Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney nominates Matt as the replacement… Ragan finds out Matt threw him under the bus..

12:45pm Britney and Matt are in the kitchen talking. Britney says that she feels really bad and that she can’t even imagine how had it must be for Enzo to be up on the block because he has a new born baby. Britney says that she feels bad and that its not like she doesn’t have a conscience. Meanwhile, Hayden and Brendon are out in the back yard by the pool. Britney comes out to the backyard and brings Hayden slop. Britney says that she just back doored somebody that is cold. Brendon tells Britney that she made the right decision putting Matt up.

Hayden, Lane and Enzo are in the pool talking. They talk about their earlier conversations that they had with Britney. They talk about how smart she is. Enzo says that Matt made a crucial mistake. They talk about how they need to win the next HoH. Enzo says that they need to put up Brendon and Ragan. Hayden and Lane agree. They talk about how they need to stop Ragan from being the POV Winner. Hayden says that if he wins this weeks Head of Household he is putting up Brendon and Ragan. They laugh at Brendon and say that he thinks that he is golden in the game since he won the POV and Matt will be nominated. Enzo points out how he walks around saying that he is still here and Matt “Bit the Dust”.. They laugh and say that next year they will make the golden power of Veto in his image. They laugh at how Brendon thinks he is playing the whole Big Brother house. Enzo says that it’s the Brigade who’s playing the whole house. They talk about their conversations that they had with Matt when Matt knew he had the diamond POV. Enzo talks about how it pisses him off how Matt was playing them back them. Lane says to Enzo and Hayden that ideally Britney goes home this week. Enzo says that she thinks she is making the decisions when we are making the decisions for her. Britney comes out to the backyard and sits down by the pool. Enzo starts talking about how he has to win the next HoH. Enzo tells Britney about how Brendon tried to make the Athletic Alliance with Enzo, Hayden and Kathy. They all think Brendon thinks they are all dodos and that he is in control of the game.

1:10pm – 1:25pm Britney is talking to Britney about how Matt threw him under the bus. Ragan is pissed that Matt was trying to throw him under the bus. Ragan says that when he was up he never threw Matt under the bus and that last week when Matt was up he had a nervous break down thinking that Matt was gone. Ragan says that he feels stupid and that now he looks like a dumbass. Britney says that she doesn’t want to be part of the drama when he confronts Matt. Britney says that Matt was saying it to a lot of people. Ragan says that he wear his heart on my sleeve, and that he can’t hide how how he feels. Britney tells Ragan to not tell him I told you. Ragan says that he won’t mention any names, I won’t make it a big dramatic thing. Britney says that when he threw you under the bus that was cold. Ragan says that just goes to show you know matter how much you think you’re friends. Britney says that she thinks he just had his back up against the wall. Ragan says that he would never ever do this to him, I don’t fault him for playing the game, but when you start saying put this person up, especially when there are other options. Ragan says that he is mad that he spent the last week as a zombie. Ragan says that he knows everyone is playing the game. Britney says that he was trying to spare himself from the block at anyone’s expense. Ragan says that he doesn’t want to know the details …because that will just make him more mad.

*** Updated***


1:25pm – 140pm Ragan goes over to the memory wall and starts studying the features of the house guests for the competition where Big Brother morphs the house guests faces and they have to guess who it is. Meanwhile out in the backyard they are talking about random stuff. They say happy birthday to Britney. Britney says thank you and says that she feels like she closed the gap between their ages and that they are all closer in age now. Hayden asks them if any of them will get a Big Brother tattoo. Matt says that he might ….but that he wont run out and get it immediately after. Enzo tell the story of how he first started saying meow, meow… there was a girl that he met at a bar and she got into his car and farted and was like whatever meow meow. Enzo says that ever since then he’s been like meow meow…

1:45pm Brendon, Hayden and Enzo grill and eat some broccoli off of the BBQ. Meanwhile inside the house. Matt goes into the kitchen and asks Ragan how he is doing? Ragan says that he is alright. Matt asks him if he is sure. Ragan says yup. Ragan asks Matt what he told Britney. Matt pauses and then starts to say that he was trying to keep the focus of him and Ragan. Matt looks so guilty, he is not good at lying. Matt says that they talked about how Ragan and Matt where a pair. Matt says that he pointed out Lane and Britney are also a pair. Matt says that he was trying to sway for Hayden to go up but that the focus keep going back on them (Ragan and Matt). Matt is so obviously lying to Ragans face and Ragan knows it. Matt keeps saying that was that and he tried but that it didn’t work out. Ragan says okay then …well I am going to go lay out and listen to music. Matt asks Ragan again if everything is okay … Ragan says yup. Matt says are you sure because you are acting weird with me. Ragan says yup and leaves for the HOH room. Matt goes to the bathroom and then heads back out to the backyard.


2pm Britney and Brendon are in the backyard talking about random things. They are talking about scientific research and using rats and mice. Britney says that she can’t believe that they haven’t come up with a way to grow a human embryo out side of the human body. Britney says that its just nature … Enzo says that its not supposed to happen. Brendon talks about how they can change the eye colour of a baby. Britney says that they can do the sex too right?! Brendon says I don’t know about that … and that is a tricky ethical subject to get into … Lane gets called to the diary room. Lane gets up and Brendon tells him that he thinks he just saw his eggs. They all laugh. Britney says enjoy that live feeders….

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277 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney nominates Matt as the replacement… Ragan finds out Matt threw him under the bus..

        1. “Enzo tells Britney about how Brendon tried to make the Athletic Alliance with Enzo, Hayden and Kathy.”


          Let Enzo go in this double eviction. Pleeeeeease let him go! Matt, too. Why the hell not…

      1. What show have you been watching? Brendon has been gunning for Matt. Brendon knows there is an alliance with Enzo/Lane/Hayden, now he thinks he is part of it.

    1. The mistake that Matt made was to put kath up by using the DPOV. He should have broken the Brigade right there and then by putting up Enzo. Matt will be gone on next eviction.

        1. Matt even knew that Enzo wanted him to go rather than Lane. Matt thought that he could still maintain some sort of membership in the Brigade and that is why he put Kathy up. I can’ see any way that Matt can get out of this.

