Big Brother 13 Spoilers: JRKA figure out Shellys game this season Jordan: “I got played FOR SURE GOT PLAYED”

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5:43pm KP Backyard Kalia is saying that Shelly has lied to ever single person in the house and has tried to get everyone against each other. Kalia says it’s really 50/50 who leaves but.. “At least when I talked to Adam I know he’s not lying to my face” Kalia starts in on explaining all of Shelly’s lies. Kalia brings up Shelly was saying to Jordan that she over heard KP talking about the fortune teller but Kalia and Porsche never knew about the fortune teller moving. Jordan: “I bet all the fights in the house are caused by her”. They go back and forth a bit recapping all of Shelly’s lies. Rachel joins them and they all share stories about Shelly’s lies.

Rachel: “Why did you guys move the duck just to BLANK us up?” Kalia: “Yes” they all giggle.
Adam joins them and they all start talking about Shelly’s game and all the BLANK she started this season. Shelly’s entire game has been exposed it took to final 6 but they have figured it all out.
Jordan: “I got played by Shelly FOR SURE GOT PLAYED”
Rachel: “Two be honest I was onto Shelly Week 2”
Jordan: “I know you were”

Everyone throws in their bits about the BLANK Shelly caused…

Jordan points out that Shelly played everyone in the house and the only one that wasn’t was rachel and that is why she was the target for so long. Adam butts in and says he never trusted Shelly.

Kalia brings up the Jury house and how Shelly is going to manipulate

Jordan: “She tried to play like dick” rachel scoffs: “Umm NO nothing close” They all start talking about Shelly being a superfan. rachel says that Shelly was a super fan and a master manipulator she knew what to say to every single person in the house. Rachel: “She watches the feeds at work” (so do I.. shhhh don’t tell anyone) Jordan brings up how Shelly told her she started watching at season 11. Adam says no she is the biggest fan of the cast she just hid it.. Adam mentions he’s a big fan to but he doesn’t get the feeds.

(watching Shelly play was a wild ride she flipped the house more than anyone else and never won a single comp she played both sides and did it for a long time. She BLANK over DK so many times and they kept coming back for more it was awesome. Shelly will always be remembered for her last flip going against JJ)

6:06pm Shelly her game is done

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7:08pm Rachel and Jeff
Rachel: “I want to play devils advocate right now”
Rachel: “Why don’t we put up Shelly she is so hated by everyone she’ll move the target off us”
Jordan: “Well you’ve been right about everything”
Jordan points out that Shelly is against them.. Rachel says it doesn’t matter as long as they win HOH this week. Jordan doesn’t think it’s a good idea she thinks is dangerous that they keep Shelly in the house because she’s after Rachel.. Jordan brings up that shelly was telling Jordan that the person Jordan is now teamed up with talked BLANK and lied to her all season.

Jordan uses the argument that they cannot beat Shelly in the final 2 because everyone will say that she was a master manipulator that played the game. Jordan mentions that maybe Rachel can beat Shelly but Jordan doesn’t feel that she can.

Jordan and Rachel both Agree that KP will put up JR if they win HOH. Rachel: “100% guaranteed they will put us up”

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7:40pm KP working out, rachel cooking, Adam lifting weights and Jordan showering.

7:45pm Here’s your final 3 all they need to do is get through Rachel and Production and this is their game.

9:04pm quad Random chit chat.. everyone cooking

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338 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: JRKA figure out Shellys game this season Jordan: “I got played FOR SURE GOT PLAYED”

        1. THAT WOULD be the BEST final three in the history of BB. Oh yes, lets reward hate by giving either one of Rachel or Jordan $500,000. They are as disgusting as Shelly but in a different way.

          1. You’re joking right? Jordan never said she hated shelly, she’s just pissed at her and is now discussing her lies. Rachel never said she hates shelly even when shelly spend most of her game telling every SHE HATED RACHEL’S GUTS and called her things like the devil and for what? Because Rachel outed her week 5 and was right.

            JR have been very gracious. Could you imagine how dani would have reacted if she had her stuff stolen and destroyed.

          2. I agree they make me sick if they wanted to spend the summer with their men then they shouldn’t have come to the BBhouse cry babies!

        2. OH shit!!! Careful what you say or the Moore’s will send the FBI !!! LOL

          It happens in every season…except for the Brigade!!! You got all the good competitors throwing each other under the bus and the one who is riding it wins. The Brigade was the only team who control the game. They stayed truth to each other no matter what they heard. They TRUSTED each other and they TRULY like each other. They communicated back and fourth. The plan work because it was important for each one to be in the F4. After that it was game on!!! It would of been perfect to see all vets at final, Dani jump the gun and hell broke loose.
          Adam will make it to the end and If I was a VET sitting in the Jury, I would give it to him .

          1. What made the Bridgade so great was that they all had side alliances and every single one of them targeted each other side alliance, but they still remain true to themselves and did not take it personal. Can only happen in a all straight man group.

            1. The bridgade was the reason why the TV ratings were so low for BB last season. The highest rating for last year’s season was the epsiode when Brendon was evicted. Then the show just tanked after that. Last year’s finale received the lowest rating for BB in any season. It received lower numbers than the BB finale that aired after 9/11.

            2. Matt was an original member of the brigade, Brittney wasn’t. They voted Matt out because of his relationship with Regan.

          2. It also worked because the Bra-gade was all dudes!!! As soon as women get involved in your alliance it is OVER!!!

        3. yea, a bunch of people that slept and ate all day while strong players killed each other. Kalia doing some work but hiding behind dani most of the time. Porsche a ditz that will do anything to impress dani and adam…well what hasn’t been said, he’s the greatest floater to ever play.

          1. if Porsche is a ditz what does that make Jordan? even Rainman was good at something. other than twirling her own hair, i’m not sure what Jordan is good for…

            1. Jordan has a big heart! I would never have apologized to Shelly after what she did. I don’t care how old she is! That just showed the class Jordan has. Would you have given up a reward for someone else without thinking about it. Most people would think about themselves. And what gives anyone the right to judge someones worth in life.

        4. couldn’t think of a worse ending other than maggie & that other beeotch … KP are still playing for Dani & not for themselves!!! Good grief

      1. Apparently the sheriff in the county where Shelly lives has just stated that they are investigating multiple death threats to Shelly’s family so apparently it was done for publicity purposes or for sympathy. This is just sick!!

      2. hey man thats not fair I’m a Jeff and Jordan fan but I would never in my life make a threat towards anyone thats for sick people not normal people.

    1. what is she whining about? I know she was the other day when she thought her and Rachel were going home, but since the veto she has actually stepped her game up. Not much but at least she’s talking game and more interested in staying. I don’t see where she’s whining.

      1. all Jordan had to do to “step up her game” was to get out of bed… anything is a step up from doing absolutely nothing of any use.

    2. so unfair to Shelly. If the game were straight up she would have won but they yet again had to interfere and cheat for Jordan… *will not be watching the rest of the season*

    3. I heard the producers of the movie Mean girls is doing a remake and Jordumb and Ratchel are staring in the new movie!!!! Btw, adam’s a biggest floater ever, atleast Shelly has been working to make her movies unlike that fatass

      1. wow…seriously you might want to throw DKP in that mean girls scenario…afterall they were the ones who started it…so there!!!

        1. amazing how everyone suffers from short-term memory loss.

          Anyone remember JJ laying in bed watching the spy screen mocking people? Yeah…I’m glad Jeff got evicted shortly after that. Karma always comes back around.

      1. I know, what it up with all the votes for Jeff? Ugh. I don’t get it. He just seems like such an arrogant bully, out for no one but himself.

        1. because they’re silly little females or those who wish they were female. & did you know that one could be gay & not wish they were female…in other words i aint gaybashing i’m just stating a fact

    1. There’s a bit coming up in Entertainment Tonight Canada that Shelly’s family has been receiving death threats so they’re going into hiding. I guess they have to keep this from Shelly, but can you imagine her reaction?

