Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney tells Hayden he is being quiet today. Hayden says that he is just taking it all in.. Ragan says that’s what she said!!

12:35pm The feeds come back and all four cameras are on the backyard and Britney and Ragan are sun tanning near the pool.  Ragan says that she tried to listen to Malibu (Brendon) …but that he just couldn’t do it and had to leave.  Britney says that she didn’t even hear him come in because she was in the bedroom changing.
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12:35pm The feeds come back and all four cameras are on the backyard and Britney and Ragan are sun tanning near the pool.  Ragan says that she tried to listen to Malibu (Brendon) …but that he just couldn’t do it and had to leave.  Britney says that she didn’t even hear him come in because she was in the bedroom changing.

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Brendon, Enzo, and Hayden are talking up in the HOH room about the Ragan and Rachel fight.  Enzo and Hayden tell Brendon that Rachel definitely held her own.  Brendon says that if he was there he would have busted shit up.  Enzo and Hayden says that its probably better that he wasn’t in the house then.  Brendon agrees.  Brendon asks if Ragan and Rachel patched things up. They tell him that Ragan and Rachel made up after.  Brendon asks if Ragan was throwing his name out …and Hadyen and Enzo both tell him that they didn’t hear Ragan say anything about him.  Brendon says good because I thought we squashed it the other day.  Enzo tells Brendon about how Rachel told him that Britney was saying that he was the saboteur.  Brendon confirms Britneys story and says that she didn’t say that she thought Enzo was the saboteur …Brendon says that she didn’t say any names but that he could definitely infer who she was talking about.  Enzo says that people are sick of Britney and that Kathy knows she’s a spoiled brat too.  Brendon asks if Lane is mad, they tell him Lane is cool he is worried but he is cool. Britney comes up to HOH and they stop talking…  Enzo tells her that they were just talking about all stuff that happened in the house since Brendon was gone.  Enzo says that he told Brendon about the Ragan and Rachel fight and that he and her had it out about the saboteur stuff.  Britney looks worried ..she starts asking Brendon about what happened and where he went and the feeds cut out.  When they come back all four cameras are on the backyard….Lane is in the pool, Ragan is sun tanning and Kathy and Matt are talking on the couch about her arresting people.  The feeds then switch back to the HOH room where Brendon is talking about being blindfolded and then the feeds cut out again.

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1pm The feeds come back and Enzo is saying that it was crazy in the house last night.  Britney tells Brendon that Rachel slept up in the HOH last night.  Brendon says that he had a good amount of beers last night … like 4 or 5 and some wine and then passed out …Britney tells Brendon that Rachel wanted her to tell him that she misses him and that she loves him.  Brendon says awe.  Brendon says that he never got to see her or talk to her …but that he got a few minutes to write her a letter.  Enzo and Britney tell Brendon that it was definitely teh craziest fight of the year.  Brendon says that he was told that Rachel said to Ragan that he isn’t even good at being gay.  Enzo says yeah … but they squashed all that and worked it all out.  Enzo leave the HOH to go lay out in the backyard.  Britney and Brendon talk … She says that had told Rachel that him (Brendon) and her (Britney) had talked things out and were cool.  Britney says that this whole Enzo saboteur drama was crazy.  Britney says that that Enzo came up to her after and confronted her and that she told him that neither her or Brendon had said his name. Brendon agrees that neither of them said his name.  Brendon says that it doesnt really even matter because every one can speculate.  Brendon asks her who she thinks it is … Britney says that there is definitely trying to stir the pot.  Brendon says that Matt is definitely the one stirring shit up.  Britney says that Rachel and her were cool and playing pool and then the next thing she knew someone told Rachel something and then Enzo was coming up to her saying that I said that he was the saboteur.  Britney says that Rachel had a good time though after and that she was playing pool and in the hot tub. 

