Big Brother 12 Spoilers:Lane tells Enzo that when he gets out he is going to be at the airport thinking that people are trying to backdoor him…

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1:35pm Matt, Hayden, Ragan, Lane and Britney are all laying by the pool.  They are talking about sports and other random things.


1:40pm – 2pm Kathy and Ezno are talking on the backyard couch about how bad they want Britney out of the house.  Enzo says that he thinks Brendon will put up Matt this week but that he is going to have a talk with Brendon later about putting up Britney.  Enzo says that he really needs to win HOH next week.  Kathy says that Britney just wants to be here with all the guys because she thinks she can manipulate them.  Enzo says that the first think he will do if he wins HOH is to put her up.  Enzo says that Britney only talks about her self and tells the same stories over and over again.  Kathy says that she doesn’t think Britney could even tell her what her brothers name is… cause all she does is talk about herself.  Enzo says that if he wins HOH he is turning this house up side down.  Enzo says that he would love to back door Britney this week.  Enzo thinks its smarter to get out Britney this week because she could win HOH next week.  Kathy says yeah Britney is dangerous.  Enzo says that if Britney gets on the block this week she it gone …she is gone.  Kathy says see how confident she is right now … if that was me I would be freaking out right now.  Enzo says that he is going to tell Brendon that Rachel doesn’t care if it is Matt or Britney that goes home.  Enzo says that she probably just said Matt because its easier to spell.  Enzo says that she gets what she wants … she is too young …she is not getting this money.  Kathy says that Britney tried to get into Rachel’s head and throw everyone under the bus. Kathy says that Britney such a princess and that she can’t even clean up after herself. Kathy says that she is glad Ezno is here …if he wasn’t she would have probably told them to put her up on the block already. Brendon comes out to the pool.  Kathy says just watch home much ass she kisses.  Enzo says yeah watch …she’ll be asking if she can lick his ass hole. Ragan joins them on the couch and kills their Britney bashing conversation.
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2pm – 2:20pm Kathy leaves and Enzo asks Ragan who he thinks lied about saying he was the saboteur. Ragan says that he doesn’t think that you can trust anything that Brendon and Rachel say. Ragan says that everyone that has gotten close to them has gotten burned… just think about it … Annie, Andrew, Me, Britney… Enzo says yeah, yeah… Ragan says that Brendon told everyone something different about who he was going to nominate. Enzo says yeah he told be Lane and Britney. Ragan says that he thinks that Brendon will try and make deals with everyone and that you cant make deals with everyone. Ragan says that Brendon has his back up against the wall and that he needs to win the POV or he is gone… Ragan says how good would that be if Brendon is gone. Enzo says yeah oh yeah! Enzo asks so we have to do this all over again …we have to all go up there and talk to him again.. Ragan says that he is going to. Ezno says well yeah …you have the POV. Enzo starts talking about tonight’s show …saying that he is going to get embarrassed about how he competed in the rope challenge. Enzo and Ragan agree that the rope challenge was far and away the hardest competition they have ever had. They talk about how they just don’t know what type of competition will be next. Enzo says that at one point in the challenge he wanted to cry and that he was praying that someone would just win so that he could just be done with it. Ragan and Ezno make fun of how each week Kathy gets tired and gives up. Enzo says and she is always asking if she can have a cigarette. Ragan says when he was a smoker he would never ask anyone if he could light up …Enzo says yeah that he keeps telling her to just be herself. Ragan asks who Ezno thinks will go up … Enzo says that he doesn’t know ..maybe Matt …and that he is definitely going to talk to him (Brendon) today. Big Brother calls Ragan in to the diary room.


2:20pm – 2:30pm Matt and Enzo talk on the couch. Matt asks what Ragan and him were talking about. Enzo says that they were talking about who they think will go up on the block. Enzo and Matt agree that they both need to talk to Brendon some more. Enzo says that his ass is hurting from doing the doggy paddle …that he uses his ass more than anything. Matt leaves to go lay out. Kathy sits down, then gets called to the diary room. She says no I’m eating … then she gets up and goes. Ragan comes back out and sits down with Enzo. They talk about being a have not and having to eat escargot. Enzo says its like snot. Ragan makes fun of how Rachel said she loves escargot …Ragan says yeah because you are one… Lane comes out and sits down on the couch and Ragan leaves to talk to Matt near the pool. Lane tells Enzo that when he gets out he is going to be at the airport thinking that people are trying to backdoor him. They laugh.

