Big Brother 12 Spoilers: They say with Matt gone, they will lack brains so all three will have to form together. Lane says they wouldn’t even form a brain, just a biceps.

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12am Brendon and Enzo are talking up in the HOH room. Enzo says that if he doesn’t win HOH then he wants Hayden or Lane to win. Brendon says all the BLANK in the house originated with Matt, Ragan or Britney. Brendon starts talking about Britney saying her and her crazy BLANK eye… Enzo laughs and says you looking at me or what? Brendon says that he hopes Lane would want to be on their side and that he wants to talk to him but Britney is always around him. Brendon says he overheard Britney telling Lane that she would do a risqué spread if they paid her like $200,000. Brendon exclaims who would want to see her body. They start talking about how dirty she is and how she never cleans up after herself or ever washes a dish. Brendon leaves HOH. Hayden comes up and joins Enzo. Enzo is imitating Brendon telling Hayden he was complaining that no one wants to hang out with him, he’s worried that he is going up next week. They laugh. Enzo says he was in the cabana room and Matt and Ragan were there and Matt told Enzo right in front of Ragan so you and Hayden are still split. Enzo is worried that Matt is feeding information to Ragan and Britney. Enzo says that Brendon is taking us to the BLANK Final 3. Enzo tells Hayden that Brendon wants to talk to Lane but is scared to go up to him. Enzo thinks the four of them can make it further in this game together. Enzo says that he doesn’t know what Matty is doing, Yo! Hayden asks him if he thinks they are doing the right thing with Matt. Enzo says they tried to get rid of Britney and it didn’t work out that way. Enzo says the only people he trusts is Hayden and Lane and then says that he wants him, Hayden, Lane and Brendon to be Final 4. Hayden says if they don’t put up Brendon next week then they will have to put Ragan up against Britney. Hayden says doing that would be a power move! Hayden gets out some pretzels and they start going through scenarios. Hayden says that this week Matt goes home and then the next week we send Britney home. Enzo says that if Ragan wins HOH there is a good shot that he could put up Brendon and Kathy. Hayden says they need to sit down Lane and Matt together and talk to them both like they may stay, even though Lane will know he is the one staying. They are unsure whether they should tell Matt what is going on before the vote. Hayden says that we are not going to split the votes. Enzo we’re not BLANK splitting. Enzo says that they’re voting to keep Lane. Hayden says that they have to make the power move and put up Ragan and Britney. Enzo asks why do we have to put up Brendon just to make the house happy? Enzo says that Brendon is gunning for the other house guests so why would we get rid of him. Enzo says that Lane told him that Britney would not put up Hayden or Enzo and that she is gunning for Brendon and Kathy. Hayden and Enzo talk about the two of them being Final two. Enzo defends their position on voting Matt out by blaming Matt for keeping Brendon here in the first place. Enzo says he wanted to send Brendon home and Matt pushed to send Rachel home, if they had kept her they wouldn’t even be in this situation. Brendon returns to the HOH.

12:30am Out in the backyard are Ragan and Lane are in the hammock and Matt is out there talking with them about reality TV awards. Ragan says that he thinks Rachel could win a best villain award. They talk about Ragan and Rachel’s fight. Ragan says that he thinks it will be the biggest fight of the season. Lane wonders if she lost a lot of fans when she started referencing gays to Ragan. They all think she lost fans. The start talking about Brendon. Lane says that after the POV is played he will tell that dude how much he doesn’t like him. Ragan says that he bets production has range of when to do a double eviction when they want to do it, they might shift it to another week. Ragan says that he doesn’t think people would be horrible to him but he would know exactly what people thought of him in this house. Lane says that he thinks there is going to be a double evict this week. Ragan says that if it’s not this Thursday then there is not going to be a double eviction. Matt says that he agrees. Ragan says that he think they are contractually obligated to do the Vagas thing on the 17th of September. Matt says that he saw stuff about the Vegas thing. Lane says that his might just be the awards; Jeff said he went last year.

12:40am Up in the HOH room Brendon tells Hayden and Enzo that if Brit goes back on the deal she made with him this week then he will tell Britney that he is two votes in the Jury House so suck my balls. They talk about how they should study the Big Brother timeline together. Hayden says that it sucks being in the house with two chicks that are 40 years old and engaged. Enzo asks him if Britney wasn’t engaged would he bang her. Hayden says no, she just isn’t his type. Enzo says she has no BLANK.