Brendon says awe good.  Britney says again that Rachel loves him and that she misses him.  Britney says that Rachel also said that she doesnt want to see him in the jury house.  Brendon says yeah that sounds like Rachel.  Britney says that Rachel was busy though… because she was told to talk to everyone.  Brendon says that he did tell Britney that he wouldn’t back door her but that he also has to think about what will help him next week.  Brendon asks if Britney will stick to her word and not put him up.  Britney says that she will stick to her word.  Brendon says that everyone has been in his ear all week about how they want her and Ragan out of the house because she and him would be good at quizzes.  Britney says that she doesn’t know why people would think that because she hasnt won much.  Brendon tells her its because you study and know a lot.  Britney says that she is going to win HOH next week.  Brendon says that he would prefer that over Ragan winning.  Brendon says that he just really doesn’t trust Matt.


1:30pm Britney says that she doesn’t understand why people don’t like her because she is a competitor. …she says if you don’t like it rise to my level and compete.  Brendon says that she is definitely fighting to be here and that she deserves to be here.  Brendon and Britney break up their conversation …Brendon tells her that he really wants her to win HOH next week and that they just need to keep winning and getting rid of the people that dont deserve to be here.  Brendon says that he doesn’t want Kathy to win.. Brendon and Britney head down stairs. Britney goes out to the back yard to lay out by the pool. Matt, Ragan and Hayden are laying out by the pool while Lane floats in the pool. Britney tells Hayden that he is being quiet today. Hayden says that he is just taking it all in … Ragan says that’s what she said!!
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Brittany needs too go!!! Big time!!!! Matt wants her to throw him under the bus…..NO PROBLEM SHE DOESTHAT WITH EVRYONE!!!!! BITCH!!! LANE BETTER DUMP HER SKINNY ASS!!!!!


I think she’s pretty smart trying to pretend that she and Rachel were all buddy/buddy and that Rachel gave her messages to pass along to Brendan and all that crap. This little chick knows what she’s doing. I hope she stays because she’s a real schemer and seems genuinely evil.


Tru DAT!!!!

just a thought

The most likeable (not saying much) people in the house are doing the least. It’s so annoying. I am so sick of this whole cast. Brendon is back and he is buying all the same lies and garbage. You know he is going to do something stupid and it’s going to back fire.


My god Britney is HOT!

Hot & Humble Teacher-Librarian

You know, she IS! I’m not even a lesbian but I would hit that and make her beg for more! Then I would make her cute spoiled little ass clean my house because she IS quite spoiled and it would be delicious to Domme her make her my cute little maid. OMG [blanches] where in the world did THAT come from? [blushes]


Until she opens her mouth. Then it’s obvious, ‘She ain’t pretty, she just looks that way’.


Hot? She’s about 3 feet tall, has a lazy eye, and lips like a fish. I guess she could be sorta cute for some high scool geek, but is below-average when compared to a quality stripper or bikini model.




I hope Matt realizes the Brigade is about to implode!! It would be AMAZING if he was put up, used the DPOV, and nominated Hayden or Enzo!! AMAZING!! It would be one of the biggest moves in BB history!!! Come on, Matt!! You can do it!!! I liked the Brigade for awhile, but Enzo, Hayden, and Lane have done nothing to help out their situation!! Go Matt, Brit, and Ragan!!!


no it would suck matt won’t beat anyone in the house other than members of the brigade for the grand prize. he must know that.


I disagree. Matt has a very good chance of winning thanks to the lie about his wife’s fake illness. If he makes it to the final two, the jury will probably put their personal feelings aside, and give him the money to save Stacy’s life.


