Big Brother 13 Live Feed Screen Captures – August 26th, 2011 Updated LIVE!

Big Brother 13 live feed Gallery for August 25th. Each minute we take a series of screen captures from each Live Feed cam in the house and upload them to our Gallery every 10 minutes. This system runs 24/7 expect thousands and thousands of Screen Captures every day. Alerts are sent out via our Twitter account @BigBspoilers and Facebook page.

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Each photo produced has a file name of when it was taken and by which cam. For example one may have the title “BB13-C37-8-201112_06_08.jpg”
C3 = Camera 3 on the feeds
7-8-2011 = July 8th, 2011
12_06_08 = Taken at 12:06:08

If you want to go back to these times and watch them on the feeds you can using a rewind option called Flashback. Try the Feeds out Free 3 day Trial

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does anyone know what jeff was telling shelly before he was evicted?????

Shelly is EVIL!

He told her he put a hit out on her.

Shelly's Lungs

I’m all black and dirty – hack hack hack. Shelly’s lungs are as black as her soul.




I think Shelly is going to have a rude awakening once she gets out of the BB house & understands how many fans of the show do not like backstabbers. She turned on someone she professed to be a friend of. With her as your friend you certainly don’t need any enemies.

I knew Shelley was fake from the beginning. She’s a liar and can never be trusted. She talks and looks like a man. My kids keep asking me if she’s a man. Lol. Porche is useless. Adam is a floater. Jordon and Rachel will be voted out soon. Kalia will win. Hopefully Rachel or jordon will win but they don’t have the #’s.


Shelly is pretty dense if she believes she has any chance in hell of taking home the cash. NO, I mean not one of the Vets will vote for her to win. And with 4 votes in the jury they will decide who gets the money. People think Jordan is crying because Jeff got voted out, I think that’s part of it but, it is the way that Shelly so dishonest to her. Shelly gave up a friendship for what??? She won’t get the money & there are many of us who dislike liers and coat tail riders and she is the worst I have seen in BB history. She claims to be a straight shooter….I call BS on Shelly.


Shelly should be ashamed of herslf as her daughter is watching..doing this for my family I though you had alot of money from the way you described your house and your personal decorater..just keep smoking and thats the only thing that comes out of your mouth thats real!!Porshe NOW that you finally have won something keep looking at yourself in the mirrors cause believe me no one else thinks you hot!! Kahlia you have about as much game play as Adam..its so hard to watch you cause all you do is eat & talk and. that LOWER LIP ..if you win get the surgery to have it lifted up off the ground..You will be known in the show as your nose up Danis ass doing what she wants & thinking your a game player and not a floater kinda like Adam who is gross & flipped to whoever had HOH Bet Jeff is glad your not up his ass anymore! Rachel & Jordan just play to win the prizes and know that you are the next to go..Rachel is gonna be so pissed when she sees what the other 2 women & 1heshe said about her REAL MATURE I’d call you ladies but your not! Hiding stuff that doesn’t belong to you thats something JOSIE (snakes face) daughter would do real mature!! Jordan you are not a stupid person you are just to nice and look for the good in people remember Shelly next time you trust someone that how EVIL rolls! Sorry you hurt so bad but take that as a lesson in life. Ya its a game but the best player in BB histroy never lied or acted imature or bullied just told the truth to the persons face & thats why he won gameplay & truth always a EVIL DICK I know why he didn’t talk to Dani..shes such a twofaced brat with no game play just having others do her dirty work then crying when it didn’t turn out for her.Shes a piece of work and YES she will sell her Firstborn to the higgest bidder!


I can’t stand Shelley, she’s not only a lier(as you must be) but used her daughter with Jordan. Jeff listened to Jordan and let shelley go. He knew what she was. I am ashmed she’s from the SOUTH. She’s WON NOTHING EXPECT STAB YOUR FAMILY.
I remember the guy that used his grandmother on Survivor – I liked him until he let it be known there was nothing wrong with his grandmother – infact SHE WAS DEAD.


So unfair … don’t even want to watch Big Brother any longer … because of cramming everything into one show, we did not get to see probably the most interesting thing so far which was Jeff flipping out on Shelly … also it is so unfair to evict Jeff without giving him the opportunity, like everyone else, to talk his way out of eviction. Whoever is deciding these moves on Big Brother, you’ve just lost a few viewers


Shelly was smart for getting out of that alliance. It would be stupid to take Jordan or Jeff to the final 3. Jordan’s already won before, and she could slide by and win again. She really should be the next one to go. I think too many big brother fans are emotionally attached to the vets and should get over themselves.