Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Brendon and Rachel fight about her drinking and embarrassing and emasculating him in front of other people..

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1:15am Up in HOH Brendon tells Rachel in HoH that he is upset with Rachel’s drinking tonight and that her and Porsche were obnoxious tonight. Brendon says that he didn’t want to control Rachel’s life. He says that he wanted her to have fun and that he was going to bed. Brendon says that he didn’t want to talk about it because Rachel didn’t care. Rachel says that she didn’t done anything wrong. Brendon says that he was starting to think it was a mistake for him to come back into the house. Brendon says that he wanted to be taken seriously and he didn’t want to be associated with Rachel’s drinking and playing the most insane, asinine games in the hammock. Brendon says that Rachel had drank half the wine and hid beers in the fridge. Rachel says that Porsche was the one that hid the beers, not for me, and that I didn’t ask her to. Rachel says that she’s going to go downstairs. Rachel then moves her things to the couch. Brendon tells Rachel that she should suck up her pride.

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1:30am Brendon and Rachel are still fighting up in the HOH room. Brendon tells her that she was being inconsiderate, just the way she is behaving. Brendon tells her that the just had a talk a couple days ago about not embarrassing him and emasculating him in front of other people. Brendon says that her yelling endearing terms to him across the yard made their relationship seem like a joke. Brendon tells her that he guarantees the people in the hammock thought their relationship was a joke. Rachel asked if he was talking about Daniele? Brendon says Keith, Dominic, and Porsche. Brendon says that he told her how this made him feel, and yet you still insisted on not even being considerate enough not to do it, after we just had this conversation. Brendon says that he came here for her and that he wants to win half a million dollars. Brendon says that he didn’t want her to be here by herself, and this entire past year for them was a struggle. Brendon says that he didn’t think coming back in the house was a good idea, but she wanted to, because she needed money. Brendon says that he likes having fun, he likes having a glass of wine together, but he doesn’t like to see her getting drunk and going around with an obnoxious girl like Porsche. Brendon says that people will be judging her again from the show like they did last year, and she didn’t handle it well when she saw what people were saying. Brendon says that when he is married to Rachel, he’s not going to be getting wasted at a bar. He says that they can get drunk together at home, but this is a show, this isn’t their house. Brendon asks if Rachel understands why it hurts him. Rachel doesn’t say much of anything. Brendon says that he loves her with all of his heart. Brendon says that this is why it hurts me …yelling names across the yard when I asked you not to. Everyone might be laughing, but I’m not laughing.

1:40am Rachel asks Brendon if he is giving her an ultimatum. Brendon says no… but that he won’t put up with this when he’s married ..his wife acting out of control. Rachel says that she wasn’t out of control. Brendon says she was a little out of control and that she was being a obnoxious. Brendon says that its not right when he has to ask other people how she’s doing when he’s not around. Rachel asks who he asked. Brendon tells her that he is done arguing if Rachel wants to sleep on the couch, she’ll sleep on the couch, and that he is going to sleep. Brendon tells her that he is not going to continue to argue with her, and that he is not pissed… I’m not.. Brendon says that she hurt his feelings, the fact she is not willing to consider that maybe you had too much to drink tonight, …and you were a bitch tonight …and inconsiderate. Brendon turns out the lights. and tells her that if she can’t admit it then she can just sit over there and pout. Brendon says that he doesn’t know what else to do. Brendon says that he is explaining how she hurt his feelings and disrespected him. Brendon says that he knows she was having fun and for the most part its not too bad. The live feed cameras switch to the backyard.

