**Updated** Big Brother 12 Interviews

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266 thoughts on “**Updated** Big Brother 12 Interviews

        1. brittney wants donations for her house. if you voted for her give her your money too!!! she will laugh all the way to the bank; and we can all laugh at you!!!

      1. Taking bids to be in the entertainment industry. GAG!!! Go back home Brit there is enough bitchy screwed up blondes in the industry already.

            1. Brit was/is a classless, lazy, spoiled LITTLE girl. CBS obviously loved her to death as the editing on her behalf was kind – as in very kind. Is America that stupid to vote her the most liked. GAG ME big time.

          1. I couldn’t help notice that with her shape/style of mouth she would probably do just fine in the porn industry. She could make a fortune.

    1. Yep, he voted for Hayden cuz Lane didn’t answer his question. Will he still go to STEAMBOAT?
      That was most boring listening to those 2 guys!

      1. I think Enzo is more upset that he didn’t when American Choice. Yo, he had the best social game of all time, YO! (that is according to him, not me.)

        1. he does have a good argument grandma, why else didnt hayden take him to final , who doesnt want to take the worst competitor in bb history to the finals with them. enzo had 1 pov and still hayden didnt want to take him. that says alot about hes social game. im just saying.

          1. He did have a good social game but I don’t know if it was the best ever. That was what I was noting as Enzo. I really think he was disappointed that he did not get that $25,000. At the beginning of the season, I am sure he would have. I mean he almost got enough votes for the Sab over Ragan. Personally, I think 3rd place should get something.

            1. i think he would of won it, if he chewed with his mouth closed and didnt make britney cry,lol but i like britney she was funny,and did great in comps. watever though lol i enjoyed this season and hope all of them good things.

              1. If one day I wake up and Enzo is next to me, I’d let my teenage son have him. It’ll be good entertaining for my son, but I would put a filter on Enzo’s choice of words first though.

          1. “Yeah, I think so.” — Damn the typos. Simon, next time, when we’ll be able to register, it’d be nice if we could edit our own posts.

  1. I wonder what Brit’s reaction was to the fire with her rental house? I was thinking about what she said about Arkansas being so safe, etc and I lived in Little Rock three different times and know exactly where the house is and the Hillcrest area where the house is located, is not a good area at all in Little Rock. I am surprised that they would have chose that area to live in but then they probably don’t know the Little Rock area. They need to locate to west Little Rock to live.

    1. I’ve lived in the Little Rock area my entire life. Hillcrest is a good place to live. It’s one of the older neighborhoods around here and it’s home to many well-to-do people. There’s actually a lot of crime in West Little Rock.

      1. West Litlle Rock is far better, parents lived there, sister lived near Hillcrest area and she agrees. You are off on the crime stats. Personally I prefer to stay out of that hole. Western Arkansas is far better.

      2. Where the house is, is not far from UAMS and the Health Dept, just blocks away and this area right there is not very good. I worked at UAMS and the crime lab in Little Rock for a long time and know the area. I was not talking about the entire Hillcrest area, just that immediate area off of West Markham. Crime is everywhere but just worse in certain areas. I still have family and friends there so I do know what I am talking about.

        1. You’re right about that part of town. I was just saying that not ALL of Hillcrest is bad. And to Dr Poopy Pants…I’m not off on my crime stats. I’ve lived here my whole life, like I said. Most of Hillcrest is respectable. Head on over to parts of WLR…like Rodney Parham and Shackleford. You’ll find the crime I’m talking about. Seriously…Chenal only makes up a small part of WLR.

  2. i was watching Brenden’s live feeds interview with Missy and he said that he was really hurt over the things that Hayden said behind his back and that is why he voted for Lane. Brenden said that Hayden and Enzo pretended to be his friend and they said some things that were not necessary. Brenden also said that Ragan(of all people) told him everything that Hayden said behind his back!!! This is unbelievable to me because every night they all gathered around for “Just the Tip” including Ragan.

    1. Chessie, Brendon and Rachel KNEW that Ragan spoke poorly of them. Ragan was always honest in his disdain. Brenchel DIDN’T know that Hayden was cozying up to them while he was talking smack about them in Just The Tip. There is nothing wrong with Ragan setting the story straight and I kind of admire Ragan for doing it. Why should he continue to look the bad guy when Hayden was pretty mean behind closed doors? Although Lane should also have been dirtied because he wasn’t Mr. Innocent Nice Guy in those Britney-Ragan-Lane hammock discussions!! I don’t admire Britney for continuing to buy into AND DEFEND the bragade [sic] nonsense after the bragade exposed themselves to her. The bragade [sic] and Lane did nothing imho to win her loyalty, but she gave it to them anyway. . . because of her infatuation with Lane.

      1. i see your point. very good. i was just surprised that he told. as far as Brit is concerned, she is just trying to save face cause she got played

      2. People talk about Ragan and Brit being so nasty, but they said things to people’s faces, especially Ragan. Hayden did say nasty things behind their backs and was nice to their face. Some people seem to be willing to forget that little detail. As for Brit, she broke down when she learned about the Brigade and knew she was done, but she bounced back and lost with grace. Rachel has had more time than anyone else on the jury to process her defeat, but she still behaves like a sore loser. The woman that went on and on about how competitors should win and floaters should lose voted for a floater based on personal feelings. She was pissed at Hayden for talking behind their backs. That’s the bottom line, and that’s the only reason Lane got BR’s votes.

        1. Britney didn’t talk behind people’s backs, that is Rachel and Brendan, because that was the topic of convo w/her…..are you kidding me???? She was sweet and sympathetic to Rachel’s face, even bathing w/her and then saying how thoroughly disgusted she was to do it…..she reeked of behind your back cattiness and meaness. And there was no way she was voting for Hayden either…her vote was solidly behind Lane, end of story.

          1. Um, I think you didn’t read what I said. Of course Brit talked behind people’s backs and was sweet to their face. Everyone did. It’s the game of BB. But she also said things to their face. Ragan was the one that was most willing to say things to a person’s face. Brit lost with dignity. Rachel is still a poor loser. Her and Enzo both said in the interviews that Brit shouldn’t have won. Guess what you losers. You can’t tell the viewers who they should or shouldn’t like. That’s why it’s called America’s Favorite. The whole point is that the viewers decide. Rachel thought Brendon deserved it. Enzo thought he did. Well too bad, because neither of them were eligible to vote.

