Big Brother 13 Live Feed Screen Captures – September 13th, 2011 Updated LIVE!

Big Brother 13 live feed Gallery for September 13th. Each minute we take a series of screen captures from each Live Feed cam in the house and upload them to our Gallery every 10 minutes. This system runs 24/7 expect thousands and thousands of Screen Captures every day. Alerts are sent out via our Twitter account @BigBspoilers and Facebook page.

Each photo produced has a file name of when it was taken and by which cam. For example one may have the title “BB13-C37-8-201112_06_08.jpg”
C3 = Camera 3 on the feeds
7-8-2011 = July 8th, 2011
12_06_08 = Taken at 12:06:08

If you want to go back to these times and watch them on the feeds you can using a rewind option called Flashback. Try the Feeds out Free 3 day Trial

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Crooked Shooter

The fact that there was no Sunday show this week is making the wait for the finally seem painfully EXTRA long!


Yeah, that’s 3 hours a week for the last 3 months of my life I’ll never get back, worst season ever, thanks BBP hope someone smartens up and makes next season at least entertaining, with not so much Expect the Predicitable (things we change, when we need to aka “twists”.


yeah right?!
who do u think will win it?


by the way thanks for this great site, it’s my first year following spoilers and i just looooooooove ur site
keep the work and good luck in everything you guys do
have a great day
and thanks again 🙂

Who Knows

Thank god worst BB ever the vets against the newbies sucked the new people try to get on some of them for years then to find out they are against Vets and have to kiss butt all season. Get a grip I rather see Geriatrics fight for it!


I’m not certain I’m going to miss this season, but I am going to miss coming here daily. 🙂

VA Vet

I can’t wait (for this farce to be over).

The only TV I’ve watched in the last four weeks was to see little miss prissy go out the door.

This site is way more interesting than the “edited” version that CBS is spoon feeding everyone.

The winner IMO should be Simon & Dawg.

BTW, since you guys have my email address, send me your address and I’ll drop a donation in the mail. My PP account is messed up at the moment.


It’s sucks & oh well. Anyway, great season! Hopefully Rachel will attempt to Tied Janelle’s all time HOH win! If you want a statistics post it on Stats section. Be my guess! Anyway thanks for great season!


Hey Captain.
You sure are into tracking records. Anyone who can spell LaDamien Tomlinson correctly I respect. Regardless of being autistic, I bet if you cleaned up your grammar, you would have a lot more fans. So here’s a suggestion. Type you thoughts into Word first, then use the Spelling & Grammar option to correct your text before pasting here. Also thanks for dropping the JH storyline from your recent posts. If JJ really are nice people, they would be gracious losers and never act like that. I hope your wish for Rachel comes true.

kathie from canada

Simon and Dawg – another fabulous job with OBB. I have made a donation to hopefully help keep things alive for next season. I assure you that I read your updates every day, but have rarely commented. I’ve really missed BBGrandma and Rockstar for sure. Simon – love your sense of humour!! (with a ‘u’) Too bad that you had so many intense posters this year as compared to the last few seasons. Thanx again to both of you and you have earned the $500,000 prize. If only …

kathie from canada

Da nada … wish I’d won the lottery:)


I can’t believer Porsche actually believes she’s and Allstar and will be on the next BB Allstars.


100% agreed. Not to mention the fact that she actually thinks she can beat Rachel after making the worst move in the game by not sending her home when she had the chance.

chief c

correct nay her best shot was rocking rachel out glad she was the real dumb blonde


i think Shelly should be an all-star over Porchse. at least Shelly is more entertaining.



Rachel use your BRAIN

If Porsche did indeed as was first reported just get a phone call from BB producers because of her connection with Janelle to be on the show and Porsche did not have to audition, then of course the producers will ask Porsche but agree Porsche is not an all star unless producers just fix that for her too. Funny, after how it was reported that she did not have to audition like everyone else does to get on the show that she makes up a whole huge story on the live feeds about how she “apparently” missed the audition and then called the producers; more likely production just told her to make up another story about how she got on the show because people reacted badly to her not having to actually audition but that the producers called her as was first reported on the live feeds.It does make sense that she was given the opportunity by producers and was given special treatment and that explains as to why she did not get evicted from the show because of her actions whereas anyone else would of been booted off the show in a heartbeat if they had done the things Porsche did. I really used to love BB but this season just to much has been revealed that does make it seem as if the entire show is scripted with some rigging going on. I really hope Rachel wins scripted or not because she is the only one left that is deserving, and hope she takes Adam to final two with her because at least he had to actually audition like everyone else.


Me either! I’m addicted to this show, and now this site. Thanks for wading through the bullshit for us. 🙂 Read ya next summer!


yeah, sorry to say, disappointed somewhat in this year’s bb….. miss some of the “big” personalities like Russel! lol love him or hate him he was entertaining! lol


Tomorrow night someone will be happy with the half million dollar prize.