      1. I personally dont think they should keep it from her. When she evicted this thursday they should tell her and then have her family go to the jury house as well seeing that the jury house location is not known. IMHO if it was my family getting threats I would be pissed if I wasnt told…no amount of money would make me calm with not being told.

      2. Playing Devil’s Advocate does anyone think that maybe it is just publicity put out there to try and garner Shelly sympathy. Just seems if they were real that BB would of had to of told Shelly about it and surely she would of left the house by now. I mean if they are real threats then that is wrong, but why would anyone contact TMZ unless it is about getting publicity. Just a thought.

        1. I do think she will get sympathy for this wether or not that is the intention of the people doing the threats. I personally think it is a prank and the persons doing it have no intention of following through.

          1. If anyone thinks for a second that BB is NOT helping in the “game” not very smart are you??? Of course they assist Jordan and Rachel because eveyone was going nuts. When people are threatening a guests family, of course they are trying to get america back on the side of the Evildoer (shelly) When Jeff calmed down a few years ago, it was only after her was PROMISED by BB that he would get that internet Gig “Travel around the world for free”. So jeff listened and stood down, he shut up with Russell. Point being…BB steps in. Seriously, they wanted America to like Rachel this year so they have forced JJ to be friends with them and in return, Rachael and Brendan will get a BIG WEDDING. It is all about the game people so try not to take it so personal. If you knew one single person who works for CBS, you would understand a bit better how it all works. So when the BIG WEDDING is in the BB news, you will see that I am right and that it was ALL PRE ARRANGED!!!!!

            1. Ahhh, finally, a stable person posting! LOL You hit the nail on the head! I have to say tho, as much as I keep saying, “People, its only a game”! I still found myself hating Shelly more than I have ever hated any previous player! and not because of JJ, but because in my opinion she is just a vial (sp?) human being. I cant find anything positive to like about her or one good game move she has made……oh wait…..she cleaned….ok,
              I found one thing. I guess that counts!

        2. This really gets on my nerves (the same way Rachel’s laugh does, and hearing Shelly say she’s a straight-shooter). I’m talking about people saying “should OF” when they mean “should HAVE” or “should’ve.”

          Now is see this “would of” when they mean “would have.” Soon, maybe I’d see “could of” when they mean “could have.”

          For all haters out there, put your rage on the school system for failing to teach some Americans the proper use of their own language.

          Just sayin.

          Team Regulators, yo! Team Production, yo!

          1. *is see = I see

            [Sorry, I did not school. LOL]

            I love it when people say, “Team Dani 4 life.” It sounds cute.
            Go, Team Shelly, yo! PorKa for the win, yo!

          2. Survi…you should not have said this ‘Now is see this “would of”’ because you have made a booboo…nyuk nyuk nyuk

        3. I am confused. If the death threats are not real and it is for sympathy, sympathy from who? How would sympathy help her to advance in the game? The HGs dont have a clue of what is going on in the real world nor do the jurors. What purpose would it serve? Sympathy with the viewing audience? The viewing audience can not determine the outcome of the game. I believe the threat/s are real. I dont believe that it is many, maybe one perhaps two. Considering that Shelly has perfected the art of exaggeration, maybe her husband has as well. But even one threat is too much. BB most probably asked her husband if he thinks that Shelly should be informed of this and he most probably told them ‘no’. I would have too. If the threats are real, she is much safer where she is than being at home. I hope the threats have stopped and the one/s made prior were nothing but ignorant people foaming at the mouth. Shelly is in the world of business. This threat/s (if it is real) could be residual from a past dealing, and whoever is doing it is taking advantage of what is happening in BB to get even. Just a guess. I too am from Louisiana and people from here take everything quite seriously. We are not as red neck or as dumb as many people in other parts of the country believe. I just did an online search with the local newspapers and unless I am over looking it, I have not found any articles concerning this.

          1. I did some research on it yesterday as well!! There was absolutely NOTHING on CBS world news, Entertainment tonight only had a threat against David letterman, nothing on Extra, nothing on the FBI top lists….NOTHING AT ALL…Anywhere! The only source of this was TMZ and I’m not sure they are really news worthy…so the only conclusion I could see is this was done for publicity by CBS/BB to help their ratings!

            1. Since when does what happens to Big Brother Players and their familys ever become “World News”? There’s hurricanes ripping up the east coast, famine in Africa, and political unrest everywhere else in the world.

        4. Its strange how people react differently to an exact same situation. I shall explain. Years ago, in the early seventies, I was still a teenager and was asked to go to the theater to see a movie that everyone was talking about; high praises and excellent reviews. I said “sure”, and I went. After seeing this incredible movie that fascinated me, scared me, left me in awe as well as speechless, at the end of the movie I stood with everyone else applauding and cheering. The noise level was off the charts! Every one of us fell in love with the lead character, who did everything that Shelly did in the BB house. With one exception, Shelly never committed murder nor ordered any one to be murdered. This movie was great entertainment just like BB is. The movie I am speaking of is the Godfather. Al Pacino was paid millions of dollars for his great performance. He portrayed a mobster. A man who lied and cheated with a straight face. Everyone loved him. People fell in love with the character he portrayed. Yeah, I know its a movie–entertainment, just like BB. Shelly is doing the very same things and she is doing it with the hopes of winning $500,000. Yet she is hated for it. I am at a loss with this. I know she lied a great deal but everyone else in the house (with the exception of those who really didnt do anything but ride the coat tails of others) did the same thing. Some did worse. They used people making them believe that they would take care of them but had every intention of discarding them when they were no longer needed. Can someone explain to me why is the crown of hatred placed upon Shelly’s head and no one elses? I know this website is followed by many Jordan and Jeff, and Dani fans. I respect all, however their plans were no different. They deceived, lied, manipulated, and did what they thought was best to advance themselves in the game. It cant be just ‘lying’ that is causing so many people to dislike Shelly. It has to be something else too. What could it be?

          1. It could be all the needless hate talk she did on Rachel, and the steeling of Rachel’s dog, that Rachel’s mother gave her, don’t care as one blogger sais it cost about two dollars, its the feelings behind that dog that counts.Shelly also said she wanted to cut Rachel’s dog up, and put pieaces of it Rachel’s bed every day. nice eh. Shelly also said on her blog, that it makes her happy when she has a company meeting, and she gets in the guys faces and make them shake, that she enjoys that, What power. What a mother, wife and friend to have. NOT

          2. The difference with Shelly from the Godfather is she listened to Dani tell her they were all signing JJ a fat check. When she voted jeff out she said he stood in her way to help her family after claiming to be friends…what about Rachel, Porche, Kalia, Jordan, Adam standing her way?? She did not have an “alliance” with Porcha or Kalia! For that matter, she could’ve waited a week or two to vote him out…she went about it all wrong. She was stupid…there were too many other options to choose from before flipping. I still think Jeff should’ve taken Porche out before Dani

        5. If Cassi is eligible to win America’s Favorite, I hope she wins it. Cassi was evicted because of jealousy. She wasnt even given a chance to play. Its bad enough that excellent game players are evicted out of fear of their winning the game and now being too pretty will get you evicted as well. What jealousy will do. The green eyed monster struck at the hands of Rachel. IF she is in the final two and for the sake of not being forced to watch her act like a little spoiled child, stomping and screaming and crying and run into the bushes to hide her angry eyes because she didnt win, I hope that Rachel wins. For the last couple of weeks, everyone has noticed that Rachel is different. That is because she is exhausted. She just doesnt have the energy to keep up being Rachel. Rachel likes to perform. She performs best with her man at her side. With him gone, she is lost. I enjoy watching her because her facial expressions tell it all. So child like. Jordan is just adorable, but the sweetheart doesnt have a clue. I am not saying she is dumb, but I think for Jordan other things in life are far more important than BB. She is playing this game as if she were playing a game of Monopoly. As long as she has a get out of jail free card, she is content. Kalia over thinks everything, which eventually will be her undoing. Also, she keeps the advice of Dani close to heart. This game changes week to week. What worked two weeks ago, will not necessarily work this week or next. She needs to think for herself. Porsche kinda reminds me of a perfume sales clerk. When she makes a sale, she bounces up and down with excitement and starts projecting her next sale. She remains confident while the eyes shift side to side awaiting the next patron to step up to the counter, even if the store is completely empty. Shelly’s problem was that she tried too hard. She tried not to make mistakes which caused her to make tons. Attempting to play all sides too soon caused the floor to collapse from under. Standing in the middle and constantly going round and round weakens the floor and then suddenly–you fall right through. When she is going to return home to watch the entire program, no doubt she will kick herself in the butt. Adam, well– like I stated in a prior comment, he is Custer at the last stand. To me, he is the greatest disappointment this season. He promised all, and gave nothing. Like many, I am very curious as to what is taking place in the jury house. All we can do is assume. Soon BB13 will be history. I hope at the end of the day all of the HGs are like opposing lawyers after a long heated trial; smile, shake hands and congratulate each other. Be well everyone.

