Big Brother 13 : Jeff: “These are the comps I can win instead of …. HOW MANY Q-TIP ARE IN THIS OLD LADIES EAR…. Dude what the f*ck dude” **updated**

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9:30pm Kalia and Dani dani thinks Kalia and Porsche will go up and they will try to backdoor dani. Dani says the other side has all the votes so whoever they want to go home will go home this week. Kalia mentions that the best case is if Dani wins POV and takes Kalia off the block.

Dani doesn’t think Brendon’s speech was rude.. she thought Brendon was trying to be funny. Kalia thought it was lame that Brendon used a line from a previous Big Brother.

Porsche comes in

Dani: “OH MY GOD one of us will be going to the jury house to see BRendon”
Porsche: ‘After what he said to me yesterday i’m not looking forward to it”

(Adam’s nipples were bleeding after the comp so he stuck hearts on them)

Adam comes joins them.. they start talking about Brendon not understanding how this game goes. Adam points out its bad game when you make yourself the biggest target and you’re Girl Friend (He corrects himself) “Sorry your Finacee” is running around making enemies with the house.. “That type of Game doesn’t get you very far”. Adam is shocked that Rachel is going back to giving everyone attitude. He comments that it didn’t take long. Dani says that Jeff winning the HOH didn’t help.

Rachel walks in asks about the beds. Porsche and Dani are taking their old beds back.. Rachel: “UHHH so I don’t get a bed” Kalia: “No theres still beds for everyone”

Adam jokes “come sleep in the old age home with Shelly and Me”

10:05pm POrsche and Kalia Kalia brings up that When her and Dani won their HOH’s they went out of their way to keep JJ safe.. She thinks that maybe that will have some berring on the nominations. Porsche isn’t sure.. she doesn’t know who else they would put up. Kalia agrees says in the end one of them 3 is going home thios week. Porsche points out they have had 3 weeks of power and only were able to get one of the other side out.

POrsche thinks that maybe they should go outside and be more social.. Kalia thinks they should but she’s too tired. Porsche brings up that she doesn’t want to go home until she wins at least one comp.

10:35pm Jeff, Adam and Shelly Kitchen Jeff is saying he knew he was going to win the HOH, He says he won because of his positive thinking and the fact he busted his ass during it. Jeff: “If I don’t capitilize on those types of comp then I better just go pack my bags” Shelly adds that JEff was waaaaaay ahead over eveyone else. Adam agrees says at one point he looked over and thought he didn’t have a chance. Jeff: “These are the comps I can win instead of …. HOW MANY Q-TIP ARE IN THIS OLD LADIES EAR…. Dude what the BLANK dude”

Jeff says at one point he inhaled a giant bubble. Adam heard that thought Jeff was puking. Jeff was just hacking. Adam says the hardest part was getting to the first half.. it felt like it took forever. Adam: “But you know what bothered me the most was those shoes.. damn tight”

Shelly thinks the shoes were suppose to be tight, she comments on how the entire house was really fighting for the HOH.

10:45pm Adam and Jeff Adam says their next goal is to get to final 6. He just glad that this time he’s not going up as the pawn. Adam says Jeff needs to put Dani straight up and not try to backdoor her because she’ll use the Ticket. Adam adds that Next week he’s going to win the HOH so Jeff is safe. Adam points out that next week is the last week they can backdoor people.

Adam: “You don’t want dani or Kalia to win the Veto”
JEff: “Yeah.. don’t worry you two are safe”
Shelly: “Uhh Don’t bother him right now about that”
(Jeff really didn’t want to talk to them about game, Shelly picked up on it but adam didn’t.. he kept bringing it up until Jeff left to take a BLANK)

11:00pm Dani, Adam and Shelly chit chat

11:15pm Jeff’s HOH room
Big Brother 13 Spoilers POLL CAST your VOTE!

11:22pm Kitchen Dani and KAlia Dani is telling Kalia she needs to relax a bit and not act so desperate. Porsche joins them.. Kalia brings up Brendon calling out floaters and how he said “Float” right to the end. She thinks he was implying Jordan. Porsche brings up that Shelly’s lips are attached to JJ asses again. Porsche: “You notice how Rachel is all friends with them again”

Shelly comes down into the kitchen from the HOH to grab some tea. Shelly says that Rachel is pissed at her right now… Shelly grabs her tea and heads back upstairs says she’s not going to put up with Rachel BLANK. (She then goes up stairs and tells rachel they need to forgive each other)

dani doesn’t think Jeff’s going is going to put her up int he beginning because she never put him up.. she hopes that means something to him. Kalia says if he doesn’t out Dani up and instead puts KP up then he’ll have the 3 of them playing in the veto.

11:30pm Hoh Shelly, Rachel, JJ Shelly wants whatever is going on between her and rachel to end. Shelly: “I save your ass last week and All i’ve gotten for that is backlash.. I spent hours last week trying to keep you safe.. People on the same team have to be looking out for each other”

Jeff thinks it’s all water under the bridge and they need to push forward. Shelly keeps on about it though tells Rachel she’s doesn’t deserve what Rachel is doing to her and the way Rachel is playing the game isn’t helpful to their team. Rachel doesn’t say much.. at one point she said that she never talks about Shelly to other people anymore.

Shelly heads downstairs

Rachel asks them what they are thinking about doing. Jordan says something like.. “they” will pick them all off one by one if they don’t all band together now. (This is hilarious because i’s Jordan’s standard line she’s been saying since week one)
Jeff says he has no idea who he’s putting up.
Jeff: “If you put up POrsche and Kalia and Dani wins veto will she take one of them off the block”
rachel thinks she will.
Jeff: “What happens if I put up rachel and Shelly decides this is a good time to get you out.. or how about I put up Shelly and you flip ojn us and take Shelly out”
Rachel swears she will no every turn on JJ.
Jeff thinks he’ll put up Kalia but the other person he’s not sure about yet
Rachel says that Porsche is very strong in physical comps they should get her out. Jordan thinks they should get Kalia out because she good at mental comps.

