Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Grenades Dani Wins the HOH **Updated**

10:23pm Bed room Adam, Jeff and Dani Jeff has his lips attached to dani making small talk about a pizzeria in Chicago Jeff leaves.
Adam has attached his lips to the HOH.. Pleading to Dani that he voted for Lawon to leave because he Knew Lawon Couldn’t be trusted.
Dani: “When has Rachel ever been Straight”
Adam stumbles says to her he hope the can remain friends outside the house. She tells him that it was just game she understands. Adam goes on and on chit chatting sounding very nervous. Dani is polite but stick up for Adam being a douche.

10:34pm Porsche and Dani Dani: “Welcome to the dark side” they both giggle

Dani is saying that she was telling Kalia before the comp that they need to be more optimistic she’s been here before. Porsche says she ready to win one she’s been second 2 times now. Dani smiles says she can do it next week stay positive.

Dani tells her that JJBRSA were all talking crap about BRP after the eviction, Dani and Kalia heard it in when they were in the purple room.
Dani tells Porsche there is a few things they will do different, “Number one we’re running off of GUT INSTINCTS… We made a mistake last week.. but thats ok we’ll get there”
Dani stresses the from now on “SHELLY IS CUT OUT” (Hurrah it finally happens)
Dani: “I Have a thing about turning a house against me.. but it works ”
Dani wants Prosche and Kalia to start exercising more becuase the next week might be endurance and it’s going to be a battle. Porsche is ready very excited says she’s going to do stretches in the HOH. Dani also says they need to make sure they are not on slop becuase they need their strength.
Dani: “You know production is dieing right now this is what they wanted”
Dani: “we start over now this time lets do it right.. tomorrow is a knew day”

10:45pm Jeff and Adam talking about if they are going up . Jeff isn’t worried if he goes up because he has the votes to stay.

10:55pm BR Purple Room rachel saying that she has a deal with Dani she thinks it’s still vaild. brendon goes on and on about school and how much he can’t stand being away from rachel.

(The 2 people that are taking it the hardest are Adam and Shelly BRJJ are being good sports about this)

11:11pm Shelly is crying in the havenots saying she misses jose and wishes she won HOH. Jordan says that Shelly will go far in the game because she’s friends with everyone and has a great social game (Apparently Jordan doesn’t know the Jig is up for Shelly)

Shelly is very sad feeling down on herself. jordan is upbeat.

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“I’m sooo happy right now”



Team no one

I think the Dani pic is wrong. I think Skeletor from He-man would be a better fit. Also Shellys should be Gollum from LOTR


And she’s back in the game folks

True Beauty

Okay, Porsche should learn from the previous weeks with the “third wheel” in the Dani + Kali train. Every person that has attached to dani and she told them “go spy” or “go listen to the others” or “go see what they are talking about” have ended up Chopped!! *Dom* and now *Lawon* pretty soon * porshe* haha. Skelator is gonna getcha! (dani) lol

The Meow Meow

Just when everybody buried Team Dani………… KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Till nxt wk and Dani goes home on her b-day!!!!!!!!!!!!


I knew Dani could do it. No matter what anyone says, the girl has game.


Game????? Are you stupid? Have you not been watching this game. She is physical and can win a comp here ad there but she is far from having game. One of the worst to ever play in my opinion. She is gone the first time someone else wins HOH.


are you a complete retard, the girl finished 2nd place, while you’re Brendan and Rachel finished 6th and 9th last year


I like Dani and in no way think she’s a bad player but she finished in 2nd place because her dad carried her. She made two big mistakes in this game but she’s still playing it much better than any other Vet. Jeff/Jordan have done nothing but win an HOH that was handed to them and B/R make themselves a bigger target each week.


Everyone keeps talking about Jordan getting HOH handed to her, but it was only Jeff and Brendon left and they still needed to putt the ball in the #2 or better hole. She made the putt that put her ahead of Dom Juan. One of those 3 would have had head of household anyway, so I don’t get everyone saying they through it to her, they still had to make a better putt. Danielle does have some serious game, but once one of the others win HOH, they will put her up, or backdoor her and she will be voted out, not sure when that will happen, though? :-I


She only got 2nd because of evil Dick…without him she sinks fast i.e this years BB


Who care? Just get Brandon and Rachel OOOOOUUUUUUUTTTTTTT!!!!!!


the ONLY reason she came in 2nd is because she rode Dicks coat tails the whole game, He won her 2nd place !


