Big Brother Spoilers: Who will WIN the $500,000? Adam, Porsche, or Rachel?

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9:40am – 10:15am The live feeds return from waking up the houseguests. Adam, Porsche and Rachel are out in the backyard. Adam chants last day, last day, last day… Porsche chants crazy, crazy, crazy… Porsche says so what do you think since we don’t go back into the house should we leave the shirts (tie-dye fan shirts) in the cupboard? Or should we just ask them? Porsche heads inside. Rachel says that she is surprised they aren’t on any kind of lockdown yet.. Rachel asks Adam if he is excited to see Fara tonight. Adam says YES! Rachel says she can’t wait to squeeze Brendon. Rachel says that she has so much anxiety about tonight. Rachel says that she realized what Adam meant when he said this is the last day of vacation… after today I have to find a place, get my life together …and pay two speeding tickets. Rachel says that tomorrow they need to go to his school and explain to his professors why he was away so long. Adam asks didn’t you do that already? Rachel says that he did but ..just to make sure. Porsche joins them on the couch. They all talk about how they have to go back to their real lives. They ask questions about what has happened this summer while they were in the BB house. What is the price of gas? What celebrities died? Is Lindsay Lohan in jail? Did Kim Kardashian get married? Did Britney’s house burn down again? Porsche asks do we still have a president? Adam asks what why wouldn’t we have a president? Porsche says I don’t know never know.. Rachel says they would have told us ..just like they told the houseguests when 9/11 happened. Adam says okay ..lets go.. Rachel says what if we are locked up there for hours? Big Brother cuts the live feeds..

10:50am The live feeds are still showing the following screen..

11:25pm Same..

12pm Live Feeds still down..

1:10pm Looks like that’s it ..for the live feeds ..

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380 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Who will WIN the $500,000? Adam, Porsche, or Rachel?

  1. Hope Porsche wins yo. Simon/Dawg thanks for all the hard work for another great year of OBB this season. BB14 can’t get here soon enough.


  2. well guys, its been one hella season….i disagree with those who say its been bad i was actually entertained except when dani and jeff left because there was no one to really make it exciting. my prediction is that porsche wins bb13, she has dani kalia adam and hopefully shelly. but shelly is a major wild card and in an attempt to win back the affections of jeff and jordan, may vote for rachel. but if adam goes, i believe he has will beat porsche but not rachel. so for porsche, it is her best move to take rachel but for rachel her best move is to take adam. but hey its the bb house. this is the penultimate post from bbgeniusman for season 13


    1. it was a great season! I think they need to wait a summer or two before all-stars, but I think Evel Dick, Rachel (without Brendon), Janelle, Jessie and Dan would return… what newbie would you want to see? I think Shelly was evil and entertaining…

            1. Neither are many of us Americans. But, this is not a site for that. If you want to argue politics, there are plenty of other sites that specialize in just that. Take it there and not here. Simon has better things to do. He has to monitor me, for instants.

                1. Apples, thank you for the correction. Instance is correct but Simon needs to monitor me at the instant of my comment. Sometimes my fingers type faster than my brain thinks.

                2. : ) I soooo… wanted to do that! Thanks A2A!

                  Another summer! Gone.. Just like that! *snaps fingers* It sucked! But that doesn’t change the fact, that Simon and Dawg are awesome hosts! Please donate something! Everything helps.
                  I’ve been coming here for 4 years. I will check in on you all tonight!
                  Hope that CBS pulls their heads out of wherever they have them.. and create a good show for us next time.

                  Squeezes and Smooches to Simon and Dawg!

                  1. We really needed your humour to keep things on track for sure. Poor Simon! Rockstar was ragging on me to jump in around the mid-season but she quickly disappeared. In dropped by daily for updates but rarely posted. There were a couple of posters really giving her a hard time and she was pretty frustrated. Like I said, we really needed you. Haven’t noticed anything from Canadian Fan either unless he changed his name.

                    1. Canadian Fan hasn’t been on either? Gee, Kathie, you have been having to hold down the fort with Simon. Sorry I haven’t commented much this season but I have had a home improvement project that has kept me busy. Also, I just didn’t care for the new with the old on this season of BB. I promise to be more active next season and hopefully the others will come back, too. PS: I have two great danes now. Mansion’s brother was abandon and we have him now. Talk about a house full! Mansion and Moondozer. And, a lot of yard clean-up!

                    2. Swampthing, knowing Rockstar as I do, she would not be offended by you thinking she was a male. She would just laugh but point out the correction. I couldn’t miss the last day with all of you!

                    1. Rockstar was always a solid anchor on this site in previous seasons. She and BBGrandma always provided hours of entertainment : )

                    1. I’m here for the end.. All those who say they are not watching and won’t comment always do, I did not. I stuck to my guns. This summer sucked ass. I love Big Brother but Jeff and Jordon ruined it for me. I cannot stand them and I cannot stand their fans. (some, some.. some are okay, well maybe) I was ready to give it up and never ever watch again because I feel used like a back alley hooker. If they want All Star’s fine but don’t stack the house with JJ fans and call it a game. Of course majority wins I guess and JJ fans got their bonus summer, I get 2 minutes of Jessie so I should be happy. I’m so glad it is almost over. Hi everyone!!! waving from Newfieland.

                    2. There’s the Rockstar! I am with you, Rocky. I didn’t watch any of it on CBS and only a little on Showtime. I did check the site because I love Simon and Dawg and many of the posters on here. I haven’t commented much either because I didn’t have any favorite and I was tried of reruns on the HGs. But, I did miss you and I knew you would show up for the final! Glad you will be here for that with me.

              1. Well said BBGrandma!! Couldn’t agree with you more. Keep political comments where political comments belong ….. not on this site! Cheers!

                  1. Thank you Simon we don’t want politics on BB site. Thank you to you and Dawg for all of your hard work. At times I know it had to be really hard (like this last week). You have made my summer complete. Thank you for all you do.

                    1. Thanks swampthing, I didn’t find this years show as much fun as last years. I ended up listening to a lot more of the feeds last year even when I wasn’t updating..

                      I’m only knowledgeable with Canadian and BC politics so having people post American politics means I can’t separate the trolls, cat people (drink) and the normals. From my personal experience politics and religion are best kept discussed at your local pub after a couple pints of Vancouver island pale ale :)

                1. Hi Grandma – I couldn’t miss the finale or coming here. I’ve just been so upset and peeved this past summer. I hope I never have to see them again but something tells me that JJ will be back for All Stars even if they say they won’t be. I know CBS and BB will offer them big money to do it. They got about 20 grand for just being there this year I can only imagine what they will be offered for All stars. I don’t want to see Jeff, Jordon, Danielle, Dick or Rachel or Brenden ever again. Even Jessie. Good bye. You’re 15 minutes of fame are up. Now go do some charity work and amuse yourself. haha

      1. No one deserves to win, but if you had to chose who was the least pathetic of the bunch, it would be Porsche. This season was a waste of television and a shell of what BB used to be. I feel bad for people who wasted money on the Superpass to watch these incompetent loners and whiners.

        1. Yeah, I agree. If BB insists on bringing back has beens this will be the last year I get the feeds. I don’t want to pay for reruns. Hoping next year we get a new cast and I hope they bring us a diverse and explosive bunch like BB10. I didn’t think it could suck worse than BB12, but this season sucked bad. The only way for BB to get back to the way it used to be is if CBS dumps it and it gets picked up by Showtime. Production only cares about prime time ratings, so their focus is keeping the young girls happy.

          1. Chloe, I agree with you. I have said on here before that I felt like I was watching BB Reruns this year. Now, BB on Showtime would be something to watch. No editing, just seeing them as they are, that would be interesting. Good idea!

              1. I’m definitely getting the feeds next year! Does it help this site if I sign up through here when I come back??
                That would be so great if they surprised us with a winter season, just sayin!

    1. Use there to refer to a physical or abstract place. Usually, if you can replace there with here in the same sentence, and it still makes sense, then you are using it correctly.

