Porsche plans to get busy after BB13, “Umm hello in case someone shows up I want the lady bits Shaved” **updated

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11:15AM Houseguests are up Adam smoking outside Porsche and Rachel in the bathroom washing up.. Porsche tells rachel about a crazy dream she had where her friend was taking roofies..

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11:17AM Porsche and rachel are doing the dishes. They’re talking about how BLANK the razors are in the Big Brother 13 House. Porsche wonders if maybe she should request a shaver with more than 2 blades.. she already requested it a couple time now. Porsche asks Rachel if they hear the houseguests requests. Rachel says yes they hear all the things we say in this house they just don’t care.
Porsche: “They can throw us a couple venuses that would be awesome I want to shave my lady bits” Rachel agrees says a couple of those little disposable venus shavers would be perfect, she thinks they’ll have to make do until tomorrow night. Porsche: “Umm hello in case someone shows up I want the lady bits Shaved”

Rachel: “ahh”

Rachel had a dream about her ex boy friend meeting Brendon.. Prosche thinks its always unconmfortable when your boy friend meets your ex. Rachel

Rachel: “Does Adam seem he’s in and mood this morning”
Porsche doesn’t know she hasn’t talked to him this week. She points out that Adam was saying he doesn’t want to come back for All Stars. Rachel brings up that Brendon swore he would never come back and so did Jordan and look what happened.
Rachel says she thinks the only way she wouldn’t come back is if she won..
Porsche says she would come back even if she won .. “Look at Jordan she came back and made it far”

Rachel starts talking about her dream where her ex boyfriend was hooking up with all these girls and she got really drunk and this guy she use to know from college drove her home.. (as exciting as this dream is i’ll leave the rest)

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11:40pm HOH LOCKDOWN They are listening to the Big Brother theme music. Adam shares with them his crazy dream. Rachel says they all had crazy dreams last night must of been the garlic.

11:50pm Feeds on Trivia.
12:20pm HOH lockdown and Trivia
1:06pm feeds show fish

1:50pm – 1:55pm Big Brother puts an end to the HOH lock down. The houseguests leave the HOH room and head downstairs. Rachel says that they were locked down for almost two and a half hours. Adam goes into the backyard for a smoke. Porsche joins Adam out in the backyard. Porsche says quick what was she saying? Was she campaigning while I was asleep? Adam says na.. I was campaigning in my sleep to myself ..I am so BLANK over her …I don’t want to see her earn a BLANK penny…I am so done with her ..I know you are going to do what you are going to do and I respect you for it .. but I do not want to see her win. Adam says if you want to take me ..I will help you win that half million dollars. I will respect your decision. And if I am not sitting next to you I will give you my vote. Porsche says cool, thanks …I was going to make it worth your while anyways. Porsche says that she still needs to think about it …and the votes. Porsche says that she has thought about her speech for three days now. Adam says that he lost all respect for her and that some of the things she was saying last night to you and I and before that …I am done ..done…I am over it with her. Porsche says that Rachel doesn’t deserve it. Rachel comes out to the backyard to suntan. Adam sits on the backyard couch to have a smoke and then gets into the pool.

2pm – 3:05pm Rachel and Porsche relax and suntan in silence. Adam relaxes on the backyard couch smoking and staring off into the distance. Adam goes over and gets into the pool for a bit and then gets out and lays out in a lounger by Rachel. Quite afternoon in the BB house. Adam starts talking about how he used to be a Dj. Adam says that he hopes he still has a job when he gets out. Rachel says that she’s sure he will. Adam says that he doesn’t know ..if they got along fine without me ..maybe they won’t need me.

3:05pm – 3:35pm Adam, Rachel and Porsche talk about random stuff like health insurance and schooling. Porsche goes to get into the pool and Rachel says oh my god …I thought that was a fish! Rachel and Adam head inside to get food ready. Rachel says hey Adam the other day when I told you how Porsche got picked …I didn’t know that wasn’t true and I am sorry. Adam says that’s okay …so what will it take to get you to take me? Rachel says she doesn’t know …and that she still needs to win tomorrow. Rachel says that she needs to think about the jury votes. Rachel says that she is being honest with him and for him to please not share it with Porsche. Adam says na, na… I asked Porsche the same thing. Rachel says that she had to fight really hard and stuff this summer. Adam asks so what do you think makes you think you don’t have the votes. Rachel says maybe her attitude and stuff. Adam says yeah …some of your goodbye messages might be the thing that hurts you and you may not win because of that. Adam says that one of your arguments to the jury could be that you stuck with the people you were aligned with the whole season. Adam says that if I am in the final two ..I know I did not earn my spot and if you are a fan of the game would respect the people that earned it and not vote for me. Rachel says that if she did win the veto and it was you, me and Jordan …then there would be no question what would happen. Porsche come into the kitchen and asks what they are talking about. Rachel says that they were just talking about how different things would be if she had won the POV. Porsche says yeah I may not be here. Rachel says yeah any ripple would have changed things from how they are now. Rachel goes to the storage room and Porsche asks Adam if he was trying to ask Rachel how she would take him to the final two. Adam says yeah ..can you blame me? Rachel comes back and they continue to make something to eat.

3:45pm – 4:15pm Adam and Porsche are talking while Adam BBQ’s. Porsche tells Adam that she Adam tells Porsche if she wins, she has to thank him in every interview she gives. Porsche says that the people in the jury house can’t be swayed … the vets can’t be swayed.. Porsche says that Shelly is the only possibility of being swayed …and that Brendon will be campaigning for Rachel. Adam says that she is a piece of work … Porsche says she knows …and even if she wins second place she will only get $50,000 which is barely enough to pay off Brendon’s schooling. Adam says this year…and not even enough. Porsche gets called to the diary room. Rachel comes out and joins Adam in the backyard. Rachel starts asking Adam what she thinks about what Shelly will do with her vote. Adam questions whether or not Shelly will respect competitors or not. Adam says that Kalia does respect competitors. Rachel says that she knows she was mouthy …but that she was just being honest and didn’t want to be fake with people.

4:25pm – 4:40pm Adam and Rachel talk about Fara while Adam BBQ’s. The conversation then changes to talking about Big Brother competitions and other past events. Adam asks Rachel what is the one thing she won’t miss about Big Brother. Rachel says lock down. Porsche gets out of the diary room and explains what the doctor said about her wounds. All three are hanging out in the backyard waiting for the BBQ food to be done.

4:50pm – 5:10pm The BBQ food is ready, they bring it inside and make up their plates. Adam offers Rachel some garlic paste. Rachel says no thank you ..that seems to make my butt smell funny. Porsche agrees and says I followed you to the bathroom that time and it was quite atrocious. Rachel and Porsche are talking in British accents. They all head out to the backyard to eat on the couch. As they eat they discuss the past events of the house.

5:10pm – 5:20pm The final three talk about how Kalia said if she goes out all she got was a vacation and that Porsche got $5000. Porsche says we all know that’s not true. (Kalia got $5,000 when Porsche opened Pandora’s box because they were duos.) Adam says that if I go out tomorrow ..at least give me something …like america’s juror or something ..everyone else got something.. except Shelly. Rachel asks what did Dani get? Adam says Dani is best friends at CBS and they allowed her to come back. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they feeds come back, they are dealing out the cards to play a card game.

5:50pm Card game continues…

6:20pm The final three are still playing cards … not much talking going on.. Adam goes to the bathroom. Porsche says do you realize that tomorrow we’re going to have money. Rachel says Oh my god I know but we won’t get the checks tomorrow. Porsche says that he is trying… Rachel says she knows.. Porsche and Rachel have a short conversation about Adam campaigning to the both of them. Rachel says that Adam hasn’t really said anything to her that would be compelling for her to keep him …she says all he really told her was that he would tell the jury members not to vote for him. Rachel says but that doesn’t mean anything because he could easily just not do it and the jury wouldn’t listen to him anyways. Porsche agrees. Adam comes back outside. They talk about random stuff like Brendon’s messed up toe. Rachel defends him and says that its not his fault and its the only thing wrong with him.. Card game continues…

7:20pm Final 3 backyard playing cards.

7:38pm Feeds have been on fish for the past 20 minutes.. I wonder what is up?

7:55pm Feeds on FISH

8:18pm Rachel running laps, Adam in the shower and Prosche shaving her legs.

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317 thoughts on “Porsche plans to get busy after BB13, “Umm hello in case someone shows up I want the lady bits Shaved” **updated

    1. I doubt Adumb will even be asked to come back for allstars – he’s boring. Not even close to the bad ass metal head he tried to portray himself as in the very first episode. He just ended up being a giant kiss ass.

      1. I agree.. did you see all the facial expressions?.. those hand gestures towards Rachel, when she went to check out the other bedrooms?..

        Totally not what he turned out to be. :] I don’t hate him.. he is just annoying!

