**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt: “eggplant america eggplant f*cking gross “

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:32 pm Hammock Matt and Ragan
Ragan: “i’m going to be so embarrassed from all that crying, it’s my man period it’s my meriod”.. “when i talk to enzo tomorrow I’ll approach a certain way because I know he hates it when pople chew on his ear”
Ragan: “I htink i’m just going to say hey look i want to have a brief conversation with you because we’ve never talked”
Matt: “If you just take the position I think i know my character and i know i’m someone to trust enzo will listen”.
ragan says he thinks wants to convey to him that Ragan’s word is stronger than BRits and if you keep lane you keep brit.
ragan: “this is how much my word means i will go up to my biggest enemy in the house and i will not make a cheeseball deal that shows you about my word”
matt tells him enzo is a talker all enzo likes to hear is his own name as long as you keep he conversation about him he’ll listen to you all day. Ragan would like to go over the talking points later tonight so that he’s as persuasive as possible.
matt: “we need them to understand that making kahty choose who leaves may not be the best idea. Kathy might want to take a certain path this eviction and next it might not be what they want”. Matt says hes not going to be upset with whatever decision they make if getting him out helps them it helps them.
Ragan: “This is the time you have to make moves you know.. they have to look at it from the viewers perspective do they really want to be aligned with him”
Matt: “enzo loves what America thinks so he would care you used use that argument”
ragan: “he doesn’t think that when it comes down to final 3 Brendon would choose Enzo or Kathy?”
Matt: “I have no idea what I would do if it was Brendon and Kathy final 2”
ragan: “I’m giving it to Kathy”
matt: “yeah after all that BLANK and complaining about getting floaters out and he ends up taking a floater”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:40pm Kitchen
Matt: “eggplant america eggplant BLANK ross ”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:07pm More stupid pool tournament


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:34pm Matt and Brit. Brit’s talking away about birth control Matt asking lots of questions

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:36pm The Gremlins foot

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:57pm HOH Enzo and Brendon. Brendon complaining that nobody hangs out in his HOH. Enzo is pissed about it to he thinks people talk about him when he up in HOH. Brendon. Brendon is scared that if brit wins she’ll put him and Enzo up. Enzo leans over the side of the bed and tells him it smells like Rachel. Brendon tells him it’s very important he wins HOH this week, Enzo tells him not to worry him and hayden have it. Brendon and Enzo talking about how stupid Matt’s HOH was because people were coming into HOH all the time sleeping in the bed. Brendon saying that he made a deal with Brit that if he didn’t put her up or backdoor him she would return the favor. Enzo goes on about how much he wants to win HOH to get the letter, “It’a all about the letter yo”

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148 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt: “eggplant america eggplant f*cking gross “

  1. I’m am starting to really like Matt! I hope that he pulls out a power move Thursday and stays in this game. His smirks and winks at the camera are pretty funny. Wish CBS would give them some booze to entertain us before I fall asleep.

      1. Oh I always have my drinks ready when BBAD comes on – hoping and waiting that something exciting will happen. If only I could reach threw the tv and hand them some drinks….

    1. I don’t even think booze will help this crowd come to life. Maybe putting a M80 firecracker in the beak of one of those pink flamingos and than head it at Enzo’s butt might get them jumping.

      1. Good God! I just saw the toe picture……that wasn’t there before……..I almost puked….for real!! That is a deal breaker for me!! And they talk about Brendons toe……WTF???

        1. Whos toe was that? I have only heard them ever talk about Brenden’s toe so that is who I thought that toe belonged to. Who is the ‘GREMLIN”?

          1. Gremlin is Matt. And I laughed at Brendon making fun of Brit’s lazy eye …wait til he finds out how they feel about his toe, his posture.

        1. I LOVE Amaretto!! YUM YUM!! When I was younger (prior to drinking age) that is the liquer I always requested my mom buy me a big bottle of for my B-day!

