**Matt up on the block**Big Brother 12 Spoilers: The POV Ceremony is happing right now!


11am Enzo comes up to the HOH room to talk to Britney. Enzo says so what is going on is Matt throwing Ragan under the bus. Britney goes over the whole conversation she had with Matt. Enzo says that Matt is disgusting trying to throw Ragan under the bus. Enzo swears on his family that he will not put up Britney if he wins HOH or even if someone wins the POV. Enzo says that Matt is throwing Ragan under the bus and he is sleeping. Enzo says that he would never do that to Hayden or Lane. Enzo and Britney says that they are both good and that Matt needs to go home. Enzo tells Britney that they have a final four deal and that after that they can fight it out. Britney jokes around saying that she is going to put up Hayden and that she is sorry. Enzo plays along. Enzo and Britney leave the HOH room and head out to the backyard. They have caught a huge praying mantis.

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Britney goes to talk to Ragan and tells him that no matter what happens she is good with him. Ragan says that he is really worried that he will be the next one out of the house. Ragan tells Britney that Lane, Enzo and Hayden don’t want Brendon out and that it will come down to Ragan and Brendon in the next HOH. Ragan says that Enzo, Lane and Hayden won’t win because they don’t want to make the decision. Britney says no everyone wants Brendon out. Ragan says he guarantees that he is the next one out. Ragan asks if Britney thinks that its strange that Enzo just started playing in competitions. Britney says that she doesn’t want to lose Ragan in the game. Big Brother calls Britney into the diary room. Britney says that a lot of people have been coming to her to put up him all morning. Ragan says see this is want I mean …I am next! Britney says again that she doesn’t think so … she says that she wants him here and that she needs him here for her sanity. Britney leaves to go to the diary room and says that he will probably be called in next. Britney says that she will try and talk to him after if she can but that it will probably happen right away since almost everyone has been called in already.


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11:20am – 11:35am Hayden, Matt and Enzo are in the bedroom talking. Enzo is pacing back and forth in the bedroom …then says come on I’m in a penguin suit, yo! Enzo says that if Ragan goes up on the block he trusts them that they will keep him safe. Hayden says that it is a bad thing that Britney went up to Ragan. It means that she is not going to put him up. Matt agrees. They head into the kitchen. Matt asks if he should go out and talk to Ragan right now. Enzo says no …let him soak it in. Matt says okay. They go into the cabana room and talk about the fish. Matt asks if anyone has feed the fish today. Enzo says na….I’m not even feeding myself I’m not feeding them. Britney comes out of the diary room and comes into the cabana room. They talk about the fish. They they head into the kitchen to make lunch. Britney starts to make slop and Matt asks her if she will make him some too. Brendon gets called into the diary room. They talk about how they will be put on an outdoor lock down soon.

11:50am The live feeds switch to TRIVIA …. the POV ceremony is happening right now…

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196 thoughts on “**Matt up on the block**Big Brother 12 Spoilers: The POV Ceremony is happing right now!

      1. yeah true that…but i absolutely want Brendon to win it all. i wonder how we would’ve done if Rachel wasn’t even there at all….

  1. …bye bye MATT! you’re gettin backdoored…sadly, this has been the ONLY strategic move in BB this season…and by accident too!

    1. Is that wishful thinking, you saying ” bye, bye Matt”? or are you watching the live feed? I am about to pick up the habit of chewing my nails, the suspense is killing me..

    2. hows is it an accident it was a strategic move by the brigade they could have campained to get brit to put up gaygan but instead they went after their ally and a power player good talking points to add for a game winning argument.

    3. Completely agree. Bye Bye Mat. He may be the brain but he is narrow sighted. He is delusional, he knows that he is out of the brigade, he admits he is out of the Brigade, but his stragedy has always helped the Brigade i.e. Hayden, Enzo and Lane. Now I only hope that Brendon is not as delusional and thinks that he has a bonafied alliance with Lane Enzo and Hayden. I also hope that Brittney figures that Lane is her puppet master and she ditches him and joins Brendon and Ragen. Then the 3 of them (Brendon Ragen and Brittney) can beat the Brigade in any and every competition and make final 3. But this won`t happen because , 1. she will keep on trusting in Lane, and 2. Even if she gets rid of Hayden and Enzo she will totall mess up and she will try to protect lane to final 2.

