thing all the time makes someone a good player but that’s not true…. Being able to come back up after defeat or keep your strength and restrategize, that makes a great player. Dani is badass

  37. This season is so predictable. It’s deja vu now. I love that Dani is HOH, but this season freaking blows. Dom should have come back. Now one of Brenchel/Jeff will leave this week, then Kalia will win HOH again.
    I hate this season.
    I want to take all of Allison Grodner’s food away.

  38. Fkd up shady a$$ Cbs hell ya that b.s was rigged. they just want “that” alliance win.
    Sucks ass because even though dani has 3 in reality she just has her self because know one else wins.

  39. anyone who whines that CBS rigged the votes is an idiot. There were some dani supports voting dom or cassi that left all the JJBR supports to vote for Brendan thats a lot bigger group than the others. Think about it.

    1. There are 5 separate Dominic Facebook pages, 3 of them
      Being strictly to vote him back. Brendon has one. Dominic also wins over brendon in almost all of the popularity polls on BB websites and blogs.
      America did not vote Brendon in, CBS did.

    2. this is exactly what I said, that people need to take into account that not only B/R fans voted Brendon back in but so did JJ fans because he was in THEIR alliance and would be the only player out of the 4 choices to benefit JJ. Think people. I know myself gave Brendon 10 votes and so did many other people I know.

  40. R I G G E D !!!
    dani wins hoh whatever. the only nkotb who won hoh kaka. i have decided to view this show as a sitcom not a reality show.

  41. oooo fk i kant stand Jordan n jeff or BRenchel
    n for goodness sake shelly your the biggest snake manipulative person in the game.
    Ughhh im soo fkin Madd Cbs had a poll askin who did u wanna see win and it was like 60-40 for the Veterans. Sooo Yess Its Rigged

  42. I’m not sure if I can watch this show anymore with Brendan in the house again. His winning was fair as far as BB goes, but…ugh…I really thought Dom would win.

    They should have done a primary vote, and then had the two finalists face off in a second vote. Did Juie say that Brendan got a majority????

    PS GO DANI!!!!!!!

  43. It has to be. No way Simon or dawg just happened to predict this. Next thing Simon/dawg says will happen is a JJ and BR split this week

  44. I thought most all of the “marks” in here were going to stop watching BB if Brendon came back. Well……..I knew they couldnt resist talking AND watching BB. GO JJBR!!! ( If someone didnt know, a “mark” is someone who believes this shit is real)

  45. Shelly The Snake is falling apart …… I love it!!!!! Have you noticed how she talks about her daughter and has her pity party when she loses any competition. The woman no doubt misses her family ….. I’ll give her that, but she holds her pity party expecting the other HGs to throw the HoH to her. Hello! It’s a game for 500K! Everyone has their family and friends they miss so, why the hell should they give the HoH to a lying, backstabbing, snake like you!! I hope they kick your sorry leather ass out of here …. Right after BR go!

    GO TEAM DANI!!!!!!!!

  46. Over 1 million votes for Neanderthal Brendon?…….. surrrrrrre! Well America gets to watch the freaks coddle and slobber on eachother for one more week, as I’m sure Rachel and Brendon will be put up and sent to fantasy Island! THANKS CBS!

  47. SIMON OR DAWG.Why is my comment still awaiting moderation? it wast posted at 10:37p.m.? Others that posted after mine are showing up

  48. Dani needs to watch what she shares with Kalia. I’ve never seen anyone like her who can’t keep her trap shut.

  49. CBS is trying to sabotage Dani??? LOL How about Dani is trying to sabotage Dani. She had it good, she was on easy street. The overall performance and stupidity of the noobs thus far in the game would have assured her that final five spot with her original alliance. All she had to do was lay low, maybe do some intel, socialize.

    In a final five with the couples only 2 can vote with hoh being the tie breaker, and once it got to that point both couples have to nominate one another by necessity. So in reality Danni’s chances of going from final 5 to final 4 or even 3 were pretty good, and that’s without factoring her competition ability and the prospect of her actually winning that hoh.

    So for Daniele to keep tossing out the idea that she was low man on the totem pole and that she was gonna get squeezed out is absurd for those same reasons.

    The fact of the matter is she felt she had something to prove and got a little too cocky and arrogant. She got power hungry and ended up shooting herself in the foot. I like Dani mind you, she’s has one of those magnetic personalities but her arrogance will always hurt her. She messed up. End of story. It’s not over for her, like I said she’s a competitor.

