Big Brother 13 – Dani: “I’m going to make every person even Shelly Crap their pants this week” **updated**

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11:10pm Purple Room BR Rachel tells him that she really thinks Dani wants to be their friends. Brendon says they will wait and see how the night pans out. Rachel says that Dani has had HOH for 3 weeks in a row, She brings that it was like she never one any because Brendon Came back and Lawon left. brendon says he approached Dani said he’s looking at this as a clean start wants to have a honest conversation with her. Brendon is certain one of them is going up this week. He’s just glad to be back with Rachel. Brendon laughs at kalia nominating Lawon. Rachel tries to explain, Brendon is surprised it worked out.

11:35pm Kitchen JJ Jordan telling him that Shelly is crying in the have nots room.
Jeff: “For What!”. Jordan explains that Shelly is sad for losing and rachel not thanking her for voting her to stay. Shelly is also pissed because “People don’t listen to the rules and come in my space” (Not sure what this means)

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11:56pm Kalia and Dani

Dani saying that they can trust Porsche 100% she’s stuck with them, Dani also points out that Porsche has no one so unless she wants to go home she needs them as much as they need her. Dani wants final 3 with porsche and Kalia She believes they are the only ones they can all trust. (DKP offically has formed) Dani and Kalia both agree they do not trust Shelly with anything anymore. Dani brings up that Porsche was telling her all the lies Shelly has been spreading since before Dom left (Porsche doesn’t know 1/3 of it)

There talking about when they walked out to see the comp they thought Porsche was totally going to do BLANK at it. Dani: “She did REALLY well i’m so proud of her” Both of them were really surprised, Dani thinks they can expect wins from Porsche. Kalia says that right before the comp Porsche was asking Kalia if her hair looked good. Kalia thought “OHH MY GOD.. get your head in the game” But now Kalia just thinks that is the way Porsche is.
Kalia brings up that during the comp Brendon sat behind her and after he lost he was saying to Rachel “Ohh baby i’m sorry i’m really sorry so sorry” (Same thing he did in bb11 on the paint can comp?) Kalia laugh “There’s something wrong there”
Dani is confident that they can do it, says now they know who to trust and who is after them.
Dani: “We can do this you know this right?”
Kalia: “ya”
Dani: “We have one solid person Porsche.. ”
Dani tells her that the nominations she puts up will will be the targets they have to do whatever it takes to win the POV.
Kalia asks what about Adam.
Dani: “Well I wasn’t nice but I accepted his apology and I told him I don’t play personally and I won’t , I told him he made a really stupid game move and I told him he’s not going to win this game he won’t get one vote” Dani goes on that Adam was trying to explain to her why he voted the way he did , Basically the truth of it is Adam is closer to JJ then them. She knows that and Adam knows it.
Dani: “I’m going to make every person even Shelly Crap their pants this week .. i’m not telling anybody anything..”
Kalia Apologizes for her BLANK up. Dani: “It”s OK” Dani asks her why she listened so much to Shelly when Kalia didn’t trust her. Kalia thought if she brought Shelly closer then she would solidify her potion with them. Dani: “It’s OK.. Hey.. we all make decisions.. some times they are bad and we pick up and move on”
dani: “I went Congratulations marcellis Lawon is now the stupidest player in the game”
Kalia doesn’t understand how her HOH went all wrong
Dani: “they had more votes.. Shelly and Adam lied”

12:15am Dani gets her HOH room

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182 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 – Dani: “I’m going to make every person even Shelly Crap their pants this week” **updated**

            1. Dick at night is horrible. I couldn’t even make it through a whole episode and he is one of my favorite players. He wins all that money and has a ten dollar webcam in his room, everyone talks over each other, constant interuptions, and apparently he got into a fight with his razor. HORRENDOUS. Danarexic can’t win. She can’t go through 4-6 people. Have a good bday alone in jury! Hahahaha

        1. Dick at night is pretty good. I don’t like June though. I have no problem with women cussing, but she does it more then all the men combined.

          1. Jun is gross, i watched once and i didn’t know who she was having not watched her season but i think subconsciously the thought of having to watch her again is the reason i have yet to watch another

        2. I watch it – the language is really bad but I always watch it. Matt(Brigade) has a show too that I watch on that site.

    1. Somebody answer this for me! If Danielle puts up Rachel and Jeff but Brendon wins the veto and takes Rachel off, can Brendon go on the block or is he safe because he won the veto?