Ragan tells Lane and Matt that he was dumbfounded when Brendon put him up against Lane and that he never saw that coming. Ragan says that if he wins HOH he would nominate Brendon and Kathy. Ragan says that he will tell Brendon that Kathy talks mad BLANK behind your back and then is nice to your face. Matt says he has a personal vendetta against her now because of the pretzel incident that involved Rachel. Matt is angry that she had knowledge that could have saved him before the veto ceremony but waited until after the ceremony to tell him about it. Matt jokes that Kathy is in the pool right now and they can see the snorkel and it has smoke coming out of it from her cigarette. They joke that Kathy will not go past the patio in the backyard and that she has never been in the yard or to the Hammock. Lane talks about how creepy it was to talk to Kathy about Ambien. They laugh about how Kathy was totally into having sex on Ambien, Lane says it was uncomfortable. Matt says that it’s like having your mom say that BLANK to you. Lane says that if she kisses his neck one more time… Lane says that Kathy always hugs him goodnight and kisses his neck and it grosses him out. They say that they think Kathy is a good person. Britney comes out and joins them. Lane says there is no way she is a cop though because Kathy doesn’t even know how to stand so how could she catch Criminals. Matt thinks there is a lot of crime where she lives. They joke about her being a cop. Lane says that he doubts that Kathy is a sheriff. Matt can’t believe she made it through police academy, and thinks maybe she has a desk job. Lane says that there is no way she has a real gun. Britney says she told her that she has guns in every room of her house. Britney them that Kathy was pissed in the cabana that when ever Brendon comes no one will save her. They wonder if its an act because she was all up Brendon’s BLANK last week. Britney jokes to Lane that Kathy is probably getting her Ambien right now so Lane may finally get lucky. Lane says that he would rather kiss Ragan instead. The conversation changes to gay men losing their virginity. They start making fun of Brendon. They think he could go home on Thursday if there is a double eviction. Ragan says that he thinks he was Brendon’s number one target. Matt thinks that he was Brendon’s target. Britney says that he definitely didn’t anticipate Ragan winning the veto. Britney says Brendon is such a douche, she hates him. Britney is pissed that Big Brother even cast him this season. Britney says that Hayden and Enzo have been trapped up there with Brendon forever.

2:10am In the have not room, Matt and Ragan whispering. Ragan asks Matt if he thinks it is weird that Enzo and Hayden are spending so much time with Brendon. Matt says yeah, and that makes him think his days are over. Ragan says that he is sad. Matt says that he is sad too. Britney joins then in the have not room. They start to complain about how cold the have not room can be.
2:15am – 2:50am In the bathroom, Hayden and Lane are whispering. Lane tells Hayden that he is totally not on Ragan’s radar, he says he’d go after Enzo before he’d come after Hayden. Lane says that he isn’t on Britney’s radar either. He tells Hayden that Britney wants them to be the Final three. Enzo joins them. Lane tells Enzo that Britney and Rag want Brendon and Kathy gone. Enzo asks if he is serious, Lane says yes. They agree that gives them two weeks. Enzo says that if Britney or Ragan win HoH then anyone but Brendon needs to win POV and send Brendon home. They say that then they will sneak attack Britney and Ragan. Enzo says that Kathy had told him that Britney is asking a lot of personal questions, and says that she knows everything, but that Kathy falsified some information. They all laugh. Enzo asks Lane if they should tell Matt before the vote goes down. He says that Ragan told him that he thinks Matt is going. He says maybe they could tell Matty on Thursday. Britney comes into the bathroom and Enzo calls her the crazy eyed killer because of her lazy eye. Britney makes a face with her crazy eye and they all laugh. Britney leaves the bathroom. They Joke about how deep Lane was in the hammock tonight hanging out with Ragan, Britney and Matt. Lane makes fun of Enzo for coming out to play fake pool to spy on the hammock talk. Lane says that Enzo came out to play fake pool, and says that he just racked then went in; you didn’t even hit the balls. Hayden and Enzo laugh. They start laughing about how they are voting the brains out .They say with Matt gone, they will lack brains so all three will have to form together. Lane says they wouldn’t even form a brain, just a biceps. They talk about if they tell Matt the day before that they are voting him out but they think that Matt could out the brigade in his speech. Then Matt would have Ragan, Britney and Kathy’s vote, and Lane would be gone and they would be BLANK. They say it would also give him a chance to fight. Enzo says but that would also make Matt look bad as he lied to Ragan and everyone too. They wonder if they should tell him Thursday. They say Kathy is the swing vote. They say they will tell him he is going home and say Kathy is voting for Lane to stay so it doesn’t matter how the brigade splits there vote as Matt is gone. Enzo wants Ragan to win and put Brendon up. Enzo says that Ragan a pussy and will probably let Britney win. Hayden and Enzo laugh that they’ll lose Britney and Ragan’s vote in the jury if they don’t put Brendon up. They think they could lose Matt’s vote too. Enzo says that he thinks that’s BLANK up if they lose his vote, he says it was Matt’s fault for not getting rid of Brendon or Rachel during his first HOH.


3am – 4:30am Matt comes in to use the bathroom. Enzo asks Matt and Lane if they are all going to be friends after this and he says they need to find out what Kathy is doing. Enzo says they need to have their last Brigade meeting. Matt agrees. Enzo says that this sucks Matt, this is when the Brigade gets cracked. Enzo asks Matt if Brendon told him that he was going to put him up. Matt says Brendon gave him his word he wouldn’t put him up. Enzo asks Matt if Ragan and Britney want to put up Brendon and Kathy, he says he doesn’t know, Lane would know more about Britney. Hayden tells Matt that next week he wants to put up Brendon and Kathy if he wins HOH. Hayden starts telling Matt about possibly putting up Ragan and Britney. Matt says that if they do that Ragan and Britney will come after Hayden, Enzo and Lane, and that getting out Kathy will wait. Matt is sceptical of their plan to keep Brendon around. Matt says that there is no way that will work. Matt says that keeping Brendon is a bad BLANK idea. Matt says that he doesn’t understand why they don’t let someone else win HOH and let them get rid of Brendon. Enzo says he doesn’t know if he can trust them and says that he thinks Ragan may be cool but he says Britney is the devil. Matt tells them that you aren’t under the radar anymore, Brendon is totally on the radar. Matt says that he doesn’t know and for them to do what you wanna do. Matt says that Ragan is trustworthy. Matt says that their best bet, once him or Lane leave, they should pick up Ragan as an alliance. Matt says that Ragan does not want them out of the house. Hayden and Enzo tell Matt they could talk to Kathy and ask her which way she is leaning. Matt says he thinks she is voting to keep Lane. Matt again tells them it is probably a bad thing for them to split their votes, he tells them he understands that they need to do what is best for their game play. Matt tells them that whatever happens Thursday, they should seriously think of teaming up with Ragan saying that he doesn’t lie. Enzo asks Matt if they find out what Kathy is doing should they tell him. Matt says yeah they can tell him at the last brigade meeting or whenever they find out. Hayden says he felt BLANK saying his goodbye messages to Lane and Matt.

