Final 3 BBQ Rachel: “Whatever you guys do.. do not go on the internets and read stuff about yourself” **Updated

Live Feed Screen Capture Gallery

4:05pm POrsche and Rachel They are making potato and Macaroni salad and Adam is outside grilling up Steaks wrapped in bacon and Chick breasts.

Rachel: “This is enough potato salad for 10 people ”
Porsche: “This is enough macaroni salad for 15 people”

They try each others dishes and like them both. POrsche says the potato salad tastes just like potato salad. Rachel is glad she says she put A LOT of mayonnaise in it. Rachel asks her what she put into the the macaroni salad. Porsche says Caesar, Italian and some creamy ranch. Rachel: “It’s good REALLY GOOD.. one of the best macaroni salads I’ve ever had” Porsche: “THANK YOU”

4:20pm Adam comes into the kitchen takes a look at all the food they made and said “HOLY SHIT THERE’S ONLY 3 OF US”

Porsche: “Do other final threes do cool stuff like us
Adam: “NO”

They head outside to eat and do other “Cool Stuff” They all have a toast “Cheers.. Final 3 BBQ”

Adam like the potato salad more than the macaroni salad. The girls both compliment Adam on grilling the meat, Rachel: “Good final 3 BBQ” Adam: “Thats the way we roll” Porsche loves the bacon wrapped steaks she says it makes everything taste “bacony”Adam: “Bacon makes everything taste better… Maybe I should get a shirt that says that”

Rachel: “Whatever you guys do.. do not go on the internets and read stuff about yourself”
Adam says he doesn’t care what people think of his game or what he did in the house he played it his way. If anyone approaches him on the street he’ll tell them to get on the show play the game then come back to him. ADam: “It is the truth.. I DO NOT CARE what people say”. Porsche doesn’t care either.

Rachel says that she cried a lot when Brendon left and Dani would say “Oh My God She’s Acting like someone died.. I think not seeing my fiancee for 6 weeks is a travesty” Porsche points out that Rachel and Brendon must of known before they enter the game that they might be separated. Rachel knew she was going to get separated because people always target them.

Adam brings up how throwing his goggles in the last HOH Comp screwed him. POrsche asks him why he threw them why he didn’t just place them on the ground. Adam says he was pissed about the googles filling with water and fogging up. Porsche says you should spit on inside of the goggles it helps with the fogging up.

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4:50pm Backyard Final 3 Playing Cards

Big Brother 13 Nudes

5:30pm RAP POrsche talking about how she’ll need to wear a long dress on finale night because her legs are all busted up with cuts and bruises. Adam suggests she try coverup.

6:00pm Final 4 Napping
6:30pm Final 4 Napping

7:08pm rachel working out Adam smoking POrsche sleeping

8:04pm Adam on hammock talking to camera Adam is thinking that his last ditch effort will be to tell Rachel and Porsche separately that he will not vote for them unless them take him ti final 2. He’s been really pushing them the last 2 days telling them he’s the swing vote this year..

Rachel joins him they start talking about what they need to do when they get out of the Big BRother house. Adam says he’ll have to get back to work, Get to the gym and generally get back to live. RAchel says she needs to find a job.

(He’s going to tell them separately a couple hours before the Finale )

9:00pm Adam and Rachel eating. Adam thinks it’ll be funny if Shelly is trying to be BFF’s with Jordan in the jury house. Adam: “Jeff won’t allow”

Rachel: “Shelly drank too much of Dani’s coolaid”
Adam: “No everyone I spit it back up”
Rachel: “So did I In her face”
Porsche joins them.. Rachel gets called to the DR.

9:08pm A moment of silence for 911 victims
(Rachel is in the DR)

9:24pm Adam and Porsche talking about the HOH comp. Adam says ad one point his hands were covered in blood and his thumb was pounding. They both agree the water was a nice temperature. Adam was worried it was going to be cold. They both think that Shelly and Kalia would not of done well in that last HOH comp.
9:31 Rachel out of DR. Porsche is saying she really dresses up in the “real World”. Ada,: “So in other words you’re slumming it” Porsche: “Yes.. you know everyday doesn’t have to be a fashion show.. Real world is like a fashion show” (Real world = life outside the big brother house) Porsche: “I’m much more rachelfied in the Real World”

10:10pm cards

10:50pm Adam is telling them about the first time he was arrested, He was 17. This guy he use to work with was Prank calling his new job and was trying to get him fired. Adam saw that guy one day kicked the window in on his car. At the time Adam didn’t know but he had actually hit the guy in the face and broke his glasses. Adam add he has to turn himself in They arrested him and his father had to come get him from jail.

11:33pm camera operators are having fun flipping the feeds to pictures of Jessie that are throughout the house.


12am -12:50am Porsche helps Adam out by pouring hydrogen peroxide on his cut up hand. Adam asks if its going to hurt. Porsche says no. Adam starts yelling and saying I thought you said it wasn’t going to hurt AWWWWGHHH!! Porsche tells him to hang in there. Both Rachel and Porsche are surprised it hurts and think he’s acting like a baby. Porsche and Rachel talk about needing a beautification day soon. Adam and Porsche head to the bed room. Soon after Rachel joins them. They shut off the lights and start playing the what character am I game. The houseguests go to sleep…

5am The houseguests are still sleeping..
7:47am Sleeping all 4 cams

8:50am Sleeping yo

9:28am Sleeping yo

10:01am Sleeping yo

10:24am Sleeping yo
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Thanks for all the updates Simon!
Rachel for the win! I’d love to be a fly on the wall at the jury house…can you just imagine?


I am with u Rachel for the win! And so wish I could know what is happening in the jury house! Wish there was live feeds of that!!! What do u think Is going on in jury any guesses?


To spice it up next year…how about the Jury stays in the BB house…no jury house. They can’t play or win anything…but they stay in the house to keep up the drama and continue as best they can to influence the game. OH YEA


That would be unfair to the alliance that evicted that person. Because it would be very beneficial to keep a person around just for advice and eavesdroping etc.


