Jordan warns Adam JJBR controls who wins Big Brother 13, Adam: “Let the best man win” **updated**

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10:19pm JR, Adam Jordan is telling Adam that they control who wins the game. She counts them out Jeff, Brendon, Rachel and Jordan they control who wins Big Brother 13. Jordan says it Doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks JJBR control who wins Big BRother 13″ . She reminds him it doesn’t matter who else goes into the Jury house because if JR go home they have the numbers.

Adam: “So let the best man win” Jordan we’ll see what happens Adam: “oh ya ya vote on game play.. still a lot of game to be played.. still a lot of game” Kalia joins them asks if they want some of the candy on the counter. Jordan snaps “No”

10:31pm Kitchen JRKA Everyone quiet expect for Adam and Kalia. Kalia is humming away.. Rachel asks them if they want to play cards Jordan snaps at her tells her that she doesn’t like cards she’s already told Rachel that. Kalia wants to play cards.. Her and rachel start to play..

10:46pm Kalia and Rachel playing Cards.. Adam preparing food. Jordan at the counter sad.

11:15pm PS Bathroom Shelly is pointing out how adam is sucking all their asses. Shelly: “We tried all week to get him to change his vote and he never did”. Porsche understands what ADam is doing sometimes you have to do things to survive.

Porsche says they JR are going around telling everyone they get to pick the winner of big brother 13. Shelly: “really.. we’ll that’s fine.. they can do that whatever.. It’s only fun for them when they are winning..” Shelly brings up that Jordan and rachel are saying they want to go in the next 2 weeks. Porsche: “Good.. rachel this week Jordan next week”

11:50pm Bedroom JR

rachel: “There coming after me you know that”
Jordan says nooo.. She hopes she the one out this week.
Rachel; “BLANKย  I wish I’ve just gone today”
Jordan: “I bet Jeff and Brendon are really upset… I can’t win anything to save my life”.. Both of them are feeling defeated. Jordan says she’s not even going to go upstairs to talk to Porsche.. she just doesn’t care. Rachel brings up what would they do if it’s Porsche and Kalia in the final 2. Jordan groans. Rachel: “How about Porsche Shelly… or Shelly/Kalia”

Jordan says if she can take a trip or Veto she’s going to take the 10G’s she doesn’t care there’s no point. Rachel agrees says Brendon did the same thing last year.. he took the veto and still went home.

Jordan really feels sorry for Jeff.. He really wanted to come back in here and give it a try. Jordan didn’t want to but Jeff was gung ho about it so she joined. Rachel: “We should of never done this.. you can’t be a competitor you have to be a floater”
(It’s really pathetic listening to these 2 it’s almost as bad as listening to Adam kiss ass in the kitchen right now)

12:01AM Kirchen SPK Shelly is telling them how pissed she is because just a bit ago Adam was all “Geeked UP about JJR”. Kalia: “Honestly.. that’s something we’ve been dealing with for a long time” (Shelly has been responsible for a lot of it)
Porsche gets called into the DR..
Shelly says she voted to keep dani.. Shelly explains that after the blow up this morning with JJR she had to vote for her.. “I knew it was going to be 3 to 2”.

Adam joins them.. Kalia is saying that dani was saying all along they had to break up the couples there was no way to win. Shelly: “I’ve been saying that for a long time” ( Shelly turns her back on Adam.. Adam just keeps his mouth shut)

12:17am Porsche gets her HOH room

12:30AM JR Jordan breaking down
She’s mad at Shelly because she really trusted Shelly, she thought Shelly was a sweet old lady. Jordan goes on about how she gave Shelly that vote call. Rachel says everyone in this house is like that but them they have to know they are all that is left. Jordan continues that Jeff worked so hard and built this alliance that they thought was strong so they could make it to the final 5 and duke it out..
(Jeff wanted an alliance of people who sucked at comps so they could plow through them int he finals.. it usually doesn’t work out that way)

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hell yeah!

Jordan is such a sore loser. I love it!


Uh Im pretty sure she isn’t sad about losing anything but jeff. I mean if you liked someone that much and they left, you’d be sad too, I mean unless you don’t have a heart or something.


She’s been a sore loser all season. Go back and watch any comp that BRJJ didn’t win (or find the recaps on this site), she mopes about it for hours and then complains about everyone else not doing shit.


I think Jeff would cut her loose if it came between choosing Jordan and 500K

Shellys Cig

I’m wondering if Jeff will have one of producers from the show will ask Jeff to return Adams balls???


LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the best comment I have read in awhile too funny!!


LOL!!! Best comment!! And Jordan IS a SORE LOSER!!! LMAO, I just love watching her and Rachel upset, dumb and dumber!!


She maybe sore t people, but they will take her to the end


you guys are delusional…everyone in that house is a sore loser…they all go sulk and complain when they don’t win and cry or whine about it in the diary room…i haven’t seen anyone say “well i lost, oh well i’m fine with that!”…and when your alliance is dwindling you’re gonna take it a bit harder!


Then you didn’t watch Dom play. Dom was took losing really well. His last night in the house he was as playful as ever, trying to make Dani smile and in the purple room with the vets joking and and tossing around a ball. His speech might have been sour but he’s said he was just trying to light a fire under the newbies and the fact that Rachel kept mentioning his speech as recent as last night shows that it may have worked.

If I had a face like Shelly's I'd ______


Plus Shelly is such a liar who either has Alzheimer’s and can’t remember she’s lied or is the stupidest person on the show.. She even lies about lying… And that face….looks like the Joker. Those lips are something else !!!




Andrew, seriously? You people seemed to have no ounce of sympathy when it came to Rachel. You all are vile, I’m sorry, but it sickens me to see the hypocrisy.




Agreed. The biased idiocy and hypocrisy in some of the people commenting here is pathetic.


ahem, it is Rachel that is vile. C-A-N-N-O-T stand her. Her and Brendon are so repugnant.


Jordan and Rachel are just vile cry-babies who are happy when they are stabbing people in the back and making false deals – but when it gets turned on them (and not through backstabbing but pure good gameplay), they show their true colors.

I can’t wait til the two wicked BLANK of the west are voted out. Adam’s gotta go next cause brainless scarecrow is just a waste of space in the house.

Porcha, Kalia, Shelly – it took them awhile to wake up and smell the coffee, but that happens in real life. When you have martyrs like Dom and Dani, it emboldens your team when you lose them. Thank god they woke up.


Um, no one forced her to come back to this game and don’t forget, she’s won $500,000 already and Jeff just won another $10,000. So I wouldn’t feel so sorry for self-righteous Jeff and his sidekick (who doesn’t do anything except whine and stuff her face)!


Big Jeff also won $5000


Jeff has won a total of $15k. He first one $10k in one comp and then won another $5k in a second comp.


Stuffing face? That would be Kalia and Porsche.


Agreed!!! Thats all porsche does is eat. I cant stand her, kalia, and shelly!!!!


Jordan is just upset because she knows if she does not win Jeff will not marry her. She is a stupid floater. LMAO

chief c

wow venom sure looks like the train to be on people porshe and jalia seny home jeff ok next will be tachels turn to win bye bye one on your pks show im willing to wait rather p win than k or s or A but stoll time for jordon to snap out f it an r to win the hoh posisibly veto and then bye bye kalia or shelly or porshe nopefully kalia and hey wasnt that question jordon almost won? or is that being to honest for you all hut lovers trunk show/ give jordon a chance to carch their breath she will fight.


