Big Brother 13 Live Feed Screen Captures – September 12th, 2011 Updated LIVE!

Big Brother 13 live feed Gallery for September 12th. Each minute we take a series of screen captures from each Live Feed cam in the house and upload them to our Gallery every 10 minutes. This system runs 24/7 expect thousands and thousands of Screen Captures every day. Alerts are sent out via our Twitter account @BigBspoilers and Facebook page.

Each photo produced has a file name of when it was taken and by which cam. For example one may have the title “BB13-C37-8-201112_06_08.jpg”
C3 = Camera 3 on the feeds
7-8-2011 = July 8th, 2011
12_06_08 = Taken at 12:06:08

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So when is Rachel’s coronation?
I can’t believe what a difference a year makes.


even just a few weeks – at the beginning of this season, i was not a rachel fan, but whatever meds they have her on make her almost likeable.




Rachel’s blossomed into a pretty cool chick, I think she’ll get a lot of good attention from this season!


I agree Go Rachel. Rachel for the win

If I had a face like Shelly's I'd ______

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel

……………RACHEL for President !

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel


The change in her is dramatic. I went from not be able to tolerate her screeching and crying, to feeling sorry for her, and now, actually liking/rooting for her. If BB gave her meds, I should would like to know what they are. Know some people that could use em.

Midwest Fan

Rachel has a Fan Advantage over Porsche due to her BB transformation from her first season and the last
half of BB13.
Consider the number of posters currently supporting Rachel and claiming their personal surprise at doing so.
This is a huge disadvantage for Porsche.

IF Rachel and Porsche had both been Newbies on BB13, who would have the most supporters?
IMO, no answer is possible simply because we can’t forget our previous knowledge about Rachel.

This is one of several reasons why having Newbies and Vets on the same show is unbalanced and unfair.


I think she is doing fairly well now, I still can’t stand the voice but who are you all kidding…as soon as she hooks back up with Brendon she will turn back into the same old Rachel. I wish the would pump her full of enough meds that she would wake up and see that she can do better then him.

If I had a face like Shelly's I'd ______

…of course Rachel could do better. Brendon is an ingrate, a moron and a deviant. Any guy who sends out photos of his “tool” to people on the web is STOOPID.

Look here …..


Rachel “blossomed” because Brenda left. They may be good competitors, but they are not good together in the house.

derrick s

that bacon steak sure sounded good.

If I had a face like Shelly's I'd ______

…?Sounded good?…

Why? Was Adam smacking his lips when he was chowing down?


Sure did. Realize we’re all agreeing with each other so far?


Hope all this dont turn into a another Colby/Tina fisaco ( Second Season Surviovor) When Colby who should have won took Tina who floated to the finals and he ended up winning


Rachel did a 360 the second time Brendon left the house. She stepped up and stop crying like a baby with a wet diaper. I believe this girl has played her butt off in the comps even pissing off Brendon and Jeff when they all wanted her to give-up. She has always played this game hard and that determination got her to the final 3. Socially she sucked the first part of BB13. The second part she came alive and so did her social game. Rachel winning BB13 would put the icing on the cake. She needs to win the final HOH so she can smile all the way the bank with that $500K!! Send Adam packing. Good luck Rachel and Porsche! Girls rock!! Adam ~ uhh, not!!!


I think the JJ blindsided fans in this site, now have turned to JJ obsession to a Rachel’s obsession. They write and write over and over the same lines-“Oh. rachel has changed so much. She is a different girl! Go Rachel!, She is so sweet(OH, wait, that line was for Jordan), so on and so forth. And, at the same time they pour their biased opinions on Porche. Now that their can do no wrong , fake showmance for life got booted from the BB house(Thank God!) Ravhel will do.

I have news for you JJ fans. Jeff is no Brad Pitt (a Pit Bull, maybe) and Jordumb is no Snow White(a Dumbo for sure). She will do her best at the Jury house to convince everyone to vote against Porche. She hates her and is very jealous of her. She forgets how she got to the final two-pure default. Kevin and Natalie couldn’t get their act together and lost to her. She was given a few lines from DR to justify why she deserved the money and she repeated those lines over and over. “I won when it counted”. Yeah-one HOH thrown by Jeff and the other one when she was against one player.

Anyway. Here is my take on the winner this year.

Rachel has the comps to win if based on Comps alone(thrown to her by the whole house in the beginning) but, she does not deserve to win the 500.
Here is why:
1) She manipulated, cried, whined, threw tantrums, accused everyone of being mean to her,
2)threatened and intimidated everyone in the house
3) Picked fights with people then ran back to Brendumb so he would immediately go to her victim and use his size and aggression to say”Don’t say that to my fiancee rid of Cassi because Cassi was beautiful, promised Dominic safety and then tricked him into throwing the veto to the Vets, then dumped him, put us through torture with her fights/make up sex sessions on camera with her

derrick s

if Rachel did all of that than Porche didn’t play a good social game and Jordan has no reason to be jealous of Porche since she won and
Porche should win cause she rode on coattails and didnt offend anyone


You are spot on Anonymous!!


