Big Brother 13 Spoilers, Rachel : “Adam is a wild card.. Shelly will stab you in the front Adam will stab you in the back”

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4:35pm Adam in bed just floating on through to another week

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3:41pm Kitchen Porsche and rachel talking about the lockdown. Rachel hates lockdowns becuase they are so boring. Porche agrees says especially when the house is so empty. POrsche is going to ask the DR how long the lockdown is. Rachel thinks they will get to go back outside soon. Porsche is unsure.

3:45pm the backyard is open Porsche yells “Hey everyone backyard is open”
Shelly is up and ready to smoke

3:46pm backyard couch Shelly/adam smoking talking to Porsche about her HOH blogging and tweeting..

3:55pm Jordan and Rachel are walking laps around the backyard they are going
over all the possiblities of comps for the coming week. (this is pretty much what these 2 talk about all the time.. they are getting themselves very prepared for this weeks comp)

Jordan complains that her hips feel really fat. Rachel: “Oh my god Jordan you are so thin”
Jordan: “thank you” (they go back and forth about this for awhile)
Jordan points out that JR and KP are all so nice each other to their faces but when they are not around they rip on each other.
Rachel: “we’re both going after each other.. thank god kalia is sleeping I hope all she does is eat and sleep before tomorrow” Jordan agrees, she thinks as long as it’s not questions she’ll do great

Shelly, JR and Adam left in the backyard.. Rachel is saying to them that apaprently
TLC wanted to do a story about Rachel and Brendon’s wedding. Rachel declined because TLC wanted to do it before February and they needed to get permission from CBS but they never got it in time plus BR felt it was a little early to have it in Feb. Rachel wants to do a Dream Vegas wedding. Shelly: “Do it tell them (TLC) you want to do this vegas wedding and everyone thinks it’s trashy but they will do it up real nice for you” Rachel wants to but doesn’t know if CBS will let them.

JR start talking about their fans.. and how the people that run their fansites are the nicest people
rachel hopes that the fans have embraced her and Jordan again this year.
Jordan brings up that Jeff had never watch big brother 11 DVD’s because he would get too pissed off.. Rachel: “Brendon and I made a packed we will not go on the internet this year” They go back to HOH comp speculation.. Jordan prays that it’s not questions becuase she’s no good at those.

4:10pm Kalia and Porsche they start talking about adam/shelly. Kalia knows that the 2 people who have ben flip flopping all summer will continue to be like that. She has no reason to believe that if Adam stays this week that he would stay on their side unless Kalia wins HOH.
She’s sure if she wins HOH adam will be stuck up her ass and if Rachel wins HOH he’ll be stuck up rachels ass. (Heck it’s the only option Adam has at this point)

4:56pm Quad
Porsche and Adam talking about the comp tomorrow and not wanting to be sore for it. POrsche points outs that JR are being really strange now. POrsche tells him that JR are still not telling them how they are going to vote and she’s getting worried. Adam doesn’t seem to care.. (he should cause JR are really starting to think Adam should go)

5:02pm bathroom
JR in bathroom. Jordan is really worried about the relationship between Adam and Porsche. Rachel is to. Jordan doesn’t trust Shelly though because she lies to her. Rachel doesn’t think adam is with them but they both know that Shelly still lies to them. Rachel is convinced that whoever stays this week will still vote against them or put them up if they win HOH. Rachel: “What do you feel like in your gut.. Jordan: “Evict Shelly” Rachel thinks Adam will turn on her but so will Shelly.. JR really doesn’t know what to do.

Rachel tells Jordan that the only reason Shelly flipped on them was because of Dani. Jordan is really worried about Porsche and Adam. rachel agrees..
rachel: “My personal side says get rid of Shelly but my logical side is to evict Adam.. he’s a wild car”
Rachel : “Adam is wild card.. shelly will stab you in the front Adam will stab you in the back.. We know Shelly’s game she can’t lie to us” Rachel now claims that Adam is the biggest physical threat in the house.

(these 2 bounce back and forth all the time, Rachel is pushing to evict Adam jordna is starting to lean that way to)

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196 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers, Rachel : “Adam is a wild card.. Shelly will stab you in the front Adam will stab you in the back”

  1. i would evict Adam because i think shelly has played all of her cards. Her lies are all told and she has no more big moves in her.

    1. Rachel is right, adam and win physical when his butts on the line(see toga veto). Plus he’s playing for the newbies, plus he’s the biggest flip flopping floater in BB history. However YOU WANT TO BE SITTING NEXT TO HIM IN THE FINALS, NO ONE IN THEIR FAIR MIND WILL VOTE FOR HIM!!!!!!.

      Shelly missed her shot, now she’s on her knees, plus she can’t win a physical comp to save her life. Shelly really want’s back in with Jordan/Jeff, she won’t turn on them again.

      It’s a tough coice either way.

      1. Shelly swore on her daughter’s life and then lied after doing that. OMG, she has to be one of the worst moms ever. I mean seriously what kind of parent does that. Hope Josie was not watching!!