      Use they’re as a contraction for they are. Usually, if you can replace they’re with they are in the same sentence, and it still makes sense, then you are using it correctly.

      Use their to show possession, commonly followed by a noun. Usually, if you can replace their with our in the same sentence, and it still makes sense, then you are using it correctly.

      1. This isn’t a Grammar website, you aren’t qualified to edit this site’s content… let’s just talk BB here! Not judge/hate on the use of the word there, they’re, their…

        1. Apples2Apples, you are correct but people making these types of comments lets the rest of us say, “DRINK”. They are good for that alone.

  3. really rooting for rachel. i know her personality is annoying, but she’s made the biggest moves and has been the best competitor. stoked for the finale!

      1. I can’t think of a ‘biggest move’ for Rachael. I just think all of her moves were bigger than the other two. It seemed like Rachael was always playing hard….while the other two, for the most part, just showed up.

        1. I do believe Rachel’s biggest move was winning competitions. That is what got her to the final 3. She won when she needed to. The other 2 have done nothing! Porche annoys me and Adam loves himself to much for me.

          1. After they started playing as singles, Rachel didn’t win a comp, until the hanging POV. By that time, her alliance was done. Rachel won when she was desperate to win, but she didn’t win when her alliance needed it the most. Porsche beat Rachel and Jeff in the clown shoe POV. She was instrumental in sending Jeff and Jordan packing. She played a better social game than Rachel, and she took things in stride. No outbursts, no crying. Porsche wins.

            1. And don’t forget she tried to make Jordan sick, wanted to cause a miscarriage in the event of pregenancy and stole other houseguest property and hid it. Not such a good person.
              GO RACHEL!!!

          1. She also got Kalia out in time because Kalia would of won Fortune Teller game and took Rachel out next chance she had, Jordan was to chicken just in case she stayed. Kalia would of probably won Veto too. GOOD MOVE The saved on groceries when Kalia left too.

        2. I agree Rachel does deserve this more tham the other two!! I hope she is smart enough to take adam to the final 2 though then she would for sure win the half a million!!!

          1. After the vote, they start talking what the at home players saw I can’t wait for Lawon or Cassi to tell Rachel all what Porsche has been saying especially about a baby if Rachel was pregnant. I want so bad to see Rachel lose it. If she chooses Porsche she deserves to get Zinged.

            1. Lawon or Cassie? I doubt she’ll concern herself with them. Anyway, unlike cat-ladies, she can take an insignificant joke, so it won’t bother her, even if she hears about it, which I doubt she will.

        3. Totally agree. Adam and porche didn’t win anything while there was a full house and they were both good at playing other peoples game and riding coattails. Rachel has been working hard the whole game (while Rachel worked out porche ate and Adam smoked)
          Now I really hope Rachel gets some help for her mental/emotional/psychological issues when she gets home BUT she is the most deserving person left to win the $500,000

        4. rachels had a partner more bb practice & more feedback than the others. not to mention her own crying bush which has religious implications written all over it, 1/2 expected her to come out carrying 2 tablets with the bb 10 commandments on them & all white hair from behind that bad boy… maybe that was the burning bush

        5. Rachel’s biggest move was when she played ski poles with Brendon and Big Jeff. When those butt cheeks are flapping STD’s are flying!

          1. you discusting goof of a jerk… but I am guessing you swing your ass full of STD also …. you know the saying … takes one to know one … you are as DISCUSTING as Porky; Cow; Snake ; and the Devil… its people like you and them that can take the fun out of things… once again you are DISCUSTING…

            1. LOL! Go back to your trailer and invest in a book called grammar for dummies. Three years from now when you master the contents of Chapter 1 i will check back here for your reply.

              1. Deliriousrob, discusting is an old southern term meaning that the person is discing you without cussing. Instead they just use mean names to call you out and then they become disgusting themselves. I don’t know for sure but I do think it is still used in trailer parks to this day but cussing is allowed. ;)

        6. Yes, she definitely deserve to win as it was not easy for her to get where she is now. Porsche and Adam deserve F3 but they did not have to work as hard as Rachel. Both competitors won competitions when some of the good players are already out of the house. Porsche was given the golden power of veto and was safe for several weeks. They both flipped flopped and Rachel did not. In my opinion Rachel deserves to win and everyone is entitled to express their thoughts. Thanks anonymous for your fair vote but I think hating Rachel is kind of extreme because the only way you can really know someone is by being with them for awhile.

          1. Hearing so much noise Vs him, I hope Adam can win $50K. He had tried so much to get their. He didn’t born to be a winner. But he tried for a few seasons to get in, shaped up even not good enough though, won some comps, good to his words and be loyal to his alliance. BTW, he didn’t sway his vote for even once. From the outstart he wanted to win and tried to win votes when he didn’t get the power. So, what else? Never whine, never sway and tried his best? What do you want from him? Even JJ gone, he’s still here.

        7. big move probably bad move by Porche to keep Rachel. i think Adams decision to keep Kalia and Porsche on the block was a big non-move but could be considered to be a move Rachels decision to evict Kalia not Porsche could turn out to be a bad move but still a big move

      2. Casting her lot with Jordan in the end, comps and calming down. Also I don’t think her early alliance with Porsche hurt.

        That said, it wouldn’t bug me either way if her or Porsche won.

        1. You are definitely right Michelle. All her moves are big. It is tough to be one against everyone but she made it. Hoping for Rachel to win.

        2. Rachel’s biggest move is keeping herself together after finding out that Jeff threw the veto competition that got Brendon replace Adam on the chopping block. She bit the bullet (instead of declaring war with JJ) so she can stay in the game longer. She also held herself together when BigJ got evicted and Jordan broke down. Rachel remained focused on getting to the end (she did it having to carry excess baggage in Jordan). It will be a shame if she doesn’t make it in F2….I wouldn’t be too upset whoever wins (especially because Shelly is gone, there is no one for me to really root for – lol).

              1. Which I’m fine with. It’s just tiring hearing people go on and on about how many times Rachel was on the block and then write off Porsche’s times on the block even though she was up there as often.

    1. RACHEL IS THE ONLY ONE THAT DESERVES TO WIN; Adam and Porsche sucked all season. Porsche a big NO, and Adam hope he wins $50,000 because Rachel takes him to final 2.

      1. Rachel SHOULD WIN! And when she does, she should tell Janelle… nice trying being Big Brother Queen but not only did I tie your HOH record… I did something you never did… WIN!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

      1. i hope Rachel wins, she fought hard all season. As for thinking her and Adam went with the power, I feel Adam did for sure, but he stayed to true to that and never denied it. Rachel didn’t, if she did go with the power, she would have saved Dani. I feel it’s a game, and she played it best.

    2. Totally agree…..I screamed at the tv several times during her “antics”, but at this point, she is the best of the worst

    3. Quick question. When Adam sees “Big” Jeff for the first time in weeks, and then promptly begins humping his leg like a dog, will CBS censor that?

  4. Does anyone have a recap of things that have happened while they’ve been away? Like answers to their questions… what would you tell a houseguest that’s been gone for 3 months? I can’t think of anything off the top of my head, except that Kim Kardashian got married LOL

    1. You can’t think of anything more significant than someone named Kim Kardashian (?) getting married?

      NFL lockout ends, record flooding in the northeast and central U.S., Casy Anthony trial result, 9/11 ceremonies accross America, Obama’s disapproval rating at a new high, GOP debates, Roger Federer’s streak of 8 straight years with at least 1 major title ends, Minnesota wild fires, U.S. women choke in the World Cup, etc. etc. etc.

      PS – Who is Kim Kardashian???