Jeff: “What the BLANK how do you know how good they are going to do”
Jordan Suggests they put up Kalia and dani so if Dani wins POV she’ll pull herself off and Leave. Rachel thinks that getting rid of Dani is the best thing. Jordan thinks getting any of the 3 Girls out is good because the girls are against them. Jeff says he already has a crew JJSAR .

11:57pm Jordan and Jeff Jordan says that Shelly has been lying to everyone in the house and she’s been doing that to cover all her angles. Jordan thinks shelly does lie and says stuff around the house but she’s 100% on their side. Jordan thinks they should put Dani up and tell her she’s the pawn but really the target.

12:01AM Adam come up to the HOH tells them put up Dani and Kalia should go up (He’s been pushing this onto Jeff a couple times now)

Adam’s main concern is if POrsche and Kalia are up on the block and Dani wins the Veto to take Kalia down one of their own goes up against Porsche.
Jeff: “We’ll then Porsche goes home”
Adam: “dani is the biggest threat on that Side”

( Nominations Tomorrow .. maybe have nots as well )

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257 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 : Jeff: “These are the comps I can win instead of …. HOW MANY Q-TIP ARE IN THIS OLD LADIES EAR…. Dude what the f*ck dude” **updated**

      1. Really people? I think Jordan looked better in her humiliated than dani did. I must say that I thought dani looked good at the POV ceremony though. Let’s keep clothes on her cause she looks horrible in her bikini. Eat a cheeseburger skeletore!

      1. haha last time I said dani was beautiful on here 10 people jumped on me saying that she was a skeleton lawn gnome.where were you guys to support me back then

          1. What do you mean by “all the ‘Jordans’ out there”? And I don’t hate it when she gets compliments, I just don’t understand when people are saying she’s the most beautiful in the house when there were definitely a few better. I thought she looked good when she first walked into the house, but I hated her since her season and in this season, which makes me look at her differently.

    1. Rachael looks like she is on some serious meds during afterdark. I’m thinking Xanax or klonopin. Part of my job is to monitor patients side effects from medications. Has anybody else noticed this? I’m really thinking she has a personality disorder, specifically borderline personality disorder. If she is on a benzodiazepin and suffering from a personality disorder I think it’s very irresponsible of BB to keep her in the house. She may end up killing herself or somebody else after the show.

      1. i agree. Spot on. The dr. there must be supplying her with meds. We thought she looked medicated on BBAD too. Like I said before, brendon saif she suffered post traumatic stress disorder after her last stay in the BB house. If that is the case, and I could see that happening especially when one has such a misconstrued vision of themselves, why on earth would her family OR fiancé let her go back in?

  1. I have not watched the feed much this week…..Why did Shelly take Rachel stuffed animal? (She would go batshit if someone took hers.) Did anyone hear her daughter berate her for lying on the live show tonight? She & her hypocritical self make me ill.

  2. I’d actually feel sorry for next week’s evictee if other one evicted is rachel. a week alone in jury house with BR screwing everywhere? no thanks

    1. I’m predicting Dani gets knocked out next followed by Jeff.

      It’s going to be Jordan, Shelly and Rachel vs Kalia and Porsche next week.

      It could have been a lot different if Danni did not play so stupidly imo.

  3. Oh my gosh!! Kalia’s eviction message might not have been a smart move but it made me laugh so hard!!!! The look on her face and Brendon’s was hilarious!

  4. dani is probably one of the hottest reality tv chicks ive seen in awhile. her attitude makes her 10 times better too. total catch. team dani all the way

  5. And Adam did not. Why oh why must there be any pics of Adam? Does he actually have fans that want to see what he looks like?

  6. Did anyone notice Rachel barely had any suds in her lane? I was thinking oh shit it’s a set up for her to win. But good going Jeff! Finally!

    1. Of course, I knew someone would mentioned that but you have to keep in mind she wasn’t the only one with a small amount of suds.. i.e. Shelly and Kalia… had she had won people would have definitely be screaming that BB was rigged… it’s actually quite comical really

      Actually curious if they affected the game of the players positively or negatively considering that they were dropped from Porsche’s lane and matriculated to the others… and Porsche still did considerably well..

        1. What, bag of rocks Jordan wasn’t able to pull this one out. All she had to do was walk and breath. She didn’t have to really on her ughhh head!!

  7. I’ve been saying I have a feeling kalia is gonna be the next to go and now that Jeff is hoh this basically confirms it. Dani and Porsche aren’t going anywhere and I see porsche making it far.

    Btw kalia strikes me as one of those people who don’t know when to shut up. Like she says stuff when she’s not supposed to. One of those people who will let the cat out of the bag real quick and I can see dani is starting to get annoyed with her

    1. Looks like she is in the fold again, tho. She is safe this week apparently. Shelly made it easier for her, too. She does love JJ and will do as they say and be nice to Rachel for the team.

    1. I overheard Jordan say on A.D. that they had a comp like tonights HOH on her and Jeff’s season. I thought that was unfair that both Jeff and Jordan had an advantage, so it is like they set it up for one of them to win. Also side note…. can’t stand Shelly. I believe she shouldn’t win. After seeing her house on the show tonight pissed me off. She looks like she’s doing well and doesn’t need that money! I’m still team Dani although this week isn’t looking good.

          1. Lol. No he didn’t. He didn’t even get to play that one on his season. He was the previous HOH. He sat on the sidelines saying “I wish I was doing this, I know I would kill it”. They do a form of that comp. about every season. He had no more advantage than anyone else. He won because he wanted it badly, and didn’t give up.