          1. Not true..I swore on my goldfish’s life,i didn’t drink the last beer (but really i did) the nxt day he died…man I miss goldy,such a good lil fish!!!!!!!!

            1. You SHOULD be so ashamed of yourself! I hope PETA finds out about this travesty! Who (in their right mind!?) would swear on their goldfish’s life? And just WHO was it that paid the ultimate price for your huge lie? Shame, shame, SHAME on you!

      2. The house guest in 3 years

        Kalia – will join the competitive eating circuit and become successful
        Adam- will become a multi million selling favoured lip balm only after Brendon surgically removes his lips from Jeff’s ass
        Jordan – will step down from being a receptionist to take on the roll of not only being a participant but also a spokesperson for the special Olympics
        Shelly- will return home never to be seen again as her daughter makes her write “I will not lie” for the rest of her life
        Porsche- will build an empire and over take Kim Kardashian as having thee most famous ass
        Rachel- will mistakenly pick up Brendon’s phone and see that he has been skyping once again to numerous women and go “Lorena Bottitt” on him and be known as the balling bitch in prison

        Captwedgiepants only claim to fame in his life will be that he stole Jeff’s dirty underware in high school never to return them!!!

          1. Oh, get over with Brendan Skyperbating with MEN. I heard the story was that B Skyperbated with a dude who pretended to be a woman. I know it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the difference between the two, but that’s the honest truth. I swear on the life of Kalia’s dog. [Darn Touch pad auto-corrects “Kalia’s” to “Palin’s” how weird is that?]

            Speaking of Kalia’s future in competitive eating, I think she is a shoo in to unseat the reigning hotdog-eating champ. However, she will be disqualified because they will catch her shoving’ hotdogs not only on her big mouth but also on her hoohaaah.

            Team Shelly for life, yo!

      3. I would agree wih you, its best to take Adam to Final 3 at least, no one in the jury house is going to vote for someone who has not played the game at all. Besides do you think anyone in the Jury house would actually vote for him????

      4. How is Adam a threat in physical comps? Did you not watch tonight’s show? Did Rachael not see him fall so easily? This guy wins one thing and they keep saying he is a threat? I think he is worthless. I had thought he was faking being with being so bad at comps but tonight his ass was on the line and he still sucked!

      5. Sitting beside either Adam or Shelly at the end will net you 500 Gs. Adam may be slightly better at comps, Shelly is hopeless…could she possibly be holding back?….Nah, she’s hopeless. So keep Shelly then, Adam be gone!

        1. If, by some twist of fate, a houseguest were next to Adam or Shelly for jury, even Rachel would win next to either. Adam has no respect from anyone and everyone knows Shelly is a snake.

          Opposite goes for Jordan. It would be her BB all over again and no one would stand against her in Jury. Especially Rachel.

      1. Tonite didn’t Shelly say that she would swear to God and on josie and tony that I will not go against you. she then said if JR and shelley made it to final 3 she would voluntarily drop off.

        Then she went into the DR and said it was all a lie. Man, she is reprehensible.
        I am all for gameplay, lying and manipulation, but that is really twisted to bring up God and family in a lie….

          1. +1 Shelly is the only one with cajones in this game! I love it!!! Lie, cheat, steal!!!! Goooooo Shelly. Or Porsche if Shelly goes this week.

    2. Did I hear it right tonight because I hope not. Did Shelly actually swear on her child’s life that she would not lie to Jordan and Rachel and promised that if it came down to final three that she would drop and let them have it, and then go right in the diary room and say that she was lying to them about that after swearing on her child, Josie’s life. This woman is really sick and her lying has now gone to a whole new low. What parent swears on their child’s life? She is sick and just hope that Josie’s dad has a brain and that Shelly seriously gets help after BB is all over because she needs it, and really hope her little girl was not watching tonight to hear her mom swear on her life and then just hear her mom say that everything she said after swearing on her life was a lie. What is wrong with this woman???

      1. Shelley needs to go home!! Am soooo glad JR won the veto & am happy that Porshe couldn’t resist pandora’s box!! Ty Porshe for opening the box & allowing JR to fight for & win the veto! It bothers me that the only reason she’s apologizing to Jordan is because she wants her vote. I hope Jordan stays strong & votes her OUT!!

      2. IT’S A GAME people, filled with lying and cheating and manipulation. And I don’t think “swearing” accounts for anything. It doesn’t make someone’s promise appear any better or believable. It would literally mean nothing to me if someone said in the BBHouse. Look at Matt from last season. Who cares? Shelly has lasted longer than those evicted. I agree her gameplay is horrible, and I’m not defending her, but she’s still there.

        But, what about everyone lying to everyone right now. Can’t wait until this powder Keg goes off.

  2. Let’s see, Shelly is out of picture. Yes, next up Porsche will be going up along with Kaila. Too bad, two idiot will continue to fail misery. After that final 3. Besides the score is Newbies 0/1 (Thanks to Porsche idiotic open pandora box.). HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Too bad! Porsche will be next to go to the Jury House. Team Jordan/Rachel all the way. FLOATING SEASON STARTS NOW!!!!!!!!!