            1. that is funny…and ya know why…..cause I know how many vicodins it takes to get pulled over for speeding and it aint just one!! HAH!

            2. Yikes….. Mixing of the narcotic vIcodin with alcohol isn’t something most gramma’s would suggest…… Looks like trash talk here = bad, extolling substance abuse = good…..

                1. I didn’t even say that I do it. It was a joke about catching up on the drinking game everybody plays on here. I would never suggest anything like that to others. Boy, I have a little fun with a couple of people and you and QAZ suggest I leave the site or be jailed for drug abuse. If people took serious some of the suggestion made on here all the time, well, we’d have some pretty sick cases.

                  1. BBGrandma, sounds like they just have some sour grapes. I think you are fun! And since I am due to give birth in two weeks, no drinking game for me, so please feel free to consider that some of them are for me! :o)

                    1. Oh, how wonderful? This your first? I wish you a healthy, happy, baby! I will certainly include you in my thoughts and drink one for you. Please be sure to let me know when you have the baby. Do you know what you are having? That sounds strange to me but I know you can know that now. In my day, you just had to wait and see. But, you take what you get and you certainly don’t want them to put it back if it wasn’t what you were hoping for. Besides after just minutes you realize you got just want you wanted no matter which.

                1. If you guys are truly that fond of each other, and/or lonely, you should consider starting a webcam channel on a site like LiveStream or any site of your choosing. Or I suppose Simon could make one for this site, and have it live for the 3 hours of BBAD. I’m not a fan of video chat sites, but it seems like some of you might enjoy them, so more power to you.

                  1. I have never comment on you and all your silly stuff. I don’t appreciate you suggesting we need to go some place else. We are having fun and enjoying the site. Skip our messages if they bother you. It is also a place to make friends and some of us have been on here for a long time.

                    1. BBGrandma: I wasn’t inferring you bother me at all. You give a nice warmth to this site that is definitely needed. I just genuinely think you might enjoy also video chatting with some friends online. As someone whose grandma doesn’t even know how to use a computer, it makes me happy that you’re taking advantage of technology. Sorry I offended, it wasn’t my intention.

                    2. QAZ, I am very sorry that I took your suggestion the wrong way. I apologize for over re-acting. I am a little thin skinned right now with the possiblities I might lose my best buddy. I guess I am to clingy right not, too. I will try to take stuff more with a laugh and less with heart. If I had given it more time, I would have know, you of all people, wouldn’t be telling someone to get lost. You had a bunch attack you one night for just having fun, too. Again, I am sorry and I still love ya lots!

        2. BBGrandma, do you spike Muc’s water occasionally? My brother used to do that to my mother’s two poodles – they were so yappy! He also used to exhale his pot hits into their faces! Needless to say he’s doin’ a nickle at Suffolk County!

          1. No, I have never done that. Muc is so layed back anyway. He is a couch potato and so friendly. He loves people. He is better known than my husband and I. People refer to our corner as “Muc’s Hill”. We drive down the street and Muc has his head out the window and people are always yelling at him. We were at a stop light the other day and a car of young guys pulled up next to us and one said “That’s a big f–king dog!” We have laughed about that for days.

          2. Someone call PETA! Clearly Jimik60’s relatives are trying to spike Allison’s food with alcohol and harmful drugs! She could eat enough to overdose without knowing the risk involved!

            1. See, QAZ, you can be silly all you want. Should I suggest you go to a comedy site. You really hurt my feelings suggesting I leave the site. I will if Simon thinks it is best.

              1. BBGrandma: Again, I’m sorry that I wasn’t clear. I know some people who have a lot of fun with friends on Skype/Ventrilo/LiveStream. It’s a way for them to become even better friends with people they’ve met online at their favorite sites. As long as you use your head and don’t give out personal information it’s pretty safe and enjoyable, so I thought it was something you might enjoy doing during BBAD episodes, or especially as a way to keep in touch with people for the 10ish months that BB is off air. Definitely didn’t mean you should leave this site. Sorry for the confusion.