Don’t give Jeff that much credit. He is not on roids. If he is on roids he has no clue how to lift weights. He is soft.


the funny thing about jj talking about floaters and how they finally woke up late in the game to play is that his whole alliance are floaters. i don’t consider people throwing a comp so someone else could win as a win (like the first hoh and adom winning the veto). rachel really only won 1 comp, jordan won 1 (and the game was really a game of chance with one shot never liked those comps b/c they don’t test skills), adam won nothing and same with shelly. kalia won a comp before jeff did. porsche always came in the top 4 and dani winning a good amount of comps (given the amount of games she was allowed to play vs everyone else). the good thing about dani alliance was when she won hoh she had kalia to win questions and porches to win physical challenges. jeff has no one to pick up the slack after his hoh.


You r so right! Jordon is such a sore loser. Go pajama jam. Ty for all your hard work and updates Simon. I am exited about this game nothing better could have happened. Oh note to Jordon: famine in Africa, you won half a million dollars. Stop crying.


True but, what I’m watching right now on BBAD is hilarious. J in tears and R mouths pathetic emotionless words of consolation to her, all the while STUFFING HER (Rachel’s) FACE WITH FOOD. I actually feel sorry for Jordon (she’s really upset) but, Rachel is lousy at really putting someone else ahead of her and, showing genuine sympathy for Jordon. Stuff your face some more Rachel, you cold bitch.


Why do you feel sorry for Jordan? She had that ‘let them eat cake’ mentality when ever someone else was losing. She had no compunctiion when D/K/P were all on slop and became Have Nots when Jeff decreed it so. She’s typical of entitled people. When life smacks them with a dose of reality or they don’t get their way,they fall to pieces.

She came into the house thinking that it was going to be Club Med vacation and that at the end she’d walk away with another $500K check and even more adoring fans. What she got was a rightfully deserved kick in the pants and she’s behaving like someone stole her last dollar and Jeff was sent off to fight in Afghanistan.

While it was charitable for her to give Shelly the phone call from home, Shelly was in no way obligated to return the favor. Favors shouldn’t be handed out with an expectation of reciprocity,otherwise it’s not genuine. So, I say Jordan got exactly what her very own game play has produced-BIG FAT GOOSE EGGS.


don’t forget Dani kept Jeff “safe” twice and had a deal. JJ sure held up their end of the bargain. This is the first season I have ever watched and I for the life of me can not understand how Jordan ever won a season. she is pathetic in comps, whines. She didn’t even know to jump up and down in celebration when Brendon “won” America’s vote and the 6 of them were celebrating, til she saw everyone else.

Give me a season with all newbies, maybe I won’t be so cynical. I think Dani, Jeff, and Shelly have played the best game out of all the players


I don’t believe she is a sore loser. Jordan was betrayed badly by Shelly and is deeply hurt !


Oh please, boo hoo for poor Jordan!! This is what BB’s about, maybe if she had lifted a finger to win something, things would be different for her! I have NO sympathy for her, I hope she leaves this week. As annoying as Rachel is, at least she can win.


that may be what it is about but Shelly is more evil than dick or rachel ever were or could be. Yes it is a GAME, but when you walk in the house as a mother, and carry that role then act like one. Sure the game is to do what you can to win, but this woman went around the house the whole season talking about morality and character, and how she teaches this to her daughter, and how she won’t do anything on tv to embarrass or go against the things she teaches her daughter. NOW that’s the worst kind of hypocrite, and her daughter has to watch this and go to school with this. She is not about morality and teaching her daughter anything. She never should have said that. If she was going to play that kind of game she should have left her daughter and the morality she wants to teach her out of it. And for anyone that don’t agree then go back to last weeks episode and listen to the words that came from HER daughters mouth about lying and treating people that way. I don’t care how any of them play the game but to play the motherly morality card like Shelly did is dispicable. And I don’t care who you are or whether it’s real or a game no one wants to put trust in someone and be betrayed. It went beyond game play it was ultimate betrayel what Shelly did. She played with peoples heart and emotions, it wasn’t just a game with Shelly. For someone that talks about having money sure will do anything for more. She didn’t betray and lie to anyone else in the house like she did Jeff and Jordan. Yes she lied to everyone, but it never got to an emotional level, and once Shelly realized that even once Danielle was on the block she never should have continued to be with JJ in that way, she should have cut her losses and choose a side. Another thing she does is lie on people. Really lie if that’s your thing but to lie on people and then laugh in their face is not game play it is sick. KARMA that’s all i;m going to say it may not be in this game but she will get it back I just hope it doesn’t fall on her daughter or husband two people she care about.


You said perfectly, what a lot of other people are thinking! Good on you! Thanks for putting in to words what t a lot of us feel.

chief c

she came in second what a doosh yes she upset and feels betrayed she wiLL fight back give her a day you ass holes. shelly drop dead ! your not poor or hurting just greedy i cant win aAGAINST THEM HA YOU CANT WIN AGAINST ANYONE BITCH ka;ia porshe you have right to be proud but not shelly she just turn coat and ran to other side dead to ne bitxh anyone else play haed go far im enjoying the show but shelly is shit not a player just a vote


Its funny how when Shelly was on JJ’s side, then all their fans didn’t have a problem with her lying.


Actually, I’ve had a problem with Shelly’s lying since day one. Since she said she was going to play with integrity and do nothing that would embarrass her in front of her daughter. And then started lying to everyone about everything. I’m so hoping this new twist puts her out next week. Fingers and toes crossed here, baby.


You are so right,Jordan is upset about Shelly.Jeff never acted like Porsche or Kalia after winning HOH or POV. They just go around patting themselves on the back.Then Shelly loves and get so excited about the others winning now.Shelly is riding the coat tails of everyone.Shelly was the one going around and telling everyone how she hated people that weren’t trust worthy,and that she was a very trust worthy person. I don’t like Rachel at all,but i see why they keep her. The only havenots that complained at all was Dani,Porsche and Kalia.The other people just excepted what happened. I realize you have to do certain things in playing the game,but Shelly you make me feel ill and sad for your daughter.I really think the only person left that is trying to play this game and not be an a&& is Adam and also Jordan. Again,Jordan is upset that Jeff is out,but mostly upset over Shelly lying to her about everythin.


I agree with you Jordan feels bad about being stabbed in the back by a person that she trusted, now since the game is rigged this is what I hope happens. Rach. & Jordan go up, Adam wins the veto he takes Rach. off and Porch has to put up Kalia or Shelly. And Shelly gets voted out because she is a snake. This game is rigged so it could happen.

Team 500 G's

First the game was rigged for Brenden….where is he? then it was rigged for Dani….where is she…then it was rigged for Jeff….where is he? I mean come on…..I did say production might “nudge” the players but it certianlly not rigged. Everyone slamming Smelly is rediculus, the woman made a game play…a huge one. She did what was good for her. Adam stayed with J/J, you know where that is going to get him?….sitting next to Dani and Jeff thats where.Smelly is a successful woman in corporate America. She is no dummy. Dont worry about what she needs to say or do with her daughter. I am sure the father is explaining what is going on with her mother in this game.

The young lady seemed to be very intellegent and well brought up to me. She must be doing something right.How many of you that are slamming her are perfect parents? How many of your kids are over weight…eating McDonalds everyday? Dont worry about her parenting skills. They are PLAYING a game. A game that brings out the worse in people. WHy do you think we all watch? We want to see the train wrecks and the aftermath of such game play. To take all this stuff so serious is crazy.

To be honest you could say negative things about almost eveyone in the house. Even Jordan, she keeps bringing up the fact that she gave Smelly the phone call. Your not supposed to give someone a gift then hold it against them at your convience. It was a trade for a vote…not a gift. Smelly took advantage of it. This isnt a game of being nice. If you want to play nice BB isnt for the faint of heart. You need to wear your big girl panties. So now instead of sucking it up and going after them. They sit and boo hooo. Woooooos me. Give it a rest. She soooo sad. Leave then. No one is keeping you there.