    1. Dany saw crazy ass rachael going against JJ and made a move.Her only mistake was underestimating just how crazy Rachael is.When Rachael changed her mind and didn’t want to backdoor Jeff,Dani suffered and Dom took the hit.

    2. Some of you are complete morons. Come on CBS didn’t rig nothing. People wanted Brendon back in the game to make the game more exciting and watch them squirm and all fight. He won straight up. DANI SUCKS and should be called EVIL DANI. I liked her at the beginning until Dominic got voted off and she acts like she is pissed at the world because he is gone.

  50. Dani won’t even make the final 6. You heard it here first. She blew it when she broke away from the good players for the bottom feeders, she pulls some wins out of her ass cuz she is a strong player, but you need your alliance to pull their weight too. Kalia had one of the worst HOH reins ever and Dani has no one really, as soon as someone else wins HOH porsche and the rest will jump ship to them still. but as of right now she needs to rely on the two biggest pigs in the house next week. If its a pie eating contest KP might stand a chance next week. Also, did anyone else notice the “Regulators” are all out of the house now? Worst alliance of all time.

  51. What did we learn last week? Kalia is not stupid, but easily intimidated. Jeff talked alot of shit to Kalia and said he is coming after her. She will have to dance next week and so on…blah, blah, blah…

    News Flash Jeff, b4 you start spouting venum, win the HOH 1st…I sincerely hope that he goes on the block with Jordan.

    JJ don’t worry about slop, because eating your words, threats, your on foot and side of vintage CROW…SUCK ON THAT.

  52. Everyones comments have been approved except for the once in spam i’ll get to them in a bit..

    Good night for Team Dani toss some grenades i’ll be up late tonight watching Straight shooter cry and DKP celebrate

  53. Dani can’t try to backdoor anyone, she doesn’t control the votes to do anything. Its up to JJBRSA who they want to stay and go.

  54. I was really angry about the vote rigging , i wish they gave out the exzact amount of votes. Im really glad Dani won HOH she the only reason im still watching and hopefully she’l get pandoras box. And this is just a crazy theory but what if Dom comes back into the game thought pandoras box , the only reason i would beailve this is because its the season of double trouble so bring back 2 people not just 1. And also if they want a double elimination week they need to bring one more person back because dick still left early. Doubt it would happen but who knows right. p.s Simon could you confirm in the next week if Keith , Cassie , and Dom are in public just in case their still in hidding (just to make it official)

  55. Dani’s acting like shes won the game now that she won her 2nd HOH . And Pacers nose is so far up her ass its disgusting. Get over yourself….and dye your eyebrows. They look ridiculous.

  56. Boy oh boy oh boy !! The paranoid part of me really thinks BB prod opted for a win win situation for their ratings by satisfying both the Brenchel show fans and the Team Dani fans in a matter of hours by bringing back brendon and then having a comp cut out for Dani .I ain’t mad at Dani winning the HOH at all !! :-)
    *musical interruption *
    GO DANI it’s your birthday you betta party like it’s your birthday!!
    *and now back to our regular comment*
    I was disgusted by the return of Brandon and wanted to stop watching but here I am, all happy that Dani won and ready to watch what will happen next…
    I know the BB prod crew must have been brainstorming this whole week on how to keep both sides happy…, but I feel used abused and manipulated by CBS ! lol

  57. I don’t get why some think Brandon coming back is rigged. Most of the online polls showed this result. I absolutely love this version of bb. More game play and less viciousness then we have seen for a while, if ever. I love the vets but I am glad Dani won. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. Love shelly too. I was disappointed that the on air show did not give her credit for coming up with the keep Rachel idea.

  58. I think it’s just too funny that Brendon was voted back in the house, and that he killed Lawon in that comp!

    Oh lord. The look on their faces were too freaking priceless after they had voted Lawon out and Julie told them the twist. I wish I had it recorded so I can go back and look at it anytime I need to laugh!! Lawon was SHOOK!! I think he knew he didn’t stand a chance against ANY of them, in ANY competition.

    Oh my.. how Kalia effed up. I hope the original Vet alliance can put their differences aside for a couple of weeks, and that Dani puts up Kalia (for being so dumb) and Shelly (for being so conniving and sneaky).

    I started to like Shelly and how she was playing, until watching her piss and moan to Jordan about Dani and Kalia.. and about B&R “getting their way all the time”. She looked as though she was getting so mad at Jordan, when all Jordan really wanted to do was help her feel better. What a sore loser. I’m sure it’s gotta suck for her not seeing or talking to her daughter and husband, as it would for anyone else. She needs to remember something though.. she CHOSE to go to the house and take the risk of not talking to them, and/or seeing them (pictures and letters) for 3 months. I feel bad because I couldn’t imagine not seeing my kids for that long, but like I said, she made the choice to go there.