    1. I have a feeling that the FBI is investigating Captain for the Shelly family threats that I read about on TMZ…lol

    1. I think they should keep the liar. Let the floater
      go home. Rachel is right, he is a physical and
      mental threat. Then you have to keep the liar
      till the final three which is very distasteful. But
      what else can be done. When down to the final
      three with the liar R&J if she win HOH I will bash my head
      against the wall till the pain in my head is greater
      than the pain of the liar winning. I know that there
      aren’t many Rachel fans out there but I’m one. I
      think she has played a great game this season.
      Think about it, think about Rachel. She handled
      being on the block next to Jeff like a real trooper.
      Jeff was begging, Rachel said do what’s best for
      your game to the House Guests. Come on every
      one wake up. Rachel will tell you to your face. Dani
      and the rest say all the nasty stuff behind your back.
      Now any other questions? I can write another book….

      1. I am a Rachael fan, have been from her first season! GO RACHAEL! However I think if they let Shelly smooth talk her way to stay and smooth talk her way to the end it could back fire on them. She is a smooth talker and she can tell the jury look I managed to convince them to keep me even after what I did to all of them. I have a bad feeling that keeping her is going to back fire on them. If she makes it to the end they just may be handing the money to her, hey if she makes it to the end after what she did to everyone even I who can’t stand her will think she deserves the money. I so don’t want her to make it though, lol

  3. Simon, who do you think that they should keep? And can we see a picture of you/dawg? I want to see what you guys look like!

    1. I think regardless of who they put up the result will be the same next week. IMOO Adam will be better at comps than Shelly.

      I’m scared to post a pic of myself someone might hate me and hunt me down.

      1. Simon, how can you not agree that Rachel Riley gets alot of unwarranted hate just for the fact that she lacks awareness and we like to make fun of that.

      2. Or they may fall in love, become obsessed with you, and cyber stalk you, happens all the time…LOL!! Or someone may recognize you from sending them a video of you pleasuring yourself……oh wait that was BrenDONE…HAHAHA!!

        Just kidding Simon/Dawg, As for myself I am grateful to you for your site, and keeping us all up to date on the BB going-ons. You guys deserve some milk and cookies!

        1. Now what makes you think all this is true … Do you have proof of this … Now take a minute and think…. Would they risk allowing Brenden on the show if he did this … Most shows would not allow this .. I still say some IDIOT put that out … and all the boo boo brains says . .ohhhhhhhhh yeah … real…. DAH…..GO GIRL GO (RACHEL) TO WIN .. :-)

      3. Simon, post a pic of yourself, but post one with you wearing a Mardi Gras mask, or something like that. Its more mysterious and sensual. :)

  4. How would keeping Shelly benefit them? She can’t win anything for them since she’s so STUCK with Jordan again. Adam can’t win either but at least he doesn’t manipulate. Why did Porsche open the damn box and give these two ANY power?

    1. Well if JR are expecting betrayal right away from both Adam and Shelly then it would make sense to keep the one that is weaker at comps which is Shelly. It’s a tough call either way they go because they are both sneaky slimeballs.

      My gut says Jordan will win the argument and JR will evict Shelly, Adam will throw HOH again to be able to compete in the F4 HOH and Rachel wins it.

    2. At this point in the game, everyone is pretty much aware of the game that Shelly is playing, so she can’t fool anybody anymore. She’s already been ousted as a liar. Keeping her is keeping someone they they KNOW they can beat in competitions, whereas keeping Adam is keeping someone that might start winning compeitions towards the end of the game (Like Jordan did in her season.)

      And in Porsche’s defense, no one has ever chosen not to open pandora’s box and she had no way of knowing that PB was going to screw her HOH up like it did.

  5. I understand now when I see people say that production rigs competitions!! That veto was meant for rachel to win!!! I want vets out!!

    1. Rachel: “Brendon and I made a packed we will not go on the internet this year”

      OH THE IRONY , and the funny thing, their reasoning has nothing to do with comments people make, the reason is Brendon SKYPE MASTURBATING TO MEN

      We know he will be back on there jacking off to the next drag queen when he’s in his hotel room with internet access

    2. The newbies left are the worst group ever. I like Porsche a little, but Kalia is annoying as hell and not
      a very smart game player. Dom & Cassie were there to play, but the newbies didn’t stick together.
      Shelly sold out Cassie right off the bat and has switched sides one too many times to be believable.
      The only reason Adam is still there is because he is basically harmless. If KP are final two I hope P
      wins. If JR are final two I hope R wins. Any other combination I’m rooting for either J or R. One thing
      really annoyed me about Dani (well more than one thing!) is her harping on signing a paycheck for JJ.
      Like Adam said, she basically wanted her crew to sign a paycheck for her. Same/same!

      JR & JB will be BFF forever!

  6. Wow a leak out of the next HOH comp, it is a T/F comp and first question is:

    Did Adam confirm to Jeff that he was safe before Jeff threw the POV competition corn hole?