Every single one of these HG’s had a way of plying their game….if its not how you would have played it, so what. These people are still in the house. The ones that screwed up are the ones sitting in the jury house. I loved Dani’s game play, they all made mistakes. Truth is if she was such a great player she would still be there. Dr Will didnt win one comp. Is he a Floater? He smoked the house. Evel Dick is the king of the social game. Sooner or later we will have to choose who we think will win. Will it be one of the SUPER VETS? probably not.Everyone compares BB to Survivor…well in that game you have to out play and most importantly….out last. Who ever is in the final 2 are the 2 best players this season. Weather you like how they got there or not. They are sitting there and you are sitting in your living room.


agreed anonymous…i would like to see everyone in this fan forum chat go in that house and lose graciously or take a betrayal in a gracious manner…they talk the talk but i bet they can’t walk the walk!!


Jordan had the game of a rock. She contributed nothing to her alliance. Not even a social game. Jeff hung out with Adam and he got Adam’s vote. Jordan kept to herself and did nothing. Absolutely NOTHING!!! Now she feels betrayed? That’s too funny.


Self evict Jordan! You’ve already quit. You don’t deserve to be in that house, you’re not a real player.


Agreed! Shelly has been such a snake going back and forth based on who ever is stronger that week. I believe someone else tried that one season and they got evicted! So Shelly should count herself lucky she made it this far! But part of the game has always been dirty deals and back stabbing!


Just finished watching BBAD Jordan was truly hurt by shelly I hope Jordan wins POV and porshe the porker pits shelly up for eviction


Just finished watching BBAD Jordan was truly hurt by shelly I hope Jordan wins POV and porsche the porker puts shelly up for eviction


Jordan looks like a monkey, she’s as dumb as one too.


You are SO RIGHT!!


I believe Jordan is upset about Jeff leaving but I believe most of her sadness comes from being deceived by Shelly. Shelly has really made Jordan face true cruelty. Something she is not use to dealing with because Jordan is a legitimately nice person and it is so difficult to think there is someone who is that big of a dirt bag.

Uncle Cool

Jordan is upset because Shelly stabbed JJ in the back before they could stab her in the back, which is what they were planning to do all along…

What a ‘nice’ lady she is.

Jeff is an egotistical, dictatorial scumbag and it was GREAT watching him squirm.

Best BB night this season!!

Next to go will be Jordan and then Rachel.


Shelly is the worst kind of lying snake she brought her family in to the game and used them as far as I am concerned


Agreed. Jordan is just shocked that they got stabbed in the back before their plan to stab others happened! And Shelly did not stab Jordan in the back, she voted out Jeff. She did not (yet) vote to evict Jordan. They are not ‘one’ person. They cannot be a team when it suits them, then individual when it suits them (each have a vote).


@JEJO – That’s it in a nutshell.. Jordon feels played and betrayed. It’s a natural feeling. To use Jeff’s own phrase from his season, ” they got got”.

As for others, it’s FINE to prance and dance and be happy when you win. Ever see a Super Bowl celebration? And it’s fine to cry and pout and be down when you lose. But then ya gotta get back in the game. And it is a game…nothing wrong with anyone doing what they think is best for their game as long as they are following the rules. That’s what makes it Big Brother and not football or Pinocle.

Girls Ruled

Jordan now thinks she could bully the jury house that sweet tea is given her power her superhero name jordumb


give me a break. there is no way you would be saying this if the ‘other side’ were doing it. Did you complain when Dani was telling (bullying by your standards) that if he didn’t vote her to stay her dad wouldn’t like him (and other laughable things). The anti-J/J vibe around here is so annoying.The bias is even in the posts! Calling Rachel and Jordon pathetic for crying and whining. HElloo…Dani cried all week too…and then there was the whole “my daddy is going to hate you” nonsense. I don’t remember anyone calling her pathetic – here, anyways.


jordan is not a loser shelly made the game personal not jordan


Jordan won her money…Big Jeffy didnt win again…or Brendon again….or Danny again but they all claim to know how to play the game yeah right who’s sitting in the jury house again lol…lets see Rachel wants to be brenchell again and Jordan wants to be jefjor all of them need to sign up for survior and see how the real reality game is played since jeff and jordan couldnt win amazing race either…so move into the jury house all of you have a field day when you have to chose someone to get the money…just hope its not metal head Adam what a goon…what a loser…Go Team Kalia….


The only one that actually won the big money in this crew was Jordan wasn’t it ? Jeff won 15this year Rachel won 5 in her season threst didn’t win did they I don’t actually remember but I am going to look into it LOL


lol you’re as much of a sore loser as Jordan. JJ suck – they are Americas dimwit couple

Dark Horse

I must say…
I LOVE it too…

Funny how Jordan seems to blame EVERYTHING on Dani…
what a sore loser…just proves a point that she was there ‘hanging out’…

Last nights episode was hysterically funny…
Jeff was PISSED like ‘how dare’ they vote him out…
bye bye Jeff…
Adam must have cried himself to sleep…like Jordan.


This season sucks! I have watched every year, and I think now it’s gonna get boring. Truthfully, I don’t think any of the players left deserve to win. Like Jeff said ” they just now woke up and decided to play?” Kalia and Adam are the worst, Kalia things she’s a big shot player and Adam don’t do NOTHIN!


Ok. Do people realize that laying-low and letting others take out strong competitors is a strategy? By your logic, you should be mad at Jeff for getting rid of Danielle and not Kalia, or taking Porsche off but not nominating Shelly or Jordan.


This I agree with.. The point is not to win competitions.. When you show strength, you’re targeted. Look at Jordan last season.. She didn’t win the vast majority of the time.. She won the whole thing because she wasn’t a threat to anyone… Adam is similar in style… By not winning (on purpose or not) he comes across as non-threatening and non-targeted. The best case scenerio for Adam works like this:

Rachel gets evicted
Jordan gets evicted
Adam wins either HoH or Veto and makes it to the final three.

Personally, if I was Porche, I’d do two things:

1) Not talk, but enjoy how incredibly hot I was..
2) Get rid of Adam..

By getting rid of Adam, she stays neutral concerning JJBR. Let Kalia and SheHe take care of those two and win the final HoH (or make deals with the other two) to make it to the final two. If she votes J/R out, she’s going to have issues in the final two.


Jordan is actually playing smart.

Jordan and Rachel needs to use the fact that they control the jury votes to leverage the other 4 house guest. They can individually threaten certain house guests that they will NEVER win if they don’t support them. If they get sent to the jury, have total control of the votes, but if they support them secretly, they will definitely get the $500,000 if they make it to the final 2.

YOU LEVERAGE YOUR POWER. I say go after Porsche or Adam to flip or guarantee them they will never win $500,000. You can go to the final 4 with us or you will lose.


I agee. I would do the same thing. And if that didn’t work I would put a bounty on Shellys’ head. I would tell them that the one responisible for getting shelly evicted and is in the final 2 I will gurantee you 4 votes. Jordan isn’t upset about the game, she is upset because she feels serious betrayal. Yes, its a game but she was thinking of Shelly as a friend. She feels betrayed.. and anyone who ever felt that way, knows what it looks and feels like. If the others are smart they will get shelly out because if she is in the final two, she will probably win. The vets will calm down and vote for who they thought played the best and after looking at the tapes they will get evey week, the will probably think it’s shelly. Dani told Porshe and Kalia not to trust shelly, and they are already fooled. sHElly can always flip again.