QUESTION? Does anyone know if those in the jury house get to see playbacks of the shows once a new person arrives in the house with their DVD of the show? Are they allowed to watch the live feeds perhaps? Or is their information on what’s going on in there solely dependent on what the evicted house guest verbally shares with them??? It could be a real game changer if they are allowed to see the live feeds or watch DVD’s of the shows.


They are only allowed to watch the dvd that the newest member of the jury brings with them. They don’t watch anything else BB related. And they only have what others say to go on but with the game being over for them the level of manipulation is not that high. Mostly I’ve seen them calm down and let go of most of their anger to other HG’s, if there was any. Especially for the first ones evicted.


Thanks Anon for that info 😉 ….. I figured it was that way but there’s been several times that people on these posts have said things like; “There’s no way ‘so and so’ is gonna vote for ‘so and so’ once they hear what they said in the DR”, that got me wondering exactly what the jury gets to see/hear.


No, the only show video they receive is what comes in with the newly evicted HG. The only time they are contractually obligated to even interact with the other JH members is when they film the arrival/update segments for network. Jessie spoke on “Dick at Nite”, saying that Jeff and he would prepare food in the kitchen at the same time, but neither spoke to the other. He said that you pretty much hang with the people you did in the BB house. He implied that there was some bitterness. Matt from last season said that everyone pretty much left the game at the door, that they planned X-box tournaments, theme nights, baked cupcakes and decorated them. Matt said this in response to Jessie’s remarks.


They only get to see snippets of competitions and ceremonies. The first Jury House was season 4. I think they each got to watch to whole season back, but maybe without diary room sessions. Can’t remember if those were shown or not. I think Season 5 was where they started to show snippets on DVD (actually it was VHS back then lol).


I am sure kalia will go to jury house full of lies. She is such a poor loser. She got that from Dani too I guess. Jeff is a poor loser also. Just surprising since I thought he was better than that. Not surprised by Dani or Kalia.

If Rachel was smart, she would win part 3 and take Adam. She would beat him especially when Portia goes to JH and tells of his offer on who to vote for.

However, while Rachel is a good competitor, she does not always play smart. Her chances against Por are 50/50. Rachel would beat Adam.


I agree with you! She may not win it if she takes Porsche. And Porsche should think long and hard also. If she wins 3rd comp, she should take Adam. I believe she could win it. As much as I hate to say it, Rachel deserves the win if she wins the last comp.

Keep it real! Good luck to all!!!!


Go Rachel!

chief c



i hope youre right. i would hate another 6-1 or 7+0 vote and have at least some suspense to the ending.


I disagree because if Shelly is really the person who she is then she will base her vote on who deserves it most. It might be a surprise but I have a feeling that Rachel will get the majority of the vote. Kalia seems to be an intelligent person and might give the vote to Rachel and also stated before she left that she has done Rachel a lot of wrong. Hoping for the win to Rachel.


Rachel knows she needs to send Adam to the Jury is she wins the final HOH, that way she has 4 votes, after Adam told her he will vote for her if she wins the final hoh.


I think that Rachel thinks that if she takes Adam to final 2 Dani, Kalia, Shelly and Porsche will vote for him

chief c

I beleive Shelly will vote for Rachel despite it all as berst player Rachel cinched that vote when she told her you did great

Russell K's baby momma

I have to prepare for OBB withdrawls after its over! “(


OBB will still be here, and top of everything. I’m sure there’ll be a “Kalia shaving her hooha in public” scandal in the not too distant future.


Wake up the final 3 house guest. I’m at work for 12 hours and I need some thing to entertain me.


Just got my votes in at CBS (whata long process…jeeze) for Dani before the deadline. I know, futile effort. After each vote, was told I voted. The top of my screen was blocked, but before I closed I scrolled up and saw the following a few times in red letters “validate captcha failed”. Anyone know what that means?


my understanding of this is, that you have already voted your maximum 10 times previously and they will not accept any more, at least that is what happened to me. I got the same message when I tried to vote more than 10 times


i like Adam as America’s favorite houseguest.


Me too if not, Jordan. My opinion is it is fair that the third person should be given the $25,000.

Midwest Fan

It means you failed to type in the code word correctly and could reset it.
It happened to me.
The site was screwed up for a bit. I had the phrase “Terms for Site” or something like that covering
part of the space for entering the code word. At times, I was able to type over the words and at other times I couldn’t.
In the end, I did get my 10 votes approved and counted.



As long as Rachel is at the end to win top prize, I want Jeff or Jordan to win America’s favorite……now be nice… no hatin’!


Thanks for the info. Used three different accounts so got 30 in for her.


no simon you’re going back to the real world after BB13 and not posting anymore. i was surprised Superfan Adam didn’t know that
Rachel could tie Janelle’s HOH record.