2:35pm Ragan tell Matt that he thinks the people that have made a deal with Brendon won’t try to hard to win the next HOH. They plot about how they want to get Brendon out. Matt tells Ragan that he doesn’t really want to talk about it anymore to day because its his only day to lay out and relax.
2:50pm Kathy goes up to the HOH room to talk to Brendon. Brendon tells Kathy that he really wanted to talk to her because he figured that Rachel probably told her the most. Kathy says that Rachel said that she loves him and misses him but doesn’t want to see him in the jury house. Kathy says that Rachel told her not to worry about sending people into the house that she doesn’t like. Kathy says that Rachel told her that she wants her, Brendon, Enzo and Hayden to stick together. Rachel says that she really wants Britney and Matt gone. Kathy talks about all the drama from last night, the Ragan & Rachel fight and the Enzo & Britney fight. Kathy says that she has never seen Enzo so mad. Brendon asks how it all got started. Kathy says that shes not sure that she missed the beginning of it. Kathy says again that her and him need to stick together because if they don’t they will be gone one after the other. Kathy says that she really needs to win HOH. Kathy says that the house is split into two sides and they need to win. Kathy says that Britney is a spoiled little princess that has traveled more than her and her whole family. Kathy says that Rachel was going to leave your deodorant but it smelled like you so she took it…
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84 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers:Lane tells Enzo that when he gets out he is going to be at the airport thinking that people are trying to backdoor him…

  1. So Kathy will be the replacement (Matt is playing the game, so Brendon won’t choose him) and Kathy & Lane will both go home. Matt won’t need to use the dpov and will be safe along with Brit and Ragan.

        1. Yes. In a double eviction they have an entire new HOH comp then things get speeded up (new nominations & POV comp) to squeeze in that second eviction for the week.

        2. You’ re right. However, I don’t think there will be a double evic tion this week. This crew is so boring the procucers will try to manipulate the house to get Matt up (by Brendon and it won’t be too hard, Brendon wants him up) so that Matt can use the DVeto. The producers will save the double eviction for another week.

    1. matt or brit will go up (per rachels message left for brendon) but if matt goes up he will use the dpov (he wants to) and then matt will put up kathy and she will go home.

      1. that is why I want Brit to go up. She will be shocked. Kathy leaving won’t make a difference to thedynamics of the house.

    2. Your not making any sense. Brendon wont put kathy up, if you
      read you can see that brendon and kathy are close. Now if he put
      matt up, matt then would use the DPOV and Matt would either put kathy
      or Britney up, which either kathy or britney would go home. Only one person
      get evicted each week unless is double eviction.

      1. regardless of who goes up Matt can still us the DPOV….basically it is like he is HOH. Brendon has to chose a replacement for Ragan, but after that Matt can do whatever he wants. I hope he puts up Enzo and then Matt, Ragan & Brittney will vote for him to leave!!!

        1. Matt pickes the replacement and if he has not turned on the Brigade then he will put up Britney because that is what they want. I hope so !!

  2. please call 911 !! anybody !! please call 911 !! somebody please call 911 !!
    im having a heart attack from all the action thats been happening today !!

  3. Who cares how much Britney has traveled or how old she is. If they want to say get rid of her because she two faced or dangerous that’s one thing. Enzo and Kathy sound like two poor people who hate or somebody because they think that aren’t entitled to money because they are well off or they think someone is well off.

    Neither one of them deserve the money more than anybody else in the house. Kathy herself comes off like she’s entitled by not trying harder. She doesn’t deserve the money more because she had cancer. I would love to see one of these two go.

    1. You’re wrong – Kathy needs $ to support her cigarette habit! Gawd, I know it’s a difficult habit to break, but CANCER would be an extra incentive to try to break it. And, she absolutely does nothing in the comps, except “take one for the team” by being the first one out? Her reasoning is so out of whack!

      1. lol I loved how she was pretending like she was doing everyone a favour by dropping first. Like she wouldn’t have anyway.

    2. but Matt deserves it because his wife is seriously ill, right?! Of course no one in the house really deserves it, but someone will end up winning it because that is the game. I think Kathy is just making a point about what a princess Brit is with her traveling and such.

      1. That’s rude of you to talk about her eyes. Is that something she can help? You are just as bad as her if your actually going to say something about a physical impairment that she has.

    3. What world do you live in? These are people with normal human emotions so of course they will form biases against others in the house. They all think Matt’s wife is ill so they will think twice before getting rid of him. They know Britney thinks she is a “princess” (or is that Ragan…LOL) so they would be less likely to want her to win the money. Like it or not, as Earth Wind & Fire would say: “That’s the way of the world”.

    4. I agree with Marisa and anyone else about the hateful way Kathy and Enzo are dogging Britney. Pure jealousy. If Kathy hasn’t traveled, she has only herself to blame.
      My hub and I took our kids all over the US while they were little. That doesn’t by any means say that we are rich or that they were spoiled. We camped out a lot.
      I really hate the unnecessary vulgarity coming out of Enzo’s mouth. I hope his mama takes a switch to him when he gets home. I used to like him… and Kathy is a sad excuse for a friend. wow!