  5. If Porsche wins big brother I will be disgusted. I would say that I will never watch again but that would be a lie cause I’m so addicted. Rachel FTW

    1. hahahahahhah at least you can admit it ;)

      if RACHEL wins I will be disgusted as well and will vow to not watch again, until next summer, because I’m addicted too LOL

  6. Go Porsche! You were at the bottom of the newbie totem pole from the start. You were sidelined with the GK and had to deal with an alliance that turned on you. You stepped it up, got JJ out of the house and made it to the end with no help from anyone. Your biggest mistake was opening Pandora’s box, but I am sure that if you didn’t the fortune teller would have brought on the twist anyways. Still, you survived. You didn’t cry in the bushes when things went wrong and you didn’t bully everyone and act like the queen when you won. You are the most deserving in a season that is even worse than BB9 and BB12. Make my day, please and win the final comp. Make this season worth watching by sending Rachel to the jury with nothing. Porsche for the win!

      1. But she didn’t demand attention. She didn’t demand that everyone treat her like one. Rachel was super pissed when she was HOH because Jordan and Jeff weren’t up in her room kissing her feet. Then Jordan didn’t take her to the movie and Rachel was livid. She said some really nasty things, and her main beef was that SHE was HOH and Jordan should have taken her. Rachel is immature. Porsche didn’t try to force people to kiss her ass.

        1. Wouldn’t you be upset if your own alliance did not take you? I like Jordan but some things that she has done is not fair to Rachel and Brendon. One is when she elected to evict Brendon and next is when she split the vote between Kalia and Porsche and allow Rachel to do the dirty work to evict Kalia. So you see even her own alliance tried to be sneaky but Rachel fought hard and won competitions and deserve to win $ 500,000.

    1. Uh, yea she kinda did act like a queen. She wore that damn HOH key around her head like a crown. She kept tooting her own horn about winning veto and HOH in one day. She was pissy because Rachel and Jordan didn;t come up to HOH to talk with her before veto and instead talked to Kalia – her words were something like “they should talk to me. It’s my HOH.

      Porsche’s biggest problem was that she didn’t play strategic or understand strategic play. Example: her crying when she was nominated with Keith and not getting that she was a pawn. Her, I want to play argument was kind of silly. (the whole golden key idea was bogus – bad move BB).Watching her trying to talk game and make a deal when she was nominated was painful. Having her alliance pissed with her after the “True/False” knock-out game because she called up two members of her own alliance to go against each other is understandable. If she understood strategy, she wouldn’t have done that. He alliance didn’t turn on her – the questioned her reasoning. Trust is a major issue in the BB house and I can see where they were questioning her.

      Her social game was really only with Rachel & Adam at the beginning. Once her alliance began questioning her loyalty – her social game switched to the HOH Bedroom Crew (Dani, Kalia, and Lawan). Once that started – a large portion of time was spent hanging out up there and not socializing – except when she was napping. Adam had a better social game, wuss that he is. Even liar Shelly had a better social game.

    2. This Season – BB13 had to most watched viewers EVER in BB History – so what you just said is inaccurate!
      RACHEL FTW – GO RACHEL! Take ADAM to final 2 – PLEASE!

    3. I Wonder what show people were watching when they say porka was the best player? Wow amazing. If you all think she deserves to win you r as sick as she is! Rachael didn’t sit and bad mouth anyone like porka did she wanted to kill Rachaels baby she spiked a drink on purpose to make someone sick if that is good game play to you, may God help you! Racheal is annoying and I did not want her to win but she changed my opinion of her when Brendon left and did win when she needed to. She always wanted to get everyone together to play games she made cards so they could play poker. She was the entertainer of the house. What did porka do? Sleep bash people maybe if porka didn’t get brain washed by Dani she would of been a better player. Since Dani has been out of the house porka is a little more likable but racheal deserves the $500 and Adam deserves the $50. Just my opinion!

  7. Boring, Boring Boring…. BB needs to come up with something for us to watch on Showtime. This has been the biggest waste of time recording it, because they did nothing worth watching. Come on BB spice it up!!

  8. At the Jury house: Bren Jeff Jordan Dani Shelly Kalia

    Rachel Porsche

    Adam in jury

    R R R P P P R Rachel wins

    If its

    Rachel Adam

    Porsche in jury

    R R R A A A A Adam wins big brother

    Adam Porsche

    Rachel in Jury votes: A A A P A P A Adam wins big brother

    I don’t see a case where Porsche wins her best chance is with Rachel. Let see what happens tonight.

  9. i really wantted dani to win but since shes out i wish they had jury house feed. I would love to see what happens when they realize that adam is still in the game. that shows you that you dont need to be fit or win any hoh’s to atleast make it to the final four. that you can let everyone else drama keep you in the game. he shouldnt win because he decided to start playing the game a little to late for me. then he wants to make deals with rachel and jordan but he would want jeff and jordan vote. please they would have voted for rachel. i think that if either takes adam to final will win. He hasnt done nothing to say he really played the game so he wouldnt get the votes

  10. Big moves? Like getting rid of big threats like Keith, Dom and Kahlia? While Porsche took out Jeff and Jordan? Great competitor? Easy to win when people throw competitions and production meddles.

    1. Dom would of could of been dangerous if he choose Vets first. Dani blew it for him and Kalia was starting to make a run for the money so It was a good move. Jeff ok by Kalia hands not Porsche, she just choose not to use the veto and Jordan so she got her hands a little dirty. I do think Production helped her with a technique so she could win.

  11. Hmmmm.. No one really knows what is going to happen. Everyone in my opinion are wild cards. I predict that Porsche will throw the next HOH comp and Rach will send Adam home, that way Porsche doesn’t have any blood on her hands and, gets a sympathy vote from Adams because of his dislike for Rach. But who will know, because he still has a huge boner for Jeff and just to make Jeff happy will vote for Rach.

    1. Adam won’t get a chance to talk to the other jury members. He won’t have a chance to campaign for or against anyone. He will join the rest of the jury live in front of the audience. He doesn’t know how JJ will vote and even if he could influence them, which he can’t because they never listened to him, he won’t have a chance. It will be live and all he gets to do is ask a question, hear the answers to the questions the other jury members ask and then its time to vote.

      1. In all honesty, nobody knows what the other person is going to do other than the people themselves. I give big kuddos to Rach for going back to the house, knowing what Brendon did on the internet and face people making fun of her for her choices, I know Rach can be a handful and a drama queen, but she hasn’t been cruel like Porsche. Morally,Porsche isn’t a saint, she has done some cruel things and said some cruel things in the house. Adam well, he’s a lost cause because of lousy choices he made in the house.I don’t care who wins, it’s a game. i just hope who ever does win, does right with the money, not like previous winners have.

  12. BB may be a game, but it does reflect a little real life too…what people will do for money. (Lying, cheating, conniving, acting like you’re a friend while stabbing them in the back.) As for what’s gone on in the world since they’ve been away, are you kidding me? They’re wondering about which celebs died, got married & went to jail. Shows their depth. At least Porsche thought a little beyond that wondering about the President.

    1. Porche wanted to know if the president got shot… LOL she’s real deep man… REAL deep. I think Adam called her out on her racism when he asked her why she would even think that.

      1. Shot, SHOT? Where did you read that? Typical cat lady exaggeration from the statement “Porsche asks do we still have a president?”

        1. LOL!!! What means of death do you think she had in mind for him? A good stabbing? Bomb? Toxic fluid? Lava? Maybe she wondered if he developed coronary artery disease or prostate cancer? Of course… there is always the conventional shooting that most presidental murderers succumb to. So I chose shot, if you prefer another method, please feel free to detail.

          I’m sure you have a great imagination since you are a Dani Fan.. you’d have to have one – haha!! So glad this season is over :)

          GOOOOO RACHEL!!!

        2. Porsche is an idiot to think that we wouldn’t have a president. Even if something happened to Obama, we would still have a President. A brain trust, she isn’t.

  13. SOOOO, is this your last post? I was really hoping for updates all day until the finale!! You guys have been awesome and have kept me entertained all summer. Thank you for that. I can’t wait until next year. Yours will be my go to site for anything Big Brother! :o) GO RACHEL!!!!

  14. How funny you have a advertisment for Benefiber.

    Thank you for your most excellent website…..

    I sent you a little something yesterday.

    Rachel for the BIG WIN!!!!!!

