Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Dani to Kalia “they don’t care about Adam he’s expendable.. Jeff is like every other tool in Orange County”

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9:26pm Kitchen Dani and Porsche Dani is saying that she will not give up there is still 2 days to work Adam for the Vote, “He can’t be set in stone”. Dani is worried that Shelly may be telling them the same thing she’s telling adam.. Porsche doesn’t think so. Porsche says her life is going to be hell next week if dani goes she has to win HOH. Dani brings up Kalia and how happy she is right now. Dani says that Kalia gets mad at her for not being happy..

Dani starts talking about how Adam will not win the money if he stick with JJ… She’s sure he must know he’s screwed in the end. Dani starts to give Porsche some hints for her game next week. She says Prosche needs to put up JEff and rachel and if POV is used she has to slap Jordan up. Porsche also has to forget about any deals with Adam he’s clearly with JJ final 3

9:42pm Porsche makes a shelly
POrsche asks her if she’s offered Adam and Deals. Dani says she told him that she has his back.. She’ll have to offer him something more substantial.. She going to offer him final 2. Porsche is surprised that Adam is so scared of Dani over JEff. Dani has no clue says Adam is not making any logical sense right now.

9:55pm Jordan and Kalia Backyard Couch Jordan explaining that Dani has been lying saying that JJ broke their word with her. Jordan wants Kalia to know that was not the case and this is why Jeff has been so angry lately.

Jordan trying to smooth things over with Kalia. She’s saying that she was always with Kalia and when Kalia was going around saying that the newbs will get picked off on by one she tried to tell Kalia no your not a target you’re safe. Jordan basically says they chose different sides int he game and sometimes it works out other times it doesn’t.

Jordan going on about the regulators wanting to come after the vets and take them all out. Jordan: “We did what we had to do” Kalia agrees.

10:22pm Kitchen Dani and Kalia Dani tells her she’s really sad because she’s leaving.. SHe doesn’t understand why Kalia is walking around trying to make her feel like she should be happy. Kalia really doesn’t want Dani to leave she doesn’t know what to do.. Dani mentions that she wanted to get back and play the game so bad more than anyone in the house.

Dani says she’s going home because she put her trust in “2 morons” (JJ) they walk around sayign they have all this integrity.. “Phhhf America’s sweethearts”

Kalia says she really feels like Dani is a person she wants to be friends with out side this house.. She feel really bad.. she keeps going through all the decisions she made in the game and how she should of done it differently. “I know how you feel about this game and I really feel bad for you”.

Dani says she hates the way she’s feeling right now and how she’s acting. All she has done is complain and it’s not like her she’s pissed at her actions.

10:40pm Kalia brings up parts of her conversation with Jodan, Kalia says that Jordan was trying to make it sound like they were always on Kalia’s side. Dani just hates people like Jordan walking around the house like they have never lied. Dani: “She’s done Jack shit this season.. ” (Talking about JOrdan)

Kalia if you stay what would you do.. Dani: “You have to put up Jeff and Rachel and if POV is used than brign Jordan up” Dani explains that Kalia does not wnat to put Adam and rachel up because if Jeff wins POV he’ll take Rachel off and you’ll have to put Jordan up and Adam will go home.

Kalia: “what about Adam”..
Dani: “they don’t care about Adam he’s expendable.. Jeff or Jordan has to go next week Period.. otherwise there is no chance for you”
Kalia: “Jordan thinks our deal is to not put each other up and not vote each other out.. thats not the deal”
Kalia feels like POrsche acts like she doesn’t want to play Big Brother.. she feels like if Dani goes she’s alone. Dani says that Porsche is playing her type of game it’s the best of her abilities.

Dani: “Jeff is like every other tool in Orange County.. gores around like a bully”

11:36pm Studying in the HOH and Pool games with Jeff and Adam

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268 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Dani to Kalia “they don’t care about Adam he’s expendable.. Jeff is like every other tool in Orange County”

  1. Danielle, stop crying over spill milk. You make everyone more miserable. That what you get for backdoor jeff earlier. That would be stupid move I ever seen and you are totally screwed. Especially, your spoiled, catty, and immature little brat. Just get over it, your finished, gone, adios, the end. Your going to JH. I can’t wait to see your tears on Thursday and Kaila as well. :'(

    1. I agree. What a sore loser Dani is. I actually want her out before Rachel! Never thought I would say that. Dani is acting like a spoiled brat.

      1. Yes I agree. For someone who is suppose to be such a strong competitor she sucks at handling Have Not. She is such a looser and what a manipulator, I really don’t like her. She’s always trying to get others to do her dirty work with subliminal words or suggestions, like “I should throw that out” hoping that someone else will do it, for instance. Many times this season she has tried to get others to do her crap for her.
        I just don’t like her, oops I already said that. She lies so much and talks nasty about everyone, as we know it and see on the feeds, given the chance she would have back doored Jeff, but she had to get Brendon out 2 times while she was in power, so she wasn’t given the time or opportunity to do what we know her plans were. But the others didn’t know it. We did due to live feeds. She’s smart and only talks about certain things in front of certain people, obviously.
        Game play is one thing but to act high and mighty and outright lie is another.

            1. Of course they would, Rachel hated Jeff by the time Brendon came back. She’s just getting along now because she has no other choice.

            2. Absolutely they would have! Not only were they trying to get Dani to get rid of Jeff, but even when BR were talking alone, they were bashing JJ and saying how they don’t do anything/don’t win anything. same stuff, different player.

              As for Dani, I’m really bummed she’s acting this way. I rooted for her at first. I wanted it to be Dani and Jeff for final 2. I just think it’s funny that she’s acting exactly how Jordan was acting and she was bashing Jordan for it. Difference is, it took Jordan over a week as a HN to start acting like that and it took Dani about 5 seconds to start acting like that.

              BTW, as such a “lover of the game” she MUST realize that Jeff would have been a complete idiot not to backdoor her at this point. Who would he get out this week – Porsche or Kalia?!? Big deal! That would ALMOST be as bad as Kalia getting out Lowan, save for the fact that Lowan was in her alliance.

              Oh – and for her saying that Jordan hasn’t done anything – Jordan is the one who got Cassi out of the house. And Cassi is exactly who Dani wanted out of the house. So how can she say that’s nothing???

                1. Wrong!! He said ‘I don’t know’ and that’s after his second eviction by Dani. They would have gone with the deal because getting Jeff out is a smart game move. There is no question that Jeff would have been gone if Dani backdoored Jeff.

          1. how has she “overplayed” everyone in the house? her “big” move was nominating brendon twice. the team she built to protect her sucked. she made a stand for dom (someone she wanted to cudle with for three months) and it bit her in the ass this week. she is overrated.

            1. And your IQ is on par with Jordan, the stupidest waste of flesh alive. Jordan has one use in this world, and even Jeff don’t want that from her anymore.

          2. ******ATTENTION ALL & SIMON*******

            We need to get a plane over the big brother backyard that reads: “Jeff & Jordan lying to Adam”. If we were to do that, then for sure he would flip and this show can finally get interesting.

            Simon are you able to set that up somehow for Thursday? I will pitch in $20 through Paypal. I’m sure if we can get 20 people to pitch in we could do it. I’m being serious, it’s the only way we can shake this up. Who’s with me???

            1. Sorry but I read somewhere that no banner on planes are allowed near the house anymore. That is why you dont see them in over 5 years.

          3. She should handle things like Big Jeff: start yelling and trying to intimidate everyone. THAT’S the classy way to do things.