Totally agree!! As shady as his lie is, he would win in the Final 2. I wouldn’t be upset though, becase he has played the game hardcore. That’s why I want Kathy gone. Her “woe is me” story will get sympathy votes, but she is one of the worst players ever. Unfortunately, this cast is very emotional. I don’t think the jury will vote for the best game player. They will vote for who needs the money or who they like the most.


i think should do that too…i would would rather form an alliance with Ragan and Britney if i were Matt and found out they threw me under the bus…i mean…if everyone in ur alliance wants to vote you out…what’s the point…it’s not even abt who they will win against because Matt will win against almost anywayz…so he should nominate Enzo…and align himself with competitors like Britney and Ragan and they can take everyone else out…i mean…he will get further in the game that way…plus all the brigade does is talk talk and more talk…so i say it’s smart for Matt to align with Ragan and Britney…hopefully he finds out about them when he is nominated…right now they want Matt gone…and that’s the only way to prevent it…take them out first…


Matt will kick himself if he doesn’t put up Enzo or Hayden. He is a good player, hopefully he can figure this out if he is as smart as he says (i think he is). He has always said he will be loyal to the Brigade until he feels the need to split off. Now is that time, they want him out. I have a feeling he will put up Kathy though, hopefully not, she can go another time (soon, not now).


i think he teamed himself up with a weak alliance..enzo,lane and hayden are all talk and no action. in bb 2nd place is first place loser so he needs to kick these guys to the curb and get with brit and ragan…

dany 1

yep u guys are sooooooo right !!!! its really fun watching the hg tanning outside !!! now thats what i call drama !!! so much more fun now that rachel is out !!! all kinds of action going on right now…britney just put her sunglasses on,kathy is smoking,ragan tanning,lane in the pool…wayyyy to much action for me !!! cant wait to see whats next !!!! wayyy more fun without rachel ! lmfao


I used to think you were pretty lame but you’re really growing on me. You seem like you’re almost half as big a dick as I am.

Make out? Come on, you know you wanna.


hey, I’m the only one who can elicit loving from those who comment.

dany 1

i was thinking more along the lines of making bff bracelets for u and me !!!


Not quite as sexy but I’m in!

sickoftheir shit

Oh Snap..Brit put on her sunglasses?



Hot & Humble Teacher-Librarian

Thank you Dawg for your excellent reporting! What would I do without this site? I’m going to paypal right now and DONATING because you guys earn it! Thank you!


Me too, I am on my way to Paypal to donate. It won’t be much but just a little something to say thanks for doing all of this. I watch BBAD but there is so much going on in between. Thanks, guys.


Please bring back Rachel Big Brother!? :((


That request comes from the crew who are taping at the jury house.


Rachel gonna be the 1st HG to do a sex tape….

just a thought

Gonna do? I’d be shocked if there weren’t some floating around out there already!


Dawg, you missed the best part of the end of Brendon’s conversation with Britney. He said he didn’t want Kathy to win…..and then he also said he didn’t want Enzo to win. (He said that people who do nothing don’t deserve to win!).


A few nights ago Matt mentioned that the 4 horsemen started turning on one another when it was fown to 6 people. So he definitely has that scenario in mind. The reference was completely ignored by the other Brigade members. Probably because they didn’t know what he was talking about. The guy is too smart to let the Brigade take him down. It will be interesting to see how things play out this week with the Brigade when he is up against Lane. He will get the info he already suspects – that they are starting to pick alliances within the Brigade and they are afraid they can’t win against him in the final 2 so none of them are willing to make a final 2 deal with him because of it.


I hope he does something because to be honest I’d only want to see him, Brit, Enzo or Brendan (if he can actually make it to the end he deserves it) win. I like my BB winners mean, dirty and possibly mentally deranged…but at least they play the game folks!


Give the Moaner a prize. the question is, will he be able to pull the Brigade back together or will he take Enzo out?


Only his ducks know the answer! I think he will pull the Brigade back together until they are down to 5, then take out Enzo.


Or actually, take out any one of the Brigade that makes the most sense for his game. At 5 left, there are only 2 votes, with HOH as the tie breaker. So 2 Brigade go up, one wins POV, the other Brgade goes up, Ragan and a Brigade vote, if it’s a tie, Matt chooses after making a final 2 deal prior to nomination. At 4, he can’t play HOH, someone else wins, Matt goes up but has a deal so they vote out the other guy. Then its a battle to see who gets to pick final 2.