    2. matt has been the biggest pussy with all of the chances he’s had to make moves
      always running back to the shelter of the brigade even after dr sessions saying he doesn’t trust them

      yet every single time he goes back to them as the alliance even when ragan and britney were practically begging him to make a final 3 deal

  1. i hope in brendon’s goodbye msg to matt he asks him” who is the big dummy now? u got got. check and mate”
    team brendon foverver

    1. You said it perfectly!! “Go down in big brother history”? For what? He hasn’t made any big moves.. Maybe he’ll go down in history for BB Karma kicking someone in the ass hard and walking out of the house without any friends when all the publicity is gone… What a joke!!

      YYYAAAAYYYY Brigade for calling the shots.. Lane and Hayden all the way.. I love Enzo for his comedic moments..

    2. matts a dummy, but brendons the bigger dummy for thinking he could win against ,enzo,lane, or hayden, his only chance at winning was against matt HAHAHA

      1. matt is definitely the biggest dummy of all thinking the brig was loyal to him after they wanted to vote him out last week and also throwing the comp to the brig who have history of throwing comps. also trying to throw ragan under the bus

      2. Actually the biggest dummy is Brit Brit and she will be sharing the limo to the jurry house with matt……..i hate to say this, but enzo is really controling this, he just might deserve it…..he has no blood on him, he has sucked up to everyone, he is controling everything and he never won a thing….wow

        1. the brigade members are doing all the work and enzo’s acting like he’s telling them what to do, constantly asking if he should go and attack ragan is not what a mastermind does. right place right time

          i’ve said it many times, this is by far the most socially retarded season of big brother i’ve seen

        1. Matt has said a few times that if Brendon makes it to the final two, then Brendon deserves his vote because of how hard it has been for Brendon to survive from one week to the next. No one in the house has had to spend each and every week as the major target for eviction. The Brigade members have coasted along on Matt’s coattails and until this week, even Matt hasn’t had a care in the world. Kathy was just there as a varsity level pawn and she knew it, so no worries for her, either. Brit was safely out of the line of fire until now, as well. Did anyone notice that now that she is the only female left standing, she has brought out “the girls” for display? She was always covered, except in swimwear, when the other implanted ones were in the house. Now it’s headlights on parade. As for Ragan, he has been weepy and whiny even when other people were on the block and/ or he had the POV, so there is no pleasing him. He threw multiple HOHs because he felt too safe to bother fighting for it. And I have a personal pet peeve: houseguests who start defining themselves as the “good” or “most deserving”, or “most ethical,” or having “the most integrity.” Puhleease!

          What frosts my cookies is how Enzo is making such a big deal about the penguin suit. Kristin had to wear a full body suit AND an Orphan Annie wig. Enzo’s head and legs are free and he can still maintain his habit of handling his junk nonstop. He seems to think that the reason for keeping him should be because it makes him seem uncool to get evicted in the penguin suit. He is safe for a host of other reasons which don’t seem to occur to him.
          Bottom Line: Matt has no reason to say he would vote for Brendon in the finals unless he really means it. I think he has only said it in private, so even Brendon doesn’t know how Matt feels about it.

    3. Matt sure looks like he is going out, but Brendan is a big dummy regardless. He will be taken out if not this week in the double evic, then in the following. He thinks he is in with the brigade of 3 but he is not.

    4. I thought exactly the same but he should tell him that in his ear when he hugs him goodbye. He should tell the producers that he is doing it so they could get everything in tape. It would be FENOMENAL!!!!!!! Then he should blink to the camera.

      1. Hahah shit she says that for every single goodbye message! It was so annoying, I am so glad she’s gone. I can’t believe her and Brenda think they will be on all-stars. LOL

    5. the biggest mistake people make is that high iq doesn’t mean you’re smart

      in fact most of the higher iq people i’ve met or seen on tv are painfully lacking in common sense. rachel, matt and brendon included

  2. MATT is lookin SOOOOOO BAD now to everyone………………..imagine how much of a douche he is gonna look like once they all find out about his wife’s fake disease, LMAO!!!!!

  3. ******************************
    Just the TIP:

    Gaygan, you SHOULD feel stupid, you little dumbass. Pull up your big girl panties and play the game for your own damn self.
    Ratt, I just love saying this to you. Karma’s a bitch, bitch! Now, the vote will be unanimous to evict your sorry weasel ass. Now, on to the jury house to see Rachel and Kathy. LOL

  4. Kathy, Matt and Rachel in Jury house. Boy that should be a fun place to be when Rachel see Matt walk though the door. Karma caught up to Matt. You can only lie and cheat so long. Ha Ha Ha.

    1. She will be so happy Matt is gone she will watch that tape over and over. And she will forget about Tequila!

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH stupid Ragan and stupid Matt. (:

    – Pisses me off though how two-faced everyone is with Brendon. He’s done nothing wrong, I can’t wait for him to win the entire Big Brother. That’ll sure make everyone smile, muwhaha (:

    1. I agree, enzo needs to go.he is shady, once he is gone then maybe lane and hayden will have to start playing the damn game. enzo is the biggest floater and it annoys me to no end. I do not want him and his fartty ass to win.

  6. Couldn’t have worked out any better!!! This is what Matt gets for telling that horrible lie about his wife!!! Now in the double eviction Britany or Regan need to go!

  7. ugh i’m so pissed matt is up a;odsgnakhdgjaisdhgkj….his only chance is outing the brigade and hopefully getting brendon on his side then the votes will be tied and brit will choose him if she realizes lane hayden and enzo really aren’t on her side…i feel bad for matt he’s so good at this game and his one mistake was putting too much trust in britney and not trying in the pov competition…i’m pissed but i still have hope!!!!

      1. and wasting the DPOV. and being an utterly spineless player. and overthinking everything. actually, when I add this all up, he pretty much sucked at this game considering all the opportunities he had. See ya Matt, couldn’t have happened to a more deserving player.