    Again, we should be in for an interesting week!!

  59. Wait are you saying dani is ugly relating her to steven tyler!kinda bumbed dani won though i think she put up brendan and jeff and who ever wins takes them self off aannd put up eiither rachel and brendan together or jeff and jordan together to break up the couples. oh and ? what was the hoh comp!

  60. I am not a Dani fan…She looks like a horse and seems very jealous and deceitful. With that being said…I am glad she won becuz if the vets would have won, the show would have totally sucked! I’m hoping for at least a few blow ups. And Shelly being outed for the back stabbing bitch that she is.

  61. While she cannot be evicted this week, Dani will go through a slow and painful eviction eventually (which is ultimately karma for her ugly behavior)…the ‘blessing & curse’ this week will probably be a pandora’s box or diamond power of veto which will throw another curve ball in whatever her plans of the moment will be…regardless…Dani is still cursed to lug around a big anchor – Kalia dat Hut (if Dani is truly lucky, then Kalia will volunteer to be a “pawn” this week…a.k.a. Lawson II…maybe Kalia will believe that volunteering to be evicted will give her “superpowers” like a lasso of truth or bulletproof bracelets). With her current strategic alliances – Dani has no chance of getting to the final two.

  62. I thought I had heard Julie Chen saying there would be 13 twists in the game?? We have only seen 2 the keys and someone coming back in, so more will be coming. Will there be a double eviction next week or do you think the following week.

    Though I would have preferred Rachel or Brendon winning. Maybe Dani can clean the house and get rid of the JJ or Shelly. maybe she can work with BR – we all know KP are not good players. Dani is a fierce player and BR are too would make sense to me. JJ can have their time together in the jury house. Shelly & Adam, Kalia and Porsche can join them….

  63. I really wanted Dom to come back to give Dani some real help. Now Dani must reuse her eviction on Brendon AGAIN. And possibly get Jeff or Rachel with a backdoor. Shelly and Adam can wait till next week.

  64. If Dani has a brain in her head she will put up JJ instead of BR. IJJ is the better target because nobody in the house will target JJ before BR or before DK. Kill the JJSA alliance by kicking Jeff and then the house is totally up for grabs because BR are such threats to the whole house esp w no Jeff around.

    After watching how they have played the game, however, my money is on these fools screwing up for the 3rd week in a row and going after BR.

  65. shel HE is safe and adumb too dani will target rach , bren j/j ( as per production) then one of them win pov then porch, shel or ad go up (KaKa stays cause dani cant do it alone :)

  66. Dani this your last week In the house so enjoy because next week kalia will not be able to help you this time for her to be going after brenchel again total waste of time she must be really scared of jeff to not even consider wanting to put him up

  67. Oh great — now we have to hear Kalia talking non-stop & watch Porsche eat & do nothing else for the next 2 weeks cause those two aren’t going any where. BOOO!!!! If only Dani had some more interesting people to work with, then I could be happy about this. Dani — PLEASE get Brendan back out that door!!

  68. As a woman I like the fact that Brendon used the pov on Rachel. Most men wouldn’t have. Jeff wouldn’t have saved Jordon, bet on that. That’s why he came back.

  69. To m ei just thought it would be better if brendan won hoh for coming back as a twist you know ! and danielle should go blonde again damn was she hot like that!

  70. OMG…why did they put this fool back on the show??? They are SO ANNOYING!!! Just laying in bed kissing and talking about how much they love each other!!! BORING!!!

  71. SO sick of people being so enamored with this boneheaded, whiny brat. I can stomach anyone cheerleading for their favorite(s), but enough of the GD finger-pointing at CBS for supposedly “rigging” things just to “screw” one person or the outcome of the game. Rather than face the reality that the majority of people don’t side with your opinion (because that would imply there is something wrong with YOU or your THINKING – even though it’s just a dumb game and everyone is going to like different people and there is no wrong or right), you draw the baseless accusation that CBS “cheats”. It’s all too retarded, and I’ve seen FAR TOO MUCH OF IT to the point that I’m too exhausted to hold your hands and guide you point for counter-point why CBS would not (COULD NOT) do this. Are you people even aware that there are anti-rigging clauses in FCC regulation that forbid ALL competition-based shows to do anything even HINTING towards attempting to control results? I’m not going to do all the research for you because Google is an extremely easy tool to use, but for those of you who are just too lazy to be convinced unless I spoonfeed you something, here is a good start and end to our disagreement:

    So can you PLEASE stop with the “HAYYY CBS UR SO DUM N MEEN 4 H4X0RZZZ DANI”. Shut up. If it was anyone you hated you would be delighted. And you’re still WATCHING THE DAMN SHOW YOU ACCUSE OF RIGGING so you never had any credibility anyway.

