Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Fifth Live Eviction and HOH RESULTS!

Rachel Vs. Lawon Big Brother 13 Live Eviction Results

A Painful week indeed for the Dani fans an Awesome week for JJSA. Thanks to Shelly, Kalia Da Hut put up one of her own alliance member in the hopes of gaining BFF status with Jordan and Jeff. Lawon will be going home, Kalia is screwed. This is being called one of the stupidest moves in Big Brother History and will cost Kalia the game. The only good thing about all this is when the dust settles DK will figure out how BLANK they are and will stop trusting Shelly, at the hope anyways. Tonight there is also the twist results who does CBS want back in the game.. and will they beat Lawon the Juggernaut. It’s a exciting night get the feeds help OBB pay for all our bandwidth and server fees.

Adam I’m still waiting for you to do something. Tell your jokes make us laugh on the feeds and hopefully you get evicted before you make anymore HUGE GAME MOVES
Shelly You were robbed by CBS this week and for that I feel sorry for you. I think this is the week your lies become exposed so start looking to win a comp.
Brendon I would rather you cure Cancer than be ON Big Brother 13, If you come back tonight please go after JJ and make this summer fun.
Rachel I hated you last week now i’m secretly hoping for you to make some big move and strange alliances. figure out that JJSA are using you and SHAKE the house.
Dani You’re teamed up with the worst player this year and played a BLANK game this week, you need HOH/POV’s and a miracle to survive.
Kalia DA HUT All the respect you gained from your stunning HOH performance was lost the second you put your own alliance member up. Your game is done just self evict if Brendon comes back.
Lawon LOL @ ME, last Thrusday I said you are safe this week no matter what and look your going home…
Jeff You won POV used some muscle and now your alliance is the strongest in the house. Keep it up and you’ll be unstoppable, But watch out for the skyping neanderthal
Jordan I miss the cookie dough monster Jordan send this Goatee Jordan back to the parallel dimension she came from.
Porsche you like 3 somes, eating, and floating you get a OBB high 5. You may need to pull out a POV win this week to be be extra safe because the straight shooter doesn’t like your easy ways.

My prediction is Lawon gets evicted and Brendon comes back and the HOH will be won by Brendon assuming her can play.

Evicted houseguest is

New HOH is

Big Brother 13 Twist is

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3-4:40pm feeds pm trivia
Comp looks like it’s going to be physical

5:22pm Bedroom Porsche and Dani Dani explains to her it was a HUGE mistake to put Lawon up, “You know that is going to happen” Porsche: “Yeah…. Lawon would of been a sure vote”. Dani says it’s happening again..

Porsche mentions the twist might save lawon…

Kalia DA HUT comes in. Dani says that All 4(JJSA) of them were in the havenots for a long time says Rachel is going to stay. Kalia: “This is the same thing when Dom left” Kalia says he wants Shelly to at least come to them and tell them the truth about who she is voting for.

Evicted houseguest is lawon

New HOH is

Big Brother 13 Twist is Brendon comes back with over 1 million votes destroys Lawon in the comp

*Please note during the Thursday live show the site will be running in lean mode. Only this post will be viewable and no comments will be processed. Once traffic goes back to normal I’ll turn it all back on and we can rock out the discussion.

Jordan votes to evict Lawon
Jeff votes to evict Lawon
Porsche votes to evict Lawon
Dani votes to evict Lawon
Shelly votes to Evict Lawon
Adam votes to Evict Lawon

Brendon comes into the house Lawon gets slaughtered

Get to see the HOH comp will be later tonight – Grab the Feeds



7:08pm Bedroom DKP talking about how awesome life is right now. Dani says she’s surprised that America vote for Brendon. Kalia is not

7:06pm Rachel: “thank you America”

JJBRSA all celebrating there super alliance.. How long until they split..

7:11pm DKP talking about Porsche and Dani having to win HOH or they are screwed.. they start trying to guess when the HOH is they think it’ll be late tonight

7:14pm Purple room BR rachel telling him that Jeff and Jordan were the only ones looking out for her and everyone else was mean.