        1. To TheKnowItAll… What facial expressions and hand gestures are you talking about.. I would really like to know.
          Apples2Apples.. I agree with you completely, dont waste your time on SaveDani.. this person is thinking in a dillusional manner and theres just no reasoning with that, let it go.
          Nick B, You are right about some things, but you are way off when it comes to Dan being shown the kindness and understanding when her father left the show. Both Jordan and Rachel were comforting her back then and they meant it. Because Evil Dick left Dani got a save for four weeks with the golden key and the reason she wanted to keep Dominic around is because she wanted a f*ck buddy to play with so she wouldnt be bored, please tell me you have failed to miss that this season and when she didnt get her own way with her alliance she broke apart and even her own father came on the show to say she really messed up she could never get to the end now. And all the newbie girls spent the summer with Dani making up lies about and talking about Rachel…Jealous Much??? Now your theory about Porshe sticking to her alliances,, thats just bull. She turned on Rachel because she cried and at the most important time in the game, she let her alliance down by opening Pandoras box for a lil bt of money…oh yeah she is loyal..not!
          squabble… what you are saying here about Jordan and Rachel being saved by the show is bull crap. Your buddy Porshe opened Pandoras box because she is greedy and lost control of the house what a dumbass move to make in this game. A 4th grader would know better than to have down that.
          Peggy, I totally agree with you and personally I think she got the call for the show because of her buddy Janelle and that is an unfair advantage! Go Rachel

          1. I agree I think that is how Porsche got on the show is because of Janelle, and because so much is being made of it now on the live feeds that Production told them to make up these stories to cover their rear ends on how Porsche ended up on the show and that she did not ever have to audition. It is the only thing that makes sense because it keeps coming back up so that the Producers are trying to cover up how Porsche ended up in the cast and she got “special” attention. It also explains how she managed to not get evicted after she tainted the milk and threatened Rachel because other contestants have gotten thrown off the show when they did the same type of things. I so hope Rachel takes Adam and wins the $500,000 because if Porsche even gets to go to final two it just makes the rigging of the show more evident, and I still have a tiny bit of hope that it isn’t.

          2. You’re entitled to your opinion, but I will say this:

            Not trying to sound arrogant when I say it, but I think a lot of people take for granted the enormous mental stress these people are already under. You should seriously consider if you were Dani, would a golden key mean anything compared to knowing the exact reason your father left the game (and you)? Wouldn’t you have traded anything (gold key included) to know your own father was safe and ok? Yeah, well she would have too, I’m sure. Don’t use the excuse that they got his message on a television screen either; it’s not the same as talking to your own family and knowing exactly what happened to them, and how they are really doing. It’s great that Jordan and Rachel were there for her – or were they? They knew Dani was stuck playing the game alone now, and that made her vulnerable. It didn’t take a genius to figure out she would be cut 5th if she didn’t arrange for things to work out differently. There was nothing wrong with her bringing Dominic into their alliance. It wouldn’t have changed that they would have eliminated him and Dani 6th and 5th respectively if everything went according to BRJJ’s plan. Even so, BR and JJ weren’t having any of it, and despite her pleas (long before she ever betrayed them and considered proposing a back door to BR), they wouldn’t listen. The reasoning behind this is simple: They wanted Dani vulnerable, so they could easily pick her off later. It’s just common sense of course; but they were hardly there for her when you think about it. Seriously, in retrospect…if they really supported Dani, why not just evict Adam as she asked? Look how far he wound up getting! Bad call on all their parts. Dani would have convinced Dom to work with the vets when he had to in order to survive in the game (and Dom testified in the DR that if necessary, he would do exactly as the vets asked, so you know it’s true). Not to mention when Shelly threw him under the bus, that instilled an early bond of trust between her and JJ…and I bet they certainly regret that now. Fact is, JJBR made a lot of mistakes, and you can argue their very conditional support of Dani and Dom’s eviction were among them.

            Oh yeah, and in addition, while I would like Rachel to win, I think she should have to explain tomorrow night about her early game hypocrisy of targeting real players. Evicting Keith over Porsche was fine of course, but Dom over Adam? Evicting good players late game is one thing…but it was week 3, and the 3rd week in a role they controlled the house. It was just cowardly. Not to mention she wanted out Cassie over Shelly…maybe Cassie was a threat, but again, week 2 and you gun for a competitor over a major floater (and given Shelly’s game play, she truly was a floater, she ditched the JJ ship and hopped on team Dani so fast it made Jeff’s head spin)!

            As for Porsche, she and Dani were both forced to play the same kind of game right from the start. Gold key holders had very little options outside of playing the social game for about a month straight. When you think about it, it’s pretty difficult to call Danielle a bad player for ruining her advantage with the key, and then not give Porsche props for what she did with hers. Porsche mastered her social game in that time, and befriended who she had to, when she had to, without every selling her soul to anyone (which is exactly why she avoided JJ, she knew people basically had to lay down and die for their loyalty in this game, and frankly that gets you nowhere but the jury house, because they would always, always put each other before you). Porsche made smart investments so to speak. She treated people like stocks, and she bought (Kalia; Dani) and sold (Rachel; Adam) accordingly. You can’t deny it worked to her favor, even if you don’t like her style of play. You can’t call her a non-competitor either, she started winning comps shortly after she was allowed to start playing again, and even the comps she lost she was typically among the last few surviving houseguests.

            1. The things I do not like about Porsche and why I believe she does not deserve to win is it is really low to put something is someone’s drinks to make them sick and sorry but just cannot get past the comment about hitting Rachel in the stomach to kill an unborn baby and save money for an abortion. Those two things just went way below normal game play in the BB house. Do not blame her for aligning with Dani because that is understandable because while the others were competing her and Dani were getting to know one another, but since she knew Dick outside of the house I would assume she probably already knew Dani too, and just suspect now on how she was actually able to get on BB and if she was also give a “golden” key to be on the show be knowing Janelle. Just makes me question everything in regard to her so really hope Rachel takes Adam where she is probably guaranteed the $500,000!!!

              1. 1. Adam made the medicine ball comment.
                2. Evel Dick did not know Porsche.
                3. Evel Dick barely knows Dani
                4. Adam gets nothing, that’s the way it should be.

      2. Yeah, Atom’s game was virtually invisible. I did figure one thing out about him though. It’s why Farah told him not to show his penis on TV. It was because he didn’t want everyone to see that his balls weren’t there, they were in a jar on the mantle back at home under Farah’s careful supervision.

        Just sayin…

    2. Wow…your really going to be there?!?! You better not whimp out and not do it! What are you going to be wearing so we can look for you?

      It is going to be the highlight of the season seeing him walk out after the evict him :) It shows you how stupid Rachel is by saying it isn’t callled an eviction when the last person leaves.

      I can’t wait to hear what the jury members are thinking…we could all be surprised on how they will vote.

      1. It isn’t an eviction when the last person is evicted… it IS eviction when the 3rd person goes because there is still a vote to KEEP a houseguest and the one that isn’t kept is EVICTED.

        The last person (aka 2nd place) is NOT evicted. Julie Chen tells the jury that they are NOT voting to evict, but are voting on a winner. When she announces the winner – she never tells 2nd place they are evicted. THEREFORE – Rachel is smart and DANI isn’t as smart as she seems ;)

        **kicks life saver away from drowning Dani**

        1. I wasn’t talking about the last two…and neither was Rachel! She told Adam if he doesn’t get picked for final 2, at least it isn’t considered an eviction!!!!

          You pay attention as well as Rachel does :p

          *watching Rachel look for the life vest no body bothered to throw*

      2. I wanna wear a tshirt that says Lawon Forever with a picture of him, but the rules for the show say you have to wear plain clothes. Im still gonna try!!!

      1. me too! Didn’t care who won as long as Jeff, Jordan, and Adam didn’t make final 2…

        as far as all-stars is concerned:

        Dominic: Might have been a great player had he not been evicted so early. Had the balls to take on the veterans and made it known. He plays like Rachel, but since he’s a guy he came off brash and arrogant instead of “bitchy”

        Dani: Give her one more shot to outshine her dad…Dani hate is strong in the BB-verse, but no one stops and thinks what her dad suddenly leaving the game without explanation likely did to her mindset. It was a handicap no one else in the house had to deal with. It’s funny how everyone can find sympathy for Rachel and Jordan when their boyfriends left…even though they knew exactly why they left and where they were going…not like Dani had that courtesy paid to her…

        Shelly: No one can lie like this woman! Makes me long for the days of players like Danielle and Erica who could lie circles around today’s players, and do it with a smile on their face! If she can get over the trauma of psychotic JJ fans threatening her family, she needs to give this another go (sans JJ)

        Porsche: Especially if she wins! This girl hid so below the radar, and despite jealous Jordan fans ranting about how she “slept all summer” Porsche actually had a number of alliances that she stuck to to the best of her ability. It wasn’t her fault she couldn’t play the first four weeks…that was mostly Rachel’s doing…not that most of the Porsche haters/JJ fans care, but you can’t ignore simple facts: The girl couldn’t play the first month she was in the game, but shortly after she returned, she dominated with a live veto win followed by an immediate HOH victory.

        1. Why would you feel bad for Danielle when Dick left? They hadn’t been speaking before entering the BB house (again), so I’m pretty sure her concern for her father’s absence was all about how it would affect her. To compare their relationship to that of JJ or BR is completely asinine.

          1. Daniele stated on a number of occassions, that even though her and ED werent on speaking terms that he would always have her back no matter what. So when he left, she lost her closest ally without warning … that would throw even the best of the best off their game.