    And for the rest of you, wake up and smell the coffee like the rest of us. Brendon coming back is the best possible scenario for true BB lovers. Every competition from here to finale is going to be a nail-biter, the drama of when and who backstabs first in the super-alliance is going to be a great t.v. moment, it throws just about 5 HG’s current strategy under the speeding train, AND ensures one of the biggest casting mistakes CBS ever made didn’t get anywhere close enough to even sniff at $500,000 he didn’t deserve. And I say this all ESPECIALLY BECAUSE OF THE FACT Dani won HOH this week. Things just got REAL interesting on a dime!

    BTW I do have to say I am suffering some small amount of feeling bad for Lawon… he’s really got to be feeling like turd on a platter, and from what I could tell he was a genuinely good, awesome, unique person… which is more than I can say for some of these people. It’s just that people like that have no business being on this show. I think the producers knew that, they just wanted to try him as a little experiment… to the detriment of the level of his shame now that he has been unceremoniously dumped on doorstep of the house. Sorry Lawon, I feel bad for you man… I don’t think you deserved to be cast in the first place, but I definitely don’t feel like you deserved the cold treatment you got (no post-eviction interview, no goodbye messages? Julie, wtf?) and I feel like in the end, CBS is the one who really “did you without a condom”.

    1. Your post is not lucid, not coherent, and so riddled with randomness that it hurts my head trying to comprehend what you are saying. And I’M the one who is supposedly off my meds?

      The only thing that is even somewhat understandable to me in your post, “honey”, is that you’re trying to get some sort of dig in on me but you don’t specify what about. Is it me making a very clear case, backed up by evidence, that CBS would not/could not rig the voting? Was it that I’m not on team Dani? Was it that I felt just a little sorry for Lawon? Help me out here, “honey”, cause my lil’ tiny brain just can’t understand…

      Btw, nice insensitive, uncaring and assuming swipe about the “meds”. I don’t shout this from the rooftops because it’s not a subject I like discussing, but you especially hit a nerve with me considering I AM a recovering pain-pill addict currently sober and proud. Way to go… maybe next time choose an insult to hurl that has a little less offensive potential?

      1. My bad… next time I’ll try to keep my responses to 20 words or less so as to suit your personal attention span. I think I’ll just make things easy and go back to lurking, since I apparently have too much to say when I post.

        Btw S & D, I like your updates; I think you do a great job, even if I don’t like your team.

    2. It’s reality tv so it must be real? There is no doubt it’s rigged to cause drama,google it and read about past housguests experience.You would be amazed if you were to see both sides of the conversation in the DR.

      1. And, Sam, that is why “You are not allow to talk about your diary session.” I have heard ED talk about it, too.

  72. Simon, dont you think the votes were rigged? Like I feel Big Brother didn’t go based on America’s vote and they just threw Brendon in their cause he makes great drama.


  74. What are you people mad about danielle winning for?
    1) if you like brenchel i assume its because you can relate to them which in most normal peoples eyes makes you a loser good lord…
    2) or you are mad because your fave HG has a challenge to win as opposed to steamrolling all of the newbies out of the house without a fight…

    Only a 15 year old who holds year long grudges wouldnt vote for dani if she made it to final 2… she wins when she needs to and got really unlucky that kalia is an awful player

  75. Dani was prettier as a blond. I think the dark hair does give her a more evil look this season! I bet she goes back to blond once the season is over… well depending if she wins or not :-) LOL.

      1. You’ve got to be kidding!

        If true, Production should have insisted upon Jordan dying her hair black or red.
        Now that would have been a HOOT and would have caused much more controversy than
        having Dani color her hair.

  76. I think we will see a new alliance forming. Dani knows that she can’t rely on the newbies anymore. They all voted to keep Rachel, Kalia f’cked HOH, so it is quite possible that Dani may be changing her game a bit this week. I think she will form a new alliance with Brenchel this week. I think this is very possible.

  77. Dani is the baddest bitch in the BB house so proud of her!!!!! Now she has to put up JJ and make a deal with BR and then make sure BR wins the veto.