    BB Production staff hopes that Rachel when She says false and everyone else says true, that when Rachel is eliminated from the comp, she will reach around the divider and grab Jordan by the hair and smash her face into the wall before going after Adam and beating the shit out of him.

    1. Jordan needs the small, little, tiny chance that Adam can provide an additional protection that she already gets from Rachel (and potentially from Kalia). Shelly can’t win comps so she’s useless to J. J knows how to pick who to ride. Rachel is smart enough to know so she’s campaigning for S to stay.

      True BB fans are calling for A to be evicted. I hope Team Production finds a twist to make it happen.

  7. i think the best thing to do is to evict adam. shelly couldn’t win a comp if her life depends on it. and if shelly does happen to get to F2 with anyone, she will not win. i wouldn’t be surprised if rachel does not take jordan to the final 2. she knows she can’t win against her in her mind

    1. I dunno about that. Rachel may win against Jordan. I like Jordan, she’s a sweetsweet kid, but a) she’s already won 500 Gs, and b) Rachel played a MUCH better game, against greater odds. I think she’d beat Jordan, but yes, if Rachel can finesse it, she’d be safer to take Shelly or Adam to F2. Trouble is, I don’t want either of those two to win even 50 Gs. Go Rachel!

  8. “Rachel : “Adam is wild card.. shelly will stab you in the front Adam will stab you in the back.. We know Shelly’s game she can’t lie to us””

    I said this a couple of days ago and I agree with Rachel. With Shelly they know they have a snake on their hands. Shelly’s game has no power if no one’s buying it anymore. With the numbers left and the clean division in the house (2 vs 2 with 2 floaters) Shelly/Adam only have an impact if one of them wins HoH or POV. Shelly’s the less likely to win anything.

    1. But, wouldn’t JR keeping Shelly be tantamount to JR buying Shelly’s crap? Don’t get me wrong. I think Shelly’s Operation: Redemption is the kind of stuff that is MUST SEE TV. Now, if only Team Production is listening….

      I wouldn’t mind Adam winning, but sadly, the posts about him are more entertaining than his appearances on TV.

      Team Shelly 4 life, yo!

  9. The ‘twists’ every time a newbie wins HoH certainly isn’t helping them. If kalia wins HoH next I will bet money the fortune teller is suddenly going to come into play

      1. Not all gambles play out the way they want. They didn’t count on Jeff tossing that first conveniently placed shoe out of the pit in the first couple of seconds.

    1. I agree. It’s definitely slanted for Jordan to win another $500K pay day. The vets always get a way around the newbies HOH’s which is totally bogus.

      1. really well maybe if the newbies spent less time bashing everyone and more time “playing ” the game they’d do better. honestly to listen to kalia and porsche you’d think they were god’s gift to bb. Kalia lucked out the first time and I have heard comments from people posting here that the last hoh comp Kalia won, it was actually Jordan who had the right answer.

        in fact the twist would make sense then. production would have egg on it’s face if they let Jeff back in saying “oops, sorry Kalia actually you were wrong and Jordon was right so she is hoh”! lol Can’t do that so lets put some twists in and give some new life to the remaining vets.

        however, it is ultimately up to them to take advantage and win!! hmmmmmmmmm which they did!!

        so boo hoo for those newbies who let 5000.00 sway them.. they made their bed so go ahead and do what you all do best! Lie in them !!! lol

  10. Does anyone believe “BIG Jeff” has not watched the videos of
    I’ll bet he’s watched in private but will not admit to it.
    This guy’s overblown EGO rules his life, 24/7.

    1. Midwest, I don’t believe that he watched them and you know why? because he repeated the same mistake as he did in his season. when he wanted to get rid of russell and production literally begged him and told him not to do it because it was a big mistake. the same scenario with dani. they told him that it was a mistake. so, in essence, history repeated itself.

  11. Shelly would win if she teams with the vets (JR) because there would be more newbies on the jury. It is the only way she could win.

  12. Can anyone say that POV comp was a definate rig for Rachel, without laughing?

    BTW, checked EVERY prior season, no endurance comp was EVER used in a POV comp.

    1. it’s not about rachel winning, it’s about jordan staying in the game and possibly winning. production knew pinto was going to open pandora’s box because in the last couple of seasons, it wasn’t really bad. in season 11, nat got to see her fiance’ and in season 12 rachel was unleashed on the house for 24 hours. so in pinto’s eyes, she didn’t think that something bad was going to happen.

      1. forgive me mel, but i guess i got a little off topic. it was rigged for rachel to win, but in pairs. if they were still singles, they would have had another golf competition for jordan to win

      2. Kevin got stuck in Pandora’s Box while everyone else caught money falling from the sky. Lane got like $90 while the rest of the house got a luau. And worst of all, Britney got stuck with Jessie.

        No one has ever declined PB, which leads me to believe they basically tell them to open it. If production can rig the game, why wouldn’t they rig PB?