          1. Dani wanted Cassi out because of her closeness to Dom. Rachel was HOH and Dani went to work on BRJJ that Cassi had to go. Dani wanted Dom to herself. Don’t blame Rachel, blame Dani. Remember Jordan wanted Cassi to stay.

      3. I wonder if the bodyguards Shelly says they have are true or was she just lying, because she told them in the house today she has a bodyguard when her husband is at the women’s clinic. Why do you need a bodyguard in ordinary life? She seems to stay in a nice neighborhood, so why did she need a bodyguard before the show? I guess the husband don’t trust the bodyguard to have to go into hiding.

        1. If it’s true that Shelly’s hub needs a bodyguard and works at a women’s clinic.. Living here in Kansas, many of the abortion Dr’s need them.
          *shrugs* I don’t know. I did like the idea of it all being a publicity stunt tho.. just as you said to garner sympathy for Shelly.

    2. You mean vote for the skeleton dano bff??? hell no!! =]
      america still loves JJ =]
      but i might vote for rachel =]

    3. NO way would I vote for Adam, Kalia, Porsche or Shelly. These have said and done really despicable things and do not deserve to win. GO RACHEL AND JORDAN ALL THE WAY!!! All Shelly, Porsche and Kalia do is say and do horrid things. These three all need some sort of mental help when they get out of the BB house. As for Adam, just NO!!

        1. and you know this because what are you her doctor…. give us all a break and keep you dumb thoughts to yourself … geeeeeeeesh …

        2. So what. they’re all nuts. Jordan is OCD w/ her hair pulling. Kalia id ADD w/ constant rambling/eating/moving.. Porsche is narcissistic w/ has anyone ever won veto/ HOH in one day!!! Look Janelle!!! I can get anyone to do anything!! Shelly definitely psychopathlogical liar…And then there is Adam…???

          1. We are worse nutjobs because we watch them. How do you justify our behavior? LOL.

            I hope Jeff doesn’t win America’s fave. He’s a bully. Remember he bullied Dani right before her first HoH? Then he went on shouting at Shelly right before Shelly’s ally Kalia won HoH. Both times, it cost his vet alliance. He disrespected Adam so many times behind Adam’s back or when Adam was asleep (remember when Jeff threw things at Adam for snoring?).
            Jeff’s social game is horrible (second only to Rachel’s). America knows Jeff’s word is NOT GOOD.

            And he talks like being a house guest on BB is a full-time job. What an !d!oT.

            Go, Team KaliAdam, yo!

            1. Dani was a bully also, but she controled people also. Plus last night we found out she was a thief.
              Not a nice person over all.

              1. How was Dani a bully? I don’t remember her yelling at Kalia when she was HOH; but Jeff did. I dont remember her acting disrespectful to anyone during nomination ceremony. But Jeff and Rachel did the same to Kalia. Not once did Dani run around and bully house guests for votes, but we saw on national TV Jeff bully Shelly and Adam for votes. Give me a break with this bully crap. There are way bigger bullies in this house. Let’s not forget Rachel who couldn’t keep her hands of Dani and tried several times to be physically confrontational. Dani walked away; bullies do not walk away. Also, did you happen to forget the Dumbledore convo in the HOH room between Jeff and Kalia? Here let me remind you: *** Sorry donnie I can’t post links to videos in youtube that show clips from the live feeds.. If people want to see Jeff’s Rant about gays they’ll need to go to that site.

      1. Despicable things? Um, okay. More over dramatic semantics. Vile is another word I’ve seen used in an over dramatic way this past week.

  1. A Vet will win this! Porsche’s HOH is a complete waste, she’s no longer in power, Rachel/Jordan are GO TEAM RACHEL/JORDAN!!

    1. Agreed. In 3 HOHs between Kalia and Porsche they will have evicted 2 alliance members. That’s about as poor gameplay as there is.

          1. You know Production is in trouble when the fan sentiments tend to justify Chima’s meltdown in her season.

            RK should keep Shelly, since R knows Adam is against her. Go, Team Shelly, yo!

    2. If RJ do manage to get PK out Porche has no one to blame but herself I think the newbies will go down as the dumbest allience i have never seen an allience do so many dumb moves lol from putting up one of their own to opening pandor’s box knowing that it will be bad for the house

      1. It didn’t matter if she opened it or not. Somehow production would have unlocked duos again. Probably with the fortune teller.

        1. Go, Team Production, yo!

          And I think a whole bunch of Team Production are here rigging the votes on this website with Jeff leading the polls.

    1. Not a chance, Porsche and Kaila continue to screw up.Every plan they had but it backfired. JR will destroy PK once and for all.

      1. Correction…they aren’t screwing up…it’s production screwing it up….these twists have only so far benefited JJBR

        1. SO TRUE! Brendon gets voted out…voted back in. Porche gets HOH a magical double veto comes to play that is geared towards Rachel cause Jordan cant win shit, KP deserve to make it cause they have been the only newbies to play the game and K sent home the biggest competition Jeff

          1. Are you nuts? KP doesn’t do anything and they don’t deserve nothing. What KP going to do in final 2? Tell me, what benefit does KP have? K send the strongest player Jeff. That’s a dumb move. That why JR will get rid KP one by one. Their cocky and Aggroant. Their stupid plan will not work. Beside what they going to do with 500K? Huh buy more clothes, going to McDonald order more Cheeseburger. Please, they don’t deserve Squat. That why Team Jordan/Rachel will go to Final 2. I will laugh at your face Porsche and Kaila got evicted. No shot at winning half the million. I will make sure Porsche and Kaila are going to the Jury House. So take that Team PK. Team JR will go to the final 2. The newbies better vote for the best player. I will have to warn you. The veterans will control the Jury votes if Rachel and Jordan go to the Jury House. So, my advice: Team Rachel/Jordan are going to the final 2.They deserve more than those Cocky Aggrogance Porsche and Kaila. Oh yeah! Even though Jeff got evicted. J already evicted Dani. So, were even. Team JR. Yo!

            1. Captain= “I will make sure Porsche and Kaila are going to the Jury House.” rofl wtf kinda twisted fantasy world does this retard live in? lol the retard behind the computer in his moms basement thinks he has control over whats gonna happen in BB…just WOW!

              1. Hey watch it! Don’t you call me a retard. That’s not cool okay. Just shut up and move on. get through your head. Don’t pissed me off. That’s the truth and whole truth. You call yourself a Moron. Not me is calling you that. You did this upon yourself.

            2. @Captainwedgiearchnemesis: GET A LIFE. Jordan and Jeff don’t give a shit about you !! So why are you wasting your time by defending them? and I REALLY HOPE THAT the floooater Jordan ”the useless” will send home next week! She didn’t deserve to win Big Brother season 11, she’s borring and look like a total barbie and ohh we all know she is nothing without Jeff. I don’t really like Rachel, but at least she’s playing the game !! Americans are rude… like really why you guys really hate Shelly?! it’s just a game!