I hate Dani her game play is so dumb…if she keeps playing this way a newbie is going to win…she should have stayed with BRJJ until final 5 then they could all turn on each other…she’s carrying dead weight with Kalia and Porsche…not to mention that she wanted Jeff gone so bad, which broke up her alliance to begin with and now she’s so scared to put him up so she goes after BR…she’s weak…I wish Dani left and Evil Dick stayed, the game would be so much better…enjoy your week Dani…you’ll be gone soon enough


Danarexic is a sellout moron. Second place is first for losers. She is an ungrateful pig. She said she handed her dad 500k? What? It doesn’t matter that she’s hoh. She can’t win, she screwed herself and too many obstacles in her path. If you can’t see that…team dani yo grenades yo I have poor english and don’t know the difference between knew and new yo- c yai don’t know these ppl so I don’t really freak out about who wins- I just want dani gone- and she will be. Post away but she and KP can’t go through everybody. Just a matter of time whethrr its 1 or 3 weeks I don’t care” ill take solace in the fact it is impossible for her to win. The minute vet danarexic chose KL she showed how horrible of a social game she plays. She can win vetos but just like Janelle or crazy james or brendon if the target is there u will GO.the target is there. She is a ungrateful, miserable,C U Next Tues. She is a grenade.


Stupid? No, I’m not. You are the one with the name that is in part ‘Spacey’. And if you re-read my comment, it clearly indicates I don’t care what you think. Dani most definitely has game. She’s the only one who has won 2 HOH comps so far. Rachel’s first one doesn’t count as a win based upon skill, since Dick and Dani gave it to her. As far as her skills in seeing where others are in the game-play, no-one there is any better at that either. The other side feels entitlement that is just bizarre. It’s unfortunate that all this week ended up doing was setting things back 2 weeks due to Kalia’s screw-ups.


Ur an idiot Dani is so kicking ass and she’s my favorite player. She for sure is gonna win and even if someone else gets HOH she could win the Veto ia heartbeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Dani

Not Meg

Dani is one tough chick! The thing that sucks for her is that her only options for an alliance are wishy washy people.


you have got to be joking, i hateeeeeeeeeeeeee dani


Me as well. when is this girl going to get out. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee get her out. Then Kalia and Porsche will completely fall apart. Dani should truthfully team with Brendon and Rachel and get the whole house out and fight for final 3 because I think she would win in the final with Brendon or Rachel but if she goes to final 2 with anyone else, she is losing period.


Not sure what you people are thinking. Dani is playing a great game and wins comps………has she been on slop for two weeks like Jordumb? Loved Rachel’s pouty face as Dani was showing off her HOH room. Go Dani. Not fond of her alliances, but she is a great competitor.

Zach J

Now everyone’s happy- Dani wins HOH, Brendon’s back in the house. I guess the hardcore Kalie haters won’t be happy, though.

Nikki Tomberlin

This a Absolutely sucks!!!!!!!!!!! I hope be catch a break !!!!!!! Get the floaters, followers out then take each other out ugh!!!!! Everyone still think this game is rigged lol!!!!!!!


Dani even said…”production is loving this,it’s just what they wanted and YES they was talking bout her winning hoh.


I do. I knew Brendon was coming back and Dani would win HOH. It is definetly rigged. This is bull.


I agree – all you heard is cassie and dom winining the polls – then yesterday brendaon name is mention more. This is riduculous and so obvious.


Also, heck yes! good job with the pics guys! loving kalia da hut


Watching BBAD and Jeff is being sooooo sweet to Kalia and Dani. I hope Dani puts up Jeff and Brenden for eviction. If any one of them wins POV , then Jordan should be the replacement.


Jeff and Brendon then backdoor little “I am not so sweet anymore as americas couple” Jordan. DKP+A and the JJBRS will begin to implode.


Good plan.

Or just put JJ up and backdoor Brendon if POV is used.