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2:10am Shelly, Cassi, Adam and Lawon are out in the backyard. Cassi and Shelly are talking about the incident with Porsche. They talk about how Porsche came up to Shelly to talk about an incident with Cassi. Cassi says that she walked away from somewhere and Porsche was whispering something to Rachel and Cassi asked if everything was okay? She says that Porsche said no everything was fine, and pulled Cassi aside and told Cassi the whispering was about it being bad that they were pressuring Jeff to propose to Jordan during Big Booty after Jeff messed up in the game because Jeff and Jordan looked uncomfortable. Shelly tells her that says it makes them look immature, wait until it comes out of their stipends. Cassi says she wouldn’t get wasted like Rachel or Porsche even if she could. Lawon says he usually drinks more outside the house, but it’s not worth it. Shelly says not many people get a second chance to change how they’re portrayed on TV, but if Rachel doesn’t change her behavior, she will be portrayed the same way. Shelly says that the difference is people are nice to her this year. Cassi agrees, and says Rachel is a nice girl. Shelly says Rachel is a nice girl. Lawon says Brendon knows what they are talking about. Shelly says she doesn’t even know why she cares, redemption is Brendon and Rachel’s thing. Cassi says Shelly cares because she is a nice person. Shelly leaves. Cassi and Lawon say they like Shelly and would want to see her go far. Lawon says like at least final five. Cassi says that she would like to help her as long as she can. Cassi says that she sees Shelly as an older version of herself. Lawon says at first, he thought Cassi and Shelly were the twist and Shelly and Cassi were mother and daughter, because they were so close and the first day, Cassi already called her Mom. Cassi says she uses Momma with any female, even her best girl friends and Daniele. Shelly comes back, and Cassi tells her that Lawon thought the twist was that she was her mom. Shelly laughs.

3am Porsche goes to Jeff and Jordan and tells them that Cassi came up to her in the bathroom after Shelly just talked to Cassi, and Cassi said she didn’t appreciate that Porsche was telling her partner that Cassi was talking bad about her. Porsche says that she doesn’t understand. Porsche says that she thought Cassi asked her after the Big Booty game if she was okay with what Shelly had said to Keith. Porsche went to Shelly after and said what Shelly had said to Keith was really funny and Cassi had come up to her about it. Jeff asks what did Shelly say, is everything cool? Porsche says yeah. Porsche says that she doesn’t know how the confusion happened. Jeff says uh oh, catfight. Porsche says that she is expecting something and it sounds so dumb. Jeff says it sounds pretty silly to me. Jordan tells her to go talk to Cassi and say she didn’t mean it, and Porsche says she already did. Porsche feels like she has to go around covering her tracks and doesn’t understand why. Jordan says that if Porsche talked to both of them already, then she needs to just drop it.

4am Keith and Dani are talking in the bathroom. Keith had followed Dani into the bathroom to talk. Keith tells her that if there was anyone in the house that he would do anything for it would be her. Dani asks him why he hasn’t told that to her before. Keith tells her that if they keep him he will do whatever they want. Keith asks Dani how Porsche would benefit her? Keith is talking really loud and Dani asks him why he’s yelling at her? Keith tells her that he isn’t and then lowers his voice. Keith tells Dani that she is the last person in the house that he would play. Dani tells him that nobody likes Porsche. Keith says Dani could be gaming him right now by saying no one likes her. Dani tells him thats not the case and that she is honest with people and has no reason to be sitting here lying to him. Dani says that she wouldn’t be giving you a pump up speech for nothing. Dani complains that Porsche has been up Rachel’s butt. Keith asks her if Rachel likes that and Dani says probably so, it’s Rachel. Dani tells Keith if he stays in the house she wants to work with him. Dani tells Keith that she thinks he should campaign to vets the vets tomorrow. Dani says the worst thing they can say is no but that he shouldn’t go out without trying to fight to stay. Dani tells him that he needs to play for himself and you need to fight to stay. Keith asks if Porsche is campaigning? Dani says that she hasn’t said anything to her yet. Dani tells Keith that Brendon hates Porsche, she says he was pissed that her and Rachel were all drunk and hanging out.
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Keith agrees that he’ll talk to them tomorrow. Dani tells him that he shouldn’t tell them that Dani told him to come to them. Keith says that he will be honest and lay it out for the vets that he didn’t come up there before to campaign because Porsche told him that she already has the golden key and he thought it was a done deal already, but he wants to stay and that he will vote with them. Keith tells Dani that he doesn’t trust Dominic or Cassia, and that he thinks they will stab him in the back. Keith says that he can’t count on their votes and that they will vote how Rachel wants them to and thats why it is so important for him to get up there and talk to Rachel. Keith tells Dani that he isn’t a matchmaker, he is actually a human resource manager, he hires and fires people, he knows how to read people. Keith says that he didn’t want want people to know that he was a smart guy. Keith thinks that Dominic has struck a deal with Brendon and Rachel. Keith says that he thinks the votes he has for sure are Lawon’s, Shelly’s and Adam’s. Keith asks Dani not to tell anyone that he is really a human resource manager, and says that he thinks that will put a huge target on his back. Keith says that he is all about people and that he knows how to read people. Keith tells Dani that he knows about a deal between the vets and Dominic. Dani denies it. Keith tells her that she knows about some deal or knows more than she is letting on to him about the vote. He tells her that he can read her. Dani says oh Please! Dani tells him that she doesn’t know about all these deals he thinks she knows about..