4:50am Matt says Kathy told him that Rachel gave her the HoH key to give to Brendon but that he came back into the house from inside the HoH room so he wouldn’t need a key to get back into HoH. They wonder if Kathy lied about getting a key from Rachel and what really happened is Big Brother opened the door for her so she could make a pretzel msg saying to nominate Matt. They also say its odd the Big Brother says they didn’t catch anyone making a pretzel message then admitted that they did see it. They say maybe the saboteur got free reign and was allowed to do it. Matt says the diary room said that it was an oversight and that in future seasons it wont be allowed. Lane thinks that Kathy has taken Rachel’s spot as the saboteur. Enzo wonders what Kathy will do this week in regard to the votes Lane and Britney think American tells her what her vote should be. Enzo says that now we have physical proof that there is a saboteur. They are saying that Kathy is the sab and doesn’t even know that she is. They say that she is oblivious to everything that goes on around her. Matt says imagine if she’s not and how bizarre her actions are. Enzo says well if it’s not Kathy then it’s one of you. Enzo asks if it could be Big Brother doing this? Matt says no, too much has been done for it to be Big Brother. Ragan says no, cause they aren’t going to have someone sneak through the house and film it. Britney says that her next act of sabotage is putting a piece of paper and a sharpie in someone’s stuff to make them look bad. Enzo says that she is creeping him out.

5am Everyone has finally gone to bed.

8:30am All the house guests are still sleeping.

10am The live feeds are showing the we will be right back screen … Big Brother is probably waking them up!

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161 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: They say with Matt gone, they will lack brains so all three will have to form together. Lane says they wouldn’t even form a brain, just a biceps.

  1. The shit is going to hit the fan when Matt pulls out the DPOV on Thursday. I can’t wait to see Enzo’s face when this happens. The big ? is, who will Matt put up as his replacement?

  2. Enzo is becoming tiresome. I cannot wait until Matt pulls out the DPOV. Enzo just goes with whoever is HOH, and then talks smack. The brigade is a joke. Lane is cool, but Hayden is just an Enzo follower. It also sound like Kathy might be taking Matt’s place in the hot seat on Thursday.

  3. ugh i am seriously starting to hate enzo…i wish he wouldnt be such a douche cuz i would actually still like him…i really really reallyyy hope matt uses dpov on thursday and puts enzo up..then i hope lane teams up with brit and ane brit matt and hayden get final four but i deff want lane brit and matt to get final 3…i hope matt gets smart this week and realizes his friends arent really his friends

    1. Me too Megan. I loved ‘past tense’ enzo. He’s becoming such an asshole. The show is all about him and how popular he is. He was enjoyable to watch but since I’m a Matt fan, maybe it is time for Enzo to go.

    2. Hard to listen to him talk shit when he hasnt helped his brigade. Its his charming east coast mug routine. The world is too small anymore so no one really gives a shit. You either put up or shut up.
      Brit is still my #1 girl and even tho shes a flat ass, shes a hot flat ass crazy eyed mean girl, but her constant eating little bits and pieces of her skin is kinda gross. STOP IT! Or I’ll put hot sauce on your hands. Shes using her looks & gile to gain control of the house. Ragan was my #2 but now he’s too gay even for a gay guy…yea you can be TOO gay. Its sacrilegious how he minces his steps around a pool table. You dont mince, you stalk & chalk. You certainly dont cry. What just cuz your gay your cry??? I dont buy that, be a man.
      After that its Brendon or Matt because they win, they’re in the game. The rest can float away.

  4. I keep reading about how Lane is a “cool guy” or I definitely want Lane in the Final 3. What in the hell has Lane done this entire season to warrant this kind of support? He hasn’t accomplished anything in ANY of the comps and the only thing he actually does week to week is hit on Britney. I just don’t see the appeal here.

    1. He’s not a total asshat, so he’s more likeable than the others. He gets along with everyone and is playing a decent social game by making friendships outside the brigade.

      1. I agree with you nanabug. Lane has done about as much as Enzo-but he doesn’t talk as much smack as Enzo and I love the flirting he does with Brit.