  2. mat is gay.
    full proof : he had a dream about shirtless hayden , haha i laughed alot when he said that.
    and shirtless hayden;s kinda hot ;)

  3. Enzo is not feeding himself, so he’s not feeding the fish.
    I can see animal lovers every where falling out of their chairs just about now.
    I dare CBS to broadcast that comment from Enzo on TV.

  4. Britney’s screwed if she doesn’t put up Hayden.
    She’s deffinitly the stupidest person they’ve had on the show this season.

      1. Their not at that point yet . And I still feel bad .. like , he was so happy Matt got to stay and now Matt wants him to leave :( Matt should be trying to take out Enzo.

        1. I totally agree. When Matt wholeheartedly, with both hands and a great grasp threw his friend, Ragan, under the Greyhound Bus loaded to the max, I just thought I needed to change my name by dropping “eow” to “att”.
          Ragan’s loyalty was just regarded by Matt as only a stepping stone. Matt sucks to use friendship so selfishly. And why is he still lying to Ragan now about not being in an alliance with the 3 other guys in the house. I mean, just for once tell Ragan the truth you little shit!

      1. Matt should have pushed for Hayden to go up. Brit was swaying back and forth until Matt turned on Regan I think that ultimately changed her mind for sure. If Hayden wasn’t safe, then obviously Matt would turn on her in a heartbeat. Now let’s hope CBS stays out of the game and let it play out.

      2. If Ragan got on the block against Enzo, Matt could out the Brigade and convince Brendon and Brit that they were getting played. He could tell Ragan that there was only a very small chance that they could have both stayed in the game if Matt was on the block, and that he was convinced that he could have gotten the votes for Ragan to stay over Enzo.
        Matt has been strategic the entire game, I am sure his motive is not just throw his biggest supporter to the wolves without a plan. For being a “Diabolical super-genius”, just throwing Ragan under the bus without some sort of plan would seem like something Enzo would do.
        I am convinced Matt is going to out the Brigade this week, sell out the Brigade to Brit, Ragan, and Brendon, and say he could get rid of one of the three person alliance. It probably won’t work, but it is basically his last shot.

        1. if that’s his explaination for throwing Ragan under the bus…then he better be damn good at explaining at to him and the others such as Britney and possibly Brendon…

  5. STFU Enzo, Matt has been carrying your sorry ass, and you want him out,and since Matt is so loyal to the brigade he’s trying to get his best friend out of the house, and he’s disgusting. Enzo you sucked at every competition and I hope that you’re the next one out.

  6. Any info? I hope she puts up Matt. No matter what she does she will be on block next, that is unless Ragan wins next POV. She might as well get rid of the strongest player available. Therefore giving her a better chance at winning POV next time. What good does it do to get rid of Enzo or Hayden? Then she will have to compete against Brendon Matt and Ragan.

    1. the good of getting rid of enzo is that it’s one less person coming after her…if she would have kept matt off the block she had matt and ragan behind her…matt might still act like he is part of the brigade but he is there for himself and i think he would have britney’s back before enzo or hayden’s…enzo and hayden are feeding her whatever bs will get her to do what they want…they are going after her and ragan next not brendon…they want final 3 with brendon because they think they can beat him…brit just screwed herself over because if she doesn’t go in the double eviction she will the week after unless she or ragan win both hoh’s…at this point i’m not convinced lane wont put her up either!

  7. What’s going to suck is that blondie is listening to two people who have done shit all in this game. You have Enzo and Hayden who have done nothing but really run the house, and watch, they will be the final two. This year will have a worse final two than that awful Valentine’s/couples BB, which was that? 9? Where Adam won? She is way to easily intimidated and drawn to big guys, look at her relationship with Lane.

    Does this game really mess up your common sense?? Even Matt can use better arguments to save himself than what he’s using. And p.s. do you notice that every time Britney is talking to Matt or Ragen, she has to go to DR? A little too weird, is it not?

    1. P.P.S. Why is Matt still trusting the brigade?? He does know that they are the ones changing her mind on who to put up right?? Dumb ass!

      P.P.P.S. Bring back Dan!!!

      1. He’s played all his creepy little cards and now is hoping to fall back on some trust he thinks still exists with the Brigade. They figured him out and now it’s time to go. But it will be fun watching him skitter around for votes!