        2. I would love to see Shelly come back, but I think after the cray crays threatened her family, not likely. The best liar I had seen on BB in awhile, I thought that she really was just a superfan that really did want those two swell kids,JJ, to win the 500Gs. Shelly has provided me with my most cherished image from this season too- Big Jeff running after her begging for a vote.

          1. That was the best episode this season Jeff the douche running after shelly begging for her vote and talking shit about her at the same time lol I was so glad shelly stuck to her guns because if she had kept him and he won HoH she would have been on the block

            1. I agree…He should change his last name to Massingale. Seemed cool at first, but when true colors came out, he just acted like a total tool and his girlfriend….what a waste of blond hair.

          2. The double eviction episode and the one that followed, were two of the best episodes, I have ever seen. Jeff throwing a clown shoe, begging for Shelly’s vote, telling everone what a great job he’s doing molding Rachel. He was so pissed. And Shelly helped make that episode what it was. It was greatness.

        3. where were you when they called her into the DR and told her …. hell it took her over two hours before she showed any concern that her dad had left .. the other HG were more concern then her … BUT she was told … so stop crying her a rivier … geeeeeeesh

      2. Hell yeah. Watching their eviction was the highlight of the season for me. Especially Big Jeff, what a douchebag. Well that and watching Rachel and Brendan both try to swallow a spoon of cinammon. That was hilarious…

    3. Adam, you’re one loser. You’re lying about Rachel (another site said the same thing they feel you’re making up crap about Rachel to get to Porche) You told Porche that you decide who wins and it would best for her to take you to final two. You told Porche that as final two you will tell others to give her the money because you’re such a nice man. Porche anyone who falls for that sh*t is just stupid. no one in their right mind is going to just take 50k over 500k if they have the chance.

      This season I’ve read all the feeds and have hated most of the players for making up sh*t about rachel. Talking about her constantly and Porche’s comment about the ball and hitting rachel to cause a miscarriage was just sick. I liked Adam until he feeling threatened started to push porche to do what he wants and she was right to feel threatened by him. Rachel has been kind to Jordan, and Porche and even adam yet he lies to ruin her?

      Adam, people like you are trash.

    4. Boo Adam! What a jerk. Looks like Porsche is going to win BB13. And Adam if you think you are going to
      get America’s Favorite Player (or whatever it’s called) OR be called back for All Stars, you are delusional!
      I don’t ever want to see your face again and I’m sure I’m not alone :( Now Rachel has to get a vote from
      Kalia or Dani or Shelly to win and that’s unlikely. Shelly hates both Porsche and Rachel but she hates
      Rachel more. And Dani and Kalia are BFF with Porsche. And this is even if Rachel gets to go to the finals;
      Porsche will probably take Adam if she wins HOH, in a way she would be stupid not to. :(

              1. shocker a hocker rachek deserves win porshe dwserves 3rd and adam well adam gets 50 thous and farah Good for him good for Rachel and m iss pwe;; p gets infamously close LOL gotta see her face and kalias have to vote for Rach or ADAM itll kill her and Dani
                And I hope time constraints cuts off kalias words for people LOL

    5. Why are A & P talking rude about R when she is not there?
      I effing hope Rachel wins the next HOH. I don’t see her talking shit about A & P.

      1. how about you give us all the list of what they have given Rachel… I never got a copy… mind you i did see all the slack Dannie got …

        1. First she got an edit worthy of an Emmy, then the first HOH (was thrown to her just not by production), then when her and Jordan were up for eviction, out of left field comes a duo twist and for the first time on BB a endurance comp for the Veto, coincidentally tailored to Rachel, throw in that this totally trumped Porsche’s HOH and let Rachel and Jordan decide who goes home, kinda makes it favorable for her to get to the end. Porsche has had to play against the house guests and BB production.

          1. As your saying, maybe they picked JJ and all this skittish newbies for Rachel too! BTW, they also picked Dani cuz she want big move……They……HaHaHa……….HaHaHa……….HaHaHa……….

          2. If your a useless and not entertaining to the fans then big brother shouldnt help you. Aspects of the game, social game, win comps, be entertaining or let the production screw you (kalia). Rachel is a better player than the rest of the cast that’s why she was asked back. That’s why the only winner on big brother 7 was will the rest didn’t have a complete game like
            He did they were useless floaters.

          3. In BB there is always a twist in order to make it more interesting. Porsche did not have to open the Pandora box, she was told that it is good and bad. Dani told her not to open it but I cannot blame her because it would be sane to say that anyone would have opened it. Do not get me wrong because all three deserve to be the Final 3. When it seems that the veterans are going to rule the house, Dani, Kalia and Porsche all won consecutively which benefited the newbies so you see it is not one sided.

          4. Porche had the free ride this year. I think she had the backing of BB production and that is why she got the first key.I would have liked to see how she would have done if she had to compete from day one…I hope Rachel wins!!!

            1. To TheKnowItAll… What facial expressions and hand gestures are you talking about.. I would really like to know.
              Apples2Apples.. I agree with you completely, dont waste your time on SaveDani.. this person is thinking in a dillusional manner and theres just no reasoning with that, let it go.
              Nick B, You are right about some things, but you are way off when it comes to Dan being shown the kindness and understanding when her father left the show. Both Jordan and Rachel were comforting her back then and they meant it. Because Evil Dick left Dani got a save for four weeks with the golden key and the reason she wanted to keep Dominic around is because she wanted a f*ck buddy to play with so she wouldnt be bored, please tell me you have failed to miss that this season and when she didnt get her own way with her alliance she broke apart and even her own father came on the show to say she really messed up she could never get to the end now. And all the newbie girls spent the summer with Dani making up lies about and talking about Rachel…Jealous Much??? Now your theory about Porshe sticking to her alliances,, thats just bull. She turned on Rachel because she cried and at the most important time in the game, she let her alliance down by opening Pandoras box for a lil bt of money…oh yeah she is loyal..not!
              squabble… what you are saying here about Jordan and Rachel being saved by the show is bull crap. Your buddy Porshe opened Pandoras box because she is greedy and lost control of the house what a dumbass move to make in this game. A 4th grader would know better than to have down that.
              Peggy, I totally agree with you and personally I think she got the call for the show because of her buddy Janelle and that is an unfair advantage! Go Rachel

              1. Anonymous…I think you need to look what was written again! If by delusional you mean I’m right and saying there is no reasoning with me…you are correct! After-all…there is no arguing with the truth :)

                I can’t wait for this season to be over…two summers of Rachel is more than enough!!

                GO PORSHE!!!!

                ADAM JUST GO!!!

    1. I find it funny that about two weeks ago nobody knew who Porsche was because she was too busy sleeping, baking and doing eff all, and this week everyone is saying that she deserves the half a million over Rachel?! and they are comparing her to Janelle?!? Give me a break. It doesn’t matter how many stupid arguments you guys make in her favor… she is just as good a competitor as Adam! The less than 2% of you who like her need to wake up and stop talking like lunatics.

      1. Exactly, it’s a travesty that she’s almost certainly going to be final 2. She couldn’t win anything until they got rid of Jeff, Brendon and Dani. Adam’s not a ton better, but at least he’s been involved in the game the entire time, if anything as THE swing vote he was responsible for a good bit of the direction the game went.

        1. Adam’s game has already proven itself to be a failure. When he won the POV, if he would have taken down Porsche, and voted out Jordan, and then Rachel, he would have been in a better position against Kalia, and Porsche. Even if he didn’t win final HOH, there would have been a chance for him. Porsche and Rachel have a closer bond than Porsche and Kalia. Turning on Jordan and Rachel was his last chance. Awful, awful player.

    1. Adumb? WTF ! WOW!! how long did it take you to come up with Adumb?? Hours, days, weeks???

      Adumb! what a clever boyo you are!

  1. Three are left who deserves it more?
    Adam shouldn’t be in this conversation, the only thing he can hope for is that some day Jeff needs his star fish replaced, I can’t think of a better fit.
    Rachel would be in consideration if she wasn’t the worst humanity has to offer thrown in sack of skin, I get why people want her to win, they feel this is a victory for them, they see in her a reflection of their own existence. Rachel shouldn’t be rewarded, yeah it is a game but morally bankrupt people should be shunned not praised.
    Porsche wasn’t allowed to compete after the golden key for another three weeks, since then with no help from BB production she has won four comps to Rachel’s three, basically had one HOH over ruled by BB production, didn’t have anyone willing to take themselves out of the game to save her like Brendon did for Rachel, never went to the bushes to cry. She did it on her own with the odds stacked against her. Rachel’s HOH’s got rid of Kieth, Cassey and Kalia wow how impressive, Porsche is responsible for both Jeff and Jordans evictions, another plus for Porsche. People complain that she put laxatives in Jordans drink and this alone is enough to evict her, I say she knew Jordan was full of sh*t and Porsche is a humanitarian
    One last thing has anyone else heard that since last week there has been an unusual amount of cats dropped off at local shelters and pet shops are overwhelmed with people dying their cats bright red?

    1. Rachel is the worst of humanity … Give me a break you act like she is a serial killer .Your points about Porsche are valid but you ruin it with the Rachel retoric

        1. He who throws the cow shit ends up smelling worse than who he aims at.

          Your words are repulsive, man. Kinda disturbing how obsessed you are with your Rachel-bashing…. :(

        2. I think you mean Porsche. Poison the milk, want to hurt an unborn child and steal other houseguest property and hide it. Yes, Porsche is an angel from heaven. Island of purity.

