Big Brother 12 Spoilers – New Final 5 Deal, Pool Tournament, and a Upcoming Sab Message

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:02pm Big Brother Out Door Lock down in effect everyone asking Brendon questions about his time spent outside the house during his Pandora’s Box Reward. Brendon says he was blocked off to any outside communication. He explains that they gave him some beer and he was given a breakfast burrito. Live Feeds cutting out a lot during this conversation. Brendon tells them he was given a massage, the last time he had a massage was a while ago it was very relaxing for him. Brendon wishes he would of been able to see Rachel. Kathy being unusually chatty right now saying that Rachel told her that she gave him a massage every day so don’t lie (she’s joking around trying to be close to brendon). Brendon and Lane decide to go play pool. Enzo talks about who the heavy weights are in their pool league. They start talking about separating the tournaments and have a day bowl and a night bowl. Lane and Brendon are playing pool, Brendon is going over hi time outside of the house, says he was blindfolded. Brendon asks them about Rachel, he wants to know if she told them about the jury house specifically how many people are in the house. They tell him she didn’t know, Lane mentions to Brendon that in the Jury house you can’t share a bed with other houseguests.. Brendon” oh come on BB you know I won’t talk game”. Enzo starts showing them a Pool shot he did before while playing Lane it was a very tough shot. Lane mentions that he still won. Enzo asks if it’s Brit and Ragan after this match, Lane thinks it is. Brit starts to impersonating the robot. “Lane LAne everything is the big in Texas except your brain”. Enzo says he wanted to smash that robot and send him to the recycling depot.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:20pm Matt Plays Brit In the background enzo is doing a competary to the game, enzo: “Will the gremlin’s way work in such heat.. he’s rested in his gremlin cave and bow he is ready to come out and play.. He’s soaked in the pool so there should be many time more gremlins running around”. Brit and Matt Finnish up and Ragan and Enzo start to play, Theres really not much talk going one, at one point MAtt says that Rachel was suppose to show them how to make escargot because there was a special way to make.. but she left before she could tell them. Matt saying they might get a saboteur message tonight. They all seemed thrilled. Brendon wonders if Annie had made it all the way to week 5 and made the 50grand if they would of reintroduced the sab again. Matt thinks theres a chance seems like CBS is throwing in a lot of lets shit into the game. Matt thinks that CBS based their entire season on the saboteur and they got her out in the first week so maybe they never did plan on a second sab 1/2 way through.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:40pm doors open up lockdown over Ragan and Brit start playing pool. Brit brings up how badly Ragan roasted Rachel yesterday, Brit: “I can’t believe you called her a read haded parrot from hell” They start doing their Good “shot babe” (teasing how Brendon said that to rachel after every single pool shot)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:50pm backyard Couch Matt and HAyden Matt says that Brendon asked him about a final 5 with the guys and him. Brendon wants to put up Kathy and vote her out but he wants the entire house to be on the same page. Brendon was telling Matt that he wants the strongest competitors in the final 5 the ones taht deserve to be there the most. Matt tells him Brendon is going to go talk to them later. hayden :”So the final 5 is brigade plus brendon” Matt: “Yeah”


4:05pm Pool tournament still going on, Brendon, Matt and Brit talking about which states have southern culture. they cover racism in the south and how california is much more multicultural. Brit and Matt think that racism is a problem it’s just that they have white schools and black schools in Arkansas. Matt adds that it’s the same thing in hi hometown.

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86 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – New Final 5 Deal, Pool Tournament, and a Upcoming Sab Message

    1. Sorry, but have you been watching this season? Matt doesn’t want to dirty his hands at all… he needs to grab his cajones and use them!

      1. Matt’s been grabbing his cajoneis (sp) all season, he just hasn’t used them. Maybe now he’ll man up and put some stroke behind his actions!

          1. I’m pretty sure he gets to pick who goes up though, like the Wizard power. He should get Enzo’s useless ass out. But he wont cause he’s too stupid to see his alliance is gunning for him.

    1. why would matt use the dpov and “out” himself being sneaky when he just sits back and lets Brendon put Kathy up as the replacement. Brendon has said repeatedly that he (Brendon) wants the people to stay who DESERVE to be there because they are playing the game. Now, Matt had one opportunity already to use the dpov last week and he only has 1 chance left to use it if Brendon names him to replace Ragen who won POV. IF there is a double eviction this week, then everybody is at risk, depending on who the 2nd HOH would be and this will be exciting! New alliances again, even if it is a single eviction.

      Enzo has a big mouth, he will let something slip about the brigade’s inner circle.

    1. Who the heck knows? This house flip flops from sec to sec. Brendon has made a deal with almost everyone it seems, except Kathy. Maybe that is why?!

      1. I hope he is just tring to throw people off until the actual ceremony. It justconfused me because this seemed to come out of nowhere

    2. Who really knows how this moron’s mind works? I guess Brendon has the weird honor system that makes no sense and he thinks it is a strategy. Something along the lines of competitors should stay in the game, maybe because he thinks that would make Boy George proud of him? He conveniently forgets that he was begging to be voted out last week. He reminds me of that self-important deluded douchebag Coach from Survivor.

    3. The most confusing part of this year’s game is how these people come to choose who they are putting up, or why, or how… come on people, get a game plan going already, we are half way through the season!

    1. I agree – I cannot wait until they can put him back on the block for eviction. Of course, we will have to endure watching him pout, mope, and cry himself to sleep for a week. If it were not so hilarious, I don’t know if I could watch it again – what a drama queen.