    1. Perfect! That would rock the confidence for the remaing four after all of the planning they have been doing.

  13. LMAO: Rachel says: “We know Shelly’s game she can’t lie to us.” WTF?!!! What the hell do you think she’s been doing all along, and is still doing …. to EVERYONE! If they don’t evict Shelly, fine, but don’t save her because you think she “can’t lie to (you).” Stupidity reigns throughout this house. It’s actually hilarious.

    1. They over discuss the same stuff and talk themselves in/out of decisions. Doesn’t matter though, all roads lead to at least a Jordan in the finals. Not sure who the other person will be sitting next to her yet.

  14. Is CBS gutless? Why they keep bringing people back on their flagship Reality shows “Big Brother and Survivor”, that is the dumbest shit ever

          1. I would watch that Simon, I wish they would do a BB here in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that would be awesome I have been saying that since they started this

            1. From what I’ve heard building the big brother house is very costly.. this is the excuse they give when people beg for a HD upgrade. This is CBS though so they shoot straight like Shelly

  15. watching CBS episode; adam is poor excuse for a BB competitor. he was the first to drop at 4:35 and blamed it all on his weight loss. what a waste.

    1. I knew he was going to be the 1st to fall, but under 5mins? Kalia ways just as much and she helped on for 28mins. I think he threw that one.

      1. i was surprised that kalia stayed on as long as she did. i don’t understand why rachel refers to her and pinto as a floater

    2. Adam seems to be losing on purpose….his game always seems to be going with whoever is in power….but at the end of the day, I think he would keep his word because he is sooo stupid…he didn’t flip on Jeff….and I do not think he would on J/R either ……with Adam they have 1/2 a chance with Shelly they have no chance she will go where ever it works best for her…

    3. Jordan too. She needed the POV to stay in the game and she couldn’t beat Shelly and Shelly smokes and doesn’t workout at all. Sorry, but she is as pathetic as Adam.

  16. The face book page is growing faster than a speeding bullet. CBS will have to pay attention to “America” this time. Not Allison’s America which amounts to Jeff and Jordan’s fans. I for one love BB and hate what AG has done to bring the show to a low, twisted, and poor quality presentation. I know you Jeff’s fans out there will yell at me-and that’s your right, just as ours to disagree with your taste. As long as we keep it civil and no death threats to HGs families-especially innocent little girls, I am okay with opposite views.

    I have an idea that might work to get CBS’s attention to fire AG. We should boycott all the products sponsored by CBS during BB live shows-and be very vocal about it. That should bring her judgement into quetions. Money talks and bullshit walks.

  17. Rachel and Brendon not checking out the internet is a very good decision. It will save their marriage. Skype is addictive and the only cure for Skype masturbation is absteinance from the internent.

  18. Come on keep Shelly…….at least the next week will be more INTERESTING to watch!! Adam brings absolutely NOTHING to this game!

  19. Omg!!! Does anyone think Shelly would actually win anything? If not, what do u keep her for? JR still need to win HOH and veto. Pls.!!!! Get raisin face out!! Can’t hear her “swear” one more time!!!


  21. I think it is a tough call on one you have shelly who can’t win anything so as much as she talk regardless of which side wins the next hoh i don’t see how she will make it past final 3 at some point she has to win. As for adam he has a better chance of winning i think that until the final 3 there are no indurance comps so all questions so i think adam will win more then shelly. It comes down to who do they trust more and who they can win more i still think adam is the smarter bet but i get why rachel is nervous adam is sucking up to porche isn’t good but with adam you don’t know what direction he will go in. At some point he has to make a choice

  22. BIG SURPRISE Shellys still the snake in the grass liar and did not mean one word she said. This woman has to go tomorrow and it just reinforces to me that the big old story about her family getting threats was just made up for publicity or to gain her some pity because there is no way BB would of aired her lying more if they were true. I know i read that the FBI and the county sheriff have apparently reported that they were not investigating any threats but just did not want to think that BB or CBS or even Shellys family would make stuff like that up. I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree when lying is involved in Shelly’s family if her family was the ones that reported the apparent false reports of threats.

  23. I thought it was totally gross that Shelly swore on her family to RJ that she would drop out and blah blah if they keep her than in the dr said basically she would not help them and keep her word she is gross! Yea its a game where u lie but to swear on your family not cool

    1. That because they only way she can win is to lie but with that said if RJ keep her they are really dumb almost as dumb as porche opening pandor’s box. They have better chance keeping adam because i think adam was being honest with them

    2. Shelly never swore on her child’s life, she said she swears in front of her family, her husband and daughter. Also she did not go in the DR and say she lied. She said that she said whatever she had to do get them to keep her but she never said that she was going back on it, never did she say those words. People are reading into what she said but that smooth talker is careful with her words and never spelled it out like that. She should sell cars, lol

  24. I believe that even if Porsche didn’t open Pandora’s Box that somehow the “twist” would have surfaced this week by some other mechanism e.g. via the Fortune Teller. POV competition being exactly the same as the HoH Rachel already won just reinforces that this game is totally rigged!!!