  8. How funny is the conversation between Brit & Ragan? He has been the one talking about Karma all along, only when it benefited him… Although he is saying how upset he is at Matt, and that he won’t make it a big dramatic thing, he didn’t mind doing it to Rachel… Karma has bitten him hard in the ass, but when they’re out of the house, wait ’til he hears the truth about Matt’s wife, and his game play.. He is going to look like such an idiot… How can he honestly think that he has integrity and class? He is a joke and I will be so glad if he has another emotional break-down.. He totally deserves everything that is coming to him…

    1. I don’t think karma hasn’t as much to do with it as bad game play choices. I know people love to say karma. And as for Ragan and Rachel, she kept pushing and pushing and challenging him right in his face and Ragan responded in the way he felt he should. That’s not to say that I don’t think Ragan is over the top with his feelings for Matt. He was tinkering on how Brendon was with Rachel with his feelings for Matt.

      1. Britney had a chance to turn the house most powerful people upside down, but she screwed up. Remember to tell her that when she gets home Nick. Your girl is not too bright.

        1. Yup. Britney made a stupid move. Lane will leave her in the cold and she’ll be crying for days. Hopefully she goes in the 2nd half of the DE so we wont have to witness all the tears.

    1. And he still doesn’t know Matt has been in a four man alliance since day one. And the slight matter of his wife’s illness. There goes the findraiser. By the time Ragan puts all the pieces together, they will have to lock him up in a rubber room. Not feeling so superior now, are we Ragan??

  9. Why does Brit care how Enzo feels being on the blcok causehe has a baby…that make NO sence….and plus…he chose to be in a game show in stead of being home with his kid…

  10. Wonder what is going through the Super Geniuses head right now. Hahaha, idiot. Can’t wait to see him walk out the door. The only bad thing about him not winning the big money is the fact that he won’t have the money to fix his wife’s grill….

  11. Matt got nominated and he has no DPOV!! I love it!! I really hope this makes things a little more interesting!! I will be so glad to see that midget walk out the door!

    1. He cant reach the door handle of the second door…jk.
      I have no respect for him cause of lying about his wife.

      1. haha wow really?? brenda is a nerd turned bully but he still aint shit. he’s somebody who acts hard but cant pull it off

        1. He does act hard…But you are wrong about him not pulling it off… He fights for his life in the game.. I think he has proven that time after time when he wins POVs to pull himself off the block… btw I am not team Bren, but I will just state the facts about BB and what has been proved.. Everyone has their opinions, but facts are facts.. He can back up what he has said.

          1. He’s pulled himself off because BB/CBS catered the competitions in his favor, when he won – THAT’S THE ONLY REASON. They cater all their competitions to whoever they want to win, whether it’s him, Matt or anyone else. The DR makes suggestions and interferes with game play instead of letting the people “actually” play the frickin game. If my kid had Brendon for a swim coach I would be finding a new coach ASAP!

            1. I’m so SICK of people saying BB is rigged for Brenden. Lane had a great chance to win the rope comp, being a farm boy and all, but didn’t have the drive like Brenden, because he is the only one fighting for his life in the game.. Lane doesn’t have to fight for anything since he’s been sitting pretty.. I love Lane, I am team Brigade but a fact is a fact.. Brenden has played hard and all of you who keep saying its rigged, why not just stop watching and hating on Brenden..

      1. brenden has truly played the game though. Once Rachel left his whole heart has gone into the game and he should be very proud of hisself. Dont get me wrong, I like love Britney. Shes hilarious and has worked her ass off, more so than Hayden, Lane and Enzo. Sure they run the votes or whatever but they are all chicken shit when it comes to winning HOH and getting their hands dirty. At least Britney and Brenden played the game inside and out: winning comps, making alliances and stepping up

    1. Brendon’s awesome. He has done NOTHING wrong in the house. What was his fault? Sticking up for his girlfriend? I mean, c’mon. Everyone else is scum compared to Brendon. They all talk behind his back like he’s a lesser person, when in reality, these two-faced house guests are the scum.

      Brendon for the win. (:

      1. Could not agree more.. I think if I was in the house and people treated me that way I would not be polite with them, I would not do things for them and when he was hand-cuffed to Brit, he was a much better person than I would have been. He could have made it hell for her, instead he was a gentlemen.. I would have pulled her in the chum with me (by accident of course).. I think his only down-fall is he is too nice..

      2. You people must not watch the live feeds or BBAD. If you did, you would see that Brendon is just as two-faced and disgusting as the rest of ’em. He’s a man-child and it’s really gross.

  12. I was all for Matt. But now I am glad that he is going to be voted out. Finally, Enzo believes that the Brigade is now stronger than ever, but if Matt outs the brigade on his way out, then because Brendon Brittney and Raygen are competition winners the should get together and vote the Brigade out then Lane will screw with Brittney and she will turn on Brendon and Ragan thinking that she will make final 2 with Lane

  13. Matt has no choice now, but to let the rest of the house know about the brigade. It is probably to late, as he would have to sway Brendon to his side. “Oh what a tangled web we weave ……………”

    1. He hopes that by telling everyone about the Brigade they will think less of Enzo, Lane and Hayden. But he will also confirm to them that they made a good decision to get rid of him. The old doulbe-edged sword thing.

  14. Will Matt finally spills the beans about the brigade? … I think it’s about time the rest of the house learned about it! … then maybe the tables will turn on them.

  15. Ragen shouldn’t feel stupid.. He’s been nothing but a good friend and it wasn’t his fautlt.
    Britney just basically sent herself home by putting Matt up.
    Hayden and Enzo are controlling the entire house and I don’t get why everyone is listening to them. They’re gonna be the final two for sure unless someone breaks them up, which most likely won’t happen.

  16. How could you let this happen BB? Matt was faithful to the BG. They threw matt under the bus! I hope they all lose to ragan now

    1. Faithful? How stupid are you? He was willing to have Hayden on the block a few weeks ago. He wanted Ragan on the block today. Faithful? Are you THAT stupid?

    1. Is it that whosoever wears the costume wins, or goes home? I think it is the latter. And I hope that is true. I would love to see Enzo out the door.

    2. If Enzo loses his cool and goes off on a tirade (which he is really good at), maybe the other houseguests will turn on him and vote him out instead of Matt. That’s about the only scenario I can see that would save Matt now. (I’ll keep my fingers crossed.)