    2. Pretty much. I’m guessing the next competition is for Jordan to win and it’ll be something taking a box of Crayons and drawing a picture of herself quicker than anyone else and she’ll win.

  8. See dani didn’t think brendon’s speech was rude neither should you. He was trying to lighten the mood and dani did refer to him as the zombie that wont die im not sure how brendons was rude and hers wasn’t then speaking objectively. Both were attempting to be funny on the spot so it seemed awkward is all.

  9. I don’t think the competition was rigged but at the beginning I predicted Jeff would win because he’s just simply more athletic than the rest and he did

  10. OK JEFF!!!!!!! Yay for u! Now put up Dani and Kalia, if Dani wins she veto’s herself and you put up Porsche and send team dark side back where they came from! Muahaahahaha <3

    1. My husband said Dani looks like tales from the crypt. I don’t remember what it looked like though. Maybe I’ll google it.

  11. Okay how awkward is Boy George. When Jeff got his HOH room and she sat there not talking and just waiting for everyone kissing his ass to leave so she could try and bond with him. She’s so creepy!!

    1. I can see you are a Rachel hater, but I think you’re reaching here. She, just like everyone else in the house, will be kissing JJ’s ass this week. It’s the game. However, I think Rachel is actually safe this week. It is Dani that needs to be kissing ass.

      1. i was surprised how cute dani looked. with her hair parted on the side and wearing make up made her look not so harsh.

        now her veto thing she won means she gets to play veto game and not take herself off the block – is that correct????

        1. Her veto award means that if she isnt on the block and she isnt selected to play, she can use it to play for the veto, possibly win and can take someone else off the block and make herself safe too. She wont automatically get the veto if she uses it. If she is on the block, then she wont need to use it, she gets to play anyway.

  12. Surprise Kahlia ate something from the HOH room, she’ll probably be sad this just because she can’t eat all of Jeff’s food. Hell she kept inventory of Dani’s food!

  13. Why are some of you thinking Rachel is going to be nominated for eviction. Jeff is not going to waste his HOH on Porshe as well or take out Rachel. He has better things to do and that is to target Dani and if that doesn’t work get rid of Kalia. He knows that Dani is running the other team and he is going to try and get rid of their leader. That is only common sense!

    1. …idk, he did whisper to Dani that she was absolutely safe right after he won HOH. I hope he puts Dani up, that would be the smartest move since she has that ticket. But idk.

      Either way this is a great week! Jeff can try to bring Rachel back to his side just in time for next week’s double eviction. I’m glad Jeff won. He’s hilarious. Jordan needs to hurry up and win something though lol, instead of all of those excuses she’s making. It’ll be cool if she makes final 2 again. I disagree w/ ppl who say that she can’t win again. If she goes up against an Adam or Porsche or Kalia in F2 (which I admit would be the worst F2 ever) she could totally win.

      And Shelly’s daughter is adorable.

      “She really needs to stop lying!” “Oh, shut up Rachel” LMAO.

      1. As much as I’m inclined to dislike any issue from Shelly, that little girl is seriously cute, and very smart. While watching the segment on Shelly’s family/phone call, I got the impression that it was all about damage control of her reputation. They only showed the child in profile before, which I thought was smart of them, but when Shelly starts to nut out; suddenly they roll out the kid to make a cute admonishment of her Mom’s lying? I really don’t think that anyone would take the chance of Shelly to final three. Her eviction speech was excellent, if I only watched network, I would think, what a gracious, articulate lady. Seeing her in action though on BBAD, I have the opposite opinion of her-she’s just a snake. When she said that if the comp was creating, implementing, and realizing revenue from a business plan-she would win? Offers Jeff a job? She is obnoxious on so many levels. Why is she even there?

        1. You and I are of the same accord. I,however, remain split on allowing an 8 y/o to see her mother on a show such as this. I’m hoping the child only watches the show on network tv and not the live feeds nor the BBAD.

          Shelly is articulate and probably somewhat of a decent person but, like all people, she has some questionable traits. I can’t believe that it only exists within the BB House. People don’t just naturally alter their behavior so drastically to compete for a mere $500K (particularly someone like Shelly who has all the obvious trappings of an upper middle class life).

    2. So true. As Brendon would say, it’s not rocket science. Believe me, Jeff is not putting Rachel on the block. His target is Dani for sure.

    1. Nope, they are nice nice. They are on the same team. Rachel won’t leave the room. She wants to get into their game and find out who is going up. Again, I think Rachel is safe this week.

    2. It’s really just Shelly mouthing off. Rachel was actually mature and didn’t say anything. I think Jeff is getting tired of Shelly. He just went off about the speech she gave during the live show. Apparently, he didn’t like her thanking DKP for sitting outside her door while she was in isolation. Of course, Jordan thinks Shelly is a saint. I think there will be future discussions between JJ regarding Shelly as an alliance member.

  14. Dani has giant horse teeth and her nostrils show too much. Plus she looks like her dad. How is that hot???

    She annoys me cause she thinks that she’s such a great player. Get over yourself. She looks like skelator haha

    1. Anyone else think Jeff could get screwed by this Double Eviction he has no clue about.

      He can’t play in the HOH and has to count on Shelly, Jordan, and Adam. Not good.

      If one of DKP wins on Thurs, he could follow the person he evicted right out the door.

      1. Well, yeah but he was going to be totally screwed if he hadn’t won HOH this week because DKP really wanted him out. Now he can take one of them out and lessen the chance of that alliance winning. Plus, he can bring Rachel to his side to ensure if she wins HOH next she won’t put him up. And there’s still POV as always. So…he’s not any more screwed than he has been for the past couple of weeks lol.

        1. It will be two of DKP vs Adam (and maybe Rachel). Jordan and Shelly are 100% worthless.

          I am worried for Jeff. He could be in exactly Dani’s position this week. He might have to win pov to stay in the house.