Yes, but that would apply to all alliances so it wouldn’t be unfair so to speak. Talk about spicing it up!!! You’d really have to keep up your game and we (the feeders) would never get bored!

Nicole - TEAM DANI

adam may say he doesnt care what people say about him, but i doubt that will stop him from reading what has been said. lol


no because she made only personal moves in t he house

also Dani gave to her the 1st HOH and Porshe and Keith 1st POV
and the idea of evc. Keith and bring porshe to the vet`s side was dICK AND DANI`S IDEA.

I hope Porshe wins




Lol I remember gazoo too! And I agree with you on true blood. It’s more like a soap opera now but with fairies and wearwolves and witches, oh my! lol


Sorry, Adam, but I don’t buy it. I think you care a LOT about what the fans think of you. Why else would you talk to the camera all the time?

Go Rachel!

I think that when Adam talks to the camera he has been speaking to his girlfriend Fara and not to the live feed people. We just got the benefit. I agree with him however. If you haven’t walked in his shoes you shouldn’t belittle his tactics.


Adam you never played the game, how about if by some miracle ur asked to go on again actually play the game and make moves.


Oh no, please no more Adam.


Adam is just a fat disgusting waste of space.. and he walks around and acts like he played a real big game.. he’s nothing but a douchebag loser.


Not sure how you can say people are not playing the game. If your still in the game you have been playing it. Just because he is playing a way that you don’t like doesnt mean he shouldn’t be there. People can play the floater game all they want, Porche has done the same thing the only person that has played the winning comps game is Rachel. So props to everyone left that played there own way.


When is BB going to expell Porsche for tampering with Jordan’s drink and causing her nasea? Definitely affected competition outcome!


Oh come on! That’s baloney.

Not a PHD student

didn’t someone on an earlier season scrub someone’s toothbush in the toilet and production stepped in and made the person fess up to what they did? So if, terrible, horrible P did that then why wouldbn’t production step in and make her tell the American wonder woman what hasd been done?

Crazy cat people please assemble and come up with an answer to that.


Yes, that was me. I think it was season 2 or 3 at the very beginning, one girl used an electric toothbrush on the toilet to get back at someone and they did either make her tell him or they told him. I don’t remember but I don’t understand why production didn’t make her ‘fess up. I think putting something in someone’s drink to make them think they are sick is actually worse in a way because Jordan wouldn’t know why. Maybe they were watching closely enough and would have made her tell if Jordan had actually come close to drinking it. But, I don’t think it’s fair and I think that it is an important game point that would have turned a lot of people against her and would have made her as bad or worse than Shelly. It’s just another reason why I have called Dani, Porsche and Kalia the mean girls. But Shelly should also have been included in this charactarization for stealing things too.

Not a PHD student

ok sources with BB have confirmed the reason Jordan was ill was because for the first time in 3 years she was unable to get her head up Jeff’s ass seeing how Adam was so far up Jeff’s ass, Jeff didn’t even have to chew his food. Jordan illness was due to breathing fresh air!!


I like losers like you that make this show what it is, a drama for poeple to b*t*h and complain that the person that wanted to win didnt and cry about it. I think the show would be better if the people in the house could read some of your dumb threads.


Porche did do that to Jordan’s drink. She put laxative in it. She should be reprimanded and Jordan and the rest of the jury should know about it.

canadian fan

It wasn’t a laxative! It was fiber!!! No more harm done than giving her a large salad. 😉


ok cat people. benefiber, opposite of a laxative. and she never actually drank it, so not sure how that actually made jordan sick. get a grip.

Midwest Fan

Ummm – Jordan didn’t drink the milk.
It was removed from the BB refrigerator.


I don’t think they understand you. Let me try


meow meow meow meow meow meow
meow meow meow meow





you just got my vote for funniest post of season, freaking hysterical!!!!


Woof! Woof! I am sick of anyone who likes Jordan being called a cat person. I am not crazy but I do like her as a person in general. I don’t think she deserved to win this year because she didn’t win any comps but I still like her.


I know there are quite a few completely rational Jeff and Jordan fans out there. It’s the ones out in left field with their cat armies that tend to garner all the attention unfortunately. I’d take it as a given that if you’re not crazy (and you don’t seem to be) and own less than 3 cats then any ‘cat-people’ comments are not directed at you. 🙂


Where did the Cat stuff stem from? Did cat people storm Shelly’s house? I missed this part, but now everyone keeps talking about cat people…


ruh roh…I have 5 cats…Oo…meow?


Thanks! For the record, I do have 3 cats but I am still not a crazy cat lady! LOL.


How many competitions did Dr. Will win in 2 seasons? Still one of THE greatest BB players.


no…please tell me you are NOT comparing jordan with dr will? that doesn’t even dignify a response! jordan is the biggest loser in the house! only shelly won less than her! at least she admitted when she was evicted that it was HER who deserved to go home. i will give her that.


That’s a good reason to give someone 500K, because you “like her”…newsflash she don’t know you, she don’t care nothing about you, this is a game so get real…..JJ fans crack me up sometimes!


LOL I thought that was one of the best posts this season


really? this whole milk with laxative incident is the first I’m hearing about it. Can anyone tell me what day in this happened? and where they said they removed it?


Lol jordan is gone get over it

don't be fooled

yah, who cares anyways…Jordumb couldn’t spell “win” let alone do any of it. I thought her game was not so good. First third of game she was just under Jeffs bullying protection (I like him, but what an ASS) then she just sat around hoping Rach would always be a bigger target. Even when she talked game, she never seemed to have an idea that was her own.


She does not just know how to spell win but she won! remember? There is a lot more to the BB game than winning the competitions.


Well she didn’t win this time thank goodness


bitch you get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lol Ikr this bitch is worse than adam and jordan


When did she do that and was it intentional?

Rachel use your BRAIN

Yes Porsche did it and yes it was intentional. She is not a very nice young woman and I thought Jordan did drink it and it made her very ill for a couple of days. In years past BB has even evicted one house guest that they considered dangerous that made a physical threat to someone, but this year they did nothing when Porsche did something similar. Still very surprised that they did nothing when she did that and then threatened to harm Rachel when she thought she was pregnant.

