Big Brother 13: Shelly warns Adam that his standing in their ‘Final 5 alliance’ is IFFY. **Updated**

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7:25pm Backyard JJ
Jeff is saying that there is no way that Adam will win this game he has done nothing. Jeff is a pissed because Adam didn’t sound convincing enough in their conversation. He wants a 100% guarantee from Adam and he doesn’t have that yet. Jeff: “Shelly is still on board she’ll put up whoever we tell her.. So as long as Prosche and Kalia don’t win HOH we’re safe” Jeff is convinced that that Adam and Prosche have a final 2 deal. Jordan agrees she’s pretty sure that Adam is closer to Porsche than Shelly.

Jordan thinks that maybe they should of Kept Brendon. Jeff agrees but they can’t go back in time now they have to do what they have to do. JJ agree that Shelly doesn’t worry them at all this week. Jeff thinks Shelly will put up rachel and Adam.

Jeff says Adam really wants to put up Rachel but I told him not to, “No BLANK way I’m I getting rid of Rachel”. Jeff stresses that he really drilled into Adam not to put RAchel up.

Jeff: “I think Adam wants to bump shelly out and bring pOrsche.. That puts us in a bad situation because then we’ll have 2 people (PA) that want to get Rachel out”..

Jeff says he’s not really worried about Adam winning HOH if he puts Rachel up then they will tell Shelly that Adam wanted to bump Shelly out of the alliances for Porsche. Jordan says as long as rachel wins HOH this week and Jeff wins it going into the double eviction they can pull it off.

(HAHAH @ Adam)

7:44pm Adam and JEff Backyard
Adam attaches his lips to Jeff’s ass starts kissing… Jeff pretty much tells him he needs to drop Porsche and keep with JJ..

(In all honesty adam is screwed no matter what he does, it just sad seeing him kiss ass like he does.. Jeff really starts hammering Adam trying to keep him faithful to JJ and it’s working)

7:55pm Backyard Adam and Shelly Adam says he’s more confident they can make it to the end with JJ. Adam reassures her that he hasn’t told JJ about Shelly.

Shelly drives home that they will not beat Jordan and Jeff in the jury he’s got to admit to that. Adam thinks his chances with JJ are greater than DP.
Shelly asks him how is he going to vote if he’s in the Jury.
Adam claims he’ll vote based on game play.
Shelly asks Adam if Rachel won the last 3 HOH’s and was in the final 2 with Adam who did he think should win. Adam says Rachel
Shelly is shocked.. “WOW.. so you have no porblem with a person that lied and cheated and played the way she did” Adam stumbles.. Shelly: “Why are you playing with JJ it doesn’t make snense.. ”
Adam stumbles says he trust JJ more than Dani.
Adam: “with dani she always tells the truth but never the whole truth”

Shelly is getting a bit aggressive with Adam tells him if Rachel wins Adam is going up.. Adam doesn’t want to be seen as a player that flipped back and forth he’s been with

Adam is pissed because Dani told im that she had a final 4 deal with Brendon, rachel, and Dom.. so with her going around saying that she was trying to flip the house for her is BLANK because.. “They wanted to keep me around a little longer”
Adam feels that he’ll beat Jeff in more comps than Dani. Shelly mentions that winning these comps is easier said than done.

Adam: “we have a better chance with the 4 of use than Dani and Porsche.. the only scary thing is Rachel”
Shelly: “I think Rachel is sticking with the deal but your positioning in this deal is iffy”

Adam: “Let me play devils advocate with you.. When did Dani change.. ”
Shelly: “2 weeks ago”
Jordan walks out.. give them some cookies and head back in.

Shelly says she agrees with a lot about what Adam says but she’s worried that they will not win in the end and leaving Kalia means the are a greater target.

(Adam is not flipping at this point. Shelly has really turned up the heat and is being much more aggressive than usual doesn’t seem to work Adam is attached to Jeff lips to bum.. JJ Ideally want to take out Porsche and Kalia first than Adam, Shelly. There plan is final 3 with Rachel)

8:28pm HOH JJ Jordan fills him in that Shelly will not going against Jeff’s wishes this week.. but she seem to still want Rachel out. Jeff goes on a mini rant about these “Floaters” He says the time is now for them to pick a side. and wins some comps because Jeff is sick of playing the game for everyone.
Jeff reiterates their plan to knock out Kalia and Porsche next week. (Lots of Dudes being thrown around by Jeff)

8:51pm Dani and Shelly Shelly tells her that Adam is not going to flip he wants to take his chances with “his” side, “It’s freaking ridiculous”

9:21pm Backyard JJSA alliance Chit Chat

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286 thoughts on “Big Brother 13: Shelly warns Adam that his standing in their ‘Final 5 alliance’ is IFFY. **Updated**

      1. Adam FACTS: 1. He’s won one POV (yes, Jeff had a chance as well) and Adam’s been close in 2 HOH’s. How many good HOH players left at this point: Dani, Jeff and Rachel (and he’s on Jeff and Rachel’s side). Option 1: Get rid of one of the best (Dani) and play with J&R to get rid of P&K or Option 2: Make 3 foes that are moving you up to #1 on their hit list. DUD. You Dani fans have no clue how to WIN this game. Besides, like I have said before (Season 8 only 1 good player: Eric – who would have won hands down if he wasn’t America’s player). Adam will wait and see who wins HOH next before “outing” Shelly who isn’t voting for Dani anyways (She’s just playing Dani like the idiot she is).

    1. Wow. Shelley pulling out all the stops. Her and adam are playing a great game now! You salad tossers on this board have no clue. They are not floaters, they have more game than most of the people on this board combined. Adams biggest threat is NOT rachel, it is shelley. Love shelleys game but this power move is one week to early. NOW THIS IS GAMEPLAY PEOPLE!!!!

      1. The only thing Adam’s playing is with Jeff’s balls.

        Seriously though, what is Adam doing really, all he is good for is a vote, and both sides are trying to get it.

        1. Actually Adam is not playing that bad. He wouldn’t mind seeing Dani out this week and then Jeff next week, leaving him in with a bunch of “floaters”

      2. I agree bone, especially in relation to the tools here. Excellent gaming by Shelley to try and flip and excellent by adam too. Even on the feeds jeff went over his whole plan top to bottom.

      3. I agree, a week too early for Shelly to turn tail. I’m not happy with her to want to keep Daniel. I would have more respect for her if this were next week, Obviously with or without the double eviction.
        I feel that since it was too soon that she has sold out Jordan, Jeff I understand, he’s a power player, but again he got his first HOH and now the newbie’s are turning. I don’t believe in calling anyone floaters, I feel that everyone there is and does play the game there own way. Not too many past players have never done nothing to get to the end. Even Jordan winning her season had to win HOH at the end to secure her staying.
        So the word floater I don’t like.
        I think that Shelly is believing the master manipulator in the game this season. She has everyone believing her BS, meanwhile she’s selling Kalia out on the first boat out. I’m glad to see her leave & I’ll be so sad if she stays this week.
        She’s only pouting tonight because she knows so far that Adam’s not turning. I have to say that I’m also surprised about her crappy attitude regarding the whole Have Not situation. For such a strong game player she sucks at doing without.