          1. Yeah, it’s important for him to get rid of Danielle. It’ll weaken Kalia and Porsche. But I’m thinking, he MAY be able to get Porsche on his side if he manipulates her a bit because Kalia and Danielle are already planning to throw her under the bus. It would be great if he could.

    1. I know, I was too. Maybe Rachel is maturing before our very eyes. I think by her being silent, it made Shelly even more like an idiot. Even Jeff took up for Rachel a little bit when Shelly was talking.

      1. Rachel doesn’t have her ‘man’ tell everyone that she is telling the truth. “Brenden tell them I am telling the truth”…”Brenden tell them I am not lying.” Wish she would pull her lower lip over her head & swallow herself. “Boo hoo, Brenden they are all picking on me…they are so mean to hoo” Shut the heck up!

  15. Shelly-you are a compulsive liar. You are a straight LIAR! But, it’s more sad that your own daughter recognizes that and that you are making a fool of yourself on national tv. Dignity is not in your character, but hypocrite is! Unfortunately, this season we will have another floater win the game! CBS you should have a ALL Star season with real competitors.

    1. She’s cute sometimes and other times she looks dirty and other times she looks like a monkey. I do find her coniving. I still think she’s a mean girl! I personally don’t think that’s attractive. She has a great body better than anyone in the house, and this is coming from another woman.

      1. Her body is pretty nice, but I can see how her personality would rub you the wrong way as woman. That’s really interesting, though. Thanks for not just attacking me cause we disagree!

        1. I think Rachel would self-evict if anyone brought up Brendon and Porsche spending some time alone in jury, ha ha.

  16. I’m jumping ship – I’m team J/J because team Dani is screwed lol. Until team Dani is gone, I’ll be team Dani, but I’m getting ready to jump ship.

    1. And this is exactly why dani messed up…she relied on just porsche and the slob to bail her out this week instead of recruiting br…it wouldve atleast kept her safe for 1 or 2 weeks…luckily for her shes a good competitor n will have a good shot at the veto but she cant keep winning..can she?

      1. brenden told julie chen that he might not have honored the deal he proposed to dani. i guess people are right, brenchel can’t be trusted

  17. I think this is awesome for Rachel If Jeff gets rid of DANI! Then Rachel wins in Double elimination and gets Jeff out, then she has a great chance to play in the following pov and win and take it home she would be golden!

    1. But that would out a HUGE target on her back because she’ll be the last strong player left. and she won’t be able to play for HOH. The whole house would then probably band together to get her out no matter what type of deal she makes with anyone else.

      1. I cracked up watching BBAD tonight. Right after Shelly started talking shit about Rachel, she went upstairs to HOH to bring Jordan some tea, and Shelly tripped on top of the stairs. It was too funny.

  18. Jordan clearly wants Kalia up. So Kalia is for sure going up. And Jeff is kinda smart and realizes that if he put Kalia and Porsche up and if Dani wins the veto then she is taking Kalia off and his HOH went to waste by getting rid of Porsche and not Kalia or Dani.

    1. And i think this is hilarious bc for some dumb reason kalia refused to put jordan n claimed she never would yet everytime i hear who jordan wants out its usually kalia coming out of her mouth first

      1. That’s because she’s worried that later on she may have to go back on her word and nominate her, so she wants someone else to get her out. These are the problems floaters think about.

      2. Kalia said last week to Dani that if she won HOH this week should would put up JJ. Dani told her she can’t be scared to put up Kalia and she said she wasn’t scared and she would do it. I think they’ve both realized they’re on different sides of the house and aren’t gonna nominate one of their own over each other cuz of a deal they made week 2.

  19. lol now Shelly is two faced! Shelly: Rachel is full of sh*t
    3 mins later….
    I think we should make up because we are in the same team…
    A few couple mins/hours later…
    Shelly: Rachel is a pathetic liar

    Two faced and a liar (Even her own daughter hopes she could stop LYING!) lol That’s gotta mean something right?

  20. question becomes: will jeff make the same dumb mistake dani did and nominate an “alliance” member? I would hope not

    one of the 3 girls who wasted the last 3 weeks to get brenden out need to go to jury to be with the man they oh so wanted out

    1. yea i believe so . The ladies are controlling the house too much and this one of them that kDP one of them need to go.

  21. What is up with Rachel’s zit creme? Obviously it is not working, she might start thinking of new makeup or proactive. Every night that shit freaks me out.

  22. Anyone else think Jeff could get screwed by this Double Eviction he has no clue about.

    He can’t play in the HOH and has to count on Shelly, Jordan, and Adam. Not good.

    If one of DKP wins on Thurs, he could follow the person he evicted right out the door.

      1. Thank. You. I probably wouldn’t watch as avidly if Jeff were to leave. Not just because he’s sexy, but because I love his and Jordan’s dynamic.

    1. Its always like that for the HOH winner that is why Dani is in a bad spot cause she couldnt play this HOH, it really doesnt matter if its a fastforward or not, winning HOH is risky period.

  23. Jeff will put up Kalia and Porcha, Dani will win POV and if it isn’t some kind of Diamond POV Dani takes down Kalia, their is no way on earth Rach wil vote for Porch to go to the jury house with Brenda for a week so it would then be bye bye one of Jeff’s alliance……lol

    1. if she saves one of them – kalia – jeff can put on Adam – porche will go home. he would be stupid to put up rachel – he needs to keep her on his side – he needs the votes.

  24. Watch out Jeff!! Double Eviction. I hope he thinks about this?!

    He can’t play in the HOH and has to count on Shelly, Jordan, and Adam. Not good.

    If one of DKP wins on Thurs, he could follow the person he evicted right out the door.

  25. i hope Shelly gets a divorce and loses her kid in a custody battle, thats what lieing gets you especially on BB, Shelly was born in the Bayou with all them Gators, who can trust a gator??

