Big Brother 13: Adam ” As of right now I don’t deserve to win Big Brother 13″ **updated

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5:40pm JR Havenots They are going to keep Adam instead of Shelly based solely on the reason that Adam can be trusted more than Shelly. Rachel points out that Adam may win the veto and if they ask him not to use it he won’t but if Shelly wins the veto then they are not sure what will happen. Jordan agrees. Rachel: “I think we stick to the original plan” Jordan thinks so to they decide to keep working on Adam to make him feel more safe with them.

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5:46pm Hammock Jordan and Adam Jordan tells him that if it’s JRA in the final 3 then it’s a free for all. Jordan: “I am worried about you and Porsche.. there’s something between you 2 besides you guys just talking”

Adam: “I’ll stop you right there between POrsche and Kalia I would rather have Porsche but Between you and POrsche I will take you” adam explains that he only talks to porsche on a friend level. Jordan starts sayign that POrsche goes around and tells stories that is why she doesn’t talk to Porsche. Jrodan says jeff told her not to talk to POrsche and she never did. Jordan: “I don’t trust her”

Adam: “I’ve never made a deal with her.. she even asked me a but ago if I would ever turn on them and I never answered”

Adam tells Jordan he’s with them she doesn’t have to worry. Jordan says good, she reiterates how much of a big liar Porsche is and how they can’t trust her. Adam explains that he got close to Porsche early on because nobody liked her and treated her like a leper. Adam: “I have no problem keeping you and Rachel.. I promise.. if that ends up screwing me whatever.. out of the people left playing Jordan and Rachel are the ones that deserve to win”.

Jordan can’t stand it right now because she feels like she’s been put in tough spots all year and she’s had to make tough decision every single week.
rachel joins them.. and Adam gives her his word that he’s with them. Rachel says good then they have nothing to worry about. JR leave.. Adam says to Kalia and Prosche who are walking laps around the backyard that his head hurts,

JR head into the kitchen. they start talking about how nervous they are that it’s not lock down yet.. They are starting to think it may be questions.

(adam will go down in history as the greatest floater in Big Brother. just wait if Kalia happens to win HOH he’ll be so far up her ass she won’t shit for a week.

6:02pm Purple Room JR
Jordan give Rachel a recap about her conversation with Adam. She says that Porsche is just using Adam to come after us. Rachel Agrees (WOW so what are JR using Adam for?) They start talking about Kalia and Porsche working out. Rachel hates it when they always say they are’t but then they do, “Kalia is all like ohh i’m only going to do 20 laps.. Why bother” They start trying to guess what the comp will be they walk out of the room trying to decide if it’s questions what kind of questions it will be. As they walk out the camera zooms in on the Fortune teller.. (Hmmm)

6:20pm Babysitters club power walking

7:00pm backyard Shelly and Rachel Shelly is telling Rachel there is no more trickery to be had Shelly just wants tomorrow to be over with. she’s finished with all this, Shelly keeps reiterating SHE DONE SHE WANT TOMORROW TO BE DONE.. (Shelly is in a worse mood than me 😉 )

7:30pm Hammock Jordan and Rachel They are studying their BB13 timelines of events. (Jordan really knows her POV/HOH comp timelines.. rachel does both can’t get close to Adam’s knowledge though)

Jordan comments that she feels like they are always losing but this time it’s 3 against 2. Rachel says it’s really 2 against 2. Jordan agrees. (Even JR know that Adam is just a floating log in this game whose going to get paid 50grand for wasting my time all summer)

7:35pm Shelly and Adam on the couch Adam is telling her that if he makes it to final 2 then he doesn’t deserve to win he doesn’t feel like he’s done much. Adam keeps saying there still a lot of game and a little bit of time a lot can happen. Shelly asks him if he wants to take Porsche to final 2. Adam says he hasn’t decided what to do. Adam brings up that it sucks to be Dom, Keith and Cassi because they left so early they got a taste for the game but never were able to play it out. He says that at least if you go to Jury you have a say of who wins big brother 13. Adam: “Like Jeff Probst always says the power shifts to the jury” Adam goes inside.

8:21pm bubble bath

8:30pm Bubble bath Porsche in the tub in silence. Kalia is on cams1-2 talking to JR, it’s pain listening to her.

8:35pm Porsche final 3 plan PAJ

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What happened to the mobile version of the blog. Hate having to read your updates at work by stretching the screen and going sideways….

Is there something I am doing differently?

Love Jordan

Bottom line Shelly is still the snake we all thought she was and she needs to get evicted Thursday night. Jordan or Rachel need to win HOH and put up Kalia and Porsche and Adam win POV and then Kalia or Porsche go home. Following week Rachel or Jordan win HOH put up whichever one did not go home the week before, Kalia or Porsche, with Adam and Adam stays to be in final three with Rachel and Jordan. Love Jordan because she has such a good heart but really think this year Rachel deserves to win and Jordan 2nd place. COME ON Rachel and JORDAN win HOH and send KALIA and Porsche home.


Simon, could that possibly be an R instead of an A? PRJ???

Or maybe she’s just hungry again and that is a PBJ. Peanut Butter, Jelly time, Peanut Butter, Jelly time…


i am confused when did she flip on k


I know this is off topic, but is anyone else sick of Porshe’s all velour wardrobe?!?! She needs to buy more clothes with that $5,000!! Jusy sayin..


I so agree…Myself..I’m sooooo sick of Porsche wearing that damn pink sweat suit…it looks like it would stick.


Not a big rachel fan, but since brendon left the girl got game. Better competitior, strategist, and better social game.
To go as far as she has with a big target on her back is pretty damn impressive. and she sniffed out shelly before everyone else…….


100% agree Rachel has become a better player without Brendon.


I agree also. I think what happens with Rachel, is when she is forced to step up, she is normal, but when other people can do the work she acts like a child, and that is what gets soo annoying


completely agree, Rachel much better without the hovering Brendon up her butt!! I hope the final 2 are Rachel & Jordan, Jordan not strong competitor but does her part..


I Agree Even Though Jordan Is a Sweetheart Rachel Should Win Jordan Second Porsche And Khalia Need To Go


Damn skippy, Adam!