    2. I agree Coco. America thinks he has a small brain. He is desperate for attention and after 40 plus days I have yet to find him likable at all. Add the animal killing to the mix and he is is pretty much last on my list to win

    3. I think it’s because he talks less shit about the other people in the house. I said I would be on his side if he was actually winning things or playing the game, but he seems to be hanging back letting everyone else do what they do. Maybe it’s his game plan or personality? Who knows, but he is not very exciting as a game player. LG we do know he is good eye candy, LOL!

      1. His appeal is this: If you’re a country girl, Lane is a Grade A hunk! If you’re not into country folks, you may think of him as a hick. I choose the Grade A, personally!!!!

  5. Matty drop a DPOV grenade on the Brigade. I don’t expect Matt to disappoint, he was granted this power and he is gonna put it to great use. Taking out Kathy is not optimal use of this power. I want to see Hayden or ENZO out on they asses. They turned on the Gremlin first chance they got and you dont mess with MUH MAN!!!!!!!

  6. i hope enzo and hayden tell matt he’s going home!!!! so he can send enzo home he’s already suspicous. thursday is gonna be great!!!!!!!

  7. “They laugh about how Kathy was totally into having sex on Ambien”
    What’s this about? When did it happen and was she coming on to one of the guys?

  8. I truly hope Enzo and Hayden gulp big when Matt pulls out that DPOV, and I so so so want Matt to put Enzo up. He’s a waste …. does nothing but run his mouth and aim his pool stick. Oh and I forgot about the uncouth table manners, lip smacking when he eats and that constant F word. He can’t talk without it. So classy. I want Enzo OUT. Apparently Enzo has forgotten Brendon’s warning that all floaters are going out…and if there ever was a big floater, it’s Enzo…And Kathy.
    She switches tables faster than a waitress in a Table Serving Contest. I’d love to see Enzo and Kathy float right out that BB door.

  9. Good morning Simon and Dawg !!!!
    Just wanted to weigh in on the pictures you have up beside the houseguests, you still don’t have one to go with Regan. I have the perfect idea, that tall skinny guy from Laurel and Hardy team, scratching his head and crying, it was his trademark :)

  10. Brit could do eye exercises to correct the floating eye. It’s a muscle thing. My daughter had that at a young age and we corrected it without surgery. The eye therapist said anyone at any age can do these and improve their eye muscles so they work together. He had a 90+ old patient back then. So, Enzo and others ragging on her for something physical like that is mean, just like them raggin on Brendon’s toe. I know they are wearing on each other, but they are just all getting petty and nasty.

      1. surgery doesn’t work and can cause scar tissue. My daughter’s eye was going blind and shutting down, that is why it was lazy. I know when she was tired it got worse. Maybe stress makes her eye worse?

        1. Surgery works on some, but not all eye issues. My brother isn’t a candidate, and even contacts and glasses don’t completely work for him. I’m still shocked the army is letting him be a sniper… LOL I think it’s kinda messed up to bash someone (in a not-loving kinda way) for something they can’t control or fix. This is why we should all stop saying Rachel is an uggo :)

    1. I watch BBAD every night and I have not caught Brittney’s lazy eye. Which eye is it? Now, granted I can’t watch it in real time, I have to tape it and zoom through the ‘boring’ parts AND THERE ARE MANY!!!

  11. The sad thing about Matt using the DPOV on himself, is that he’ll be putting up Kathy and getting her voted out. Not that I’m a big fan of Kathy, it’s just a waste of his power.

    I’d rather see him put up Enzo or Hayden, but so far it doesn’t look like he suspects that they’ve turned on him. He could really do some damage if he were just clued into what’s going on behind his back.

    I don’t look for Matt to survive in the next two weeks unless he wises up.

    1. true…however i would do it just to “waste” brendon’s whole hoh. just for spite. after he uses it enzo and hayden will come crawling back anyways.

  12. Sounds like he will put up Kathy. He is mad at her about the pretzel incident. I can’t see why everyone can’t tell how calm he is about being evicted. He is pretty much saying “oh well, just vote me out, if it’s what you have to do, then OK!” Nobody would be doing that. They would be pleading for votes and telling the Brigade how much they need him vs Lane. He would be saying “what has Lane won?, what have I won?, look how much better I am at comps” They are all going to feel so stupid come Thursday.

    1. Again I say – Matt naked as a jaybird wearing only the DPOV and the others still wouldn’t get it. seriously.

  13. I honestly don’t think that Matt would get too made…Enzo & Hayden have to vote for someone. They all knew that 2 “brigade” members could potentially go up against each other at some point. I think Ragan will be the most surprised when the DPOV is used…since he is “such a good judge of character”…what an idiot!! My guess is that Matt will put up Brit & then Ragan will cry for another week.

    1. Totally agree. I think we are the only one that sees Matt’s point of view on this. He already knows they would and doesnt really care because he would do the same-vote out the stronger hg. no way he will nom one of his alliances yet

      1. The only thing that worries me about Matt is that he seems to eager to go up on the block. Offering himself up next week against Brendon. He is going to make it real easy for the Brigade to turn on him.

    1. I would think so because Ragan gets to vote. The only one not voting would be Brendon and the two up for eviction.

  14. did the whole pretzel message thing really happen?? If so, it makes sense bc that is how production ensured that the DPOV would be used and all this drama would happen….