            1. Classy Huh! Wow, Dani is classy Huh. She blame the production to screwed over. No No No No, The only blame is herself, she is responsible of her actions and behavior. That’s classy, really. Does classy going around and take out a stronger threat. Are you really out your mind? Come on, That’s not classy. Thats manuplating and she got deserve. How would feel if you take out a stronger player too early and someone notice that who planned to backdoored? Huh, I wouldn’t like it either. That’s why, Danielle is not classy. She is making fools to herself and making her faults not there. Just get over it. Beside Danielle started the whole entire scheming backdoor planned. That would be worthless. So, Dani has no chance of winning.

          4. hen she got shady so thank god her vampire ass is going home!!!Also everyone has the right to win a half million,some people think wtf roll over and let dani have the money no one else needs it.People its a game u all get so serious and if the DR is planting seeds that can cause harm to the show.

        1. Not to mention that she’s the Pig of the Season. They talk about America seeing the truth about Jeff and Jordan, nothing could top the comments that comes out of Dani’s mouth. She makes Rachel look innocent.

          1. Brendon gets the dick of the season award for that comment but I still say Dani gets pig of the season. That was a terrible comment he made and I hope karma teaches him a lesson but putting a spotlight on him doesn’t make her look any better.

            Big Brother 13 – season of losers.

            1. And Rachel going off on Dani for daring to pass along to Shelly’s kid how much she missed her, something that no one else in the house including Shelly thought was a bad thing? Storming into her HoH and accusing her of being mean for doing something so obviously nice? Following Dani around, sitting close enough to her to make contact, and scooting over to maintain contact when Dani scooted over to get some space? Dani ever do anything like that? Her dad sure but not her. Her comments about other are almost all directed towards Rachel who earns it for that behavior.

              Rachel is the pig of both seasons. There is a REASON why she was so hated and can’t get a job after BB. She’s a natural pig who can’t help being mean and annoying.

          2. I agree, only someone with Jordan’s intelligence could see Rachel as innocent. Jan, thanks for proving that no one should bother to read your comments, clearly your clueless.

            1. BBX, it’s funny that a few of you have to keep attacking posters here instead of just holding your own with your opinions.

    2. Kaluless and Danhell have no idea that AS are with JJ, that’s priceless! I guess if you sleep 16 hours a day and sulk the other 8 you miss a few things.

      Dani’s speech Thursday. “I don’t want to lie. I genuinely like everybody here. …blah blah blah. SHOCKER! This game is so stupid. I just assumed CBS would put me in the final 2. I want my DAD. AWKWARD!”

      Go Big Jeff

      1. OMG That is priceless Cellulitus !! I couldn’t have said it any better !! I “GENIUNELY” Can’t wait to see your ass walk out that door, and maybe if you would wake up at a normal time instead of staying up all night talking with dweedle dumb and dweedle dumber all night, maybe you would have had a better chance of staying…..Painful to watch

        1. You guys are real cool insulting a girl what low life losers you guys are. Team Dani yo, f*#k Adam that pussy ass bitch >:(

      2. You can’t be watching the show very closely. DK don’t know that AS are with JJ? Are you kidding? They know perfectly well where A’s loyalties lie else they would not be trying to sway him. They’re saying he’s silly for not recognizing how low he is on their list and JJ’s conversations confirm this. They also know that S is close to JJ but that she doesn’t see herself being able to win against them and thinks Dani’s presence helps break them up before its too late. Her conversations with others prove this to be her likely motivation. You must not watch the feeds at all.

    3. Can’t wait to see spoiled brat little OC bitch Dani’s ass when the door hits it on Thursday. Boy oh boy her dad must be so sad and ashamed of her pathetic poor gameplay this season !! She has only herself to blame in all of this and could have been coasting to final 6 without a scratch if she actually knew how to play, BB8 was all Dick and this season totally proves it in spades !! Bye Bye Dani, won’t miss your whiny face one bit when your gone….Kalia The Hut and brainless Pinto, and Leatherface Straight Shooter Shelly are next !!

      1. Hey Deke I love what your cookin. And are definitely speaking the truth about whiny bitch face Dani.
        I too can’t wait to see her minions go out the door with her. Especially leather face skeletor!
        I wish Adam would grow some and hang her ass out to dry!

      2. Bwahahaha skeletor has turned into another Rachel. Can’t wait to see that scrawny ass walk out the door. Damn crybaby!

      3. I just have to say, our children are dealing with bullying and mean girl in the school and life in general, what do you call the adult women in big brother. There is a 42 (shelly) that conducts herself in the most obnoxious way. Than you have adults taking other peoples things and discussing how they want to destroy them. What is this showing our children? I can understand the game play but don’t get CBS allowing them to do the things they are doings.

          1. BTW BBXposed, are you more like Catty like Danielle from Big Brother. You probably have secret crush on her. Well, She love to have a nookie on you. Be careful, she will backstabbed you behind on your back. Don’t worry, I won’t say anything. I know you love Danielle and you have fantasy in your eyes. Hopefully, if Dani has a child. Be careful, she thinks the baby is yours.

    4. I agree that she’s a spoiled brat who whines but I have a feeling that production will manipulate the game so she doesn’t go anywhere and they get the drama they need to help with a boring season.

    5. Im off team dani. What a lousy game player and pathetic whiner. When she was in power, she hid in the HOH room. And when she is out of power, she whines and cries in the have not room. She is ten times worse than rachel was when she was in that boat. Man up a little bit dani or put on a thong because u r useless. 1 day left and whining and complaining instead of game play. Maybe if u played the game instead of playing “woe is me” with K&P you might be staying. U do realize U r up against kalia??????????????????

      1. And yet somehow she is managing to talk to Adam to swing his vote and talk to Shelly to ensure hers and help swing Adam’s. How does she manage that while in bed all day? Maybe because she isn’t…

      2. “ten times worse than rachel was when she was in that boat”??? Are you watching the same show? Ppl so easily forget that just because R is not going crazy (only because her allies are in power) does not mean she hasn’t been deplorable this season. Have you seen her antagonize Dani for absolutely no reason? And that’s on her “good week”. blech I’ve never seen anyone worse than Rachel on BB.

    6. I know everyone has who they like and dont like and thats fine im a team dani and i dont like jeff or jordan however everyone makes it seem like dani is the only one that has ever lied in this game and is miserable because shes not in power well for 3 weeks jordan walked around all moopy and sad because THEY didnt have the power and when kalia won it jeff goes off the deepend so its okay for them to put up who they want but not okay for anyone eles that works two ways just saying jordan was just as miserable and whinny and bitchy for three weeks to soo that goes both ways of course your gunna be mad when your not in power cause theres a 100% chance your gunna go up and as for the floaters well big jeff has been saying all season he wants to get rid of them well he’s doing a lousy job of that im just saying jordan and rachel was no different then the way dani is right now

      1. Are you serious? Yes, Jordan moped around, but she was around. She was still talking to people and out and about in the house. Jeff went off because Kalia put him up so “he would REALLY play for POV.” He warned her what would happen if she did. Jeff kept playing the game. Dani has been having others play her game for her. Instead of acknowledging that Jeff made the best move for him and his game (why do you think Dani wanted Jeff and Brendon out of the game?) she hides and cries.

  2. Adam, I really hope you’re reading this when you get out of the BB house:

    Everyone in America hates you. You have pissed off every single sane Big Brother fan by voting Daniele out. I’m pleased to tell you that the 12 fans that you accumulated throughout your Big Brother experience have now become the spokespersons for your hate club. You aren’t funny and I sincerely hope that you follow right behind Jeff in leaving the Big Brother house.