(Porsche, Dani and Kalia are the only ones that look worried.. from their comments they are completely pissed at Shelly because of how she acted after Brendon came back

7:21pm Kitchen DKPA kalia: “There all all in the Havenots room… and guess whose there…” Porsche tells them she got booed when she voted
Dani: “Adam just so you know they didn’t save you they evicted DOM” Adam: “Huh?”
Dani: “When you were on the block with Dom YOU were the target but they decided to evict Dom because of me”

7:22pm Havenots room JJBRS, Brendon telling them about when he was sequestered
They start telling Brendon about how they screwed with DK .. Everyone laughing

7:30pm Kithcen Adam and Dani in silence.

7:31pm Havnots JJBRS Celebrations still going strong

7:35pm Kitchen Adam and Shelly Adam saying that Kalia and Dani made bad game decisions that is why they are screwed right now.. Tells shelly why would he go with DKPL, JJRS was much stronger..

7:41pm All four feeds the super alliance celebrates. Jeff tells Shelly he’s going to be Classy about it.
Adam comes in tell Jeff what Dani was telling him.. Jeff thinks the “other” side has gone loonie toons

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Results yet?


shell HE calling lawonda a liar? ha he needs to take a good look at himself.


hey everyone, i live in new york city and watch big brother on CBS channel 2 but i am just now being told that tonight the live show will not be on bc of the presidential debates. does anyone know if this is true? if so, is there an alternate channel or website where i can see it live just in case? i would appreciate any help or information anyone can give me. i am desperate.


That’s being hosted by fox I Believe


oh i hope so!!! neither fox nor cbs are showing debates in the lineup but i hope it is fox. if i have to watch it at 2:00am i wont be happy, the whole point of a live eviction is to watch it LIVE…not to mention i have been waiting for this all week!

thanks for letting me know:)


I live in Florida and we have a stupid preseason game that is airing instead of BB. They are gonna show BB at 2:00 am!


Adam class clown you mean pedophile clown right


LoL. I stand corrected!


Adam kinda reminds me of that actor, Michael Chiklis from ‘The Shield’ or Uncle Fester from ‘Addams Family’. Can’t figure out which one he looks more like.


Uncle Fester. Definitely Uncle Fester! The classic song sung by fans of the show, says it all: “The Addams family started, When Uncle Fester farted; They (HGs) all became retarded,
The Addams family, da-da-da-dum…”


It kinda helps that his name is Adam.


I personally think it is not right to use the word pedophile when talking about Adam. It is really the worst thing you can call someone.
I know we make fun of all the houseguest about the way they look and act and I think that is all in fun (even when its mean) but calling someone pedophile crosses a line for me and I really can’t think of anything else that does.


tell that to Simon then cause that’s where I got the ideal from (Simon mentioned Adam looked like a pedophile also, lighten up stop taking things so seriously your the reason Simon has to censor everything cause people like you get offended by everything.


LOL thanks simon I agree. too funny


the twist is rachel gets evicted, brendon gets voted back then they have to battle it out to get back in the house. (NOW THAT’S A TWIST)


I’m not hating on you or Simon, only giving my opinion. Your posts are funny and Simon is the best =)
I’m just sticking up for a guy who doesn’t deserve to be called a pedophile. Adam seems like a sweet guy and I know he is a fan and in case he reads this I want him to know that not everyone feels that way.


I think the pepophile comments are all in fun. Even the HG make jokes about it. Adam even does with the jokes saying ‘hey kid wants some candy’ so lighten up. I agree doin it to a certain extent cud be looked at as wrong, but for now we are all on the same page.


iamMe – I apologise. It’s true he does but that is a horrible thing to say because once it it out there, you cannot take it back


not for almost 2 more hrs the show airs at 9 pm tonight


I know, just anticipating the worse.

We need an OBB house gathering at te local pub for tonight’s big event. The first round’s on me. Pull up a stool!


could someone tell me what is trivia


All signs point to Dom’s return.