          1. It’s all for ratings I think Cassie & Dominic were the closest to winning in votes imo. Or even Brendon behind Dominic. I was on Dicks show last night there were like 35000 viewers and a whole wack of them were saying “I voted dom” so let’s say 10000 of them voted dominic 10 times or even more.. Like seriously

          2. the poll on this site also had dom and brendon close, I guess more people prefer to watch the drama caused by him even if he’s an a-hole.
            it’s a great opportunity for him to act differently and realize he’s not better than the rest and can be voted out at any time

          3. I don’t believe it for one second. Even Rachels reaction looked rehearsed. So in order to have over a million votes, that would be over 100K people voting 10 times. That’s still a large amount of people that need a check up from the neck up.

          4. I think people voted for Brendan for the drama… I was hoping to see Brendan and Rachel have to compete to come back in the house against each other!!

      1. I thought their deal was that Rachel couldn’t put them up this week if she won HOH if they kept her in the house and didn’t vote her out last night. My personal opinion is that Dani should put up Rachel and Brendon again. It assures them one of them will go home. After they get them out, then they need to go for Shelly. We all now Shelly wont be winining any comps.

      2. she did make a deal but she talked about some of it. they said she couldnt talk about any of it. So in Dani and Kalia’s mind, she broke it. They will put her up or backdoor her. But I bet somewhere in the mix, Shelly gets on the block. I’d say Brendon and Shelly.

    2. If I were Dani, I would sit down with JJBR and make a deal. I would tell them up front she is putting up Shelly and Jordan so Shelly will go home. [Dani needs to talk with Adam to let him know she spared him over Shelly] In exchange for her not putting JJBR up, they must agree to put up and evict Adam next week. This will get rid of the two biggest floaters which JJBR keep saying floaters must go. JJBR lose two of their allies but they remain safe for two weeks and they still have the majority (4 to 3). If Shelly or Team Dani win POV, then backdoor Jeff after cutting a deal with BR to save Brendon from going up [make B&R swear on their future together], and let Shelly and Adam know the deal JJBR cut and how expendable they were to JJBR and tell them if Jeff doesn’t go home, they will be putting up Shelly and Adam next time.

      1. I think that’s a great scenario BVAN. I definitely think that despite Dani getting Brendan evicted, BR are easier to work with than JJ. Shelly definitely needs to go first, then Superfan/idiot Adam. Very well thought out plan you have.

      2. I can’t stand BR, having them back together makes my skin crawl. I’d like to see Rachel gone soon, I’ve had enough of her to last a lifetime. After that, it’s all good.

    1. From the the sound of it tonight, Jeff is already crapping his pants. He thought fiber harden your poop and he is getting the opposite.. Poop Poop Jeff.

      1. Jeff thinks so highly of himself the past 3 weeks he said Oh, I’m going up when in reality First Week Dani Hoh Nope Brendon and Rachel. 2nd week used as a pawn( i dont get why kalia wanted him to get veto why not just nominate the person you want in the first place) and now this week “I’m going up”

        1. Kalia said she was.afraid jeff would win veto and take rach down if he wadnt on block but who knows??..nothing she did as hoh made logical sense..i think marcellas is now the third dumbest after lawon amd kalia…best game move last week was to.put up jordan…but NOOO…sigh.

      2. i know!! he doesn’t friggin know what FIBER is!!! and that fiber is a laxative! Between him and Jordan, heaven forbid they ever procreate! how does this happen? how do people go through life being so dumb?? please shed some light….

        1. Actually, Jeff was right. Fiber does help diarrhea by soaking up the excess water. Google “fiber for diarrhea” if you don’t believe me. Of course, it also helps loosen as well. It’s a multi-purpose tool for the stool! LOL

  1. Absolutely cannot wait for the straight shooter to get shot in the ass by Dani…then go crying to JJ! I’m so sick of her using her daughter as a beard for her tears when she’s really just scared shitless about all her lies being exposed. Cannot wait to see the Straight Shooter fallout…hoping it’s epic!

    1. I think the BEST move for Dani right now would to put up Shelly & Adam and expose them for the ‘floaters’ that they are. She at least knows how to deal with the couples later on down the line AND it would even the playing field because those two jerks are with the Couples alliance anyway. She should AT LEAST put up Shelly with Jeff for sure because Shelly is more loyal to JJ. I think she should keep Brendon & Rachel another week; it’s risky..but she needs to turn this around someway to get her alliance leading the way.

      I HATE SHELLY…so much..more than the VETS..and Adam is just a waste of airtime..Biggest DWEEB EVER!!