      1. Agree! The fix was in. Exact same comp R won in the beginning of BB13. Disappointing but expected, as BB Productions has seen to it that a vet has (and will) remain in the game until the end. If Jordumb wins it’ll be a total let down.

  25. Simon, do you know when the show is over? Survivor starts in 2 weeks and they are never on together! I bring this up because ( and I am hoping you are right) this might HAVE TO BE a double eviction to get down to 4 left. Thanks for any info.

    1. the finale of big brother 13 is September the 14th

      it’s either one of 3 things. double eviction next Thursday , 4 people in the final HOH comp, a eviction in the middle of the next week.

        1. Adam has lack of oxygen to the brain from being stuck up everyones ass.



          “Survivor: South Pacific” Premieres 8:00-9:30 PM Followed by the Finale of

          “Big Brother,” 9:30-11:00 PM

    1. Oh production gonna let JR in on that little gem of info, before they continue to contemplate keeping Sir-Smokes/Lies-A-Lot

    2. just to play devil’s advocate i think she was talking about if she makes it to final 3 that she wouldn’t just hand it to them because she was telling rachel if it came to the f3 she would give it to them but we i am sure they knew that was a lie. As for if she is really going to help them vs PK i don’t know

  26. I don’t have the feeds so forgive me but I am a bit baffled. Was this the veto comp. where Shelly really hurt her back? She dropped with no problem and walked off the mat. Next thing she was sitting watching the others compete. Did CBS do that through editting? … or was this not the right comp.? She did say her back was sore in the DR but no major complaint.

    1. Shelly was on serious pain meds that entire night.. She may have just been shooting straight to get the meds but I think this time she did hurt it.

  27. I hope Jordan and Rachel keep Shelly and then by some freak accident wins hoh and puts them up on the block. Lol. That would be awesome!!!!

  28. just watched the veto comp on tv — rachel deserves to win this thing…….no matter what you think about her, she is great at competitions and now with brendon out of the house, her emotions seem more in check and her game play is smarter. Gosh, during the hang on the dummy competition, Kalia farted her way thru the whole thing…get that girl some BEANO and make her take it before she eats again.

    1. I think Kalia shit herself too LMFAO

      I’d rather see Psycho Rachel win than Jordan, at least Rachel does something in the game besides ridding coattails, the only 2 reason Jordan won her season was

      1. Nobody was left that were good in comps.

      2. Natalie’s Shenanigans, which pissed Jesse and Lydia off.

      1. Jordon won more in her season she won hoh twice and pov 2 or 3 times and it didn’t hurt natiale screwed everyone over

  29. If Jordan wins this..


    Can someone please tell me WHAT RACHEL WILL WEAR FOR HALLOWEEN????

  30. CBS will be showing the Jury House tomorrow. Can’t wait to see dani’s reaction to jeff being there with her. i’m pretty sure it going to be a *Shocker* and *Awkward*

    1. I’m quite certain my gal, Dani will consider it to be sweet justice! What was even better is that Dani went out looking stunning, while Jeff went out looking ……… stunned!

  31. On this particular site there has been alot more hate and personal attacks from Daniele fans than any other fans from day one go back and read you will find out. Also it is really strange that none of the other sites have even mentioned this thing with Shelly’s family other than tmz, I have always watched et, et canada and showbiz tonight and there has been nothing kind of weird. Also on this site way back before Jeff or Dani were voted out someone commented about Shelly’s boss getting phone calls would be interesting to see who that was and dont just start pointing fingers at anybody just kind of weird.

    1. You don’t see the 830 Hate comments I have sitting in trash due to Jeff leaving.

      don’t try to say my site was the only one that mentioned shelly’s death threats or have tried to tackle the insanity of JJ fans this past week. I know plenty that do most of them many times larger than lil ol OBB..

        1. I thought you met OBB and TMZ were the only 2 sites that had covered the threats and I was replying that you were false many sites other than OBB/TMZ covered it.

          It’s not uncommon that people get threats after the show. Matt and Ronnie both did.

    2. Even though I started liking Dani when she went after the NeanderTALL and Big Red Psycho, so I’m not really a Dani fan I just like what she did, and I didn’t like any other Vets after Dick left.

      JJBR Fans started with the personal attacks on people posting their opinions on their favorite HGs(which we were allowed to do by OBB Heads), but they bitched up when we started attacking back and made us the enemies.

      Don’t start NO Shit won’t be NO Shit..

  32. Porsche, How does it feel that Pandora Box Just Screwed you? It’s sucked doesn’t it. Kaila will be next to go up as well. Too bad. That what you get for sleeping. Porsche will have a nightmare right now that Pandora Box is all over her head. You probably say, “I shouldn’t never open the Pandora Box”. Kaila will probably have a dream as well about McDonald’s and Wendys. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I can’t wait the newbies continue to get screw some more until newbies are gone. Newbies keep put Rachel and Jordan on the block. Pandora Box will keep on coming. Kaila/Porsche=Dumb idiots, Rachel/Jordan=Smart intelligent.