    I’ll be Team Dani til she leaves the house, but afterwards I’m 100% TEAM PORSCHE YO. And maybe even Team Shelly if she finally admits to lying? Atleast she gave Team Dani a glimmer of hope for a few days.

    1. Your nuts he will gain fans ALOT of them. JJ are the most loved BB couple ever look at the ratings and how they are edited. Voting Dani out and sticking to JJ is not only a good move for him game wise but an even better move fan wise. He can be known as the vote that slayed the bratty bitch. None of the figures are even smart enough to figure out men are more loyal than women and why would he ever want to be the only man in the house?

      1. Adam is the biggest floater in BB history . I cannot stand him.. Talk about laxy, tacky , and useless ….hope he is out next

        1. Floating is the new black haahahahaahah but seriously its the way to go in these games now. ur not on anyones radar and you can simply coast until it is absolutely a must for you to win. trust me adam is playing the game, so do not believe that him or porsche are floaters, they are playing the game. now shelly she is a floater cuz she cant win at jack. u would think that skiing comp by she is tall would have been perfect for her but once again she sucks and blames it on a bad back, a missing muscle out her hooha (lol) or smoking to much that day i dont know but her game is to lie and kiss ass as well. only thing is adam is better at it than shelly and shelly is now being looked at as a snake where as adam is looked at as the clown and we all know snakes get booted before clowns lol

      2. They were the most loved couple, however, this season has destroyed that. They relationship appears fake, he talks dwn to her & she appears to be afraid of him. Trust me they are in for a shock when they get out of BB.

        1. I have to agree with Tammy, Jeff in my opinion is verbally abusive with Jordon. After her week was over wearing the dunce costume he called her “stupid” several times on the live feed. I hope after BB and Jordon sees the tapes she’ll realize his true colors. I’m not saying Jordon is a good game player, people are right saying she hasn’t done a thing in the house this season, but no one deserves to be treated like that.

          AP And K better get in the game and win some HOH or they are out!!

        2. Yup! Can’t stand JJ this year. He’s an UBER-TOOL…. Dani’s just trying to save her ass. Anyone who didn’t would be a moron.

      3. Ohh wow, adam gains all the jeff/jordan fans, who cares. I wouldnt want those fans cuz there all sissy bitches who cry when things arent in favor with jeff/jordan. God forbid something happens that doesnt benefit jeff/jordan. All you fans suck and dont realize how awful these two actually are.

      4. I personally think if he makes it to final 2 that it will be looked at as one of the biggest game moves. lets say Jeff doesn’t make it or its him and Adam, sure Jeff put Dani up, but Jeff didn’t get her out, the house did and it hinged on Adam’s vote. all he has to say is how Shelly tried to get him to flip but he wanted to get out the strongest competitor and boom he will be looked upon favorably. trust me let all this come out and it shows him sticking with getting out a competitor and honestly it is best he got her out now cuz no one will take Dani out, it will get harder and harder and her porsche and kalia together will become stronger and adam will be done away with because they will feel scared to take him to the end. #teamgetherassoutnowadam

      5. It’s how they are edited is the only reason they have fans. And you say couple like its a real thing. You have no clue.

        Adam, you’re a running joke with former HG’s. Don’t believe me, get on Twitter. Awkward will be how Adam feels once he gets out of the house and see’s that America sees him as Big Jeff’s hand puppet.

    2. I totally disagree. You rocked Adam and made really good decisions during the game. You deserve to win and I hope you do!!! Obtw, thanks for getting rid of Dani. Talk about a liar and annoying!!!!

      1. What the hell is wrong with JJ fans? They are no better and I don’t know why people love them. Jeff bully’s people instead of using his brain. It’s pathetic.

        1. I like that Jeff stands up for himself when the chips are down. But when he’s on top, he’s a bully. I am not a JJ fan anymore. I don’t hate them, but I don’t feel they deserve to win and I want to see them knocked down a couple pegs.

    3. I love Adam! He made a move that will not fry his ass this week…or next…or the one after that….he was the lowest person on Dani’s totem pole for sure. I’m relieved he is the reason Miss CBS’s Princess I Deserve To Be Here is leaving this week! Stick with your team, Adam. Dani is just a fictional character created by Production. It’s a reality show; it should be real, not scripted.
      If Dani makes one more comment about how much Production loves her, I’m going to puke. Cannot believe I used to like this narcissistic whiney ass bitch.

      1. I like Adam he’s trustworthy, and in that house that means alot! Even though JJ are worried about him, What about the old crackled Shelly!

    4. Agreed, Adam is an idiot that made his way to the bottom of any alliance. He won a veto that was thrown to him and nothing more. Shelly has bigger balls. He wants to be used as a pawn and he will be.

    5. Wrong! Evil Dickless Danielle is a cry baby and so are all her fans. Adam is not winning anything, but he is voting the smart way. Big Brother is nothing but a chess game with people. You take out the power pieces to win, just play the game . . . . . Adam is.

    6. Matt you sound as freakin stupid as Pinto, Kalia The Hut and Dickless Dani do !! Adam will finally gain some fans and some tracktion by sticking with his alliance and getting Dickless Dani out !! If he flipped on his alliance again, he would be the biggest loser ever if he flipped, sticking to his guns gains him a ton of fans and I’m one of them !! Bye Bye Dickless Dani !!

      1. Adam has no fans, and you’re not a fan of Adam either if you want him up Jeff and Jordan’s ass. He has done nothing to distinguish himself and will be forgotten shortly.

      2. You guys said it all, couldn’t agree with you more. Adam is playing smart. And who’s to say that Adam will not be able to make it to the final 4, 3, or 2? If he wins HOH/Veto, he has a great chance. It shouldn’t be about power moves but playing smart. Power moves could only get you known –and for what a game? I’d rather play smart, get a shot at winning a lot of money, and hopefully win the money so that I’d be able to make somewhat a difference for the people around me. All of you people who are attacking Adam really need to stop. He’s playing the game his way. If you guys are so smart, go on big brother and play it yourself.

        1. To answer the question that your name poses. It’s because they are fake ignorant homophobes with racist tendencies. Sorry, can’t cheer for a moronic country bumpkin or her soon to “out of the closet” ex boyfriend.

    7. I actually like Adam more for sticking his ground. Keeping Dani would be a huge mistake for him. I hope Adam wins HOH on Thursday. Wait until JJ find out that they didn’t have to worry about Adam being with them – but Shelly! I can’t stand her and will die if she wins BB.

    8. AGREED

      adam sucks, and hes not funny at all and its stupid how when he was in the elf suit he was just running around trying to be funny so america would like him
      what 40 man sits theres and wipes some 30 year old guys ass

    9. I will LOVE him if he helps get Dani out. Her whining princess attitude has worn thin. She looks like she is 35, but she acts like she is 15. I didn’t expect that from her. I thought she was cool, but she’s really no better than Rachel in the sulking department. Gross.

    10. wa wa wa what abig baby really it’s a TV show adam could care less what you think of his game he is playing he has chosen and he will make his move to get out rachel on his hoh yes his hoh he’s due to get one this double evict or next one go adam not over yet he has time but dani doesnt ha ha you lose.

  3. I hate to see Jeff and Jordan in that house, it ticks me off. People are AFRAID of them! Heck, if I were in there, they would be nominated first week. And gone, first week. Buhbyeeee, FLOATERS.

    1. Do you even know what a Floater is? If you are calling JJ Floaters, you obviously don’t.

      BTW all you Dani fans, what makes you think that all JJ or Adam fans are losers? Just because they don’t support Dani? I haven’t seen any of them say that they will quit watching if any of them get voted out. Most of you whining, crying Dani fans (who think everyone should just walk out the door and give Dani all the money) are going to go throw a tantrum and quit watching Big Brother.