  17. lol..Buh-bye,matt. Is it me or is everyone tired of the cocky ass looks matt gives the camera? Like he’s so bad ass or somthin. What a panzy he is. Anyways,Im also tired of how back and forth enzo is. He sits there and acts like he’s cool to Brendon and then ten mins later he’s bad mouthing him to the brigade. Brendon out of everyone i think has been the one that has kept his word best. Then he always seems to get f’d in the end. Brit did it,matt,enzo,and ragan. I think they should get the penguin out after ragan. oh,and I can’t wait until everyone finds out that matt lied about his wife..that’s gonna be great!!

    Get em,Brendon.

    1. well a self proclaimed genius should have known something was up but he let the brig fight for him to stay by throwing ragan under the bus. he is just stupid

    2. That was his downfall. His loyalty to the Brigade cost him the game. I hope he outs the BG before he leaves, He was so loyal to the brigade that he sacrificed his BF in the house. Shame on him! Poor Brit was bambozzled! Lane was the first one to throw her under the bus. What a bastard! Matt should tell her about all of them before he leaves.

      1. I think that Matt played for Matt from the beginning. He used the other three as a buffer to keep the attention off himself. Compared to the others he also tried to steer clear of all the drama. He did better playing that way than becoming cocky.

      2. He should tell Brendon, Ragan and Brittany before Thursday. All of them should keep it “secret”. two for Enzo, two for Matt, Brit decides and Enzo is out. Brigade is done. As I have said before, make a final four deal that doesn’t include Lane and Hayden, then fight it out to the end. Unfortunately, this does not seem like it is going to happen. If it does, fur will fly!

  18. Matt did it to himself. He should have put brittany up instead of kathy. The problem with this house is that eveybody else was so concerned about getting rid fo brendon and rachel that they thought they would never have to turn against each other. it was like B/R vs the whole house. Had he put brittany up instead of kathy the brigade might have been in final 4 for sure.

    1. Absoluteley agree! Now Brendon HOH doesn’t seem a waste to him. It was the best that can happen for Brendon. Go ND!

  19. God I hate Enzo talking about the Brigade. Seeing how he talks makes me wish that Matt stays, and I hate Matt. He thinks he’s so good at this game. He reminds me of Natalie from last year. Mouthing off but not really doing anything.

    1. I completely agree!!! I hated Natalie and I’m beginning to hate Enzo just as much. However, I have liked Matt from Day 1. I’ll be super sad if he is the one to be walking out the door.

  20. Shit .
    Since Britney told Ragen about Matt , he’s gonna vote for Enzo , which means Matt’s going home and the Brigades going to the final three.

    1. Not a chance.. A lot of people cannot stand Britney and her attitude, but it keeps you watching.. Enzo and the way he talks and the way he and Lane can make you crack up.. Also the lunatic Ragan has got on everyones nerves, but you want to see every one of his break downs so you can laugh it up…So the ratings will stay the same or go up once the drama starts again…

  21. One hour after promising Brittany that she would be safe if she put up Matt , Lane was already planning for her to go home next. What;s wrong with this backstabber???I want to throw up.

    1. He maybe playing the Brigade. He just might stick with Brit at the end…..Hayden said he would’ve chosen Kristen over the Brigade.

  22. the only reason matt suggested ragan to britney because thats what the 3 assholes said they were saying they just set him up he believed them and the house has always voted together i think this game is screwed they left the 3 floaters in making everyone else look like assholes really not worth watching who cares who wins out of the 3 floaters certainly not anyone i talk to i guess it doesnt matter what the viewers think

    1. Heh. It hasn’t mattered what the viewers think since WE decided who got evicted. (Oh wait, we do get to vote what other crap they get to eat with their slop….). Where have you been?!

  23. diabolical genius is no more!

    should have listened to me with my 30 IQ, and you would be safe right now. Get rid of Britney, keep Kathy on your side alone with Ragen and you’re home free. But no! You don’t know what a power move is, and therefore you must go home!

    Say hi to the wife for me!? :D

  24. I love how the Brigade is making fun of Brendon right now. In a backwards ass way he does control the house. If Matt outs the Brigade, everything falls in place for Brendon. First, Matt will still be going home (from what I just read he lost Ragan’s vote, so even if Brendon changes his mind to vote out Enzo, Matt is leaving). Second, there is no way Britney will trust Lane if the Brigade is outed (witnessed by her comment of how “mad she will be if Lane was in an alliance this whole time”). If Matt outs the Brigade, it will force Britney and Ragan to let bygones be bygones and form a final 3 with Brendon. It’s then up to Brendon to decide what he wants to do.

    1. I dont like Matt but I agree with u
      If he ousts the brigade to Brendon Regan and Brittany he still has a chance because the voting would be even and Brittany will decide who goes home.
      Matt Brendan and Regan one of them would win HOH over the 3 dumbo stooges they put up either Lane and Hyden or Enzo one will be gone brigade down to 2 who never can win anything
      Next HOH is still one of them put up the remaining 2 brigades and then fight out amongs u 3 May the best one win

    2. Best case scenario! I think Brit and Bren deserve it the most based on comps followed by Ragan. The ONE thing Enzo has done is form the Brigade. That has taken him this far in the game. I’m with Matt, if Bren makes it to the final 2, he deserves everybodys vote. He has had to fight for his life like no one else this whole season.

    3. Sadly, this scenario would be ideal in my mind. I cannot stand Enzo and Hayden, I only like Lane because he’s entertaining, but he’s starting to turn into an a$$hole.

    1. No, no let’s not shoot the director….let’s just bury the director up to his head and make him watch the Enzo movie for 5 years 24/7.

  25. I REALLY started out likeing the brigade….I love LANE, Enzo and Hayden are kinda basically crap talkers who do NOTHING….it was supposed to be the BRIGADE till the end…and they turn on the one that did EVERYTHING…kinda SHISTY to me…..

    I dunno….wish they wuold get out Brenda…..still want Ragan, Britt and Lane at the end

  26. Yeah, outing the brigade will only increase the level of confidence Ragan and Britney have about him. Good strategy, TO GET EVEN MORE HATED!

  27. In life…YES, I definitely believe in Karma. In the BB game…not so much. It’s too insignificant in the grand scheme of things to warrant the effects of Karma.