  2. Got a feeling my homeboy Jeff is goin on the block. I bet shemale monkey Dani will put up brendon or Rachel along side of Jeff(unless deal is reached) then if deal is made Shelly goes up perhaps. At least that little pussy Dom didnt come back. GO JJ!!!

    1. Putting up JJ is the smartest move. They are the biggest threats to win the game. If pov is used, then backdoor Brendon.

      She doesn’t have to worry about pissing anyone off, because they already are gunning for her.

      1. I agree 100%. Jeff and Jordan need to be on the block with one of them definitely going home. Goooooooooooo Dani!!

      2. I agree. She’s made inroads with BR and hasn’t made any with JJ. She should feel them out for deal like before only with P instead of Dom.

    2. The twist was a colossal waste of time and very unoriginal. Kinda pissed as a viewer, basically back to what it was two weeks ago with no Lawon.

      1. Yeah no kidding. For CBS to bring so much hype with this and then bring Brendon back only for it to be ruined by Dani winning HOH! Now Dani is ruling the house for the 3d week in a row and now we ‘re gonna have to listen to her and Kalia again! It almost makes me want to not watch it anymore. I guess this is AG’s job of making sure Dani wins like she said in that TV Guide interview. This sucks!

      1. I don’t think America had anything to do with it. CBS knew fully well who was going to generate the most conflict in the house and put Brendon back in. If Dom would have gone back in it would have been boring because he was a worthless player who did nothing but lay around in and talk shit all day (another Lawon). BR and Dani battle generates better rating. CBS fixes this game so much it is almost unwatchable any more. I would love for production to shut the hell up and let the game play out like it did in the first few seasons. It is getting to be all about the drama and not the game play.

        1. Worst BB ever. The twist was lame and obviously rigged by CBS for best drama value. Bringing back vets was a bad idea, bringing back vets as duos was ridiculous and completely unfair to the newbies.

        2. So how do you know that America didn’t vote for Brendon for this very same reason. It’s not a stretch that a lot of people wanted Brendon in because he is a fierce competitor and sure he brings the drama I guess. Don’t let your hatred of Brenchel cloud your judgment on their skills. I voted for Brendon btw

          1. and if the show gets boring, people won’t watch, the ratings drop and then it gets cancelled – that is the pressure that allison grodner faces every season…so i would rather production manipulate the game, than have no game at all – i just consider production the 15th houseguest

          2. Yep, I’ve never liked BR but I voted for B because I hate Dani more! I’m pulling for JJ and I know that BR can help them get further in the game. I would have vomitted if Dom came back.

  3. It’ll be some combo of Bendon, Rachel, or Shelly. If one wins POV, the third person goes up. Kalia and Porsche are safe for sure, Adam is seen as harmless, and I think JJ are off Dani’s radar at least for this week.

  4. UGH! Dani Freaking won! Dani will GO HOME NEXT WEEK!!!! I HOPE RACHEL OR BRENDON DOSE NOT GO HOME!!!! </3!!!! DANI NEEDS TO GO HOME!!!!!!

      1. Dani better make the smartest move of her life,cos nxt wk her b-day gift is jury house!!!!!! Where the fuk does kalia and pacer get there so awesome at? kalia wins one fuk’n thing and now thinks she’s an all-star.Only thing pacer could win ,is an eating contest.I like Dani,hoped her and ED went final 2 till he left,then switched to JJ….Dani is basically carrying her two lush’s and pacer was in second place.Another dumb move Dani and your greed just cost you your demise,shoulda let Pacer have it,so you could play nxt wk.I think she will go after BR only because she hates them more than JJ,but I believe Dani is gone nxt wk!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. By the way, can simon or anyone with the feeds explain why Jordan looks so snotty/angry in the third picture? Is she annoyed that Shelly is crying or did someone eat the last of the cookie dough?

  5. I swear if Dani does same thing Kalia did last week i will give up on them and root for rachel just becasue they will be total dumbasses…. GO DKP YO!

  6. I really don’t see Dani getting too creative this week. Nominations should be Brendon and Rachel or Brendon and Jeff.

    1. of course they r they thought they was in the clear & sum1 in their alliance was gna win but LMAO it didnt now She-man has 2 atleast be nominated

    2. @Simon haha YES!!! I’m soo sick and tored of Adam juming from side to side… Can’t wait for Shelly to get caught up in her lies… Ronnie 2.0 perhaps?? Haha Team Dani, although I would perfer Dom. or Lawon over Kalia at this point. Porsche better win HOH next week!!