      If production pulled some shit that would totally deligitimize Big Brother by making sure Dani stays and JJ are emediately on the block and voted out, I would still watch. I would be pissed off, but I would not be such a whiny loser who thought to punish CBS and the rest of America by not watching BB anymore.

      1. Because most of the fans don’t have a job, or an IQ over 65. And have shown a tendency to be on the slow side. Not what I would call a winner, and the opposite of a winner is???

    1. I don’t really want to disagree with you because I am not a fan but JJ did vote out Brendon and kept Adam. I would have to say your description of Dani also fits them.

      1. JJ voted to keep Adam because there were not enough votes to keep Brendan. Shelly wouldn’t vote to keep Brendan, so it would have been a tie and Brendan would have gone anyway, because Dani would have been the tie breaker vote. They voted with the house to keep peace. Kind of a different scenario.

        1. Not really. They still could have voted for Brendon and made Dani be the one to vote him out. Dani went with the people she could work with the same as Jeff and Jordon. Jeff and Jordon stayed with a “floater” and so did Dani. One side can’t point to the other when it comes to floaters. They each have their own. And, both sides talk behind the others back. Also, they all lie. But that is the game you have to play when in the Big Brother House. When it is the player you are rooting for, you can always find an excuse for their actions. Nothing wrong with that but the other side will find an excuse for theirs, too.

          1. Totally agree BBGrandma….didn’t Jeff say that if he won HOH he was targeting a floater. JJ did lie… matter what they say. I love Jordan but she will coast to the end just like the first season she won. Major floater.

  4. dani has been a bully for the past 3 weeks. has everyone in the house forgotten dani has already won-thanks to her dad. get rid of her. help the child pack her bags and kick her out already! pls!

    1. Everyone is always saying that she only made of to final 2 season 8 because of her dad. That’s bullshit. She won 5 povs that season! Sure her dad helped her but that’s what your alliance members are supposed to do! And at least she made it to final 2 without having to be awarded some special power by production. And she didn’t win that season by the way. Dick did

      1. actually that was the americas player season and dick would have been gone early if not for americas vote and then who knows how far she would have made it.

        1. I agree 100%!! America liked the drama Evil Dick created. It was also shown on the live feeds that Dick cheated when he won HOH by having his letter in some type of code!!! This season Dani has friends in production! That should not be allowed. Production also tried to get Jeff to not put Dani up and to align with her!!

          1. O-M-G….I really wish ppl would get off the whole letter thing. Yes, it was a stupid thing for Dick to try, but IT DIDN’T WORK. Ppl only hear what they want to hear. When Dick was telling the story, he was saying how it didn’t work because BB edits the letters so he didn’t see everything his son wrote. GEEZUZ. This is almost as bad as the ppl who think Dick cheated during the final comp against Zach. Get over it. Dick won whether you like how he played or not.

        2. No one knows how far she goes without Eric’s help but she goes farther than her dad without question. Her dad was a target sooner and more frequently than she was. And she helped her dad at least as much if not more than he helped her. Two HoH’s and 5 PoVs isn’t someone who needs much saving.

    2. And Jeff is the biggest bully in that house! He’s worse than Rachel. I used to love him in season 11 but I didn’t watch the feeds til this season and now I see is a chauvinistic jerk with a swollen ego and him and Jordan lie and backstage just as mu h as everyone else. America’s sweethearts my ass!

        1. I didn’t watch the feeds that season either, so I had my eyes opened to them this year. Don’t care for either of them. Both are just boring and are guilty of everything they say about others.

          Season 13 Big Jeff Brother

  5. Wow its shocking how the houseguests don’t want to make it personal yet Dani takes personal jabs at everyone and is running around causing fights and stealing things. She needs to grow up, she got played if she’s so upset that Jeff turned on her then maybe she should have rallied everyone against Jeff, when she was in an alliance with the veterans. Horrible game play and EVERYONE (and that includes viewers) are ripping into Adam because he doesn’t want to turn on his alliance and everyone seems to think that Adams game sucks. I think Adam is going to go top 4 for sure, he’s underestimated in this game and the houseguests know it. Can’t wait for Dani to go home, god she’s super annoying.. cry me a river 8-)

  6. I wish they aired the International BB’s on Showtime. Instead, we get to watch this boring shit.
    This season is more boring than watching paint dry.
    Also very frustrating to watch as there are so many idiotic moves and idiots in the house.

    It would be more entertaining watching 5 year olds do quantum physics. They would probably do better.

    Do you think Adam secretly kept the “joke condom” thinking it was Jeff’s?

  7. Dani sure has a nerve to tell anyone Jeff broke his word with her. Apparently she forgot they had a 5 person deal at the start of the game and she broke her word and tried to boot him out. She is about the biggest shithead I’ve seen in a while. Selfish and whiny shithead.

    1. I agree….Just a couple of weeks ago she was all high and mighty, sitting in her HOH room laughing at everyone downstairs….Talking crap, how she was going to make everyone in the house shit their pants…..Who’s shitting their pants now….She is a total whiny spoiled rotten little girl, like most girls from O.C….does nothing but sit around whining and crying, feeling sorry for herself…….Whhhaaaa :}…..go home….

      1. On second thought, too bad Dominic left. Maybe if he stayed and she talked him into it, Dani could jerk him off on live TV like she did Nick.

      2. goofy…laughing my friggin’ ass off! This is the funniest post today. I agree with all of it like one billion percent, literally. Obviously, I’m like for real.

    2. The point is that she admits she broke their deal. Her problem with JJ is that they won’t admit they broke theirs. Its about hypocrisy. And she’s right.

  8. Adam: “Cruddy would get asked back to be on the show.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s hilarious. He actually thinks he has fans and that people think he’s funny. His whole metal thing got old after his first DR session and that’s the honest truth. He’s trying so desperately to be remembered and the saddest part is that he’ll be a mere figment of our imagination soon after BB is over (unless he wins which is highly, highly unlikely).

    1. I agree. Adam is so desperate to be famous, he came up with some kind of lame character to get onto the show. “I’m so interesting because I’m a metalhead who also loves Tori Spelling and appletinis!”

      The bacon thing is pathetic, like he’s replacing “donut” and auditioning for the non-animated Homer Simpson role (complete with T-shirts). He was thrilled to wear that elf costume and get some attention, and he’s so starstruck, it’s humiliating.

      He actually seems to me like a nice guy when he’s not putting on some contrived, phony shtick, but that is very rare. Nearly everything he does is forced and unfunny — he’s trying way too hard. He said to Jeff, “You know you’re doing good in the D.R. when production laughs,” but I think he’s going to be disappointed at how little they have shown of his diary room sessions. He’s just not entertaining.

      1. Most of the time I don’t find Adam that funny either. But last night on Showtime he was playing pool with Rachel and Jeff. Rachel was telling them to to treat her like they would treat Brendon. So after Rachel had a terrible break to start the game Adam goes “nice break asshole”. I thought that was pretty good lol.

      1. Remember the nomination ceremony when dani was sitting at the table and rachel was egging dani on by basically sitting on her lap? Rachel deserves whatever shit she gets

      2. Goofy, I’m sorry but Rachel was trying to get Dani angry, she was egging her on, Dani walked away. Rachel made a face afterwards and went out and told Jordon about it and even Jordon told her to leave Dani alone.