“Jordan says Jeff told her not to talk to Porsche and she never did.” “Jordan can’t stand it right now because she feels like she’s been put in tough spots all year and she’s had to make tough decision every single week” …..(like what to wear and eat!). I’m sorry Jordumb, which is it? Jeff has done all the decision making for you two, or you have? Shit, this girl can’t even figure out whose brain she’s been using, her’s or Jeff’s. I’ll give you a clue, Jordumb, which you’ll be able to figure out Jordumb …………………………………… Jeff’s!!


Damn, someone must be having a bad day. Hint: ^^


LoL! If you’ll read Simon’s post, it is Jordumb whose had the bad “year”. Oh mon dieu, c’est la vie! 😉


I agree, Jordan really gets on my nerves. She acts like she’s such a competitor.


And the irony is, she probably doesn’t even know how to spell “competitor”. Ziiiiiiinnnnnnnnng!


I think Jordan has great game play this year. A lot of the ideas discussed between her and Jeff, she came up with. She may not have won a ton of comps, but she did win two. And she’s playing hard behind the scenes, with keeping her alliance sorted. People don’t give her game play enough credit.


Are you kidding Kat? She hasn’t done a THING. Anything behind the scenes “playing hard” that Jordan has done was approved by Jeff and then Rachel. She didn’t think anything, do anything, or talk to anyone (like she just said about Porsche) without someone else’s approval. I put her in a category with Adam as far as floating, but at least he did it himself.


She does whatever Jeff says like a good dog, and there’s your reason why Jeff is with her she is easy to control because too stupid to think on her own. Entire season not a single thought her own all Jeff’s, and they talk shit how Porsche and Kalia makes decisions that Dani wants? and about them using Adam, when they are doing the same thing? could they be more hypocritical?


You said: “She does whatever Jeff says like a good dog, and there’s your reason why Jeff is with her she is easy to control because too stupid to think on her own.”

Oh look a Woman that supports her Men… what a travesty!! Been drinkin a bit way to much “Feminist” Koolaid haven’t ya?

She obviously feels for him and supports him and I don’t recall that ever being a crime.


And since when trusting some you trust opinion a bad thing jeff told her not to talk to porche because he didn’t trust her so why does that make her dumb or under jeff’s control. What you never listen to people you trust


Bacon and Hallie, you two sound primitive and plain ignorant – there is a difference between being supportive and being a mindless, brainwashed, objectified possession – but i would not expect you to know this


You call it support I call it OBEYING


Good for you! now keep on truckin with your socially dysfunctional self.


How can you say she “supported her man”, this is a reality show game, to win money, based on ones ability to win physical and mental competitions AND develop relationships with your competition all the while strategizing to get you further. Jordan often said she wanted to be surprised with the outcome of things, i.e. who Jeff would nominate, his game moves and she never campaigned for anyone. She has done nothing at all this season, nada, she even did less with Jeff on a game play level then Adam because she didn’t have to, nor would he let her (don’t even get me started on what an arrogant misogynist prick he has been). Adam at least has stayed under the radar, whether that makes him a “floater” or not its still a strategy (for some, I will say I don’t think it’s his, I just think he was too star struck by Vets being in the house to remember he no longer a superfan, he’s a contestant)

I watch this show in the hopes that people will compete fiercely in competitions (I was disgusted with the newbies throwing comps to the vets – I should have stopped watching week one when Porsche and Keith did that) AND have good social game play – which includes lying and manipulating. This season was such a farce, the deluded sense of entitlement of JJ & RB was sickening. I will also say I hate Rachel but since she has been playing on her own she is slightly more bearable. But the range of emotions – crying and sulking when she loses and her over the top arrogance when she’s winning does not make for good t.v. it makes for a precursor to a full on psych evaluation as soon as she leaves the house.

I was TEAM DANI b/c she has had her game face on since she walked in the house and didn’t stop playing for one moment – like her or not, she PLAYED the game from day one, even when she had a golden key she never stopped playing (she rocked physical & mental comps & a foundation of decent social standing with the HGs) Now I am team Porche or even Shelly as they too are playing to win, by any means necessary.

What sucks about the jury is the newbies let the vets get this far and now the jury is stacked, if one vet is in the final 2 they will win. What a waste of a season.

Here are my thoughts about the remaining Houseguests:

Kalia -she allows her insecurities and need to be liked overpower her instincts, shallow & co-dependent
Adam – former fat guy syndrome, wants to hang out with the cool kids at any cost, no sense of self, no conviction (closeted maybe? nah, he wanted to BE Jeff, not DO him)
Shelly – manipulative, emotionally unstable (but aren’t we all a little bit?) displaced sense of loyalty – if you’re out for yourself and your family say so and be true to that, don’t talk about being there to help others win and then when you get close enough say nothing/no one is going to come between this for my family
Porshce – super flighty, but gets the job done when it needs to be, she’s smart enough to use her looks to her advantage and I would say, next to Dani she will be honest when confronted, which takes confidence


Do YOU watch the live feeds because all of what you just said is STUPID!
Jordan IS playing the game. She is doing much better since Jeff left – just the same as Rachel is doing much better since Brendan left.
Dani got evicted – NOT A “SHOCKER” because she played a spiteful game – her Dad even said so! Evel Dick knew she would be evicted because of her horrible game play. Go watch his interviews on RTV Zone!


Dani got evicted because she jumped too soon. She still took on the house and got Brendon out twice and her army got out Jeff the same day. Dani played a better game than you give her credit for. She is the Kaysar of this season.


Spot on! If you look closely enough, you can actually see how painful it is for her to intelligently and, when it becomes too much for her to bear, she actually zones out.


You DR said: “Spot on! If you look closely enough, you can actually see how painful it is for her to intelligently and, when it…”

Yeah coming from “Genius user DR”. I can see your intelligence in all it’s Glory !! 😛

Midwest Fan

Absolutely correct.
Jordon – eyes wide open with a fixed or vacant expression.
This is undoubtedly the facial stare Jordon presented to her teachers throughout
her school years.


LMAO! I can actually picture this exact same expression on her as a child. Dahhhhhhhhh!


like a deer in the headlights


Yes!!! That’s it exactly!


Jordan is ALOT smarter than what she is given credit for.. hence the reason she won BB11 (jeff left early in the game) and has made it this far in BB13 (even without jeff there with her) So for all of you who think Jordan is a pathetic lil ignorate chick has another thing coming.. She has good game play. Whe pulls it out when needed.