I hope Simon is right and Brendon comes back in the house. Can’t wait to see Dani and Kalia’s face. Dani will drop Kalia as her BFF and latch onto Porsche. Dani is going to be furious. Let the games begin!


From your lips to God’s ears!


what are the signs???


Was thinking the same thing. What signs? Hell, have I missed something? I’m hoping Dom but who knows.


could someone tell what is trivia


Simon, you’re the bee’s knees.


LMFAO@ DR. You have me laughing like crazy. Call me unbalanced, masochists.

Love your comment. I want to see Brandon come back because the house is boring. JJ boring, this two are killing me this season.

DK: D: I don’t know what game she is playing. If she is so smart and wants to make a big move then why not work with rachael and go nuts in the house. Clean the house with all the floaters. Kalia, let’s not even go there…

I want BR! Back. At least I laugh with this two clowns.

Btw thanks for the good laugh. I have been a fan of Simon and his feedback for YEARSSSSS


From what I have gathered {I am not a rocket scientist} Dom is behind Cassie and Brendon.


E) The voting was all a sham. BB Already knew they were figuring out a way to reintroduce us to the continuing saga of Rachel And Brendon and next year’s BB Season 14 (Tentatively titled ‘Nothing Comes Between Me and My Man’) will be an entire season devoted to them squashing less deserving,non Rocket Scientists.


BB4ME – LoL! The thought of BR reproducing …… (drink) …….I’m scared for life but, thanks for that. 🙁


The Wednesday edit made it painfully obvious what they are going for. I won’t be watching whatev. I hope someone comes up with a traditional BB game and destroys this show. Why not just have a fair game? I don’t understand. Even this is just to bait Kalia to go crazy and raise the ratings like Chima did when the ratings were in the toilet season 11.


Scared & scarred!! Both! Equally!


Of course it was!! Too many people has a disgust for Brendon and he won most of the votes??? Ridiculous!!! Does CBS really think that we believe that most of the voters VOTED to get Brendon back in the house!!!


there was trivia for very long time then feeds came back short time ago which is odd because usually not till after the live show………also, hg’s were changing their clothes and talking about what production told them would be good things to wear………Simon, is this common for production to clue them in on what kind of HOH comp it could be?


I voted for Cassi but can still remember the crowds reaction when Dom got evicted, they went nuts the applause was super loud so i think Dom has the edge over Cassi but i have this sick feeling it will be Brenda. Come on Cassi or Dom!!!!


just FYI – in the studio they tell the audience to clap extra loudly so the BB houseguests can hear it. It doesn’t mean they like them or not – Brendon had a lot of applause, however, you heard the audience laughing when Rachel was crying as if Brendon died.. they too, thought her behavior was ridiculous


how did shelly get screwed this week by CBS?


they edited out her manipulation of Kahlia . shelly wanted kahlia to put up porsche bu in the end, lawon up and volunteered so she went with lawon they were trying to get porsche out


i think it means that her portrayal on the cbs show didn’t capture all of the backstabbing, lying, wheeling-dealing and general two-timing she runs throughout the house all day everyday as, you know, her game strategy…instead they showed her crying like a baby over almost being called out by JJ but the truth is those tears were just another cog in her political machine and she is far from the damsel in distress


If Dom gets voted back in, it’ll be because of one (or all) of the following reasons:
1.) America loves horrible gameplay.
2.) They want to see a chance of Lawon embarrassing Dom in a comp.
3.) They are facing sleep deprivation and watching Dom/Dani is their fix.
4.) They want Dom to follow up with a win in the HOH, so Dani can be HOH for her b’day!
5.) They are Simon loyalist…


6.) They want to see Daniele pop Dominic’s cherry on live TV!


Haha danarexic! All u clowns that said they’ll stop watchin STOP! Let me guess production made b’s hole bigger and he didn’t smoke every1 in votes (the only ppl I know voted for dom r ppl here)!! Hahahahaha I knew it and I am thrilled! TEAM JJ OWN YOU!! 2 weeks it took danarexic and kkong to evict………….lawon!!!! Haha post away losers! I will be 2busy smiling to reply!! Team dani yo team dani yo and biased updates for a month-team dani hell no!!