              1. Jordan is probably one of the most innocent person in the world. The only reason people don’t think she deserves to win is because they are jealous. .-. UJELLY? Yes, yes you are. You think she’s boring. You’ve never met her. She looks like a barbie? Not really. :/ Stop being so quick to judge. KTHNXBAI

              2. Dude, First of all. Keep your mouth close and stop talking okay. I don’t care whatever you say. Your opinion does not applied to me. Read my lips. I don’t care. So, that my opinion and I got my life. You GET A LIFE. Look at Porsche, she won 1 HOH and 1 POV. That’s nothing. She don’t care about you. Kaila, 2 HOH. That’s nothing. Both of them don’t deserve nothing. Both are useless and don’t do anything. Porsche and Kaila both got 5gs each means both buy clothes and going to McDonalds. Porsche is clueless and She never knew Former Big Brother contestant. Blah Blah Blah. Porsche has no chance of winning it. On other Hand, Kaila don’t deserve it Either because what she going to do of 500K? HUH! Tell me. Order more food. Beside both don’t deserve crap. I would rather have Rachel and Jordan final 2. So, get through your head and think. And Get a Life.

                1. Are you one of the cave men from the commercials, if not you are doing well learning the English language except how to write it, speak it or put together coherent sentences.

            3. @Captainwedgiearchnemesis: GET A LIFE. Jordan and Jeff don’t give a shit about you !! So why are you wasting your time by defending them? and I REALLY HOPE THAT the floooater Jordan ”the useless” will send home next week! She didn’t deserve to win Big Brother season 11, she’s borring and look like a total barbie and ohh we all know she is nothing without Jeff. I don’t really like Rachel, but at least she’s playing the game. Americans are rude… like really why guys really hate Shelly?! it’s just a game!

              1. Captain and every one else Y’all need to chill. Don’t take things to serious you
                going to get gray hair like Jeff. LOL

              2. Americans aren’t intentionally rude…but they are superficial. They see a young good looking couple like Jeff and Jordan, and they choose to stop looking further than skin deep. They completely ignore Jeff’s bullying, his childish rants and jabs at the other houseguests, and Jordan’s lack of common sense. Not to mention Jeff and Jordan’s blatant hypocrisy throughout this game.

            4. Porsche and Kalia have won a handful of competitions whereas Jordan can’t seem to. How do they not deserve this? Your fanaticism scares me.

              1. porsche has won 1 veto her hoh means nothing, kalia has won 1 hoh because her 1 hoh was useless, and jordan has won 1 hoh it was not given to her, jeff and brendan just didn’t try for it since jordan already won
                so I would say they were even

          2. um america hates brendan and rachel remember, how could BB know he’d get voted back in, especially after the wonderful edit cassi got. Last time I checked not only did porsche control the veto, but rachel had to win. Did BB rig those two factors as well.
            move on

            1. It didn’t take a genius to figure out Cassi and Dominic would split the vote and leave Brendon with the majority. I voted Dominic and realized a day later that it would all be for nothing.

        2. Dani was handed Golden Key day one…. Dick didn’t want to play…did it so Dani could have her “dream” … For the hundredth time…BB pushes certain people forward for ratings…If Newbies were playing hard…BB would have twists to keep them too

        3. It would be so unbelievably funny if Evil Dick won America’s Fav… Pls make it happen. For all you fans who r pissed at “rigged” twists… show BB we can play that game too.

      2. A there mouths were too big. I mean if you weren’t planning to take Shelly to final 3 or two, why are you telling her everything? KP told Shelly everything even about there color coded jelly beans for each of the house guest. As much as they love Dani they didn’t listen to her because she told them, DO NOT TRUST SHELLY.

  2. It sucks that you just know Jeff will win America’s Player for reasons unknown to me.

    Daniele deserves it 10x more and there is NO disputing that.

      1. Since you speak for all of us I guess there is no sense in voting??? America’s player is whoever is favored by most of the viewers and obviously Dani is not liked by most.

        Just saying…


      2. Dani is nothing without Dick. While they may have been exciting, she made awful game decisions.

        Jeff and his alliance evicted every major threat to them and he was only evicted because of bad luck not seeing the second shoe get tossed out of his bin. If he saw that shoe he’d probably have won the season with Jordan finishing second.

    1. Don’t think she does. She made the dumbest move going against the vet allianace too soon. The target on her back would not have been there until much later. Even her father could see it was a stupid move. It is tells me that it was her father that carried her to the end in her season. Yes you have to take out members of your allience at some point but not when the numbers are not yet in you favor. Really she could have had a real shot of making it all the way if not for that move. Too bad she was one of my picks to win until she did that. Had to go for JJ all the way after that.

    2. I’m only voting jeff just to piss off Dani fans. I don’t like Jeff much but if he wins I’ll at least be glad to know that a bunch of Dani fans are crying for their mom.

    3. yea, she did rock that golden key vote her own alliance out in lovely fashion, She spent her time sitting in her room talking personal crap about most people and stealing stuff. I’d say she deserves more money over anyone else.

  3. Get through Rachel?

    Are you high?

    You’re rooting for freaking Adam….LOL. Oh god, I think I need to get off this website. Just ridiculous.

    Somewhere Evel Dick is groaning.

    1. colourblind
      2011/08/26 at 10:31 pm | In reply to RC24.
      Adam/Rachel/Jordan for F3.

      so who are you cheering for?

  4. Wow, if JJ fans didn’t split the vote between the two JJ would have almost 4x the vote of Daniele. Looks like not everyone hates JJ.

      1. LoL! It wouldn’t surprise me! Team Dani fans know who really got this game going though! Regardless of who went furthest in the game, the one with the real guts, completive game playing abilities and character was Dani. She was the real deal and the complete package!

  5. What are these houseguests going to do when SHelly gets evicted this week? Who will do all the chores that Shelly has taken on herself to do? I really doubt Rachel or Kalia will pick up a broom to sweep or even pull out the vacuum to run it over the rugs. And who else will scrub the washroom the way Shelly does? They should evict her but hire her to stay in the house to do the chores. Every season I have watched there has always been an issue with how dirty the house got with no one emptying the trash or cleaning the washrooms etc. But this season there has been no complaints

  6. Hey let’s make jeff americas player
    And hope jordan winsthe 500000 again
    So it’ll be bb11 all over again
    Now who’s wit me?

        1. I totally agreed more 100%! Jordan will have the first history to win back to back Big brother. She will tied with Survivor contestant Sandra who won twice. So let’s make a repeat.

          1. Anyone with half a brain knows Jordan would of been evicted this week if it wasn’t for Allison Grodner rigging the show. Also she never would of won the first time if it wasn’t rigged then either with the Coup De Tat. Jordan is one of the worst players & only wins because she has friends in production rigging it for her. So stick that in ur pipe & smoke it!

            1. Dude, How stupid are you? Did you listen on youtube of Big Brother production of rigged? First of all CBS production don’t do that rigging. That’s all I’m asking. You been in smoke your crack pipes. That why Jordan will have the history of Big Brother. Jordan Lloyd win Big Brother Twice. I want a History making. And secondly, stop complaining of CBS production crap. Enough, you will make fools to yourself. Your brain is not working. That’s all I’m asking. Thank you.

                1. Okay, you need to stop calling me an idiot. I’m not an idiot okay. Just chill and move on. I don’t need all these nonsense. So, knock it off. I have entitled to write my opinion.

              1. The only history being made is Shelly. We’ve never seen a TV character like that before. Followers and haters say the same thing. She’s one of a kind. She is going to be a TV icon.

                Team Shelly 4 life, yo!

              2. For the love of god please ask your mom to help you complete a sentence and while you at it try and make some sense. Moron

                1. SQUABBLE, Are you feeling good to yourself? Calling me a Moron. How stupid are you? How you feel if I call you a moron? HUH? Are you ashamed to yourself? If You call me a Moron and now you call everyone a Moron. Think before you say something stupid. So, everyone has a entitled to have a opinion. You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. You don’t like my opinion, that fine but calling everyone including myself moron. That’s really way gone to far. Simon, post this one.

                  1. I can spell, complete a sentence, use logical thinking and put together a coherent sentence, you on the other hand butchers the english language, you are not only a moron but a douche yes Jeff’s douche. Now go ask mommy for a glass of milk and some cookies retard.