      4. Bone are you out of your mind this is a double eviction week and if it happens now they have the numbers Kalia goes Jeff can not play then he is gone and they get rachel then Jordan and then its every player for themselves

    2. Dani’s speech Thursday. “I don’t want to lie. I genuinely like everybody here. …blah blah blah. SHOCKER! This game is so stupid. I just assumed CBS would put me in the final 2. I want my DAD. AWKWARD!”
      Go Big Jeff

      1. Lol. “oh my god” it’s “ovi” I am goin to jury “shocker” to be with brendon “awkward”…”what’s wrong with you”… I can’t wait til she says jeff is a liar (which he is and good for him) when she has repeatedly lied. Self righteous arrogant? Yup. Don’t forget your bday cake!

        1. I agree LOL
          I’m so glad to see her leave, let’s hope Adam doesn’t let Shelly get in his ear! I wish he would tell JJ what Shelly is doing, but I’m sure he won’t just in case he needs her and HER NEW SIDE!!!!

          1. Heh Nancy, I so would love for her to leave, but they said expect the unexpected and as much as I want her gone, I think there will be a twist to keep her. I just have a funny feeling. Hopefully they will vote her out and boom she will be sitting in the Jury with Brendon with Kalia/Porsche to follow. But I am so nervous for thursday because BB have a way of throwing in twist when their faves are in trouble.

      2. I agree!!!! All we here is JJR, the vets need to go we can’t beat them………..Has everyone forgot that Dani is a vet too!! They can’t beat her either!!! Dani came in second in her season, she won a lot of money too.


        1. Cellulitis has expressed her opinion which she is allowed on this site, just as we had to look at YOUR ranting opinion.

      1. All you guys want to see Adam be Jeffs bitch super fan my ass I would rather see him flip put some excitement in the game and try to win the money and some self respect YOU ARE ALL SHEEP I AM AN EAST COAST WOLF AND HE IS A WEASEL WHO WILL NOT WIN SHIT UNLESS HE REACHES BETWEEN HIS LEGS AND SEES IF HE HAS BALLS OR PEBBLES YOU LITTLE BITCHES

        1. The fact that you refer to yourself as a wolfe, indicates you have insecurities and in fact you are a sheep who is stongly opinionated and so narcissistic, you cant handle criticism. As for your “pebble” reference, have you ever heard of psychological projections.

          Say your piece, and subject yourself to differing opinions, if you cant handle that, i suggest you stop posting your ridiculous ranting.

          I hope JJ can survive the second eviction, and on the same token, as much as i hate to admit it, Shelley is pulling some pretty ballsy moves.

    1. No, but I think Jeff likes Adam weak, so he can slap him around, whip him, make him suck his nut sack and lick his asshole.

      1. I totally agree..the newbies can form an alliance as soon as jeff and dani are gone.. We will see who the better player is then.. The playing field will be leveled out

        1. I totally disagree. Dani will be gone and Kaila or Porsche will be joining her as well. It be benefit for (3) Veterans vs (3) Newbies. It would be fair of 3 veterans and 3 newbies. That would even the plain field.

    2. Amen, hate her!! Pretty sick of shelly as well. Biggest liar in the house. I hope Adam blows her into jj. She’s so smug and sure. Dani won’t be there to protect her and she won’t have jj either. Maybe porshe dumb ass would take her.

      1. I hate skeletor. Can’t wait til Thursday to see her go. Can’t stand the manly chain smoking Shelly or the ever expanding ass that is Porsche either.

      2. The only thing Adam blows is Jeff.

        Never liked Rachel but wouldn’t mind seeing her finally destroying JJ. They didn’t vote to keep her man and I’m sure she remembers

      3. Agree Shelly is the biggest liar! Everyone does it in this game but she has elevated to a new art form! Don’t understand why Adam doesn’t let Jeff know then takes target off him for a good while cuz then target on Shelly. Bet Adam wishes the week would hurry up and end! I’d be sick of listening to Shelly all the time!

      4. I agree, I mentioned this earlier, I wish Adam would let JJ know what Shelly is saying and how she is working SO HARD to get him to leave his alliance, as she has and now is lying MINUTE BY MINUTE TO Jordan.
        It’s making me sick to even watch her both today and yesterday with all her crap about Daniel and the advantage of the others.
        Why because she hasn’t stepped up and won any competitions? That’s why she wants to be on the weaker playing team.

  1. that shelly…she’s working adam hard…real hard! stick to the plan adam. i wonder if shelly is just “acting” like she is on board with dani…just in case she gets to the final 2?

  2. Oh, Adam, PLEASE see the light and save Dani. Poor guy, I feel bad that he is such a super fan and has made it this far and is going to get completely SCREWED by Jeff. Granted, the way he’s so in love with Jeff he may just like it.

    1. i think he is screwed either way and he knows it but i think he is looking at it as that he has a better chance at beating jeff then dani she wins everything and he knows she is never totally honest

      1. And he still thinks Jeff is telling him straight. He agrees to a final 2 deal with Jeff (and swallowed that bullshit sandwich whole and asked for another) while JJ are saying he’s the first one to go after DKP.

        1. JJ want to take Rachel to the F3 then if they don’t go up against each other in F2 and go up against Rachel, they know NOBODY on that jury will give Rachel the money!

      2. He wants Dani and Jeff both out, and without his fingerprints on anything.
        It’s actually a smart strategy. If Porsche or Kalia wins HOH next Big Jeff has a good chance of leaving after Dani

    2. And what, Dani will take him to the promised land? She’ll kick him to the curb faster than Jeff will.

      He’s not going to keep her just because some boys have a crush on her.

  3. I can’t believe I’m saying this but TEAM Shelly and Dani Yo. Shelly is really stepping it up and keeps pushing Adam! Loves It!!!

  4. Adam is going to be so embarrassed when he reads the blogs and see the feeds. I think that in his head he is a huge competitor and he really is confident he can win every comp till the end, but his track record sucks.. he sucks. I’m TEAM SHELLY!!!! she playing a good social game

    1. Team Shelly……………Now that’s a very lonely team to be on!! I think there can’t be more than 5 members of that team at most!!!

  5. Simon, don’t you agree that shelly is only pushing adam in the wrong direction by constantly pressuring him? she’s going about it in the wrong way.