            1. I particularly remember when Britney clearly did NOT say behind Rachel’s back that she would probably get STDs because she bathed with Rachel. She said some stuff up front, but most of her highly offensive things were always behind the backs of others.

              I can’t stand the way that girl acted in the BB house. I subscribe to the crede: Hate the sin…love the sinner. In other words: It’s never right to “hate” the person (who most likely does have positive attributes as well), but it is fine to despise their specific individual action. Yeah, I know there are lots of examples out there where one is tempted to feel hatred, but I’m talking “normal” people, not mass murderers, etc. Seeing someone like Britney in her 20s act the way she did makes me appreciate my daughter (in her mid-20s) that much more. My daughter is certainly not perfect, but I thank God she doesn’t act like Britney…at least in this brief negative sampling of Brit’s character. None of us know the true Britney away from BB so I’m trying to be fair now that the show is over.

            2. Chloe, I’ve read your comments for a couple of years and generally you’ve been pretty insightful and logical. But this year it seems you are a little off in your perception of Brit. The only time Brit was straightforward was when she mocked Brendon and then cried about it. She didn’t say things to people’s faces as you claim. Also, in many posts you’ve tried to justify her trash talk about others by saying everyone did it, that’s what the game is about, etc. But, clearly no one did it like Brit – not even close. In fact, Brit hardly could carry on a conversation without putting people down. Not for game play, but just because it is in her nature to talk badly about people. I do agree with the rest of what you said about Brit bouncing back, that part was right on.

              1. I am a bit partial to her, and honestly in a season of people that didn’t play or that were very annoying, she made me laugh. In the DR she said things that I was thinking and she did it with flair. I think she played a good game, her mistake was trusting the guys, but whether she knew it or not, she was on her own all game and managed to keep herself in the game as long as she did. I did get tired of her bashing BR after they were gone, but overall, she was my favorite. Then again, I loved Evel Dick and disliked Jeff and Jordan.

                1. ED was definitely straight in your face and scheming behind your back. Yes, I was right there with you on that, and ditto about J & J. That’s one thing that bewildered me at times about your comments this year. Jordan said some pretty bad things behind people’s back (nothing like Brit, though), especially when her and Jeff got on their HOH power trip. But, I also remember your dislike of that (I disliked it too). Britney reminded me of Jordan in some ways (putting on the innocent act in order to be liked, needing attention, bringing up sex stories – though not NEARLY as much as Jordan), but you get the idea. Nothing wrong with being partial at all, and everyone likes to stick up for their favorites. I just wanted to point out that Brit’s behavior, as Enzo would say, is what it is.

              2. OffTheLaneTrain, good points. She did put everyone down except for Lane, Hayden, and Enzo. Ok, you could say that she needed to be two-faced with Rachel to keep herself safe BUT did she also have to be two-faced with Ragan? And how about calling Matt a weasel — what exactly did she do other than nominate and vote out her friends because of her crush on Lane. And why didn’t she correct Lane, like Enzo had the guts to do, when he was promoting the r*** “game”? For all the people who love Britney, consider what it would be like to work with her. She’d be all your best friend in public and talking about how she hated the boss but be kissing up to and getting the promoting from the older male boss.

                1. She has a dark sense of humor. My friends and I joke around the same way. To other ppl we sound as though we are being rude, but in actuality we are not. So stop acting like you know her on a personal level. Let’s put you in a house for 75 days with some idiotic people that you would not normally associate yourself with, and let’s see how nice and polite you are. Let’s see if you NEVER EVER say anything about them behind their back and not to their face in order not go home. Until you do, then you shouldn’t talk about her for the way she acted in the house.

        2. I was VERY surprised that Brenchel voted for Lane BECAUSE they both were so COMPETITIVE and it seemed they were all about the wins. At least now, with the knowledge that Ragan told them about Haydens talk behind their backs, I understand WHY they voted the way they did.

      3. Are you serious? Britney didn’t have an infatuation with Lane. Britney was infatuated with herself. I might be wrong, but it appeared to me that Britney was trying to manipulate Lane into believing that she’s that country “yes sir to her man” kind of girl. And if Lane would’ve bought into that, she would’ve been able to control Lane down the line………..
        but little does she knows, Lane had his own agenda. He gave into Britney just enough to reel her in. Then before you know it, it was all hook, line and sinker. She swallowed it all.

    2. ragan said when brendon left the house he gained alot of respect for him, for fighting as hard as he did, ragan didn’t have a problem with brendon like he did with rachel

  3. Kathy said that she threw all of the competitions because she didn’t want to win comps early and have a target on her back. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      1. I think so too. I think because of her health, she couldn’t do too well in physical compettion.
        Well, at least she got on TV and made it to the jury house. Doesn’t she get some money for making it to the jury house?

        1. All houseguest are paid a weekly stipend (I remember hearing it was between 750 and 1000 a week), making it to the jury house insures a fatter paycheck at the end of the season.

  4. Matt was asked about why his hands were always down his pants and he said that he likes to chill and be comfortable and that it was the most comfortable place for his hands since there are no pockets, he makes his own pockets!! go figure. Matt said he puts his hands down his pants everywhere that he goes. it’s something tha the does subconsciously and that he is not doing anything with his hands.

    1. just for the record, I am the original jake who has been posting on here for quite a while and I’m not the one above who thinks enzo is hot…….I don’t swing that way lol

  5. Enzo ended up just where he belonged. Third place with nothing but a TV. Actually, if you consider that Ragan, Brit and even Rachel won more money than he did, you could say Enzo actually finished 6th. I love it.! So glad Brit got the Americas Fav. award. She is a trooper. What a roller coaster of a day for her, winning the money and then finding out about her house. The look on Rachel’s face when Julie announced that Brit won was priceless! It was worth watching just to see that. I have to admit I paused the video to enjoy it to the max.

    Thanks for the fun this season, Simon and Dawg! You guys were the best part of an otherwise bad season! See you next season!

      1. Enzo will be around for a long time. Somebody out there will recognize natural talent. Even when the final 3 were having their lobster and steak dinners, while acting out a script of walking down memory lane, it was Enzo who sounded so natural. Hayden and Lane sounded like they got their acting career started on Barney, the purple dinosaur. They were terrible. They talked almost like them kids on Barney.