Now that is the best strategy advice I’ve seen so far. Put a bounty on the wizened faced, ghetto talking wannabe, Shehe (love that nick). I mean seriously, what is with the “peace out”, double finger kissing, and constant “dude”? Does she have any idea how ridiculous that sounds at her age? Of course Adam is just as ridiculous with his speech and antics but at least he is under 40 (I think). And if Shehe is under 40 she better stop with the fake radiation tans before she shrivels her face up more to look like a shrunken apple head. Personally I am sick of seeing her facial expressions and exposed flabby mommy tummy. She is just plain gross on the outside and rotten on the inside. I know the game is to play to win but running into the arms of Kalia the Hut and Porky after the first HoH was just plain disgusting. And her continual ripping into Rachel about being dishonest? Come on Shehe!!! How proud are you going to be after this season that your daughter saw the way you lied and stabbed the backs of your alliance and threw your supposed friends under the bus? Seriously!

I don’t think that Rachel and Jordan can make it through, mostly due to Jordan’s inability to win anything and Rachel’s inability to use her brain and not her emotions. They have to start playing for jury votes and the obvious choice would be Kalia and Porsche and Adam. I can only assume that Porsche will put up JR as NOMs unless she decides Adam would be a better choice than J. JR have to convince Adam to use the veto on them forcing Porky to put up Kalia the Hut or Shehe. I think she would put up Shehe at that point but doubtful the votes would be any better than 3-1 for Rachel to go home (or Jordan whichever is left).

As for the whining about floaters, get over it sore losers. Floaters are a fact and a reasonable strategy. I honestly could care less at this point who wins the money though I would hate to see Shehe get it as I have come to despise her.


Jordan and Rachel need to win competitions and stop feeling sorry for themselves while they contribute nothing to their alliance and blame everyone else for their failures both in the competitions and their social game. Threatening with jury votes is an act of desperation that won’t work.


Thank you! That’s what I’ve been saying all along. If you win all the comps right away and blatantly voice who you love and hate, you will be an obvious target! I’m not saying it’s the best strategy, but it is one. They’re obviously doing something right because they’re still there and some of the people “who actually have sacks” (to quote Jeff) are in the jury house. Oops!

And the whole Jordan thing. I can understand her being upset about Jeff leaving and Shelly turning on them, but that’s Big Brother!!!! It’s part of the game!!!! If she and her alliance are so smart and they’ve been there before, then they should know that. Be sad and move on. Jordan needs to stop talking about how everyone else is a floater, when by her definition, she is a floater too. Sure Shelly’s been snaky, but again, it’s part of the BB game. I don’t think it makes her a bad person. She wants the money. That’s what the game is for. Do what you have to do and stop taking everything so personal and whining when you don’t get your way. And that goes for everybody, but especially the vets.


Are you kidding? The last four weeks have beaten the first four weeks by miles in entertainment value.


Exactly! And compared to last year when all BBAD was a Hayden, Enzo, Other dude forgot his name and Brittany pool festival every night. I fell asleep 10 minutes into it..


sorry, don’t agree.

i was Team Dani, now Team Porsche… but as much as I don’t necessarily love Shelly, she has a pretty good claim.

maybe she hasn’t won a comp yet, but she’s made big game moves. She was behind getting Kalia to nominate and evict Lawon. She tried desperately to get either Adam or Rachel to flip and keep Dani. And she helped send Jeff to jury. love her or hate her, she’s been playing this game.

but still… Team Porsche Yo!


I agree!!


So, Shelly big move was to get LAWON out of the game and lose 5 jury votes (JJDRA) for jumping on Dani’s sinking ship. No, she’s not winning anything, except maybe America’s most wanted for stealing Rachel things. Porch might win, but sad that she also stole things (not part of the game) and made Jordan sick by messing with the foods. Janelle is so proud.


I agree with you 100%!!!


im so pissed at the DKPS team that it makes me should be able to float.I think the way the two nominees are picked should be that the comps have scores and the two ppl at the bottom get nominated and then the house votes. at least then everyone would try..and floaters are gonnEE!


*shouldn’t be able to float


In an ideal game, I’d agree with you honestly. The problem is that no one in the house is following that mind set, no matter how much they say they hate floaters, they’re not going after people because they’re floaters. They are all voting out their biggest threat or getting revenge. Brenden and Jeff were big players, so they were voted out because their threats. Even Jeff, who hates that “everyone sleeps in this game until now,” put up Kalia for revenge, took off Porche who he called a floater, and put up Dani (who was definitely not a floater) for revenge. I can see why they would get rid of threats…..why would you want to keep someone in the game who would beat you in the important comps and get rid of you, if not right away, then in the end?


*because they’re threats


I could stand Porsche if she’d just give Rachel back her damn dog. How can you steal something, hide it, then have them beg for it back, laugh about it and say you’re going to throw it out?


I would flush it down the toilet


Rip it up in little pieces first.


Really you would rip it into little pieces??? you are pathetic! I suspect a bully as well.!


Hahahaha! Me too.


OMG..really, they won fair and square but P & K are disgusting….I just offically turned off my auto record for afterdark P’s voice is to annoying. No need to mention SheHe (who ever came up with that title is a genius) she’s one disturbed unbalanced backwoods hillbilly. Good luck when you get home SheHe, the whole world knows what you really are and you’re daughter must be so proud. Adam will win because nobody in jury will vote for the others.
I’ve watched BB from year one and not always happy with who wins but, this year I’m done early.


Jeff is gone. All the reall BB fans can stay, posers exit to the right.


Really? You may want to consider watching the show to see WHAT happens instead of hoping for SOMETHING to happen. It’s actually much more entertaining when you can embrace and appreciate the hard work production puts in to manipulateing the situation. Team production FTW!!!!


Yes also with 15,000 and the 25,000 for america players


Are you kidding me? Really……REALLY?!? You think Porsche’s voice is annoying, have you not heard Rachel speak/laugh/cry at all this season? She is like a live cat being dragged thru a circular saw, that refuses to die.


Hey there I came up with that name for SHEHE amongst other names.
I love what you posted. We’re on the same page.

Take care.


Amen!! Me too!!


They all suck! Get some cameras in the jury house. Thats where the real players are




Join my bandwagon.


I told you.

Team Porsche YO!


Jordans statements prove what I have been saying all along JJ are clones of BR and TV has killed their integrity and self respect they played to emotional and acted just the way they say BR acted the devil has their souls and they are showing (sorry to say)their true selves I am sure that the parents of those 2 are very embarassed if they were my kids I would be—–They cannot be happy for no one and when they are not on top they act shameful and wether they are up or down they talk about people even their own teammates I used to like them but I have lost all respect for them KARMA IS A BITCH


I admit I’m impressed with por. When it mattered she stepped up. Tonight’s episode was one of the best. I hated to see Dani leave but I loved seeing Adam freak out. Big Jeff (lol) even thinks hes a loser. He is the worst player ever, at least Kalia wins comps, Adam just kisses butt. I do kinda feel bad for Jeff, in that he did help Shelly but she needed to flip. Having a couple in the ame is bad for everyone except the couple.


Your kidding right? Shelly needed to flip? Do you really think that P or K will take her to final 2, She kept telling Adam that even if they went to final 3 with J&J there was no money for them. Well she is in the same or worst situation now. Those girls aren’t going to take her to final 2. She didn’t make a power move she cut her own throat. She had more of a chance getting to final 2 with Jeff or Jordan. If one of them would have left and she hadn’t turned on them It would have been her they would have kept with them.
And for the others who think Jorden is upset because Jeff left it isn’t that he left it is because someone who she thought was a friend and trusted turned on them. If he would have been voted out because others voted him out she would have accepted it but she really trusted Shelly so she is more hurt then upset.
I could never play this game no matter what amount of money you might win, As it goes against the way I am. I for one could not do it. But the game sure does open your eyes to the way people can be and what they will do for money.