Are you talking about JJ’s relationship or yours? When it comes to JJ..none of you lying Dani fans opinions mean shit.Jordan does not do as Jeff tells her,they agree on things,like a TEAM should do.Jordan talks alot of game to Jeff and now Rachel,she watches and listens to what goes on and if Jeff woulda listened to her alot of times this yr,he’d still be there.Last I looked Jordan was still playing…where’s your queen Dani at…bahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!


and since when did JJ Fans opinion mean shit?? I didn’t receive that memo


Bullseye!! & Checkmate!!


“all she did was put the vets at a numbers disadvantage and in turn took out the three best compeitors”

Last time I checked that’s doing something

Your point and your post null and void, TY for playing and failing, bye


Poor guy you must have caught braindead kalia syndrome if the point of the games is newbie vs vets then dani failed…hard. Good job trying to look like you know something thanks for the laugh but you still lose.


Never seen a point of this season being that the Vets had to stay against the Newbies for the entire season… Dani made a move, and yes it was at the wrong time, but fact of the matter is she still got 2 strong players out, while your is claiming she did nothing, that’s what I was referring to.

Failed again kiddo, Thank for playing

and FYI I’m not a Dani fan, I just like that she got out the NeanderTALL

Cat Person

DID you even watch the show this year?


Everything JR says that SPKA do they do…


Exactly! However, R’s view of herself as the perpetual innocent victim, and J’s lack of intelligence, prevents them from seeing this obvious point.


Man Jordan is just hard to listen to, she’s so dense. She seems to act very entitled to me, I can’t figure what people like so much about her. It’s ok to back stab when SHE’s ready to, and it’s ok to lie when SHE needs to. It’s just not ok when you do it to her, ever. And she can’t see her and Jeff as TWO players. Shelly evicted him, she did evict NOT you Jordan.


Absolutely! I have the overwhelming urge to shout out “2, 3, 4” whenever she takes her “Ummmm” pauses as he tries to formulate her thoughts. Painful to watch & listen to!


Jeff told Jordan to never talk to Porsche, however Jeff chatted Porsche up enough to agree to work with her on a charity project in Cambodia.


YOUR POINT?????????????????????????

Adam's nut are with jeff in the jury house

I have work with people with mild mental retardation and i swear some of them appear smarter than Jorbumb!!! and that loser Adam is sitting himself up for 50 grand, he knows he’ll never win BB.. Adam and Jordum need to go!!!


Thanks Simon, as a parent of an Autistic child its getting annoying and starting to get offensive to hear all this “Jordan is mentally retarded” crap. Obviously the people saying this either a) just do not have a strong enough vocabulary to come up with something better, b) have no idea what mental retardation is or c) they are cruel people. To say that about someone who is obviously not retarded is pretty much evil in my opinion. On a different site they were saying she will be picked up from BB on a short bus. Well considering my non-verbal autistic child rides that “short bus” I umm let’s just say said some very umm hateful things to the asshole who said it and I have not been back to the site lol I said hateful enough things and it apparently caused a reaction from the hand who go to that site (i didn’t go back to read so I am not sure) but the moderator of that site sent me an email apologizing and said they blocked that person lol The fans on your site haven’t been nearly as bad though Simon. Thanks Simon and Dawg!


Seriously….ENOUGH with the “retard” comments.
Its disgusting, nasty and totally unnecessary.
I loathe Shelly and I would be equally pissed if someone used that word to describe her.
Christ almighty….why is that word acceptable to say in this day and age???




Jordans completely batshit delusional.

She had to fight hard and make tough decisions every week? Bullshit, you made like one decision week 2 then just sat on your ass and let Jeff play for you.

She doesn’t want people that sleep all day to win? Newsflash, they’ve played this game tons more than you have. You just realized you were even in a game when Jeff left.

They’re just using adam? Wtf do you think you’re doing?

I dislike Jordan more and more. I’ll be happy when she’s no longer on my tv


have you ever liked jordan, probably not, so shut up


Jeff was attracted to Porshe which is why he didn’t want Jordan talking to her….Porshe said in the pool that Jeff invited her on trips and stuff after the season…and he has nothing but nice things to say about her in his interviews…..I thought he was attracted to her by the way he acted around her…


Adam ” As of right now I don’t deserve to win Big Brother 13?
Jordan ” As of right now I don’t deserve to win Big Brother 13?

Who’s won more than 1 comps Deserves to win BB13

BB King

I agree with what Matt said on Dick at Night (I hope that’s how Dick spells it). Among all of these players left in the BB house only Rachel deserves to win BB 13.


I agree with Matte and James .. he also thinks Rachel should win… But DICK THE DICK still thinks his little girl should still be there .. give me a break….LMAO … I am really enjoying how Rachel is playing … she is doing pretty good on comps, and social with out that thorn Brenden in her side and face… GO GIRL GO (RACHEL) TO WIN 🙂


I think rachel and jordon make a better team then jj or br. I think they complement each other i think rachel wins more but jordon has a better social game. Everyone loves her and don’t want to kick her out and are will to deal with her which in turn they deal with rachel. For instance with adam i think he will probably honour the deal has with them because he has a sense of loyalty to jj and even KP trust them becasue they trust jordon. I think bb is not just about winning comps it is also the social game


I too agree she is playing a good game and she does deserve to win.


Day 60 and I have won just as many comps as Jordan or Adam! I guess I deserve to be in final 3 too!
(not counting Jordan’s golf or Adam’s corn poke – it’s on tape that both of those comps were given to them.)

Bubbly Pie

Did anyone see tonight’s episode? Haha Kaila’s farts almost
made me pee my pants. I love when Porsche said maybe her
farts will lift her higher.


This made me laugh, IDK why, but it was so funny.


Lmao!!!! thats a good one!! Team Porsche!!


I saw the show and I think the world heard Kalia…. After all those farts, she has to be running on empty.

Team bb

Lmao!!!!!! thats a good one, thats why I want Porsche to win!! Team Porsche


I was LMAO!!!


On the feeds the other night, Jordan asked Kalia if that was her “pootin” and Kalia said no, it was Porsche from eating beef jerky!!! She told R & J that she NEVER farts!!!


With Cowlia shitting herself you would have thought her ass would have launched her higher.

She actually reminds me of Schroder from the Peanuts Gang. He’s the one who always has a cloud of stench around him. LOL

Tim (too)

Not to be irritating, but that was Pig-Pen in the cloud of dust. Schroeder’s the pianist.


LOL I knew what was said was wrong but I couldn’t remember pig pens name! LOL …….thank you!