  15. Rachel deserves final two. She got it together on social game and won challenges. I hope it’s Porsche and Rachel and then let the voting begin! Simon: wonderful job. Ty Ty Ty

  16. I’m hoping Porsha wins. I really did not like her much in the begining, but I have to say she grew on me. Cannot wait until tonights finale!

      1. i’ve always liked porsche but then again i’m speaking with my manly bits…woo f’n hoo! talk about throwing your voice. she just better watch her weight real close because when she gets older that keister is going to spread real wide.

      1. He said that he was going to pull them aside individually right before the quiz competition and tell them that if they dont’ pick him, they hand’s down will NOT get his vote. Its the good ole scare trick.

    1. There will be no last ditch effort from Adam. When he finds out neither of the two girls is taking him to F2 he will be found in the hammock out back just before the live show tonight. Unfortunately, he will have OD’d on bacon bits.

      1. I don’t know if I would give Adam that he is Bacon Bits. I think he is those dog strips that are fake bacon. BAACCCOONN. Poor Adam, he probably can’t even get the dog to take him to final.

      2. I don’t really think he can sway RP’s decision just with words. Having said that, God knows if RP have already decided to take him to F2 when they win.

  17. Thank you for all the updates and pics. I enjoyed this season of bb, but not as much as I enjoyed all the comments on here. Sorry to see it go, but also glad it is finally over. Enjoy your winter everyone and see you next year. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Any former HG’s candidates will be Big Brother Hall of fame:
    The first Candidate inductee is Janelle
    -6 HOH’s wins (BB HOH record Holder)
    -7 POV’s wins (BB POV record Holder)
    -Final 3 twice
    -Evicted in final 3 twice
    -Won many competition including-Phone call home, Set visit to Two and a Half Men, Entry into Big Brother All-Stars, Big Brother Prom Queen, $25,000 Jury Prize.
    -“Queen of Big Brother” “Self-proclaim queen of Endurance”
    Who will inductee Janelle into BB HOF Class of 2011

    1. Captain, the question is who wouldn’t induct Janelle into the BB 2011 Hall of Fame? i don’t think she should be inducted first. Don’t listen to Anonymous he wants Jeff to be the first inductee into the Hall of Fame.

    1. For the record, these are Porsche’s performances in relation to Jeff and Rachel
      Por Ra Jef
      1st HOH 4th 1st 8th Banana hang
      1st POV ??? 1st ??? Veto Puzzle
      4th HOH 4th DNP 6th Skiing
      4th POV 2nd 5th 3rd combo timed
      5th HOH 3rd 5th 4th knockout
      6th HOH 2nd 8th 5th Number guess
      7th HOH 2nd 3rd 1st soap
      7th POV 3r? DNP 1st zingbot bride
      8th HOH 3rd 3rd DNP before or after
      8th POV 1st 2n? ??? clown shoes
      9th HOH 1st 4th snake
      9th POV 3rd 1st Partner hang
      10th POV 2nd 4th OTEV
      11th HOH 3rd DNP Fortune Teller
      11th POV 1st 2n? jukebox veto

      Porsche wins 8-3 vs Rachel and was 5-2 vs Jeff.

      1. No no no. She slept all summer. I know this because Jordan and Jeff SAID so, what actually happened doesn’t matter, only what they said. Did you not get that memo?

        1. Skulk, it’s called “video”, not “memo”. She & Kalia DID spend as much time as possible in bed. You don’t have to believe anyone, just go back and watch it for yourself.

          1. I honestly don’t see how someone’s sleep cycle is in any way relevant. She kept strong alliances up throughout the game. Has a winning record in comps against both Rachel and Jeff, and is in final 3 with a very good chance at the win. How does having cat naps (no pun intended) invalidate any of that? I honestly don’t understand the argument and I only ever hear it from people who are Jeff and Jordan fans. Coincidence? Unlikely. Did she sleep more than Jeff or Jordan? Maybe. Was she pivotal in sending both Jeff and Jordan out of the house? Absolutely. Maybe they should’ve napped more and made enemies less.

            1. LOL … they have no logical arguments. Once you prove them wrong on one argument, they mention another, already disproven, argument. That’s why there’s no point in arguing. I imagine this is what it’s like arguing with Jordan herself.

      2. Lol do whatever you want to convince yourself Porche is a good player. Rachel won MUCH more than her, and Jeff was evicted before her.

        Shut up.

        Porche sucks.

        Get over it.
        I honestly willl not hesitate to call her the worst player in BB history because she’s with them. Seriously…she evicted Jordan over Rachel.

        1. Say what you will, but the arguments against Porsche are never quantified. I’ll take actual thought out arguments with facts over ‘she sucksLOL’ gibberish any day of the week.

        2. I agree, I don’t want Porsche to win. Rachel deserves it as she was a target all summer. Porsche sat around all summer and got a free ride first three weeks. She didn’t have a strategy at all. She got lucky and won some comps near the end but Rachel deserves it more. I want Adam to get the 50 K.

          1. Hey A Says, who are you to cast stones on Rachel fans? Most of the time a person’s thought is usually the person himself or herself. It is only a game you do not know these house guest what kind of person they really are, limit it to game play and it can be done without name calling. Go back to school and learn some manners better yet go to anger management you are a very angry person with a lot of issues.

  19. I live on the West Coast and it’s going to take “all I’ve got” not to peek at the spoilers to find out who wins! Whew…..sure glad Survivor starts tonight and that’ll keep me busy until 9:30 (PST) when I tune in to see which of these “wild cards” gets Big Brother.

      1. If Adam was a teabagger.. Porche and Khalia were human toliets funneling Dani’s poopie from their mouths kissing her ass down through their rectum and shitting it back out at the other houseguests after Dani was evicted. No original thoughts of their own… Jordan said it right when she said… SHE’S NOT HER DAD, SHE IS NOT EVEL DICK – GET OVER IT!

      2. Apple Pie and Baseball sounds like a great combination! However, F U other poster Jordan was playing Jeff’s game and she is going to be stuck with a douche bag egotistical dumb ass for the rest of her life! Don’t feel sorry for Jordan one bit she did it to herself! Jordan and Jeff America’s favorite popularity contest! Call it what you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so over shomances and old people and cat ladies who write about how Rachel, Brendan, Jeff and Jordan are God’s freakin gift to humanity! Don’t hate Jordan she’s so sweet! This season was not gnarly it was stupid!

        1. Did you have to add “old people”? I have a cat but also two very large dogs. I am not a JJ fan or BR fan but I don’t hate them. Just didn’t care to see them again on the show as contestants. Old people don’t always fall for sweet acts. Some of us learned along the way what to watch for in people.

        2. I agree. It was stupid. The ‘big four’, or whatever they wanted to call themselves, was just a dumb alliance. To me, they were the lucky ones that played on luck…Cause Rachel was the only good player out of them. I mean, all the twists in the Big Brother house was there and they all helped them!! I want Porsche to win because she made the right decision because eveybody else in the house kissed butt and would have LITERALLY handed the money to them. That’s why Dani deserves to be called the favorite player…Though she was the best player.

          1. haha, Dani was the best player? Is that why she finished 7th and made her “big move” wayyyyyy to early in the game? You’re an idiot if you think she was the best player in the game…

        3. If YOU are sooooo bothered by how other folks feel that you post in a “upset” manner here about it….then don’t call Rachel crazy. You have an element of it yourself. I don’t HATE folks that have a different opinion than me. That’s our right. Rachel is a survivor and she played to win and did. She earned that win more than anybody else there and I am a Jeff and Jordan fan. Jordan was gracious (which is her charm) with her exit and told Rachel they would vote for her and that she could win. She was the ONLY one that exited the house graciously. Jeff said he came to play to spend the summer with Jordan. Those are the reasons America fell in love with them. Get over it. I am adult enough to let people have different opinions and I am still happy with my own. Have a wonderful day. :)

      3. And last night on BBAD he again blew his nose into a papertowel and then used the towel to wipe down the counters, table, etc. The should have one more episode of BBAD where production goes into the house with a black light after all the houseguests leave to demonstrate what slobs they all are.