      1. I agree with everything you said except that this is more entertaining that the show. I love reading the site (Thanks Simon and Dawg) but find the nastiness disturbing and can only get through a few before I have to go. P.U.P. stay home.

    2. Amen, you speak the truth. Plus, Rachel is not herself, now that she has obviously been medicated to so as to live harmoniously among the humans.

      Go Porsche! Hope she loses a bit of that ass. :)

        1. Oh man, that would be far too intense to be around. I’m not a fan of Brendan’s, but I feel so sorry for that guy, having to put up with the psycho’s antics. And they are planning on having children. Really, children? There ought to be a law.

            1. You truly are an idiot. You hatred is so strong and out of proportion that I think you have obvious mental problems. How do you know anything about the woman except what she is like in a pressure cooker. I believe you would lose your mind considering how strong your emotions are about a PERSON ON TV. Get a life, loser.

    3. & you could say what took rach 2 seasons it took porsche a couple of months…they’re in the same place both sitting pretty only 1 is prettier than the other. now to me, i dont care how you got to this point, if you got to this point you deserve to be where you are. all 3 are guilty of questionable morals but i dont judge because i’m the last 1 to judge someone. why fight what is aint shit you can do about it.
      i got cats & i tolerate them & they hate me… they definitely dont give a shit about me, dogs at least pretend they like you. i feed them, clean up their cast waste, they do jack…right now 1s napping the others chasing butterflies. who wants em?

    4. Look Porsche asked to be put up, she wanted Keith out of the house and then she could have the golden key, and sit back for the next 4 weeks. She was never the target until the last week. She was protected by Rachel first, then Dani and Kahlia. She is no Janelle.

      1. You’re right, that was such a horrible game move. I mean seriously, sacrificing a dumbass dead weight partner for 4 weeks of guaranteed safety. Such a stupid non-strategic move*

        *note, the above statement contains sarcasm. Truck loads of it.

        1. I hate to tell you this Porsche has no game, she is just a lazy player that wanted to come on TV and see if she could get some TV gigs, the only thing she did all summer long was sleep and eat. Asking to go up was a move, LOL, she wanted Keith out so that he couldn’t hit on her anymore. sorry, she has no game.

          1. She wasn’t sleeping when she won her HOH, Veto, Final VETO, Part 2 HOH. And all the times that she was eating and sleeping what were the other houseguests doing?????Passing the time one way or another.
            Big deal she ate and slept, everybody ate and slept.

            1. I’m no Porsche-hater, but I will say that I think the point that the people who slam her are trying to make is that she didn’t/couldn’t win squat until the field of competition was thinned out to an overweight chain-smoking 40 year-old, an anemic underweight chain-smoking 40-something, a blond southern belle who can’t fight her way out of a paper bag, an overweight self-entitled “black queen” who has a deathly allergy to cardio…. and Rachel, who was the only one who could give her a run for her money in any of the comps. So she essentially only ever had to beat 1 person in each comp she won (and STILL lost the OTEV to ADAM of all people!); sorry, but there is some merit to the concept that her wins weren’t eye-popping. I don’t disavow that she doesn’t deserve to be where she is or that she didn’t earn her wins – but I DO call BS on anyone that wants to claim Porsche’s wins were more impressive than Rachel’s.

              Rachel’s 1st “thrown” HOH was only thrown to her BY ANOTHER VET (the vets had already determined to team up); she still outlasted all the noobs that were TRYING for that comp. The rest of the comps she won, MOST OF THE HOUSE was still in the game so there was plenty of competition.

              I just wanted to make that point because it irritates me when people let their hatred for certain HG’s blind them to historical facts and start their own personal BB 13 rewrite.

                1. And in the last 5 Porsche’s win 3 and Rachel’s won 2

                  Week 9 – POV – Porshe beat Rachel – clown shoes
                  Week 9 – HoH – Porsche beat Rachel – snake eyes
                  Week 10 – POV – Rachel beat Porsche – partner hanging
                  Week 10 – POV – Porsche beat Rachel – name matching
                  Week 10 – part 1 final HoH – Rachel beat Porsche – blender


                  1. Didn’t Rachel win 2 HOH’s at the beginning of the game, with pretty much everyone competing? Add those to your tally and see how it comes out.

                  2. Uhhh… no grenades in response to what I said, considering I specifically stated that Porsche’s wins have come in a late flurry – and especially considering I was pointing out that the late comps have been played by less competitive players (seeing as how BB never works in favor of actual competitors – Dani, Jeff, Brendon, Dom, etc.).

                    I don’t really much see the point of your post unless it was to support my claim. :)

              1. I find it interesting that you specifically call out Porsche for losing OTEV to Adam, but gloss over the fact that Rachel went out well before Porsche did in that event.

                1. Hey, like I said I’m no Porsche-hater… so I didn’t gloss over anything. Adam won that comp over EVERYBODY so they should ALL be ashamed.

                  I was just trying to add a little perspective. I’ll even note that Porsche WOULD HAVE won OTEV if she hadn’t grabbed the wrong pie. But she did, and mistakes are costly, so there we had Adam victorious. My only point is that Rachel’s record is more protracted over time than Porsche’s. If you compared them on a graph, Rachel’s would start high with a dip in the middle, and peaking back up at the end, whereas Porsche’s is flatlined until a sharp peak at the very end.

                  I don’t discredit Porsche in sticking up for Rachel.

              1. Yah, they sure did improve their game…wonder where they are now. The VETO that Porsche won Rachel and Jeff also participated in, and the Final Veto she won Rachel also participated in. We gotta give the girl some credit, so the argument that she won after the strong players were out doesn’t make any sense. Rachel, the strong player lost TWICE to Kalia, a person so many view as a weak player; yet it is Porsche whose wins are being discredited.
                Both sides took each other out, both sides were good, that’s why in the Finals you kinda see a balance of vets vs newbies. Rachel lost to Porche before and Porsche lost to Rachel before. Doesn’t that at least make them even?
                And some say Porche started playing late, so what? She redeemed herself and is in the Final 3 at her first shot at the game. Rachel also is redeeming herself….Final 3 at her SECOND shot at the game. She played hard, she fought hard. Both deserve to win, but judging on personal favorite, I want Porsche to take this one home.

                1. She lost twice to Kalia in QUESTIONS. I don’t think anybody (including the HG’s) would dispute that Kalia was master of the questions comps this year.

                  1. That was still a win for Kalia, fair and square no excuses ; just like it was a win when Rachel won her physical comps, fair and square.

                1. Porsche had almost NOTHING to do with Jeff being evicted except vote. Kalia put him on the block and Shelly switched sides. How does Porsche get credit for that?

    5. you and JDOE are two of a kind … thinking back i recall a word being used that i feel fit the both of you like a glove… BOZO yep thats the word…. go back over your numbers once again … see who won what .. with how many playing … who was a coward and who were not … then attempt to write something with logic… i am sure it is in the both of you somewhere… see i dont go looking for the crap in people .. try finding the good… clowns ..

        1. I disagree, she is not a psycho. If you read some comments here you can say that there are a lot more psychos in this site, gee the comments that are being posted.

          1. BB house would make a lot of people crazy but quality of actions is still a insight to a psyche
            Portia’s mode of behaviour suggests a person who doesnt weigh actions said against actual deeds.
            Obviously some of Rachels traits have been overcompetitiveness in due partly to her time in Big Brother overlapping and close to her last visit
            Jordon even though her nature is more passive got piqued into two confrontations this year as well as one with Russel in the past visit
            Jeff too was pulled into a game he didnt wish to play by the vets almost exiting and the odds against them
            Brenden seems fairly even tempered but was not pushed past endurance due to early demise
            Kalia was close to CHima style walk off when she realized her efforts were in vain but her pride would not allow her to quit
            her need of getting words off her chest should NOT be entertained she should be limited to one question each not A DIATRIBE.
            Shelly seemed A decent person with a half plan and she got swept up in emotion too early and then tried second guess herself once too many
            Adam is a gentle soul who happens to like metal music ok kinda reminds me of Shrek sorry
            Loved Cassi and Dom would have liked it if they had been around longer
            Dick would have made it more fun and kept everyone off balance better but se la vie

          1. Squabble, Oh I see, you have logic and sense. Do you even understand your comments about Rachel. Rooting for Rachel to win and Squabble to squabble away.

    6. If you think back on the season, what do you remember most? Even though I wanted Dani for the win, I remember crazy Rachel crying in the bushes. She’s like a real life cartoon. Like it or not she provided entertaiment and the blogs were ablaze with her antics. I didn’t like her, I liked her, thought she should be institutionalized, thought she was normal, sometimes laughed at her, sometimes laughed with her, thought she was trash, thought she was sweet. Never have my feelings about a person been so contradictory. I only hope they stay positive tomorrow and she doesn’t scream “Breneeedooooon, I did it for youuuu!!! You are my maaan!”

      1. omg Luker , I think you just described the way the majority of us feel about Rachaell!! lol I hope she doesn’t scream it either!! How can a seemingly strong girl, at times seem so completely needy!!