  7. I love how all the vets hands are covering their mouths. HAHAHAHA and Shellys face honestly reminds me of a baseball mit. RUB IT IN DANI. You deserve it!

    1. Wasn’t all you JJ haters saying Jeff was going home last wk and pretty boy Dominca was coming in the house to suck Dani’s ass some more??? Dani will not make final 2,I say she’s gone nxt wk!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Happy bday to danrexic who’s 15 minutes is up! Have a good bday alone in jury! + can’t & won’t go through all 5 or 6 ppl! Dani won’t win which is all that matters. FACT. WAHHHH cBS fixed it- shut up. Everyone I know voted for B except for ppl here and no offense, I love the site, but 6 or 7 million ppl watch” a small percentage come here. Get over yourselves. Dani is not liked. Peace out danarexic! Hahahaha- just a matter of time!

    1. if needle dick wins veto I’m gonna watch a certain skype video for 2 hours straight, laugh, get angry, cry, barf, and then force myself to eat it!!!!!

  8. Dani is the biggest whiner of the group. She sulked for hours tonight and now acts like she is Queen. I cannot wait until she is sent to jury on her 25th birthday and Brendon is the only one there!

      1. She has been on slop for 2 weeks = Jeff said from the beginning that he didn’t want her on slop because she gets grouchy when she can’t eat.

    1. I think Shelly’s gun barrel got wrapped around a tree trunk. She can shoot straight no more. All she has now is a water pistol.

    1. joe, I think Simon is now rooting for Dani and Porsche (spelling?). I’m not certain but I feel that’s probably right, about 97.256%. I only offer up my opinion on his behalf because I stalk him on here and I’ve acquired a pretty accurate read on his feelings about the houseguests, lol. I wish (WISH) he would root for JJ because I swear (hand to God right now) that when Simon calls it, it becomes truth. Build it and they will come…..

  9. YES!!!!!!!!! Ha!!!!!! And I agree – Rachel *NEEDS* to put Brendon and Jeff up on the block, and if either wins – their girlfriend goes up. It’s NOT FAIR to have competing couples when the rest are by themselves!! Rachel and Jordan are not challenge winners so get Brendon and Jeff and Dani and crew are set! Crossing my fingers that annoying as hell Jeff goes though!! I watch so many reality shows and Jeff is by far one of the most annoying reality show contestants I have ever seen. What was he saying last week? So sure he was winning HOH. Ha!!!!! As soon as I saw that pic of JJBRSA celebrating like Neanderthals thinking they have just won the game – I was like – PLEASE LET DANI OR PORSCHE WIN.

    1. You must be watching a different show than the rest of us. Dani is the one who flipped on the alliance from the beginning and she has Kalia as her partner. Both have won HOH, Jeff has not won HOH. What has Jeff done that is so bad? He is not acting anything like Dani. She is a black widow spider! GO JEFF!

      1. Dani’s flip flop was correctly timed. She was the fifth wheel in JJBR, and will be evicted come final 5. The earlier you flip the more newby votes you can get on your side. Unfortunately newbs will be newbs, like Kalia’s disaterous HoH + voting out Keith during week one for no reason at all.

  10. Agreed. Maybe this will open her eyes up a bit and stop trying to get JJ to like her so much because they never have and never will!

  11. not really, because why would dani put up pacer or kalia ever, for any reason at all, even if one of her nominations were to get vetoed she would never put either of them up, so therefore they wouldnt be able to get evicted this week.

  12. That Dani is an absolutel witch…….looks like one and acts like one………..I have no idea why she says what she does about Rachel……..Rachel and Brendon have been good to their word every single week………….I’m really disappointed that she won……….my only hope is for a double eviction and somehow that black hearted selfish bore is out very soon……….next week would be great!!

  13. She should put up the more social threat and thats JJ. BR will always have huge targets on them the way they act and play but JJ will ride their social game and coast to final 2 once Dani is gone–not 1 person will put JJ up so its now or never.

  14. P.S. Shelly lied to protect her alliance……………Isn’t that what she was supposed to do………….Shoud she have told the witch woman D…….the truth……….Dani wanted Rachel and Brendon to turn on Jordan and Jeff just because she was crazy for Dominic………..She’s the back stabber dishonest one………Shelly did great………..even if she was lying………she only lied to the opposition……………Am I missing something or do Dani and Kalia dance everyone else around in the house to get what they want? And as for zero woman, Porscha, she’s another no character empty headed bore………….hope she’s out right after Dani.