  20. Completely argree with you RODIST!!!

    Will the east coast get the show live…and if so will you post the result update like normal? I will still watch it…but I want to know as soon as possible ;)


      1. Simon I’m confused about the time…. 5:30 east coast would be 4:30 my time (central, Oklahoma)…. am I missing something? My DVR is set for 8:30pm bit that’s 9:30 east coast I’m so confused! Don’t let me miss it please… lol….

          1. According to CBS’s website, the show is on starting @ 9:30pm/8:30pm Central and will be 1 1/2 hours. So for those on the West Coast, that would be 6:30pm PT.

            1. when its noon on the west coast its 3p on the east coast, illinois its 2pm. bb is on at 930p out west by then it’ll be 0030 and a brand new day in nyc…that said once its taped cbs can put it on any old time they want. cbs says iti’ll be on t 830p central

              1. The show won’t be shown live to the West Coast. I’m on the West Coast and it will be shown at 9:30pm. So it should be on at 9:30pm Eastern/8:30pm Central live, then shown on tape @ 9:30pm for Mountain & Pacific.

                Or you can view it live on Video Brother if you really need to see it at the same time as the Eastern & Central folks.

          2. Simon, isn’t there a site on the web where all of us on the West Coast can see the live show? I don’t like being the last to know because I am way over here.

            1. NTV (Newfoundland station) is listed on the satellite service we use with a 9:30 start time. It seems maybe CBS doesn’t want us to know : (

                  1. Grandma – If I robbed a bank, I would so not be hear listening to Jeff and Jordon pretend they were great players again tonight. argh!!
                    It’s a showcase of Newfieland artists..I’ll get two spots middle of October and the 1st of November. a little bit excited and wanting to puke because I worry about my hair. haha

                1. Cool – BBGrandma and I will be your official groupies. Let us know when to do our hip-hip-hoorays!!! How ya’been Rockstar??

                  1. Kathie – doing good. Disappointed this season has been such a bust because I live and breathe BB. oh well, there is always this year how are you doing? I’ve missed everyone. I feel so disconnected and weepy

        1. Nope. Big Brother will be on at 9:30 tonight on the west coast according to my tv guide. Survivor will be on first at 8 pm. Hope this helps.

      2. OK Simon, you’ve got me confused (which isn’t all that hard). We are on the Bell satellite system and I did a search for tonight’s show. Every thing starts at 9:30 pm even in Halifax. West coast broadcast begins at 12:30 am. unless you have another source. But this always happens for the live shows.

          1. I know the various time zones, but unless Bell has made the error, most outlets across Canada have a 9:30 start time until you get to the west, then they show 00:30. Hmmm.

            1. Cool, I guess I will be able to inform you guys what happens an hour before it actually does LIVE. Sweet. This is gonna be so cool. Only 20 minutes to go…

          1. THANK YOU SIMON :) I agree as well…she is soooo phony it make me crazy!

            And to clear time zones up…West Cost is 3 hours behind East coast and 1 hour behind Central time. For example:

            West (CA)= 6:00pm
            Central (TX)= 7:00pm
            East (NY)= 9:00pm
            Hope this helps clear things up!

            1. I think we are two hours behind central time. Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific. Big Brother is on at 9:30 according to Comcast. They show Survivor on at 8 until 9:30. BB 9:30 until 11:00. You all will know before us over here on the Pacific. Uniless we watch online.

                1. SaveDani, not a correction just a reminder. You know, when I was young, wild and single, there are a few things I would like to forget while I was in Mountain Time. But, there are a whole lot more that I look back on with fond memories………………..

  21. It was the most boring showtime of all the seasons it seems. I don’t think I will invest as much time next year unless they do something different to spice it up. This was the worst.

    I don’t like Rachel but she deserves to win unfortunately.

  22. you saying all the fat went to his head because he was morbity obese??? wow aint that something. my band was on tv bobbityblob years ago & i still bring that shit up. back off its all i got! adam may have played a questionable game but he’s still going to be a reality celeb, he put himself out there instead of hiding behind a computer, he was on syndicated tv, on showtime, numerous blogs ripped him to shreads, me met tori spelling (maybe not now but at one time she was the shit) & he’s final 3… he wont need to buy beer for a long time.
    wish i could get $20 out of her for saying go porsche… wil say this come on porsche a lot of people including me think your a hotty so come on beeotch! put on something sexy…

    1. some houseguests make a better living on reality tv like Matt than the actual winners and i think Adam is preparing for a life analyzing and commenting on BB 14

    2. All the BS you spewed gives him the right to be a stuck up jerk? Humility is the way to go. Adam is as far as you get from humble. He thinks the live show when he was the elf is the best live show for the season. The dude is out of reality.

  23. 1. Rachel should win 1st place. However, If Rachel brings Porsche to the finals, then Porsche should win. If Rachel doesn’t win any money then she should win a one way ticket to the moon and some bigger panties.
    2. Jeff (hot and sexy) should win the $25,000 and a dust buster to pick up all of the hair that Jordan will pull out.
    3. Porsche should win the 3rd place loser award and a date with Keith.
    4. Jordan should win a one way ticket to college and since she is so sweet, she should also win the hair twirling contest at the County Fair.
    5. Adam should win 2nd place, but should be required to spend the money on a brand new set of shiny balls.
    6. Kalia should win an oxygen tank (just in case she ever runs out of breath).
    7. Shelly should win 25 free sessions with a psycho-therapist, preferably Dr. Will.
    8. Brendon should win some of Rachel’s winnings and be required to find a cure for cancer (I have to give him credit for wanting to do this).
    9. Danielle should win 72 hours of solitary confinement with her dad Evel Dick.
    10. Lawon should win a new stylist, some regular clothes, and a date with the Fortune Teller so he can get his special power.
    11. Dominic should win a date with Danielle.
    12. Cassi should win the “It’s Not Easy Being Pretty” award
    13. Evel Dick should win nothing, since he has already won 72 hours of solitary confinement with Danielle.
    14. Keith should win a prayer session with his pastor

    1. too funny! And right on….EXCEPT calling Jeff sexy…..I don’t see sexy in a man that is a bully, has a questionable attitude toward woman, wears pink hoodies and smokes……sorry, but MAJOR turn off on all counts!

    2. BRAVO!

      Well done with one small correction –
      Jeff should win a $25.00 Dust Buster to pick up all of Jordan’s pulled out hair.
      Also, forget the “Hot and Sexy” —- that’s Adam’s line for Jeff.

  24. Simon and Dawg, the end of this season is near. As always, I have appreciated the time with you and everyone on the site. I have no real favorite but I am leaning a little towards Porsch. One reason is that she hasn’t had two tries to win BB. Rachel has but as always, Rachel has played to win and I won’t be disgusted if she pulls this time off and does. Adam, well, the guy made it to the final three and no other guy did that. I haven’t found him to be very exciting to say the least but regardless of whether you think he is a floater or not, he is there and he won’t be the last to fly below the redar and make it this far. I miss the others that are now in the Jury House and will love to see how they vote. This hasn’t been my favorite season and I hope BB doesn’t mix old with new again. I enjoy AllStars and that is where previous contestants should play again. But, I love meeting new players and personalities each year. I think some of those outered early might have been entertaining this year but got over shadowed with the Vets being there. Evil Dick would have made the season more interesting to me only to see how he would have handled the other Vets. (But, again, that we could see on AllStars and not on a new season.) Jeff and Jordon have had more air time than any other with being on their own season, appearing on last year season, Amazing Race, Jeff’s shows, and again on BB. I don’t think they should win the $25,000 but if it is strictly vote on popular, well, obviously they win. Maybe tonight with final statements from everyone we will have a little mud throwing, biting and verbal spitting. I miss the good old days and getting excited with commenting about who is best at it.
    My vote will always be for Online Big Brother and all of you. (I hope next season will give me something more to do than just sit and scratch my butt. Oh who am I kidding, occasionally I scratch my butt just because its itchy.)