That made me laugh too….but even funnier was Kalia denying she was ripping ass.


No idea , but whatever it is it will be tailored for Rachel just like the POV was (Jordan may be dumb as a box of rocks but she was right on the money when she said that POV was tailored for them)

Only "rigged" for viewership

questions (not sure if true/false or ABC or before/after)

I don’t think that it’ll be the face morph thing since they usually do those one at a time or separated by screens and such


Whatever will secure the next HoH for R. Another hanging comp perhaps!! 😉 Oh, now, I suppose that would imply that the game this season is somehow fixed.

M’excuser. Un accident, je vous assure (Jordan will translate for you).


My money is on questions regarding the Zeebot.

Think the Zeebot was suppose to be for the last POV comp but since JR were out of sorts and guaranteed them staying was the endurance one, that likely was suppose to be the next HOH comp, BB production changed it up fast.

Say this considering after checking, in the history of BB, an endurance comp was never used in a POV comp. Physical speed ones yes but NEVER endurance, those were always for HOH comps, well till Allison’s pets needed a sure win.

Being BAD is boring

They did do a zingbot comp. Jeff won it, remember they had to build his future bride!


So much for rigging and “conspiracy theories.”

Team Production 4 life, yo!


have they had a physical comp yet? if it is who do think is favorite to win?


i’m kinda rooting for porshe now, only because she not annoying me as much as the rest of house. but i agree its pretty much rachels game to loose at this point, too bad she’s her own worse enemy. its been awhile since she had a classic “rachel blowout”.


I’d say there strengths right now are

Rachel: Straight up endurance. Porsche and Kalia aren’t far behind, but this is Rachel’s speciality (her HoH and veto win were the hanging competition)

Jordan: Not really strong in anything really, questions are her best chance (she came in second in the before/after competition)

Kalia: Questions that involve memory is her strong suit, both her HoH wins were questions based. She’s also surprisingly decent at endurance comps (came in second to dani for the skiing HoH and second to Rachel in the hanging veto). Horrible strategizer, but a legit threat in comps because she can do both mental and physical

Porsche: Physical skill-based seems to be her thing, First in the snake game, first in the clown shoe game, second in soap game, plus a couple other close finishes I can’t think of right now.

Adam: If there was a see how long you could float comp he would destroy everyone else in it.

Shelly: Not gonna bother, she’s gone after tonight.


Darn, watchin’ too much JKJ on TV is bad for my brains.

Thanks, 4 Simon’s post, I just figured out what “TD4L yo” means. It took 3 or 4 days. Yeah, that slow.


if its physical my money is on rachel, no one else stands a chance


I still think the Fortune Teller is going to keep them up all night. Telling Fortunes.


I thought when they did comps like that, such as the BB Fan recordings that they play all night, it is done several days before the comp, making it harder to remember what was said.
I think it will be the comp where they bring the Deity a name from the yard. Isn’t that one an HOH comp?


If I am not mistaken, you are speaking of OTEV, and that is a VETO comp. (considering OTEV is VETO spelled backwards..LOL 🙂 )

Anonymous 2



I think it’s going to be something for Kalia. Maybe questions or something like that. With one or two miraculous answers (before the question is finished being asked) then she could take HOH again. Instead of putting up Jordan and Rachel, she’ll likely put up Rachel and whichever of S/A are left.

Then Rachel wins POV and Kalia has to put up Porsche, because Kalueless will not put up Jordan.

The only twist I can possibly foresee is for S or A (whomever is left) will win HOH for the first time, and who knows how that might end up.

Beware the Fortune Teller. Allison might know the wrath of BB Nation re: Pandora, so she might have to make it right somehow. I doubt it, but it’s a thought.


If kalia wins HOH which I doubt, no way ill the BB powers that be put JR in jeopardy again before final 4, they will have the power this week, she would put JR right up, she’d be stupid not too, and of course Pandora’s Box will magically come into play again and coupe de’crap will jump out to save them, forcing K to put up AP, with JR controlling the votes and evict P, next week K can’t play for HOH JR win nom KA, leaving final 3 JRA, all in all if Porsche don’t make it I’ll want Rachel to win of that final 3 she’s the only that did shit this season.


Here’s an idea. Contact them and get them to undo this bullshit Pandora’s Box. They’ll have all night to do it, hahahaha.

Twitter: allison grodner @agrodner22

Leslie Moonves, CEO & President CBS (Julie Chen’s hubby?) Email:

If the email formats are the same (as Moonves’s above) across the board, then Allison Grodner’s email may be

Feedback form on CBS’s Big Brother site:

Telephone complaint line for CBS: 1-323-575-2200

Note to Big Jeff’s fans: Check with your parole officer to see if you are allowed to use the phone. Thanks 🙂


I doubt it will be indurence until the final 3 i am thinking will be the one with the faces of the former house guests


I doubt it will be indurence until the final 3 i am thinking will be the one with the faces of the former house guests or putting hoh and evictions in the right order

Wishful Thinkin

She’s (DANI) is GONE get over it already.

Jordan is hot

I think it will be a puzzle HOH


if its a puzzle rachel will win(if she can stay calm)


Let’s see, Porsche and Kaila equals two lazy bumps floaters babysitters call themselves don’t deserve to win Big Brother 13 because their cockiness, aggrogance self-centered call themselves Veteran killers. Rachel and Jordan equals fighting women stick together side by side and deserve to win Big Brother. Well that would be sucked that Porsche and Kaila has the odd of getting screwed some more and make fools to themselves make their newbies look bad. Especially, DOM (PT) is really dumb of take out Veterans would not work. Rachel and Jordan are more deservable to go to Final 2.


cockiness, arrogance self-centered you also described Jordan and Rachel, but I’m sure you wouldn’t admit to the little truth


Kalia and Porsche floaters? They’ve both won more comps than Jordan, and the same amount as Rachel (first two comps were thrown to her). Plus they stayed on their side. But wait, they’re not vets! They can’t play the game! They are floaters!