Just a thought…. Rachel comes into the house and basically works on recruiting Enzo, Hayden, Lane, and Kathy to work with Brendon. She pits them all against Regan, Matt, and Brittany. They are also the ones Brendon picked for have nots. Why these 3? They are the ones, other than Brendon and herself, that have won any competitions. If these 5 work together they then take out the biggest threats (Matt, Brit, and Regan). Since Brendon can beat the others, he then works on taking them out, and going to finals.


good post!

I'm just saying.......

If Matt is nominated and uses the DPOV, can he change BOTH nominations? Or can he only take himself off the block and appoint only one replacement nominee? I would love him to change both nominees with Enzo and Hayden.

just a thought

When is the POV ceremony?


ALRIGHT! I’ve heard enough of these rude and unfounded comments. How dare you say something so awful and mean spirited? Honestly….it’s not the extensions’ fault that they’re attached to the warning of the forthcoming apocalypse. They look like fine extensions so there’s no need to call them ugly. Get some class.

BigBrothers Big Brother

I hope Matt goes up. I really do. So he can use DPOV to put up Kathy and Enzo. I swear it would be the perfect scenario.


He can only use it on one person. He does get to pick the pelacement though.

I'm just saying.......

Thanks, Molly. I wasn’t sure about that.


are you sure? b/c when they original showed him reading the card in Pandora’s box I would’ve sworn I heard him read that he can use it to remove one or both noms & name the replacements.
guess we’ll find out if he goes up & uses it.


Britney is not in the brigade. How do you folks bad-mouthing her feel about Enzo throwing Matt under the bus?
Put Matt up, he uses the dveto to puts Enzo up. By Thursday he should know that the brigade is turning on him, and that Enzo is the ring leader. Hayden too.
Hayden and Lane have a final two deal. Where does that leave Matt?
Hope its Matt, Ragan and Brit, final three.

just a thought

What makes you think Matt would put Enzo up or any Brigade member for that matter? If he goes up, he will use the DPOV. He would them put up Brit or Kathy.

Hot & Humble Teacher-Librarian

The Brigade was an AWESOME alliance…until it seemed like only Matt could win anything! Why can’t these gorgeous and hunky guys win anything? (Lane & Hayden – Enzo’s only good at feeling up his balls, smelling his nut musk, and wanking) IF these guys couldn’t win at least one competition then they deserve to be broken up. And boy what fun it would be if Matt used his DPOV and put up Enzo –
ENZO would FREAK out! And the Awesomeness would begin!

I am the saboteur

No, they will not break up. Once Matty gets nominated, uses the DPOV, and gets Brit evicted, the Brigade will all be on the same page again. Matt will say that he had to keep it a secret and it has been killing him not to spill the beans, so he has just been hanging out with Ragan more to make sure he didnt let it slip.
Matt has made the biggest moves of the game in evicting Andrew, Rachel, and likely Brit next. The brigade will keep him around to do the dirty work.


BB chose some REALLY boring people this year! Kristen, Hayden, Lane, Kathy, Brendon… All VERY boring! No personality! At least we were able to sincerely hate Rachel! Ugh! She has to be the biggest phoney in BB history! But at least she adds something to the mix! None of the aforementioned add or added anything to the game bc they have the personality of dry toast! The only reason reason why Brendon mat be slightly (and I use that term loosely) interesting to watch is bc he is completely manipulated by Rachel ( even though she’s out of the house)! He’s a big doofis that tries way too hard to show America he’s a good guy ! Ugh! He’s so full of himself it makes me sick! But again, at least he pulls some sort of emotion out of you, albeit negative. Still, overall this was by far the WORST cast in BB history! I honestly don’t want anyone to win! The Meow Meow is an embarrassment to Italians! I’m so sick of the type casting! Jersey Shore, BB, there are intelligent Italians who do not act like wannabe gangsters! But alas, I mean yo, a HG like that would bore America, right? Newsflash: Half of the HGs BORE America! Fire casting, bc they did a HORRIBLE job this season! There, I have vented, and feel better! Am I the only one who feels this way, yo?!


yup, the only one.

just a thought

ITA it’s a pretty boring cast over all. Casting didn’t so do a good job and the whole saboteur is WEAK, WEAK, WEAK!