  78. I predict there are going to be c*** stains somewhere in the BB house tonight, and someone else will find it, it will be a surprise competition.

  79. Dani do the right thing, put JJ up.

    They are the biggest threats to win the game.

    If one of them wins pov, backdoor Brendon.

    1. That’s who she HAS to put up that “alliance” needs to be destroyed, that’s the best way of doing it NO backdooring they need to know they’re on the block against each other so they back stab and throw each other under the bus for votes.

    2. OH man I hope so. Then Jordan as replacement nom. That is her smartest move right now. I know she is pissed with Shelly, but Shelly’s day will come soon. This is like groundhog day, repeat of her HOH two weeks ago.

  80. I voted for Dominic!! Was disappointed to see Brendan back in the house.

    I am fed up with it and almost want to stop watching, its just no fun watching the ‘vets’ (minus Dani of course) bully the heck out of the newbies.

    Buuut…at least Dani won HOH…go Dani!

  81. I look forward to another Psycho Breakdown again… what should’ve happen this week, if it wasn’t for the food clouding Kalia’s judgment….

  82. Dani making a deal with brenchel would be stupid, they will break it after what she did, you know how the only gameplay brenchel has is personal.

  83. fact of the matter is….daniele is HOH. which mean one of the four is going home. i hope JJ wisen up and align with daniele. 1) with daniele in power BR will be broken up. 2) with JJ partnering up with D (one of the strongest players in the house) they stand the biggest shot of winning every comp and making it to then end in which case either of them would be in favor by the jury.

    but will any of this happen? no. because JJ are aligned with the two most annoying members of the house BRENDAN AND RACHEL. they are great competitors, but really are void of realization of how they are perceived by others.

    i hope daniele wins. at the end of the day everyone would have to agree- shes playing as hard as she can. and she is not making it personal. shes going for the biggest threats (who also happen to personally irritate her..haha)

  84. look at these 3 donkeys, Pinto,Kalia,Dani, having their little slumber party…so funny how they think they have game…Dani is going to put the fear of god into eveyone this HOH…oooohhh i bet jjbr will be terrified…can anyone say dimond power of veto…by the end of the bb week kalia and pinto will be sitting next to each other on the block. You guys really think production put all this effort into getting all the vets back for just one week. Your crazy

    1. lmao i completely forgot about dpov! i hope it is this week i liked dani in her season but this year? too hard too fast i think! n if someone doesnt do something about shelly soon shes gunna coast to the end ! talk about a rat!

  85. SIMON, Now we are going to forgive Kalia for her stupidity, but she still has to wear that DUNCE CAP for at least until next HOH

  86. Woe unto Lawon and Kalia. Those two set us back further than a million Tyler Perry movies ever could. Talk about lowest common denominator in the brains department. Lawon deserved every humiliating laugh he received upon his eviction. What sloppy idiotic gameplay at the end. He Jedi mind-tricked himself out of the house. If I was Dani I would relegate Kalia to being the dog of the alliance, where her opinion doesn’t matter and she only takes direction from Dani. She’s so far up JJ’s asses that she chases after the imaginary milkbone Shelly created in hopes that JJ would like her again. Worst HOH ever, now they have to do a repeat eviction on top of trying to get Rachel out again.

  87. My wish list:
    Dani puts up Jeff/Brendon, Brendon wins POV comes down, Jordan up, Jeff gets GOT GOT and he is GONE.
    (I think BR will piss off everyone in the house that noone will want to keep them next week, whereas HGs would let JJ stay next week)
    Porche wins next HOH, puts up Rachel and Brendon, Rachel wins POV, SAVES HERSELF (LOL) Jordan goes up, Brendons gone.
    Thats my wish for the next two weeks.

      1. Yeah your probably right production loves drama so that might be the case. I like how the HOH was “guess how many”. Prodcution had TOTAL control over who won. Only they know for sure what the exact number of each item, and can therefore say whatever number they want to make sure the person they wanted to win, won. They smoothed over the Brendon BS come back with a, BS Dani win. Dont get me wrong Im glad she won, but i cant over look the obivious.