Are you sure about that? Because combine the Past and Present Competition:
Jordan HOH (BB11 & BB13): 3-Jeff safe (BB13)
Jordan POV (BB11 & BB13): 2-Pandora Box opened by Porsche which Rachel won POV w/Jordan safe
Rachel HOH (BB12 & BB13): 4-Brendon Safe Twice
Rachel POV (BB12 & BB13): 2-Twist/Pandora Box opened by Porsche which Rachel won POV w/Jordan safe
Total 7 HOH 4 POV

Porsche HOH (BB13): 1
Porsche POV (BB13): 1
Kaila HOH (BB13): 2
Total 3 HOH 1 POV
To me, Both Porsche and Kaila won something because they been sleeping and eating. Like Rachel and Jordan. They won something that a truth. They don’t deserve to win in Final 2. Did you watch the whole season? Really, I think Jordan will have a shot to win another 500K. That’s a truth.




Where do get that cats coming from? That’s awesome.


Oh, captain.


dude. shut up!!!! past and present!!! jordan sucks!!!!


jordan won 500,000 dollars how much money do you have

kalia the hut

still a bitter dani fanboy i see.


Captainsmellsjeffsunderpants please take your meds. Most of your posts are hard to read let alone understand. Just like your teacher said pass your paper to the left to be corrected, after you correct it you may post it.


Yes your right:SQUABBLE please take your meds. Most of your posts are easy to read let alone understand. Just like your teacher said pass your paper corrected, after you correct it you may post it. I know your right. I totally agree with you.


Jordan looks like a meth head and acts like one


HAHAHA, she does look like a crackhead in the photo above!


Jordan sure is dressing and talking game like Dani now, it’s like she totally took Dani’s personality!


Jordan is not as dumb as everyone thinks…the way she took control in the hoh when her and rachel went to talk to porshe showed that her and rachel make a good pair rachel is great at comps and jordan has the social aspect down it will ne interesting to see who wins if they make it to the final 2. Go team JR!!!


Does porsche own anything else besides that damn pink jogging suit?


She needs to take the bikini off so the bubble can do their work LOL

Tim (too)

Yes. That damn gray jogging suit.


Don’t they usually do the morph pics for POV cause it takes so long?


Clearly, the hoh comp will be q&a, with categories focussed on the illustrious career of Tori spelling. Wake up and smell the bacon. Go Rachel!


Tori’s career was illustrious? News to me


Guys and gals, Adam is actually a good player. He is sticking to what he said he wanted to do. He is playing the game without really lieing. He is actually telling Jordan and Rachel that he may screw them in the end. When he says things like, “I have to make a move”, that means it could be a move on them. Jordan is falling for it. A big move would be to get Jordan and Rachel out when they trust him. He is doing well. Plus he has his integrity after this game. Saying that, I so want a final 2 of Jordan and Rachel. Jordan has actually helped make Rachel likeable!


Do a search for “Adam is the worst player in Big Brother history” and like. If you think a pile of slop poop is more useful than Adam, this is the page for you!


Nice plug, DB. Ironic part is, haters give more attention than lovers. Case in point…Howard Stern. YOU made a web page dedicated to ADAM, lmao!

BB King

Who ever did BB casting for this year did a horrible job. I think what they wanted to do was stick a bunch of losers together for the Vets to chop off one by one. Then all six Vets were meant to battle it out in their respected pairs (I don’t think the dynamic duos would’ve ended had Dick stayed). BB however did not foresee two things: 1). Dick leaving and 2). Dani flipping. (I think she wouldnt’ve had Dick stayed). That’s why there are more newbies left in the house then there are Vets. The Vets went after each other too soon for BB to anticipate.


all i have to say is if kalia doesn’t win hoh or at least the pov, then jr will end up being the f2. i don’t have a problem with rskp winning. i just don’t want jordan going to the finals at all. i bet production is helping her to study right now just liked they helped her to study in the season that she won.


Jordan is naive, kind, and perceptive. The first sounds negative, it is not. She really trusts people and that could be a downfall. She is simply a good person and deserves to get to final 2. And she really knows people. She even started questioning Shellys loyalty earlier. Jeff was the one who said, “no, she is with us to the end”. Don’t underestimate Jordan.


why was adam even casted?………………………………..what a waste.


Oh my gosh why does Jordan (no comment) keep bringing up the fact that Adam “won” a veto so he’s better at competitions?? He was thrown that veto, they got this in the bag. Go Rachel!


See, this is where you guys don’t see her brains! She knows people have been telling Rachel that Jeff threw that comp! She is trying to make it seem like he didn’t. She isn’t dumb, she reads people and plots things out well.


You saw her brain, what type of magnifying glass do you own?? Must be TOP SHELF


Obviously, Jordan is smarter than you. She’s already played this game and won $500k. Now, in her 2nd time around, she’s in the final 5 to win another $500k.


Michelle, I totally agree with you. Jordan is much smarter. I know she really good. Did you saw Big Brother 11 season? Because she know her strategy. If it’s down final 3: Rachel Adam and Jordan. Here is the prediction
Part 1:Rachel Bye (Advance to the final RD)
Part 2:Jordan wins (Advance to the final RD)-Adam Evicted Nominee
Part 3: Toss up;Tiebreaker, Jordan wins takes Rachel in the final 2
Adam Evicted
Jordan vs Rachel
Jordan to win BB13:Jeff, Dani, Kaila, Shelly, Adam
Rachel to win BB13:Porsche,Brendon
Jordan won Big Brother 13-2 time Big Brother winner
Rachel Runner-up
Jeff wins America Favorite Houseguest


I use to love Jordan now she gets on my nerves…the girl doesn’t do anything she won an HOH and it was more or less handed to her! She keeps saying all Kalia and Porsche do is sleep, but they both have won more comps than her! Also Porsche helped them by voting with them and was loyal to them until Rachel went all crazy bc Brendon was going to jury!


Nicki, you are being DISHONEST. Jordan scored a 3! on that contest. To beat her, one of the vets would have had to score higher. Which was unlikely. Why should they try at that point. She beat all the newbies. She WON THAT ONE!


Brian, unfortunately since BJ did not even try, no one will ever know, so Jordans’ HOH was tainted and thus thrown. Sure there is no guarantees BJ would have beaten her 3, but hitting their balls completely out of play is thowing the com.

It is as bad as the POV Jeff won rolling the balls, doesn’t matter if he had 299 points, 3 of the competitors were just watching and not playing. Adam almost dropped a ball around the 250 point level, so what if Jeff’s 300th ball dropped, he’d be back at 0 and what were the 3 other competitor dummies doing, watching.

They’re all there to compete and kudo’s to Shelly during the ball rolling comp for at least trying the entire time, pathetically as she was doing.