      1. Thank you, Patrizio. And before A2A corrects me, that should have been “outed” not outered. Better yet “ousted”. Oh, hell, it would be a full time job for someone to keep correcting me. But, it doesn’t pay anything. Patrizio, thank you again.

  25. Does Adam really get to play tonight. I thought Porsche and Rachel are the only two who compete and then who evers wins then they select who they want to take to the finale. Last yr has been so long ago that I don’t recall everything that happens. So much going on in this world that I don’t keep relaity show on my radar accept for some of the houseguest that have left either a good or bad impression on me, but least to say I sometimes forget about them until someone mentions them. LOL I won’t be able to see the finale tonight, heading out of town so you all will know the winner way before I can see the prerecorded show. Thank goodness for DVR’s lmbo…May God bless everyone that has been on this site and hope to see you again next year if I can be guaranteed that BB can be more exciting than this yr. I can’t handle another scenery like this yr. Simon and Dawg I really wish I could send you a token but unfortunately I am one of those ppl that have gotten caught up in the umployment category but not for long, God’s will. Bless you two as well and I hope you will be able to receive some funds to help out on this site.

    1. No, Adam does NOT compete. Either Rachel or Porsche will decide who goes to final 2 with them, depending which one of them wins the final comp. Maybe Adam is hosting their competition.

  26. Looks like the feeds are down for the season.. Next thing they will show is the Live Backyard Interviews!!

    Special thanks for all our supporters and everyone who pitched in to pay for this site. Dawg and I had a blast. We’ll be updating the site throughout the year so please come back if you’re curious about what is going on in the Big Brother world.

    If you have recommendations for next year please send me a email I usually start implementing improvements right away.

    Now time to start planning for Big Brother 14 :)

    1. Thank you so much for helping satisfy our BB hunger for news and entertainment :) I would like to donate but I have to wait for next payday =D will the donation option be available all year too ? or only when the show is going on ? coz when I have a little extra I want to give more…you guys sure do alot…and seems like you’re up all night and day !!! I hope you take turns sleeping …
      Enjoy whats left of the summer….and see you again next season ! I have this site bookmarked so I’ll keep checking back for sure ! this is the best site for BB updates and news ! thank you thank you so much !!!

    2. This season, the jury house would be more exciting to watch. CBS should have live feeds there too. I am so curious what is happening there….

  27. BIG RED……Rachel in finals 100%…..
    -If Rachel win final HOH, I think she will bring ADAM (even though she”s been telling Porche she”s bringing her)
    – If Porche wins final HOH I think she”ll be loyal/stupid and bring Rachel
    – If Rachel doesn’t win the $500k it will be a major disappointment considering who’s left in final 3
    – Rachel has always had to FIGHT,FIGHT,FIGHT while the other had an easier ride (although Porche deserves credit for late wins or she was gone)
    – GO BIG RED

    1. I know what she said but i don’t believe her before jordon left jordon told her to think about the jury and that if she can take adam because if she takes porche she will lost the other side of the house but with adam the newbies will pick who is the best player

  28. uh…Rachel….you have speeding tickets you haven’t paid yet? Hope the law is lenient on you out there in CA or NV because in most states, you have less than two weeks to pay a ticket off, if not, then they issue a warrant for your arrest. Looks like you’ll be paying extra fines. The State Troopers and members of the Police hope you win the big prize, it’ll mean more revenue for the state of conviction.

  29. not a fan of hers but rachel should win, she won a good share of comps, but also all those weeks the other side had a chance to get her out and they blew it, the big one being lawon, that was the biggest blunder in BB history, next to letting adam in the house..

  30. you have got to be kidding me …. you call having safty for four weeks decent? do you call following Dannies lead decent? and do you call talking nasty about someone decent , including threatening to hit someone hard enough in the stomach to abort a baby DECENT? I have another word for her at this moment and that is DISCUSTING; I hope she hangs her head low when she looks back at this … another DISCUSTING move she made … spiking someones drink and making that person sick…. If you think that is decent play then there is one word I have for you …DISCUSTING.

    1. It’s called a game. They all said horrible things about each other. Rachel deserves to win but I’d be content with Porsche as well.

      AND, for the record, it is DISGUSTING. Not DISCUSTING.

    2. Are you elyssa, Rachel’s sister? you sound like it.

      Go Production!
      Go ABA (Anyone But Adam, and not Rachel)
      Go Porsche, future Mother Of The Year, my favorite humanitarian!

      Go BB14 – can’t get here fast enough.

      go cat people…seriously, just go….anywhere else.

  31. Rachel’s going to win tonight.

    If not, Adam.

    Lets go through scenariooooooooooooooos:

    Rachel wins takes Porche/Porche wins takes rachel
    Rachel has the following votes:
    Adam (Adam is still hard, however. If Porche wins an evicts him he’ll definately vote for Rach. Who knows)

    Porche takes Adam
    Adam has:
    (For people thinking Rachel and Brenden would vote P, hell no. Rachel plays extremely personal and Porche would have to evict her.)

    Rachel takes Adam: (Ultimate winner!)
    Rachel has:
    Danielle (if Dani is not a complete hypocrite she would vote for Rachel. She says she votes for people who deserve it.)
    Kalia (likes competitors)
    Porche (wild card in this scenario)

    There you have it.

  32. its a long shot that porche wins, the only chance she has is if she wins the final hoh round and takes adam with her. id rather her win just becus adam didnt even deserve to be on big brother in the first place and we all know how everyone feels about rachel.
    out of 13 seasons this is by far the worst season to date! when i found out dick left i thought the season could still have a chance at being good, but words cant described how much we needed him part of the cast. there were no fights, no drama and nothing but bad game moves all around from everyone one of these dumbasses

    1. I totally agree when he walked through that door I was pissed I disliked him very much but then when he left it just got really boring nobody wanted to make a big move or start any fights everybody wanted to be the good guy or girl. one things for sure it wasn’t the same well there all ways next season hopefully it will be a new cast because I felt the newbies didn’t have a chance against the vets.

    2. To be honest even if dick didn’t leave i still think it would have been a bad seasone the house was to divided in half the newbies made so many dumb moves and nobody really played the game. I really don’t think that porche deserves to win because it seemed like she slept throught the whole season she had no social game and didn’t really play until dani and jeff were gone. To me she didn’t even try at least adam tried to play through the season and had a social game porche jumped from one side of the house to the other but mostly i don’t even think she consciously tried to jump from one side to other i think she just went to who ever was talking to her at that moment. I have never seen anyone play the game so bad i think the only reason that she is there is because dani, jeff, brendon and rachel were all to busy fighting each other that they forgot about anyone else in the game. I think this was a bad move on production they either should have stayed with a new cast or they should have had another all star cast i honestly can’t wait till this is over and a lot people don’t even care who wins they are not watching this has been a very disappointing season

  33. Thanks Simon and Dawg, you turned an unbelievably boring cast/season into a very interesting blog that had me hooked daily! I can’t wait til 14 :)

  34. if nobody brings Porche to the finals…. Well she is more than welcome to come to my house and have a 3 way comp with me and my wife (lol)… Big Red Rachel all the way…..

  35. I heard rumblings that Adam was related toChaz Bono somehow….. Maybe they had they’re sex changes at the same place… Adams a nice guy but there’s no way he was born with testicles (dingleberries)

  36. hoping rachel wins final hoh, then takes adam F2. why? because I want rachel to win, and that would be the “game move” people claim she lacks.

    1. Maybe, but I’m worried that if she takes Adam that people will call her a hypocrite saying she wanted to take the best competitors to the end and then ending up taking Adam over Porche. I want Rach to win, but I think she may loose if she takes Adam because she would have went out with a lie.

    2. Didn’t you realise it is only a “big game move” when it serves kaliah, porche and dani other wise it is not a good move lol

  37. 50th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    In order of both preference and most deserving of the $500K Rachel, Porsche, and Adam. Even though it hasn’t been the best of seasons, sad to see it end tonight.