    1. Brenden did win POV. He is taking himself off and we’re all waiting to see if she puts Matt up on the block, since that’s been the topic of most HG’s conversations lately..

    2. He did. This is the POV ceremony. Brendon will take himself off the block and Brit has to name her replacement. A pivotal point in the game.

  8. I will say this right f**king now if that britney spears wanna be puts Matt on the block she has not only ruined her game but the entire f**king season because who will be left in the house that deserves to win the game. Well Brendon I would say but I dont like his ass but if Matt leaves I am going for him I admit it cause the rest are just worthless!

    1. Far from it. Brenden/Rachel have won every HOH right after being put up. Besides the luck Hayden had week 1, nobody else has a chance of winning HOH other than Brenden (Brit can’t play next one). So unless Ragen pulls out magic, I see him and Brit gone next.

    1. hi kathie from canada – i’m also from canada. i know i don’t get big brother after dark – (although rogers finally got it, but i’m in a cogeco monopoly region) but i was wondering if we get the live feeds. the live feeds are the ones you watch online right? or are they on tv as well? sorry if its a stupid question.

      1. Hi t – we live just outside of Toronto and we are on the Bell satellite/internet system. I don’t have the live feeds, but Simon does a fabulous job with this site. You will learn all you need to know and more.

  9. The most interesting moment will come when Britany is shocked to learn that Lane has been playin her and thows her under the bus..

    1. All Lane will have to do to keep her vote in the jury house is to vote to evict whomever she is up against. If the brigade is smart ( I know this is a stretch) they should make sure there isn’t a unanimous vote for the remainder of the season. That way the jurors will think some people didn’t betray them just in case they make it to final 2.

  10. personally Matt stays he will win the endurance for the final 2 competition…he has won both endurances soo far…so booting Matt is the best way for the rest of the house…

  11. Brit cooking, Matt on the isle table, Brendon in the pool , hayde outside laying down. Nobody talking yet. Not shure if PoV was done or not.

  12. The final straw for Brit was watching Matt betray Regan so easily…she would have to think if he can do that to Regan how much easier will it be for him to do it to me. She ultimately trusts Lane more…she likes Lane.

    So all you fans of the diabolical super-moron will have to say goodbye. Unless….he can turn some votes!
    No way Yo!

    1. I don’t have the live feeds, so I don’t know. Did Matt really throw Ragan under the bus? Or did he just say he did to the brigade to make them think he did? I’d think he’d throw Hayden under the bus first, but tell the guys he tried to get Ragan out.

  13. brit makes slop. did i hear correct? “how hard is it to make slop for someone you just put up” so is haydenn put up? damn wish I was more better at hearing.

    1. the funny thing is, if he had kept his mouth shut Britney would have put Hayden up and her/Matt/Ragan would go right to the end.

  14. Dumb move, she aint all that bright on this one. And Matt…seriously, if he doesn’t tell everyone about the Brigade, he deserves to leave.

      1. What good is ousting the brigade going to do? Matt is gone. Period. Brendon will vote with Hayden and Lane, the only other vote is Ragan and of course he will vote to evict Enzo. Now the brigade has the numbers, even if he gives them up it’s 4 vs 2, Brendon is on their side, Ragan will have to win next HOH or He and Brit will be going up with Brendon being the back door safety net should Brit or Ragan win POV. Brendon knows his only way of winning this is to win comps, Brit and Ragan are his only competition after Matt is gone. So he will target them. Brigade all the way YO!!!

  15. this is the dumbest thing that Brittany could have done. Enzo should go home. Talk about floating his way through the season. dumb move brit, dumbe more

    1. Why don’t people understand it is smart to keep the floaters and even smarter to get rid of your competition. Think about it. Britney HAS to win competitions and she knows it. She tried to get rid of Brendon (strong competitor) and now she is getting rid of Matt (the only other strong competitor left). So basically she feels she has a better chance to WIN, not just satisfy the wishes of the audience that knows things that she doesn’t. I’m sure it’s much easier to sit here and second guess every move made in this game just for personal reasons because you do not like a certain player. Think about it like you were playing the game, it may seem Politically Correct to want to beat the best players and in the end you can come out and say you beat the best, but in the end this is a game to win $500,000. So play to WIN the game, not look like you were the toughest and kept the strongest players around to boost your own ego.