Jeff was never going to take Shelly to the final 3. He said that. He was just using Shelly and Adam to help kick people off and then get rid of them.


I agree 100 % and the only reason I am watching is to see Shelly voted out then I am done with Big Brother. I am not on any team I just want it to be fair and the game is rigged.


Wrong! Jeff started his own downfall by back dooring Danny, Shelly was already figuring out that Danny’s team would be stronger cause Jeff was the only one winning anything. Out of five people in his alliance he was the only one able to win anything consistently. That is a recipe for a loss. If he would have left Porsche on the block, she probably would have gone home. Once less newbie to worry about. Once Danny left, there was no reason to not go after Jeff, it made perfect sense. His speech will go down in the BB history books as most arrogant HOH to get the boot! This dude should have been doing whatever he needed to do to keep Jordan and himself in the game but he wanted to make speeches to cover up what he was really trying to do. He wanted to prove how he can pay someone back for something that doesn’t equal 500k! He wanted to be surrounded by cream puffs that could not beat him. He got greedy! And so he got Got! Love Jeff or hate Jeff, he is the reason he got kicked out. I don’t care who stabbed me in the back as long as I am in the running for that 500k. Jeff was in the running for 500k until he got greedy and the tables turned on him. He could have had at least another week had he kept Danny regardless if Shelly flips or not. Oh no, but he just had to get Danny! Hope that move was worth it Jeff. He will blame everyone but himself, if you just think about it you will see how greedy he got is what caused him to go home. Fact!

Team 500 G's

How old are you?… is down the hall……

BTW….J/J will not win BB13….Take it to the Bank

Halfway there!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shes a pig!!!!


Well, game over. Not interested in watching PKSA for a single second. They are the biggest ass kissers and the most boring, pathetic people to watch. No Jeff to look at – just Adam??? Im out for the season!




Good, see ya!!


I guess its time to follow Porsche now that she finally woke up from her game long snooze, ugh…


Team Porshit, GAG!!!

Girls Ruled

Porches rule- boo cry Jordan cry this what happen when you think you could bully people- Jeff did not get back door it show he sucks and his bully team. Bye bye Jeff


Porche is pathetic with her jumping and dancing around. She talks abut Rachel,, she should show some class. She’s a hypocrite!


please explain to me how that blonde with the fake breasts became hoh!? omg seriously it’s bad enough have had to endure her arrogance through most of this season. she coasts through 4 weeks with golden ticket thanks to rachael , then holds on tightly to Dani’s ass for the next 3 weeks. hmmm maybe girl crush going on there.

but seriously how did that blonde get hoh, i knew she won pov but hoh??

any season that still has shelly in it sucks the big one! i agree with others that sheman has to get her floater ass out of there. Also, what’s wrong with Kalia’s brain? She hangs out with the two people her threw her under the bus and voted to evict her? Really, you think they’ve got your back? omg! dumb, stupid! If she started using her brain, she’d team up with JRA and work on getting blonde one with fake breasts and sheman out of there.

She might have a chance then.


WOW!!!! Like Jeff said “Welcome to the game Porsche” there is no one to carry her through the game anymore…nice to see her finally realize she is not on vacation…I can’t stand her or Kalia or Shelly


Look at you, you f’n lifevest!
Rotating shifts to whereever the HOH is.

Rachel Is Boy George, Adam is A Bozo

woop woop Team Porshe all the way to the money yo


Ugh, dani was the only one I was rooting for. Everyone left in the house is a waste, none of them deserve to win. Who do I root for now? ๐Ÿ™


root for BB14


Her alliance! Duh!


Team Porsche/Dani D: GO PORSCHE sorry Dani D: Lol Adam is now into porsches ass ๐Ÿ˜›


hahaha i hope dani wins america favorite jury member because jeff and jordan act like the already won it and i love dani! sad to see her go but im so happy porsche in HoH. i want her to win the whole thing! so glade jeff is gone and i hope jordan is next


definitely…. Dani is definitely gonna win America’s vote!


Really !! I hope not Dani is a horrible game player glad she is gone !!


I agree, I want Dani to win America’s Vote too! I was so sad for her to go, but it was well worth it with Kalia winning HOH, getting rid of lying Jeff, Porsche winning POV, Jeff’s butt out the door and now Porsche winning HOH!! I hope I can see Dani’s face when she sees hypocrite Jeff right behind her, karmas a b*tch!!




So far, Dani’s got my vote.


What was the blow up between jeff and shelly earlier today?


not sure while part you’re talking about but during the eviction show when they talked to everyone during the first eviction (after the showed the inb/w the veto and eviction) julie chen said jeff just blew up on shelly after finding out she flipped side. then jeff got in to an argument later in the show when jeff was up about how he helped rachel to become a nicer person to her and how he helped her throughout this competition and how she wanted rachel to stay over him. i dunno how jeff found out maybe shelly felt bad and told him. hope that is what you were talking about.


Thanks i was in and out during the luve show, i heard julie say that but i didnt see what caused it


I thought that Jeff and Shelly got into it earlier in the day when he found out she was trying to flip the house. I think Rachel told him about Shelly.


JJBR are such bullies… I always hated them for that. They always said the best game player should win. Adam better not win this show, I hate to even think about it.

I am happy Jeff is no more..

Team Porsche YO!!!


X2!! JJBR needed to be taken down a few pegs. They were far too cocky. Next is R to go, followed by Adumb or Jordumb. The show has been redeemed after my gal, Dani’s eviction, by the K, P and P victories. Whether Vet fans want to admit it, a picking of of the newbies by the Vets would have been the complete death of this already lacking BB season.


Bullies they coasted for weeks the only reason she isn’t gone is cuz she was safe til last 10 and never won crap plus she says she’s been acting dumb come on really!? When she talks she sounds like an idiot?? I bet your voting for kalia too


Hey, for a couple of idiots, they sure are racking up the wins…..just sayin.


Team Rachel FTW :):)


I hear Team Rachel makes good Mai Tais. Kalia or Porsche will need one when they win.




Don’t you mean Team Pimples?




Team Porsche! It’s already super boring in the house w/o dani’s hot ass self


It doesn’t matter if JJRB control the votes in the jury house. They still have to vote for a newbie to win first and second place.


Well, in that case, the newbies should try to get in good with Rachel and Jordan before they evict them.


That’s what I was going to say because it won’t be Rachel and Jordan at the end unless by some mircle they win!
They will be voting for a newbie and that makes them sick to their stomach. Rachel proves that she can’t win anything because their has been four competions and she has won none. Rachel is a basket case who glotes over her husband all day. Jordan will never win anything at all! Their should be a new word for Big Brother which is Coasting= Someone who is in a strong alliance and doesn’t do anything and let’s leader do everything. Shelly was always playing the game that’s all I’m saying!


LOL Jordan’s snapping at everyone. She talking about the jury house like she already know she’s gone.


Jorden NEEDS to go. Her bratty, spoiled attitude has gotten really old. I guess money really DOES change a person… She’s not cute, she’s borderline mentally retarded. Guess her and her “boyfriend” jeff the mimbo are perfect for eachother!! Porsche or Kalia FTW!




Wow. That’s low. Hope u feel better calling someone mentally retarded. Its just a game. And these are real people, keep it classy.

Team Pity Party Yo!

Nobody called anyone mentally retarded! It was “borderline” mentally retarded!


border line retarded? she’s deep in retarded territory! her true colors (bitter, jealous, hateful, shallow) really showed today.