    1. Rachel/Jordan=Smart intelligent?

      *Face Palm*

      Rachel is just BARLEY smart , but Jordan is no where near smart

      1. Yes, I totally agree with you on that one:Rachel/Jordan=Smart intelligent!

        *Face Palm*

        Kaila is just BARLEY hungry and craving for white castle , but Porsche is no where near smart I Know I Get it. I agree with you.

  33. Well, predictions are easy now.

    * Shelly or Adam are going home this tomorrow. Who ever is left will be taken to final 3
    * Next Rachel or Jordan will win the next HOH, send Porsche or Kalia home since none of those 2 will win POV, but most likely Kalia will be going.
    * Final 4 who ever wins HOH keeps Jordan & either Shel/Adam depending who went home Tomorow.
    * Finale 3, Jordan gives the 2 other competitors whiplash and wins 1st place in the comps and keeps the Floater for Final 2
    * America’s Sweetheart “Jordan” Wins BB13!!

  34. Great……All female final five…..menustral cycles….talking about how fat they are getting….slamming eachother…. J/R talking about Jeff and Brendumb….OMG…just effing kill me now….can it get any more boring.
    I am as big a BB fan as there is…but this is just friggin ridiculus. These six cant even see what is right in front of them. Jordan isnt going to win I personally think Rachel will eventually turn on Jordan.When it comes down to final three. The only thing between Rachel and $500 G’s will be Jordan. The only way K/P can win is if they win out. Every Hoh….every POV

    I still think the Pandoras box this year was a HUGE unfair advantage to J/R …yeah….yeah…I know all you J/R fans are going to say…Porche didnt have to open it….I agree totally. But the fact remains it totally stripped Porche of any power….Even in the past atleast one of the nominated went home…..Not only were her nom’s stripped….she now can not play in the next HOH. Not only was both J/R were saved but now have the power to decide who goes home. If you are a fan of the game you cant deny that this was just wrong…

    Production knew going in before Pandoras box was introduced that Adam and Smelly couldnt win a HOH if it was just the two of them playing. Also, As others have mentioned. There has never been a HG that hasnt opened the box. If your production…thats pretty good odds.

    Look I dont give a rats ass who wins, right now I give the edge to rachel. Does she deserve it more then anyone else? No… more then P/K….even though these two have no idea what they are doing…they are still plying their asses off. History tells us, even if Kalia wins HOH….she will simply screw it up. She will keep Rachel. %100.
    Also, I agree with another poster. I will take Simon out to Dinner if Kalia wins HOH and the fortune teller DOES NOT “kick” something out. Simon…you want to collect that dinner …you have to come to the East Coast…lol

    1. Adam and Smelly couldnt win an HOH…even if it was just the two of them playing…..Thats funny shit right there…I dont care who you are.

    2. Well i am a jj and fan of the game and i do agree yes she didn’t have to open it but the thing i did notice is that as long as i have been watching bb it has never effect an pov or hoh comp usually it just means some inconvience for the house. Last season brendon opened it and was sent out of the house to a resort or something he thought to see rachel but instead rachel came back to drive the house nuts for 24 hrs. The time before that noices played through the house and kept them up so that fact it actually helped JR and changed the game i find questionable even though i am glad becasue i want RJ in the game i can still see that there is something up with it

  35. i “hate” what shelly did,evicting jeff. But this is just a game. i can’t understanad the people out there who have the nerve to make these false accusations, say terrible hurtful things about her and her family (an 8 year old child no less) and think that what she did was wrong? wow one day karma is coming and she is gonna rip all these people a new one. Shelly is still a human being and a kind one at that. who cares that she lied on some reality show. these people really need to look in the mirror because what they are doing is evil and morally wrong. thanks simon and dawg for letting me rant

  36. Vegas Weddings are mostly trashy and transparent, not a great place for a meaningful wedding, I doubt Brendon would allow it to be in Vegas. Do it on the Islands that’s the prettiest place for a celebration even for mental cases like Brendon an d Rachel

    1. yes, i would usually agree that vegas weddings are trashy but in this case rachel is from vegas so her family is in vegas which is probably why she wants it there.

    1. Umm I can evict cookies because the kitchen sink had water, but damn cookies sounding pretty good especially if they’re oatmeal LOL

      I like Shelly because she played the game harder than anybody in that house without even winning a comp, but her chances of staying depends solely on sheer stupidity on JR’s part

  37. Simon, why did you say the face book page Fire AG that I posted has been removed???I wasn’t supposed to post it here?? It is still posted in Facebook.

  38. Ugly Adam loves him some camera time! Totally sickening to watch. Can’t stand Shelly but I bet they will keep her to keep the drama going. I’m glad Rachel is trying to talk a little sense into dumbo’s head to get rid of Adam. I think Shelly pretty well told her family and child what kind of “game” she would be playing so I’m sure they are not shocked. Go R and P.