              3. oh please. Production has taken a hand as far back as BB3 as i can remember, bc it would make good television. Back then, Amy had promised Roddy to use the veto on him if she ever got it and he was up on the block. a few weeks later…lo and behold!! Roddy on the block set to leave the house, and the veto comp is what? a mini-obsticle course while the HGs needed to balance something on their head. Coincidence that this was perfectly suited to Amy, who had participated in pageants.

                I’m not saying that every single time, its Production interfering with the game. but to say that they don’t is to be divorced from reality.

                1. Agreed I’ve seen it from the time I started watching the feeds.. some season are worse than others but every single year there’s production manipulation. This year being one of the most manipulated and BB10 being one of the least manipulated.

    1. So Rachel fans…When will Rachel cut Jordan loose?

      Rachel is a true BB player. She knows she can’t win the money without Jordan on the jury.

      Will she put her up at some point or let KPA do the dirty work?

      1. whatutalkinaboutwillis, your failed. Rachel will never cut Jordan loose.She needs her going to final 2. KP will go to the Jury House. I passed. Better luck next time. JR will go to the final 2. Jordan will be the first woman in the history in Big Brother House to win 500K twice. Beside, The Veterans has the control. Rachel did change without Brendon. So, Sorry about your dam Luck.

        1. Wrong count the votes BOZOS.

          Shelly, Dani, Kalia, Porsche will all vote against Rachel.

          Jeff will vote for Jordan.

          I repeat Rachel has not chance against Jordan in the final two.

          1. Again, Wrong!
            Jordan will have a History of Big Brother
            Jordan to win: Jeff, Adam, Kaila, Shelly, Dani, Porsche
            Rachel to win:Brendon
            So I’m right and your wrong. That the final. Like it or not.

            1. You moron. Thats what I just said.

              Rachel has no shot against Jordan. Jordan will win.

              HELLO – That is why Rachel needs Jordan out of house on the jury. So Rachel has a shot at $500k.

              Why are you so stupid?

          2. I think it is a tough call.
            Jordan would get Jeff’s vote and Dani’s but the others may
            very well take into account Game Play and the fact Jordan won
            once before.
            Rachel is a BB Gamer and Jordan is a lazy player.
            If it comes down to Rachel vs Jordan, I hope Rachel wins.

            1. IDK on this Midwest Fan. Think about the Newbies who dislike Rachel or Jordan. Dani indeed vote for Jordan, Kaila will get Jordan votes because of her trust and Shelly will make up of Backstabbing Jeff. Adam will vote for Jordan because he Trust JJ. On the other hand Porsche will vote for Rachel and so as Brendon. So it’s 5-2 vote count. Oh Remember BB11 that it’s a tiebreaker of Jordan vs Brendon. Well, this year, This is Rachel’s first Part 3 Jury question. Hopefully her study tapes will help her but will see. However, Jordan make up the A & B Jury Question vs Kevin. Well. She has go over the Jury Question.

            2. Whoever wins between PAKJRS, deserves it because they signed up for this crazy BB asylum that we all love to watch. There never was a criteria for who deserves what. It depends on the jury (and production, wink-wink).

              Say what you will, but “Captainwedgiearchnemesis” entertained me the most in this website; the same way Shelly got me so entertained on TV.

              I wanna see Janelle Pierzina, Dan Gheesling, Jun Song, Britney Haynes, Danielle Reyes, Brittany Petros, Will Kirby and Matt Hoffman on the next All-Star season. Just sayin.

              Go, Team Production, yo!

            3. I think dani would vote for rachel over jordan because she thinks jordan was there for a vacation, and if dani votes for rachel so will kalia and porsche, because they are dani clones

  7. dani is the best … she played the house the best and was the only one who stood up to the vets like JJBR. go dani and go newbies. DK!!

      1. She didn’t even play the house. She did the same thing Shelly did talked about them and planned behind their backs, and when she got caught LIED and blamed it on someone else. Everything she did someone knew, so it was no secret. Week three when she wanted to backdoor Jeff she told BR about . Last week when she wanted to get votes to stay and ruin Jeff’s HOH Rachel told Jeff about it after what Shelly wanted her to do, and when they got into it with Shelly Dani was just standing there. She didn’t play anyone she got played. Even her dad said her moves weren’t good nor strategic. So none of her plans worked. She didn’t get Jeff out, and she didn’t get to stay. She did get Brendan out, but that was no secret because she told everyone she wanted Brendan out because he was a threat to her game. Her mouth was too big and she tried to get people to do her dirty work, and the only one that fell for it was K.

    1. Dani was only able to get Brendon and Lawon out (through Kalia) before going herself. Not much of an accomplishment is it? Funny thing is if she didn’t go against her alliance so early she would’ve made it a lot further. All she did was screw herself over and dragged the vets down with her.

      1. Seems you don’t remember things early in the game much do you, so let me remind you.

        After Dick left, the team of BRJJ decided to get rid of Dom because he proved himself to be a strong player after whipping their asses in the POV comp. They also got rid of him because he was lining himself with Dani. Jeff steerheaded the change up from evicting Adam to Dom, meanwhile Jeff was working Adam into his own alliance.

        After the golden key part of the season was over and everyone had seen the abilities of all the houseguests in comps (except for Dani who never got to compete after week 1 but her reputaion was well known as to winning comps), how many individual competitors were left? NONE aside from BR and Jeff and Dani.

        Dani was a sitting duck in her own alliance, bullshit to any of BRJJ saying different, had any of them won HOH, Dani would have been gone likely by BD. Her winning her first available HOH made her a sitting duck for BRJJ without her having any sort of an alliance really made, so what choice did she have except to go after those who were going to go after her.

        Dani’s only mistake was not targeting Jeff instead of Brenda, but considering Jeff had COATTAIL Jordan with him, he was pretty much a solo act and BR were a force to deal with, so cut it off like she did was a smart move and had the bullshit twist not happened as it did by BB production, Dani’s second HOH would have seen Jeff gone instead of repeating what her prior HOH accomplished.

        Had Dani gone after floaters as the plan was, Dani would have been gone 2 weeks earlier than she did, without question and BRJ& coattailJ would have run the house just as BB Production set this years cast of useless newbies to have happen, slaughterhouse BB13.

        1. Finally some one here that watches the show, stand strong brother don’t let the JJ fans make your stare as blank as Jordans. The truth will set you free

        2. Mel, I am no particular fan of anyone on the show. I just enjoy watching it. But I must say, your explanation of what has happened is filled with “If Dani did this instead of” and “Dani’s only mistake was”, Jeff did the same ‘instead of’s’ and ‘only mistake was’. Well Mel, making bad decisions and making mistakes is what separates average players from great players. Your comment proved that those who have been evicted justly deserved it. Bad decisions + mistakes = Eviction. Nothing else need be said. Have a good night.

    2. Danielle’s game play was lackluster compared to her own season when her father was there pulling her strings.

      1. has everyone forgotten dick and dani didn’t really do anything their season, eric and america kept them in the house, they are not the best players

  8. If JR do not vote out Shelly this week Shelly will win this game…….that will be the end of my watching BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I think Rachel or Jordan if not both will be in final three. I don’t see K or P making it to final 3 I think one of them is gone next week. I do believe Adam is in final 3 for sure. Adam has a final 2 deal with J,K, and P. I know it won’t happen, but I would love to see JR in final 2. I mean why not. I would love to see everyone in Jury have to vote for those two. JB are the only two that will like it, but it will also be nice to see DS face to have to vote for those two, and it would be nice to see JB try and persuade the jury to vote for their girlfriends.

  10. Jeff could spend hours on the live feeds professing how well designed Hitler’s concentration camps were and people here would still vote for him as America’s Fav and BB would choose to show none of it on CBS.

    Yea – I went there.

