Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Brendon’s the smartest Player in the game CBS give him the 500K Week 1 he’s already WON

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3:40pm HOH Brendon and Dani Dani walks in tells him she has it all figured out she says they have 3 golden keys…FEEDS CUT…. Brendon says both of them (Dom,cassi,Lawon) are going to play this week out thinking they will be keeping Keith …
Brendon: “FCK these people are so fck stupid not shelly and kalia but the rest of them and when Thursday comes around they will see Keith leave and when Keith goes home they will be rattled going into the HOH comp and we’ll win”
Brendon “the vote will be 6-4 in our favor … if we have Adam then it’ll be 7-3, There so fck stupid” Dani says last night she was siting outside with LAwon and cassi but they didn’t tell me her anything they never talk game to her.. Brendon tells her she still has 2 weeks to wedge yourself in there Dani doesn’t thin she’ll get in there.

Dani Brings up that earlier today Cassi walked up to her and started talking game to her, Dani was confused because Cassi never talks game to her EVERY. (They do another Round of “THEY are so STUPID, THEY ARE RETARDED, WE ARE GREAT, THEY ARE DUMB, WE ARE SMART, THEY’RE PLAYING A BAD GAME, WE’RE PLAYING THE BEST GAME.. this isn’t much of a stretch either)

Dani: “Lawon is a disaster”
Brendon: “cassi is so retarded…”
Dani: “I’m not kidding you I want to get rid of Cassi next week over DOM.. She the one running things over there”.
Brendon: “there’s only 2 people that are listening to her Dom and Lawon”
Dani thinks Adam is in on them to. Brendon: “I may may be wasting my time being nice to Adam” Dani tells him to keep up being nice to Adam no need not to. ..
Brendon: “Cassi is just a name dropper” (LOL brendon your a douche) Dani and Brendon agree that Cassi cannot be trusted they don’t like her at all because she’s plotting against them. Brendon: “these people are stupid (he repeats this constantly)..
Dani: “I heard she (cassi) was saying that the DR told her she was playing a great game… that’s bullshit they won’t tell her that in the DR”.
Brendon: “that fck lawon is thinking he’s playing such a smooth game he’s retarded”.
Dani: “I want to get these people out now.. they’re so stupid…The only people who will try to get the HOH comp are dom and cassi” They agree that the HOH comp will be 3 Vs. 2
Brendon: “I thought the players from my season where dumb but these players are so stupid they can’t keep their mouths shut at least my season could keep quiet”

Rachel joins them, She asks them what they are talking about. Brendon gives her a brief 2 sentence update. Rachel doesn’t understand what he said but assumed be meant that the other side is voting to evict Keith. Dani and Brendon starts to laugh at her Dani: “OH MY GOD.. can I mind another alliance” brendon starts explaining again to rachel what him and Dani just talked about in a condescending tone. (The camera didn’t show rachel but I can guarantee she’s would not be Happy with them laughing at her.
Brendon: “I don’t think they have the balls to vote against us” Rachel agrees, Dani thinks they will if they think they have the votes to do it she counts the votes and tells them right now Cassi and Dom think they have Shelly and Kalia.
Brendon: “Dom who is a 15 year old kid is going to be rattled out of his mind we’ll win the HOH for sure”. Dani and Brendon want Cassi gone, Brendon is scared of Dom in physical comps so he wants Dom gone week 3 then for the final week there will be an endurance comp and it’ll be between Jeff and Brendon. Brendon: “If they put up Rachel and I… I’ll make their lives a living hell” Rachel thinks that when push comes to shove they will all vote to evict Keith, Dani disagrees again telling them that if Cassi thinks they have the votes she’ll pull the trigger and vote to keep Keith. Brendon says they are not going to have another endurance comp that is built for small people like last year so Jeff and I should be able to win all the endurance comps. Dani doesn’t think that’s the case she points out that most endurance comps are designed for smaller People. Dani wonders why they other group wants to keep Keith he’s not good at the game, he’s built but physical comps aren’t all that important in the game. Dani remind them that a lot of upper body strength is a hindrance in endurance comps. ….