  16. Regan is not happy about what Matt said about “as long as you don’t put me up I am ok” Regan is very disapointed in Matt now.

    1. he’s such a clown….can stand his smugness and he’s too hypocritical. The same things he accused Rachel of, he and Brit has done x10. Some of the comments the two of them have made have just been pretty disgusting, hateful and spiteful. I’m no prude by any stretch of the imagination but those two are revolting to me. Brit gets what she deserves if she goes next for lying through her teeth every episode.

      1. I agree with you both. That fake crying he did on last night’s episode was so annoying; how can those houseguests stand to be around him? It’s way worse when Ragan trash talks because he’s said so many times how it feels to be bullied.

  17. It’s sad that Britney has basically handed the game to the Brigade. She will likely be evicted this Thursday and then Ragan will have no one. It’s becoming very obcvious that Lane, Brenden, Enzo, and Hayden will be Final 4. And then Enzo/Brenden will probably be the Final 2. The most usless contestant in the history of BB has a yellow brick road to the Final 2 because his alliance is in love with him.

  18. I don’t understand why Matt threw Ragan under the bus instead of the Brigade. Ragan has his back and the Brigade wanted him gone, and he knew both of those things. He has to out the guys now. It is the only way he might be able to get Brendon and Britney’s tiebreak. Or if he can convince Lane to line up with Brit, Him and Ragan. Both those things seem impossible now.

    1. You don’t understand? It’s pretty basic, 3 vs 1. Ragan might totally have his back but he is only 1 vote in the jury. Brendon, Rachel, Kathy will not vote for him if he had made it to final 2. He had to rely on the brigade votes. He shouldn’t have played both sides, stuck with the brigade and stayed away from Ragan, that alliance with Ragan is what lead to his departure. The Brigade sniffed it out. People are bashing Enzo but he is playing a better social game than anyone.

  19. now Lane, hayden and Enzo need to throw the HOH comp to Brenden and they are guaranteed final 4, let Brenden do the dirty work, you know he will put up brit and Niagra Falls Ragan

  20. ***************************************
    Just the TIP:

    Ratt, you might want to take Kathy some cigarettes. You’ll be seeing her very soon. Besides, it’s your fault she’s in there. Too bad you didn’t get rid of BrITCHney, you might have had a chance this week.
    Karma got it right this time! LMAO
    Gaygan, stock up on kleenex, bitch.
    BrITCHney, you’re either next week or the next. So, better practice kissin ass, young lady.

    Ah, life is good in the BB house. Just wish Zingbot could win!!!!!!

  21. Hello you stupid people that keep defending Matt and his so called loyalty to the brigade. Matt was never loyal to the brigade in week 4 when Rachael was HOH he was the one pushing for Hayden and Kristen to be on the block, and last week when Brendon was HOH he was pushing Brendon to put up Lane and Brittany, so how does that make him loyal? He only cares about himself he has never cared about the brigade and not even Reagan. In addition, he also lied about his wife having a sickness, I want him out, and hopefully Reagan will leave in double eviction I can’t stand him either, and I don’t understand his WEIRD obsession with Matt!!!!!

      1. Couldn’t agree more. Who hasn’t betrayed someone? That’s the better question? It’s part of the Game, WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  22. Brandon does not deserve to win. Every time he talks it’s about how they sent his girlfriend away. He is not playing for himself, and we don’t really know if Rachael. Will stay with him. Matt, on the other hand, has carma catching up with him telling everyone that his wife is seriously I’ll.

    1. If Brendon wins the $500K then Rachel will end up getting her grubby little paws on it somehow. If for no other reason Brendon simply can’t win the big bucks…PLEASE!

  23. Who the hell am I supposed to root for now yo? The Brigade is fractured and the Gremlin just got exposed to sunlight.
    TEAM ???????????? YO!!!

      1. Outing the brigade may not swing Brendan’s vote as he wants Matt out. And it won’t swing Lane or Hayden’s vote. Matt had all the opportunity in the world, but he kept making dumb choices when he had power. Some say Matt played with strategy, I would say he tried. But ultimately, it was paralysis by analysis. He simply overthought things to much, and instead of making bold and game changing moves, he played it safe. The meek will never inherit the earth. The best players in this game take risks, they step on toes, they make the tough calls, and they don’t play it safe at all times. Sure it worked for Jordan, but she’s the exception, not the rule. Nor would many fans of the show call her a great player. Great person, maybe, but great player not so much.