  6. Something interesting has happened in my thinking….I think I actually like Enzo! There is more to him than bad manners and bad language. He is really likeable in an odd way. He won me over during the finale. I think Ben Affleck should hire him for one of his movies and, if Enzo could get his lines out correctly, he might make an impact and start a new career in the movies. He would be limited in his work choices but he could do it. Look: if that horrible woman with the 8 lovely children can continue to stay in the headlines to discuss dancing, plastic surgery, her ex….anything but her children that is – Enzo should be out there because he is a good guy in my opinion. He loves his wife and child, another good trait that the weird chick with 8 children doesn`t have. Go Enzo!

  7. Watching Annie last night I really wish she hadn’t been the first one out. I like this girl. Too bad she wrecked her game first week in. I would like to see Kristen, Andrew and Annie be invited back to do an early evicts season with other people that went out way too early, like Brian, Laura, Casey. Just think how different this season might have been if Rachel had gone home instead of Annie! It might have been a good season.

    1. Agreed. The show probably would’ve been better if Annie stuck around longer. I like Andrew too. He can be a riot. LOL…. They should’ve send the little red riding hood from the hood back to Arkansas and keep Annie. Now Rachel is Rachel. She likes attention and on every successful show, you almost always find one of those. No harm done. Rachel is not evil. She’s just having fun and if little brats would’ve stayed out of Rachel’s way, then it would’ve been a better season.

      1. Rachel won that next HOH, and not because she beat Monet and Brit. It was a guess a number tie breaker. If Rachel had gone home, Brit or maybe even Annie would have won that competition. We will never know, but undoubtedly a bigger threat than Monet would have gone home that week. It would have been a different game. Maybe there would have been a game, people would have had to try to win instead of floating through because they had the numbers.

    2. She actually did look good. Articulate. Yeah, if the other girls were smarter, then they would have ganged up together against the guys. Looking back, I also would have liked Annie to stay longer.

  8. Britney is a dirty manpole juice guzzler and didn’t deserve the money, I believe she didn’t win ad it was Brendon who won that, like Rachel said “it a TV show first then a game, but its’s a SHOW”

    1. First thing first, Britney is trashy.
      Second, Rachel is no angel, and she’s too immature. What’s up with : ” I’m Vegas. I’m from Vegas.”
      She just moved to Vegas a few years ago. She wasn’t born and raised in Vegas. I know saying “I’m Vegas.” makes her thinks that it sounds glamorous but it’s not.
      Hey Rachel, I might be wrong, but I believe that Vegas unemployment rate is not less than 5%, and the housing market is not that good. Pretty much like the rest of the country right now.

  9. 15 pounds. Ragan lost 15 pounds from the time he entered BB to when he went to the jury house. Due to the slop diet. And he was only about 140 to begin with! It’s not Survivor type weight loss but it must have had an impact on his comp performance and psyche.

    1. I want to see Brendon, Rachel, Ragan, Enzo, Matt, Hayden, and Kristen go at it on Survivor or the Amazing Race. I’ll watch them for sure.

    1. Leave Britney and Lane at home, and you got a successful show.
      Britney, nasty mouth little red (fill in the blank), and Lane, he’s not too entertaining.

    2. hayden and kristen, lane and britney they couldn’t do it, hayden and lane are too stupid
      brendon and rachel could do fine if they didn’t let the pressure get to them and they could stay calm
      matt and ragan would have a really good chance

  10. Brendon is such an idiot for saying that he didn’t vote for Hayden because he found out from Ragan that Hayden and Enzo were calling him nicknames behind his back. OMG… first of all, Ragan and Britney were the ones calling Brendon a whole bunch of nicknames behind his back. Secondly, it was Lane who came up with the nickname “NeedleDick” aka “ND” in the first place. Hayden and Enzo just rolled with it.
    The real reason I believe Brendon(and Rachel) voted against Hayden is because Hayden basically “backdoored” Brendon. That’s it. Infact, if I were Brendon, I’d use that as a legit reason rather than the “Hayden called me names behind my back” one. Everyone called you names behind your back, Brendon! damn. You and Rachel both got shit on by everyone in the house, and everyone out of the house watching you.

    1. why do YOU think you know the way it is. THIS is YOUR perspective. it was his game to play. you weren’t there and you DO NOT know the complete story. get a life.

      did you ever consider that lane did have the better social play? obviously he did if brenchel votd for him.

    2. Excitement- I agree. B/R would have voted for Enzo first, Hayden 2nd and never ever Lane but Brendon was upset that Hayden kicked him out of the Scoobies before he even got the words out during the double eviction night.. it was just bad blood. it’s hard for emotional guys to see the big picture and not act whiney

    3. I stopped reading your comment at the 1st sentence. Look, Brendon voted the way he wanted to vote. It was his vote to do what he wants with it. End of story.

    4. With Brenchel’s emotional game, OF COURSE, they are going to turn on the one who was super nice to their face and then betraying them by laughing behind their backs. It’s common that people turn on the one that used to love. It’s why we often HATE our exes after a divorce. Lane never sucked up to Brenchel and so didn’t open himself up to Brenchel feeling betrayed by him. I wonder if Ragan also told on Enzo, who also did A LOT of azz-kissing and then backstabbing?

      1. curtain call, that’s right. My dad used to say don’t loan a friend money or he’ll have to kill you. The implication is that when someone is indebted to you the guilt eats away at them and turns vile.

  11. Hey all of you Reality Producers!! I think you should sign up ‘Enzo’! He has more to offer than what we see on TV now! Do it!! His fast come backs and improvs are what makes him stand out. You don’t find that in everyone.

    1. You’d be suprised how many people are that quick with the comebacks. He was being affable…most of the time I found him to be a know it all.

        1. highly doubtful, it will sink in soon enough when brendon realizes he gave up 500k for that skank and he will be depressed the rest of their relationship. if he wasn’t a “Jeff Pt 2” he had a betterchance of anyone o win that money.

          1. B&R have problems ahead — he likes a healthy lifestyle which doesn’t include a lot of drinking and he will be putting education ahead of $500 dinners. She may take a few science classes at UCLA, but she’s going to be itching for the fast money and parties, and not wanting to be told she can’t spend money on ‘frivolous fun.’ They have a lot of compromising to work out.