  6. if shelly keeps this up she is gone before adam, because theres no way he will be on the block and not tell everything shelly has done. and adam is no rachel everyone will believe him. shelly needs to calm down, i don’t understand why she feels so safe with dani. do she really believe if she don’t get dani out this week it will be hard to get her out. she is worried about jj, but she don’t realize adam and rachel, and dani are a threat to her also the only person she might win against is porshe because she and porsche are the only ones that haven’t won anything. i mean kalia did win a hoh amd adam did win a pov. she really think she will win against anyone when she goes around talking about her overseas trip to china when the rest say they need the money?

    1. JJ will keep both Shelly and Rachel longer than Adam. He’s pretty much at the bottom with both sides. I think Adam like being in the bottom. ;)

    1. actually it is not his smartest move it is his dumbest move this will be their only time to get dani out it not like jeff will be going out instead you will have three strong players left in the game all he is doing is putting a larger target on him and if dani does stay after she got rid of jeff he would be her next stop which is what he was before dani got nominated. His best move is to remove dani and win hoh this week because jeff can’t play and rachel will be his only real competion. If shelly wasn’t such a coward she would do the same thing but instead she wants to use dani to do her dirty work for her

      1. Adam hasn’t won anything, so what makes anyone think he can win HOH now. If he votes to keep Dani the newbs have the numbers 4-2 for HOH. Even if JJR won HOH, Dani would still be the bigger target and the one most likely to go up along with Shelley, not Adam, so he is for sure safe an extra week. If DPSA won HOH, one of the vets would definitly be going home regardless of the POV. 4 Newbs ; 2 Vets left. If the remainder of JJR wins the following HOH, Dani & Shelly are still the bigger targets and go on the block. Adam now only has to worry about the Veto. As long as Dani doesn’t win the Veto the newbs can evict Dani since they perceive her to be a bigger threat. Adam is now in a much better spot than if he stayed with JJ.

        1. im starting to think Adams game isn’t too bad. Final 8 is halfway thru the game. Look at what winning comps gets u early on… A big fat target. Adam has pretty good social game while maintaing to avoid eviction the 2 times he was up on the block. ( one of those was winning a veto)

          His biggest move now is to get dani out and turn his comp game on. I think since he is under shelly on jjr totem pole he needs to bring up shellys flip when he faces elimination to show em he is in for the win.

  7. Adam is going to turn out to be the most hated BB contestant this season. FOR SURE.

    Cause DKP have haters but a lot more fans, JJ still have (few) fans left. Heck – even RACHEL has people rooting for her. Shelly has a lot of haters but many admit she’s at least playing the game somewhat. Adam hasn’t done anythinggggg but ride along with Jeff. When I saw him jumping up and down with the vets like a neanderthal, I thought – what an idiot. And I wanted to like him too… I thought he’d be badass like Evel Dick… boy was I wrong!

    Is there anyone out there actually rooting for Adam willing to prove me wrong? I mean solely for Adam… not for the newbies.

  8. Omg shelly is freaking ridiculous she us so yep faced and hypocritical she continues to lie and talk shut about Rachel when she is nice to her face! Omg Adam wake up and tell JJR about shelly before she votes to keep dani and when she goes home and says that it was Adam that turned!!! Ugh

  9. Jeff and Jordan is thinking that Final 5 is a good idea with Shelly, Adam and Rachel. As long as Kaila or Porsche don’t win HOH competition and their safe. This is not a good idea for Shelly or Adam to go final 2 deal with Porsche. However, without Danielle they have a chance to go final 7 and knockout another floater Kaila. There no way of a Porsche or Kaila wins HOH and put Jeff on the block. This possible chance of Jordan or Rachel win the HOH and take out Kaila and Porsche again. Jeff will play POV competition which keeps the nomination the same. Also, there no way Porsche wins the next competition and Jeff will win the HOH on week 8. Basically, we need Rachel till Week 8 or 9 and cut her loose. And then going to final 4 with Jeff, Jordan, Adam, and Shelly. After that cut loose Adam and going to final 3.
    Prediction for final 3:
    Jeff wins HOH competition part 1
    Jordan wins HOH competition part 2
    Jeff wins HOH competition part 3
    Shelly will cut loose in final jury
    Which makes Jeff and Jordan going to final 2
    Jeff will win 500K. Jordan will be runner-up 50K, Toss up between Jeff and Shelly for America Houseguest: Advantage Jeff.

      1. My belief is true! I’m trying to be nice. There no way a floater going to final 3. Without Danielle, the newbies don’t stand a chance of winning it. They just floating and doing nothing.

        1. OK fair enough. I’m not a Jeff fan, but I’ll admit he is a competitor, along with Dani and Rachel. I would rather have a competitor who actually made an effort to play win (even Rachel) over someone who hasn’t done shit.

    1. I’m a fan of jj have been since their first season. But it’s in jeffs best interest to not take Jordan for final two. The jury votes should be based on game play but to often it’s personal and honestly not to many people like jeff but who could not love Jordan. So there’s a chance they will vote for Jordan again. Not to mention Jordan has said numerous time she doesn’t want to win the money. I think jeff will have a much better chance if he takes Adam to final two. Just my opinion.

      1. It’s True, but for Adam. He just doing nothing and been floating around. Jeff should take Jordan base on honestly stragetic, and fairness. I know newbies try their best but they just been floating around doing nothing. So, Jeff should take Jordan in Final 2. Jordan won 500K in BB11, lets have Jeff wins 500K. It would fair for him to win sometimes. Not a floater. Really it’s a truth. I’m sorry and I’m trying to be nice. That’s all I said.

  10. HA! Jeff just told Shelly about Rachel taking some of the play-doh and hiding it from the other girls. Shelly got all irritated and said “see I don’t do crap like that.”
    Where is Rachel’s teddy bear?

    1. ha ha the chimp is going to cry!
      u tried to get Jeff out…. u shot first but missed but guess what Jeff didnt miss

      biotch. second place in your season, second to jury this year. ha! ha!
      Pops aint around to carry u.

  11. How dumb can he be? I’m about to stop watching these feeds you post because it is upseting to see how dumb Adam is.
    Also, I think the Straight shooter is shooting straight, for once. She knows JJR are going to the final 3. I actually feel bad for Shelly (OMG I can’t believe I actually mean that), her only hopes at winning BB rest in Adam’s hand but Adam is too stupid.
    Yes Shelly can win BB if Adam joins the keep Dani ship.