Midwest Fan


BTW – if you’re interested in Benefiber, here is a link to some recipes.


Jordan and Jeff both drank it…Jordan was sick for a cpl days…Porsche was told several times to quit messing with the food/drinks and dump it out.Finally after she was threatened with a penalty vote,she dumped it out.


What is a penalty vote?

Midwest Fan

Porsche was told “several times” to stop messing with food??????
Jeff and Jordan drank the Benefiber milk?

Provide the proof.
I don’t think you can.


who gives a FU*K, shut up about it already….. if this was the worst thing that happened this season, then this season has sucked… ooooo jeff and jordan drank the benefiber milk and had poops.. ooooo awww…. that’s so dangerous….. way worse then sloppppp… yikes call the doctors to have them assessed stat!!!!


OK, Cat-ladies. Prove your worth. I need FLASHBACK TIMES of when Porsche put the Benefifer in the Muscle Milk. Who drank from the Muscle Milk. And when Porsche threw the Muscle Milk away. If you don’t have that, then I know you’re just talking out of your …


I don’t think it’s any use. No matter how many times you point out the facts people are still going to complain about how evil Porsche gave the poor innocent Jordan a poison apple that caused her to fall into a death-like slumber, only to be awoken by a kiss from her true love.


LOL!!! … I know. It’s too funny. The cat-ladies have been one of the more entertaining features of this season.

Team 500 G's

For season BB 14….I am changeing my name to Team Porche’s Purple Bikini…..for life….YO!

If Porsche wins and takes Rachel to final two it would be a mistake. Her best chance is with Adam, If she decides to take Adam it will be the absolutely be the best move of the season. There is no way she wins with Rachel. Stupid ass Adam already said that he would vote for Rachel if he left…What an IDIOT! If I was any of them, I would say….who ever sends me out…..I am voteing for the other person….that simple.


Porsche takes Adam to final 2, lest she takes Rachel and looses big time. It WILL happen.. .


Porsche SHOULD take Adam in a perfect world…the problem is that if P takes A over Rachel then she will 100% lose Rachel’s vote and probably Brendon’s vote. If P leaves Adam out she could still get his vote because he will not take it personally like Rachel would.

chief c

hey kiss This is for you Adam plans on telling them both he will vote for other that way taking him stops vote for other. hmm not bad

Porshe is pretty slimy if you’d do that with everyone watching what might she do if she thought no one was watching fear her if you know her


I’m a Porshe fan, but she did do that……uh I KNOW there was a post in this site! Good luck with the link…. I know there was still a lot of HG and I think Porsche was wearing a skirt…


That’s not a lot to go on. The dispute is whether she threw it out before anyone drank it. Of course the answer is yes. She dumped it out in the storage room. There are cameras on them 24/7. There’s not too much that they can get away with. Do you think production would let any harm come to Jordan?


wow is that you guys know how to do, come on here and insult people you don’t know!! Contestants, other posters!! Very sad, here I was thinking I’d learn something about feeds or game. Instead all learned was how small most of you are. ahemmmm that includes the non “cat people”


For those of you who are interested, the Flashbacks for the Porsche Benefiber incident is 8/13/11 at 12:08 AM on Cams 1-2. Porsche getting in trouble and throwing it away was on 8/14/11 at 5:55 PM Cams 1-2 and 6:04 PM Cam 1


Thank you, Bellaneph, great job. You’ve done a good deed.


Dietary fiber comes from plant sources and is an important part of a healthy diet.
(from the benefiber website)

It’s good for you – if anthing she did her a favour! And I don’t think it affected the outcome of competition – Jordan sucks with or without benefiber in her system.

And in Season 11 she admitted that she used to do drugs, so I think sweet little Jordans system can handle a bit of benefiber if it can handle cocaine.

lizzie v

Just because something is good for you dose mean that someone may not be allergic to it.Their are people that are allergic to wheat peanuts and many other foods so it is not that for off that someone could be allergic tho that (not saying that she is I am just saying you never know what someone that you don’t know could be allergic




And I don’t think any disputes it was a stupid and childish prank. However people going on like Porsche tried to smother Jordan in her sleep with a pillow is getting a little ridiculous. Especially considering no one actually drank it as Porsche was told to get rid of it.


yes it was a prank….they must get bored in the house(not an excuse)…….I will say if I have too much fiber i pay for it Big time…..cramps and the Big D – spending the majority of the time in the bathroom. those are some good time. LOL


donnaj– thanks so much for sharing…

If I had a face like Shelly's I'd ______

If Porsche is capable of spiking a drink in plain view of the viewing public I shudder to think what she could do with no one around !

Midwest Fan

Good Grief!

BBP has medical histories for all HGs.
If anyone of them suffered from food allergies, that information would have to be
made known to all of the HGs and special foods would have to be provided to
the one needing them.

don't be fooled

Amen!!!!!! People are so fooled by Jordumb it cracks me up…..who’s to say if it made her sick or if she just needed to take a healthy poop anyways!


i so agree with you! i’m so sick of people acting like jordan is this sweet little southern belle. give me a break! she talks crap about people, drops f-bombs and acts like a bitch just like everyone else sometimes! yes she is a nice person at times, but so is everyone else! i just get sick of people acting like she’s perfect.


She never said she did hard drugs. Why start nasty RUMORS. She is not perfect but don’t make up crap.