I would agree if I based my opinion solely on Rachel’s first half behavior. Back then I was a big “Dani all the way” fan. Had to move on when she left (and had no fantasies that she would magically return if I prayed hard enough). Only other person I liked was Porsche, so happy that she is in contention and have no problem if she takes it all the way.


Wow you sound like all the other P.u.p. here on the site. Ha ha ha


OMG..every time you write something down here you make me want to GAG… you a sickening. here is a thought .. write your crap on another site… (suggestion … a site of idiots) … GO GIRL GO (RACHEL) FOR THE WIN 🙂


Rachel FTW Rachel and Brendan are both very nice people out of the house, When they are in the house by themselves, you see what nice people they are. {look in the JH, it is Brendan that is nice, he is not jumping down anyone throats} but put them together in the house playing the game and they are people that everyone loves to “HATE”, I don’t know if its them trying to protect each other, or if they are trying to play a role, but whatever it is no one likes it. If there is a all-stars, I certainly hope only one comes back in, for their sake. It is too much of an emotional roller coaster ride for them.


I really don’t know what BR are like outside the house and neither do you, unless you are friend or family. What I saw on the show, their relationship seemed sad to me. They definitely bring out the worse in each other.


Rachel for the WIN!!!


Sorry Simon, I hadn’t finished my post above.

To continue about Rachel:

1) She manipulated, cried, whined, threw tantrums, accused everyone of being mean to her,
2)threatened and intimidated everyone in the house
3) Picked fights with people then ran back to Brendumb so he would immediately go to her victim and use his size and aggression to say”Don’t say that to my fiancee
4)Got rid of Cassi because Cassi was beautiful
5)promised Dominic safety and then tricked him into throwing the veto to the Vets, then dumped him.
6) put us through hell and torture with her fights/make up sex sessions on camera with her abuser of a fiancee
7) Yes, changed her tactics only after Danielle told her her motto: “If you don’t like the hand you were dealt, reshuffle the deck”. That is what she did. Good for her, but give credit where credit is due. It was Danielle that motivated her to change.
8) Also, there is no doubt in my mind that production provided plenty of free Psychiatric help and drugs to keep her bully, gang like, agressive personality in check. Brendon demanded she talked with a Psychiatrist on staff.
9)Rachel will also probably betray Porche and take Adam to final 2.
10) Well, if you think this is a bias take, then take it(no pun intended) . We all have our blind spots.
I am rooting for a true competitor. Her name is Porche!!!!


Like I said before,SPOT ON,Anonymous.


Wow, you could do with some of those drugs BB gave Rachel
P the true competitor, what game have you been watching.
You must have slept through the whole season like your idol, we’ll wake you up when the seasons over.
Nightly niight now!

Porsche's Greasy Hair

I was such a Dani fan but PORSCHE???? All Porsche did in the beginning was eat.. Oh and contaminate other people’s food. She had to cheat by making people sick.. Oh and she talked about trying to give Rachel an abortion by hitting her in the stomach with a medicine ball.. Wow she is someone to look up to and admire… Not….


For a person’s personality to change so drastically in the absence of another, indicates something is not quite right with that person. Remember, a zebra never changes its stripes.


Very true MsNostradamus.But,if she’s on Meds,then that is the ONLY reason her personality changed.Take the meds away,and she will be the same old Rachel.


When is the final HOH? Rachel needs to win it because I think in all reality, Porsche will take Adam over her.

I’m guessing it’ll be questions, in which case Rachel should have a bit of an advantage. Rachel FTW!


Rachel is a better player without Brendan there. She also is a better person. If she stays with Brendan, he will hold his degrees and self proclaimed intelligence over her always. Brendan pulls Rachel down.

And he appears to be a better person without her. She seems to love to put him in attack mode where she always needs him to defend her.

If they marry, they wil not last 5 years. He will resent her because he thinks he is better than her. She will resent him for putting anything above her. She wants a husband completely consumed by her. He wants his space.


None of these 3 deserve to win lol

But Rachel has beat all the odds. At one point the entire house was against her. Who cares about the road taken to your destination.

Rachel i think should win it at this point, but who really cares lo. This season has been a snooze fest. Wake me up when BB14 is here.


For the first part of the game,Rachel hid behind Brendon.Then she hid behind Jeff.The only reason she did well after that,was because the HGs that were left were lousy comp players.(As you all have pointed out).ANYONE could have beat them at anything.And,the only reason Rachel started “being nice”,towards the end,was because she didn’t want to tick off the people in the jury that were going to be voting.(Or maybe it was the meds?) As far as Dani riding Dick’s coattails? Kind of hard for her to do that,if he(and his coattails) wasn’t there,don’t you think? So glad this season is almost over.One more thing,can’t wait to see what the last HOH round comp will be,Endurance maybe? Ok.Let me have it,Rachel fans.