    1. If her only chance at winning rests in someone else’s hands then does she really deserve to win?? Hope she wins HOH and see if she makes the “Big Game” move and puts up Jeff…

      1. DKSA vs JJR
        Dani wins HOH and gets rid of Jeff or Roach
        PSA win HOH get rid of who ever remains from above
        Dani win HOH gets rid of Jordon
        SA vs P for HOH
        If SA win Dani could be out so you could be left with SAP
        SAP all three have a chance at $500,000

        1. I mostly disagree.
          JJSAR vs KP
          Dani got evicted and Rachel or Jordan wins HOh
          Kaila (N) vs Porsche (N)
          jeff wins POV Keep the nomination
          Kaila got evicted
          JJSAR vs Porsche
          Jeff wins HOH again
          Rachel (N) vs Porsche (N)
          Jeff wins pov again save Rachel and puts up Shelly
          Shelly (N) vs Porsche (N)
          Porsche evicted
          JJSAR final 5
          Rachel (N) vs Adam (N)
          Jordan wins HOH and Jeff wins POV keep the nomination a same
          Rachel Evicted
          JJSA Final 4
          Jeff wins HOH and POV again
          Shelly (N) vs Adam (N)
          Adam Evicted
          Final 3 JJS battle out for 500k
          Jeff wins part 1 of HOH competition
          Jordan wins part 2 of HOH competition
          Jeff wins part 3 of HOH competition
          Jeff vs Jordan final 2
          Jeff wins 500K Jordan runner-up
          Sorry bro! I respect your prediction but your way will not work. I’m trying to help.

          1. So Jeff is going to win everything from here on out. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Oh and Jordan win a comp. Too freaking funny.

            1. I’m trying to be nice not obessed. My prediction is base on Strategic, fairness, and hardwork. The newbies aka Floaters to win it. They are floating and doing nothing. So, my suggest is go for Veterans. Dani used to be a Veterans side but she is a traitor. She is now a threat and officially member of a floater.

              1. Are you blind, deaf, and dumb? It’s to comprehend… cause it’s a rarity, but geez, do you ever push the limits. Jeff and Jordan, have done nothing, winning 2 HOH and 1 POV, AS A COUPLE, counts for nothing. Even Jeff, himself, keeps reminding Jordan that they need to “coast” through until the end. Mind you, coasting is basically floating. So yeah.

                1. First of all, I’m not blind, deaf, and stupid. Secondly, the only floaters of Big Brother House is Adam, Shelly, Kaila, and Porsche. I’m trying to be nice and you gave me an attitude. What is the matter you? I’m fine okay, I know the stragetic, fairness, and loyality. what did the newbies do? That’s right, doing nothing and sucking up to the Veterans. Kaila got lucky and Putting Rachel and Jeff. Bad move and its stupid move. The reason Kaila made the wrong move is taking out their biggest. So, don’t you ever call me blind, deaf and stupid. That’s totally rude and you are way out of line. That why Dani is a liar, evil, cruel, and has no heart. She needs to go. I’m trying to be cool but your trying to be rude. So, that my truth. Not that stupid.

                  1. If you don’t know by now, floating is a strategy. A lame one, but it still very much qualifies. Jeff and Jordan, both, see the advantages floaters have week-to-week – making them think twice about their harsh game play. In addition, I also believe Rachel and Brendon saw these advantages aswell. But, the thing that bothers me about you, is that you see Jeff and Jordan do no wrong. It’s annoying, it’s creepy, and frankly, it’s stupid. It’s my opinion. Your opinion, in my eyes, is that of a blind, deaf, and dumb person. It seems to me, that whatever those two “lovers” (Jeff and Jordan) do, is never wrong. SO YEAH. They even go back and admit their wrongs, but you…?

          2. great predictions, although I’d prefer shelly and Adam trade places, only cause lately I can’t FKN stand her anymore. She’s pullin a dani and obviously doesn’t notice where that’s gotten her in this game.

            And I’m not too sure if jury will give votes to Jeff unless he really turns his comp game on. Really he hasn’t won that much. Just cause u got the look don’t mean your “physical”

          3. You do realize, that you are the only one obsessed with Jeff… or for that matter, the only one who actually wants to see him win $500,000. LMAO. It’s quite funny.

            1. Lol. Lots of people want to see jeff win. I want Rachel even tho I gate her so I can be entertained by the comments haha jeff and r final 2!! Lol

  12. Ive contracted heart burn when reading about shelly….i was on team dani at first but then she kept dping stupid game move after stupid game move…now i want her to pay for them bc the one thing i hate in this show is stupid game moves!

        1. I’m not sure if you haven’t been watching the show/feeds or simply don’t understand that the social and mental game aspects are as much, if not more, a part of the game than the silly competitions. There’s been some amazing big brother players (and winners) that never won a comp.

          1. Very true but the way shelly goes about it is sickening..,she berates people for lying, backstabbing, and talking shit yet thats all her game is based on…it mightve been a little bit better if she admitted it in her dr confessions but she is just as delusional in there too

            1. Shelly is obviously extremely intelligent and crafty. And it’s no secret that production isn’t above meddling from time to time to try and make the show more interesting. I’m wondering if the DR deceit is purposefully so that even production doesn’t know where her head is at. It makes a certain sense. And while I initially found her ethics soapbox while involved in all sorts of shenanigans off-putting, it’s obviously working. Even when she was called out by everyone she still kept trust with JJ (mostly Jordan) and is even more trusted than Adam who’s so far up their butt his whiskers should be tickling the back of their throat.

              As a player, Shelly’s growing on me.

        2. Say what you will about Shelly’s lying and stuff like that, but at least she’s playing the game. She also understands that timing is everything. She timed her “flip” to Kalia’s HOH perfectly and masterminded Lawon’s eviction (if Lawon is here this week, Dani would be staying because Rachel and her vote against Dani would have been gone.). This is absolutely the correct time to flip the house again because Jeff can’t play in next week’s HOH and the numbers for power would be 4 v 2 (and one of the two being Jordan). Those are pretty good odds.

          If any of the newbs deserve to win, it’s Shelly. Adam isn’t even close to being deserving of $5000 with the way he’s played, never mind either of the top 2 prizes. This is Adam’s chance to show that he’s actually playing the game.

          1. Skulk- I disagree with Alot of things you say but totally agree about the shelly deceiving the dr. I saw an interview with her and she is def a SUPERSUPERFAN. on YouTube there are videos from James in all stars, Enzo and a cpl others stating production tailor makes certain comps. Shelly is aware and deceiving everyone. On the feeds she seems desperate to keep dani. I think she is not giving the dr the straight shot

      1. I hope ur talking about dani…yea she made moves n those moves has put her in the position she is now…now she wants adam to do a kinda move that she herself didnt do to save her ass…and all the extreme dani fans are bashing adam for it instead of being pissed at dani herself for doing stupid moves

  13. I just can’t see how anybody can like JJ. Jeff ass is too damn arrogant and needs to be taken down a peg adam is so damn pathetic smh

  14. there are a lot of people that want adam to save dani and go against jeff. please tell me how his chances are any better with dani? she still won’t take him to final 2, final 4, hell he might make it to final 6 with dani. i mean is it because there are dani fans, because keeping dani sure doesn’t seem to be in the best interest for adam. especially when dani said last week her order for getting people out was jeff first then adam, at least jeff wants to get kalia, and porsche out first, and if adam tells him about shelly that will put one more person ahead of him. so how is him going with dani better for HIS game not dani’s?