    1. LoL! I get your point and agree but, dude I think you may have gone just a weeeeee bit overboard in trying to get your point across. Breathe! ;-)

  11. This cast is the worst ever!! I don’t want anyone to win. Kalia made the stupidest move in BB history, Porsche can’t make a decision, will only follow Dani’s directions, and Adam hasn’t done shit. Jordan already won BB11. That leaves Rachel. OMG…..This sucks

    1. God knows I am not a Rachel fan but she is the only person left that played full on the whole game. Dani, Brendon and Jeff did too. KP have won some things but did not have the intensity/drive the entire game. Adam is nice and loyal but not a good game player. Just as Shellys family does not deserve death threats, Shelly does not deserve to win. If she was able to keep her lies under cover the maybe she would deserve a chance to win.
      Rachel for the 500k

    1. If those two are in final two i think Adam will win only because he flipped, and avoided the block several times and can say he managed to keep himself safe by playing all sides and never going back on his word to any of them. Porsche I think the jury will use the golden key against her saying she did. JJ will vote for Adam, I think B will also because he never liked P and didn’t even want Rachel trusting her. I think Adam will get Shelly vote. I think only DK will vote for P and maybe R which is still not enough for her to win. Adam was with the vets from day one and eventhough he flipped sides he managed to keep them happy with him unlike P. She didn’t use the veto on J when he used it on her and the newbies don’t realize JJBR are the votes they need to win because they are a pair which ever way one vote the others will likely vote. the other 2 newbies in the jury along with D vote won’t matter.

  12. you need to take meds for your glaucoma because you must be blind or cross eyed.

    But I would smell porsches sweaty feet all day and all night if she wanted.

    1. I want to see Porsche win it all! She did float in the beginning, but I like her over everyone else left. Team Porsche! (Still TD4L, though).

    2. Naids, is that a medical condition that affects your eyesight?

      Kalia and Shelly are the Hottest women in the BB, only if they are final three with Adam, and even then I think it would be a close vote.

  13. Shelly is well aware what’s going on at home…her husband is a manipulator as well.
    When he saw that Shelly had royally screwed her family out of 500k, they went to
    plan B. Report death threats and file lawsuits.. Casey Anthony’s family receive death
    threats…YES! Shelly Moore, I think not!

    1. The only thing that get’s me with that is with Dick when he had some sort of emergency he left. I can’t understand if someone is threatening you and your daughter because of your wife on a reality game show why not have her come home? I don’t care how much she loves the show and wants to be on it. Which is more important the safety if you’re not worried about yourself, but the safety of your daughter, and really is any amount of money worth risking your daughter’s safety. I mean seriously Shelly is always talking about how much moeny they have, it just seems to me that these people will do whatever it takes for money. Don’t get me wrong they should not be harrassed or threatened, but as a man and a father when do you step up and say THIS AND NO AMOUNT OF MONEY IS WORTH IT.

    2. From reading the JJ obsessive fan comments on here. I’m 110% convinced there were death threats made against Shelly and her family last week.

  14. Go jeff for America’s player!!! Hope he comes back for an all stars season! Please hope J and R stick with Adam and get rid of shelly once and for all!

    1. I think shelly needs a rest from all of her cleaning she has done to the big brother house – what a good place to rest in a nice spacious house with a pool and friends to share with. hopefully in a few days all will be forgiven – it is afterall a game (i know for large sum of money) but still just a game.

  15. So Rachel fans…When will Rachel cut Jordan loose?

    Rachel is a true Big Brother player. She knows she can’t win the money without Jordan on the jury.

    Will she put her up at some point or let KPA do the dirty work?

    1. Again, Never. You failed. I passed! I’m the man. Rachel will never cut Jordan loose. Team JR will work together and put the difference aside. To take out the newbies.

      1. You fail.

        Jeff is gone. You predictions are comedy.

        Wait wasn’t Jeff supposed to win every competition?

        1. Captain is so delusional it isn’t even funny anymore. I remember his post that had Jeff winning every other HOH and every POV. LMAO, I’d say you were a little off.

      2. No offense but are you a bot? I guess if you’re one, you won’t be able to answer me properly but I’ve been wondering since yesterday, especially when you kept posting almost the same messages about not being the person who threatens Shelly’s family. You always use the same words: you’re must be a blogbot.

  16. Uhmm DANI was a vet too!! So what do you mean she was the only one brave enough to go against the vets?

    Do you think eval dick would went against vets sooo early NOOO and he said that himself!!!

    BTW jeff actually had to work for evry comp he won soo he defiantly deserves to be americas player

    OHH and the alliance that DANI “the best player haha” did form she bad mouthed and talked sOoooo horribly about them kalia and porsche and you would know that if you watched the live feeds

    I’m not trying to be all for jj but what’s true it what’s true and what’s deserved is what is desrved.

      1. Actually, Brendon and Rachel were constantly thinking of flipping on Jeff and Jordan — they weren’t a stable, reliable alliance in the longterm picture and probably would have backstabbed Jeff as soon as they felt ‘safe’ in doing so. Or at least that’s how it looked, I can’t say I’ve watched any of the live feeds.

        1. Brenchel only threw JJ under the bus when the only other option would have been to split up Brenchel. Self-preservation is OK. When Jeff threw the cornhole challenge, his vet-alliance was not in grave danger (either S or A leaves if Veto winner keeps the noms). Jeff chose to get rid of Brendon and pretend he did not have blood on his hands. Wait ’til Rachel sees the show, they might not be invited in their CBS-sponsored wedding.

          Jeff is not a honorable person. Neither is Shelly. But at least, Shelly got me entertained. LOL.

          Go, Team PorKa, yo! Adam FTW.

          1. Right on, Naids! Finally, someone who sees Jeff’s downfall the same way that I do. Jeff’s eviction was a direct result of his throwning the cornhole competition. There was no reason for him not to win that POV and keep the nominations the same except that he was keeping Dani in his backpocket by not pissing her off. If he had won POV and kept nominations the same, it would have left Shelly & Adam on the block. Jeff could have convinced Brenchel that keeping Shelly was in the best interest of their alliance at that time and they would have had the votes to send Adam home. That would have left them 5 competitors to play in the next HOH and would have left Brenchel as the bigger targets in the game. Definitely Jeff’s worse move in the game!!!

    1. Wow can you actually count, Dani was a sitting duck to BRJJ, had Dick been there different story all together because just as Jeff and Jordan and Brenda had Rachel as back ups, Dani was alone and as proven with her comps, the best player in the game after she was freed from the golden key stupidity.

      She isn’t stupid, the Vets said target floaters, yet Jeff made them turn and go after strong when he had them turn from Adam to Dom after Dom blew them away in the POV and Dani was obviously now working with Dom. Jeff and Brenda the chicken shits wouldn’t have anything of it, so Dani in week 5 would have been a sitting duck and gone 2 weeks earlier at the hands of BRJJ.

      If a HOH falls into Jordans lap now which is likely, good bye Rachel, Jordan is as dirty a player as th rest, she hides it under the umbrella of dumbness!

      She showed her true colors when saying last night “this is the payback I get for giving her a call home, she backstabs me………….ummmmm she is still there, Jeff the Asshole is gone, where is the backstabbing?

      Oh right Dani was wrong, write a check out to Jeff and Jordan now, obviously Jordan expects that…….considering she was JUST THERE TO SPEND THE SSUMMER WITH JEFF IN THE JURY HOUSE! Bullshit greedy phony little girl!

      1. IF Jeff had won the $500,000, I think he would have ended his
        $howmance with Jordan. FREEDOM!!
        IF Jordan wins the $500,000, he may stick around for one more year
        to continue cashing in on their $howmance.

  17. oh my god did jordan really say that she lost respect for dani because dani was rude when things didn’t go her way, i know she has selective memory loss but damn come on everytime they weren’t in power that’s all she did was whine and complain and look how she acted when jeff left she was like a little 2 year old who didn’t get another cookie or something, grow up jordan and quit being such a hypocrite. i hope and pray that her, jeff, rachel, and brendon never play this game again, because everytime i even think about it i throw up in my mouth a little bit. let some new people play instead of recycled ones.