And Dani’s true colors didn’t show? What a catty, petty, jealousy driven and bitter goodbye speech! Followed by what she said to Julie Chen… who just lapped it all up. I seriously think if Julie wasn’t on live TV, she would’ve licked Dani’s ass.


LOL, and I don’t think JJ are even dating, I think it’s all an act. I see no chemistry and they act more like brother and sister. I could care less though, as long as neither of them wins!


you’re a spoiled bratty ass, i’d be snapping too if my bf got voted out. you were ok with spoiled Dani throwing hissy fits all week but Jordan finally gets mad and now she’s spoiled. god you are ingnorant!


I’ll tell you what, Jordan, Jeff and Rachel really seem sour when they don’t win or their backs are against the wall. I’m glad that Danielle threw some grenades to mess up Jeff’s game. Definitely voting for Danielle for America’s Favorite.


Just curious…of all of the houseguests that have been nominated or put on slop or lost some big prize…..who HASN’T acted upset when it first happened?

I don’t think one houseguest in the history of BB acts completely dignified when they are nominated or when their alliance is suffering.

Come on….I love J&J, but yes…they have (and did) acted upset. So did Daniele, Kalia, Shelly, Adam, Rachel, Brendan and all of the others.

Its human nature to feel upset about it. It doesn’t mean that the person is a crappy player or a nasty person. It means they’re human.


Daniele was way too full of herself when she won HOH as well, so you can’t just pin all of it on Jeff and Jordan.


Yes but the original post wasn’t about Dani, it was about JJ – who acted like complete babies when Dani won HOH BOTH times.


You took the words right out of my mouth!


I don’t understand why j can’t be upset. Didn’t dani act like a whiner all week. U lose, then u get upset. At least Jeff didn’t jump around and gloat like these mean girls. I think Jeff was just passionate and would get worked up, but these girls are just catty. Sure jj weren’t perfect, but I enjoyed watching Jeff more then watching dani and her clans scripted dr sessions.


Actually when Dani won, Rachel whined both times. She also harassed Dani (especially when she was on the block). Jeff has belittled and yelled at Kalia multiple times. On top of that everyone is saying that Jeff and Jordan played with integrity? Um, anyone who reads this site knew that Shelly, Adam, and Rachel were expendable to them. So, why should Shelly feel bad for getting rid of someone before they would get rid of her? Like Dani said, people shouldn’t be in this house to write Jeff and Jordan a check for $550,000. Dani dropped some MAD grenades!!!! It will be icing on the cake when Rachel walks into the jury house next Thursday. Jeff and Rachel can both think about their games and figure out what would have happened if they honored their deal with Danielle. Also, Jeff, I’m sorry buddy but you can’t sit around and call say that people waited until this moment to make a move. Jordan won one HOH weeks ago. Kalia won an HOH weeks ago and then won another last night. Technically, your girlfriend is more of a floater than Kalia. What big moves did Jordan make? It’s funny how you spend so much time talking about how Kalia sleeps all the time, but Jordan doesn’t really do much other than follow you around. Am I not seeing something? Am I blind? Jeff, just face it–you got got. You came into this season and naturally because there was no Jesse, you assumed his role. Now you suffer his fate. No wizard power for you!!!!


Oh really??? I never once saw Jeff or Jordan rubbing anybody’s nose in. I never once saw them doing cartwheels in the kitchen. Oh please, why not keep it real and stop making this floaters sound like the best thing since toilet paper. They are all loosers and it is a disgrace that anyone of them will win $500,000. Jordan was betrayed. Have you ever had someone stab you in the back while they were smiling in your face. It hurts. They are still real people despite what all you haters think.


I agree with you Sel. Even when Jeff got his HOH room (which I watched live on BBAD), he acted kind of embarrassed about it and made a joke about “putting on your happy faces”.
Last night watching Porsche get her HOH room, she was completely insensitive and obviously playing for the camera by announcing it in her bikini top – complete with muffin top. She saw that Rachel and Jordan were upset and she went on and on and on. With her toadie Shelly heaping on the compliments.

Both Rachel and Jordan tried to smile and be civil and they excused themselves politely. I think Jordan was going to start crying so she left.

I understand that we all cheer for different players, but I don’t understand how anyone couldn’t feel bad watching BBAD last night.


they weren’t doing cartwheels in the kitchen but the were doing a celebratory dance in the supply room… Jeff got what he deserved, plain and simple.


honestly i dont know how cbs is going to salvage this season. and thats not meaning i’m team dani or jj or whatever its just that who really is left in the house to root for or that deserves to win? porche maybe if she wins the majority of the rest of the comps bc yeah she sat on her fat ass and slept the first 55 days but i mean she really had no choice with that golden key bs. i have no problem with shelly lying/ backstabbing whatever but she wont even give rachel back her stuffed animal and she was talking on the feeds the other day about cutting it up and placing a piece every day on rachels bed. thats just ridiculous. grow up. she wont win the money. period. i’m cancelling my feeds bc omg how boring is it going to be now… what a waste.


ROLMFAO @ cutting up her bear and putting pieces on my bed each day BAHAHAHA Shelly is hilarious


I meant her bed LMAO!


Exactly… of course they are upset! Shelly needs her lying, ugly, greasy, wanna be teenager, leather skin, drag world shook up! Good role model? Cry some more to try and make America believe you’re a good person! Bahahaha.


It’s all about Rachael Shelly drama! Dont give up yet, something entertaining is gonna happen fo sho!


Watching BBAD. Does Adam have to touch every piece of food in the house. He had his fingers all over the crackers and the pickles. Its pretty gross thinking other people are going to eat that shit.


I know! The BB Kitchen is gross! They don’t have a dishwasher – would you want to eat & drink off / out of dishes that Kalia / Shelly / any other HG but you used? I know that sponge is just adding germs to the dishes not washing them off. Why do they have the big water botter from dollar store – the one that is put in the sink to refill. That seems gross to me too. You’re right – Adam even fondled all of the cookies before sitting them down. Out of all of them – I think Adam may be the one who washes his hands the most – some of the people like Kalia lick their fingers & then put their fingers back into the food box – GROSS.


This season sucks!!!!

Aqua Bernie

I agree, this has to be the worse all the newbies were boring and the vets were boring!


Team Dani, Yo! I’m sad… Shocker!! You wanna know another Shocker!?!? Straight shooter wasn’t BSing. Now that, that is a Shocker!!
I would like all of Team Dani to join me in one last… Team Dani, Yo!

I loved Dani’s speech and how she ruined Adam’s rep, if he had any! She called him out in front of the house and infront of Julie. Yaaa!!

Moving on to a brighter note… Porsche you finally did it, twice in one night!!
I enjoyed how Porsche sealed Jeff’s fate by not using the POV.
Then Big “Baby” Jeff started harrasing Shelly.
I love how you stuck with it Straight Shooter.

OMG! Am I the only one who laughed when Adam was in the DR and he knew Jeff was going home. I love how Adam threw the HOH comp and got his buddy Jeff out. This was what you were hyped up about Adam, questions, and you blew it for your alliance.

I am offically Team Porsche and Shelly. I didn’t know if they deserved the Yo! just yet,but after winning POV and HOH Porsche you earned it and Shelly just for shooting straight with Dani you can get that Yo! too. Oh ya also for pissing off JJ fans.*
Team Porsche and Shelly, Yo! Still Team Dani in my heart.

*I’m lovin all of this hate that JJ fans have going towards Shelly, Ya! haha losers.
I couldn’t have asked for a better way for Dani to go, if she had to go. *Sigh*


It’s still Team Dani yo

Karen S

Yo! team Dani~ Now Porsche and whoever she can bring with her.