7/23/2009 8:30PM – She’s talking with Kevin and Michelle. She did coke, pot, and extacy.
Who cares, it just goes to show that at one time, she was actually cool.


no as far as the statement that if..jordon did drugs in the past, that didnt make her cool..if she stopped doing em that is cool tho’


for the love of god!! Jordon is out of this competition!! She’s in the jury house!! What’s with you people , so obsessed with Jordan!! Man, someone should be warning her she’s got some major stalkers!!!! lol you all need to get over Jordan, she’s just not into you!! lol

As for you is still in the game, plain and simple hope Rachael wins it. Don’t think anyone has played as hard as here to stay in this game. She always plays full out and this year , in my opinion, I think she should be rewarded for it. Hope those in the jury house see it this way too!!


ffs lol can’t i friggin type.. obviously I meant “who s in the game” not “you” lol


my opinion is that people on these message boards can talk about whatever/whoever they want. why do you have a problem with people debating about jordan? get over it. there are no RULES on this message board about who people can and cannot discuss.


Smoking pot may be considered cool but cocaine & ecstasy is what losers think is cool.

chief c

better go back and listen again she smoked pot once not cocaine jeez what a hater
go ahead dislike anyone you want but dont make up stuff to do it


I would love to hear what the other housguests think about the benefiber incident when they find out.


When did this happen???


F&B– For God’s sake GIVE IT UP!!!

Tyler Kent

That is one helluva text wall there Daniel! I bet one could see that from outer space!


gettt…. overr ittt… jordan sucks, shes gone… nothing happened to her, stop trying to get her into the house again, not going to happen, worse things have happened on big brother… stop being a sore loserrrrrrrr!

Rachel use your BRAIN

I do not really think it affected the outcome of the show that much, but just by the act of her doing something like that she should of been thrown off of the show. In the real world she would of been fired and then the person would probably of sued her for her actions. I would not be surprised if as soon as Jordan gets out attorneys start calling her left and right to get a piece of the pie and sue BB and probably Porsche for the incident. BB has just opened themselves up for a lot of problems next year I think by not evicting her because there are a lot of crazy people out there, Shelly for example, who will definitely take BB’s non action as condoning Porsche’s actions and no telling what contestants will do next year either in making other contestants sick or even hurting them to do great physical damage to them and their excuses will be well Porsche got away with it and unfortunately they will be 100% correct. BB has opened up another type of Pandora’s Box by doing absolutely nothing that will probably come back to bite them next season. Rachel I hope you win this year.


OMG People!!!!! It was f***ing Benefiber. Not frigging ppoison. Get a life for gods sake.

If I had a face like Shelly's I'd ______

that’s not the point….. It goes to show the character of Porsche.


Speaking of courts of law and lawsuits, my understanding is that you need to provide evidence. But surely you know this, so I’m imagining that you have the FLASHBACK TIMES of who drank the Muscle Milk, because otherwise, you would be talking out of your ass, and I know that you would never do that.

Midwest Fan

!5 Minute Fame Lawyer to Jordan:

“Yes, Jordan, you may have a case because Benefiber was added to milk on BB13.
Think about your future. What is going to happen when you stop making $$$$$
from your phony $howmance? You didn’t win BB13!!!
It is time to get creative so your easy cash flow can continue.”

One small fact:


LOL!! … wait till Nancy Grace gets a hold of Porsche. And, I want to see Jordan on the stand, explaining the situation.


haha…awesome! i love it.


You’re a fan of BB and you’re going to mock ANYONE for trying for “easy cash flow”? Really? I guess it would be more palatable to you and less “easy” if Dani won it because she would have “earned” here $500k, huh?

You sound smaaaaaart.

don't be fooled

Yah! Shame on her for forcing that pasty white Jordumb to drink healthy vitamins! Its almost like she fed her Dran-O! NOT. This is hardly “poisoning” someone….really…..


Pasty white? She is really tan. What are you looking at?


yes jordumb is very tan. she is also dumb as a bag of rocks.

Team Adam

Dont forget how sick Brendon got to from the drink to… Yah BB really screwed up on that and be lucky no one sue them or Porka… no matter what it was giving a medication with out someone else’s knowledge is a crime!!!!

Midwest Fan

BBP watched Porshe add the Benefiber to the milk, however NO DAMAGE WAS DONE!
No One Drank The Milk!!!!!
Porsche was reprimanded for pulling the prank and she threw the milk away.


Shannon (Dr.Will’s shomance) used Hardy’s toothbrush on the toilet bowl & production made her ensure he (Hardy) didn’t put it in his mouth afterwards. She didn’t “fess up” she went to the bathroom and took the brush off, broke it, and then went to Hardy in the HOH room and lied saying she was reaching for her hair dryer and knocked it over and it broke. Hardy called bullshit because her hair was wet, she obviously hadn’t used the hairdryer and therefore had no reason to “reach over there”. Shannon, caught in an obvious lie, after a few uuhhh’s and duhh’s tried again and said she was reaching for her curling iron. Hardy knowing she hadn’t curled her hair (because there it was straight), of course called bullshit again. Shannon, frustrated, ranted in circles making no sense made about as obvious as confessing, that something was shithouse. After hearing enough Hardy left the bathroom maintaining it was bullshit and she had no reason to be reaching there and he didn’t believe it was “an accident”.
Dick didn’t burn Jen “on purpose” she was trying to swat his cigarette and he just made sure it was in a place where she could… What fool would swat at a lit cigarette and not expect to get burned? Dick acknowledges he crossed the line lots and has said plenty of times he got hauled up on the mat regularly and got shit for it.
Jordan didn’t drink any of the Porsche spiked muscle milk. Nobody did. It was disposed of before anyone got into it. It’s a safe bet production gave her an “or else” in the DR.
Why do you think the feeds are cut so often? BB doesn’t hold back on the spankin’s. Just because you don’t see it on the lives does’t mean shit.

porche's pink tracksuit

When is Adam going to stop re-hashing the goggle incident? it’s over. he can’t believe that he didn’t win that comp! i just hope Rachel wins HOH. I have no idea if Porche would stick to her agreement………………………….please, please, please. Go Rachel!!!!