        1. lmfao! i love these comments! it definitely makes me wonder thats why i only like the competitions where its either endurance or questions only based on facts of what someone said or did in the house

  88. Lot of Jeff haters on here but the guy is cool as a cucumber, Dani won HOH he knows hes in trouble and he is out there winning over houseguests just by being charming, great social game. he realizes there are tons of ups and downs in this game and he just sits back and enjoys the ride…

  89. i love the ppl hatin’ on dani. based on what? that chick has outplayed everyone (with the exception of maybe shelly). everything interesting in this game has come from her. if it wasn’t for her the vets would be running roughshod through this house and it’d be boring as hell. she’s flipped the script on ‘em twice now and sent them all cowering. and if kaloria had listened to dani’s advice in the first place rachel would have been evicted (and forced to face brendon – BB viewer GOLD!) instead of lawon. she figured out the twist, she figured out shelly, her instincts have been solid throughout, she doesn’t cry or whine or piss & moan or make excuses when she loses, she doesn’t have fake platypus botox lips & nasty zits, she can form a coherent sentence and she’s done everything she’s done in the game without any major alliance. next to the dummies left in that house, she’s a superior player in just about every way. if production gives her a double eviction this week (and they should), she’ll severely eff up the vets game – again. and, again, almost entirely on her own.

  90. Don’t you wanna give the Kalia speech… I don’t know how to word this the right way.. but I wanna play my own game and not be under your shadow. ~~~~~~ lol I bet you frikkin will… this week.. MY OPINION.. grins~

  91. Dani just made her next to last big mistake…she won HOH, it will be her last. She can’t play in the next HOH and Kalia or Porsche will win it. They will put up the remaining couples players, Dani will miss out on being able to play for POV, and when one of the couples players win POV, Kalia Or Porsche will accidentally put Dani up as a replacement nominee. At that point, Dani makes her final mistake, she pulls out the chess piece Kalia and her hid a few weeks ago and stabs the newbie HOH’er in the eye on all the feeds, CBS has to call for police in riot gear to mace and tazer her into submission. She gets so much juice, her tats glow, and she returns to being the blonde that she was back in season 8. What have you done CBS? Oh well, you’ll get the highest ratings ever.

  92. The look on Rachel’s face when she found out that Brenda could come back, her mouth was open so wide I could’ve swore I saw a “Goes Here” sign. even Ed was talking about it on twitter.

  93. I agree with those who said Brendon and Jeff need to be nominated next week, everybody else is not a priority for now, let’s keep it real!!
    if one of them get the POV then just put Jordan up there. Not rachel !! because rachel might get voted out (leaving the two so called alpha males of the BRJJ alliance in the house)
    In any case that nomination will split their alliance.
    If neither Jeff nor Brendon wins the veto and somebody like Adam or Shelly wins (yea I know…kinda impossible ) then guess what? Adam or Shelly will have to choose between Brendon and Jeff…who to save? ….therefore alienating themselves from one of the couples.

    On another note if Jeff and Jordan get seperated next week Shelly will be in the hot *ss mess that she made for herself because she won’t know who to bow down to anymore, who to play for. The remaining person (Jeff or Jordan )will most likely stay close to Brenchel and everybody knows there is zero to no trust left between Shelly and Brenchel.
    Shelly will have a hard time gluing herself to the remaining trio like she did when it was both Jeff Jordan in the house , they trusted shelly and kinda forced rachel into having to interact with her.
    Shelly will have to start playing for herself, she will have to start a third alliance with Adam (the only person who still trust her)or something.. lol !!
    Anyway I tell you Shelly is cooked and done!!

  94. I was right there with you. I even deleted the shows from my DVR after they brought back the Bren/Rach show. If BB keeps recycling these idiots that are so emotionally unstable to get ratings I’m sorry to say it may not last to many more seasons. I know if they are not out soon I’m turning BB off and switiching to the Bach Pad or something. I didn’t like preschool when I was in it I don’t want to watch it every week. A little crazy is good a lot of crazy is just annoying and is getting old really quick. Get it together BB and get some real players in there like it used to be, many of these on now are just lame.

    What happend to the cute guys/girls hooking up and cutting throats for the money (thats the BB most of us want not this recycled weekend at the looney bin we have now). Not a big Shelly fan but she was the only one really playing the game with the exception of Dani who always plays the game hard (go Dani).

  95. I’m a guy – all of my male friends who watch Big Brother agree that Dani is by far the sexiest in the house. Jordan is cute but a bit plain … Porsche is the same way. Neither are by far ugly just nothing I wouldn’t see walking around the mall. As much as I can’t stand her, Rachel can look *somewhat* decent when she’s made up. When she isn’t … she looks like Adam. Cassi was definitely cute as well though!
    Dani and her ‘not backing down’ despite being unnumbered is hot imo!!! She obv has a lot of confidence! If this was Rachel, Jordan, Shelly, or even Jeff the cry baby in Dani’s position they’d be crying all night!! Go DANI!! Win the whole thing!!!