JJ – LoL! Re: #2 though, I serious doubt, however, that L could beat Dom in anything, let alone my grandmother!


Jordan: The Sweet Country Bumpkin…

…With an animal inside ready to attack you.


I have a theory that her pent-up aggression is due to the fact that she ain’t get’n any, nut’n, nada, zero, zilch! Thoughts???


Unfortunatley that ship has sailed. Her lips have been permanently sewn to JJ’s ass. (An anouncement has just come over the BB house asking all to pause for a moment of silence to grieve the loss this week of any and all common sense K might have had……)


you think it’s physical because Brendon’s coming back and can play for HOH? sure makes sense to me and that CBS has rigged his comeback


I know it’s physical because I saw them changing and talking about it but what I meant was that it’s that way, because CBS rigged the votes for Brendon to come back and play in HOH comp that’s set up for him to win, just to stir the pot with even more drama for ratings


think about this for just a minute

if 3/10 people vote brenden…

and the other 6 divide between cassi and dom in ANY fashion other than pure dom*inance, brenden wins the vote.


Well, if 3 out of 10 people vote for Brendon, and Cassie/Dom split whats left (by ANY margin), then Brendon won’t be back at all. Even if the split the remaining 70% right down the middle, that would still give each of them 3.5 out of 10, meaning either one of them would still have more votes than Brenda. Using the “out of 10” scenario, Brendon needs 3.5, just to have a shot. He’d be better off with 4 out of 10.


agreed 100%.


What do you mean by “I miss the cookie dough monster” Jordan is the same but she just had a rough week. I’m sure she’ll be back to normal soon


you are actually TOUCHED IN THE HEAD (like Ronnie would say) if you think that BB13 Jordan is the same person as BB11 Jordan. But ;et’s not forget that she won 500k, and that changes a person. Maybe not for the better. I definitely see a sense of entitlement with Jordan now which she never had before. Maybe that’s just Brenchel’s horrid attitude rubbing off on her, but I agree with Simon…this is not the same Jordan I loved on BB11. Not to


shelly needs to go she is not winning anything plus her voice is horrible


I was SO ON BOARD when Kahlia won the HOH, because I knew that Dani would be safe. but honestly, this week has made me wanna die. That shitty random alliance (where people come and go as they please. there is no alliance there, because we all know that Dani will cut Kahlia off if/when she has too).

Obviously if brendan comes back CBS rigged the shit out of this season, but at this point i am just going to cut my losses. It’s no fun rooting for a bunch of retards who all vote eachother out. Jeff has become insufferable, Jordan is a prissy, whiney hobag, Shelly is a man, Porshe has mental problems, Adam’s edit is ridiculous. I hate them all. So, RACHEL FOR THE WIN. BB means the world to this psychopath, so, let her have it. Brenchel keeps shit interesting.


I WANNA believe that lawom will be safe Dani or Dom will win


If it is a physical comp. Dani will win. She is extremely good at physical comps.


LOL! Bravo. I love your comment.


Thanks! One minute til show time!!

I totally agree with you!! If Brendon comes back I may have to cancel my live feeds and stop watching BB. I cannot stand that asshole!! Cassi needs to come back and have a real chance at playing BB:)


You forgot Kalia Da Hut on the poll!!!


There’s no way in hell she’s winning unless someone smacks common sense into her.


Bahahahah. SELF-EVICT! Now, THAT makes good ratings! GO TEAM BR!


Kalia is so stupid. She could of had the beast go, but she majorly screwed herself instead. She is the worst HOH. This is just as bad as when Jeff believed Natalie and Kevin about Russel, and he followed Russel the next week to Jury.


don’t make me wrestle you gatorgirl because I will.


Cannot wait for the show to start. Would be nice for someone other than Brendon to come back to change things up. It has been a very long week.


