Big Brother 12 Vegas Bash Pics and Vids

Looks like Britney Haynes and Nick are still hanging together.. Nick looks sweaty like usual.

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107 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Vegas Bash Pics and Vids

  1. I watched everyone’s interview all the way through, even the boring Lane’s interview, and thanks God, Hayden stopped by to save the day. But when I got down to Britney’s interview, I had to stop watching 2 minutes into it. I can’t stand looking at her eyes, one rolling up the ceiling and the other one, while the other one is staring straight into the camera, and her hands are fllying all over the place. Short little shit can barely talk up into the microphone.
    I hope Rachel gives Brendon a long juicy french kiss right in front of Britney. hahahahaha!
    Now, what’s up with Hayden, he thinks he’s too good for Kristen now? He got to think about it? But he caught himself and then changed his answer.

    1. hello there lets see a pic of you and see you are absolutely perfect and no flaws!!!!!!!! anyone that is not perfect you criticize!!

      1. If not having one eye looking across the distance, while the other one is looking at the floor is perfect, then that I am. LOL
        I’m just kidding about her eyes, but it’s her nasty mouth that makes me dislike her so much. Rachel has a loud personality but she’s not nasty like Britney. And althought Britney is nasty in my opinion, I still think she has way more class than Monet.

      1. No, if I were his mommy, I would tell you to shut the hell up. And if I were his wife, I’ll tell you that you should run to the shower and give yourself a good wash in memory of Lane, you little Bitch!

      2. When Enzo was in the house I was wondering what kind of woman would put up with, even encourage behavior like his. Now, I can see why he is such a loose cannon. Wifey is very much like him, and would not like them as neighbors.

    1. Pretty much everyone in the house was disliked. Most of America couldn’t stand Rachel, Britney & Ragan (in no particular order) the most.

  2. Funny how Bozo kept talking about the shun dance. I am guessing he thinks he was shunned since did’t get AC vote. Well Bozo you have some fans but apparently not enough. Get over it Bozo your head is way to big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Enzo is joking most of the time. If you don’t get his sense of humor by now, then you never will. Part of his humor is what annoying to you haters. He says it over and over, to drive the point home. It’s a character he’s acting out. He’s actually making fun of himself, just having fun. Don’t underestimate the Meow Meow. He’ll prove you wrong.

  3. Wow, that crowd was filled with worn-out women, schlumpy dressers, and a good share of obese people. I guess BB doesn’t attract an A or even D list crowd. [I know I said this in the michelle bb11 blog but it bears repeating.]

      1. I knew someone would take it as a criticism of themselves. Seriously, sorry if I offended you. If you are obese or have been around the block a few times, I assume you already know that ;). If you are a schlumpy dresser, you probably didn’t even realize that I meant you LOL. I mean no harm to point out that this Walmart crowd was not exactly the big celebs who Enzo, Hayden, and Lane were so sure were watching.

        1. thanks for summing up yourself for all of us. just as in “who smelt it dealt it” you are cutting on others for what you see in yourself.

          1. You and “dont hate” [sic] seem to share the same brain cell, LOL. What’s so bad about saying that the Vegas bash crowd wasn’t filled with slender and beautiful elites? I don’t find it offensive to point out a few facts that I’m sure 80% of them already know.

            1. I’m far less mean than Britney and America gave her 25 gs. But one last witchy comment about Vegas: Vegas bash people, at least those on camera, don’t exactly look like the Steamboat types. Bowling alleys and bars, maybe — snowboarding, I doubt it.

        2. I know what you are talking about… if you go to Disneyworld, or Epcot center the average NorthAmerican is very obese. Las Vegas also attracts alot of out of shape folks… everyone looks like they are eating mayonaise sandwiches once they have children and get married. More vegies, less meat = great looks and health for life!

        3. hi curtain, guess I was quite surprised by the crowd as well. Although I dressed up to go to Vegas, most of the people were older plain folk. I thought the BB fans would look like those in the CBS audience. Looked like the lobby of an office building, people in t-shirts, not a rockin’ party scene. I was disappointed.

          1. I find that to be true of much of Vegas. Go there expecting excitement and find the same people I see at Walmart LOL . . .very different from LA Bev Hills where you do see more pretty people than at home. BTw the studio audience is told how to dress.

            1. I expected GLITTERATI.. I got Walmart.. I was very disappointed. Nothing seemed polished.
              It was like Jimmy Jo Bob’s second cousin twice removed wedding reception. It had an open bar that was held in some slimy motel. The vacancy/no vacancy sign would flash on and off sporadically with a $ 9.95 all you can eat buffet offered that didn’t have a sneeze gaurd to protect the processed cheese and pigs in a blanket .. It was one of those events where I swear you could hear bingo being called in the next room. B3.. one of those events when your so drunk you start to think that Kristen might be pretty if it wasn’t for the adams apple and her pitch and resonance lessons she spent years trying to perfect.