  28. Every season a player comes to a crossroads in the game and has to make a decision and that decision always gets them booted the very next week. So I know what will happen during the DE on Thursday. Brendan will win hoh. Regan will win pov. And Brittney will cry her eyes out to Julie chen. Oh and I wish chen would grow a pair and ask sone good questions like jeff probst does.

    1. Ok I fricken love the story of how meow meow got started, that’s hysterical. Second, Matt is so tangled in all of his lies he can’t just come clean with Regan. Anyone should be able to see Matt is a liar, the guy has super creepy shifty eyes.

      This should be a lesson on “Just the Tip” …maybe wait a few days before you start lying about everything under the sun in the BB house. Uhhh and lying about your birthday to get sympathy for not getting a cake is probably one of the lamest in all of BB history.

    1. yea i know you want brendon to win and that WOULD be his only shot but thats won’t happen he can’t save brit or regan, his stupidly got out matt which i believe would have automatically lost seeing as rachel, kathy, or the brigade don’t like him that would be 5 votes for brendon to win.. HAHA more stupidity on the biggest dummy this season BRENDON

      1. I don’t agree. I think getting out Matt is best for them all. Matt is incredible at endurance comps and would definately get to the finals if they let him and he wouldn’t take Brendan with him. Brendan’s only chance of survival in the game right now is to get out people that can beat him at comps b/c the only way for him to stay is to win EVERY comp he plays in.

  29. What would really be super great is if the three knuckleheads were smart enough to come up with a plan incase Matt outs the Brigade…like deny, deny, deny! Make Matt look like an even bigger diabolical super douche by saying he is making it all up!!
    Yea, let’s do it yo!

    1. What if Matt does out the Brigade & convinces Brit & Ragen that he was playing them (the Brigade) b/c they were going to vote him out last week? If he gets Brendon to see they were using him & then get him to align with him, then Enzo goes. As much as I want Matt gone, I am not sure that you can count him out yet.

  30. brit is so dumb I hope she goes next after the 1st double eviction. she’s up wither way no matter who goes or winss 2nd hoh. goodbye cockeye ( I mean) britknee

  31. Thats what he gets for trying to feel out the Brigade and get them to admit they were goingto send him home over Lane. He should have kept his arrogant mouth shut. He knew their answer, he just wanted to hear them say it. But there is still the Costume Curse…

  32. if matt was smart he would confess everything to ragan britney and brendon and try to make a final 4 with them because lane enzo and hayden cant win shit

  33. I am not a fan of Matt’s, but how’s this for really starting some shit on BB12! Matt outs the Brigade to Brittany, Brittany shares this with Brendon and Ragan, Brendon gets pissed, Changes sides, Ragan and Brendon vote to get off ENZO, Hayden and Lane vote to get rid of Matt, and Brittany decides to give a power vote-off to ENZO, bye bye enzo, although it will take a lot of soothing and back rubbing for Matt to get Ragan on his side again. Get Enzo out of here, I am so tired of him saying he should have won something, he could not win if it was him against Kathy in the caramel competition.

    1. That’s the only thing left to do. He can’t wait to out them until the ceremony. It has to be before or Enzo has a golden path to the Final 2.

  34. Getting rid of Brittney wouldn’t have worked either. Enzo would have won hoh and Brendan would have won pov and Matt would be gone anyway. Matt should have put Enzo up with the DPOV and the. Lane and Hayden would have had to run to Matt to help them. So if Enzo was gone then Brit wins hoh puts Kathy and Brendan up. Brendan wins pov so then Hayden and lane would have tokd Brit to keep Matt so they could get Brendan out.

  35. Let’s not forget, Matt did lie about his wife’s terminal disease.
    Plus he got it way too deep with Ragan, and drifted too far from the Brigade.

  36. Matt has no credibility
    Matt – I’ve been in a four person alliance called the Brigade since day one.
    Britt – But you told me to put Enzo up.
    Brenden – But you told me to put Lane up
    Everyone – And you threw your best man under the bus. Get out Gremlin

  37. The Curse of Costume will end for enzo. Like last year with Casey BB11 & Kristen BB12. There will be Curse will be ended.

  38. I agree with what you said about karma. This is a game that can change from week to week. He made some bad moves and isn’t gone as of yet. Anything can happen in the next 2-3 days. But I don’t agree that no one else is playing the game, because they are in their own way. Some have chosen manipulation.

  39. wow such enzo hate….he figured out Matt and nobody else did. So he hasn’t won anything, whatever. He gave away his clothes, wears a penguin outfit and gave up the chance to talk to his wife. why is everyone on team matt? he thre ragan under the bus and lied about his wife having a terminal illness, which i am sure does not sit well with the people whom actually suffer from that disease…..

    1. 1. Enzo “figured” out Matt becuse Enzo is doing the exact same thing only Enzo can’t seem to win ANYTHING. Enzo is just as much of a snake as Matt is only Matt isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.
      2. The foundation for that disease has stated on their website that they have had 70% more website hits due to Matts lie, and have been recieving numerous donations from people going to their website. They actually aren’t too mad about it. Also, Matt has said in his HOH blog he is planning on making a sizeable donation if he wins BB12.

  40. i hate the brigade more more more and more,well now since matt is on the block i hope he tells everyone about the flopgades,do it matt

  41. I think the season has built up to something interesting. Anything can happen in the next couple of days. I would love to see Matt expose the Brigade. It would be hilarious if he outed Lane to Britney. As for Britney, I think she was in a lose/lose situation either way. She’s not aware of the Brigade just like no one else was.

    1. i hope matt brings out yhe brigade in front of everyone the only problem is are the rest smart enough to believe it or will they be stupid and just put him down for it and that would be real sickening

  42. This is my first time posting and all I can say is that I don’t care who wins now as long as it isn’t Enzo or Hayden. They didn’t compete at all they just let everyone else play the game around them. Then you talk about backstabbing – what about them. They are backstabbing everyone.

  43. Matt was NEVER a great player. Yes he won two endurance challenges. I’ll give hime that but what has he done to warrant his so-called “brillaint” gameplay?! Get an obvious HG in Rachel evicted?! Haha. A useless Kathy evicted?!! A weak Andrew evicted?!!! WOW! Great moves man! Haha…he’s the loser dork that got beat up everyday in highschool but was admant he’d grow up one day and show everyone!!! All i gotta say is…you GOT GOT GOT dummy. Haha. Team Britney to the end YO!