            1. I can’t imagine it would work out, but opposites do attract right? However, you made good points, their lifestyles are so completely different. If you give up a lot for the other person you can become bitter and resentful and that doesn’t make for a good relationship.

  12. Thank you to all of the contributers, and especially the writers, on this site.

    I can’t say for sure that i will watch the show next season, but I will return to this site. It is much more interesting than the show.

  13. Enzo is such a conceited, arrogant, nasty and ignorant asshole. Enzo says he is still so great, would have won against the other two and deserved the $25,000, no you don’t and you wouldn’t have won against Lane or Hayden, all you have is a big mouth that needs to be shut. He will go back to NJ and to wifey and his job or whatever he does and this will be the last we hear of him – yeah!!!!!

  14. Kristen looked very hot last night. I really hope her and Hayden hook up and become bf/gf.
    No GB’s for the BG’s! Congratulations Hayden, Lane, and Enzo! Bra-gade!

    1. What happened to the coolest chick ever that he was seeing before coming into BB? He was talking about her a bunch towards the end. Or was he refering to Kristen?

      1. Trust me, he wants Kristen. The only reason he isn’t admitting anything on tv is because he knows how lame it is for people to fall in love on a reality tv show. So he’s just taking precaution. I mean, it would be viewed as being just as lame as Brendon & Rachel. But Hayden and Kristen are who America would actually love, like Jeff & Jordan.
        Hayden must’ve been on cloud 9 last night, after winning the money and then getting the hot chick(Kristen) in the end. Congrats, man!

          1. That he did! I hope it works out for him. He seemed the most genuine and I am glad he won. I wasn’t a fan of anyone, but with the final three, I had to be a Hayden fan.

        1. Hayden might not be the the genius that he parents probably were hoping for, but he’s no dumb dumb. He wants Kristen. Kristen is gorgeous. She was the prettiest girl in the house.

  15. Brit hates her own family, she said she has NO relationship with her younger sister?!!? At 21 how could you be SO bitter to a younger sibling. She is as warped as Rachel, just a younger version.

    1. Do you think the sister is a step-sister on her dad’s side? She talks fondly of her brother. I don’t know her family dynamics at all, but there are many reasons people would disown their blood family. I am almost twice her age and still have a hard time being around my whole family at the same time.

      1. As I recall, Brit discussed the family. There are two because of divorce and I assume the younger “sister” is from the second marriage.

    2. It must be nice to have your own life so together that you can pass judgment on people and their families based on what you saw on an over produced television reality show. I have my opinions of the players of a game based on what I watch on the feeds, but I know the difference between the game face of these people and real life. Nobody deserves to have their personal family lives and relationships judged by people that don’t really know them or their families. Often the same people that make these nasty comments are the same ones that say they are disgusted by the crap talking done by players of a game where backstabbing and lying are part of the game. The complex family issues of these players are none of our business, and frankly, I am tired of all the holier than thou judgments. I think Enzo is a pig on the show, but I would never insult his wife. Ragan has a nasty streak in the house, but I would never write letters to his employer to try and get him fired over things he said playing a game. It’s one thing to be a fan, but we should never lose perspective of what’s real and what’s not. I had to get that off my chest. Flame away if you like.

        1. Yeah, I didn’t like gnat either and I went as far as to say that a lot of her behaviour was not game related, she just was not a nice person, but some people took it too far and harassed her dad. I think he lost his job or something. That’s so childish and unfair. I also heard Matt’s wife got death threats to her facebook page. That’s way over the top and unacceptable. It’s like setting out to destroy a soap actor for things his character did on the show. I guess some people can’t separate TV from real life.

          1. How do you know these things! I’m naturally curious and wonder about what happens to all these people we get to know from reality shows. I don’t have a lot of tv & google time so this site in my one and only source (other than an occasional colette lala who keeps me laughing!). It’s really too bad about Gnat’s dad & Enzo’s wife. You can tell there are some disturbed peeps who get so aggressive about people they don’t even know! Do you have any more after-show updates? I’d love to read more!

  16. i really like lane but i don’t get why he has to try and be so funny all the time…he’s so much funnier when he’s just himself

      1. Lane was very funny and admitted he was acting the “dodo” for game reasons. On the other hand, Turbo– I’m sure you are an authority on Stupid.

  17. This was the year of the three stooges.
    Moe won!!
    Curly came in second and of course Larry is last again.

    These bozos made Jordan look almost smart.

    1. i think they meant to spell it that way LOL but who cares about a stupid name their the 1st alliance in BB history to make it to the end.

      1. What does it say about our society that we’d say an alliance of 4 were only 3 made it to the end made it to the end? THEY DIDN’T ALL MAKE IT TO THE END. It’s not a successful “made it all to the end” when you lose a member along the way.

  18. brendon and rachel hypocrites to the end they deserve each other, hope he enjoys sharing her with hundreds of rich men im sure he will understand she has to keep herself in the “luxurious life” and he will repeat himself a thousand times saying “im sorry for not winning you the 500k”.. she wouldn’t quit that life if he had won her the money.

  19. What is up with all of Lane’s references to wanting a woman that can carry athletic children? It is Murphy’s Law you end up with the exact oppisite child than the one you imagine (not a bad thing) because they are their own person. So Lane would end up with a kid into chess or something unphysical. Boy that would drive him nuts!

    1. oh, and he will have sex with this unlucky woman with her laying on her left side to insure a lefty and will find some other old wives tale to produce a male and if he doesn’t get one, he will blame his wife, like they used to do in the good old days!

    2. Lane will end up with kids from a hook-up where the birth control fails. There won’t really be a lot of planning going into it.

  20. Brendon and Rachel are truly in love. The way they look into each other’s eyes shows it. I wish them the best, they are a cute couple.

  21. Watching those interviews with Brendon and Rachel and Brendon by himself reminded me of why I didn’t care for them. Brendon has a strange way of thinking. Saying that Britney should have respected her elders i.e. Kathy was ignorant. It’s a game and Kathy isn’t 80 years old she’s 40. He also said that he couldn’t relate to Britney because she doesn’t know what it’s like to struggle yada yada yada or grow up poor. Well, if that’s true for him than he should went in there and played the game to win money at the end and not chase after his low ball standard of a dream girl.

    Enzo can be funny and had some good one liners last night but his mouth overruns it for me sometimes. He’s full of slick talk. He didn’t win when it counted most so who cares if he thinks he would of won the whole thing. You didn’t.