    1. im confident thay shelly told her family im not gonna be a physical competitor so im gonna lie manipulate turn people against one another ect, and it won’t be pretty so splain it as it goes to josie ok kiss kiss smoke smoke same fingers mmwaa

  39. i like jeff, just because of his goofy sayings, i wasnt bummed out when he got voted out, shelly on the other hand is down right disgusting, coming into the house preaching how she would never play dirty or lie, that having that fake cry about how she taught her daughter never to lie, yes the game is about telling lies, but she took it to a new level, so if people on FB want to make pages because they dislike shelly, well that is their right, it is a freed of speech, people who like shelly dont have to read it, but that is up to them, i have read the one page and people dont care that she evicted jeff, they care because of how she tries to act better then the rest of the house guest, also i think these death threats are bogus, why would CBS pull evil dick aside and tell him something was going on, but not shelly? I know if someone was threatning my child, i would say “screw this game and let me leave.” if they gave shelly a chance to leave and she didn take it, well that says a lot about the type of person she is.

  40. I think she won because she exercises a lot, not because she’s like the girls you like to go after. Kalia, Jordan, Porscha, Adam and Shelly are not as physically ft as her!!!

    The girl has dated one guy for an entire year, yeah that totally makes her a ho!!

  41. I don’t get why everybody gets so whiny about production rigging things to appease the masses. Big Brother is a physical, mental and social game and part of that is appealing to the viewers, why else would they have things like America’s Choice and the Coup D’etat if they didn’t want to allow popularity to have an effect on the game. I’m from Canada and I just wish that my opinion counted towards the outcome of the game.

  42. So Simon, tell me did you think the comments were out of hand when everyone was bashing Rachel? It seems that everyone agrees that the comments about Shelley have gone overboard, which I also agree with too.

    But I remember seeing comments from people wishing Rachel miscarry when there was a rumor that she might be pregnant. And also before on a regular basis.
    I just think that people have been a little insensitive to Rachel all season and when awful comments were made about her at the beginning no one spoke out, I find that a little bias.

  43. Rachel wasn’t as sick as she claimed to be. NO ONE can hang on that long, needing a tremendous amount of strength from one’s body while gravity being the uncompromising enemy, and be sick. Also, everyone needs to stop referring to Kalia in such a way that her ‘size’ is something worse than death. Obviously, she out lasted all the others who appear to be ‘in shape’. Looks can truly be deceiving. Determination and inner strength can never be judged by one’s outward appearance. However, Kalia should have taken GAS-X before the competition.

    Regardless of what people think about Shelly, with all the lies and causing such disruption among all the HGs and the so called ‘flipping’ while sitting on the bed with Jordan, told Jordan what was honestly in her heart. If we all search ourselves and we too were playing that game and had to make a move to benefit our self and those who we love and know that the move we make will totally crush someone that we came to admire and care about in the house, we too would feel the exact same way that Shelly feels. If you don’t agree (which is your choice), then you do not possess compassion or sincerity. Shelly does have a heart and I for one believe, even though she lies to advance herself, told the truth to Jordan. Shelly explained perfectly to Jordan how one feels when a person makes a choice that will negatively effect another person/s. So as it holds true in real life as well.

    I feel awful for stating this, but the entire time I was watching Rachel tonight a movie kept coming to mind. It’s an old movie and one of the stars in the movie reminded me of Rachel. The name of the movie is Whatever Happened To Baby Jane. The star I am referring to is Bette Davis. OMG, some of Rachel’s facial expressions look just like Bette Davis in that movie.

  44. I’m praying to the Big Brother gods that Rachel effectively drills it in Jordans head to get rid of Adumb!! And I want Kalia to get that HOH on Thursday night and sicken everybody! And what’s the deal with them complaining about ppl sleeping all day? Its not like the BB house is a job…ain’t shit to do in there. Lay here and there..and then on top of that u live in a house where ppl tlk smack about u all day. Hell, id be sleep too so I wouldn’t have to be bothered with folks.

  45. I don’t think Rachel will turn down this opportunity to get Shelly out, I just don’t see it happening. At this point I don’t even think it matters which one goes home this week, they’re both equally useless. Along with Jordan, but lets not go there… ;)

  46. njm12 Yeah what you said ha ha Seriously I do agree all actions in the house are not necessarily opposing the real personalities of a player or HG. but it does give one an incite when combined with dr clips to the inner thoughts and sides of people. Im impressed with jeff and jordon also like porshe and feel she was originally ostrasizzed (sorry couldnt resist.) unjustly by most everyone and hasnt still seemed to garner any respect from fans oe players yet. I dislike kalia because of a flaw in her personality that i dislike in anyone and thats arrogance i expect more from her because she seems to be educated. she is not a nice person . i like nice sorry mama raised me right many years ago Adam is a sad situation nice generally but terrible game not true to his personality or what he seemed to project as his personality is he really that bad at everything? Too bad jordon got the outfit i wouldve enjoyed kalia getting it she would not have been gracious she’d have been pissed. I guess i await the next turn in the game i would vote for rachel of the ones left to win money then jordon then porche then well thats it couldnt vote for anyone else to win so i hope jr win next hoh veto hope for adam to finally win something and ISNT IT TIME TO WIN SHOPPING SPREE CLOTHES SOON?

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