        1. No. She tried being nice to her for the first few minutes. She first asked her if she’s alright, then tried telling her having her 25th birthday was just the beginning of life for her. She was NOT trying to make her angry, just the opposite. She only started pushing Dani after getting a cold shoulder from her while trying to be nice. I’ll tell you that I personally would have been a whole lot meaner to Dani if I were Rachel in that situation. I put that 100% on Dani.

          Rachel can’t even attempt to make up (not sure for what – she didn’t do anything to them. Shelly flipped out on her because Rachel revealed to Porsche that Shelly tried getting a final 3 with BR deal – they showed that on CBS – that’s when Shelly went on a crusade to destroy Rachel in the eyes of everyone else in the house in order to shield herself from being found out) and make friends with the girls because all they do is bash her behind her back. This is hideous high school behavior.

          Understand I bash Rachel when I see a reason. I’ll bash anybody and praise if they deserve it. I am 100% behind Rachel when it comes to the 4 bitter bitches.

          1. Well, Goofy, when I don’t feel like talking and someone keeps at me, I walk away. When Rachel asked her if she hated her, Dani said no she did not hate her. She was depressed and didn’t want to talk. Regardless, we are coming at this from two different directions. Apparently, Jordon and I saw it the same way for once. ( I don’t know if that is a good thing or not……) Anyway, I shouldn’t have said anything because I know you are a starched fan of Rachel and I don’t really have a favorite but I have been pulling for Dani and her group because they have been out numbered. You keep pulling for Rachel, she might just make it. She doesn’t need me to root for her and I just can’t.

          2. I have to agree. R has not said jack about SS since they made up in the HoH room. However, SS continues to talk trash.

            1. I think so too, I haven’t seen Rachel say anything about them recently, but Shelly just keeps going on and on. It’s insane, she doesn’t want her child to lie or show her child lying is fine, but showing her child that hating a person, and continuously talking bad behind their back is okay. It was obvious what her kid thinks of Rachel when the segment of Shelly’s family showed and her daughter said shut up Rachel. Really how is showing hate towards someone not worse than showing lying is okay.

  9. I can’t stand dani. She struts around the house like she’s so great. When she’s pouting she looks like Morticia from the Adams Family.
    I would like to see rachel knock her on her ass!
    Don’t really care if Jeff wins but would loe to see Jordan win again. She may not be the brightest bulb on xmas tree but she has a big/warm heart. Not like the other cold hearted bitches.sdp
    Dani messing with stuff putting in rachel’s suitcase is the limit.
    J/J/RorA to win.

    1. another jealous housewife i’m assuming?

      it’s ok that there are more attractive women in the world than you. acceptance is the first step.

        1. That is so sad that his comment made you lyao because it wasn’t clever or funny. Matt might be 350 pounds, bald, with no teeth and a prosthetic forehead so it’s safe to say Matt shouldn’t be making fun of anyone’s appearance (don’t you agree, Matty? xxoo)

    2. I so agree with you. For Dani to be such a strong competitor, she has the worst attitude about HAVE NOTS!! I’m sure as a fan she could loose respect from some just because of that.
      But I agree, wouldn’t it be nice to see Jordan be the first winner of BB to win 2 times ever. However I don’t think she will gets the votes just because of that, even though she used her winnings on her mom, like other’s say they would do, but no one has ever done so. She has a heart of gold. I do like her spunkiness this year, she’s spunky and nice at the same time.

      1. The original (Carolyn Jones), DEFINATELY!

        The Angelica Houston? Not even close.

        Full disclosure, I was born on Carolyn Jones Birthday.

  10. The only deserve in final 5 is Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Adam, and Shelly. We don’t want a floaters like Kaila and Porsche win every single competition except Kaila got lucky which Dani helped her. CBS production just got rigged of letting Kaila win. However the final 3 are Jeff, Jordan, Either Rachel or Shelly. Like Adam, Kaila, and Porsche are biggest floaters and they are wasting our time doing nothing. For Dani, stop crying like a little baby and get over. Your Just a soar loser. You have a nerves to threat Jeff and Jordan. You started it of planning to backdoor Jeff. How stupid are you? You make early moves and it will cost you to get evicted. I can’t wait till Juile will say “Kaila you are safe” “Danielle you are evicted from Big Brother house”. I want to see your crying tears and say yes It’s my fault and I made biggest mistake ever. Also, I want to here from Rachel says, “Its sucks you can go your way.” In a Double eviction, I want to hear from Juile Chen says, “Porsche your safe”, “Kaila your evicted from Big Brother House”. I want to see your crying tears and says Yes I great time and yes I make mistake of putting 2 strongest threats on the block. Well Big Jeff will say “I told you so I will come and get you” and I got you.

  11. When dani leaves…the show is going to be BORING! Vets will sit there and pick them off one by one, just like the beginning of the season. Dani needs to stay in this house…

    1. I don’t know if it will be boring but for sure the vets are going to pick them off one by one because the others seem to be afraid to put them up.

    1. Whatever no he won’t! Getting Dani out is a great move! If he wants to win he can win stuff. Dani ain’t gonna give him shitt, I thought Rachel was a brat, but clearly it’s Dani that wants everything her way all the time. Too bad.

  12. Dani isn’t making sense anymore….she used to make sense but not now. She says JJ do not care about Adam….but she all of a sudden does? JJ have been with Adam since the beginning; where was Dani? Now she needs him but it’s too late. She shouldn’t have depended on only 2 people in a full house. I think it’s crappy how she is pissed at him when she never wanted anything to do with him before. Adam is loyal; he isn’t making promises to everyone in the house that he can never fulfill. Team JJA

  13. Dani would have never gotten 2nd place if it wasn’t for her dad. I will be glad to see the the bitch go home. To bad she gets to go to the jury house.

  14. OMG what a cry baby Dani is being, can you imagine what her dad is thinking after all the cry babies he’s attacked in and out of the house, meaning bb blogs and ect….

  15. I have a feeling Adam (along with Jeff) would be on the next block if Dani stayed and won HOH. She doubts Rachel would win any money even if left till top 2, since she wouldn’t get enough votes. Keeping Dani in the house would do him no good.

    1. Problem with that is that no matter how good Rachel would be to have in final 2 she’s still more likely than anyone but Dani and Jeff to win a comp. And if she does she goes after Dani. Dani would very clearly put up Rachel and Jeff which is what she’s telling K and P to do also. If she’s gone, Rachel is then free to spend her time getting out people like Adam.

  16. Dani is throwing jabs at people because they’ve given her a reason to do so. I’ll repeat this once again, we’re talking about the girl who started shit with Dani for no reason whatsoever. Dani was actually trying to avoid anything with Rachel and walk away, but Rachel kept looking for a fight. She acts like a highschool girl and it’s pathetic.

  17. Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go! Go Jeff Go!

    Go Jeff Go!

    1. Oh you have a little jiz on your lip! No worries, I’m sure Adam would love to lick Jeff’s jiz right off of there for ya

  18. Dani is just angry that she will not be able to use Adam to stay longer in the game. She doesn’t want him o flip out of genuine concern of him making it to the end, it’s all about her game play which understandable. But to come down on JJ for wanting to do the same thing is Hypocritical!!

    Dani wants to stay and knock out JJR and then get rid of Adam
    JJ wants to knock out DPK and then get rid of Adam and Shelly


    1. “But to come down on JJ for wanting to do the same thing is Hypocritical!!”


      She’s not coming down on them for wanting to do the same thing. She’s said its a good game move for Jeff and he would get her vote in final 2. She’s coming down on them for being hypocrites and not just saying its part of their game. It would have been like Dani saying she never broke her word when she tried to BD Jeff. She’s never said that. They otoh are.