    1. I found that comment about Brit not respecting her elders odd too. There is a point when you are an adult and equal. You are right, it’s not like Kathy was 80. If he had an issue that Brit wasn’t respectful to others in the house because of how she behaved and spoke, okay I would get it, but not because she didn’t respect her elders. I think he just didn’t like Brit and maybe for no other reason than a gut feeling, but they asked why and he had to come up with an answer or maybe he believes what he says. Who knows?!

      1. I may be way off here but I took Brendon’s comment that Britney didn’t respect her elders meaning she didn’t respect him. No one in the house was that old but some were just a little older. Brendon thought his self proclaimed standards made him feel as if he were an elder to her. That was made apparent in his explanation as to why he wouldn’t be friends with them. He obviously did not like Britney and he did not respect her. Whether or not either deserved respect from one another in this situation is far fitched. I don’t think it was even a matter at all.

        1. Grandma, you probably onto it! He didn’t feel respected by her (and she was pbvious about how she felt about him), there for she was the person he liked least. I am sure it all stems from how she gave it back to him during the Brit/Ragan/Brendon fight. They always say, you have to give respect to get respect. Not sure that applies to any of the house guests!

        2. BBGrandama, that is a really good insight about it not respecting him. I could see that. Because the logic of his answer is so off in left field. Just say I couldn’t stand the girl and we didn’t mix. Not respecting Kathy,would have to apply to Rachel as well because she’s only 3 years or so older than Britney as far as respecting her “elders” and they all dogged Kathy at some point.

          It boils down to that Brendon is really just a strange cookie. I see some good things about him but he’s so off and that’s very apparent by the way he isolated himself off with Rachel. I think some of his behavior would have translated worse with some people if he wasn’t considered good looking.

          1. You can tell Brendon comes from a good family with good values. Now Rachel, that’s another story. She’s not that bad, but she’s a little on the wild side. They’ll be okay once they’ll learn how to balance their differences….and oh boy, there are a lot of differences between Brendon values and Rachel’s.

  22. ENZO LOVERS: Wake up.

    1) Enzo is not attractive enough to make it as a big time star and he’s really old to be starting out. Good looks and, for men, hair are usually important to break into acting.

    2) Being affable is NOT proof that he’s a good actor. Some of the best actors, Meryl Strep for example, are said to be personality-less when not acting.

    3) Being affable is NOT proof that he’s a good comedian. It took George Lopez decades of slogging through comedy clubs to hit the big time. And has Enzo ever said anything about writing jokes and comedy sets? You have to do and prove yourself that before you can hire comedy writers ala Jay Leno.

    4) Has he even acted before? He has tons of venues in NYC where he could have tried out. Is his hunger for FAME or is it for ACTING?

    5) Have any BB stars made it big? No. The most they’ve gotten is a role on TAR. And Enzo is less popular: Unlike Jeff, he didn’t even win AC.

    6) What you said / did on BB can hurt your career. The general public doesn’t care for sexism and prejudice. See the EW.com blurb about Jake Pavelka (The Bachelor) and his appearance on Bachelor Pad: He only got the BP gig because it was BEFORE he filmed his sexist interview with his ex. If it had occurred afterwards, he wouldn’t have gotten the gig.

    7) Reality tv will get tired of having Jersey Shore types on every show.

    1. enzo can be in a mafia gangsta movie anyday, you act like he car jacked you ,why you want him not to be famous so bad,? now your just crazy hatein let the dude dream damn, lol

    2. ……….and what name do you produce your movies/TV shows under Sir? Please forgive me, but I’m not familiar with your name: Curtain Call for BB.

      1. Ha ha ha. Good one. Do you think the list contains some super-secret knowledge that only producers know? Hey, who knows maybe Enzo will make it big without liking to act, without writing his own jokes, and with only being middling, aging guy attractive …. sometimes weird things happen. I doubt it, but hey he has a better chance of C list fame than I do of winning the megaball lottery.

        1. I don’t know where you’re coming from or where you got your nonsense as standards for which a person should have, in order for them to become a successful actor/actress.
          As the other posters, don’t hate said: ” Let the man dreams. DAMN!”

          1. i’m tellin you hello there, some people made voodoo dolls of enzo , there sticking him with needles right now, yelling at the dude , your not gonna make it as an actor, please dont make it,lol and next to enzo they got britney dolls there fukin here up too, lanes dolls just jerkin off, lol im sorry i couldnt hold that one back,

  23. For anyone who still doesn’t get it. There’s a reason why it’s ”BRAGADE” because BRA means Bro as in brothers/family. Man, it’s not that hard to understand. The way the spell it is much better.

    1. “Bra-gade” means Bro????? Wow, I thought it was because they like Victoria’s Secret stores or something… Come on… these dummies cannot spell and it is as simple as that! Case closed and your welcome!

    2. the dumb dumbs actually spelled it BRA-GADE .. if you use it in a sentence it would be.
      Hey Enzo do you wear a training bra? If it was spelled correctly, it would be – Hey Enzo, you’re my brah 4ever.

      We all know what it means, the whole point is that these dumb dumbs couldn’t even get the name of their little boy scouts spelled correctly.. If they spelled it bragade it wouldn’t have been bad but they felt the need to hyphen and put emphasis on the BRA …

      They will forever be known as the Training Bras…

  24. Personally, I think telling Ragan his parents were ashamed of him for being bad at being gay, when Rachel knew perfectly well that his father was dead is about as venomous as it gets. Too bad that part got edited out because that’s what she said to provoke him. He was trying to not get into it with her, but only a saint could ignore that kind of comment. Rachel was at least as venomous as anyone else there. I don’t understand why people choose to ignore her nastiness and point fingers at others. I think Lane is the only one that I don’t remember making really nasty comments about anyone. Even Kathy is guilty of doing that.

    1. I did say not as venomous(ty for the correct spelling). I am aware of that comment and it was definitely a low blow. The top 3 mouths in the house were definitely Brit, Monet, and Ragan. Monet would have taken the prize if she would have stayed in the house a little longer. Again, I was not a Rachel fan. I just dont get why so many people on this site disliked her but not the others whom I considered much worse. This was more evident in the finale during the exchange between Monet and Rachel. Who was the hateful person? Pretty easy if you ask me. Also, Brit had to show off her razor tongue one more time when Jackie Chan was trying to talk with Brenchal about their future. The game is over, let it go.