I trust Dani to do the right thing.


What are you gonna do nxt wk when Dani is sent to the jury house for her birthday??? You seriously can’t think lard ass or thunder thighs is actually gonna win HOH and save her!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m, with you Chessie. Dani has to make up for Kalia’s and Ameria’s idiocy. (((( I’m not saying all America is stupid, just the million who voted Brenden back into the game and all those who voted for JEFF to win the Coup d’Γ©tat – yah you))


Team Dani FTW!!!!


and were right back where we were 2 weeks ago… without Lawon


To be honest it is kinda annoying as a viewer.

The twist was actually very unoriginal and a waste of time.


Omg simon this made me so happy i went from almost not watching back to watching woot TEAM DANI!!!!”!!


Wonder if she is going to go after Brenchel for Round Two


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Brendon is gonna be out of the house once again -_-


Holy cow


“and she’s back in the game folks!”

…..for now. Let’s hope they play with an ounce of brains this week hahha


Fuk Fuk Fuk Fuk Fuk FUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK I didn’t want her to win ugh!




Don’t worry…Dani will be evicted on her b-day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And she’s back in the game, folks!!!!


She sucks, her days are number.


HOH twice in three weeks……yea she really sucks. LOL



Midwest Fan

You Bet!!
: )


Here’s Dani’s chance to etch her place in BB history. From here on out, if she can navigate her way deep into the game without numbers in a crappy alliance, that’ll be quite the accomplishment. She took a great first step tonight.


A couple of seasons back Dan was basically on his own and came through with a win. If Dani can stay away from stupidity she has a shot.

Karen S

Thank you Simon… DRINK…. lol all my continuing posts are gonna be drink~ LMAO!!!!! I love you Simon! (just drink that purple stuff in all the dixie cups) We’re good! I promise!


Ok, I like big brother again

The Masterpiece

Nope Simon predicted this CBS has fixes all over this game

Team Dani!!!

Hell yeaaaaaa She’s back inthe game biiiiitches!!!


I’m Glad Dani Is Back To Take Control Of The House Again! πŸ™‚


You’ve got to be kidding me…

go dani!!!

WOOWHOO GO Dani!!!!!!!!




NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The Skeleton won HOH again UGH I’m hoping for Shelly’s exit this week..


This is the dumbest season of Big brother ever. they basicaly just rewinded two weeks. Well one things for certain, Daniele has 0 chance of winning now that BRJJ control jury ;). Daniele is a witch and will never win this game.

Karen S

Helllllllllll Fffffffffffing! YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! Simon…Dawg…. if you had nothing to do with this.. (just lie to me) think that you did…. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!


Dom got rigged.


Now Dani needs to play it smart. Put Big Jerkoff and Brenda up for nomination. Tell them that if they, or anyone else, uses a POV on their asses, then their female partner replaces them on the chopping block. That takes out 2 votes, and guarantees one of them will go. Dani should not listen to Kalueless, or Fire Marshall Shelly. Adam needs to have his ovaries removed. Maybe get a spare set of balls from Shelly.


That has to be the most spot on analysis I’ve ever read.

Karen S

JDoe? where have you been all my life? lol I would do the same…. scare the hell outta them all… and everything else I could think of. big cheshire grins~


OMG….wouldn’t that be bullying??? and we know how all you Dani worshippers hate bullies.even the sun shines on a dogs ass once in awhile……Dani will have her birthday alone in the jury house!!!!!!!!!!!!

Midwest Fan


Team JJ

I HATE Dani! Enjoy the HOH now but it won’t last! Hope you get voted out soon.


That’s OK, get ready to say goodbye to either Jordan or Jeff this week. FYI, I hate JJ, I find the both to be incredibly stupid and hollow people. No real substance to them whatsoever.


I am SO happy that Dani won HOH. Everyone is going to be kissing her ass big time no doubt about it. This week is going to be interesting for sure.~

Godless Monkey

And I second your FUUUUCK YES!! Can’t wait to see Brenden, Rachel or Jeff walk out the door next week! Dani rocks!


Yes!!! This makes that farce of ‘America’s Player’ crap a bad memory. I’m ready for Dani to run the house and take out….. well, any of the JJBR alliance!