                1. Whew….glad you cleared that up! I thought I was going to have to go all “Nightime LJ” already!! That is a nice idea……Nothing I have ever done before but I know this little laptop has a built in camera! How do you communicate your info to certain people on here tho without the whole world seeing it??

      1. Usually when you get fatter, you start to have a bad self image of yourself, and your self esteem plummets. But eventually you reach a “no return” zone, where your fatness starts to look deliciously appetizing in the mirror, and you begin to eat your own body. It’s known as Hyper Obesity Cannibalization in the medical community, and Allison Grodner is currently a stage 3 survivor.
        I hope this message can inspire overweight readers to know you’re not alone in thinking you look delicious, and bulimia isn’t the answer. So far the only known cure is becoming a TV production bitch who ruins shows, but our lab is currently looking for medication in the wild to treat this illness. Unfortunately, Allison ate the lab animals we were in the middle of testing, but I’ll report back with any breaking news that should arise.

  2. It’s no coincidence that the food they manage to sneak into the BB house is disgusting. You think they have to eat slop because it’s funny for TV when we never see it on TV? It’s to deter Allison Grodner from sniffing around the storage rooms.

    1. Hey QAZ. Its a new audience this week. All game talk over and over. Its a hard room to work. I appreciate your humor (as well as a few others regulars) and find it a great distraction from the same old same old (no offense Simon). Hasn’t been many laughs in the past week. But I am sure things will come back around. Glad your back!

      1. I’m watching Human Centipede right now, since Ragan mentioned it on BBAD once, and since I keep hearing about it online. Can’t wait to see what ratio of comedy and horror it goes for.

        1. It is a sick movie! Loved it! Their is a sequel coming soon! They looklike AGs digestive system. After seeing ‘Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” 6x in a row with AG, this movie is a comedy. If you can, watch the movie “Bear” or “Shelter”. There good as well.

  3. Live Feeds Enzo Watch: After talking with everyone outside about whether his daughter will remember him, Enzo said “I’m going to cry. I’m going to listen to some music.” and he went upstairs to the HOH room to listen to music.

    Damn. I want him to go cry in his room — preferably under the covers and pillow so that he can see the note!

      1. They seem to play with their pillows a lot. Either he or someone will find it, don’t worry. He might not find it until tomorrow am, but it’ll be found. He also said that he likes sleeping in Taj because it’s dark — which might mean he doesn’t see until the morning if Kathy is asleep in there before he goes to bed.

    1. Butt sex??? Hmmmmm…..no…dont want to hear that one……Not yet at least…..it is early tho…..oh…no it’s not…..Simon r u going to bed in an hour?

      1. Its called rimming! Enzo and Kathy have shown their expertise for it this week! As a safe sex measure, your suppose to use Saran Wrap! Now f***** is a whole other ballgame!

        1. HAHAHA…..Propbley good i did not read this last night!! Daytime LJ is a little more conservative……Nightime LJ would have taken this to a whole nudder level!!

  4. Eggplant is good if cooked properly! Eggplant parmesan is the best! I live in the country and the fruit stands are awesome this time of year and i happen to have fresh eggplant in my fridge as we speak! I make chicken parmesan for the ol man and eggplant parmesan for myself! But again, must be cooked right to really enjoy….and I LOVE escargot too btw!

    1. Last night i got some eggplant from my garden, breaded it and fried it and put it on bread with some ketchup and made sandwiches.

  5. Ok ppl this is what I think: brendon has a special power we don’t know of and I think this is what going to happen-

    Matt uses the dpv to remove himself from the block
    Matt puts up britney or kathy on the block against lane
    Bren takes out the special power and changes matt’s nom
    Bren puts ragan on the block
    Hgs vote to evict ragan(ragan can get put up because his pov is useless, matt’s dpv devalues it)

    I just feel there’s more than just rachel coming into the house for 24 hours bren won. I think he has a power that he needs tokeep a secret just like matt. But hey I might be wrong!