    1. Team Britney to the end? I guess in your world, the end is the next house guest?? Bet your ass she is gone next week. Floaters, and thats all that left besides Loverboy, dont like people who actually play and win. Britney and Reagan on the block, Brendon wins POV…Britney goes home. BET ON IT!

  44. Wow Britney is an idiot! She should pat herself on the back for getting herself elimated next week. BB12 aka “the season of floaters” congrats Brendon, even fools win once in awhile.

    1. Absolutely… it doesn’t take a genius to figure out when the 3 stoodges are hounding you for the last 3 days that something isnt right. This is why women don’t win BB unless they’re up against another one. I realize it sounds sexist, but women are easily manipulated. Britney is proof of that. Matt would have kept her safe and was a sure fire vote. She can kiss that all goodbye now. Sadly I have to pull for loverboy now because he is the only one worth a shit left. The 3 stoodges and Reagan are awful awful players. Good lord, I don’t even want to think of the possible tail riding floater final 2.

  45. What is that bus everyone keeps refering to ? A lot a people seems to be thrown under that said bus. Strange. I didn’t see any bus.

    1. “Poor Matt”????? I just LMAO every time I see people saying this kind of thing. You people must have watched a totally different show than the rest of us. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Simon, you want me to watch my language, but this person is threatening physical violence. I want a filter on QAZ, please. By the way, SPAZ, it’s clear your moral compass is pointing to BROKEN.

          1. physical violence? Since he mentioned “erection” I think he was going to…er…um…well you know, all over that person’s face. Thus the closing of the eyes. I guess that can be construed as violent.

    2. You ARE a SPAZ, aren’t you? NONE of these people are All Stars. You obviously are a BB rookie. Or, maybe you just suffer from drain bamage. Idiot.

      1. You seriously think not a single person from this season will make it onto the next All Stars season? Not even one? Before you answer, keep in mind that Allison Grodner cares more about viewers and fans than strategy and skill. You honestly think production won’t take even one of the people this year into All Stars? I think you’re being foolish. I would bet $100 that Britney gets invited to an All Stars season. She’s hot, catty, gives good diary room sessions, has a lot of fans, and gets a good rise out of those who despise her.

        1. The only candidates are Rachel, Britney, and Matt. Rachel because she is loud, boisterous, and obnoxious yet entertaining & does well in comps; Britney because she has a smokin’ hot body for the male viewers & does well in comps; Matt because 1/2 of America absolutely hates him for his lie regarding his wife & does well in comps.

          1. I think Brendon might have a chance at an All Star season as well if the next few weeks go for him. Brigade entropy could even take him to the finals at this point. I think it would be lame if Lane or Ragan got into All Stars because of DR sessions alone though.

    3. I’m so depressed all I can do is DRINK! And we are definitely adding the QAZ rule to the game. Please someone tell QAZ to get a life AFTER Matt survives this eviction because I don’t want to run out of booze by Thursday.

      1. Hahaha. I usually just fast forward through the BBAD episodes looking for fights or nudity, but I’ll watch (and drink!) tonight since it should be a good ep. cheers!

  46. I was just asking myself the same thing … how did they get a bus in the Big Brother back yard without us noticing ?

  47. I was going to say how stupid Britney is but by Matt throwing Ragan under the bus that just reinforced what the 3 stooges were saying about him being sneaky and he walked right into it. How he didn’t out the brigade and still wanted to take them to the final 4 is beyond me. This is the dumbest group of houseguests that’s ever played the game. Britney is stupid because that’s less targets for Brendon to gun for but Matt might take the crown this season for not putting up Enzo with DPOV and not outing the brigade to save his own ass. I can’t believe I’m going to be rooting for Brendon or Ragan now

  48. I’m surprised Hayden turned out to be such a dud this season. Weeks 1 and 2 he was doing a lot, but then he coasted the rest of the way. I can’t blame him though; being in the brigade made it easy and safe to do so.

  49. No one will make allstars from this season because they all suck. Rachel might. Oh I’m sorry that’s right. The way CBS edits Enzo he may make it. Great another season of watching Enzo jerkoff in front of other men

    1. If CBS were smart they’d either cancel the show or have another “All-Star Edition” next year. And sadly you can bet your ass Rachel’s skank ass will be cast on it.

  50. I favor britany. she flirts but limits herslf to that. She’s smart, competes, and I hope she aligns herself with ragan and brendon. no one else seems to have any scruples.

    1. Yeah, she’s so “smart” letting 3 floaters manipulate her. She’ll be gone either with Matt or next week depending on a double elimination or not. She has nobody after Matt leaves. Lane doesnt care one bit about her… and hopefully neither will her fiance anymore.

    2. Will Kirby says: Brit all the way.

      I respect that everyone plays different and that Enzo has played a strong game despite lack of wins. Dr Kirby never won anything but ruled the house and is probably considered the best player of all time. Enzo is no Will by a long shot, but you don’t have to win comps to be good at BB.

      That said, I am so dreading when there are like three of them left and he finally wins and starts going on and on about how awesome he is and that he knew it was just a matter of time before he won a comp or some shit like that. No dipshit, it was because there was nobody left to beat you except Hayden and Lane’s dumb asses.

      I pray Matt out’s Brigade, Britt and Brendon team up and take care of business.

  51. this week matt has to out the brigade in front of them like come on its sad these three floaters are still in the game(enzo lane hayden boring floaters)

    1. If he does, it’s all for not now. The 3 Stooges will just spin it and say that he just wants to “leave like a sour bitch yo”. He should have outed them last week when they all told him they were voting him out. I mean, 2 floaters who Matt kept in this game single handedly tell him they’re voting him out. C’mon Matt! Why why why did you not spill the beans then? Makes no sense at all. I liked Matt and was pulling for him, but I cant say he has made any wise decisions lately and this is just as much his fault as it Manipulatney’s.

  52. maybe matt will out the brigade and team up with brendon, brittany,and ragan. would make for some interesting tv. the BB producers will no doubt try to stir up some garbage like they always do.