      1. Agreed! I’m in the education field. we don’t make a LOT of money but i’ve saved up and gone antiquing in Europe & skiiing Canada several times, i travel to present at conferences all over the country – but i’m not rich nor will i EVER be. I just make a priority to expand my world with travel. Besides, it doesn’t matter even if her parents are rich, she’s not – Nick’s not… that diamond on her hand though nice is only a half carat – besides it’s never about who DESERVES the money it’s all about who EARNS it with amusing dialog, smart game play & drama.

      2. Karen, I can’t believe you call Kathy and Enzo hateful. Kathy and Enzo are SAINTS compared to the way Brit has behaved and compared to the unbelievably nasty, truly HATEFUL things Brit has said.

        1. Brittany has not done anything that everyone else hasnt done on this show before..She is at least honest and doesnt fake friendship like Enzo..he kisses up to everyone and plus Enzo what the heck has he done..NOTHING!

  4. Kathy is what they used to call a Flip-Flopper. She switches sides from one conversation to the next. She is playing the game.

      1. Kathy is a floater, who has won nothing, but talks shit that she is “doing something” They need to get rid of her, or she will be another Jordan

  5. Enzo talking about Brit kissing/licking Brendon’s ass? HA! That’s what he’s been doing. I really, really would rather see Brendon in the house than Enzo! GO HOME ALREADY!

    1. I agree I use to love Enzo, but he is getting on my nerves this week…talks major shit and does nothing…its time for him to go

    2. I agree too. I thought he was going to be the funny one in the house but now it is just, “YO! Next time, when I F…”n win the F…’n HOH YO! I’m going to F…’n tear up the house YO!” OMG! Do something then or Go Home!

    3. I agree 100 percent.. he had some nerve talking to Brenden about people who havent done anything in this game..what has he done but to make a fool out of himself meow meow get real old are you anyway?

  6. Kathy and Enzo are the last two people that should be talking about getting someone out. They couldn’t win if it were just the two of them playing. Enzo makes me sick. He is such a pig sometimes. He is trying to call the shots without doing a damn thing. They really need to get him out. Enzo is useless.
    I’m tired of seeing Kathy just sitting back sleeping, smoking, eating, complaining about not being able to smoke..etc, She needs to go home already. Although if I were playing the game, I’d want her in the final 3. It would be a sure thing.
    I really hope Brendon puts Matt up where we can see Matt use his DPOV and watch the expression on Brendon’s face. I do like Brendon better without Roachel. She brings out the worst in him. Wake up Brendon,and run like hell from her when you get out of that house.

    I hope Brit doesn’t go up. I really want to see her win HOH and shake things up for Enzo and the rest of the Brigade.

  7. “Kathy says that Rachel was going to leave your deodorant but it smelled like you so she took it…”
    I don’t know what is funnier – Boy George doing this or Kathy telling Brendover, since to him that is a compliment and evidence of her true love for him. Either way, it made me giggle.

  8. UGGGGHHH!!!! KATHY NEEDS TO GO!!! She talks about Brit kissing ass when thats all she does. She drives me insane. Send her tired ass home already!

      1. And both are smart to do it because it’s advantageous to make the other house guests think something bad about anyone who isn’t you.

        1. Weren’t you the one saying the other day how Brendon/Rachel weren’t nice and respectful to other people … and then you went on to talk about how great Brit was?

  9. after all the day’s events, it seems clear that Enzo and Hayden are currently the most devious. I’d choose Enzo to go if I could.

  10. I so wish Matt would go home this week but no matter what I know that isn’t possible because of his dpov. He is the most annoying of the all!! He is soooooooooo cocky and arrogunt he makes me sick to watch.

    1. Yeah but Enzo is MUCH more arrogant and has doen much less. Atleast Matt won 2 HOHs, Enzo’s misplaced confidence is the most sickening.

      1. Enzo is lazy…and Matt is just to into himself…sometimes I do think him and Ragan are alot closer that u think..I mean Ragan was in his hoh bed with him..

  11. Saboteur failed at turning Brenchel against each other so does this mean his assignment is over? i don’t get it at all. Saboteur’s mission is to go undetected. But all he does is checks the laptop then BB plays a message on the monitor. So how could someone detect him? Walk in on his diary session?? Makes no sense

    1. he don;lt have to succeed at doing what he’s asked he just has to try…. he’s completed his tasks as sab 20k will be commin to him

    2. I think the same thing their having him pick missions that can’t be accomplished for certain. So does he still win the $$$?? They will probabaly clip bits and pieces together making it look like he did complete the missions and that everyone feel for them. But if u watch the live feeds and BBAD u know it didn’t happen that way, I guess he gets the money as long as he doesn’t get caught.