    1. No……say it isn’t sooo. They only let Rachel back into the house to give Brendon his balls back so that he could start really playing the game. Dont you remember when they were on the block and packed each others stuff….well they weren’t expecting Rachel to leave and one of the things of Brendons that she packed…were his balls…..I guess getting them back would sort of be a power…….

    2. Spicymama needs a time out! Great theory, but isn’t fallible. CBS has cause a lot of conjecture amongst us diehard fans as to what has happened this past week (with the Pandora’s Box, etc) and what will happen Thursday. Many are not happy, most furious. They have taken their core audience’s intelligence for granted. Unfortunately, the 50,000 Nielsen families (yes they are still out there) that CBS is playing to, believe the hype on broadcast tv. Watching the feeds and then what they broadcast is like watching 2 different shows. There is quite a bit they are not telling us, either on purpose or because they wrote themselves into a corner and now don’t know how to get out. For me, I think it is the later. Never have I seen this show so boring and so drawn out! You are obviously smarter than the people producing this show and have put more thought into your one comment, than CBS has this entire season.

      1. RE: Neilson Families

        Arent they using cable boxes now to monitor a household viewing instead of the old traditional Neilson way? Isnt everyone with a cable box now a Neilson family?

    3. Sadly I agree with you that there’s some more jury tampering going on since we have seen absolutely nothing regarding Brendon’s PB. They should just re-title the show ‘Puppetmasters’ or someting similar. These HG’s don’t really have free will and CBS has made the whole show a joke, starting with that Rachel 24 Hour stunt followed up by Pretzelgate. A big mess.

  6. Has anyone seen Brit’s fiance? What if its Lane? Apparently Kathy is related to someone in the oil business, Lane in the oil business…

    Kathy may be related to Lane & he’s Brits fiance?!?! Random Guess!

    Also, what did that note say?

        1. Lane is not Nick…There were pictures posted on another blog (because your Addicted) They showed pics of Nick and Brittany with an interview with Nick.

  7. Live Feeds Enzo Watch: Enzo might need some of that lube that Matt and Brit were talking about — he’s up in the HOH with Brendon and has crawled completely up Brendon’s ass, yo!

        1. Damn. Now Hayden and Enzo have decided NOT to throw the next HOH….they are planning to win and put up Britney and Ragan.

    1. “Omg brendon, everyone in this house is after us, blah blah blah” or something like that. It was deja vu when he started talking (reminded me of Rachel); I really hope Brit goes then Enzo.

      1. You’re right. He’s as personal a player as Rachel. Both are insecure, egomanical fools. It’s all about him. Even in his conversations with Hayden, he doesn’t realize “me me me” may have Hayden wondering where does that leave Hayden….

  8. Is Ragan’s two weeks as the scab, I mean Sab over on Thursday? If it is, will Julie announce that he was the saboteur and won $20,000? Enzo was going to sh=t on whomever it was.

    1. Im guessing they wont tell til he gets voted off……that would be cruel and unusual punishment if they did……ok…DR Bacon…aka Qaz…….let’s hear about AG’s cruel and unusual punishment of food and hg’s…..

      1. Agreed, he will likely get his 20 grand but they won’t find out until the season is over. He didn’t really do much except heighten the paranoia in the house for a bit though and I doubt there will be another sab…so much for the twist this season :(

        1. Okay, you guys are probably right but I don’t think that is fair either. Because on other luxury wins, Monet $10,000 and Rachel’s $5000, and that kid last season that won the car, etc etc, everyone knew. That does influence people in making decisions. The others that won things have been disclosed. Just making a point.

          1. Yeah, but he was basically responsible for “sabotaging” them…if BB reveals that, the other house-guests would obviously try to take him out. In the other scenarios, the hg’s won money, and there wasn’t any direct backlash to the others. I doubt Ragan, or anyone for that matter, would be a saboteur knowing that BB would reveal their identity.