        Maybe after she wins this (yes I think she’ll win) she will have more confidence in her own abilities. She didn’t need Brendan to win BB, so perhaps she’ll realize that while she may love him, she doesn’t need him to be successful in life!

    7. Porsche whined & cried right after she was put on block, even BR repeatedly convinced her she was safe. I really doubted how would she behave if she was put on the block time & time again like Adam – another Britney?

      1. What the hell are you talking about. She was on the block four times this season. I swear some of you don’t even actually watch the show.

        1. The difference here was that P. knew that she was pretty safe in all of them, even with K. Rachel has been a target from the start and has ALWAYS had to fight her way to the F3. P. can never say that. It more or less fell into her lap by HG working harder to evict REAL threats.

          1. I call revisionist history shenanigans. When Rachel was on the block with Brendan, Brendan was the target. When Rachel was on the block with Jeff(double eviction), Jeff was the target. When Rachel was on the block against Jordan (last time), Jordan was the target.

            Each one of those times Rachel didn’t win POV and ‘save herself’. The other person got voted out because they were the target.

            1. ummmm when Rachel was on the block with Jeff she was just as much of a target as Jeff was! In fact with Shelly voting she probably felt more endangered of going home then Jeff did! soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

              ok I got nothing beyond soooooooooooooooooooooo lol

    8. Ohh … of course. Leave it to squabble to figure things out. Adam was only there just in case Jeff needed emergency rectum replacement surgery. See?!! Mystery solved. Thank you, squabble.

    9. No lets not worry about al the horrible criminals and terrorists out there they arent even the worst humans alive, lets worry about an insignificant women on BB and call her the worst possible human alive

      *note the above message contains sarcasm

      I agree rachel is not the best person but saying shes the worst ever is just a desperate cry of yours to get any attention and you got some so congratulations

    10. Dude get a grip!! What is your definition of humanitarian? Let me refresh your memory!! Porshe is the one who tainted Jordan’s drink and made dispicable remarks about Rachel’s pregnancy!! Porshe is pathetic!! She reminds me of Trailer Trash!! ” GO RACHEL”

    11. Im a Jeff and Jordan fan and Im not from the trailer park :)
      The people on this site are crazier than the house guests! If someone isnt rooting for the same person as you, they must live in a trailer park and have 30 cats!
      Please stop posting crazy comments with ignorant assumptions!

    12. Love Jeff and Jordan, do not live in a trailer park. I live in a gated community in a very large house.
      Maybe it is Dani fans that are full of jealously and hate.

    13. I guess calling Rachel morally bankrupt is ok, and then go on and praise Porshe, who said that they should throw a basketball at Rachel’s stomach because she might be pregnant. Boy oh boy, isn’t she a wonderful human being wanting to kill an innocent child. Get real.

      1. Did Porsche really suggest throwing a basketball at Rachael, thinking she might be pregnant?? Seriously? I don’t really like the Porsche but please tell me that someone wouldn’t even jokingly suggest such a thing as that!

        1. It was 8/26 at 5:45. Adam and Porsche are trying to guess what the POV will be. Porsche says maybe it’s something that pregnant chicks can’t play in. Adam says, yeah maybe it’s throwing medicine balls at stomachs. Porsche says, nah, that would just save her 400 bucks.

          That’s it. That’s all it was. Just a flippant comment meant as a joke. Adam was the one to bring medicine balls into the discussion.

            1. Doesn’t make it sound better than … what? Jeff using ‘stupid’ as a term of affection towards Jordan?
              Michelle, it might be time to question whether Big Brother is for you. It’s for adults. Go watch Phineas and Ferb in the other room, please.

    14. you remind me of Kalia! You just love to hear yourself talk! Ok, in this case you just love reading your posts! Sadly you actually believe that you are clever and witty.

      Oh dear!

  2. Adam is not coming back for All-stars?!?! That’s like me saying I’m not going to go on America’s Next Top Model….. I don’t think either is going to be an issue.

      1. I think he made it up for Porsche’s sake. I read other blogs too (sorry Simon & Dawg, but you are my favorite!) and no one heard Rachel say anything. He is just getting deperate because, shortly after telling Porsche that, he was trying to make a deal with Rachel.

  3. I am soo hooked on online bb I can’t help but check adleast 100 times a day. Rachel I want her to win so bad! This is one of the first years out of all the 13 seasons my favorite player has the chance to make it all the way, janelle’s two seasons back to back was such a let down it took months to recover

      1. Please anyone, can someone tell me if they think porche is stupid enough to not take Rachel and lose four votes right of the bat for backstabbing her. She has s better chance with keeping her work then she could adlest say she was completely honest adleast one time this summer! Does anyone really think Adam would stand up and beg to loose on finale night?

  4. Why are the feeds on trivia? is something happening now….maybe a luxury comp?

    I can’t wait for Adam to get the boot :) He has been sooo cocky. He shouldn’t even expect either of them to take him…after all he is the one who always says “you were given a chance to earn your place”! Out of the three left, I want to see Poeshe win!!! Rachel didn’t change…she even admitted she just had to change her game (become fake) in order to make it further in the game.

  5. Everyone is saying that Brendon and Rachel would vote Adam over Porsche but are they aware that if Jeff didn’t throw the pov to Adam that Brendon would most likely still be in the house. Both Jeff and Adam schemed to get rid of Brendon. Shelly would have left that week. I don’t know why Rachel and Brendon would vote according to veteran Jeff who schemed to get her fiance out the house. Adam was not working with Brendon and Rachel but with Jeff and Jordan. Adam had done more wrong to Rachel than Porsche done.

    The simple fact is Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, and Danielle had a final 5 deal. Danielle jumped boat which left the final four between Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, and Jordan. Jeff then jumped boat. Jeff could have won that pov because he could of bluffed Danielle in throwing it but he didn’t have to and could of kept the four vets in the game. Because Danielle wouldn’t be able to play hoh next week, it was the perfect timing at getting rid of her. Instead of winning pov and protecting his veteran alliance he made sure he protected his secret alliance which included Adam and Shelly because Jeff knew very well that he has no chance in winning the money if both Brendon and Rachel makes it to final four with him and Jordan. Jeff has no spine and wants an easy win at the end. He would have gotten it if Shelly didn’t sink the boat. He made the same mistake this season in getting rid of Brendon, like he did in season 11 when he got rid of Russel. Jeff is clearly threatened to go up against a strong male competitor in the finals.

    Also to note, Jeff and Jordan did not vote for Brendon because they wanted to vote with the house and make sure there isn’t a target on their backs. If I’m correct, Jeff and Jordan would of voted for Brendon to stay only if Rachel and Brendon could get Adam to vote for Brendon to stay. Adam told Rachel that he was always with Jeff and Jordan and not particularly with her. It got you to think, did Adam vote the way he wanted to or the way Jeff wanted him to. If Jeff really wanted Brendon to stay he could of persuaded Adam to vote they way he wanted because Adam rides Jeff coat tails. If Jeff told Adam to vote Brendon to stay as it would further his secret alliance with Adam then he would of done it as he wouldn’t want to make Big Jeff mad at him. Isn’t that a strategy in the Big Brother house, use your connections with other people to persuade the person to vote the way you want.

    Another thing to think about is, even though Porsche put Rachel on the block, Adam is the only one who actually voted to evict Rachel from the house. Rachel might of helped Adam twice by keeping him over Shelley and Kalia but that was only because she disliked them more than Adam. Both Shelley and Kalia outspokenly showed that they didn’t like Rachel. Adam not liking Rachel and scheming to backdoor Brendon never really surfaced or became a big deal. Rachel clearly disliked Kalia and Shelly more so than Adam but should she?

    If Porsche wins final HOH and takes Adam, she can use the same speech she gave Jordan. Porsche evicts Jordan because she already won the money and already got a chance to play for the final HOH before so she wants to give someone who has never done it a chance. Porsche evicts Rachel. She needs to tell her straight up, she has the best shot at winning the 500k with Adam. Even though I thought your were the best competitor out of the final four and knew your would be the hardest to beat I still I kept you over Jordan because I wanted to be fair and give you a fighting chance in getting to the final 2. I beat you for final HOH and I pick Adam over you because I have a better chance at winning the 500K. I’m here to win 500k not 50k. If I take you I’ll be submitting into our friendship instead of thinking what was best for me to win the 500k. I want the jury members to vote on who was the better competitor and not because you’re a vet and I’m a newbie. Even though Porsche evicts Rachel, She would of given some good points on why Rachel should vote her over Adam. Rachel already said that she is voting for the best competitor in the house. She already called Adam the ultimate floater so I don’t see how Rachel would ever vote for him unless it’s a personal reason.

    Didn’t Hayden and Brendon make a deal with each other and then Hayden won pov and didn’t use it to save Brendon. Brendon and Rachel still voted for Hayden despite him backstabbing them multiple times over the course of the season. I don’t see how this would be any different with Porsche. Porsche is clearly more competitive than Adam and should get both Rachel’s and Brendon’s vote.