Karen S

That would be fair.. since they had no problem putting Dani, Kalia and Porsche on it right off the bat.

A Nono Moose

Give Kalia credit for winning hoh and putting Jeff & Rachel up, shes the one who loaded up the bases for Porsche’s grandslam & executing Jeffs exit. I think Jeffs still walking the streets of LA to the jury house & still without his suitcase…terrible loser.


Team Kalia, Pinto, and Skeletor


I’ll always be Team Dani, but what a GREAT way for her to go out, with Jeff’s pathetic butt right behind her, LOL!! Team PSK now!


It was a *Shocker* that Shelly really did stay true to her word. Hell froze over again for the second time in BB history. The first time is when Nat BB11 told the truth, now Shelly being honest.


please it ain’t just the JJ fans that were shooting hate towards shelly, read comments from past. she is equally hated by most lol

think she is the biggest backstabbing /lying floater in this game and would hate to see her make it much further.

she doesn’t even have any charm like a decent liar (Dr. Wil) should have lol


TEAM DANI FOREVER!!!! Sorry, ut don’t think I’ll be “teaming” with any other players really. Just feeling good that Dani’s ghost is still in that house and she’ll continue to take Jordan, Rachel, and Adam to the jury hoiuse.

Shelly is the real JUDAS

I am really sad that both Kaila and Porche said that “this is what Dani would have wanted” in their speech. Porche should have thanked Jeff for taking her off the block and Kaila should have thanked JJR for voting to keep her. Look what kaila has now both Shelly and Porche voted against her. How far does she think she will get with them. I think it will be Kaila and Porche at the end and JJBR will vote Kaila for the 500K

Logan Takia

At this point I don’t know if Rachel or Jordan is the biggest threat, probably Rachel, what does everyone else think? and also I didnt watch big brother 11 when Jordan and Jeff were on there, did Jordan really never when an hoh and she still won the whole thing?


Jordan is a bigger threat by not being perceived as a threat.


Jordan won a veto and two HOHs – one that Jeff gave her and the final HOH competition. She played a good social game. No one resented her anything, which couldn’t have been said about Natalie, who she was sitting next to. She was in the ideal position to win.


Jordan won’t give any effort from here on out, she doesn’t care about being there, she never has, at least not this year. No effort throughout the entire season, except when she got to dress up as a pimped out dunce. She came to BB13 as a favor to Jeff who begged her to come. She’s Jordan, so you may see a few smiles and happy talks with a few other players, but her patience will be cut short if anybody starts talking game…It will be like, “do whatever ya want”, “we control the votes in the jury house”. The only people that have a chance in this game at this point are Speed Racer and Sybil. Adam and Eve aren’t going to play or make any moves, The Grinch has ruined her reputation, Kahlua suffers from food intoxication most of the time.




YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow, there is something seriously wrong with Adam if he thinks he’s going to get JH votes.


I don’t think rachel will leave and there is a possibility that neither r or j will leave just yet!


1 of them is going this week, they cant both win veto


Well, miracles do happen. Think about it this way. Adam is a wishy-washy person. He tends to drift from side to side. If Rachel and Jordan can somehow convince him to play with them, then it levels the playing field, 3-on-3. If he miraculously wins the veto, he could use it to take one of them off and protect himself from being the replacement nominee. Porsche will be forced to put up Shelly (she wouldn’t put up Kalia) and Kalia, Adam, and Rachel/Jordan, would have the eviction votes and they could send Shelly to jury in a 2-1 vote. For this to happen, all of the stars must align for the vets alliance, so I kind of doubt that it would work, but there is still a possibility that neither Rachel nor Jordan will go home next week.


Nice one Becca!!! really hopes that it could that way. Would pay to see the expressions on K&P faces’s, would be priceless!!! lol


If Jordan and Rachel are on the block and Rachel wins Veto, their survival will depend on the replacement nom. If it’s Shelly, Adam would vote her out.


Actually Jordan and Rachel are not in that bad of a position. They own control of the jury vote which is golden as Blago would put it.
You use that fact to control two weak house guests to flip.


it doesn’t matter if they own the jury votes or not. There’s a good possibility that 2 Newbies are going to be in the final 2 and I strongly doubt if Uncle Fester is one of them


If Porshe truly wanted either Jordan or Rachel out this week, she wouldn’t put Shelly up as a nominee since they all know Adam votes the way he chooses to and by what he thinks is best for HIM. If she put up Adam as a replacement, which I believe she’s knows enough to do, then at least they’d have Kalia and Shelly voting either Jordan or Rachel out. Any other way is just plain dumb, at this point anyways.

what the HECK

yes that would be great if rachel get her confidence back and relaize she can do just fine without brenden, if she wins POV she has a fighting chance someone please make her realize that!!! So the game can get intresting again!!!


Team Straight Shooter!!!


No he’s looking for Jeff’s hotel


haha I wanted to comment on that, but was afraid that I would get banned for attacking another user.
I bet Roach is kicking herself atm and so is Adam. That’s what you get for sticking with Big Jeff.



You and I think alike. I was wondering the same thing. I told him last week he better not disappear when Jeff gets evicted.

Shellys Cig

Captains is cutting his wrist …lol


seriously hope you aren’t this nasty if real life cause if so….. you got a problem boyo!


lol where is he?


Sure he will ….. but under a pseudonym, like …..”Jordum’s Pseudo Boyfriend” or ????


Did anyone check the trees outside the jury house?

Porsche fan

Team big ass and boobs!! Go porsche!!




I’m not happy that dani went home, and I hated porche at first, but now I’m team porche! Yay!


Simon, who are you rooting for now?!

Rachel's shrink

surprise surprise that Jordan wants the coup d’ etat (or however the heck you spell that). Can’t win on her own…wants it handed to her.

sorry Jordan…no coup for you!


Rachel’s going to WIN POV. You think, CBS wants a sleeping party @ the big brother house.. for like 4 more weeks? You kidding me? No way.
Jordan will eventually which over to Shelly’s side again.. Rachel is a one women show.. and she needs to go with Porsche – only chance of winning the game.

Rachel's shrink

that would be fine, then Jordan goes up and Adam goes home.


I dunno, they would be better off getting rid of Jordan or she’s just going to sneak her way to the end

Rachel's shrink

there’s still plenty of time to get rid of Jordan.

they need to get the stronger players out who can win HOH first.

Ideally Rachel, Adam then Jordan…or Adam, Rachel then Jordan.

Each strong player they get out increases their chances of maintaining power.


why adam before jordan? i don’t think any one of them are good at physical competition. i know they been saying adam is good with dates and questions but i don’t think he has gotten close to winning any of the question competitions (i might be wrong on that). shelly, jordan, and adam has the least chance of winning any competition as far as i can see. granted if the next hoh is physical porsche’s alliance might be screwed without her since rachel would have the best chance of winning.

Rachel's shrink

adam was two balls away from willing the thing where you roll the balls over the hump. He was ahead of Jeff but it appeared he slowed down at the end so Jeff could win. Adam has much more game than Jordan – her HOH was pretty much given to her by Jeff and Brendon who intentionally made bad shots in the golf thing. Who knows…Adam may have thrown the last HOH, knowing that Jeff was the prime target.


Weird thing is, that’s what all the houseguests thought about Jordan on season 11 – “Oh we can get rid of her later!”. They never did and she ended up winning. They need to think about that.


I agree, get rid of Jordan, she doesn’t want to be there anyway.


if they don’t get rid of Jordan now, there’s a good possibility she will win again, just like CBS wants it.


That would be interesting…..


If Jordan and Rachel are on the block and Rachel wins Veto, their survival will depend on the replacement nom. If itโ€™s Shelly, Adam would vote her out.