    1. with Dani taking peoples things wouldn’t that be theft and wouldn’t that dissqualfier from being in the finals? including jury.

      1. I think the HG book states HGs can steal things but not destroy them…but maybe they can destroy them too because Jen tore up all of Dick’s smokes. Whether they have to return items to HGs at the end of the show – IDK. HGs do sign a waiver though, so technically all is fair game I guess. Still is pathetic and childish and just retarded as f#ck though.

  19. gosh everybody keeps saying its gonna be boring when dani leaves … she is the most boring in the house!! when they in powere they stay in hoh all day now she playing with clay

  20. JJ are only big brothers sweethearts because production edits that way, they edit jeff to be the big strong protective guy, and jordan to be the dumb blonde southern girl… and america falls for it like idiots.

  21. Hello! Dani says evil sayings behind Rachels back. Remember when she was saying stuffs like that about Porche. She is a big baby hiding peoples property. Such a little kid.

    1. Yeah, someone told me Dani revealed to Shelly that it were Dani and Kalia hiding things. “Shockeeer”. 2 immature assholes.

  22. Like Dani really care”s about Adam.She is a two faces witch.. She will throw anyone under the bus to stay in this game.. She acts like she is the only one that can play the game.. She has her change to win the POV which was designed to kalia the hut and Dani to win and she lost .. What is adam doing different than Kalia the Hut or Proch both are sucking on her tits..But thats ok coz it dani right dani lover’s…Adam is doing the right thing voting dani out of the house.. She is one of the strongest players and you get out strong players first..Stop hating on Adam just coz you a dani Lover/// Dani is evil and will always be know as living in the shadow of evil Dick..She was too stupid lay back and float until the right time to make big moves ..So she deserves to be sent the jury house..DANI SUCKS AND HER LITTLE DOG kALIA THE HUT AND PORCH TOO…

    1. The problem is even worse Kahlis and Pacer really trust in Dani. Dani could give two shits about them. And that’s a fact!

  23. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel!!!!

    1. She sd will never put up JJ, said would leave the BB House b4 she would nominate them.
    The setup

    2. Festering, JJ voted Brendon out when they could have saved him
    the motive

    3. Double Agent Status, She’s making JJ feel comfortable, but she spends alot of time thinking, the old adage is if you are going to commit a crime, do it alone.

    4. No one knows Rachels intentions, but if she wins HOH…JJ are doomed

    Wishful thinking

  24. Jordon & Rachel in HoH right now going over quotes said about people in the house ……LMAO!!! Jordum has the memory of a sieve. R is being a dictator and insisting they prep for next possible HoH comp and sending Jordum downstairs to get Jeff (he didn’t catch on to Jordum’s lame excuse she gave him to come upstairs). Jordum couldn’t retain information if her life depended on it. Hilarious!

    1. DR, I have to agree. That was pretty funny. Poor girl couldn’t remember the statement for 5 mins after Rachel told her. Rachel then told Jordon to go ask Shelly about another statement. I don’t know if Jordon will be able to remember it if Shelly tells her.

  25. After taking in the last two weeks of non-stop Rachel-bashing and constant bitching by DKPS I have finally decided that I want either JJ or R to win this season. I really don’t care for Jeff, Jordan won previously, and Rachel (at times) makes it hard to like her, but the rest of these people make me serioulsy ill. I’m still not sure what I think about Adam, but if I were him I would wait and see who wins the next HOH and if it’s Jordan or Rachel I would totally throw Shelly under the bus. I currently view the remaining houseguests like this:

    Jeff – Cold, Calculating
    Jordan – Supreme Social Gamer
    Rachel – Not afraid to mix it up / major mood swings / a floater’s nightmare
    Dani – Manipulative, incessantly bitchy unless she gets her way!
    Kalia – Follower, Pathetic
    Porsche – Really?
    Shelly – Stalker (with regard to Jordan) – Shelly flips from minute to minute; I don’t think Shelly knows which alliance she wants to be in – everything that she says about Rachel could easily be said about herself
    Adam – He’s either stupid or shrewd – stay tuned

    1. You lost me at Jordan, supreme social game.. tell me your kidding. She makes it far bc she wouldn’t be a threat to beat my 13 yr old niece in a comp, not bc she’s a smooth talking social gamer. Bb 11 was a fluke, she did nothing until the last week. The right game move was to keep her dumb ass then, and now. So Jordan has a great social game and all you got for shelly is stalker.. LOL.

    2. LOL at Jordan Supreme Social Gamer? What century are you talking about. Of course, that is your opinion, and I do respect that.

      1. You really do underestimate her don’t you? Which I think is one of the smartest things anyone could do in this game. She may not be the brightest bulb in the pack but she is certainly not as dumb as you all would make her out to be. Been watching BBAD and the girl knows how to play it. She sticks with Jeff and makes sure info that she wants gets around.

        Just cause she isn’t as loud, shrill and bitchy doesnt’ mean she doesn’t have something to say and for sure this chick has been watching and listening to everyone!

        Not too dumb at all!

  26. Jeff’s ass must smell like bacon, which is probably the reason Adam is so far in it. Adam hopefully when the season is over your arrogant wanna be TV star takes time to read these forums thinking you made millions of fans. if you’re reading this…YOU’RE AN IDIOT!!!!! YOU WON’T BE INVITED TO ANY BB ALL STARS!!! GO TO HELL AND TAKE THOSE BACON TEES WITH YOU!!!

  27. I hope they are trying to remember all these statements because they think it is going to be a comp and I hope BB doesn’t use them at all. That BB is just playing with their heads.

  28. Before Adam came into the BB house, he described himself as being “a cross between Evel Dick and Chicken George”…

    I think it’s safe to say that the only part of that description that is accurate is the “chicken” part.

  29. Its a game. No one is there to make friends. They are there for the money and TV time. Everyone one in there this season has talked shit behind a so-called “friend’s” back

    1. oh so it’s ok for Dani to pull her crazy stealing shit and lying and back stabbing, she’s ok, but everyone else is wrong if they do it? Give me a break! She’s a spoiled little brat! GET OVER IT!!

  30. Jeff has to dodge a major bullet Thursday. Kalia and Porsche will be gunning for JJ. Jordan is a non factory. It will be up to Rachel or Adam to defend Jeff.

  31. why is it everyone is saying Dani is bitching and moaning about being put up. everybody in the BB house reacts the same way. Big STUPID Jeff with his pink hoody bitched, Shelly bitched, Rachel bitched, Brendon bitched and so on and so on. when you have players who can’t compromise and think out how to structure a plan to go further in a game, that’s when a player react to their own stubbornness. Dani right now is trying to find a way to stay in the game, because she is playing the game. it wouldn’t shock me if by tomorrow Jeff starts to think if keeping Dani may help him, because he would have TWO solid players playing for HOH. Jeff is already throwing out hints, that Adam is worthless to him, but he needs Adam jury vote. Jeff is gonna probably want Dani to take out Adam and Rachel, so there won’t be blood in his hands. c’mon people, BB is “RIGGED” game of thought process. the only thing about this season of BB, it’s been a season of idiots. worst season ever if you ask me.

  32. Dani is just pissed off because her game is over … Which is definitely understandable … She can whine with the best of them and that would be Kalia .. Porsche .. Shell. I don’t mind the whining .. fighting .. lying but when they get pissed off because someone in the game doesnt want to save them. .. I go back to better you then me. .. Which is what I think Adam is doing. As for shelly…I think she truly believes that flipping the house several times will be her claim to the 500,000. This game is made up of all different types of strategies…but flipping the house is a new one.