    1. Wow, so I can say any ridiculous thing I can think of…….no matter how bizarre or cray it sounds…… because I can add dots at the end of the statement…….and as long as I use dots at the end, it makes it true………such as dirt is wet and water is dry……….my use of dots would make me brilliant, aren’t I?

  15. All last week all I heard from the Dani worshippers,was how JJ/BR bash everybody and are sooo mean.Talk about mean for 3 hrs all I’ve heard from DKP is bashing everybody and wanting to play childish games,hiding shit,stealing the booze,taking things thats not thiers etc.What right do they have to take the booze? Said last yr it was bs.too.Remember bitch’s,what comes around,goes around Dani gone nxt wk followed by fat ass kalia shamu,then thunder thighs pacer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These 3 are the most immature,trash talking skanks I’ve seen in my life.Feel bad for Dani,she’s a helluva player,but she has tweedle dee and tweedle dumb to depend on saving her ass nxt wk. and odds in Vewgas on that are already at 250,000,000,000 to 1.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more.Dani is smart as hell but acts like a nine year old………….All she and Kalia do is trash everyone. You can say what you want about Rachel, but at least she stays true to her alliance………….she’s not a backstabber…………..and she has someone who loves her………..Who the hell would want that mean, petty gossiper Dani???………She may be attractive and smart, but she lacks Heart. Porscha is worse than any of them though…………no one needs a “friend” like her………………….”Off with their heads” and off to the jury room very soon for both………..

  16. I’m so freakin happy. Go Team Dani, after Kahlia did everything she could to screw it up for DP, we need to kick her to the curb, but who can trust Adam n Shelly. And all u people who think Dani is gone next week on her birthday. Are we watching the same show cause it ain’t that easy. She should put up Jeff and Jordan n send Jeff packing. I love JJ but they came for a vacation. So send them to jury. Adam needs to get on this Dani train before it departs without him.

    1. If Dani doesn’t go nxt wk,she will lose 1 from her alliance….I see her getting backed doored and a happy birthday greeting from the jury house and Brendon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Well, looks like DK are still in the game. #TEAMDANI all the way! DK are really lucky. Brendon or someone from the BRJJ alliance is gone next week for sure…I hope. Hopefully Brendon again, then he’ll be evicted 3 times in 1 year just like Kaysar LOL! Also, I really hope people start lighting a first under Shelly’s ass. She needs to be called out Ronnie style. Have her ass crying in the have-not room by herself.

    Just heard Adam say “America loves Brendon.” Ugh…no they don’t. America just loves drama. Get it straight. Adam is such a kiss ass. Take your lips off of everyone’s ass please.

    Oh wow, and now Adam is saying that Dick rallied for Brendon to come back. Can Adam ass kiss any harder?

    1. No, they would have been a solid alliance if it was an all Newbie cast. It was just that the veterans had the power the first 3 weeks and they took out the first 3 strongest newbies (I.e the ones that wouldn’t go up their to kiss their asses)

  18. Kalia is the worst player ever. What an idiot. They have to break up the couples. What is wrong with them. Keep rachel in till the end. I think her craziness is great.

  19. damn the wicked witch is HOH, cbs this is BS, Omg u bring a player back just to send them back out, Bs that happened to keysar too.. OMGGGGGGGGG

    1. yeah but don’t you remember kayser GAVE his hoh away by letting go of that button…. STUPID!….. and i loved kayser and jannelle…. !

    2. Here’s some tissue, dry them eyes, its just a show. These people aren’t your friends, they don’t know you. No reason to get all upset over it.

      And yeah, Brendan could be leaving again this week. Though I would rather see Jeff or his ex-girlfriend, Jordan leave.

  20. Honestly, if the house is left with Dani, Kalia, Porsche, and Adam, the show will be as boring as last year. The presence of Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, and Shelly makes the show interesting and exciting. At least, these people (well, maybe not so much with Jordan) are there to play the game and spice things up. That is what the show is for.

    1. I loved the ending of last year, because the final 5 were HILARIOUS! Ya, there wasn’t a lot of drama(besides the brigade telling brittany she they were all working together since the beginning), but the last 5 were truly pretty honest people that I didn’t mind any of them winning. Enzo might of have been the funniest dude to ever be on BB.