  53. Now that Matt is up and on his way out, the next thing he needs to do is get Brendon, Ragan, and Britney up in the HOH and bust the entire Brigade wide open. That would go a long way toward salvaging this season, because it would be great to see everyone crapping in their pants at the same time. No more floating. No more big talk. No more trusting people. If BB doesn’t talk Matt into exposing the brigade in dramatic fashion, they must not care about the show and the fans who invest so much of themselves into it. BUST THE WEAKEST ALLIANCE IN BB HISTORY WIDE OPEN!

    1. Dude, I hate the Brigade. But to carry an alliance that far without very few cracks until the end is pretty frickin impressive. Think back to the 4 Horseman etc. The alpha male alliances always implode or get on everyone’s radar to quick. I give credit where credit is due. We call all of the others in the house stupid because we get to see everything. The Brigade have had all of their bases covered (some of this they probably lucked into) and have been able to rule the house depite winning nothing. Hayden and Enzo have literally never even been discussed until they wittled down to seven or so people. I hope they go down in flames, but give them some kudos.

      1. When there are as many targets in the house as this season, it’s easy to hide. It’s effortless. Just let someone else take the fall for everything and then start pointing fingers in their direction when it’s your turn to sit in the hot seat. Everything people are saying about Matt and Brendon and Britney is true because they’re the only ones who have done anything. No one can point fingers at the others because they’ve been hiding behind everyone else all season. There’s no respect in being a weasel.

  54. Hey momma beast did you see your burger boy lane spankin it in the shower?? You must be proud that he did that in front of millions. When you order lanes burger tell them to hold the secret sauce

  55. truth be told. matt should out the brigade for what they are. four free-loaders that don’t do dick. Matt has to mention that he’s done everything for the HoH, name Noms etc..and the brigade just went along for the ride. With brendon being all about ‘competitiveness’ should vote for Matt. as should ragan and brit. By outing the BG, Brit will know she’s on the radar. and ragan and most importantly Brendon will know they’re next. BG is an alliance controlled by Matt..and have all been untouched because Matt’s been the ONLY one making the calls. For all its worth, the BG is still intact because of him.
    He’ll need to explain that he did what he did to Ragan to stay true to the Brigade..but since Matt is thrown under the bus here, expect a complete change of tactic on his end. in fact he might team up with brendon and ragan..and break the brigade down. Voting him out and keeping Enzo, means brendon, ragan and brit are all voting themselves out too.

    I expect Enzo to be evicted and if either Bren, Matt, or Ragan win HoH..Hayden and Lane are on the block next week.

    time for these lazy asses to work hard for the money.

    1. It would serve no point if he did now. You could just hear pussy pussy enzo and bowl cut Hayden saying Matt’s lying and just wants to stir up trouble. Matt shoud have outed them last week and put Enzo up instead of worthless Kathy. Those two back stabbing coattail riders told Matt they were voting him out and Matt just flat out bonked the whole elimination ceremony.

  56. The answer to your question is either Bren, Enzo or Hayden. Bren has fought the hardest and earned his stay and Enzo and Hayden have been getting in everyones heads… That is how the game is played. All about strategy and we may not like some of them, Enzo and Hayden have had the best strategy thus far, with manipulating everyone and not getting their hands dirty….

  57. Exposing the Brigade will do absolutely nothing as far as this eviction goes! Will it change Brendon’s mind about how he dislikes Matt for getting Rachel evicted? UMMMM NO. Will it change the way Ragan feels now that he knows Matt tried to throw him IN FRONT OF A FLEET OF GREYHOUND BUSES? Hell No! Once again it will be a unanimous vote to evict. Now it’s game on. If Matt does out the Brigade then Brendon will have to convince Ragan and Britney to work with him to even the sides.

    1. If Matt exposes the Brigade the way it should be exposed he’ll get Brendon, Britney, and Ragan together and then he’ll expose it with everyone in the room. I don’t think it would be hard for Britney, Ragan, Matt, and Brendon to work together when they see how they’ve put the target on their backs to do the dirty work for the Brigade while the Brigade weaseled off into the shadows. When Brendon realizes that Matt was put up because the Brigade had turned on him, he’ll have no problem working with Brit, Matt, and Ragan. When Brit learns that Matt has been put on the block because the Brigade failed to have Brendon do their dirty work last week, she’ll have no problem working with Brendon. When Matt tells them how much they want Brendon out and how he’s being played, they will be the top target of Brendon, and when Britney finds out how Bozo has been gunning for her, Bozo is toast, especially when Ragan finds out he’s the next target of the weasel crew. They may not like each other, but when the truth comes out I don’t think Brendon and Ragan would have any problem voting Bozo out, and Britney can break the tie. Actually, there wouldn’t be a tie because Hayden and Lane would weasel out and vote against Bozo, too.

  58. As much as I don’t like Brit and Matt, I would rather see them win than Bozo, Haydumb, and Lame. At least Brit,Matt, and Brenden try to win competitions and Ragan just kept throwing hoh to Matt.

  59. This house is full of complete hypocrites. It basically who can be the least useless at this game. I’m getting sick of hearing about people getting thrown under the bus, and i’m really wishing I could watch one of them get thrown under an actual bus.

  60. Matt’s only hope is to out the Brigade and hope for the best!! Matt’s talking to Lane about what a good guy Enzo but he would be a better competitor. If only he knew the Brigade has totally abandoned him. His only hope is to align with Brendon and Brit and take down the three stooges.

  61. Matts only and biggest in this game was to befrend Ragan. If the had stuck with the brigade and play everyone according to the Rulebook of Enzo. He would of made it to final 4. However he choose to have a gaymance with Ragan and look what happened. The Gay Rat Brigade got jealous and stuck it up his a$$.

  62. This shows exactly why you should make moves for yourself in this game. Matt thought he’d smooth things over by putting up Kathy even though Enzo and Hayden told him they were booting him. Now I have no choice but to root for Brendon to win, if he’s smart and if he wins HOH he needs to put up Hayden and Lane. One of those guys win Veto, then put up Enzo.