  15. It’s funny how CBS makes Enzo look like this nice guy who says the funniest things. But the real Enzo is the biggest loser in the house calling Brit a 22 yr old bitch who doesn’t need the money. It’s sad to see how this guy talks about the women in the house behind there backs and he has a baby daughter. Is he going to call his daughter a bitch too? If she ever gets on BB in the far future should everyone call her an undeserving 20 something year old bitch. Yes I know Brit talks about people but Enzo talks more about everyone in the house then anyone. He’s the biggest bitch in the house. Why would Matt stay with this idiot. All he does is lose comps on purpose so everyone else has to put people up and then get mad at each other. Him and Kathy are tied for the biggest floaters in BB history. At least Jordan chose a side last year and stuck with it. Enzo talks shit about everyone and has an alliance with everyone. Someone needs to grow a pair and make a strong move. If not then just get Kathy out because she should have been out week one. She makes me sick. As soon as Brendan wins hoh she goes up there and throws Matt, Brit, and reg under the bus and says she cried when rachal left and couldn’t sleep. Lol please. Everyone, Brendan especially keeps saying how he wants floaters out of the house yet he doesn’t put Enzo or Kathy the 2 biggest floaters ever, up. These people suck this year. Brendan wanting to leave the game for love??? Come on. So many people would love to be on this show and they pick that guy? And last year chima crying and getting thrown out because Jesse left. They acted like he died when he got evicted. BB need to do a better job of casting.

      1. it’s because the tv show Jersey Shore is a hit and America now wants more more more of this cultural phenomenon. If Enzo said GTL, Big Brother would hit 10 million viewers in a heartbeat

      2. I agree, she is way past nasty, I hope she gets to spend her birthday Monday with Rach, now that is karma for all the crap she has said, Rach is gone and she is still dogging her. Brit needs to go Thursday !!!!

    1. Mike, I agree with you completely. Imagine all the folks out there who would kill to be on BB Reality show and they choose these kinds of peeps; mostly floaters. Hopefully next year they’ll cast more game player types.

      1. I agree, the casting the past few seasons has been crap. BB was my fav show all year and I couldn’t wait for a new season. It’s sad what BB has become. Personally, I think all Vetos should be banished and whoever is nominated has to campaign and fight to stay.

  16. isn’t it crazy that this cast is soooo concerned with what America thinks about them? it seems like the viewers as a majority don’t overwhelmingly like anyone in particular – there are very mixed opinions and there are stronger reasons to dislike them as individuals than like them

    i really dont remember too much of this going on last year which is funny bc America seemed more polarized in liking Jeff/Jordan and hating pretty much everyone else

    1. I think last season most of the players couldn’t give a shit if we liked them or not. This season it’s a popularity contest inside the house and no one is winning. They all suck at this point. I’d be on team Matt, but you know the lie thing sealed his fate with me. He didn’t need that lie to win.

    2. It would make more sense if the fans were voting on who left, like earlier seasons. However, I am hoping they worry because they are concerned about their actions affecting their home lives (family, friends, etc.). Sadly, some of them seem to be hoping to be “stars”. The letdown from their disappointment is going to be crushing.

      1. I was thinking that next season, whether it is past HG’s or not, they should bring back America voting players out….just to make it more fun. This is the BORINGEST season.

  17. This house changes so much. At the beginning of the week I thought Matt would put up Britney as a replacement nom. Then I changed to Enzo. Now I think he might put Kathy up. I think Matt is loyal to the Brigade so I’m thinking Britney will go up. The Brigade might stick around for alittle while.

    1. What is so shady about it? Either way they think they have to vote out a brigade member … its more shady to vote out Matt than Lane?

  18. My prediction is Matt will not use it to put Enzo or Hayden up. He has already told them that he’s 100% with the brigade. And I don’t think he will waste it on Kathy unless he realizes that she has been talking to brendan about getting Matt out. This season has been the year of “let’s do what the house wants so we don’t have something interseting happen”. So since everyone told Matt that they wanted Brittney out. Matt will do the boring, predictable thing and put Brit up because he doesn’t want to stir anything up. BB should let Matt see what the Enzo and Layne have been saying about him. Since it’s unfair to the person who is about to be put up the least BB should do is let him see what they say about him so it gives the others a fighting chance. I’m not a big Brittney fan but I just can’t stand how no one will make a bold and go against the house. It’s been like this since week 1. Almost all the people voted out were unanimous. And if it wasn’t unanimous it was Kathy voting different because she knew everyone was voting for the other person. I hope I’m wrong about Brit going up but that’s how the season has been going. And even though puting Kathy up wouldn’t be a bold move, keeping her is showing just how weak these people are because they know she can’t win anything

  19. Boot to Kathy. She is leaving for sure. She is the only one thats still not against Brendon as much as the other hg are (or at least thats how the hg’s see it) Hayden and Enzo ar just playing Brendon. But ya never know in this game. The split has to come soon. Maybe not till 2 brigades go on the block together (for real this time) The way this house is playing we might not ever see a split. everyone will just pretend to be one each others teams and no one calls each other out

  20. Kathy has no alliance so she is the floater.
    The Brigade made and alliance day one.
    If there are “life long friends” it has to be Matt and Regan.
    Both have the same “star” tattoo on their shoulders.. it would explain why they are together all the time. Just sayin.
    Brit is viscious and negative and it wont win her the game.

    1. Reminder: I’ve been saying for a while now that Matt and Ragan are either cousins or half brothers. I hope you people appreciate me giving you all excuses to drink yet again. DRINK!