    A lot of people say Adam played a better game than Porsche because he had lay low but she did too. They both were in separate alliances and both were the last on the totem pole of getting the boot. Difference is that Porsche won more competitions and took part in a game changing move. Adam won 1 HOH and 2 POV. Porsche won 1 HOH and 2 POV, 2nd round of competition, and a chance to get the final HOH. If Adam didn’t win his 2 povs he still would of stayed in the house. If Porsche didn’t win her 2 povs than the big move to get rid of Jeff might of not worked and she would of been evicted if she didn’t win 2nd pov. Remember mostly all the veterans and newbies wanted Porsche to be the first evicted when they get rid of their golden keys as they thought that she didn’t belong their. Everyone said that Rachel had to go through a lot to stay in the house. Porsche in a weird way had to too. Adam really was the only person who seemed secured.

    A lot of people wonder if the golden keys do anything like open a Pandora’s box but it looks like it didn’t. It would be funny if in the end they tell Porsche because she was the last house guest with the golden key, she gets a brand new car… Its a stretch… but I can dream.

      1. Me ‘n my pack love cats of all colors and flavors, and that’s no delusion, not worth ‘squabbling’ over the fact you like cars (pintos). Woof!!! I chase cars…..growl….wruff. Wait, there’s a pretty little pussycat now…..(yip, yelp)

      2. We’ve been reading your delusions for a while now Squabble and quite the inner voices you must have to believe all the bullcrap you keep shoveling. Keep defending your hateful position and continue to prove it.

      1. Dani told Dom, that Rachel had told her that the JH was pretty unanimous in their vote for Hayden, but Rachel said that they (JH? Production?)decided it would be “better TV” if it were a tie. Dani laughed about it.

    1. Brendon and Rachel voted with their emotions. They gave their votes to Lane because they found out about “Just the Tip” and that Hayden called them names behind their back. So count on Brenchel to vote based on revenge and hurt feelings this time around if Rachel doesn’t make the final cut. This is not good news for Porsche.

    2. If Porsche goes back on her deal with Rachel for F2, you can be assured that she will not be getting Rachel’s vote. The Hayden situation was different, as they both had time to decompress in jury beforehand and decide who they wanted to award the money to. Rachel’s eviction would be fresh on her (and Brendon’s) mind, and Adam would win. Porsche knows this, and I think she would be an idiot to keep Adam… Rachel, on the other hand, should get rid of Porsche. But I don’t see that happening… sadly, it may well come down to Adam as the swing vote.

    3. I am almost positive that Rachel & brendon did not vote for Hayden last year, and it seemed like they voted personal because they instead voted for lane. Everything else is correct and I agree.

    4. Porshce was never a target. If Porsche goes back on her deal with Rachel she will hand the 500K to Adam {Adam knows this, why do you think he is pushing her so hard} She loses RB votes, and she will never have JJ votes. Porsche was a lazy player.

  6. Thanks Simon and Dawg for all that you’ve done for this site!!! Rachel deserves the win and I actually like her since Brendon left !!!

  7. Porshe needs to do alot more than shave her lady bits.People talk about how nasty Adam is dayum look at her.She is disgusting>>Porsche: “Umm hello in case someone shows up I want the lady bits Shaved” ..Really? You just gonna open your legs,you think your a celeb. now? Please take your nasty trashy big Ass somewhere else.Please do not show back up ever on Television until you learn how to act like a lady and take care of yourself.She slept most of the game and if she didn’t have the golden key she would have been gone .
    She was boring for the show! Actually all the newbies were boring except for the lieing 2faced”Americas player” Shelly! Spare us anymore bullcrap…New cast next year wild and crazy one’s,not ones who want to sleep & get pd. to sleep:)

  8. Still trying to figure out why Porsche played such a great game according to others. She floated to Dani because she was in power. The only reason she never went back was because at that point she couldn’t. I don’t care how close she got in some comps. The fact remains that she won comps only after jeff and brendon were out. However Rachel competed against both of them and won. Rachel came back from her flipping out and outlasted all of het alliance. She competes hard each and every time. Everyone keeps bringing up the golden key. Blah blah. It was only 3 hoh comps she couldn’t compete in. Fact is her social game wasn’t that great. Shit her and Jordan never spoke. Honestly Rachel should take Adam. No matter how much kalia disliked her she would never vote for Adam. I’m fact I think she would get nearly all the votes. If she takes porsche I think she may lose.

    1. Fact 1: Switching alliances is not the same as floating

      Fact 2: Saying Dani was ‘in power’ when Porsche switched is a misleading statement. She still voted to keep Brendan (the only person other than Rachel to do so) when Dani was HoH. It wasn’t until after that she switched, and then then they really weren’t in power, they had HoH but were an alliance of 2 against the rest of the house. That’s not a powerbase

      Fact 3; Her first comp win was against Jeff and Rachel so saying it wasn’t until after Jeff left is outright incorrect.Also in single competitions where Porsche and Rachel competed against each Porsche has beaten Rachel more times (go check if you don’t believe. Saying Rachel is a stronger competitor when Porsche has beaten Rachel more times is a bit of a ridiculous statement.

      Fact 4: Rachel survived being evicted twice, once Brendan saved her and the other the returning houseguest twist saved her. Why is she getting credit for things she didn’t do?

      Fact 5: Porsche tried several times to talk to Jordan and Jordan would just walk away. That’s more a commentary on Jordan’s social game (and if Jordan hadn’t done that she might be sitting there now instead of Rachel). And how can you say that her social game was bad and then suggest Rachel might lose to her in Final 2? The social game has a huge impact on how the jury votes. Contradict much?

      Hate all you want, but most of your points are either not valid, or straight up wrong.

      1. Fact 2 – Porsche began her switch the week after Dani won her first HOH. She voted for Brendon on a personal level for Rachel. Once Kalia one HOH, the switch was over. Her argument that she went because she felt she didn’t have anyone is an excuse – she saw the numbers dwindling, saw Rachel’s breakdown and got while the getting was good.

        Fact 3 – Yes Jeff was in Porsche’s first win in a comp – a comp which only required luck. If Jeff had been paying closer attention, he would have won that comp. Rachel has won 3 HOH comps on her own and one of the final HOH comps. She has won one solo POV and two duo POVs. Head to head – Rachel and Porsche – doesn’t matter if you do better than the other – only matters if you win – second place means nothing.

        Fact 4 – Rachel was nominated more than twice – Brendon/Rachel (saved by Brendon’s POV), Lawan/Rachel (saved by Lawan’s stupidity), Rachel/Jordan (saved by winning POV), Rachel/Jeff (Jeff evicted), Rachel/Jordan (Jordan evicted). She never knew for sure with any of these nominations whether or not she was the target. Porsche, on the other hand, has been nominated three times – twice she knew she was not the target going in (Keith’s eviction and Dani’s eviction).

        Fact 5 – Yes, Jordan didn’t make a huge attempt to get to know Porsche, but then again, Porsche was MIA quite a lot napping or hanging out with the “mean girls” in the HOH.

        1. Man, the spin around here is fantastic, it’s like watching fox news

          So you’re saying she switched because she felt she had a better chance to win by doing so. Shame on her! Oh wait, how is that a negative?

          Exactly it only matters if you win, and Porsche has every time she needed to. My point is you can’t claim Rachel as this all destroying competitor and then diss Porsches comp wins even though Porsche has beaten Rachel in single comps more times. Well I suppose you could, but you’d be completely full of shit

          Porsche was nominated 4 times, and Rachel wasn’t the target most of the time either, Brendan was, Jeff was and Jordan was, the only time she was the target was the week Lawon went up.

          I love the “mean girls” comment like Jordan and Rachel didn’t talk their own tons of shit about the other side. Please

      2. Also kinda tiered of Cat People claiming that they floated or got a free pass, they didn’t have a choice, if they could every one of them would turn down a free pass and instead try to win.. If it wasn’t for that stupid golden key twist, the game would’ve been more entertaining early on, and everything done because of the twist would’ve been different.

        1. Wow another idiot assuming I’m upset *yawn*. NO I’m never upset, just like to set people straight when they say something went on in the house that didn’t happen, all I posted was the TRUTH. and I want Rachel to win too don’t get it twisted LOL

      3. You seem to be the only one that keeps bringing up the cat people. Obsess much, do ya? Aren’t the “cat people” JJ fans? So how, now, does that flip to Rachel? It doesn’t but, of course, if anyone disagrees with you, you simply call the cat people. Umm, ouch? lol

    2. Porsche, after risking her neck voting to keep Brendon was ostracized by the vets because she put Jeff and Shelly against each other in the HOH Kalia won… instead of running behind them and kissing butt (cough, Adam, cough) Porsche decided to align with Dani/Kalia to create a 3 person alliance and imo if big brother didn’t interfere they would have been final 3 (Brendon, Rachel, then Jeff would have been gone and the rest would have been easy pickings) and even AFTER BB’s interference the 3 remained an alliance with the stacks against them….That’s the reason I don’t think she was a floater…sure she got 4 weeks free but after her 4 weeks were up I think she worked to be there…

  9. I just hope that BB gets back to basics with the show and quit all the BS that has been going on for the past 4-5 years. I miss the game itself and they need to go back to the public voting on who goes home and who stays, this way the game will actually be played not the way it has been which is so phony and ridiculous. I hope Rachel does get the 1/2 million and really wish Adam or Porsche would get nothing all depending on who is picked. I can’t stand them period. Porsche and Adam are so boring and lame it is ridiculous, both have absolutely no personality at all. I am not a Rachel person but with the three that are left like I said, I hope Rachel gets the money. CBS needs to revamp this entire show, it is lame and boring and each year it is getting worse.