        2. If one of the Sab’s two week requirements was to cry 24\7 he should get an extra 20 grand!
          who says….”Im crying because I cry too much”??? That is like me saying “Im drinking because I drink too much”!….oh wait……that makes sense……

    2. They told him it would not be revealed if he agreed to be the sab. That stipulation is probably why he took it, otherwise it could ruin his chances at winning the big bucks. Of course we all know he has no chance anyway, but in that delusional head of his…

      1. Thank you Coco, I didn’t remember that they told him that part of it. I guess that was a pretty good deal since he really didn’t do anything to hard. Except now putting the note under Enzo’s pillow might get pretty heated.

        1. I don’t know what I ever did before I had a DVR. I guess I didn’t know what I was missing because I was in my cave busy trying to create a spark knocking two rocks together so I could cook my latest kill.

  9. Me too. He’s so self-righteous. He doesn’t recognize that everything he criticizes in others are things that he does himself.

      1. Hahaha. I find myself fast forwarding or muting every Enzyme starts talking. He really needs to go. I’ll even tolerate Sleeper Cell Kathy for a few more weeks if we can get him out. He smacks his mouth even when he’s drinking. He has way too many irritating bad habits and they all start with his mouth.

    1. Enzo is just clutching at anything that will give him a ride to the final two. He’d also rather someone else do the dirty work for him; that way he’ll get jury votes.

    1. Enzo is entrenched back in Brendon’s ass in the HOH (Enzo, he’s a butt plug!) and Hayden is trying to crawl and join him. I’ll keep and eye out and post in the comments if Enzo goes to his bedroom.

      Simon, will my comment post or will it say “awaiting moderation?”

  10. Live Feeds Enzo Watch: I’m getting so sick of listening to Enzo speak. I’m watching a different camera and different people for a little bit. America better not award Enzo that 25 thou!

  11. I won’t pretend Enzo wasn’t a fav of mine just a few weeks ago, but he is def a reliant on others beotch. Cmon he is the poster child of the “jersey shore” way of life! Just bc you wish you were the “situation” or any of them for that matter doesn’t mean you have to live like a scumbag lazy “neandertall” like they do pal. Haha. I’m no priest by any means or live on a pedestal but screaming out f bombs louder than the planes over your head is really cool in front of your elders like Kathy but more importantly I feel bad your child has to look at you later and think that is way to behave or wanna be like you bc of your example. IF YOU ACTUALLY PLAYED THE GAME MAYBE IT MIGHT BE A LITTLE BETTER! But we get the last laugh bc atleast your dumb enough to think your the next big thing for media since snooki when atleast those clowns are making 10,000 bucks for it. HA


  12. Gremlin had the balls to talk shit about Brendon’s foot when his is fuglier and much more gross looking! I despise him and cannot wait to see him evicted. He makes me want to vomit, literally! Hope he chokes on that eggplant and dies–that would be awesome!! If he ever gave me that stink eye that he is giving America in the above photo I would beat the shit out of his ugly ass!! He is so ungrateful and such a little pr**ck!! And Meow Meow wise up–you are so lame you will never win a comp and you are not sending anyone home ever! Self centered inflated perception of himself for sure!! How unattractive! The whole group are the biggest whiners I have ever seen on this show and they are the dumbest bunch to ever been cast!! No strategy and no game play from any of them!! How pathetic!!!!!!! Bro-gade the best alliance ever?????? You’ve got to be kidding me–chilltown must be LOL at this shit!!

  13. So I just had a thought and im not sure anyone has considered it. Matt knows the Brigade is faltering………..what if, in a show of solidarity, he puts Ragan up as his replacement?