      1. to me having completed the mission doesn’t only mean that he puts it into peoples heads but that they actually fall for it too. he has put ideas int peoples heads but they haven’t fallen for all of them. so does that count??

    1. I think that lie made many people dislike him on that fact alone. I know it made me dislike him. He is the only one left in the house right now, that I definitely don’t want to win. I have no favorites, but he is my least favorite of the least favorite.

    2. Maybe they should have voted him out early on so he could have gone home to take care of his “sick wife”. THAT would have been hilarious to have his lie backfire on him like that. Of course now that is a moot point since he would go to the jury house for the duration instead of home to his wife. Matt’s blog said his mom instructed him to in no way to involve her in a lie to further his game. Evidently he promised to not use his mom and used his wife instead. What a douche!

      1. ITA he is a douche! I really hope if he some how ends up in the final two that Julie brings up the lie about his wife before the house guests vote. Or it comes out in the jury house. It would be sickening if he won because of a lie. I know, he is playing a game, but even that crossed ethical lines!

        1. I would be sickened if he won because of that lie as well but only because people should vote based on game play and not stupid personal reasons. Anyone who would give him the money for that reason is an idiot anyway so I don’t care if their vote is based on a lie.

          1. OK stooopid question: but where are y’all getting info about Matt’s “blog” ?? I thought paper & pencil were not allowed in the house the same as the interwebs. So how is he publishing his blog? Does he talk about what he would write?

            1. The HOH writes a blog & also twitters during his/her reign. Go to, under the community tab to find the HOH blog.

            2. Each HOH writes a blog (on computer of course) to put down their thought s of what is going on in the house that week. They also get a chance to say things (obviously in a one-sided way) to their loved ones back home. Although it isn’t found on this site it can be found at

          2. I agree. It’s part of his strategy to cover all the bases – some people vote on game play, some on who they like, some on who they think deserves the money for whatever dumb reason. I would vote on game play. I couldn’t care less about the lie about his wife.

  12. I bet kathy goes home this week because Brendon will put up Matt as Reagan’s replacement and then MAtt will use the dpov and put up Kathy because he gets to choose his replacement on the block if he uses it. He will put up Kathy because it will cause the least amount of drama.

    1. That’s what I think will happen. However it will divide the house since Enzo will expect him to put up Britney. If that’s how it plays out, next week will be Matt, Ragan, and Britney vs Brenden, Enzo, and Hayden with Lane in the middle (most likely).

  13. Seriously Enzo and Kathy? Why don’t you guys actually do something instead of just talking smack about people and who you want leaving. If you want someone to leave, take charge. You know like, maybe win a competition? That would be refreshing. I’m hoping for Matt to find out about Enzo/Hayden, get nominated, use the DPOV, and put Enzo up.
    My Perfect Scenarios:
    Final 5 – Brit, Lane, Ragan, Matt, Brendon
    Final 4 – Brit, Lane, Ragan, Matt
    May the best one win!

  14. It seems most likely Brendon will put up Matt instead of Britney, eventho everyone’s pushing hard at trying to get Britney on the block. But Brendon seems hard-nosed on trying to get Matt out first. So, i foresee Matt going up on the block, then he’ll use his DPOV and then Britney will get backdoored. Poor Britney. Britney VS Lane, on the block. lol. but it’s gonna be so cool to see Matt pull out the Diamond POV! it’s gonna be fun!

  15. hmmm how about they stop big brother 12 because every one of them don;t deserve the money,, and we all split the 550k????

  16. Matt and his cousin (or are they half brothers?) Ragan will make it to the final 4 as they will continue to cover each other’s back. I think the original sab was NOT lieing about two people knowing each other their entire lives…it’s Matt & Ragan! Thoughts?

      1. I laugh every time is see you all say *drink*. What a great drunken season!!! (unless you are drinking pepsi, then it is just a great caffeinated season!!!)

    1. I think it’s Matt and Ragan too. Ragan was totally upset thinking that Matt might be put on the block and go home….way TOO upset!!!

  17. Out of the entire house Kathy and Enzo ahve the least to be proud of. It’s so nausiating how cocky they are. A few conversations with Enzo and Kathy thinks she’s going to the end and Enzo has always acted like he owned this game despite the fact he’s done nothing to back it up. I really hope Enzo is gone this week or next. He needs to go.

  18. Did anybody else notice that after Rachel told Hayden about his Justin Bieber (sp) haircut, he suddenly changed up his style?Hayden hasn’t won much of anything but he’s not as intoerable as the rest of them. I’m officially pushing for him to win.

  19. Just a thought I dont know if anyone has has thought about, but it was said once someone in the house knew each other before they came in the house …right? Well has anyone noticed how close brit and Lane are..Just wondering if maybe Lane is the fiance.

    1. Lane is not Nick. They interviewed Nick on another station and showed pictures of him an Britney together. He is not Lane.

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