I want rach to win HOH too but I want her to pick Adam final 2 (this way she has the votes to win)
JJ rach
Bren rach
cowlia Rach
dani rach
macho man shelHE prob adam
and if porka goes to jury rach
But rach still wins 6 to 1 even if cow did adam and dani did adam its 4 to 3 rach wins
but i don’t think dani or cow will go adam I think they know what a big floater he was and will be fair and give it rach for game
but (and porka has a big one) if it’s porka vs rach
jj rach
bren rach
dani porka
adam rach
cowlia porka
shelHE porka
close but adam might swing either way so could be porka or goddess ( I mean rach)


i think adam might got porsche. He has had that newbie alliance thing in the back of his mind this whole game and when it comes down to it i think it may affect his final vote.


I really think Adam’s going to vote on who wins the final comp. He’s avoided making any decisions for himself all game, I think voting based on the last comp (and letting them know beforehand that’s what he’s planning) is the kind of cop out to a tough decision he thrives on. I’d bank on it.


i love how people use like mean names for the people they don’t like, but never would they do it on someone they do like. Cowlia? that is extremely rude. so she’s a little bit overweight. really? that’s just disgusting behavior from what i assume is an “adult”.


Easy there morality police…

I think the “cow” in COWLIA has more to do with how (and how much) she eats than her actual weight. If you’re a “bigger” girl yourself and took offense…. I’d expect that you’d have thicker skin so to speak. LOL

porsche's green tracksuit

Nice username!


Too easy to make a comment about Porche spitting…just letting that one go.


What do you guys think? I think if Rachel wins the last pov she HAS to take Adam to the finals, otherwise I really think she will lose to Porsche. I can’t imagine Porsche wouldn’t have Daniele, Shelly, Kalia. Rachel would have Brendon, Jordan, and Jeff. No clue how Adam would vote.

If she takes Adam, I would think she would have all the jury votes, unless people hate her and vote personally, in which case Adam might get Shelly, Kalia, and maybe even Daniele. Although I can’t see Daniele voting for Adam based on her comments in the jury house.

Rachel use your BRAIN

I agree with you if Rachel takes Porsche Rachel will lose the $500,000. I hope she starts using her brain if she wins part 3 and realizes if she wants the money she had better take Adam or she can kiss the money GOOD BYE!


Rachel will win either way if she is in final 2, shes got JJB and Dani already said she would vote her if she made it to the finals , its a wrap, If Red is in in final 2 she will win.


whatever you do do not go on the internet and read anything about yourself (especially on here 🙂 LOL


What will the last comp be?


Last comp is always trying to complete the sentence of a jury member, true or false.

If I had a face like Shelly's I'd ______

….playing the skin flute…

Not a PHD student

Don’t read about yourself on the internet but feel free to send naked pictures of yourself, that’s fine.


Don’t stand by FIANCEE when he’s caught skyping the nasty with a guy he thought was a chick! Rachel, take the money and RUN!


I agree! She should leave him if she wins the money.

If I had a face like Shelly's I'd ______

“whacking off on the web via web cam” …. Pretty sad when one resorts to deviant behaviour….


ew!!! did that really happen??


Were you talking to Adam??


So, here is a game play idea for next year…. You know the way, in real life, when ever a roommate leaves they forget something and have to come back one last time to pick it up? I would like to see the most recent evictee be the sixth player in the next POV. They would just have to leave the newly evicted HG in a local sequester for a couple days. They would then have one last chance to cause a bit of havoc in the house as they would be offered no new information about loyalty shifts and would be running on only the information they had when they got the boot.


For sure Shelley shouldn’t go online and read about herself she certainly won’t want to know what the fans thought of her


You think Shelly cares???

Rachel use your BRAIN

Yes, I think they all care and it will be painful, but some of these contestants can blame no one but themselves for what they read. I mean on Facebook there are already America HATE Shelly, Kalia and Porsche pages and they have some really hurtful comments on them but unfortunately what people are saying there really is no defense to it. Shelly is going to have her own problems to deal with once she gets out because I think she will have a lot of potential problems with her job situation. I hope not but I do think Shelly and the rest of these contestants should of thought about that before they came on the show. Porsche especially may have some problems because caught putting stuff in others drinks when you are a waitress could have some real potential problems. I mean I am not sure I would want her to wait on me in any type of situation because I probably would question her motives.


They would only have problems from insane people that can’t tell the difference between TV and reality. It would be like calling them cop killers for playing Grand Theft Auto.

If I had a face like Shelly's I'd ______

potentially putting something in someone’s drink….. Obviously you’re not a business owner… If you were you would have second thoughts about employing her…


you are so very wise


Next year nobody will give a shit about any of the houseguests, I mean who cares where Chima is or what she’s doing now? So I’m happy the death threats agaisnt Shelly’s family will simmer down and haters move on to something else.The thing with shows like Big Brother and Survivor is that no one ever really knows how they will be viewed by America. Heck I don’t know if I’ll be the hero, villain floater or shcmuck that everybody can’t stand. It’s funny when you watch seasons where people think they are on the good side of the good vs evil and they end up being the most hated; and then you get a guy as vile as Evel Dick (love him!) and everybody loves him.
You get Dr Will who lied and manipulated yet he’s on many people’s top five fave houseguests; But then in comes Shelly with her own lies and manipulations and someone is out to get her family. You have got to LOVE this game. People walking in thinking their academic smarts will turn into game smarts, I mean Ronnie thought he had the power of persuasion only to end up looking like an idiot. A lot of good his National Debating championship did him. I would never go on BB, coz I don’t know how I would do. You get in thinking just because in real life you are a people person it will be the same in the house (think Kalia….love her too) only to be despised by the houseguests and by America. Or the smartasses that think they’ll win yet end up utterly useless at comps and forced to become floaters… CRAZY CRAZY GAME.


Maybe Shelly should buy a cat.


hmmm.. you know what, you are right.. i never even thought of that… Porsche, a waitress, getting caught putting something in someone’s drink.. that is pretty bad.. you are totally right about that and i never even considered the connection or potential employment ramifications…. however, i do have a question for you.. yes, people everywhere seem to hate Shelly (“if that’s even her name” as Rachel said at the memory wall on BBAD which actually made me lol irl), but why would that impact her employment situation? just curious as to your thoughts since i never considered the porsche implications. thanks.