  14. Pandora’s box brought Rachel back to the house and it did more damage to Brendon than to anyone else. Brendon was ready to do the only smart thing for his game which was to put up Brittany. But Rachel came back and caused drama. Everyone except for Matt and Ragan kissed her ass. Ragan didn’t kiss her ass because whether you like him or not, he tends to not say things behind people’s backs that he wouldn’t say to their face. Matt didn’t kiss her ass because he didn’t have to. He has the DPOV. As we all know, Rachel’s gameplay is based on personal vengeance, not smart cold strategy. Rachel needs to be the center of attention, and Matt denied her that, so in her mind, he needs to go. She left Brendon a message telling him to put up Matt, and of course Brendon is such a pussy that he did what she wanted, even though it wasn’t smart and as it turns out, it is exactly what Matt wanted (and most of us did too). I’m glad it turned out this way, and it will be Brendon’s last move in the game unless he wins POV next week. Hopefully Matt sees that the smartest move for his game is to put up Kathy. Putting up Enzo would be dramatic, but it would lose him Brendon, Rachel and Enzo’s vote. If he puts up Hayden, he loses Kathy’s vote too, and he needs four votes to win. If he keeps Brit, she can take out the trash for him. She is capable of winning a HOH and she would put up Brendon or Enzo in a heartbeat. Matt needs to get rid of Enzo and probably Hayden in the next week or two, and he needs to do it with as little blood on his hands as possible, which is why he needs Ragan and Brit. If he gets rid of Kathy this week, he will only piss off Brendon, but he can say in his speech that he is doing it because Brendon always says that the floaters need to go, that he’s sorry he messed up Brendon’s nominations, but at least he is getting rid of a floater. This way, he doesn’t burn the defunct brigade, he keeps Brit on his side, and he blindsides pussyboi. Rachel’s visit cost Brendon the game. I hope Brit gets to stay. I don’t think she can win the game, but I want to watch her try. Yeah, she lies, yeah, she talks behind people’s backs, but so do the rest of them. She does it with flair and makes me laugh. It’s big brother, and that’s what it’s all about. I would be surprised if Brendon got anything else from the box. If Rachel wasn’t such a self important bitch with personal revenge on her mind, she might have helped Brendon, but she did the opposite. In the end, her visit was annoying for 24 hours for the house and for us feed watchers, but ultimately, it was a good thing. It could have been good for Brendon, but it turned out that what’s good for the house is very bad for pussyboi. He deserves it for letting her override his own common sense.

  15. I thought I read he reported Rachel for the pretzel note because they weren’t
    allowed to write anything. How will they penalize Ragan for writing the note
    he put under the pillow?

  16. This is from Julie Chen’s Blog on EW.com, kind of interesting, especially her remarks about the Bridgade:


    *Britney continues to surprise me in this game. Just when I think she might be in trouble she manages to survive – snagging the POV this week was a tremendous move. If the “Brigade” ever starts turning on each other, look for Britney to be a key swing vote.

    *I loved having Jeff and Jordan back in the house this week — it’s great when our show can play matchmaker! They seem to be really happy and I wish them well. Which couple will bring us the first Big Brother marriage? Jeff and Jordan or Brendon and Rachel?

    *Kudos to the fans for the brilliant “True Love Conquers All” sabotage that played during Wednesday night’s show. I’m thrilled the Saboteur wrinkle is back in the game, and that particular fan-inspired suggestion was fantastic. I must admit that I felt a little bad for “Brenchel” when that glimmer of hope reappeared.

    *Was tonight’s HOH competition symbolic of this season’s game or what? Houseguests struggling to escape a massive spider web of ropes in order to survive the game – just another day in the life of a Big Brother Houseguest.

    *Where would the “Brigade” be without Matt? Outside of Hayden’s week one HOH victory, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen three male players (Enzo, Lane and Hayden) under perform like this in almost every competition (but it is pretty fun to watch them discuss how powerful they are).


    *The bowling lane used in the POV competition, “Lover’s Lane,” was 40 ft long. There were sixteen balls on site and the pins were 30 inches tall.

    *The ropes used in tonight’s HOH competition, “Oh What a Tangled Web,” were 200 feet long and weighed 25 lbs.