There are some of the people I’m okay with, but I would replace some of them. I think casting should mix it up a little better next time. Things may have gotten more interesting earlier if different people would have gotten HOH. Also if Brendon and Rachel hadn’t gravitated towards each other, (that was very nauseating for me to watch). Than,maybe Brendon and Andrew would have formed a pair. Having someone like Kathy on board is almost a waste of space for me to watch other than her premium ass kissing. But I am guessing since she’s a sheriff casting may have thought she may be different. I would love to see Kathy go this week and let the rest battle it out.


No. They’re ALL pretty boring. Horrible casting. No diversity. FIRE CASTING!


Hot & Humble, love your posts!



Loved it!

When Kathy was dishing dirt on Brit. Kathy nailed it and Brit needs to get OUT. Can’t stand her vicious, fake ass.


And Kathy’s not fake? She’s Rachel’s best friend 1 week, talks crap about her the next, goes off about Rachel and Brendon, how they’re disgusting, and how she wants them out, and then becomes Brendon’s friend.
Everyone is fake in the BB house. That’s the way the game is played. If you’re not fake and you show what you’re really thinking, you’re evicted. So Brit being fake is GOOD gameplay. It has to be done. And Brit being fake is much more entertaining than anyone else.

Loved it!

LOL! You’re not honestly trying to say Kathy is more two-faced than Brit! That’s hilarious. Everything you just said about Kathy can be said to the 10th power about Brit. And it may be entertaining to you, so go ahead and get your Brit on. As for it being good game play, we will see. And one more thing … Brit shows what she is really thinking constantly. And it is usually hate-filled and cruel. She’s not a nice person.


I’m not saying that at all. You just can’t single Brit out as the ONLY fake person in the house. I’m simply saying that all houseguests are fake, and that’s something that simply has to be done in order to advance yourself in the game.


News flash!!!!!! the Brigade sucks!


I like Britney. She reminds me of how much of a jerk Chelsea Handler is as a comedian. As a matter of fact, I think she could be one of the writers on her show . That’s not to say that I condone everything she has done as far as playing the game. Because I don’t think it’s helped her. I think she should have tried to control his disdain and dislike for Rachel better. I also wish she was more indifferent that way she wouldn’t have a much trouble getting rid of Lane.


I liked Brit at first, but now I think that she’s all bark and no bite. I don’t like the way that she didn’t take up for Monet when Rachel and Kristen were attacking her. But I do like her better than I like Kathy.


at the live show yea ur right!


Make all the HG line up for a nude for inspection.
What you find out, is that there is not one set of balls between them.
Vag-tosis had the only set in the house. In fact she had two sets. Hers and teh ones she swallowed of Brendons.


one of the problems is that everyone has seen so many previous seasons that they are all anticipating scenarios, everything is mooshy no solid alliances can form. its one big glob of potential moves and than just a massive amount of analysis, with everything like this, people tend to gravitate towards the stronger personalities, Enzo has the strongest personality in the house and has been the only one to escape any real demonization by the others. Every single other player has had mad smack talked about them accept for Enzo. He cleans it up very quick, even the hint of it and he gets upset and goes to work to eradicate that thought process.

Yet, he drops on purpose on competitions and when he does try, he doesn’t try all that hard at least some of the time. Gets others to do his dirty work.
so what happens now? Ragan takes himself off, Brendon puts up Matt. Matt uses the diamond POV and puts up… not sure….
what will factor in is what happens during the time when Lane and Matt are both up. Matt will be able to figure out at that time whats going on with the brigade and if he doesn’t like what he senses maybe he ends up putting Enzo. I wonder what he will tell the brigade cuz he can’t mention the dpov.