  96. YES!!!!!!!!! Ha!!!!!! And I agree – Rachel *NEEDS* to put Brendon and Jeff up on the block, and if either wins – their girlfriend goes up. It’s NOT FAIR to have competing couples when the rest are by themselves!! Rachel and Jordan are not challenge winners so get Brendon and Jeff and Dani and crew are set! Crossing my fingers that annoying as hell Jeff goes though!! I watch so many reality shows and Jeff is by far one of the most annoying reality show contestants I have ever seen. What was he saying last week? So sure he was winning HOH. Ha!!!!! As soon as I saw that pic of JJBRSA celebrating like Neanderthals thinking they have just won the game – I was like – PLEASE LET DANI OR PORSCHE WIN.

  97. Not that Lawon had a chance on any challenge, that comp was geared for Brendon. I do think though that BB really expected (and wanted) it to be Rachel going up against Brendon – not Lawson. Lawson volunteering to be evicted was a curve ball even BB didn’t see coming.

  98. Yay! DKP in the House, now girls don’t screw this up…Kalia you made a promise to jordan never to put her, GIRL don’t make promises like that, it’s not worth it. Everytime this girls (J) goes up she’s going to be saved anyway because “roll eyes” everybody luvs jordan, “ugh”!. Please tell me why she’s AF? Is it because A feels sorry for adults who have the mind of a child. Lawon, I never did understand your game??? In your DR you kept saying that it was time to start winning things. Um, why volunteer to go on the block and then alienate yourself from everyone??? That was pretty weird dude! Ok A voted B back in the House, I believe they thought R would get evicted and then B would square off against her and do the honorable thing and let her win, so either way the goofball stays in the House. Come on Dani kick that narcissistic camera hungry vulture out the door. Shelly you are one emotional wreck, the tears are flowing because your lies are destroying you inside. I’m sorry but i think your daughter is going to have a hard time in school because of your game play. Children repeat things their parents say. Adam you are so boring & annoying it’s painful to watch.

  99. Wow…I’m truly amazed about all this rigging stuff. and last wk all the ppl swearing they was gonna quit watching if Brendon came back etc…go back through all these comments and you’ll see 99.9% of the ppl whining about it being rigged or threatening to quit are Dani fans.Dom shoulda won,it was rigged,somebody plz tell me wtf did this sissy boy ever do in this game,beside win 1 pov and suck Dani’s ass all day 24/7? If he woulda been on team BR or JJ and came back,Dani fans would be bitchin it was rigged too.Funny how Brendon comes back and everyone knows that Dani is public enemy no.1,she wins the HOH on a game that she admitted herself 1.had no clue what the rules was or how to play and badly at that type of game.but yet saves her ass yet again.Maybe the fans that dislike Dani should be crying rigged also.If it is so rigged against Dani,why keep watching a show that is supposedly screwing her,do us all a favor,quit watching the damn show or quit your whining about it.I’m sure when she gets sent to the jury house…you’ll bitch it was rigged also.Brendon is back in the house and FYI,the ppl that said they would quit watching if he did comeback are still watching and posting.

  100. im not so sure about vote being rigged … THINK ABOUT IT … alot of people LOVE jeff and jordan their ” americas sweethearts” i personally dont hate jeff and jordan im just not all for what america thinks are ” honest players” everyone does cunning things in the game… but anyways back to the vote, jeff and jordans main chance of getting help in the game is rachel and maybe porche… but Brendan was part of their alliance, therefore if people want jeff or jordan to win brendan would be the best choice of the four to come back into the game in my opinion…i do hope that if what everyones sayin is true about dani winning HoH again that she puts up jordan and rachel , and rachel or dani win hoh and take rachel off the block and backdoors jeff lol that would be interesting but ya never kno w dani … i wish dick was around the game would be so much more interesting!

    1. Part of me agree with you, but Dani should nominate Jeff and Jordan ( already won before ,give chance to others ). She will be better of with Rachel and Brendon final three as no one likes them even their so called alliance JJ. She has a strong chance to take the money.

  101. i still don’t understand why jj freaked out last week when kalia was hoh, but they were totally cool when dani won. i’m glad jordan’s stopped being grumpy, at least for now.

  102. id actually love to see dani put up jordan n shelly now THAT would be great! theyre the southern belles n good people nice n sweet blah blah blah shelly couldnt save jordan then! what would also be good to see play out is if shelly won hoh … who would she put up dani and kalia? shes so far up jeff and jordans butt thatd pretty much be her only option and then the bloods all on shellys hands when one of them is evicted!