  38. Simon, some people were asking why Adam is so mad at Rachel yesterday and is done with her and what happened. is it enough for Rachel maybe to take Adam instead?

  39. thank you SO much for all the hard work on this website! i was/am addicted! :)

    i am rooting for Rachel FTW, regardless of how kookroo she is, of the 3 left she deserves the win. (IMO)

  40. By the way I am an Adam fan…..Not a Big Red Fan so hope a miracle keeps him in the house and he takes it all. Blonde does not deserve the win at all but looks like she will get $$ for nothing!

  41. Simon, the only time Dawg posts a comment is when hes talking about donations. you never said how much to donate or even the mailing address to send the donations.

    1. We only accept donations through paypal… you can donate whatever you want we’re grateful for any amount. The actual hardware needed to keep running OBB through the year is immense. We host high res large screen captures from the feeds those cost us. The only reason we can afford it is the support from the OBB community.

      Other sites have tiny pics or just a few a day. We supply Thousands of pictures every day from when the feeds first come on to when the feeds are turned off.

    1. Well, i don’t remember anything happening with rachel but if i had to guess adam is out now and can’t play so i would say adam is trying to take a page out of shelly’s book lol if he can pretend to be so mad at rachel and convince porche to be mad then if she wins she will take him to the F2 instead of rachel

  42. I know Rachel talked about not being pregnant, but she very well could be. Just think about it, since Rachel said she might be pregnant, there hasn’t been any physical endurance or physical challenges where action was involved. Rachel had to hold on to a banana or whatever and had to stand on that merry-go-round thingy……not too physical. The last challenge was very physical and Rachel didn’t have to participate in that one. I believe she might be preggo and BB knows of it. Just because she said she got her period does not mean that it’s so.

    1. She is not pregnant. She took a test and told Jordan the results. And, don’t forget the HOH comp she recently one. That was pretty physical – crawling thru the goo with the donuts.

      1. Rachel had her baby in the BB House… She just didn’t notice that she had a little gremlin baby the size of a jelly bean…It’s running loose causing big red havoc while houseguests sleep

    1. I can’t believe they gave him Tori Spelling… That was reward enough for him….He doesn’t deserve the bacon they gave him in his HOH room (which he pounded back the same night)… 13 packages of bacon…..uhhhhh!

    2. Big Red is the best flashback 1980’s hooker that BB ever had… Yahooooooo Go Big Red (slap on that sunscreen though…you could get a sunburn when adam lights his cigarettes) stay in the shadows and you should look dandy for the finale when u recieve your 500K

    3. Big Red is the best flashback 1980?s hooker that BB ever had… Yahooooooo Go Big Red (slap on that sunscreen though…you could get a sunburn when adam lights his cigarettes) stay in the shadows and you should look dandy for the finale when u recieve your $500K
      BIG RED all day & all night the best competitor left and most deserving of the $$$$$ out of whose left

    4. I don’t think adam deserves to win but you can say the same about porche the people who deserve to win are no longer in the game lol

      1. i know what you’re saying about people in jury deserving to win but porsche defffffffinitely deserves to win wayyyyyy more than adam

  43. Simon…or anyone. Will adam vote for rachel to win? Im really confused on what he will do, cause not to long ago rachel said something to adam and adam was pissed about it and was venting to porshal saying he is done with rachel or something like that.

    Jeff- Vote for rachel
    Jordan- rachel

    Dani- porsha
    Kalia- porsha

    Adam- not a clue

    I really want porsha to win. My gut is telling me rachel will though. This is just how i think the votes will fall.

      1. Seconded. Adam’s shown time and again he doesn’t like to be in the spot to make a decision on his own. Basing his decision on who wins final HoH fits perfectly with that profile

    1. I wouldn’t put Shelly as a definite vote for Porsche. She may not like Rachel, but she’s not overly fond of Porsche either. Also, she likes Brendon AND she is trying to mend fences with Jeff and Jordan and could be persuaded to vote their way.

        1. Don’t be so sure jordon will be back in the jury to and she told rachel to try and take porche out and not take her to the F2 and she would work on the jury

  44. I concur – 100%. Here’s hoping Porcha wins HoH and the 500K! I don’t really care who gets the 50K, although Rachel deserves it over Adam.

  45. I also think Porcher will throw the final HOH. She is afraid Adam will do what he sadi and not vote for the person who sent him out shich would be Rachel. Por never really had game. If she does, I hope Rachel takes Adam to the final 2.

    I want Rachel or Adam to win. Just not Por

  46. anonymous, RS has a good point about Porsches performance in competitions head to head against Rachel. it shows Porsche does not throw competions very often. i am surprised you dont mention you like Survivor along with Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. Simon, i do also wonder what happens when they cut to feeds myself.

  47. RS…
    Come on!
    Leave that math crap at home. Besides, no one wants real facts rubbed in their faces.
    Guesses, conjecture and “Gut feelings” rule the day up in here!

    Besides, if what you posted was really important, Big Jeff would have said it before he left the house!

    Go Big Red!!!!!

    1. blonde guy from Oklahoma, Alison had a flirtmance with him (like that really narrows it down), I think he was the 2nd jury member

      yeah not too memorable in the grand scheme of things

  48. I believe Rachel deserves to win simply based on competition alone. Although personally I want Porsche to win. It’s been said that Porsche and Adam did nothing while there was a full house. However keep in mind that the veterans dominated the house in the very beginning. Any newbie (Cassi & Dom) that dared to cross them on a personal or game level got sent packaging immediately. So it was a good strategy for any newbie to just lay low for a bit before making any serious moves. Now this explanation does NOT defend Adam. Dude did nada this whole season to me. But with Porsche i think it does. And remember she received her golden key week 1 so she was the longest one in the house whose game was on stand-by. But once the lines were drawn in the sand, i think she has proven to be a decent competitor. I just hope next summer Big Brother 14 delivers us all new people and no cameos from the likes of Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan and most importantly Jessie

  49. Thanks so much, Simon and Dawg for giving this BigBrother addict a daily and sometimes hourly fix of what is going on in the House… You guys RULE!!! Until next season…!!

  50. Simon & Dawg, (aka the “Woodward & Bernstein” of BB …. brief synopsis on these two famous journalists for those who are unfamiliar:

    Thank you both for your tremendous efforts and dedication to this absolutely incredible site. It’s my first season on the site, though I’ve been watching BB for a few (not all) years now. I’ve been telling friends about it, ever since I stumbled upon it, and we all agree that it’s “THE” site to follow for BB fans. 

    It’s good to know that the site continues on in-between seasons. We’ll be following and posting right along with you both. 

    Again, an outstanding job guys, and much appreciated!! 


      1. LOL!! I agree. Certainly never a dull moment on the site but, I didn’t/don’t envy the endless scrutinizing that you guys had to do with regards to some inappropriate (racial, in particular) comments posted on this site. Regardless, patience is definitely a virtue you both possess. Cheers to you both!!

  51. Could there really be any legit reason CBS had to stop the feeds so early today????? It would have been fun to see the house guests last minute conversations and maneuvers.

  52. if rachel wins the final hoh then dani should vote for her to win if she really is the fan she says she is….and if porsche wins then i think it could go either way

  53. I heard rachel tried to work at the Bunny Ranch but was denied….. She has worked at massage parlors delivering Happy Endings…. I don’t hate though… You gotta do what u gotta do to survive until Brendan gets his PHD in 2024

  54. Is AG on this site? No. Okay!
    Rumor has it that tonight’s BB Finale is going to shock many viewers.

    Porsche is going to be disqualified for adding Benefiber to the milk that no one drank.
    Rachel is going to be disqualified for having visible sex dreams about her fiance after he was
    evicted from the BB House.
    Adam is going to be disqualified for not playing the Big Brother Game. He thought he was
    on Big Bacon.

    Soooooooo, AG has determined that the Winner of BB 13 will be Jordan.

    Did anyone ever believe AG was not going to get her way?