      2. Anything that Ragan said to Rachel, Rachel had it coming to her. On more than one occasion, Rachel went looking for a piece of Ragan. So she got more than what she bargained for, she knew it, the viewers saw it. Ragan put her in her place.
        Anything that Britney said about Rachel, was out of pure jealousy, and also because Britney has a trashy mouth and mind. Rachel is no angel but she’s not as bad as the little red (fill in the blank) from Arkansas.

        1. I didn’t care for Rachel but I definitely don’t think she was evil either. She’s just more self absorbed and clueless of her own behavior and how she was coming across. But Rachel is also a passive aggressive person in ways. At least in the house because she may be okay outside of it .But that a type of person can be the worst because it’s more subtle and manipulative.

          Britney was over the top with constantly talking about her. But Britney knew what she was doing, but did it without a conscience or any type of conviction. I liked Britney but she talked way too much about Rachel.It had gotten to be ridiculous really. But in no way do I think she was jealous of her. I think she truly despised Rachel’s personality and whole being and I guess it started in castings. But it’s just like some people truly despise Britney and air their opinions about it in a way that’s not unlike Britney.

          Jealousy a lot times is something that women get accused of when they can’t stand another woman. There is really nothing about Rachel to be jealous of. Not to say that I don’t think it was extremely immature of Britney to keep on and on because it was.

          1. You and I might understand that there is nothing about Rachel that anyone should be jealous of, but Britney, she’s young, she doesn’t know that.
            Rachel is a person who loves to attract attention to herself, and does it all the time, and Britney saw that as a threat because Britney too, wants attention from the guys, especially from Brendon, Hayden and Lane.

    2. In the diary room, Lane spoke badly about Enzo a few times. Hillbilly probably have never seen or spoke to someone from the East Coast before.

      1. By the way, I’m so glad Enzo voted for Hayden. Lane did not deserve Enzo’s vote. After running his mouth about Enzo, Lane got what he deserved.

  25. In my opinion, the most successful Big Brother HG is Jeff Schroeder, who not only was on TAR with Jordan, but now has his own show – AWTFF for CBS on the internet, sponsored by AT&T and American Airlines. He is presently in India, halfway on his trip around the world, being filmed by an award winning filmmaker and doing quite well. He has a great personality and is naturally funny. He is not trying to be more than he is, just making the most of what he has. I think CBS will give him bigger shows in the future in mainstream TV. His girlfriend Jordan, the beautiful woman who won BB11, is doing great herself, hosting a weekly show on Superpass, going to school and supporting Jeff on his trip. She does not want great fame, but she will do what she can to support Jeff. These two are in love and they are the nicest couple on TV anywhere. Most of the BB12 HG’s respected them as the best ever (of course, that is before BB12, whose HG’s think of themselves as gods). The next show with Jeff and Jordan will be an engagement party and a wedding on CBS.

    1. Yes, he’s the most successful but that success is pretty limited. I’m a BB fan with time on my hands, I love TAR, and I’ve never watched his show. I bet when he walks down the street, most people don’t recognize him — unlike Rob and Amber, he and Jordan weren’t really recognized on TAR. And to be honest, he’s much more attractive than most of the men on BB 12. Brendon may be just as attractive but Brendon has zero personality.

      1. Well, Boogie has been arrested at least twice and convicted at least once, but I’d argue that Dr. Will is slightly more famous since he was featured in 2 seasons of Dr. 90210. I only know that because I wiki’ed both of them — not because I watched Dr. 90210. It doesn’t look like either of them have done much or anything? in terms of tv since 2008 — even E list fame is fleeting ;). I expect though that Jeff’s fame will be even less longlasting.

  26. AG wants a BB wedding. They have tried their best to push JJ into a televised wedding. They set up the Gnat engagement last season and thought better of televising and paying for the wedding when they realized that nobody wanted to watch that. They tried this year with Brendon and Rachel, but only the most gullible are buying that showmance from hell. AG will keep trying until she gets what she wants, and she won’t even care that most of us wish the showmances would go away and leave the game to people that are there to play. Rachel goes on about what a competitor she is, but a real competitor doesn’t throw away the game in the first week to hook up with some guy she just met. She won 2 HOH competitions, but the first one was a fluke (guess a number tie breaker) and both times she had power she squandered it by sending home girls that posed no threat to her or anyone based on petty jealousy. She ruined Brendon’s HOH by getting him to put up Matt and she alienated everyone in the house with her bully mentality when she should have been lying low, especially after putting a big target on her own back by doing the showmance and flauting it in front of everyone. She is a good competitor only in that lala land where only Rachel lives.

    1. Chloe, I agree. To be even plainer, I think AG wants whatever can expand her empire at CBS. If she can get any of the players any further CBS deals, she’ll be further entrenched and safe. If that takes creating false versions of the contestants, fine. And she’s too lacking in intelligence to realize that if she DIDn’t manipulate and if she didn’t just cast reality tv wannabes, she’d have a much better product on her hands.

      1. I meant to say, she should cast people who love BB and want to win the money — not people who are looking at BB as a ticket to imaginary fame.

  27. Britney says she unemployed? Then get a JOB! How many people from Big Brother went on to have a career in Hollywood or wherever outside of the BB house? Maybe Will and Boogie but that’s it. When the BB season ends there 15 minutes is over.

    1. LOL. The number of BB contestants who’ve subsequently done porn or have subsequently done jail time > the number who have become famous for more than 15 minutes. Even Dr. Will and Boogie are only famous to BB watchers.

    2. I would like to see Rachel takes over Snookie’s role in Jersey Shore. And they can remove all the guys and replace them with Enzo. Let Kristen and Annie replace the rest of the girls. Then rename the show and call it: Enzo’s world, starring Enzo.
      Wait, I’ve forgot Brendon. Well, let Brendon be Enzo’s co star. And the President of the town’s college is Ragan. Matt would be the town’s mayor. Hayden can be the newspaper boy.
      Lane can play the joker that the policeman arrests every other day for driving on the side walks, and Andrew is the town’s doctor.