              1. LMFAO…Rockstar, you Rock girl!!! North Americans go for comfort when they travel and they shouldn’t. Leave the damn sweats for home and the sofa. You can tell a N.American in Europe from 1000 paces… bad tennis shoes, fanny pack, travel sweatshirt, and complaining about prices and no ice in drinks. Las Vegas really has no glamour unless you are at a high end hotel like the Bellagio and attend a great night club. This motley group of BB folks fit right in.

                1. Mayonnaise sandwich? BG 69, where oh where can I buy one!!!! I have enjoyed your humor this month, thanks! There is something about the posts that are not during the really busy times that I enjoy the most. People give more thought to their ideas, are more humorous, thanks everyone. I’m just fortunate I have good employment and can contribute monthly to Simon’s site. I also see our friend rockstar mentioned work a while back, so maybe she is back in the employment rolls as well?

                  1. Electra, I read that mayo sands. used to be Jennifer Anniston’s favorite food when she was a chubby girl. I am glad you aren’t one of the posters here who take me seriously… I usually try to be humorous more than mean. Love this site because we are all such rabid BB fans and we only get a dose of it once a year for a few months. I watched the British BB too and it was fun and alot more hooking up going on than in the U.S. Peace….. also, I read here that Rockstar got employment a few weeks ago and is back on the taxpayer circuit. Ha, ha, ha… she’s Canadian and you work until the end of June every year before you start clearing actual money you take home.

                    1. work til the end of June until you see a profit in Canada???
                      Not so bad at all — considering what is paid for in return. Scandanavian countries do it well also. If you don’t have to worry about saving for retirement or for your health you can enjoy your life in an entirely new way. I am curious if you are really buddhist? I have had doubts based on a few comments.

                  2. haha yes electra, I’m employed again.. no rest for the wicked..

                    buddhistgirl- I thought Vegas was high society but I guess that is from movies and tv. In actuality, it isn’t what I dreamed it to be. Darn it. I wanted to live the life. If Meow Meow can get a movie contract, I figure there is hope for me..

  4. Enzo is pathetic with his jumping on the Scoresi “lead” like it’s an actual job offer. I actually felt a little sad for the delusional hair-plugged man.

    1. its funny how much you cant stand enzo but how much you love saying his name enzo ,you cant get enough of him, cmon just admit how much you love this guy, its ok, we know hes your secret pleasure, you say you dont like these people but everyday your watching them,lol

      1. ppl talk bad about other that they are jealous of and know are better than them to make theirselves feel better. curtain call for bb forever will always be the one jealous of enzo.

        but guess what, enzo is extremely funny, a great dad and many olf us cant wait to see him again! if he was in a film i would go see it just to see him.

              1. did you know snookie gets 25 thousand an appearance, ronnie gets 20gs,pauly gets 20gs to dj, not bad for rejects, that just blows my mind.

                1. I’m not calling Snookie or Pauly D rejects, no way. I’m calling Enzo a reject. He would be on the blooper reel like the people they make fun of on American Idol.. Where is Simon Cowell when we need him?

                  1. lol im telling u enzos gonna be famous, remember dont hate called it, its gonna take about a year but you’ll see him in a movie, he gots that it factor, you either love him are hate him but no matter what you remember him. enzo could out act any of those jersey shore people anyday, just wait and see. enzo for pope!!!

              2. LOL. Good one. And I was being serious when I said that I felt a little sorry for him. He seemed so desperately leaping for the nonexistent offer: He hasn’t had the best week. He expected to win 25gs and he expected to have big offers for movie roles already waiting when he exited BB. Maybe if he’d watched BB before sequester he would have realized that BB hgs are more likely to go to jail or do porn than become truly famous. Yikes, I’m actually feeling sorry for him again.

  5. Enzo’s hilarious! I love him. All of yous are just haters. He’s the most entertaining HouseGuest this season. It’s funny how he’s got all the other HG’s talking like him and waving their arms doing the mannerisms like him. He’s great. I definitely see the greatness in him. I hope he finds his niche in the entertainment world.
    Meow Meow!

    1. excitement, I agree with rockstar. Who calls themself “THE” anything??? Someone who is very immature like THE meow meow. It’s silly ——– as in not deep, nothing worth a second glance. He is responsible for a family now and he needs to man up. Castles in the air need more than a sand foundation.

        1. You little hyprocrite punk. You didn’t like it when I was talking about Britney’s eyes, but here you are saying you agreed that Enzo needs to increase his vocabulary?
          What is your problem you little D head?