You mean what JJ fans think of her. She probably played the best game of the summer. If that pandora box rigging didn’t happen, I bet Shelly would be final 3 easy.


I will be so happy when Rachel wins on wed. She will be in final 2 cause P will take her. Everyone thinks they will win beside Rachel. I think they are in for a surprise. Rachel had Brandon,Jordan,jeff and i think Dani will vote for her too as she always says its game not personal so if she votes for Porshe who has done nothing except win a couple EASY competions when there was only a handful of people left then Dani will show how personal she is.Adam will vote for Rachel even if Porshe wins the last HOH as when he sees Jeff he will tell him to vote for Rachel. She never had to fight to stay after the first week Which she stayed because of Rachel.
It will be nice for Rachel to see how everyone is rooting for her and she has redeemed herself this year.IM SOSOSOSOSOS happy that DANI didnt even come close.

Rachel use your BRAIN

I actually think rachel will lose if she takes Porsche with her to final two because dani will vote for Porsche and not Rachel. I hope she wakes up and uses her brain and if she wins the final competition she takes Adam because that is a guaranteed win for her. Jordan even told Rachel to take Adam so I hope she listens.


Remember in S11 when Jordan kept telling Kevin she was taking him to F2, only to take Nat. Rachel could just be doing the same with Porsche in case Porsche wins the last comp, hoping that Porsche will take her.


Porsche didn’t win “a few EASY” competitions! All the comps are about the same, besides, she beat JEFF, Jordum OR Rachel in the ones she did win. You could say the same thing about everyone. And Porsche deserves to be in the final 2 AND to win just as much as Rachel does!


cccmm…..agreed! i would love it if porsche won!

If I had a face like Shelly's I'd ______

i honestly believe that Porsche is lying to Rachael and WILL NOT take her to the final two if she wins…..


so porsche won a couple of “EASY” comps? if they were so easy why didn’t anyone in your girl rachel’s alliance win them?

GOD Bless America

Adam is a Good Guy…sure he is grieving that hoh loss… if the winner doesn’t take him he just lost 50grand. That is a big loss. It is a tough game.


OF COURSE you care what people think of you Adam…you think that we think you are a superstar! Sorry buddy, you’re anything but that and you prove it over and over by talking to the cameras because you think you’re feeding us good stuff with your cheesy dialogue. You had better care about what all that smoking and all that bacon is doing to you because at the rate you’re going, 50 is a long shot. Take care man.


He does not look good for just turned 40. I think the ‘Nothing but smokes and bacon diet’ Will not be a best seller.


For some reason, 2 of the biggest floaters and most boring people, Adam & Porsche, already think they will be back for All-Stars. People want the All-Stars that actually played the game but didn’t get to the final 2. They want actual competitors or manipulators who would play a good game. Not a girl that slept all summer and thinks she is the hottest girl to ever play BB. Or a guy, as much as I like him personally, who only started winning when competing against girls, most of which hadn’t won anything until the end. Plus, his arrogant “you have to EARN it” as though he has! He also promised Jordan he would NEVER turn on her since they were playing together since the beginning, yet he put her on the block. Don’t get me wrong, I think it was a good move but he DID go against his #1 promise in the game and if he is in the final 2, would only get 2nd. I do think Rachel should take him over Porsche. She would win hands down against Adam but Porsche is more of a wildcard.


I agree with you about Adam, but Porsche is not or never was a floater! I think you got it mixed up with boring Jordan!


he did put jordan on the block, but in my opinion when it comes down to the final 4, the noms don’t really matter; it’s the veto that holds allll the power. the only person who is safe in the final 4 is the HOH.


I’ve grown to really like Porsche.
I really didn’t like Porsche before.

I hope she goes on to good things after this! I cant help but think she had a crazy life.


omg i hope rachel goes on the internet and reads stuff about herself!! ppl love her / are ok with her now 🙂

Porshe's creamy bikini bottom

Thanks 4 the site guys. Cmon my sexy gorgeous beautiful totally fine Porshe. Win win win. Luv ya.


I believe they do care what people think of them, they are only saying that cause they are so delusional they probably think everyone loves them. Earlier Adam and Porchia thinking if they go home they might win Americas Favorite, seriously do they really think they are that great. They are getting alittle full of thierselves I think.


Why didn’t they throw Porsche off the show for putting something in Jordan drink. I known she has friends in cbs.


porka did not do anything wrong. on season 2 ( I think) one of the HG’s took another ones toothbrush and cleaned the toilet with it and nothing happened then either. BB could care less If Porka was trying to give jordough some fiber.


get OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 porsche put it in, and then was told by production to throw out the drink…. jordan NEVER DRANK IT!!!! worse things have happened on big brother… stop bringing that stupid shit up to justify loser jordan coming back…


Is BB13 on tonight?


No, a 9-11special is on.


Nobody is going to approach you on the street Adam. Get over yourself.

If I had a face like Shelly's I'd ______

PREDICTION: Over the next year or so Adam will be occasionally assaulted (slapped with raw bacon upside the head) on the streets by his “admirers”. He will think it is so cool and a sign of affection….


adam has an exscuse for everything………..


I never thought I would say this, but here goes…………Rachel for the win!!!!


I’ll tell you what ….If rachal and porshe make it to the final..2 Dani better vote for Rachel..she said on here way out(lol) that she wants someone who earned it and a competitor..what better person this season then Rachal…But My guess is that she’ll make it a personal vote as will shelly and vote the other way…..Thats the type of person she seems to be….


Porsche’s earned it as much as Rachel. She’s as much a competitor as Rachel is.


you’re joking right? porsche had a golden key and after that sat on her ass for 3 weeks. rachel’s been struggling since day one. Rachel as a person is absolutely terrible, but she’s a damn good player (this year)


All of the newbies were at a disadvantage from the get go. Newbies were never on an equal playing level with the vets & here’s why: The newbies came into the BB house alone without a partner they had known for months/years. Guarantee you the vets & their partners worked strategy before the game even started. Second, through their previous experience the vets knew the game better than the newbies—the newbies barely had time to get their barrings and just jumped to whereever they felt safe (hence Kalia/Shelly/Porche working with vets). Some of the vets previously won BB and all the vets received bonuses in addition to their stipend to re-appear on BB. The newbies were bombarded with all of this ammunition from the get-go without anytime to think, plan or strategize—eventhough they had the numbers, that was not enough to mitigate these factors.