  24. If Brendon wins next HOH (which he will) he will nominate Britney & Ragan. It won’t matter who wins POV since The New Brigade can vote out whomever they choose. If Brit or Ragan wins POV and either Lane, Enzo, or Hayden goes up as a replacement then whichever one of Brit or Ragan is still nominated goes home 2-1. Of course Brendon then couldn’t play for the following HOH so things are starting to really take shape for my new Fav Lane to win the whole thing! “If I saw her in a bar in that dress I’d knock out Nick and buy Britney a drink”…LOL.

    1. Agreed, there are only 2 competitions a week that matter in staying in the game. You have 7 days to play the social game. There is more to this than winning a POV or HOH. He only got nominated as a pawn this time cuz Brit was hoping Brendon didn’t win POV. So he is liked by everyone and isn’t that what it is going to take when it comes to jury votes?

  25. He did this to himself. When he had the chance to make a move with the DPOV, he puts out Kathy, the only one in the house guaranteed not to win a competition and leaves Brit there. Matt was given golden opportunities to make some major moves, and each time he opted for the easy way out, so he wouldn’t get his hands dirty. Enjoy the jury house Matt.

    1. Why doesn’t anyone get it! Matt is a WUS! He never made a power move, never wanted blood on his hands. Thought he was going to play the ENTIRE house and win 500,00.00 by a unanamious vote! He should not have thrown the last HOH!He over thought his love of all in the house. He thought he was GOLDEN with everyone!!!

    2. I agree! This is such a mellow group in that they’re afraid to make the big plays. They seem to always opt for the easiest moves. And then everybody always votes the same. At least Kathy voted for who she wanted over who folks wanted out that week.

      I am ready for Matt to leave and then I agree with putting up Brit and Ragan together.

  26. Its sad when the final four is gonna be nothing but floaters and people who piggy backed on someone else’s back! Sad! A bunch of lazy losers!

  27. This is Matt’s fault. He had a chance to backdoor Brit last week and didn’t take it…however if Enzo would have won HOH, Matt would have been put up, after Brendon won POV, next to Ragan and probably would have still gone home.

    1. Matt blew it last week. Should have backdoored Penzo.
      Shouldn’t have thrown HOH. He’s leaving because his blunders are at fault.
      Ragan will play now. They better watch out for the Mighty Mouse… YO !
      He has more BB play than all of them together.
      Still think Brit has a Pandora’s box power. Yo !
      Thurs will B HUGE….Game changing !

    1. at the point…that’s Matt only hope…he has to got Ragan and Britney back on his side and out the brigade if he has any chance of staying…

  28. They threw Matt under the bus because Matt has been playing the whole house and was not loyal to the Brigade. Matt deserves to go home since he is the biggest piece of trash in the game. Next to go will be Gagan, and then Brittney will get the boot leaving Enzo, Hayden, Brendon, and Lane to fight it out for final 2.

    This season is getting much better now that the Gremlin is about to leave, haha.

  29. WRONG MOVE BRITNEY…but on the contrary, Matt did this to himself by throwing Ragan under the bus…i’m really not liking this season
    Matt-liar and throws everyone under the bus
    Britney – can’t seem to make a decision to save her ass and is being pushed around
    Ragan -i don’t hate him, but he has gotta stop crying, it’s getting annoying
    Brendon- he’s all wrapped up trying to avenge Rachel’s eviction he can’t make a decision for himself
    Enzo – lazy, does nothing in the house but talk shit and throws everyone under the bus
    Hayden – useless follower of Enzo, even lazier than Enzo
    Lane – i don’t really know what’s he done other than sitting around and being carried through by being in the safest position. he is not in the safest position because other ppl made it that way…not himself…

    Britney is going to go home after matt if Ragan does not win the HOH…so wrong move Brit…

    1. Lane did more than sit around… He got busted pleasuring himself in the shower. Wait, Hayden did other stuff too, wasn’t he standing lookout for Lane?