  29. I wanted brenden for the 25k till I saw his jury vote…ridiculous, all game it was competitions this competitions that…and they vote for lane? sorry brenden, lost all my respect

  30. I was thinking the same thing. When She said it depends I was think you mean it depends on whether Hayden wins the $500,000 or not!

  31. Enzo can be mad all he wants too. The fact is he couldn’t win anything. Maybe if he would have won something he might have been in the Final2.

    1. the only ppl who deserved to win are those that actually made it to the end and won. the ones you think deserved to win are just the ppl you wanted to win.

  32. You are channelling my exact thoughts and feelings regarding this great show that I love so much. It is time to change things up a bit because when players walk into a house and know what games are being played, when it is double elimination, etc., etc., it is time for some new ideas. I too will work for change and throw some ideas out there. Great commentary! Loved every word of it !

    1. Thanks for the link Excitement. So, makes me wonder from Brit’s comment about Rachel, what Rachel is like off camera. On camera, she drove me nuts. Her grating voice killed me and she was so loud.

    2. Hmm interesting about Rachel. I know people love to hate Britney minus the crap in the house. I think she’s well spoken and could be good on TV somewhere.

      1. I agree that Brit could have a career. I hope to see her on television or the movies. I suppose talent scouts watch all the time.
        Note to Brit haters: I mean something good, not creepy. Fans of Enzo and Brachel might turn this around. Enzo had a bad mouth, also, I guess, but Enzo called Brit and Kathy something no one should call anyone. Brit just made fun of HGs, but Yo mf and Brachel were very disturbing to watch.

    3. Britney is ANNOYING! she was funny 10 years ago but it got old fast.

      the only reason she is so expressive with her face is that ever since she was younger she decided it was a way to take the attention off her lazy eye.

      deep down she is uncaring, and she rips on others to make herself feel better.

      she can’t be funny without personal attacks because she is cold.

      its okay to call rachel, brenden, kristen, annie, andrew, or kathy this or that but if someone were to say something to her (like brenden did about Nick) she would porclaim how that wasn’t right.

      Britney has ALL of you fooled and if she knew any of you she would cut you down behind your back unless you did something for her or you had something she wanted.

      Also, she is NOT AMERICAS SWEETHEART. she won the majority of the votes with Brenden in a very close second.

      so when you are laughing with and loving her–she is laughing at you for voting for her.

      Good job Brit voters, she played you too.

      1. So, what you are saying is… you voted for Brit as America’s Favorite? LOL! Seriously, there are many on this site who are not Brit fans at all. I think most people who saw more that CBS’ version on Brit, didn’t like her. However, that could be said about any of the house guests this season. Many of them had some seriously over exaggerated personality flaws. I am sure this is why they were picked to be on the show. Even though I didn’t like Brit, there were times she was funny and I am sure those that liked Brit, just liked her more for those reasons. I wouldn’t want to be friends with her because like you said, she would be nice to you and shred you to bits once you left. It’s an unfortunate way to treat people, but there are many people out there that behave the same way. When I see a person like that, I just see that they actually dislike themselves. She told us that her mom doesn’t like anyone, imagine that being your role model? She also said that Nikc is nice to his friends and talks trash about them. There is a reason they are together, they both do that. I hope as Brit gets older and has more experience she changes for the better. The question I have for you is? Do you personally know Brit?

  33. I love how Julie played the whole Lane loves Brit and Brit loves Lane…..But all in all the bottom line here is, he only wanted to take Brit to the final two because he knew he could only win AGAINST her with the jury votes (said so in the DR room)….love how they conveintly leave that out!! Can’t wait for good old Brit too see the tapes…ROLL THEM!!!

    1. thank you, I was hoping someone else would say that, he was 100% loyal to the brigade until ragan talked to him, then he finally used that pea brain of his, and decided maybe I should take britney to the final 2,
      the sad thing is even when she watches the show, she will still be denial and won’t be able to see it

      1. Hi Michelle, after reading all your insightful (!) comments about Lane, it’s easy to see who the dumbass really is.

    2. Yes, that whole false assumption from the misconstruing edit of his statements really annoyed me. Not as much as Britney leaping blindly to his defense — boy, she’s a dummy! He also admitted in an interview yesterday (realityworld, maybe?) that he’d wanted to take her because he knew he could beat her. He also said he could beat Enzo. I think Enzo, Lane, and Britney should all be in a room together and Enzo and Britney should be forced to listen and react to Lane’s true statements, without the annoying editing. Enzo is convinced that he would have won in the final two!

    3. Just because Lane wants to sleep with Brit doesn’t mean he is in “love” with her and vise versa. However, I do think Brit is seriously enamored with Lane. Shei s crushing hard. Not sure why, but she is.

  34. I’ve never knew viewers to be so jealous. Kristen is an attractive single young lady. She can date who have she wants. She just happens to want Hayden. Smart girl, who on earth wants someone who is broke. Zero plus Zero= Zero. Somebody needs to have some money.

  35. This whole reality TV thing has gone in the wrong direction. Between “Housewives of wherever” Apprentice and now Big brother , all these cast memembers want to do is leap into a TV career and become famous. Thay are all mugging the camera or some product they want people to buy into. This Big Brother Finale was the worst . How many times did we have to hear about Vegas or Steamboat. THey were all strokin their own egos more then Lane in the shower.
    Now we have Enzo with his delusions of celebrity. I doubt there was any agent there waiting to sign him. Maybe, at most, they do some appearances at local bars. Very few move to bigger and better. maybe…PAINT FUMES in the big brother house? They are smokin something in there.

    Enzo is talking himself up to the point of nausea. He is starting to sound like Jesse(food smak’n and all).
    It becomes old and unattractive. With all of his BS talk he is overexposing himself where no one will want him. MEOW MEOW!!!! You’re kidding me? Just as Bad as “THE SITUATION”.
    How about LADY GAGA in a meat dress. When will someone finally come forward and say ” ENOUGH OF THIS BULLCRAP” -“YOUR ANTICS ARE STUPID”.
    Didn’t anyone learn from Prince after he changed his name to a symbol.