While Rachel was/is good at the competitions, she is not a well-rounded player—Porche was/ is good in both her social game and competitions and she did it without having the support of a partner she had known for months/yrs. If Porche makes it to the Final 2, she should use these factors as a reasons for winning BB13.


The newbies had two HUGE advantages in the game. 1. Numbers… but most importantly, 2. THEY HAVE SEEN THE VETS GAME BEFORE. Well, at least they should have. Before applying for the show, they should have watched a few of the old seasons to study how the game flows. Try to see the game from a competitors standpoint rather than a viewer’s. You would know how Dick / Dani, Jeff / Jordan, Brendon / Rachel played THEIR game if you watched prior seasons. How they talked to people to their face vs. behind their back and diary rooms. I mean, come on. These newbies were just stupid.


wtf? it’s not porsche’s fault she had a golden key! don’t penalize her for that. she had absolutely no say about that. plus, before she started winning stuff she came in 2nd in a few comp’s too so to say she doesn’t deserve it is complete crap. she does deserve to be there, she has earned it, and i’m sick of people saying she doesn’t.


um chief…one word for you; spellcheck!


So you’re saying Rachel telling Dani not to vote for her in her good-bye message is a good game move? If Dani chooses not to vote for her that good-bye message is plenty of justification for it to be a game based decision. But if Rachel loses and that bitter fallacy makes you sleep better at night, more power to you I guess.

chief c

Skull she didnt say dont vote for me she said i dont need your vote. quite different
but dani said she would vote soley on game
But i doubt it shes pretty petty.


Rachel has redeemed her reputation and Porsche has played an excellent 2nd half, but whoever wins part 3 has to take Adam to insure the 500k win.
I hate giving Adam 50k but that is only smart way to finish. Just like Hayden evicted Enzo in BB12 to get the win. Thx Simon!!!!!!


i really like Rachel now. She has changed and is sweet. RACHEL FTW. I really think she has a better chance against Adam!!!!


aw that was sweet of you to give rach that compliment. shes adorable if you ask me. 🙂 an angel thats why her name should be Rangel 🙂


Adam is a deceived person….and therefore doesn’t know that he is deceived. He cares so much what others think…..his self esteem is so low and he isn’t
honest about it with himself.


I swear if I hear one more clueless person going on a melodramatic history revisionist rant over fibergate I’m going to stab my monitor. Some of you people are living in full on crazy town.


agreed some people know how to belabor a stupid post 🙂




Rachel has really turned herself around. I didn’t think she would last a week with out Brendon. I am a Rachel team member from the beginning and I hope she makes it to the end.
Shelly lost me the first time she decided to make fun of Rachel’s laugh. Has she looked in the mirror??? She is hard looking. Porche needs to do a few more pilates for the booty and Adam is a bike through and through.
Yep!!! Go Rachel!!!!


lol too funny (the shel commen)t he was hard to look at and porka isn’t a bad looking girl she is just a plain jane but rach NOW THAT’S A BEAUTY QUEEN 🙂


Porsha I way hotter then rachel just look at all the pimples are her face I could only imagine how many she has on her ass lol




She has it coming to her what do you think is gonna happen when you call someone a fat cow she feels threatened in the house when there is a better looking girl in the house other then her she is a sore loser so I hope she’s doesn’t win then her and brandon the online masterbaiting boyfriend can go of happily ever after and I want have to see her ugly face again


wow anonymous you must be drinking Danis koolaid.


acne can be caused by stress, I’m sure that house is very stressful
rachel and porsche are both pretty girls so everyone stop bashing them they both made it to the final 3 deal with it
I am not a fan of porsche but if she wins who cares


Agreed, all three house guest deserve the final three. Rachel and Porsche are both pretty. Adam is fair on the way he plays the game.


preach! Darn right I used to have bad acne from stress and who knows what else! I like your comment … No one should be judged! I think R&P are both very beautiful women..not saying I am a beauty queen but was a former Miss.NJ USA … And know what it’s like to be looked at under a microscope not fun!


lol um wow…simmer down fool!


It’s Porsche (and Dani) that were always popping zits in the mirror so don’t throw stones at Rachel.


Please grow up!


rachel really needs to remember the cams are always on. she needs concealer at all times and really needs to quit making ugly faces when she plays cards or whatever else she does. people have to look at her! yikes man!


porsche nor adam hasn’t played game at all who is “porsche” anyway??


Rachel FTW I do feel sorry for Adam, I mean come on a swimming competition, {the man is from Jersey and he smokes} and he has to go up against a girl from Florida . LOL He never stood a chance, it was over before it got started. I used to live in Florida and I went swimming everyday. At my age I probably could out swim Adam .


Uh…we have beaches here in Jersey…


Yes, I know Jersey has beaches, but you can’t swim at your beaches all year long. Besides, Adam had a weight problem, I doubt it if he spent a lot of time at the beaches. I am just saying that comp was not for Adam. To make matters worse, he smokes, Holding your breath and swimming was not a comp made for him. Its like the old joke, God to Noah ” How long can you tread water” good ole Richard Pryor skit.

Midwest Fan

Most gyms have swimming pools and I believe Adam said he went to a
gym for his exercise. Besides, I don’t think they had to actually “swim.” No laps.
It was probably closer to body bobbing in water with quick moves downward to
pick up whatever puzzle pieces or clues needed.
I’m looking forward to seeing this comp..


Yay Porche! I am glad (and hope) that it will be her and Rachel in the final two. It is ironic that they started together only to end up together in the end. Rachel wound up coming across much better this season than the last. They are both good competitors. Cannot wait to see the show! Thank you Simon and Dawg – truly enjoy the play by play and commentary.