I’m quite sure Adam will be the replacement


CBS seemed fine with the sleeping party they took to final 4 last year.


Watching tonight’s episode during the second showing, I noticed something: Jeff screwed himself in the PoV (if I saw things correctly.) When he was body-lifting those balls out of the pit, a yellow shoe flew out onto the ground beside his pit.

Also, I hate to say it, but I think he screwed himself by not taking out a floater instead of Dani. Just my opinion. Crazy freaking night all around, and I am soooo kicking myself for not getting the feeds this year. waw waw on me. ๐Ÿ™ (Lol)


haha yea he threw the first shoe out of the ball pit. i wonder if jordan would’ve saw it if she was paying attention b/c he did flew fairly high. i had to rewatch it when you said it. she wasn’t really watching the game.


Nice point! If Jordan was watching Jeff, he would have won! BAD JORDAN…


Jeff is such a hot head and you can’t tell him nothing. He didn’t learn anything in BB11. Production tried to talk him out of getting rid of russell and he did it anyway and was evicted right after russell. They tried again to talk him out of getting rid of Dani, he wouldn’t listen again, and he’s evicted right behind her. Some people never learn their lesson


Yeah… ok… funny one you fake metal head. Keep drinking those cosmopolitans and kissing Porsche’s ass by making her pizza.

*Flush Flush* What is that? I know! It’s Team Porsche flushing the floaters that are Jordan and Adam out of the house. Good riddance! This game was better without you.

EDIT: It is making me sick watching this dumbass kissing up to Porsche on BBAD. Such a looser. Making Hoboken look like trash…. I would be ashamed!


This season is garbage


Glad I’m not fron Hoboken, I would totally disown him


so Dani-fans lost Dani, JJ-fans lost Jeff, cbs suddenly lost their two most entertaining players in one show and we’re left with minor characters all around :/ this is gonna be the most boring last few weeks!! this is the exact same position jordan was in on her season… her alliance crumbled around her but she still managed to lay low and pull through at the last moment in the end and win… i’m hoping it happens again!!!


And that would be a travesty.


i don’t think that will happen. just b/c she is a vet. none of the vet would have the opportunityto lay low through this season just b/c they been on the show before.


I’m not banking on it, but if you think about Evil Dick leaving the house could’ve left CBS with an extra week of filming. Maybe somebody deserving will come back?

*cough* Dani *cough*

I know this is a stretch, but CBS makes this show up as they go along, and if their ratings/numbers (whatever) fall low enough, then they will have to add in some kind of twist to win back their viewers.




They already brought back someone to fix the numbers after they lost Dick. That’s why America voted to have either Keith, Cassi, Dom, or Brendon come back.. and Brendon won. Lawon was evicted, but replaced with Brendon, so it’s like no one was evicted that week since the number of house guests remained the same.

Let’s do the math. There are 3 weeks left before finale (Sept. 15th). There are 6 people left in the house (Kalia, Porshe, Shelly, Adam, Rachel, Jordan).

This week’s eviction coming (Sept. 1st), someone gets evicted, leaving 5 people left. The following week (Sept. 8th) someone gets evicted, leaving 4 people left. Then, the week after that (Sept. 15th) is finale. Therefore, they need to actually have another double eviction, or a fast forward, because they never have had 4 people remain in the house the last week prior to finale night. They would need to have 3 people go before, or on, Sept. 8th, in order to follow their schedule.

Correct me if I’m wrong?! But, Julie said their were only 3 weeks left.. and so have the house guests. They’ve been counting down the days to finale night for a week or so now.. and they all say it’s in 3 weeks.


I miss the Vegas Rachel. I guess we won’t be seein none of that. CBS must got her on meds or something


you are right! lastnight was so boring. At least I can breeze through the shows instead of wasting 3 hrs of my life each day. I wish the vets would have stuck it out. Now that would have been a great show. To watch all of them fight it out. Oh well, can’t dwell.

what the HECK

i wish Jeff would have relaized he threw the show out and stayed then it would have been really intresting to watch. I don’t think i wll tune in anymore it is soOOOOOOOOOOOO boring R?J need to pull it together production needs to step in and give them a pep talk bring something to the show!! K/P/S/A have nothing to offer but the vets let all floaters coast right into the winning spots!! Shame shame


Haha his stalking days are over


Jordan has a good point about JJBR controlling who wins. Maybe it will make P keep them around and send someone else to the jury house. It would give her a better chance of having enough votes to win. IDK…..just wishful thinking I’m sure!


Porsche will win against Kalia and Shelly.

They have a final 3 deal.


But, if all of the vets are in the jury and pretend that Adam joins them, who else would they vote for?


Yeah, but leaving either j/r in the final 2 guarantees at least one vote against you.


Yeah, but leaving either j/r in the final 2 guarantees at least 1 vote against you. Better off taking your chances with another noob.


i dunno if adam gets eliminated and j/r are in the final 2 then i don’t think they can win against them. j/r will have jba (adam is a fan boy he will only vote for a vet to win) and j/r votes so that’s 4 right there. with shelly i dunno how she’ll vote. i think she might vote for jordan maybe b/c of guilty and how they were friends plus the betrayal thing (depending on how the rest of the week goes). i think for kalia or porsche or anyone for that matter to win is bringing adam along. if somehow adam makes it to the final 2 i don’t think anyone would vote for him just b/c some many of the vets voice their opinion on floaters. i dunno how people will vote if shelly is in the final two with another newbie other than adam (i think she would win just b/c she actually tried to make a move while adam has yet to do something. at best adam can only win 50k).


I disagree. I think if Adam goes to the end with Porche, Kalia or The SheHe, he will win (out of spite).


you can always threaten the weak noob.

You either go to the final 4 with us and fight it out or I will make sure you do not have the jury votes to win. I swear you will not win.

They would flip in an instant.


Let me get this straight…

If Headlights and Bumper keeps a vet thus giving a vet a wide open opportunity to get to the end, the other vets (aside from Dani) would be more inclined to vote for her? Huh?


It made more sense in my head! I guess I am just wondering how the newbies will react to knowing JJBR control who wins BB13. It might not matter or it might mess with their head and make them think twice about the impression they leave on JR going forward!!

Sausage Fingers

What is sickening about the JJBR alliance is that they do not have an ounce of class between the four of them and will never vote for a winner based on gameplay. these 4 idiots will vote based on who they dislike the most showing their true colors….cry babies and poor losers.
Cheers, Sausage.


It’s too busy taking Dani to the jury house.


You mean Jeff, I know your mistake ๐Ÿ™‚


I agree! Jordan is being such a little baby. I understand she is upset that Jeff left, but get over it. It isn’t like he just died. As for Shelly, yeah it sucks for her that she switched sides, but it is BB. Things happen. I want Porshe to win now.~ Not to mention Adam…is just useless.


Granted tonights episode was nail bitting, but the most boring season just got more boring. I keep thinking back to week 1 being like Porsche and Kalia are useless and now they are the most interesting people? somewhere something went horribly wrong!

Rachel's shrink

LOL @ your screen name.
you need an adjective in front of baby, though.
some idees.



I think Porsche is alright, I just don’t like her allies that much. Mostly just Shelly. And I hope that veto speech was the last we’ll hear of the “what Dani would want” garbage.

Midwest Fan

I found the “What Dani would want.” statements up lifting.

BB Fan 5

Really, I thought they were pathetic. Porsche, you have to actually play this game for yourself, not Dani or anyone else. They all hide behind each other. At least Jeff took responsibility for his actions and didnt hide behind others.

Midwest Fan

Jeff NEVER took responsibility for his words or actions………even last
night with Julie. lol

The girls “tribute” to Dani was a team