    1. i would like for Brenden to win Hoh next and put up Enzo and any other member of the Brigade, but, I believe that he will put up Brit and Ragan with Brit being the target because she went back on her word with him

    2. No doubt. As much as I hated Brendon for being a pussy whooped little baby, he is the last person left in the house who is playing solid. Only I believe Britney put the final nail in her coffin and will go next. Then Reagan…and it’s smooth sailing for Brendon. Neither Enzo or Hayden are going to beat Brendon competition wise or for the final votes.

  63. Britany is only playing for everyone else at this point. I think she likes the attention from the guys. She might as well handed them all a check for 500,000 dollars and left the house. Who gets rid of their best chances to win??? Who does that.

  64. Nice to see Matt go. ABC ya wouldn’t wanna B ya. I hope Brendon lets him know that he got him after all. LOL

    Brendon is running this house with his comp wins.

  65. matt should have thrown Hayden, Enzo, and lane under the bus at the last eviction by saying them three were in an alliance and using the dpov to put Enzo, but his so called “power move” was to put kathy up. The live eviction showed that Ragan and brit have no idea whats going on in this game they were so excited that matt put up Kathy, If I was brit at the last live eviction I would have been fuming about putting kathy up. This game is not about getting out people that are mean to you or you dislike the majority of the players this season are playing way to emotional. It might be that all of them are playing emotional although we don’t know that since the other three brigade members haven’t really even played the game yet. In my opinion none of the players from this season deserve to be on a second all stars season. But most likely they will put in someone for drama of personality. Im still interested in watching the show and who makes it to the end but some seasons since the first 7 have been a real let down. I wish next years we have someone like dan, danielle, will, or james who play with their heads rather than their emotions.

  66. All Matt have to do is tell another lie to Ragan that he had to do whatever he needed to because he’s desperate and needs to pay for his wife’s surgery. Also tell him that he was going to split the winning with him (so he could pay off some of his school loan) for throwing him under the bus. What’s one more lie?

  67. Preach on Carlos. Two incredibly sexy woman who are awesome at their respective games. Brit probably made a mistake with putting Matt up, be we know what she doesn’t.

  68. i don’t get how ragan feels like a dumbass, cause from what i remeber last week he was trying to throw birtney under the bus. so bascially karma’s a bitch for him. and without matt the birgade would not even be here, so getting him out, is the dumbest move they’ve ever done. and so what if he throws ragan under the bus, his main alliance is with the brigade, pretty sure that lane would throw britney his side alliance under the bus if he has no choice, so i don’t understand how they think he can’t be trusted. and OMG, who cares if enzo has a kid and he lost all his clothes! has he won anything, can he help you advance yourself in this game, I DON’T THINK SO, HE IS USELESS ALONG WITH LANE AND HAYDEN. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER CAUSE IF MATT GOES HOME, YOUR GOING HOME NEXT!

  69. Agree, and as a man I can tell you keeping someone as gorgeous as Britney is around is good for the eyes and spirit. Last thing I would want is to be in a house full of testosterone ego fake men for 4 weeks. Britney may be bitchy, but she isnt fake and annoying like Rachel and Kristen were.

  70. Stupid Matt should have put up Enzo last week. What was he thinking? He was smart enough to realize that these guys were going to vote him out. If I were him, there would be no shutting me up about the Brigade. I would tell everyone eveything including how both he and Lane were playing Ragan and Brittany.

  71. Lane throwing Britney under the bus will be delicious. She’s not one to be self-righteous — she threw Ragan under the bus last week AND she threw Matt under the bus this week — how many days ago was it that she said “you two are completely safe.” Ragan is the only person with morals in this game — and CBS BB doesn’t want him to win so he’ll be out soon.

  72. Matt was a rat, but at least he was interesting and brought something to the house. Now we have Brendon, who is just silly, Hayden who is so stupid he couldn’t find his way out of a cardboard box, Lane who would turn on his own Mother, Brit who has turned on herself…..and last but not least we have enzo, who lays around all day and night playing with himself. At least Ragen is still in the house… hope he wins it all.

  73. QAZ, Britney is nowhere near as good as Parvati. Blasphemy!!

    1) Parvati controlled all of her relationships — Lane is controlling Britney.

    2) Parvati had strong alliances / friends in all of her seasons — Most of the players in the house have for weeks criticized Britney as two-faced, backstabber and even Ragan, although her friend now, didn’t like her in Week 1.

    1. Hmmm, I dunno. Some of your points are valid, especially the Lane one. Although, let’s not forget Russel successfully managed her last season, and even snipped her side alliance in braod daylight in front of her, so Parvati isn’t feckless either. I’ll agree that Parvati > Britney, but I think Britney is the best pick as a BB version of Parvati the game has ever had, which is why I’d love to see a Brit VS Janelle season. I stand by my prediction that you could put Britney in 2 more seasons of BB, and she’d make it to at least final 5 every season.

      Another interesting faceoff would be Matt vs Eric. I think Eric is a much better BB player, although if they were in the same season, I think Matt would be Eric’s kryptonite.

      Another interesting fight would be a mud wrestling contest between Britney and Jessica :P Man that would be hot.

  74. Production could still save the house. They could reveal the big secret that not only had Matt won the DPOV, but he had won a secret power that he couldn’t even tell America about. I know I know, I’m grasping at straws, but if Matt don’t stay, we will be bored to tears.

  75. “Matt looks so guilty, he is not good at lying.” And that’s just for throwing Ragan under the bus! Cannot wait to see what his “genius” mind tries to come up with at the finale. Should be a real doozy!

  76. Looks like Matt was always for the brigade afterall. He probably tried to win jury votes with the rest of the house and that made the other Brigade member thinking that he’s not on the same page.
    His genius plan was based on getting final 4 with them but with more jury votes, he didnt think they would cut him early.

  77. Britney is not that smart. She should form an alliance with Brendon – final 2… most of the jurors hate Brendon … Britney will get most of the votes. Stupid move to put Brendon up in the first place.

  78. gosh..Matt is so stupid. He KNEW last week that Enzo and Hayden were going to vote to get rid of him, he should have put up Enzo with the DPOV. Enzo or Lane would go home, then he goes and aligns himself with Brittany and Reagan. They could have been final 3 right there. But now he is going home this week..damnit.

  79. WOW! Britt totally just sealed her fate. If she got enzo or hayden out the chances of her going home soon would be slimmer.

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