      1. I agree. Way too harsh! I don’t like Shelly, and have said that many times; but seriously, wishing that kind of ill will on someone is being totally evil.

      2. “….especially on BB”. Settle down and gain some perspective. I mean, honestly. I get that this is a random place to vent. You sound a little out of touch, though.

        Lying in BB is what they are ALL doing. You are probably upset that Shelly’s lies have had impact on a player/players you want to stay. I honestly don’t get why people are so bent out of shape by S lying. This is Big Brother!! They are ALL lying on some level to get to the end!

    1. What is the matter with you? Seriously, get a life. If you take this game so seriously, as a VIEWER (not even a friggin player) that you need to wish that someone gets a divorce and loses their child, then you are just as crazy as Rachel. You two should get a padded room together, because as a fan you are taking this to a whole new level of crazy

  26. Jeff is golden. He would win against anyone in his alliance. But…the Double Eviction could bite him in the ass.

    Not good, he has to depend on Jordan, Shelly, Adam to win hoh. Or he will follow that person he evicted out of the house.

    Tonight his alliance members were once again worthless. He had to win that comp.

  27. Does anyone seriously believe the HOH comp was rigged? Htf could this one be rigged, pray tell? They built it just for Jeff??? That is the most ignorant shit I have read on this site, I think. The quiz comps maybe – they could be rigged for all I know but I doubt it. But running back and forth with little cups of colored water to fill a giant gumball machine – how in the hell can production rig that???

    1. Not saying it was, but there are a lot if different things they could have done to favor him…better shoes, paying other hostesses to throw it…Not putting as much soap initially on the lane

    2. Although I don’t believe ANY competition of ANY season has been a full out rig. I do believe that this competition catered to those with the most coordination and stamina. With that being said Shelly and Kalia right off the bat are pretty much out of contention… That being said who’s the person with the most stamina along with coordination thinking off sheer apt ability of counterbalance and endurance you’d have to think either Jeff or Rachel with a possibility of Porshe with the knowledge that Adam and Jordan are horrid when it comes balance i.e. POV # 2. But amongst the candidates whose the best is pretty much decided on physique and pure tact which in most cases would go to a man… although there are exceptions.. Jeff is more than likely to win this competition..

      1. yeah but i still don’t get the whining (not by you specifically but in general). What is BB supposed to do then? Do quizzes all of the time because everything physical is throwing it to Jeff? And I remember that comp, I think they also did it last year, I’m not sure.

    3. BUT all comps are geared to one or more of the HGs if you look at it that way. Not all HGs have the same strengths and weaknesses. Jeff sucks at quizzes and memory comps, as does Jordan. But BB still has those kind of comps. They cannot say “well we are not going to have (insert comp name here) types of comps because Jeff…or Dani….or Rachel excels at those so it’s not fair to the other HGs”. There would no comps left. All HGs have a chance and some of them refuse to actually try because they rely on the leaders to come through and save them; this happens every season, every comp – so it may always look like a comp is geared toward a person or people but in reality if you really compete, you stand a chance at winning. I will say, however, the comps where weight can be a big issue are not really fair. Endurance for instance – a little skinny person can stay in these comps longer than the heavier beefy or muscular people. But again, they cannot leave those out because of that.

      1. I’m not saying that they disregard the comps that are geared towards an individual but I am saying that it could be said that production looks to create drama during a certain week by giving the competition where a particular player has a better chance then others. If the order of the competition were given to general public then I would be inclined to say otherwise but it isn’t and in my opinion there really is none… And not all Endurance competitions are ones that work for smaller individuals i.e. BB10 Russell was much better at them then the much smaller (also athletic) Natalie. Why? Probably most likely because he had the more so what I call actionable muscles (‘cuz of his fighting expertise) rather than just showy muscles.

  28. Been awhile since ive seen the show so bare with me….people are saying that if dani wins she would take kalia off….would that not leave her exposed and then she goes up and leaves?

    1. How do people just leave your team, you stick with them and deal with it, if it was a football game and you pick a team you can’t change half way through!

  29. Can someone confirm this. Skyperbator is the second houseguest in BB history to be evicted three times (Kaysar). Thanks.

    1. it’s true, KAysar was evicted on season 6 and was voted back by America and was voted right back the next week. (It’s became known as the Kaysar effect.) Then on ALL-STAR Kaysar was 5th to be eliminate. SO BRENDON SUFFERED THE KAYSAR EFFECT.

  30. this is my first season of big brother and I was wondering what the double eviction is? I mean obviously its when both nominees for eviction go home on thursday but Julie said this next thursday is the double eviction right. So the 2 people Jeff nominates goes home (after the POV…) right?? I just read where someone said this double eviction is going to screw jeff but I dont get that at all???

    1. Double eviction….HOH noms two ppl, they play POV, have POV ceremony and chooses replacement nom if POV is used, and then finally evicts a houseguest (all within one week)….and then do all that in fast forward in one night (the same night as the first eviction) and that is double eviction night.

  31. I could see Adam making a power move on Double Eviction night, if he wins HOH.

    Only person that could possibly beat Jeff in the final is Dani. But I don’t think their is anyone that can beat Jeff in final two.

    1. Shelly can. She was very manipulative throughout the game. Her lying has gotten her far. If she keeps it up without getting caught (again lol) she might win it.