    1. Thank you! i wish more people would look at it like that instead of bashing the man. I actually like him and I like that he is thinking for himself. Every body says he is kiss Jeff’s ass but he would not flip last week when Jeff ask him if he would.

    1. rachel wins adam’s gone, porche wins jeff’s gone. hopefully adam goes, i’d rather see dani and adam gone, than dani and jeff gone, like’em or not at least jeff, dani play the game. adam’s a joke

  15. Seriously, is there anyone in LA that can organize a plane to fly over?
    How much does it cost for a banner plane to fly over the BB house?
    Once we know a cost we can determine how much money is needed to save Dani.

    1. Repost:

      I don’t think there will be anymore banners. I think they built the new BB house closer to an airport and the restricted airspaces that surround it to prevent the banner messages. If you listen when they are outside you can hear alot of airplane noise, like they are landing or taking off, and there is no way the FAA would allow a banner plane to fly around at the end of a runway.

  16. is there any way they can vote out shelly now????? who is she to question adam about voting for someone who lied, she has done it since day one, flipped on her orginal alliance, she needs to stop smoking, she looks like a fool, inhaling it, then blowing right out, i bet ya she just sucks it in so it sits in her mouth for a second, cant even smoke the right way, fricken hag!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I am also a little confused by this. What exactly are people allowed while on slop? It doesn’t seem so bad if you are allowed little things here and there, such as juice, pickles, etc.

    2. Gypsy Girl,
      The house guests have always been allowed to eat pickles while on slop since Day 1. When Jordan was on slop for two weeks her diet consisted mainly of pickles. She couldn’t tolerate the slop. I’m not sure about the juice you are referring to because I don’t have live feeds and haven’t seen a picture but if you are on slop you can have protein shakes and tea. I may be wrong about the tea but I seem to remember Jordan drinking it alot while on slop. They have a list of what is or is not allowed. It lists condiments and what they can use to cook with.

  17. well this is a bit more interesting then i thought it would be this week i still think dani is going home but as a last ditch effort she should call a house meeting and attack jeff for lying about not having a deal just for the hell of it you know if he got backdoored he would have anytime he feels he’s being lied to he wants a house meeting i really feel like jeff and dani are going home this week and when that shakes out i have no clue who’s gonna win with jeff not being able to compete with double eviction getting dani out is perfect timing because if jeff goes also then you talking about it being anyone’s game

  18. Someone needs 2 shoot Shelley straight out the door! I was a fan of her nonsense but now it is just getting Rachel-like ridiculous & annoying 2 watch. I hope she presses Adam so hard that he calls her put to Big Jeff & both her & “I’m a Superstar Dick face Dani & everyone should cater to me” leave on Thursday.

  19. Adam is smart, he has a chance against JJ, but hardly any against Dani. Stay the course Adam, don’t listen to Shelly. Resist the peer pressure. Go Big Jeff!!

    1. How does he have a chance against JJ? and not Dani (a girl)? Please inform. Jeff will win against anyone in the final two.

  20. I think if Dani thinks she can’t get the votes by tomorrow, she’s going to go to Jeff and try to cut a deal by throwing Shelly (and maybe lying about Adam) under the bus. Jeff may not fall for it because he probably believes he can beat shelly, but it would make for some nice drama in the house before the double eviction making everyone desperate to win hoh.

  21. I wish Adam would tell jj what Shellys been up to people need to start turning on her she would freak out Rachel status if people called her out I wanna see the drama

  22. Everyone hating on adam is team dani, if adam goes with dani he is bottom of the chain and adam knows JJ will keep there final 5 deal also going with dani means hes huge target for flipping and JJR will be gunning for him

    1. Wrong! Adam is fake as hell, from day one his personality is so forced for tv.

      I want a newbie winning, all vets need to go (including Dani).

      Adam is biggest waste of space in BB history.

    2. Untrue. I’m still teamnewb first. Final 5 deal? So his best gameplay is to be the first to picked off in his alliance? At list if he flips he has a chance (albeit a small one, I think he’s screwed either way) to maybe move up. Where he is now there’s no way he’s breaking into that top 3.

    3. I hate Adam because he goes around saying Kalia and Porche don’t deserve the money and he’s a floater. He acts like he worked so hard to win the veto when both Neff and Dani threw to him.

  23. k, I’m really starting to think production is having shelly try to get the house to flip and keep dani. It just seems too fishy how she’s completely against jj all of a sudden. Think she needs some medication.

    And as for Adam, if he wants shelly off his ass why don’t he question how jumping ship with a bunch of floaters who have done nothing in this game ( including himself) is a BIG game move?

    Maybe while he’s at it call Dani out on her awesome game play and question how she threw her BFF Dom under the bus and is now doing the same with her new BFF Kalia! I wouldn’t want to touch her with a 10 ft pole in this game.

    See ya later Dani!!!!

  24. Adam is doing the right thing. And if he wants to go further than Shelly, he needs to bring up this whole conversation about Shelly and her idea when he faces elimination, even against Shelly. Admitting all this about Shelly at the right time will get him further than her.

    1. Adam’s goal should not be to get further than Shelly and then helping write the cheque for Jeff or Jordan.

      Adam’s goal should be getting a way to get that $500K cheque for himself. Keeping his lips attached to Jeff’s butt is not going to accomplish that.

      1. well I think he is on the right track….. Jeff will have a jury full of ppl not on his side, and I don’t think Jordan will get a vote to win 500k a second time. So further than shell will hopefully land Adam a final 2 with either Jeff or Jordan

        1. It is obvious that most of the people commenting on this site are as ignorrant as the players this year it is not to be personal at heart its a games you have to play it without emotion talk shit , bullshit ,and use deversion and subversion know when to lead know when to follow and play to win not to be just happy to be here or get famous If you want to be famous find a cure for a desease or something —- play the game with self respectand try to win money not friends you can be friends later so get real and tell all the players to get balls play to win and shake up the house DO THE UNEXSPECTED AND EXSPECT THE UNESPECTED —I MEAN WOW YOU PEOPLE

  25. adam is like that little yappy dog in cartoons, you know, Spike’s sidekick? what should we do spike? what do you think spike? do you love me spike?

    it sickens me to watch a grown man who has zero balls.

    i could see jeff being adams dominatrix.

  26. Adam truly is screwed at this point. Even if he flips now it’ll be remembered that he had to be browbeat into it and will very much be the low man on the alliance, just like he is now. If he had of jumped on board immediately he could’ve worked on securing some deals. Adam has absolutely no game left at this point and it’s sad that he doesn’t even know it.