Your right she did win, regardless that does not deserve half a million dollars maybe I’d feel differently if she wasn’t walking around like she’s done so much this season…sadly based on her personality I wanted her to be in final 2, but she’s changed and just talks shit, but can’t back it up in comps! I have respect for people who can talk a big game and back it up


So disappointed Adam is sucking so bad and this point he clearly doesn’t deserve to win…he should’t have claimed to be super fan bc it makes him look worse. He has also been a super floater! In this house your word doesn’t go far, it’s all about your actions.

Also growing up in Jersey I always thought Southerns were just dumb and slow in general, but that was my ignorance
Jordan is not retarded, I think she just has some duhhhh moments, and also it’s an edit


Luckiest Bubbles on the planet

fer sure

I never thought that I would see a competitor worse than Enzo…Adam takes the cake. He only held on for 4 1/2 minutes?? I don’t know if I should be disgusted by his constant floating back and forth or to be in total awe…

I never thought I’d say this…but I want Rachel to win. Porsche to come in 2nd.

Kalia’s 1st HOH is still the dumbest in BB history. I’m sure she would have accidentally nominated Porsche if she had more time her 2nd HOH.
Adam should not be rewarded for being a waste of a BB roster spot.
Shelly is gone Thursday.
Jordan is playing a good social game, but she can’t win a comp.


FINALLY Jordan makes a face that is NOT cute, that face is borderline “Boy Goergeish” pimple and all.


Lol kinda looks like ragan a little bit from last season….that long face


Accidentally put Porsche up LOL.


I feel like the game has already picked the winners of this show bb13. I see that they are making sure jeff and jordan walk away with somE money or should I say all the money. Cp


If you look at SIMON’s Stream Capture Titled: “6:20pm Babysitters club power walking”

You will notice Porsche is keeping her distance and an angle away from Cowlia, weary of all the farts!! XD


OMG YES, she is hard to watch especially when she is looking like a recipient.


last night on bbad she said the word like 67 times in 12 minutes( i was bored and Icounted)
in a convo with Rachel, and I missed a few. It kills me when she cuts off ppl
and takes over the convo.
She is a Tommy Topper and knows everything! I’m hoping she
can get a soar throat soon.


I feel for you, thanks for watching for us, I really don’t think I could take it


It looks like PSJ.. which makes since RJ told her earlier that they are thinking of keeping S. Which tells me that P is realizing that if she takes K than she is fighting for 2nd however if she flips she has a better shot winning the whole thing against a MEGA floater and someone who has already won 500K before.


Interesting Porche would pick Adam and Jordan for the final 3. i would think she would want to take Jordan out for fear she would get the half a million again. what about her own alliance with Kalia she must not feel guilty now that she gave her 5G from her 10G.

I think Rachel has played the best so far and should be the winner …….as for the 2nd place – that’s the 50,000 question – who deserves it?


Is it cold there – they are all wearing sweatshirts or hoodies…


That’s how nights are in Cali


I do remember Shelly and Jeff complaining how freezing it was after Rachel called Shelly out. But that was a while ago.


California is nice & warm during the day, nice & breezy in the evening… if your outdoors or have a backyard like the BB house.


Def think it says PSJ. But I am not the one watching the live feeds and did not see her write it. I just hope and pray that Shelly leaves this week so I do not have to look at her old nasty leather lying face anymore. So glad to see her finally give up.


Hey Simon who do you think is going home?

Also at the end of the show tonight they mentioned that thing are going to heat up when Jeff, Brendon, and Dani meet in the jury house.
They have done this before right?


they will have a few words for each other, but by now everyone is fine


I think it is Porsche and Jordan for F2


fat ass kalia needs to be running laps not walking…


Honestly,I’ve read many of the posts here and I really feel like most of the ‘hate’ comes from anti JJ. I can’t believe how easy it is for some people to be so rotten. It has been so shocking…These are people for heavens sake! Maybe there are extreme posts from JJ fans that we’ve all been shielded from. I’m talking about the average post. Constantly referring Jordon as “Jordumb”. I just saw a post saying she looked like a meth head. It really runs the gamut…and it doesn’t even stem from any sort of event…its just hateful. Probably not thought of as much because it is so accepted here. I don’t believe that the owners of the site like JJ either so I do think there is an in-house bias. ;p

I sort of thought it was a bit of a stretch that some sites were reporting that the threats/FB page posts were really people trying to make JJ fans look crazy. I mean there are always a few whackos in the bunch, right? Not the first time BB HG’s have had threats. But seriously, the lengths some posters (here) reach to find any sort of angle to throw nasty insults (at Jordon in particular) – well, it makes me wonder.


It says ‘PBJ’….she’s hungry!!!!

Sick Bastards

You people seriously need to ALL get a life. Dani fans, JJ fans, ALL of you. You’re calling Jordan “retarded” and saying (previous post) she should be in the Special Olympics. IT IS A FREAKING GAME SHOW. They all lie, they all whine, they’re all obnoxious….ALL of them. Why? Because it’s a reality show full of people that volunteered to go on television and be on camera 24/7 because they want to be famous. Just because you haven’t looked up “Jeff Schroeder” and threatened HIS family does not make you better than JJ fans when you are on here calling Jordan “retarded.” GET A LIFE.

Otherwise, good job on the posts Simon and Dawg

Sick Bastards

Absolutely it’s scripted…every season. It’s MIRACULOUS how every single time someone NEEDS to win or spends the week saying they WILL win (Adam and Shelly definitely excluded) actually pulls out the win. And that’s every single season. (How many times in TWO YEARS has everyone been certain Rachel will be gone and she either wins HOH or POV? Floaters grab a life vest.) But I guess it is easy to sit at home and type on a computer with anonymity. But seriously…with Adam finally talking all kinds of smack about Shelly, one can say with absolute certainty that they have ALLLLLLLLLL been talking about each other behind their backs. SHOCKER. And of COURSE Jordan is going to tell Adam that PK don’t care about him and are using him (as are JR) because they want to not only keep him but control the numbers. Is it that difficult to figure out?