    1. Shweeeeet!!! Sadly soon enough it’s going to be a sausage fest and there’ll be no reason to click that link anymore.

    2. … Brittany’s made me queezy … why oh why did I go look?! I don’t even like nekkid women and that’s all you post :P

  21. Yes I know Brit talks shit. I mentioned that in my post. But In my opinion Enzo is the worst. He talks about Kathy, Regan, Brittney, Brendan like there pieces of s***. How can someone have a daughter and talk about someone like that. Enzo is garbage. And on top of that he’s tied with Kathy for biggest floater ever. He was the one who started the alliance and because Matt became friends with Regan. Enzo gets paranoid and basically threw him under the bus. Matt is probably the most loyal of them all. Well lane is loyal too. For Enzo to throw the word bitch around so easily after having a daughter shows his true feelings for women.

    1. They all talk shit behind peoples backs. All of them. I don’t know why people think Brit is any worse than the rest of them. Even Kathy talks shit behind peoples backs. Rachel did it, Brendon does it, the brigaders do it and Ragan does it. Ragan is probably the only one that says shit to peoples faces in that passive aggressive condescending way of his. It’s big brother. That’s what you do. If you were locked up in a small tv set with that many people and nothing else to do, you would do it too. Hell, we talk shit behind their backs too. It’s part of the game. Sometimes I think some fans think they are watching Super Nice Lets Make a BFF. How freaking boring would that be? I think this season is better than last year, the only one I really liked was Russell. This year I don’t really like any of them, but Brit and Matt are playing the best game. I’d like to see Brit win it all, but she won’t unless something crazy happens soon. She makes me laugh and she plays hard.

      1. Agree.And all their stripes have come out now. So Britney isn’t the only scape goat for mean talk at this point. I think if Enzo was a woman I think she’s mean spirited words would stick out more to some people. And as far as I can remember, Britney hasn’t done anything directly to Enzo. I think he’s may be the needle dick who is intimated by what she can possibly do in the game so he’s resorting to calling her a bitch etc.

























    1. Hate it when people do that kind of shit…is it like a multi orgasm for you? I think your lucky the Boys allowed it. People on this link are smart enough to get ‘it’ after 1 take.
      Somebody say something about new nudes…O yea!

    2. Well we won’t have to put up with kia5’s screaming any longer. First she made her computer hoarse from yelling, then she had a heart attack and fell lifeless to the floor from the emotional overload.

    3. You have the option not to watch it. I don’t think the Gestapo is insisting that you watch it if it’s boring. So I don’t get it. lol.

  23. If this happens I’ll be happy –

    Enzo and Hayden tell Matt they are both voting him out. Matt decides to nominate Hayden. Hayden gets voted out. Matt wins HOH again for a 3rd time and nominated Enzo and Lane securing Lane to stay and Enzo to be voted out. Britney wins HOH and nominates Brendon and Kathy, Brendon goes home. Matt wins HOH for a 4th time and nominates Britney and Kathy. Kathy goes home. Lane wins HOH, nominates Ragan and Matt. Ragan goes home. Matt wins Final HOH and takes Lane with him to Final 2. Matt wins Big Brother. Enzo still wins Ameirca’s Choice even though I don’t want it to happen, I think he will win it.

    1. No this is what should happen. Matt gets up and exposes the Brigade. Then He puts up Enzo and Enzo is voted out.

    2. Why would Matt vote out Hayden over Enzo? I thought Matt trusted Hayden more from his conversations with Ragan.

  24. Maybe Matt should keep the DPOV a seceret if he’s smart and just let Regan take himself off. If Matt uses the DPOV he’s gonna show the house how much of a liar he reallyis.

    1. This makes no sense to me. 1)Matt HAS to keep the DPOV a secret or he loses it. He is on the block so he pretty much has to use it to insure that he stays. 2)Ragan already took himself off the block. He can’t use his POV again to remove Matt. Therefore, see #1.

      1. Matt has to use the DPOV on Thursday’s live eviction and non someone else it can not be Regan or Brendon. I hope it is Brit. They should take it away from Matt he already said that there was a power in the house.

        1. Thank you, I agree. He has hinted at the power so many times, the brigade knows he has something. I say BB revoke his d-veto.

          I also think he’s a tweeker

  25. Lane…you will wait till pov then tell brenden you dont like him?

    do these people not understand that he is on the jury, and really represents 2 votes

    further, enzo and hayden are the only ones who realize he would get…ONE jury vote if he went final 2(brenden)…he cant win…kathy would get the votes if it was brenden and kathy because kathy will sob story and get people like brit who vote on PURE emotion

    Lane is an IDIOT

    1. Incorrect. Matt has said that he would vote for Brenda if he made it to the end and a lot of players will think the same thing if he is up against a serious floater like Kathy or Enzo. This is the way it has played out in BB history. Even Evel Dick got the lion’s share of the votes and EVERYBODY hated him for his game play in the house.

  26. Ragen is a COMPLETE embarrasment to the gay community. And I think Matt is a bi-sexual….if not a full fleged homosexual.

  27. l am a Matt/Regan fan. After watching their relationship on live feeds I am beginning to think that they could be in a gay relationship outside the house and that Matt’s wife is not for real. Call me crazy!!!