        1. I am attracted to funny men… and it’s not the size of the ship, it’s the motion of the ocean… within reason. Brit’s boy looks like he has liver disease with those dark, dark circles around his eyes. He is not an attractive man, but maybe he is sweet.

  6. How is it possible that I found these characters more likeable the house? These interviews were painful. I couldn’t watch most of them all the way through.

    1. I agree. Since Lane and Hayden only watched season 10-11 and they only saw them in sequester, I think we can all agree that the bragade [sic] has no real clue when judging BB social games. Can we also ban “shun” and all the “shun” variations — most of which are used incorrectly? Can we ban “bragade” [sic] — we can keep brigade, it’s just the wrong spelling that’s irksome?

  7. She made much more than 25 gs. She won 10gs in one of the comps, 25 gs for AC, and her stipend (around 12 gs iirc). That’s 47 gs — even after taxes, she has about 30gs to replenish her furnishings. There are far more needy charitable causes right now that Miss Hayes.

    1. Brit’s going to lose a lot more than that to taxes. Anything she won on the show is going to be taxed almost 50%. I’m not sure about the stipend tax rate, I’m sure that isn’t 50%, but anything that is claimed as “winnings” will be.
      That being said she made out pretty good for a summer job consisting of not working. She’ll be fine

    1. That is exactly what I was hoping to hear from him and he may have had a vote for the 25K, but really the spotlighting is something that happens in the bush, with hicks in small towns… glad to hear he didn’t shoot anything, but then when you hunt some animals run when wounded. Who knows…the 8 second game is told in towns everywhere. I heard it differently, but it is an urban legend and meant to be a joke. Thanks for the post… interesting to see that Lane is afraid to read his press.

      1. Sorry, buddhistgirl, we’ll disagree. To improve his PR, he should acknowledge that the “game” is wrong and sexual violence is not a laughing matter. Additionally, towns across America are often home to racist or prejudiced folks who even sometimes ACT violently on their hate: Just because it’s done or laughed about in small towns, even if it’s your town, doesn’t make it holy or right.

        1. gabkat, Simon and Dawg are continuing their blog. If we all just give thanks to them and nothing else, very few will be coming to this blog. Most of us come to this blog to learn about what’s new and to COMMENT ON IT. And besides, I was commenting on post-season stuff — an interview that he gave POST-SEASON. If you are upset because I’m continuing to criticize one of the bragade [sic] on their stupidity, then hire a better PR writer for the bragade [sic].

        2. gabkat, ending on a good note would have meant something without your last P.S. which negated the good note! ;-) oh well, you’ve said goodbye, I shouldn’t have commented if you are gone already! LOL!

        3. I grew up in L.A. but moved to a town of 900 with my husband where I learned all about a different style of MAN… these boys load up guns, take a case of beer into the bush, have a bonfire and shoot at targets. Nobody hunts out of season, they all have fishing and hunting licenses, and the tell jokes about an 8 second “Rodeo F*%#”… tell her she’s the worst you’ve ever had and hang on for 8 seconds…NOBODY does this… it is a small town joke! I understand Lane and his type of man but these days, since my husband died at the age of 36, I am back in proximity to a large American city and I like my men a little more worldly again. But it was fun while it lasted and gave me a glimpse of a different style of life. We can agree to disagree.

    1. Some racial, economic, cultural diversity would be welcome. i would like to see a broader spectrum of people who truly represent the U.S. More eye candy for us girls too!

          1. everyone knows I thought Matt was totally cute but the rest of them didn’t do much for me.. Actually I haven’t seen any really cute guys since Dr. Will and Kaysar.. those are my type of guys. I know Matt doesn’t fit into that catagory but he was quirky and I liked that… It’s seems now that they keep hiring the same people and it can be boring after a while. Especially with these goons this season seemed to be too cookie cutter and they might have been amusing but because they bonded in the beginning and took Season 11 as the season to watch, they saw a loser end up winning against someone who actually played the game. We need the guys to fight, not have knitting clubs and these guys this season were too much pansy, not enough testosterone. Ragan was probably 50-60 pounds smaller and was not an athlete and he still kicked all these big guys asses. They need to find real men, not highschoolers with little education and no personality.

            1. Yes, ragan was my favorite (most of the time ha ha) because he stuck to his principles and although I have hated these kinds of lies (johnny fairplay) in the past I didn’t mind Matt’s lie & enjoyed his conversations. Matt & Ragan (& Brendon w/out Rachel) had things to say. You could hear their minds working. I’m not into watching cartoons anymore, so the other guys were of no interest to me. PS I didn’t realize horse farts were that bad!