I can’t believe I’m even thinking this, but Rachel’s game has been stellar this week (yikes that hurt) and Jordan is kicking it up (she’ll not get blood on her hands as long as Rachel is around to do it for her…just like BB11). JR are arrogant and entitled because they have played before. Anyone that has ever played a game against someone that’s never played before is naturally arrogant and entitled. If Shelly had owned up to her lies in the DR all season (like Will did) everyone would think she’s a diabolical genius instead of a Shady Lady from Looosana. Also doesn’t help her that she gets defensive and plays the victim when she gets caught, rather than laughing it off. The reason everyone is annoyed with Adam is because he is LITERALLY the most normal person to ever be on BB. This makes him also the most boring person to ever be on BB. Kalia and Porsche are just naive (and mostly annoying) kids playing in the sandbox…hence their ridiculous cattiness and juvenile behavior.

I had secretly been praying for a Jeff/Daniele f2 but since that went down the crapper, I gotta say, painful as it may be, Rachel for the win.

Or bring back Remy, Jessie, and the Colonel and let them duke it out once and for all….

BB King

Matt and James talked about his on Dick at Night. BB is not entirely scripted according to them, but the comps are designed for certain people and hence give them an advantage. Just take the last veto comp as an example. That comp was specifically designed for Rach and BB knew full well that she won this comp before (a version of it at least) in the first HOH.

Sick Bastards

Yep…just like Jordan “won” the golf competition in BB11 (literally almost exactly with Jeff not actually playing his ball). Bottom line, it’s a game…what’s to get so hateful about?

dumb Mf@ck3rs!

WOW…best post i read on here…fair and logical critic of everybody….too bad most people dont think like this…well done…and i said that about Shelly all along…if she just admitted her stuff in the DR and didnt attack others or talk shit on them for her own lies id actually be applauding her game but the way she goes about things is so evil

Team 500 G's

Simon, as you know I agree 100% that its ‘soft scripted”…but isnt that like being almost pregnant….it either is or it isnt. The sad part is that there isnt even an illusion that its a competition.


I would never call someone retarded especially not Jordan. She is just a quite, young, naive girl. Which there is nothing wrong w/ any of those things and even as much as I like JJ I would never be one to get on the band wagon of these threats against Shellys family. I already feel bad enough for them to see their wife and mother portray herself the way she has. It is a show and a game (whether soft scripted or not) so I do understand the usual lying and backstabbing, but what America is upset about is the level to which Shellys lying and backstabbing went. As to even tell Jeff moments before he was evicted that she was voting to keep him. Shelly seems to have a real problem w/ telling the truth and if her husband is as truthful and honest as Shelly portrays him than I am sure he is upset by how his wife has acted these past weeks. I furthermore do not think everyone is on the JJ wagon or JR wagon just because they are veterans, but more because at least they built alliances and won comps were as Porsche did absolutly nothing til just this week and Kalia has done the bare minimum and quite frankly she is just irritating and people just do not like irritating people. Anyhow that is my say.
I hope JR gets to the final two, but if it’s Porsche I at least hope she doesnt take Kalia.


I complety agree with you, but can I keep calling her Jordumb though?

She isn’t the brightest but saying half of the things people say on here is utterly messed up. Dumb and retarded have two completely different meanings and have no right to be used interchangeably. I used to say retarded but stopped when I thought about how saying it was extremly offensive. If you consider how many people are mentally retarded in this world and how much their families have to suffer, you would stop too.

I haven’t called her retarded jus so you know. :S I have called her Jordumb however.


I do wish people would stop calling her Jordumb as it is mean and probably only belongs a childrens playground (why because children don’t know any better than to not call people names and adult do). I do not think she is dumb, but more uneducated and inexperienced. She was raised by her mother only from what she says and I believe she actually bought her mom a house w/ her winnings from the last BB. Jordan’s giant heart and extreme love and care for other people, I think outweighs any dumb comments that come out of her mouth and she does not deserve to be called Jordumb. Just my opinion.


with the exception of rachel none of them are really smart




Knowing Porsche, I think it says PBJ for Peanut Butter and Jelly


No, it definitely says PSJ for “Porsche, Simon, Jordan” I kid you not! XD


That’s what I thought, too. Ziiiiiing!


Hope they vote out Adam the worthless sloth, and then Kalia the same.
These two make BBAD unbearable.


Yep that’s exactly who I’m wanting for F4…. and truthfully I’m thinking Shelly is earning a BB13 win especially if she stays this week.


these were my posts…. I didn’t realize it’s been posting as Anonymous since I cleared cookies today :/


Jordan is clearly using Adam …Atleast Kalia and Porsh have his back and yet again he’s throwing them under the bus for “princess jordan”… obviously this week he has to say what he needs to… but next week will be a true test to where adam’s real loyalty remains.. & im confused as to why he said that jordan and rachel deserve to win and kalia and porsh do not… jordan won one HOH and brenden and jeff let her win .. what else has jordan done all summer other than pull her out and cry when things havent gone her way


Can the fortuneteller come to life already and just massacre the remaining cast? If not, can she just give someone a power and get it over with?


A bloody massacre sounds pretty good, and the ratings will go through the roof, no production rig needed


Jury House > Big Brother House.

I’m not even interested in this show anymore. I used to watch it “live” with commericals now I just record it because I don’t really care what happens. Sad me 🙁 . I want Evel Dick, Brendon, Dani, and Jeff back and I want Jordan, Adam, Shelly, and Kalia out.

It would be
Evel Dick, Dani, and Porsche vs Brendon, Rachel, and Jeff
Now that would be a final 6!

Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!

BB King

You will get your wish in the near future. Just wait for BB All Stars. I would’ve preferred All Stars to Dynamic Duos this season though.


In my personal opinion no one besides rachel deserves to win( I would have included kalia but putting up lawon has got to go down as the number 2 stupidest moves in bb history behind marceles) the game. I have never been a rachel fan but she has grown on me and she is may have a tempter or tantrums but she came to play the game and I think deserves the win…i mean

A. she sniffed out shelly’s bs since week two. When everyone thought she was crazy but she obviously knew what she was talking about.

B. Getting rid of dom was the best move not Adam, as we can see Adam fails at every competition he tries.

C. She has been a target the entire game, I mean since she stepped foot in the house she was a target. (yes america even a bigger target than our lord and savior big jeff)

D. She lost her fiance twice and to be honest I thought once brendan left again she would pull a chima so im proud that she it through even in tonight episode you can see the fight in that girl…jordan wasnt even excited like idgi jordan she just saved you….but its not like jordan was going anywhere anyway being big brothers best floater.


ok im done


A. I’ll grant that one, though Rachel thinks everyone is out to get here all the time so I’m not sure how much of that was intuition and how much was paranoia

B. True, but then who knows what would have happened if they flipped and Jeff and Jordan and aligned with Dom and Dani. There’s a chance Brendan wouldn’t have been evicted twice (he may still have been, but there’s too many variables to say for certainty what would’ve happened)

C. Disagree. Brendan was a way bigger target for much longer (despite being a duo, they’re still separate people). Rachel was a target for a short time before Jeff eclipsed here (if Jeff hadn’t become a bigger target Rachel would’ve went home double eviction night)

D. I think she’s done well getting her head back in the game after Brendan left again.

At this point I think only Porsche and Rachel actually deserve to win.