  18. I did a Google search about Shelly’s family: “Executive Producer Allison Grodner urges fans, who are upset by Shelly’s move to evict Jeff last week, to stop making the threats, while Shelly’s family is preparing to get FBI involved in the case…..Shelly’s family began receiving death threats after she voted to evict Jeff last week, during which another contestant Daniele Donato was also sent home. Sources said Shelly’s family has received numerous phone calls from people threatening violence acts against her husband and 8-year-old daughter.
    TMZ also learned that Shelly’s employer has been receiving harassing phone calls, demanding the company to fire Shelly because of her move on the show. Meanwhile, a Facebook page was made under the name “America Hates Shelly Moore” to campaign the hates for Shelly.”

    If true, this is sad beyond words. I should have known by the tone of some comments that some people are truly in love with these characters. I beg you. step away from the computer & tv. Go outside and breathe the fresh air. Go to a football game. Go hiking…or sit in nature. Go to a party and dance all night….but please get away from the tv & the computer….when tv becomes a reality to you…then it is really time to step away and go out and have some fun with friends…you know ….friends…the ones that are (real) …not these tv people. I wanted Dani to win, but in the end …I really don’t care.

    Somebody from BB will win 500K. but it won’t be me…so who really cares….except for the fact that we have this great site that we share our opinions & laugh…but no one should wish harm. It is just a show & just a game. Go out and have some fun.

  19. U people with your bb production conspiracy bs make me laugh. I read through the comments and it reminds me of these tea party morons that we have to listen to. The loud, obnoxious and ill informed are the ones that always scream when things don’t go “their way “. Just take a look at the poll above to really see how most people feel. And I don’t own a single cat! Team dog all the way!

    1. I’m uncertain what point you’re trying to make. That Jeff and Jordan have some sort of gigantic cult-like following? This isn’t news. It’s the reason why production didn’t want to lose both of america’s sweethearts within a week of each other, hence the ‘power of BS veto’.

      There have been many previous contestants who have come out and said that this was clearly a move by production to keep Jordan and Rachel in the game. Christ even Rachel said on the feeds (right before they cut them) that she expected the veto comp to be tailored to them because this was being done to save them.

      But I guess they’re all crazy conspiracy theorists too right?

    2. i guess the truth hurts doesn’t it, it’s right there to slap u in the face, every twist has been 4 the vets even u can’t deny that first brendon coming back & then the duos twist & even if porsche hadn’t opened pandora’s box the fortune teller would hav made the pov duos so jordan & rachel would be saved throw in the fact that the competition was made for rachel & the fact that dick, matt from last year, & james from bb6 and all stars all said on dick’s website that it was rigged and it’s obvious as hell you’re just a jeff/jordan lover who’s in denial.

      1. It’s a TV show produced to draw the greatest audience and maximize their advertising potential, nothing more. This is not a sanctioned sporting event with guidelines, rules and arbitration for fairness. This is simply a TV show which CBS exploits to make money. And obviously the fact that so many people get so involved with it to the point to have arguments over people they don’t even know just proves that they (CBS) know how to push your buttons and keep you watching.

        Do they “rig” it? I have absolutely no doubt they do and I will bet that everybody thinks it is “rigged” for the “other guys” – not their favorite players.

        Who cares???

        Besides, everybody knows that Jordan is going to win again…


  20. JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. The Final 3 is going to be Kalia, Porche, and Adam???
    Really?? The Biggest Floaters in Big Brother to win the big price?? uh oh I don’t think so!
    I’m rooting for Rachel and Jordan all the way!!!!! If one of them goes home, then Kalia is okay too, at least she won somethings….

    1. how r they floaters well adam is but jordan is the biggest floater in the house. she sucks at everything she sucks!!!!

  22. Frankly lately, when I way the pros and cons of those that are left, who I want or accept to win the $500 000 Gs by order of priority is…

    1- Porsche (NOT in a TeamDani kind of way. Simply because I like her minus her ignorant Veto speech to Jeff)

    2- Rachel (Cause while she can be annoying, she a strong competitor AND she’s has shown a nice turn around in personality since Brendon’s eviction)

    3- Jordan (Cause like it or not, when she wants, she can be a strong competitor when Jeff is not around and the pressure is on and she is a nice person, can’t blame her for faults on the show when being 3 months lockup with quite a bit of crappy individuals… it rubs on you)

    I’d put Adam with any of them for being a great ass kisser and a great floater for the $50 000 (No one does it better then Adam)

    As for Kalia and Shelly… SAYONARA Bitches!!

    1. Jordan & Rachel need to finish this off and show the freaking newbies who is in command.
      Shelly will forever be remembered as a RATTLE SNAKE. How can this woman look at herself
      in the mirror? Also, you have a daughter watching the show…where are your morals that still
      need to be instilled in your daughter. Way to go Shelly…..YOU ARE A GOOD MOTHER!

  23. Well, i don’t think we will ever know for sure if it was rigged and regardless of what was said on dick site i doubt they know it just seems to be that way. It is way to much of a considence to think it was not rigged. First the fans all saying they will stop watching duel twist not to mention the comp was so geared to rachel so if i was a betting person i would say for sure it was rigged. As for who will win all depends on who wins hoh but either way adam is sitting in the best position

    1. The best part about the duos twist is they played POV as individuals.

      If they competed as an actual duo, Jordan would have been a ball and chain.

  24. adam is literally the biggest floater ever. he even said in the diary room before that hes going with jeff/jordan/rachel/brendon/shelly because they have the numbers. than just in yesterday episode he said he’s going to stick with kalia and porsche because they have the safety for the week. hoooooooly, i mean it’s one thing to be a floater, but another to intentionally point it out to the whole world -_-

    1. The BB pantry has yeast for baking?
      Who knew?
      I began baking breads when I was about 8 years old, so I’ll have to
      check out her final results.
      If the buns taste good she may have a hit with the other HGs, no matter
      what the buns look like. Baking For Votes!!!

  25. Its really sad that Shelly put her family in this embarrassing situation with her lying. I know its part of the game but she just went to far with it. You guys think it was funny Rachel was crying in the bushes!!! wait until Shelly gets home and have to hide underneath a rock for what she has done to her family.

  26. Can a true Rachel fan (not a Rachel fan by default), tell me how Rachel can beat Jordan in the final two?

    Brenden and Jeff will split votes. Kalia, Shelly, Dani, Porsche all hate Rachel.

    How could she possibly beat Jordan in votes. Impossible.

    Rachel has to cut Jordan loose at some point.

    1. I think Rachel has the BEST shot of winning against Jordon followed by Adam. It will be very hard for her to win against Kalia or Porsche.

      Rachel VS Jordon: J gets Jeff & Shelly 100%. R gets Brendon. Adam, Por, Dani & Kalia, despite their hate for Rachel could very well vote for her based on her great gameplay. They like Jordon socially but being a past winner works completely against her.

      I think if Rachel went up with a newbie, all the newbies in Jury house (plus Dani) will vote for the newbie in final two. That’s why if she takes a vet, then the 3 newbies + Dani in jury house will have to vote based on game play and not based on alliance.

      If R goes up against Adam, there is a glimmer of hope that maybe one of the newbies will vote for her based on gameplay but I think most of them would stick it to her and vote for Adam because he is a newbie.

      If R goes up against Por, or Kalia, then Adam will be the deciding vote. Will he vote for a newbie, or vote for the best player? It’s a toss up.

      Thus, she has more of a shot against Jordon because then the newbs will have to vote based on something other than allegiance.

      1. Rachel against KP. She would have Brendon, Jordan, Jeff – 100%

        Adam has also said he would vote for Rachel.

        Dani, Kalia, Porsche, Shelly hatred towards Rachel is too strong. Rachel will never have their votes.

  27. this show is such bullshit the two people who are on the block get to be paired and saved together when they are in an alliance just because of production such fucing bull. i know for a fact if adam and shelly were on the block this wouldnt happen this show has become a complete joke they should go back to their root and just let the players play. shelly for as much as she lied has been an excellent competitor and her social game is second to none and if big brother didnt rig this week either jordon or rachel would have left the following weak and since adam is more of a threat than shelly hed leave first and she would have made final two because porshe and kalia would have easily been manipulated by her. she had this in the bag america despises her so big brother cheats and gives america what they apparently want. and who the fuc wanted brendon back bullshit.