        1. Michelle, some of the past boys and men in this house have been hot… this year there was not one guy you could consider truly HOT…Brendan was okay body wise and had a sweet smile but his total lack of balls regarding Rachel’s emotional manipulations made him a big turn-off. I like the seasons with hotness, balls, a bit of meanness, an attitude, and hot sexy times in the house. This had none of the above…please whoever is casting this show bring on some REAL MEN! This group this year was the pits.

          1. pshhh hayden was hot
            am i the only one who thought hayden was hot? or cute? or at all attractive?
            sure he needed a hair trim but he was fiiiine

      1. next year they should cast religious little people, like a little catholic,a little muslim,a little christian,a little atheist,a little satanist,a little jew,a little druid witch,a little illuminati,a little angry black panther,and a little striipper gangsta.

  8. So many haters! Geez…why is everyone so bitter? Thank you BB Spoilers for all the great timely BB info this season. I thoroughly enjoyed your site. I say yeah! ( or maybe Yeeh haw) for Brit takinghome some Bacon! I enjoyed watching her and her little crush with Lane. I agree with a previous poster that Lane and Hayden’s interviews were kind of weak, but they’ve said it a million times already. Rachel and Brendan are still annoying, but I did enjoy hating on them. Enzo wasn’t my favorite in the end. At least he gets to return to a beautiful family that appears to adore him..oh yeah…where’s Regan’s interview? Lastly, whoever was ripping on the peoples’ appearances the party it was probably a lot of the BB staff. Get over it. The cast was popping in for their hello, having a couple beers and going out to party. Vegas goes all night…just ask Rachel. (:

    1. Ragan and Matt didn’t go to Vegas.

      Why is it offensive to point out that it’s a crowd of Average Joes rather than the glittering celebs, showgirls and movie producers that Hayden, Lane, and Enzo expected? It looked quite a bit like normal Americans: Many of us are schlumpy dressers or obese or have been around the block a time or two and some of us might even be all three. It was a bar and bowling alley crowd — not a STEAMBOAT of glitterati. Why is that offensive? Do we Americans think we look different than we actually do?

  9. We really can’t judge any of the ” House Guest ” each & every year they put a mix of different people together & hope they stir the house up-side down. This year was no different. That’s what BB want’s to happen, for all of us to judge & hate & talk, get mad & fall in love with our pick of the crop. All-in-all, was’nt to dang bad this year either ,& I myself complained, but I kept watching week after week. Now I,m going to miss it & after saying this was my ” Last Year ” ya, right ! I,ll be back for sure. Thank-You everyone who had a hand in keeping us posted, making me laugh & also making me up-set @ time’s, but I kept coming back on & I soooooo enjoyed Ya,all. I,m 67 year’s old & I know I got under some people’s skin @ time’s, but it was all in fun. My husband has a bad heart ,so I pray I can return next year with both of us. I kept him posted on all of want was goin on @ the dinner table each night & it made great talk between us. So Happy winter day’s & ” Holiday’s coming up. judy

    1. awwee judy, that is awesome… give our love to your hubby. We all come here for different reasons and we are all entitled to our opinions, who cares if we disagree. I normally never agree with anyone so that leaves me the odd (wo)man out.. come back soon..

    1. When I lived in Quebec, I loved to go on horse and carriage rides and this one particular evening, the horse farted and it was the worse smell ever. I had to get off and walk home. It took me 2 hours. just thought I’d share. haha Enzo reminds me of that horse.

        1. no, he is too high maintenance. I would have to reassure him that his penis was big, not small or the right size but big, huge even and well I’m selfish, I want it to be about me, not him all the time.. ha

        1. BB – when I saw that episode I was then convinced that someone had done that to my horse. Nothing could ever smell as bad. I’m serious. He didn’t do his #2, just farted and farted again with this huge rip that sounded like a shotgun going off on new years eve.. yah I’m a hillbilly.. haha

  10. So, you are encouraging us to thank Simon and Dawg and then stop coming to this site?? Your comment is very much move along now, nothing left to see. That’s not very helpful to their business. They earn $ from the visits to their blog. How about — if you don’t like the comments about BB, stop reading the comments about BB?

  11. When do we start posting for Survivor? I am going to check back in the next week and my only comment so far is Jimmie Johnson has a big target on his back with his tribe as a Superbowl winning NFL coach and spokesman for EXTENZ…LMFAO!!!

      1. jimmy johnsons the new boss ,but i really think he might get a heart attack if he dont watch out, i thought he was a gonner fosho,

  12. Britney said the funniest moment was when Kathy got stuck in the caramel but the last HOH comp the correct answer was the fight between Ragan and Rachel?

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