  1. He’s not going to put Kathy up. I do think Matt will if he goes up. I’m so hoping Matt goes up. Send Sleeper Cell Kathy back to Mayberry. I really wish I knew what they were yelling at her in the DR about? It couldn’t have been only about overfeeding the fish.

      1. She mentioned last night on BBAD that she got yelled at in the DR and they hurt her feelings. She only specifically mentioned she got in trouble for overfeeding the fish but she didn’t mention what else she was in trouble for. I think they probably did yell at her about not playing. Seems like afterwards she has been trying to do some (minimal) game play.

        1. It really could have been for over feeding the fish. She was complaining that they hadn’t gotten her more fish food. If you don’t have fish yourself, you can over feed them. They do not need as much food as one would think they do. Not only can over feeding the fish kill them but it can contaminate the water and kill the oxgen level. Just a thought and lesson I learned while killing my fish…….

    1. When did that happen? They are probably trying to wake her up so they have something to edit of her. I keep forgetting she is on this show.

  2. oh PLEASE get rid of that kathy. cannot stand her. she had done absolutely nothing. she is going to end up like zack and make it to the final 3. get rid of her now……………………

    1. Kathy is one of the all time biggest floaters ever to play this game. She is dull to watch, smokes constantly, sleeps, and has no game. I agree, please let this woman be eliminated, and soon!

  3. good grief. first they want Matt out. now they want him back in. and strongest players? please. the weaker players sometimes survive (Jordan comes to mind). Enzo, Lane and Hayden are not strong. they’ve just done other things to stay. what Brendon says is bullshit about the strongest players. the strongest players are Matt and Ragan and maybe Brit. and someone said earlier Kathy has become a flip-flopper.. attaching herself to whoever’s in good graces at the moment. i agree with that and tired of it. i’m gonna be pissed if Matt chooses these Brigade idiots over Ragan and Brit.

    1. I so agree with u! it just kind of cunfuesses me how hes like “flaoters, flaoters floaters.” then hes like making deals with enzo?????

    2. why would he do that kathy wont vote for him and betraying three people in an original alliance wont get him votes either should he make it to the final 2. would be a bad move for him

  4. sorry Simon, but it’s message not massage…….massage and much more is what rachael gave her man last night………am really sure they saw each then or yesterday before she came into the house

  5. why does matt walk around with his shirt open all the time he has no muscles what so ever it kind of creeps me out he looks like he could be regans lover

  6. If I were Matt and I got put up as a replacement I would use the DPoV and putt Enzo up! Matt Brit and Regan vote for Lane, Kathy and Hayden vote for Enzo. Enzo goes home.

  7. Anyone on East Coast time know if BB will air later than 8? There’s a golf tournament on and it stated CBS 60 minutes will follow. Ugh, this is messing up with my shows. TRUE BLOOD is on at 9. ='(

  8. Stupid golf tournament is on CBS here – I hope it’s over & BB can come on at regular time….60 Minutes hasn’t aired yet, either. Please don’t let me miss my BB with the HOH win & nominations ceremony!!!

  9. Can we watch it free on the CBS website?

    This is KILLING ME! I based on whole day around 8 pm EST to be home and ready to watch. Sports should be on C-span and NO WHERE ELSE. = – )

    1. C-span? Do you mean ESPN? C-span is where you get to watch those douchebags that are “running” our country into the ground and ruining it for future generations.

    2. yes its free, but you have to wait until after midnight.. sometimes 1:00.. I work 2nd shift so I watch it there during the week~

  10. This is crazy but I want Brendon to put up Matt, then Matt uses POV & put up Britney…. Then I believe that the Brigade will not trust Matt anymore & Matt will play a whole new game… He deserves to win the most amongst the Brigade…

    1. im sorry, but i dont understand how the brigade could be mad. if matt told anyone about the DPOV he would lose it. only people that should be mad at him are the people he would screw over, like when jeff used that couppy thingy last year.

  11. looks like they will be showing 60 mins after “wasted land” a,k,a golf….so will be waiting til 11 to watch BB

  12. Don’t worry y’all – it’s coming on CBS at 8 Central Time (9 EST etc. etc.) – or a quarter after that to be specific. :)

  13. I’m trying to pay and it won’t accept my zip code, 77056! I’ll pay, I promise! It just won’t accept my zip code!

  14. I am from Arkansas and I think there is a relationship between Britney and Kathy. But I need some help. Did Britney go to the University of Arkansas???? I know that she wears alot of their gear, but everyone here does.
    I am thinking that Britney had a relationship with a football player from Arkansas named Peyton Hillis (age 24), who nows plays football for the Cleveland Browns. Kathy’s last name is Hillis. Maybe a connection.

    1. B-ART, Britney did go to the U of A but she did not date Peyton Hillis. She dated her high school sweetheart (who also attended the U of A) while she was in college.

  15. Of course, it’s already half over and may be entirely over by the time you guys read the message. Sorry!

  16. I am so mad BB isn’t on. I can’t wait for it to come on and now I have to wait. UGGGHHHHH. In other news I really hope Brendan puts up brit. If he don’t kathy will go and that’s a waste of an hoh. If Matt goes up the only thing he would is put kathy up cause he is such a puss. Brit needs to step down off the pedestal for awhile and off Lanes nuts.

  17. I really feel sorry for Kathy, I really really do, you can just look @ her & see she is not well or feeling good. { yes she smokes & it’s bad & all that stuff, but try & walk in her shoes, she is a live & needs money just like the world. I don’t think she has the energy or the will power to even play in the games. } she look.s awful & she is always laying down or laying back onto a chair or couch, I give her all my prayers & hope ahe dose well the rest of the game. She is only a human being that has been though a lot.

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