  27. I totally agree…i think he should tell shelly that he will flip and then tell jj about shelly and then he can prove it at the eviction ceremony by the votes…and then hed have the trust off jj but he would probly lose jury votes lol

  28. I totally think that Adam is digging his own grave this week, and not necessarily because he isn’t going with Dani. Everyone knows he’s a floater, and both sides believe that he will flip. Dani’s side will never trust him over Shelly and JJ clearly don’t have any plans on keeping him around after using him to vote for them.
    Adam is pretty much screwed and its entirely his fault. He has refused to pick any side, which as a strategy was successful in getting him this far, however when the time for stepping up to the plate has arrived, he will not do what it takes. He says he needs to win HOH, (things he has been saying for weeks…), but even if he did, I don’t think he would have the balls to make a big move.
    That being said, he may/may not be in a good position in either direction, but by staying with JJ, he permanently cements himself as a floater. If I honestly believed that Adam could do what it took to win BB, then I wouldn’t be pissed about him making the move to stay with JJ, but he doesn’t and he is screwing himself over.

  29. As I see it the hoh is coming down to Porsche and Rachel. Rachel is playing this right. If they take her to final 3 I think she would knock jeff out and take Jordan. I honestly think Jordan will not win this. She has done nothing and she has already won. I’m pulling for Rachel. Shelly is digging her grave. Rachel will put her and Adam up if she wins. One of them Is walking out I’d she wins.I’m thinking shelly is walking out right after dani. I think our final 6 will be jjrpka. I also think jeff is out next week. Then Porsche will finally win hoh and put Rachel and Jordan up. As crazy at it sounds I think final 3 will be pra.

    1. I’m not sure but I’ve heard the HG refer to the DR as “the box” or it could be Pandoras box. I think we’ll find out soon.

    2. I’m not sure but I’ve heard the HG refer to the DR as “the box” or it could be Pandoras box. I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

  30. Speaking as someone who wants to see Adam get as far as he can in this game, let me say he’s a total idiot if he doesn’t take this opportunity to flip the house. The goal here is to win $500,000, not be friends with Jeff and Jordan outside of the house. It’s purely a numbers thing.

    He will not get a sniff of that $500,000 if he gets to the final 4 with JJ and Rachel. He either has to win out, and then even so, he’s probably be going up against one of Jeff or Jordan in the Final 2 and he can’t win that with who would be in the jury (the other of JJ, and Shelly, Dani and Porsche who would say he had no guts to make a big game move now, why would they vote for him). He has a much better chance to win if he makes a big game move here, and the final four is Dani, Porsche, Shelly and himself.

    After this week’s eviction, there’s 7 people left. Jeff can’t play in the next HOH so it would be Dani, Porsche, adam and Shelly v Rachel and Jordan. I’m very skeptical of Jordan winning this HOH, so really DRAS would have a 75-80% chance of winning. Say they do. One of Jeff, Rachel or Jordan goes home. They’re down to 6 then. The odds are still in their favor to win HOH that week too (much better during this week if you have Dani instead of Kalia on your side..which is why they need Dani..the double eviction HOH is probably questions, the HOH after would probably be endurance). Even if they don’t win HOH, they still control the votes that week. If they do win HOH when they’re down to 6, they’re golden.

    Get your lips off Jeff’s butt Adam! Play to win.

  31. I see all the Skeletor fans are up in an uproar tonight grasping on their last salvation breath. Not going to happen you all. So quit complaining, saying how Adam is so stupid, complaining about how America loves JJ, wanting to send out planes over BB. Quit your B**ching you all!! Go JJ!!

  32. Oh boy. Its really sad that it took this long for Shelly to find out that she’s really just a pawn and a vote to these people (Jeff, Jordan, Rachel). Hopefully Adam will do the same!

    Ps. him winning HOH against Jeff? LOL. I thought it was funny he got cocky over winning the veto, especially since Jeff and Dani threw it to him.

  33. Bottom line is who would you rather go up against in the next HOH…Jeff??..Oh wait he cant play..or Dani who can play…Adam would be smarter by eliminating a person who can clearly beat him in the next HOH..If Adam wins then he can think “Big Move”

    1. He hasn’t won a damn thing yet, what makes you think he’ll start this week? He’s more useless than last years calendar, because if I wait a few years I’ll be able to reuse last years calendar.

      1. It is happening one week earlier than any season. He has no clue its coming. He can do zero campaigning.

  34. PPL are saying WHY ISN’T ADAM FLIPPING??? I’m thinking WHY THE HELL SHELLY WANTS TO FLIP? its a dumb move on her part, she still playing both sides, and heres your chance to get rid of Dani.. one of the 3 stronger players in this game , you get rid of 1 , 3 minus 1 equals to TWO , and your chances at winning a competitions increases, stupid old hag stupid idiot

  35. You all make me laugh. I see the Skeletor faithfuls are graspoing for their last breath. Planes over BB? You all serious.. Really?

  36. Jeff and Jordon’s relationship is such a sham. They aren’t even flying home together? Then Jordon says let’s get facial massages together, he looks at her ummm yeah…

  37. You all make me laugh. I see the Skeletor faithfuls are graspoing for their last breath. Planes over BB? You all serious.. Really???

  38. “Jeff is convinced that that Adam and Prosche have a final 2 deal. Jordan agrees she’s pretty sure that Adam is closer to Porsche than Shelly. ”

    Wrong again LOL

  39. Truth is Adam has a better chance with JJ then with Dani but he has to start winning in comps. Dani cannot be trusted at all. She will lie to anyone and throw everyone under the bus to stay. I just cant stand the girl!!!Yes, everyone lies but JJ has his back at least until KP are gone. If he wins then, he can get rid of R or S. What a snake S turned out to be.

  40. I pray that Shellys daughter see not only is her mother a lier but she is stabbing the very person who gave her a phone call home. This is how she repays Jordon! That is and will always be the nastiest move in Big Brother history. She was so worried that she is missing the chance to make a big move. At this point even if the house doesnt flip she is scum! I hope her employer is watching the true nature of this women-game or no game. She is a horrible person!

  41. Adam claims he’ll vote based on game play.

    then he;s not voting for anybbody? because all the REAL game players Dani, Brenda,Rachel, Shelly will be Jury….HAHAHAHAHA

  42. Seriously something is fishy. Why all of a sudden Shelly flips. It doesn’t make sense. She is really campaigning. People keep dissing Adam but Dani can’t even campaign for herself…she has Porsche and Shelly doing her dirty work. I was rooting for either Jeff or Dani to win but Dani has shown her true colors lately. From bashing Rachel to taking this game to a new level of deceipt. Come on have some integrity. Good for Adam for sticking to his guns. I really hope Shelly is exposed to everyone. What a piece of work. My prediction: come Thursday BB13 will lose 2 of it’s best players: Danni first and Jeff with double eviction.