All polls lead to Brendon coming back ya………….Now a good show begins ……. Hopefully the keep Rachel Just to see the look on Dani and Kalia face will be priceless. GOOD SHOW TONIGH CAN NOW WAIT……..


How much would we all shit ourselves if Lawon walk back through the door, bahaha.

I’m willing to bet money on seeing a Brenchel reunion tonight courtesy of CBS.
I’m getting shap instuments ready to pick my brain out in preparation for it. Or maybe some kittens to drown? Idk I haven’t decided yet.


ALSO “Brendon I would rather you cure Cancer than be ON Big Brother 13, If you come back tonight please go after JJ and make this summer fun.” WORD. It’s the only thing that will make Brendons return at least half decent. Kaboom?


This is very smart ; cbs will show @1am for mnt time and showtime air @ 10 pm. One star for the producer. Lol

Longtime fan

Hey Simon. I have loved your site for a long time and would like to donate but don’t have a credit card. Is there a way to mail in a donation?


15 mins till show get the popcorn out (lots a butta)


i think the person voted back in will be safe for a week, and won’t play in the hoh comp because they would have just competed to get back into the house


Glad BR are on this season and won’t ruin BB allstars whenever it happens.


looks like kalia just realized she was screwed

The Meow Meow

I’m going to stand by what I said earlier if Brenda comes back I’m done watching this season…. RIGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


agreed (not bout stop watching but about rigged) everyone I know wants Dom or cassi back.


keep watching meow meow…it’s the season of blessings and curses!!!


shel says somethings fishy bout lawon going up (she should know all bout whats fishy)
‘rach tells shel about the plan her dan and kaka made then shel goes and tells dani she knows bout it, shel shel cant shut up


If your a fan of Big Brother why would you be so against the strongest game player to be evicted coming back? Surley you dont beleive Dom, Cassie or Lawon are better then Brendon. Cassie is as good as useless and Dom is the most gullable little pup Ive ever seen. Whatever, to each there own, but your just throwing out some pretty STRONG hate on Brendon.


Jeffs the cool guy everyone wants to be friends with. At least I wanna be friends with him…..stop looking at me like that, hes cool.

J&J 4Eva

Oh, hells yeah! Jeff and Jordon are the best. They’re, like, BB’s version of America’s Sweethearts.


I along with many other Fans voted for Brendon returns I know I voted a total of 100 times If brendon comes back I will get my live feeds back I canceled when Brendon left


Whats with all the if this, if that, Im done watching bullshit. Quit talking out of your asses, strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride that is Big Brother! Now I got 4mins to show time, Im gonna put on my BRA-GADE shirt and watch my favorite show.


Are there any webcasts besides


Perhaps it’s not available for Europeans.

I keep getting this message:

“We’ve reached the maximum numbers of streams in your country”




I found one..

I’m so happy! I had almost given up! :p

The Meow Meow

Simon, may the force be with Lawon…


ha ha ha!!! who knows what the comp will be? there is always a chance!!!

The Meow Meow

He really thinks he is coming back as like Yoda or something…. This guy is something else..

Fuzz Gotti

Vote Julie back in the house



Well i must be off my med, because i voted for Brendon. You are so stupid to even make a comment like that. Dani and Kalia needs to go. So please stay on your meds to see that they stay. Iam not a br fan but he is the only one that can do it. If your so darm smart I would advice you to try out for bb14. You want Cassie to come back in because she is pretty( pretty is ,is pretty does) Dom would only be used for Dani lap dog. Brendon at least plays the game. Hope you are well and never have cancer because at least Brendon is trying to help those who have. So stop talking with your azz and talk with your mouth. I find you to be a total idiot.


Oh yeah that’s right. Brendan is trying to help people who have cancer by patenting the cure for it. What a nice guy.

Fuzz Gotti



There are many comments here that are totally rude and inappropriate… not to mention the language that is allowed!!

You do not personally know these people, but find it necessary to insult them with names and titles… calling Adam a “Pedophile” should be censored.

Your not in a “bar” drinking with friends… this is a blog about Big Brother!!


Haha danarexic is a shithead