  21. as i see it Dani and her team still does not have the numbers so who on the otherside will move to Team Dani – temporarily??? I hope she works with Brendon and Rachel since her previous HOH’s became null & void . Dani should target Jeff and Jordan which was her original plan to get rid of Jeff so many weeks ago. If someone wins the POV backdoors Shelly. Adam who is big time floater(drink) will float over to Team Dani after much kissing her ass(I say someone should pop his floatie) now she has three votes and she can break the tie.

    did they show the HOH comp or did you see trivia and when feeds came back Dani won?

  22. Thank God! I thought once Brendon was brought back it was going to be a bunch of bullying. At least Dani sticks to who she nominates!

  23. in my humble opinion…..the bets move is nominate Bren/Jeff….let the chips fall wher ethey may and if anyone of them wins the veto…..rachel goes up. If Rach wins the veto and uses it on Bren……Jordan goes up. (vice versa for if Jordo wins it and uses it on Jeff). One of those four MUST leave this week for DKP to even have a remote chance of survival.

    If that plays out…..Adam has stated many times when alone that he does not want a veteran winning. I see him, beginning with this next eviction vote, aliging himself with DKP at least in the votes. I also think Shelly will vote their way if it ends up as Bren or Rach on the block against either of JJ.

    To me, this week cinches a vet going home… week’s HOH will be the most pivotal one of the game to date because if K or P do not win it……then the obvious is one of them going up with Dani on the block. If P or K win it (maybe even if Adam wins it)…..It could mean the veterans are finally picked off and weakened for good.

    Plus….Simon might be able to answer this……but bringing Bren back now…..this means we get a double elimination at some point after jury is clinched up, right?

  24. Yesss! I can’t wait to finally see the Straight Shooter shooting (…shitting?) straight from her ass. I wanna see her squirm, scramble and turn on JJ to save her own ass. Then for once we would see her playing the game for herself, and not as JJ (or the Vet’s) personal bulldog/ human shield–I mean she gotta know by now she is the bottom of that totem pole. I say put David Spade on the block next to a member of the JJ duo even if she is not the target. Just so her shit gets exposed. Do you think she would actively campaign against JJ, or any of the Vets?

  25. seems to me her best options are to

    1) Put up Jeff and Brendon and tell them that if either uses the veto to take themselves off their fiancée/buddy takes their place

    2) Cut a deal with Brenchel and then put up Jeff and Jordan, if either gets taken off backdoor Shelly

    3) Cut a deal with Brenchel and then put up Jeff and Shelly, if Jeff wins POV and takes himself off backdoor Jordan

    4) Cut a deal with Brenchel and then put up Jordan and Shelly, if jordan gets veto’ed backdoor Jeff.

    Personally I think she needs to call a truce with Brenchel and get out the more social threats in JJ. Plus Jeff’s already showed he’s unlikely to honor any deals DKP might try and make with him.

    1. Put me down for option 4. Though all of the above is good too. But option 4 would my first choice, then option 2. Honestly, as long as one of the fake romance goes home, don’t care if its Jethro or Ellie Mae that leaves, the collective IQ of the rest of the house goes up.

  26. I came on this site to see if Brendon won and if he did I was not going to be watching BB13 anymore. I am so glad that Dani won. She will put up Brendon and Rachel, Brendon will win VETO and save himself and Jeff will go up. Rachel will go home. Best senario. Go Dani!

    1. well if that happens i wish i would have known bc that is exactly what happened two weeks ago (pretty much, except it was Rachel who stayed) and i honestly would have saved myself the trouble—who wants to watch a show where the same exact thing happens?

  27. The poll is missing Kahlia from the options??? This group does have a history of voting out its own team, I think she should be up there. AND a great big fat HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA to DOM for not being as popular as Needle Dick Brendon.

  28. BR are a much bigger threat than JJ. If Dani was smart she would put up Rachel & Shelly. Hope that Brendon doesn’t get to play for POV and then you have your options open.

  29. Took this from the BB Twists on this sight…..The obvious trend is that Big Brother 13 will have one component that involves the fans and one that will allow CBS to keep a popular houseguest in the house. We just had the one that involves the fans (evicted HG returns) could there be 1 more twist on the horizon?????

  30. Im kinda glad Dani won. Im so not on team Dani but next week will probably be endurance. She cant play. Smart descion for Dani would be to target Rachel, cuz if not, Rachel will be HOH next week. I dont really care either way, JJ did fine without Brendon so if he goes home big whoop hes gotta go sometime, If Rachel goes home, great Brendons even better without her. Best case scenario is Shelly goes home. And IF Shelly does go home, than thats 3 weeks of Danis crew in control and BRJJ survive it all. That would be something else.