  43. Going further than Shelly increases Adam’s chances at winning $50 000. Better than nothing. If Adam wins an HOH competition at the right time, it increases his chances of winning $500 000.

  44. I can’t wait for this Thursday! I guess he won’t tell JJ of Shelly’s betrayal because that could be a potential jury vote lost.

  45. Also I’m really surprised no one in the house has taken a cue from past seasons (Season 8 Dick and Daniele anyone?) and realize that keeping a pair together (Jeff and Jordan) this late in the game is a bad idea. They basically have four chances to protect both of themselves (assuming they aren’t put up next to each other, which NO ONE has had the forethought to do). Two chances to win HOH and two chances to win veto.

    The best you can get by keeping both JJ is final 3…then you have a 1 in 3 chance of actually getting something… Umm not a good deal.

  46. Good for Shelly for trying so hard. Little does she know what she’s up against. Adam apparently wants to have Jeff’s children.

  47. adam needs to get jeff a saddle for his nuts.

    looking forward to watch adam ride jeff’s nuts right out the door.

    porsche and dani need to work rachel more about Dani being alone in jury with brendon. rachel is very insecure and they might be able to work on that.

  48. Jordan fills him in that Shelly will not going against Jeff’s wishes this week.. but she seem to still want Rachel out. Jeff goes on a mini rant about these “Floaters” He says the time is now for them to pick a side. and wins some comps because Jeff is sick of playing the game for everyone.

    I find it funny this dude talking about floaters not doing anything when it’s been only TWO weeks since he started winning, STFU Jeff Production is helping you, just like they’ve been helping everybody else this season for the ratings

  49. Ok who is watching BBAD? Is it worth watching? Im kind of tired. Hmm maybe I will watch tomorrow. It hasn’t been worth staying up till 2am watching lately.

  50. Can we clear something up in here? Terminology of bb: for one to be backdoored they cannot play in veto. Dani played in veto so she was not backdoored. She is a replacement nominee. And my biggest pet peeve is the word floater. A floater is someone that floats from power to power. So technically Rachel is a floater. Porsche and Adam are floaters as well as kalia. Jordan is not a floater.

      1. LOL yea I watched, and not I know the correct terms for floater and backdoor, something nobody in the house now knows, and that a goddamn shame

  51. Thank You! What happened to Big Brother fans? They use to be fans of the show. Now they are just fans of people from the show. People they will never meet.

  52. adam sux the house should have flipped along time ago on JJBR . I thought it was Double Eviction this week ? Bb straight up screwed Dani so ty Cbs

  53. At this point if Dani goes, I want Jeff to win it. I like Adam and all, but eh… Shelly = NO, Kalia = N), Porsche = NO, Rachel =2nd place MAYBE, Jordon = 2nd place.

  54. This is the crossroads of the game right here. If you’re cheering for a Newb to win, you want Adam to flip the house this week. And before you go saying Kalia is a Newb and Dani is not, the Newbs (Shelly, Adam, Porsche) recognize (and rightly so) that they need someone who is willing and capable to do the dirty work of getting rid of Jeff and Rachel. Let’s be honest, Kalia is not capable of doing that. Shelly and Porsche are smart enough to recognize this. Adam on the other hand….

    I would much rather take my chances with Dani in the final 4 over Jeff for one simple reason. Jury votes. Dani may have already burned enough bridges (and more on the way if she’s the “executioner” of Jeff and/or Rachel) that she might not have the jury votes to win in the end. There is no chance as it stands right now that if a newb is standing next to Jeff/Jordan in the Final 2 they are winning. Heck, I’d even argue that if Rachel somehow got to the final 2, she has a good chance to win over a newb when it comes to jury votes.

    Shelly and Porsche are smart enough to figure this out. Adam needs to wake the F up.

    1. OMG!! Listen to Dani whine and complain about everybody. She has been running around the house for the last three weeks with her minions following her every move mocking everybody and throwing her power in their faces and now look at her sulk. She hates JJ because she thinks their dumb but guess what Dani??? The dummies got ya!!!

  55. All the veterans should be evicted! All the newbies left suck! CBS should have never brought the veterans back unless it was for all star. I was for Adam early in the season but he is stuck up Jeff’s ass…..Shelly is gonna get caught for going behind JJ’s back and that would be hilarious! It would be so funny if Kahlia and Porsche make it to the final 2. Go Simon and Dawg!!!!! Thanks for sifting through this crap for us :)

  56. Simon, i think your the best person who could tell me, why is shelly changing her game soo much , it would be in her best interest if dani left ? please reply :$

  57. Fara… congratulations on owning the biggest pussy in BB history. Adam and his midget brain is digging deeper in the shame and embarrassment a man could put himself through. whatever happened to the bacon screaming idiot from week 1 who was anointing himself as the next BB legend. I hope Adam is the one gone in the double eviction.

  58. The only way Adam will flip is if he finds out Rachel is FF3 with JJ. Not going to happen because he is too stupid to figure that out.

  59. If JJ fans had their way then their would only be two contestants on Big Brother – Jeff and Jordan. And then they could watch them being cute 24/7 for the entire season and then get a check for 500 K at the end. How fun!

  60. God it sickens me to think Dani is probably going home this week! After how hard she has competed and what big moves shes made that she will be the 2nd member of the jury. Just becasue Jeff is a crybaby bitch

  61. The casting director for this season needs to be FRONT doored. I see that the greatest gift for a dumb person is that you are too dumb to know how dumb you are! I no longer have to live with watching “Big Brother” as my dirty little secret. I didn’t want to do it but watching these pathetic sloths is ruining my self-esteem. I’m going to go and do something more interesting and worthwhile like watch paint dry.

  62. Its priceless seeing Dani the monkey all depressed and knowing her ass is going home. Hey Simon,show us some stills from the feeds of her crying. Lets see those croc tears. Cry me a river bitch!!! She deserves all this and even more. CAN UUU DIG IT!!!!!!

  63. I know this is totally off-topic, but I cannot help but cringe at the volume of water these people waste.
    Just watching Adam do dishes on BBAD, as they all do, let that H20 run, and run, and run, right
    down the drain. God forbid any of them take the time (like they don’t have plenty) and do dishes
    in a way that’s not so wasteful. Oh well its California, where water is plentiful and free too, right?

  64. Shelly is shocked.. “WOW.. so you have no porblem with a person that lied and cheated and played the way she did”

    *facepalm* *facepalm*

  65. Simon, why are u deleting my posts?? Just cause Im NOT on team dani’ s side?? You deleted one post earlier and all I said was the truth. Dani IS a MONKEY. Is this the reason??

    1. No post are deleted, it wasn’t added yet, you know how many of us posts, here?
      and calling Dani a monkey will NOT get any posts deleted, it is not that serious with Team Dani fans, but i know idiots assume that, and it’s pathetic.