      1. i don’t know…they are all of bunch of annoying lazy asses this season and i’m starting to care about this season less and less…

    2. i meant Lane is not in the position he is in because of his own doing…it’s because the other ppl make it that way

  30. Can the US airforce just accidently bomb this stupid house. There all losers. I don’t like Matt but I hate Enzo more and I hate how predictable this season has been. And don’t say you didn’t know what Brit was going to do because it’s obvious she is listening to that loser lane who she trusts and he doesn’t even care about her

  31. Matt should come clean with Brendon and hope that Ragan’s still on his side. Matt should tell Brendon about the brigade, that Enzo and Hayden were hanging around Brendon to get info and to keep brigade safe. Brendon already suspects as much, I’m sure, especially when he and Rachel were blindsided and nobody told them who was going home. Then they have to go to Britney and let her know that Ragan, Matt and Brendon have a better chance of winning the next HOH no matter what it is: endurance, quiz, athletics.

    1. Won’t matter. Even if Matt gets Brendon’s vote, I think that Lane will convince Brit to vote for Enzo in the tie-break.

      Brit slit her own throat by putting up Matt. Should have put up Hayden.

  32. Throwing Ragan under the bus instead of outing the Brigade is the dumbest move Matt made. He already knew the BG are dumping him so why isn’t he even telling Brit about that. He had it coming if he exposed that secret, he would of have a chance of staying off the block. Matt = dummy.

    1. That is still Matts way of over thinking everything. He thought he was the golden boy and was sticking with the votes. He thought he carried some weight still with the brigade but they saw right through him. BYE BYE MATT!!! Hope you wife doesn’t EVER forgive you!!!

    1. Think, think, think, Matt and Ragan’s plan was to evict Brendon this week and Britt next week. Matt was NOT going to keep Britt around.
      She made the right move.
      Ragan and Matt will go to the jury house together (hopefully) . Rachel and Kathy will smile really big. Matt got both of them out.
      Big smiles.

  33. i dont get why everyone hates enzo. he’s hilarious why does everyone take everything so personally. i guarantee everyone here who hates enzo is west coast. enzo IS the east coast he’s getting gully playing a smart game. BUT Lane is hilarious that weightlifting thing last night had me in tears.

    1. With the exception of this week with Enzo on the block I agree. ENZO keeps me laughing on BBAD. He is crazy. The HOUSE is really starting to get to him though. HE REALLY MISSES HIS “WIFEY AND LITTLE DAUGHTER”!!!

  34. this is on matt

    not only did he try to backstab ragen for no good reason(I do dislike ragen greatly, and hope he and brit go next) but really…


    Brit has lane and brit has ragen as a friend…matt needed to take her out…instead he took out kathy who cant win anything…the only chance she did, she hit the wrong button, thats kathy, always confused, and brit was Quiz ready…but no…matt gets rid of the weakest player..

    matt earned his exit.

  35. Enzo is a floater. He loses on purpose and let’s everyone do the dirty work. Then he floats back and forth to whoever has the power. Him and Kathy are the biggest floaters in BB history

  36. Guess Matt became very unliked, and to keep the ratings up BB decided he needed to go. So with DE (Double Eviction) I say production hands HOH to Ragen(largely because Hayden, Enzo, and Lane wont try to win) and he gets emotional and puts up Brendon and Brit with Brit leaving and the remaining Brigade are sailing smoothly to final 3 without doing Jack Crap. A Season that rewards people who suffer from “DO-NOTHING-ISM”. smh

  37. Started hating Rachel and Brendon. Now would rather see Brendon win over anyone in the brigade. Really don’t like anyone left all that much. This season was nothing but making chicken salad out of chicken sh*t to start with. :-/

  38. I can’t wait to hear Brendon call Matt the dumbass on Matt’s way out of the house Thursday! haha. Matt was so cocky and arrogant when he pulled out the DPOV….. only to be leaving one week later, haha. Too bad he won’t win the big money, his wife could have used the dental work.

    1. very true but i also can;t wait to see brendon LOSE to enzo,lane, or hayden thats going to be the best part of BB

  39. the double eviction is gonna be great, once matts out the door cya brit and then she’ll relize how friggen much of a dumbass she is.final 4=lane enzo brendon hayden. gj on fixing the whole season mrs. groener

    1. Of course its rigged. It has to be, or otherwise it would be going exactly the way you want it to. Let me guess, all the referees have it in for your teams too. They are either on the take, or from the city of the team your playing.