5:20am In the bathroom, Dominic, Lawon and Cassi are getting ready for bed. Cassi is popping a big zip on her face and Dominic is helping and encouraging her to pop it more. Porsche wakes up and goes to the bathroom. Porsche comes up to Cassi to talk about their confrontation earlier. Cassie tells her what she told her earlier. Cassie says that she respects Shelly, more than just a partner. Porsche tells Cassi that her, Cassi and Shelly should get together tomorrow and clear the air. Cassie tells Porsche that the bottom line is she thinks Porsche doesn’t like her but when it came to Shelly she had to say something. They argue back and forth. Porsche tells Cassie that she doesn’t not like her, that they haven’t talked much but that she isn’t mad at her or anything. Cassi tells Porsche that to be honest she just can’t gauge her, she can’t really tell what her intentions are so that’s why she is stand-offish with her. They talk about everything that happened during their argument. Dominic and LaWon leave to go to bed. Cassi tells Porsche she thinks she alienated herself from the group by always hanging out up there with Rachel. Porsche apologizes to Cassi and tells her that she is sorry if she offended her. Cassi telling her it doesn’t matter, and that they are just different people, they don’t have to like each other and hang out. Porsche tells Cassie that people have been telling her that Cassi wants her gone and even though she has heard that that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to get to know her still. Cassi tells her that she doesn’t know her and that she doesn’t care one way or the other about Porsche. Porsche tries to defend going up to the HOH with Rachel, she thinks that’s what you are expected to do. They argue back and forth. Cassi says that she doesn’t think they’ve bridged the gap, and I don’t know if we have to, its a temporary living situation. Cassi says that she can’t pretend and act a certain way with someone if it’s not genuine.

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6am Cassi and Porsche end their conversation and head to bed. Cassi goes to the havenot room and whispers to Lawon telling him all about the conversation she just had with Porsche. Cassi goes over everything and tells him that its so stupid and dumb ..that she hasn’t had a conversation like that since highschool. Soon after they climb back into bad and go to sleep.

6:30am All the houseguests are asleep…

7:15am Still sleeping..

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The only one I’m Judging right now is Brendon man he treats Rachel like shit.

really? I have to disagree. this is a COUPLES type game this time around. PAIRS. if rachel is stealing and hiding beers, and alienating herself while making brenden look bad, then id say hes allowed to voice his opinion on the matter

IT DOES EFFECT HIM. if she was playing a solo game thats totally different. she represents them as a group, as he does, and she needs to act accordingly

Jay L

Wow, boy is keith retarded. His human resources experience has not done shit for him or whatever. He needs to sit down and ask nicely but I do not know if he is mentally capable of slowing down and thinking


Trouble in paradise =)
Big Brother please give Rachel more alcohol!!!!


Wow okay this is what marriage will look like for them? can anybody say divorce?


Someone should have taught Brandon that you should love the person you want to marry ‘the way they are’ A sure sign a relationship will end in failure is when you try to change someone. He picked the wrong girl!