    1. Watcha mean “public voting”? If that happened this season, we would just watch the pick-offs until JJ were the final two. What am I missing?

      1. Exactly. I’m in the process of watching Season 1, the only one with public voting. It’s a struggle to get through because there’s minimal to no gameplay. Fan favorites would skate to end of any normal season because the houseguests would never mark two “nice” people for banishment at the same time

      2. NO NO HELL NO America should NOT be involved in who stays, who goes or who comes back too much bias in that and no fairness. 2 things America should be involved what the have nots eat, and if they lose a HG and need America’s vote to decide winner.

        1. I think AC should be decided by the live feed subscription holders only. I think that the network viewers have no idea what some of these people are really like.

    2. Public voting would suck big time. Imagine busting your ass in the game only to have some spectator sitting in front of their TV voting you out. They’re not inside the house so no…..they don’t get to have a say on who goes. I’d rather be evicted by the people that are IN the game with me.

    3. Do you remember why they stopped the public voting? I do!! They had a good reason to stop the public voting. It all happened in season 1 too!

    1. be careful what you wish for….adams getting plenty of camera time, porsches covered up most of the time and rachel is rachel…i’m just saying

  10. Next year BB goes International. I want to see Jeff or Brendon compete represented the USA. against another countries.

      1. What’s makes you then? Dumb too!!!! As right now, BB goes international. Means every HG’s will come to the states and same rules!!!!!! With HOH’s. Julie Chen will host the BB international!!

    1. Just glad to finally hear somebody admit that she has a d*ck…..I’ve always suspected……..and Brendon strikes me as the kind of guy who would be into that

  11. You all are from the bottom of the barrell, saying shit about people that you do not know your all sick !! Wake up it is a game !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Just found (accidently….kinda) a video of Adumb yanking it in the bed while he sleeps next to the girls…..what a tool.

  12. Too funny. An ad for Fiber Choice just came up when I refreshed. Guess what cat-ladies, you can get a FREE sample of this poison at fiberchoice.com. Not Benefiber, but hey, it’s free.

  13. Oh yes, I think Rachel’s mental instability routine is worth the win. Surely we can all see through her fake crying and acting which appears to have worked on the houseguests because Lawon left when she was due to go out early in the game. Do I think she got here on her own effort nada, production insured she would be here at the end. Do i think Porche or Adam deserve to win…nada…Actually no one did great this year but there are three and we will see who gets the $$

  14. you guys Adam says he’s not going to vote for Rachel i’m ‘really scared i mean i don’t see Shelly voting for Rachel either and definitely not Kalia she has been evicted because Rachel broke the tie and Rachel told Dani she doesn’t need her vote i don”t see how she’s going to get this last vote unless jordan talks to shelly about it

  15. Im an Adam Fan, i would like to see him win but it looks like the girls made a pact. But I just can’t believe Porche thinks she can win against Rachel. Maybe she will but I doubt it. I think her thinking is do I put 4 vets on the jury or 4 newbies. Because 4 newbies might give me the win and she might be right.

    1. You must remember, “Thinking” is a new concept for P. Although, we all know just how delusional she is to believe she will beat Rachel…Let her keep “thinking” this…It will be P’s. stupidity that will bring her down!

    2. I have called Rachel every name in the book and she deserved them. bb12 and bb13 she has been a total basket case and freak….however, look at what we have left……not much….soooo boring I quit watching bbad because I just fell asleep. Rachel is the only one that should win. Every time I have seen Adumbs antics I think “really? what a tool!” Trying to act all bad ass in the beginning was an ACT. He is in love with Tori Spelling just like every other gay man in America and Porche is desperate…..excuse me while my stomach turns. Rachel will win…if for no other reason than nobody wants her to come back again (although she is quite entertaining)

      1. She is not a freak just annoying but at times her actions are entertaining. Rachel just speaks her mind and does not hold back. It is kind of cruel that you have called Rachel all names in the book. This is only a game and we really do not know these house guest and comments in my opinion should be limited towards game play. It can be done without name calling. Rachel, Porsche and Adam deserve to be in the final 3. I am wishing for Rachel to win and Porsche 2nd place although I have some reservations on the comments that she made if Rachel would have been pregnant (punching her in the stomach) and trying to spike Jordan’s drink. Adam lost my vote when he offered Porsche a deal that if she takes him to final two he will campaign to give Porsche the money is definitely a lie. When an individual has a chance to get $500,000 as oppose to 50,000 and which would you rather have? He will campaign for that big prize as when it comes to money even closest relative have issues and what more of a stranger or someone you have just been acquainted with. No way Adam will do what he is promising Porsche and besides Porsche has to win final HOH first.

    3. If Porsche chooses Adam she definitely looses 4 vets vote because that would be a betrayal on Rachel and pretty sure that Brendon will vote with Rachel. Jeff and Jordan do seem to like her, so there 4 votes she will not get. Final two Rachel and Porsche.

      1. Typo error above, it is Jeff and Jordan do not seem to like her so Rachel, Brendon, Jordan and Jeff will not vote for her if she betrays Rachel and take Adam if she wins final HOH. Final 2 Rachel and Jordan.

  16. Does anyone know what R said last night that A is upset about and told P he is sick of R and even if P does not take him he will vote for her. Because of something R said last night.

    1. I wanna know too, but then again EVERYBODY gets tiered of Rachel at some point.

      She’s been on some “good shit” the past 6 weeks or so wince Brendon left, much better attitude which is what I started rooting for her.

    2. Maybe something about them being considered Floaters (I sure hope not!). She did say she had to fake her new personality in order to further her game…

  17. Im waiting for the duo twist of these two girls are sisters, family, or coworkers. Because I don’t see how blonde got here. I can’t see why they all let her sunbathe right into the finals. Can they all have been this stupid?! I kept waiting for her to go and she stayed and stayed and stayed and stayed.

  18. I still can’t believe that (according to this poll) Jeff and Jordan are still America’s sweethearts. They are such babies and their egos are already through the roof. What a shame. Very disappointing America, that you can’t see them for the entitled little spoiled brats that they are. Even Brendon acts more mature and grounded than Jeff does. I really liked him (them) on their season, but they showed their asses this year. Anybody but them for the $25,000. Unfortunately, America is apparently dumber than I thought.

    1. Sadly, no longer the case with B. I am really rooting for Rachel to win, start fresh, and take the world by storm as being her OWN WOMAN! Go Rachel!

  19. I would be pleased to see Porsche win over Rachel. Don’t think Adam would do it though because as soon as he’s out of the house, his lips will be attached to Jeff’s a–hole again. Grow a pair, Adam. Don’t you think it’s time.

  20. Please tell me I am not the only one who, at one time or another, has thought that every fan of Adam’s on this site was his Girlfriend?

  21. shelley should be the only one to come back for allstars. (Her or Dom) If Shelley wouldve knew every lie she made and acknowledged them as her evil scheme she couldve been a respected player.

  22. wait why are adam and porsche hating on rachel? i think i missed something….what was she saying last night that made them mad?

      1. who knows…probably she said nothing and Adam is causing drama – one more ditch effort to make it to the finaly 2.

        Rachel to win the last HOH…….then the big money……$500G’s…….

  23. I don’t understand why so many people feel the need to tear the bb players down. This is a mentally straining game. With anxiety levels up, and being under so much pressure, the things they’re doing seem normal. You all need to ask yourselves if you would be a completely level headed person all the time if the stakes were 500k. Quite of few of the people commenting on here are jealous because they aren’t getting the chance to play the bb game. How many of you would say this stuff to their faces? I think some of you are being cowardly.

  24. Don’t care who wins but I don’t care to see Rachels ass in the air anymore.She is really low class and it shows. However if she does win I hope she will see that she deserves better then Brendon.

  25. You have to give Rachel credit for coming up with all the different games to play throughout this season. Without the various games it would have been absolutely sooooooooooooo boring that no one would have watched.

  26. I didn’t bother to vote for “America’s Favorite” because it just seems like CBS will give it to whoever they want. Just curious if anyone else skipped the vote.

  27. Rachel is a crazy mess, who deserves to win this season. I have to say though that I think Rachael’s biggest problem is Brendon, he is awful. The longer he is absent the more normal she behaves and the better her game is.
    That seems to be another BB rule, women play way better after their boyfriends leave. Watching these women take a backseat in strategy and decisions to their so call ‘partners’ is sad.