Dom got rigged. Bb13 has been a boring season.


Now I can continue watching!!! I hope she puts up Brendan and Jeff and if either of them win POV she should put his girlfriend!!!!!




double eviction has to be this week. there are 9 players right now. a double eviction would leave 7 – the jury.


No, It’s already jury. You forgot to subtract the final 2 who never get to jury obviously.


i love the ppl hatin’ on dani. based on what? that chick has outplayed everyone (with the exception of maybe shelly). everything interesting in this game has come from her. if it wasn’t for her the vets would be running roughshod through this house and it’d be boring as hell. she’s flipped the script on ’em twice now and sent them all cowering. and if kaloria had listened to dani’s advice in the first place rachel would have been evicted (and forced to face brendon – BB viewer GOLD!) instead of lawon. she figured out the twist, she figured out shelly, her instincts have been solid throughout, she doesn’t cry or whine or piss & moan or make excuses when she loses, she doesn’t have fake platypus botox lips & nasty zits, she can form a coherent sentence and she’s done everything she’s done in the game without any major alliance. next to the dummies left in that house, she’s a superior player in just about every way. if production gives her a double eviction this week (and they should), she’ll severely eff up the vets game – again. and, again, almost entirely on her own.


Are you serious? no she locks herself up in the hoh room,what did she and her minions do all wk? hid upstairs whining and crying about the twist,wasted 2wks of hoh’s etc.She is a great player,can’t take that from her.but she has no social game at all,has aligned with 2 of the worst players in the history of this game,actually 3 and she power trips 100x worse than Rachel does “I’m gonna make them all shit thier pants this wk” ….her game is about over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Masterpiece

I mean Big Brother as a whole has fixes this


Oh God. Dani won…Again? This disgusts me.

I am hoping Brendan being back will somehow cause new drama. But we all know she will probably backdoor one of them(B/R).
Putting both of them up is risky because she runs the risk of one of them winning POV and her nominating someone that gets
voted out(i.e. Lawon/Rachel)

I despise Dani. But this should be interesting.

But at least R/B can be in jury together.


Drink another!!!!!!!! Funny how Brandon coming back was rigged,but Dani’s win wasn’t !!!!!!!!! Everyone knows if BR/JJ won HOH her ass was going up….maybe they rigged the comp for Dani to win,she said herself she didn’t even understand the rules of the game.Quit with the when things don’t go DKP’s way,it’s rigged,but when it does,it’s because their sooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!


that just means it’s more rigged


Where’s straight shooter she hasn’t been seen since the evicition

Karen S

She’s crying for josie and toni/y… lol where do you think.. guys can’t handle the tears.. but us mean bitches know it’s an act. You’re going up floater.. lol I hate that word.. but I’m gonna use it for her. lol

Karen S

Drink… and all future posts tonight will contain it… Drink… DRINK>>> DRINK>>> DRINK!!!!!!!!! I’m backk bitchesssssssssssss~ even if it’s for a week.. suck it up.. lolol Dani~ team..

Karen S

wanna hook up Simon? wink wink…. Love ya Man! big evil grins~


Yay! Can’t help but root for the underdog! Especially when the underdog kicks @ss! I wish it had been Dom though. Wait, I mean I wish CBS had actually brought back the player America voted for.


Dani needs to put up Brendan and Jeff. If one wins pov then bye bye Wynona.


CBS most definetly rigged the poll. There is no way that brendon took over half the votes to win. Julie said that 2 million people voted and that Brenda had over 1 million. She also said that it was close between Dom and him. That would mean that Cassi and Keith got almost no votes. (Although I can believe Keith did not get many votes.


2 million people voted, but what you also need to take into account is each person was allowed to vote,, *shrug*


2 million people voted,but also take into account each person was allowed to vote 10 times…*shrug*


If vote was legit…it makes sense Brenden came back…I think many J/J fans voted to help them and the non-Brenchal fans unfortunately split the vote between cassi and dom….sigh….so predictable it doesn’t need to be rigged.