    Enzo on Kathy
    “The fish don’t even want to make an alliance with her…they’d rather die.”

    Brendon on Romance
    “I’m going to have the ‘Armageddon’ song playing in my head when I walk out.”

    That’s it for now…this week could be one of the most interesting so far in terms of strategy and confrontations. Brendon’s honor is on the line and he’s eager to exact revenge for the dismantling of his “showmance.”

      1. I’ll apologize for the BLANK, she obviously didn’t check back, just wanted to play sniper. I know I speak for many who appreciate another point of view or opinion or sneak peek into the workings. Glad you weren’t wounded.

  17. Enzo found the note at 3:49 Pacific time. Check the playbacks. The feed was lost by real player for me at 4:02 am Pacific (oops this stream is unavailable).

    Enzo told Kathy (woke her up with his “look at this! what is this!) and then Hayden and Lane (who hadn’t gone / had just gone to bed). Enzo — If Brendon knew my secret (brigade) I’d be on the block. At first the boys were going to stick it in a box under the photos (maybe even Ragan’s they said) but they didn’t want Brendon to see and joked that Kathy is the sabo. Enzo says it’s a girl’s handwriting. They say let’s go question Kathy. They went back in the room and Kathy said “I wish I had my fingerprint kit) Guys think it’s BB but Kathy points out that lockdown was BEFORE she made the beds — so she says that it’s someone in the house … that’s there a sabo in the house….Enzo still wants to believe BB. They say we can check the handwriting against the tourney bowl. Enzo talking with Lane about what is the secret.

    1. real player came back for me at 6:04 3-brigade talking with Kathy about when it could have been placed….could have been placed at any time during the day after she made the beds. One of them said, if it happened after lockdown, it is someone in the house.

      Simon, you’ll also want to look at the flashbacks from about 3:00 am PT for a good brigade conversation with Matt, Enzo, Lane, and Hayden.

  18. Enzo, Lane, Hayden, and Kathy saying it has to be someone in this room or the other room. Enzo, should I wake everyone up? Kathy says, “I’m going to sleep.” Enzo, “what’s my secret?” (Mimimew would also like to sleep and she can tell you several secrets, bozo.)

  19. Brit and Matty (Matt had just gone to bed) asking revelant questions but Ragan just looking lost and confused (ha ha).

  20. feeds cut at 4:23 am — right when all hgs (except Kahty and Brendon) were talking about it being Kathy and Enzo saying, what secret.

  21. feeds back at 4:24 — all of them (exc Kathy and Brendon) go to cabana to discuss. Enzo says on way — “why were lights still on when I come in, normally off, but tonight when I come in they’re on” Lane “on so that you’d see it.” Enzo “she’s sleeping in the f=king light.”

  22. Brit — when the sabo was doing messages, she stayed out there the entire time, but she couldn’t recall time. Enzo, why today did she want to clean, why did she want to make my bed!

  23. Now Matt is thinking (feeds around 4:31 Pacific) that the sabo (Kathy in their minds) left the pretzel message for Brendon — NOT Rachel and he’ll ask her in the jury house.

  24. this HAS been good SABO. They are now thinking that even her votes can be explained as America’s votes (WRONG but they’re good at creating conspiracies.)

  25. If Hayden or Enzo wins HOH, do you think they are really not going to put Brendon up, and instead it’ll be Brit and Ragen? I mean, that’s what I would do.

  26. Hey Simon–haven’t heard you screaming “4 deep, yo'” lately!! What’s the matter? Did your stupid bot bro-gade implode??? LOL

  27. Man I just hope Brit doesn’t go. She’s WAY too hot. Send one of the random dudes home like Ragan or Enzo or Lane or send Kathy home.

  28. How awesome would it have been if Enzo had put the note under Ragans pillow only to throw suspicion off himself….Then Ragan would drop a brick, thinking Enzo knew he was the Sabo (Ragan’s “secret”). Woulda been sweet had Kathy not screwed that up for them, too.

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