    1. The duos twist is a joke.

      What if Shelly and Adam won POV? And they took Rachel and Jordan off the block. Who goes up?

      Did production even think this out?

      1. That question hurt my head for a few seconds, and then I clued in on why you asked…duh duo’s!

        That’s such a freaking good question! I guess that’s why the veto was “geared towards Ratchel”? Plus how could they know how they would team up…for sure…hmmm these are the questions they want you to think up so you dount their invovlement.

        I don’t think theres a conspiracy, I doubt they get invovlved all that much other than to tell them to “stop that!”

      2. not even kidding, didnt think of that, but you make a ridiculously good point

        there was no option had they taken r and j off the block, I never considered it simply because it had a 0 percent chance of happening, but nonetheless, to put in a twist that actually has holes so big that its literally impossible if it goes one way is just dumb!

        production….I dont care if they make it towards one side or the other to keep it interesting, but wow, you cant be adding twists that make no sense

        1. Your mobile site killed my poor phone. lol it froze for 15mins. I haven’t gone back for a couple weeks because of it.

          umm…a post on topic would be…

          uhh.. Haha Shelly’s leaving, that’s what she gets for making a memorable move. Didn’t she go off before about being in there for the young kids…blah blah blah…but then right when he true colors need to shine she evicts jeff because he stands in the way of it for her family?? She uses her family a lot of her reasoning to be a lying backstabber. I’m all for lying, and backstabbing, and drama in the game, but it is just not cool to use your loved ones to do so. (MATT BB12 anyone.. lol)

          Anyway GO TEAM JRKPA!! ;)

  28. Hey….someone else has my name!!! Erg! And one more time….shut up Kalia!!! She is the reason I cannot watch the live feeds…seriously!!!

    1. Jazz LMAO as I was reading your post I was fast forwarding through Kalias nonstop babble! SSSSHHHIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!!! Worst thing about there being only 6 people in the house…. one of them is Kalia and shes involved in all conversations.

  29. Whoa hold on a minute….did I just see that Kalia and Porshe are working out?!?!?! They never work out! (except their mouths)

  30. Jordan might not be incredibly smart, but she has a good heart. I wish I saw more mature criticism on these comments. (Not bashing you guys! I see a lot of mature comments. I just wish all of them could be mature.) At the end of the day, nobody is perfect. Not Danielle, not Jeff, not Jordan, not Shelly, not Rachel, not Porsche, not you, not me, not anybody. So her weak point is that she’s not very smart. Try be a more compassionate, understanding human being, yeah?

  31. (without bias)

    The whole Pandoras Box thing is technically not rigged, but seriously:

    1. we all know that even if Porsche did NOT take the 5g, the veto comp would still be played in pairs, and porsche would just look like an idiot and regret not opening it.
    2. Julie Chen did not announce Pandora’s Box would be coming into effect, which raises eyebrows bc it looks like production threw it together as a backup if anyone but Rachel and Jordan won
    3. the votes were basically secure to eliminate either R or J (2 to 1 vote)

    if Rachel or Jordan comes into power next week, most likely look for the fortune teller to play a role in giving the newbs some slight advantage.

    It’s so freaking annoying to watch production HELP EITHER SIDE. It’s so obvious now and totally tarnishes the game. Watch 24/7 my ass. They cut the feeds when stories come out that need to be kept in the dark. DR sessions are basically manipulation sessions. The whole thing about them telling rachel to confront danielle about giving shelly a shoutout…WTF? why on earth would you tell rachel that…drama for no reason…

  32. Wow I love how ppl talk on here without knowing the full story I wish I wish that more ppl would have watched the live feeds when dani said the most horrible things about ppl not only that one time when she was drunk let’s get this clear she only ever card about was Dom

    BTW jeff once was the only only only person who had to WORK for the comp he has won dani lucked out on the counting one rachel lucked out on the questions maybe if you watched the show you would have known what in the hell I was talking about dumbass

    And dani when she was on the block was a lose cause because she chose to in the alliance that she formed and then she went to shelly putting nothing but BS into her head saying how jeff wanted shelly out NOT TRUE. So why drag down some1 with you when dani knew 100% that adam was not giving her the vote to staym dani having an ugly social game got shelly to turn on jeff and for what reason shelly would have made it further with jeff still being in the house instead of her leaving this week.

  33. I really hope Kalia, Porsche and Adam do make the final three. Not because they aren’t without their flaws. But I honestly think they have done as good as they have and gotten so far despite productions best efforts to hinder them.

    I have little doubt Kalia didn’t surprise everyone including production by winning two HOH contest. And no one threw them to her. In fact her first HOH was pretty much designed to throw the power away from Kalia and Dani, but Kalia didn’t let it happen. And her second HOH was the kind of contest Rachel does well at and Jordan won once before. But they went down and Kalia took them down.

    I also have zero doubt production expected Jeff to win the veto contest Porsche won last week. But Jeff chocked and Porsche stepped up and I bet the production crew was sitting in the room with their mouths hanging open the whole commercial break afterwards. Likley scrambling for how to get her to save Jeff, before realising there was no way they could pull that one off.

    Yes, Rachel and Jordan saved themselves with the POV this week. but it took a twist that was about as close to a “Rachel and Jordan automatically get POV” without actually just handing them the POV. Had production not happend to throw such a convenient twist at the hamsters I think Rachel and Jordan would still be in their best crying.

    I am pulling for Kalia to throw another monkey wrench in their plans next HOH and win. I am sure it will be up Rachel’s alley but despite her contest machine reputation she hasn’t won one before this week in a long time.

    1. Just so long as you recognize they were trying to give the whole thing to Dani from the beginning, after giving her 4 weeks of not even having to compete to remain inside the house. We aren’t talking 1 competition we are talking 8 comps she avoided entirely.

  34. JJ could drown a bag of puppies, and thier fans would blame the puppies. i never seen blind loyality from fans its amazing its like thier watching different show

    1. Hey! Jordan and Jeff were not the ones who joked about throwing medicine balls at Rachel’s stomach when it wasn’t known whether she was truly pregnant or not. If you ask me, that’s kind of low – you don’t joke about that, you know? Personally, I came into this season as a Dick fan (I rooted for him his entire season and never liked his daughter, Danielle.) I sort of want Rachel to win now which irritates me, but it’s for lack of a better option. Personally, I think this season sucks.

  35. Just a side note, Kalia has completely blown up the feeds. I have to mute them now.. and every time I go to check if I can unmute, I see Kalia blah blah blahing. Can anyone say anything without her giving them a 10 hour response??? We don’t need her opinion on EVERY detail.

    Gift of gab my a$$… more like curse of gab.

    1. I agree 100%, but what was way worse was at the beginning of the season, for the first 4 weeks she used to drone on and on and on but with food in her mouth. it was simply disgusting to the point of having to change the chanel. She doesnt do that anymore, i wonder if someone in production told her to stop it, we are lossing viewers by the truck load

      1. I agree, I just hope she doesn’t start talking to the fish in HOH. Then you’ll see them floating belly up with their eyes crossed.

    1. jordon and rachel in three and rachel jordon F 2
      and rachel wins first jordon second and im happy and rachel deserves the win yeah i disliked her too at first
      but honest to god she is a better person with jordon she’s almost likable she s been protective and pulled jordon away when jordon was losing it she was angry but patient about the dog quackers ?
      really she is probly a decent person outside this house i’d vote for her especially if she has to win veto to go forward

      she worked hard for it i say give it to her

  36. Jordan is white trailer trash who won big brother…big deal..she won once by floating to the end and bringing the 2nd biggest liar to ever play the game with her; if these guys were smart they would bring shelly to the end and put aside thier revenge.

  37. If the houseguests were smart they would all make final 2 deals with jordan because if I was in the jury I wouldnt vote for someone who already won unless they ran through the house and did the most damage and I like jordan.

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