    1. DRINK! Someone claimed a few days ago that they knew Matt and that he is married. That person could have been full of shit or for real. I think she is his wife.

  28. anyone saying putting up kathy is staying true to the brigade is dead wrong….they want brit to go up and to get the heck out….

    so it must be brit..

  29. Does anyone know where Rachel was born and raised? There is a rumor going around the state offices here in Trenton NJ that she was born here and that her grandmom still lives in the Trenton area. I searched the web and couldnt find anything. Just wondering if… and that’s a big if… Annie was right and 2 people do know each other if Rachel and Enzo could have a NJ connection.

    1. DRINK! LOL! I think there are a lot of rumors where Rachel is from. I heard she went to college in Nc, but not sure where she was born/raised.

  30. It is time for Fredo (oops – Enzo) to go.
    He has turned on the Family (Brigade) and is disrespecting them. A Jersey Boy should know better.
    I used to support the Brigade, but with Fredo’s smack talk and Hayden’s betrayal to Matt and his now disregard for his former showmance partner (Kristen), they have shown their true colors. Lane is still a question mark as to his real loyality.
    Matt should use the DPOV and eliminate Fredo/Enzo on Thursday and then try to bring Lane into his camp. I think Lane would understand this move. Hayden will need to re-evaluate his relationship with Brendon.
    Matt may lose Fredo/Enzo’s jury vote, but I don’t think that he would have had it anyway. He still blames Matt for allowing B/R to stay during his 1st HOH. He never mentions that no other member of the Brigade has done squat this season except for Hayden’s team win during Week 1.
    The new Brigade should be Matt, Lane, Regan, Brit, and Hayden (if he can get his head out of Brendon’s backside).
    Fredo/Enzo sleeps with the fish…or Rachel in the Jury House.

      1. faints … OMG simon… I am in total shock. I never thought you’d back down. wow.. but I have to agree. Matt told them to shut up, he did everything in his power to tell them to chill out and not give up on him. He spoke his word and they still turn their backs on him because they can’t win against him. When did these men become pussies. You fight your foe. Right now Brendon has bigger balls then the brigade. He went after Ragan and he went after Matt. Even though he nominated Matt, I still have to give him kudos for at least trying to go for it. As for Enzo. Off with his head – both of them

  31. Enzo’s hair is an eye sore. He should shave it off. Not sure why he is criticizing Brittney’s looks when he is not very attractive himself. Besides he has a filthy mouth and he hasn’t done anything in the big brother house but talk nasty about other people.

    1. the dream of Enzo is much greater then he is. I was an Enzo fan. He was 3rd favorite. We all wanted Enzo to be a stand up guy, never going aginst his alliance, fighting til the death but now he needs to be wacked or have his knees broken for his betrayal

    2. Whenever he slams Brit (I am not a Brit fan), I keep thinking she wouldn’t give Enzo the time of day in the real world. Maybe he knows it too and that is why he rags on her physical aspects. It’s one thing to rag on her always trashing people, it’s another to do that with someone’s physical looks. I hate Brit does it about Brendon too (Not a Brendon fan either).

  32. Okay-not that I’m a big fan of Kathy’s….but I have noticed she is looking really tired lately. I know she is still on some medication because of her cancer and just got off chemo….plus she is given Ambian for sleeping. Maybe the reason she is laying around so much and kind of always off on her own is because she feels like shit.

    1. It’s possible. It also makes you wonder why she woud go on a show like this that is stressful and tiring if you are dealing with all that. I know she wants the money for her son, I get that, but I am not sure I could do that.

    2. Kathy has no one in the Big Brother house. She is expendable and she knows it. It is never an easy game for an older woman or older man especially if they are married. They can’t have a showmance, they don’t have much to talk about being with the younger crowd either. Right away she is at a disadvantage.

  33. So, how messed up have your family and friend that let you tell them the spoilers get? My husband is really screwed up thinking it’s evictions tonight, LOL! It’s kind of funny. It does make the week long knowing this all ahead of time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thanks Simon and Dawg for keeping me in the loop!

    1. just a thought – me neither. I love it. I drive people silly because I know and they don’t. I posted brendon won HOH on my facebook and everyone got mad at me. It was awesome. I’m totally hooked. I cannot wait to tomorrow night. I’m about ready to pass out. I can’t sleep or move since the season started.

        1. I am an early riser and stay up too late waiting for updates. I fall asleep and wake up to 3-6 updates, LOL! Then, I catch up and wait for the rest of people on here to wake up and get active, LOL!

          1. and now I will have to take my kid to D&D and dance and miss updates, LOL! good thing they aren’t too different these past few days. E/H Do we don’t we dance. Ragan trying to save Matt, etc. LOL!

      1. I can’t wait to see how tomorrow plays out as well! I am hoping for something other than Kathy going up. I really hope E/H tell Matt they are voting for Lane so he can put E up. That would be fun. I’d settle for Brit up too! Someone, anyone, but not Kathy.

    2. That’s funny-my husband HATES BB, but will watch it with me. He hates that I know everything ahead of time except for eviction night. I tell him he should be happy because then he just has to watch it once a week, unless he watches the live feeds with me. When discussing BB at work, I warn people that I “know all” and 1/2 the time they want me to tell them.