    1. I agree with you, Jordan already won before. Also, she wanted to take out Dani then Rachel. Hoping these players will wake up and realized that JJ are not to be trusted. Dani should think and cannot understand why will she do everything in her power to keep Jordan and Jeff. Rachel and Brendon are quite entertaining and seems to be true to their alliance to JJ but could not say the same with JJ. Hoping for Dani, Rachel and Brendon final three.

  103. I could not understand what is the fascination with Jeff and Jordan to keep them, why would Dani state that she will do everything to keep JJ, dumb move again if it happens. These two are their greatest treat just because they are well liked. These players should think of themselves alone to win and play the game. Their best bet to win the money is to keep BR because no one likes them. JJ will not support Br as Jordan has already said that if they have the chance they will take out Dani first then Rachel, but I have never heard that BR have stated that they will take out JJ. When will these players learned.

  104. Love to see final three Dani, Rachel and Brendon. I now questioned JJ because why Jordan stated before that she will take out Dani then Rachel. Hoping that BR would realize that JJ will not be honoring their deals, but BR seems to trust them. BR might be annoying but really liking these two now and hoping they can win some money even just second place and get televised marriage with all the BB contestant, that would be a blast and surely a good rating for CBS. I surely will watch that.

    1. Yes, Dani won, but don’t you think that her best bet to go to the final three and maybe win the money is to take out Jordan and Jeff because they are well liked. Jordan already won the money before. The smart move here is to make alliance with Brendon and Rachel as no one likes them and they are strong players.

  105. Dani only finished 2nd place because of her dad, Evil Dick!!! I just hope that Rachel goes home this week and Brendon stays. At least that would make for some excitement. If CBS sends Jeff or Jordan home this week I am done watching, but would love to see Shelly go home because her gig is up.

    1. Hi Sheri, I also like Jeff and Jordan, however, the last few episode changed my mind because Jordan stated that she wanted to take out Dani and then Rachel. The same scenario when they were altogether before. JJ not sincere with their alliance with Br, it is good that Rachel heard Jordan that she will nominate her after Dani when she was sleeping but actually not.

    2. Dani won 2 HOH’s and she won POV 5 times. FIVE. She was on the block against Dick 3 times. So, seriously, what part of that does it sound like she didn’t deserve to win or deserve to be called one of the best BB’s of all time. and this was just season 8. She has won 2 HOH’s this season and would have won HOH first only she gave it to Rachel.

  106. I love dani she is obveously the strongest physical player in the house. She made one mistake but I think her game from then on has been making things better. Kalia is the dumb ass. If she would had pit Rachel and Jordan up then they would had still had Laron vote

  107. To all you morning commenters — good job, I can actually understand your thoughts, maybe the celebrations into late night cause me to continually wonder WTF were these 1am posters trying to say!? Fun to read but hard to comprehend a lot of it!

  108. Jist finally got the news that Dani is HOH. Been awfully busy. So now that I know, all I can say is YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WooHoo!!!!!! Go Dani GO!!!!!! Team Dani all the way!!!!!!!!!

  109. The Empire Strikes Back! hahaha..I went to sleep last night because I couldnt’ take the B/R lovefest and all the minions crowding around up their asses. When I watched BBAD this morning I was refreshed.

    This ping-pong power match is one of the more interesting I’ve seen in BB History. Dani had better stick to her guns and make the right moves. She needs to plant the seeds of dissent within the lovefest cuckoo nest known as BRJJ and get that sleazy snake Shelly while she’s at it.

  110. I’m sooooo not happy Dani won HOH yet again. She & Kalia NEED 2 go!!!!! They both have crapy game play & don’t deserve to be in the house. I really want Jeff or Jordan 2 win next week & kick Kalia & Dani out of the house. They don’t deserve to win. Kalia is a big floater & Dani she just sooo selfish all she cares about is her damn self. I don’t mind if Rachel leaves I just don’t want Breadon gone again. I want this week to go by fast so we can get to next week & Dani or Kalia can go. GO JEFF OR JORDAN!!!!

  111. Is anyone one else thinking that the Producers are gloating now? With Rachael and Brendon back together the train wreck continues and the rating stay high. Kind of like those bad car crashes that you don’t want to look but you have to. I have never hated any TV person more than Rachel. She is the worst loser in the world and her voice and face could not be more annoying.

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