  33. HELP!! I can’t find Adam anywhere! He lost me a few weeks ago and I feel like he really needs me this week! Please help me get home!

  34. Dani is where she is because Kalia made the worst move in BB history (even if Lawon did volunteer to go – she sent home a person from her alliance). Plus Brandon came back in because too many split their vote between Cassi and Dom and people wanted him to have to compete against Rachel to get back in. If Dani would have sent Jeff home last week, I think she would be in the same place this week.

    Whether or not you like them, Shelly and Adam are both playing well in their unique ways to get to final two.

    1. Dani is where she is because she initially crossed Jeff from jump street and tried to get him backdoored. JJ hold grudges. He has been waiting patiently to pay her back. I do agree, that was a bonehead move that Kalia made by putting up Lawon, but, Jeff would not be going after dani right now if she had stayed true to their allaince

  35. @ Matt. I am sane and I dislike Dani. I dislike Dani because she is a hypocrite. She was the first one to backstabbed her original alliance (Vets). She is only getting what she deserves.

    I am not an Adam fan, but I actually respect his game. He makes his own decisions and does what he thinks is best for himself. He is smart not to fall for Dani’s manipulation. dani has wonthe most HOH’s and POV’s of everybody in the house. In season 8 she won 2 HOH and 5POV’s. This Season she has won 2 more HOH’s and has thrown Kalia under the bus (Her main ally).

    So people if you were in the BB house and you know Dani’s game tactics what would you do if you wanted to win 500,000. I think its common sense get rid of the person that has won the most competitions and that their words means absolutely nothing. So for all of those Dani fans don’t blame others for her stupidity just look at her own actions.

  36. You all are saying Dani is a bad player, If Brenchal would have gone along with her plan this season would have been so much more exciting! but it backfired so now everyone is saying how horrible she has played. Just think of what it would have been like if it had worked.

  37. The house is so full of love…it is so good to see people treat each other with mutual respect, dignity an admiration. God is in this house. Jordan loves Jeff. Jeff loves Jordan. Adam loves Jeff and Porsche. Shelly loves Jeff, Dani, Porsche, and Jordan. Rachel loved Brendon, lots. Rachel now loves Jeff and Jordan. Kalia loves Jordan and Dani. Dani loves herself and Porsche. Porsche loves herself and has a secret crush on Jeff and Dani. I forgot to mention that Dani loves Chris in Production. Have I missed anybody…oh yes and Julie Chen loves time off to spend with her baby. I am assuming she had the baby she was pregnant with last year..

  38. its so funny, how half of the posters bashing adam for a obvious good move to evict dani. really funny.

    he could ask dani the following questions, if she tries to get his vote. 1. can i beat you in comps? or can i beat kalia? 2. are you in my alliance, or should i turn on my alliance? 3. who can i trust more? dani or jeff? 4. who throw nearly everybody under the bus in the past?

    all these questions not looking good for dani. fact!! she had terrible gameplay the whole season. now its coming to bite her.

  39. I agree, the Player, got played. When she was on top she criticized them for the way they acted. But she is twice as bad as anyone else. She’s like a kid, at times she’s worse than Rachel. Her fans were all over Shelly, till she tried to flip Adam, then she was there hero. Now Adam is the grinch, I love seeing her go and all her fans crying like babies.

  40. My wish for the final 4
    1 – Jeff
    2 – Jordan
    3 – Adam
    4 – Porky

    Final 2 any 1 Male + 1 Female

    That would make it interesting.

    If not and things turn bad for JJ then If Adam can pick up his game then cool, otherwise I’ll be Porky all the way, because she has a nice big fat ass and she has a cute face. I don’t like the “FAKE BOOBS” but I’d deal with it. And what Man doesn’t want a Porsche!? XD

  41. It woulda been a lot more interesting this season if instead of rachel and brendon or jeff and jordan they brought hayden n enzo.. or even James and Sarah

  42. Go jeff! And dani please shut up it was okay to talk about rachel being a baby when she lost but the min you lose and are one the block you start crying like a flipping baby.also im so pissed at shelly for turning on j&j. I hope they find out and dump her. I also really hope adam doesn’t turn and vote to keep dani. Dani needs to go cant stamd her this season she is so catty. And she talks about rachel. Jeff all the way go jeff.

  43. Now that kalia is back in good with jordan, she can’t seem to keep her trap shut. she getting on my nerves with all her fast talking just like she did when she first came on the show.

  44. SIMON, Evel Dick said on Twitter, that JESSIE GODDERZ BB10,11 wil be appearing on DICK AT NITE on Thursday, not Wednesday.

  45. This is such a terrible season. Nobody deserves too win. Jeff is just a lying bully. Can Jordan really be that dumb? And yet the edits for them make them look lke the nicest people. CBS should be ashamed. Adam has his nose so far up jj butts that he looks loke a total loser. Kalia is just stupid. Rachel is a bitch. Dani is crying. I hated porsche and shelley n the beginning but they are the only 2 left that i want to see win. I do hope Dani doesnt go home though because it will be very boring without her to stir things up.

    1. Dani had her chance to stick with the veterans, however, she wanted to be with Dominick when her Dad left? I think all she wanted was a love connection as she did the same in her last season. It seems to me she really wanted a love connection and she was so angry with Rachel that she is taking it as a personal vendetta. Rachel got Dominick evicted and she got Brendon evicted which made it even, she had the chance to change the game but she did not when she was the one who offered Brenchel to backdoor Jeff and when she had the chance she did not, instead her personal vendetta caused her demised. They all are pointing that Rachel is the liar on this game and it is not, everyone lies, especially Shelly but these girls are so obsessed on hating Rachel, it is just a game and cannot understand why everyone is picking on one girl, hoping in the end the underdog win. It is not fair to pick on one person and blames her for everything which is far from the truth. I was hoping that Dani and Rachel final two not anymore.

  46. Adam! You are a spineless puddle of Mud! – Jeff is a bullying buffoon!.. Jordan is the dumbest dumb, and the biggest floater of BB13! .. ~ Dani has genuine class and heart!.. Make a final 4 deal with Rachel!!!

    1. dani may have alot of things, but class is definitely not one of them. it is not classy to constantly talk crap about others and then do the same things and then think it ok just because it’s you doing it. adam isn’t voting her out because he doesn’t want to play the game, he is voting her out because it’s better for his game. it just so happens to be better for jj too. his odds of beating jjr in comps is better than beating dani. and dani swore to kalia that she is her friend for life even out of the house but is so rude and mean to her when kalia is trying to be her friend. it is not classy to talk crap about people, constantly take jabs at people, and expect people to do only what is best for you. i have the feeds and dani is very mean to and about people. and i don’t understand why people say jordin is such a mean girl and only gets a good edit. she is truly kind, tries not to talk too bad about people and when she is told how awful a person is she does try to find the good in that person. just because she isn’t super smart, not everyone can be a genious. but she is most definitely a kind hearted person. and i watched the feeds, jeff never swore he wouldn’t backdoor her. there was alot of dani saying i got your back and jj kept uh-huhing her. he never agreed, she just assumed. she was too stupid to solidify a deal. she thinks she can tell people that she’ll have their back and they’re just gonna believe it, but she won’t give any actual deal. and i get she is upset but kalia is genuinely trying to be there for her and dani is being mean to someone she said was her gonna be her friend even out of the house. kalia can’t do anything, she is also on the block, and i haven’t heard her actively campaign against dani. i truly think dani thinks kalia should campaign to be voted out. and saying she is the only one who wants to be there that badly, give me a break. several people in the house wanna be there just as much as her. she just wants to prove she can play better than her daddy, which she obviously cannot. she’s getting the big move she wanted, just not on the end of it she wanted to be

  47. People are so evil on this site. I think everyone forgets this is a game and most of them are not like this is real life. To be with someone 24/7 and never being able to get away must be so hard.