    And if Dani somehow makes it to final 2, I will admit shes a great player. But if she gets rid of Shelly and leaves next week, then shes just as good as I thought she was. I think Dani and Rachel are VERY alike.

  31. As much as Shelly and Adam need to go, BREAK UP THE DAMN COUPLES FIRST and stop worrying about pissing people off and making deals! Are these people all stupid?! They have two couples who could easily win especially now that they are getting to fewer players. Please Dani don’t be stupid. Put up Jordan and Rachel and then if there is a chance to backdoor someone put up Jeff! That way one huge threat will be gone for good this time! If that doesn’t happen, I won’t be watching anymore. I didn’t watch the last two episodes because of the stupidity/rigging!

  32. After watching Danielle wear the “UP ALL NIGHT” shirt” I figured it out. Her mother was a Slaughter groupie or so she thought, one night when she was so wasted thinking she was with the band, she woke up and saw Dick lying across from her. This mistaken identity has caused tension in the relationship ever since, but a Donato love for the great hair band Slaughter.

  33. A few things…Shout Out to JJ…You reap what you sow…Karma is truly a bitch, however in this case a good bitch…and Dani is that Bitch

    1. The tide has turned…Logic: Brendon is back due to deductive reasoning thru America’s Vote.

    2. The “people” have turned on JJ, due to their own nasty-bullying game play, and felt that brenchel were the best option to dump the slumping JJ.
    3. Dom would have been to far up Dani’s Ass(a very nice one, I might add) to effectively compete.
    4. Cassi would have been easy fodder for the reeling Rachel, who is not done yet, just slumping.
    5. Keith, not worth typing, non-issue from the word “GO”

    America is not sick for voting B back in, but sick and tired of “America’s Couple”…and they gotta GO!

  34. As for Shelly, her services will no longer be required and will be banished to her own corner of the backyard with no allies….now thats straight shootin’

  35. Kalia should be bound with duck tape over her mouth til next eviction, just in case she has anymore dumb ideas to share with DP.

  36. so at this point in the game I am actually MORE on brenchels side than JJ. She should put up Jeff and Brendon and B wins veto then Jeff goes home. JJ are not a real couple I cant stand them and I cant stand him calling himself BIG Jeff……………… freakin annoying

  37. In the screen capture above of Jordon, I can really see the Fireman Bill analogy that folks on here have talked about. Very funny!

  38. Smartest thing for Dani to do is make a deal with brendan and Rachel. Put up Jeff and Jordan. Tell Brendan and Rachel that if someone uses veto one of them is going up but, Kalia and Porche will vote with them to force a tie and she will send either Jeff or Jordan home. This way Brendan and Rachel get rid of Jeff and Jordan without having blood on their hands. The only thing she needs them to do is next week if they win HOH they put up Shelly and Adam who are not really with Brendan and Rachel. Also, the only person that Brendan and Rachel can beat in the finals is Dani. Also they like competitors Dani is a competitor. I believe Dani did want to just get rid of Jeff and Jordan in week 3. She knows that it would be hard for any of them to beat them in the end. I wonder if Rachel and Brendan can think logically. They need to work with her. Otherwise Jeff and Jordan will ride their coat tails to the end with a little help from production and beat them with their social game.

    1. I have to agree with you, mico. That would be the smartest move. Or maybe make the same deal with Jj and get rid of B or R? They are stronger in comp and Dani has to think about next Hoh, even if she cuts a deal (people cant be. Trusted)…

  39. JJ better get to Dani before BR do. Let’s hope JJ get lucky and get the same deal from Dani as two weeks ago. Put up BR and if one of them wins veto and takes themselves off, put Jordan up as the replacement to ensure one of BR goes home.

  40. I’m a JJ fan and can’t stand BR. I loved that Dani won hoh, though. I know, it sounds like I’m as dumb as Lawon! Lol. It’s jusr that Dani winning brings some excitment to the game this week. It doesn’t matter mych who Dani puts up, but she has to evict either Jeff, Brendon or Rachel this week. Rachem would be the best choice, if next hoh is endurance. And also because I just can’t stand her crying, her talking, her crazinnes. My husband walked in while I was watching the show the other day exactly when Rachel was having a meltdown. I felt so embarassed when he asked why I was watching that annoying crap! Lol

  41. I think Dani’s HOH is going to be like the first one Rachel and Brendon Noms, Brendon winning the veto taking Rachel down, Replacement Jordan. Brendon goes to jury

  42. Team Dani is back from the dead! I give a few hours before Rachel ditches JJ who “were the only wons who stuck up for meeeee” and seals her *deal* with Dani. Porsche for HoH next week hollaa!