4:10pm Backyard Jordan and Kalia (kalia talks so much stupid BS i’m going to leave it to just game talk) Kalia: “I’m at the bottom of the totem poll of the other group”

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4:30pm Chess Cassi and Lawon No game just chess talk

4:40pm HOH Jordan, Dani, Rachel and Brendon J, B, R wearing there super hero costume talking about looking like people in a 80’s workout video.. Jeff joins them comment on Brendons toe and how fcked up it is, Brendon: “My brother use to call me thumb toe” Jeff your’e like a hobbit smeagol”. Jeffs asks them if Rachel has sucked Brendon’s gross toe. Rachel says no, Jeff laughs tells her she must not love Brendon enough.. They all Laugh. Jeff: “We need to get the stuff that created the TMNT and dump it on Franklin”

5:23pm Backyard Adam and Porsche Talking about dates events occurred in the Big Brother House. Inside playing chess you have Dom and Cassi with Lawon watching. They briefly talk about boners, Dom says he’s been getting a lot of boner every morning when they are given the wake up call he has to lay in bed for a bit to let it go down. Lawon says he’s never gone this long without “going” (ejaculating) he’s not sure how he’ll be in a couple weeks time (if he lasts that long)

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Brendon: “If they put up Rachel and I… I’ll make their lives a living hell”

Yes we ALL know you will bully someone smaller than you just like last year.


i know, both act like victims too


For someone who claims to be so inelegant Brendon and Rachel says some of the dumbest shit imaginable every 2 seconds, I’m happy that they will never win this game.

Brendon talking about rigged comps for small people oh what about the rigged comp that got him HOH?? It was obvious his knots were loosened for him, we saw him flying through the competition with little to no effort.


Who cares about earning 500K in a week when you could gain 500 LBS in a week like Allison Grodner does?


How the hell did Kalia get on the show? seriously she not even attempting to play the game, her lowan and shelly are floaters that won’t win shit


Jeffs asks them if Rachel has sucked Brendon’s gross toe.

I believe she has LOL I’m sure stranger things been in her mouth.


porsche’s ass……YOOOOOOOOOOO !!

Karen S

It will be interesting when the house flip flops to whomever is in power.. and just wait to see how if Brendon doesn’t win it.. they will be plotting against their very own, should that happen. Shelly reminds me of Kathy. We all know how far that got Kathy. Just watching her clean and smoke… yep! Kinda funny all of it.. and predictable. : )


Yes it will be predictable if one of the newbs win HOH but that’s going to be the entertainment of this season, the vets winning in comps is not entertaining at all….. can’t wait to see brenchel back t their whining ways when their not in power


anyone else thinks cassie has a hard on for dom ?? (even if she wont admit !!)


and i know we say this every single year but ….my god they have been on fire with cutting the feeds……all time high….


That is one of the reason Ill never buy the feeds, just seems like a waste that they can cut them whenever they feel like it or when one of the HGs are just about to say something juicy.. Those that pay for the feeds should be allowed to watch everything that goes on in the house.


yeah u probably right ! but jeez……then again it wont change anything cause we will all subscribe to the live feeds next year also !! LOL

Uncle Cool

I cannot wait until the dream team is broken up. I don’t like this angle at all. It was better with all strangers and new players. No doubt, this show is starting to go downhill when they have to lure viewers with ‘the past’. That’s my rant. I despise Brendon, Jeff and especially Rachel. I would love to see Jordan go it alone without them. Dani, by far, is the most intelligent person in this game. So, my prediction for winner this season is… coming in a couple of weeks.


CASSIE busting Dom’s balls by saying that being a model 2 times a month isent a part time job,but more like a…..HOBBY !!! LMFAO


only saw when they had already fell,i was posting !! #FML LOL


How long before Rachel is screeching at Dani, “NO ONE comes between me and my man!”? I want to see that happen.

Karen S

me 3… lol or is that banana?


People endurance competitions do favor small people, why do you think April won an edurance competition in BB10 over Memphis or Jessie or even Michelle? Because she was small, why do you think Danielle in BB8 won an edurance competition against her dad, Zach, or Kail? She’s smaller than them.
Its not like those where just flukes why do you think Matt did so well in those endurance competitions last year? He was the smallest of the guys except maybe Ragan im not sure there exact heights. As much as an as brendan may be or a bitch Rachel may be there not stupid, Brendan is a PHD student Rachel has won every HOH competition she has been in and 2 of them where quizzes the other an edurance. I hate them too, but you haved to give credit when it is due and theres a diffrence between an and an idiot.


hahahahaha i love the title of this post so much.
that’s all.
go cassi.