    1. the situation is on dws and making 5 million this year, im just saying . once enzo gets training in how to act and do interviews he’ll be ok, hes just trying to hard to entertain us but when he learns to just to be himself ,thats when hes funny when hes not over the top,

  36. Rachel and Brendon are so stupid. Since when do you pick a BB winner based soley on social skills? Does it not matter that Lane and Enzo have the brains of a door knob? Does it not matter that Lane doesn’t even know what a bragade is? Does it not matter that between them, Lane and Enzo only one 2 or 3 competitions? All of these things are important-not just having social skills. And Hayden’s social skills were just as good as any other player. They just didn’t vote for Hayden because someone told them Hayden talked smack about them. How childish. Who doesn’t on big brother? Get a grip. If they have children, I sure hope they look like Brendon! Rachel looks like she’s been passed around more ttimes than a joint at a Greatful Dead concert!

    1. Their whole game play was whacked out! They had some collectively weird ideas and thoughts about integrity and being a competitor. When they showed the Hg talking in the backyard about the 3 left, I knew from Rachel saying Lane plaed a better social game that she would give her his vote. That being said, Brendon was going to vote her way regardless. I think they were mad that Hayden is the one that sent him home when he was HOH.

  37. Well, I follow Rachel on Twitter, and she just followed me back! :D
    I just want to say, I’m happy for Rach and Brendon. They seem genuinely happy.
    Rachel was the only houseguest who brought us drama. Love her or hate her, she was entertaining.
    She is feisty and sparky, and I love that.
    I can’t wait until BB14 when it’s an all stars, and Rachel comes back, and hopefully wins the whole damn thing.

    1. at least rachel and brendon seemed happy, britney on the other hand, had that dumb fake smile on her face, and monet just looked angry all night

      1. Monet was kissing Brendon – did you see her face? Pro Active people, use it, love it.. I have no clue how Monet could have been a model.

  38. What does her boyfriend’s behavior have to do with anything? That is so illogical. You don’t form opinions about one person’s behavior based on what someone else might/could do. No, a person’s behavior is based on their own value system.

  39. Did anyone notice how Julie kept asking Lane question’s more so then Hayden? And the comment she made about Enzo….how everyone (viewers) liked him?

  40. It’s funny how people say “Britney Haters” are pathetic and stupid. People who dislike Britney feel that way because of her actions. Britney wasn’t a very nice person in that House. She was downright nasty. Was some of the things she said Humorous? Sure. But the majority of it was vicious. That is why a lot of people can’t stand the girl.

  41. Why does Matt continue to lie and say he invented the brigade (or rather the bra-gade)? It’s on tape that Enzo invented the brigade. Matt’s only proof is that he was called the brains! So what, the real brains behind the bg was Enzo since he knew when to get Matt out. Matt is a pathological liar, you’re out of the house and it’s time to stop lying.

    1. i think they both started it, on the first day they were sitting talking about making an alliance and who they can trust, enzo came into the house wanting to make an alliance so it was already in his head and matt the brains probably had it in his mind to,so him and matt both said lets go talk to hayden and lane,so the both went up with the idea,enzo just put into affect ,he named it and named the guys,so its his baby, but bb production said that it was a combine effort between matt and enzo to start the alliance,

  42. all you people whining about how brendon should have won the 25k

    he gave up 500k = $500,000, Half a Million Dollars and played the game for Rachel the moment he fell for her, THATS IT. Brittney while she did not deserve the money neither she PLAYED FOR 500k and was entertaining.

    i was surprised Rachel didn’t win as she caused the drama, but seeing as she didn’t have ANY “social game” which is the real reason her and brendon lost because they had a chance to get back with the house after Annie got evicted but they stupidly chose to play the victims and continue to keep the house against them and isolating themselves and going on power trips pushing their alliances away from them their only “game play” was in competitions.

    Matt should have won because without him Haydon Enzo, and Lane wouldn’t have had a chance.

    with production rigging every comp so they could chose who won and them letting obvious cheating slide NOBODY this season deserved or even EARNED anything they won,

    those of you wanting them back for All-Stars seek HELP immediately, nobody wants to see a repeat of this season and every one of them would play the same game if they are called back.

  43. Simon and Dawg love your site! Does anyone know where the Vegas bash is tonight? My friends are in Vegas right now and want to check it out. I have looked on the net but can’t find it. Last Year’s was held at a Hotel M which is far away from downtown. We actually stay there every time we go to Vegas and love it. BTW my friend is who is out there sat next to Brittany today at PF Changs! She chickened out and did not say anything:(
    Thanks for any info

  44. now brit is trying to get money from fans for her house burning “to the ground” as she says. they are going to start a fund because she has no insurance and lost everything.

    let her fans pay for her new house, clothes etc. and let her laugh at them when she is spending their money!

    1. In a way it’s very sadly ironic. America gives Brit the money but she has to spend it I am guessing on rebuilding her life after the fire. What a waste! Life knows how to play games with all of us.

      1. She should be celebrating that she won that 25K which can help make things better (how lucky is that, winning unexpected money when she needs it most); rather than being disgruntled that she can’t use that unexpected money for a European vacation. She could also get a loan from her good friend Lane (he’s just like a brother) if that 25K isn’t enough. And if that 14K (after taxes) isn’t enough, what kind of luxiorous belongings did she have as a 22 year old??!

    2. Sad. I think her AC should be used to replace her belongings and it was fortuitous that she won. However, I don’t think she should be looking for donations from her fans. There are plenty of people facing far greater hardship right now in the US that I would wish those donations to go to. There are the traditional worthy causes in our country and then there are also those that are due to the economy. There are unemployed parents, who are now homeless and are struggling for money to feed and clothe their children. There are people who are unemployed, can’t afford medical insurance because it’s 700 or so dollars a month, and have serious health issues for which they can’t afford treatment. Read some of the unemployed stories at ask dot com http://jobsearch.about.com/u/sty/unemployment/unemployedstory/ and tell me that those people don’t deserve charitable donations MORE than Ms. Britney with her 25K + stipend.

  45. I wonder if America’s player was choosen before America voted. The President of CBS’s wife, Julie Chen, said in her blog how delighted she was Britt won AP because she was one of her favorite people. Britt won $10,000 + $25,000. Not bad for 60 days…. She needs to be glad CBS loves her.

    Does any one know who came in 2nd?

    1. Right, so she has 25K (AC), 10K (comp with DR help), and stipend = ~47K . And she still wants donations for her furnishings that burned? That’s more than many people earn in a year!

        1. She’ll have in the high 20s. And Uncle Sam takes taxes out of wages — it’s still true that many people don’t earn 47K pre-taxes a year!

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