  32. To yoyo. It is not a secret that kalia and Dani have been an alliance for 3 weeks now. So it would be expected for Dani to save kalia if Kalia and Porsche were up fpr eviction. But, again common sense people Jeff is putting up Dani and Kalia. He is not going to risk someone from his team flipping a vote. If he puts up Kalia and Porshe and Dani wins POV then Dani is saving Kalia. That is a given! That would mean Jeff would have to put up Rachel, Adam, or Shelly as the replacement nominee. He is not a fool to take the risk and have someone from his alliance voted out. So kinda smart Jeff will do the right thing and put Dani and Kalia up for eviction. And if one of them win they will save themselves and the other one will be the target. So again Dani is the main target and Kalia is the second one in line

    1. I don’t know because tonight he said he is going to put up Porsche and Kalia. If Dani doesn’t win POV, then he’ll backdoor her. He doesn’t want to put Dani up just in case she wins POV. Because if he put her on the block and she wins POV, then next week Dani could put JJ up. So, he’s going to pull Dani’s move from last week and put two so-called floaters up, Kalia and Porsche.

    2. Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. I don’t think it really matters who Jeff puts up because either D/K/P will be going to jury. If Dani wins POV and saves either K/P, Jeff will just put up someone else from his alliance but they have to numbers to send the other packing. I’m guessing Porsche will be going to jury. And, if Dani was smart and indeed won the POV, why should she use it to save K/P because like I said, one of them is going this week; they don’t have the numbers to save themselves.

    1. Porsche is actually one of the better comp players. She has right near a win in just about every comp.

      Shelly and Jordan have no clue when it comes to comps.

    1. Because she said it on last nights live eviction show!!!!!! BB was visiting Shelly’s house and interviewing her husband and daughter, and the daughter said exactly that she wished her mom would stop lying!!!!!!!!!! Atleeast I’ll give Shelly credit in having such a smart little girl.

  33. Any of you watching BBAD right now will be saying Oh Jeff called Jordan fat again he is so mean, what a bully. Bullshit that was funny, JJ was joking with each other and you do gooders at home always blow that shit out of proportion…

      1. Jeff is only kidding! He’s being sarcastic you ever hear about that? My husband and I have been married over 13yrs and we do that. That’s what makes us laugh. It keeps it fresh like a cat and mouse chase.

      2. Their personalities and relationships are different, so we look at the two different couples with different perspectives.

    1. i don’t agree with kalia and dani hiding things, they did not hide people’s personal things. there’s a big difference. shelly is just a mean person

    2. Actually, I found it rather hilarious when Dani and Kalia did that. I never saw Shelly do that (hiding Rachel’s stuffed animal) and could care less that she did.

  34. To Annie: Shelly’s daughter knows her mom has been a liar in the show because she is watching the show and on today’s episode she said her mom should stop lying and pick a side

  35. Looks Like Jeff is thinking about not putting Dani , If POV is played then dani goes up.

    Dani does get to play for POV this week regardless if she’s o the block.

      1. Ya it will be her against 6 ppl, and i bet you she pulls it off. Im team JJ but Dani is a fierce competitor. If Dani doesnt win though it is Bye Bye for sure

  36. Thanks alas…so if someone wns ipov they and aperson of their choosing ( on the block) are safe? I thought if you use it then you can be nominated…no?

  37. Dani decided to rely her safety this week on Kalia and Porshe over Brandon and Rachel. If you would have kept Brandon you would have kept a bigger target and a strong endurance player playing for you. Bad move now you better win POV.I do hope you do get voted out. However, here is a twist to BB fans. The only reason why Jeff would keep Dani this week is to keep 100% of the target off his back and Jordan. However, you would have to turn your trust to Dani to make it work and I wouldn’t trust Dani. smart play will be put Dani and Kalia up. Tell Dani she is the pawn and keep friendly with Dani in case she wins POV. I am sure Jeff is thinking this. He knows it is still too early in the game to become the only main target.

    1. Jeff is putting up Kalia and Porsche. That way, whoever wins the veto other than Dani will use it to backdoor Dani. So basically, she has a 1 in 7 chance of staying in the house. not good odds.

    2. There is no way Brendon would have sided with Dani. He would have won the HOH this week and tried to get her out. However, I think Jeff made a HUGE mistake keeping Shelly over Brendon. Next week is a double eviction and there is a very huge chance that Jeff will leave right after the person he evicts. If he kept Brendon around, he and Jordan would have been safe for a few more weeks.

      1. brenden told julie chen that he probably WOULD NOT have honored any deal he made with Dani. So, she did the right thing

  38. If Jeff puts up kalia and porsche and dani wins pov and takes off kalia can’t Jeff put dani up since she used it on kalia or would they both be safe??

  39. To yoyo: If someone wins POV they can save someone else on he block and not be nominated for eviction. However, if you are up for eviction and you use the veto to save someone else then you can still be nominated for eviction. It happened this year with Brandon and Rachel. Brandon use the POV to save Rachel and he was sent out of the house.

  40. Adam will be the first player to turn his back on the JJSA Alliance. Although, in a way Shelly has done that already. She is a mad mental case. But I think Adam will benefit the most from this Alliance. He is not stupid and he wants Dani out. Then he is going to target Rachel. Then he is going to target Jeff. What do you guys think?

  41. The moment I saw this competition I knew that Jeff had this challenge in the bag. Long muscular legs and good balance. I don’t have anything against Jeff (except that if he wins the money this year, I’m pretty sure he’ll dump Jordan STAT), but I was hoping Porsche or Rachel would win simply for the DRAMA that would ensue.

    But instead, Jeff wins and Kalia (or Porsche) is going home. Dani will win the veto, as she tends to do. No drama from their side whatsoever, they know exactly what to expect. Ugh. Such a boring season.

  42. Jeff is about to make a dumb move like Kalia did. Not putting up Dani may cost him this game & no one will feel sorry for his stuipd ass. he seems to have his mind made up though. I wish Adam could knock some sense into him.

  43. You know what really pissed me off in tonight’s episode? When Rachel was casting her vote – she said “Because I’m not a coward, I vote to evict Shelly.” You effing deluded imbecile. Seriously? The fact that you didn’t vote out your fiancé means you’re not a coward? That gruesome monsterous she-bitch really pissed me off with that comment for some reason.