So disappointed Adam is sucking so bad and this point he clearly doesn’t deserve to win…he should’t have claimed to be super fan bc it makes him look worse. He has also been a super floater! In this house your word doesn’t go far, it’s all about your actions.

Also growing up in Jersey I always thought Southerns were just dumb and slow in general, but that was my ignorance
Jordan is not retarded, I think she just has some duhhhh moments, and also it’s an edit


PBJ might have something to do with that Julian guy she talks about. If it’s PAJ, it’s Porsche and Julian or Porsche Briggs & Julian’s last name begins with a J. Oh, Who the hell knows? I loathe this cast! And I really cannot stomach Adam, Jordan and Kalia.

This show died the night Dani walked out the door.

Kalia and Porsche 4 Final 2

Wow the comments on here about Kalia are simply amazing… she is a competitor and yet no one gives her credit for that.. hmmm wonder why that is…… Shelly is a liar and has played the game the best as far as lying and keeping the houseguests heads filled with falsehoods. Adam and Jordan are the two biggest floaters in the game and so if you think that is a good thing then by all means they should win, Porsche stepped it up and won two comps back to back but we’ll have to wait and see what she does next since she can’t play HOH this time around and she may need to win the POV next week. You people need to give credit where credit is due, but then that is the way of this country… the people that actually WORK and should get credit don’t and the ones that are worthless waste of times do.

Lindsey Wa

I think Jordan is great. She’s going to be in the final 5 for a reason, because she worked her butt off. Honestly, Jeff and Jordan have shared the load of game play. And why wouldn’t they? They’re a couple. They’re playing for both of them together. If anyone else in that house still had that advantage, you honestly think they wouldn’t use it? And how exactly is she dumb anyway? So because she says “Ummm” a lot and may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, means she’s stupid? Her BB13 game seems to be working and I think that’s all that matters. I mean, really, who else in that house deserves to win? Let’s look

Kalia-Annoying as heck

I also don’t understand how it’s the end of the world when Jordan sticks up for herself and plays the game how EVERYONE ELSE IS PLAYING IT i.e. lying, hurting, backstabbing. That’s just how this game is played apparently, it’s not just Jordan.


Finally… people have cleaned up their language and are showing respect for the house guest’s. This website has shown a total lack of respect … Glad to see you have cleaned up your postings!!


I’m not sure whats up but my post haven’t been showing up :(…anyway, not sure who i am rooting for yet but people continually make the comment that jordan doesn’t win any comps (and is sooo dumb…at least she didn’t put up her own alliance!) Well, Jordan did win the golf comp (yes bren and jeff threw it BUT the night before Jordan was beating both of them AND we will never know if they would have beat her) Also, like Por, Jordan came in second in a couple of comps i.e the before and after that Kalia won, the snake comp. So, I think that should account for something.


Why does shelly smoke so much?


Ummmm because she wants to die sooner rather than later?

I don’t know why does anybody smoke period?


I dont really get why everyone keeps calling jordan a floater. She could be called a coaster as she has pretty much coasted through the game. She knows everyone in her alliance is better at the competitions so whats wrong with them winning, Her being safe each week and just looking like not a threat/actually being friends with most in the house. Seems to me like a pretty good strategy But nearly everyone else is a floater. They float from side to side depend on who has the power. All the newbies alligned themselves with the vets when they had the power. Then when dani won HOH they went over to her side. The back to the vets.

Its funny you think jordan doesnt deserve to win. But you think the others who just follow the power are good players and deserve to win. All these people with love for porsche and all she did was get the golden key the first week. She did nothing except get buddy buddy with rachel to get final 3 with rachel and brandon. Then once thing started looking bad there she jumped ship to kalia and dani.

And so far the 2 so called big game moves to get jeff out were just stupid. I mean Dani and shelley had unbelievable chances of getting final 3 when they tried to make their move. Dani could go to final 5 with the couples and take sides then, and shelly could have went final 3 with jeff and jordan until she decided to turn on them for no gain other than making another final 3 deal with 2 people where she was in the same position as with jeff and jordan, and she turned the jury against herself in the process.

Its amusing how so many people consider good gameplay just following around the power. The only people left in the house who arent floaters(The people who float from side to side depending on who has HOH) are Jordan and Rachel.


Loved Jeff & Jordan in their first season, even loved BB giving Jeff the coup-de-whatever to totally throw the game to them. This season, didn’t like his bullying or their sense of entitlement. But overall, they are still good people. I switched to hoping Dani would win this year, she did so good in comps & could figure out what was going on around her. Too bad she tried too soon to make her moves, everything probably would have worked for her if she’d waited two weeks.

I do think Porsche was making some good moves for a short while, not sure what she’s thinking now. Adam seems to be a good person, wish he could pull a good comp so we could see his gameplay other than social. It’d be interesting to see how he’d figure out who to take with him. Shelley…I actually liked her move to vote Jeff out, it beat the heck out of “I’m here to get you & Jordan to the final 2”. Just wish she would have been honest in the DR, it would have shown her as an actual player instead of the wimpy liar she’s come off as. Kahlia totally blew her game wasting her HOH the way she did.

The amazing thing is, I’m now hoping Rachel wins! I couldn’t stand her in her first season or at the beginning of this one. She has always been a poor loser but even worse winner. But there have been times throughout this season that I could see more in her, even felt for her. Of the HG’s left, she is the only one who
truly deserves to win. LAST THOUGHT: I love reading these posts, but don’t like to see all of the personal slams being made. Ex, Jordan is sweet & a little naive, but calling her dumb is unnecessary & untrue. And attacks on anyone’s physical appearance, like Shelley or Kahlia, is childish. Grow up.


I want k to win it all. Hope she win HOH again tonight. And see how A act


You have to admit, Adam does a great job of flipping.