I’m sorry, guys, but I still just can’t get behind Rachel winning this thing, even though it looks to me as if she has this in the bag at this point. I really do give her credit for alot of things, far more this season than last season. She’s driven to win things, and does everything she can to make that happen. I can really see why she’s had more fans this season than her first.

That said, I still just can’t help but feel disappointed that it looks like that 500k check is going to be handed to her tomorrow night, regardless of the other two possible recipients, who I’m also not too thrilled about. I realize that she has a ton of fans commenting their support here more than ever lately (where’d all you guys come from later than sooner, I’m wondering? Where were you masses when Simon and Dawg first started covering this season’s earlier episodes? Just an observation), and I give credit to those who’ve commented here from the beginning in her defense.

I really have seen a bit of a better Rachel this season, but not enough of one to ever want to root for. One, and I know this is still a huge point of contention here, but I believe one hundred percent with every common sense cell in my body that she would NOT be in the final three right now had production not overtly and obviously stepped in more than once this season. I’ve read all the arguments from her fans, agree with many of them, and sorry, but the twists this season still came across as so manipulated and blatantly obvious to me, I wondered if CBS/BB production thinks their viewers wear helmets, drool buckets, and are only allowed to eat their food with a plastic spoon. Mark my words… even if I’m wrong and by some miracle Rachel doesn’t win… CBS has/has had all along plans for Brenchel, ratings/a.k.a. money making plans, and you’re going to see that this is the case on your screen long before the next season of Big Brother airs.

Two, if Rachel wins this thing, I also guarantee you the annoying mess the overwhelming majority of us couldn’t stand her first season will return with a vengeance once that check gets handed to her. Vegas Rachel will return, worse than ever, this win going straight to her head, convinced (at least for now) that she’s vindicated and that none of the legitimate reasons she was disliked are any longer legitimate, is instead loved by all, amazing, a role model we all wish we were like, the result is going to be the most annoying Rachel ever, and sorry, Rachel fans, but if I’m as right as I think I am about this, I’m not just going to blame Rachel, CBS, Allison Grodner and BB production… I’m going to want to perform a massive cyber ‘I Told You SO’ wedgie on all you Big Red rooters, too;) And I swear to GOD, if I see her next season walking into that house, I’m going to vomit up a lung.

Three… there are ‘real people’ contestants who audition on a whim, taking time off from their real jobs but fully intending to go back to those real jobs, then happen to land on a reality show, then go back to their real lives when it’s over, and then there are people who see competing on a reality show as a professional career. God Bless the ones who really do go back home when all of this ‘reality’ is over, because too many don’t, the attention is just too hard to walk away from. Rachel has a degree in chemistry, right? What happened with that? I don’t know, but I can’t be the only one to wonder what kind of amazing things she’d have accomplished had she put that degree to work in places other than Vegas or the BB house. I can think of a couple of other HG’s in the past couple of years who are just as guilty.

Don’t get me wrong here… I’m not pushing for either of the other two remaining houseguests, either. Adam has been a psychologically fascinating example to me on just how much a human being can be in denial, and Porsche? At times, I liked her, but overall, I really just don’t care. This for me has been a season of ‘Oh, hell… like what I think matters, anyway’. Looking back, I’m really not seeing anyone from this season I’d have gotten behind as much as I have in last seasons.

Simon and Dawg, as I’ve said countless times before, you guys have salvaged this season for me, and I know I am by far not alone in saying that. And next season, I look forward to you guys continuing to entertain me, no matter how good or bad next summer seems to me. And no matter how hard up things may get for me, I will never fail to come here without donating:)


You never can tell because Rachel has been reading her Bible this season so who knows?
She is a fighter and being that she is in the final three, she deserves it more than the other two……


Hi Feather, yes Rachel deserves to win and hoping she wins. We will see tonight.


Here’s the idea for next year BB! Big Brother goes International. All Big Brother winners from different countries will come to the host countries and win to represent their country.


but what language will these winners speak?


Any language, the translator will be available to understood what they said. e.g. Canada (French)-Translator has to speak it. Philippines-Filipino (off course I’m Filipino) and etc. As long they will have a translator to understood what they said. The competition will be a same. Twist will be a same. Nominations, Vetos, etc. We want Big Brother goes International. U.S.A. Has to choose 1 or 3 represent their country to win Big Brother. Called it Big Brother:International AllStars. Probably either Eval Dick, Jeff, Brendon, or even Brigade member will compete represent the United States of America.


Hi Feather Rachel deserves it and I hope she wins. We will see tonight.

nancy settle

go rachel go , take adam , not P. the best to you & B. good luck !!!


I Hope that Jeff & Jordan does not get America’s vote…………Come on people they have already been paid $25,000 each for playing ………… Jeff has won money…………..his winnings to-date …………$40,000
Jordan has already won the half a million in her season. Give someone else a chance……Jeff and Jordan does not deserve a penny more……….I could not beleive that they are being given things e.g. concert tickets and airline tickets by fans………are you people crazy???????