    1. The odd thing is, from watching the feeds last night/this morning, that Brenchel have become the floaters.

      Dani, Kalia, and Porsche are obviously on one side.

      Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, and Adam have an alliance and JJ are on board with keeping the Over 40 Club rather than Brenchel if they make it to a Final 4 scenario.

      Rachel was ready to cut deals within 15 minutes of Dani getting her HOH room and Brendon is OK with it.

      So really… who are the floaters now?

  43. DKP don’t have numbers to keep any one of them if they ever go on the block (presumably next week) so it would behoove them to suck it up and make a deal with one of the power couples even if it makes their stomachs turn –
    but the thing is, i feel like dani is more inclined to make the deal with JJ but BR are actually less likely to break the deal, especially since SA are really with JJ and not BR (so what is the incentive for JJ to make deals when they have more allies) but if Dani put BR up two weeks ago, it seems very likely she may do it again – which i think would be her 3rd major game mistake (3 strikes you’re out?)

    and what the hell is with Prosche and Kalia dancing like fools?? they have done nothing but made this whole game more difficult who keeps having to save their asses? all 110 pounds of dani is doing everything she can to keep this team of hefties afloat and these morons act like they did something other than make a damn red velvet cake…sorry but they should be so quiet and just thank her and do what she says at this point

    1. When Dani made her move I thought it was too soon but I applauded her for making a move. What annoyed me was when she paired up with Kalia. Kalia instantly got an attitude and made herself more important than she really was. What I am going to love is when Dani get to a point where she does not NEED her and cut Kalia loose and she has to scramble. What would be even better is if Dani puts up JJ and cuts a deal with then then one of them wins the POV and Dani back doors Kalia. I can dream.

  44. Polls are used to keep the gullible into believing that everything in America is still a democracy. Umm, its not. CBS brought back who they felt would be best for ratings. Rachel’s open mouth stunned look seemed rehearsed. And was Lawon moving in slow motion, if your gonna throw a comp for ratings, at least make it believable. Only the most gullible could have watched last night’s live show and not felt that something weird was happening.

    I have said this before, and I feel it bears repeating. If BB really is having to rely on Brenchel or JJ for ratings, rather than sticking to its guns, we may not have BB much longer. It feels as if they are abandoning a working formula and turning their back on the BB fans, and now are catering to the Jerry Springer audience.

    1. Aaah BBXPOSED,you and your hate for Jordan and your damn conspiracy theories about JJ/BR.Funny how everytime Dani is a target and in deep,she pulls out the HOH and when she can’t play,the dumbest player to ever play this game wins HOH to protect Dani’s again.Sorry Jordan laughed at you in HS when you asked her out on a date,then made fun of the size of your manhood,maybe it is the JJ/BR fans that should be crying rigged,hate BR with a passion btw,but it sure seems Dani is being protected by BB.But since your the self proclaimed BB expert on here and all us JJ fans are morons etc,i’m positive you’ll have some kind of smartass comment to make.

  45. The funny thing is that Jorff has a better chance if BR are split up. If it gets down to final three, they can vote out either B or R base on numbers. Brenchel will definitely turn on them first chance they get. So I think it’s a tricky situation.

  46. Through the length of the show,I pray that the one that wins is one that displays the character that is pleasing to their parents.
    Young minds are influenced by what they see and hear on TV. Games on TV can influence behavors in real life. Let it be lessons
    on what is right and good.

  47. Dani you are awesome. Go Dani Go!!! And MrC, they never knew about the twist until after Brendon was out. Could’ve happened to any of them. I think Dani is one gutsy, tough cookie. Go Team Dani!!!!!

  48. vote out the queen of the floaters JORDAN the person who has already won the game people ! what is the problem with these retards !

  49. Not only does Danielle look like Heidi Fleiss with her new dew, but she plays the part. KaLia and Porshe work for her. Can’t wait to see the madam go down.

  50. The newbies had the numbers at week one. They screwed up royally bc of Keith’s big mouth caused Kalia to vote him out, and Shelly voted out Keith for absolutely no reason at all. Shelly is like a mole/sabateuor. She not thinking long term strat and seems like she not here for the money, only to sabatoge people.

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