Brendon says that her yelling endearing terms to him across the yard made their relationship seem like a joke.

NEWS FLASH Brendumb, your relationship is a joke. only a complete idiot would believe their relationship was anything more than “made for reality TV fame”.

Uncle Cool

Jeff/Jordan are floating like a soap bubble. Dani is reading everyone like she has insider information. She’s that good.

Rachel is a gold digger. I can’t see why Brendon can’t fathom that. Once she’s married him and he gets his PHD big money job, she will dump him quick and enjoy the alimony. They are absolute opposites except for the fact both have mental problems.


Uncle Cool, lol….last sentence. Love it 🙂


That’s exactly what I was thinking when I heard they were engaged.


Ill-At-Will: Your comments are almost always spot on and I couldn’t agree more! Great minds think alike 🙂


Rachel came back into the house because she needed the money?

Guess Brenda kept her on lockdown she couldn’t go back to her life of getting financial advances from rich men for sex like she used to.


I believe that if Rachel would have checked her ego at the door she would indeed win the game. I’m not sure why she takes such issue with pretty girls or at least what she perceives as a pretty girl. If she would just cool her ego and her mouth and the bullshit about floaters and took the time to think if only for a second, she could win it all


yeah but look at how cassi and porsche are going at it – for really absolutely no reason….it’s just a pretty girl hating on one another kind of thing (a whole lot of projection going on)


i agree. but b&r are starting to irritate me now. i think dani’s gonna win this season.


yo !! porsche’s ass is def her money maker !! #just sayin

Jay Electronicon

dude your perverted comments make me laugh every time.


I knew the charade of the new improved Brenchel would fall apart. A little alcohol is all it took for the old Rachel to come out, and Brenda was at his whiniest and douchiest. They may both be in love with the idea of finding true love on a reality show, but I knew from the start last year that they are totally incompatible, the relationship is forced and there is no real love between them. Brendon is a controlling idiot. It`s one thing to have your shit together and be controlling, but Brenda is insecure, paranoid and socially clueless. He has an enormous ego and sense of self importance but nothing to back it up. If I didn`t dislike Rachel so much I would feel sorry for her, but she got herself into it. To hell with cbs`and their push for a double showmance double wedding on season 13. I notice JJ are distancing themselves as much as possible, and they make Brenchel look even more pathetic because they genuinely do care for each other and have enough good taste to keep their relationship as private as you can in the BB house. I didn`t like them on their season because they were force fed to us, and I hope neither wins this year, but I have to say they look almost smart and classy next to the Brenchel trainwreck. I want BB to keep the booze coming and if we are lucky we will see the first BB showmance breakup. THAT would be worth watching!


Do they get hard liquor? that would sure bring their charade of a relationship to an end, while at the same time giving us awesome entertainment.


they sometimes get mixed drinks but never a bottle.. give her a bottle of gin let the fur fly.


Well said Chloe… you are so right “If I didn`t dislike Rachel so much I would feel sorry for her,”


I think Brendon is just insecure. I don’t think wanting a wife who is not drunk is controlling, I think it’s realistic. I also don’t think relationship is going to last and for both of them I hope it ends before they get married and he gets his ring back!


ugghhh but it’s not a ringing endorsement for marraige either…if rachel weren’t in a relationship with Brendon, her actions would have been normal (for her) and not an issue (i mean come on, she got a little drunk and shouted some things, not THAT big of a deal), but now she has someone to “answer” to (Brendon) – and that is annoying and oppressive, if you ask me


sorry, i meant *marriage*


yep, hes just insecure, I dont see any real issues with him other than the mental problems. I think all in all, hes a good guy that just cant control some of his emotions like jealousy etc.

and porsche is the highlight of my day, I hated her when she came in the house and said she was the hottest girl yadda yadda….but she is. by far. its not even close. line up 100 single men in front of her, they all want her.

the amazing thing with porsche is that shes like 50x hotter than dani, and that is really saying something. she makes rachel look…well….yeeeeck


Chloe, exactly! J/J are being very classy considering the environment they are in. Brenchel is the most annoying couple in BB history IMO yet they are so entertaining….or rather, their stupidity is entertaining. Still, I will be disgusted if they win anything.


