Big Brother 13 Craziest Season – Golden Key, Dick, Boy George, Cookie Dough…

Big Brother 13 Recap of the TV Show. Rachel/Brendon, Jeff/Jordan and Dick/Dani are the returning couples. Shelly/Cassi, Keith/Porsche, Adam/Dominic and Lawon/Kahlia are the new Couples. Rachel Won HOH and started cackling again. Julie gives them one last Twist of the season “GOLDEN KEY” Being nominated for eviction is a blessing and a curse.. The Surviving houseguest gets a golden key meaning they are guaranteed a spot in the top 10. players nominated in the beginning that survive eviction are safe for 3 weeks. Holders of the golden key cannot compete in the HOH until there is only 10 houseguests remaining. No Idea how POV works but I assume if you win POV while nominated and you use it on yourself you forfeit your GOLDEN KEY.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feeds

8:20pm PST FISH all 4 cams
10:00PM PST Feeds start

10:04pm no audio

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simon please post pics again this year of cookie dough, boy george and all the others that was hilarious.


hate mail? they should be sending you ‘thank you” mail. this is the best Big brother site ever and those pics of rachell as boy george and the rest were spot on. this year though she looks even more like a broke down drag queen. :)


dani looks like shit and that black hair lowers her hotness level thats for sure. I take it adam is one of your favs this year. i like dominic and the hot model from texas (forgot her name) if she stands next to boy george boy georges head would explode (from the jealously)


I love your site & will be coming every day for comments and your thoughts! I have a request — could you put up a better pick of Jeff? He is the eye candy this season and well, I would love it if we could look at a better pic of him every time we come to this site. LOL :-) Thank you dawling!

I am Vegas

Porshe = Horshe? Two fold, HO & Horse lol


Cookie Dough in the title? Yawn. Too easy.


Glad to be back for another season- this is the third year in a row that I will have utilized this site for all the live feed news :)

I believe someone’s said this before, but the Golden Key thing will make the first evictions mean a little something more, rather than relying on someone to say 1 stupid thing which gives the others a reason to vote him/her out. They allow the first evictions to be a bit strategical.


Dick & Boy George = Recipe for disaster or entertainment if Dick puts Boy George in her place and makes her cry and self destruct.


I dislike Rachel, so I was disappointed to see her return. Once that happened I was praying Evil Dick was coming back. Even tho he lives up to his name I KNOW he is gonna terrorize Rachel to the fullest. I sooo look forward to it!! Hehe!

I am Vegas

I think Brendon will get the worst of it actually. Poor guy.


Hey Moe. :) I felt the same way when Rachel walked in. If Dick hadn’t also joined in, I probably would have had to gouge my ears/eyeballs out. Lol I’m a little worried they may team up for the beginning (the returning duos), thus developing a friendship of sorts. Nah…what am I thinking? She’ll annoy him superfast. Lol


By the way, Simon…LOVE the pic you put up for Brendon. ;)


love your site, happy to be back agAin this year!!

Lennon's Ghost

Brenchel – NOOOOO!

Hello again everybody!

Lennon's Ghost

Hey Simon.

Rachel again? Argh!

Dani does look a bit rough this year.


thanks simon for the updates again this yr. keep em coming.

Lennon's Ghost

Hello Simon & Dawg.

Ready for another BB summer!

Hi BBGrandma, Rockstar, QAZ, and everyone else.


Hi, Lennon’s Ghost. I am so glad to see you haunting here again. Yes, I am ready to have fun with you again. I have missed you!

Lennon's Ghost

Good to be back with you again.

I’m off to watch BBAD in the other room, but I don’t have my laptop tonight and my office TV is on the fritz, so I’ll check back a little later.

I missed everyone over the winter.

So long for now.


Hi! I won’t have access to BBAD for another week or two, but after that I’ll probably join in on the late night discussions again.


Haha. I was thinking the same thing! I knew it started earlier last year.

Lennon's Ghost

BBAD goes back to it’s regular schedule tomorrow night.


I love Brenchel! They are hardcore winners no matter what anyone says! I just hope they play a better strategic game this year and not rely just on competitions!


First off, it is so GREAT to be back!! I don’t post often, but this is the ONLY site I come to for all my big brother recaps and spoilers! Second, I thought it was hilarious when Evel said he was the ONLY winner.. poor at least everyone set him straight. And lastly, I am simply looking forward to a (hopefully) great season with a lot of drama and excitement.


Looking forward to another season of those Grodner jokes. ZIIIING! QAZ, you are my hero.


You won’t be disappointed :) I’ve adjusted my account image to include Grodner’s upgrade: an actual Kraken mouth.

Lennon's Ghost

Does anybody have a clue about the cage around the staircase and HOH Room?

Lennon's Ghost

Maybe they’ll lock it to keep Rachel away from her (wo)man!


Suicide prevention was my guess.


Boy George looks much older than he looked last year. Guess it’s stressful not being with a man who cries more than she does.


Really? Odd…my sis thought the exact opposite – that she’d “had some work done.” Botox, laser peel are my sis’s guess. I didn’t pay too much attention to Rachel (except for when her laugh made my ears bleed), but I did focus on Danielle a bit.

I didn’t like her that much from her season, and she seems to have gotten even bitchier. I wonder if she’ll stick with her Dad this season, or try to ditch him asap.


too funny that you said danielle seemed more bitchy, she did look a bit spacy and loopy and whats with her and dick not talking? right after dick won he said he bought her a car and they took a trip together (europe I think) maybe shes just an ungrateful lil bitch . Id love to see her and the newbie porche ( or more like a ford escort) go at it :) better yet rachell and her butt heads then dick sticks up for rachell. imagine dick and rachell teaming up? boy george vs twisted sister :)


AND he paid for her college…


Happy to see Jeff & Jordan and even Evil Dick but I don’t know if I can handle the annoying laugh and drama of Vegas & her man!


Keith & Porsche are noms


Hey Simon!
Happy to be back this year again! I added you on facebook the other day.
Ok, I’m really glad that Dani is backkkkk, love her.
Branchel, meh, can’t stand them.
Jeff and Jordo, they’re ok.. I don’t love them but I can stand them :P

Hope everyone is fine.
Hugs from Argentina :D


HOH room looks nice