  40. I think I knew that Matt was going to leave as soon as I saw the photo of him trying on the Penguin suit! what an idiot for trying that stinky suit on! I’m sure the producers will show him trying that Penguin suit on and the curse will continue, in their eyes and everyone else….

  41. Now that Matt is probably going home. The show won’t have much action now. I honestly think Matt was the one with a better perception of character (Yo?!). This season of BB kinda sucked because a major part of the houseguests were complete idiots and didn’t know how to play the game at all. Seriously, i would of loved to see how far the brigade would of made it without Matt.

  42. OK, she is a dumb blonde and is drinking the kool-ade. Her best move would have been to put Hayden up.

    Lane is in love with her. He really is. You can see it in his behavior and what he says to her. She has his vote, no matter what.

  43. wow!!!!! now that really made my day. I hope matt gets his own karma back see you in the jury house. racheal will be so happy to see you. an then the next week regan I m sure she will bake some cookies for you

  44. Honestly – I am gone……..I just lost interest………I am shocking myself by saying this, but I don’t even care what happens to the remainder of the game. I am embarrassed to EVEN have ovaries now, thanks to brit and I think that is the NEW AMERICA. lay low, play dirty and try to work as little as possible………………………a sad for me……see you guys next year……..

  45. BESTthing that could have happened! Britney finally used her head instead of her mouth. Now it will get good. We’ll see if these 3 bros can win anything. they will HAVE to in order to make it as far as they want to make it. Ragan must be the most pathetic human being not to be livid that his beloved Matt (he’s almost as bad as BB9’s Natalie who used to go about following her Matty around the house — who used her and discarded her and then wanted nothing to do with her) was actually throwing him under the bus — then, when he learns about the Stacy illness lie, that should finish off his dellusion about Matt’s worthiness. Matt has been selfish, deceitful, a complete worm throughout this game. He does NOT deserve to win. Right now, it is Britney and Brendon who are most deserving. They both have worked hard and she just did something gutsy and difficult and put her former friend up. As if Matt is ever anybody’s friend — he even uses his new bride for his nefarious purposes — the jerk. I have a new respect for Britney now, after her cooperation with Brendon during the chum baths and now the scary move of putting Matt up on the block. I will be so glad to see his smarmy smiling face go. I want Brendon to win this thing. If he can manage another HOH and another POV, he will have won the most competitions in the house and will be the most deserving.

  46. this is process of elimination to me should Matt be voted out:

    Ragan….no way I’m rooting for that phoney, crying idiot. The “show” he put on after Matt used the DPOV was just bizarre and his obsession with Matt is very strange. Could they be the two that know each other outside of the house?

    Enzo…please cut your hair an embrace your impending baldness…he’s a big mouth clown who has skated the whole season. Plus I don’t root for anyone calling themselves “Meow Meow”

    Brit….hell naw…she’s so mean spirited and nasty with her comments…absolutely not

    Hayden…can you win anything? No, totally useless.

    Lane…likeable guy but has won nothing just like the rest of the “brigade”…hell he didn’t even know what the word meant. But I think he has a good chance to win.

    Brendan…..too sensitive and ridulous most of the time, but at least he competes. Clueless but at least he competes.

    So if I had to pick someone it would be Brendan, with Lane and Brendan in the final two.

    But even in that scenario, I’m not sure Brendan could beat Lane at the end.

  47. BESTthing that could have happened! Britney finally used her head instead of her mouth. Now it will get good. We’ll see if these 3 bros can win anything. they will HAVE to in order to make it as far as they want to make it. Ragan must be the most pathetic human being not to be livid that his beloved Matt (he’s almost as bad as BB9’s Natalie who used to go about following her Matty around the house — who used her and discarded her and then wanted nothing to do with her) was actually throwing him under the bus — then, when he learns about the Stacy illness lie, that should finish off his delusion about Matt’s worthiness. Matt has been selfish, deceitful, a complete worm throughout this game. He does NOT deserve to win. Right now, it is Britney and Brendon who are most deserving. They both have worked hard and she just did something gutsy and difficult and put her former friend up. As if Matt is ever anybody’s friend — he even uses his new bride for his nefarious purposes — the jerk. I have a new respect for Britney now, after her cooperation with Brendon during the chum baths and now the scary move of putting Matt up on the block. I will be so glad to see his smarmy smiling face go. I want Brendon to win this thing. If he can manage another HOH and another POV, he will have won the most competitions in the house and will be the most deserving.