And she’s back in the game folks, AGAIN, DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNN



I feel like we rewinded again! It’s exhausting!! Dani is gonna get rid of Brendan (AGAIN)…. and why is Porshe way excited??? She is the ULTIMATE floater! (DRINK) She is the one that shifts from power to power. I’d love to see her gone cause I’m SICK of those jumpsuits and SICK of watching her eat! BUT she is a waste of an eviction!


Porsche is far from a floater.


A DEFINITE floater! Not that I want her gone quite yet. She is easily swayed so keep her around for another 2 weeks!


Tell me how she is a floater. I’ve heard people say floaters are bad at competitions. She’s no Dani/Brenchel in them but she is no pushover herself. I’ve heard people say floaters have no loyalties and sway with the power. She was 100% loyal to her friends and allies Brendon & Rachel even to the point of going against the house by voting for him to stay. She didn’t turn on JJR; they shunned her. If you remember it being any other way then you should put down the JJBR kool-aid and go re-read the updates from the beginning of last week. They didn’t want her near them and all they did was trash her. She is in no way a floater. She was burned by her allies and had to make new ones.

Porsche Shall Save BB13! β€Ή3


She is 1000% a floater,she does shit in this game but eat and wear the same clothes over and over,because her ass has gotten so big,she can’t fit in them.She goes with whoever has the power,eats non-stop,sucks in any comp,eats non-stop,laughs at anything the HOH says,eats non-stop,talks shit about everyone,eats non-stop.Maybe Dani/Kalia should tell her sttty fat ass that she doesn’t have the golden key anymore.oh did I mention eats non-stop?


Can’t stand bee gel but dani truly doesn’t deserve to win after her idiocy with da hut


Haha look how happy Pinto and Dani are they have had the power for two weeks and they are an alliance member down and they are happy about it. Dani all smiles has no chance of winning this game everyone left in the house is a jury member and besides Kalia and Pinto she has no chance of getting any votes so keep smiling you moron…


unless she takes someone she can beat….like pinto


Ugh, I can’t believe MANielle won again.


agreed she looks like a skeleton

go dani!!!

Still way hotter then that pimple chin rachel!


Dani is a butter face. . . Nice body (BUT HER FACE)


Manielle? It could be just me but Dani is HOT!


Probably just jealous women.

Or guys that like pudgy girls, with overly pale skin, and a pepperoni pizza face.

BB Fan 5

Pudgy girls? Rachel may be a lot if things, but pudgy isnt one of them.


Nope, definitely not just you. Porsche is pretty hot too, but Dani is HOT for sure. Remember the HOH competition Dom lost when he was on the show that asked, “Who would america rather see in a bathing suit the entire time for this season:Porsche or Dani.” America definitely picked her for a reason, because she is drop dead gorgeous.


and that vote wasn’t rigged πŸ˜‰


Dani is Hot. What are you smoking?

Karen S

Going out for a marlboro… then back to my mafia wars.. lmao! Time is up.. *shrugs* stilll thinking of Simon and Dawg evictions. giddy laughter~


RYfG rules the world!!!!!!!!!!!!


TEAM DANI! GRENADES!! Simon–You think she’ll put up B/R? With Jeff possible replacement/backdoor??

Karen S

I didn’t even watch the end of the live show.. I was soooooo pissed! But seeing that Dani won HOH has resolved all of the wonder and delight I had hoped for. Extremely love the way that Team Dani.. misspelled LIE… LYE, is a terrible (FLESH EATING) dissolving solution that some serial killers might use in helping get rid of a body. LOVE It!!!!


Same here I turned it off. CBS has got to to be kidding it they think anyone believes Brendan got over 1,000 000 votes. So how close could it have been if the other three split the remaining 50%. I give up BB I”ll read this for updates if interested again. FIXED


Americas vote is actually CBS choice. bullcrap we don’t swallow


I agree. first i am supposed to believe that America would rather look at Dani in a bikini than Porsche…. and now i am supposed to believe that Brendon got that many votes? No way. I know some fixing should go on for a show like this, but like Jeff’s luck a few years back, it’s just a freebie screw over. I honestly skipped through most of Wednesday’s show, and a good portion of last nights. if Sunday’s show is back to the old Brenchal crap… well i may just read about it all and remove the video portion from my DVR.


dani lookes like she can be related to steven tyler.