  28. Meanwhile at the bigbrotheronline tea party debate……….
    Brian Will I. Am: So who do you think should win Big Brother 13? I’ll ask you first, Fairguy.
    Fairguy: Well, I hope Rachel wins, because she has been consistently competitive, from the beginning of the season to the end.
    Brian Will I. Am: What do you think, Squibbie?
    Squibbie: Well, Brian, Fairguy is obviously a CAT BASTARD and is a part of a vast feline conspiracy!!! Rachel deserves to burn in hell!!! She is a horrible person who talks bad about people and calls them names. This whole season has been rigged to favor all the players I don’t like.
    Anonymity: You tell him, Squibbie! Cat people are crazy!!!!
    Brian Will I. Am: Fairguy, your response?
    Fairguy: Well, I don’t think the show was rigged, otherwise the most popular players would be the final three, and Rachel, Adam, and Porsche were some of the least popular players this season.
    Squibbie: Only cat people speak that way! The fact is that Big Brother is filmed at Area 51 in the same hanger where the Moon Landing was faked. Mulder and Scully should immediately investigate this matter.
    Anonymity: He’s not just a cat…..he’s a ThunderCat! Zing!!!
    Fairguy: Wait…..what????
    To be continued…………

  29. Porsche is still around because no one saw her as a threat. Maybe they were wrong but she didn’t seem like a threat to me either. That is why she is still in the game. She doesn’t know how to make deals or play the game. Her pep talk to Shelly when she voted Jeff out was they (vets) were always telling us what to do. Now they (newbies) get to play for themselves. Shortly after in the veto meeting she says this is what Dani would have wanted. Way to play for yourself?!?! She won some comps but so did Rachel. Maybe the two of them are equal in abilities regarding comps. Intelligence, Rachel has Porsche beat by a lot. Have you heard some of the dumb things she said. We should have a moment of silence at 11:11 for 9/11. Adam corrected her with you mean 9:11? Oh yeah she said. Social game, Porsche probably has Rachel beat although Porsche didn’t go out of her way to be friends with everyone in the house so social game wasn’t her strategy either though. She could have still played the game even with the golden key via the social game. She wasn’t really doing any of that either.
    I honestly pick up the bimbo vibe from Porsche. She is someone that would use men for money. Rachel acts like a bimbo but I do not think she really is at heart.
    Porsche seems like the stuck up girl from high school. Rachel seems like the misunderstood geek from high school that became loud and dressed sexy to get attention. Neither are well adjusted adults.
    As far as what they want to do with the money. Rachel and Brandon will use it to pay for school and a wedding. Porsche wants to move to LA to start her “career” i don’t know exactly what but i heard something about hosting TV shows. Way to achieve something Porsche. Oh and she will get an apartment for her dad. She had to move back in with her dad. Her dad took the couch so she would get his bed. What a selfish brat. I’m sure she will go all out for her dad. She’ll say she’ll help but will probably find too many nice clothes and indulge in more plastic surgery so she gets further in her career. She’ll probably make him sleep on the couch in her apt. What kind of a further can only afford a one bedroom apt as an adult and has been married 4 times.. Sounds like she came from white trash. They named her after a car. Total white trash.

    In the end Porsche is a stuck up superficial, dumb, bimbo that Will waste the money. Brandon won’t allow Rachel to waste the money. 500k will be better serve

    1. Oopps…. IPad sucks for typing messages.

      500k will be better utilized by Rachel and Brandon. People vote based on so many different criteria. Moves in the game, personality, looks, how well the competed in the game, social game, what they will do with the money. These are all factors in voting. They are all valid reasons when it is a subjective game. In the end, people vote on feelings and how they feel about the person. All the other reasons are rationalizations to justify your feelings. If you really only wanted a game that wasn’t based on feelings, you would watch a sporting event where there is a winner and loser. Although humans put their feelings first I sporting games and make excuses like the refs made bad calls so that’s why so and so lost. Total BS about who deserves to win and who was the best player. It all comes down to who you like the most an everyone has a right to their opinion.

      1. Well said. Like I said, the person that “deserves” to win the money is the one that convinces the jury to give it to them. I think that’s what I enjoy about this game, watching people trying to figure out how to screw over others (there can be only one) but still convince them to give you a half mil. It’s also why I get annoyed when twists, especially they’re completely game-changing and out of the blue (season 11 Coup de’tat, the return of the duos) damages the integrity of the game. I’d rather see a pure game any day.

    1. I think she will have JJ, Brendon, & Shelly after Jordan talks to her and maybe Dani and if she wins the last HOH I think even though Adam says he is voting for P I do not believe he will, and Again I want to know how BB lets P say she is going to give Adam $10,000.00 for voting for her ??

  30. So I’m going to go against the grain here and give an argument as to why each player “deserves” to win .I use quotes because at the end of the day, it’s the player who gets enough of the jury members to give them 500k that deserves it, we’ll find that out tomorrow night). But on to the arguments

    Rachel: Say what you will about her but she’s an avatar of competition. Even when she doesn’t win she gives everything she has and is genuinely upset when she loses. And I honestly believe she’s more upset at letting herself down than anyone else regardless of what she might say. She picked a strong alliance from the start but didn’t hesitate from approaching whoever was HoH to try and guarantee her safety. She played the game hard and is still there despite being a target a couple of times. Won part 1 of the final HoH

    Porsche: Saw the writing on the wall when many of the other newbies (Dom, Cassie, Kieth) didn’t and cut a deal with the vets that guaranteed her safety for the first 4 weeks. After finding herself on the outs with the vet alliance she jumped ship to the much smaller alliance of Kalia and Dani which ran the house for several weeks despite both numbers and odds being against them. Was instrumental in getting out huge player Jeff and was solely responsible for evicting former winner Jordan. Since the golden key expired she’s been very competitive and either winning comps or usually coming very close. Won part 2 of the final HoH

    Adam: Played a completely different kind of game, and like him or not, he’s sitting in final 3 when many are sitting in the jury house. He flowed to whenever the power was offering up his vote in return for another weeks safety. Not good entertainment, but you can’t deny results

  31. Should P be able to bribe A she said she was going to give him $10,000.00 to vote for her if he does not get to final 2. I did not think you were allowed to buy votes what’s up with that ????

  32. anonymous, do you know why when Jordan won the luxury movie by guessing David Hasselhoff why Jordan invited Jeff and Kalia and not Rachel and Brendon.

  33. What a waste of a season. I don’t have a dog in the fight, don’t care who wins. How weak of an ending is this?

    Rachel, don’t like her. she’s dreadful
    Adam, classic floater, boring, what’s to like? did I mention gutless?
    Porsche, boring as well, didn’t do much. but the lesser of 3 evils.

    not sure if the lesser of 3 evils is enough to tune in tomorrow. lame season.

  34. What on earth is Adam talking about when he says “hes done with her” “specially after the way she behaved yesterday”? What did rachel do?

    1. Has Rachel ever confronted Adam about Jeff throwing the
      POV win to Adam, when Brendan and Rachel counted on Jeff’s support?

  35. Worship transference. I was a fan of Dani but was never a fan of Kalia. She was decent enough at questions comps, but her game outside that was so bad I could just never support her. It was like she hated logical thinking and wanted to punish it.

  36. Really BB if you are reading these messages…..Rachel is the only one in the final 3 that should even be considered to win…..She has fought all season….If BB could just direct the questions to the ones she could answer correctly or even have a physical that would be so cool…..I really do not think Porshe or Adam deserve anything…..

  37. I think Porsche actually would take Rachel to final 2. If she was going to get rid of her, she should have evicted Rachel instead of Jordan last week…Porsche probably would have won the endurance part of HOH and it would have been Adam and Jordan playing each other in part II.

    I think Porsche would have had a better chance at winning the final HOH against either one of them than she will against Rachel…Rachel’s definitely gonna fight hard for it…and when she fights hard, she usually wins.

    Whatever the outcome it should make for an interesting night! I think it will be interesting to see the jury members wrestle over who to vote for (with the way things are going, they may actually literally wrestle…)

  38. I think the mean girls were just jealous that Rachel had a boyfriend and they didn’t. Many of the houseguest discussed the fact that they thought Kalia may be lying about her boyfriend. Who knows? But it was jealousy of some sort because all 3 of them kept talking about how much they wanted to get laid.

  39. Was on YouTube to check out some of the past players mentioned here frequently, like Dr Will and b
    221Add a gift
    9/16/10 4:53 AM Report

  40. I couldn’t stand Rachal last year but she played a good game this year and I am glad she won….She was a true competitor in every sense of the word. She is the one who won majority of the competitions and stayed off the block even though so many of the Dani slaves couldn’t stand her.

  41. I am so happy Rachel won. But did anyone notice in the final HOH comp, Porsche constantly waited to “Hear” the which way Rachel’s block moved before she answered. The one Rachel got right is when she got saavy to sneak Porsche and changed her answer last minute. Porsche got thru this game by sucking all game play first from Rachel, then Danielle and Kahlia, all along hovering over love starved Adam. How dare production not evict her for tainting Jeff’s drink? Are you kidding me? Anyone else would have been thrown out. Production buried the story. Porsche also told Adam if he voted for her to win she would make it “worth his while.” Is that acceptable in the rules? Danielle ruined the game. She wanted to sleep with Dominic, just like she almost screwed up in her first BB with her romance with Nick. Evel Dick pulled her back then but unfortunately wasn’t there this timel. Also, how did she “guess” Brendan would return as the twist? Did Production play a big roll? Hats off to a player I didn’t like but gained my respect…Rachel – great going and all the best. Also, I’m happy Jeff won fan favorite. On BB after dark, when he won HOH one of his requests he received was his rosary and St. Anthony medal. I found that endearing but it never made air. Jordan, we love ya.

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