    Sure I am upset that Shelly is trying to change to the DP alliance. I think she is making a huge mistake not sticking with JJA. JJ has been with her for a long time and has said on multiple occasions they are taking Shelly to final 3. I just feel Danielle has made the most bad moves in the game.

    Lets talk game and not all of this hatred.

  48. Dani is so friggin stupid…trying to tell Adam he won’t win with JJ – do you think he has a better shot with DP – ummm no

  49. Meanwhile, mad mug is like every bitch in Orange County who pouts and whines when she doesn’t get her way. That OC voice of hers is so grating that it’s as irritating as listening to Rachel.

    It’s funny that Porsche and Kalia don’t know what they should do next week and have to consult with the brains of the operation. I guess they haven’t been paying attention.

  50. Shelly is the 1st person to talk about “Calling someone out” when I pray and pray that Adam calls Shelly out in front of Jeff and everyone…about how she’s trying to keep Dani behind Jeff back…oh boy I wish they confront that snake…

  51. I used to Team Dani, however, she’s being annoyingly whiny this week. Honestly, your true colors are shown at your weakest point, and unfortunately, these are apparently her true colors. I don’t understand why there is so much shit talking going on about Adam. But did you notice that it’s Team Dani talking shit about Adam and Team JJ defending him. Trust me, I’m pretty sure Adam knows what he’s doing. Danielle keeps saying that Adam is expendable to JJ, does she mean that if he keeps her this week that he won’t be expendable to her? Because I do not recall Danielle promising Final 2 with Adam at all, so wouldn’t that make him expendable to her as well? Adam joined an alliance and is sticking with his alliance. People on this site need to chill, Adam is playing the game, Jeff is playing the game. Jeff is knocking Danielle out before she gets another opportunity to get him out. I would have seriously never expected this from Danielle. She was giddy last week when “the smallest girl got the biggest guy evicted”, and now she’s a sore loser, she’s whiny, she’s bitchy, she’s catty. She needs to get the hell over it. I realize she’s been campaigning, but there comes a point where she has to sit back and leave Adam alone, and chat with him later on. This is absolutely the most miserable week. This is one fan Danielle lost this week. Danielle is whining as much as Rachel did.

  52. I have to laugh at all these people about Jeff bullying but when Shelly and Dani are doing the bullying like they have been for the last week know one says a word “give me a break’. And Adam is the only one that has not been flipping around so everyone is calling him dumb. Adam I think is the only one that has really not came right out and lied. Yet everyone says crap about the ones that do and also about the ones that dont so make up your mind.

  53. I don’t understand how Dani doesn’t realise she is exactly like Jeff. All she’s done is bully, manipulate and lie. Sure she’s promising all these wonerful things to Adam if he votes to keep her now but she will just cast him aside as soon as she is safe. I hope he realises this. Dani claims this would be the move of the season if he votes to keep her but in reality, the best move for Adam is to get rid of Dani then win the next HOH. Keeping Dani won’t do him any good. STICK TO YOUR GUNS ADAM!!! Don’t give in to Shelly and Dani’s BS.

  54. I say evict the whole cast Thursday. Give the prize money to Simon and Dawg for having to recap these losers! Thanks Simon and Dawg for all your hard work!

  55. “They don’t care about Adam”… Are you kidding me? You don’t care about Adam either and he’s “screwed at the end” with you as well unless you want to lay down and give him the money in the end.

    Wow, Dani seems intelligent at times and then she says wishy washy shit like this.

    Come on now, “hopefully” when you get to the end EVERYBODY is screwed at the end except for you.

  56. You guys need to seriously stop hating on them. If you were in BB you wouldve gone mad like hell I would. If Adam were smart he would tell Jeff about Shelly. Otherwise he’s going to jury. This season is going to be boring without the 2 biggest players in the house. Danielle will be evicted and then Jeff. :(

  57. This has to be the worst season of BB to date. CBS should be ashamed of most of the “antics” the HG’s are up to!! Food tampering, theft, bullying, and outright vile behaviour should never be condoned!!! Now on to the player’s themselves..

    Jeff is a bully of sorts and does at times talk down to women but he is actually playing the game. Love him or hate him you can’t deny that!

    Jordan is again floating her way through the BB house and she is everyone’s favorite airhead. She does have her moments of brilliance though they are few and far between. Great comedic relief at times.

    Adam is playing his own game his own way. He doesn’t commit to anything and that has worked well for him. He’s riding the fence perfectly in there and may sneak his way into F2.

    Dani, I was hoping for more from her this season and quite frankly should have seen it. Her problem is the need to get out from her fathers shadow.. sorry Dani it wont happen. She had a solid plan but her timing was off. SHe’s now reduced to a whiney, catty, spoiled brat with a poor me complex. (I’m another lost fan of Dani’s)

    Rachel should have been on the show with out Brandon. She’s everyones scape goat. If something goes wrong it’s Rachel’s faul. Give me a break!! Even to this week it some how is her fault that Dani is on the block.. as the HG’s say RIDIC!!!

    Shelly is playing the game or think’s she is. IMO she is a vile creature who believes her own lies which leads me to speculate about her mental stability!! If she makes it to F2 it will be because the other HG’s are to stupid to realize she is a snake!!!

    Porscha isn’t much brighter then Jordan at times. She could have had a strong social game and has the potential to win at comps she just has to remove her head from Dani’s ass first!! She is scrambling to save the woman who threw her under the bus and was willing to evict her to save Kalia. Wake up Porscha!!!

    Kalia put the food down, stop talking non stop and get out!! You will be the HG most made fun of in BB history!!

    I was hoping to see Dani and Rachel team up and take on Jordan and Jeff but that is no longer a possibility!! Rooting for Jeff, Rach, or Adam to be in the final 2. They’re the only HG’s left that deserve to be there!!

    1. i agree with moat of your comments. pinto is a very good competitor also. she has come in second in almost all of the comps. it is only a matter of time before she gets HOH. i would like to see pinto, rachael, jeff, kalia in the final 4

  58. at the end of the day. they are going to do what is best for them. it’s YOUR game it’s their. why would JEFF keep DANI, that would have being the DUMBEST game play of life. SHE was coming after HIM. so, HE came after HER.

  59. All the comments above just crack me up. All the houseguests have lied and cheated. That’s the only way to win Big Brother (Remember Dr. Will – he told them this to their face and still swayed everyone). JJ are telling Adam he is safe (only for his vote right now). They will get rid of him as soon as they don’t need him any more.

    Regardless of which players you (or) like or not, keeping Dani would be the best scenario for drama and the most sparks in the house. And way better than watching how boring it will be after she leaves.

    I hope they wake Adam up and convince him that he will have votes with the newbies against the veterans and be able to get Jeff or Rachel out next week if Dani stays.

    Team Dani (just to watch fireworks…that’s all).


  61. You have to give Adam credit he has done well with this bashing,,,,,,,,Bredon when he new he was going home he was not a spoil brat, Dani is what we calll age 23 with a mature level of 9 when a child will have the most bitterness when they don’t get there way you team Dani people have not once said she needs to take some responsiblity, she had pt evicted, has KALIA BELIEVING THEY will hang out together and will hook Poshe up withher contacts which is a camer man and a secterary gopher….so you team DAni people look at you precious girl who is stealing being a self center person her father must be so proud, then she is going to say it was game play, no this is noy game play but pure disgust bye hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah

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