I think Porsche convinced Adam and Rachel to join the sleepy time alliance.


I notice Adam’s re-writing history to make himself look better again. Right after he lost the comp he mentioned the goggles but also mentioned that even with that minute to go get them back, he still would’ve lost. Now it was just that minute that kept him from victory. At this rate he’ll think he actually won that comp by a landslide.


Jordan did drink the milk and she was sick for three days. Go back and watch your self! Porka does not deserve anything! Rach took her off the block Jeff took her Off the block she didn’t do a damn thing Adam deserves to go final two. He has a good shot of winning. Make porka go without anything CBS!


Hahahahah. Now I know you’re joking. Adam deserves final 2? Adam is the epitome of bad casting.
And, yes, I would like to see Jordan using the extra fibered Muscle Milk. What was the FLASHBACK TIME for it again?


I couldn’t agree more. I want Adam and rach final 2 too. porka is nasty and can’t believe she’s a waitress (she doesn’t even wash her hands after using bathroom and picks her nose). Bet if she waits on a customer and they look at her the wrong way she tampers with their food. nasty assed hoe.


Bullshit, liar, liar


You know I think everyone is forgetting the childish and vindictive comments Rachael made to some of the people leaving for the jury house. Dani alone could spoil it for Rachael. When someone says, I don’t care about your vote and acts like an ass instead of just keeping your mouth shut and letting it go, you’re childish behavior could cost you a half million dollars. Saying that, I think R should get the money but she’s her own worst enemy. The acting job alone when Jeff was evicted…boo hoo boo hoo with Jordan when her butt was saved because he was evicted, was enough for an academy award. All the tears and bs she put out there may cost her the money and that would be a shame. Jordan said it all, when she said she kept R from saying the wrong things at the wrong time and she was right. Oh well, too bad, so sad.


I never thought I would hear myself say this after season 12, but GO RACHEL! I have really grown to like her this season. She is 10 times the person Porksha is. I hope she wins part 3 of HOH and takes Adam so it will guarantee her $500,000. Also, go Big Jeff for America’s Favorite houseguest!


If the high and mighty dani can’t get over the fact that its a game and its not supposed to be personal,then.she’s talking about from the other end of her mouth.the comments that Rachal said were from at least a month ago….be the bigger person,that she thinks she is and vote appropriatly…get over it and yourself.


I’m going to assume this was in response to me and you just didn’t realize how a reply button worked (if this is just a random rant then I apologize for intruding).

You’re still not making any sense. Was Rachel’s nasty good-bye messages to Shelly, Dani and Kalia (three jury members) example of her first-place deserving game? And you actually believe that? Self-delusion is powerful in this one.

Here’s a tip, when people are going to decide whether you win 500k you DO not go out of your way and purposely antagonize them and tell them you don’t need your vote. That is the absolute worst gameplay you can do. If she loses the money because of it then she has absolutely no one to blame but herself.

The only person talking out of their other end is you.


Wouldnt Rachel have a better shot with Adam in the F2?


I am pretty sure Rachel is going to win —– No matter who she takes!!!

Tickling the Berries

Poor Rachel I hope someone tells her that people like her more now, still alot of haters but I don’t think she’s expecting to find out about all the people who like her now. I hope she does read that she’s more liked, I rooted for her last season as with this season.


Rachel for the WIN!!!!

I too liked her last season and of course this season as well!


Hey, Bitchel… Hope you read this. You’re nothing but skanky white trash. You have absolutely no class. All you’re good for is parading around your sagging breasts, slinging cocktails.




ADAM’S big mistake was picking Porsche over Jordan!!


When did he do that?


You aren’t a brain surgeon either since you believe “casted” is a word. The word is “cast”. Maybe you should stop calling people dumb.


Holy damn Rachel is getting about as buff as her man! You go girl! You’re even more awesome this year. :o)


Sorry to rain on your hatefest.

I hope Adam did remember 9/11 as he intended. He seems proud to be from Hoboken, where its people watched the tragedy unfold just a mile across the Hudson. The small town lost 53 residents, and over 10,000 victims were ferried to its pier for medical treatment.

Thank you CBS for your dignified uninterrupted coverage this morning and tonight, and presenting heart wrenching, poignant and inspirational stories about those who perished, their families and the heroes of that day and those following..

In closing, to relay the wisdom a victim had left her son, “love yourself, love others, and love life”.


Porsche was scolded for her prank and was commanded to throw the concoction away before anyone drank it, so she could not have made Jordan sick. It was stupid and immature for her to do what she did, but no one got hurt from it. It isn’t fair to say Porsche doesn’t deserve to be where she is in the game now just because of that one dumb thing she did. She got this far by staying under the radar, winning important competitions when she needed to (like the final POV comp), and making no enemies. Like her or not, the girl some deserves credit for her gameplay.


BB13 will be known as the Season of Fibergate.


Porche: “Your potato salad tastes like potato salad”. That’s the best she could do? LOL

Really Adam?

Adam is going to tell both P and R that he won’t vote for them unless they take him to final 2 ???? If he’s in final 2 he won’t be voting! Right? And if he goes to jury he HAS to vote! Or am I the one confused here?


So, basically he’s saying that whoever wins the last HOH, he’s not voting for, even though that was going to be his only argument if he did win it.


Adam is such a silly boy….when he says he will “tell Rachel and Porsche separately that he will not vote for them unless them take him to final 2” how can he vote if he’s in the final 2 hehe….he won’t be able to give anyone a vote…..just thought it funny that he is telling them this….so the more they’ll see him as not believable…poor guy…he’s frantic as the end gets closer !


oops sorry….I guess we all posted the same thing at the same time and I came in last 🙂 sorry this is a repeat…didn’t see it before I posted 🙂


when do they do the last HOH on Wednesday night or before that?

how would Adam be able vote for one of them if he is in the final 2???? me thinks he is trying to confuse us or perhaps he is confused.

Rachel for the WIN!!!!!!