I don’t know what nickname I like better, Brendumb or Brenda!


He has many nicknames, any one will do.

Zach J

Calling Brendon ‘dumb’ is like calling Rachel ‘and unsavory individual’….they need the be knocked down another peg or two with their nicknames 🙂


Now Brendon is threatening to throw the HOH comp so they will get put up and he can go home proving that he is still the biggest BB wimp of all time. Do it, Brendon! Give Rachel the gold key and take her out of the game for a couple of weeks and leave. Please! Several times now I have heard Brenchel talking about how upset they were when they got out last year and realized that they were not perceived as the next Jeff and Jordan and that people didn`t like them. I will never forget the look on Rachel`s face last year during the finale when the fan`s choice winner was announced. They obviously thought it was theirs, and not only did they not win, but to make it worse, Brittany won it. They have complained several times that she never apologized for the things she said about them, but why would she if she meant it and most of us agreed. Brenchel is deluded if they think a second chance will redeem them in our eyes, and CBS has shown once again that they can`t even come up with a new twist without it blowing up before it even gets started. I hope Cassi or Dom win HOH and Brendon goes home. Rachel I can have fun hating. Brendon is painful to watch. He has no redeeming qualities. He is even faker than she is.


Yes….he is faker than she is! Has anyone realized that a lot of people have made the comment that they did not realize last summer that Brendon was so funy…I think he has tried to adapt a part of her personality……and that sucks ecause she is always seeking attention and is sooooooo superficial. They will never work as a couple, sadly, I give the marriage no more than two years. And as so far as them being the next Jeff or Jordan, they are eons away from them. Although I did not like Jeff nor Jordan in their original season (and I felt that Jordan should not have won), I really like them now. Jordan is just REAL and is not trying to impress or stun anyone…….This is why I think America likes them……Rachel is just trashy. I cannot wait for Dani to turn on her.

I pray that Cassie, Dom, or Lawon win HOH and put them up and Rachel is sent home. She would so be pissed to not have made it to jury house.


After listening to them argue I figured out that the most fun you can have when they ( Brendon, Rachel ) are talking is to throw darts and tomatoes at them. They should have a running tally for who gets the most darts ,


Thank you Fiance


I do not think that Benchel should get married. You cannot get through to her….it is all about her. She could not even fathom that she was selfish last night, she hid beers after drinking a half a bottle of wine by herself! If I was in the house, I would be mad at her because the amount that is given to them is so little. In past seasons, i


The moment Dani turns on Rachel is going to be a great one. Has anyone else noticed Brendan’s “puppy dog eyes” when talking to Dani? I think Rachel has, can I say catfight? Lol


The moment Dani turns on Rachel is going to be a great one. Has anyone else noticed Brendan’s “puppy dog eyes” when talking to Dani? I think Rachel has, can I say catfight?


For sure man I’ve been noticing it big time.. last night check this pic out .. Brendon was hanging with Dani during there drum session she was getting a bit close the camera panned to Rachel and you got the look of death


So let me get this straight, he yanks his doodle for everyone on the internet but she embarrasses him? LOL


“Yanks his doodle”…. Thats funny right there!


LoL love that pic Simon! I’m a long time reader, figured I would start posting this year! Thanks for all you do with this site!


Hey Matt, Thank Dawg he’s on duty at the moment.

Glad you’ve started posting we’re getting some awesome comments from everyone today, This is what makes BB so much fun for me reading everyone’s opinion.


Rachel and brendon always talk about how childish the newbies are but it took them less than a week to get into it over something stupid… I see the marriage being called off and brendon and dani hooking up.

Ew Ew Ew! Rachel is the most annoying/ evil person. If I was her mother I would give her a smack upside her head.
What planet is she from? Her horrible personality seeps from her pores, making her even uglier on the outside.
Plastic surgery cant fix your rotten heart Rachel. And Brenden…your a Wimp