    1. Yes. Hayden and Lane are secret lovers. They have been dating for almost 2 years now. They met at the gym and fell hopelessly in love.

  48. I want last season back! I can’t stand Enzo, Hayden and Lane pisses me off too..All they do is talk talk talk..they can’t win crap they are lazy and they make me ill who said Enzo is “funny” you must be his wife, to say that…He’s a bully! Just talk. I really don’t care anymore. This year BB failed.

  49. Every time you think its gonna get good………..It only last for 15 mins! Hahaha! The dumbest cast in bb history! Morons! I guess last season gave bb too much drama!

  50. She’s just soooooo hot…… and sooooo dumb. I bet she was giving handys out behind the bleachers in high school to all the boys if they were nice to her.

  51. Britt made a power move today. I was not a Britt fan, but today I became one. It took a lot of guts to put up the self professed best player ever. It would be wonderful if Britt and Brendon were the last two players standing. They have played the game harder than any one else in the house. Matt was HOH twice, but Ragan gave both of them to him, because he did not want to get blood on his hands. Britt and Brendon have tried so hard in the HOH competitions and the POV competitions, they both deserve to be at the end., It is going to take a lot of winning, and Britt will try to get rid of Brendon but I feel they both should be at the end. Britt would be $500,000 richer. Nice start for her married life.

  52. I wonder when Matt is going to realize he has no one left in the house and he has nothing to lose and out the brigade. It most likely wont save him but it may change the some players are thinking. I am sure Production will convince Matt at some point to out the brigade, dont see them letting the story walk out the door Thursday unknown to the remaining HGs.

  53. IF Matt is out (and he will be) there’s no one left but “losers” and Brendon, who I hate!

    What a waste of all my time watching….bye bye!!!!

      1. Got an idea, next year just watch the CBS shows, maybe pop in here for spoilers, but don’t spend your money and all your time watching someone else having a life and go out and get one yourself. Just a thought. I enjoy the spoilers and CBS’s coverage, but to watch them on live feeds, no thanks. My life is alot more exciting than watching them sit around the house all day. Boooring. I imagine last year’s live feeds might have been worth it, as that house was full of crazy. This years cast has to be like watching paint dry.

  54. Wow, so not only is many that are casted on this show a bunch of cry babies, so are the posters on this forum. The person that they like don’t win and they take their ball and go home. Well goodbye and good riddance. I hear what a waste this group of HG’s are, but many of the fans of this show are even worse. So go pull a Ragan and go off somewhere and sulk. Maybe shed a few tears for dear Matt, the snake that got caught…


    Brendon has been on the block 3x’s/ won POV 3x’s/ won HOH 2x’s.
    Brit has been on the block 1x and saved herself w/ VETO/ won POV 3x’s/ won HOH 1x.
    Rachel won HOH 2x’s.
    Hayden has been HOH 1x.
    Ragan has been on the block 1x and saved himself w/ VETO/ won POV 1x
    Matt has been HOH 2x’s. Matt has been on the block 3x’s counting today’s replacement; twice as a replacement nom; 1 of those times was his idea; 1 of those he had DPOV a power not earned, just handed ‘randomly’ or else he was going home.

    Enzo & Lane have not won an HOH or POV.

    People that went home for being catty w/ HG’s or being socially inept: Annie, Monet, Andrew, Kristen, Rachel

    People who went home for having ZERO alliance and making beds:

    People who crossed Rachel too early: Monet, Andrew, Kristen

  56. now do a count of the number of comps people have thrown comps– you know, lost on purpose! Note: Kathy admitted she was dizzy/ditzy on the last one and truly fell. Funny how she was first out in her last comp and last out ( of the caramel) in her first comp.

  57. I seriously doubt CBS is coming to this comment section to count how many people are going to quit watching because Matt leaves…Please quit proclaiming you are going to quit watching cause we all know you won’t!!! Matt needs to go home to his sick wife. I mean what the hell kind of husband leaves his sick wife for Big Brother anyways. All the bleeding hearts in here….people pa-lease!

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