  44. Best case scenario ever : Jeff is not smart enough to put Dani right up , instead, he puts Kalia and Porsche up and tries to backdoor her. Dani plays Pov, wins, uses the Veto on Kalia. Jeff has to nominate someone else, he can’t put any member of the JJSA alliance, he is forced to put Rachel up. Rachel starts campaining like only she knows how, everybody is annoyed. they all end up voting Rachel out. Team DKP is safe! the night of the double eviction someone from the DKP team wins HoH, put Jordan and Jeff up, Jeff is sent packing! lol
    What? you don’t think something like that could happen ? If the people in the DR actually had a discussion in with Kalia after which she ended up sending Lawon (a member of her own alliance) packing, I really believe that anything can happen.
    BB prod / Diary room suggestions FTW…lol

    1. No, I don’t think that’s beyond the realm of possibility. The DR folks are going to manipulate this so Dani stays in the game. Period. Jeff will put up Porshe and Kalia, he won’t listen to Adam who laid it all out for him in the HOH because, hey; he’s Big Jeff! Adam’s pushing for Dani to go, I really think there is a final three agreement between ASP, if not Kalia too. Adam is a Superfan, he knows he won’t win against JJ; but he could against SAK..

  45. Jeff just genuinely hates kalia. I know she’s annoying but dang I sense a kind of disgust when he talks about her. Like she’s nothing. He doesn’t like dani either but he definitely hates kalia a lot more. And everyone keeps calling kalia a floater but shes really not. Porsche is the only floater in the house. Kalia won an hoh ( she made bad moves but she still won it) she came in second place for the ski comp and people still don’t give her the benefit of the doubt
    I’m not a kalia fan btw these are just things I’ve noticed

    1. Have you watched Kalia on the feeds? She is repulsive, and I feel bad for saying that but it is true. Last night I could not even watch because of her constant belching, like she has acid reflux 24/7 or something. She is literally having a conversation with Porche which is interrupted every 5 seconds so she can burp. Her eating habits are gross, she chews with her mouth open. Honestly, I dont think I could stand to live in a house with Kalia either.

  46. now I can make a movie named “THE LIAR”, it’s about Shelly’s life in the big brother house (or maybe out too) and the best supporting actress award goes to rachel.

  47. if production has any real push here….tell jeff NOT TO PUT UP RACHEL….it must be one of the DKP trio. period. OR, shelly as the pawn. but if rachel goes home on double eviction with some of these people still left its a waste really. rachel can go next week or the week after.

    jeff is really considering a pawn. hes an absolute idiot. just put up the two of three, then one will be put up if worse comes to worse and one wins pov. if they dont and he does, then it stays the same. otherwise lets hope its shelly who goes up with the reason being that jeff doesnt want to hear it from rachel

    1. He isnt going to put up Rachel. He needs Rachel’s vote and I dont think he has any intention of putting her up. He will put up Kalia and Porsche and back door Dani if the opportunity comes. However, if he does get the chance and doesnt back door Dani, he is the biggest idiot that ever played the game!

  48. it sucks Jeff won,
    Porshw should have won

    I hope Dani wins the Veto…. would be great if somehow rachel goes this week…and Jeff goes on the double evection

    Anyways even if Porsche goes…I hope Jeff goes for good on the double one.

  49. You have to understand Shelly game she scream hatred for R AND KEEPS TELLING EVERYONE JUST SHOOT STRAIGHT, this keeps all focus off her, this is her game play and she is doing a good job of it she would want to go finale two with JORDAN

  50. great that jeff won HOH. hope danis bad and poor gameplay gets exposed now (rely on porsche and kalia…haha)! jeff has to nominate kalia and dani. dani is playing the veto anyway, because the she won taht ticket last week. so the veto comp will be constructed by CBS for again. she ll win it easily. but then she has to pull herself off and porsche can go up.

  51. all i have to say that even though i knew jeff was going to win this one right at the beginning when he makes he’s move i was like jeff is going to win but i’m super happy because next week it’s double eviction so now Rachel should get the next hoh that would be awesome let’s hope

  52. WOW….most of you counting Dani out…..dont be so sure. Is she in trouble?….absolutely. Saying evicting Brendumb was a “mistake” is not entirely true. If she got rid of Jeff she had Team J/J comming after her. She gets rid of probably the strongest player in the house she has one person comming after her ( Roach). Dani has already shown she is a smart game player. What she needs to do is get in Adams ear. Telling Adam if he stays Team J/J he has absolutely no chance of winning BB. Which is true. J/J will keep him around for a vote and as soon as it is nesscesary they will dump him. If either Jeff or Jordan make it to final 2 they have two votes in the bag….counting Smelly. No matter what happens from here on out Adam is just a pawn in J.J’s game. Dani would be wise to get him to flip…He would have a better chance to win aganist any of Team Dani.

    Same with Roach, She will go Team J/J for now but has NO chance of getting any further. So what if she joins them and Picks off Team Dani one by one….she will never make it to final two with J/J. Team Dani has the weaker players other then Dani. Although Kalia won a HOH, Porsche and Kalia are just palin clueless.

    What I fear most is the Roach will win HOH on double eviction night and then Dani will be in big trouble. If I was Roach and I won HOH I would put up Dani and Jeff. Which Dani would probably be gone. Now if either Jeff or Dani make it through double eviction….they will be in pretty good shape.Roach and Adam have a much better shot at winning BB if in final two with anybody except J/J. I believe that the only person who could win BB aganist J/J is Dani. Jury might give it to her because of “great game play” other then that its a popularity contest. J/J wins again.