    2. Simon won’t delete your post for calling Dani a monkey. He will only delete your post if you are acting like a monkey.

  66. Poor Dani boo hoo hoo. Somebody (production) save her waa waa waa. Maybe the fortune teller will come to life and murder JJR. Adam will have a heart attack from to much bacon. K will eat P. Dani and Shelly final two. Dani still loses b/c Brendon is the only one in the jury house. LOL

  67. Danielle just said she was in the diary room doing a goodbye message that no one will see. What does that mean? How is she so confident that she is staying that she said that – right in front of Kalia too??

    1. I think she was saying that she gave a goodbye speech for Kalia and since she will be the one going and not Kalia no one will see her speech to Kalia.

    2. Question, what if Danielle leaves the House? Do Kaila have a goodbye message for Dani? I want to see Danielle Crying tears. Also, in Second double eviction. I want to see Kaila Crying tears as well.

    3. I finally realized what she meant right after I posted….felt so silly. Thanks for not calling me a dumbass for that! :P

  68. Omg freakin lord can I get a table for a pity party for 1… Can Dani be any more of a hater… Talkin like she is the ONLY one who wants to play… Peeps r playing & u got played! Don’t hate the playas, hate the game beeatch!!!! They should toss her ass out for being a flippin suck who flipped herself in this predicament, so get over it already. Like her moves are the only ones that matter, well she can move on out to jury-SEE YA!!! Too bad production will prob save her crying ass.

  69. Am I the only one who thinks that production have told Shelly to do the best she can to keep Dani? I think production realize how detrimental Dani’s departure would be.

  70. OK Dani is acting excalty!!! like Rachel did when she was on the block and Dani called her a big baby. I am watching the BBAD and she is sitting in the kitchen and sulking like she is five. Can’t talk to anyone herself and wants Porsche to do her working. And I used to like Shelly but she is a bitch. Now Shelly is agreeing that JJ are the biggest liars in the house. IF this would have been flipped they would have been on cloud nine. I honestly am sick of seeing Dani act like this. It is pathetic and for all things holy I hope someone exposes Shelly for all her lies to JJR

  71. I seriously do not understand why anyone like Dani. She is a pathetic, petulant child.
    And Shelly? Is she delusional? Does she believe her own lies? I don’t understand how she goes on and on about
    being so honest. Yuck.

  72. I have lost all respect for Dani. She is quite possibly the most arrogant, miserable, selfish, immature, classless brat I have ever seen!! I am sick of her constant know-it-all attitude, from saying – I am the only person in this house that wants to be here more than anything, to we should just eat what we want, what are they going to do about it? Eat up you little brat, go home tonight. How do you know what other people are thinking or feeling?? Get over yourself!!

  73. Dani is killing me. What a big baby. To the people who say they will stop watching if Dani leaves, why. The only thing she does is bitch and complain. Maybe she can win comps, but she’s a self absorbed bitch. She’s the one who was so cocky when they had three weeks of power. Some of you complain about Adam with Jeff but Kalia and Porsche do the same thing to Dani. I just don’t get this chicks sense of entitlement to this game and the house.

    I’m so over her and her hatred for Rachel.

    Bye Dani!!!!

  74. That Dani is such a liar, pissed that someone played better than her and getting her out . Shelly what a loser sticking with JJ and now is the move to get them out? As soon as the Danster is gone she needs to be the next one out the door . Kalia ,Porsh, Rachel in that order.

  75. OMG, Dani cry me a River and Get over it. Your soar loser and just deal with it. I can’t wait till Thursday and go to the Jury house. You and Kaila deserve it with Brendon. I know Karma is a B$%&tch. Your just a spoiled little brat and don’t get a special treatment. That’s BS and your totally gone. Now, you call Jeff and Jordan a liars. You full of Crap. That’s your fault, not there fault. Your responsible of planning to backdoor Jeff and it backfires. BTW, It will never happen to split up the couples. You have no chance of winning 500K.

  76. this will be the best move he will do and he will be looked at differently putting him in the game, he needs to take the deal, dani stays will further his game why allow jeff and jordan make it their a pair take the last pair out, adam stop kissing ass and see the light take the deal and shake the house up

  77. Dani doesn’t get something go her way she will complaint and put blame on everyone else but herself. I don’t know how she can say people don’t keep their word, blah, blah, blah. If I remember correctly evil Dani turned against her own original vet alliance in week 3. What happened to her word? She is vile and makes me sick to my stomach. Dani needs to Go now to save any good Dani has left in her soul.

    1. I guess you didn’t see where Dani just said, about 15 minutes ago… “I have nobody to blame but myself?” “I’m not angry, I’m just sad”.
      …or that JJ actually DID make a deal with her?

      You JJ fans seem to just ignore the facts you don’t want to hear.

  78. 8:28pm HOH – JJ Jordan fills him in that Shelly will not going against Jeff’s wishes this week… but she seem to still want Rachel out. Jeff goes on a mini rant about these “Floaters” He says the time is now for them to pick a side. and wins some comps because Jeff is sick of playing the game for everyone.

    Oh my goodness. Whoa is me. I can’t believe he thinks that now he’s been the only one playing the game. Good grief!

  79. watching them playing with play dough and bad mouthing Rachel about the way she dresses , its like watching really immauter teenagers . And these are adults, give me a break , if they are our future then bend over grab your ankles and kiss your ass goodbye.

  80. Danielle is my favorite player of the season.
    I hope she stays this week, wins HOH in the double eviction night, and Jeff will leave.
    But I think she will be leaving the house on Thursday.
    I don’t like Adam, and the way he is playing until now, but I think it’s better for his game, if Danielle is gone.
    If Adam, Shelly, Porsche and Kalia play together, they have a good change.

  81. Porsche is going to float her way to $50,000 or $500,000. Everyone seems to worry about JJRASK, no worries about car.

  82. why is everyone on Adam case… is Adam who was pushing Jeff to put up dani..why wud he flip now in my view Adam damn if he do n damn if he don’t.. N I get y he trust Jeff more than Dani

  83. boy i would love to call shelly out to jj , she has said alone that she has there back. then next week put her up and she will be able to spend time with brendan and dani ,

  84. Either Jeff and Jordan will win this game. Nobody will put them up and vote them both out consecutively. It’s at a point in the game where they are winding down the houseguests to two which will leave either Jeff and Jordan together or one of them with somebody else (like ass kisser Adam) which J/J will automatically win. It sucks to see Dani going home because she is a great competitor (fair-good game player). Adam does have a better chance taking his chances with Dani and Porche because Dani can’t win them all and Porche may be a good competitor but he can still make it to the end with one of them or Shelly and win the game. No way anyone is winning against J&J the two people I dislike the most!!!

  85. ADAM is retarded!!!!!!! IF dani is on his side he wlll have a chance. Once it is JJRSA, adam is the number 1 target!

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