    1. Well what I heard was AG caught it big time for not adding an “automatic disqualification for food tampering” clause to the BB bylaws. As punishment, she has to eat only slop for the entire BB 14 season. A hose will be attached to her asshole and the natural gas produced from the slop diet will power the BB house. The PR department says its a win/win, Jordan will be happy with a $50g settlement while CBS will recoup the cost from energy savings, positive PR from going green and no lawsuits. Just a rumour though.

  55. I hope Rachel wins big brother this season, shes the only in the house that deserves it. Thank you so much for posting all the live feeds, this is the first year I discovered and I will be coming back again next year. SEE U NEXT YEAR GUYS<3

  56. It seems so fast summers gone and the show is over.I look forward to it starting in may.this cast was not great but all well. I enjoyed the show any ways. I hope that racheal wins I think she does deserve it. This is the first year I went online I always thought that it ruined the show knowing everything ahead of time but I now know it actually adds to the experience. Thanks Simon and dawg for that . At least I’ll have survivor now see ya next year. Oh by the way I’m undecided if I should watch surviving at six big brother at seven live or nine surviving big bro ten delayed cAlgary Alberta Canada. Live or not don’t know what’s better thanks.

  57. Even though i completely adore porsche…… rachel seems like she actually deserves the money. Maybe winning it will get her a good marraige, a good job, and maybe help her get her life on track. She’s more of a crazy bitch type than a crazy bitch who blows all her money type.

  58. Rachel had her baby in the BB House… She just didn’t notice that she had a little gremlin baby the size of a jelly bean…It’s running loose causing big red havoc while houseguests sleep

  59. Simon, Dawg, thanks for the constant updates over the summer. This is my first time using this site and it was always updated and the layout is great. I’m glad it’s not censored, because some of the posters are quite witty, and your live feed summaries were almost better than what the producers of the show had to offer. Enjoy the off-season, and keep up the good work. Thanks again.
    -somedude from northern maine

  60. Thank you!!! this site is wonderful. Throughout the BB season I laughed so much reading the updates and comments. If I had to vote who should get the money, it should be you 2.

  61. Simon
    Why don’t ya’ll ever update anything about whats happening in the jury house also as well as the big brother his season would have been good to hear about the jury house

  62. I am so glad this bb is over i am pretty sure this one will go down as the worst BB ever usually i am excited about the ending but now i just want it over with i hope rachel wins

  63. Big Red is the best flashback 1980?s hooker that BB ever had… Yahooooooo Go Big Red (slap on that sunscreen though…you could get a sunburn when adam lights his cigarettes) stay in the shadows and you should look dandy for the finale when u recieve your $500K
    BIG RED all day & all night the best competitor left and most deserving of the $$$$$ out of whose left………….Rachel & Brendan will be married in the BB house and she will give birth to her BB conceived baby in the BB house…How Fitting… Go Rachel Go Big Red

  64. Rachel for the win! I liked her last year and again this year. Always the underdog with a big target on her back. If Rachel is so uncompetitive, why is she in the final two? She must have done something right.

  65. To all you Rachel haters out there – were you watching the same season that I was? I mean, I know she can be VERY annoying at times – but what did she do that was sooooo bad………..stick w/ her alliance (check), not promise “floaters” they were safe for a vote (check), eat sleep and breath game (check), fight to stay in the house week after week after week (double check) – clearly, this girl deserves to win. She didn’t sleep the entire season (Porsh) and she didn’t flip from alliance to alliance (Adam) – remove the personal feelings – she really deserves it!!!

    1. First off I’m going to go on record that I’m not a Rachel hater and I’ve said several times that I don’t have a problem if she wins. That being said I do take exception to how her fans tend to complete overstate her game this year and ignore anything that doesn’t show her in the golden light she seems to have borrowed from Jordan. Your ‘checks’ for instance

      stick w/ her alliance – she tried to throw ‘her alliance’ under the bus on several different occasions (which is fair considering they threw Brendan under the bus). The only reason why she didn’t succeed is because people either didn’t trust or simply didn’t want to align with her.

      not promise “floaters” they were safe for a vote – I don’t even know what you’re referencing here. But she made promises to floaters they were safe whenever she had the power, christ she was promising it so often that she couldn’t keep track of her ‘deals’ (she promised both Dom AND Adam they were safe when they were on the block together)

      eat sleep and breath game – except when she was crying in the bushes, crying for a straight week when Brendan left, being catty to people left right and center, and leaving toxic good-bye messages to jury members. She’s good at comps, but her social game is certainly not without reproach

      fight to stay in the house week after week after week – Untrue, for the first 3 weeks they vets owned the house, and even after that she was only the target twice. ‘having to fight the entire game’ sounds good, but it has no basis in reality.

      I think you should take your own advice of ‘remove the personal feelings’ because I don’t think you have.

  66. I think Dish TV programing Guide has given away the final, I checked to make sure the DVR was set and its says Adam and Porche in the final-Maybe an error or not

  67. OK I cant believe im saying this..cause i truley disliked her last yr and alot this yr..but i think Rachel should win..Porsche in second…Rachel did have a huge target on her for 2 summers and did fight like hell…im not a huge fan..she gets on my nerves with her catty attitude and dirty looks…but considering this lot of ppl this summer i have to give her kudos! Adam plzzzz go home and be a super fan…its where you belong…you started drooling from word go when vets came in the house …i believe you never found your footing in the house do to your idolizing. Porsche you werent a bad chic and you flew under the radar until u were ready to shine…that worked for you congrats. Ppl alot of opinions were expressed and thats what this site should be..good bad whitty or stupid…its a sounding board and i have enjoyed it completely…so lets raise a glass to BB2011…and lets hope next yr is better…Simon Dawg…you and the team are the tops!

  68. Hey Simon and Dawg, I just wanted to give you both a shout out as you’ve done a wonderful job with this site. And I wanted to quickly apologize for any contention I’ve riled up here. I have poor impulse control when it comes to comments that only seem to have a loose connection to reality and because of this I know I haven’t been the most placid poster. But I respect the tight ship you guys run here and have done my best to self-moderate. Cheers :)

  69. I actually liked Rachel and Brendon last year, but they started out such poor winners in the beginning this season. However, I am glad to see Rachel win it. I do wish someone would have called Jordan out for her response on why Porsche did not deserve to win. Laying out in a bathing suit, flashing the cameras, and clinging on to Jeff the whole season was her only “big move” to win her season.

  70. Congradulations to Rachel!!! Yeah, I was rooting for her since last season. She is the only one that deserves to win. She fought her ass off and won when she had so many targets on her back. Porshe did a good job too but Rachel had to struggle more because she was view more as a threat, and despite it all, she came out on top. Adam has to be the most disgusting player I have ever seen. He creep me out with his elf dance. He screams and acts tough, but all he did was win like 2 competitions the whole season. Hes screaming and acting tough, and his stratedgy is kissing ass from left to right??? and he likes 90210??? And the most disgusting thing he did is vote for Porshe. Not because he thinks she deserves it but because hes mad at Rachel for not taking him to final 2. That is so low. Props to Shelly, who I first hated, but like in the end, cuz shes funny as hell. Shelly understands that its a game and doesnt cry about it like big crybaby Jeff. She voted for Rachel because she understood the game, and the game says to vote for the best strategy. Rachel had both stratedgy and strength. So besides being a mama to Porshe, she knew that it was a game, and she had to vote game. And Adam actually thought he would of won, LMAO. Adam, you are the epitome of a freakin loser both inside and out! You prove to be a floater, a hater, and a desparate wannabe. Thank You Shelly, you are a wonderful person after all, and now I can see why your daughter loves you so much.

  71. I cant believe Adam and Porshe think they are gonna be on allstars….seriously? What the hell has any of them done to deserve it. Brendan and Rachel should be on the Amazing Race, they are both smart and athletic, and I know they can win it too! I definitely could see them on Survivor too, mostly Brendon and Jeff on Survivor. But yeah, Brendon and Rachel for the Amazing Race!!!

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