  53. i hateeeeeeeeeeeeeee Jordan this season, she talks about dead weight when she is the dead weight, she follows jeff around like a puppy and she thinks because she won 1 comp in the beginning she gets exempt from being considered a floater

  54. First off I want to say that even though I’m totally team Dani; I’ll say “good for Jeff”. I still wish Porsche could’ve pulled it off, and in the beginning it looked like she had a real good start.
    Alas, I have a bad feeling that Dani will be leaving. But, she’s generally been a good sport about things, so if/when she does leave the BB house I bet she’ll totally walk out in style.
    Too bad she was the previous HOH and couldn’t play last night, cause she could’ve kicked butt.

  55. This season is getting stupid. Same people always winning. If Jordan makes final 2, do you think she would win again? She is the biggest floater!!!!

  56. It’s really hilarious when Kalia said that she’s planning on telling Jeff that he owes her. Hello??? Didn’t she put Jeff on the block?

    This will be a very interesting and for a change, the mean girls will be squirming. They will finally know how it feels to be the targets. I think Jeff will put Dani and Porsche.

  57. Ugh! I really hope they don’t put up Dani, she’s a good comepetor, and she’s genuinally with JJ, and on their side. and in my opinion, JJ are TOTAL floaters! They would be floaters if they werent the veterens! Dani has been working her ass off trying to play the game. I’m team Dani till the end. But it’s true, this show is rigged, the producers paid Dick to leave and leave Dani alone so she could play the game alone. Once again UGH !!

  58. I can’t believe Brandon thinks America voted for him because they like him! They voted for him because everyone thought Rachel was going out the door and felt pretty certain the two of them would have to battle it out to get back into the house! I can’t believe for one minute that anyone would want to watch another nauseating week with BRACHEL. They both make me sick. I believe he’s book smart, but hes not real life smart or have any common sense. They both make me sick. On another note, Dani did look really pretty tonight!!! I vote for Dani, Jeff or Jordan!!!

  59. The dumbest thing Jeff could do would be to not put Dani up. She plays POV anyway, if she’s not on the block and she wins she can take Porsche or Kalia off and force Jeff to put up one from his alliance. Jeff’s #1 target should be Dani right now. Dani put Brendon up for the same reason Jeff should put Dani up, anyone that doesn’t think so has to be delusional / and or a huge Dani fan.

    Of course Dani will not go home this week, guaranteed, the producers will not set up a scenario where little Miss popular ends up with little to no screen time the rest of the game.

  60. Jeff has got to get Dani out this week. Put her straight up, she’s guaranteed to play in the POV anyway (and the producers will likely gear it in Dani’s favor anyway), if she takes herself off then put Kalia and Porsche on the block together.

    The producers will not allow this to happen though, guarantee you 100% that annoying little miss popular does not go home this week.

  61. 1. I hate to see the lovely Dani leave.
    2. She was smart to get rid of Brendon, she knew BR could not be trusted.
    3. Surprise, Rachel is now the Queen Floater, fair weather competitor, is on the side of whoever is HOH.
    4. Jordan, talking who they will put up…She has got to go, Hasn’t won crap(except for HOH, won by default and some help).
    5. Funniest thing ever: Adam and Shelly think that they are part of the “End Game” Sacrificial Lambs.
    6. Newsflash, Adam and Shelly are incapable of winning any comp without help(Jeff gave Adam the POV).
    7. Unfortunately, team DKP will be broken this week. will have to see who Jeff puts up.
    8. Please anybody win but Jeff and Do nothing, Win nothing(On her own), Self-entitled, Stupid Dumb Dumb, Trailer Park Trash Jordan! Uneducated piece of $hit Jordan,

  62. I think the BB Suds Machine messed up and most of the suds went in the middle. I don’t think it was deliberate. I do think DR sessions have major influence on players’ decisions.

  63. How is Jordan not number 1 on that poll? people are crazy, she is the all star floater *drink* If there was an award for all time best floater *drink* she would win hands down

  64. omg, put adam and kalia up….adam cant win AT ALL unless given the competition, major floater, and jeff said he wants floaters gone, so does jordan… he a hypocrite or what?

  65. I have to agree i really never think much of how dani looks but for once she did look good I actually like JJ and Dani i wish all three would get to the end but i know that is impossible because their is no way jj can trust dani but jj best move is to put her on the block and not backdoor her for one thing she has the veto card so she will play regardless and for another if she wins she will take one of them off so it is in her best interest. I do think dani has to rethink her plan though becasue if one of them go which is more then likely and she stays she will have to either make a deal with jj or rachel to survive because they have to many people on the other side the votes are on jj side. If she wins hoh next week and wants jeff out she has to put jj up other wise he has the votes to stay

  66. I don’t think Dani is hot. If Dani had Rachel’s body she would be awesome. Dani’s boobs are too small, Rachels too big but Rachel has curves, Dani is nothing but skin and bones. If you don’t mind having sex with a little boy, then well, yah, she would be hot.

  67. I hope something backfires. I HATE the STUPID mistakes KDP have made the last 3 weeks, but I hate MORE the thought of Jeff, Jordan, or Rachel making the Final 3.

    1. HA, no worries, there is a slim chance that JJR will be in the final 3 together.
      Either Rachel or Jeff will get the boot during double eviction, especially if Dani doesn’t go home this week. The only reason Jeff is still in the game is for Jury votes. Dani needs someone else to evict Jeff and Jordan so that she can get their votes in the end. Unfortunately for Dani, no one else has the balls or skills to win and get rid of Jeff so if she stays she is going to have to do it herself, and hope that if she can make it to the final, that Jeff will give her his vote because she was the best player (and not hold a grudge). Dani is definitely playing for jury votes. That is why she told Brendon she had Rachel’s back and would bring her as far as she could. She knows that if she can win over JJ and BR (and have them get evicted with as little blood on her hands as possible – which is proving to be difficult because her alliance sucks), and make it to the end, then she will win BB.

  68. I’ve been thinking the samething too. I hope her husband is monitoring what their daughter is allowed to see,

    Hiding Rachels stuffed animal has no value in game. That action was not necessary.

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