    3. My husband is actually now hooked on the show and I think it’s funny. He hates BB and most reality shows in general, but I think he gets a kick that I will pause the show as it’s on and tell him what really happened at that point. It IS a lot more fun to watch the show when you know all of the background scoop. I also like to watch and see how the DR talk matches up (or not) with the actions on the feeds during that time.

  34. me too i was an enzo fan i used to thnk he was funny and nice but now i see his real personality and i cant wait till he leavess

  35. So it looks like everyone now thinks Kathy is the sab because of the note. This is perfect! I have to admit that this would seem to be the logical conclusion if you are in the house, since Kathy is the one that knew about the message to Brendon, and she insisted on making the beds. I hope this is the thing that convinces Matt to put Kathy up tomorrow. Some people think it would be a waste, but it isn’t. It’s actually the smartest move for Matt. He only momentarily pisses off the Brigade, but they won’t be able to deny that once again he saved the brigade when they were all too useless to save themselves. I know they want Brit up, but he can make the case that they need Brit to get the blood on her hands by taking out Brendon. Putting Kathy up he majorly pisses off Brendon, and who cares? Brendon’s only chance of survival next week is winning the HOH. Enzo and Hayden are talking about putting up Ragan and Brit if they win HOH (they go through this every week and then suck at the challenge so it’s probably a moot point anyway) but once Matt evicts Kathy, I think the brigade will fall back into line. If they don’t, Matt will still have Brit and Ragan to start picking them off for their disloyalty. He needs people that can win comps to get Brigade blood on their hands if he wants to win this game.

    1. I think he’s putting Kathy up b/c he keeps talking about how annoyed he is with her for not telling him about the pretzels when he could have used the info to his advantage. It seems like he is trying to set up a reason for himself with the other HGs, since that doesn’t seem like the type of thing that Matt would get hung up on normally.

  36. Well its getting very boring with CBS focusing on Enzo. Am really loosing interest and the show still has a ways to go b4 the end. I wonder who decides who to focus on in the house. They , IMo, misjudged this year. He has done nothing worth noting ,except his accent. BB must be on autopilot this year. For some reason Brit,Lane,Regan,Matt are far more interesting to me. I like Kathy, but think this is the wrong show for her.

  37. The thing I dont get is why ppl onthis site say that the house guest wont trust matt because he used the dpov.
    He cant tell them about it, if does its void and all he is doing is protecting his core group of people.
    How is that that not trustworthy? hes helping them out.

  38. Ah finally I get to hear the live feeds. Brandon and Kathy sitting outside. Talking about the Sabateur. Brandon thinks it’s just BB and nobody in the house because anyone can use a fake voice so why not BB. He said if it was someone in the house, what is so bad, notes under a pillow? I find it funny how the HG think the sabateur is so Lame.

  39. Brandon makes a good point. He complains how everyone says, “It’s what the house wants, not what I want”, He said he is sick of it. We are all sick of it. Is Kathy sucking up to Brandon now, or are they buddy buddy now?

  40. Kathy needs to go. Yes it may not be a “power move” but if you a fan of anN you don’t want to see this floater go any further. Let’s see some strong competitors fight it out. I would like to see Enzo go but Matt won’t put him up. I hope when it comes time to vote for Americas winner no one votes for Enzo. Of coure CBS doesn’t show the true Enzo. But the fie hard fans who have the live feeds and BBAD know the true Enzo. Let’s ban together and make sure this rude, loud mouth, two faced, floater doesn’t win.

  41. Why does Fredo/Enzo keep saying that Brittany is rich and spoiled?
    Just because she has traveled a lot does not mean she is rich. She works in hotel sales and it is possible that they (a) pay for her to travel as a part of her job; or (b) she get’s a discount on hotels when she does travel as many in that industry do.
    I have traveled all over the this country and the world, and I am certainly not rich.
    Just because she drives a long distance to go shopping does not necessarily mean she is rich either. She may live in an area which doesn’t have a lot of stores. When I need to go shopping for major items, I have to drive 90 miles to Palm Springs because there are so few stores where I live. Again, I am not rich.
    Enzo or Hayden even brought up that she must be rich because she has a device that tells her when the mail is delivered. I have a device on my mailbox that sends a signal to my house when mail is delivered. The device cost under $30 and is essential as I live in the Mojave Desert and my mailbox is a quarter of a mile away from my house.
    She may talk a lot of trash and is young and immature, but she is playing the game and winning comps.
    All Enzo has done is trash everyone, drop grenades, talk about how he needs to go “smash one”, chomp his food loudly and lose at every competition (except pool).
    Who is he to talk? What has he done other than to stab his alliance brother in the back?

    1. being rich means different things to different people, especially if you were raised poor. Some people think that having a salary of $60k to $100k is rich, which in essence, it is considered middle class. So, maybe they were raised poor. just a thought …

  42. If matt is smart he will put britney up she’s a smart player and the brig will vote her out keeping lane and even brendon would be happy.Whoever get’s nominated it’s not fair that they don’t have a chance to play for pov which could make for an interesting show.I’ll be glad to see ragan go who besides me is tired of his crying and constant whine to his love interest matt.

  43. Brendon says all the shit in the house originated with Matt, Ragan or Britney.

    no captain cavemen all the shit in the house originated from you and rachel….

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